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22298: MURGER, HENRI (P-E BECAT, ILLUS) - Scenes de la Vie de Boheme
013205: MURPHY, WILLIE, WITH CLIFF DUDLEY - Black and Trying
26186: MURPHY, JAY, ED. - Red Bass #15: Conspiracy Charges
28518: MURRAY, JIM, ED. - Culural Correspondence. The Art of Demonstration (Summer, 1985)
015621: MURRAY, ALBERT - The Blue Devils of Nada
011191: MURRAY, JOHN MIDDLETON - The Necessity of Communism
30328: MUSTE, JOHN W. - Say That We Saw Spain Die. Literary Consequences of the Spanish CIVIL War
26717: MUSTE, A. J. ; BEVEL, REV. JAMES - Mobilize to End the War in Vietnam. April 15 Assemble 11: 00 a M. Sheep Meadow (66th St) Walk to U.N. Rally 3: 00 P.M.
26978: MUSTILL, NORMAN OGUE - Flypaper
23893: MYERS, WALTER DEAN - At Her Majesty's Request. An African Princess in Victorian England
015425: MYLES, BILLY - Sheet Music for the Joker (Words & Music by Myles)
23699: NABOKOV, VLADIMIR; BOYD, BRIAN, EDITOR - Vladimir Nabokov: Novels 1969-1974
000869: NABOKOV, VLADIMIR - Anniversary Notes
26690: NABOKOV, VLADIMIR (SELECTED AND TRANSLATED BY) - Verses and Versions. Three Centuries of Russian Poetry
28999: NABOKOV, VLADIMIR (SUBJECT) APPEL, ALFRED (INTERVIEWER) ET AL.. - Wisconsin Studies in Contemporary Literature Volume 8, No. 2 (Spring, 1967)
29021: NABOKOV, VLADIMIR - The Eye
22545: NAHM, MONICA - Saga of the Italian Peninsula
29682: NAIPAUL, V.S - A Way in the World
30228: NAIPAUL, V. S. - A Way in the World
30568: O'NAN, STEWART - West of Sunset
021227: NANKIVELL, JOHN H - The History of the Twenty-Fifth Regiment United States Infantry 1869-1926
25049: NAPIER, SIMON, ED - Back Woods Blues
23359: NARDINI, CLAUDIO, ED. - The Life of the Madonna in Art
28678: NASCIMENTO, EDUARDO; PEREIRA, VITOR; ARAGAO CRISTINA; SANTOS, ISABEL - 0 Figura. Homenagem Informal a Cruzeiro Seixas
015808: NASH, JAY ROBERT - People to See. An Anecdotal History of Chicago's Makers and Breakers
24201: NASH, PAUL - Room and Book
000207: NASMYTH, GEORGE - Universal Military Service and Democracy
26244: NAUM, GELLU; ANNIE BENTOIU AND ANDRE FLEURY (TRANS.) - Partea Cealalta / L'Autre Cote. Poemes
26275: NAUM, GELLU - Poetizati, Poetizati...
26263: NAUM, GELLU - Athanor. Poeme
26264: NAUM, GELLU - Black Box. Poeme. Aus Den Rumanischen Von Oskar Pastior Und Von Georg Aescht
26255: NAUM, GELLU - Malul Albastru
24203: NAUMANN, FRANCIS M. , WITH BETH VENN - Making Mischief: Dada Invades New York
30998: NAVASKY, VICTOR S - Naming Names
28123: NAVILLE, M ERNEST; LACROIX, JOHN P. (TRANS. ) - The Problem of Evil
27804: NAVILLE, PIERRE; PERET, BENJAMIN; ARTAUD, ANTONIN; BRETON, ANDRE, EDS. - La Revolution Surrealiste 1 - 12 (December 1, 1924 - December 15, 1929)
28996: NAVOKOV, VLADIMIR - King, Queen, Knave
29610: NAYLOR, GLORIA - The Women of Brewster Place
000900: NAYLOR, GLORIA - Mama Day
016572: NAYLOR, GLORIA - Bailey's Cafe
012227: NDEBELE, NJBULO - Fools and Other Stories
020186: NEAL, E. VIRGIL, & CHARLES CLARK, EDS - Hypnotism and Hypnotic Suggestion
29369: NEAL, LARRY, GUEST EDITOR - Journal of Black Poetry Volume I, Number 9 (Summer 1968)
29469: NEAL, LARRY - Hoodoo Hollerin' Bebop Ghosts
30417: NEARING, SCOTT - Free Born (an Unpublishable Novel)
30698: NEARING, SCOTT - Where Is Civilization Going
017853: NEARING, SCOTT - Social Sanity
23798: NEARING, SCOTT - Work and Pay
010210: NEARING, SCOTT - The Conscience of a Radial
010743: NEARING, SCOTT - Glimpses of the Soviet Republic
010749: NEARING, SCOTT - Social Adjustment
22809: NEARING, SCOTT - Black America
29134: NEEDHAM, JOSEPH - Science and Civilisation in China, Volume 5, Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Part V, Spagyrical Discovery and Invention: Physiological Alchemy
29135: NEEDHAM, JOSEPH - Science and Civilisation in China, Volume 5, Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Part VI, Military Technology: Missles and Sieges
29128: NEEDHAM, JOSEPH - Science and Civilisation in China, Volume 4. Physics and Physical Technology. Part II, Mechnical Engineering
29131: NEEDHAM, JOSEPH - Science and Civilisation in China, Volume 5, Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Part II, Spagyrical Discovery and Invention: Magisteries of Gold and Immortality
29138: NEEDHAM, JOSEPH - Science and Civilisation in China, Volume 6: Biology and Biological Technology, Part I, Botany
29136: NEEDHAM, JOSEPH; YATES, ROBIN D. S. - Science and Civilisation in China, Volume 5, Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Part 7 Military Technology: The Gun Powder Epic
29137: NEEDHAM, JOSEPH - Science and Civilisation in China, Volume 5, Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Part IX : Textile Technology: Spinniing and Reeling
29139: NEEDHAM, JOSEPH; BRAY, FRANCESCA - Science and Civilisation in China, Volume 6: Biology and Biological Technology, Part II, Agriculture
29140: NEEDHAM, JOSEPH; DANIELS, CHRISTIAN; MENZIES, NICHOLAS K. - Science and Civilisation in China, Volume 6: Biology and Biological Technology, Part III, Agro-Industries and Forestry, Agro-Industries: Sugarcane Technology, Forestry
29132: NEEDHAM, JOSEPH - Science and Civilisation in China, Volume 5, Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Part III, Spagyrical Discovery and Invention: Historical Survey. Frp, Cinnabar Elixirs to Synthetic Insulin
29133: NEEDHAM, JOSEPH - Science and Civilisation in China, Volume 5, Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Part IV, Spagyrical Discovery and Invention: Appartus, Theories and Gifts
29129: NEEDHAM, JOSEPH - Science and Civilisation in China, Volume 4, Physics and Physical Technology, Part III, CIVIL Engineering and Nautics
29127: NEEDHAM, JOSEPH - Science and Civilisation in China, Volume 4. Physics and Physical Technology. Part I, Physics
26166: O'NEIL, DENNIS - Sds: 101. From the Inside.
012219: O'NEILL, WILLIAM - Echoes of Revolt. The Masses 1911-1917
010616: NEILL, CHARLES P, ED - Report on Conditions of Employment in the Iron and Steel Industry...
020245: NEIMAN, LEROY - Art & Life Style
30803: NELSON, CARY; HENDRICKS, JEFFERSON (EDS.) - Madrid 1937. Letters Fo the Abraham Lincoln Brigade from the Spanish CIVIL War
015726: NELSON, TRUMAN - The Torture of Mothers
28565: NELSON, KEVIN - Operation Bullpen. The Inside Story of the Biggest Forgery Scam in American History
30808: NELSON, CARY - Shouts from the Walls: Posters and Photographs Brought Home from the Spanish CIVIL War
019398: NELSON, LIEUT. DENNIS DENMARK, USNR - The Integration of the Negro Into the United States Navy 1776-1947
018696: NERUDA, PABLO, AND MIKIS THEODORAKIS - Canto General. A Song of the People
22305: NERVAL, GERARD DE (CAMILLE BERG, ILLUS) - La Main Enchantee
29392: NESBETT, PETER T.; DUBOIS, MICHELLE (EDS.) - Over the Line. The Art and Life of Jacob Lawrence
29222: NESBO, JO - The Thirst
27045: NETTL, BRUNO; MEYERS, HELEN - Folk Music in the United States. Third Edition, Revised and Enlarged by Helen Meyers
014635: NETTLES, BILL - Homespun Songs of the Hills
24501: NEUMAN, HEINZ - Marx and Engels on Revolution in America
018670: NEWEROFF, ALEXANDER - City of Bread
25632: NEWHALL, BEAUMONT - The History of Photography, Revised and Enlarged Edition
30693: NEWHOUSE, EDWARD - The Iron Chain
019566: NEWMAN, ARNOLD - The Great British
017867: NEWMAN, CHARLES, ED - The Art of Sylvia Plath
013348: NEWTON, FRANCIS - The Jazz Scene
24845: NEWTON, RUTH E. (ILLUS) - Peter Rabbit
26273: NGO VAN; FLEURY, HELENE - Contes D'Autrefois Du Viet-Nam / Chuyen Doi Xua Xu Viet
014207: NICHOLAS, WOODEN JOE - A Nite at Artesian Hall with Wooden Joe's New Orleans Band
30070: NICHOLS, GRACE - The Fat Black Woman's Poems
30577: NICHOLS, EDWARD J. - Danger Keep out
019897: NILES, JOHN JACOB - Ballads, Love-Songs, and Tragic Legends from the Southern Appalachian...
012688: NIMS, JOHN FREDERICK - The Six-Cornered Snowflake
012686: NIMS, JOHN FREDERICK - The Shape of Leaves
012687: NIMS, JOHN FREDERICK - The Six-Cornered Snowflake
012230: NIMS, JOHN FREDERICK - Poetry: Lost in Translation?
27819: NIMS, JOHN FREDERICK - Freight
017907: NIMS, JOHN FREDERICK - The Shape of Leaves
017872: NIMS, JOHN FREDERICK - James Shirley's Love's Cruelty. A Critical Edition
019826: NIN, ANAIS - The Diary of Anais Nin, Volume I and Volume II
31180: NKRUMAH, BAHALA - Black Unity
020994: NOGLIK, BERT - Jazzwerkstatt International
000164: NORBORG, SVERRE - The Function of Philosophy
000188: NORBORG, CHRISTOPHER S - The Dialogues of Plato. A Practical Handbook for Students
26954: NORDBY, LATTIG - Swine
021779: NORGAARD, ERIC - Drommen Om Kaerlighedens Glaeder
009918: NORMAN, HOWARD - The Bird Artist
31001: NORMAN, DOROTHY, ED. - Twice a Year Double Number III-IV (Fall-Winter 1939 - Spring-Summer 1940) a Semi-Annual Journal of Literature, the Arts and CIVIL Liberties
31002: NORMAN, DOROTHY, ED. - Twice a Year VII (Fall-Winter 1941)
31003: NORMAN, DOROTHY, ED. LESCAZE, MARY; WRIGHT, RICHARD (ASST. EDS.) - Twice a Year Double Number XIV-XV (Fall-Winter 1946-1947) a Book of Literature, the Arts and CIVIL Liberties
23939: NORRELL, ROBERT J. (JAMES BOWRON) - James Bowron. The Autobiography of a New South Industrialist
28718: NORRIS, CLARENCE, AND SYBIL WASHINGTON - The Last of the Scottsboro Boys. An Autobiography
23691: NORRIS, FRANK; PIZER, DONALD, EDITOR - Frank Norris: Novels and Essays
30476: NORRIS, FRANK - The Pit. A Story of Chicago (the Epic of the Wheat)
003213: NORTH, CHRISTINA BOLT - Is a Revolution Necessary
30973: NORTH, JOSEPH - Why Spain Can Win
30903: NORTH, JOSEPH; HEMINGWAY, ERNEST (FOREWORD) - Men in the Ranks. The Story of 12 Americans in Spain
27460: NORTHROP, HENRY DAVENPOR - Jord, Haf Och Himmel . / Earth, Sea and Sky / Orde, Meer Und Himmel
021258: NORWOOD, THOMAS M - Plutocracy or American White Slavery. A Politico-Social Novel
27965: NOUGE, PAUL - Un Portrait D'Apres Nature, Ou L'Histoire Telle Qu'on la Cree
25335: NOUGE, PAUL - Histoire de Ne Pas Rire
014467: NOYES, GEORGE WALLINGFORD - The Religious Experience of John Humphrey Noyes
22802: NOYES, WILLIAM H. - The Evolution of the Class Struggle
25694: (SPIES, AUGUST) NUHN, HEINRICH - August Spies. Ein Hessischer Sozialrevolutionar in Amerika. Opfer Der Tragodie Au Dem Chicagoer Haymarket 1886/87
25108: NYDEN, PAUL - Black Coal Miners in the United States
29256: NYE, JODY LYNN; DUANE, DIANE (INTRO.) - Applied Mythology (Mythology 101; Mythology Abroad; Higher Mythology)
013603: OAKES, EDWIN STACEY - The Law of Orgtanized Labor and Industrial Conflicts
26288: OBOLENSKY, DIMITRI - Byzantium and the Slavs
30676: ODETS, CLIFFORD - Paradise Lost
019752: ODUM, HOWARD W, AND GUY B. JOHNSON - The Negro and His Songs
25274: OJEDA, OSCAR RIERA - Ken Tate Architect, Selected Houses, Volume One
016275: OKANTAH, MWATABU - To Sing a Dark Song
017180: OKRI, BEN - The Famished Road
26114: OKUN, ROB A., ED - The Rosenbergs. Collected Visions of Artists and Writers
24586: OLENDORF, BILL; TOLF, ROBERT - Chicago Sketchbook
021348: OLIPHANT, DAVE - The Early Swing Era 1930 to 1941
27138: OLIVER, PAUL - Savannah Syncopators
29036: OLIVER, PAUL - Barrelhouse Blues. Location Recording and the Early Traditions of the Blues
25041: OLIVER, PAUL, ED. - Shelter in Africa
26451: OLIVER, PAUL - Aspects of the Blues Tradition
31209: OLIVER, PAUL - Savannah Syncopators. African Retentions in the Blues
26486: OLIVER, ELIZABETH M. (ED.) - Afro American Souvenir Edition, August 27, 1963
27256: OLIVER, PAUL - Aspects of the Blues Tradition
24177: OLIVER, PAUL - Aspects of the Blues Tradition
29748: OLNEY, JAMES; SIMPSON, LEWIS P - Southern Review, Volume 21, Number 3 (July 1985)
020318: OLNEY, JAMES, ED - Afro-American Writing Today
020902: OLSEN, OLE ANDKJAER & SIMO KOPPE - Freud's Theory of Psychoanalysis
26817: OLSON, ROBERT R - Country Music 78s. Robert R. Olson's Numerical Lists and 3 Jemf Lists
019016: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - Handwriting. Poems
25939: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - The Collected Works of Billy the Kid
012478: ONEAL, JAMES - American Communism
27976: ONSLOW-FORD, GORDON - Painting in the Instant
28242: OPPENHEIM, E. PHILLIPS - The Double Life of Mr. Alfred Burton
24815: OPPENHEIM, E. PHILLIPS - The Evil Shepherd
020724: OPPENHEIM, JANET - Shattered Nerves
016535: OPTIC, OLIVER - Squares and Compasses or Building the House
29326: ORFALEA, GREGORY - Wrapping the Grapeleaves. A Sheaf of Contemporary Arab-American Poets
020903: ORNSTON, DARIUS GRAY, JR, ED - Translating Freud
25513: ORR, GREGG; TORREY, BEEF (HARRISON, JIM, FOREWORD) - Jim Harrison. A Comprehensive Bibliography, 1964-2008
013212: ORTH, SAMUEL P - The Armies of Labor
28480: ORWELL, GEORGE - Down and out in Paris and London
018135: OSAKA, FRANKLIN, ED - Modern Guerrilla Warfare
30134: OSBEY, BRENDA MARIE - All Saints. New and Selected Poems
25430: OSHANA, MARYANN - Women of Color. A Filmography of Minority and Third World Women
020786: OSIER, DONALD V, AND ROBERT H WOZNIAK - A Century of Serial Publications in Psychology 1850-1950
28800: OSTERMAN, HELEN MACIE - The Accidental Sleuth
011282: OSTRANSKY, LEROY - The Anatomy of Jazz
25278: [NOTHSTEIN, DR. IRA O. ] AND OTHERS - A History of Rock Island and Rock Island Arsenal from Earliest Times to 1954 [with] Synopsis of Events on Rock Island from 1954 Through 1965, Being a Supplement to the Three Volumes.
22149: OTTLEY, ROI - White Marble Lady
28508: OTTO, MAX - Tools of Truth
29572: OUOLOGUEM, YAMBO - Bound to Violence
27408: INFORMATIONS CORRESPONDANCE OUVRIERE - The Mass Strike in France, May - June 1968
019581: OVENDEN, GRAHAM - Hill & Adamson Photographs
019565: OVENDEN, GRAHAM - Clementina Lady Hawarden
010570: OWENS, J. GARFIELD - All God's Chillun. Meditations on Negro Spirituals
30181: OZICK, CYNTHIA - The Puttermesser Papers
28000: PAALEN, ALICE - Noir Animal
021382: PACKARD, R, B KORAB - Encyclopedia of American Architecture
27578: PADGETT, RON - Triangles in the Afternoon
28794: PAEZ, ENRIQUE - Cuatro Muertes Para Lidia
30477: PAGE, MYRA - With Sun in Our Blood
003410: PAGE, DREW - Drew's Blues. A Sideman's Life with the Big Bands
007057: PAGE, DREW - Drew's Blues
30588: PALAHNIUK, CHUCK - Diary a Novel
30590: PALAHNIUK, CHUCK - Stranger Than Fiction
26290: PALIN, MICHAEL; PAO, BASIL - Michael Palin's Hemingway Adventure
27618: PALMER, STUART - The Puzzle of the Blue Banderilla
020054: PAMUK, ORHAN - My Name Is Red
020056: PAMUK, ORHAN - Other Colors. Essays and a Story
23413: PAMUK, ORHAN - Istanbul Memories and the City
23411: PAMUK, ORHAN - Snow
23412: PAMUK, ORHAN - My Name Is Red
020055: PAMUK, ORHAN - Snow
012002: PANASSI‚, HUGUES - Quand Mezzrow Enregistre
006736: PANASSIE, HUGUES - The Real Jazz
020964: PANASSIE, HUGUES - The Real Jazz
29045: PANASSIE, HUGUES; (REID, JOHN D. ED.) - Hugues Panassie Discusses 144 Hot Jazz Bluebird and Victor Records
26226: PANNEKOEK, ANTON - Marxism and Darwinism
26656: PANUNZIO, CONSTANTINE - The Deportation Cases of 1919-1920
29627: PAPE, GREG - Border Crossings
29628: PAPE, GREG - Black Branches
020619: PAPE, FRANK C, ILLUS BY - Thais, by Anatole France
24976: PARACELSUS, THEOBRASTUS - The Prophecies of Paracelsus. Magic Figures and Prognostications
29955: PARETSKY, SARA - Deadlock
29546: PARIS, JOHN AYRTON - The Life of Sir Humphry Davy, Bart. , LL. D, Late President of the Royal Society, Foreign Associate of the Royal Institute of France... Volumes I and II
020757: PARISI, JOSEPH, AND STEPHEN YOUNG - Dear Editor. A History of Poetry in Letters. The First Fifty Years...
29930: PARKE, H W - The Oracles of Zeus. Dodona, Olympia, Ammon
021252: PARKER, CHAN; PAUDRAS, FRANCIS - To Bird with Love (Signed by Chan Parker)
25116: PARKER, ALBERT - Negroes in the Post-War World
009989: PARKER, GWENDOLYN M - Those Same Long Bones
30962: PARKER, DOROTHY - Soldiers of the Republic
27030: PARKINSON, THOMAS, ED - A Casebook on the Beat
011332: PARKMAN, FRANCIS - A Half-Century of Conflict
30088: PARKS, GORDON - Voices in the Mirror an Autobiography
28903: PARRISH, LYDIA; ROSENBAUM, ART (FOREWORD) - Slave Songs of the Georgia Sea Islands
31024: PARSONS, A. R - Anarchism: Its Philosophy and Scientific Basis As Defined by Some of Its Apostles
30451: PARSONS, ALBERT, ET AL - Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Eleventh of November Memorial Edition. Souvenir Edition of the Famous Speeches of Our Martyrs, Delivered in Court.
25713: PARSONS, ALBERT, ET AL - Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Eleventh of November Memorial Edition. . Souvenir Edition of the Famous Speeches of Our Martyrs, Delivered in Court...
25718: PARSONS, LUCY - Life of Albert R. Parsons with Brief History of the Labor Movement in America
000325: PARSONS, USHER, MD - A Lecture on the Connexion... Between the Brain and Stomach...
000326: PARSONS, USHER, MD [1788-1868] - The Importance of the Sciences of Anatomy and Physiology...
29191: PARTINGTON, J. R. - A History of Greek Fire and Gunpowder
017547: LAKEFRONT PARTNERSHIP - Chicago Celbrity Chefs
29506: BLACK PANTHER PARTY - Report of the January 1970- Grand Jury United States District Court Northern District Court of Illinois Eastern Division
015660: NEW YORK STATE COMMUNIST PARTY - Negro History Week 1952
25867: PASCHKE, ED (BRUICK, GOUGLAS W. ; SHARP, KEVIN (EXHIBITION ORGANIZERS) - Ed Paschke. Drawings from Chicago Collections
25866: PASCHKE, ED - Ed Paschke 28. 4 - 6. 6 1981
22242: PASSERON, RENE - French Prints of the 20th Century
27695: PASTOUREAU, HENRI - Le Cycle de Berlin
25334: PASTOUREAU, HENRI; PASTOUREAU, MICHEL (HERALDIC ILLUS) - L'Orne Litteraire No. 10 le Surrealisme... 20 Ans Apres
30201: PATCHETT, ANN - Run
30833: PATCHETT, ANN - Taft
30382: PATRICIA, NICHOLAS - The Idea of Chaos (Sex, Death, Life & Order) at Key West
000329: PATRICK, JOHN J. R - Dental Fallacies
31008: PATTERSON, JAMES MEDILL - Rebellion
017423: PATTERSON, HARRY - Dillinger
27585: PATTERSON, GEORGE - Journey with Loshay
006778: PAUL, ELLIOT - That Crazy Music
020692: PAULING, LINUS - Every Test Kills. A Nobel Scientist Speaks
24684: PAULL, IRENE, ED. ; FOSSUM, SYD (ILLUS. ) - We'Re the People
018791: PAXTON, TOM - Ramblin' Boy and Other Songs
018790: PAXTON, TOM - Ramblin' Boy and Other Songs
007094: PAYTON, LEW - Did Adam sin? Also Stories of Negro Life
24207: PAZ, OCTAVIO - Piedra de Sol. The Sun Stone
27923: (LEVI-STRAUSS, CLAUDE) PAZ, OCTAVIO; BERNSTEIN, J. S. AND MAXINE (TRANS. ) - Claude Levi-Strauss. An Introduction
25145: PEABODY, ELIZABETH PALMER - Reminiscences of Rev. Wm. Ellery Channing, D.D.
29813: PEARS, IAIN - The Dream of Scipio
008659: PEARSON, NATHAN W - Goin' to Kansas City
017753: PEARSON, NATHAN W, JR - Goin' to Kansas City
27273: PEATTIE, DONALDE CULCROSS - Journey Into America
28765: PECK, J. M., A.M. - A Gazetteer of Illinois, in Three Parts, Containing a General View of the State, a General View of Each County, and a Particular Description of Each Town, Settlement, Stream, Prairie, Bottom, Bluff, Etc. ; Alphabetically Arranged
25339: PEDERSEN, DAGNY; BOYD, NEVA L. - Folk Games and Gymnastic Play for Kindergarten Primary and Playground
021642: PEEL, ROY V - The Political Clubs of New York City
016617: PELECANOS, GEORGE R - King Suckerman
25838: LE PELLEC, YVES, EDITOR. - Entretiens 34. Beat Generation
016901: PELLETT, ROY - The Best of Jazz Score
28945: PENA, MANUEL - The Texas-Mexican Conjunto. Nhistory of a Working-Class Music
29646: PENDLETON, DON - Copp on Fire
24775: PENMAN, SHARON KAY - Here Be Dragons
26208: PENNEY, DAVID W. - Native Arts of North America
26723: CHIEF JOSEPH OF THE NEZ PERCE - Surrender Speech of Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce
30564: PERCY, WALKER - The Second Coming
28635: PERET, BENJAMIN; TANGUY, YVES (ILLUS) - Feu Central de Benjamin Peret Avec Des Illustrations D'Yves Tanguy
27970: PERET, BENJAMIN; JOUBERT, ALAIN (INTRO. ) - Le Quilombo Des Palmares
27969: PERET, BENJAMIN; MATTHEWS, J. H. (INTRO. AND TRANS. ) - Vingt Poemes / Peret's Score
27982: PERET, BENJAMIN - La Parole Est a Peret
27984: PERET, BENJAMIN; ROSEMONT, FRANKLIN - Radical America. Volume IV, No. 6 (August 1970)
28649: PERET, BENJAMIN (BRASSEUR, PIERRE, SPEAKER) - Benjamin Peret Dit par Pierre Brasseur
27694: PERET, BENJAMIN - Le Gigot. Sa Vie Et Son Oeuvre
28003: PERET, BENJAMIN - Anthologie de L'Amour Sublime
27999: PERET, BENJAMIN - IL Etait Une Boulangere
007059: PERETTI, BURTON W - The Creation of Jazz. Music, Race, and Culture in Urban America
24646: PERETTI, BURTON W - The Creation of Jazz. Music, Race, and Culture in Urban America
019148: PERETTI, BURTON W - Jazz in American Culture
000141: PEREZ, JAMES WENCESLAS - The Brain of Burt Green Wilder
020617: PERKINS, LUCY FITCH - The American Twins of the Revolution
019882: PERKINS, CARL, WITH RON RENDELMAN - Disciple in Blue Suede Shoes
30513: PERKINS, EUGENE - Black Is Beautiful
30540: PERKINS, EUGENE - Black Is Beautiful
24904: PERNETY, DOM ANTOINE-JOSEPH - Dictionnaire Mytho-Hermetique
22569: PERRET, JACQUES (DE BEUVILLE, ILLUS. ) - La Bete Mahousse
22241: PERRUCHOT, HENRI (YVETTE ALDE, ILLUS. ) - Sous la Lumiere Noire
28990: PERRY, CHARLES - Portrait of a Young Man Drowning
015594: PERRY, PETTIS - White Chauvinism and the Struggle for Peace
24033: PERRY, E. A, - American Authors and Their Homes
017612: PERRY, BRUCE - Malcolm. The Life of a Man Who Changed Black America
28816: ST-JOHN PERSE - Birds
015166: PETERS, PAUL, AND GEORGE SKLAR - Stevedore
28032: PETERS, NANCY JOYCE - It's in the Wind
018476: PETERSEIL, GEDALIA - Tell It from the Torah, I and II
010644: PETERSEN, R, & STILLMAN, R - Pcp. Phencyclidine Abuse: An Appraisal
002220: PETERSEN, ROBERT C, ED - Marihuana Research Findings: 1980
29116: PETERSEN, HOLGER - Talking Music.
018573: PETERSEN, ARNOLD, & OLIVE M JOHNSON - The Virus of Anarchy
23831: PETERSON, OSCAR, WITH RICHARD PALMER - A Jazz Odyssey. The Life of Oscar Peterson
29251: PETERSON, HARRY M., JR. - Our Days Are a Shadow
018452: PETRAKIS, HARRY MARK - Collected Stories
013222: PETRO, SYLVESTER - The Labor Policy of the Free Society
22565: PETRONE (ANDRE DERAIN, ILLUS) - Le Satiricon
23948: PEYTON, ELIZABETH; OBRIST, HANS ULRICH - Elizabeth Peyton. Hans Ulrich Obrist in Conversation with Elizabeth Peyton. A Selection from Marcel Proust by Edmund White
020803: PFISTER, JOEL, NANCY SCHNOG, EDS - Inventing the Psychological. Toward a Cultural History of Emotional Life
31187: PFISTER, ARTHUR - Granny Blak Poet (in Pastel)
018509: PHILLIPS, UTAH, ET AL - Rebel Voices. Songs of the Industrial Workers of the World
26842: PHILLIPS, JANE - Mojo Hand
006252: PHILLIPS, CARYL - A State of Independence
005515: PHILLIPS, JAYNE ANNE - How Mickey Made It
27451: PHILLIPS, UTAH - The Old Guy Poems
29822: PHILLIPS, JAYNE ANNE - Black Tickets
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27325: PINTO, ROCHA - Back to Life
010099: PINTO, VINCENT - Soldiers and Strikers
25056: PIOBB, P. -V. - Formulaire de Haute Magie [Cover: Pratiques de L'Enseignement Esoterique]
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021729: PIZZEY, GRAHAM - A Field Guide to the Birds of Australia
016570: PLATH, DAVID W, ED - Aware of Utopia
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30507: PLUMPP, STERLING - Half Black Half Blacker
30508: PLUMPP, STERLING - Steps to Break the Circle
30529: PLUMPP, STERLING D. - Velvet Bebop Kente Cloth
30530: PLUMPP, STERLING - Johannesburg & Other Poems
30532: PLUMPP, STERLING - Johannesburg & Other Poems
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30534: PLUMPP, STERLING D, - The Blues. The Story Always Untold
30535: PLUMPP, STERLING D, - The Mojo Hands Call, I Must Go
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017223: POUND, EZRA - The Cantos of Ezra Pound
26506: POWDERLY, T. V - Thirty Years of Labor
012248: POWDERLY, T. V - Thirty Years of Labor
25629: POWELL, JOHN WESLEY; PORTER, ELIOT (ILLUS) - Down the Colorado. Diary of the First Trip Through the Grand Canyon
23661: POWELL, DAWN - Dawn Powell: Novels 1930-1942
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28373: POWELL, COLIN, WITH PERSICO, JOSEPH E. - My American Journey
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23937: PRESS, BILL - Toxic Talk. How the Radical Right Has Poisoned America's Airwaves
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27110: DI PRIMA, DIANE - Loba
27903: DI PRIMA, DIANE - Dinners and Nightmares
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020184: PRINCE, MORTON - Clinical and Experimental Studies in Personality
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014048: WLS NATIONAL BARN DANCE PROGRAM - Souvenir Program / Wls / National / Barn Dance
008860: PRONZINI, BILL - Invitation to Murder
27546: PROUDHON, P. J. ; TUCKER, BENJ. R. (TRANS. ) - What Is Property - an Inquiry Into the Principle of Right and of Government
021670: PROULX, E. ANNIE - Heart Songs and Other Stories
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23524: PYNCHON, THOMAS - Entropy
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013823: QUINDLEN, ANNA - Object Lessons
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016235: RADKO, CHRISTOPHER - Christopher Radko. The First Decade 1986-1995
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020185: RAIMANN, DR. EMIL - Die Hysterischen Geistesstorungen. Eine Klinische Studie
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24408: RAMSEY, FREDERIC, JR. - Where the Music Started
25228: RAMSEY, FREDERIC - Been Here and Gone
25229: RAMSEY, FREDERIC, JR. - Where the Music Started
019120: RAMSEY, FREDERIC, JR - Been Here and Gone
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020717: RAND, NICHOLAS, AND MARIA TOROK - Questions for Freud
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29890: RANDALL, DUDLEY - Cities and Other Disasters
29867: RANDALL, DUDLEY - A Litany of Friends. New and Selected Poems
29868: RANDALL, DUDLEY - A Litany of Friends. New and Selected Poems
29708: RANDALL, DUDLEY - After the Killing
31167: RANDALL, DUDLEY - Booker T. And W.E. B.
23872: RANDALL, DUDLEY - More to Remember
29889: RANDALL, DUDLEY - More to Remember
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22461: RAWSON, GEOFFREY, ED. (PROF. MICHAEL LEWIS, NOTES & GEOFFREY WALES, ILLUS. ) - Nelson's Letters from the Leeward Islands and Other Original Documents in the Public Record Office and the British Museum
019591: MAN RAY - Self Portrait
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017302: RAYMOND, JACK - Show Music on Record. The First 100 Years
26427: READ, OLIVER, AND WALTER L. WELCH - From Tin Foil to Stereo. The Evolution of the Phonograph
011302: THE REALIST - A Broken Run Beginning with 16 (March 1960) and Ending with 103 (Jan Feb 87
28445: REDDALL, FREDERICK (COMPILED FROM VARIOUS SOURCES BY) - Bright Boys, or Climbing the Ladder of Fame
004230: REDDING, SAUNDERS - The Lonesome Road
29325: REDDING, SAUNDERS - The Negro
29434: REDDY, T. J - Less Than a Score But a Point
021936: REDEKER, HANS - Michael Parkes. Paintings-Drawings-Stonelithographs 1977-1992
018417: REDFERN, DAVID - David Redfern's Jazz Album
30531: REDMOND, EUGENE - River of Bones and Flesh and Blood
30543: REDMOND, EUGENE - Sentry of the Four Golden Pillars
009792: REED, ISHMAEL - The Last Days of Louisiana Red
019802: REED, ALMA M - The Mexican Muralists
010589: REED, ISHMAEL - Flight to Canada
23850: REED, ISHMAEL - Shrovetide in New Orleans
29466: REED, ISHMAEL; WAGNER, MARY (ILLUS.) - Cab Calloway Stands in for the Moon
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22524: REGNIER, HENRI DE (A. DIGNIMONT, ILLUS) - Le Mariage de Minuit
019448: REICHARDT, UWE - Like a Human Voice. The Eric Dolphy Discography
008210: REID, ROBERT, AND LARRY A VISKOCHIL, EDS - Chicago and Downstate
020935: REIK, THEODOR - Fragment of a Great Confession. A Psychoanalytic Autobiography
020720: REIK, THEODOR - From Thirty Years with Freud
020901: REIK, THEODOR - From Thirty Years with Freud
019914: REINER, IMRE - A Selection of Wood Engravings by Imre Reiner
008372: REISNER, ROBERT GEORGE - The Jazz Titans, Including "the Parlance of Hip"
020373: REISNER, ROBERT GEORGE - Bird. The Legend of Charlie Parker
018909: REISNER, ROBERT GEORGE - Bird. The Legend of Charlie Parker
27567: REISS, RAY - Red Wing Art Pottery Including Pottery Made for Rum Rill
25659: REITMAN, BEN - Sister of the Road. The Autobiography of Box-Car Bertha
25102: REITMAN, BEN, M. D. - The Second Oldest Profession
017433: REJOICE - Three Issues of the Gospel Music Magazine, 1: 4, 3: 5 and 4: 6
019130: ALABAMA COUNCIL ON HUMAN RELATIONS - It's Not over in the South. School Desegregation in Forty-Three...
22426: REMBRANDT, ILLUS. - Le Nouveau Testament
020977: REMSBERG, RICH - Hard Luck Blues. Roots Music Photographs from the Great Depression
000156: RENAN, ERNST [1823-1892] - Spinoza
27715: RENAUD, HIPPOLYTE - Solidarite Vue Synthetique Sur la Doctrine de Ch. Fourier
020502: RENGER-PATZSCH, ALBERT - Joy Before the Object
24574: REUTHER, VICTOR G - The Brothers Reuther and the Story of the Uaw
012253: REYES, JUDITH - Chronica Mexicana (Mexique)
25876: REYNOLDS, BARBARA A. - Jesse Jackson. The Man, the Movement, the Myth
011900: REYNOLDS, MELVINA, ET AL - We Won't Move. Songs of the Tenants' Movement
23009: REYNOLDS, TIM - The Women Poem
27088: REZNIKOFF, CHARLES - Testimony: The United States 1885-1890. Recitative
23394: RHODEHAMEL, JOHN, EDITOR - The American Revolution: Writings from the War of Independence
020181: RIBOT, TH - Diseases of the Will
020182: RIBOT, TH - Essay on the Creative Imagination
28165: RIBOUD, MARC - Three Banners of China
020900: RICE, EMANUEL - Freud and Moses. The Long Journey Home
014149: RICE, EDWARD E - Mao's Way
24448: RICH, BENNETT MILTON - The Presidents and CIVIL Disorder
019978: RICH, WINIFRED - Toni's White Room and How the White Rose of Love Bloomed and Flourished
30032: RICHARDS, LEO - My Obsession
30281: RICHARDS, V.[ERNON] - Lessons of the Spanish Revolution
021317: RICHARDS, JOHN - Primula
24969: (SMITH, CLARK ASHTON) RICKARD, DENNIS; WILSON, GAHAN (INTRO.) - The Fantastic Art of Clark Ashton Smith
27175: RIDAY, STEVEN, ED. - New York Poetry, Volume I, No. 1
23593: RIDING, LAURA - Selected Poems in Five Sets
23959: RIDING, LAURA JACKSON - Typed Letter, Signed to Poet / Mental Health Worker David Giannini
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23492: RIDING, LAURA - A Trojan Ending
019701: RIGNEY, JOHN, AND L DOUGLAS SMITH - The Real Bohemia
22097: RIIS, JACOB A. - Children of the Tenements
27745: RIKKI [DUCORNET] - The Butcher's Tales
31197: RILEY, LAWRENCE C.; WASHINGTON, THOMAS, JR.; L., ROBERT; MALIK; MABARUT KAHLIL - Ebony Woman; Growing Pains; Convict Warrior Mo. 122088; Sisters Love to Rap
020006: RINGER, BARBARA A - The Unauthorized Duplication of Sound Recordings
29526: RINGGOLD, FAITH - Faith Ringgold: The Last Story Quilt
29402: RINGGOLD, FAITH - Dancing at the Louvre. Faith Ringgold's French Collection and Other Story Quilts
26851: RINGGOLD, FAITH - We Flew over the Bridge. A Memoir by Faith Ringgold
29401: RINGGOLD, FAITH - The Invisible Princess
23949: RITTER, DOROTHEA;SIEGERT, DIETMAR; PRIMUS, ZDENEK (EDS.) - The Idea of Still Life in Photography 1840-1985
020606: RITVO, LUCILLE B - Darwin's Influence on Freud. A Tale of Two Sciences
016286: RIVELLI, PAULINE, & ROBERT LEVIN, EDS - Black Giants
020607: ROAZEN, PAUL - Meeting Freud's Family
020864: ROAZEN, PAUL - How Freud Worked. First-Hand Accounts of Patients
29225: ROBB, J. D. (NORA ROBERTS) - Innocent in Death
23878: ROBBINS, LOUISE S. (RUTH BROWN) - The Dismissal of Miss Ruth Brown. CIVIL Rights, Censorship, and the American Library
012144: DE ROBERTIS, ALF & YOLA & PED SERRANO - Le Chant Profond de L'Amerique Latine
020939: ROBERTS, ROBERT & MARK TALBOT, EDS - Limning the Psyche. Explorations in Christian Psychology
25413: ROBERTS, VERL E - Survey of Workers Separated from Wpa Employment in Nine Areas, 1937
25397: ROBERTS, IDA M. K. (ROWAN) CORLEY - Rising Above It All. A Tribute to the Rowan Slaves of Federal Hill
015019: ROBERTS, MYRON, AND SASHA GILIEN - The Begatting of a Revolution
22100: ROBERTS, PETER - Immigrant Races in North America
22967: ROBERTS, JOHN STORM (COMPILER, ANNOTATOR) - Black Music of Two Worlds
29710: ROBERTSON, DAVID - W.C. Handy. The Life and Times of the Man Who Made the Blues
28453: ROBERTSON, BEN - I Saw England
30449: ROBESON, PAUL - United States Court of Appeals. District of Columbia. Paul Robeson, Plaintiff-Appellant. Against John Foster Dulles, Defendant-Appellee. Motion for Leave to File Brief and Brief Amici Curiae
013550: ROBESON, PAUL - Emperor of Song!
015406: ROBESON, PAUL - Ballad for Americans, by Earl Robinson and John Latouche
23100: ROBESON, PAUL; HIMES, CHESTER - Cover Story on Robeson in First World 2: 1 (Spring, 1978)
021197: ROBESON, PAUL - The Negro People and the Soviet Union
017315: ROBESON, PAUL - Robeson
29790: ROBINSON, WILLIAM H., JR. - Early Black American Poets. Selections with Biographical and Critical Introductions
020866: ROBINSON, PAUL - Freud and His Critics
020837: ROBINSON, DANIEL N - Wild Beasts & Idle Humours. The Insanity Defense...
25942: ROBINSON, B. W. - Persian Paintings in the John Rylands Library. A Descriptive Catalog
29569: ROBINSON, AMINAH BRENDA LYNN - The Teachings. Drawn from African Amercan Spirituals
28510: ROBINSON, TINY, & JOHN REYNOLDS - Lead Belly. A Life in Pictures
29428: ROBINSON, AMINAH BRENDA LYNN - A Street Called Home
25412: [ROBNETT, GEORGE WASHINGTON}? - Origin, History, and Methodology of the "Front" Movement in America. The Trojan Horse
27307: ROCHE, DENIS - Manuel Alvarez Bravo
012705: RODGERS, MRS. JIMMIE - Jimmie Rodgers' Life Story (Complete)
020464: RODMAN, S - Portrait of the Artists As an American. Ben Shahn
018427: RODRIGUEZ, LUIS J - Always Running. La Vida Loca: Gang Days in L.A.
017910: ROEDIGER, DAVID, AND F ROSEMONT, EDS - Haymarket Scrapbook
24956: ROGER, BERNARD - A la Decouverte de L'Alchimie
22400: ROGER-MARX, CLAUDE (ROLAND OUDOT, ILLUS) - Eloge de Roland Oudot
22359: ROGER-MARX, CLAUDE - Portrait de Robert Lotiron
29508: ROGERS, J. A - Sex and Race, Volume III Why White and Black MIX in Spite of Opposition
011217: ROGERS, ALICE - Dance Bands and Big Bands
020263: ROGERS, W G - When This You See Remember Me. Gertrude Stein in Person
013877: ROGERS, ROY - Publicity Photo, 8 X 10
022086: ROGIN, MICHAEL PAUL - The Intellectuals and Mccarthy: The Radical Specter
020792: ROGOW, ARNOLD A - The Psychiatrists
27680: ROHEIM, GEZA - War, Crime and the Covenant
017215: ROKACH, ALLEN & A M - Focus on Travel. Creating Memorable Photographs of Journeys to New Places
30323: ROLFE, EDWIN - The Lincoln Battalion: The Story of the Americans Who Fought in Spain in the International Brigades
30907: ROLLINS, WILLIAM, JR. - The Wall of Men
22583: ROMAINS, JULES (DUBOUT, ILLUS) - Knock Ou le Triomphe de la Médecine. Comédie en Trois Actes.
26908: ROMI (DUCA, LO, INTRODUCTION) - Mythologie Du Sein
31010: ROMNEY, HUGH ("WAVY GRAVY"); KESEY, KEN (FOREWORD) - The Hog Farm and Friends
28057: RONAN, STEPHEN, ET AL. - Anxious Revisions: Surrealism in Berkeley. Report on a Group Actioon in Response to Anxious Visions: Surrealist Art at the University Art Museum in Berkeley.
019912: RONSARD, PIERRE DE - Les Amours
018656: ROOF, KATHARINE METCALF - Murder on the Salem Road
22686: DANIEL-ROPS (ALBERT DECARIS, ILLUS) - Jesus en Son Temps
018297: RORTY, JAMES, AND MOSHE DECTER - Mccarthy and the Communists
021486: ROSE, AL, AND EDMOND SOUCHON - New Orleans Jazz. A Family Album
020140: ROSE, HILARY, AND ROSE, STEVEN, EDS - Alas, Poor Darwin. Arguments Against Evolutionary Psychology
29177: ROSEMONT, F, ROSEMONT, P, & GARON, P - The Forecast Is Hot!
30436: ROSEMONT, PENELOPE - Athanor
28877: ROSEMONT, FRANKLIN - Jacques Vaché and the Roots of Surrealism: Including Vache's War Letters and Other Writings
28335: ROSEMONT, FRANKLIN; GREEN, ROBERT; FAEGRE, TORVALD; ET AL. - To the President of Roosevelt University, Robert J. Pitchell... . [with] a Message from the Ad Hoc Committee to Preserve Student Rights
31201: ROSEMONT, FRANKLIN; ROEDIGER, DAVID (INTRODUCTION) - Joe Hill. The Iww and the Making of a Revolutionary Workingclass Counterculture
28879: ROSEMONT, FRANKLIN; KELLEY, ROBIN D. G. (EDS) - Black, Brown & Beige. Surrealist Writings from Africa and the Diaspora
010577: ROSEMONT, F, ET AL, EDS - The Forecast Is Hot
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28850: ROSEMONT, FRANKLIN; DUVALL, SCHLECHTER (ILLUS) - The Apple of the Automatic Zebra's Eye
28852: ROSEMONT, FRANKLIN - The Morning of a Machine Gun
26534: ROSEMONT, FRANKLIN, ED - Arsenal Surrealist Subversion 4
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26402: ROSENBAUM, ART; SEEGER, PETE (FOREWORD) - Folk Visions & Voices. Traditional Music and Song in North Georgia
27398: ROSENBERG, GINA; SHUTES, CHRIS - Disinterest Compounded Daily. A Critique of Point-Blank As a Revolutionary Organization and a Few Proposals for the Supersession of Situationism
021214: ROSENBERG, HAROLD - Arshile Gorky. The Man, the Time, the Idea
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27180: SIS, PETER - The Three Golden Keys
23911: SIS, PETER - Starry Messenger
021538: SJOGREN, THORBJORN - The Sonny Rollins Discography
28448: SKINNER, CONSTANCE LINDSAY - Andy Breaks Trail
26146: SLAYTON, JNO. W. - Criminology, Crimes and Criminals
020321: SLICHTER, SUMNER H - The Turnover of Factory Labor
018116: SLOAN, MARK - Hoaxes, Humbugs and Spectacles
020432: SLOCUM, JOHN J, AND HERBERT CAHOON - A Bibliography of James Joyce. 1882-1941
011196: SMALL, ALBION W - Between Eras from Capitalism to Democracy
021435: SMALLEY, JANET - Rice to Rice Pudding and Other Picture Tales
30378: SMETHURST, JAMES EDWARD - The New Red Negro. The Literary Left and African American Poetry 1920 - 1946
29777: SMITH, PATRICIA - Big Towns, Big Talk
013245: SMITH, W. O - Sideman
018402: SMITH, J. C. D - Church Woodcarving. A West Country Study
24939: SMITH, CLARK ASHTON - The Immortals of Mercury
25892: SMITH, CARL - Urban Disorder and the Shape of Belief. The Great Chicago Fire, the Haymarket Bomb, and the Model Town of Pullman
001958: SMITH, DANIEL - A Walk in the City
020316: SMITH, MICHAEL P - New Orleans Jazz Fest. A Pictorial History
016121: SMITH, WALKER C - Sabotage
016236: SMITH, ARTHUR D. HOWDEN - The Real Colonel House
25407: SMITH, WALKER C. - Was It Murder? Authentic Record of the Causes Leading to, the Actual Events of, and the Trial That Followed the Armistice Day Tragedy at Centralia, Wash. , Nov. 11, '19
30882: (BUKOWSKI, CHARLES) SMITH, EDWARD L., ED. - Sure, the Charles Bukowski Newsletter Combined Nos. 5/6
28160: SMITH, ELDER (REVEREND) UTAH - I Got Two Wings: Incidents and Anecdotes of the Two-Winged Preacher and Electric Guitar Evangelist Elder Utah Smith
28805: SMITH, MICHAEL P.; GOVENAR, ALAN (INTERVIEWS) - A Joyful Noise. A Celebration of New Orleans Music.
30741: SMITH, PATTI - Devotion
29869: SMITH, GARY - Songs for My Fathers
24937: SMITH, CLARK ASHTON; WOLFE, CHARLES K., ED.) - Planets and Dimensions. Collected Essays of Clark Ashton Smith
020139: SMITH, ROGER - Trial by Medicine. Insanity and Responsibility in Victorian Trials
26857: SMITH, GARY, ED. - On Walter Benjamin. Critical Essays and Recollections
24949: SMITH, CLARK ASHTON; KRUPOWICZ, R. J. (ILLUS. ) - As It Is Written
24948: SMITH, CLARK ASHTON; FINLAY, VIRGIL - Klarkash-Ton and Monstro Lieriv. Previously Unpublished Poems and Art by Clark Ashton Smith (1893-1961) and Virgil Finlay (1914-1971) , Including Smith's Correspondence with Finlay in 1937 Following the Death of H.P. Lovecraft
24970: SMITH, CLARK ASHTON; DE LA REE, GERRY, ED. AND INTRO. - Clark Ashton Smith - Artist
24971: SMITH, CLARK ASHTON; (DE LA REE, GERRY, ED. ) - Clark Ashton Smith - Poet
29312: SMITH, PATRICIA - Teahouse of the Almighty
29741: SMITH, PATTI - M Train
015663: SMITH, HOMER - Status and Opportunities of Negroes in Russia
021330: SMITH, BESSIE - Bessie Smith. The Complete Recordings, Volumes 1-5
29793: SMITH, ROBERT W., ED. - The Complete Guide to Judo. Its Story and Practice
017028: SMITH, CLARENCE ^PINE-TOP^ - Sheet Music for the Original Boogie Woogie
016677: SMITH, LILLIAN - Our Faces, Our Words, Read by Lillian Smith
30227: SMITH, PATTI - M Train
25019: SMITH, CLARK ASHTON; BEHRENDS, STEVE, ED. - Clark Ashton Smith: Letters to H.P. Lovecraft

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