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25369: (MESENS, E.L.T.) BRUNIUS, JACQUES - E.L. T. Mesens: 125 Collages & Objets
021533: BRUNN, H. O - The Story of the Original Dixieland Jazz Band
24654: BRUNN, H. O - The Story of the Original Dixieland Jazz Band
020800: BRUNNER, JOSE - Freud and the Politics of Psychoanalysis
016549: BRUNS, ROGER A - The Damndest Radical. The Life and World of Ben Reitman
28213: BRUTUS, DENNIS - Poems from Algiers
28035: BRUTUS, DENNIS - Stubborn Hope
25256: BRUYNINCKX, WALTER - Swing // 1920 - 1985 Volume 4 Ea - Go
25253: BRUYNINCKX, WALTER - Traditional Jazz (Discography) 1-6 Complete
25254: BRUYNINCKX, WALTER - Swing // 1920 - 1985 Volume 1 a-Ba
021048: BRYANT, CLORA, ET AL, EDS - Central Avenue Sounds. Jazz in Los Angeles
018820: BUCHMAN-MOLLER, FRANK - You Got to Be Original, Man
27215: BUCK, PAUL, ED. - Violent Silence. Celebrating Georges Bataille
26087: BUCK, ROBERT M., ED. - The New Majority Vol 2 No. 1 (July 5, 1919) - Volume 2 - No. 26 (December 27, 1919)
27064: BUCKLEY, LORD - Hiparama of the Classics
020094: BUCKLEY, LORD - Hiparama of the Classics
27390: BUDIGNA, LUCIANO, ET AL. - Arte Fantastuca
015379: BUEL, W. J - Russian Nihilism and Exile Life in Siberia
012582: BUERKLE, JACK, AND DANNY BARKER - Bourbon Street Black. The New Orleans Black Jazzman
008634: BUERKLE, JACK V, AND DANNY BARKER - Bourbon Street Black. The New Orleans Black Jazzman
28127: BUHLE, PAUL; SULLIVAN, EDMUND B. ; FAST, HOWARD (FOREWORD) - Images of American Radicalism
28063: BUHLE, PAUL, ED. - Cultural Correspondence 12-13-14 (Summer, 1981)
020214: BUKHARIN, N - Lenin As a Marxist
26875: BUKOWSKI, CHARLES; CRUMB, R. (ILLUS. ) - Three Broadsides from Black Sparrow Press: Hot Water Music; Bring Me Your Love; There's No Business (Black Sparrow Broadsides 10, 11, 12)
017992: BUKOWSKI, CHARLES - Come on in. New Poems
016887: BUKOWSKI, CHARLES - Slouching Toward Nirvana
27472: BULLARD, ARTHUR - The Russian Pendulum. Autocracy-Democracy-Bolshivism
013091: BURKE, JAMES LEE - Bitterroot
26874: BURKE, JAMES LEE - Sunset Limited Promotional Packaged Plastic Tackle/Tool Box Loaded with Souhern Cooking Materials.
010320: BURLEIGH, H. T - Negro Sprituals: Steal Away
010319: BURLEIGH, H. T - Negro Spirituals: Joshua Fit de Battle Ob Jericho
010318: BURLEIGH, H. T - Negro Spirituals: Were You There
001094: BURLEY, DAN - Please Help Me If You Can, a Confession Story
001091: BURLEY, DAN - Lines on Race Lines, 3-Page Typed Ms on Race Consciousness
001092: BURLEY, DAN - Back Door Stuff
001418: BURMAN, BEN LUCIAN - Blow for a Landing
021285: BURNETT, WILLIAM R - It's Always Four o'Clock, by "James Updyke"
020917: BURNHAM, JOHN CHYNOWETH - Psychoanalysis and American Medicine, 1894-1918...
27623: BURROUGHS, EDGAR RICE - Back to the Stone Age
26373: BURROUGHS, MARGARET - "between Two Worlds"
26375: BURROUGHS, MARGARET - "the Quartet"
26376: BURROUGHS, MARGARET - "Mahalia"
26378: BURROUGHS, MARGARET - "Big Bill Broonzy"
012011: BURROUGHS, MARGARET - What Shall I Tell My Children Who Are Black [and Other Pieces]
28145: BURROUGHS, WILLIAM S. - Deposition: Testimony Concerning a Sickness in Evergreen Review No. 11 (Jan / Feb 1960)
23869: BURROUGHS, DR. MARGARET T. G. - Life with Margaret. The Official Autobiography
018465: BURSTEIN, ABRAHAM - West of the Nile. A Story of Saadia Gaon
020687: BURT, ROY E, INTRO BY - Socialist Handbook 1937
28437: BUSH, ROBIN - Somerset. The Complete Guide
27172: BUSH, DAVID V. - The Function of the Subconscious Mind / Psychological Law of Suggestion
25285: BUTCHER, MARGARET JUST - The Negro in American Culture, Based on Materials Left by Alain Locke
020762: BUTLER, JERRY, WITH EARL SMITH - Only the Strong Survive. Memoirs of a Soul Survivor
26747: BUXBAUM, EDITH; SCHWARTZ, LAWRENCE M. (INTERVIEWER) - From Vienna to Seattle. Dr. Edith Buxbaum Remembers
24898: BYRD, RICHARD EVELYN - Little America. Aerial Exploration in the Antarctic. The Flith to the South Pole
012124: BYRGE - The Screwball Comedy Films. A History and Filmography 1934-1942
019153: BYRNE, FRANK L - Prophet of Prohibition. Neal Dow and His Parade
27858: CABANEL, GUY; LAGARDE, ROBERT - Les Fetes Severes
022065: CAHAH, RICHARD, ET AL - Real Chicago. Photographs from the Files of the Chicago Suntimes
26032: (NICKEL, RICHARD) CAHAN, RICHARD; WILLIAMS, MICHAEL - Richard Nickel's Chicago. Photographs of a Lost City
28037: CAHUN, LEON - The Adventures of Captain Mago; or, a Phoenician Expedition B.C. 1000
22649: CAILLER, PIERRE (YVES BRAYER, ILLUS) - Catalogue Raisonne de L'Oeuvre Grave Et Lithographie de Yves Brayer
006864: CAIN, JAMES M - Galatea
27721: CALAS, NICOLAS; MULLER, HERBERT J, BURKE, KENNETH - Surrealism, Pro and con
25395: CALDWELL, ERSKINE - Tenant Farmer
23364: CALINESCU, MATEI - Five Faces of Modernity
017945: CALKINS, CLINCH - Spy Overhead. The Story of Industrial Espionage
018719: CALLENDER, RED, AND ELAINE COHEN - Unfinished Dream. The Musical World of Red Callender
012343: CALOMIRIS, ANGELA - Red Masquerade. Undercover for the F.B. I.
012504: CALVERT, ROBERT - Ain't Gonna Pay for War No More
016623: CALVERT, GREG, AND CAROL NEIMAN - A Disrupted History. The New Left and the New Capitalism
26973: CAMACHO, JORGE - Le Ton Haut
019731: CAMERON, L. C. R - The Hunting Horn
27254: CAMERON, DEBORAHJ - Feminism and Linguistic Theory
27478: CAMFIELD, WILLIAM A. - Francis Picabia. His Art, Life and Times
017939: CAMPAIGNE, JAMESON G - Check-Off. Labor Bosses and Working Men
015802: CAMPBELL, BRUCE, AND DONALD WATSON - The Oxford Book of Birds
23342: CAMPBELL, ROY - The Flaming Terrapin
23606: CAMPBELL, ROY - Adamastor
001166: CAMPBELL, LITTLE MILTON - Publicity Photo, 7« X 10"
017421: CANIN, ETHAN - Emperor of the Air
019008: CANNELL, DOROTHY - Down the Garden Path
27584: CANNON, ELIZABETH PERRY; WHITING, HELEN ADELE; WINSLOW, VERNON (ILLUS. ) - Country Life Stories. Some Rural Community Helpers
27958: CANTINE, HOLLEY; RAINER, DACHINE, EDS. - Retort. An Anarchist Quarterly of Social Philosophyt and the Arts, Vol. 4, No. 3 (Winter, 1949)
022089: CANTRIL, HADLEY, ED - Tensions That Cause Wars
021063: CANTWELL, ROBERT - Bluegrass Breakdown
016883: CAPOTE, TRUMAN - Truman Capote Reading His the Thanksgiving Visitor
26887: CAPOTE, TRUMAN - The Grass Harp. A Play
27096: CARBY, HAZEL V. - Reconstructing Womanhood. . the Emergence of the Afro-American Woman Novelist
27571: CARCATERRA, LORENZO - Sleepers
22511: CARCO, FRANCIS (DARAGNES, ILLUS) - Les Jours Et Les Nuits
008624: CAREY, JOSEPH KUHN - Big Noise from Notre Dame. A History of the Collegiate Jazz Festival
017344: CARLE, FRANKIE - Piano Stylings of Favorite Songs
020995: CARLES, PHILIPPE, ET AL. - Dictionnaire Du Jazz
24856: CARLSON, NANCY - Harriet's Halloween Candy
24857: CARLSON, NANCY - Harriet and Walt
24852: CARLSON, NANCY - Bunnies and Their Hobbies
24853: CARLSON, NANCY - Loudmouth George and the Sixth-Grade Bully
24854: CARLSON, NANCY - Loudmouth George and the Big Race
26878: CARLTON, JOE, COMPILER - Reflections on Hometown, Usa. Growing Up in a Small Town During the 30's and 40's
28034: CARMODY, FRANCIS J.; MACINTYRE, CARLYLE, (EDS.) - Surrealist Poetry in France. A Bi-Lingual Anthology
22135: CARPENTER, HON. MATT. H. - Carpenter on Back Pay Bill Speech of Hon, Matt. H. Carpenter on the Back Pay Bill
015076: CARR, JOHN DICKSON - The Sleeping Sphinx
22857: CARR, E. H. (DEUTSCHER, TAMARA, ED.) - The Comintern and the Spanish CIVIL War
021039: CARR, IAN - Keith Jarrett. The Man and His Music
018314: CARR, JOHN DICKSON - The Door to Doom and Other Detections
017378: CARR, IAN, ET AL - Jazz. The Essential Companion
24828: LE CARRE, JOHN - The Little Drummer Girl
27703: CARRE, G L J - Analyse Raisonnee Et Conferences Des Opinions Des Commentateurs Et Des Arrets Des Cours, Sur le Code de Procedure Civile, Volumes I and II (Complete)
25863: CARROLL, PAUL - Chicago Tales
012058: CARROLL, PAUL - Odes
012120: CARSEL, WILFRED - A History of the Chicago Ladies' Garment Workers Union
015211: CARTER, LAWRENCE - Eubie Blake. Keys of Memory
010699: CARTIER, XAM - Muse-Echo Blues
27895: CARY, AUSTIN - Woodsman's Manual
021499: CASH, JUNE CARTER - From the Heart
27072: CASRIEL, DANIEL - So Fair a House: The Story of Synanon [Cover Title: The Story of Synanon]
28065: CASS, R. , ED - Climax. A Creative Review in the Jazz Spirit. Sessiono One
22879: CASSOU, JEAN, ET AL. - Le Sport
22880: CASSOU, JEAN, ET AL. - Richesses de la France
22877: CASSOU, JEAN, ET AL. - Les Parisiennes
22878: CASSOU, JEAN, ET AL. - La Jeunesse
020590: CASTEL, ROBERT, ET AL - The Psychiatric Society
019219: CASTELLI, VITTORIO - The Bix Bands
23705: CATHER, WILLA; O'BRIEN, SHARON, EDITOR - Willa Cather: Stories, Poems, and Other Writings
23707: CATHER, WILLA; O'BRIEN, SHARON, EDITOR - Willa Cather: Later Novels
26837: CATHER, WILLA - Youth and the Bright Medusa
26833: CATHER, WILLA - One of Ours
26834: CATHER, WILLA SIBERT - April Twilights
26838: CATHER, WILLA - The Professor's House
26958: CATHER, WILLA - O Pioneers
23716: CATHER, WILLA; O'BRIEN, SHARON, EDITOR - Willa Cather: Early Novels and Stories
26830: CATHER, WILLA S - Alexander's Bridge
016836: CAVALLO, ADOLPH S - Tapestries of Europe and of Colonial Peru in the Museum of Fine Arts, Bosto
26313: CAVEN, GEORGE, ED. - Dairy Produce / Milk Plant Edition
24911: CELLIER, LEON - Fabre D'Olivet. Contribution a L'Etude Des Aspects Religieux Du Romantisme
021087: CERUTTI, GUSTAVE - Discographie John Tchicai
27784: CESAIRE, AIME - Return to My Native Land
27774: CESAIRE, AIME - Lyric and Dramatic Poetry, 1946-1982
27495: CESARINY, MARIO - Textos de Afirmacao E de Combate Do Movimento Surrealista Mundial
26242: CESARINY, MARIO - Primavera Autonoma Das Estradas
28400: CESARINY, MARIO - A Ilha Misteriosa. 18 Pinturas Acrilicas S/ Papel
26245: CESARINY, MARIO - As Maos Na Agua / a Cabeca No Mar
26301: CESARINY, MARIO - 50 Aniversario Do Primeiro Manifesto Surrealista (Cover Title) Contribuicao Ao Registo de Nascimento Existencia E Extincao Do Grupo Surrealista de Lisboa
28044: CEZANNE, PAUL - Sketch Book
26981: CHADWICK, WHITNEY, ED. - Mirror Images. Women, Surrealism and Self-Reputation
000823: CHAFETZ, MORRIS E, ET AL - Frontiers of Alcoholism
014168: CHAFFEY, M ELLA / MILLIGAN, BLANCHE M - The Old Skid Road / Competing for the Prize
018564: CHAN, SHIH - A Brief History of the United States
28204: CHANNING, EDWARD; LANSING, MARION FLORENCE - The Story of the Great Lakes
25146: CHANNING, WILLIAM ELLERY, D.D.; AIKEN, LUCY - Correspondence of William Ellery Channing and Lucy Aiken from 1826 to 1842
26118: CHAPLIN, RALPH; NEARING, SCOTT (INTRO. ) - Bars and Shadows
28393: CHAPLIN, RALPH - Somewhat Barbaric. Poems, Lyrics, Sonnets
26745: CHAPLIN, RALPH - Original Art, Ink on Paper, 10 Images on 7 Sheets of Paper, Biological Drawings for Charles H. Kerr Company's "Triumph of Life" by Wilhelm Boelsch. Often Signed with Initials R.H. C.
28147: CHAR, RENE - Le Marteau Sans Maitre
007024: CHARTERS, SAMUEL - Jelly Roll Morton's Last Night at the Jungle Inn
021504: CHARTERS, SAMUEL - Jazz New Orleans 1885-1963
23905: CHASE-RIBOUD, BARBARA - Sally Hemings
26683: CHASE, RICHARD (PROFFIT, VIRGINIA) ED. - Anglo-American Ballads & Songs
24081: CHASE, JOAN - During the Reign of the Queen of Persia
27400: CHASSE, ROBERT; ELWELL, BRUCE; HORELICK, JONATHAN; VERLAAN, TONY (EDITORIAL COMMITTEE) - Situationist International. Review of the American Section of the S.I. (Number 1, June 1969)
22472: CHATEAUBRIANT, A. DE (FERDINAND FARGEOT, ILLUS. ) - Monsieur Des Lourdines
25467: CHAVAL - Bizarre No. 41 (Juin 1966)
25465: CHAVAL - Bizarre No. 38 (Avril 1965)
26262: CHAZAL, MALCOLM DE - La Vie Derriere Les Choses
26900: CHENG, DR. WOO CHAN - Erotologie de la Chine
24588: CHEPESIUK, RON - Black Gangsters of Chicago
23709: CHESNUTT, CHARLES W. - Charles W. Chesnutt: Stories, Novels, & Essays
019736: WOMEN'S BOARD ALLIANCE FRANCAIS CHICAGO - Souvenir Program... 100th Anniversary of the Alliance Francaise de Chicago
008988: CHILTON, JOHN - Bill Coleman on Record
012590: CHILTON, JOHN - Who's Who of Jazz
014592: CHILTON, JOHN - Who's Who of Jazz
007014: CHILTON, JOHN - Sidney Bechet. The Wizard of Jazz
27131: CHILTON, JOHN - Billie's Blues. Billie Holiday's Story 1933-1959
018715: CHILTON, JOHN - Who's Who of Jazz
017796: CHILTON, JOHN - Who's Who of Jazz
23564: CHOPIN, KATE; GILBERT, SANDRA, EDITOR - Kate Chopin: Complete Novels and Stories
25617: CHRISTENSEN, UTA - Bed of Roses Bed of Thorns
018618: CHRISTOPHER, LOUISE W - Hoofbeats on the Prairie. The Story of a Saddlebag Preacher
018172: ILLINOIS FEDERATION OF LABOR AND CIO - Proceedings Seventeenth Annual Convention
010249: CLAIR, MAXINE - Rattlebone
27860: (OHR, GEORGE E. ) CLARK, GARTH; DALE, RON - George E. Ohr. The Mad Biloxi Potter
26921: CLARK, MICHAEL - Jacques Lacan. An Annotated Bibliography Volumes I and II
010091: CLARK, KENNETH B - Pathos of Power
017762: CLARKE, DONALD - Wishing on the Moon. The Life and Times of Billie Holiday
019036: CLAXTON, WILLIAM - The Young Chet
016392: CLAYTON, PETER, AND PETER GAMMOND - The Guinness Jazz a-Z
007075: CLAYTON, PETER, AND PETER GAMMOND - The Guinness Jazz a-Z
021037: CLAYTON, BUCK, WITH NANCY MILLER ELLIOTT - Buck Clayton's Jazz World
26645: CLEMENTS, JOHN W. - Hypnotism. Masterpiece of Myths
28377: CLERK, N. W. (C. S. LEWIS) - A Grief Observed
014882: CLOUT, MACHIAVELLI COLIN - The Curse of Intellect
013098: CLUTTERBUCK, RICHARD - Protest and the Urban Guerrilla
26813: MAD COBRA (BROWN, EWART EVERTON) - Flex Mad Cobra. Riviera for the First Time in Chicago Riviera Sat. March 6 7pm Sharp
26848: COCHRAN, ROBERT - Our Own Sweet Sound. A Celebration of Popular Music in Arkansas
021890: CODMAN, JOHN THOMAS - Brook Farm: Historic and Personal Memoirs
27569: COETZEE, J. M - The Master of Petersburg
27410: COEURDEROY, ERNEST; VANIEGEM, RAOUL - Pour la Revolution Precede de Terrorisme Ou Revolution par Raoul Vaneigem
26855: COHEN, MARGARET - Profane Illuminations. Walter Benjamin and the Paris of Surrealist Revolution
27526: COHEN, HARVEY G. - Duke Ellington's America
23021: COHEN, MATT - The Bookseller
25468: COHEN, LIZABETH - Making a New Deal. Industrial Workers in Chicago, 1919-1939
010231: COHEN, JULIUS HENRY - An American Labor Policy
020296: COHEN, MITCHELL, AND DENNIS HALE, EDS - The New Student Left. An Anthology
017266: COHEN, SIDNEY, ET AL - The Alcoholic in Crisis: Acute Withdrawal
013099: COHN-BENDIT, DANIEL AND GABRIEL - Obsolete Communism. The Left-Wing Alternative
27330: COLDINGS, STEEN - Steen Coldings Samling (28 Januar - 27 Februa 1972)
013100: COLE, MICHELLE, AND STUART BLACK - Checking It out. Some Lower East Side Kids Discover the Rest of America
012354: COLE, NAT KING - Pictured on Sheet Music for Answer Me, My Love
021338: COLE, LEONARD A - Blacks in Power. A Comparative Study of Black and White Elected Officials
020961: COLE, BILL - Miles Davis. A Musical Biography
012130: COLEMAN, MCALISTER - Eugene V. Debs. A Man Unafraid
25875: COLES, ROBERT; FORD, GEORGE (ILLUS. ) - The Story of Ruby Bridges
017541: COLETTE - Renee. La Vagabonde
22413: COLETTE (MATISSE, ILLUS. ) - La Fleur de L'Age
28443: COLLECTIF: IVSIC, LE BRUN, PEUCHMAURD, GOLDFAYN, GOURTAY, LEGRAND, ET AL. - Le 17 Mars Texte Suivi de IL Faut Tenir Compte de Ls Distance (Feuilleton Theorique)
27150: COLLER, DEREK - Jess Stacy. The Quiet Man of Jazz (with Cd)
008631: COLLIER, JAMES LINCOLN - Benny Goodman and the Swing Era
015320: COLLIER, JAMES LINCOLN - Jazz. The American Theme Song
006999: COLLIER, JAMES LINCOLN - Jazz: The American Theme Song
017817: COLLIER, JAMES LINCOLN - The Great Jazz Artists
017704: COLLIER, JAMES LINCOLN - Benny Goodman and the Swing Era
016812: COLLIER, JAMES LINCOLN - Inside Jazz
007077: COLLINS, LEE, AND MARY COLLINS - Oh, Didn't He Ramble. The Life Story of Lee Collins
011985: COLLINS, LEE, ET AL - Oh, Didn't He Ramble. The Life Story of Lee Collins As Told to Mary Collins
017809: COLLINS, LEE, AS TOLD TO MARY COLLINS - Oh, Didn't He Ramble. The Life Story of Lee Collins
27797: COLLODI, C. ; BERNARDINI, ANNETTE (ILLUS) - The Pinocchio Adventures
27275: COLMACHE, M - Revelations of the Life of Prince Talleyrand, Edited from the Papers of M Colmache, Private Secretary to the Prince
23847: COLTER, CYRUS - Night Studies
25658: COLVILLE, W. J - Spiritual, Ethical and Historical Discourses Delivered Under Inspiration... During 1885 and 1886
25692: COLVILLE, W. J - Inspirational Lectures and Impromptu Poems
015571: COMMAGER, HENRY STEELE, ET AL - CIVIL Liberties Under Attack
27532: INDIANOLA HISTORY BOOK COMMITTEE - The History of Carroll Townshop (Vermillion County, Illinois)
008274: CONDE, MARYSE - Tree of Life
016604: CONDON, EDDIE - Pictured on Sheet Music for W.C. Handy's Yellow Dog Blues
23038: CONGDON, KIRBY, ED. - Magazine 5 (Magazine Five)
021469: O'CONNELL, CAROL - Find Me
26872: CONNELLY, MICHAEL - Blood Work
27535: CONNICK, CHARLES J. (MAGINNIS, CHARLES D. FAIA, FOREWORD) - Adventures in Light and Color. An Introduction to the Stained Glass Craft by Charles J. Connick, Master Craftsman
26173: CONNOLLY, JAMES - The Axe to the Root and Old Wine in New Bottles
008992: CONNOR, RUSS - Twenty Years of the Duke, September 1933 Through May 1955
017812: CONNOR, D RUSSELL, AND WARREN W. HICKS - Bg on the Record
27019: CONRAN, PAUL (CUIRATOR) - Surrealism. A Selection of Drawings, Prints, Books and Other Related Material Illustrating the Work of the Surrealists in Europe and England.
27957: CONROY, JACK; ALGREN, NELSON EDS. - New Anvil, Vol I, No. 7 (July-August, 1940)
013300: CONROY, JACK - The Disinherited
012133: CONROY, JACK - A World to Win
24706: CONROY, JACK (ED.) - The Anvil No. 5 (March-April, 1934)
27589: CONROY, JACK - The Disinherited
28051: (PAINE, THOMAS) CONWAY, MONCURE DANIEL - The Life of Thomas Paine. With a History of His Literary, Political, and Religious Career in America, France, and England. To Which Is Added a Sketch of Paine by William Cobbett (Hitherto Unpublished) Two Volumes
007032: COOK, BRUCE - Listen to the Blues
014406: COOKE, JOHN ESTEN - Outlines from the Outpost
23846: COOPER, J CALIFORNIA - The Wake of the Wind
28424: CORCORAN, WILLIAM - This Man, Joe Murray
010059: CORNISH, SAM - Generations
015732: CORNWELL, PATRICIA D - All That Remains
021476: CORNWELL, PATRICIA - Book of the Dead
021458: CORNWELL, BERNARD - Sharpe's Fury
27831: STANDARD SCIENTIFIC SUPPLY CORP. - Laboratory Equipment and Supplies for the Chemical Bacteriological Clinical and Biological Laboratory. Catalogue 65
27090: CORSO, GREGORY - The Happy Birthday of Death
27951: CORTEZ, CARLOS - De Kansas a Califas & Back to Chicago
28210: CORTEZ, JAYNE - If the Drum Is a Woman
27259: CORTEZ, JAYNE - Maintain Control
25923: CORTEZ, JAYNE - Firespitter
27899: CORTEZ, CARLOS - Crystal-Gazing the Amber Fluid & Other Wobbly Poems
016425: COSS, BILL, ED - Jazz 1956
016427: COSS, BILL, ED - Jazz 1957
016428: COSS, BILL, ED - Jazz 1958
011899: COURLANDER, HAROLD - Folk Tales from West Africa, As Told by Harold Courlander
23055: COURT, A B; BOY POET; CAPOUYA, E; FOLEY, J; HONORA, LACHS, J; M; LANGTON, D; LARSEN, C; LAWNER, L; PETTITT, K; PHILBRICK, C; PLOTINSKY, M; SHAVZIN, A; TAYLOR, K. P. A. ; TINDALL, T; TRACHTMAN, P; WALLACE, R; WEXLER, W - Penny Poems: Motorcyclist (Court) ; Another Suicide (Boy Poet) ; Taken Town (Capouya) ; Poem (Foley) ; for Bluebeard (Honora) ; Nude by Modigliani (Langton) ; Here, in Countdown Darkness (Larsen) ; After the Storm (Lawner) [Cont]
22449: COURTELINE, GEORGES (DIGNIMONT, ILLUS. ) - Oeuvres de Georges Courteline
27824: COURTET, CLAUDE - Rene Crevel
016627: COWARD, NOEL - Pomp and Circumstance
25405: (FREEMASONRY) COWLES, JOHN H. (FOREWORD) - "the Truth Shall Set You Free"
26729: CRAGG, WILLIAM R. - Heroic Couplets. Stories of Boyhood, Stories of War
26728: CRAGG, WILLIAM R. - Heroic Couplets. Stories of Boyhood, Stories of War
23438: CRANE, HART; HAMMER, LANGDON, EDITOR - Hart Crane: Complete Poems and Selected Letters
021920: CRANE, RICHARD TELLER - The Autobiography of Richard Teller Crane
016772: CRANE, FRANCES - Black Cypress
016760: CRANE, ROSS - The Ross Crane Book of Home Furnishing and Decoration
020640: CRAWFORD, BRYCE L, JR - Cultivating Sherlock Holmes
005402: CRAWLEY, ERNEST - Dress, Drinks, and Drums. Further Studies of Savages and Sex
26020: CREELEY, ROBERT - Robert Creeley Reads
27301: CREVEL, RENE - Le Clavecin de Diderot
27302: CREVEL, RENE - Babylone
27291: CREVEL, RENE - Detours
26283: CROLWELL, THOMAS RAY - Cry Uncle, Sumbody
015758: CRONE, ERNST - Pieter Holm and His Tobacco Box
26209: CROSBY, HARRY W. - Cave Paintings of Baja California. Discovering the Great Murals of an Unknown People
016600: CROSBY, BING - Pictured on 33rpm Record Cleaner, Decca Advert
24666: CROSS, AMANDA (CAROL G. HEILBRUN) - Death in a Tenured Position
021465: CROW, MICHAEL - Red Rain
26304: CRUIKSHANK, JAMES A. - Spalding's Winter Sports
28396: CRUZEIRO SEIXAS, ARTUR MANUEL RODRIGUES - De Mario Cesariny Para Arthur Manuel Do Cruziero Seixas
019825: CUMMINGS, E. E - E.E. Cummings Reads
28019: CUNARD, NANCY, ED. (HUGH FORD, ABRIDGED, AND INTRO. ) - Negro: An Anthology
25127: CUSHING, STEVE - Blues Before Sunrise. The Radio Interviews
27048: CUSSLER, MARGARET; DE GIVE, MARY L. - 'Twixt the Cup and the Lip
012139: DACUS, J. A - Annals of the Great Strikes in the United States
28246: DAHL, ROALD; BURKERT, NANCY EKHOLM (ILLUS.) - James and the Giant Peach
27340: DALI, SALVADOR - Conquest of the Irrational
27738: DALI, SALVADOR - The Secret Life of Salvador Dali
28169: DALI, SALVADOR; MAYOR, A HYATT (FOREWORD) ; LIVINGSTON, LIDA (ED. ) - Dali: A Study of His Art-in-Jewels. The Collection of the Owen Cheatham Foundation
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28422: GREEN, PAUL - The Lost Colony
002443: GREEN, BENNY - Drums in My Ears. Jazz in Our Time
013613: GREEN, CHARLES H - The Headwear Workers. A Century of Trade Unionism
24658: GREEN, BENNY - Drums in My Ears. Jazz in Our Time
012014: GREEN, GIL - What's Happening to Labor
23181: GREEN, DAVE - The Chicago Piano Man
28113: GREEN, ARCHIE - Tin Men
23131: GREEN, JAMES; CURTIS, ROBERT I. - Plain Truth
020397: GREEN, BENNY - The Reluctant Art. The Growth of Jazz
27950: GREENBERG, SAMUEL B. - Poems from the Greenberg Mss. A Selection from the Work of Samuel B. Greenberg
27442: GREENBERG, ALAN - Love in Vain. The Life and Legend of Robert Johnson
22486: GREENE, GRAHAM (KELLY, PORTINARI, MASEREEL, FLEURY, ILLUS) - Romans. Rocher de Brighton, la Puissance Et la Gloire, le Fond Du Problème, la Fin D'Une Liaison.
25284: (CARR, JOHN DICKSON) GREENE, DOUGLAS G. - John Dickson Carr. The Man Who Explained Miracles
26022: GREENFIELD, ELOISE; GILCHRIST, JAN SPIVEY (ILLUS. ) - Aaron and Gayla's Counting Book
26556: (CHILD, JULIA) GREENSPAN, DORIEQ - Baking with Julia Based on the Pbs Series Hosted by Julia Child
23514: GRIGSON, GEOFFREY (LEWIS, WYNDHAM) - A Master of Our Time. A Study of Wyndham Lewis
26827: GRINKER, RO R; WERBLE, BEATRICE; DRYE, ROBERT C. - The Borderline Syndrome. A Behavioral Study of Ego-Fuinctions
28392: GRINNELL, MRS. E. V., ED. - Logos Vol 1, Nos; 1, 2, 3 (October, November 1888, February 1887)
020851: GRINSTEIN, ALEXANDER - Freud at the Crossroads
020941: GRINSTEIN, ALEXANDER - Index of Psychoanalytic Writings
28418: GRODZINS, MORTON - The Metropolitan Area As a Racial Problem
26364: GROIA, PHILIP - They All Sang on the Corner. A Second Look at New York City's Rhythm and Blues Vocal Groups
021374: GROOM, BOB - The Blues Revival
26826: GROSSINGER, RICHARD; HOUGH, LINDY - Io No. 8 Dreams / Oneirology
27443: GROSSMAN, LT. COL. DAVE - On Killing. The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society
25712: GROSSMANN, RUDOLF "PIERRE RAMUS" - Der Justizmordes Von Chicago. Zum Andenken 11. November 1887.
25162: GROSZ, GEORGE - Vita E Opere
24924: GROSZ, GEORGE - Das Gesicht Der Herrschenden Klasse 57 Politische Zeichnungen
24923: GROSZ, GEORGE - A Little Yes and a Big No. The Autobiography of George Grosz
27429: CHICAGO SURREALIST GROUP - "As Long As Tourists Replace Seers" 1492-1992 in What Are You Going to Do About It? No. 1, October 1992
27430: CHICAGO SURREALIST GROUP - "Three Days That Shook the New Wrld Order" in What Are You Going to Do About It? No. 2, April, 1993
27229: GROVE, DAVID, J. ; PANZER, B. I. - Resolving Traumatic Memories. Metaphors and Syymbols in Psychotherapy
018785: GRUBER, FRANK - The Gold Gap
24838: GRUELLE, JOHNNY - Raggedy Ann and the Hoppy Toad
24456: GRUENBERG, GLADYS W. - Labor Peacemaker. The Life and Works of Father Leo C. Brown, Sj
020928: GRUNBAUM, ADOLF - The Foundations of Psychoanalysis
020927: GRUNBAUM, ADOLF - Validation in the Clinical Theory of Psychoanalysis
22144: GUARE, JOHN - Three Exposures
22328: GUARESCHI, GIOVANNI (GUS BOFA, ILLUS) - Le Petit Monde de Don Camillo
23613: GUIBERT, ARMAND, ED. AND TRANS. (ROY CAMPBELL) - Hommage a Roy Campbell
25986: ("YPSILON") GUMPERZ, JULIAN; VOLLK, KARL - Pattern for World Revolution
26405: GURALNICK, PETER - Searching for Robert Johnson

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