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83041: INUI, KIYO SUE - The United States and Japan in Asia: Address Delivered at Commonwealth Club of California, April 26, 1940
90120: IO BOOKS - Io Books, Plainfield, Vermont, 1973 Catalogue Illustrated with b/w photos
91802: IOANNIDES, CHRISTOS P - In Turkey's Image: The Transformation of Occupied Cyprus Into a Turkish Province Illustrated with b/w photos
62416: IOGOLEVITCH, CORPORAL PAUL - The Young Russian Corporal: The Story of the Youngest Veteran of the War Illus.
96674: IONESCO, EUGENE - Story Number 3: For Children over Three Years of Age Color illustrations by Philippe Corentin. Translated by Ciba Vaughn
86603: IONESCO, EUGÈNE - Le Solitaire: Roman
13350: IONESCU, GHITA - The Politics of the European Communist States
76015: IONESCU, FLORIN - Dictionar de Americanisme
100687: IONESCU, EUGÈNE - Théâtre II
34038: IOWA ACADEMY OF SCIENCE - Proceedings of the Iowa Academy of Science for 1930, Volume XXXVII: Forty-Fourth Annual Session Held at Ames, May 2 and 3, 1930 Illus. with photos, line drawings & charts
34039: IOWA ACADEMY OF SCIENCE - Proceedings of the Iowa Academy of Science for 1931, Volume XXXVIII: Forty-Fifth Annual Session Held at Davenport, May 1 and 2, 1931 Illus. with photos, line drawings & charts
34041: IOWA ACADEMY OF SCIENCE - Proceedings of the Iowa Academy of Science for 1933, Volume XL: Forty-Seventh Annual Session Held at Cedar Rapids, April 21 and 22, 1933 Illus. with photos & charts
34042: IOWA ACADEMY OF SCIENCE - Proceedings of the Iowa Academy of Science for 1934, Volume XLI: Forty-Eighth Annual Session Held at Des Moines, April 20 and 21, 1934 Illus. with photos, line drawings & charts
34043: IOWA ACADEMY OF SCIENCE - Proceedings of the Iowa Academy of Science for 1935, Volume XLII: Forty-Ninth Annual Session Held at Grinnell, April 19 and 20, 1935 Illus. with photos, line drawings & charts
34044: IOWA ACADEMY OF SCIENCE - Proceedings of the Iowa Academy of Science for 1935, Volume XLII: Forty-Ninth Annual Session Held at Grinnell, April 19 and 20, 1935 Illus. with photos, line drawings & charts
34046: IOWA ACADEMY OF SCIENCE - Proceedings of the Iowa Academy of Science for 1937, Volume XLIV: Fifty-First Annual Session Held at Dubuque, April 16 and 17, 1937 Illus. with photos, line drawings & charts
34047: IOWA ACADEMY OF SCIENCE - Proceedings of the Iowa Academy of Science for 1938, Volume XLV: Fifty-Second Annual Session Held at Sioux City, April 15 and 16, 1938 Illus. with photos, line drawings & charts
28224: IPARAGUIRRE, ENRIQUE AND CARLOS DÁVILA - Real Fabrica de Tapices 1721-1971 Illustrated with 54 plates (48 in color) + 9 photos
101050: IPCAR, DAHLOV - The Warlock of Night With dust wrapper painting by the author
99691: IPCAR, DAHLOV - A Dark Horn Blowing With dust wrapper painting by Charles Mikolaycak
69345: IPCAR, DAHLOV - One Horse Farm Color illus. by the author
40120: IPPÉCOURT, - Les Chemins D'Espagne: Mémoires Et Documents Sur la Guerre Secrète a Travers Les Pyrénées 1940-1945
48231: IPSEN, I. I - Revolutionen I Rumpenheim
88831: IQBAL, SIR MUHAMMAD - The Mysteries of Selflessness: A Philosophical Poem Translated, with introductrion & notes, by Arthur J. Arberry
58470: IRAKI REVOLUTIONARY COMMUNISTS - We Stand Against Oppression and Bloody Terrorism in Iraq. We Have Decided to Fight. We Have Decided to Victory (Sic)
55475: IRALDI, JAMES C - Problem of the Purple Maculas: A Sherlock Holmes Adventure Illus. by Henry Lauritzen
25151: IRANIAN GOVERNMENT - Some Documents on the Conditions of the Iranian Workers Under the Ex-Anglo Iranian Oil Co Illus. with photos
25155: IRANIAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATIONS IN WESTERN U. S - Condemn Fascist Shah's Visit to U. S
25157: IRANIAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION AND ARAB STUDENTS IN NORTH CALIFORNIA - Dhofar: Revolution and Politics of Oil in the Persian-Arabian Gulf
25159: IRANIAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION IN SACRAMENTO - In Solidarity with the Iranian Revolutionary Movement
25160: IRANIAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA - In Support of the Iranian People's Revolutionary Movement: Commemorating the June 6th, 1963 Uprising
25161: IRANIAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION - Iran's Kent State & Baton Rouge
25165: IRANIAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION IN U. S - U.S. Government-Backed Dictatorial Regime of Iran Steps Up Repression: 13 Striking Iranian Workers Murdered by Shah's Troops
25197: IRANIAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION IN THE U. S., DEFENSE SECTION - Documents Condemn: Reports on Political Repression in Iran
25199: IRANIAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION IN THE UNITED STATES - Stop Shah's Repression of Iranian Students: Defend the 41
37098: IRANIAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION - Shah's Inferno: Abadan, Aug. 19, 1978 Illus. with photos
58468: IRANIAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION - Hunger Strike Follows March & Demonstration
88581: IRANIAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION IN THE UNITED STATES (I.S.A.U.S) - On Defense of Political Prisoners in Iran: Defense Bulletin
85347: IRANIAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA - The Shah of Iran Visits His U.S. Imperialist Bosses!
26792: IRARRÁZAVAL LARRAIN, JOSÉ MIGUEL - La Patagonia: Errores Geograficos Y Diplomaticos
96404: IREY, ELMER L., AS TOLD TO WILLIAM J. SLOCUM - The Tax Dodgers: The Inside Story of the T-Men's War with America's Political and Underworld Hoodlums
26702: IRIARTE, GREGORIO - El Cooperativismo Y la Comunidad Indigena: Crítica Al Cooperativismo Desde Una Perspectiva Aymara
26793: IRIBARREN CELIS, LINO - Las Cinco Rutas de la Victoria
14912: IRISH, J.A. GEORGE - Alliouagana in Agony: Notes on Montserrat Politics
46965: (IRISH TRANSPORT AND GENERAL WORKERS' UNION) - Fifty Years of Liberty Hall: The Golden Jubilee of the Irish Transport and General Workers' Union 1909-1959 Foreword by John Conroy. Illus. with photos
58997: IRISH WORKERS' PARTY - Ireland Her Own: The Programme of the Irish Workers' Party Adopted at Its Fourth National Conference, Held in Dublin in March 1962
84243: IRISH TRADE UNION CONGRESS - Unemployment: A Constructive Approach to the Problem of Unemployment in Northern Ireland
68946: (IRISH NATIONALISM) - Meeting of Americans for Irish Independence. Citizens of All Nationalities, All Parties, All Creeds, and No Creeds, Who Want Freedom for Ireland. Everybody Come, Sunday, 2 P.M. , March 21, Trinity Auditorium. American Speakers of Revolutionary Stock. Charles T. Sprading... Walter Edgerton Holloway... Edward Adams Cantrell... Lena Morrow Lewis, Chairman. We Want America to Recognize Ireland
88763: IRISH, MARY AND GARY IRISH - Agaves, Yuccas, and Related Plants: A Gardener's Guide Illustrated with drawings by Karen Bell & photos by Gary Irish
102091: (IRISH CHRISTIAN BROTHERS) - The Irish Christian Brothers: A Short History of the Founder and the Institute Illustrated with photos
95313: IRITANI, FRANK AND JOANNE IRITANI - Ten Visits Revised: Brief Accounts of Our Visits to All Ten Japanese American Relocation Centers of World War II, Internee and Non-Internee Recollections, Struggle for Redress, Internment of Other Groups, Our Non-Nikkei Friends, and Other Essays Illustrated with maps & color photos
48782: IRONS, EMMANUEL JAMES - Between Generations: (Five Hundred Twenty-Two Poems for Reading and Speaking) Illus. with photos by the author
63163: IRONS, PETER - Justice at War
19988: IRUJO Y OLLO, MANUEL DE - Los Vascos Y la República Española: Contribución a la Historia de la Guerra CIVIL Por A. de Lizarra (pseudonym)
46221: IRVIN, DONA L - Unsung Heart of Black America: A Middle-Class Church at Midcentury Illus. with photos
75038: IRVIN, DONA L - The Unsung Heart of Black America: A Middle-Class Church at Midcentury Illus. with photos
28507: IRVINE, WILLIAM, M. P - Co-Operation or Catastrophe: An Interpretation of the Co-Operative Commonwealth Federation and Its Policy
28509: IRVINE, WILLIAM, M. P - The Forces of Reconstruction: A Review of World-Conditions Under Capitalism, and the Forces Working Towards the Co-Operative Commonwealth
28510: IRVINE, WILLIAM, M. P - Political Servants of Capitalism: Answering Lawson and Mackenzie King Foreword by J. S. Woodsworth
31651: IRVINE, ALEXANDER - My Lady of the Chimney Corner
43333: IRVINE, WILLIAM - Is Socialism the Answer?: The Intelligent Man's Guide to Basic Democracy
51621: IRVINE, ALEXANDER - The Magyar: A Story of the Social Revolution
93695: IRVING, ARMOND, IRVING MITSUNAGA AND LOLO ECSI, EDS - Cubtrax 1954 Illustrated with b/w photos
33792: IRVING, JOHN A - Social Credit Movement in Alberta
44129: IRVING, DAVID - Göring: A Biography Illus. with photos
44362: IRVING, DAVID - Apocalypse 1945: The Destruction of Dresden Illus. with photos
44363: IRVING, DAVID - Göring: A Biography Illus. with photos
44376: IRVING, DAVID - Nuremberg, the Last Battle Illus. with photos
100577: IRVING, H. B., ED - Trial of Mrs. Maybrick
95171: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Christmas: From the Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gentleman
71627: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Rip Van Winkle
87340: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Three Choice Sketches by Geoffrey Crayon, Gent. : The Stout Gentleman, the Adventure of My Uncle, Horsemanship: Taken from Washington Irving's Bracebridge Hall & Tales of a Traveller
98917: IRVING, DAVID - The Trail of the Fox: The Life of Field-Marshal Erwin Rommel Illustrated with b/w photos
90364: IRVING, WASHINGTON - The Adventures of Captain Bonneville Usa in the Rocky Mountains and the Far West Illustrated with plates
88434: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Rip Van Winkle
96997: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Chronicle of the Conquest of Granada
81719: IRWIN, WALLACE - The Days of Her Life
10904: IRWIN, JAMES T - Cuba: Training Ground for American Vietcong
15869: IRWIN, WALLACE - Chinatown Ballads
49217: IRWIN, SAMUEL - Drugs of Abuse: An Introduction to Their Actions & Potential Hazards
49218: IRWIN, SAMUEL - Drugs of Abuse: An Introduction to Their Actions & Potential Hazards
85133: IRWIN, THEODORE - Strange Passage
69876: ISAAC JERNIGAN DEFENSE COMMITTEE - Appeal by the Friends of Isaac Jernigan for the Isaac Jernigan Defense Committee Fact Sheet #2: Isaac Jernigan Needs Your Help
99052: ISAAC, FRED, ET AL - Bouchercon XVI, October 25-27, 1985, San Francisco
90114: ISAAC, JACOB - Les Joyeuses Histoire Juives
4792: ISAACS, ABRAM S - The Young Champion: One Year in Grace Aguilar's Girlhood
48783: ISAACS, MAREASA R - The Impact of Community Violence on African American Children and Families: Collaborative Approaches to Prevention and Intervention. Workshop Summary
92185: ISAACS, HAROLD R - The Tragedy of the Chinese Revolution
26326: ISAACSON, HAROLD J., TRANSLATED AND EDITED BY - The Throat of the Peacock: A Book of Modern "Senryu" on Parents and Children. With a Sutra by the Buddha About Filial Devotion With cover Caligraphy by Dr. Kametaro Yagi
74152: ISACENKO, ALEXANDER V - Opera Selecta: Russische Gegenwartssprache, Russische Sprachgeschichte, Probleme Der Slavischen Sprachwissenschaft
101811: ISACHSEN, GUNNAR - Jorden Rundt Efter Blåhvalen Med karter og illustrasjoner
36355: ISAEV, S. I - I.V. Michurin - Veliki Estestvoispitatel, Preobrazovatel Prirodi: (K Stoletiyu So Dnya Przhdeniya)
36356: ISAEV, S. I - Ivan Vladimirovich Michurin - Veliki Uchyoni, Preobrazobatel Prirodi: Nauchno-Populyarnaya Lektsiya (Kolkhoznaya Seriya)
52978: ISAMAN, SARA WHITE - Uncle Hiram in California: More Fun and Laughter with Uncle Hiram and Aunt Phoebe
22988: ISARD, WALTER, ED - Vietnam: Some Basic Issues and Alternatives
22989: ISARD, WALTER, ED - Vietnam: Some Basic Issues and Alternatives
34551: ISBACH, A - Nefte-Chala: Short Stories of the Fight for Oil
34552: ISBACH, A - Nefte-Chala: Short Stories of the Fight for Oil
75196: ISBASESCU, MIHAI & MARIA ILIESCU - Dictionar German-Român
51054: ISENBERG, ELEANOR WATERHOUSE - Early Memories and Old Stories Illus. with photos
1308: ISH-KISHOR, SULAMITH - The Master of Miracle: A New Novel of the Golem
87600: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER AND DON BACHARDY - Frankenstein: The True Story
99994: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER - A Quatre Temps Traduit de l'Anglais par Henri de Briel et Guillot de Saix
77466: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER - The Berlin Stories: The Last of Mr. Morris, Goodbye to Berlin
80197: ISHIDA, YOSHIO - Dictionary of Basic Joseki, Volume I: The 3-4 Point Trans. by John Power
91576: ISHIGURO, KAZUO - A Pale View of Hills
78529: ISHIHARA, FUJIO, COMP - S-F Tosho Kaisetsu Somokuroku: 1946 - 70-Nen
94846: ISHIHARA, SHINTARO - Season of Violence, the Punishment Room, the Yacht and the Boy
102690: [ISHIKAWA, RINSHIRO], ED - Sanseido's New Concise English-Japanese Dictionary
77095: ISHILL, JOSEPH AND THEODORE SCHROEDER - The Individual Initiative of an Evolutionary Psychologist Described Intro, by Walter Hurt
102176: ISIDRO-CLANCY, LETICIA S - Exploring the Roots of Your Marriage: Understanding the Influence of the Family of Origin
25168: ISKANDER, AMIR - Saddam Hussein: Le Militant, le Penseur Et L'Homme Illus. with photos
90443: ISKHAKOV, DAMIR M - Problemy Stanovlenniia I Transformatsii Tatarskoi Natsii
1808: ISLAS, ARTURO - Migrant Souls
65605: ISLAS, ARTURO - The Rain God
85680: ISLINGTON COMMUNIST PARTY - Communist Plan for Life in Islington
25169: ISMAEL, TAREQ Y - The Arab Left
95437: ISSA - The Year of My Life A Translation of Issa's Oraga Haru by Nobuyuki Yuasa
26794: ISSACHTTS CORRALES, JORGE - Desafio 240: American Latina Ante El Imperialiso
25174: ISSAWI, CHARLES - Egypt in Revolution: An Economic Analysis
32447: ISSERMAN, MAURICE - If I Had a Hammer... : The Death of the Old Left and the Birth of the New Left
61397: ISTRINA, E(VGENIIA) S(AMSONOVNA) - Rudokodstvo Po Istorii Russkovo Yazika S Khrestomatiei, Snimkami S Drevnikh Rukopicei I Dvumya Kartami V Kraskakh
74826: ISWOLSKY, HELEN - Russia Under the Nazi Yoke. " in "the Commonweal
53052: ISZAK, FRANK - ... Than Live As Slaves
88891: IUDOVICH, MIKHAIL MIKHAILOVICH - Staroindiiskaia Zashchita: Proshloe, Nastoiashchee, Budushchee
83102: IURMALIAT, A. P - Kul'Tura Kormovykh Korneplodov Dlia Molochnogo Skota V Severnoi Rossii Illustrated with b/w drawings & photos
90441: IUSOPOV, E. IU., OTV. REDAKTOR, ET AL - Ocherki Istorii Kommunisticheskoi Partii Uzbekistana
42853: IVA. INTERNACIONAL - Democracia Socialista Y Dictadura Del Proletariado: Una Resolución Del Secretariado Unificado de la Iva. Internacional
21469: IVAN-SMITH, EDDA, NIDHI TANDON AND JANE CONNORS - Women in Sub-Saharan Africa
7747: IVANOV, ROBERT - Blacks in United States History Trans. from the Russian
8581: IVANOV-SMOLENSKY, A.G - Essays on the Patho-Physiology of the Higher Nervous Activity According to I.P. Pavlov and His School Trans. by S. Belsky
8795: IVANOV-SMOLENSKY, A.G - Essays on the Patho-Physiology of the Higher Nervous Activity According to I.P. Pavlov and His School Trans. by S. Belsky
27068: IVANOV, V - The Youth of Heroic Leningrad
50313: IVANOV, GEORGI - Notes of a People's Judge Illus. with photos
55311: IVANOV, V(IACHESLAV) V(SEVOLODOVICH), V. N. TOPOROV & B(ORIS) A(NDREEVICH) USPENSKY - Ketskii Sbornik: Mifologiya, Etnografiya, Teksti (Studia Ketica: Mythology, Ethnology, Texts)
57399: IVANOV, NICOLAY - Higher Technical Training in the U.S. S.R.
100025: IVANOV, GEORGII - Peterburgskie Zimy
97450: IVANOVIC, CHRISTINE - Das Gedicht IM Geheimnis Der Begegnung: Dichtung Und Poetik Celans IM Kontext Seiner Russischen Lektüren
334: IVANOVICH, ST - Vkp: Desyat Lyet Kommunisticheskoi Monopolii Parizh: Biblioteka Demokraticheskovo Sotsialisma, 1928
31770: IVANOVITCH, S., PIERRE FRANK AND ERNEST GERMAIN (PSEUDONYM OF ERNEST MANDEL) - The Moscow-Peking Dispute and the 4th International
44052: IVERSON, LUCILLE - Outrage: Poems 1971-1974 Illus. by Patricia Korbet
44053: IVERSON, LUCILLE - Outrage: Poems 1971-1974 Illus. by Patricia Korbet
41861: IVES, BURL - The Wayfarin' Stranger Burl Ives Folio of Children's Songs: A Collection of Songs, Games and Rounds for Children of All Ages
3604: IVES, A.G.L - British Hospitals With 4 plates in colour and 26 illus. in black & white
68503: IVES, CHARLES - Second Sonata for Violin and Piano
77280: IVES, HERBERT E. - Two-Way Television. " in "Bell Laboratories Record
77281: IVES, HERBERT E. - Television in Colors. " in "Bell Laboratories Record
88465: IVIE, WILTON - America Must Show the Way!
72027: IVIE, TOM - Aerial Reconnaissance: The 10th Photo Recon Group in World War II Illus. with photos
32167: IVINS, STANLEY S - Notes on Mormon Polygamy
25927: IVORY, LESLEY ANNE - Glorious Cats: The Paintings of Lesley Anne Ivory
25928: IVORY, LESLEY ANNE - Meet My Cats
88031: IVRY, ALFRED L., INTRODUCTION AND COMMENTARY BY - Al-Kindi's Metaphysics: A Translation of Ya'Qub Ibn Ishaq Al-Kindi's Treatise "on First Philosophy" (Fi Al-Falsafah Al-Ula)
80042: IYER, K. BHARATHA, ED - Art and Thought: Issued in Honour of Dr. Ananda K. Coomaraswamy on the Occasion of His 70th Birthday Illus. with b/w plates
82233: IZARD, MIQUEL - Revolució Industrial I Obrerisme: Les "Tres Classes de Vapor" a Catalunya (1869-1913) Traducció: Carme Vilaginés. Illustrated with maps
80688: IZARD, MIGUEL - Contrabandistas, Comerciantes E Ilustrados
27204: IZBAN, SH - Umlegale" Yidn Shpaltn Imen: (Di Geshichte Fun an Umlegeler Reizn Kein Arts Ishrel) Mit a forvart fun R. Kliger
16578: J.H. MULLEN BOOK CO - How Money Is Made Staging Strikes Foreword by Michael Ahearne
42861: J. F. N.(PSEUDONYM OF JOHN FRANCIS) - It Is Happening Here
97576: J. STEVENS ARMS COMPANY - Compondent Parts, Stevens Rifles - Shotguns - Pistols With b/w illustrations
81714: J. R. CLANCY, INC - Clancy Stage Construction -- Equipment and Theatrical Hardware Illustrated with b/w photos
76572: J. M - Silver Jubilee Memorial: Convent of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Oakland, Cal. , 1868-1893
78006: J.V.K.P. LIETUVIU CENTRO BIURAS - Krizis, Bedarde - Kokia Iseitis?: Kodel Kiekvienas Darbininkas Turetu Stot I Komunisty Partija?
59993: JABÈS, EDMOND - Elya Trans. & with introductory note by Rosmarie Waldrop
74006: JABLONSKI, JOSEPH - In a Moth's Wing Illus. with drawings by Franklin Rosemont
74007: JABLONSKI, JOSEPH - In a Moth's Wing Illus. with drawings by Franklin Rosemont
98432: JÄCKEL, EBERHARD - Hitler's World View: A Blueprint for Power Translated by Herbert Arnold. Foreword by Franklin L. Ford
44330: JACKIE GRIFFITH CUMANN OF SINN FEIN, COMP - Songs of Resistance 1968-1975
50285: JACKIE GRIFFITH CUMANN OF SINN FEIN, COMP - Songs of Resistance 1968-1975
99484: JACKMAN, OLIVER - Saw the House in Half
90013: JACKNIS, IRA - Getemono: Collecting the Folk Crafts of Old Japan With Letters from Kyoto by Brian Shekeloff
69065: JACKOWSKI, ALEXANDER - Naive Kunst Aus Polen, 20. April Bis 21. Mai 1967, Würtembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart, Kunstgebäude Am SchloßPlatz Illus. with b/w photos & reproductions
1567: JACKSON, HERMIONE DANNELLY - Women of Vision Foreword by A. Hamilton Reid, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the State Executive Board, Alabama Baptist State Convention, 1945-1963. Illus. with photos
3228: JACKSON, JAMES E - The Meaning of Black Power Intro. by Henry Winston
3229: JACKSON, JAMES E - The Philosophy of Communism
3230: JACKSON, JAMES E - The South's New Challenge
7258: JACKSON, GEORGE D., JR - Comintern and Peasant in East Europe 1919-1930
7729: JACKSON, CLARA O - A Bibliography of Afro-American and Other American Minorities Represented in Library and Library-Related Listings
7998: JACKSON, JAMES E - The Communist Party - "the Mind, the Will and the Honor of the Working Class!
8128: JACKSON, REV. JESSE L - Push for Excellence!!! With Andraé Crouch, Walter Hawkins, Edwin Hawkins, Bili Thedford, Jessy Dixon, Tramaine Hawkins, Danniebelle and the Operation PUSH Choir
14136: JACKSON, BRIAN - The Black Flag: A Look Back at the Strange Case of Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti
14320: JACKSON, GABRIEL, ED - The Spanish CIVIL War Intro. by Jackson
14793: JACKSON, BRIAN KEITH - Walking Through Mirrors
15536: JACKSON, SHIRLEY - Famous Sally Illus. by Chas. B. Slackman
18154: JACKSON, GAINOR W - The New Zealand Beach and Boating Bookd Illustratred with b/w drawings by the author
20513: JACKSON, GABRIEL - The Spanish Republic and the CIVIL War 1931-1939
23064: JACKSON, LEROY F - Pink Lemonade and Other Peter Patter Rhymes Color illus. by Jean Tamburine
24208: JACKSON, JAMES E - The View from Here Intro. by Elizabeth Gurley Flynn
24209: JACKSON-OPOKU, SANDRA - Hot Johnny (and the Women Who Loved Him)
24388: JACKSON FOR PRESIDENT CAMPAIGN - CALIFORNIA - Come Alive June 5, Vote for the Jackson Delegate Slate
27325: JACKSON, T. A - Old Friends to Keep: Studies of English Novels and Novelists
27326: JACKSON, T. A - Trials of British Freedom: Being Some Studies in the History of the Fight for Democratic Freedom in Britain
27327: JACKSON, T. A., ED., WITH INTRO - Essays on the French Revolution Trans. by William Zak from Cahiers du Communisme 1939
27329: JACKSON, T. A - Charles Dickens: The Progress of a Radical
29018: JACKSON, JAMES E - Revolutionary Tracings (Cover Title: Revolutionary Tracings in World Politics and Black Liberation: Selected Writings)
29021: JACKSON, JAMES E - Ussr: A Mighty Union of Nations
29022: (JACKSON, JESSE) - A Conversation with the Reverend Jesse Jackson, the Quest for Economic and Educational Parity: Held on May 16, 1978 at the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, Washington, D. C
32246: JACKSON, ARILLA BULLOCK - Copperfield Illustrated with b/w photos
33139: JACKSON, REV. JESSE - Our Time Has Come: Reverend Jesse Jackson's Speech Delivered at the National Democratic Convention on July 17, 1984
33140: JACKSON, REV. JESSE - Our Time Has Come: Reverend Jesse Jackson's Speech Delivered at the National Democratic Convention on July 17, 1984
34238: JACKSON, REV. JESSE L., SR., REP. JESSE L. JACKSON, JR. AND BRUCE SHAPIRO - Legal Lynching: The Death Penalty and America's Future
34553: JACKSON, T. A - A Great Socialist - Frederick Engels
34907: JACKSON, JAMES E - Karl Marx and the United States
34908: JACKSON, JAMES E - The View from Here Intro. by Elizabeth Gurley Flynn
34909: JACKSON, JAMES - U.S. Negroes in Battle: From Little Rock to Watts (a Diary of Events - 1957-1965)
34979: JACKSON, JAMES E - The Philosophy of Communism
89228: JACKSON, TERRANCE - Putting It All Together: World Conquest, Global Genocide and African Liberation
39424: JACKSON, ELOISE H - Report!: The Black Manifesto
39425: JACKSON, ISAIAH - As We Forgive Those Illus. with photos
39426: JACKSON, JAMES E - The Meaning of 'Black Power. ' In "Political Affairs
39427: JACKSON, JAMES E - The Challenge of Little Rock In "Political Affairs
40117: JACKSON, LARRY R. AND WILLIAM A. JOHNSON - Protest by the Poor: The Welfare Rights Movement in New York City
45268: JACKSON, WILLIAM A - Bibliography & Literary Studies Foreword by LeRoy Charles Merritt & Lawrence Clark Powell
46001: JACKSON, CLAUDREEN - Let There Be Light
46002: JACKSON, JAMES E - On the Struggle for Negro Freedom In "Political Affairs
46003: JACKSON, JAMES E - The South's New Challenge In "Political Affairs
46960: JACKSON, HULEN L - Can Roman Catholics Be Loyal to Both America and the Vatican?
47896: JACKSON, JOSEPH HENRY, CARTER MEREDITH AND A. A. MILNE - Why Steinbeck Wrote the Grapes of Wrath and Other Essays
48784: JACKSON, CHERRY ROCHELLE - Agate Eyes Illus. by Morbiim
49053: JACKSON, JAMES W - The Black Man and Military Mobilization in the United States: 1916-1919
51027: JACKSON, PAUL - The Pop-Up Book: Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating over 100 Original Paper Projects Color photo illus. by Paul Forrester
52397: JACKSON, JAMES E - The General Crisis of Capitalism Deepens. " in "Under the Banner of Leninism: A Symposium
6852: JACKSON, JOSEPH HENRY - Bad Company: The Story of California's Legendary and Actual Stage-Robbers, Bandits, Highwaymen and Outlaws from the Fifties to the Eighties
14700: (JACKSON, POLLY, COLOR ILLUS.). MOORE, CLEMENT C - The Night Before Christmas 10" 45 Non-breakable Record
53749: JACKSON, ANGELA - Voo Doo/Love Magic
54059: JACKSON, JAMES E. AND COMMUNIST PARTY, U.S.A - Theoretical Aspects of the Negro Question in the United States
56589: JACKSON, JESSE - The Sickest Don't Always Die the Quickest
56911: JACKSON, WILLIAM B - Book I
59913: JACKSON, GEORGE L - Blood in My Eye Preface by Gregory Armstrong
60425: JACKSON, JOSEPH - Iconography of Philadelphia
59271: JACKSON, MAE - Can I Poet with You Intro. by Nikki Giovanni
62132: JACKSON, BRIAN - The Black Flag: A Look Back at the Strange Case of Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti
66508: JACKSON, W[ILLIAM] H[ENRY] - Photographing the Colorado Rockies Fifty Years Ago for the U.S. Geological Surveys. " in "the Colorado Magazine Illus. with three of Jackson's photos
74208: JACKSON KATHRYN AND BYRON - Animal Babies Color illus. by Adele Werber
64587: JACKSON, GEORGE F - Soul Brother Superfighter Illus. with photos
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64828: JACKSON, ROBERT H - The Nürnberg Case As Presented by Robert H. Jackson, Chief Counsel for the United States Together with Other Documents. Illus. with photos
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95048: JACKSON, JOHN G - Black Reconstruction in South Carolina
94992: JACKSON, JESSE - The Challenge of Our Day: Confronting Environmental and Economic Violence: Speech at Mendocino Headlands, California... March 20, 1988
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95497: JACKSON, RENAY - Oaktown Devil
81822: JACKSON, M. B - Transcendental Meditation As Taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
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76748: JACKSON, CURTIS E. AND MARCIA J. GALLI - A History of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and Its Activities Among Indians
85851: JACKSON, SHELDON - Report on Introduction of Domestic Reindeer Into Alaska Illustrated with plates, drawings & maps
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6135: JACOB, H(EINRICH) E(DUARD) - Johann Strauss, Father and Son: A Century of Light Music Intro. by Pitts Sanborn. Trans. by Marguerite Wolff. Illus. with plates
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101141: JACOB, NIRMAL (PSEUDONYM OF DR. T. THOMAS) - Monsoon: (a Story of Rural Kerala)
80162: JACOB, COLONEL G. A - A Concordance to the Principal Upanishads and Bhagavidgita
74286: JACOB, DEBBIE, ET AL - The Greatest Show on Earth, Trinidad Carnival. Minshall: The Man and His Mas' Illus. with photos
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357: JACOBS, LELAND, RETOLD BY - Belling the Cat and Other Stories
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30221: JACOBS, LYNN - Waste of the West: Public Lands Ranching Illus. with photos
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32453: JACOBS, JIM - S.M. Lipset, Social Scientist of the Smooth Society
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32676: JACOBS, JIM - Study Guide I: Power in American Society (Cover Title: Power in American Society)
32677: JACOBS, JIM - Study Guide I: Power in American Society (Cover Title: Power in American Society)
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100823: JACOBS, CHARLES R., ED - The Gun Digest, 2nd Annual Edition Illustrated with b/w photos & drawings
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3231: JACQUES, GEOFFREY - To Save the Soul of America: Black Leadership of the Us Peace Movement
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32083: JAFFE, SHERRIL - Young Lust & Others
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26799: JAGAN, CHEDDI - Border Conspiracy Exposed: (Text of Legislative Speech on Venezuelan Decree)
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26808: JAGAN, CHEDDI - The Truth About Bauxite Nationalisation
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26812: JAGAN, JANET - Army Intervention in the 1973 Elections in Guyana
91333: JAGAN, DR. CHEDDI, JANET JAGAN, L. F. S. BURNHAM AND B. H. BENN - British Guiana: A Challenge to Labour Foreword by Harold Davies, M. P
61338: JAGARA - Frederick Engels, Lewis Morgan and the Australian Aborigine
51384: JAGENDORF, MORITZ - Fairyland & Footlights: Five Children's Plays. Including "The Sad Tale of the Tarts of the Terrible Queen of Hearts" based on Alice in Wonderland. B/w illus. by Stephen Haweis
68739: JAGENDORF, M(ORITZ) - Penny Puppets, Penny Theatre, and Penny Plays B/w illus., diagrams & patterns by Fletcher Clark
5154: JAGGAR, T.A - Volcanoes Declare War: Logistics and Strategy of Pacific Volcano Science Illus. with b/w. photos
36248: JAGGAR, T. A - Union Through the Ages: A Collection of Addresses by T.A. Jagger, Research Associate, University of Hawaii
60965: JAGGER, SARGEANT - Modelling & Sculpture in the Making With 33 tipped-in plates
75269: JAGUAR CARS LIMITED - Jaguar 4. 2 Litre 'e' Type Series 2: Operating Maintenance and Service Handbook
34315: (JAH BONES) - Jah Bones Talks to the Oxford C.R. C
81051: JAHR, A[RNOLD] H - Adjacent Wilderness: Story of the Belleview War
68607: JAIN, S. K., ED - Methods and Approaches in Ethnobotany
39428: JAJA, NAJEEBAH - Riper the Berry, Sweeter...
94808: JAJA, NAJEEBAH - Riper the Berry, Sweeter...
44057: JAKI, STANLEY L - Reluctant Heroine: The Life and Worl of HéLène Duhem
98842: JAKOBSON, ROMAN AND MORRIS HALLE - Fundamentals of Language
96723: JAKOBSON, ROMAN AND MORRIS HALLE - Fundamentals of Language
74715: JAKSCH, WENZEL AND WALTER KOLARZ - England and the Last Free Germans: The Story of a Rescue Illus. with photos
63112: JAKUBOWSKY, D - Les Superstructures Idéologiques Dans la Conception Matérialiste de L'Histoire Traduction et présentation de J.-M. Brohm. En appendice, article de Léon Trotsky. Post-face de Boris Fraenkel
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25178: JALIL, T - Workers Say No to the Shah: Labour Law and Strikes in Iran Foreword by Bob Wright, Assistant General Secretary, AUEW. Illus. with photos
452: JAMES, C.L - History of the French Revolution
10862: JAMES, DANIEL - Cuba: The First Soviet Satellite in the Americas
10863: JAMES FIGAROLA, JOEL - Aproximacion Al Diario de Campaña de Jose Marti
13551: JAMES, REV. W.A - The Church - Vs. - the Saloon: And the Duty of the Church to Rise in Its Majesty and Overthrow the Saloon
20962: JAMES, PHOEBE - Harbor Rhythms: Songs and Accompaniments About Boats and the Harbor for Elementary Schools
21140: JAMES, ANGELA AND NINA HILLS, ED - Mrs. John Brown 1847-1935: An Account of Her Social Work in Lancashire and South Africa, of Her Memories of Lancashire Folk, and of Her Friendship with Olive Schreiner Foreword by the Countess Buxton, G. B. E
21147: JAMES, SELMA - Sex, Race and Class Foreword by Darcus Howe. Intro. by Barbara Beese & Mala Dhondy
22990: JAMES, ALLSTON - Attic Light
28459: JAMES, SARA - Merry Christmas Boots
29982: JAMES, ALLSTON - Attic Light
30052: JAMES, HENRY - Washington Square Illus. with photos
32449: JAMES, MIKE - Getting Ready for the Firing Line Illus. with photos by Nancy Hollander, Tom Malear & Todd Gitlin of the Chicago Film Co-op & Les Jordan of SCEF
33935: JAMES, N(ORMAN) B(LOOMFIELD) - The Autobiography of a Nobody
34116: JAMES, C. L. R - Modern Politics: Being a Series of Lectures on the Subject Given at the Trinidad Public Library, in Its Adult Education Programme
34127: (JAMES, C. L. R.) - C.L. R. James' 'World Revolution' Reviewed by (1) a Communist, J.R. Campbell, (2) a Trotskyist, H. Wicks In "Controversy: The Monthly Socialist Forum
34128: (JAMES, C. L. R.) - Radical America
39026: JAMES, C. L. R - State Capitalism and World Revolution Preface to this edition by Martin Glaberman
40424: JAMES, GEORGE WHARTON, PAUL B. POPENOE AND RALPH D. CORNELL - Date Culture in Southern California Illus. with photos
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41426: JAMES, BETSY - Long Night Dance B/w illus. by Alix Berenzy
46192: JAMES, SELMA, ED - A Chronology of Injustice: The Case for Winston Silcott's Conviction to Be Overturned Chronology compiled by Niki Adams. Intro. by Nina Lopez-Jones. Preface by Sarina Silcriss of International Black Women for Wages for Housework
46228: (JAMES, C. L. R.) - C.L. R. James: His Life and Work
47351: JAMES, C. L. R - Every Cook Can Govern: A Study of Democracy in Ancient Greece; Its Meaning for Today
89223: JAMES, C. L. R - Spheres of Existence: Selected Writings
48789: JAMES, LOUIS, ED. WITH INTRO - The Islands in between: Essays on West Indian Literature
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50827: JAMES, C. L. R - Education, Propaganda, Agitation Intro. by Martin Glaberman
50838: (JAMES, C. L. R.) - State Capitalism and World Revolution Preface by Johnson, Christianson, Chaulieu, Brendel, Maassen, Hughes
51058: JAMES, ROY WALTER - The Non-Atomic Universe: An Exposition of the Discovery of a Different, Separate, and Previously Unknown Universe and the Solution and Clarification of the Mystery of Death
51692: JAMES, HENRY - Washington Square Illus. with photos
52011: JAMES, C. L. R - Lenin, Trotsky and the Vanguard Party: A Contemporary View
97434: JAMES, CARWIL - Shattering Consensus and Disrupting Downtown: New Urban Resistance to War and Empire: A Strategic Reflection from and to the Rebellious Multitude
28689: JAMES, JOSEPHINE - Kathy Martin, Peace Corps Nurse
28692: JAMES, JOSEPHINE - Junior Nurse: A Kathy Martin Story
28693: JAMES, JOSEPHINE - The Patient in 202: A Kathy Martin Story
28694: JAMES, JOSEPHINE - The Patient in 202: A Kathy Martin Story
93376: JAMES, WILL - Smoky the Cow Horse With b/w illustrations by the author
58287: JAMES, HENRY - The Painter's Eye: Notes and Essays on the Pictorial Arts Selected & edited with an intro. by John L. Sweeney
60245: JAMES, GEORGE WHARTON - The 1910 Trip of the H.M. M.B. A. To California and the Pacific Coast Illus. with photos
100224: JAMES, HAROLD AND DENIS SHEIL-SMALL - A Pride of Gurkhas: The 2nd King Edward VII's Own Goorkhas (the Sirmoor Rifles) 1948-1971 Illustrated with b/w photos
81351: JAMES, SELMA - Women, the Unions and Work or... What Is Not to Be Done and the Perspective of Winning
90146: JAMES, WILLIAM - A Letter on Pleasure & Pain
77136: JAMES, HARLEAN, ED - American CIVIC Annual / American Planning and CIVIC Annual Illus. with photos
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103199: JAMES, WILLIAM - The Moral Equivalent of War
95050: JAMES, KELVIN CHRISTOPHER - Jumping Ship and Other Stories
74142: JAMES, G. WINSTON - The Damaged Good: Poems Around Love
84462: JAMES, C. L. R - The Case for West-Indian Self Government
80360: JAMES, ALLSTON - Attic Light
82593: JAMES, P. D - Death of an Expert Witness
82385: JAMES, P. D - Death of an Expert Witness
80451: JAMES, BOB - Anarchism and State Violence in Sydney and Melbourne 1886-1896: An Argument About Australian Labor History
92971: JAMES, WILL - Will James' Book of Cowboy Stories With b/w illustrations by the author
93531: JAMES, WILLIAM - The Moral Equivalent of War
88571: JAMES, RONALD M - The Roar and the Silence: A History of Virginia City and the Comstock Lode Illustrated with b/w photos, drawings & charts
76338: (JAMES, C. L. R.) - Radical America: C.L. R. James Special Issue
70563: JAMES, LOUIS - Fiction for the Working Man 1830-1850: A Study of the Literature Produced for the Working Classes in Early Victorian Urban England
98370: JAMES, P. D - A Certain Justice
81460: JAMES, C. L. R - The Future in the Present: Selected Writings
99608: JAMES, P. D - Unnatural Causes
103635: JAMES, HENRY - The Bodley Head Henry James Introductions by Leon Edel
97140: JAMES, GEORGE WHARTON - Picturesque Pala: The Story of the Mission Chapel of San Antonio de Padua, Connected with Mission San Luis Ray Illustrated with b/w photos
102521: JAMES, HENRY J - German Subs in Yankee Waters: First World War Illustrated by Charles E. Plant
82875: JAMES, C. L. R - World Revolution 1917-1936: The Rise and Fall of the Communist International Introduction by Al Richardson
97732: JAMES, JENNIFER, JEAN WITHERS, MARILYN HAFT AND SARA THEISS - The Politics of Prostitution Illustrated by Darci Covington & David Wills
86617: JAMES, JULIET LUMBARD, COMP - For the Interest of the Traveler: Twenty English Cathedrals
89275: JAMES, C. L. R - Clr James's 80th Birthday Lectures
100737: JAMES, BEAUREGARD (PSEUDONYM) - The Road to Birmingham
24589: JAMESON, A. K - Unarmed Against Fascism: How the Norwegians Resisted the German Occupation During World War II Intro. by Diderich Lund. Foreword by April Carter
7473: JAMESON, STORM - The Road from the Monument
99232: JAMESON, STORM - Modern Drama in Europe
58109: JÁMÍ, - Salaman and Absal: An Allegory Translated from the Persian by Edward Fitzgerald 1856 Illus. by E. A. Cox
7704: JAMIESON, ANNIE STRAITH - William King, Friend and Champion of Slaves Illus. with photos
21148: JAMIESON, KATHLEEN - Indian Women and the Law in Canada: Citizens Minus Preface by Jenny Margetts. Illus. with photos
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52324: JAMILA-RA (MAXINE HALL ELLISTON) - The Good Book Intro. by Yaki Yakubu. Cover illus. by Steve Thomas
86564: JAMISON, RICK - Calling Coyotes and Other Predators Illustrated with b/w photos
98161: JANCE, J. A - Kiss of the Bees
92973: JANCE, J. A. & EARL W. EMERSON - Mandy: "Free to Good Home" / Thomas Black 1978-
92974: JANCE, J. A. & EARL W. EMERSON - Mandy: "Free to Good Home" / Thomas Black 1978-
98054: JANDUZ (JEANNE DUZÉA) - Le 360 Degrés Du Zodiaque, Symbolisés Par L'Image Et Par la Cabbale Illustré de 360 dessins de Claude Lheur
86455: JANES, EDWARD C - Hunting Ducks and Geese Illustrated with color plates & b/w photos
90092: JANET, PIERRE - La Force Et la Faiblesse Psychologiques: Texte Intégral Des Conférences D'Après Les Notes Sténographiques Recueillies Et Rédigées Par M. Miron Epstein
94649: JANIS, ELSIE, WORDS BY. MUSIC BY JACK KING - Live and Love Today Featured in Cecil B. De Mille's Madam Satan, a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer All Talking Picture
84416: JANKOFF, DIMITER A - Labor Cooperative Farms in Bulgaria
64088: JANKOVEC, DR. MILOSLAV, COMP. & ARRANGED BY - A Chronology of Events in Indo-China, January 1, 1973 - December 31, 1973
22807: JANKOWSKI, NICHOLAS - Ethics and the War
91380: JANKOWSKI, JAMES P - Egypt's Young Rebels: "Young Egypt": 1933-1952
73555: JANNINI, P. A., A CURA DI - Pagine Della Letteratura Portoghese
27099: JANSEN, GODFREY - Why Robert Kennedy Was Killed: The Story of Two Victims Foreword by Abdeen Jabara, member of Sirhan's defense team
74677: JANSEN, JON B. (PSEUDONYM) AND STEFAN WEYL (PSEUDONYM) - The Silent War: The Underground Movement in Germany Foreword by Reinhold Niebuhr. Trans. by Anna Caples
87436: JANSEN, JANN D - Child in White Fog
86668: JANSMA, T - A Selection from the Acts of Judas Thomas
57907: (JANSSON, TOVE) - Tove Jansson and the Moomins B/w illus by Tove Jansson
97065: JANVIER, THOMAS A - The Aztec Treasure House
85375: JANVIER, THOMAS - In the Sargasso Sea
78368: JAPAN PUBLICITY BUREAU - Handbook of Schools, Colleges and Universities in Japan Foreword by Masanori Oshima
56598: JAPAN-AUSTRALIA CULTURAL & ART EXCHANGE COMMITTEE, ED. - Continuum '83: The 1st Exhibition on Contemporary Australian Art in Japan, 22 August - 3 September, 1983 Illus. with photos
86474: JAPAN MARITIME SELF DEFENSE FORCE BAND OF TOKYO - A Tribute to the Art of Marches Commander Saburo Yamaha, conductor
26999: JAPANESE COMMUNIST PARTY - For a True Peace Program
91002: JAPANESE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE - Facts of the China Trouble
84586: JAPANESE BUSINESSMEN'S ASSOCIATION IN LONDON - Japan's Financial and Economic Outlook in the Face of the Sino-Japanese Conflict
92750: JAPANESE DELEGATION TO THE LEAGUE OF NATIONS - The Manchurian Question: Japan's Case in the Sino-Japanese Dispute As Presented Before the League of Nations
34259: JAPANTOWN ART AND MEDIA WRITERS' WORKSHOP - Yoisho!: An Anthology of the Japantown Art and Media Workshop
26835: JARA, ALVARO - Los Asientos de Trabajo Y la Provision de Mano de Obra Para Los No-Encomprenderos En la Ciudad de Santiago, 1586-1600
26836: JARA, HERIBERTO - The Second Six Year Plan and Avila Camacho
26837: JARA, VICTOR - We Are 5,000: A Poem
75976: JARAMILLO LEVI, ENRIQUE, EDITED & WITH A PROLOGUE BY - When New Flowers Bloomed: Short Stories by Women Writers from Costa Rica and Panama
7290: JARMAN, T.L - Socialism in Britain from the Industrial Revolution to the Present Day
44058: JARRETT, FR. BEDE, O.P - The Catholic Mother Foreword by Francis Cardinal Bourne, Archbishop of Westminster
26838: JARRIN AMPUDIA, GUSTAVO - Politica Petrolera Ecuatoriana
76900: JARVES, JAMES JACKSON - History of the Hawaiian or Sandwich Islands: Embracing Their Antiquities, Mythology, Legends, Discovery by Europeans in the Sixteenth Century, Re-Discovery by Cook, with Their CIVIL, Religious, and Political History, from the Earliest Traditionary Period to the Present Time
64864: JARVIS, GEORGE - George Jarvis: His Journal and Related Documents Edited with introduction, prologues, sequel & notes by George Georgiades Arnakis, with the collaboration of Eurydice Demetracopoulou
63706: JASINSKI, RENÉ - L'"España" de Th. Gautier: édition Critique Illus. with plates & a map
77972: JASNY, NAUM - Essays on the Soviet Economy Ed. by Will Klump
6504: JASPER, JAMES M - Nuclear Politics: Energy and the State in the United States, Sweden, and France
87074: JASPERS, KARL - Philosophy 3 Translated by E. B. Ashton
71119: JASTRAM, ROY W - Elements of Statistical Inference
85771: JASTROW, MORRIS, JR - The Eastern Question and Its Solution With a map of the Near East
26839: JAUBERTH ROJAS, RODRIGO - El Plan de Paz de Oscar Arias: ¿Intervencionismo de Nuevo Tipo O Negociación Regional?
70109: JAUNAL, JACK W - Vietnam '68: Jack's Journal Foreword by Clinton A. Puckett, Sgt Major, USMC (Ret.)
84463: JAUNARENA, EUGENIA - Afghanistan Chooses a New Road Translated by Boris Lunkov. Illustrated with b/w photos
71721: JAUNSUDRABINS, JANIS - Liktenis Sigismunda Vidberga vaks un ilustracijas
88162: JAUNSUDRABINS, JANIS - Balle Apoka: Stasti
8728: JAURÈS, JEAN - Anthologie de Jean Jaurès Avec un Introduction et des Notes par Louis Lévy
35452: JAURÈS, JEAN ET PAUL LAFARGUE - Idéalisme Et Matérialisme Dans la Conception de L'Histoire: Conférence de Jean Jaurès Et Réponse de Paul Lafargue
47989: JAURÈS, JEAN - Les Origines Du Socialisme Allemand Thèse latine de Jean Jaurès traduite par Adrien Veber
56902: JAURES, JEAN - Four Socialist Essays
77973: JAURES, JEAN - Marriage in Socialistic Society. " in "the Independent
52052: JAUSS, ANNE MARIE - Legends of Saints and Beasts B/w & color illus. by the author
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95551: JAVOR, PAVEL - Kour Z Ithaky: Vybor Z Autorovy Poesie
64823: JAWORSKI, LEON - After Fifteen Years Intro. by Lyndon B. Johnson
103194: JAY, BILL - Robert Demachy 1859-1936: Photographs and Essays Illustrated with b/w photos
88711: JAY, BILL - Bill Brandt Illustrated with a tipped-in b/w photo of Bill Brandt
75870: JAY, ANTONY - Management and Machiavelli: An Inquiry Into the Politics of Corporate Life
82439: JAY, KARLA AND ALLEN YOUNG - Sexuality Survey: Gay Male Questionnaire
77074: JAY, MIKE - Blue Tide: The Search for Soma
25182: JAZANI, B - Iran: The Socio-Economic Analysis of a Dependent Capitalist State
99131: JEAFFRESON, JOHN CORDY - The Real Lord Byron: New Views of the Poet's Life
90584: JEANNETTE RANKIN BRIGADE - A Call to American Women
96542: JEFFERS, ROBINSON - The Women at Point Sur and Other Poems Afterword by Tim Hunt
43476: (JEFFERS, ROBINSON) - Focus
46798: JEFFERS, LANCE - O Africa, Where I Baked My Bread Illus. by Beverley Rose Enright
52176: JEFFERS, LANCE - Grandsire
52177: JEFFERS, LANCE - My Blackness Is the Beauty of This Land
63902: JEFFERS, ROBINSON - Solstice and Other Poems Devices by Mallette Dean. Initials by Joseph Sinel
75569: (JEFFERS, ROBINSON) - Robinson Jeffers Poetry & Response: A Centennial Tribute
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95802: JEFFERS, ROBERT - Brides of the South Wind: Poems 1917-1922 With commentary & notes by William Everson
54085: JEFFERSON, ROLAND S - A Card for the Players
52391: JEFFERSON, XAVIER T - Winterkill
54005: JEFFERSON, XAVIER T - Winterkill
54084: JEFFERSON, ROLAND S - A Card for the Players
54086: JEFFERSON, ROLAND S - One Night Stand
77121: JEFFERSON, THOMAS - A Manual of Parliamentary Practice: Composed Originally for the Use of the Senate of the United States
47519: JEFFERSON, ROLAND S., M.D - The Secret Below 103rd Street
58558: JEFFERY, ALBERT, WORDS BY. MUSIC BY E. S. S. HUNTINGTON - Give the Irish Freedom for What They Have Done
37781: JEFFERYS, J. B - Trade Unions in a Labour Britain
53396: JEFFREYS-JONES, RHODRI AND ANDREW LOWNIE, EDS - North American Spies: New Revisionist Essays
58575: JEFFRIES, PETER - An Introduction to Marxist Philosophy
55107: JEGER, DR. S. W., M.P. AND MAURICE ORBACH, M.P - Austria 1946
69776: JEKYLL, GERTRUDE - Garden Ornament Illus. with photos
85612: JELAVICH, CHARLES AND BARBARA JELAVICH - Jomini and the Revival of the Dreikaiserbund, 1879-1880
42142: JELLIFFE, D. B - The Assessment of the Nutritional Status of the Community: (with Special Reference to Field Surveys in Developing Regions of the World) Prepared in Consultation with Seventy-five Specialists in Various Countries. Illus. with b/w & color photos
101147: JELSET, CHRIST - Money and Money Reforms: A Marxian Interpretation
15887: JEN, GISH - Who's Irish: Stories
76587: JENKIN, GRAHAM - Conquest of the Ngarrindjeri: The Story of the Lower Murray Lakes Tribes Illus. with b/w plates
43282: JENKINS, A - Where Are the Tendency Going?
47520: JENKINS, WELBORN VICTOR - We Also Serve" (Apologies to O. Henry): The Story of a Colored Boy Who Stood Single-Handed Against the World and Played the Part of a Hero Illus. by P. S. Cooke
47521: JENKINS, WELBORN VICTOR - The "Incident" at Monroe: A Requiem for the Victims of July 25th, 1946
47899: JENKINS, CLIVE - Jets and Jobs: Disarmament and the Workers
49721: JENKINS, CHRIS - Prisoners of War in Vietnam
50718: JENKINS, ELLA - The Ella Jenkins Song Book for Children Illus. by Peggy Lipschutz. Piano accompaniments by Sherman Krane
57961: JENKINS, C. FRANCIS - Vision by Radio, Radio Photographs, Radio Photograms Illus. with b/w photos & drawings
64154: JENKINS, BRIAN M - Forecasting Vietnam's Future: The Next Stage in the War
69467: JENKINS, ARLAND - Station Jazz: Blackface Minstrel Show
92128: JENKINS, GERAINT - The Craft Industries Illustrated with b/w photos
77975: JENKINS, JOHN H - Neither the Fanatics Nor the Faint-Hearted: The Tour Leading to the President's Death and the Two Speeches He Could Not Give
81204: JENKINS, DENNIS R., MIKE MOORE AND DON PYEATT, COMP - B-36 Photo Scrapbook Illus. with b/w photos
13934: JENKINSON, MICHAEL - Tijerina Illus. with photos
75881: JENKINSON, DENIS, ED - Fangio: Based on the Film "Fangio" by Hugh Hudson and Giovanni Volpi Illus. with b/w photos
15888: JENKS, JEREMIAH W. AND W. JETT LAUCK - The Immigration Problem: A Study of American Immigration Conditions and Needs Revised by Rufus D. Smith
24590: JENKS, M - The Communist Nucleus: What It Is... How It Works
26840: JENKS, LELAND HAMILTON - Our Cuban Colony: A Study in Sugar
80673: JENKS, ANTON SHREWSBURY - A Dead President Makes Answer to the President's Daughter
96990: JENKS, LELAND HAMILTON - Our Cuban Colony: A Study in Sugar
25260: JENNER, WILLIAM E - A Forceful, Forthright Program for the Republican Party. An Experienced Party Leader Points the Way to Victory. A Free America: Address by William E. Jenner, Republican State Chairman and Former United States Senator at Indianapolis, December 5, 1945
39170: JENNER, WILLIAM E - The "Dual Government" of the United States: Address by the Honorable William E. Jenner, U.S. S. , February 14, 1955
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22810: JENNESS, DOUG - War and Revolution in Vietnam Illus. with photos
22811: JENNESS, DOUG - War and Revolution in Vietnam Illus. with photos
22812: JENNESS, DOUG - War and Revolution in Vietnam Illus. with photos
49722: JENNESS, DOUGLAS AND ROBIN MARTIN - The War in Vietnam Intro. by Peter Camejo
87033: JENNEY, CHARLES ELMER - Scenes of My Childhood Illustrated with b/w photos
9101: JENNINGS, GARY - Parades! Celebrations and Circuses on the March B/w photo illus
54588: JENNINGS, GARY - Parades! Celebrations and Circuses on the March Illus. with b/w photos
97220: JENNINGS, MARGARET - The Ars Componendi Sermones of Randulph Higden, O.S. B
54729: JENNINGS, KENNETH M - Labor Relations at the New York Daily News: Peripheral Bargaining and the 1990 Strike
86625: JENNINGS, NANCY WATTS AND MARY LOU STUART PHILLIPS, COMP - Texarkana Centennial Historical Program 1873-1973 Illustrated with b/w photos
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27283: JENSEN, VERNON H - Lumber and Labor
40129: JENSEN, VERNON H - Decasualization and Modernization of Dock Work in London
44201: JENSEN, VERNON H - Lumber and Labor
95871: JENSEN, KENNETH - From Patronage to Profit: Wiliam Strahan and the Rise of the Publishing Entrepreneur During the British Enlightenment
101374: JENSEN, MARC - Bouldering, Buildering and Climbing in the San Francisco Bay Region Illustrated with b/w photos, drawings & maps
94411: JENSEN, BERNARD - Live Foods and Total Health with 150 Enlightened Meals Illustrated with b/w photos
77639: JENSEN, GURLI VIBE - Bokti Det Er Mig! Illustrationer: Oskar Jørgensen
88837: JENSEN, NIELS JØRGEN, TOM PURSER AND RASMUS PAPE - Elephant Gambit: 1 E4 E5 2 Nf3 D5
87585: JENSEN, J. ARTHUR - The Kennedy Assassination: A Historical Novel
91504: JENSEN, ERIK FLENSTED - Med Niels Bukh Rundt Med Forard af Niels Buk. Illustrated with b/w photos
54872: JEONG HO LEE, EXPLANATION AND TRANSLATION - Hun-Min-Jeong-Eum "Right Sounds to Educate the People
57483: JEPSON, WILLIS LINN - A School Flora for the Pacific Coast
83195: JEPSON, WILLIS LINN - A Manual of the Flowering Plants of California Illustrated with 1023 original drawings
92388: JEPSON, WILLIS LINN - The Trees of California Illustrated with 124 b/w drawings
85011: JEREMY NORMAN & CO., INC. - Rare Books, Manuscripts and Prints in the History of Medicine & the Life Sciences Illustrated with b/w reproductions
85010: JEREMY NORMAN & CO., INC. - Catalysts: Books Which Influenced Western Civilization Illustrated with b/w reproductions
70366: JEREWSKI, LEOPOLD - Katyn' 1940 Sokrashchnyi Perevod s pol'skogo Ol'gi i Eduarda Shtein. Illus. with photos & a map
91365: JERNDORFF JESSEN, PETER - Carl Som Cowboy: Eventyr I Arizona With b/w illustrations
4675: JEROME, V.J - The Paper Bridge
29025: JEROME, V. J - The Negro in Hollywood Films
29300: JEROME, V. J - The Negro in Hollywood Films
53337: JEROME, VICTOR J - Accident and History
64737: JEROME, V. J - A World "Christian Front"?: What Is the Foundation of the Alliance between the Hierarchy and Finance Capital?; What Is Behind John Foster Dulles' United Front Offer to the Vatican?; How Is Democracy Endangered by the Projected "Holy War?
99400: JEROME, JOSEPH - Montague Summers: A Memoir Foreword by Dame Sybil Thorndike
62553: JESCHKE, HANS - La Generacion de 1898 En España: (Ensayo de Una Determinacíon de Su Esencia) Traducción, introducción y notas de Y. Pino Saavedra
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60992: JESPERSEN, OTTO - A Modern English Grammar on Historical Principles, Part I: Sounds and Spellings, Part II: Syntax, First Volume & Part III: Syntax, Second Volume
100579: JESSE, F. TENNYSON, ED - Trials of Timothy John Evans and John Reginald Halliday Christie
100580: JESSE, F. TENNYSON, ED - Trial of Sidney Harry Fox
96865: JETER, K. T. - Dr. Adder
77124: JETT, STEPHEN C., TEXT BY. PHOTOGRAPHS BY DAVE BOHN - House of Three Turkeys: Anasazi Redoubt
40406: JETTER, KARL - Grosse Berge Für Kleine Leute Endpaper maps. Cover photo by Colette Rofidal. Other color photos by Dr. Karl Jetter
42863: JEUNE POLITIQUE INTERNATIONALE - Devant Hitler & Mussolini Introduction de Georges Hoog
72899: JEWELL, G - The History of the Iww in Canada Illus. with photos
91510: JEWELL, DAVID - Into the Outer World
69586: JEWETT, STAN - Sweeter Than the Berry
2114: JEWISH AGENCY FOR PALESTINE - Memorandum Submitted to the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry Jerusalem: The Agency, 1946
25206: JEWISH LIBERATION PROJECT & COMMITTEE TO SUPPORT MIDDLE-EAST LIBERATION - Arab-Israeli Debate: Toward a Socialist Solution Illus. with photos
43257: JEWISH LABOR COMMITTEE - Jewish Labor Fights Communism Illus. with photos
49723: JEWISH SOCIETY OF AMERICANISTS - Can We Win in Vietnam?
90539: JEWISH STUDENTS' BUND - Yidishe Lider Fun Arbet Un Kampf / Yiddish Songs of Work and Struggle
90740: JEWISH SOCIETY OF AMERICANISTS - Statement of Principles
100188: JEWISH FRONTIER ASSOCIATION - The Broken Pledge: The Case Against the White Paper on Palestine
73304: JEWISH LABOR COMMITTEE - Report of the Silver Jubilee Convention Held in Atlantic City, N.J. , March, 1960
100004: JEWSIEWICKI, BOGUMIL, SOUS LA DIRECTION DE - Travail de Mémoire Et D'Oubli Dans Les Sociétés Postcommunistes
100839: JEZERNIK, DR. VLADIMIR, UPRAVIL - Západoslovanská Federální Unie a Svaz Stredoevropskych Státu
78491: JIGGLELANCE, DR. OSCAR HENRY - Flying, Dying & Fornicating Illus. with b/w photos
26842: JIMÉNEZ, MAYRA, SELECCIÓN Y PRÓLOGO - Poesía Campesina de Solentiname
26843: JIMÉNEZ, MAYRA, SELECCIÓN Y PRÓLOGO - Poesía de Las Fuerzas Armadas: Talleres de Poesía Prólogo de Comandante Hugo Torres
34555: JIMENEZ LAZCANO, MAURO Y JORGE HERRERA VALENZUELA - Bob Kennedy Y Los Asesinos Sin Cara Illus. with photos
63713: JIMÉNEZ, ALBERTO - Juan Valera Y la Generación de 1868
69625: JIMENEZ, NICARIO, COLLECTED BY - Gods and Foxes: Folktales from Ayachucho, Peru
100385: JIMÉNEZ, MAX - El Domador de Pulgas
100384: JIMÉNEZ, MAX - Sonaja
100386: JIMÉNEZ, MAX - El Jaul: Novela
93011: JIMÉNEZ, CARLOS M - The Mexican American Heritage Illustrated with b/w & color photos
21149: JINARAJADASA, C., 33° - Women in Freemasonry
54761: JINARAJADASA, C - The Reign of Law in Buddhism: (Buddhist Essays)
85570: JINARAJADASA, C[URUPPUMULLAGE] - Art As Will and Idea
56155: JING HUANG - Factionalism in Chinese Communist Politics
91792: JIPPENSHA, IKKU - Shank's Mare: Being a Translation of the Tokaido Volumes of Hizakurige, Japan's Great Comic Novel of Travel & Ribaldry Illustrated with tipped-in full-color reproductions of "The Fifty-three Stages of Tokaido" by Hiroshige Ando. Translated by Thomas Satchell
25207: JIRYIS, SASBRI - The Arabs in Israel 1948-1966 Trans. by Meric Dobson
25208: (JIRYIS, SASBRI) - A Digest of Sabri Jiryis's the Arabs in Israel
99255: JIYU-KENNETT, P. T. N. H - The Liturgy of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives for the Laity
53913: JOANS, TED - A Black Pow-Wow of Jazz Poems
59667: JOANS, TED AND JOYCE MANSOUR - Flying Piranha Illustrative collages by M. Sila Errus. Translations of some poems by Ms. Ila Errus
59146: JOANS, TED - All of Ted Joans and No More: Poems and Collages Intro. by Miss Ilizabeth D. Klar. Photos by Will Jones
59147: JOANS, TED AND JOYCE MANSOUR - Flying Piranha Illustrative collages by M. Sila Errus. Translations of some poems by Ms. Ila Errus
59148: JOANS, TED - A Black Manifesto in Jazz Poetry and Prose
59149: JOANS, TED - Afrodisia: New Poems
59151: JOANS, TED - Vergriffen; Oder: Blitzlieb Poems
59152: JOANS, TED - Wow Illus. with drawings by Laura Corsiglia
95238: JOANS, TED - In Thursday Sane Edited by Sandra McPherson
52566: JOAQUIN, NICK - The Aquinos of Tarlac: An Essay on History As Three Generations
26845: JOBET, JULIO CESAR - Santiago Arcos Arlegui Y la Sociedad de la Igualdad: Un Socialista Utopista Chileno
26846: JOBIM, DANTON - Two Revolutions, F.D. Roosevelt, G. Vargas: A "Good Neighbor" Report Trans. by Corey James Spencer
93451: JOBST, NORBERT - Nudes Illustrated with b/w photos
103359: JOCELYN, CAPTAIN ARTHUR - Awards of Honour: The Orders, Decorations, Medals and Awards of Great Britain and the Commonwealth from Edward III to Elizabeth II Foreword by the Rt. Hon. The Earl Mountbatten of Burma. Illustrated with color plates
95897: JODOROWSKY, ALEXANDRO - El Topo: A Book of the Film Edited by Ross Firestone. Designed by Bob Cato. Translations by Joanne Pottlizer
56610: JOE, YOLANDA - This Just in... : A Novel
64216: JOE HILL COLLECTIVE OF ORANGE COUNTY, CA - Pows - the Big Lie: Special Report
81462: JOE, YOLANDA - He Say, She Say
27807: JOESTEN, JOACHIM - Germany: What Now?
27810: JOESTEN, JOACHIM - What Russia Wants
30219: JOESTEN, JOACHIM - Stalwart Sweden
32904: JOESTEN, JOACHIM - Stalwart Sweden
32909: JOESTEN, JOACHIM - What Russia Wants
37891: JOESTEN, JOACHIM - Oswald: Assassin or Fall Guy?
39213: JOESTEN, JOACHIM - Germany: What Now?
94559: JOESTEN, JOACHIM - Oswald: Assassin or Fall Guy?
27000: JOFFE, ACADEMICIAN A. F. AND ACADEMICIAN A. V. WINTER - Development of the Exact Sciences in the U.S. S.R. /Twenty-Five Years of Power Development in the U.S. S. R
7410: JOHANNESSEN, EDWARD - The Hawaiian Labor Movement: A Brief History
31920: JOHANNINGSMEIER, EDWARD P - Forging American Communism: The Life of William Z. Foster Illus. with photos
100053: JOHANSEN, HJHALMAR, LIEUTENANT, NORWEGIAN ARMY - With Nansen in the North: A Record of the Fram Expedition in 1893-96 Translated by H.L. Brækstad. Illustrated with b/w photos
2672: JOHL, JANET PAGTER - More About Dolls
2673: JOHL, JANET PAGTER - Still More About Dolls
8004: JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY - A Letter to the South on Segregation
8118: JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY - What's Wrong with CIVIL Rights?
12737: JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY - The Tragedy of France
14638: (JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY) - Don't Give Panama Our Canal! Give Them Kissinger Instead!
14667: (JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY) - The Conservative Index
14668: (JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY) - The Conservative Index
14669: (JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY) - The Conservative Index Number Five: How Key Senators and Representatives Voted on Key Issues
14670: (JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY) - The Conservative Index Number Seven: How Key Senators and Representatives Voted on Key Issues
14671: (JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY) - The Conservative Index Number Eleven: How Key Senators and Representatives Voted on Key Issues
14672: (JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY) - The Conservative Index Number Fourteen: How Key Senators and Representatives Voted on Key Issues
15614: (JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY) - The Conservative Index Number Fifteen: How Key Senators and Representatives Voted on Key Issues
17453: JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY - The White Book of the John Birch Society for 1960
26847: JOHN A. CLEMENTS ASSOCIATES - Report on Venezuela
32459: JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY - To This Year's College Students
32680: JOHN BROWN BOOK CLUB, COMPILED & EDITED BY - The Split of the Weather Underground Organization: Struggling Against White and Male Supremacy Illus. with photos
39431: JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY - A Letter to the South on Segregation
50745: JOHN, ERROL - Force Majeure, the Dispossessed, Hasta Luego: Three Screenplays
52290: JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY - Why People Become Communists
58842: JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY - If This Makes You Mad - Join the John Birch Society, Belmont, Mass. 02178. For Local Information Information Contact the Norwalk Chapters of the John Birch Society
58843: JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY - Read! American Opinion Magazine
62507: (JOHN MORRELL & CO.) - The Fruits of 100 Years 1827-1927 Illus
90732: JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY, RICHMOND AREA CHAPTERS - News Release - for Immediate Release: Police Operative Calls Wallace Shooting "Communist Plot
93592: JOHN MUIR JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL - The Trail Blazer, Summer, 1924 Illustrated with b/w photos
11338: JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY - The Americus Story
82234: JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY - How to Set Up an Ad Hoc Committee
99643: JOHNEN, WILHELM - Duell Unter Den Sternen: Ein Tatsachenbericht über Die Deutsche Nachtjagd IM Zweiten Weltkrieg Illustrated with b/w photos
58091: JOHNS, W. E - Some Milestones in Aviation Illus. with photos
58407: JOHNS, CAPT.W. E - Adventure Bound Illus. by Douglas Relf
99995: JOHNS, CAPTAIN W. E - Biggles in the Baltic: A Tale of the Second Great War Illustrated by Howard Leigh & Alfred Sindall
99997: JOHNS, CAPTAIN W. E - Biggles' Combined Operation Illustrated by Stead
99996: JOHNS, CAPTAIN W. E - Worrals Goes East With b/w illustrations
102096: JOHNSEN, ARNE ODD & JOH. N. TØNNESSEN - Den Moderne Hvalfangsts Historie, Opprinnelse Og Utivkling, Første Bind: Finnmarksfangstens Historie 1864-1905; Annet Bind: Verdensfangsten 1883-1924, Del I 1883-1914; Tredje Bind: Verdensfangsten 1883-1924, Del II 1914-1924: Den Pelagiske Fangst 1924-1937; Fjerde Bind: Den Pelagiske Fangst 1937-1969 Illustrated with b/w photos
63386: JOHNSEN, JULIA E., COMP - Should the Communist Party Be Outlawed?
97035: JOHNSON, CHARLES AND AVA DALE JOHNSON - Six Hmong Folk Tales Retold in English Illustrated by Xiong Lia Vang
3239: JOHNSON, MANNING - Color, Communism and Common Sense Foreword by Archibald B. Roosevelt
5232: JOHNSON, L.W - Colonial Sunset: Australia and Papua New Guinea, 1970-74 Illus. with b/w photos
7250: JOHNSON, ROBERT EUGENE - Peasant and Proletarian: The Working Class of Moscow in the Late Nineteenth Century
7392: JOHNSON, HEWLETT, DEAN OF CANTERBURY - I Deny That the Russians Are an Irreligious People
11355: JOHNSON, JAMES WELDON - Negro Americans, What Now?
13670: JOHNSON, CLYDE - Millmen 550: A History of the Militant Years (1961-1966) Local 550 United Brotherhood of Carpenters As Told by the Business Agent
14871: JOHNSON, ANGELA - Humming Whispers
15038: JOHNSON, LEMUEL - Highlife for Caliban
15999: (JOHNSON, JOHN E. COLOR ILLUS). WAHL, JAN - Rickety Rackety Rooster
18766: JOHNSON, WILLIAM E - The Liquor Problem in Russia Illus. with photos & line drawings
20449: JOHNSON, KETTY W - American Widow
21151: JOHNSON, G. W - The Evolution of Woman: From Subjection to Comradeship With a Memoir
22651: JOHNSON, LEMUEL - Highlife for Caliban
22816: JOHNSON, LYNDON B - The Essentials for Peace in Asia
22817: JOHNSON, LYNDON B - Viet-Nam: The Struggle to Be Free
23051: JOHNSON FOUNDATION - Viet Nam: A Report on a Wingspread Briefing
23053: JOHNSON FOUNDATION - Viet Nam: A Report on a Wingspread Briefing
24215: JOHNSON, ANGELA - Running Back to Ludie Illus. by Angelo
24216: JOHNSON-COLEMAN, LORRAINE - Just Plain Folks: Original Tales of Living, Loving, Longing and Learning As Told by a Perfectly Ordinary, Quite Commonly Sensible, and Absolutely Awe-Inspiring, Colored Woman
25663: JOHNSON, C. E., JR - A Report on Communism by C.E. Johnson, Jr. , Chairman, the Paul Revere Committee of the Virginia Farm Bureau Federation Given at the Farm Bureau Presidents' Conference, Williamsburg, Virginia, January 29, 1962
25796: JOHNSON, OAKLEY C - The Day Is Coming: Life and Work of Charles E. Ruthenberg
25800: JOHNSON, HEWLETT - The Socialist Sixth of the World
28515: JOHNSON, HEWLETT - The Dean Speaks: For a Peaceful World... Free from Fear and Want Foreword by James G. Endicott. Illus. with photos
29273: JOHNSON, JAMES WELDON - Lift Ev'Ry Voice and Sing Illus. by Jan Spivey Gilchrist
30640: (JOHNSON, HEWLETT) - Ticket to Hear Hewlett Johnson, Dean of Canterbury at Symphony Hall in Boston on November 11, 1947 Under the Auspices of the Massachusetts Council of American-Soviet Friendship, Inc
32681: JOHNSON, STEVEN - U.S. Foreign Policy and Imperialism
33229: JOHNSON, HEWLETT - Sovietnland a Zekstl Fun Der Erd/Soviet Power Iberzetst fun Sh. Almazov. Mit a Forvort tsu der Yidisher Oiflage fun N. Buchvald
33846: JOHNSON, THE VERY REV. HEWLETT, D.D., DEAN OF CANTERBURY - Social Credit and the War on Poverty
34777: JOHNSON, HEWLETT, DEAN OF CANTERBURY, ET AL - Visit to Czechoslovakia: The Report of Seven British Clergymen Who Attended Christian Peace Conferences and Festivals in Czechoslovakia on July 1, 2, 3 and 4, 1950 Foreword by Hewlett Johnson
39681: JOHNSON, PATRICIA K - Railroad to Friendship
40244: JOHNSON, E. W - Yaller: Story of a Great Dog
40619: JOHNSON, HAYNES, WITH MANUEL ARTIME, JOSÉ PERÉZ SAN ROMÁN, ERNEIDO OLIVA AND ENRIQUE RUIZ-WILLIAMS - The Bay of Pigs: The Invasion of Cuba by Brigade 2506 Illus. with photos
42012: JOHNSON, CLYDE - Organize or Die: Smash Boss Unionism - Build Union Power, Organize Two Million Carpenters & Woodworkers Illus. with photos
42446: JOHNSON, A. THEODORE AND ALLEN TATE, EDS - America Through the Essay: An Anthology for English Courses
44059: JOHNSON, B. ELEANOR - Household Employment in Chicago
46005: JOHNSON, CHARLES - Soulcatcher and Other Stories
48466: JOHNSON, OWEN - The Humming Bird Illus. with frontis. & 2 plates
50665: JOHNSON, MICHAEL P. AND JAMES L. ROARK, EDS - No Chariot Let Down: Charleston's Free People of Color on the Eve of the CIVIL War
50750: JOHNSON, JESSE J., LT. COL., USA, RET) - A Pictorial History of Black Soldiers in the United States (1619-1969) Illus. with photos
50855: JOHNSON, J. R. (PSEUDONYM OF C. L. R. JAMES) - Revolution and the Negro. " in "the New International: A Monthly Organ of Revolutionary Marxism
51182: JOHNSON, CHARLES - The Green Bay Packers, Pro Football's Pioneer Team Foreword by Vince Lombardi. Intro. by Earl L. (Curly) Lambeau. Illus. with photos
52181: JOHNSON, FENTON - A Little Dreaming
3611: JOHNSON, PAMELA HANSFORD - An Avenue of Stone
7199: JOHNSON, CLAUDIUS O - Borah of Idaho
13717: JOHNSON, RHETE GRIMSLEY - Good Grief : The Story of Charles M. Schulz
55344: JOHNSON, CLARK - A Study of Modern Southwestern Indian Leadership
54072: JOHNSON, ALBERT, ED - Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame 1976: Third Oscar Micheaux Awards Ceremony, February 8, 1976, Paramount Theatre of the Arts, Oakland, California Foreword by Margot Smith Hicks. Illus. with photos
53418: JOHNSON, JOSEPHINE - Jordanstown
57407: JOHNSON, NAT AND DORIS GRANT - Bigger Than Nat Illus. by Jan Fish. Foreword by Mary B. Lane
54656: JOHNSON, JOHN - Russia in the Grip of Bolshevism: A Vivid Story of a Trip to the Land of the Soviets Intro. by C. G. Kindred
54661: JOHNSON, OLIVE M - Karl Marx, Forty Years After (1883-1923) With: Karl Marx by Daniel De Leon
41170: JOHNSON, JACK - Jack Johnson - in the Ring and out Ed. with afterword by Gilbert Odd. With original intros. by Tad, Ed. Smith, Damon Runyon & J. B. Lewis. Illus. with photos
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58801: JOHNSON, CRANE - Past Sixty: Four Plays Dealing with Life Amongst the Oldsters
56762: JOHNSON, HERSCHEL - A Visit to the Country Illus. with paintings by Romare Beardon
56816: JOHNSON, NAT AND DORIS GRANT - Bigger Than Nat Illus. by Jan Fish. Foreword by Mary B. Lane
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59374: JOHNSON, JOE - Hot Cover illus. by Chip Elwell
59407: JOHNSON, E. A - Light Ahead for the Negro
59422: (JOHNSON, HALL) - The Federal Music Project and Federal Theatre Presents "Run, Little Chillun" by Hall Johnson
59529: JOHNSON, HALL, ARRANGED FOR VOICE AND PIANO BY - The Green Pastures Spirituals With cover illus. by Robert Edmond Jones
59642: (JOHNSON, HALL) - Fix Me, Jesus: For Full Chorus of Mixed Voices a Capella
59643: (JOHNSON, HALL) - Oh Lord, Have Mercy on Me: For Full Chorus of Mixed Voices with Soprano Solo a Capella
59644: (JOHNSON, HALL) - Lord, I Want to Be a Christian: For 7-Part Chorus of Mixed Voices a Capella with Incidental Solo Soprano
59645: (JOHNSON, HALL) - Ride on, Jesus!: For 6-Part Chorus of Mixed Voices a Cappella
59646: (JOHNSON, HALL) - Roll, Jerd'n, Roll: For Full Chorus of Mixed Voices a Cappella
59655: (JOHNSON, REV. H. T. S.) - Untitled Boklet Issued for the Testimonial Dinner for Rev. H.T. S. Johnson in Honor of His 78th Birthday
61984: JOHNSON, JAMES HERVEY - Superior Men: A Book of Reason for the Man of Vision
96705: JOHNSON, UNA E - Gabor Peterdi: Twenty-Five Years of His Prints, 1934-1959 Illustrated with b/w reproductions
62953: JOHNSON, JAMES HERVEY - Superior Men: A Book of Reason for the Man of Vision
63799: JOHNSON, FORREST BRYANT - Raid on Cabanatuan Illus. with photos & maps
98426: JOHNSON, ROOSEVELT - Alameda County: Its Industries and Environs Illustrated with b/w photos
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64436: JOHNSON, CHARLES - Dreamer
64438: JOHNSON, CHARLES - Dreamer
64439: JOHNSON, CHARLES - Turning the Wheel: Essays on Buddhism and Writing
68655: JOHNSON, SAMUEL - A Letter from Samuel Johnson to Lord Chesterfield
66757: JOHNSON, JAMES - The Men Behind the War: A Startling Exposure of the Financial Interests Who Are Exploiting the War
86079: JOHNSON, HEWLETT - Marxism and the Individual
95583: JOHNSON, THOMAS L. AND PHILLIP C. DUNN, EDS - A True Likeness: The Black South of Richard Samuel Roberts 1920-1936 Illustrated with b/w photos by Richard Samuel Roberts
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93590: JOHNSON, LLOYD - Baseball's Dream Teams: The Greatest Players Decade by Decade Illustrated with b/w & color photos
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70532: JOHNSON, HAROLD LELAND - A Ballad of Half Moon Bay and Other California Poems Foreword by Stella Worley
100246: JOHNSON, JEANA B - The Opata: An Inland Tribe of Sonora
83527: JOHNSON, MELISSA A - Princeton, Forward March!": A Guide to World War II Collections at Princeton University
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73145: JOHNSON, HEWLETT, DEAN OF CANTERBURY - Joseph Stalin: (a Memorial Address, Delivered on the Occasion of the Annual General Conference of the British Soviet Friendship Society, April 18, 1953)
94168: JOHNSON, MYRON M - The League: A Review of American Foreign Policy from 1914 to 1946
89695: JOHNSON, MARTIN - Through the South Seas with Jack London With an introduction & a postscript by Ralph D. Harrison. With numerous illustrations
71456: JOHNSON, SONIA - Telling the Truth
73481: JOHNSON, JACQUELINE - A Gathering of Mother Tongues
73443: JOHNSON, AUDREYE E., ED - The Black Experience: Social, Cultural and Economic Considerations. The Proceedings of the First Workshop on the Black Experience
88752: JOHNSON, CHRISTINE - Learning the Hard Way: A Case Study of Selected Railway Accidents in New Zealand Since the 1920s Illustrated with b/w photos & maps
81464: JOHNSON, E. HARPER - Kenny Illustrated by the author
77864: JOHNSON, HEWLETT, ET AL - Ar Taika Yra Galima?
103353: JOHNSON, GENE - Airplane Model Building With b/w drawings & photos
81465: JOHNSON, BISHOP JOSEPH A., JR - Basic Christian Methodist Beliefs
78459: JOHNSON, HUGH S - The Blue Eagle from Egg to Earth
78458: JOHNSON, HUGH S - The Blue Eagle from Egg to Earth
78457: JOHNSON, HUGH S - The Blue Eagle from Egg to Earth
83979: JOHNSON, VIRGINIA W - The Catskill Fairies Illustrated by Alfred Fredericks
78440: JOHNSON, HUGH S - The Blue Eagle from Egg to Earth
81463: JOHNSON, ANGELA - Toning the Sweep
88574: JOHNSON, DREW HEATH AND MARCIA EYMANN - Silver & Gold: Cased Images of the California Gold Rush Illustrated with b/w & color photos
96724: JOHNSON, C. DOUGLAS - Formal Aspects of Phonological Description
78435: JOHNSON, HUGH S - Hell-Bent for War
92022: JOHNSON, JAMES SYDNEY - Nocturne in St. Gauden's Original wood-engraving by Howard Simon. Presswork by Lawton Kennedy. Binding by Ralph Liddy
84327: JOHNSON, CLYDE - Millmen 550: A History of the Militant Years (1961-1966) Local 550 United Brotherhood of Carpenters As Told by the Business Agent
83442: JOHNSON, DAVID, ED - The American Revolution
97283: JOHNSON, MARTIN - Over African Jungles: The Record of a Glorious Adventure over the Big Game Country of Africa 60,000 Miles by Airplane Illustrated with b/w photos
80645: JOHNSON, A. F - Type Designs: Their History and Development
83533: JOHNSON, MAT - Drop
83149: JOHNSON, DEAN C - The University of California: History and Achievements Illustrated with b/w photos, charts & maps
93143: JOHNSON, HOWARD AND AL SHERMAN - Lindbergh, (the Eagle of the U.S. A. )
76254: JOHNSTON, EDWARD - Formal Penmanship and Other Papers Ed. by Heather Child
1625: JOHNSTON, SIR HARRY - Mrs. Warren's Daughter: A Story of the Woman's Movement
9241: JOHNSTON, MARY - Audrey Illus. by F.C. Yohn
19876: JOHNSTON, MARY - The Exile
42448: JOHNSTON, MARY - Audrey
42449: JOHNSTON, MARY - Audrey
48073: JOHNSTON, THOMAS, M.P - Labour's Policy of Food for All
91847: JOHNSTON, PAUL - Biblio-Typographica: A Survey of Contemporary Fine Printing Style Illustrated with b/w facsimiles
60306: JOHNSTON, ROBERT B - The Beginnings of Salinas: Brief History to 1874 Illus. with photos
89646: JOHNSTON, STANLEY - The Grim Reapers Illustrated with b/w photos
63083: JOHNSTON, RICHARD W - Follow Me!: The Story of the Second Marine Division in World War II Illus. with photos
78797: JOHNSTON, ANNIE FELLOWS - The Little Colonel's Knight Comes Riding Illus. by Etheldred B. Barry
66126: JOHNSTON, MARY ANN - A Pocket of Peace: A History of Bradford 1879-1979 Illus. with photos
69649: JOHNSTON, GEORGE H - Action at Sea: The Saga of the Sydney Illus. with photos
85232: JOHNSTON, HANK - The Railroad That Lighted Southern California Illustrated with b/w photos & maps
95158: JOHNSTON, CHARLES, TRANS - The Great Upanishads, Volume I: Isha, Kena, Katha, Prashna Upanishads
72025: JOHNSTON, RICHARD W - Follow Me!: The Story of the Second Marine Division in World War II Illus. with photos
96042: JOHNSTON, JOHANNA - Whale's Way Illustrated by Leonard Weisgard
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77976: JOHNSTON, THOMAS - Life Under the Tories in 1927
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89571: JOHNSTON, RICHARD W - Follow Me!: The Story of the Second Marine Division in World War II Illustrated with photos
18887: JOHNSTONE, JACK - For a Labor Party
44386: JOHNSTONE, ARCHIE - In the Name of Peace
82237: JOHNSTONE, ARCHIE - Ivan the Not-So-Terrible
32673: JOIN COMMUNITY UNION - What Is Join?
32674: JOIN COMMUNITY UNION, STAFF EDUCATION COMMITTEE, PREPARED BY - Who Wants Urban Renewal? Illus. with cartoons by Dave Perdue
22838: JOINER, CHARLES A - The Politics of Massacre: Political Processes in South Vietnam
64082: JOINER, CHARLES A - The Politics of Massacre: Political Process in South Vietnam
7034: JOINT COMMITTEE ON ATOMIC ENERGY, UNITED STATES SENATE - Confirmation of Atomic Energy Commission and General Manager: Hearings Before the Senate Section of the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy, Eightieth Congress, First Session...
34556: JOINT ANTI-FASCIST REFUGEE COMMITTEE - Jailed for Fighting Franco: Free Them!
37460: JOINT LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE TO INVESTIGATE THE PUBLIC EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM - Interim Report and Conclusions of the New York City Subcommittee Relative to Subversive Activity Among Students in the Public High Schools and Colleges in the City of New York
37808: JOINT LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE TO INVESTIGATE THE PUBLIC EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM - Interim Report and Conclusions of the New York City Subcommittee Relative to Subversive Activity Among Students in the Public High Schools and Colleges in the City of New York
54696: JOINT SELF DEFENSE COMMITTEE - Record of Smith Act Cases Foreword by Simon W. Gerson
63383: JOINT COMMITTEE ON ATOMIC ENERGY - Soviet Atomic Espionage
64149: JOINT LOGISTICS REVIEW BOARD - Logistic Support in the Vietnam Era, Volume I: A Summary Assessment with Major Findings and Recommendations
85832: JOINT COMMITTEE OF LONDON CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETIES - Précis of Reports Submitted by a Committee Appointed by the Joint Committee of London Co-Operative Societies to Survey the Organisation of the Distributive Societies in the Metropolis, with Special Reference to the Amalgamation of the Metropolitan Societies
81466: JOINT LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE ON UN-AMERICAN ACTIVITIES, STATE OF LOUISIANA - Activities of the Southern Conference Educational Fund, Inc. In Louisiana
10063: JOLL, JAMES - The Second International 1889-1914 Illus. with photos
49421: JOLLIFFE, P. S - A Check-List of Middle English Prose Writings of Spiritual Guidance
44061: JOLLUCK, KATHERINE R - Exile and Identity: Polish Women in the Soviet Union During World War II
83250: JOLLY, WILLIAM L - From Retorts to Lasers: The Story of Chemistry at Berkeley Illustrated with b/w photos
36359: JOLODNI, TIJON - La Ciencia Sovietica Transforma la Tierra
97908: JOMO (PSEUDONYM OF JONAH RASKIN) - Homecoming: The Saga of the Native American Art by Azul
52182: JONAS, STEPHEN - Morphogenesis: (Being a Conventionalization of "Morphemes" of Jack Spicer)
100719: JONASSON, STHIG - Relfsson-Gambiten
87619: JONES, HARVEY L - Twilight and Reverie: California Tonalist Painting 1890-1930 Illustrated with color reproductions
1626: JONES, GAVIN W., ED - Women in the Urban and Industrial Workforce: Southeast and East Asia
1628: JONES, MARY HARRIS - The Speeches and Writings of Mother Jones Ed. by Edward M. Steel
4840: JONES, GWYNETH - Divine Endurance
8043: JONES, CLAUDIA - Ben Davis, Fighter for Freedom Intro. by Eslanda Goode Robeson. Illus. with photos
11360: JONES, PATRICIA SPEARS - The Weather That Kills: A Poetry Collection
13402: JONES, HARDIN B., PH.D - The Drug Craze
14536: JONES, DR. R. TUDUR - The Principles of Nationalism: The Struggle for Human Dignity in Wales
14900: JONES, JACQUELINE - Labor of Love, Labor of Sorrow: Black Women, Work, and the Family from Slavery to the Present Illus. with photos
15013: JONES, PATRICIA SPEARS - The Weather That Kills: Poems
15895: JONES, CLAIRE - The Chinese in America Illus. with photos
16469: JONES, J. WALTER - The Nazi Conception of Law
17190: (JONES, ELMO. B/W ILLUS. WITH GREEN ACCENTS). WARING, GILCHRIST - Three Ships Come Sailing: A Child's Story of Our Country's Birthplace Jamestown in Virginia
20672: JONES, HAYS - Seamen and Longshoremen Under the Red Flag
21470: JONES, BEVERLY AND JUDITH BROWN - Toward a Female Liberation Movement
22840: JONES, BRUCE E - War without Windows: A True Account of a Young Army Officer Trapped in an Intelligence Cover-Up in Vietnam Foreword by Samuel A. Adams
22842: JONES, THOM - The Pugilist at Rest: Stories
24102: JONES, MARION PATRICK - J'Ouvert Morning
24592: JONES, ROBERT L - The Eighteenth Amendment and Our Foreign Relations
26166: JONES, DAVID R. W - Guide to the Arab Revolution
28295: JONES, CLAIRE - The Chinese in America Illus. with photos
32360: JONES, HAYS - Seamen and Longshoremen Under the Red Flag
32458: JONES, W. RON, WITH JULIA CHEEVER AND JERRY FICKLIN, PREPARED BY - Finding Community: A Guide to Community Research and Action
33059: JONES, LAURA BUCHAN - Tundra Tales Illus. by Russell Ahsoak
33595: JONES, H.G. AND W.J. ORVILLE-THOMAS, EDITORS - Seasonal Snowcovers: Physics, Chemistry, Hydrology Illustrated with charts & graphs
33900: JONES, THOMAS E - How to Build a Track Cover illustration plus diagrams and specifications of tracks drawn by William C. Schafer, Jr
34133: JONES, N. SAMUEL - The Church in All Ages
34755: JONES, GLADYS - We Young Communists
36360: JONES, BARTLETT C - Prohibition and Eugenics 1920-1933
36361: JONES, STINTON - Russia in Revolution: Being the Experriences of an Englishman in Petrograd During the Upheaval Illus. with photos
39435: JONES, CLAUDIA - On the Right to Self-Determination for the Negro People in the Black Belt In "Political Affairs
39436: JONES, CLAUDIA - The Struggle for Peace in the United States In "Political Affairs
39438: (JONES, LEROI) - Node" & "the a, B, C's In "Yugen
40888: JONES, CLAIRE - The Chinese in America Illus. with photos
40910: JONES, ALICE GOEN, ED - Trinity County Historic Sites Illus. with photos
97526: JONES, MONA LAKE - The Color of Culture
42913: JONES, JACK - The Right to Participate - Key to Industrial Progress
42921: JONES, BILL, BRIAN NICHOLSON AND KEN FLEET - An Open Letter to the True (Anti-Registration) Trade Union Delegates to the Tuc
43467: JONES, LEROI - The Baptism &the Toilet
44228: JONES, BEVERLY AND JUDITH BROWN - Toward a Female Liberation Movement
45407: (JONES, ELIZABETH ORTON, COLOR ILLUS). ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI, - Song of the Sun Color illus. by Elizabeth Orton Jones
46717: JONES, EDWARD A - Voices of Negritude: The Expression of Black Experience in the Poetry of Senghor, Cesaire & Damas Preface by Richard A. Long
47172: JONES, NETTIE - Fish Tales
47289: JONES, JYMI - Guerilla Warfare in Philly
47343: JONES, BEVERLY AND JUDITH BROWN - Toward a Female Liberation Movement
47525: JONES, GAYL - Song for Anninho
47529: JONES, GAYL - The Hermit-Woman
47542: JONES, LOLA AMIS - Exploring the Black Experience in America: A Bicentennial Edition of Plays and Short Stories 1976
47543: JONES, LOLA AMIS - Exploring the Black Experience in America: Short Stories and Plays With a Literary Review by Dr. Ralph Reckley
50129: JONES, J. ROY - Saddle Bags in Siskiyou
50548: JONES, SILAS - Children of All: (the Adventures of Tomtom and Sudani)
50553: JONES, SILAS - The Price of Dirt
50834: JONES, CLAUDIA - Peace Is a Woman's Business
51568: JONES, HAROLD - Universe City: Photographs by Harold Jones Intro. by Henry Koffler. Prologue by Robert Heinecken
51951: JONES, MARY HARRIS - The Autobiography of Mother Jones Ed. by Mary Field Parton. Intro. by Clarence Darrow
52183: JONES, J. MCHENRY - Hearts of Gold: A Novel
54342: JONES, JULIA CLINTON - Valhalla, the Myths of Norseland: A Saga, in Twelve Parts
8894: JONES, DOUGLAS C - Winding Stair
53743: JONES, SARAH - Your Revolution: Poems & Jagged Slices of Life
54019: JONES, GAYL - The Healing
56927: JONES, EDWARD SMYTH - The Sylvan Cabin: A Centenary Ode on the Birth of Lincoln Photographic frontis. of the author. With an Introduction taken from The New York Times
57975: JONES, HOWELL - Y Cowboi Illus. with photos
58282: JONES, DR. PERCY, COLLECTED AND ARRANGED BY - Burl Ives' Portfolio of Australian Folk Songs
56612: JONES, EDWARD SMYTH - The Sylvan Cabin: A Centenary Ode on the Birth of Lincoln Photographic frontis. of the author. With an Introduction taken from The New York Times
60726: JONES, DWIGHT V. AND RICHARD F. SHEA - Transister Audio Amplifiers
59181: JONES, BESSIE AND BESS LOMAX HAWES - Step It Down: Games, Plays, Songs, and Stories from the Afro-American Heritage
59632: JONES, JYMI, ED - A Vision of Blackness
75519: JONES, NATHAN - Revolutionary Erotica & Other Poems
68007: JONES, MARY ALICE - The Baby Jesus Color illus. by Elizabeth Webbe
75602: JONES, HELENA, GLENYS MOSES, GLYN EVANS, GWANWYN EVANS, JACK WALTERS AND STUART FRY - More Gathered Gold Stories of Old Breconshire Illus. with photos & a map
68383: JONES, PVT. (LLOYD JONNES, JR., CO. M, 318TH INFANTRY) - The Third [Platoon] Cover design by Corporal Eugene Hall, Akron, Ohio
68618: (JONES, ELIZABETH ORTON, B/W & COLOR ILLUS.). FARJEON, ELEANOR - A Prayer for Little Things
68760: JONES, W. FARLEY - A New Prophlet for a New Age
92773: JONES, PENN - Forgive My Grief, Volume I: A Critical Review of the Warren Commission Report on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
71952: JONES, KENT - Impasse and Crisis in Steel Trade Policy
94936: JONES, F. ARTHUR - This Time Again
92617: JONES, EDWARD P - Lost in the City Illustrated with b/w photos by Amos Chan
81470: JONES, MONA LAKE - The Color of Culture
81645: JONES, GERALD - Comstock Confidential: Tales in the Shadow of Mt. Davidson and Beyond
88269: JONES, BOBBY - Rights and Wrongs of Golf Illustrated with b/w drawings
79194: JONES, LEROI - Four Black Revolutionary Plays
74235: JONES, LEROI - Two-Part Interview in "Guardian: Independent Radical Newsweekly
77977: JONES, SAMUEL M - The Non-Partisan in Politics. " in "the Independent
89946: JONES, NATHAN - Revolutionary Erotica & Other Poems
72839: JONES, FRANCIS P - History of the Sinn Fein Movement and the Irish Rebellion of 1916 Intro. by Hon. John W. Goff
53682: JONES, SARAH - Your Revolution: Poems
63318: JONES, NIGEL H - Hitler's Heralds: The Story of the Freikorps 1918-1923 Illus. with photos & maps
73734: JONES, DR. MARY ALICE - First Religious Book Series. 12 Titles Color illus by various artists.
77978: JONES, HENRY ARTHUR - My Dear Wells: Being a Series of Letters Addressed by Henry Arthur Jones to Mr. H.G. Wells Upon Bolshevism, Collectivism, Internationalism, and the Distribution of Wealth Frontis. by Oliver Herford
69584: JONES, NETTIE - Mischief Makers
89956: JONES, IDWAL - The Vineyard
81469: JONES, MONA LAKE - The Color of Culture II
81471: JONES, LAURENCE C - Piney Woods and Its Story Introduction by S. S. McClure. Illustrated with b/w photos
71742: JONES, BRIAN - Space: A Three-Dimensional Journey Color paintings by Richard Clifton-Dey. Design & paper engineering by Ray Marshall
99600: JONES, RAYMOND F - Son of the Stars
89347: JONES, R. A - The Swamp: Rangers and Insurgents in the Mekong Delta
95644: JONES, GAYL - The Healing
47524: JONES, GAYL - White Rat
94599: JONES, NATHAN - Revolutionary Erotica & Other Poems
94938: JONES, F. ARTHUR - This Time Again
82455: JONES, MARC EDMUND, NOVELIZED BY - Land of the Rising Sun: Based Upon the Stirring Account of Japanese Life and Affairs by James R. Young Original Screen Play by Emmet Lavery. Illustrated with photos from the R.K.O. movie
80921: JONES, ERNEST - Papers on Psycho-Analysis
86898: JONES, K. R - Is Anybody for Chess: The Light Touch - the Travelogue
83402: JONES, E. B - Forty Bible-Supported Reasons Why You Should Not Be a Seventh-Day Adventist
103669: JONES, EDWARD L - Profiles in African Heritage With b/w illustrations
90479: JONES, RAYMOND F - Planet of Light Jacket & endpaper designs by Alex Schomburg
90480: JONES, RAYMOND F - Planet of Light Endpaper designs by Alex Schomburg
93006: JONES, ROBERT T[HOMAS] - Teoriia Kryla Perevod s angliiskogo d-ra tekhn. nauk V. N. Golubkina pod redaktsiei d-ra fiz.-mat. nauk M. N. Kogana
84067: JONES, LEROI - The Dead Lecturer: Poems
93522: JONES, PENN - Forgive My Grief, Volume I: A Critical Review of the Warren Commission Report on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
81468: JONES, LEROI - Six Poems. " in "Niagara Frontier Review
82946: JONES, GARETH STEDMAN - Languages of Class: Studies in English Working Class History 1832-1982
81467: JONES, DECHEONBAE - Pearls of Justice
82238: JONES, BOB - Left-Wing Communism in Britain 1917-21... An Infantile Disorder?
90237: JONES, LEROI - Valéry As Dictator," "the Liar" & "Snake Eyes. " in "Poetry
32223: JONESCO, M. TAKE - The Policy of National Instinct: A Speech Delivered by M. Take Jonesco in the Roumanian Chamber of Deputies During the Sitting of the 16th & 17th December, 1915
52344: JONKER, F. P - Heyerdahl's Kon-Tiki Theory and Its Relation to Ethnobotany
90392: JONSON, LENA AND MURAD ESENOV, EDS - Political Islam and Conflicts in Russia and Central Asia
36362: JOPSON, DEBRA - The Red Brigade: The Official History of the New South Wales Fire Brigade Employees' Union Illus. with photos
77979: JORAVSKY, DAVID - Soviet Marxism and Natural Science 1917-1932
1630: JORDAN, JOAN - The Place of American Women: Economic Exploitation of Women
21155: JORDAN, JOAN - Protective Laws
27107: JORDAN, DAVID STARR - The Red Plague
30415: JORDAN, FRANK C., SECRETARY OF STATE, COMPILED UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF - California Blue Book, Legislative Manual or State Roster Illus. with photos
32190: JORDAN, MARIE-ANNE - Mother's Rhymes for Story Times Color illustrations & endpapers in blue by the author
39439: JORDAN, JUNE - Some of Us Did Not Die: New and Selected Essays
41817: JORDAN, DAVID STARR - California and the Californians
46009: JORDAN, JUNE - Technical Difficulties: African-American Notes on the State of the Union
46208: JORDAN, JUNE - Naming Our Destiny: New & Selected Poems
10689: JORDAN, JUNE - Passion: New Poems, 1977-1980

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