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12167: YANCEY, PHILIP. - Reaching for the Invisible God.
22558: YANCEY, PHILIP. - Finding God in Unexpected Places.
27554: YANOVSKY, E. (EDITOR). - That They May Know. Church Kindergarten Lessons.
1724: YARNOLD, G.D. - Risen Indeed. Studies in the Lord's Resurrection.
18691: YARNOLD, G.D. - The Moving Image. Science and Religion: Time and Eternity.
7779: YARNOLD, EDWARD, S.J. (INTRO-COMMENTARY). - Rite of Baptism for Children.
43062: YATES, KATHERINE M. - At The Door. A Tale to Read Both on the Lines and Between.
46310: YATES, T. - Timbered Woodwork In Essex Churches By T. Yates, Shoreditch College, 1958 .
1869: THE CHRISTIAN YEAR. - The Christian Year. Calendar, Lectionary and Collects.
50817: MINIATURE BOOK - CHRISTIAN YEAR . - The Christian Year Thoughts In Verse For The Sundays and Holydays Throughout The year .
50035: YEATS, WILLIAM BUTLER. - Autobiographies: Reveries over Childhood and Youth, and the Trembling of the Veil.
8002: YEATS, W. B. - Fairy Tales of Ireland.
34979: YELLOWLEES, DAVID. - Psychology's Defence of the Faith.
50507: YELTON, MICHAEL. - Alfred Hope Patten and the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham. An illustrated Biography.
27126: YEOMANS, JEAN. - Worship in the Young Wives' Group.
32915: YODER, JOHN H. - Peace Without Eschatology?
33860: YODER, PAUL. - Sing Along with the Barber Shop Book.
32576: YONGE, MARGERET. - A Christmas Garland.
33003: YORK, SHEILA. - Projects in Tatting.
41342: YORK, F.W. AND PHILLIPS, A.R. - Singapore. A History of its Trams Trolleybuses & Buses. Volume One 1880s to 1960s.
35940: PROVINCIAL GRAND LODGE OF WEST YORKSHIRE. - By-Laws and Regulations of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Antient, Free and Accepted Masons of West Yorkshire. Adopted at a meeting... at Saltaire, Shipley, 20th Oct. 1897, and confirmed by the M. W. Grand Master...8th November, 1925.
40137: SUPREME ORDER OF THE HOLY ROYAL ARCH. PROVINCE OF WEST YORKSHIRE . - Consecration of Fairfax Chapter 3255 in 1910 with Masonic National Anthem. Ceremonial to be Observed at the Consecration of Fairfax Chapter, 3255, the Installation of the Three Principals, and the Investiture of the Officers .
48138: YOSHIKUNI, TSUNEO. - African Urban Experiences in Colonial Zimbabwe. A Social History of Harare Before 1925.
46818: YOSHINORI, TAKEUCHI. (EDITOR). - Buddhist Spirituality. Later China, Korea, Japan and the Modern World. Volume 2. (World Spiritiality series).
45136: OKAKURA-YOSHISABURO. - The Life and Thought of Japan.
46044: YOUNG, ARTHUR 1741-1820 . - General View of the Agriculture of the County of Suffolk. Drawn up for the consideration of the Board of Agriculture and Internal Improvement. By the Secretary to the Board.
4795: YOUNG, EDWARD J. - Thy Word is Truth. Some Thoughts on the Biblical Doctrine of Inspiration.
19917: YOUNG, ROBERT M. (EDITOR). - Free Associations 4. Psychoanalysis, Groups, Politics, Culture.
48583: YOUNG, JOCK. - The Criminological Imagination.
12937: YOUNG, CULLEN. - The Genesis Mosaic.
15556: YOUNG, JOHN. - Explore Your Faith. Study Courses for Groups and Individuals.
2303: YOUNG, REV. EGERTON R. - By Canoe and Dog Train Among the Cree and Salteaux Indians. With an introduction by Mark Guy Pearse.
28442: YOUNG, JOHN. - The Case Against Christ.
12783: YOUNG, BERNARD. & DAVIDSON, JONATHAN. - An Anthology of Poetry About Libraries.
11572: YOUNG, JACK & EDNA. - Praying with Young People. Prayers to use with 13 to 15 year olds.
25857: YOUNG, PERCY M. - In Search of Music. (Drawings by Richard Kennedy.)
17510: YOUNG, WAYLAND. - Eros Denied. Studies in Exclusion 1.
7781: YOUNG, JOHN. - The Case against Christ. Some statements for the defence.
26714: YOUNG, JOHN. - Jesus the Verdict.
21985: YOUNG, CAROLINE. - The Stir Fry Cook.
16390: YOUNG, HUGO AND SLOMAN, ANNE. - The Thatcher Phenomenon.
19304: YOUNG, JOHN. - Our God is Still too Small.
50423: YOUNG, FRANCIS. - Rookwood Family Papers 1606-1761.
43906: YOUNG, E.D./ WALLER, REV. HORACE. (REVISED BY). - The Search After Livingstone. A Diary Kept During the Investigation of his Reported Murder.
49337: YOUNG, ELEANOR AND GEOFFREY WINTHROP. - In Praise of Mountains. An Anthology for Friends.
49808: YOUNG, BRO. W.T. - The Apron.
50774: YOUNG, REV. EGERTON RYERSON. - By Canoe and Dog Train Among the Cree and Salteaux Indians. With an introduction by Mark Guy Pearse.
48954: YOUNG, JEREMY. - The Cost of Certainty. How Religious Conviction Betrays the Human Psyche.
46929: YOUNG, EDWARD (1683-1765) . - Night Thoughts On Life, Death and Immortality. To which is added a Paraphrase, on part of the book of Job; and the Last Day, A Poem. by Edward Young, L.L.D. with the life of the author .
35110: YOUNG, HENRY LYON. - Baroque Tales of Chile. (Signed).
42536: YOUNG, EDWARD ( 1683 - 1765 ) / BOTTONI, GIUSEPPE (TRANSLATOR) - [ Delle ] Le Notti Di Young Traduzione Poetic Di Giuseppe Bottoni Si Auggiungono I Tre Canti Del Giudizio Universale Trasportati In Versi Italiani Da Clemente Filomarino Napoletano De Duchi Della Torre.
9703: YOUNG, WAYLAND. - Strategy for Survival. First Steps in Nuclear Disarmament.
6415: YOUNGMAN, BERNARD R. - The New Outlook Scripture. Book 1. The Challenge of the Gospels.
8015: YOUNGMAN, BERNARD R. - Into All the World. The Story of the First Thousand Years of Christianity.
46166: YU-LAN, FUNG. - A Short History of Chinese Philosophy. (edited by Derk Bodde).
7956: YULE, GEORGE. (EDITOR). - Luther. Theologian for Catholics and Protestants.
33594: ZACHARIAS, RAVI. - Deliver Us From Evil: Restoring the Soul in a Disintegrating Culture.
22033: ZAHRNT, HEINZ. - The Historical Jesus. (Translated from the German by J.S. Bowden.)
21730: AL-ZARQA, MUSTAFA AHMAD. - Worship in Islam.
42625: FREEMASONRY - NEW ZEALAND. - Charles Fergusson Lodge, No. 290 Installation of Bro. Frank Leslie Talley, S.W.
5911: ZEILLER, JACQUES. - Christian Beginnings. Faith & Fact Book:73.
27751: ZELDIN, THEODORE. - An Intimate History of Humanity.
21846: ZELL, HANS AND SILVER, HELENE (EDITORS). - A Reader's Guide to African Literature.
31257: ZERNOV, NICOLAS. - The Church of the Eastern Christians.
18422: ZIEGLER, PHILIP. - The Black Death.
13708: ZIESLER, JOHN. - The Jesus Question.
46163: ZIMMER, HEINRICH. - Philosophies of India. (edited by Joseph Campbell).
3553: ZIMMERLI, WALTHER. - The Old Testament and the World. Translated by John J.Scullion.
8304: ZIMMERLI, WALTHER. - Old Testament Theology in Outline. Translated by David E.Green.
35650: ZIMMERMAN, MARTHA. - Celebrate the Feasts of the Old Testament in Your Own Home or Church.
19449: ZIMMERN, ALFRED. - The Greek Commonwealth. Politcs and Economics in Fifth-Century Athens.
25113: ZNAMENOV, VADIM. - Petrodvorets: Palaces and Parks. A Guide. (Translated from the Russian by Kathleen Cook).
45905: ZORA, POPI. - Two Great Silversmiths.
41889: ZUBRZYCKI, JERZY. - Settlers of the Latrobe Valley. A Sociological Study of Immigrants in the Brown Coal Industry in Australia.
29318: ZUNDEL, VERONICA. (COMPILER.) - The Lion Book of Christian Classics. A Treasury of Christian Writings through the Centuries.
47993: ZWELLING, SHOMER S. - Quest for a Cure. The Public Hospital in Williamsburg, Virginia, 1773-1885.
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