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16247: (GORSLINE, DOUGLAS, B/W ILLUS.). RICH, LOUISE DICKINSON - The First Book of the Early Settlers
16248: (GORSLINE, DOUGLAS. B/W ILLUS). RICH, LOUISE DICKINSON - The First Book of the Early Settlers
41585: GORSUCH, ANNE E - Youth in Revolutionary Russia: Enthusiasts, Bohemians, Delinquents
25985: GORTER, HERMAN - In Memoriam
26004: GORTER, HERMAN - Der Imperialismus, Der Weltkrieg Und Die Sozial-Demokratie Uebersetzung aus dem Holländischen
20306: GOSHAL, KUMAR - The Truth About Indo-China
87510: GOSS, HELEN ROCCA - The Life and Death of a Quicksilver Mine Illustrated with b/w photos
69600: GOSS, CLAY - Homecookin': Five Plays
69601: GOSS, CLAY - Homecookin': Five Plays
26696: GOSSELMAN, CARL AUGUST - Informes Sobre Los Estados Sudamericanos En Los años de 1837 Y 1838 Edición, introducción y notas por Magnus Mörner. Traducción del Sueco por Ernesto Dethorey
53079: GOSSENS, ALFONS - Cartoons for Peace
60929: GOSSET, MARGARET - Strange But True: A Book If Things Hard to Believe Color illus. by Alois Fabry, Jr
3023: GOSSETT, MARGARET - The Kitten's Secret
46746: GOSTICK, RON - Architects Behind the World Communist Conspiracy
58778: GOTHIC RIPPLES - English Journal Reveals Jewish Control of a and H Bombs
27141: GOTI, CAPITAN LEO - Al Servicio de la Republica Española: La España Anti-Clerical; Refutación A.M. Galvez
74807: GOTLIB, N[OAH] I[SAAC] - Sovietisher Shreiber
44531: GOTT, K.D - Voices of Hate: A Study of the Australian League of Rights and Its Director Eric D. Butler
86920: GOTTESMAN, RONALD, COMP - The Upton Sinclair Archives: A Catalogue of Books, Manuscripts, and Other Materials from the Lilly Library, Indiana University
80311: GOTTESMAN, LES - Sex" and Other Poems Cover drawing by Frieda Fehrenbacher
70687: GOTTFRIED-WILHELM-LEIBNIZ-GESELLSCHAFT - Leibniz Und Eruopa: VI. Internationaler Leibniz-Kongreß Unter Der Schirmherrschaft Des Niedersächsischen Ministerpräsidenten Gerhard Schröder, Hannover, 18. Bis 23. Juli 1994
70826: GOTTFRIED-WILHELM-LEIBNIZ-GESELLSCHAFT - Leibniz Werk Und Wirkung: IV. Internationaler Leibniz-Kongreß Vorträg II. Teil, Hannover, 14. Bis 19. November 1983
14372: GOTTHELF, EZRA GERSON - The Island of Not-Me: A True Chronicle of the Life of Geoghan Willbe on the Island of Not-Me, Preceded by an Account of His Arrival Upon That Famous Isle
74468: GOTTHELF, DR. FRIEDRICH - Das Deutsche Altertum in Den Anschauungen Des Sechzehnten Und Siebzehnten Jahrhunderts
73360: GOTTLIEB, GÜNTHER - Das Verhältnis Der AußErherodoteischen ûberlieferung Zu Herodot: Untersucht an Historischen Stoffen Aus Der Griechischen Geschichte
78544: GOTTLIEB, SAMUEL HIRSH - Overbooked in Arizona Cover art & illustrations by Joe Servello
78546: GOTTLIEB, SAMUEL HIRSH - Overbooked in Arizona Cover art & illustrations by Joe Servello
84412: GOTTLIEB, SAMUEL HIRSH - Overbooked in Arizona Cover art & illustrations by Joe Servello
42091: GOTTWALD, K(LEMENT) - A People's Front in Defense of Labour, Freedom & Peace: Speech Delivered at the 24th Session, August 7, 1935
66654: GOTTWALD, KLEMENT - National Defence Against Fascist War Plans
63451: (GOTTWALD, KLEMENT) - Cloth Portrait of Klement Gottwald
64708: GOTTWALD, KLEMENT - National Defence Against Fascist War Plans
21619: GOTZ, WULF - Zum ökonomischen System Tugan-Baranovskys
77949: GÖTZ, F - How Hitler Failed. " in "the Living Age
57584: GOUDGE, ELIZABETH - Pilgrim's Inn
80525: (GOUDY, FREDERIC W.) - Frederic W. Goudy's Last Contribution to the Printing World
95649: (GOUDY, FREDERIC W.) - Types: A Specimen Showing of Three Type Faces: Village No. 2, Goudy Bible and Goudy Thirty Designed by Mr Frederic Goudy...
79502: GOUDY, FREDERIC W - Typologia: Studies in Type Design & Type Making With Comments on the Invention of Typography, the First Types, Legibility and Fine Printing
86953: GOUFFÉ, JULES - Les Livre Des Conserves; or, Recettes Pour Préparer Et Conserver Les Viandes Et Les Poissons Salés Et Fumés, Les Terrines, Les Galantines, Les Legumes, Les Fruits, Les Confitures, Les Liqueurs de Famille, Les Sirops, Les Petits Fours, Etc. , Etc
1397: GOUGH, KATHLEEN - The Origin of the Family
20484: GOUGH, KATHLEEN - Ten Times More Beautiful: The Rebuilding of Vietnam Illus. with photos
50216: GOUGH, KATHLEEN - Ten Times More Beautiful: The Rebuilding of Vietnam Illus. with photos
53492: GOUGH, KATHLEEN - When the Saints Go Marching in: An Account of the Ban-the-Bomb Movement in Britain
56548: GOUGH, EUGENE S - Only to Live Life
65995: GOUGH, J. W - Sir Hugh Myddelton, Entrepreneur and Engineer
63216: GOULARD, MATICA - Juan Ramón Jiménez Y la Crítica En Escandinavia
63623: GOULARD, MATICA - Juan Ramón Jiménez Y la Crítica En Escandinavia
95922: GOULART, RON - The Dime Detectives
96954: GOULART, RON - The Hardboiled Dicks: An Anthology and Study of Pulp Detective Fiction
93666: GOULART, RON - Cowboy Heaven
96953: GOULART, RON - Cheap Thrills: An Informal History of the Pulp Magazines
93667: GOULART, RON - The Tijuana Bible
93663: GOULART, RON - Adam and Eve on a Raft: Mystery Stories
93665: GOULART, RON - What's Become of Screwloose? and Other Inquiries
96940: GOULD, F[REDERICK] J[AMES] - The Divine Archer: Founded on the Indian Epic of the Ramayana with Two Stories from the Mahabharata
97324: GOULD, ROMILDA PERI - Con Brio: Romie & Paco Illustrated with b/w photos
20485: GOULDEN, JOSEPH C - Truth Is the First Casualty: The Gulf of Tonkin Affair - Illusion and Reality
20812: (GOULDING, CATHAL) - Inside the Ira: Interviews with Cathal Goulding, Chief of Staff, Ira
77950: GOULDING, CATHAL, CHIEF-OF-STAFF, OFFICIAL IRISH REPUBLICAN ARMY - I Gcuis Na Heireann / in the Cause of Ireland
97680: GOULDING, MICHAEL - The Fishes and the Forest: Exploration in Amazonian Natural History Illustrated with b/w photos, charts & maps
38866: GOULDNER, ALVIN W - Wildcat Strike
33207: GOULÉVITCH, ARSENE DE - Czarism and Revolution Trans. from the French by N. J. Couriss
42066: GOUR, RAJ BAHADUR - Telegana Tangle: The Communist Approach
54323: GOURAUD, AIMÉE CROCKER - Moon-Mandess and Other Fantasies
54613: GOURAUD, AIMÉE CROCKER - Moon-Mandess and Other Fantasies
26697: GOURÉ, LEON AND MORRIS ROTHENBERG - Soviet Penetration of Latin America
64135: GOURLEY, CAPTAIN JAMES LELAND, ASST S-3 (I-E AND PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER) - Cannoneers Post: The Story of the 94th Division Artillery Illus. with photos
84368: GOURMONT, REMY DE - Mr. Antiphilos, Satyr Trans. by John Heard. Intro. by Jack Lewis
79336: GOVE, PHILIP BABCOCK - The Imaginary Voyage in Prose Fiction: A History of Its Criticism and a Guide for Its Study, with an Annotated Check List of 215 Imaginary Voyages from 1700 to 1800
33677: GOVERNMENT OF THE PROVINCE OF ALBERTA - These Are the Facts: An Authentic Record of Alberta's Progress 1935-1948
66901: GOVERNMENT OF THE PROVINCE OF ALBERTA - The Case for Alberta: Part I, Alberta's Problems and Dominion-Provincial Relations; Part II, the Urgent Need for Social and Economic Reform. Addressed to the Sovereign People of Canada and Their Governments
68486: GOVERNMENT OF THE PROVINCE OF ALBERTA - Progress in Alberta 1935-1943: A Record of Achievement
39378: GOVERNOR'S COMMISSION ON THE LOS ANGELES RIOTS - Violence in the City -- an End or a Beginning?: A Report
60782: GOVERNOR'S INTERRACIAL COMMISSION OF MINNESOTA - The Indian in Minnesota: A Report to Governor Luther W. Youngdahl by the Governor's Interracial Commission
68883: GOVINDA, LI GOTAMI - Tibet in Pictures: A Journey Into the Past Illus. with photos by the author
95720: GOVINDA, LAMA ANAGARIKA - Grundlagen Tibetischer Mystik Nach den esoterischen Lehren des Großen Mantra Om Mani Padme Hum. Aufnahmen tibetischer Plastik von Li Gotami
80739: GOWAN, JOHN CURTIS - Development of the Psychedelic Individual
79993: GOWEN, VINCENT H - Sunrise to Sunrise: One Man's Journey: China, the Philippines and World War II Internment Illus. with photos & maps
46362: GOWER, BROTHER P.E. THOMAS. O.H.C - West Park Sonnets
80207: GOWING, LAWRENCE - Vermeer Illus. with 4 tipped-in color & many b/w reproductions
89147: GOWLING, MARGARET - Britain and Atomic Policy 1939-1945 With an introductory chapter by Kenneth Jay. Illustrated with b/w photos
13316: GOYDER, ALICE - Holiday in Catland
48864: GOYDER, ALICE - Party in Catland Color illus. by the author
42432: GOYEN, WILLIAM - The Faces of Blood Kindred: A Novella and Ten Stories
42433: GOYEN, WILLIAM - Savata, My Fair Sister
26698: GOYTÍA, VÍCTOR F - Los Partidos Politicos En El Istmo
83098: GPLENKIN, PROF. M - O Dikorastushchikh Russkikh Rasteniiakh Kak Istochnike Pishevykh Veshchestv Na Zimu
34528: GRABER, G. S - History of the Ss Illus. with photos
66927: GRABER, G. S - The Life and Times of Reinhard Heydrich Illus. with photos
92056: GRABER, G. S - The Life and Times of Reinhard Heydrich Illustrated with b/w photos
88009: GRABHORN, JANE - The King-Fisher Letters With Memories of the Grabhorns by Edith Hartnett. Preface by Andrew Hoyem. Illustrated with drawings by Sherwood Grover
93216: GRABHORN, EDWIN - Two Letters from Edwin Grabhorn to Haywood Hunt
53577: GRABOWSKI, STANLEY M., ED - Paolo Freire: A Revolutionary Dilemma for the Adult Educator
61866: GRACIÁN, BALTASAR - El Criticón Edición crítica y commentada por M. Romera-Navarro
61868: GRACIÁN, BALTASAR - El Politico Fernando, Oraculo Manual, El Heroe Estudio preliminar de Joaquin Costa
86641: GRACIAN, BALTASAR - Gracians Handorakel Und Kunst Der Weltklugheit Deutsch von Arthur Schopenhauer. Herausgegeben von Dr. Heinrich Schmidt
40590: GRACINI GUERRA, HÉCTOR - Derecho Administrativo
71616: GRADUSSOV, ALEX, ED - Anancy in Love Illus. by Dennis Ranston
89789: GRADWOHL, DAVID M. AND NANCY M. OSBORN - Exploring Buried Buxton: Archaeology of an Abandoned Iowa Coal Mining Town with a Large Black Population Illustrated with b/w photos & drawings
15651: GRADY, JOHN L., M.D - Abortion Yes or No Illus. with photos
82210: GRAEBNER, TH - Evolution: An Investigation and a Criticism
84484: GRAEME, BRUCE - Work for the Hangman (and Theodore I. Terhune!)
78795: GRAEME, BRUCE - The Imperfect Crime
78984: GRAEME, BRUCE - Two and Two Make Five
80316: GRAEME, BRUCE - The Man from Michigan: Another Story of Superintendent Stevens and Inspector Pierre Allain
72582: GRAESER, FREDRIC, COMP - Notes on the Chinese Discovery of Movable Type
27634: GRAF, MAX - From Beethoven to Shostakovich: The Psychology of the Composing Process
45490: GRAF, MAX - Legend of a Musical City Illus. with photos
55225: GRAF, MAX - Legend of a Musical City Illus. with photos
74531: GRAF, MAX - German Musicians and Politics: Feuchtwangler and Beethoven. " in "the Commonweal
74532: GRAF, MAX - Anton Bruckner's Catholicism. " in "the Commonweal
70911: GRAF, MAX - From Beethoven to Shostakovich: The Psychology of the Composing Process
74678: GRAF, MAX - Composer and Critic: Two Hundred Years of Musical Criticism
74644: GRAF, MAX - Legend of a Musical City Illus. with photos
74579: GRAF, MAX - Legend of a Musical City Illus. with photos
94270: GRAF, MAX - Composer and Critic: Two Hundred Years of Musical Criticism
85937: GRAF, ALFRED BYRD - Exotica 3: Pictorial Cyclopedia of Exotic Plants Illus. with 12,000 photos
34018: GRAFTON, SUE - C" Is for Corpse
8590: GRAHAM, LOREN R - The Soviet Academy of Sciences and the Communist Party 1927-1932
11313: GRAHAM, KATHERYN CAMPBELL - Under the Cottonwood: A Saga of Negro Life in Which the History, Traditions and Folklore of the Negro of the Last Century Are Vividly Portrayed
14861: GRAHAM, ARTHUR J - The Last Shine: (One Act)
14904: GRAHAM, LORENZ - South Town
16439: GRAHAM, LOREN R - The Soviet Academy of Sciences and the Communist Party 1927-1932
27017: GRAHAM, JIM - Socialism and Workers' Councils Intro. by Wilfred Wigham
34095: GRAHAM, LORENZ - Whose Town?
39379: GRAHAM, SHIRLEY - Africa Lifts Its Voice In "Political Affairs
46251: GRAHAM, KENNETH - The Pink Panther in the Haunted House Color illus. by Darrell Baker / Jason Studios
46857: GRAHAM, ARTHUR J - The Last Shine: (One Act)
47502: GRAHAM, SHIRLEY - For the Defense of Peacemakers In "New World Review
2877: GRAHAM, R.B. CUNNINGHAM - José Antonio Páez
44080: GRAHAM, KENNON - Smokey Bear Saves the Forest Color illus. by David Gantz
53993: GRAHAM, ARTHUR J - The Captain and His Crew
53994: GRAHAM, ARTHUR J - The Nationals: A Black Happening in Three Acts
56549: GRAHAM, LORENZ - I, Momolu Illus. by John Biggers
56550: GRAHAM, LORENZ - Return to South Town
56802: GRAHAM, LORENZ - 900 Miles from Home Orchestra & chorus directed by Bill Sanford
58869: GRAHAM, FRED S. (PSEUDONYM OF MARCUS SHMUEL, BETTER KNOWN AS MARCUS GRAHAM) - Anarchism and World Revolution: An Answer to Robert Minor
64302: GRAHAM, ABBIE - Grace H. Dodge, Merchant of Dreams: A Biography
90083: GRAHAM, MARCUS - The Issues in the Present War
77435: GRAHAM, BILL - Yellow Birds and Silver Eagles
80779: GRAHAM, SHIRLEY - Whither Ghana?" in "Political Affairs
80776: GRAHAM, SHIRLEY - Africa Must Save the Congo. " in "Political Affairs
81060: GRAHAM, HOWARD JAY - The Fourteenth Amendment and School Segregation
69602: GRAHAM, LORENZ - How God Fix Jonah Foreword by W. E. Burghardt Du Bois. New foreword by Errie Lee Morris. Illus. by Ashley Bryan
88442: GRAHAM, WILLIAM - Last Links with Byron, Shelley, and Keats
80778: GRAHAM, SHIRLEY - The First Conference of African and Asian Women. " in "Political Affairs
97237: GRAHAM, RON, JOHN A. KOPEC AND C. KENNETH MOORE - A Study of the Colt Single Action Army Revolver Illustrated with b/w photos + a few in color
80777: GRAHAM, SHIRLEY - Hail the People's Republic of China. " in "Political Affairs
90235: GRAHAM, SHIRLEY - Why Was Du Bois Fired?" in "Masses & Mainstream
64257: GRAHAME, KENNETH - The Wind in the Willows B/w illus. + 8 color plates (new with this edition) by Ernest H. Shepard
15646: GRAHN, JUDY - A Woman Is Talking to Death Graphics by Karen Sjöholm
15648: GRAHN, JUDY - The Queen of Swords
15649: GRAHN, JUDY - Edward the Dyke and Other Poems Illus. by Wendy Cadden, Brenda Crider, Gail Hodges, Sunny & Susann
55851: GRAHN, JUDY - The Common Woman Illus. by Wendy Cadden
82723: GRAHN, JUDY - Descent to the Roses of the Family
44166: (GRAINGER, ROSE) - Photos of Rose Grainger and of 3 Short Accounts of Her Life by Herself, in Her Own Handwriting Reproduced for Her Kin and Friends by Her Adoring Son Percy Grainger Also Table of Dates and Summary of Cultural Tastes
23821: (GRAMATKY, HARDIE, B/W ILLUS). PROUDFIT, ISABEL - The Treasure Hunter: The Story of Robert Louis Stevenson.
93608: GRAMBS, DAVID - The Endangered English Dictionary: Bodacious Words Your Dictionary Forgot
63601: GRAML, HERMANN - Der 9. November 1938: "Reichskristallnacht
66548: GRAMSCI, ANTONIO - An Antonio Gramsci Reader: Selected Writings, 1916-1935 Ed. by David Forgas
76579: GRAND'COMBE, FÉLIX DE (PSEUDONYM OF FÉLIX BOILLOT, 1889-1961) - En Croyant Aux Roses
94042: GRAND, GORDON - The Millbeck Hounds: A Collection of Hunting Stories Foreword by W. Plunket Stewart. Illustrated by Eleanor Iselin Mason
80774: GRAND CHAPTER OF ROYAL ARCH MASONS FOR THE STATE OF OHIO - Transactions of the Most Excellent Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons for the State of Ohio and Its Jurisdictions: The Fifty-First Annual Convocation Begun and Held at Troy, Ohio, August 14, 1922 Illus. with 3 b/w photos
83651: GRANDEES, MICHAEL - The Dead and the Living Exiles: Trilogy of American Indian Prose-Poetry Foreword by Louis Allen Lombard
62208: GRANET, MARCEL - The Religion of the Chinese People Translated, edited & with an introduction by Maurice Freedman
63717: GRANFELT, HELGE - Der Dreibund Nach Dem Sturze Bismarcks: I. England IM Einverständnis Mit Dem Dreibund 1890-1896
75314: GRANGE, HAROLD (RED) - My Favorite Football Stories
53702: GRANGER, LESTER B - New Trade Union Movements and the Negro Worker
93197: GRANJARD, HENRI - Ivan Tourguénev, la Comtesse Lambert Et "Nid de Seigneurs
9998: GRANMA, EDITORIAL STAFF OF - Five Questions About...
9999: GRANMA - Imperialist Hysteria / Whoever Tries to Conquer Cuba Will Gain Nothing But the Dust of Her Blood-Soaked Soil - If He Doesn't Perish in the Struggle First!: Editorials Published by Granma Daily, Central Organ of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, Havana, May 24-25, 1983
10890: GRANMA, OFFICIAL ORGAN OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF CUBA - Statements by Cuba on the Events in Grenada, October, 1983
11134: GRANMA, OFFICIAL ORGAN OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF CUBA - We Will Never Surrender Illus. with photos
11137: GRANMA, OFFICIAL ORGAN OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF CUBA - The Response of a Combatant People Illus. with photos
16390: GRANOVSKY, DR. A - Nationale Bodenpolitik: Theorie Und Praxis Der Jüdischen Bodenpolitik in Palästina
19897: GRANT, TED - Socialism and German Unity
25577: GRANT, ED AND MIKE HILL - I Was There: What Really Went on at Kent State Illus. with photos
25578: GRANT, JOANNE - Confrontation on Campus: The Columbia Pattern for the New Protest Illus. with photos
41621: GRANT, REV. ROBERT AND REV. W. S. MCBIRNIE - The Truth Today About the National Council of Churches
42904: GRANT, F. W - Life and Immortality: The Scripture Doctrine Briefly Considered in Relation to the Current Errors of Annihilationists In Three Parts: - Part I. - Man as He Is. Part II. - Death and the Intermediate State. Part III. The Final Issues
49672: GRANT, ZALIN - Facing the Phoenix Illus. with photos
56256: GRANT, GENERAL L(EWIS) A(DDISON) - The Second Division, 6th Corps, Army of Potomac at Cedar Creek, Oct. 19, 1864: Read Before the Minnesota Commandery of the Loyal Legion
59328: GRANT A.M.E. CHURCH - Grant African Methodist Episcopal Church Adult Choir, Los Angeles, California Don Lee White, Organist & Director
92826: GRANT, C. FRANK - The Grants of Grant Valley Illustrated with b/w photos
66837: GRANT, TED - The Menace of Fascism: What It Is and How to Fight It
66949: GRANT, TED - A Socialist Policy for Labour
83411: GRANT, MILES - The Rich Man and Lazarus: With an Exposition of the Thief on the Cross, Souls Under the Altar, Death of the Soul (Matt. 10: 28), "in the Day" (Gen. 2: 17), and Absurdities of Modern Theology
86722: GRANT, GEORGE F - Montana Trout Flies Introduction by Arthur S. Hogan. Illustrated with drawings by the author
83413: GRANT, MILES - Spiritualism Unveiled and Shown to Be the Work of Demons: An Examination of Its Origin, Morals, Doctrines, and Politics
83412: GRANT, MILES - Papal Mysteries: Or, Why the Church at Rome Is Called "Mystery, Babylon the Great. " Rev. 17: 5
74793: GRANT, CAPTAIN W. A - Some Notes on Socialism and Unemployment: Addressed to Working Men
73931: GRANT, J. B. AND ROBIN WELCH, ASSEMBLED BY - The Geocentric Experience: (a Bulletin) Illus. with drawings
94492: GRANT, JOAN - Winged Pharaoh
81112: GRANT, MICHAEL - The Fair
94833: GRANT, MICHAEL - The Fair
93837: GRAPHIC ARTS WORKSHOP - 1965 Art Calendar
93836: GRAPHIC ARTS WORKSHOP - 1964 Art Calendar
93835: GRAPHIC ARTS WORKSHOP - 1963 Art Calendar
55992: GRASHCHENKOV, N. AND Y. LISITSYN - Achievements of Soviet Medicine Illus. with photos
39468: GRASS, GÜNTER - Dog Years Trans. by Ralph Manheim
95722: GRASSMANN, HERMANN - Wörterbuch Zum Rig-Veda
83761: GRATACAP, L[OUIS] P[OPE] - The End: How the Great War Was Stopped: A Novelistic Vagary
84685: GRATACAP, L[OUIS] P[OPE] - The Mayor of New York: A Romance of Days to Come
18202: GRATER, MICHAEL - One Piece of Paper
82849: GRATHWOHL, LARRY, AS TOLD TO FRANK REAGAN - Bringing Down America: An Fbi Informer with the Weathermen Illus. with photos
83097: GRATSIANOV, P. K - Domashnie Ptitsy, Ukhod Za Nimi I Sposoby Sokhraneniia Iaits: Kratkoe Rukovodstvo Dlia Melkikh Khoziaistv Illustrated with 6 b/w drawings
38868: GRATTAN, C. HARTLEY - How America Was Forced Into the World War: The Walter Hines Page Legend
85340: GRATZER, GEORGE M. (SONNY) - General Issue Blues: Viet Nam to Here: A Warrior's Tour
40597: GRAU IMPERATORI, ÁNGELA - Uncle Sam's Unaccomplished Dream
34529: GRAUBARD, MARK - Biology and Human Behavior
35088: GRAUBARD, MARK - Genetics and the Social Order
35089: GRAUBARD, MARK - Genetics and the Social Order
36658: GRAUE, DR. ENRIQUE - Historia de la Oftalmologia En Mexico
56179: GRAUPNER, ADOLFUS E., ED - War Book of "E" Company, 364th Infantry, 91st Division
57461: GRAVENDER, MILTON F - Fascinating Facts About Gems (Cover Title: Fascinating Facts About Gem Stones) Preface by Robert M. Shipley. Illus. with photos
20089: GRAVES, PAULINE BERG - Decorating Ideas for Small Homes
22820: GRAVES, ROBERT - El Fenómeno Del Turismo
34530: GRAVES, BOB - Quinn Square Tenants' Rent Strike Victory
46035: GRAVES-GRAY, KRETA - History of the Santa Cruz County Naacp Ed. by Sarah McCameron
51850: GRAVES, GODDARD AND ROGER DIGGLE - Joe Hill Would Boycott This Movie!!
70149: GRAVES, ROBERT - Seven Days in New Crete
96233: GRAVES, HAROLD N., JR - War on the Short Wave Illustrated with cartoons & charts
83885: GRAVES, ROBERT - Hercules, My Shipmate
74082: GRAVES, RICHARD W - Men of Poseidon: Life at Sea Aboard the Uss Rall Illus. with photos
77465: GRAVES, ROBERT - Homer's Daughter
88358: GRAVES, WILLIAM, MAJOR GENERAL U.S. ARMY (RET.) - America's Siberian Adventure 1918-1920 Foreword by Newton D. Baker. Illustrated with b/w photos
92968: GRAY, RICHARD AND ROBERT PEEL - Students and Drugs: A Dialogue
20403: GRAY, ET AL - Think and Do Book : To Accompany the New Friends and Neighbors.
20405: GRAY, ET AL - Think and Do Book : To Accompany the New Streets and Roads
24169: GRAY, SYLVIA SIMS, ANN HARTMAN AND ELLEN S. SAALBERG, EDS - Empowering the Black Family: A Roundtable Discussion with Ann Hartman, James Leigh, Jacquelynn Moffett, Elaine Pinderhughes, Barbara Solomon and Carol Stack
26700: GRAY, ANDREW - And After the Gold Rush... ?: Human Rights and Self-Development Among the Amarakaeri of Southeastern Peru Preface by Tomás Quique Simbu, President of the San José del Karene Native Community. Illus. with photos
30249: GRAY, WILLIAM S., ET AL - We Work and Play Second Pre-Primer
42312: GRAY, EUNICE T - Cross Trails and Chaparral
45782: GRAY, WILLIAM S., ET AL - We Work and Play Color illus. by Eleanor Campbell
47894: GRAY, JUDGE JOHN C - Judge Gray from Bench Denounces Saloons and Urges Their Suppression
55827: GRAY, DON - The Five Hours
60432: GRAY, ALEXANDER - Poems
87931: GRAY, WILLIAM GORDON - The Rollright Ritual Illustrated with b/w photos
87317: GRAY, SISTER GERTRUDE MARY - Holy Names College and the Heritage of Antonio Maria Peralta Illustrated with b/w photos & maps
62999: GRAY, CLIFFTON H., JR - Geology of the Corona South Quadrangle and the Santa Ana Narrows Area, Riverside, Orange, and San Bernardino Counties, California and Mines and Mineral Deposits of the Corona South Quadrangle, Riverside and Orange Counties, California Illus. with photos & maps
63237: GRAY, J. C - The System of Credit As Practiced by Co-Operative Societies
87936: GRAY, WILLIAM GORDON - Seasonal Occult Rituals
90879: GRAY, EILEEN - The Poor Woman's Guide to College Cover illustrated by Bülbül
94902: GRAY, BASIL, INTRODUCTION BY - Indian Miniatures from the Collection of H.H. The Maharaja of Bikaner With tipped-in color frontispiece & b/w plates
70401: GRAY, CHARLES WRIGHT, ED - Hosses": An Anthology of Short Stories
83898: GRAY, ANNIE - Cyril's Quest; or, O'Er Vale and Hill in the Land of the Inca With one colored & two b/w illustrations by Alfred Pearse
77523: GRAY, PAUL BRYAN - Forster Vs. Pico: The Struggle for the Rancho Santa Margarita
95451: GRAY, DAVID - The Hitchcock Edition of David Gray, Volume I: Gallops 1, Volume II: Gallops 2, Volume III: Mr. Carteret Illustrated by Paul Brown (Vol. III)
92406: GRAY, WILLIAM S. AND MAY HILL ARBUTHNOT. REVISED BY THE REVEREND JOHN A. O'BRIEN - Fun with Dick and Jane: Cathedral Basic Edition Color illustrations by Eleanor Campbell, Keith Ward & Miriam Story Hurford
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66602: GREEK-AMERICAN LABOR COMMITTEE - Greece Fights for Freedom! Illus. by Julian Brazelton
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90275: GREENSPAN, ALAN - Antitrust
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43963: GRIEB CONRAD K - Uncovering the Forces for War
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79889: GRIERSON, FRANCES D - The Smiling Death
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4919: GRIFFITH, SAMUEL B., II - The Chinese Liberation Army
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90837: GRIFFITH, MARY - Three Hundred Years Hence Introduction & notes by Nelson F. Adkins
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50765: GRIGGS, SUTTON E - Pointing the Way
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80095: GRIGSBY, ROBERT FAIRES - R.F. Grigsby's Sierra Madre Journal 1864 Ed. by E. H. Boudreau
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67238: GT-99 - Labor Spy
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18567: GUILLÉN, ABRAHAN - 25 años de Economia Franquista: Analisis Economico de Un Regimen
90053: GUILLÉN CALVO, JUAN JOSÉ - Toponimia Del Valle de Tena Illustrated with b/w photos
84147: GUILLERMO, GELACIO Y., JR - Seventeen Selected Poems
46948: GUILLOT, A - Les Syndicats Ouvriers Chrétiens de Belgique
8531: GUINS, GEORGE C - Soviet Law and Soviet Society: Ethical Foundations of the Soviet Structure. Mechanism of the Planned Economy. Duties and Rights of Peasants and Workers. Rulers and Toilers. The Family and the State. Soviet Justice. National Minorities and Their Autonomy. The People's Democracies and the Soviet Pattern for a United World
61339: GUINSBURG, L(EV ILICH) - Conditions of Labour in the U.S. S.R.
80249: GUISCHARD, JOHN A[LOYSIUS] - Le Conte Fantastique Au Xixe Siècle
25100: GULF COMMITTEE - Arms Build Up in the Indian Ocean and the Gulf
25103: GULF COMMITTEE - Oil and Investment in Oman
44169: GULICK, SIDNEY L - The Matsuyama Factory Girls' Home
85465: GULLAHORN, BARBARA, PAUL IVORY, JERRY RUBIN AND STEPHEN SMALE - News from the Vietnam Day Committee, Berkeley, California, on October 15-16
59943: GULLANS, CHARLES - A Bibliography of the Published Works of J.V. Cunningham
66464: GULLANS, CHARLES - Selected Earlier Poems Afterword by R. L. Barth
85096: GULLIXSON, PAUL - Camp Fremont, California Illustrated with b/w photos
26834: GULLON, RICARDO - Garcia Marquez O El Olvidado Arte de Contar
4451: GUMAER, DAVID E - Apostasy and the National Council of Churches
4452: GUMAER, DAVID EMERSON - The A.C. L.U. : Lawyers Playing the Red Game
11754: GUMAER, DAVID EMERSON - Clenched Fist: A History of the Communist Salute Illus. with photos
11755: GUMAER, DAVID E - Peace Symbols: The Truth About Those Strange Designs Illus. with photos
11853: GUMAER, DAVID EMERSON - Sabotage: The Guerrilla Warfare Has Begun
13366: GUMAER, DAVID EMERSON - Satanism: A Practical Guide to Witch Hunting
13367: GUMAER, DAVID EMERSON - Fifth Column: Subversion in the Military
33218: GUMBEL, E. I - Vom RußLand Der Gegenwart
70003: GUMILEV, L[EV NIKOLAEVICH] - Staroburiatskaia Zhivopis': Istoricheskie Siuzhety V Ikonografii Aginskovo Datsana Illus. with color plates
86594: GUMILEV, N[IKOLAI] S[TEPANOVICH] - Mik: Afrikanskaia Poema
78417: GUMMO, JOHN W - All Must Pass Foreword by Harriette Gunn Roberson. Illus. by the author
71433: (GUMP, RICHARD B.) - Richard B. Gump, Composer, Artist, and President of Gump's, San Francisco: An Interview Conducted by Suzanne B. Riess in 1987 Illus. with photos
27639: GUMPERT, MARTIN - Hahnemann: The Adventurous Career of a Medical Rebel Trans. by Claud W. Sykes
27640: GUMPERT, MARTIN - Hahnemann: The Adventurous Career of a Medical Rebel Trans. by Claud W. Sykes
45496: GUMPERT, MARTIN - Hahnemann: The Adventurous Career of a Medical Rebel Trans. by Claud W. Sykes
60263: GUMPERT, MARTIN - First Papers Preface by Thomas Mann. Trans. by Heinz & Ruth Norden
13297: GUNAWARDHANA, THEJA - Khrushchevism
58999: GUNDELFINGER, GEORGE FREDERICK - Dictators Diverse Illus. with photos & cartoons
53075: GUNDER, EMAN - Chester the Little Pony Color illus. by Clare McKinley
92071: GUNDERLOY, MIKE - How to Publish a Fanzine
90617: GUNDERSON, ROBERT GRAY - The Log-Cabin Campaign Illustrated with plates
68588: GUNKEL, HERMANN - The Legends of Genesis Trans. by W. H. Carruth
68785: GUNKEL, HERMANN - The Legends of Genesis Trans. by W. H. Carruth
71312: GUNKEL, HERMANN - The Legends of Genesis Trans. by W. H. Carruth
14307: GUNN, JOHN W - E. Haldeman-Julius - the Man and His Work Illus. with photos
19425: GUNN, EVERETT - Airplanes and How to Fly Them: A Manual of Aviation for Beginners
23871: GUNN, THOM - Fighting Terms
43657: GUNN, PETER - Vernon Lee: Violet Paget, 1856-1935 Illus. with photos
50534: GUNN, BILL - Black Picture Show
51853: GUNN, JOHN W - Brann, a Smasher of Shams: Leaves from the Life and Punches from the Pen of a Fearless "Iconoclast
56219: GUNN, JOHN W - Was President Harding Murdered?
60282: GUNN, THOM AND ANDER GUNN - Positives Illus. with photos by Alder Gunn
63822: GUNN, REX - They Called Her Tokyo Rose
80595: GUNN, MARK RUGG - Clan Gunn
93447: GUNN, GEORGE C., RESEARCHED & COMPILED BY - Documentation of Victorian and Post Victorian Residential and Commercial Buildings, City of Alameda, 1854 to 1904 Illustrated with b/w photos
91638: GUNN, HAROLD D. AND F. P. CONANT - Peoples of the Middle Niger Region, Northern Nigeria
83014: GUNN, ALAN M - The Mirror of Love: A Reinterpretation of "the Romance of the Rose
97353: GUNN, BILL - Rhinestone Sharecropping
73527: GUNN, BILL - All the Rest Have Died
93381: GUNN, THOM - Undesirables
86830: GUNN, MRS. ÆNEAS - The Little Black Princess of the Never-Never Adapted for use in schools. Illustrated with b/w drawings & photos & a map
93055: GUNN, REX - They Called Her Tokyo Rose
62317: GUNNISON, CHARLES A - The Butler's Story
43060: GUNSAULUS, HELEN C - Gods and Heroes of Japan
43061: GUNSAULUS, HELEN C - Japanese Costume
43062: GUNSAULUS, HELEN C - Japanese Temples and Houses
43063: GUNSAULUS, HELEN C - Japanese New Year's Festival, Games and Pastimes
43064: GUNSAULUS, HELEN C - Japanese Collections (Frank W. Gunsaulus Hall)
43654: GUNTER, LIEUTENANT HELEN CLIFFORD, USNR (RET.) - Navy Wave: Memories of World War II Illus. with photos
67289: GUNTER, P. A. Y - Henri Bergson: A Bibliography
55779: GUNTHER, BERNARD - Sensory Awakening and Relaxation
57256: GUNTHER, BERNARD - Keep in Touch with Massage
58423: GÜNTHER, RUDOLF - Glass-Melting Tank Furnaces Trans. by John Currie. Foreword by W. E. S. Turner
74495: GUNTHER, BERNARD - Sensory Awakening and Relaxation
94861: GUNTHER, N - Sur Les Intégrales de Stieltjes Et Leurs Applications Aux Problèmes de la Physique Mathématique
27016: GUNTON, GEORGE - Evolution of the Wages System
25933: GUPTE, VASANT - Labour Movement in Bombay: Origin and Growth Upto (Sic) Independence
85072: GUPTILL, ARTHUR L - Norman Rockwell, Illustrator Preface by Dorothy Canfield Fisher. Biographical introduction by Jack Alexander. Illustrated with b/w & color reproductions
64922: GURDUS, LUBA KRUGMAN - The Death Train: A Personal Account of a Holocaust Survivor Illus. with drawings by the author
72973: GUREVICH, S. AND S. PARTIGUL - The New Economic Upswing of the U.S. S.R. In the Postwar Five-Year Plan Period
67112: GUREVITCH, M. G - The Five Year Plan
74539: GURIAN, WALDEMAR - Trotsky and Kravchenko. " in "the Commonweal
74540: GURIAN, WALDEMAR - On the Future of Germany. " in "the Commonweal
74542: GURIAN, WALDEMAR - Nazi Persecution of Catholics. " in "the Commonweal
74547: GURIAN, WALDEMAR - A Democratic Germany?" in "the Commonweal
74543: GURIAN, WALDEMAR - Nazi Against the Church. " in "the Commonweal
74555: GURIAN, WALDEMAR - Russia Pro and Con. " in "the Commonweal
43658: GURKO, MIRIAM - The Ladies of Seneca Falls: The Birth of the Woman's Rights Movement Illus. with photos
77118: GURN, JOSEPH - Commodore John Barry, Father of the American Navy Illus. with plates
20465: GURNEY, COL. GENE, USAF (RET.) - Vietnam, the War in the Air: A Pictorial History of the U.S. Air Forces in the Vietnam War - Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marines Foreword by General William C. Westmoreland, U. S. Army (Ret.). Illus. with photos
6235: GÜRSTER, EUGEN - Die Zukunft Der Freiheit By Herrmann Steinhausen (pseudonym)
20494: GURTOV, MELVIN - The First Vietnam Crisis: Chinese Communist Strategy and United States Involvement, 1953-1954 Foreword by Roger Hilsman
52432: GURTOV, MELVIN - The First Vietnam Crisis: Chinese Communist Strategy and United States Involvement, 1953-1954 Foreword by Roger Hilsman
72499: GURU ARJAN - All the Year Round: Guru Arjan's Twelve Months of Love and Worship Rendered into English Verse by Bhai Sardul Singh Caveessieur, B.A
51808: GUSEV, S., H. POLLITT, JACK PRINGLE & TROY - The Next Step in Britain, America and Ireland: (Speeches and Reports XII Plenum E.C. C.I. )
54520: GUSEV-ORENBURGSKII, S - Strana Ottsov
54840: GUSSIEV ORENBURGSKY, SERGEY - The Land of the Children
25584: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - Theme and Variations for Sounding Brass
25585: GUSTAFSON, RALPH - Solidarnocs: Prelude
91678: GUSTON, PHILIP - Small Paintings and Drawings 1968-1980 Illustrated with b/w & color reproductions
95507: GUTHARZ, RUTH - In the Meantime and Other Stories
25857: GUTHRIE, WILLIAM B - Socialism Before the French Revolution: A History Intro. by Edwin R. A. Seligman
28374: GUTHRIE, RUBY CHARITY STARK AND JACK STARK GUTHRIE - Smaakmakers Voon Smullers: Pikante Pickles, Chutneys En Relishes Illustrated with b/w drawings
34533: GUTHRIE, WOODY - Uncollected Material In "Mainstream
44406: GUTHRIE, WOODY - State Line and Skid Row In "Common Ground
97706: GUTHRIE, A. B - The Big It and Other Stories
94708: GUTHRIE, GARY D - A Coloring Storybook for Childreen on the Life and Teachings of Peace Pilgrim Illustrated with drawings by Barbara Werner
67035: GUTHRIE, WOODY - Crossroads. " in "Common Ground
81385: GUTHRIE, KENNETH SYLVAN, COMPILED & TRANSLATED BY. EDITED & INTRODUCED BY DAVID FIDELER - The Pythagoreran Sourcebook and Library: An Anthology of Ancient Writings Which Relate to Pythagoras and Pythagorean Philosophy Foreword by Joscelyn Gowdin
18755: GUTIÉRREZ MARÍN, CL - Le Pasteur J. Jézéquel Visite L'Espagne Républicaine Versión francesa de Louis G. Reynaud. Illus. with photos
26715: GUTIÉRREZ, ERNESTO - En Mí Y No Estando: Antología Poética
26716: GUTIERREZ DE LARA, L. AND EDGCUMB PINCHON - The Mexican People: Their Struggle for Freedom Illus. with photos
29821: GUTIERREZ, JOSE ANGEL - A Gringo Manual on How to Handle Mexicans
45560: GUTKIND, ERIC - Choose Life: The Biblical Call to Revolt
88411: GUTKIND, E. A - Urban Development in Western Europe: France and Belgium Illustrated with b/w photos, drawings & maps
36517: GUTMAN, HERBERT G - Work, Culture, and Society in Industrializing America: Essays in American Working-Class and Social History
63304: GUTMAN, ISRAEL, EDITOR IN CHIEF - Encyclopedia of the Holocaust Illus. with photos
70381: GUTMAYER, FRANZ - Der Fertige Schach-Praktiker Illus. with diagrams
70382: GUTMAYER, FRANZ - Der Weg Zur Meisterschaft: Anleitung Zur Musterhaften Führung Von Schachpartien Mit einem titelbild, 7 abbildungen im text und vielen diagrammen
32021: GUTTENPLAN, D. D - The Holocaust on Trial: History, Justice and the David Irving Libel Case
7221: GUTTMANN, ALLEN - The Wound in the Heart: America and the Spanish CIVIL War
32208: GUTTRIDGE, G. H - The Early Career of Lord Rockingham
46048: GUY, HENRY A. AND LAVERN BAILEY, COMP & ED - Women of Distinction in Jamaica: A Record of Career Women in Jamaica, Their Background, Service and Achievements Illus. with photos
46194: GUY, ROSA - And I Heard a Bird Sing
48699: GUY, ROSA - And I Heard a Bird Sing
48703: GUY, ROSA - A Measure of Time
48704: GUY, ROSA - Mirror of Her Own
48705: GUY, ROSA - Mirror of Her Own
48707: GUY, ROSA - New Guys Around the Block
18952: GUY, ROSA - The Sun, the Sea, a Touch of the Wind
62085: GUY, ALAIN - Ortega Y Gasset, Critique D'Aristote: L'Ambiguïté Du Mode de Pensée Péripatéticien, Jugé Par le Ratiovitalisme
89478: GUY, ROSA - Edith Jackson
48706: GUY, ROSA - My Love, My Love; or, the Peasant Girl
94606: GUY, ROSA - The Friends
94810: GUY, ROSA - Ruby
89870: GUY BROTHERS MINSTRELS - Collection of Six Programs
97230: GUYANA GRAPHIC - Guyana Year Book 1966 Illustrated with b/w photos
42129: GUYON, RENE - Reclassification of Venereal Diseases and Numerous Other Articles
26718: GUZMÁN, ANTONIO LEOCADIO - La Doctrina Liberal
26719: GUZMAN CAMPOS, GERMAN - Camilo: Presencia Y Destino Illus. with photos
30317: GUZMÁN, LILA AND RICK GUAMÁN - Lorenzo's Secret Mission
58424: GUZMÁN PEREDO, MIGUEL - Medical Practices in Ancient America / Prácticas Médicas En la América Antigua
77146: GUZMAN, DR. JAIME DE - Los Misterios de la Inquisicion: Con Los Datos Aportados Por Los Historiadores de Todos Los Tiempos Y Algunas Informaciones Indeditas E Interesantes Edicion ilustrada
73337: GUZMAN, JESSIE PARKHURST - Crusade for CIVIC Democracy: The Story of the Tuskegee CIVIC Association, 1941-1970 Illus. with photos
94161: GUZMAN, MARIA ODULIO DE - Tagalog or Pilipino Language Guide for Foreigners and Non-Tagalogs (Patnubay Sa Pag-Aral Ng Tagalog O Wikang Pilipino)
42837: GUZZO, FRANK, ET AL - Remember Memorial Day, May 30, 1937 Illus. with photos
28991: GVOZDEV, YURI AND YURI ALEXANDROV, TEXT & COMPILATION BY - Grenada: Us Terrorism in Action: Documents, Facts, Comments Illus. with photos
50705: GWALTNEY, JOHN L - The Thrice Shy: Cultural Accommodation to Blindness and Other Disasters in a Mexican Community
50706: GWALTNEY, JOHN LANGSTON - The Dissenters: Voices from Contemporary America
61992: GWALTNEY, FRANCIS IRBY - The Yeller-Headed Summer
86843: GWYNN, FREDERICK L - Sturge Moore and the Life of Art Illustrated with b/w photos
21857: GWYNNE, H.A AND A. RAMOS OLIVEIRA - Controversy on Spain between H.A. Gwynne, C.H. , Editor of the "Morning Post" and A. Ramos Oliveira, Spanish Writer
56343: GYOMAY, VENERABLE GYOMAY M., TRANSLATION & COMMENTARY BY - Tan Butsu Ge: Song in Praise of the Buddha, Song of the Life of Ne Regret
27676: GYORGY, ANDREW - Diversity in Eastern Europe: Cohesion and Disunity
27677: GYORGY, ANDREW - Competitive Patterns of Nationalism in Eastern Europe
96070: H. D. [HILDA DOOLITTLE] - Heliodora and Other Poems
67596: H[ODGKIN], L[UCY] V[IOLET] AND E[LLEN] S[OPHIA] B[OSANQUET] - Yesterdays: Verses
87125: H[AWKES], A[RTHUR] J[OHNS] - A Bibliography of Robert Owen, the Socialist, 1771-1858
94114: H. C. HALLETT & CO. - Season of 1896. Wheels to Rent, Prices. -- 15 Cts. Per Hour, $1. 00 Per Day, $3. 00 Per Week... '96 Model High Grade Wheels... All Kinds of Repairing Done Promptly... Second-Hand Wheels for Sale Cheap
81838: HA'AM, ACHAD - Selections from the Works of Achad Ha'Am Edited by A[braham] H[yman] Friedland
93415: HAACKE, HANS - Ansichtssachen / Viewingmatters Illustrated with color photos
53666: HAAG, JOHN - The Brine-Breather
80275: HAAG, ERNST - Der Mensch Am Anfang: Die Alttestamentliche Paradiesvorstellung Nach Gn 2-3
43395: HAAN, FRANCISCA DE - Gender and the Politics of Office Work, the Netherlands 1860-1940 Illus. with photos
82214: (HAAN, KILSOO) - The Impending Holocaust
94112: HAANEL, CHARLES F - The Garden of Eden and the Sex Problem
46944: HAARLØV, NIELS - Microarthropods from Danish Soils: Ecology, Phenology Illus. with photos & charts
64576: HAAS, DOROTHY - Dorothy and the Seven-Leaf Clover Illus. by David Rose
93790: HAAS, WALTER F., COMP - Manual of the Constitutional Provisions and Regulations Governing Masonic Trials Under the Jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of California With explanatory notes. Revised to include legislation adopted October, 1929
69765: HAAS, ROBERT BARTLETT, ED - William Grant Still and the Fusion of Cultures in American Music Illus. with photos
90247: HABBE, STEPHEN - Company Experience with Negro Employment
27505: HABE, HANS - Saboteurs of the Peace In "Free World: A Monthly Magazine Devoted to Democracy and World Affairs
18124: HABE, HANS - Kathrine Trans. by Harry Hansen
18125: HABE, HANS - Aftermath Trans. by Richard F. Hanser
18126: HABE, HANS - A Thousand Shall Fall Trans. by Norbert Guterman
93282: HABEL, NORMAN C - The Form and Meaning of the Fall Narrative: A Detailed Analysis of Genesis 3
25600: HABER, R. ALAN - The End of Ideology As Ideology
50278: HABER, WILLIAM, JOHN J. CARROLL, MARK L. KAHN AND MERTON J. PECK - Maintenance of Way Employment on U.S. Railroads: An Analysis of the Sources of Instability and Remedial Measures Foreword by Sumner H. Slichter
64158: HABERKERN, ERNIE - Isc Resolution on American Imperialism, the Nlf and the Right of the Vietnamese to Self-Determination
90943: HABIB, HENRY PIERRE - On the Evolution of the New Political System in the Libyan Arab Jamalhiriya: 1969-1977
89127: HÄCHLER, BRUNO. ADAPTED AND TRANSLATED BY J. ALISON JAMES - The Bears' Christmas Surprise Illustrated by Angela Kehlenbeck
36393: HÄCKEL, MANFRED, BEARBEITET UND EINGELEITET VON - Freiligraths Briefwechsel Mit Marx Und Engels
73878: HACKENBERG, LARRY MICHAEL - The Greenwood House: How to Design, Build, and Own an Inexpensive, Beautiful House Illus. with photos, drawings, floor plans & elevations
51368: HACKER, LOUIS M - The Farmer Is Doomed
75054: HACKER, WERNER - Auswanderer Vom Oberen Neckar Nach Südosteuropa IM 18. Jahnhundert
26720: HACKETT, CHARLES WILSON - The Mexican Revolution and the United States, 1910-1926
78637: HACKETT, J. W - Haiku Poetry: Original Verse in English Introductory note by R. H. Blyth
86888: HACKLER, SPARSE GREY - Fishless Days, Angling Nights Illustrated with b/w photos
87703: HACKMAN, NEIL, ED - Grand Union
49683: HACKWORTH, COLONEL DAVID H. (U.S. ARMY, RET.) AND EILHYS ENGLAND - Steel My Soldiers' Hearts: The Hopeless to Hardcore Transformation of 4th Battalion, 39th Infantry, United States Army, Vietnam
26721: HADAR, PROF. ARNON - El Salvador: The Struggle for Democracy and U.S. Involvement Illus. with photos
25112: HADAWI, SAMI - Bitter Harvest: Palestine 1914-67 Foreword by Dr. John H. Davis, former Commissioner-General of U.N.R.W.A
58219: HADAWI, SAMI - Palestine Occupied
67056: HADAWI, SAMI - Bitter Harvest: Palestine 1914-67 Foreword by Dr. John H. Davis, former Commissioner-General of U.N.R.W.A
58220: HADDAD, GEORGE M - Revolutions and Military Rule in the Middle East: The Northern Tier Illus. with photos
61051: HADDAD, YVONNE YAZBECK AND JOHN L. ESPOSITO, WITH ELIZABETH HIEL AND HIBBA ABUGIDEIRI - The Islamic Revival Since 1988: A Critical Survey and Bibliography
92: HADDOX, JOHN - Los Chicanos, an Awakening People Illus. by José Cisneros
33670: HADER, BERTA AND ELMER - What'LL You Do When You Grow Up?: A Book for Very Young People Who Haven't Made Uptheir Minds B/w & Color illus. by the authors
41778: HADER, BERTA AND ELMER - The Runaways: A Tale of the Woodlands B/w & color illus. by the authors
45374: (HADER, BERTA AND ELMER, B/W ILLUS.). MASON, MIRIAM E - Timothy Has Ideas
85103: HADER, BERTA AND ELMER - The Runaways: A Tale of the Woodlands B/w & color illus. by the authors
73200: HADER, KARL - Aus Der Werkstatt Eines Notenstechers Illus. with photos
3844: HADFIELD, JOHN, ED - The Saturday Book 31
23586: HADFIELD, JOHN, ED - The Saturday Book 32
48898: HADFIELD, JOHN, ED - The Saturday Book 34 Illus. with plates
930: HADFIELD, ED - The Saturday Book #26
2611: HADFIELD,ED, - The Saturday Book. #27
5077: HADFIELD, JOHN,ED - The Saturday Book. #19
5647: HADFIELD, JOHN, ED - The Saturday Book #11
5648: HADFIELD, JOHN, ED - The Saturday Book #12
5652: HADFIELD, JOHN, ED - The Saturday Book #25
5653: HADFIELD,ED, - The Saturday Book #26
5654: HADFIELD,ED, - The Saturday Book #27
17459: HADFIELD, JOHN, ED - The Saturday Book #23
38569: HADFIELD, JOHN, ED - The Saturday Book #21 Illus. with drawings & photos
57329: HADFIELD, JOHN, ED - The Saturday Book #11
40023: HADJ, MESSALI - The Algerian Revolution Foreword by Peter James
25114: HADJ, MESSALI - The Algerian Revolution
56514: HADLEY, MRS. WILLIAM, ED - Recipes from Ottawa Hostesses: (Cover Title: More from Ottawa Kitchens) Illus. by Mrs. Ross G. Gray
26722: HAEDO, OSCAR F - XVIII Plasticos Uruguayos (1920-1945) Prólogo del Arqto. Carlos Herrera Mac Lean. Con 30 reproducciones en negro y 2 en color
18826: HAENSEL, PAUL - The Economic Policy of Soviet Russia
58056: HAERI, SHAHLA - Law of Desire: Temporary Marriage in Shi'i Iran
72512: HÆSTRUP, JØRGEN - 1940-1945: Dette Skete Under Danmarks Frihedskamp / This Happened During Denmark's Fight for Freedom / Das Geschah Während Dänemark Für Freiheit Kämpfte / C'Est Arrivé Pendant la Résistance Au Danemark Illus. with photos
15764: HAEVSKA, SOPHIA - Treasures of the Centuries Ed. by Iwan Owechko, Ph.D. Cover design by Oksana Ross. Illus. with photos
97607: HAFEN, A. K - Beneath Vermillion Cliffs: (Historic St. George) Illustrated with b/w photos
74673: HAFFNER, SEBASTIAN - Germany: Jekyll and Hyde Trans. by Wilfrid David
80424: HAFIZ - The Divan-I-Hafiz Translated by H. Wilberforce Clark. New introduction by Michael Craig Hillmann
25601: HAGAN, ROGER - Counter-Insurgency and the New Foreign Relations
50625: HAGAN, WILLIE - The Black Tarnished Image
35413: HAGANOV, GÉDÉON - Le Communisme Et Les "Juifs
38872: HAGEDORN, HERMANN - Makers of Madness: A Play in One Act and Three Scenes
96731: HAGEDORN, HERMANN - Sunward I'Ve Climbed: The Story of John Magee, Poet and Soldier, 1922-1941
83587: HAGEDORN, JESSICA - The Woman Who Thought She Was More Than a Samba
96637: HAGEDORN, HERMANN - The Bomb That Fell on America
83546: HAGEDORN, JESSICA TARAHATA - Dangerous Music
85364: HAGEDORN, JESSICA - Dogeaters
83586: HAGEDORN, JESSICA - The Woman Who Thought She Was More Than a Samba
83553: HAGEDORN, JESSICA - The Gangster of Love
88786: HAGEDORN, JESSICA - Soul/Sacrifice
83585: HAGEDORN, JESSICA - Danger and Beauty
83584: HAGEDORN, JESSICA - Dogeaters: A Play About the Philippines
96575: HAGEDORN, JESSICA, EDITED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY - Charlie Chan Is Dead: An Anthology of Contemporary Asian American Fiction Preface by Elaine Kim

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