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52468: ARILLO, CECILIO T - Breakaway: The Inside Story of the Four-Day Revolution in the Philippines, February 22-25, 1986 Illus. with photos
17858: ARISMENDI, RODNEY - Uruguay Und Lateinamerika in Den Siebziger Jahren: Erfahrungen Und Bilanz Einer Revolution
85984: ARISTOPHANES - The Eleven Comedies: Literally and Completely Translated from the Greek Tongue Into English... Illustrations in colour and black & white by Jean de Bosschere
94688: [ARISTOPHONES] - Lysistrata Translated for the stage by Donald Sutherland. Decorated for the reader by Richard Dudley
80199: ARISTOTLE - Aristotle's Posterior Analytics Translated with notes by Jonathan Barnes
32176: ARIZONA WRITERS PROJECT, W.P.A - Children of the Desert: The Story of the Papago Indians In "Arizona Highways
42641: ARIZONA CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION - CIVIL Liberties Follies - 1982, "the Year That Wasn't - in Revue": Recognizable Melodies, Original Lyrics
42642: ARIZONA STATE FEDERATION OF LABOR - Proceedings of the Sixth Annual Convention of the Arizona State Federation of Labor Held at Clifton, Arizona, August 6 to 10, 1917
91679: ARKELIAN, MARJORIE DAKIN AND GEORGE W. NEUBERT - George Inness Landscapes: His Signature Years 1884-1894 Illustrated with b/w & color reproductions
71110: ARKHURST, FREDERICK S., ED - Arms and Development: Proceedings of the First Pan-African Citizens' Conference
84055: ARKWRIGHT, WILLIAM - Utinam: A Glimmering of Goddesses Illustrated with a frontispiece & six color plates by Glyn Philpot
71111: ARLINGHAUS, BRUCE E - Military Development in Africa: The Political and Economic Risks of Arms Transfers
71112: ARLINGHAUS, BRUCE E. AND PAULINE H. BAKER, EDS - African Armies: Evolution and Capabilities
82065: ARLINGTON WOMEN'S CLUB - Two Handwritten Ledgers Containing the Club Secretary's Accounts of the Meetings & Other Things
33089: (ARLUK, GEORGE) - George Arluk - the Song in Stone: Exhibition, July 21 - August 25, 1979 Illus. with photos
53050: ARMAND, E - Discussioni Sull'Amore Traduzione e prefazione di Mozart. Disegno in legno di Moreau
87574: ARMENIAN STUDENTS' ASSOCIATION - Armenian Students' Association 1910-1960: Forty-First Annual Convention, June 24-26, 1960 Illustrated with b/w photos
57325: ARMER, LAURA ADAMS - Waterless Mountain Illus. by Sidney Armer & the author
100016: ARMER, LAURA ADAMS - Farthest West Illustrated with 8 aquatones from paintings by Sidney Armer
33504: ARMFIELD, EUGENE - The Second Writers' Congress IIllus. with photos. In "The Saturday Review of Literature
19522: ARMSDEN, J - The Financial Crisis of August, 1914: Its Nature and How It Was Met
86234: ARMSTARK, HUGO - Panzerjäger in Frankreich Illustrated with b/w photos
2727: ARMSTRONG, GREGORY - The Dragon Has Come
5356: ARMSTRONG, RICHARD - Cold Hazard
18288: ARMSTRONG, ROBERT AND PHILIP WHEATON - Reform and Repression: U.S. Policy in El Salvador 1950 to 1981
37880: ARMSTRONG, MARGARET KAY - Women's Wartime Hours of Work: The Effect on Their Factory Performance and Home Life
38174: ARMSTRONG, J. D - Revolutionary Diplomacy: Chinese Foreign Policy and the United Front Doctrine
40413: ARMSTRONG, THOS. R - My First and Last Buffalo Hunt Illus. with photos
40414: ARMSTRONG, THOS. R - My First and Last Buffalo Hunt Illus. with photos
49986: ARMSTRONG, GEO. W - World Empire
49993: ARMSTRONG, GEO. W - Third Zionist War
61505: ARMSTRONG, ANTHONY - Sappers at War Foreword by Major-General Sir Eustace Tickell. Illus. by Raff
88020: ARMSTRONG, H[AROLD] C[OURTENAY] - Gray Wolf, Mustafa Kemal: An Intimate Study of a Dictator Illustrated with b/w drawings & maps
79158: ARMSTRONG COLLEGE - The Master Builder Illustrated with drawings + a tipped-in photographic frontispiece of J. Evan Armstrong, President of Armstrong College
69669: ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM H - The Tale of Tawny and Dingo Brown and sepia illus. by Charles Mikolaycak
88202: ARMSTRONG, ROBERT, HANK FRUNDT, HOBART SPALDING AND SEAN SWEENEY - Working Against Us: The American Institute for Free Labor Development (Aifld) and the International Policy of the Afl-Cio Illustrated with b/w photos
71113: ARMSTRONG, ROBERT G - The Study of West African Languages: An Expanded Version of an Inaugural Lecture Delivered at the University of Ibadan on 20 February 1964
96173: ARMSTRONG, ANNE - Unconditional Surrender: The Impact of the Casablanca Policy Upon World War II
99998: ARMSTRONG, MARGARET - The Blue Santo Murder Mystery
78750: ARMSTRONG, ROBERT CORNELL - Buddhism and Buddhists in Japan
91156: ARMTRONG, JOHN A - Ukrainian Nationalism
49442: ARMY TIMES, EDITORS OF - American Heroes of Asian Wars Illus. with photos & maps
68405: (ARMY AIR FORCE) - Flying Regulations 1942, Lowry Field, Denver, Colorado Effective March 1, 1942
97906: ARMY AIR FORCES TRAINING COMMAND, PREPARED BY - Aircraft Armament for Bombardiers With b/w illustrations
83304: ARMY AIR FORCES TRAINING COMMAND, LA JUNTA ARMY AIR FIELD, LA JUNTA, COLORADO - Wings over America Foreword by General H. H. Arnold. Illustrated with photos
66237: ARNDT, MILTON H - A New Road to Independence: Poultry Raising the Arndt New Era Way Illus. with photos
38175: ARNEDO ALVAREZ, GERONIMO - Elementos Sobre la Revolución China: Conferencia Pronunciada En Ocasión Del Octavo Aniversario de la República Popular China
9541: ARNOLD, ELLIOTT - Finlandia : The Story of Sibelius
19550: ARNOLD, EBERHARD - God and Anti-God Trans. by Bruce Sumner & Kathleen E. Hasenberg, M. A
19551: ARNOLD, EBERHARD - The Peace of God Trans. by Kathleen E. Hasenberg (née Hamilton), M. A. Bible references compiled by Emy Arnold, other references by Dorothy M. Cox and others
19562: ARNOLD, EBERHARD - The Individual and World Need Trans. by Kathleen E. Hamilton, M. A
28338: ARNOLD, ANTHONY - Afghanistan: The Soviet Invasion in Perspective Foreword by Richard F. Staar
37899: ARNOLD, GERTRUDE WELD, COMP - A Mother's List of Books for Children Intro. by Thomas Wentworth Higginson
49941: ARNOLD, DAVID - Vietnam: Symptom of a World Malaise
3411: ARNOLD, ELLIOTT - Blood Brother Illus. by Dale Nichols
59363: ARNOLD, AUGUSTUS - Nefario
59364: ARNOLD, AUGUSTUS - Nefario
63678: ARNOLD, WILLIAM - Shadowland Illus. with photos
98312: ARNOLD, RICHARD - The Shoreshooter Illustrated with b/w photos
79998: ARNOLD, H. H., GENERAL OF THE AIR FORCE - Global Mission Illus. with photos
64521: ARNOLD, THURMAN W - The Bottlenecks of Business
99142: ARNOLD, I. D. O. AND M. M. PELAN, ÉDITION AVEC INTRODUCTION, GLOSSAIRE, NOTES ET BIBLIOGRAPHIE PAR - La Partie Arthurienne Du Roman de Brut: (Extrait Du Manuscript B.N. Fr. 794)
78690: ARNOLD, THURMAN, ET AL - The Sherman Antitrust Act and Its Enforcement: By Assistant Attorney General Arnold and Staff Members of the Antitrust Division, U.S. Department of Justice
101632: ARNOLD, ELLIOTT - The Time of the Gringo
85343: ARNOLD, DAVID - Vietnam: Symptom of a World Malaise
94127: ARNOLD, EDWIN, TRANSLATED IN PROSE AND VERSE BY - The Gulistan: Being the Rose-Garden of Shaikh Sa'Di: The First Four Babs, or "Gateways
76918: (ARNOLD, CHESTER) - Chester Arnold: Paintings 1988-1994, 14 January - 10 March 1995, de Saisset Museum, Santa Clara Intro. by Kenneth Baker. Designed by Jack Stauffacher of the Greenwood Press. Illus. with color reproductions
73699: ARNOLD, HARRIETT - Antioch, a Place of Christians: Chronicles of an African-American Church 1893-1993 Intro. by Clyde Arbuckle. Illus. with photos
85160: ARNOLD, THOMAS JAMES, ESQ - Reynard the Fox: After the German Version of Goethe With illustrations from the designs of Wilhelm von Kaulbach
87998: ARNOLD, C. D - The Dinosaur Plays; Three One-Act Plays
78713: ARNOLD, CURTIS M - Curtis Arnold's Pps Trading System: A Proven Method for Consistently Beating the Market
96237: ARNOLD, H. H., GENERAL OF THE AIR FORCE - Global Mission Illustrated with b/w photos
90295: ARNOLD, ANTHONY - Afghanistan's Two-Party Communism: Parcham and Khalq Foreword by Robert Conquest
24998: ARNONI, M. S - Rights and Wrongs in the Arab-Israel Conflict: To the Anatomy of the Forces of Progress and Reaction in the Middle East Intro. by Raymond Fletcher, M. P. & D. F. Fleming. Illus. with photos
64173: ARNONI, M.S - A Manifesto of Belief in Man - a Speech on Vietnam and America (Delivered at the University of California at Berkeley, on October 15, 1965) by M.S. Arnoni, Editor of the Minirity of One
103487: ARNONI, M. S., ED - The Geneva Agreement on the Cessation of Hostilities in Viet Nam (Cover Title)
16400: ARNOT, R. PAGE - Japan
37246: ARNOT, R. PAGE - Soviet Russia and Her Neighbors Intro. by Jerome Davis
56466: ARNOT, R. PAGE - Soviet Russia and Her Neighbors Intro. by Jerome Davis
66832: ARNOT, R. PAGE - There Are No Aryans: A Popular Study of the Bogus Race Doctrines of the Nazis (and Others) in the Light of Reason and Scientific Facts, with Special Reference to Anti-Semitism
90329: ARNOT, ROBIN PAGE - Stalin
68148: ARNOT, R. PAGE - How Britain Rules India
85659: ARNOT, R. PAGE - The Russian Revolution
96661: ARNOTT, D. W - Sentence Intonation in the Gombe Dialect of Fula - a Tentative Analysis
71831: ARNOTT, S[AMUEL], F.R.H.S - The Book of Bulbs Together with an Introductory Chapter on the Botany of Bulbs by the Editor (Harry Roberts). Illus. with photos
101567: ARNSTEIN, FLORA J - A Legacy of Hours
80548: ARNSTEIN, FLORA J - A Legacy of Hours
78962: AROMOLARAN, ADEKUNLE - Combined Questions & Answers on British & West African Economic History
64928: ARON, ROBERT, IN COLLABORATION WITH GEORGETTE ELGEY - The Vichy Regime 1940-44 Trans. by Humphrey Hare
68799: ARON, CINDY SONDIK - Ladies and Gentlemen of the CIVIL Service: Middle-Class Workers in Victorian America Illus. with photos
14344: ARONOWITZ, STANLEY - From the Ashes of the Old: American Labor and America's Future
22269: ARONOWITZ, STANLEY - Honor America: The Nature of Fascism, Historic Struggles Against It and a Strategy for Today
74925: ARONOWITZ, STANLEY - Perspectives for Radicals
24433: ARONSON, GRIGORI - Di Yidishe Problem in Soviet-Rusland
28297: ARONSON, MOSES J - Cardozo's Doctrine of Sociological Jurisprudence
67557: ARONSON, MOSES J - Tendencies in American Jurisprudence
75434: ARONSON, HARVEY B - Love and Sympathy in Theravada Buddhism
86647: ARONSTEIN, PHILIPP - Das Englische Renaissancedrama
78947: ARORA, DAVID - Mushrooms Demystified: A Comprehensive Guide to the Fleshy Fungi Illus. with drawings & photos
63038: ARPS, EDWARD - One-Page Letter, Dated August 10, 1943, to Robert E. Bush, Monetary Reformer of St. Helena, California
78575: ARRABAL, FERNANDO - The Burial of the Sardine Trans. by Patrick Bowles
5773: ARRARÁS, JOAQUÍN - Francisco Farnco: The Times and the Man Trans. by J. Manuel Espinosa, Ph.D. Illus. with photos
80892: ARRARÁS, JOAQUÍN - Francisco Franco: The Times and the Man Trans. by J. Manuel Espinosa, Ph.D
95201: ARRIBAS JIMENO, - La Fascinante Historia de la Alquimia Descrita Por Un Científico Moderno Prólogo de Emilio Alarcos Llorach. With b/w illustrations, with a few in color
44271: ARRIGONI, ENRICO - The Lunacy of the Superman and Other Plays
73472: ARRIS, DAN M - A Dauntless Journey
73473: ARRIS, DAN M - A Dauntless Journey
17865: ARROM, JOSÉ JUAN - Estudios de Literatura Hispanoamericana
13807: ARROYO, RANE - The Singing Shark
98093: ARROYO, STEPHEN J., ED - Journal of Charles
40290: ARSENIJEVIC, DRAGO - Voluntary Hostages of the S. S Illus. with photos
75233: ART CENTER IN LA JOLLA, ORGANIZED BY - Indian Art of the Northwest Coast: Art Center in la Jolla - January 1962, California Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco - February and March 1962, Los Angeles Municipal Art Galleries - March and April 1962 Essay by Ern Gunther. Illus. with b/w photos
4668: ARTAJO, JAVIER MARTIN - The Embattled: A Novel of the Spanish CIVIL War Trans. by Daniel Crabb. Illus. by Antonio Cobos
60367: ARTAUD, ANTONIN - Here Then the Question
101975: ARTAUD, ANTONIN - More Artaud Selected & translated by Jack Hirschman
99112: ARTECHE, JOSE DE - Camino Y Horizonte
57008: ARTEMYEV, VYACHESLAV P., F. BELOV, I. DMITRIEV, M. ERELI, M. KOLOSSOV AND N. TUSCHIN - Political Controls in the Soviet Army Ed. by Zbigniew Brzezinski
38176: ARTHUR, H. R - China to-Day Illus. with photos
38496: ARTHUR, RUTH M - After Candlemas B/w illustrations by Margery Gill
88782: ARTHUR, GAVIN - The Circle of Sex Introduction by Blanche M. Baker, M.D., Ph.D
87308: ARTHUR, ROBERT - Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in the Mystery of the Fiery Eye Illustrated in b/w by Harry Kane
80330: ARTHUR, TIMOTHY, COMP - Santa Barbara Fioretti: Stories from the Friary
98210: ARTHUR, BURT - Nevada
98209: ARTHUR, BURT - The Killer
88075: ARTHUR, GAVIN - Eight Poems
87827: ARTHUR, GAVIN - Eight Poems
91020: ARTHURS, BRUCE D,. ED - Fanthology '75 Illustrated by Alexis Gilliland
48604: ARTIS, CHARLES - The Last Rope
98911: ARTISTS EQUITY ASSOCIATION - Artists Equity 1950 - Improvisations, Masquera de Ball, Hotel Astor, May 19, Spring Fantasia Editing: Elias Newman
81940: ARTISTS AGAINST RAPE - Voices Rooted in Truth Shake the Sky: A Decade of Artists Against Rape
3973: ARTLEY, ALEXANDRA - The Great All-Picture Cat Show
67251: ARTOLA, MIGUEL - Historia de la Reconstruccion de San Sebastian
41034: ARTSIKHOVSKII, A. V. I V. I. BORKOVSKII - Novgorodskie Gramoti Na Bereste: (Iz Paskopok 1956-1967 Gg. ) Illus. with line drawings
93015: ARTSIKHOVSKII, A[RTEMII] V[LADIMIROVICH] I M[IKHAIL] N[IKOLAEVICH] TIKHOMIROV - Novgorodskie Gramoty Na Bereste (Iz Paskopok 1951 G. ) Illustrated with b/w plates, many folding
3111: ARTZIBASHEF, MICHAEL - Sanine Trans. by Percy Pinkerton. Preface by Gilbert Cannan
83606: ARUEGO, JOSE M - Philippine Government in Action
90577: ARUTIUNIAN, IU[RII] V[ARTANOVICH] - Sotsial'Noe I Natsional'Noe: Opyt Etnosotsiologicheskikh Issledovanii Np Materialam Tatarskoi Assr
42780: ARVOLA, T. F - Regulation of Logging in California 1945-1975 Illus. with photos
97196: ARZA ARTEAGA, ANTONIO - Privilegios Economicos de la Iglesia Española: Los Bienes Eclesiasticos En El Concordato Español de 1953
78367: ASAHI, ISOSHI - The Economic Strength of Japan
75381: ASANGA, BODHISATTVA - The Summary of the Great Vehicle Trans. from the Chinese of Paramartha (Taisho, Volume 31, Number 1593) by John P. Keenan
53497: ASANOV, E., S. VISHNEVSKY, V. MENSHIKOV, K. NEPOMNYASHCHY AND N. POLYANOV, COMP - No Return for U-2: Truth About the Provocative Penetration of Soviet Air Space by an American Plane Illus. with photos
95069: ASANTE, GEANIE - I Open My Heart: A Survivor's Journey Through Healing
80493: ASCH, FRANK - Yellow Yellow Illustrated by Mark Alan Stamaty
70768: ASCHENBRENNER, KARL - The Concepts of Value: Foundations of Value Theory
38177: ASCHER, ISAAC - China's Social Policy
38441: ASCHER, ISAAC - China's Social Policy
39245: ASEELAH, - Psalms of the 90's: A Fanatic Black Woman Speaks out
88946: ASH, RUSSELL, WITH MICHAEL BOND - The Life and Times of Paddington Bear Illustrated with color & b/w drawings & photos
103735: ASHBERY, JOHN - Selected Poems
88739: ASHBERY, JOHN - Fragment Illustrated by Alex Katz
97772: ASHBROOK, WILLIAM - The Operas of Puccini
76052: ASHBY-MACFADYEN, IRENE M - Woman Suffrage in South Africa. " in "the Independent
38771: ASHER, CASH - Sacred Cows: A Story of the Recall of Mayor Bowles
53572: ASHER, CASH AND FLOSSIE M. ASHER - Mrs Civilization's Children
88237: ASHER, EUGENE L - The Resistance to the Maritime Classes: The Survival of Feudalism in the France of Colbert
97799: ASHJIAN, SARKIS, TRANSLATED BY - Classical Armenian Short Stories
85644: ASHLEY, GEORGE T - Where Do We Go from Here?" and How Do We Get There? a Program for Democracy: A Challenge to the Old Order. Being a Critical Analysis of Our Present Economic Condition Since October, 1929, Its Causes and the Consequences Thereof, with a Suggested Remedy Therefor
99698: ASHLEY, LEONARD R. N - George Alfred Henty and the Victorian Mind With b/w illustrations
74206: ASHMIN, F. D., ET AL - Strukturnoe I Prikladnoe Iazykoznanie: Bibliograficheskii Ukazatel' Literatury, Izdannoi V Sssr S 1918 Po 1962 G
16782: ASHMORE, HARRY S. AND WILLIAM C. BAGGS - Mission to Hanoi, a Chronicle of Double-Dealing in High Places: A Special Report from the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions With a Chronology of American Involvement in Vietnam by Elaine H. Burnell
34839: ASHPLANT, HENRY B - Heterodox Economics Vs. Orthodox Profits: A Preliminary Pamphlet
57110: ASHRAF, MOHAMMAD - Afghanistan: A Difficult Path to Peace Illus. with photos
78687: ASHRAFI, M[UKHTOR ASHRAFOVICH] - Dilaram: Opera in 4 Acts, 7 Scenes Libretto by K. Yashen & M. Mukhamedov (based on Alisher Navai's Poem The Seven Planets)
97085: ASHTON, FRANCIS - Alas, That Great City
82991: ASHTON-IN-MAKERFIELD URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL - Bye-Laws Made by the Urban District Council of Ashton-in-Makerfield with Respect to New Streets and Buildings in the Urban District of Ashton-in-Makerfield
82994: ASHTON-IN-MAKERFIELD URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL - Specification to Be Observed in the Conversion of Pail Closets to the Water Carriage System in the Urban District of Ashton-in-Makerfield
82993: ASHTON-IN-MAKERFIELD URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL - Bye-Laws Made by the Urban District Council of Ashton-in-Makerfield with Respect to the Removal of House Refuse
82992: ASHTON-IN-MAKERFIELD URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL - Bye-Laws Made by the Urban District Council of Ashton-in-Makerfield with Respect to Commons in the Urban District of Ashton-in-Makerfield
37901: ASIA WATCH AND THE WOMEN'S RIGHTS PROJECT - A Modern Form of Slavery: Trafficking of Burmese Women and Girls Into Brothels in Thailand
38180: ASIA RESEARCH CENTRE - The Great Cultural Revolution in China
38183: ASIA RESEARCH CENTRE - The Great Power Struggle in China
6991: ASIA RESEARCH CENTRE, COMP. & ED - The Great Cultural Revolution in China
38185: ASIAN PEOPLES' ANTI-COMMUNIST LEAGUE - Anti-Communist Activities on the Chinese Mainland Illus. with photos
38186: ASIAN PEOPLES' ANTI-COMMUNIST LEAGUE - Briefing on the Development of the Apacl and Wacl: (Revised in September, 1971)
38187: ASIAN PEOPLES' ANTI-COMMUNIST LEAGUE - The Chinese Communist Agricultural Collectivization
38188: ASIAN PEOPLES' ANTI-COMMUNIST LEAGUE - Intrigues of Soviet Imperialists and Chinese Communists
38189: ASIAN PEOPLES' ANTI-COMMUNIST LEAGUE - Life in the People's Commune
38190: ASIAN PEOPLES' ANTI-COMMUNIST LEAGUE - Mao Tse-Tung Can Never Be a Tito
38191: ASIAN PEOPLES' ANTI-COMMUNIST LEAGUE - Provisional Record of the Forum on Cultural and Economic Problems
32129: ASIMOV, ISAAC - Escape Into Reality. " in "the Humanist
53273: ASIMOV, ISAAC - ABC's of Space Illus. with b/w photos & drawings
100291: ASIMOV, ISAAC - More Tales of the Black Widowers: A Collection of Short Stories
71146: ASIMOV, ISAAC AND THEODOSIUS DOBZHANSKY - The Genetic Effects of Radiation Illus. with photos
81834: ASIMOV, ISAAC - Electricity and Man Illus. with photos
35887: ASINOF, ELIOT - Craig and Joan: Two Lives for Peace
91139: ASKENAZY, LUDVIK - A Little Black Casket / Chërniia Shkatylka Illustrated with b/w photos
103710: ASKIN, WALTER, EDITED & DESIGNED BY - Journal of the Los Angeles Printmaking Society
87375: ASKINS, CAPTAIN CHARLES - Modern Shotgun Loads: Together with a Treatise on the Art of Wing-Shooting Illustrated with b/w photos
86436: ASKINS, COLONEL CHARLES - Asian Jungle - African Bush Illustrated with b/w photos
96758: ASKINS, COLONEL CHARLES - African Hunt Illustrated with b/w photos
86471: ASKINS, COLONEL CHARLES - African Hunt Illustrated with b/w photos
97284: ASKINS, CAPTAIN CHARLES - Super X: A Discussion of Long Range Loads for 10,12, 16, 20, 28 & 410 Gauge Shotguns Illustrated with b/w drawings & photos
96756: ASKINS, COLONEL CHARLES - Asian Jungle - African Bush Illustrated with b/w photos
96769: ASKINS, COLONEL CHARLES - African Hunt Illustrated with b/w photos
71114: ASKWITH, T. G - Kenya's Progress
85370: ASKWITH, BETTY - A Step out of Time
51835: ASLANOVA, CHIMNAZ, YANKA KUPALA Y M. PAPAYAN - La U.R. S.S. , Federación de Naciones Libres
15300: ASOCIACIÓN DE LOS ESTUDIANTES DE MEDICINA - Planificacion Familiar Y Control de la Natalidad Como Forma de Penetración Imperialista En El Uruguay: Informe Presentado En El Foro de la Facultad de Medicina En Diciembre de 1969
19715: ASOCIACION IMPRESORS DE CHILE (ASIMPRES) - Three Years of Destruction Illus. with photos
78486: ASOCIATIA NATIONALA A VETERANILOR DE RAZBOI - Veteranii Pe Drumul Onoarei Si Jertfei (1941-1945): Avant Peste Carpati (Marturii Despre Actiunile Armatei Romane Pentru Eliberarea Nord-Vestului Transilvaniei 23 August - 25 Octombrie 1944 Illus. with b/w photos
78004: ASOCIATIA CULTURALA A ROMANILOR DIN ANGLIA (ACARDA) - Cartea Memorandului: Intrunirea Românilor Liberi, Royal Holloway College - Anglia, 31 Martie - 4 Aprilie 1977 Illus. with photos
17866: ASPELIN, PAUL L. AND SILVIO COELHO DOS SANTOS - Indian Areas Threatened by Hydroelectric Projects in Brazil Illus. with photos
56481: ASPRIN, ROBERT - The Cold Cash War
80030: ASQUITH, LADY CYNTHIA, EDITOR - The Treasure Ship: A Book of Prose and Verse Illustrated with tipped-in color plates + b/w drawings in the text by twelve artists
2122: ASRATYAN, E.A - I.P. Pavlov, His Life and Work Illus. with photos
21930: ASRATYAN, E.A - I.P. Pavlov, His Life and Work Illus. with photos
91804: ASSAGIOLI, ROBERTO, M.D - The Training of the Will
89775: ASSAGIOLI, ROBERTO, M.D - Jung and Psychosynthesis: A Series of Three Lectures Given in 1966 at the Instituto Di Psicosintesi, Florence, Italy
51962: ASSANTE, ALLISON - Moon Lady Illus. by Oscar d'Amico
45908: ASSENSOH, A. B - Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr. And America's Quest for Racial Integration: (with Historical Testimonies from King's Former Class-Mate, Close Friends and Colleagues) Foreword by Samuel DuBois Cook. Afterword by Lawrence D. Reddick
76615: ASSENSOH, A. B - Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr. And America's Quest for Racial Integration: (with Historical Testimonies from King's Former Class-Mate, Close Friends and Colleagues) Foreword by Samuel DuBois Cook. Afterword by Lawrence D. Reddick
66381: ASSMANN, HUGO, SELECCIONÓ Y COORDINÓ - Nicaragua, Triunfa En la Alfabetización: Documentos Y Testimonios de la Cruzada Nacional de Alfabetización Ilus. with photos
94751: ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF ALAMEDA HIGH SCHOOL - Acorn 1947 Illustrated with b/w photos
52624: ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF ALAMEDA HIGH SCHOOL - 1874-1974: A Century of Memories (Cover Title: Alameda High School: "a Century of Memories" 1874-1974) Illus. with photos
94788: ASSOCIATED PRESS - Wire Photo. Caption from Verso: Use Tear Gas. Crowds of Sympathizers and Curious Spectators Were Forced to Retreat Frequently by Clouds of Tear Gas As Ohio National Guards Held Their Positions at the Strike Torn Electric Auto-Lite Plant in Toledo
94787: ASSOCIATED PRESS - Wire Photo. Caption from Verso: [Police] Battle Strike Sympathizers. This View of the Rioting in Toledo May 23 in the Battle at the Electric Auto Lite Plant, Shows Police Standing Off Some of the Strikers and Sympathizers at One Stage of the Fight. Troops Were Called Early May 24 When Police and Sheriff Forces Were Unable to Free About 3,000 Employes of the Company Held Prisoners in the Plant by Demonstrsators
94785: ASSOCIATED PRESS - Wire Photo. Caption from Verso: On the Strike Front on West Coast. With the General Strike in Prospect in San Francisco, on the Waterfront Cities on the Pacific Coast Were Having Allied Labor Troubles July 13. Here Is How Police Used a Flat Car on a Railroad to Ride Into a Group of Striking Longshoremen Recently. The Police Were Bombarded by Rocks, But Dispersed the Crowd with Gunfire
94784: ASSOCIATED PRESS - Wire Photo. Caption from Verso: Citizens of Coast City Protest Strike. San Francisco... Citizens of San Francisco Gather Before the City's CIVIC Center in a Gigantic Protest Meeting on the General Strike Which Paralyzed the City
94783: ASSOCIATED PRESS - Wire Photo. Caption from Verso: Harry Bridges Calls for Union Boycott of Goods. He Urges in San Francisco, Calif. , That His Longshoremen Refuse to Handle Goods, Merchandise from Alabama
94764: ASSOCIATED PRESS - Associated Press Photo. Caption Title from Verso: "Sit-Downers Junk Ammunition. Flint, Mich. , Jan. 14 -- Perhaps It Was a Feeling That an Agreement between Union Leaders and Company Executives Would Soon Be Reached, That Prompted These Sit Down Strikers in Fisher Body Plant No. 2 to Discard Bottles, Clubs and Other Missiles Kept Handy for Use in the Event of Riots
94763: ASSOCIATED PRESS - Ap Wirephoto. Caption Title: "Flint, Mich. , Jan. 12 -- Windows Broken! These Two "Sit Down" Strikers Point to Holes Made in Windows When Police Hurled Gas Bombs and Grenades Into the Fisher Body Plant No. 2 in an Attempt to Dislodge the Men Who Have Held the Factory for Several Days
94207: ASSOCIATED PRESS - Wire Photo. Caption from Verso: Strikers Close Mills at Gastonia
76432: ASSOCIATED WOMEN OF THE AMERICAN FARM BUREAU FEDERATION - Hand Book of the Associated Women of the American Farm Bureau Federation
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32358: AUSUBEL, NATHAN - Jewish Culture in America, Weapon for Jewish Survival and Progress
35147: AUSUBEL, NATHAN - Jewish Culture in America, Weapon for Jewish Survival and Progress
97581: AUTO-ORDNANCE CORPORATION - Thompson Submachine Guns & Semi-Automatic Carbine With b/w ilustrations
52916: AVA - We Are Samoa
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38774: AVERY, ANDREW - Communist Power in U.S. Industry: The Threat of the Fifth Column Brought Right to Management's Doorstep
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71220: AWA, DR. EME O - The Voting Behaviour and Attitudes of Eastern Nigerians: A Study of How and Why Ibos Vote in Elections and Their Attitude Toward Public Authorities
79580: AWAKAWA, YASUICHI - Zen Painting Trans. by John Bester. Illus. with b/w reproductions
59090: AWARE, INC. - Memorandum from Aware, Inc. : Elmer Davis and Lauterbach Award
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18749: AZAÑA, MANUEL - Discours Prononcé Par S.E. M. Manuel Azaña, Président de la République Espagnole à Valence le 21 Janvier 1937
20039: AZAÑA, MANUEL - Madrid
30037: AZAÑA, MANUEL, ET AL - Spain's War of Independence: President Azaña; Premier Negrin; Defense Minister Prieto; Alvarez Del Vayo, Delegate to the League of Nations; Martinez Barrio, President of the Cortes, and Portela Valladares, Leader of the Centrist Party, Put the Case of the Spanish Republic Before the World
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5730: B.C.-YUKON COMMITTEE, LABOR-PROGRESSIVE PARTY - How You Can Get Improved Hospital Insurance at Cheaper Rates
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82358: B. M. BLOB - Once Upon a Time There Was a Place Called Noting Hill Gate: A Critical History of the Notting Hill Carnival, Notting Hill Gate As a Whole, and Beyond... A True Story with Pictures by Paddington Bear
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68265: BABA, MEHER - Avatar Meher Baba's Prayers and Arties (Cover Title: Avatar Meher Baba's Unique 40th Silence Anivarsary [Sic]) Translations in English and Hindi
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97118: BABCOCK, HAVILAH - Jaybirds Go to Hell on Friday
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22286: BACCIOCCO, EDWARD J., JR - The New Left in America: Reform to Revolution 1956-1970
22287: BACCIOCCO, EDWARD J., JR - The New Left in America: Reform to Revolution 1956-1970
29202: BACCIOCCO, EDWARD J., JR - The New Left in America: Reform to Revolution 1956-1970
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42007: BANK BOOK COLLECTIVE - An Account to Settle: The Story of the United Bank Workers (Sorwuc) Illus. by Pat Davitt
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6109: BANNON, LAURA - Who Walks the Attic?
6355: BANNON, LAURA - The Famous Baby-Sitter B/w & Color illus. by the author
6356: BANNON, LAURA - The Famous Baby-Sitter B/w & Color illus. by the author
6357: BANNON, LAURA - Horse on a Houseboat
66336: BANNON, LAURA - The Famous Baby-Sitter B/w & Color illus. by the author
35216: BANNOV, BORIS - The Ulster Tragedy Illus. with photos
92550: BANTA, R. E - The Ohio Illustrated by Edward Shenton
99715: BAPTISTA, HELIODORO - Por Cima de Toda a Folha
32887: BAR-ZOHAR, MICHEL - The Hunt for German Scientists Trans. by Len Ortzen
63364: BAR-ZOHAR, MICHEL - The Hunt for German Scientists Trans. by Len Ortzen
70223: BAR-ADON, DOROTHY - The Twin Villages of Merhavia Illus. with photos
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46842: BARAKA, IMAMU AMIRI (LEROI JONES) - Raise Race Rays Raze: Essays Since 1965
46879: BARAKA, IMAMU AMIRI (LEROI JONES) - Raise Race Rays Raze: Essays Since 1965
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27657: BARATZ, JOSEPH - A Village by the Jordan: The Story of Degania Prefatory note by Eleanor Roosevelt
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57567: BARAVELLI, G. C - Land Reclamation Scheme in Italy Illus. with photos
71255: BARAVELLI, G. C - The Last Stronghold of Slavery: What Abyssinia Is
92543: BARBANELL, MAUARICE - He Walks in Two Worlds: The Story of John Myers, Psychic Photographer, Healer and Philanthropist Illustrated with b/w photos
38776: BARBARIA, FRANK A - Modern 'Asiatic' Despotism - Masquerading in Communist Workers' Ideology
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85853: BARBER, MAJOR R[OBERT] H[EBERDEN], F.R.G.S., THE NORTHAMPTONSHIRE REGIMENT - A Supplementary Bibliography of Hawking: Being a Catalogue of Books Published in England between 1891 and 1943, Together with Criticisms, to Which Is Added a List of the Most Important Books Published Prior to That Period
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89205: BARBOUR, DOUGLAS - Worlds out of Words: The Sf Novels of Samuel R. Delany
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68587: BARBUSSE, HENRI - Jesus Trans. by Solon Librescot. Trans. supervised by Malcolm Cowley
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87140: BARCLAY, HAROLD B. - Longing for Arcadia: Memoirs of an Anarcho-Cynicalist Anthropoligist
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32382: BARDIN, I(VAN) P(AVLOVICH) - Stalin and Soviet Metallurgy
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52413: BARKER, EILEEN - The Making of a Moonie: Choice or Brainwashing? Illus. with photos
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15081: BARKLEM, JILL - The Secret Staircase
83235: BARKMAN, LARS - On Resurrecting a Wreck / Att Bota Vrak: Some Technical Obversations About the Preservation Exhibition 1967, Wasa Dockyard, Stockholm
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51399: BARLOW, WM. P., JR - Songs for Water Skiers
56926: BARLOW, GEORGE - Gumbo
56475: BARLOW, GEORGE - Gumbo
97350: BARLOW, WILLIAM AND PETER SHAPIRO - An End to Silence: The San Francisco State Student Movement in the 60s
104246: BARLOW, WM. P., JR - The Felicities of Book Collecting
93678: BARLOW, GEORGE - Gumbo
69079: BARLOWE, WILLIAM - Bishop Barlowe's Dialogue on the Lutheran Factions First published in 1531 and again in 1553. With an introduction bearing on the question of Anglican orders and notes by John Robert Lunn BD, Vicar of Marton-cum-Grafton and late fellow of S. John's College Cambridge
50480: BARNABY, FRANK - Nuclear Disarmament or Nuclear War? Illus. with photos
38687: BARNARD WOMENS LIBERATION - Glamour Exploits Women... Join Our Picket Line, Protest Glamour
73074: BARNARD, T. A. - The Truth About Soviet Russia As Seen and Observed by T.A. Barnard, Canadian War Veteran, Nanaimo, B.C. , January 1937
98437: BARNARD, ROBERT - Bodies
77020: BARNARD, CHARLES - Knights of to-Day; or, Love and Science
37946: BARNE, KITTY - Elizabeth Fry Illus. by Ruth Gervis
2236: BARNES, ROBERT - Whaling Off Lembata: The Effects of a Development Project on an Indonesian Community Illus. with photos
30690: BARNES, HARRY ELMER - Living in the Twentieth Century: A Consideration of How We Got This Way
39993: BARNES, ROSWELL P - Militarizing Our Youth: The Significance of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps in Our Schools and Colleges Intro. by John Dewey
49451: BARNES, H. LEE - Gunning for Ho Afterword by John Clark Pratt
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56257: BARNES, HARRY ELMER - Freeing the Human Mind: Forces That Made for the Undermining of Orthodoxy
56988: BARNES, HARRY ELMER - Were the Founding Fathers Pious Angels and Plaster Saints?
56996: BARNES, HARRY ELMER - Graft, Corruption and Incompetence in Contemporary Democracy
56997: BARNES, HARRY ELMER - Graft, Corruption and Incompetence in Contemporary Democracy
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102025: BARNES, JAMES - The Unpardonable War
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56999: BARNES, HARRY ELMER - A Sane Foreign Policy for the United States
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56883: BARNES, HARRY ELMER - Were the Founding Fathers Pious Angels and Plaster Saints?
96436: BARNES, HARRY ELMER, WITH THE COLLABORATION OF HENRY DAVID - The History of Western Civilization Illustrated with b/w plates
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76280: BARNES, BARRY - T.S. Kuhn and Social Science
87188: BARNES, HARRY ELMER - Three Studies: The Roman Catholic Church and the Lures of Sex; the Beginnings of Modern Civilization, Industry, Commerce, Foreign Trade, Finance and Banking; How the Power of Catholicism Was Undermined
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96440: BARNES, HARRY ELMER - World Politics in Modern Civilization
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73279: BARNES, ALFRED, M.P - The Greater London Co-Operative Society: A Paper Outlining the Advantages of the Amalgamation of Metropolitan Co-Operative Societies
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85816: BARNES, ALFRED, M.P - Private Enterprise and Its Inherent Waste
78434: BARNES, HARRY ELMER - Money Changers Vs. The New Deal: A Candid Analysis of the Inflation Controversy
96438: BARNES, HARRY ELMER - In Quest of Truth and Justice: De-Bunking the War-Guilt Myth
96437: BARNES, HARRY ELMER - History and Social Intelligence
41372: BARNES, HARRY ELMER - Freeing the Human Mind: Forces That Made for the Undermining of Orthodoxy
20974: BARNETT, F. OSWALD AND A. G. PEARSON - The Poverty of the People in Australia
22293: BARNETT, DON - Toward an International Strategy
33118: BARNETT, JOHN - The Farmers' Way out: Life Under a Workers' and Farmers' Government
38226: BARNETT, A. DOAK - Cadres, Bureaucracy, and Political Power in Communist China With a contribution by Ezra Vogal
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38230: BARNETT, A. DOAK AND RALPH N. CLOUGH, EDS - Modernizing China: Post-Mao Reform and Development
22052: BARNETT, DONALD R. AND KARARI NJAMA - Mau Mau from Within: Autobiography and Analysis of Kenya's Peasant Revolt Preface by B. M. Kaggia, Fred Kubai, J. Murumbi and Achieng Oneko. Illus. with photos
49862: BARNETT, MAYBELLE F - A Child's Garden: A Fantasy Illus. by Gleb Ilyin in b/w + 4 color plates
40892: BARNETT, WALLACE - The Mallet Percussions and How to Use Them Illus. with photos
70180: BARNETT, DON - Notes on a Strategy for North American Revolutionaries
71263: BARNETT, DON - With the Guerrillas in Angola
71260: BARNETT, DON - With the Guerrillas in Angola
99419: BARNETT, CORRELLI - The Desert Generals Illustrated with b/w photos
71259: BARNETT, DON - With the Guerrillas in Angola
76953: BARNETT, DON - Notes on a Strategy for North American Revolutionaries
71265: BARNETT, DONALD R. AND KARARI NJAMA - Mau Mau from Within: Autobiography and Analysis of Kenya's Peasant Revolt Preface by B. M. Kaggia, Fred Kubai, J. Murumbi and Achieng Oneko. Illus. with photos
71262: BARNETT, DON - With the Guerrillas in Angola
71261: BARNETT, DON - With the Guerrillas in Angola
71258: BARNETT, DON - Peasant Types and Revolutionary Potential in Colonial Africa
102860: BARNETT, DON - Notes on a Strategy for North American Revolutionaries
103147: [BARNITZ, DAVID P.] - The Book of Jade
59488: BARNWELL, YSAYE M - No Mirrors in My Nana's House Illus. with paintings by Synthia Saint James
466: BARON, ROSE - They Gave Their Freedom!
30179: BARON, SALO W - From a Historian's Notebook: European Jewry Before and After Hitler
42647: BARON, SAMUEL H - Plekhanov, the Father of Russian Marxism
49452: BARON, VIRGINIA OLSEN, COMP - Women in the Wake of War: A Report on the Vietnam Era Women's Project
82569: BARON, CYNTHIA STA. MARIA AND MELBA MORALES SUAZO - Nine Letters: The Story of the 1986 Filipino Revolution Illustrated with b/w photos
76517: BARON, SAMUEL H - Bloody Saturday in the Soviet Union: Novocherkassk, 1962 Illus. with photos
85686: BARÓN, ENRIQUE - Federacion de Partidos Socialistas
101294: BARON, PETER - The Opium Murders
71267: BARONGO, YOLAMU R - Neocolonialism and African Politics: A Survey of the Impact of Neocolonialism on African Political Behavior
85190: BARONTI, GERVÉ - Eyes of India
20976: BAROU, N - The Soviet Home Front
84258: BAROU, N[OAH], EDITED FOR THE FABIAN SOCIETY BY - The Co-Operative Movement in Labour Britain
81233: BAROVIER, MARINA, A CURA DI - Carlo Scarpa: I Vetri de Murano 1927-1947 Illustrated with color photos
33796: BARR, JOHN J - The Dynasty: The Rise and Fall of Social Credit in Alberta
73303: BARR, ROBERT - The Break-Up of the Soho Anarchist League: A Story. " in "Mcclure's Magazine
91042: BARR, ANDREW - North Ireland for Peace and Freedom
100888: BARR, ALAN, ED - Olla Podrida, Fall, 1961 Illustrated with b/w photos
17886: BARRAN, JOSE P. AND BENJAMIN NAHUM - Historia Rural Del Uruguay Moderno Tomo IV: Historia Social de Las Revoluciones de 1897 Y 1904
93630: BARRATT, GLYNN - Russia in Pacific Waters, 1715-1825: A Survey of the Origins of Russia's Naval Presence in the North and South Pacific Illustrated with b/w plates
15072: BARRAX, GERALD W - Another Kind of Rain
39250: BARRAX, GERALD W - Another Kind of Rain
56485: BARRAX, GERALD - The Death of Animals and Lesser Gods
97011: BARREAUX - What a Gal! Sally the Sleuth
90045: BARRERA, ERNESTO M - Realidad Y Fantasía En El Drama Social de Luis Enrique Osorio
32156: BARRÈS, MAURICE - The Soul of France: Visits to Invaded Districts
17887: BARRETO, PABLO EMILIO - El Repliegue de Managua a Masaya Illus. with photos
30611: BARRETT, WILLIAM - Irrational Man: A Study in Existential Philosophy
35221: BARRETT, GEORGE - Objections to Anarchism
52502: BARRETT, LEONARD - The Rastafarians: Sounds of Cultural Dissonance Intro. by C. Eric Lincoln
55414: BARRETT, B. F - The Golden City
61602: BARRETT, BERNICE ELSOM - My Ship of Dreams Foreword by Henry Victor Morgan
22945: BARRIE, J. M - When Wendy Grew Up: An Afterthought With a Foreword by Sydney Blow. B/w illustrations by D. Michael Leonard

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