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015100: HARTE, BRET. / GEOFFREY BRET HARTE. - Letters of Bret Harte. Assembled and Edited By Geoffrey Bret Harte, The.
012816: HARTOG, HANS - Evangelische Katholizitat: Weg Und Vision Friedrich Heilers
013778: HARVEY, WILLIAM - Scottish Life and Character in Anecdote and Story
012574: HATFIELD, WILLIAM - I Find Australia
013555: HATVANY, DORIS - Royal Society for the Relief of Indigent Gentlewomen in Scotland. A History 1847 - 1997, The.
012751: HAUSDORFF, D. - Jom Jom : Voor De Joodse Jeugd in Nederland
015411: HAVENHAND, GREVILLE. - Nation of Shopkeepers
009577: HAWES, ESME - Life and Times of Pablo Picasso, the
012833: HAWKINS, D. J. B. - Essentials of Theism, The.
013395: HAWS, DUNCAN - Merchant Fleets 19 : White Star Line (Oceanic Steam Navigation Company)
013398: HAWS, DUNCAN - Merchant Fleets 6 : Blue Funnel Line
014486: HAY, IAN - Last Million, The.
009027: HAYCRAFT, M. S. - Our Phyllis
000641: HAYES, ROGER AND WATTS, REGINALD - Corporate Revolution: New Strategies for Executive Leadership
015123: HAYMAN, BERNARD. - Harbour Seamanship
014719: HAZLITT, W. CAREW - Faiths and Folklore : a Dictionary of National Beliefs, Superstitions and Popular Customs, Past and Current, with Their Classical and Foreign Analogues, Described and Illustrated
009392: HEAF, F. R. G.; J. B. MCDOUGALL - Rehabilitating the Tuberculous
015465: HEANEY, SEAMUS. / HUGHES, TED. - School Bag, The.
012543: HEARTZ, DANIEL - Au Pres De Vous - Claudin's Chanson and the Commerce of Publishers' Arrangements
008241: HEATH, R. B. (SELECTOR) - Theme and Variations : An Anthology of Poetry
004535: HEDDERWICK, ROBERT GROSVENOR. - Story of Self-made Men, The.
008979: HEELIS, F. (EDITOR) - Pitman's Theory and Practice of Commerce : a Complete Guide to the Methods and MacHinery of Business
011590: HEINE, HEINRICH (TRANSLATED BY J. W. ODDIE) - Choice Poems of Heinrich Heine
013603: HELDMANN, BERNARD - Belton Scholarship, The.
011301: HELPS, ARTHUR - Life of Las Casas, "The Apostle of the Indies", The.
008497: HENDERSON, FRED - Case for Socialism, The.
005952: HENDRY, DAVID W. W. - Cupar Doctors - and Their Families
015259: HENRY, MATTHEW. - Communicant's Companion: Or, Instructions and Helps For the Right Receiving of the Lord's Supper, The.
003253: HENWOOD, MELANIE; WICKS, MALCOLM ; RIMMER, LESLEY - Inside the Family : Changing Roles of Men and Women : Occassional Paper Number 6
004530: HERBERT, CHARLES. - Doreen.
000936: HERGESHEIMER, JOSEPH - Quiet Cities
012201: HERRON, ANDREW; TUTON, ROY M. (EDITORS) - Church of Scotland Year Book 1989, The.
012257: HERRON, ANDREW (EDITED BY) - Church of Scotland Year Book 1980 (Ninety-fifth Year of Issue), The.
013020: HEWITSON, JIM - Jim Hewitson's Scottish Miscellany
009056: HEWLETT, DOROTHY - Flying Horse, The.
009771: HEWLETT, MAURICE - Loving History of Peridore and Paravail, the
013608: HIGGINS, ELIZABETH - Out of the West
008091: HIGGINSON, G. R. - Foundations of Engineering Mechanics
008621: HIGGINSON, JOHN HEDLEY - Tariffs at Work : An Outline of Practical Tariff Administration, with Special Reference to the United States and Canada
008215: HIGHAM, FLORENCE - Lancelot Andrewes
012126: HIGHAM, CHARLES - Films of Orson Wells, The.
014630: HILL, ROBIN A. (EDITOR) - R. L. S. in a South Seas World. Robert Louis Stevenson's Voyages on the Pacific Ocean
007405: HILL, ROBIN A. - R.L.S., Francophile : Robert Louis Stevenson in France
007986: HILL, REV. ROBERT - Pulpit and the Children : Addresses to the Young
008342: HILL, PAMELA - Flaming Janet
009556: HILL, JUSTIN - Bend in the Yellow River, A.
012036: HILL, ANN (EDITOR) - Visual Encyclopedia of Unconventional Medicine, A.
013949: HILL, BRIAN (COMPILER) - Pleasure Garden : An Anthology of Prose and Verse
013751: HILL, PAMELA - Forget Not Ariadne
005368: HILLAS, NORMAN - Quintet : 5 One-act Plays
013690: HILLIS, NEWELL DWIGHT - Man's Value to Society: Studies in Self-Culture and Character, A
013048: HILLS, JANET - Fragments
005330: HINXMAN, MARGARET - One-way Cemetery
011813: HIRAO, TAEKO (COMPILED AND ARRANGED BY) - Easy Classical Piano Duets. Works By Beethoven, Schubert, Strauss and Grieg
010201: HITCHES, MIKE - Around Llandudno in Old Photographs (O Amgylch Llandudno Mewn Hen Luniau)
013664: HOBDEN, SHEILA MURIEL - George MacLeod (People with a Purpose 4)
011865: HOCKING, JOSEPH - Lest We Forget
015359: HOFLAND, BARBARA. - Integrity. A Tale.
012885: HOGG, JAMES; EDITED BY DOUGLAS S. MACK - Anecdotes of Sir W. Scott
015443: HOLE, CHRISTINA. - English Home-life 1500-1800. Illustrated from Portraits Paintings and Prints
009447: HOLLAND, CLIVE - Things Seen in Shakespeare's Country : a Description of Stratford-on-Avon & the Beautiful Countryside with Which the Great Poet Was So Closely Associated, & from Whose Charms & Historic Interest he Derived Not a Little of His Inspiration
004822: HOLLINGS, J. F. - Life of Marcus Tullius Cicero, the
006103: HOLLOWAY, RICHARD - Guardare Lontano : Per Una Spiritualita Senza Religione
006104: HOLLOWAY, RICHARD - Sul Perdono : Come Si Puo Perdonare L'imperdonabile?
007624: HOLLOWAY, RICHARD (FOREWORD); VARIOUS - Original Sins : The Canongate Prize for New Writing
012103: HOLMES, CLIVE; HOWARD, ROBERT (EDITORS) - Advances in Old Age Psychiatry : Chromosomes to Community Care
014446: HOLMES, G. AUGUSTUS; KARN, FREDERICK J. - Academic Manual of Harmony (Part I - Up to and Including the Dominant 7th) Together with Questions and Exercises, The.
013082: HOLMS, JOYCE - Bad Vibes
006428: HOLTHAUSEN, F. (EDITOR) - Havelok
012386: HOME, ANDREW - Spy in the School: A Tale of Two Chums, The.
013465: HONEYBOURNE, MARJORIE B. (EDITOR) - Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society. New Series Volume Nineteen.
012167: HONORE, YORK - Pottery Making from the Ground Up
012463: HOOKER, J. STENSON - How Not to Grow Old
010741: HOOVER, KATHLEEN; CAGE, JOHN - Virgil Thomson : His Life and Music
004606: HOPE, ANTHONY - Chronicles of Count Antonio
009071: HOPE, ANTHONY - Beaumaroy Home from the Wars
010651: HOPKINS, LEON - Hundredth Year, the
000666: HORLER, SYDNEY - Destroyer : A Story of International Espionage And the Red Haired Death.
012648: HORLER, SYDNEY - Formula; A Novel of Harley Street, The.
000698: HORNE, GEOFFREY - Land of No Escape
009642: HORTON, JAMES - Sketching
002036: HOUSBY, TREVOR - Fresh-water Fishing
014832: HOWARTH, MICK - Northern Railway Enthusiast : Volume 3, Number 8
012681: HOWARTH, PATRICK - Play Up and Play the Game : The Heroes of Popular Fiction
013609: HOWATT, REV. J. REID - Jesus the Poet : Brief Readings on the Metaphors and Similes Uttered By Our Lord in the Gospels
011942: HUDSON, W. H. - Bird Biographies of W. H. Hudson, The.
012932: HUDSON, WILLIAM HENRY - Wordsworth and His Poetry
009864: HUGHES, A. G.; E. W. PARKER (EDITORS) - Many Pathways
010455: HUGHES, RUPERT - Love Affairs of Great Musicians: Volume II, The.
010919: HUGHES, RUPERT - Love Affairs of Great Musicians Volume I, The.
013665: HUGHES, ROSEMARY - Beethoven : A Biography with a Survey of Books, Editions and Recordings (A Concertgoer's Companion)
000297: HUGO, VICTOR - Hernani, Marion De Lorme
008558: HUGO, VICTOR - Odes et Ballades
011597: HUGO, VICTOR (EDITED BY HENRY LLEWELLYN WILLIAMS) - Literary Life and Poetical Works of Victor Hugo, The.
004365: HULBERT, ALASTAIR - Gift Half Understood : Essays on a European Journey
007238: HUME, JOHN R.; MOSS, MICHAEL S. - Glasgow at War : Volume One
004699: HUME BROWN, P. - John knox. A Biography. (volume 2).
008940: HUNT, ARTHUR B. - Culmination - a Wartime History 1938 - 1945 from Peace .. To World War .. On to Victory
013970: HUNT, LEIGH - Town: Its Memorable Characters and Events, The.
003284: HUNTER, PETER - Better Badminton
007356: HUNTER, REV. JOHN - Commercial Precis-Writing
009189: HUNTER, HUGH; HUNTER, RIDDELL - Folk National and Art Songs, Book I (School Edition - Staff)
009190: HUNTER, HUGH; HUNTER, RIDDELL - Folk National and Art Songs, Book II (School Edition - Staff)
012608: HUXLEY, JULIAN - Wonderful World of Evolution, The.
009381: HYATT, ALFRED H. (COMPILER) - Charm of Edinburgh: An Anthology, The.
002924: INCHFAWN, FAY - Through the Windows of a Little House.
012654: INGELOW, JEAN - Laura Richmond
012650: INGERSOLL, RALPH - Covering All Fronts : a Personal Account of the War on a 30,000 Mile Front
011361: INKPEN, MICK - Threadbear
014746: FOXFORD (SELECTED AND INTRODUCED BY) - Horse and Hound Foxhunting Companion
008343: IQBAL, MUHAMMAD - Way of the Muslim, The.
006394: IRELAND, DONALD - Successful Rugby
011916: IRELAND, JOHN - Darkened Valley, The.
005584: IRVINE, A. M. - Dreams of Orlow, The.
015093: IRVINE, JOHN. - Treasury of Irish Saints, A.
004470: IRVINE, PATRICK. - Considerations on the Inexpediency of the Law of Marriage in Scotland.
014872: IRVING, LAURENCE - Successors, The.
009418: IRVING, JOHN. - Dumbarton Castle. Its Place in the General History of Scotland, Forming Part I of a Revised History of Dumbartonshire.
012992: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Old Christmas and Other Papers (The Brodie Books Number Sixty)
013906: IRVING, GORDON (COMPILED BY) - Wit of the Scots, The.
011207: JACHIMECKI, ZDZISLAW - Wladyslaw Zelenski
012439: JACK, D. T. (CHARIMAN) - Administrative Organization for Economic Development : Report of a Conference Pembroke College, Cambridge, 1959
003448: JACKSON, ROBERT - Wind of Death
006024: JACKSON, JEAN & FRANK. - Dog Tales: An Anthology
007637: JACKSON, ALICE SOPHIA - Queen Caroline
015449: JACKSON, STANLEY. - Savoy. The Romance of a Great Hotel, The.
015084: JACKSON, ROBERT WYSE. - Memorial Sermon Preached at Drumcliffe on the Occasion of the Centenary of the Birth of William Butler Yeats, A.
014517: JACKSON, HOLBROOK - Essays of To-day and Yesterday : Holbrook Jackson
006503: JACOB, NAOMI - Wind on the Heath
008295: JACOBS, RABBI DR. LOUIS - Way of the Jews, The.
012424: JACOBS, LOUIS (EDITOR) - Jewish Mystics, The.
014838: JACOBS, W. W. - Deep Waters
004145: JACOT, R. M. - Useful Cane Work Part I
007683: DI JACOVO, LUIGI - Alba e Non Alba
010740: JAGGER, PETER J. (EDITOR) - Gladstone, Politics and Religion : A Collection of Founder's Day Lectures Delivered at St. Deiniols' Library, Hawarden, 1967-83
013947: JAGGER, J. HUBERT (CHOSEN BY) - Poet's Progress: An Anthology of English Lyrical Verse, The.
002319: JAMES, ALEXANDER. - Divagations of a Doctor. Being a Commixture in Prose and Verse : Medical and Lay, Social and Personal, Grave and Convivial, Polite and Vulgar.
010961: JAMES, HENRY - Within the Rim and Other Essays 1914-15
013310: JAMES, PHILIP - Early Keyboard Instruments from Their Beginnings to the Year 1820
013339: JAMESON, JOHN GORDON - Bringer of the Good News. Three Studies I. The Humour of Jesus; II. The Ideal of the Gentleman. III. Why Jesus Died, The.
012332: JAMIESON, STANLEY (EDITOR) - Water of Leith; A Collection of Essays About the River By Various Authors, The.
012127: JARDINE, ALLEN - Robinson Crusoe's Inselcartoons
006192: JARVIS, H. WOOD. - Pharaoh to Farouk.
013685: JAY, SIMON - Sleepers Can Kill
010135: JEAN-AUBRY, G. (TRANSLATED BY PERCY A. SCHOLES) - Introduction to French Music, An.
013094: JECKS, MICHAEL - Crediton Killings, The.
013644: JEFFREY, ROBERT T. - Voices from Calvary or the Seven Last Sayings of Our Dying Lord
000421: JENNER, MICHAEL - Traveller's Companion to the West Country
009138: JERGOVIC, DR. MATO - Jedinstvo Rada I Obrazovanja : Cilj Odgojno-Obrazovnog Sistema
003250: JESIONKOWSCY, BARBARA AND LESZEK - Dolina Orlich Gniazd (the Valley of Eagles Nests)
005825: JESSE, EDWARD. - Scenes and Tales of Country Life; with Recollections of Natural History.
008827: JESSEL, LEON - Parade of the Tin Soldiers (Parade Des Soldats De Bois; also Known as the Parade of the Wooden Soldiers)
015361: JEVONS, W. STANLEY. - Elementary Lessons in Logic: Deductive and Inductive. With Copious Questions and Examples, and a Vocabulary of Logical Terms.
007425: JOHN, ROMILLY AND KATHERINE - Lodgers in Sweden
006158: JOHNSON, NORMAN M.; CRAIG D. - Gibson's Studies in Geography : Book 1 Weather, Work and Wonderlands and Book II Places, Pioneers and Peoples
014342: JOHNSON, DEREK E. - East Anglia at War, 1939-1945
015374: JOHNSON, R. BRIMLEY. - Cambridge Colleges, The.
015263: JOHNSTON, JAMES B. - Place Names of Stirlingshire, The.
012671: JOHNSTON, HAMILTON - Phantom Limb, The.
004615: JONES, CAROLINE. - Search for Meaning, The.
006537: JONES, LEONARD - Winemaker's Best Cellar : The Complete Guide to Fruit Wines
010202: JONES, IVOR WYNNE - Betws-Y-Coed and the Conwy Valley
011919: JONES, GARETH - Disinherited: A Tale of the Welsh Drovers, The.
014612: JONES, TREVOR; NEILL, JOHN - Snowdon South (Climbers' Club Guides to Wales No. 8)
006078: JOSCELYN, ARCHIE - Blue River Riders
002431: JOSEPH, MICHAEL (EDITOR) - Autobiography of a Journalist , the
004188: A LONDON JOURNALIST - Hundred Per Cent for God
014217: JUDSON, DAVID - Ghar Parau
014216: JUDSON, DAVID - Ghar Parau
009626: JULLIAN, MARCEL - Louis Et Maximilien: Deux Visages De La France
008829: KAHN, GUS; CHAS ROSOFF; JOSE COLLINS - When You and I Were Seventeen (Song Waltz)
014263: KASTENDIECK, MILES MERWIN - England's Musical Poet Thomas Campion
003311: KAY, ROSEMARY - Out of Bounds
004724: KAY, BILLY - Scots Tongue, the
005075: KEARY, A. AND E. ; JOHN DRINKWATER (EDITOR) - Stories of Asgard
015448: KEEVIL, AMBROSE. - Story of Fitch Lovell 1784-1970, The.
000453: KEITH, ARTHUR BERRIEDALE - Introduction to British Constitutional Law, An.
005985: KEITH, THOMAS - New Treatise on the Use of Globes; Or, A Philosophical View of the Earth and Heavens, A.
010061: KELLER, GOTTFRIED - Zuricher Novellen
013057: KELLETT, ARNOLD - Historic Knaresborough
014605: KELLY, H. M.; PEASCOD, W. - Pillar Rock and Neighbourhood (Rock Climbing Guides to the English Lake District)
009572: KELLY, MICHAEL - Wired to the Moon
014360: KELSALL, ROBIN A. - Blairlogie Boyhood
012629: KELTON, ELMER - Bitter Trail
003689: KEMAL, YASHAR - Legend of the Thousand Bulls, the
007251: KEMP, ROBERT - Balmoral Countryside (A Jarrold Colour Book), The.
009530: KEMPF, JOZSEF - Homeros Iliasa
005480: KENDALL, GUY - Religion in War and Peace
015431: KENNEDY, DAN. - Tales of the Galloway Hills. Hill-Climbing Adventure in the Southern Uplands Including a Selection of Various Other Articles, Poems and Sketches.
013592: DEMOSTHENES; TRANSLATED WITH NOTES BY CHARLES RANN KENNEDY - Orations of Demsthenes on the Crown, and on the Embassy (Bohn's Classical Library), The.
015468: KENNEDY, MICHAEL. - Portrait of Elgar.
015088: KENNELLY, BRENDAN. - Reservoir Voices
005575: KENT, ANDREW. - Eighteenth Century Lectureship in Chemistry. Essays and Bicentenary Addresses Relating to the Chemistry Department of Glasgow University, An.
006337: KENT, JACK - Sauts, Glissades et Galipettes
012545: KENYON, NICHOLAS (EDITOR) - Early Music : Volume 12, No. 4, November 1984
014062: KEUN, ODETTE - I Discover the English
008744: KILBUCHO, T (THOMAS), T (TODD). - Clachan and Countryside
012695: KILMURRAY, ELAINE (COMPILED BY); EDITED BY RICHARD ORMOND AND DR. MALCOLM ROGERS - Dictionary of British Portraiture Volume 3. The Victorians : Historical Figures Born Between 1800 and 1860
012009: KIMBER, LEE - Gun Thunder on Eagle River (A Black Horse Western)
010734: KINDEM, INGEBORG ECKHOFF - Den Norske Operas Historie
004376: KING, H. F. - World's Fighters, The.
006398: KING, RONALD - World of Kew, The.
012549: KING, ALEC HYATT - Musical Pursuits : Selected Essays (British Library Occasional Papers 9)
012847: KING, G. A. B. - Examination Drawing for Deck Officers
013367: KING, DOROTHY - Jack-A-Dandy
004917: KING-SMITH, DICK - Philbert the First and Other Stories
007135: KINGSTON, JOHN - God and Man from Adam to Christ : a Vital First Volume of Immense Importance to the Jewish and Christian Public
008065: KINGSTON, W. H. G. - In the Eastern Seas
013358: KINGSTON, W. H. G. - Mark Seaworth : a Tale of the Indian Ocean
013433: KITTRIDGE, ALAN - Plymouth : Ocean Liner Port-of-Call
009145: KNIEPER, JUDITH; FATOS KONGOLI; YLLJET ALICKA - Albanien; Shqiperia; Albania
006444: KNIGHT, ELSIE V. M. - Golden Nature Readers : Junior Series, Book Two
012030: KNIGHT, SPENCER - Frank Bear
014622: KNIGHT, ALANNA; WARFEL, ELIZABETH STUART (COMPILED AND EDITED BY) - Robert Louis Stevenson - Bright Ring of Words
011855: KNOWLSON, T. SHARPER - Art of Thinking, The.
014763: KNOX, RONALD A. - Hidden Stream; A Further Collection of Oxford Conferences, The.
004432: KONING, CHRISTINA - Mild Suicide, A.
013908: KONISHI, MASATOSHI - Afghanistan : Crossroads of the Ages (This Beautiful World, Volume 7)
006147: KRALL, BERTHA C. - Book of Christmas, The.
009571: KRUMMACHER, F. A. ; ERNEST HOLD - Alfred and the Little Dove ; the Young Savoyard
014553: KRUTCH, JOSEPH WOOD - Twelve Seasons: A Perpetual Calendar for the Country. Essays - One for Each Month of the Year - By One of America's Foremost Naturalists, The.
011280: KUNCEWICZ, MARIA - Conspiracy of the Absent, The.
007347: KURTZ, IRMA - Malespeak
014853: KYLE, ELISABETH - West Wind
009937: KYLE, ELISABETH - Douce
015339: LACROIX, PAUL. - L'Ancienne France. Henri IV et Louis XIII. La Fronde. Etude Illustree D'Apres L'Ouvrage De M Paul Lacroix
002363: A. L. O. E. ( A LADY OF ENGLAND, CHARLOTTE MARIA TUCKER) - Try Again and Other Stories.
007087: LAIRD, SYDNEY M. - My Life Before Penicillin : a Hospital Physician Remembers
007088: LAIRD, SYDNEY M. - Roses in December : Memories of the Early Antibiotic Age
010014: LAIRD, NANCY - Kabinda Stories, the
013569: LAIRD, SIR PATRICK - Figments and Fantasies : a Selection of Verse
014522: LAMB, CHARLES AND MARY; GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - Complete Tales of Charles and Mary Lamb and Oliver Goldsmith in One Volume, The.
012620: LAMB, JOHN - Operation of Motorship Auxiliary Machinery Volume II, The.
006891: LAMONT, DUNCAN. - Poems and Songs.
010698: LAMONT, ARCHIE - Scottish Neutrality : Disarmament Means Prosperity
009041: LAMONT-BROWN, RAYMOND - Scotland of One Hundred Years Ago
014568: LAMONT-BROWN, RAYMOND - St Andrews : City of Change
008457: LANDOR, ALFRED - Muheza Station ; Edinburgh ; In the Still Summer Heat
011552: LANE, JANE. - Dark Conspiracy
012872: LANE, JOSCELYN - Fly-Fisher's Pie
011524: LANG, JOHN AND JEAN. - Stories of the Border Marches
013780: LANG, ALICE - Adventures of Hans Muller, The.
013647: LANG, FRANCES - Malcontent, The.
005321: LANGLAND, P. J. (EDITOR) - Girl's Guide to Games, Sports, Hobbies and Many Other Interests
003153: LANGLEY, BOB - Message from Baghdad
007728: LARIVE, ANDRE - Les Laval Dans Les Alpes
010498: LARKIN, MAURICE - Man and Society in Nineteenth-Century Realism : Determinism and Literature
010264: LARSEN, MAY AND HENRY - Forests of Panama, the
015473: LASCELLES, GEORGE. - Tongs and the Bones. The Memoirs of Lord Harewood, The.
012762: LATOURETTE, KENNETH SCOTT - Christianity in a Revolutionary Age. A History of Christianity in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. Volume IV. The Twentieth Century in Europe : The Roman Catholic, Protestant, and Eastern Churches
005586: LAUBER, PATRICIA - Getting to Know Switzerland
014888: LAURIN, CARL G. - Stockholm Through Artist Eyes
013827: LAWRENCE, SIR ALEXANDER - Aliunde : Translations and Verses
014581: LAWRENCE, GEORGE H. M. (COMPILED BY) - Catalogue : a Selection of 20th Century Botanical Art and Illustration Presented at XI International Botanical Congress August 1969
006949: LEATHES, AGNES - On the King's Highway : a Morality Play
008956: LEAVY, JOSEPH B. - Catalogue of the Postage Stamps and Stamped Envelopes of the United States and Possessions, Issued Prior to January 1, 1919. Smithsonian Institution United States National Museum Bulletin 105.
007524: LEE, STAN - Monsters to Laugh with
012433: LEE, SIDNEY - Great Englishmen of the Sixteenth Century
012532: LEE, KYOUNGHEE YOON (EDITOR) - Korean Culture
012557: LEE, CHAN YONG (EDITOR) - Korean Culture
014862: LEE, LAURIE - Peasants' Priest : Acting Edition for the Festival of the Friends of Canterbury Cathedral
008224: LEES, IAIN C. - Byways from Tyne to Tay
012113: LEGG, ADRIAN; LEWIN, JON; UWINS, JERRY; BACON, TONY - What Guitar : The Making Music Guide to Buying Your Electric Six String
014209: LEHMANN, LOTTE - Singing with Richard Strauss
008301: LEIGH, MICHAEL - He Couldn't Say Amen
006043: LEIPER, SALLY M. - A Kennel Club for Scotland
011543: LEONARD, R. M. (EDITED BY) - Book of Light Verse, A.
006987: LERUEZ, JACQUES - Le Royaume-Uni, Trente Ans De Difficultes
011696: LESAINT, M.-A.; VOGEL, CHR. - Traite Complet De La Prononciation Francaise Dans La Seconde Moitie Du XIXe Siecle
009131: LEVAJAC, TIHOMIR - Here We go on Trial Again
003204: LEWIN, WALTER. (EDITOR) - Lover and Other Papers of Steele and Addison, The.
001106: LEWIS MAY, J - Unchanging Witness : Some Detached Reflections on the Oxford Movement and Its Future
005420: LEYLAND, ERIC - Eagles from the South
013984: LI, ADET (TRANSLATOR) - Flower Shadows : 40 Poems from the T'ang Dynasty
011744: LICATA, GLAUCO - Immagini and Messaggi Dalla Valtellina
010707: LINDEN, EDDIE S.; TOLLEY, A. T. (EDITORS) - Aquarius 17 & 18 : a Special "Poetry of the Forties" Edition, Plus a General Section 1986/87
009264: LINDSAY, PHILIP - Bride for a Buccaneer
009355: LINDSAY, MAURICE - Unknown Scotland in Colour
011475: LINKE, LILO - Andean Adventure : a Social and Political Study of Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia
012470: LIONEL, FRÉDÉRIC - Seduction of the Occult Path: Encounters on the Road to Inner Transformation, The.
004514: LISTER, J. AND R. D. WILKINSON - Yorkshire County Cricket Club 1981
005693: LISTER, SYDNEY - "Conversion" : Being Section 1 of the Manual of Machine Woodworking
013756: LIVINGSTON, A. E. - Personal Approach to Outdoor Education : Diary of a Jordanhill Addict, A.
005447: LIVINGSTONE, SIR RICHARD - Some Thoughts on University Education
012661: LOCHHEAD, MARION - Highland Scene
010072: LOCKE, A. T. - "Hell-Bent" Harrison : a Western Story
014648: LOCKETT, W. G. - Robert Louis Stevenson at Davos
005288: LOCKHART, SIR ROBERT BRUCE - My Scottish Youth
011243: LODIN, NILS; WENTZ, MARY - World Review 1965 : The Year in Pictures
005197: LOGAN, JOHN. - China, Old and New.
012020: LONG, ELLIOT - Marshal of Gunsight (A Black Horse Western)
012057: LONG, ELLIOT - Savage Land (Large Print)
012590: LONGAUD, F. - Notre Departement : Cahier d'Instruction Civique 5e
012593: LONGAUD, F.; BRUNSVICK, Y. - La France Dans La Communaute Internationale : Instruction Civique 1re
012594: LONGAUD, F. - Notre Vie Quotidienne : Livret D'Instruction Civique 4e
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011083: RUSH, CHRISTOPHER - Two Christmas Stories
012189: RUSH, CHRISTOPHER - Twelvemonth and a Day, A.
008938: RUSHTON, CHARLES - No Beast So Fierce
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014496: RUSKIN, JOHN - Sesame and Lilies
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014839: RUSSELL, GEORGE, W. E. - Some Theepenny Bits
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014800: RYAN, REV. P. - Catholic Doctrines Explained and Proved
008919: RYBOT, MAJOR N. V. L. - Islet of St. Helier and Elizabeth Castle Jersey, the
014026: SABA, UMBERTO; TRANSLATIONS BY FELIX STEFANILE - Umberto Saba : Thirty-One Poems
008955: SABIN, JOSEPH; WILLBERFORCE EAMES - Bibliotheca Americana : A Dictionary of Books Relating to America, from Its Discovery to the Present Time. Parts CXVII, CXVIII and CXIX, Smith (H. H.) To Smith (Rob.)
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007271: SAMUEL, LEITH - Impossibility of Agnosticism, The.
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014629: SIMPSON, E. BLANTYRE - Robert Louis Stevenson's Edinburgh Days
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008582: SKINNER, BASIL - Burns : Authentic Likenesses
002360: SLATER, REV. T. - Points of Church Law, Mysticism, and Morality.
009160: SLAVUJEVIC, DR ZORAN - Yugoslav Trade Unions
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013319: SMITH, J. E. - Parliamentary Representation of Surrey from 1290 to 1924 Being a List of the 2454 Members for the County and Its Derivative Boroughs with an Index and Some Introductory Notes, The.
015220: SMITH, EDWARD. - Foods.
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015058: SOTHERN, J. W. M. - Marine Diesel Oil Engines. A Manual of Marine Oil Engine Practice. Seventh Edition, Complete in 2 Volumes.
012278: SOUTAR, ANDREW - Sinister River
015323: SPALDING, M J. - Miscellanea: Comprising Reviews, Lectures and Essays on Historical, Theological and Miscellaneous Subjects. 2 Volumes in 1.
002450: SPALDING, K. J. - Essays on the Evolution of Religion and an Essay on Law and Morality
014492: SPALDING, KEITH - Long March, The.
005481: SPENDER, BRENDA E. - On'y Tony's Circus
003521: SPINK, GEOFF (EDITOR) - Best of From Our Own Correspondent 4, The.
015430: SPRENGEL, KURT. - Literatura Medica Externa Recentior Seu Enumeratio Librorum Plerorumque et Commentariorum Singularium, Ad Doctrinas Medicas Faqcientium, Qui Extra Germanium Ab Anno Inde 1750 Impressi Sunt: Edita a Curtio Sprengel.
006119: SPRINGER, NORMAN - Dark River, The.
013967: SQUIRE, J. C. (COMPILER) - Comic Muse: An Anthology of Humorous Verse, The.
005251: ST. JOHN, JOHN - Trick of the Sun (A Tragi-Comedy), A.
013637: STABLES, GORDON. - In the Great White Land : a Tale of the Antarctic Ocean
007063: STACPOOLE, H. DE VERE - Bird Cay
013388: STAMMERS, MICHAEL - Liverpool : The Port and Its Ships
009534: STANDING, MICHAEL; KERRIDGE, RONALD - Francis Frith's Sussex Revisited : Photographic Memories
005550: STANLEY, JOHN - Fools, The.
010784: STANLEY, ARTHUR (SELECTOR) - Seven Stars of Peace: An Anthology for the Times, The.
015401: STANLEY, ARTHUR PENRHYN. - Historical Memorials of Westminster Abbey.
011724: STEEN, MARGUERITE - Duel in the Dark
015003: STENNETT, PEGGY - Pram, Plough and Putter
001123: STEPHENS, R. N. - Enemy to the King, An.
012579: STEPHENS, WILSON - Great Ouse: Fenland's Father (Rivers of Britain), The.
015152: STERLING, L. - Pumping Systems and Their Ancillary Equipment
009412: STEUART, M. D. - Scottish Provident Institution 1837 - 1937, The.
012653: STEVENS, JILL - Jane's Lonely Donkey
014208: STEVENS, JOHN; CUDWORTH, CHARLES; DEAN, WINTON; FISKE, ROGER; EDITED BY PHYLLIS HARTNOLL - Shakespeare in Music : a Collection of Essays with a Catalogue of Musical Works
003875: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Some Letters of Robert Louis Stevenson
006826: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS; DUNN, S. G. (EDITOR) - Book of Selections from the Writings of R. L. Stevenson, A.
007074: STEVENSON, DRUMMOND - Memories
014638: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The. (The Miniature Classics Library).
009094: STEWART, ALISON - People of Ardmore
011688: STEWART, ALEXANDER - Our Temperaments : Their Study and Their Teaching. A Popular Outline
007219: STEWART, IAN - Round Glasgow By Tram
013699: STEWART, AVERIL - My Spring and Theirs
010120: STIRTON, JOHN (EDITOR) - Transactions of the Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland 1936. Fifth Series, Volume 48 (XLVIII)
005023: STOCKHAM, PETER (SELECTOR) - Chapbook Riddles: Reprints of Six Rare and Charming Early Juveniles
009962: STOKER, JANE - Home Comfort : a Complete Manual of Domestic Economy for Schools and Colleges (Stewart's School Series)
010196: STOKES, WILLIAM S. - Honduras : An Area Study in Government
007860: STONE, AARON (PRODUCED BY) - Souvenir and Easy Guide to New York
013832: STONEMAN, RICHARD (EDITOR) - Literary Companion to Travel in Greece, A.
015332: STORY, ROBERT HERBERT. - Church of Scotland, Past and Present: It's History, It's Relation to the Law and State, It's Doctrine, Ritual, Discipline and Patrimony, The. / Complete 5 Volume Set.
010848: STOTT, LOUIS. - Robert Louis Stevenson & France
012044: STOTT, LOUIS. - Ring of Words: Argyll, The.
012046: STOTT, LOUIS. - Ring of Words: Literary Landmarks of Stirling and Clackmannan, The.
014632: STOTT, LOUIS. - Robert Louis Stevenson & France
013246: STOUGHTON, JOHN - Worthies of Science (Bacon, Copernicus, Descartes, Pascal, Boyle, Locke and more)
004688: STRABEL, THELMA - Sugar Castle
012622: STRANGE, NORA K. - According to Jill
006328: STRANGER, JOYCE - Vet Riding High
010086: STRATEGICUS - From Tobruk to Smolensk
003236: STREATFEILD, G. S. - Mind of the Spectator Under the Editorship of Addison and Steele, The.
009102: STREDDER, ELEANOR - Lost in the Wilds of Canada
012029: STRIDE, J. - Devil's Laughter (Large Print)
011519: STRONG, PATIENCE - Sunny Side, The.
012033: STRONG, WILLIAM - High Buzzard Trail (Large Print)
008743: STRONG, PATIENCE - Winding Road, The.
005505: STUCKI, LORENZ - Swissair : Das Portrat Einer Erstaunlichen Fluggesellschaft
011369: STUDER, HANS K.; BARBARA YOUNG - World Review 1967 : The Year in Pictures
014510: STURSBERG, PETER - Journey Into Victory : Up the Alaska Highway and to Sicily and Italy
003743: SUCKLING, REV. R. A. J. (PREFACE BY) - Christian's Handy Book of Prayer , the
005467: SULLY, KATHLEEN M. - Small Creatures
008302: SUMMERS, GILBERT J. - Rob Roy MacGregor : Rogue or Romantic Hero?
012517: KIM IL SUNG - Talk with the Managing Editor of the Japanese Politico-Theoretical Magazine "Sekai"
012518: KIM IL SUNG - Talk with the Managing Editor of the Japanese Politico-Theoretical Magazine "Sekai"
012519: KIM IL SUNG - Youth Must Take Over and Carry Forward the Revolution, The.
005977: SUTHERLAND, REV. DOUGLAS - Meditations on a Harmony of the Gospels
011649: SUTTON, EDWARD - Adventures of a Prodigal
013317: SUTTON, CHARLES WILLIAM (EDITOR) - List of Lancashire Authors with Brief Biographical and Bibliographical Notes (Publications of the Manchester Literary Club), A.
012067: SUZUKI, DAVID (EDITOR) - When the Wild Comes Leaping Up : Personal Encounters with Nature
006936: SWAN, MAGGIE - Through Love to Repentance
009125: SWAN, ANNIE S. - Towards the Dawn : a Book of Encouragement for Dark Days
009281: SWAN, ANNIE S. - Stormy Voyager, A.
009346: SWAN, ANNIE S. - Freedom's Sword : a Tale of the Days of Wallace & Bruce
009390: SWAN, ANNIE S. - Shore Beyond, The.
009394: SWAN, ANNIE S. - Sundered Hearts
009409: SWAN, ANNIE S. (MRS A. BURNETT SMITH) - America at Home : Impressions of a Visit in War Time
014772: SWAN, ANNIE S. - Into the Haven
014907: SWAN, ADAM - Clackmannan and the Ochils : An Illustrated Architectural Guide
008765: SWAN, ANNIE S. - Broad Road, The.
006727: SYMINGTON, ANDREW JAMES - Thomas Moore, the Poet, His Life and Works
004647: SYMONS, MARY - Fingers and Thumbs : a Project of Preliminary Exercises at the Pianoforte
013441: SYMONS, ARTHUR - Sixteenth-Century Anthology, A.
003234: SYNGE, W. W. FOLLETT. - Tom Singleton.
014573: TAKHTAJAN, A. L. - Translation of Essays on the Evolutionary Morphology of Plants, A.
014319: TALBOT, FREDERICK A. - All About Aircraft of Today
012855: TANG, TRUONG NHU - Journal of a Viet-Cong
014776: TANQUEREY, AD. - De Panitentia, De Matrimonio et Ordine. Tomus Primus
009484: TATLOW, TISSINGTON - Martyn Trafford : a Sketch of His Life and His Work for the Student Christian Movement
015364: TATUM, JAMES. - Search for the Ancient Novel, The.
013102: TAUBERT, W; ENGLISH WORDS BY E. OXENFORD - In Distant Lands (In Der Fremde). Germania : Favourite German Songs Number 880.
014254: TAYLOR, JOHN W. R. - Passengers, Parcels and Panthers : The Story of Our Working Aircraft
001160: TAYLOR, JUDY - Miniature Book of Pot-Pourri, the
010362: TAYLOR, GEOFFREY W. - Builders of British Columbia: An Industrial History
012110: TAYLOR, DUNCAN; SHEPHERD, WALTER; PARSLOE, GUY; WILCOCK, H. D.; HOWARTH, HERBERT; THOMPSON, LAURENCE - Britain and Her People : a Story of a Country and Its People; Their History, Traditions, Traditions and Achievements
013838: TAYLOR, JENNIFER (EDITOR) - Traveller's Quotation Book: A Literary Tour, The.
006302: TERROUX, PAUL - Phrase Book for French Scholars : a Vocabulary for Every-day Use
003921: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE ; E. MAY (EDITOR) - Thackeray Book : Scenes from the Works of W. M. Thackeray
009403: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE; SELECTIONS BY ALFRED H. HYATT - Pocket Thackeray: Being Favourite Passages Chosen from the Works of William Makepeace Thackeray, The.
005160: THIN, R. - College Portraits, Being Biographical Sketches on Portraits in the Hall of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh.
010039: THOMA, LUDWIG - Ein Münchner im Himmel
014411: THOMAS, LOWELL; BARTON, REXFORD W. - Wings Over Asia :; a Geographic Journey By Airplane

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