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41690: CONNOLLY ASSOCIATION - Connolly Association Consultative Conference: National Sovereignty and the Defence of the Nation State, Saturday, 30th November, 1985, 2 P.M. - 5 P.M. , Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London, W.C. 1
55908: CONNOLLY, BOB - War Cartoonews: Fourth Selection of War Cartoons
89957: CONNOLLY, JAMES - Ireland Upon the Dissecting Table: James Connolly on Ulster & Partition
29789: CONNOR, WALKER, ED - Mexican-Americans in Comparative Perspective
56111: CONNOR, ANN W., ETHRON YOUNG, SEONAID KHORSAND AND ALICE MARSHALL, EDS - Saga of San Leandro Illus. with photos
78086: CONNOR, WALTER D. AND PIOTR PLOSZAJSKI, WITH ALEX INKELES, WITH WLODZIMIERZ WESOLOWSKI - The Polish Road from Socialism: The Economics, Sociology, and Politics of Transition
81086: CONNOR, TONY - To a Friend, Who Asked for a Poem
81030: CONNOR, TORREY, ED - West Winds: California Writers Club Book of Fiction Volume III
338: CONOLLY, VIOLET - Soviet Tempo: A Journal of Travel in Russia
27930: (CONOVER , CHRIS COLOR ILLUS, ). HODGES, MARGARET - The Little Humpbacked Horse
11274: CONRAD, EARL - The Invention of the Negro
61312: CONRAD, EARL - Harriet Tubman, Negro Soldier and Abolitionist
83969: CONRAD, JOSEPH - Under Western Eyes
92601: CONRADO, ALDOMAR - O Apocalípse Ou O Capeta de Caruaru
54258: CONROE, GRACE SHERBURNE, COMP. & ED - The Poinsettia, Volume V Foreword by Clinton D. McKinnon
67122: CONROY, JACK, ED - Midland Humor: A Harvest of Fun and Folklore
80433: CONROY, TOM - Bookbinders' Finishing Tool Makers 1780-1965
80415: CONROY, JACK AND CURT JOHNSON, EDS - Writers in Revolt: The Anvil Anthology
81728: CONROY, HELEN (SISTER MARY ETHEL) - Forgotten Women (in Convents) Illustrated with b/w photos
67221: CONSEIL DU CRÉDIT SOCIAL DE L'ALBERTA, EDITÉ PAR LE - Questions Et Reponses Sur le Crédit Social Et Sur Des Sujets Connexes
92082: CONSTABLE, TREVOR JAMES - The Cosmic Pulse of Life: The Revolutionary Biological Power Behind Ufos Illustrated with photos
90861: CONSTANTIN, PETER AND CIPRIAN FOIAS - Navier-Stokes Equations
92053: CONSTANTINE, ALEX - The Florida/Hollywood Mob Connection, the Cia and O.J. Simpson
52487: CONSTANTINO, RENATO - The Nationalist Alternative
52488: CONSTANTINO, RENATO - Parents and Activists
82526: CONSTANTINO, RENATO, WITH THE COLLABORATION OF LETIZIA R. CONSTANTINO - The Philippines: A Past Revisited (Pre-Spanish - 1941), Vol. I
83821: CONSTANTINO, RENATO, WITH THE COLLABORATION OF LETIZIA R. CONSTANTINO - The Philippines: A Past Revisited (Pre-Spanish - 1941), Vol. I
94163: CONSTANTINO, RENATO - The Making of a Filipino: (a Story of Philippine Colonial Politics)
97814: CONSTANTINO, RENATO - Dissent and Counter-Consciousness
89510: CONSTANTINO, RENATO AND LETIZIA R. CONSTANTINO - The Philippines: The Continuing Past
92290: CONSTITUTIONAL PARTY - Resolution on Sex Education
34465: CONSTITUTIONAL PARTY - Resolution on Sex Education
81995: CONSTRUCTIVE BIRTH CONTROL AND RACIAL PROGRESS - On the Racial Contraceptives of the C.B. C. : Statement Issued by the C.B. C. Executive Committee
54991: CONSUMERS CO-OPERATIVE LEAGUE OF OREGON, INC. - Notice - "Co-Operatives, the Way Up and out. " All Who Are Interested in Production for Use Instead of Profit, the Only Plan Which Will Eventually Give Jobs to All of the Unemployed and Be a Permanent Cure for the Depression, Are Urged to Be Present at the Meeting Which Will Be Given by the Consumers Co-Operative League of Oregon, Inc. , Tuesday Evening, Otc. (Sic) 10, 8 P. M at Laurelwood M.E. Church, S.E. 62nd and Foster. Our Plan Will Be Explained in Detail by R.D. Snyder
87498: CONSUMERS' COOPERATIVE OF BERKELEY, INC - Co-Op 35th Anniversary Menu Book Illustrated by Joan Kleben
40737: CONTEMPORARY ISSUES - No Armed Intervention in Cuba
96365: CONTOUPOLOS, MICHAEL - The Greek Community in New York City: Early Years to 1910 Foreword by Constantine G. Hatzidimitriou
64171: CONTRA COSTA CARES - Help Him: Write for the Humane Treatment of Our Prisoners of War
64206: CONTRA COSTA CITIZENS AGAINST THE WAR IN VIETNAM - Contra Costa Citizens Agaisnt the War in Vietnam
71059: CONTRERAS, RAÚL - El Tenis... ¡MI Mejor Amigo! Illus. with photos & drawings
41385: CONTROL & PLANNING DIVISION, PREPARED BY - Working Language of the San Francisco Port of Embarkation Illus. with map
81729: CONVERSE, FLORENCE - The Holy Night: A Masque to Be Performed by Young Children at Christmas-Tide
81730: CONVERSE, FLORENCE - Efficiency Expert: A Poem
81731: CONVERSE, FLORENCE - The Burden of Christopher
81920: CONVERSE, FLORENCE - The Little Clay Image. " in "the Youth's Companion
50132: CONVERSY, MARCEL - Quinze Mois à Buchenwald
43380: CONWAY, KATHERINE E - The Color of Life: A Selection from the Poems of Katherine E. Conway Intro. by Denis A. McCarthy
63270: CONWAY, J. S - The Nazi Persecution of the Churches 1933-45
90262: CONWAY, BILL - From Joan to Angela: A Bitter Ballad of Oppression and Martyrs Introduction by Oakley C. Johnson
56797: CONYERS, JAMES E. AND WILLIAM J. FARMER, WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF MARTIN LEVIN - Black Youth in a Southern Metropolis: Socioeconomic Characteristics, Attitudes and Values of Negro High School Students in Atlanta
79739: CONZE, EDWARD - Thirty Years of Buddhist Studies: Selected Essays
75339: CONZE, EDWARD - Spain to-Day: Revolution and Counter-Revolution
75338: CONZE, EDWARD - Spain to-Day: Revolution and Counter-Revolution
96544: COODLEY, BROCHE - Midber Un Marantsn / Desert and Oranges With b/w illustrations
34571: COOGAN, GERTRUDE M - Lawful Money Explained: How to Win Back Your America Illus. with charts
80507: COOGAN, TIM PAT AND GEORGE MORRISON - The Irish CIVIL War Illus. with photos
4647: COOK, MARION BELDEN - Five Cents to See the Monkey
19011: COOK, A.J - The Nine Days: The Story of the General Strike Told by the Miners' Secretary
28399: COOK, GEORGE CRAM - Greek Coins: Poems With memorabilia by Floyd Dell, Edna Kenton and Susan Glaspell
35372: COOK, SIR EDWARD - La Gran Brettagna E la Turchia, le Cause Della Rottura: Brevemente Riassunte Dal Carteggio Diplomatico
38622: COOK, GLADYS EMERSON - Drawing Cats: Breeds, Structure, Anatomy, Poses and Behavior B/w illustrations by the author
38625: COOK, BLANCHE WIESEN - Women and Support Networks. Women Against Economic and Social Repression: The Two Front Challenge. Female Support Networks and Political Activism: Lillian Wald, Crystal Eastman, Emma Goldman, Jane Addams
55425: COOK, MELVILLE THURSTON - Galls and Insects Producing Them (Parts VI-IX, and Appendix)
56403: COOK, DAVID A., ED - Temperance Songs for Congregational Singing, in Temperance Gatherings of All Varieties T. Martin Towne, associate editor
57739: COOK-LYNN, ELIZABETH - Then Badger Said This
59169: COOK, THEODORE ANDREA - Old Touraine: The Life and History of the Famous Chateâux of France Illus. with plates
62179: COOK, JOHN A - Neo-Classic Drama in Spain: Theory and Practice
87316: COOK, METTA HORTON - Yennycott Folks: An Historical Romance of the Pioneer Days of Long Island, Touching Upon Well-Known Families Illustrated with b/w photos
83210: COOK, FRED S - Steamboats in the Valley Illus. with b/w photos
95896: COOK, MADGE - Thoughts in the Half Light
70100: COOK, CAPTAIN JOHN L - The Advisor: The Phoenix Program in Vietnam Illus. with maps & photos
83247: COOK, FRED S - Steamboats in the Valley Illus. with b/w photos
81732: COOK, ALICE H - The Working Mother: A Survey of Problems and Programs in Nine Countries
97399: COOK, WILL - Apache Ambush
86622: COOK, FRED S., ED - Alameda Centennial Almanac 1872-1972 Illustrated with b/w photos
98013: COOK, WILL - Until Day Breaks: A Saga of Texas
81256: COOK, RICHARD B - Mountaineer Pride: Prospects for Renewal in Southern West Virginia
29761: COOKE, MARJORIE BENTON - The Redemption of Anthony
45546: (COOKE, DONALD E, B/W ILLUS.). BENNETT, ROWENA - Story-Teller Poems Foreword by William Rose Benét
79558: COOKE, IVAN, ED - The Return of Arthur Conan Doyle
67788: COOKE DONALD E., RETOLD AND ILLUS. BY - Nutcracker of Nuremberg: A Christmas Fantasy Based Upon the Old Hoffmann Legend B/w illus. with red & green accents
99240: COOKE, DAVID C., ED - Best Detective Stories of the Year - 1955
89983: COOLBRITH, INA - California
21961: COOLEY, PETER - How to Go Trans. by G. S. Sharat Chandra & G. S. Manjula
42888: COOLEY, JEROME EUGENE - Recollections of Early Days in Duluth
90950: COOLEY, MARVIN L - Tyrannical Practices of the Internal Revenue Service (Cover Title: Inside the Tax Rebellion: Tax Slavery or Manhood)
91019: COOLEY, MARVIN L - Tyrannical Practices of the Internal Revenue Service (Cover Title: Inside the Tax Rebellion: Tax Slavery or Manhood)
91447: COOLIDGE, CLARK - Research
80043: COOMARASWAMY, ANANDA K - Elements of Buddhist Iconography Illus. with b/w plates
80044: COOMARASWAMY, ANANDA K - Time and Eternity
80041: COOMARASWAMY, ANANDA K - Mediaeval Sinhalese Art: Being a Monograph on Mediaeval Sinhalese Arts and Crafts, Mainly As Surviving in the Eighteenth Century, with an Account of the Structure of Society and the Status of the Craftsmen Illus. with b/w plates
81327: COOMARASWAMY, ANANDA K - Introduction to Indian Art Edited by Mrs. Ananda K. Coomaraswamy. Illus. with b/w plates
80036: COOMARASWAMY, ANANDA K - The Rg Veda As Land-Náma-Bók With three small b/w tipped-in plates
80038: COOMARASWAMY, ANANDA K - A Study of the Katha-Upanishad (IV. 1)
7485: COOMBES, B.L - These Poor Hands: The Autobiography of a Miner Working in South Wales
88998: COOMBES, B. G. AND P. R. DRY - Viticulture
48522: COOMBS, L. MADISON - Doorway Toward the Light: The Story of the Special Navajo Education Program Foreword by Hildegard Thompson. Illus. with photos
80877: COOMBS, J. J - The Trial of Aaron Burr for High Treason
99125: COOMBS, CHARLES - B-70, Monarch of the Skies Illustrated by Lou Paleno
23709: COONEY, SEAMUS - A Checklist of the First One Hundred Publications of the Black Sparrow Press With 30 Passing Remarks by Robert Kelly
94743: COONEY, TERRY A - The Rise of the New York Intellectuals: Partisan Review and Its Circle, 1934-1945
34846: COONEY, BARBARA - Twenty-Five Years a-Graying: The Portrait of a College Graduate A pictorial study of the class of 1938 at Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts, for the occasion of its twenty-fifth reunion
37897: COONEY, BARBARA - Twenty-Five Years a-Graying: The Portrait of a College Graduate Color illustrations by the author depict the graduate and her family as horses
40002: (COONEY, BARBARA, B/W ILLUS). SEEGER, RUTH CRAWFORD - American Folk Songs for Children in Home, School and Nursery School A Book for Children, Parents and Teachers
45373: (COONEY, BARBARA. B/W & COLOR ILLUS.). - A Little Prayer
52280: (COONEY, BARBARA, B/W & COLOR ILLUS.). - A Little Prayer
53991: (COONEY, BARBARA, B/W ILLUS.). SEEGER, RUTH CRAWFORD - American Folk Songs for Children in Home, School and Nursery School A Book for Children, Parents and Teachers
70715: COONEY, BARBARA, ADAPTER & ILLUS - The American Speller: An Adaptation of Noah Webster’S Blue-Backed Speller. B/w illus with red accents by Barbara Cooney
58296: COONLEY, LYDIA AVERY - Under the Pines and Other Verses
83290: COONLEY, LYDIA AVERY - Under the Pines and Other Verses
17004: COONTS, STEPHEN - Flight of the Intruder
53665: COONTZ, ROBERT E., ADMIRAL, USN, RET - True Anecdotes of an Admiral
17005: COOPER, BERT, JOHN KILLIGREW AND NORMAN LACHARITÉ, PRIMARY RESEARCH RESPONSIBILITY - Case Studies in Insurgency and Revolutionary Warfare: Vietnam 1941-1954 Illus. with photos
18271: COOPER, CLAYTON SEDGWICK - The Brazilians and Their Country Illus. & photos
27046: COOPER, SUSAN - Jethro and the Jumbie
38628: COOPER, ELIZABETH - The Harim and the Purdah: Studies of Oriental Women Illus. with photos
98325: COOPER, DAVID J - Brooks Range Passage With b/w illustrations & a map
48647: COOPER, ZACHARY - Black Settlers in Rural Wisconsin Illus. with photos
3124: COOPER, DUFF - Operation Heartbreak
5251: COOPER, DUFF - Operation Heartbreak
7209: COOPER, CHESTER L - The Lost Crusade: America in Vietnam Foreword by W. Averell Harriman
45237: COOPER, DUFF - Sergeant Shakespeare
64414: COOPER, J. CALIFORNIA - Some Soul to Keep
64412: COOPER, J. CALIFORNIA - Family
64415: COOPER, J. CALIFORNIA - Homemade Love
64416: COOPER, J. CALIFORNIA - Wild Stars Seeking Midnight Suns
64417: COOPER, J. CALIFORNIA - The Wake of the Wind
64418: COOPER, J. CALIFORNIA - Some People, Some Other Place
97682: COOPER, JAMES F., JR. AND KENNETH P. MINKEMA, EDITED & WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY - The Sermon Notebook of Samuel Parris, 1689-1694
69642: COOPER, SUSAN - King of Shadows
89094: COOPER, BELLE - Lyrics of California
96686: COOPER, BRYAN - The Battle of Cambrai Illustrated with b/w photos & maps
80563: COOPER, J. CALIFORNIA - Some People, Some Other Place
80564: COOPER, J. CALIFORNIA - The Wake of the Wind
91453: COOPER, BARRY - Merleau-Ponty and Marxism: From Terror to Reform
83530: COOPER, J. CALIFORNIA - The Future Has a Past
78931: COOPER, RICHARD - A Guide to British Psilocybin Mushrooms Ed. by Chris Render. Illus. by Greame Jackson, Alexandra King & Richard Cooper
89093: COOPER, BELLE - Cornish Sketches
89470: COOPER, J. CALIFORNIA - The Wake of the Wind
89471: COOPER, J. CALIFORNIA - Family
93353: COOPER, NANCY, COMP - Freedom School Poetry Foreword by Langston Hughes
73394: COOPERSMITH, HARRY, ARRANGED FOR MIXED CHORUS BY - Ovinu Malkenu: (As Sung in Palestine) SATB
27617: COOPERSTEIN, ROBERT - The Crisis of the Gross National Spectacle
27618: COOPERSTEIN, ROBERT - Some Notes on the Reproduction of Human Capital Illus. with cartoons
68153: COPE, GILBERT - Christians in the Class Struggle Foreword by the Bishop of Bradford
23217: COPELAND, VINCENT - Expanding Empire: The Global War Drive of Big Business and the Forces That Will Stop It
50041: COPELAND, VINCENT - The Built-in U.S. War Drive
50620: COPELAND, VINCENT - Southern Populism & Black Labor
50621: COPELAND, VINCENT - The Blast Furnace Brothers
50922: COPELAND, VINCENT - Southern Populism & Black Labor
77902: COPELAND, REV. W. E - The Co-Operative Brotherhood and Its Colony. " in "the Independent
15430: COPELLO, BEATRIZ - Women, Souls and Shadows
10124: COPER, RUDOLF - Failure of a Revolution: Germany in 1918-1919
96535: COPERNICUS, NICOLAUS - De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium / on the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres Translated by A. M. Duncan. Foreword by Robert M. DeKosky
79179: COPLEY, A. R. H - The Political Career of C Rajagopalachari: 1937-1954
88997: COPNER, MIKE AND BUDDY BARNETT - Bela Lugosi, Then and Now! Illustrated with b/w photos
47408: COPNEY, POETESS CHRISTINE - An Approach Through Poetry
47409: COPNEY, POETESS CHRISTINE - Survival Tactics: A Collection of Poems Illus. by Yvonne Browne
93048: COPP, MARTIN R - Aircraft of Langley Afb, 1917-1977 Edited by Ben Goldman. Illustrated with b/w photos
93436: COPPARD, A. E - Cheefoo Drawings & title page lettering by Victor Candell
38630: COPPER, BABA - Ageism in the Lesbian Community
98397: COPPER, BASIL - The House of the Wolf Illustrated by Stephen E. Fabian
98394: COPPER, BASIL - And Afterward, the Dark: Seven Tales Introduction by Edward Wagenknecht
99591: COPPER, BASIL - The Recollections of Solar Pons With illustrations by Stefanie K. Hawks
98395: COPPER, BASIL - From Evil's Pillow
98396: COPPER, BASIL - Necropolis Illustrated by Stephen E. Fabian
57685: COPPOCK, CHARLES - Luck of a Sailor Illus. by Margaret Ayer
58647: COPPOCK, CHARLES - Luck of a Sailor Illus. by Margaret Ayer
64121: COPPOLA, ELEANOR - Notes
37314: CORBACH, OTTO - Moskau Als Erzieher: Erlebnisse Und Einsichten Aus Sowjet-RußLand
10500: CORBETT, SCOTT - Midshipman Cruise
10501: CORBETT, SCOTT - One by Sea
33438: CORBETT, SCOTT - Dead Before Docking B/w Illustrations by Paul Frame
38723: CORBETT, KATHERINE T - In Her Place: A Guide to St. Louis Women's History Illus. with photos
46124: CORBETT, JIM - Tree Tops Intro. by Lord Hailey. Illus. by Raymond Sheppard
97293: CORBETT, JIM - Man-Eaters of Kumaon Introduction by Sir Maurice Hallett, Governor of the United Provinces. Preface by Lord Linlithgow, Viceroy of India, 1936-43. Illustrated with b/w photos
97292: CORBETT, JIM - The Temple Tigers and More Man-Eaters of Kumaon Illustrated with b/w photos
86467: CORBETT, JIM - Man-Eaters of India
98934: CORBIN, HENRY - Creative Imagination in the Sufism of Ibn 'Arabi Translated by Ralph Mannheim
98933: CORBIN, HENRY - Spiritual Body and Celestial Earth from Mazdean Iran to Shi'Ite Iran Translated by Nancy Pearson
97812: CORBIN, STEVEN - Fragments That Remain
80677: CORBISHLEY, THOMAS, S.J - Agnosticism
58086: CORBON, FATHER JEAN - Western Public Opinion and the Palestine Conflict
83733: CORBYN, CLARA A. B - La Gran Quibira: A Musical Mystery; Opera Historique; a Romance in Five Acts, with Overture, Prelude and Interlude
72532: CORDA, ADRIANA - La Identidad Italiana En la Novela Argentina a Partir de 1980: Discurso E Inmigración En Textos de Antonio Dal Masetto, Mempo Giardinelli Y Héctor Tizón
7458: CORDELL, ALEXANDER - To Slay the Dreamer
17715: CORDELL, ALEXANDER - The Rage of the Tiger
45574: CORDELL, ALEXANDER - The Rape of the Fair Country
47875: CORDIAN, ANDREW - The Shadow of Prussianism: A Former German Junker Recalls How Compulsory Military Service Destroyed Democracy in Germany
86954: CORDILLOT, MARIE-LOUISE - Les Recettes de Marie-Louise Cordillot Illustrated with color photos
83625: CORDOVA, FRED - Filipinos: Forgotten Asian Americans: A Pictorial Essay / 1763-Circa-1963 Illustrated with b/w photos
13869: CORDOVA, MARCELLA AND ROSE MARIE ROYBAL - Bibliografia de la Chicana / Bibliography on the Chicana
60481: CORDOVERO, RABBI MOSES - The Palm Tree of Deborah Trans. from the Hebrew with an intro. & notes by Louis Jacobs
16504: COREN, ALAN - Klondike Arthur
63482: COREY, LEWIS (PSEUDONYM OF LOUIS FRAINA) - The House of Morgan: A Social Biography of the Masters of Money Illus. with photos
61350: COREY, LEWIS (PSEUDONYM OF LOUIS FRAINA) - Let's Keep the Tools of Plenty: Big Business Must Not Get Government War Plants Foreword by James Rorty
96373: COREY, IRENE - The Mask of Reality: An Approach to Design for Theatre Illustrated with b/w & color photos
51851: CORIA, PEDRO - El Bicentenario Del Nacimento de Nuestro Padre, Jose Ma. Morelos Y Pavon
81734: CORIA, CLARA - El Sexo Oculto Del Dinero: Formas de la Dependencia Feminina
81735: CORIA, CLARA - Los Laberintos Del éxito: Ilusiones, Pasiones Y Fantasmas Femeninos
85765: CORIAT, ISADOR H., M.D - The Hysteria of Lady Macbeth
38757: CORINNE, TEE A - Eight Haiku at the Age of Twenty By Tee Cutchin (pseudonym)
75400: CORLESS, ROGER AND PAUL F. KNITTER, EDS - Buddhist Emptiness and Christian Trinity
49596: CORLEY, FRANCIS J - Viet-Nam Since Geneva
37315: CORLISS, JOHN B., JR - Our Next Move in Politics by the Vampires of the Round Table: A Satirical Dialogue on the Iniquities and Eccentricities of Our Present System of Elections
84673: CORLISS, WILLIAM R., COMP - Strange Universe: A Sourcebook of Curious Astronomical Observations, Volume a-1
99144: CORMACK, ROBERT M - Toltec Influence on the Postclassic Culture History of Highland Guatemala With a map
96274: CORMACK, M. B - The First Book of Trees Illustrated by Helene Carter
63646: CORMIER, ROBERT - The Chocolate War
22824: CORNAZ, HENRI - Histoire de L'Imprimerie Yverdonnoise
60: CORNELIUS, WAYNE A., RICHARD MINES, LEO R. CHÁVEZ AND JORGE G. CASTRO - Mexican Immigrants in the San Francisco Bay Area: A Summary of Current Knowledge
29791: CORNELIUS, WAYNE A., LEO R. CHÁVEZ AND JORGE G. CASTRO - Mexican Immigrants and Southern California: A Summary of Current Knowledge
76553: CORNELIUS, BROTHER, F.S.C., M.A - Keith, Old Master of California With 200 illus., including 10 in full color
85928: CORNELL, F. D - Eucalyptus Planting in California: Prepared and Read by This Society's Delegate, Mr. F.D. Cornell, at the Eleventh Semi-Annual Meeting of the Counties Committee of the California Promotion Committee, Held at Del Monte, May 8th, 1909
78266: CORNET-AUQUIER, CAPTAIN ANDRÉ OF THE 133D REGIMENT OF INFANTRY - A Soldier Unafraid: Letters from the Trenches on the Alsatian Front Ed. & trans. with an intro. by Theodore Stanton
77597: CORNFORTH, MAURICE - Dialectical Materialism and Science
7838: CORNFORTH, MAURICE - Dialectical Materialism, an Introductory Course, Volume One: Materialism and the Dialectical Method
82126: CORNFORTH, MAURICE - Food and Farming for Victory
38643: CORNILLON, SUSAN KOPPELMAN, ED - Images of Women in Fiction: Feminist Perspectives
11276: CORNISH, SAM - Two Untitled Poems in "Voices International
14814: CORNISH, SAM - Generations Preface by Ruth Whitman
15102: CORNISH, SAM - Generations Preface by Ruth Whitman
37718: CORNISH, LOUIS C., COMP - The Religious Minorities in Transylvania
39308: CORNISH, SAM - Grandmother's Pictures Illus. by Jeanne Johns
92727: CORNISH, MEGAN - The National Question in the United States
73636: CORNISH, SAM - 1935: A Memoir
26514: CORNWALL, IAN - Hunter's Half-Moon
25666: CORNWELL, ANITA - Black Lesbian in White America
15026: CORNWELL, ANITA - Black Lesbian in White America
76906: CORNWELL, JOHN - Hitler's Scientists: Science, War and the Devil's Pact
65730: CORONA, BERT - Bert Corona Habla Del Partido de la Raza Unida Party Y Del Alarma En Contra de Los "Illegales
98058: CORONA NÚÑEZ, JOSÉ - Mitologia Tarasca With b/w illustrations
52779: CORONEL, SHEILA S - Coups, Cults & Cannibals: Chronicles of a Troubled Decade (1982-1992)
83381: CORONEL, ANTONIO - Tales of Mexican California Edited by Doyce B. Nunis, Jr. Translated by Diane de Avalle-Arce. Illustrated by Alan Archambault
65557: CORPI, LUCHA - Variaciones Sobre Una Tempestad / Variations on a Storm Trans. by Catherine Rodríguez-Nieto
65559: CORPI, LUCHA - Delia's Song
65560: CORPI, LUCHA - Black Widow's Wardrobe
65561: CORPI, LUCHA - Eulogy for a Brown Angel
91615: CORPI, LUCHA - Eulogy for a Brown Angel: A Mystery Novel
3289: CORPS OF ENGINEERS, - Corps of Engineers: Alaska District 1775-1950 Foreword by Colonel L.E. Seeman, CE District Engineer
88032: CORPS OF ENGINEERS, U.S. ARMY - Camouflage of Bivouacs, Command Posts, Supply Points, and Medical Installations Illustrated with b/w & color photos & drawings
89555: CORRAL, HELIA MARIA - Gastronomía Histórica, Cultural Y Literaria En Memorias de Cocina Y Bodega de Alfonso Reyes
65556: CORREAS ZAPATA, CELIA - Isabel Allende: Life and Spirits Illus. with photos
89910: CORRELL, CHARLES J. AND FREEMAN F. GOSDEN - Sam 'n' Henry Illustrated by Samuel Jay Smith
33556: CORRESPONDENCE - The Correspondence Booklet: Selections from a Paper That Is Written, Edited and Circulated by Its Readers
55341: CORRIENTE, FEDERICO - Las Mu'Allaqat: Antología Y Panorama de Arabia Preislámica (Traducción literal y completa de los siete poemas originales, anotada y comentada en los aspectos literario e histórico)
82940: CORRIGAN, PHILIP, ED - Capitalism, State Formation and Marxist Theory: Historical Investigations
42378: CORRINGTON, JOHN WILLIAM - The Actes and Monuments: Stories
42379: CORRINGTON, JOHN WILLIAM - The Upper Hand
38649: CORSI, PIETRO - The Protection of Mothers and Children in Italy Illus. with photos & charts
79608: CORT, CHARLES EDWIN - Dear Friends": The CIVIL War Letters and Diary of Charles Edwin Cort Compiled & edited with comments by Helyn W. Tomlinson
88446: CORTÁZAR, JULIO - Around the Day in Eighty Worlds Translated by Thomas Christiansen
50633: CORTEZ, JAYNE - Coagulations: New and Selected Poems
50634: CORTEZ, JAYNE - Scarifications Illus. by Mel Edwards
93896: CORTEZ, JAYNE - Mouth on Paper Illustrated by Mel Edwards
55484: CORTHELL, E. L. C.E - An Exposition of the Errors and Fallacies in Rear-Admiral Ammen's Pamphlet Entitled "the Certainty of the Nicaragua Canal Contrasted with the Uncertainties of the Eads Ship Railway
98621: CORTNEY, PHILIP - The Economic and Political Consequences of Lord Keynes' Theories: Exchange Stability and the Hostility of Lord Keynes; Great Britain's Fear of the Gold Standard
18280: CORVALAN, LUIS - Words from Prison
40131: CORY, HERBERT ELLSWORTH - The Intellectuals and the Wage Workers: A Study in Educational Psychoanalysis
83853: CORY, WILLIAM J - Heraclitus
69143: COSGRAVE, JOHN O'HARA, II - America Sails the Seas Illus. by the author
84682: COSGRAVE, JOHN O'HARA - The Academy for Souls
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87293: COWLING, ELLIS - A Short Introduction to Consumers' Cooperation
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93672: CRADDOCK, WILLIAM J - Be Not Content
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44141: CRANE GARTZ, KATE - Parlor Provocateur, or; from Salon to Soap-Box: The Letters of Kate Crane Cartz Intro. by Mary Craig Sinclair
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48649: CRANMORE, FREDERICK - The West Indian
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91999: CRAWFORD, CAPTAIN JACK, (LATE CHIEF OF SCOUTS, U.S. ARMY) - Whar' the Hand O' God Is Seen and Other Poems
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22531: (CRAZIES) - Action! Disruption! Action! Disruption. Action. Loathe Rhetoric? Like Action? a New Co-Aim Is Born. Crazie Co-Aim, Co-Aim Crazies Wants You to Put Together a Plague of Crazies Things, Like - a Crazie Propaganda + Scandal Sheet, a Crazie Newsreel, Crazie Terrorists, Conspirators, School Crazies, 1st St. Crazies, 2nd Street Crazies, 3rd Street Crazies - Fill in Your Own Street or Ave. , Any Kind of Crazie Thing You Want to Do - As Long As It Leads to Destruction, Panic, Mass Mind Collapse, Revolution + Utopia! Co-Aim Is Resurrected! Go Crazie! Meeting Fri. March 28 - 8: 00 P.M. , Alternate U. , 137 West 14th Street
77029: CREAGH, RONALD - The Age of Reform: A Reappraisal
81899: CREAMER, DAY - Affirmative Action and Working Women's Organizations: Based on a Presentation at the Midwest Academy Annual Alumni Retreat, August 6-8, 1976, Conference Point Camp, Williams Bay, Wisconsin
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93218: CREGG, MAGDA, ED - Hey Lew: Homage to Lew Welch
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63982: CREVER, ANNA ROZILLA - Lyrics of Life: An Offering of Verse With a Prefatory Poem by Ruth Comfort Mitchell
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48208: CREWS, JUDSON - The Southern Temper
52417: CREWS, JUDSON - Incognito
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68632: CREWS, FREDERICK - Skeptical Engagements
84096: CREWS JOHN, - Two Haiku
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56406: CRISWELL, HOWARD, 1ST LIEUT., 27TH INFANTRY, U.S.A., WORDS AND MELODY BY - Wolfhound Pack: Marching Song of the 27th U.S. Infantry Musical arrangement by George L. King, Captain, Infantry. U.S.A
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91376: CROCKER, W[ALTER] R[USSELL] - The Japanese Population Problem: The Coming Crisis
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17122: CROIZAT, VICTOR J - The Mekong River Development: Some Geographical, Historical, and Political Considerations
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46214: CROLY, DAVID GOODMAN - Miscegenation: The Theory of the Blending of the Races, Applied to the American White Man and Negro
96332: CROMARTIE, J. VERN - Red Sun Songs
56891: CROMIE, ROBERT - Technocracy - from the Viewpoint of an Editor: An Address by Robert Cromie, Editor of the Vancouver Sun, to the Engineering Institute, Board of Trade Luncheon, Wednesday, January 18, 1933, Vancouver, B. C
83133: CROMIE, ROBERT - Technocracy - from the Viewpoint of an Editor: An Address by Robert Cromie, Editor of the Vancouver Sun, to the Engineering Institute, Board of Trade Luncheon, Wednesday, January 18, 1933, Vancouver, B. C
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47779: CROMWELL, LIZ - Canadian Jungle Tea
33175: CRONE, F. A. AND HARRY KNIGHT - Trade Unionists Report on Poland
66820: CRONIN, J - The Workers' Next Step Against Fascism
49599: CRONKITE, WALTER, ANALYSIS BY - Vietnam Perspective: Cbs Special Report
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9913: CROSBY, ERNEST - Captain Jinks, Hero Illus. by Dan Beard
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43308: CROSBY, ERNEST H - Count Tolstoi and Non-Resistance In "The Outlook
46653: CROSBY, ERNEST - Garrison the Non-Resistant
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62125: CROSBY, ERNEST - Captain Jinks, Hero Illus. by Dan Beard
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54266: CROUDACE, LENORE - The Misty Day: Poems
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17012: CULHANE, CLAIRE - Why Is Canada in Vietnam? : The Truth About Our Foreign Aid Intro. by Wilfred Burchett
17013: CULHANE, CLAIRE - Why Is Canada in Vietnam? : The Truth About Our Foreign Aid Intro. by Wilfred Burchett
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85522: D.C. TEACHERS AGAINST THE WAR - Be It Resolved That the Washington Teachers' Union Endorse the November 15th Demonstration Against the War in Vietnam So Long As the Means of This Demonstration Remain Non-Violent. The Washington Teachers' Union Supports the Central Demand of the Peace Movement Which Is the Immediate Withdrawal of All American Troops from Vietnam...
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69175: D'ESTEFANO, MIGUEL A - Puerto Rico: Analysis of a Plebiscite Trans. by Ana Romeo
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31822: DABNEY, CHAS. W., JR - Vivisection in the District of Columbia
53892: DABYDEEN, DAVID - The Intended
69888: DADACHANJI, R. K - The Origins of Phallism, Fetishism, Symbol Worship and Superstitions in General, and the Principles of Their Growth and Decline, and Their Influence on Human Civilization and Progress (Cover Title: The Origin of Unrevealed Religion)
90891: DADIANI, LIONEL, ED - Zionism - Enemy of Peace and Social Progress: A Miscellany of Papers Under the General Editorship of Lionel Dadiani
88967: DADIANI, LIONEL - Zionism Through the Statements of Its Leaders
91571: DADUDAYALA - Psalms of Dadu With a Historical Introduction by Tara Dutt Gairola and a Foreword by Annie Besant
8960: DAGUE, R.A - Henry Ashton: A Thrilling Story and How the Famous Co-Operative Commonwealth Was Established in Zanland
8961: DAGUE, R.A - Henry Ashton: A Thrilling Story and How the Famous Co-Operative Commonwealth Was Established in Zanland
97031: DAGUIN, MARCELLE - Comment Faire Les Converves Chez Soi: Fruits, Légumes, Dessication Viands, Poissons, Confitures Avec le Sans Sucre
46655: DAHL, LEIF - The Way out for Milk Producers
60813: DAHL, BORGHILD - Homecoming
81743: DAHLEN, BEVERLY, RUTH HUGHES, ALLIE LIGHT, LYNN LONIDIER, SUSAN MOST AND BETH RODDA, EDS - Poetry from Violence: San Francisco Conference on Violence Against Women
88856: DAHLGRÜN, H. HARRO - Königsgambit, Band I: Klassische Verteidigung Des Königsspringergambit Mit Lc4
54950: DAHLHEIMER, HARRY - A History of the Mechanics Educational Society of America in Detroit from Its Inception in 1933 Through 1937
19763: DAHLINGER, CHARLES W - The New Agrarianism: A Survey of the Prevalent Spirit of Social Unrest, and a Consideration of the Consequent Campaign for the Adjustment of Agriculture with Industry and Commerce
24472: DAHLINGER, CHARLES W - The German Revolution of 1849: Being an Account of the Final Struggle, in Baden, for the Maintenance of Germany's First National Representative Government
88395: DAHMS, HELLMUTH GÜNTHER - La Guerra Española de 1936 La versión española realizada por Alfred Soriano Trenor. Illustrated with b/w photos
88306: DAHN, ERNST - Kurzgefasstes Lernbuch Für Den Geschichts-Unterricht. Geschichte Des Altertums Mit Einschluss Der Römischen Kaiserzeit. Zweite Abteilung: Geschichte Des Mittelalters Mit 6 anschauungsbildern in holzschnitt
45440: DAICHES, DAVID - The Novel and the Modern World
13487: DAIKEN, LESLIE - Signatures of All Things
80574: DAILEY, LIGE, JR - Intimate Strangers: Love Poems
78464: DAILEY, JANET - Touch the Wind
33176: DAILY WORKER - Are You One of the 5 Million? Illus. with Fred Ellis cartoons
98895: DAILY PEOPLE'S WORLD - Style and Type-Faces
43667: DAILY RACING FORM, COMP - The American Racing Manual, 1953 Edition: A Reference Book on Thoroughbred Racing, with Special Exclusive Features and Other Comprehensive and Authoritative Information on All Turf Subjects, Including Complete Statistics for 1952 Illus. with photos
55017: DAILY PEOPLE'S WORLD - Book of Subscription Blanks
69413: DAISE, RONALD - De Gullah Storybook Illus. by Roy Leonard
55553: DAKIN, D. MARTIN - Holmesian Clerihews
87046: DAKIN, SUSANNA BRYANT - The Published Writings of Francis Peloubet Farquhar Together with an Introduction to Fpf
76135: DALAND, JUDSON - The Evolution of Modern Printing and the Discovery of Movable Metal Type by the Chinese and Koreans in the Fourteenth Century Illus. with photos
87711: DALBY, RICHARD, ED - Crime for Christmas Foreword by Peter Cushing
87712: DALBY, RICHARD, ED - Tales of Witchcraft
66558: DALDORPH, BRIAN - The Holocaust and Hiroshima: Poems
92964: DALE, HARRISON CLIFFORD, ED - The Ashley-Smith Explorations and the Discovery of a Central Route to the Pacific 1822-1829 Illustrated with a map
22011: DALEY, MICHAEL, ED - Firecrackers 1: Poems Against Trident
58181: DALEY, EDITH - The Angel in the Sun: A Book of Poetry Foreword by Henry Meade Bland
91137: DALEY, DIANNE - Exotic Vegetarian Cooking
15443: DALGLIESH, ELIZABETH RHODES - The History of Alpha Chi Omega 1884-1948 Illus. with photos
7019: DALGLIESH, ALICE - Reuben and His Red Wheelbarrow B/w & color illus. by Ilse Bischoff
49219: (DALI, SALVADOR) - Art in Jewels by Salvador Dali: The Collection of the Owen Cheatham Foundation
15442: DALLA COSTA, MARIAROSA AND SELMA JAMES - The Power of Women and the Subversion of the Community
18670: DALLA COSTA, MARIAROSA AND SELMA JAMES - The Power of Women and the Subversion of the Community
3602: DALLA COSTA, MARIAROSA AND SELMA JAMES - The Power of Women and the Subversion of the Community
58381: DALLAS, H. A - Mors Janua Vitae: A Discussion of Certain Communications Purporting to Come from Frederic W.H. Myers Intro. by Prof. W. F. Barrett
85044: DALLET, MADAME [ÉMILIE MORET], M. [AUGUSTE] FABRE AND M. & MADAME [JULES] PRUDHOMMEAUX - Twenty-Eight Years of Co-Partnership at Guise: Being the Second Edition of "Twenty Years of Co-Partnership at Guise Trans. by Aneurin Williams. Intro. by the Right Hon. Thomas Burt, M.P
327: DALLIN, DAVID J - The Real Soviet Russia Trans. by Joseph Shaplen
4056: DALLIN, DAVID J. AND BORIS NICOLAEVSKY - Forced Labor in Soviet Russia
48182: DALLIN, DAVID J., ET AL, PREPARED BY - Slave Labor in Russia: The Case Presented by the American Federation of Labor to the United Nations
77915: DALLIN, DAVID J. AND BORIS NICOLAEVSKY - Forced Labor in Soviet Russia
90137: DALLIN, ALEXANDER AND BERTRAND M. PATENAUDE, EDS - Soviet Scholarship Under Gorbachev
92322: DALLIN, ALEXANDER AND GEORGE W. BRESLAUER - Political Terror in Communist Systems
96095: DALLIN, DAVID J - Soviet Russia and the Far East
92464: DALLIN, ALEXANDER - The Month of Decision: German-Soviet Diplomacy, July 22 - August 22, 1939
96105: DALLIN, DAVID J - Soviet Russia's Foreign Policy 1939-1942 Translated by Leon Dennen
79092: DALLIN, ALEXANDER AND GAIL W. LAPIDUS, EDS - The Soviet System in Crisis: A Reader of Western and Soviet Views
29620: DALLMAN, ELAINE, ED - Woman Poet, Volume One: The West Illus. with photos
38562: DALLMAN, ELAINE, ED - Woman Poet, Volume One: The West Illus. with photos
43868: DALLMAN, ELAINE, ED - Woman Poet, Volume One: The West Illus. with photos
49603: DALLOZ, JACQUES - La Guerre D'Indochine 1945-1954
98112: DALRYMPLE, GWYNNE - Feet of Clay With b/w illustrations
93251: DALTON, EMMETT, IN COLLABORATION WITH JACK JUNGMEYER - When the Daltons Rode Illustrated with b/w photos
82880: DALTON, ARLENE - First Lady Dress-Up Book (Cover Title: My First Lady Book) Illustrated in color by Charlotte Jetter
40174: DALUEGE, LT. GENERAL K(URT) - Jewry and Penal Punishment: A Statement by Lt. General Daluege to the Press
23020: DALY, EILEEN - Pebbles Flintstone Runaway
37691: DALY, LLOYD W - Aesop with Morals: The Famous Fables, and a Life of Aesop, Newly Translated and Edited by... Illus. by Grace Muscarella
42915: DALY, LAWRENCE - The Miners and the Nation Foreword by Tom Swain, M.P. (North-East Derbyshire)
95446: DALY, ELIZABETH - The Book of the Crime
70056: DALY, REGINALD A - Biographical Memoir of William Morris Davis, 1850-1934 Presented at the Academy at the Annual Meeting, 1944
70329: DALY, LAWRENCE - A Young Miner Sees Russia Illus. with photos
45941: DAMALI, NIA - Golden Names for an African People Cover design by Babatunde Khalid Shabazz Adbullah
53734: DAMALI, NIA (PAT STEGALL) - I Am Natural: New and Selected Poems and Short Stories Cover art by Zachariah Anderson. Graphics by Ayesha Hassan
14680: DAMAS, LEON - African Songs of Love, War, Grief, & Abuse Designed & illus. by Georgina Betts. Trans. by Miriam Koshland & Ulli Beier
47414: DAMAS, L.-G - Pigments - Névralgies Dessin hors-texte de Max Pinchinat
80918: DAMAS, L.-G - Pigments - Névralgies Dessin hors-texte de Max Pinchinat
47912: DAMME, B - De Roeping Van Den Mensch, Is Mensch Te Zijn: Natur, de Mensch En Zijn Samenzijn
90864: DAMODARA SWAMI, BHAKTISVARUPA [THOUDAM DAMODARA SINGH] - Fundamental Principles of Reincarnation
48023: DAN, LIDIYA - Iz Vstrech S Veroi Nikolaevnoi Figner
54790: DAN, THEODORE - Proiskhozhdenie Bolshevizma: K Istorii Demokraticheskikh I Sotsialisticheskikh Idei V Rossii Posle Osvobozhdeniya Krestyan
54685: DANA, ARNOLD G(UYOT) - Prosperity" Problems: Why, Whence, Wither? and with What Part in World Welfare?
93419: DANA, RICHARD HENRY, JR - Two Years Before the Mast: A Personal Narrative of Life at Sea Edited from the original manuscript and from the First Edition, with Journals and Letters of 1834-1836 and 1859-1860, and notes by John Haskell Kemble. With original illustrations by Robert A. Weinstein
98136: DANA, RICHARD HENRY, JR - Two Years Before the Mast: A Personal Narrative of Life at Sea Edited from the original manuscript and from the First Edition, with Journals and Letters of 1834-1836 and 1859-1860, and notes by John Haskell Kemble. With original illustrations by Robert A. Weinstein
92155: DANA, ROBERT - The Dark Flags of Waking: XI Riddles on an Unfamiliar Theme
83111: DANA, HENRY WADSWORTH LONGFELLOW - Drama in Wartime Russia B/w photo illus.
81741: DANCIN' CROW, VICKI - Some Thoughts on Feminism & Sexual Politics
37319: DANDAVATE, MADHU - Evolution of Socialist Policies and Perspectives 1934-84
12128: DANDEKAR, N., M.P. AND D.N. PATODIA, M.P - Naxalbari: A Report
45942: DANDRIDGE, JUANITA M - Crawdads, Persimmons and Wild Plums: Things I Want My Grandchildren to Know Illus. by Alvin Batiste
57530: DANDRIDGE, GWEN. KALIA KLIBAN, CO-EDITOR - Berkeley Morris Cookbook: Cakes & Ales
85491: DANFORD, H. EDMUND - Soakum: A Story Illustrated by Donald Ross
17503: DANFORTH, WILLIAM H - Russia Under the Hammer and Sickle: Impressions Written to the Purina Family Illus. with photos
7262: DANGE, S.A - India from Primitive Communism to Slavery
10109: DANGE, S.A - On the Indian Trade Union Movement: Reports to a Convention of Communist Party Members Working in the Trade Union Movement, Calcutta, May 20-22, 1952
11939: DANGE, S.A - For Anti-Imperialist Unity, Democratic Consolidation: Speech by S.A. Dange at the International Conference of Communist and Workers' Parties
12005: DANGE, S.A., M.P - The "Need-Based" Strike: From the Speech in Lok Sabha on 11 November 1968
35309: DANGE, S. A - Goa: What Next?
35310: DANGE, S. A - Literature and the People: Address to the Fourth All-India Progressive Writers' Conference on 22nd May 1943, in Bombay Foreword by Sajjad Zaheer
35311: DANGE, S. A - Not "People's Raj" But Police Raj: S.A. Dange Indicts Bombay Govt
37910: DANGE, S.A - India from Primitive Communism to Slavery
68124: DANGE, S. A - Dange Fights Anti-Strike Bill: Speech in the Bombay Legislative Assembly Preface by P. B. Rangnekar
68125: DANGE, S. A - In the Rear of the 14th Army: Why India Is Not Mobilised
68126: DANGE, S. A - India and You Intro. by Clemens Dutt
19240: DANIEL, R. J - The War between the Patriarchy and the Pagan Goddess: Numerology and the Original Authors' (Sic) of the Bible, and the True Numerology of the Patriarchy
24076: DANIEL, WALTER C - De Lawd": Richard B. Harrison and the Green Pastures
28954: DANIEL, BRADFORD, ED - Black, White and Gray: Twenty-One Points of View on the Race Question
30509: DANIEL, ANITA - The Story of Albert Schweitzer B/w illus by W. T. Mars & b/w photos by Erica Anderson
54515: DANIEL, T. CUSHING - Real Money Versus False Money - Bank Credits: The Most Important Factor in Civilization and Least Understood by the People
57390: DANIEL DE LEON LEAGUE - Freedom Vs. Capitalism
73110: DANIEL, GEORGE - Recollections of Charles Lamb
95911: DANIEL, Y[ULI] (PSEUDONYM OF NIKOLAI ARZHAK) - The Man from M.I. S. P Translated by M. V. Nesterov
74491: DANIEL, ANA - Bali Behind the Mask Foreword by R. Buckminster Fuller
54275: DANIELEWICZ, ROSA - Rose Petals Designed & illus. by the author
84973: DANIELLS, LAURENDA AND STANLEY E. READ, COMP - More Recreation for the Contemplative Man: A Supplemental Bibliography of Books on Angling and Game Fish in the Library of the University of British Columbia
92167: DANIELS, FRED HAMILTON - The Furnishing of a Modest Home Introduction by Henry Turner Bailey. Illustrated with b/w photos
15446: DANIELS, KAY AND MARY MURNANE, COMP. & INTRODUCED BY - Uphill All the Way: A Documentary History of Women in Australia
15540: DANIELS, DORIS GROSHEN - Always a Sister: The Feminism of Lillian D. Wald
17021: DANIELS, NORMAN - Operation VC
38741: DANIELS, ELIZABETH ADAMS - Jessie White Mario, Risorgimento Revolutionary
40882: DANIELS, MARILYN - The Dance in Christianity Illus. with b/w drawings and photos
52040: (DANIELS, GEORGE AND WILLIAM HARVEY) - Black Marines Against the Brass
54276: DANIELS, CHARLES - Gloria Amoris: Sonnets and Other Poems with a Note on Personal and Objective Poetry
74053: DANIELS, DEBORAH, ED - Education by, for and About African Americans: Profiles of Several Black Community Schools
71848: DANIELS, ROBERT VINCENT - The Conscience of the Revolution: Communist Opposition in Soviet Russia
5064: DANIELSSON, BENGT - Raroia: Happy Island of the South Seas Trans. from the Swedish by F.H. Lyon. Illus. with b/w photos
96988: DANILEVSKY, G. P - Moscow in Flames Translated by Dr. A. S. Rappoport
89006: DANILOVA, ALEXANDRA - Choura: The Memoirs of Alexandra Danilova Illustrated with b/w photos
53404: DANISH, MAX D - The World of David Dubinsky
80569: DANJUMA, [R. OKPARA] - Love, War and Politics: It's All in the Game: A Baker's Dozen of Prose, Poetry and Essays
83444: DANK, N. R., COMP. & ED - Indians of Middle America, the Maya, the Aztec: Compilation of Relevant Documents
57374: DANN, JIM - Communists Try to Organize "Factories in the Fields": Organizing California Migrant Workers in the Great Depression Illus. with photos
83017: DANN, GEORG EDMUND - Martin Heinrich Klaproth (1743-1817): Ein Deutscher Apotheker Und Chemiker, Sein Weg Und Seine Leistung Illustrated with b/w photos & charts
98406: DANN, CHRISTINE - Up from Under: Women and Liberation in New Zealand 1970-1985 Illustrated with b/w photos
10235: DANNENBERG, ROBERT - La Municipalité Social-Démocrate de Vienne Illus. with photos
10237: DANNENBERG, ROBERT - Die Sozialdemokratische Gemeindeverwaltung in Wien Illus. with photos
16268: DANNENBERG, KARL - Karl Marx, the Man and His Work and the Constructive Elements of Socialism: Three Lectures and Two Essays
22654: DANNENBERG, KARL - Karl Marx, the Man and His Work and the Constructive Elements of Socialism: Three Lectures and Two Essays
54667: DANNENBERG, KARL - The Road to Power, or; the Constructive Elements of Socialism
54853: DANNENBERG, KARL - The Road to Power, or; the Constructive Elements of Socialism
75700: DANNENBERG, LINDA, PIERRE LEVEC AND PIERRE MOULIN - Pierre Deux's Brittany: A French Country Style & Source Book Illus. with photos by Guy Bouchet
69688: DANNER, MARGARET - Impressions of African Art Forms
69689: DANNER, MARGARET - Iron Lace
52489: DANNHAEUSER, NORBERT - Contemporary Trade Strategies in the Philippines: A Study in Marketing Anthropology
27136: DANSKA, HERBERT - The Street Kids
72962: DANTE ALIGHIERI - The Purgatorio of Dante Alighiero
80568: DANTICAT, EDWIGE - From the Ocean Floor: A Novel Excerpt. " in "Short Fiction by Women
34892: DANTON, GEORGES JACQUES - Speeches of Georges Jacques Danton With a Critical Introduction by Paul Frolich
71841: DANTON, GEORGES JACQUES - Speeches of Georges Jacques Danton With a Critical Introduction by Paul Frolich
59468: DANZIG, DAVID - In Defense of "Black Power
54277: DANZIGER, ADOLPHE (PSEUDONYM OF ADOLPHE DANZIGER DE CASTRO) - In the Garden of Abdullah and Other Poems
46940: DAPONDES, ANDREW - The Cuban Crisis and the Chinese-Indian Border War
95822: DARACK, ED - 6194 Denali Solo Illustrated with b/w photos
46656: DARBY, DOUGLAS - Lenin, Master or Monster?: The Text of an Address Given at the Wallace Theatre, Sydney University, April 17th, 1970 on the Occasion of Lenin's Birthday
10125: DARCY, SAM - An Eye-Witness at the Wreckers' Trial
15554: DARCY DE OLIVEIRA, ROSIKA AND MIREILLE CALAME - Liberation of Woman: To Change the World and Re-Invent Life
21920: DARCY, SAM - What's Happening in the U.S. S.R. ?
30659: DARCY, SAMUEL ADAMS - The Battle for Production
51453: DARCY, M. M - To an Atomic Scientist
62954: DARCY, SAM - The Challenge of Youth: Why Every Young Worker Should Join the Young Workers Communist League Illus. with photos & drawings
76197: DARCY, C. P - The Encouragement of the Fine Arts in Lancashire 1760-1860
94582: DARCY, SAM - An Eye-Witness at the Wreckers' Trial
70330: DARCY, SAM - The Fallacy of Technocracy Intro. by Lincoln Steffens
57865: DARDEL, THORA - Konfektasken Illus. with ten plates, each by a different artist including Otte Sköld, Per Krogh, Fernand Léger, Chas Laborde, Isaac Grünewald, Pascin, Nils Dardel, Karl Jungstedt, Kisling & Sven Krueger
39312: DARDEN, JOE T - Afro-Americans in Pittsburgh Illus. with maps & charts
15447: DARDIGNA, ANNE-MARIE - Femmes-Femmes Sur Papier Glacé
9244: DARGAN, OLIVE TILFORD - Innocent Bigamy and Other Stories
82181: DARINGER, HELEN FERN - Mary Montgomery, Rebel B/w Illustrations by Kate Seredy
82182: DARINGER, HELEN FERN - Debbie of the Green Gate Illustrated by Edward & Stephani Godwin
27054: DARK, E. P - Medicine and the Social Order
3321: DARK, ELEANOR - The Timeless Land
91039: DARK, E. P - The Press Against the People
54296: DARLING, E. SHELDON - The Unpardonable Sin and Other Poems
97494: DARLING, SIR MALCOLM - The Punjab Peasant in Prosperity and Debt Foreword by Sir Edward Maclagan, late governor of the Punjab. Illustrated with b/w photos & maps
92402: DARLING, ESTHER BIRDSALL - Boris, Grandson of Baldy 4 b/w plates + chapter headpieces & endpapers by Jacob Bates Abbott
84043: DARLINGTON, SANDY - The New Oakland a's Illustrated by Julie Reynolds
27593: DARMSTAEDTER, F - Germany and Europe: Political Tendencies from Frederick the Great to Hitler
40331: DARROW, CLARENCE S - Realism in Art and Literature With Crime and Criminals by Darrow
40332: DARROW, CLARENCE S - How Voltaire Fooled Priest and King
46657: DARROW, CLARENCE - The Famous Examination of Bryan at the Scopes Evolution Trial
47020: DARROW, CLARENCE - The Famous Examination of Bryan at the Scopes Evolution Trial
50064: DARROW, CLARENCE - The War in Europe: A Lecture Delivered Before the Chicago Society of Rationalism, at Germania Theatre, 64 East Van Buren Street, Chicago, ILL
56211: DARROW, CLARENCE - The Famous Examination of Bryan at the Scopes Evolution Trial
56212: DARROW, CLARENCE - The Famous Examination of Bryan at the Scopes Evolution Trial
56267: DARROW, CLARENCE - Clarence Darrow's Plea in Defense of Loeb and Leopold (August 22, 23 and 25, 1924)
56987: DARROW, CLARENCE - The Open Shop: A Defense of Union Labor
56893: DARROW, CLARENCE - The Open Shop: A Defense of Union Labor
61978: DARROW, CLARENCE AND WALLACE RICE - Infidels and Heretics: An Agnostic's Anthology
83134: DARROW, CLARENCE - The Famous Examination of Bryan at the Scopes Evolution Trial
9843: DARUSHENKOV, OLEG - Cuba, El Camino de la Revolución Illus. with photos
97832: DARVILL, FRED T - Orcas Island: The Gateway to Utopia Illustrated with b/w photos
79631: DARWIN, CHARLES - The Descent of Man
58203: DARWISH, MAHMUD - Stranger in a Distant City
97991: DARY, DAVID - Cowboy Culture: A Saga of Five Centuries Illustrated with b/w photos, drawings & maps
54795: DAS GUPTA, RANAJIT - Problems of Economic Transition: An Indian Case Study Foreword by Maurice Dobb
77903: DAS, SITANSHU - The Future of Indian Democracy
66566: DAS, A. K. & M. K. DEV ROY - A General Account of the Mangrove Fauna of Andaman and Nicobar Islands Illus. with photos & charts
85571: DÁS, BHAGAVAN - The Science of Emotions
27678: DASBACH, ANITA - Czechoslovakia's Youth
70668: DASCAL, MARCELO - La Sémiologie de Leibniz
80306: DASGUPTA, SURENDRANATH - A History of Indian Philosophy
12129: DASS, SHRI RAM PRASAD AND SHRI BENI SHANKER SHARMA, M.P - Naxalbari Agitation, Some Questions & Consequences: Submitted to Bharatiya Jana Sangh Working Committee at Its Meeting at Simla on June 30 & July 1 & 2, 1967 by Bengal Pradesh Secretary, Shri Ram Prasad Dass and Shri Beni Shanker Sharma, M. P
41470: DASS, AROKIA, WITH ASSISTANCE FROM NIALA MAHARAJ - Not Beyond Repair: Reflections of a Malaysian Trade Unionist
46423: DASSMANN, ERNST, HERAUSGEGEBEN - Vivarium: Festschrift Für Theodor Klauser Zum 90. Geburtstag
47416: DATHORNE, O. R., EDITED & INTRODUCED BY - Caribbean Narrative: An Anthology of West Indian Writing
87892: DAUDET, LÉON - Le Partage de L'Enfant: Roman Contemporain Illustrations d'après les peintures de A. Cahard
90462: DAUDET, ALPHONSE - La Chèvre de M. Segui Illustrations de Jacqueline Ide. Text lu par Fernandel enregistré sur Disque Decca
88061: DAUDET, ALPHONSE - Histoire D'Un Enfant: Le Petit Chose Préface de P. J. Stahl. Dessins par P. Philippoteaux
66430: DAUER, ROSAMOND - The 300 Pound Cat B/w illus with orange accents by Skip Morrow
12687: (DAUGHERTY, JAMES, 20 B/W ILLUS AND COLOR D/J ILLUS). DAUGHTERTY, SONIA - Ten Brave Men: Makers of the American Way
15613: DAUGHERTY, HARRY M., IN COLLABORATION WITH THOMAS DIXON - The Inside Story of the Harding Tragedy Intro. by William P. Fall. Illus. with photos
29450: (DAUGHERTY, JAMES. B/W ILLUS. WITH TAN & GREEN ACCENTS). - Walt Whitman's America: Being Selections from Leaves of Grass, Democratic Vistas, Specimen Days and Portraits of Lincoln Selected by Daugherty
61044: DAUGHERTY, JAMES - Of Courage Undaunted: Across the Continent with Lewis and Clark With 20 b/w illus. & color illus. d.w. by the author
81746: DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, OAKLAND CHAPTER - Year Book 1956-1957, Oakland Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution
81745: DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, CALIFORNIA STATE SOCIETY - Year Book 1953-1954, California State Society, Daughters of the American Revolution Illustrated with b/w photos
81747: DAUMAS, GENERAL EUGENE - Women of North Africa; or, "the Arab Woman Translated by A. G. H. Kreiss
84144: DAUZ, FLORENTINO - Essays of a Decade (Title on Dust Wrapper: Essays of a Decade, Volume One: From Marcos to Marcuse) Introduction by O. D. Corpuz
51398: DAVENPORT, WILLIAM HENRY - The True Ballad of the Galloping Hearse Illus. by Donald Greame Kelley
52990: DAVENPORT, JOE AND TODD S. J. LAWSON - The Empire of Howard Hughes Illus. by Davenport
59195: DAVENPORT, MAY - Two Plays: "of Sailing Ships and Ghostly Beings"; "Love Is to Ride the Storms
70055: DAVENPORT, CHARLES B - Biographical Memoir of George Davidson, 1825-1911 Presented at the Academy at the Annual Meeting, 1937
86001: DAVENPORT, CHARLES BENEDICT - Heredity in Relation to Eugenics Illustrated with b/w photos, drawings & maps
86662: DAVENPORT, JOHN S - German Church and City Talers 1600-1700 Illustrated with b/w photos
36859: DAVEY, PETE - Poetry
18942: DAVID, JAY, ED - Flying Saucers Have Arrived!
33178: DAVID, REX - Schools and the Crisis

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