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93849: DICKSON, RAY CLARK - San Diego Suite: Impressions in Prose of a City Illustrated by Fay Waters
93026: DIDESCH, HENRY T - Accredited Standards: A Project of the Millwork Instutute of America Designed to Create and Authoritative Standard Governing Materials, Construction and Workmanship for Millwork Products and Their Certification As Architectural Woodwork Illustrated wioth b/w photos & drawings
76686: DIEBENKORN, RICHARD - Small Paintings from Ocean Park Essay. by Dore Ashton. Preface by George Neubert. Illus. with color reproductions
77673: (DIEBENKORN, RICHARD) - Richard Diebenkorn; Drawings, 1944-1973, Mary Porter Sesnon Gallery, College Five, University of California, Santa Cruz Illus. with b/w reproductions & photos
77674: (DIEBENKORN, RICHARD) - Drawings by Richard Diebenkorn Intro. by Lorenz Eitner. Illus. with b/w reproductions
90733: DIECKMANN, ED, JR - Sensitivity Training
103501: DIECKMANN, ED, JR - Sensitivity Training - Exposed and Opposed
90737: DIECKMANN, ED, JR - Sensitivity Training - Exposed and Opposed
79263: DIEHL, DANIEL - Constructing Medieval Furniture: Plans and Instructions with Historical Notes
103335: DIEHL, EDITH - Bookbinding: Its Background and Technique Illustrated with b/w plates
79749: DIES, MARTIN - Caesar and the National Council of Churches
73365: DIETERICH, ALBRECHT - Mutter Erde: Ein Versuch über Volksreligion Dritte erweiterte Auflage
68226: DIETIKER, DEBRA - The First Unitarian Church of San Jose, California 1866-1966 Intro. by Virginia S. Hooper
78252: DIETMAR, UDO - Häftling... X... In Der Hölle Auf Erden!
4055: DIETRICH, OTTO - Hitler Trans. by Richard & Clara Winston
13198: DIETRICH, JOHN H - Religion in Russia
41461: DIETRICH, DR. OTTO - Med Hitler Til Magten: Personlige Oplevelser Med Min Fører
61003: DIETRICH, OTTO - Hitler Trans. by Richard & Clara Winston
77060: (DIETRICH, MARLENE) - Der Filmstar
96153: DIETRICH, OTTO - Hitler Translated by Richard & Clara Winston
68927: DIETRICH, JOHN H - The Cooperative Movement
71804: DIETRICH, THOMAS - The Origin of Culture and Civilization: The Cosmological Philosophy of the Ancient World View Regarding Myth, Astrology, Science and Religion
43404: DIETZ, NETTIE FOWLER - A White Woman in a Black Man's Country: Three Thousand Miles Up the Nile to Rejaf Illus. with photos
43678: DIETZ, DAVID, LITT.D., LL.D - Atomic Science, Bombs and Power Illus. with drawings & photos
65061: DIETZ, DAVID, LITT.D., LL.D - Atomic Energy in the Coming Era Illus. with drawings & photos
65062: DIETZ, DAVID, LITT.D., LL.D - Atomic Energy in the Coming Era Illus. with drawings & photos
89998: DIETZ, LEW - Camden Hills: An Informal History of the Camden-Rockport Region Illustrated by Carroll Thayer Berry
83644: DIETZE, GOTTFRIED - American Democracy: Aspects of Practical Liberalism
10307: DIETZGEN, JOSEF - Des Wesen Der Menschlichen Kopfarbeit: Eine Abermalige Kritik Der Reinen Und Praktischen Vernunft Mit einer Einleitung von Anton Pannekoek
51619: DIEZ, REV. GENADIUS - Spain's Struggle Against Anarchism and Communism
88580: DIFFIN, ANNA MAE, ED - La Torre Nineteen Hundred and Forty-Five Illustrated with b/w photos
84825: DIFUSCO, JOHN, ET AL - Tracers: A Play
66999: DIGGINS, JOHN P - Mussolini and Fascism: The View from America Illus. with photos
80573: DIGGS, IRENE - Chronology of Notable Events and Dates in the History of the African and His Descendants During the Period of Slavery and the Slave Trade Introduction by Charles H. Wesley
80575: DIGI (PSEUDONYM OF DIANE GIVENS) - Chocolate Kisses Illustrated by Tomye Neal
50749: DILLARD, J. L - Lexicon of Black English
42718: DILLING, ELIZABETH - The Red Betrayal of the Churches
70506: DILLINGER, H[ARLEY] E[LVYN] - Introduction to Esperanto
24669: DILLISTONE, F.W - Christianity and Symbolism
26486: DILLON, DR. E. J - President Obregón - a World Reformer
26593: DILLON, EILIS - The Cats' Opera
60279: DILLON, GEORGE - Boy in the Wind
66340: DILLON, RICHARD - Maynard Dixon or from Coronado the Cañon de Chelly: Artist-Illustrator Maynard Dixon
99972: DILLON, ELLIS - Death in the Quadrangle
93558: DILLON, RICHARD - The Later Days of the California Missions
73087: DILTS, MADGE E - Carpets and Rugs B/w photo illus. + b/w & color diagrams
26125: DIMAMSHTEIN, SH., UNTER DER REDAKTSIE FUN - Yidn in Ussr: Samlbuch / Jews in U.S. S.R. : Symposium Illus. with photos
64873: DIMITAR, MITREV - Pirin Macedonia Trans. from the Serbo-Croatian by Andelija Vujovic
13304: DIMITROFF, GEORGI - The United Front: The Struggle Against Fascism and War
20562: DIMITROFF, GEORGI - Two Years of Heroic Struggle of the Spanish People
20563: DIMITROFF, G - Spain and the People's Front
21759: DIMITROFF, GEORGE - Dimitroff Accuses: Speech of George Dimitroff in Supreme Court Session, Leipzig, December 17, 1933 Intro. by William L. Patterson
21765: DIMITROFF, GEORGE - The Legal System of German Fascism: Reply to Herr Ribbentrop
21767: DIMITROFF, GEORGI - To Defend Assassins Is to Help Fascism
23803: DIMITROFF, GEORGI - Spain's Year of War
30156: DIMITROFF, GEORGI - The Guarantee of Victory
30209: DIMITROFF, GEORGI - The War and the Working Class
30502: DIMITROFF, GEORGE - After Munich
30508: DIMITROFF, G - Dimitroff's Letters from Prison Compiled with explanatory notes by Alfred Kurella. Trans. by Dona Torr & Michael Davidson
35130: DIMITROFF, GEORGE - The Legal System of German Fascism: Reply to Herr Ribbentrop
35181: DIMITROFF, G - Dimitroff's Letters from Prison Compiled with explanatory notes by Alfred Kurella. Trans. by Dona Torr & Michael Davidson
37337: (DIMITROFF, GEORGI) - Die Einheit Wird Siegen!: Dimitroffs Ruf Zur Internationalen Aktionsheit Und Die Antwort Der Sozialistischen Arbeiterinternationale
75467: DIMITROFF, G - Dimitroff's Letters from Prison Compiled with explanatory notes by Alfred Kurella. Trans. by Dona Torr & Michael Davidson
493: DIMITROV, GEORGI - Edinniyat Front Na Mezhdunarodniya Proletariat I Na Narodite Protiv Fashizma
16379: DIMITROV, G - Unity and Peace: The United Front of the Struggle for Peace
25787: DIMITROV, GEORGES, M. ERCOLI, KROUPSKAIA, PONOMAREV ET ERNST FISCHER - Le Complot Contre la Révolution Russe: Les Enseignements Du Procès de Moscou Contre le Centre Terroriste Trotskiste-Zinoviéviste
30155: DIMITROV, GEORGI - The Government Declaration As Read by the Prime Minister Georgi Dimitrov in the Grand National Assembly
50056: DIMITROV, GEORGI - Political Report Delivered to the V Congress of the Bulgarian Communist Party
50184: DIMITROV, GEORGI AND JOSEPH STALIN - Dimitrov and Stalin 1934-1943: Letters from the Soviet Archives Ed. by Alexander Dallin & F. I. Firsov. Russian documents translated by Vadim A. Staklo
85684: DIMITROV, [GEORGI] - Laski's Mistake: The Labour Party Executive Commissioned Professor Laski to State Its Case Against Communist Affiliation. Having No Case, the Professor Distorted a Speech by Dimitrov. Dimitrov's Speech in Full Foreword by Harry Pollitt
86135: DIMITROV, G - The Soviet Union and the Working Class of the Capitalist Countries
96894: DIMOCK. A. W - Florida Enchantments Illustrated with photos by Julian A. Dimock
76515: DIMSDALE, JOEL E., M.D., ED - Survivors, Victims, and Perpetrators: Essays on the Nazi Holocaust
55903: DIMWIT AUTO GROUP - The Tool Book: A Peoples Car Repair Manual Illus. with drawings
71485: DIMWIT AUTO GROUP - The Tool Book: A Peoples Car Repair Manual Illus. with drawings
41274: DINCA, FLOREA & CHRISTIAN TEODOSIU - Vibratii Neliniare Si Aleatoare
27969: DINES, GLENN - The Useful Dragon of Sam Ling Toy
60022: DINES, GLEN - Golden Cities, Golden Ships Illus. by the author
78465: DINESEN, ISAK - Ehrengard
104058: DING ZILIN - The Factual Account of a Search for June 4 Victims (I)
102183: DING SHANDE - Short Piano Pieces
26485: DINGES, JOHN AND SAUL LANDAU - Assassination on Embassy Row Illus. with photos
93991: DINGLE, EDWIN J - China's Revolution 1911-1912: A Historical and Political Record of the CIVIL War Illustrated with b/w photos & maps
73100: DINGLE, EDWIN J - Mysticism - Lost Key to the Kingdom: Inner Chamber Communication, Delivered by Rev. Edwin J. Dingle, F.R. G.S. , Founder, on the Occasion of the Seventeenth Anniversary of the Science of Mentalphysics Illus. with photos
79346: DINGMAN, LARRY - Booksellers Marks: An Illustrated Book
51047: DINH PHONG - A Surgical Operation: To American Friends Who Are Struggling Against the Dirty War in Viet Nam
61674: DINNERSTEIN, LEONARD - America and the Survivors of the Holocaust Illus. with photos
76348: DINOLFO, JOHN, ED - Voices of the Homeless: Poetry by the Homeless of Southern Fairfield County, Ct and Their Friends
74504: DINSMOOR, WILLIAM BELL - The Architecture of Ancient Greece Illus. with photos & line drawings
83126: DINWIDDIE, JAMES H., ED - Tips & Techniques for Better Stereo Pictures Foreword by Helen W. Erskine
81781: DIO BLEICHMAR, EMILCE - El Feminismo Espontáneo de la Histeria: Estudio de Los Trastornos Narcisistas de la Feminidad
76180: DIODORUS SICULUS - Diodorus on Egypt Book I of Diodorus Siculus' Historical Library. Trans. from the Ancient Greek by Edwin Murphy
35324: DION, GERARD - Le Communisme Dans la Province de Québec
82150: DION, GÉRARD - Le Communisme Dans la Province de Québec
102706: DIOT, ALAIN - The Piano Man Adapted from the French by Geraldine Richelson. Illustrated by Henri Galeron
86955: DIRCKX, JOHN H - Dr. Thorndyke's Dilemma Introduction by Norman Donaldson
9936: DIRECCIÓN POLITICA DE LAS F.A.R - Historia de Cuba
94347: DIRECT CREDITS SOCIETY - Application for Membership in the Direct Credits Society
43849: DIRECTOR OF THE OBSERVATORY, PREPARED BY - A Brief Account of the Lick Observatory of the University of California Illus. with photos
43850: DIRECTOR OF THE OBSERVATORY, PREPARED BY - A Brief Account of the Lick Observatory of the University of California Illus. with photos
56186: DIRECTOR, CYR VITA - I Loved Him, Too: An Interpretive Poem in Memory of Will Rogers
54764: DIRSZTAY, PATRICIA - Church Furnishings: A Nadfas Guide Illus. by Carolina Cook, Frances Curwen & Paul Vincent
95874: DISERTORI, BEPPINO - La Cura Bulgaro-Italiana Dell'Encefalite Cronica Prefazione del Prof. Carlo Besta
69448: DISMUKES, VALENA BROUSSARD - As Seen: Photographs by Valena Dismukes Broussard
42554: DISNEY, WALT - Walt Disney's Version of Pinocchio with Pictures to Color Color wraps + b/w illustrations from the movie
69829: (DISNEY, WALT) - Walt Disney Presenta: Pollyanna Basada en la novella "Pollyanna" de Eleanor H. Porter. Adaptacion de Elizabeth Beecher. Ilustraciones de Karen Hedstrom. Traduccione de Guadalupe Cordero Leon
99895: DISNEY, DORIS MILES - Trick or Treat
12376: DISTASI, LAWRENCE,ED - The Big Book of Italian American Culture
31202: DISTEL, BARBARA AND RUTH JAKUSCH, EDS - Concentration Camp Dachau 1933 - 1945 Illus. with photos
82186: DISTON, MARSHALL AND ROBERT FORGAN, M.P - The New Party and the I.L. P
82185: DISTON, MARSHALL - The Sleeping Sickness of the Labour Party
85536: (DISTURNELL, JOHN) - Disturnell's Treaty Map: The Map That Was Part of the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty on Southwestern Boundaries, 1848
4708: DITMARS, RAYMOND L - Reptiles of the World
101485: DITMARS, RAYMOND L - The Forest of Adventure Illustrated with b/w photos. D.w. illustration by Boris Artzybasheff
90057: DITTMER, KUNZ - Die Sakralen Häuptlinge Der Gurunsi IM Obervolta-Gebiet, Westafrika Illustrated with b/w photos
81981: DIVAKARUNI, CHITRA - Black Candle: Poems About Women from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh
100746: DIVAKARUNI, CHITRA BANNERJEE - Dark Like the River
6952: DIVALE, WILLIAM TULIO, WITH JAMES JOSEPH - I Lived Inside the Campus Revolution
17057: DIVILKOVSKY, S. AND I. OGNETOV - The Road to Victory: The Struggle for National Independence, Unity, Peace and Socialism in Vietnam Trans. by Yuri Sviridiv
5038: DIVINE, DAVID - The King of Fassarai
57708: DIVINE SCIENCE CHURCH AND COLLEGE - Divine Science: Its Principles and Faith
63373: DIVINE, ROBERT A - Blowing on the Wind: The Nuclear Test Ban Debate 1954-1960
89912: DIVINE, MRS. M. J., BETTER KNOWN AS MOTHER DIVINE [EDNA ROSE RITCHINGS], EXPLAINED BY - The Peace Mission Movement, Founded by Reverend M.J. Divine, Better Known As Father Divine
76383: DIVISION OF SAN FRANCISCO BAY TOLL CROSSINGS, DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS, STATE OF CALIFORNIA - Richmond-San Rafael Bridge: Fifth Annual Report to the Governor of California by the Director of Public Works, September 1, 1956 to September 1, 1957 Illus. with photos & maps
76382: DIVISION OF SAN FRANCISCO BAY TOLL CROSSINGS, DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS, STATE OF CALIFORNIA - Richmond-San Rafael Bridge: Fourth Annual Report to the Governor of California by the Director of Public Works, September 1, 1955 to September 1, 1956 Illus. with photos & maps
99648: DIVISION OF SAN FRANCISCO BAY TOLL CROSSINGS, DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS, STATE OF CALIFORNIA - Richmond-San Rafael Bridge: Second Annual Report to the Governor of California by the Director of Public Works, September 1, 1953 to September 1, 1954 Illustrated with b/w photos & maps
67420: DIVISION OF SAN FRANCISCO BAY TOLL CROSSINGS, DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS, STATE OF CALIFORNIA - A Report to the Department of Public Works on the Studies of Southern Crossings of San Francisco Bay Illus. with maps
67421: DIVISION OF SAN FRANCISCO BAY TOLL CROSSINGS, DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS, STATE OF CALIFORNIA - A Preliminary Report to the Department of Public Works on the Reconstruction of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Illus. with photo, maps & charts
99649: DIVISION OF SAN FRANCISCO BAY TOLL CROSSINGS, DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS, STATE OF CALIFORNIA - Richmond-San Rafael Bridge: First Annual Report to the Governor of California by the Director of Public Works, February 26, 1953 to September 1, 1953 Illustrated with b/w photos & maps
69178: DIVISIÓN DE CURRÍCULO, SECCIÓN DE ESTUDIOS SOCIALES, DEPARTAMENTO DE INSTRUCCIÓN PÚBLICA - Puerto Rico Ayer Y Hoy: (Lecturas Mínimas Y Ejercicios de Estudios Sociales Para Estudiantes de Cuarto Grado) Illus. with photos & maps
76381: DIVISION OF SAN FRANCISCO BAY TOLL CROSSINGS, DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS, STATE OF CALIFORNIA - Richmond-San Rafael Bridge: Third Annual Report to the Governor of California by the Director of Public Works, September 1, 1954 to September 1, 1955 Illus. with photos & maps
92572: DIVISION OF SAN FRANCISCO BAY TOLL CROSSINGS - A Progress Report to the Department of Public Works on a San Francisco - Marin Crossing of San Francisco Bay Illustrated with maps, some folding
92569: DIVISION OF SAN FRANCISCO BAY TOLL CROSSINGS, DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS, STATE OF CALIFORNIA - A Report to the Department of Public Works on the Studies of Southern Crossings of San Francisco Bay Illustrated with maps, some folding
92567: DIVISION OF SAN FRANCISCO BAY TOLL CROSSINGS - A Report to the Department of Public Works on Improvements to the San Mateo - Hayward Bridge With folding map
92568: DIVISION OF SAN FRANCISCO BAY TOLL CROSSINGS, DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS, STATE OF CALIFORNIA - A Report to the Department of Public Works on the Studies of Southern Crossings of San Francisco Bay Illustrated with folding maps
92571: DIVISION OF SAN FRANCISCO BAY TOLL CROSSINGS - A Preliminary Report to the Department of Public Works on a San Francisco - Tiburon Crossing of San Francisco Bay Illustrated with maps, some folding
64535: DIX, CARL - Revolution Not Elections Is the Way out of This Madness: Two Articles
73475: DIX, CARL - Carl Dix on Black Capitalism, a 3 Part Series: A Bloodsucker Is a Bloodsucker; 1st Time Tragedy - 2nd Time Even Worse; the Boozhwah Hype and the Real Way out
11945: DIXIT, K.K - The Intellectual Evolution of Marx
3293: DIXON, JOSEPH S - Birds & Mammals of Mount Mckinley National Park Alaska
15473: DIXON, MARLENE - Women in Class Struggle
25482: DIXON, MARLENE, SUSANNE JONAS &TONY PLATT, EDS - World Capitalist Crisis and the Rise of the Right
26483: DIXON, MARLENE AND SUSANNE JONAS, EDS - Revolution and Intervention in Central America
26484: DIXON, MARLENE, ED - On Trial, Reagan's War Against Nicaragua: Testimony of the Permanent Peoples' Tribunal Foreword by Harvey Cox. Illus. with photos
33189: DIXON, R - Defend Your Freedom
43406: DIXON, MARLENE - The Future of Women Foreword by Nancy Cooke & Elizabeth Martínez
43603: DIXON, MARLENE - In Defense of Leninism: Against Social Democracy. A Critical Review of Harry Boyte and Frank Ackerman's "Revolution and Democracy," Reprinted from "Socialist Revolution" by the New American Movement
47452: DIXON, MCDONALD - Pebbles: A Collection of Twenty-Nine Poems Ed. by Fr. Patrick A. B. Anthony. Foreword by Robert Lee
2956: DIXON, THOMAS, JR - Comrades: A Story of Social Adventure in California Illus. by C.D. Williams
99532: (DIXON, MAYNARD) - Maynard Dixon, Painter of the West Introduction by Arthur Miller. Illustrated with b/w & color reproductions
86319: DIXON, MARLENE - The Founding of the Workers Party, November 6, 1979
81782: DIXON, MARLENE - In Defense of the Working Class
69691: DIXON, MELVIN - Vanishing Rooms
69690: DIXON, MELVIN - Change of Territory: Poems
99531: (DIXON, MAYNARD) - Maynard Dixon, Painter of the West Introduction by Arthur Miller. Illustrated with b/w & color reproductions
98452: DIXON, MELVIN - Trouble the Water
94645: DIXON, ROBERT M. W. AND JOHN GODRICH - Blues & Gospel Records 1902-1942
81843: DJAFER, AÏT - Wail of the Arab Beggars of the Casbah Translated by Jack Hirschman
101688: DJARF, MARILYN, ED - Saga 1953 Illustrated with b/w photos
56005: DJAVAKHISHVILI, G - Georgia: Land of the 'Golden Fleece' Reveals Its Riches Illus. with photos
13613: DJILAS, MILOVAN - Lenin on Relations between Socialist States
32379: DJILAS, MILOVAN - Report on Agitation-Propaganda Work of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia: Report Delivered at the V Congress of the Cpy
96172: DJILAS, MILOVAN - The New Class: An Analysis of the Communist System
66544: DJILAS, MILOVAN - Novii Klass: Analiz Kommunisticheskoi Sistemi
37415: DMITRI, IVAN - Flight to Everywhere Illus. with photos
17520: DMITRIEV, I - Party and Political Organs in the Soviet Army
23334: DMITRIEW, HELEN - Surviving the Storms: Memory of Stalin's Tyranny Trans. by Cathleen A. McClintic & George Mendez G
76278: DMYTRYK, EDWARD - On Film Editing
17061: DOAN TRONG TRUYÊN AND PHAM THANH VINH - Building an Independent National Economy in Vietnam Illus. with photos
17066: DOAN VAN TOAI AND DAVID CHANOFF - The Vietnamese Gulag Based upon the English translation from the French by Sylvie Romanowski and Françoise Simon-Miller
49622: DOAN VAN TOAI - Le Goulag Vietnamien Récit recueilli par Michel Voirol. Illus. with photos
2949: DOANE, PELAGIE - Brother, Baby and I Poems and Rhymes selected and illustrated by..
2950: (DOANE, PELAGIE, B/W ILLUS PLUS COLOR ENDPPS). MCKELVEY, GERTRUDE D - Stories to Live by : The Beatitudes for Boys and Girls
29544: (DOANE, PELAGIE, COLOR ILLUSTRATED FRONT COVER). MARTIN, JOHN, ED - Frolic: A Magazine for Children, Number One B/w illus
55910: (DOANE, PELAGIE, COLOR ILLUS.). LORD, DANIEL A, S.J., SELECTED BY - The Child's Book of Prayers
65187: DOANE, PELAGIE, ED. & ILLUS. BY - Littlest Ones B/w & color illus
93453: DOAR, DAVID - Rice and Rice Planting in the Carolina Low Country Illustrated with b/w photos, drawings & maps
30157: DOBB, MAURICE - How Soviet Trade Unions Work Intro. by J. H. Potts, President, National Union of Railwaymen
36258: DOBB, MAURICE - Papers on Capitalism, Development and Planning
54831: DOBB, MAURICE - On Economic Theory and Socialism: Collected Papers
54832: DOBB, MAURICE - Soviet Economic Development Since 1917
54833: DOBB, MAURICE - Studies in the Development of Capitalism
54974: DOBB, MAURICE - An Essay on Economic Growth and Planning
90303: DOBB, MAURICE - The Press and the Moscow Trial: An Analysis
75782: DOBB, MAURICE H - Modern Capitalism: Its Origin and Growth
75780: DOBB, MAURICE H - The Development of Capitalism: An Outline Course for Classes and Study Circles
75781: DOBB, MAURICE H - Money and Prices: An Outline Course for Students, Classes and Study Circles
86136: DOBB, MAURICE - Economics of Capitalism
84241: DOBB, MAURICE - Social Insurance in the Soviet Union
21806: DOBBINS, DOUGLAS - Qyarrytown
95161: DOBBINS, DICK AND JON TWICHELL - Nuggets on the Diamond: Professional Baseball in the Bay Area from the Gold Rush to the Present Illustrated with b/w photos
4468: DOBBS, ZYGMUND - Those Reuthers: Carrying on the Fight for a Soviet America
31818: DOBBS, FARRELL AND GRACE CARLSON - The Voice of Socialism: Radio Speeches by the Socialist Workers Party Candidates in the 1948 Election
34480: DOBBS, ZYGMUND - Sugar Keynes: Mr. Nixon Says He Is a Keynesian. What Sort of Creature Has He Embraced?
52424: DOBIE, CHARLES CALDWELL - Christmas Traditions
84040: DOBIE, J. FRANK - Wanderlust of the Wild: The Mystery of Migration Among Non-Migratory Creatures. " in "Nature Magazine
81990: DOBKIN, ALIX - Alix
81989: DOBKIN, ALIX - Living with Lesbians Featuring the Lesbian Power Authority
63079: DOBKOWSKI, MICHAEL N. AND ISIDOR WALLIMANN, EDS - Towards the Holocaust: The Social and Economic Collapse of the Weimar Republic
86942: DÖBLIN, ALFRED - Die Dichtung, Ihre Natur Und Ihre Rolle
33854: DOBRÉE, BONAMY - An Open Letter to a Professional Man
43609: DOBRÉE, BONAMY - English Essayists With 8 plates in colour and 23 illustrations in black & white
4320: DOBROLYUBOV, N(IKOLAI) A(LEXANDROVICH) - Selected Philosophical Essays Trans. by J. Fineberg. Intro. by M. Yovchuk
40191: DOBROSZYCKI, LUCJAN - Reptile Journalism: The Official Polish-Language Press Under the Nazis, 1939-1945 Trans. by Barbara Harshav
99109: DOBROVOLNY, B[OHUMIL] - Slovník Mluvenéreci Anglicko-Cesky, Cesko-Anglicky / a Pocket Dictionary of the English and Czech Languages with Full Pronunciation
58206: DOBSON, CHRISTOPHER - Black September: Its Short, Violent History
83088: DOBYNS, HENRY F - Lance, Ho!: Containment of the Western Apaches by the Royal Spanish Garrison at Tucson
23629: 'DOCKER NEWS' - Longshore Program 1952
83947: DOCKINS, BILL - Bozeman Rock Climbs: A Climber's Guide to Hyalite Canyon, Gallatin Canyon & the Madison River Area Introduction by Pat Callis
17067: DODD, THOMAS J - Vietnam and the Far East - a Report by Senator Dodd: Speech of Hon. Thomas J. Dodd of Connecticut in the Senate of the United States, Thursday, June 10, 1965
41279: DODDS, CHARLES - Arrowhead Collector's Handbook Preface by John L. Sydman. Illus. by the author
94729: DODDS, JOHN W - Thackeray: A Critical Portrait
73211: DODERER, HEIMITO VON - Die Posaunen Von Jericho: Neues Divertimento
57922: DODGA, GRACE H - A Brief Sketch of the Early History of Teachers College Foreword to this edition by William Summerscales
15474: DODGE, NORTON T - Women in the Soviet Economy: Their Role in Economic, Scientific, and Technical Development
80926: DODGE, GUY HOWARD - The Political Theory of the Huguenots of the Dispersion: With Special Reference to the Thought and Influence of Pierre Jurieu
94306: DODGE, B[ARBARA], ED - The Mac 1947 Illustrated with b/w photos
23930: DODSON, OWEN - Prayer for Christmas - 1951," "Yardbird's Skull," "I Am Tiresias," "for Kermit Keith's Grandfather," "Not the Dead," "the Winning Daylight" and "for Mordcai Wyatt Johnson, President of Howard University, Founder's Day, 1952 In "Three Hands
24115: DODSON, OWEN - Powerful Long Ladder
74114: DODSON, OWEN - Theatre Workshop at Howard University. " in "Flair
69692: DODSON, OWEN - The Confession Stone: Song Cycles
83242: DOENECKE, JUSTUS D - When the Wicked Rise: American Opinion-Makers and the Manchurian Crisis of 1931-1933
19796: DOENECKE, JUSTIS D - The Literature of Isolationism: A Guide to Non-Interventionist Scholarship, 1930-1972
76271: DOENECKE, JUSTUS D - Not to the Swift: The Old Isolationists in the Cold War Era
89565: DOENITZ, ADMIRAL KARL - Memoirs: Ten Years and Twenty Days Translated by R. H. Stevens, in collaboration with David Woodward
77546: DOERING, W. H - Against the Sun Trans. by Frank L. Dash. Illus. with photos
35191: DOERINGER, PETER B - Piece Rate Wage Structures in the Pittsburgh Iron and Steel Industry - 1880-1900
51560: DOERR, ROBERT - Ice and Curry: A Peace Corps Volunteer's Images of Nepal
59997: DOERR, ROBERT - Ice and Curry: A Peace Corps Volunteer's Images of Nepal
100735: DOERR, BOB - Good Days, Good Gods
15477: DOHEN, DOROTHY AND SISTER ANN PATRICK WARE, S.L - Sex Roles and Cultural Contradictions
35186: DOHERTY, ROBERT E - Thomas J. Hagerty, the Church, and Radicalism
37338: DOHERTY, ROBERT E. AND WALTER E. OBERER - Teachers, School Boards, and Collective Bargaining: A Changing of the Guard
95278: DOHERTY, EDWARD - The Rain Girl: The Tragic Story of Jeanne Eagels Illustrated with b/w photos
56251: DOIG, LEROY L - The Town of Garden Grove
84046: DOIG, IVAN - From Bucking the Sun
98896: DOKO, D - History of the Soviet Union in Artists' Drawings With b/w illustrations
101348: DOKTOROV, B[ORIS] Z[USMANOVICH] - Pervoprokhodtsy Mira Mnenii: Ot Gellapa Do Grushina
29797: DOLAN, JAY P. AND GILBERTO M. HINOJOSA, EDS - Mexican Americans and the Catholic Church, 1900-1965
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57778: DOWER, WILLIAM H., M.D - The Coming Avatar
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48655: DRAYTON, THOMAS - Looking It over
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54303: DUMONT, HENRY - The Vision of a City and Other Poems
99117: DUMONT, HENRY - A Golden Fancy and Other Poems
98179: DUMOULIÉ, CAMILLE - Antonin Artaud Illustrated with b/w photos
15488: DUNAYEVSKAYA, RAYA - Marx's "New Humanism" and the Dialectics of Women's Liberation in Primitive and Modern Societies
41613: DUNAYEVSKAYA, RAYA - The Myriad Global Crises of the 1980s and the Nuclear World Since World War II
41614: DUNAYEVSKAYA, RAYA - Culture," Science and State-Capitalism Intro. by Eugene Walker
42025: DUNAYEVSKAYA, RAYA - China, Russia, Usa - State-Capitalism and Marx's Humanism or Philososhy and Revolution With an Appendix - Analysis of Rosa Luxemburg's Accumulation of Capital
42057: DUNAYEVSKAYA, RAYA - Marx's Capital and Today's Global Crisis Preface by Harry McShane
43422: DUNAYEVSKAYA, RAYA - Nationalism, Communism, Marxist Humanism and the Afro-Asian Revolutions Foreword by Peter Cadogan
44091: DUNAYEVSKAYA, RAYA - The Political-Philosophic Letters of Raya Dunayevskaya
50092: DUNAYEVSKAYA, RAYA - Marxism and Freedom... From 1776 Until Today Preface by Herbert Marcuse
79984: DUNAYEVSKAYA, RAYA - Filosofía Y Revolución: De Hegel a Sartre Y de Marx a Mao Traducción de Ofelia Castillo, Aníbal Leal y Marcela Suárez
87119: DUNAYEVSKAYA, RAYA - Hegel's Absolute As New Beginning
81799: DUNAYEVSKAYA, RAYA - Outline of Marx's Capital, Volume One
91243: DUNAYEVSKAYA, RAYA - Nationalism, Communism, Marxist Humanism and the Afro-Asian Revolutions
15566: DUNBAR, ROXANNE - Female Liberation As the Basis for Social Revolution
24120: DUNBAR, PAUL LAURENCE - The Uncalled
24385: DUNBAR, PAUL LAURENCE - Who Knows? Poem by Paul Laurence Dunbar. Music by Ernest R. Ball
25487: DUNBAR, ROXANNE AND VERNON GRIZZARD - Students and Revolution
48461: DUNBAR, PAUL LAURENCE - Howdy Honey Howdy Illus. with photos by Leigh Richmond Miner. Decorations by Will Jenkins
50658: DUNBAR, PAUL LAURENCE - Little Brown Baby: Paul Laurence Dunbar Poems for Young People Selections, with Biographical Sketch by Bertha Rodgers. Illus. by Erick Berry
50710: DUNBAR, PAUL LAURENCE - The Life and Works of Paul Laurence Dunbar: Containing His Complete Poetical Works, His Best Short Stories, Numerous Anecdotes and Biography of the Famous Poet by Lida Keck Wiggins Intro. by William Dean Howells. Profusely Illustrated with over Half a Hundred Full Page Photo and Half-Tome Engravings
50713: DUNBAR-NELSON, ALICE - Give Us Each Day: The Diary of Alice Dunbar-Nelson Ed. with critical intro. & notes by Gloria T. Hull. Illus. with photos
52200: DUNBAR, ALICE - The Goodness of St. Rocque and Other Stories
60080: DUNBAR, ROXANNE - Female Liberation As the Basis for Social Revolution
64689: DUNBAR, PAUL LAURENCE - Love. " in "the Cosmopolitan: An Illustrated Monthly Magazine
68468: DUNBAR, JANET - Five Festival Plays: Mainly for Women
76308: DUNBAR, ROXANNE - Female Liberation As the Basis for Social Revolution
97051: DUNBAR, PAUL LAURENCE - Poems of Cabin and Field Illustrated with b/w photos by the Hampton Institute Camera Club & decorations by Alice Morse
100583: DUNBOYNE, LORD, ED - The Trial of John George Haigh: (the Acid Bath Murder)
100584: DUNBOYNE, LORD, ED - The Trial of John George Haigh: (the Acid Bath Murder)
1062: DUNCAN, JOY, ED - Red Serge Wives Illus. by Sgt. Dale Davies, R.C.M.P. and with photos
16849: DUNCAN, ROBERT - As Testimony: Reading Zukofsky These Forty Years
20081: DUNCAN, DON - Dun Duncan Speaks out: Reprint of Don Duncan's Speech Given at a Vdc Rally November 20, 1965
20083: DUNCAN, ROBERT - Of the War: Passages 22-27
20406: DUNCAN, DONALD - The New Legions
20407: DUNCAN, DONALD - The New Legions
22236: DUNCAN, ROBERT - Of the War: Passages 22-27
24582: DUNCAN, ROBERT - The Venice Poem
47459: DUNCAN, QUINCE Y CARLOS MELENDEZ - El Negro En Costa Rica
48670: DUNCAN, JOHN D., JR - A Crimson Fountain for Harlingscourt
49055: DUNCAN, GREG J. AND JAMES N. MORGAN, EDS - Five Thousand American Families - Patterns of Economic Progress, Volume VI: Accounting for Race and Sex Differences in Earnings and Other Analyses of the First Nine Years of the Panel Study of Income Dynamics With contributions by Richard D. Coe, Mary Corcoran, Greg J. Duncan, Martha Hill, Saul Hoffman, James N. Morgan & Sandra J. Newman
54866: DUNCAN, DAVID DOUGLAS - War without Heroes
2145: DUNCAN, DONALD - The New Legions
20381: DUNCAN, DONALD - The New Legions
56409: DUNCAN, SGT. ELBERT H. ASSISTED BY T/5 NELSON N. ROSEMAN AND PFC. FRANK MANKIEWICZ - 273d Inf[Antry]... Siegfried Line, Ehrenbreitstein, Hann. Münden, Altengroitzsch, Colditz/Mulde, Leipzig: First to Meet Russian Army Cover illus. by S/Sgt. Rudolph Baum. Illus. with photos
102021: DUNCAN, JANE - Camerons Calling Illustrated by Victor Ambrus
60460: DUNCAN, ROBERT - Dante
60520: DUNCAN, DAVID DOUGLAS - I Protest!
63355: DUNCAN, DAVID DOUGLAS - This Is War!: A Photo-Narrative in Three Parts Illus. with photos by Duncan
63888: DUNCAN, ROBERT - Caesar's Gate: Poems 1949-50 With paste-ups by Jess
66048: DUNCAN, FRANCIS - Rickover and the Nuclear Navy: The Discipline of Technology
90583: DUNCAN, DONALD - A "Green Beret" Blasts the War
103698: DUNCAN, ROBERT - Robert Duncan: An Intrview by George Bowering & Robert Hogg, April 19,1969
103699: DUNCAN, ROBERT - Robert Duncan
93718: DUNCAN, ENS M. E., COMPOSED & EDITED BY - World Cruise, Uss Hailey, Dd 556, September, 1952 - April, 1953 Illustrated with b/w photos
91455: DUNCAN, QUINCE Y CARLOS MELENDEZ - El Negro En Costa Rica
76866: DUNCAN, DAVID DOUGLAS - This Is War!: A Photo-Narrative in Three Parts Illus. with photos by Duncan
81094: DUNCAN, ROBERT - The Sweetness and Greatness of Dante's Divine Comedy 1265-1965: Lecture Given October 27th, 1965, at the Dominican College of San Rafael
97902: DUNCAN, B. N. AND ACE BACKWARDS - Telegrapah Avenue Street Calendar 1993 Illustrated with b/w photos
56014: DUNCANN, GERALDINE - Faire Gingerbread Illus. by the author
77773: DUNDAS, EVALYN - Symbols Come Alive in the Sand Illus. with drawings & photos
79704: DUNDES, ALAN - Christmas As a Reflection of American Culture
93281: DUNGAN, DAVID L., COMP - Selected Apocryphal Gospels and Related Writings
5578: DUNHAM, WILLIAM E - U.N. I.C. E.F. : Trick or Treachery?
5579: DUNHAM, WILLIAM E - The Immorality of U.N. I.C. E.F.
5582: DUNHAM, WILLIAM E - The Vitamin Grab (Cover Title: "Vitamins: Federal Bureaucrats Want to Take Them Away!")
13496: DUNHAM, KATHERINE - Journey to Accompong Illus. by Ted Cook
14685: DUNHAM, WILLIAM E - The King Whitewash
15491: DUNHAM, WILLIAM E - Abortion Fanatics
15492: DUNHAM, WILLIAM E - Attack on Women
15493: DUNHAM, WILLIAM E - The Baby Killers
15494: DUNHAM, WILLIAM E - Drafting Women
15495: DUNHAM, WILLIAM E - Exploitation of Women
15496: DUNHAM, WILLIAM E - The E.R. A. Mickey Mouse
15635: DUNHAM, WILLIAM E - The Female Draft
25063: DUNHAM, WILLIAM E - The U.N. And Arafat
33231: DUNHAM, WILLIAM E - Fighting for Our Women
33329: DUNHAM, WILLIAM E - The Kissinger Record
37422: DUNHAM, WILLIAM E - Red China Pushes Drugs
37423: DUNHAM, WILLIAM E - Communists Control the U. N
39206: DUNHAM, KATHERINE - Journey to Accompong Illus. by Ted Cook. Intro. by Ralph Linton
13412: DUNHAM, WILLIAM E - The Kissinger Con
96932: DUNHAM, SAM C - The Goldsmith of Nome Cover design by the author
80080: DUNHAM, KATHERINE - Journey to Accompong Illus. by Ted Cook
104061: DUNHAM, WAYLAND - Enchanted Corridors Illustrated with four tipped in b/w photos (all were attached to the book with rubber cement & have since become detached but are present)
101016: DUNIFER, STEPHEN - Creating an Alternative Broadcast and Information Network
81793: DUNIWAY, ABIGAIL SCOTT - Path Breaking: An Autobiographical History of the Equal Suffrage Movement in Pacific Coast States Illustrated with b/w photos
91302: DUNKIN, T. GILBERT - Aviation Memoirs: (Rough Draft) Illustrated with b/w photos
93119: DUNLAP, ORRIN E., JR - Radio's 100 Men of Science: Biographical Narratives of Pathfinders in Electronics and Television
100561: DUNLAP, A. M., M.D - Behind the Bamboo Curtain: The Experiences of an American Doctor in China Foreword by Dr. Daniel T. MacDougal. Introduction by John Leighton Stuart. Illustrations by Eva Wyman Dunlap
2007: DUNN, STEPHEN P - Cultural Processes in the Baltic Area Under Soviet Rule
5035: DUNN, EDITH M - Alohaly: A Souvenir of Hawaii - in Poetry and Prose (Cover Title)
11285: DUNN, RICHARD S - Sugar and Slaves: The Rise of the Planter Class in the English West Indies, 1624-1713
11752: DUNN, DR. JOHN - The Billie Sol Estes Case: Transcript of a Speech Delivered on July 14, 1962, Before a Group of Conservative Democrats in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
27154: DUNN, ROBERT W - Soviet Trade Unions Intro. by Jerome Davis
29263: DUNN, LYNN P - Black Americans: A Study Guide and Sourcebook
30593: DUNN, SAMUEL O - The New Tyranny: An Address Before the Railway Signal Association at Mackinac Island, Mich. On September 13, 1916
31708: DUNN, ROBERT W - What War Means to the Workers
33192: DUNN, ROBERT W - Company Unions Today
35403: DUNN, ROBERT W., ED - The Palmer Raids
38833: DUNN, ROBERT W - Labor and Automobiles Illus. with photos
46639: DUNN, ROBERT W - The Americanization of Labor: The Employers' Offensive Against the Trade Unions Intro. by Scott Nearing
51037: DUNN, ROBERT W - Soviet Trade Unions Intro. by Jerome Davis
54595: DUNN, ROBERT W - Labor and Automobiles Illus. with photos
60112: DUNN, ROBERT W - The Americanization of Labor: The Employers' Offensive Against the Trade Unions Intro. by Scott Nearing
71949: DUNN, LYDIA, ET AL - In the Kingdom of the Blind: A Report on Protectionism and the Asian-Pacific Region
66569: DUNN, SEYMOUR - The Complete Golf Joke Book Illus. by Al Ross
75010: DUNN, ROBERT W - Labor and Automobiles Illus. with photos
86739: DUNN, JOE - The Better Dream House Illustrated by Jess
50158: DUNN, ROBERT W. AND GEORGE WALLACE - Life and Labor in the Soviet Union
88811: DUNN, ROBERT W - The Bill of Rights in Danger!
459: DUNNE, WILLIAM F. AND MORRIS CHILDS - Permanent Counter-Revolution: The Role of the Trotzkyites in the Minneapolis Strikes
31632: DUNNE, WILLIAM F - The British Strike: Its Background - Its Lessons Illus. with photos
33193: DUNNE, WILLIAM F - Why Hearst Lies About Communism: Three Open Letters to William Randolph Hearst Cover cartoon by Jacob Burck
42722: DUNNE, WM. F - The Supreme Court's Challenge to Labor: The N.I. R.A. Decision a Signal for Intensified Attacks on the Workers
43007: DUNNE, GREGORY H., S.J - Religion and American Democracy: A Reply to Paul Blanshard's American Freedom and Catholic Power
8366: DUNNE, FINLEY PETER - Mr. Dooley in Peace and in War
25723: DUNNE, WILLIAM F - Gastonia, Citadel of the Class Struggle in the New South Illus. with photos
28494: DUNSANY, LORD - The Authorship of Barrack Room Ballads In "Punch
101857: DUNSANY, LORD - My Ireland Illustrated with b/w photos
51539: DUNSANY, LORD - Mirage Water
60383: DUNSANY, LORD - Plays of Near and Far
62816: DUNSANY, LORD - The Authorship of Barrack Room Ballads. In "Punch
104517: DUNSANY, LORD - Verses Dedicatory: 18 Previously Unpublished Poems
84479: DUNSANY, LORD - Tales of Three Hemispheres
83766: DUNSANY, LORD - The Strange Journeys of Colonel Polders
84475: DUNSANY, LORD - Jorkens Remembers Africa
83872: DUNSANY, LORD - The Fourth Book of Jorkens
81794: DUNSFORD, CATHIE AND SUSAN HAWTHORNE, EDS - The Exploding Frangipani: Lesbian Writing from Australia and New Zealand
83431: DUNSING, PAUL, COMPILED & TRANSLATED BY - German Folk Dances Volume I: Old and New Dances of North Germany
20383: DUNSTAN, SIMON - Vietnam Tracks: Armor in Battle 1945-1975 Foreword by George S. Patton, Major General, USA (Ret.). Illus. with photos
49628: DUNSTAN, SIMON - Tank War Vietnam Illus. with b/w & color photos
49629: DUNSTAN, SIMON - Vietnam Tracks: Armor in Battle 1945-1975 Illus. with photos
92011: DUNSTERVILLE, MAJOR-GENERAL L. C - Stalky's Reminiscences Illustrated with b/w photos
20092: DUONG CHAU - The Seventeenth Parallel Translated from the original Vietnamese by Viet-nam Translation Service. Foreword by Cong Dan
27558: DUPEYRON-MARCHESSOU, HÉLÈNE - William Carlos Williams Et le Renouveau Du Lyricisme
47460: DUPLECHAN, LARRY - Eight Days a Week
69695: DUPLECHAN, LARRY - Tangled Up in Blue
69694: DUPLECHAN, LARRY - Captain Swing : A Love Story
69693: DUPLECHAN, LARRY - Blackbird
30132: DUPREY, WILLIAM H - How I Got Fat Looking for Starvation in Soviet Russia
47347: DUPUIS, JULES-FRANÇOIS (RAOUL VANEIGEM) - A Cavalier History of Surrealism Trans. by Donald Nicholson-Smith
22163: DUPUY, TREVOR NEVITT, COL., U.S. ARMY RETIRED - The Military Life of Abraham Lincoln: Commander in Chief B/w illus. from historic sources & maps
22165: DUPUY, TREVOR NEVITT, COL., U.S. ARMY (RET) - The Military Lives of Hindenburg and Ludendorff Illus. with b/w photos & maps
96117: DUPUY, COLONEL R. ERNEST - St. Vith, Lion in the Way: The 106th Infantry Division in World War II Illustrated with b/w photos & maps
31045: DUQUE GOMEZ, LUIS - Exploraciones Arqueologicas En San Agustin Illus. with photos & maps
11485: DURACK, MARY - To Ride a Fine Horse
53784: DURAM, JAMES C - Upton Sinclair's Realistic Romanticism
26497: DURAN BERNALES, FLORENCIO - El Partido Radical
29800: DURÁN, RICHARD P - Hispanics' Education and Background, Predictors of College Achievement Foreword by Michael A. Olivas
81795: DURÁN, MARIA ANGELES - El Ama de Casa: Crítica Política de la Economía Doméstica
82050: DURAN, M[ARIA] ANGELES - El Trabajo de la Mujer En España: Un Estudio Sociológico Prólogo por Enrique Martín López
99111: DURAN N., JULIO - Horas Chúcares
26587: DURAND P, VÍCTOR MANUEL - Crisis Y Movimiento Obrero En Brasil: Las Huelgas Metalúrgicas de 1978 a 1980
46460: DURAND, MAURICE - Technique Et Panthéon Des Mediums VIêtnamiens Illus. with plates (including 8 in color)
94940: DURAND, RONY - Regards Sur la Croissance Economique D'Haiti: Introduction, Tome 1
81270: DURANTINI, P. ANTINIO MARIA, O.F.M - L'Immacolata: Ovvero Tesoretto Di Preghiere Speciali. Corona Di Dodici Stelle. Coroncina Brevissima. Corona Francescana. Indulgenze Illustrated with photos of Durantini & Mgr. Eduardo Giuseppe Hanna, D.D., Archbishop of San Francisco
48031: DURBIN, EVAN F. M., M.P., PROF. G. D. H. COLE, MARGARET COLE, FRANK HARDIE, RITA HINDEN, HAROLD NICOLSON, JOHN DIAMOND, M.P., JAMES CALLAGHAN, M.P., BEN ROBERTS, MICHAEL YOUNG AND STEPHEN TAYLOR, M.P - Socialism the British Way: An Assessment of the Nature and Significance of the Socialist Experiment Carried out in Great Britain by the Labour Government of 1945 Ed. by Donald Munro. Foreword by Herbert Morrison, M.P
101752: DURDEN-ROBERTSON, LAWRENCE - The Religion of the Goddess: A Lecture Given in the Assembly Room, Wexford, on October 26th, 1974 at the Opening of the Wexford Arts Centre During the Wexford Festival Introduction by Nicola Gordon Bowe. With two illustrations by Anna Durdin-Robertson
80961: DUREN, B. KWAKU - Why I Am Running for State Chair of the Pfp Central Committee
92440: DURHAM, HARRIET FRORER - Caribbean Quakers
83687: DURHAM, PHILIP - Down These Mean Streeets a Man Must Go: Raymond Chandler's Knight
23084: DURKHEIM, É(MILE) AND E. DENIS - Who Wanted War?: The Origin of the War According to Diplomatic Documents Trans. by A. M. Wilson-Garinei
57409: DURKHEIM, É(MILE) AND E. DENIS - Who Wanted War?: The Origin of the War According to Diplomatic Documents Trans. by A. M. Wilson-Garinei
98923: DURKHEIM, EMILE - Sociology and Philosophy Translated by D. F. Pocock. Introduction by J. G. Peristiany
94818: DURLAND, WAYLAND A - It's a Date Illustrated with b/w photos
2554: DUROSELLE, JEAN-BAPTISTE, RECUEIL D'ÉTUDES SOUS LA DIRECTION DE - Les Relations Germano-Soviétiques de 1933 à 1939 Préface par Pierre Renouvin
64740: DURR, CLIFFORD J - Jesus As a Free Speech Victim: Trial by Terror 2000 Years Ago
49630: DURRANCE, DICK - Where War Lives: A Photographic Journal of Vietnam Intro. by Ron Kovic
91832: DURRANT, THEO (PSEUDONYM) - The Big Fear (the Marble Forest)
89300: DURRANT, THEO (PSEUDONYM) - The Marble Forest
89301: DURRANT, THEO (PSEUDONYM) - The Marble Forest
11773: DURRELL, LAWRENCE - The Greek Islands Illus. with photos
1650: DURRELL, GERALD - A Zoo in My Luggage Illus. by Relph Thompson
18349: DURRELL, LAWRENCE - Nunquam
18350: DURRELL, LAWRENCE - Nunquam
75798: DURRELL, LAWRENCE - Constance; or, Solitary Practices
74324: DURST, DORIS - Flower of the Sea (Malo-Pua-Kai) Illus. with woodcuts by M. C. Maxwell
62054: DUSENBERY, WALTER - The Story of the Bed Illus. with photos
59385: DUST (PSEUDONYM OF WELVIN STROUD) - Poems by Dust Illus. with drawings by Metego
95570: DUST (PSEUDONYM OF WELVIN STROUD) - Don't Quit, Surrender
94641: DUST (PSEUDONYM OF WELVIN STROUD) - Educational Thoughts
19834: DUTCH, GEORGE S - Practical Drawing Correlated Art Edition. A Series of School Art Books for the Grades. 8 Volumes
25343: DUTSCHKE, RUDI - The Students and the Revolution Foreword by Ken Coates
1064: DUTT, G.S. (INDIAN CIVIL SERVICE) - A Woman of India: Being the Life of Saroj Nalini (Founder of the Women's Institute Movement in India) Foreword by Rabindranath Tagore. Intro. by C.F. Andrews
28425: DUTT, R. PALME - Britain in the World Front Intro. by Tim Buck
31798: DUTT, R. PALME - Problems of Contemporary History: Lectures Delivered on the Occasion of the Award of an Honorary Doctorate of History at Moscow University in April and May, 1962
33194: DUTT, R. PALME - Democracy and Fascism: A Reply to the Labour Manifesto on "Democracy Versus Dictatorship
33195: DUTT, R. PALME - Fascism and Social Revolution
35176: DUTT, R. PALME - The Crisis of Britain and the British Empire
35331: DUTT, RAJANI PALME - A New Chapter in Divide and Rule: Rajani Palme Dutt Exposes Cabinet Mission's Plan Intro. by G. Adhikari
35803: DUTT, R. PALME - The Crisis of Britain and the British Empire
36263: DUTT, R. PALME - The Political and Social Doctrine of Communism
36264: DUTT, R. PALME - The Problem of India
36265: DUTT, R. PALME - The Problem of India
36266: DUTT, R. PALME - The Two Internationals
50183: DUTT, R. PALME - Marxism After Fifty Years
87178: DUTT, R[AJANI] PALME - Empire War Plans
62152: DUTT, R. PALME - The Crisis of Britain and the British Empire
79740: DUTT, NALINAKSHA - Mahayana Buddhism
91233: DUTT, R. PALME - India Today Summarized and with introduction by Jack Lindsay. Foreword by R. King, M.L.C., Secretary, Labor Council of N.S.W
68122: DUTT, R. PALME - Freedom for India
68123: DUTT, R. PALME - The Indian Elections
75424: DUTT, SUKUMAR - Early Buddhist Monachism 600 B.C. - 100 B. C
88617: DUTT, R[AJANI] PALME - Britain Today & to-Morrow
87179: DUTT, R[AJANI] PALME - The Road to Labour Unity: I the Problem of Affiliation; II the Evolution of the Labour Party; III Communism and the Labour Movement
87180: DUTT, R[AJANI] PALME - 25 Years
17806: DUTTON, RALPH - The English Garden
26586: DUTTON, BERTHA P. AND HULDA R. HOBBS - Excavations at Tajumulco, Guatemala With Appendices. Illus. with photos & maps
54304: DUTTON, J. W - California -- Earth's Paradise, Oakland == Its Eden
101232: DUTTON, CHARLES J - Streaked with Crimson
74240: DUTY, RICHARD, SR., SUSAN TUNELY AND LOUISE BONNER - First Duty Family Reunion 1830-1983, Minden, Louisiana, August 5, 6, 1983, Arcadia, Louisiana, August 7, 1983
49621: (DUVIDOV, VICTOR, COLOR ILLUS.). GARF, ANNA - Life with Granny Kandiki: Based on Tales from the Soviet North Trans. by Joy Jennings
43533: DUVOISIN, ROGER - Petunia B/w & Color illustrations by the author
58934: (DUVOISIN, ROGER, COLOR ILLUS.). TWORKOV, JACK - The Camel Who Took a Walk
28587: DUWAKIN, WIKTOR - Rosta Fenster: Majakowski Als Dichter Und Bildender Künstler
91924: DWIGGINS, CLARE VICTOR - Pen & Ink Illustration for His Comic Strip "Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn
86880: DWIGGINS, W. A - Mss. By Wad: Being a Collection of the Writings of Dwiggins on Various Subjects, Some Critical, Some Philosophical, Some Whimsical
100940: DWIGHT, HENRY OTIS - A Muslim Sir Galahad: A Present Day Story of Islam in Turkey
24487: DWINGER, ERICH - Between White and Red Trans. by Marion Saunders
71619: DWINGER, ERICH - Between White and Red Trans. by Marion Saunders
70360: DWORK, DEBÓRAH AND ROBERT JAN VAN PELT - Flight from the Reich: Refugee Jews, 1933-1946 Illus. with photos
15732: DWORKIN, ANDREA - Intercourse
20529: DWORKIN, ANDREA - The New Womans Broken Heart: Short Stories
43423: DWORKIN, ANDREA - The New Womans Broken Heart: Short Stories
79557: DWORKIN, IRA BERNARD - Sherlock Holmes in Modern Times: An Anthology of Original Short Stories
83963: DWYER, JAMES FRANCIS - Evelyn: Something More Than a Story
70361: DWYER, BILL - Anarchy Now! Illustrated with b/w photos
96056: DWYER, JOHN T - Condemned to the Mines: The Life of Eugene O'Connell 1815-1891, Pioneer Bishop of Northern California and Nevada Illustrated with b/w photos
88971: DYACHENKO, V[ASSILI PETROVICH] - Econometry, the Market and Planning
50060: DYAKOV, A. M., ET AL - Crisis of the Colonial System, National Liberation Struggle of the Peoples of East Asia: Reports Presented in 1949 to the Pacific Institute of the Academy of Sciences, U.S. S. R
92202: DYAKOV, A. M - The National Problem in India Today Translated by S. V. Ryazanskaya
77927: DYAKOV, A. M - Crisis of British Rule in India and the New Stage in the Liberation Struggle of Her Peoples (Cover Title: New Stage in India's Liberation Struggle)
78460: DYCHE, JOHN A - Bolshevism in American Labor Unions: A Plea for Constructive Unionism Intro. by Julius Henry Cohen
77928: DYCHE, JOHN A - Bolshevism in American Labor Unions: A Plea for Constructive Unionism Intro. by Julius Henry Cohen
7696: DYER, BRAINERD - One Hundred Years of Negro Suffrage
99450: DYER-BENNETT, RICHARD - Richard Dyer-Bennett, the 20th Century Minstrel: A Collection of 20 Songs and Ballads with Guitar and Piano Accompaniment Piano settings by John Ward
87857: DYESS, LT. COL. WILLIAM E - The Dyess Story: The Eye-Witness Account of the Death March from Bataan and the Narrative of Experiences in Japanese Prison Camps and of Eventual Escape Edited, with a biographical introduction, by Charles Leavelle
89177: DYGERT, JANICE - Red Horse and the Buffalo Robe Man Illustrated with b/w drawings by Tanya Cunningham
101118: DYKENS, MARGERET N., JEAN STERN, EXEQUIEL EZCURRA AND PETER RAVEN - Plant Portraits: The California Legacy of A.R. Valentien Introductions by Joan Irvine Smith & Michael W. Hager. Illustrated with b/w photos & color reproductions
86789: DYKES, JEFF - My Dobie Collection Illustrated with b/w photos

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