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013446: MCGRADY, S. H. - Digest of British History, A.
008550: MCGUIRE, FRANCES MARGARET - Bright Morning : The Story of an Australian Family Before 1914
012050: MCKENNA, Y. B. - Taylor's Outlaws (A Black Horse Western)
007933: MCLAREN, MORAY - Sir Walter Scott : the Man and Patriot
015470: MCLEOD, KIRSTY. - Last Summer. May to September 1914, The.
008045: MCNABB, VINCENT J. - Path of Prayer : Extracts from the Diary of Sir Lawrence Shipley
000834: MCNEIL, ALLAN & LILLIE, J. A. - Mercantile Law of Scotland, The.
012634: MCOWAN, RENNIE; SCOTT, SIR WALTER; MACKAY, JOHN - Stories of Stirling and Rob Roy Country
004756: MCQUILLAN, KARIN - Elephant's Graveyard
004187: MCVEY, W. P. W - Gathered from the East
012576: MEISNER, DR. OSKAR - Briefe Goethes Und Schillers in Auswahl Fur Den Schulgebrauch Herausgegeben
015373: MEISSNER, A.G. - Skizzen. Dritte und Vierte Samlung (3 & 4).
000464: MELLING, LEONARD - Before History : a Book of Self-Evident Truth
012061: MELVIN, ERIC; GOULD, IAN; THOMPSON, JOHN - New Scottish History: Book Two, A.
002451: MENDEZ, FRANCISCO RAMOS - Derecho Procesal : Guia Para El Estudio y El Trabajo Cientifico y Profesional
011046: MEREDITH, GEORGE - Reading of Life with Other Poems, A.
004607: MERRICK, LEONARD - House of Lynch, the
009655: MERRICK, LEONARD - Call from the Past and Other Stories
015688: MERRIDEW, JOHN. - Catalogue of Engraved Portraits of Nobility, Gentry, Clergy and Others, Born, Resident in, Or Connected With the County of Warwick; Alphabetically Arranged, With Names of the Painters and Engravers, And the Size of Each Plate, A.
000409: METH-COHN, DELIA - Vienna Art and History
000627: METHLEY, VIOLET - Lydia Gaff
009005: MEYNELL, VIOLA - Lovers (originally Published as 'Follow Thy Fair Sun')
005740: MICHIE, ALLAN A. - Crown and the People, The.
010761: MIELCHE, HAKON - Journey to the World's End
010905: MIELCHE, HAKON - Land of the Condor
009178: MILJKOVIC, BRANKO - Najlepse Pevaju Zablude
006749: MILL, ANNA J. - Junior History of Great Britain for Scottish Schools : Part I to the Union of the Crowns, A.
006453: MILLAR, JOHN HEPBRUN - Scottish Prose of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries : Being a Course of Lectures Delivered in the University of Glasgow in 1912
004316: MILLER, HELEN HILL - Greek Horizons
015352: MILLER, WILLIAM. - Legend of the Trossachs and Other Poems, A.
014602: MILLER, D. - Dow Crag Area (The English Lake District)
014984: MILLINGTON-DRAKE, SIR EUGEN - Round the World "Goodwill" Lecture Tour with Special Reference to India, Pakistan and Ceylon, A.
011182: MILNE, A. A. - Acting Edition of Mr. Pim Passes By, The.
012868: MILNE, JAMES - Over the Hills and Far Away : A Picture in Personal Memories and Travels of How the World Wagged in the Days of Peace and Plenty
011101: MINNEY, R. J. - Woman of France, A.
013415: MITCHELL, C. BRADFORD - Without Prejudice : a History of the United States Salvage Association Inc. 1921 - 1971
012159: MITCHISON, NAOMI - What Do You Think Yourself? : Scottish Short Stories
010029: MITSCH, WERNER - Hin-und Wider Spruche
006409: MITTON, R. G. - Heat, Light and Sound.
010954: MOGRIDGE, STEPHEN - Merlin's House
011451: MOLDON, DAVID - Bibliography of Russian Composers, A.
003538: MOLLOY, E. - Newnes Electrical Tables and Data
012060: DE MONBRISON, A. - Chateaux En France
015609: MONSON, W. J. - Lays from an East African Lyre
010150: MOODY, RON - Amazon Box, the
013238: MOON, CHUNG-IN - Arms Control on the Korean Peninsula : Domestic Perceptions, Regional Dynamics, International Penetrations
013786: MOONEY, BEL (EDITOR) - Vintage Book of Marriage, The.
011483: MOORE, JERROLD N. - Elgar Discography, An.
014534: MOORE, DORIS LANGLEY - Doris Langley Moore's Book of Scraps : New Verses for Old Pictures
002646: MOREHEAD, PHILIP P. & MACNEIL, ANNE. - Bloomsbury History of Music
009895: MORELLO, GIOVANNI (EDITOR) - Illustration : Ten Centuries of Illustration from the Most Precious Mediaeval and Renaissance Codices in Existence (From the Exhibition The Illustrated Classics)
009141: MORGAN, CHRIS (EDITOR) - Dark Fantasies : 16 Original Horror Stories
013999: MORGAN, EDWIN (EDITOR) - Scottish Satirical Verse : An Anthology
010271: MORGAN, GEOFFREY - Summer of the Seals
011591: MORGAN, CHLORIS - Meditations for Beginners
015561: MORGAN, R. C. / MORGAN, RICHARD COPE. - Glimpses of Four Continents. Being an Account of the Travels of Richard Cope Morgan.
009557: MORLEY, MARGARET - Ten Days in China
014412: MORRIS, JOHN - Two Men in a Flying Machine
010994: MORTON, MRS. JAMES - Clarkson Gray, and Other Poems.
011582: MOSBY, ADOLPH BERG OG OLAV - Musikselskabet Harmonien 1765 - 1945 Bind I
006742: MOTT, F. B. - Before the Crisis
004263: MOTTRAM, V. H., GEORGE GRAHAM - Hutchinson's Food and the Principles of Dietetics
011030: MOULT, THOMAS (SELECTED BY) - Best Poems of 1931, The.
010676: MOUNTEBANK, MATT - How to Chat-up Women
013336: VISCOUNT LAMBTON MP - Harold Wilson and His Friends
006910: MUIR, W. A.; GEORGE H. GREEN - Health and Cleanliness : a Textbook for Teachers
009122: MUIR, AUGUSTUS - Castles in the Air
012087: MULLEN, DR. RICHARD; ANTHONY TROLLOPE - Anthony Trollope : a Pocket Anthology
015622: PUBLIUS VERGILIUS MARO. / VIRGIL / TRANSLATED BY ALEXANDER FALCONER MURISON. - Bucolics & Georgics of Vergil. Rendered in English Hexameters, The.
006084: MURPHY, CLAIRE COLETTE - Woman as Church : The Challenge to Change
005347: MURRAY, GILBERT - Benn's Augustan Books of Poetry : No. 41, Gilbert Murray
015394: MURRAY, LINDLAY. - Lecteur Francois: Ou, Recuiel De Pieces, en Prose et en Vers, Tirees des Meilleurs Ecrivains
008780: DE MUSSET, ALFRED (EDITED BY RAYMOND WEEKS) - Quatre Comedies : Les Caprices De Marianne; Barberine; on Ne Saurait Penser a Tout; Bettine
004741: MUSSON, J. WINDSOR - Organized Discussion
011459: MYHILL, HENRY - North of the Pyrenees
011276: NAGLEROWA, HERMINIA - Loves and Ambitions
012569: NAUSS, A. W. - Origin of Mountains; A Preliminary Report (Diatomic Research Bulletin No. 1), The.
006864: NAUTA, J. - Texel : Portret Van Een Eiland (Portrait of an Island)
010208: NEAL, K. W. - British Academic Libraries
010209: NEAL, K. W. - Technical College Libraries
011081: NEELE, HENRY - Romance of History: England (The Chandos Classics), The.
010218: NEVISON, HENRY W. - Farewell to America
006080: NEWBIGIN, MARION - Life By the Seashore : An Introduction to Natural History
015584: NEWPORT, CECIL, A. - Conduct of Meetings. A Handbook for the Guidance of Chairmen, Secretaries, Delegates, Councillors and All Who Attend Public, Business and Other Meetings, The.
007952: NEWTON, MARK - Complete Family Camper, The.
012264: NICHOLSON, JOYCE - Questions Around the World
012244: NICOLSON, LAURENCE JAMES - Songs of Thule
007786: NIELD, DOROTHEA - Adventures in Patchwork
014082: NINOMIYA, TAKAMICHI; ENRIGHT, D. J. (INTRODUCED BY) - Poetry of Living Japan: An Anthology, The.
009142: NIVEN, JENNIFER - Ice Master: The Doomed 1913 Voyage of the Karluk, The.
010253: NORMAN, THEODORE - Outstretched Arm: The History of the Jewish Colonization Association, An.
012707: NORRIE, CHARLES MATTHEW - Bridging the Years : a Short History of British Civil Engineering
010075: NORRIS, W. E. - Matthew Austin
010076: NORRIS, W. E. - Nature's Comedian
006900: NORTH, SANSOUCY - Temple Into Time
015008: NORTHEAST, J. L. - With an Artist in Winchester
014069: NOYES, ALFRED - New Morning, The.
003723: O'BRIEN, PHIL - Memories of the Irish Israeli War
014350: O'BRIEN, MRS. CHARLOTTE - Ben Holt's Good Name
004774: O'CONNOR, PATRICK - Into the Strong City
014241: O'DONNELL, JOSEPHINE - Among the Covent Garden Stars
008255: O'FLAHERTY, LIAM - Irish Portraits : 14 Short Stories
003238: O'HAGAN, JOAN - Incline and Fall : The Death of Geoffrey Stretton
004063: O'SULLIVAN, TIMOTHY - His Holiness, Pope John Paul II
013821: OBRAZTSOV, SERGEI - On What I Saw, Learned and Understood During Two Visits to London
012649: OGILVIE, ELISABETH - No Evil Angel
001743: OLDFIELD, JENNY - Said the Blind Man
013939: OSBORNE, W. A. - Essays and Studies
004629: OSBORNE, BRIAN D. ; RONALD ARMSTRONG - Wicked Men and Fools : A Scottish Crime Anthology
007061: LORD GUTHRIE & OTHERS - Charles Edward Green
007874: OVENDEN, MICHAEL - Looking at the Stars
015238: OWENS, WILLIAM, A. - Slave Mutiny. The Story of the Revolt on the Schooner Amistad.
014495: OXENHAM, ELSIE J. - Goblin Island
013646: OXENHAM, JOHN - Barbe of Grand Bayou
009940: PAIN, TIMOTHY - Dear Theo
015692: PALEY, WILLIAM. ANNOTATIONS BY RICHARD WHATELY. - View of the Evidences of Christianity. In Three Parts, The.
011610: PANATI, CHARLES - Supersenses : Our Potential for Parasensory Experience
014676: PAPADOPOULOS, S. A. - Monastery of St. John the Theologian : Historical - Archaeological Guide
002425: PARKER, JOSEPH - Ad Clerum : Advices to a Young Preacher
009619: PARKINSON, DAVID - Young Oxford Book of Cinema, the
009057: PARRY, EDWARD ABBOTT - Gamble Gold
015607: PARTINGTON, S. W. - Danes in Lancashire and Yorkshire, The.
012667: PATIENCE, JOHN - Tall Stories : a Book of Giants
010958: PATTEN, JOHN A. - Sir Walter Scott : a Character Study
015721: PATTERSON, ARTHUR H. ('JOHN KNOWLITTLE'). - Through Broadland in a Breydon Punt. With Sketches By the Author and Photos.
011731: PATTERSON, N. H. - Lawn Tennis Courtcraft : Tactics and Psychology
011934: PATTERSON, NORMAN H. - Complete Lawn-Tennis Player, The.
008504: PAUL, DOROTHY - Dorothy : Revelations of a Rejected Soprano
015695: PAUL-DUBOIS, L. - Contemporary Ireland. With an Introduction By T. M. Kettle.
012615: PAULIN, DOROTHY MARGARET - Wan Water, The.
002387: PAYNE, PETER F. - British Commercial Institutions.
003944: PAYNE, ROBERT - Royal Players, the (a Novel of William Shakespeare and His Troupe of Players)
014946: PEACH, EMILY - Things That Go Bump in the Night : How to Investigate and Challenge Ghostly Experiences
014475: PEARCE, CHARLES W. (EDITOR) - Rudiments of Musical Knowledge, The.
000758: PEARSON, NANCY - Mademoiselle B
015660: PEARSON, JOHN. - The Life of William Hey, Esq. F.R.S. Member of the Royal College of Surgeons in London; Honorary Member of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland; Of the Royal Medical Society of Edinburgh; And of the Literary and Philosophical Society of Manchester.
005904: PEDDIE, ALEXANDER - Practical Measurer or Tradesman and Wood Merchants Assistant
009211: DALIBOR MARTINIS ; EDITED BY DAVOR MATICEVIC; ESSAYS BY DAVOR MATICEVIC AND BOJANA PEJIC - Dalibor Martinis Installations and Videotapes (instalacije i Videovrpce)
015716: PERCIVAL, M.D., THOMAS. - Father's Instructions: Adapted to Different Periods of Life, From Youth to Maturity; And Designed to Promote the Love of Virtue, A Taste for Knowledge and Attentive Observation of the Works of Nature. In Three Parts, A.
013857: PERERA, ANNA - Guantanamo Boy
008089: PERRIER, J.-L. - Le Charroi De Nimes Chanson De Geste Du XIIe Siecle
011969: PERRY, ARTHUR LATHAM - Political Economy
006179: PHILBRICK, F. A. - Introduction to Physical Chemistry, An.
014105: PHILLIPS, HUBERT; FALCONER, PEARL - Meet William Shakespeare
001038: PHILLIPS, WM. B. - Accounts of Executors, Administrators and Trustees (With a Summary of the Law in So Far as it Relates to the accounts)
001937: PHILLIPS, GARY - Perdition U.S.A.
013763: PHILLIPS, H. LAWRENCE - Cap'n Benny
012117: PHILLIPSON, ANDREW TINDALL (EDITOR) - Physiology of Digestion and Metabolism in the Ruminant : Proceedings of the Third International Symposium, Cambridge, England, August 1969
014439: PIKE, ISABEL - At Bruckendale Manor
002875: PILGRIM, DAVID. - Emperor's Servant: Four Tales of the Napoleonic Wars, The.
006339: PINDER, POLLY - Scents & Fragrances (Home-made 6)
015267: PLUMB, CHARLES - Walking in the Grampians
009147: POCHE, EMANUEL; JOSEF EHM - Cechy Umelecke Pamatky (Bohemia Art Monuments; Bohmen Kunstdenkmaler)
005374: POCOCK, D. A. (EDITOR) - Stories for Reproduction
014529: POCOCK, DORIS O. - Second Fiddle
014968: POOLE, DAVID - Norwich Sketches
012348: POPE-HENNESSY, UNA - Laird of Abbotsford: An Informal Presentation of Sir Walter Scott, The.
013848: PORTER, SHEENA - Valley of Carreg-Wen, The.
001121: POTTINGER, GEORGE - Whisky Sour
013287: PRATT, EDWIN A. - Notable Masters of Men : Modern Examples of Successful Lives
005487: PRESCOTT, DOROTHY M. (EDITOR) - Golden Book of the Year, The.
014445: PRESCOTT, OLIVERIA - About Music, and What it is Made of : a Book for Amateurs
005382: PRESTON, JACK - Funny Business
014363: PRICE, JOYCE AND DICK - Everybody's Different
004453: PRIDE, NIGEL - Butterfly Sings to Pacaya: Travels in Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize, The.
009652: PRINGLE, PATRICK - Romance of Medical Science, the
012417: PRINGLE, PATRICK - Lion of Africa : The Story of David Livingstone
012005: PRITCHETT, RON - Cougar City (A Black Horse Western)
010239: PROTOPAPAS, GEORGE - Chile: Allende and After
009696: PROUDFOOT, EDWINA V. W. (EDITOR) - Discovery and Excavation in Scotland 1986
012750: PURCELL, HENRY - Didon et Enee : Creation D'un Opera Le Nom D'Oedipe Au Festival d'Avignon
011117: PUXLEY, W. LAVALLIN - Magic Land of the Maya, The.
012555: PYONG, CH'ON SANG (TRANSLATED BY BROTHER ANTHONY OF TAIZE AND YOUNG-MOO KIM) - Back to Heaven: Selected Poems of Ch'on Sang Pyong
009155: QUEEN, ELLERY (EDITOR) - L as in Loot : 10 Stories from Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine
011990: LE QUEUX, WILLIAM - Her Royal Highness : a Romance of the Chancelleries of Europe
008830: RAUCH, PROF. DR. CHR. - English Repetitional Grammar (Englische Repetitions-Grammatik)
011613: RAUNIE, EMILE - Chansonnier Historique Du XVIII Siecle, Volume VI
011614: RAUNIE, EMILE - Chansonnier Historique Du XVIII Siecle, Volume II
014317: READER, W. J. - Architect of Air Power : The Life of the First Viscount Weir of Eastwood 1877 - 1959
004988: REDHEAD, T. W. - French Revolutions from 1789 to 1848, The. Volume I
011305: REDHEAD, T. W. - French Revolutions from 1789 to 1849, The. Volume II
010742: REES-DAVIES, IEUAN - Sight-Singing Course or the Non-Specialist Teacher, A.
010777: REESER, EDUARD (EDITOR) - Music in Holland : a Review of Contemporary Music in the Netherlands
012877: REGNIER, MATHURIN; DE VIAU, TH.; SAINT-AMANT - Poesies Choisies
015646: RHODES, GEOFFREY. - Dalmatia: The New Riviera. Illustrated with Numerous Photographs and a Map.
009024: RICHARDS, JON ; STEPHEN COLE - "Ace Lightning" Official Guide Book
015612: RICHARDSON, ROBERT. - Ralph's Year in Russia. a Story of Travel and Adventure in Eastern Europe.
010754: RIDDELL, PATRICK - Irish - Are They Real?, The.
015521: RIDDELL, MARJORIE. - Model Beginning, A.
009767: RIDGE, W. PETT - Mixed Grill
005145: RIDGWAY, REV. C. J. - Holy Communion. Instructions and Devotions.
013144: RIES, FRANZ (ARRANGED BY) - Mountains High: Irish Air Arranged for Violin and Piano, The.
007597: RIOU, JEAN-MICHEL - Le Mille-Pattes
013183: RIVERS, ANGELA - Emmeline Hope
006911: ROBB, DOUGLAS - Law and the Doctor
015179: ROBB, A. M. - Studies in Naval Architecture. Strength-Rolling
007858: ROBERTS, SUSAN (EDITOR) - More Poetry Please!: A Further Selection of Popular Poems from the Radio 4 Series
013824: ROBERTSON, JAMES K. - About St. Andrews - and About
009881: ROBERTSON, J. LOGIE (HUGH HALIBURTON) - Horace in Homespun and Other Scots Poems. Memorial Volume
015668: ROBERTSON, ERIC S. - Old St. Andrews
012975: ROBERTSON, ROBERT H. S. - Cracked Cornucopia or Scotland's Pattern of History. Essays Towards a Cultural History, The.
013598: ROBERTSON, MIMA - Castilian, The.
014227: ROBERTSON, MOLLIE - Sand, the Wind and the Sierras: Days in Patagonia , The.
009054: ROBINSON, H. PERRY - Life Story of a Black Bear, The.
009362: ROBINSON, F. A. - Gift of Good Health, The.
013922: LIU PO-CHEN; TRANSLATED BY LEWIS S. ROBINSON - Ancient China's Poets
007308: ROBSON, ANDY (COMPILER) - Short & Curlies : Out-Takes from the World of Sport
002196: ROCHE, ALEX. E. - Pyelography : Its History , Technique , Uses and Dangers
009734: RODAHL, KAARE - Between Two Worlds : a Doctor's Log-book of Life Amongst the Alaskan Eskimos
007787: ROGERS, E. V. - Rabbit Control in Woodlands : Forestry Commission Booklet No. 14
015553: STANLEY ROGERS - Crusoes and Castaways
010031: ROHL, LUDWIG - Musiker Biographien. Erster Band: Mozart
012457: ROOKE, PATRICK J - Wind of Change in Africa, The.
013884: ROPER, ESTHER G. - Select Passages Illustrating Florentine Life in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries
003360: ROSE, LIONEL - Young Offenders and the Law
011819: ROSE, MICHAEL - Ten Dances in a Popular Latin-American Style (Easier Piano Pieces No. 83)
001082: ROSS, FRANK - 65th Tape, the
003280: ROSS, JEAN - Godfathers, the : a Novel of Relationships
004600: ROSS, DAVID (EDITOR) - From Scenes Like These: Scottish Anecdotes and Episodes
011824: ROSS, DAVID (SELECTED BY) - Little Book of Scottish Verse: With Illustrations from the National Gallery of Scotland, A.
013151: ROSS, DAVID. R. - On the Trail of William Wallace
014001: ROSS, MICHAEL - Bougainville
008619: ROSSI, PHILIP - Investment and Investors
012603: ROUMANILLE, J.; CHARLES-ROUX, J. - La Provence (Contes et Legendes Des Provinces Francaises)
010028: ROUSSEAU, JEAN JACQUES - Thoughts on Education (The People's Classics - No. 10)
010058: ROUSSEAU, JEAN JACQUES - Discours Lettre Sur Les Spectacles (Extraits)
007678: ROWLINSON, JOHN - J.77 are You Receiving?
015715: RUSCONI, CARLO. - Giovanni Bentivoglio, Storia Bolognese Del Secolo Decimoquinto, Compliata Da Carlo Rusconi.
011083: RUSH, CHRISTOPHER - Two Christmas Stories
012189: RUSH, CHRISTOPHER - Twelvemonth and a Day, A.
014496: RUSKIN, JOHN - Sesame and Lilies
008957: RUSSELL, ARCHIBALD G. (INTRODUCTION) - British Council: Ausstellung Der Werke Von William Blake, The.
014839: RUSSELL, GEORGE, W. E. - Some Theepenny Bits
014800: RYAN, REV. P. - Catholic Doctrines Explained and Proved
008919: RYBOT, MAJOR N. V. L. - Islet of St. Helier and Elizabeth Castle Jersey, the
014026: SABA, UMBERTO; TRANSLATIONS BY FELIX STEFANILE - Umberto Saba : Thirty-One Poems
008955: SABIN, JOSEPH; WILLBERFORCE EAMES - Bibliotheca Americana : A Dictionary of Books Relating to America, from Its Discovery to the Present Time. Parts CXVII, CXVIII and CXIX, Smith (H. H.) To Smith (Rob.)
003410: SAINTSBURY, GEORGE. - French Lyrics.
002832: SALISBURY, ROGER - Holy Spirit Experience, The
003804: SALMOND, J. B. - Old Stalker and Other Verses, The.
012858: SALUS, HUGO (TRANSLATED BY ALETHEIA C. CATON) - Children : a Maerchen (the Mother Books - I)
011279: SAMPSON, GEORGE - Seven Essays
007270: SAMUEL, LEITH - Impossibility of Agnosticism, The.
002188: SAMUELS, H. - Industrial Law
015572: SANDRAZ, GATIEN DE COURTILZ DE. - Memoirs of Monsieur D'Artagnan. Captain of the 1st Company of the King's Musketeers. Part III- The Captain.
011697: SAUVE, CH. - Dieu Intime Elevations Dogmatiques. Tome IV
009658: SAVA, GEORGE - Doctor's Odyssey, A.
011825: SAVAGE, RICHARD CLOUDESLEY (SELECTED AND TRANSLATED BY) - Casements : Being Fifty Poems By Fifty French Poets 1820 - 1920
012192: SAVILLE, MARGARET - Princess Anne : First Souvenir Book
005391: SAXBY, ARGYLL - Black Lizard : a Story of Adventure in the Syrian Desert
003768: SAYERS, JANE E. - Focus on History : Life in the Medieval Monastery
011448: SCHEREK, JEFFREYS - Background to Music
010801: SCHMOLT, AXEL - Autographen-Auktionen 29. September 2001
002593: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - La Maison De Snoopy
006582: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - Snoopy Festival, the (with an Introduction By Charlie Brown)
006812: SCLATER, IAN - Mirrors : Words and Songs
011165: SCOBIE, ALASTAIR - Women of Africa
015392: SCOT, A. - Nouveau Recueil; Ou Melange Litteraire, Historique, Dramatique et Poetique, a L'Usage des Ecoles et des Amateurs de la Lange Francaise: Le Tout Reunissant L'Agreable, Le Curieux et L'Utile
005941: SCOTT, WALTER. - Provincial Antiquities of Scotland.
009802: SCOTT, REV. J. G. DAWSON - By Fin, Fur and Feather : a Series of Addresses on Familiar Animals in Water, Earth and Air
015665: SCOTT, HEW. - Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae: The Succession of Ministers in the Parish Churches of Scotland, from the Reformation, AD 1560, to the Present Time.
011951: SCRIABINE, A. - Cinq Preludes Pour Piano Op. 16 (5 Preludes for Piano)
006482: SCRIVNER, JANE - Jane Scrivner's Water Detox : Total Health and Beauty in 8 Easy Steps
012973: SEARLE, GRAHAM (EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, FRIENDS OF THE EARTH) - Project Earth : An Action Guide for Young People
008767: SEARLE, OLIVER IREDALE - Prey for Life
009073: SEDGWICK, S. N. - Master of the Commandery, The.
014458: SEGALINI, SERGIO - Callas : Portrait of a Diva
006148: SEIDMANN, GERTRUD - Fritz Und Liesl : Ein Deutsches Lesebuch Fur Anfanger
006793: SELKIRK, ANDREW & WENDY - Current Archaeology Handbook 2005 - 2006
015673: SELLERS, EDWIN JAQUETT. - Allied Families of Delaware. Stretcher, Fenwick, Davis, Draper, Kipshaven, Stidham.
003087: SELWYN, WILLIAM. - Cape Carols and Miscellaneous Verses.
015642: SHACKEL, R. G. - Modern School Electricity and Magnetism, A.
000288: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; EDITED BY W. G. CLARK AND WILLIAM ALDIS WRIGHT - Shakespeare Select plays. The Tragedy of King Richard II
013100: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; MUSIC BY ERNEST NEWTON - In Springtime : Duet for Soprano and Contralto; Soprano and Baritone or Tenor and Baritone
013812: SHANKS, EDWARD - My England
011857: SHAPIRO, HYMAN - Keir Hardie and the Labour Party (Then and There Series)
015445: SHARPE, WILLIAM / CORNISH C J / ARMSTRONG, WALTER. - The Portfolio. Monographs on Artistic Subjects Edited By P G Hammerton; Fair Women in Painting and Poetry. By William Sharpe. Bound with; The New Forest. By C J Cornish. Bound with; Thomas Gainsborough. By Walter Armstrong
002336: SHAW, WILLIAM - Securities Over Moveables : Four Lectures Delivered at the Request of the Society of Accountants in Edinburgh, the Institute of Accountants and Actuaries in Glasgow and the Institute of Bankers in Scotland , in 1902-3
014154: SHAW-SPARROW, W. - Apostles in Art. Being a Companion Volume to the Gospels in Art, The.
007969: SHELDON, CHARLES M. - Our Exemplar; or, "What Would Jesus Do?"
006347: SHELL. - Oil for Everybody.
012261: SHELTON, JESS - Hangman's Song
015679: SHERLOCK, THOMAS. - Appendix to the Second Dissertation Annex'd to the Discourse on the Use and Intent of Prophecy, Viz. The Sense of the Ancients Before Christ Upon the Circumstances and Consequences of the Fall., An.
012513: SHEWAN, DOUG - Heilan Mixture: The Poetry of Doug Shewan, A.
013227: SHIN-YONG, CHUN (GENERAL EDITOR) - Folk Culture in Korea (Korean Culture Series 4)
011023: SHIRER, WILLIAM L. - All About the Sinking of the Bismarck
010831: SID-AHMED, MOHAMED - After the Guns Fall Silent : Peace or Armageddon in the Middle-East
003090: SIDDONS, ANNE RIVERS - Low Country
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012331: SIMPSON, JAMES A. - All about Christmas : The Traditions and Meaning of the Festive Season with a Good Helping of Humour
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008582: SKINNER, BASIL - Burns : Authentic Likenesses
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003345: SMITH, FRANK - Candles for the Dead
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009649: SMITH, RAY CAMPBELL - Drawing Landscapes (Understand How to Draw DS9)
011287: SMITH, J. SUTCLIFFE - Musical Pilgrimage in Yorkshire, A.
015527: SMITH, IAIN CRICHTON. - Thoughts of Murdo
015633: SMITH, D. C. - St. Andrews Lyrics and Miscellaneous Poems
015220: SMITH, EDWARD. - Foods.
009127: SOLJAN, DR. NIKSA NIKOLA (EDITOR) - Recurrent Education in Yugoslavia
012702: SOMERVILLE-LARGE, PETER - Tribes and Tribulations : a Journey in Republican Yemen
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015282: STABLES, GORDON. - How Jack Mackenzie Won His Epaulettes
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007219: STEWART, IAN - Round Glasgow By Tram
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010196: STOKES, WILLIAM S. - Honduras : An Area Study in Government
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012046: STOTT, LOUIS. - Ring of Words: Literary Landmarks of Stirling and Clackmannan, The.
013246: STOUGHTON, JOHN - Worthies of Science (Bacon, Copernicus, Descartes, Pascal, Boyle, Locke and more)
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010086: STRATEGICUS - From Tobruk to Smolensk
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012029: STRIDE, J. - Devil's Laughter (Large Print)
012033: STRONG, WILLIAM - High Buzzard Trail (Large Print)
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012517: KIM IL SUNG - Talk with the Managing Editor of the Japanese Politico-Theoretical Magazine "Sekai"
012518: KIM IL SUNG - Talk with the Managing Editor of the Japanese Politico-Theoretical Magazine "Sekai"
012519: KIM IL SUNG - Youth Must Take Over and Carry Forward the Revolution, The.
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013441: SYMONS, ARTHUR - Sixteenth-Century Anthology, A.
003234: SYNGE, W. W. FOLLETT. - Tom Singleton.
014319: TALBOT, FREDERICK A. - All About Aircraft of Today
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010039: THOMA, LUDWIG - Ein Münchner im Himmel
013570: THOMAS, C. L. R. - Address : Formal Methods to Persons of Rank
012464: THOMPSON, F. E. - Elementary Greek Syntax, An.
009055: THOMSON, A. A. - Great Men : Volume One : William Pitt the Younger; Sir Philip Sidney; H. G. Wells; General Wolfe; Frank Woolley
012027: THORN, HARRY JAY - Hard Ride to Primrose (A Black Horse Western)
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012651: TRENT, PAUL - First-Born, The.
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013707: VICTOR, JEFFREY - Let's Find Skipper
015643: VIDAL, GORE - Messiah
012609: VIER, JACQUES - Histoire De La Litterature Francaise : XVIe - XVIIe Siecles
010650: VILLARET, BERNARD - Arts Anciens Du Perou
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010618: VOLKOFF, VLADIMIR - Tchaikovsky : A Self Portrait
000429: WADDELL, RUTHERFORD - Until the Day Dawn: A Message of Comfort for War Time
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014973: WAINWRIGHT, NAOMI - Island Pony Club
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012607: WASHER, GEORGE (COMPILED BY) - Sussex County Cricket Club : A Complete Record of Sussex County Cricket 1728 to 1957
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015590: WATANNA, ONOTO. - Japanese Nightingale, A.
014255: WATSON, JAMES A.S. & MORE, JAMES A. - Stamps and Aircraft
014461: WATTS, ANTHONY J. - U-Boat Hunters, The. (A Macdonald Illustrated War Study)
011479: WEARNE, PHILLIP - Maya of Guatemala, The.
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012602: WEBSTER, GARY - Journey Into Light : The Story of Louis Braille
011435: WEINGARTNER, FELIX - Lebens Erinnerungen : Erster Band
011828: WEIR, MOLLY - One Small Footprint
015232: WELLS, W. - Wells' Book on the Culture of the Chrysanthemum For Exhibition, Decoration, Cut Flower and Market. With Numerous Woodcuts and Photographs of the Different Breaks, Insect pests etc.
010616: WELSH, DAVID - Adam Mickiewicz
009464: WEOR, SAMAEL AUN - Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology
015222: WESTELL, W. PERCIVAL - British Bird Life : Being Popular Sketches of Every Species of Bird Now Regularly Nesting in the British Isles
015558: WESTMACOTT, RICHARD. - Handbook of Sculpture, Ancient and Modern
009765: WEYMAN, STANLEY - From the Memoirs of a Minister of France
012435: WHEALE, PETER; MCNALLY, RUTH (EDITORS) - Bio-Revolution: Cornucopia or Pandora's Box?, The.
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010579: WHITE, PAUL - Jungle Doctor's Enemies
009450: WHITECHAPEL, SIMON - Slaughter King: Or, the New Atalanta, The.
013551: WHITMAN, SIDNEY - Personal Reminiscences of Prince Bismark
009664: WHYTE, ALEXANDER; SANTA TERESA - Santa Teresa : An Appreciation
011967: WICKHAM, HILARY - Galleywise : Not Just a Cookbook
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011109: WILL, WILLIAM (EDITOR) - Chronicles of the Caledonian Society of London 1945 - 1952, The.
006475: WILLIAMS, EDWIN B. - Technical and Scientific French
013188: WILLIAMS, HARLEY - Great Biologists
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012628: WILLIAMSON, J. R. - Ballad of a Jester and Other Poems, The.
000489: WILSON, AUGUSTA J. EVANS - Infelice
000943: WILSON, BARBARA - Late Summer
004826: WILSON, PROFESSOR - Essays Critical and Imaginative (Volume II)
007791: WILSON, JOHN - Do You Really Want to Know God?
009908: WILSON, AGNES AUSTEN - Meditations in Verse for My Family and Clan
010047: WILSON, THEODORA WILSON - Cousins of Falkland, the
012462: WILSON, RICHARD - Pattern Prose : Part IV : a Study of Changes in Prose Style
012632: WILSON, RICK - Amsterdam Silver, The.
015319: WILSON, DR, ANDREW - Before the Doctor Comes
010013: WISHART, DR. JEAN F. - Woven Threads
006969: DE WITTE, YSABEL - Wolf Cub, The.
009287: WOLLASTON, GERALD W. - Knights Bachelor 1938 - 1939 : A List of the Existing Recipients of the Honour of Knighthood, Together with a Short Account of the Origin, Objects and Work of the Imperial Society of Knights Bachelor
015582: WOOD, CHARLES. - In the Valley of the Rhone
003358: WOODS, GERALD - Art of Landscape and Seascape Painting , the
001274: WOOLNER, A. H. - Modern Industry in Britain
014420: WRIGHT, ISABELLA MURRAY; TRANSCRIBED BY SUE JAMIESON - Stirling Letters Written in 1894 at 26 Victoria Place, Stirling
012019: WRIGHT, ADAM - Ghost Dance (A Black Horse Western)
012399: WRIGHT, RONALD SELBY - Haply I May Remember
012432: WRIGHT, RONALD SELBY; LOOS, AMANDUS WILLIAM - Asking Why : Informal Talks on the Christian Faith By a Padre to His Boys
012465: WRIGHT, REV. RONALD SELBY - Greater Victory: Further Broadcast Talks By the Radio Padre, The.
010561: WRIGHTSON, PATRICIA (SELECTED BY) - Beneath the Sun : An Australian Collection for Children
014840: WURR, H. J. - Who Dies Next
008970: WYATT, CHARLES HENRY - English Citizen His Life and Duties, the
007993: WYLIE, DENIS B. - Silent Shore, The.
011558: WYLIE, THOMAS - Follow the Rainbow Hame and Other Verses
014056: WYLIE, ANDREW (EDITOR) - Agenda. Giuseppe Ungaretti Special Issue . Volume 8, No. 2
009321: WYLLARDE, DORF - "Almost Meadows"
013784: WYND, OSWALD - Devil Came on Sunday, The.
010325: WYSE, W. J.; JOYCE, J. - Isle of Man Album
012558: YANG, KEY P. (COMPILER) - List of Americans' Records and Papers on Korea, A.
014213: YBARRA, T. R. - Caruso
014249: YBARRA, T. R. - Verdi : Miracle Man of Opera
012035: YEATES, G. K. - Bird Lover's Britain, A.
000719: YEATS, S LEVETT - Honour of Savelli, The
007748: YEATS-BROWN, F. - Pageant of India
009575: YEWMAN, MICK - Lyle Price Guide to Doulton
008296: YOGESHANANDA, SWAMI - Way of the Hindu, The.
013074: YORKE, JAMES - Keyboard Instruments at the Victoria and Albert Museum
006722: YOUNG, GORDON - Stalin's Heirs
012735: YOUNG, PERCY M. - World Conductors
013883: YOUNG, ANDREW - Quiet as Moss : Thirty-Six Poems
008120: ZIGROSSER, CARL. - Complete Etchings of John Marin, The.
008154: ZILLER, LEOPOLD - Wegweiser Von St. Gilgen Und Umgebung Mit Einer Wanderkarte 1 : 50.000 Und Einem Panorama
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