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PASTPAGE072144I: BERTRAND VAN BILSEN; HENRY J. KOREN - The Changing Church - Duquesne Studies, Theological Series 6
PASTPAGE083323I: G. D. BINANI; T. V. RAMA RAO (EDITORS) - India at a Glance: A Comprehensive Reference Book on India
PASTPAGE079957I: WOLFGANG D. BINDER; GAIL MOYER MITCHELL; DAVID J. BALLANTYNE - Pollen Viability Testing, Storage and Related Physiology: Review of the Literature with Emphasis on Gymnosperm Pollen Report BC-X-105
PASTPAGE072756I: ALFRED BINET; TH. SIMON - The Development of Intelligence in Children (the Binet-Simon Scale) Publications of the Training School at Vineland New Jersey - Department of Research, No. 11, May, 1916
PASTPAGE090534I: LEWIS R. BINFORD - Constructing Frames of Reference: An Anlytical Method for Archaeological Theory Building Using Hunter-Gatherer and Environmental Data Sets
PASTPAGE074536I: MARCUS BINNEY - Great Railway Stations of Europe
PASTPAGE067404I: SUBCOMMITTEE ON SENSORY AIDS - COMMITTEE ON THE INTERPLAY OF ENGINEERING WITH BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE - Selected Research, Development, and Organizational Needs of the Hearing Impaired
PASTPAGE084928I: BIONDO L. BIONDI - 3d Seismic Imaging - Investigations in Geophysics - Volume 14
PASTPAGE072528I: G. G. BIRCH; J. G. BRENNAN; K. J. PARKER - Sensory Properties of Foods
PASTPAGE087980I: GEORGE HENRY BOKER & ROBERT MONTGOMERY BIRD - America's Lost Plays - XI an Arrant Knave and Other Plays - XII the Cowled Lover and Other Plays
PASTPAGE066357I: MILTON H. BIRD - A Study in Aesthetics - Studies in Educational Psychology and Educational Measurement Number 11 Harvard Monographs in Education
PASTPAGE071224I: ERIC C. F. BIRD - Coastline Changes - a Global Review
PASTPAGE083997I: J. R. BIRD; G. J. CLARK (EDS.) - Ion Beam Analysis: Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Ion Beam Analysis, Sydney, Australia, 16-20 February 1981
PASTPAGE082571I: RICHARD M. BIRD; ROBERT D. EBEL - Fiscal Fragmentation in Decentralized Countries: Subsidiarity, Solidarity and Asymmetry
PASTPAGE084885I: ANNE D. BIRDWHISTELL - LI Yong (1627-1705) and Epistemological Dimensions of Confucian Philosophy
PASTPAGE083460I: LORD BIRDWOOD - India and Pakistan: A Continent Decides
PASTPAGE087359I: PIERRE BIRNBAUM - The Jews of the Republic - a Political History of State Jews in France from Gambetta to Vichy - Stanford Studies in Jewish History and Culture
PASTPAGE071363I: CATHERINE H. BIRNEY - The Grimke Sisters - Sarah and Angelina Grimk - the First American Women Advocates of Abolition and Woman's Rights
PASTPAGE082505I: N. D. BIRRELL; P. C. W. DAVIES - Quantum Fields in Curved Space Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics
PASTPAGE078851I: JAMES E. BIRREN; K. WARNER SCHAIE (EDITORS) - Handbook of the Psychology of Aging
PASTPAGE078852I: JAMES E. BIRREN; K. WARNER SCHAIE (EDITORS) - Handbook of the Psychology of Aging
PASTPAGE084846I: KEVIN K. BIRTH - Any Time Is Trinidad Time" - Social Meanings and Temporal Consciousness
PASTPAGE065070I: BISCH, LOUIS E. - The Conquest of Self
PASTPAGE052974I: LEN BISER - The Ignorant Majority Our Reason for National Gridlock
PASTPAGE088714I: W. D. BISHOP - Characteristics of Limited Resource Farmers - Proceedings of the Workshop on Methods of Working with Limited Resource Farmers February - 9-11, 1972
PASTPAGE077762I: LLOYD BISHOP; PAULA E. LESTER - Instrumentation in Education: An Anthology
PASTPAGE075879I: ROBERT L. BISHOP - Qi Lai! Mobilizing One Billion Chinese: The Chinese Communication System
PASTPAGE083346I: KURT BITTEL; ERNST HEINRICH; BARTHEL HROUDA; WOLFRAM NAGEL (HERAUSGEGEBEN) - Vorderasiatische Archäologie: Studien Und Aufsätze Anton Moortgat zum Fünfundsechzigsten Geburtstag Gewidmet von Kollegen, Freunden und Schülern
PASTPAGE079536I: ERIC C. BJORNLUND - Beyond Free and Fair - Monitoring Elections and Building Democracy
PASTPAGE075777I: ALF BJØRSETH; ANTHONY J. DENNIS - Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons: Chemistry and Biological Effects Fourth International Symposium
PASTPAGE078856I: FREDERICK F. BLACHLY; MIRIAM E. OATMAN - The Government and Administration of Germany Institution for Government Research Studies in Administration
PASTPAGE078857I: FREDERICK F. BLACHLY; MIRIAM E. OATMAN - Administrative Legislation and Adjudication Institution for Government Research Studies in Administration, No. 29
PASTPAGE083884I: SHARON BLACK AND ELIZABETH SUE MOERSH - Index to the Annenberg Television Script Archive: Volume 1, 1976-1977
PASTPAGE080386I: IRMA SIMONTON BLACK; SEYMOUR FLEISHMAN - The Little Old Man Who Cooked and Cleaned
PASTPAGE079408I: MINDIE LAZARUS-BLACK - Legitimate Acts and Illegal Encounters: Law and Society in Antigua and Barbuda Smithsonian Series in Ethnographic Inquiry
PASTPAGE081684I: JAMES MENZIES BLACK; VIRGINIA TODD BLACK - The Front-Line Manager's Problem-Solver
PASTPAGE073978I: WILLIAM HARMAN BLACK - Our Unknown Constitution
PASTPAGE090014I: JOHN BLACK; GRAEME S. DORRANCE (EDS.) - Problems of International Finance: Papers of the Seventh Annual Conference of the International Economics Study Group
PASTPAGE082895I: JEREMY BLACK - America or Europe?: British Foreign Policy, 1739-63
PASTPAGE079523I: ANTONY BLACK - Political Thought in Europe 1250-1450
PASTPAGE076907I: EARL D. BLACK - Graphical Communication: Drafting, Sketching, and Blueprint Reading
PASTPAGE075375I: WILLIAM BLACK - Sabina Zembra
PASTPAGE087430I: BAXTER BLACK - The Cowboy and His Dog or "Go, Git in the Pickup!
PASTPAGE087634I: CYRIL E. BLACK - Understanding Soviet Politics - the Perspective of Russian History
PASTPAGE082909I: RICHARD BLACK - Angola World Bibliographical Series, Volume 151
PASTPAGE082369I: C. MARK BLACKDEN; QUENTIN WODON (EDITORS) - Gender, Time Use, and Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa World Bank Working Paper No. 73
PASTPAGE070269I: KENNETH D. BLACKFAN - Growth and Development of the Child: Part IV - Appraisement of the Child - I. Mental Status II. Physical Status -- Report of the Committee on Growth and Development - White House Conference on Child Health and Protection
PASTPAGE091364I: HOLLY VIRGINIA BLACKFORD - Out of This World: Why Literature Matters to Girls
PASTPAGE073514I: COURTNEY N. BLACKMAN - Black Capitalism in Economic Perspective - an Irving Economic Study
PASTPAGE073588I: D.J. BLACKMORE, ED. - Animal Clinical Biochemistry the Future
PASTPAGE090691I: JAMES BLADES; JEREMY MONTAGU - Early Percussion Intruments from the Middle Ages to the Baroque Early Music Series 2
PASTPAGE076374I: JAMES G. BLAINE AND THE DETROIT POST AND TRIBUNE - Zachariah Chandler: An Outline Sketch of His Life and Public Services
PASTPAGE081951I: SHEILA S. BLAIR; JONATHAN M. BLOOM - The Art and Architecture of Islam, 1250-1800
PASTPAGE072651I: EDWARD T. BLAIR - Henry of Navarre and the Religious Wars
PASTPAGE068296I: DAVID H. BLAKE, WILLIAM C. FREDERICK, & MILDRED S. MYERS - Social Auditing Evaluating the Impact of Corporate Programming
PASTPAGE055264I: THOMAS G. BLAKE - The Shield and the Storm Marine Corps Edition
PASTPAGE086698I: THOMAS G. BLAKE - The Shield and the Storm
PASTPAGE069239I: JAMES NEAL BLAKE - Run Your Car on Sunshine: Using Solar Energy for a Solar Powered Car
PASTPAGE077590I: WILLIAM BLAKE - Songs of Innocence - As Originally Illustrated and Written
PASTPAGE077591I: WILLIAM BLAKE - Songs of Innocence - As Originally Illustrated and Written
PASTPAGE090170I: BARBARA B. BLAKE; JOSEPH M. PERILLO (EDS.) - Business Regulation in the Common Market Nations - Volume II: France, Italy The European Common Market Antitrust Project of the Special Committee on the European Common Market, Vol. II
PASTPAGE082726I: WILLIAM BLAKE - Cross and Flame in Wisconsin: The Story of United Methodism in the Badger State
PASTPAGE077592I: WILLIAM BLAKE - Songs of Experience - As Originally Illustrated and Written
PASTPAGE077593I: WILLIAM BLAKE - Songs of Experience - As Originally Illustrated and Written
PASTPAGE081520I: G. BLAKEMORE EVANS, ET AL. (EDITORS) - Milton Studies in Honor of Harris Francis Fletcher
PASTPAGE076117I: DONALD L. BLAMBERG; CAROL L. DOWLING; CLAUDIA V. WESTON (EDITORS) - Proceedings of the Conference on Application of Scanning Methodologies in Libraries November 17-18, 1988, National Agricultural Library, Beltsville, Maryland
PASTPAGE080772I: RAYMOND BLANC - A Blanc Christmas
PASTPAGE075270I: G. BLANCH; D. S. CLEMM - Tables Relating to the Radial Mathieu Function - Volume 1: Functions of the First Kind
PASTPAGE089128I: NELTJE BLANCHAN - Nature's Garden. An Aid to Knowledge of Our Wild Flowers and Their Insect Visitors
PASTPAGE089096I: AMY E. BLANCHARD - A Daughter of Freedom: A Story of the Latter Period of the War for Independence
PASTPAGE084775I: KENDALL BLANCHARD - The Anthropology of Sport - an Introduction
PASTPAGE089957I: SONIA BLANDFORD - Managing Discipline in Schools
PASTPAGE083221I: DOUGLASS L. BLANDING - Exact Constraint: Machine Design Using Kinematic Principles
PASTPAGE077815I: ROBERT H. BLANK - Mother and Fetus: Changing Notions of Maternal Responsibility Contributions in Medical Studies, Number 36
PASTPAGE087482I: BARBARA TODD BLANKENSHIP; OPAL BRADLEY CALDWELL; MARY PAGE COSBY (COMPILERS) - Memories of Craig County Public Schools, 1966-2007 In and Around Craig County, 2007
PASTPAGE081145I: BARBARA T. BLANKENSHIP; OPAL CALDWELL; MARY PAGE COSBY (COORDINATORS) - In and Around Craig County, October 2009 -- Memories of Craig County Public Schools, 1870-1965
PASTPAGE083053I: ROBERT G. BLANTON - Defining the New World Order: Economic Regions and Patterns of Global Cooperation
PASTPAGE084888I: SMILEY BLANTON - Diary of My Analysis with Sigmund Freud
PASTPAGE081194I: JOAN BURLINGAME & TOM BLASCHKO - Therapy in Intermediate Care Facilities for the Mentally Retarded
PASTPAGE072475I: JOSEPH BLASI - The Communal Experience of the Kibbutz
PASTPAGE058119I: DON BLATTNER - Seven Wonders of the World and More! - Grades 5-8+
PASTPAGE058727I: DON BLATTNER - Social Studies Activity Book: Seven Wonders of the World and More! Grades 5-8+
PASTPAGE085227I: ANCEL BLAUSTEIN - Interpretation of Endometrial Biopsies - Biopsy Interpretation Series
PASTPAGE091563I: ALBERT P.BLAUSTEIN; JAY SIGLER; BENJAMIN R. BEEDE - Independence Documents of the World -- Volume 2 (Kuwait - Zambia)
PASTPAGE081006I: GERARD BLEANDONU - What Do Children Dream
PASTPAGE081988I: NORBERT BLEI - The Second Novel: Becoming a Writer A special issue of December Magazine, comprising vol. 20, nos. 1/2, 1978
PASTPAGE087387I: KRISTINA BLENNOW - Spatial Variation in Near-Ground Radiation and Low Temperature - Interactions with Forest Vegetation
PASTPAGE075455I: DIANE M. BLESS; JAMES H. ABBS (EDITORS) - Vocal Fold Physiology: Contemporary Research and Clinical Issues
PASTPAGE065912I: DAVID BLEWETT - Defoe's Art of Fiction Robinson Crusoe, Moll Flanders, Colonel Jack & Roxana
PASTPAGE090256I: KATRINKA BLICKLE - North Sea Mistress: Romance and Revolution in Modern-Day Scotland
PASTPAGE072497I: RON S. BLICQ; LISA A. MORETTO - Writing Reports to Get Results: Quick, Effective Results Using the Pyramid Method
PASTPAGE064349I: BLIND, INDUSTRIAL HOME FOR THE - Shall New England Have an Industrial Home and Manual Training School for the Adult Blind?
PASTPAGE090092I: ABRAHAM BLINDERMAN - Three Early Champions of Education: Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Rush, and Noah Webster
PASTPAGE087712I: BERNARD BLISTÈNE; CATHERINE DAVID; ALFRED PACQUEMENT - L'époque, la Mode, la Morale, la Passion: Aspects de L'Art D'Aujourd'Hui, 1977-1987 Musée national d'art moderne -- 21 mai - 17 août 1987
PASTPAGE076804I: E. BLOCHET - Musulman Painting - Xiith - Xviith Century
PASTPAGE082241I: HARRY BLOCK; PETER KENYON (EDITORS) - Creating an Internationally Competitive Economy
PASTPAGE072877I: D. I. BLOCKLEY - The Nature of Structural Design and Safety
PASTPAGE067311I: AUSTEN KENNEDY DE BLOIS - Fighters for Freedom: Heroes of the Baptist Challenge
PASTPAGE082208I: GUNNAR BLOM - Probability and Statistics: Theory and Applications
PASTPAGE090756I: ERIC BLOM - A General Index to Modern Musical Literature in the English Language
PASTPAGE066276I: GRACE HOLBROOK BLOOD - New England Miniatures
PASTPAGE059929I: SOL BLOOM - Our Heritage: George Washington and the Establishment of the American Union
PASTPAGE059000I: URSULA BLOOM - Rosemary for Chelsea
PASTPAGE067947I: HAROLD BLOOM, ED. - Modern Critical Views Elizabeth Bowen
PASTPAGE074860I: W. J. BLOOMBERG - Simulation of Douglas-Fir Seedling Root Growth, Damping-Off & Root Rot
PASTPAGE086457I: JOSEPH K. ROBERTS & ROBERT O. BLOOMER - Catalogue of Topographic and Geologic Maps of Virginia
PASTPAGE080925I: F. DONALD BLOSS; ANDREW KENSLER - Sammy Seahorse Teaches Chess: A Light-Hearted Introduction
PASTPAGE066094I: W. ESCOTT BLOSS - The Story of England's Churches: A Brief Historical Survey of the Growth and Development of the Ancient Churches in England
PASTPAGE074716I: R. DAVID MYERS & MARGARET L. MORRISON & MARGUERITE D. BLOXOM - First Lady - a Bibliography of Selected Material by and About Eleanor Roosevelt
PASTPAGE066812I: ALEXANDER BLUM - Russkie Perezvony - an Album of Soviet Russian Recordings
PASTPAGE079318I: FRED BLUM - Jean Sibelius: An International Bibliography on the Occasion of the Centennial Celebrations, 1965 Detroit Studies in Music Bibliography, No. 8
PASTPAGE090866I: KARL BLUM - Density Matrix Theory and Applications Physics of Atoms and Molecules
PASTPAGE086197I: PHILLIP I. BLUMBERG - Corporate Responsibility in a Changing Society - Essays on Corporate Social Responsibility
PASTPAGE090064I: ALFRED BLUMSTEIN; JACQUELINE COHEN; SUSAN E. MARTIN; MICHAEL H. TONRY (EDS.) - Research on Sentencing - Volume II: The Search for Reform
PASTPAGE081527I: EDMUND BLUNDEN; BERNARD MELLOR (EDITORS) - Wayside Poems of the Early Eighteenth Century
PASTPAGE086025I: VERNON TYRONE BLUNT - A Token to My Highborn Kinsman: Poetry
PASTPAGE085071I: VERNON TYRONE BLUNT - Bravo Caballero: Poetry
PASTPAGE066538I: JAMES BOADEN - Memoirs of Mrs. Siddons - Interspersed with Anecdotes of Authors and Actors
PASTPAGE056170I: NELL HOLLADAY BOAND - Nannie Scott of "Bel-Air" School - the Story of a Woman Who with the Help of Her Sisters Kept a Country School in the Nineties and Early Years of the Present Century
PASTPAGE087909I: TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH BOARD - Nchrp Report 649 - Ncfrp Report 3 - Separation of Vehicles - CMV-Only Lanes
PASTPAGE083918I: TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH BOARD - Research on Women's Issues in Transportation - Report of a Conference - Volume 2: Technical Papers Conference Proceedings 35 - November 18-20, 2004 Chicago, Illinois
PASTPAGE087608I: TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH BOARD - Maintenance Management - Proceedings of the Seventh Maintenance Management Conference - Conference Proceedings 5
PASTPAGE087609I: TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH BOARD - National Conference on Intermodalism: Making the Case, Making It Happen - Conference Proceedings 11
PASTPAGE087992I: TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH BOARD - Risk Management in the Marine Transportation System - Conference Proceedings 22
PASTPAGE087901I: TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH BOARD - Sixth International Conference on Low-Volume Roads - Volume 2 - Conference Proceedings 6
PASTPAGE087905I: TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH BOARD - Future Truck and Bus Safety Research Opportunities - Conference Proceedings 38
PASTPAGE086264I: TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH BOARD - Seventh National Conference on Light Rail Transit - Volume 1 - Conference Proceedings 8 - Baltimore, Maryland November 12-15, 1995
PASTPAGE068458I: FEDERAL TRANSIT ADMINISTRATION - TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH BOARD - Emergency Response Procedures for Natural Gas Transit Vehicles: A Synthesis of Transit Practice - Transit Cooperative Research Program Synthesis 58
PASTPAGE087904I: TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH BOARD - Railroad Freight Transportation Research Needs - Conference Proceedings 2
PASTPAGE087902I: TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH BOARD - Sixth International Conference on Low-Volume Roads - Volume 1 - Conference Proceedings 6
PASTPAGE087906I: TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH BOARD - Fourth International Bridge Engineering Conference - Volume 2 - Conference Proceedings 7
PASTPAGE083917I: TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH BOARD - Research on Women's Issues in Transportation - Report of a Conference - Volume 1: Conference Overview and Plenary Papers Conference Proceedings 35 - November 18-20, 2004 Chicago, Illinois
PASTPAGE083913I: THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD - Short-Title Catalogue of Eighteenth-Century Spanish Books in the British Library (3 Volume Set)
PASTPAGE087908I: TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH BOARD - Seventh National Conference on Light Rail Transit - Volume 2 - Conference Proceedings 8
PASTPAGE087903I: TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH BOARD - Snow Removal and Ice Control Technology - Fourth International Symposium - Conference Proceedings 16
PASTPAGE087907I: TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH BOARD - Fourth International Bridge Engineering Conference - Volume 1 - Conference Proceedings 7
PASTPAGE083916I: TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH BOARD - Refocusing Transportation Planning for the 21st Century - Conference Proceedings 20 Proceedings of Two Conferences - Washington, D.C. February 7-10, 1999 - Irvine, California April 25-28, 1999
PASTPAGE082604I: RICHARD S. BOARDMAN - Reflections on the Morphology, Anatomy, Evolution, and Classification of the Class Stenolaemata (Bryozoa) Smithsonian Contributions to Paleobiology, No. 86
PASTPAGE083518I: GEORGE BOAS; HARVEY WHEELER (EDS.) - Lattimore the Scholar
PASTPAGE085556I: MODY C. BOATRIGHT - Folk Laughter on the American Frontier
PASTPAGE063121I: BOB, RIVERS, - Here, Have a Few Flamingos and Gangland
PASTPAGE063057I: BOB, DOERR, - From Where We Come
PASTPAGE062775I: BOB, RIVERS, - Here, Have a Few Flamingos and Gangland
PASTPAGE085056I: NORBERTO BOBBIO - Old Age and Other Essays
PASTPAGE069390I: LINDA BAINE MCGOWN & JOHN O'M. BOCKRIS - How to Obtain Abundant Clean Energy
PASTPAGE076380I: ZVI BODIE; JOHN B. SHOVEN; DAVID A. WISE (EDITORS) - Issues in Pension Economics National Bureau of Economic Research Project Report
PASTPAGE075228I: J. DE BOER; G. E. UHLENBECK (EDITORS) - Studies in Statistical Mechanics -- Volume III
PASTPAGE082518I: J. H. DE BOER - The Dynamical Character of Adsorption
PASTPAGE088497I: KEVIN W. BRADLEY & BILL JOHNSON & REID SMEDA & CHRIS BOERBOOM - Practical Weed Science for the Field Scout - Corn and Soybean - Integrated Pest Management - Plant Protection Programs
PASTPAGE087218I: C. G. BOERNER - Raritaten - Rare Prints - Neue Lagerliste 130
PASTPAGE078628I: HENDRIKUS BOERS - What Is New Testament Theology?: The Rise of Criticism and the Problem of a Theology of the New Testament
PASTPAGE081986I: DAVID J. BOETHEL; RAYMOND D. EIKENBARY (EDITORS) - Pest Management Programs for Deciduous Tree Fruits and Nuts
PASTPAGE081258I: JAMES D. BOGGS - To Challenge and to Write: Some Collected Works of Philosophy, Theology and Poetry
PASTPAGE082937I: RONALD BOGUE; MARCEL CORNIS-POPE (EDITORS) - Violence and Mediation in Contemporary Culture SUNY Series, The Margins of Literature
PASTPAGE079467I: DONNA BOHANAN - Crown and Nobility in Early Modern France European History in Perspective
PASTPAGE076870I: MARILYN BOHL - Information Processing with Pascal
PASTPAGE068624I: WOLFGANG BOHM - Ecological Studies Analysis and Synthesis Volume 33 Methods of Studying Root Systems
PASTPAGE082279I: ANDREJA BÖHM; VLADIMIR G. KREACIC - Privatization in Eastern Europe: Current Implementation Issues with a Collection of Privatization Laws
PASTPAGE068593I: W. BOHM - Methods of Studying Root Systems
PASTPAGE074391I: ARNO BÖHM - Quantum Mechanics - Texts and Monographs in Physics
PASTPAGE068591I: W. BOHM - Methods of Studying Root Systems
PASTPAGE082016I: FREDERICK G. BOHME - Twenty Censuses: Population and Housing Questions, 1790-1980
PASTPAGE075348I: FRANK BOHN; RICHARD T. ELY - The Great Change: Work and Wealth in the New Age
PASTPAGE082508I: NIELS BOHR; L. ROSENFELD; J. RUD NIELSEN (EDITORS) - Niels Bohr: Collected Works -- Volume 1: Early Work (1905-1911)
PASTPAGE082514I: NIELS BOHR; ERIK RÜDINGER; FINN AASERUD; JØRGEN KALCKAR (EDITORS) - Niels Bohr: Collected Works -- Volume 7: Foundations of Quantum Physics II (1933-1958)
PASTPAGE082511I: NIELS BOHR; J. RUD NIELSEN (EDITORS) - Niels Bohr: Collected Works -- Volume 4: The Periodic System (1920-1923)
PASTPAGE082513I: NIELS BOHR; ERIK RÜDINGER; JØRGEN KALCKAR (EDITORS) - Niels Bohr: Collected Works -- Volume 6: Foundations of Quantum Physics I (1926-1932)
PASTPAGE082515I: NIELS BOHR; ERIK RÜDINGER; RUDOLF PEIERLS (EDITORS) - Niels Bohr: Collected Works -- Volume 9: Nuclear Physics (1929-1952)
PASTPAGE065434I: GUSTAV BOHSTEDT - Early History of Animal Husbandry and Related Departments of the University of Wisconsin - Madison
PASTPAGE065729I: GUSTAV BOHSTEDT - Mineral and Vitamin Requirements of Pigs: With Special Reference to the Effect of Diet on Bone Development - Bulletin 395 - Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station
PASTPAGE065728I: G. BOHSTEDT, ET AL. - Mineral and Vitamin Requirements of Pigs: With Special Reference to the Effect of Diet on Bone Development - Bulletin 395 - Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station
PASTPAGE084291I: W. E. BURGHARDT DU BOIS; AUGUSTUS GRANVILLE DILL (EDS.) - The Common School and the Negro American The Atlanta University Publications, No. 16
PASTPAGE079685I: ROB DU BOIS - Foreveramber - for Two Guitars
PASTPAGE083236I: M. B. BOISEN, JR.; G. V. GIBBS - Mathematical Crystallography: An Introduction to the Mathematical Foundations of Crystallography Reviews in Mineralogy -- Volume 15, Revised Edition
PASTPAGE083237I: M. B. BOISEN, JR.; G. V. GIBBS - Mathematical Crystallography: An Introduction to the Mathematical Foundations of Crystallography Reviews in Mineralogy -- Volume 15, Revised Edition
PASTPAGE073938I: M. JOSEPH BOJRAB - Small Animal Oral Medicine and Surgery
PASTPAGE073937I: M. JOSEPH BOJRAB - Small Animal Oral Medicine and Surgery
PASTPAGE077138I: SHAHID H. BOKHARI - Assignment Problems in Parallel and Distributed Computing
PASTPAGE081494I: DELORES BOLAND - Keep Yourself in Stitches: How to Make Smart Fashion Accessories
PASTPAGE081495I: DELORES BOLAND - Keep Yourself in Stitches: How to Make Smart Fashion Accessories
PASTPAGE049858I: HAROLD C. BOLD - The Plant Kingdom
PASTPAGE080343I: TONY BOLDEN - Afro-Blue - Improvisations in African American Poetry and Culture
PASTPAGE083935I: S. W. T. BATRA & J. R. COULSON & P. H. DUNN & P. E. BOLDT - Insects and Fungi Associated with Carduus Thistles (Compositae)
PASTPAGE083934I: S. W. T. BATRA & J. R. COULSON & P. H. DUNN & P. E. BOLDT - Insects and Fungi Associated with Carduus Thistles (Compositae)
PASTPAGE081021I: S. W. T. BATRA & J. R. COLLSON & P. H. DUNN & P. E. BOLDT - Insects and Fungi Associated with Carduus Thistles (Compositae)
PASTPAGE086670I: COL. BILL BOLEY - Talk to the Animals
PASTPAGE086662I: REINER BÖLHOFF - Bibliographie Zur Deutschen Literaturgeschichte Des Barockzeitalters -- Erster Teil: Kultur- Und Geistesgeschichte, Poetic, Gattungen, Traditionen, Beziehungen, Stoffe
PASTPAGE082613I: JOHN J. BOLL - To Grow or Not to Grow: A Review of Alternatives to New Academic Library Buildings Library Journal Special Report #15
PASTPAGE076199I: WILLY H. BÖLLING - Zusammendrückung Und Scherfestigkeit Von Böden: Anwendungsbeispiele Und Aufgaben
PASTPAGE078004I: RUTH J. BOLLING - Tales of a Texas Ranch
PASTPAGE087844I: ED BOLME - Fleet - a Survivor's Guide
PASTPAGE087833I: ED BOLME - The Paranoia Sourcebook - the Alpha Update
PASTPAGE091316I: EDWARD C. BOLMEIER - Landmark Supreme Court Decisions on Public School Issues
PASTPAGE071074I: CAROL BOLT - Shelter - a Comedy
PASTPAGE078481I: STEVEN E. BOLTEN - Stock Market Cycles: A Practical Explanation
PASTPAGE069283I: JAMES R. BOLTON, ED. - Solar Power and Fuels
PASTPAGE089084I: SARAH K. BOLTON - Lives of Girls Who Became Famous
PASTPAGE074708I: SARAH K. BOLTON - Raphael of Urbino
PASTPAGE081557I: V. G. BOLTYANSKII; V. A. EFRMOVICH - Intuitive Combinatorial Topology
PASTPAGE090771I: E. DOUGLAS BOMBERGER - A Tidal Wave of Encouragement": American Composers' Concerts in the Gilded Age
PASTPAGE083721I: ROBERT BONAZZI - Affinities - Premiere Issue - Volume I, Number I, 1981
PASTPAGE083722I: ROBERT BONAZZI - Affinities - Premiere Issue - Volume I, Number I, 1981
PASTPAGE091668I: W. LANGHORNE BOND - Wings for an Embattled China
PASTPAGE089358I: MICHAEL BOND - Paddington Bear
PASTPAGE080537I: J. B. BONDS - Rainbow's End
PASTPAGE090124I: AGNES M. BONDURANT - Poe's Richmond
PASTPAGE066172I: FRANCES BONES - The Book of Duncan Glass
PASTPAGE091244I: VIVEK S. BONKAR - Probability Theory
PASTPAGE082217I: W. N. BONNER; D. W. H. WALTON (EDITORS) - Key Environments: Antarctica
PASTPAGE062623I: BONNIE, DAVIDSON, - Pacific Soul: Poems and Sketches
PASTPAGE069380I: BONNIE PETTIFOR & JENNIFER SEKOSKY, ET AL., EDS. - Physical Best Activity Guide Elementary Level
PASTPAGE091643I: WILLIAM MAKEPEACE THACKERAY (FITZ-BOODLE) - The Luck of Barry Lyndon; a Romance of the Last Century
PASTPAGE068800I: WILLIAM FREDERICK BOOK, PH.D. - The Psychology of Skill Three Studies University of Montana Studies in Psychology Volume I
PASTPAGE087227I: HAMPSTER BOOKS - The Happy Holiday Hamper - Early Reader Series No. 34
PASTPAGE089633I: DEBBY BOONE - Tomorrow Is a Brand New Day
PASTPAGE076773I: MARY JOSEPHINE BOOTH - Index to Material on Picture Study
PASTPAGE090646I: GREGORY D. BOOTH - Brass Baja: Stories from the World of Indian Wedding Bands
PASTPAGE076439I: DAWN MERTON BOOTHE - Small Animal Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
PASTPAGE076440I: DAWN MERTON BOOTHE - Small Animal Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
PASTPAGE056207I: WALTER SAVAGE LANDOR & R. H. BOOTHROYD - Imaginary Conversations
PASTPAGE070905I: JOHN BORAWSKI - From the Atlantic to the Urals - Negotiating Arms Control at the Stolkholm Conference
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PASTPAGE084986I: DOYLE M. BORTNER - Public Relations for Public Schools
PASTPAGE068196I: ESTER BOSERUP - Woman's Role in Economic Development
PASTPAGE068657I: RICHARD W. BOSS - Telecommunications for Library Management
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PASTPAGE071206I: ROBERT N. BOSTROM - Listening Behavior - Measurement and Application
PASTPAGE077521I: GWYNETH BOSWELL; FIONA POLAND (EDITORS) - Women's Minds, Women's Bodies: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Women's Health
PASTPAGE088028I: JAMES BOSWELL - The Life of Samuel Johnson -- in Three Volumes
PASTPAGE078420I: JACK E. TRIPLETT & BARRY P. BOSWORTH - Productivity in the U.S. Services Sector - New Sources of Economic Growth
PASTPAGE079804I: ALEXANDER J. BOTT - Handbook of United States Election Laws and Practices: Political Rights
PASTPAGE074634I: GERHARD BOTT - Kunsthandwerk Um 1900 - Jugendstil -- Art Nouveau - Modern Style - Nieuwe Kunst Kataloge des Hessischen Landesmuseums Nr. 1
PASTPAGE081519I: FRED BOTTING - Limits of Horror: Technology, Bodies, Gothic
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PASTPAGE085057I: JOHN NEWTON BOUCHER - William Kelly: A True History of the So-Called Bessemer Process
PASTPAGE084128I: DION BOUCICAULT - Forbidden Fruit & Other Plays / False Shame and Thirty Years America's Lost Plays, I and II
PASTPAGE086826I: A. J. BOUCOT - Evolutionary Paleobiology of Behavior and Coevolution
PASTPAGE074167I: RAYMOND BOUDON; PAUL LAZARSFELD - L'Analyse Empirique de la Causalité Méthods de la Sociologie II
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PASTPAGE090910I: Y. BOUTALEB; A. GZOULI (EDS.) - New Concepts in Reproduction Recent Developments in Fertility and Sterility Series, Volume 6
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PASTPAGE080283I: BETSY BOWDEN - Performed Literature: Words and Music by Bob Dylan
PASTPAGE070161I: ROBERT DOUGLAS BOWDEN - In Defense of Tomorrow
PASTPAGE078024I: KURT BOWEN - Evangelism and Apostasy: The Evolution and Impact of Evangelicals in Modern Mexico
PASTPAGE091560I: WYN Q. BOWEN - The Politics of Ballistic Missile Nonproliferation Southampton Studies in International Policy
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PASTPAGE091480I: ANDREW BOWIE - Music, Philosophy, and Modernity Modern European Philosophy
PASTPAGE072237I: JAMES A. BOWIE - Sharing Profits with Employees - a Critical Study of Methods in the Light of Present Conditions - Pitman's Industrial Administration Series
PASTPAGE074965I: THEODORE BOWIE - East-West in Art - Patterns of Cultural & Aesthetic Relationships
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PASTPAGE082494I: R. R. BOWKER - Economics for the People: Being Plain Talks on Economics, Especially for Use in Business, in Schools, and in Women's Reading Classes
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PASTPAGE086000I: M. J. BOWMAN; D. J. HARRIS - Multilateral Treaties: Index and Current Status
PASTPAGE082188I: ANNE BOWMAN - The Young Exiles or the Wild Tribes of the North: A Tale of Adventures
PASTPAGE078200I: LALAGE BOWN; MICHAEL CROWDER (EDITORS) - The Proceedings of the First International Congress of Africanists -- Accra 11th-18th December1962
PASTPAGE085195I: BORDEN P. BOWNE - Studies in Theism
PASTPAGE066103I: PELHAM H. BOX - Three Master Builders and Another: Studies in Modern Revolutionary and Liberal Statesmanship
PASTPAGE089202I: THOMAS HUGHES (BY AN OLD BOY) - Tom Browne's School Days
PASTPAGE090559I: DOUGLAS R. BOYAN - Profiles: The Foreign Student in the United States
PASTPAGE090522I: WILLIAM BOYCE - Cathedral Music -- Volumes I-III
PASTPAGE085345I: TERRY BOYCHUK - The Making and Meaning of Hospital Policy in the United States and Canada
PASTPAGE062275I: BOYCOTT, ROSIE - A Nice Girl Like Me - a Story of the Seventies
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PASTPAGE082187I: PAWEL BOZYK - Globalization and the Transformation of Foreign Economic Policy Transition and Development
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PASTPAGE082837I: JOSEF C. BRADA; INDERJIT SINGH - Corporate Governance in Central Eastern Europe: Case Studies of Firms in Transition The Microeconomics of Transition Economies
PASTPAGE088894I: RAY BRADBURY - Death Is a Lonely Business
PASTPAGE071650I: RAY BRADBURY - The Flying Machine
PASTPAGE081491I: PATRICIA BRADFORD - A Catalogue of the Whewell Manuscripts at Trinity College, Cambridge William Whewell (1794-1866) D. D. Master of Trinity College, Cambridge
PASTPAGE081861I: FRANCIS B. C. BRADLEE - The Boston and Maine Railroad: A History of the Main Road, with Its Tributary Lines
PASTPAGE081860I: FRANCIS B. C. BRADLEE - The Eastern Railroad: A Historical Account of Early Railroading in Eastern New England
PASTPAGE077154I: MARY A. BRADLEY - Index to Publications of the United States Department of Agriculture, 1926-1930
PASTPAGE077757I: RICHARD BRADLEY - The Country Housewife and Lady's Director
PASTPAGE077153I: MARY A. BRADLEY; MABEL G. HUNT - Index to Publications of the United States Department of Agriculture, 1901-1925
PASTPAGE077155I: MARY A. BRADLEY - Index to Publications of the United States Department of Agriculture, 1931-1935
PASTPAGE074988I: JAMES V. BRADLEY - Probability; Decision; Statistics
PASTPAGE091133I: CAROL JUNE BRADLEY - Index to Poetry in Music: A Guide to the Poetry Set As Solo Songs by 125 Major Song Composers
PASTPAGE067576I: F. H. BRADLEY - Collected Essays
PASTPAGE086999I: A. BRADNEY - Religions, Rights and Laws
PASTPAGE076223I: JOHN W. S. BRADSHAW - The Behaviour of the Domestic Cat
PASTPAGE084233I: C. M. BRADSHAW; E. SZABADI (EDS.) - Time and Behaviour: Psychological and Neurobehavioural Analyses Advances in Psychology, 120
PASTPAGE090395I: ALAN BRADSHAW; AVI SHANKAR (EDS.) - Production & Consumption of Music
PASTPAGE077144I: ERIC BRADWELL - Play Production for Amateurs
PASTPAGE071974I: ELIZABETH A. BRADY - Eric Gill: Twentieth Century Book Designer
PASTPAGE067926I: SIR WILLIAM BRAGG - An Introduction to Crystal Analysis
PASTPAGE078445I: SERGUEY BRAGUINSKY; GRIGORY YAVLINSKY - Incentives and Institutions: The Transition to a Market Economy in Russia
PASTPAGE077273I: CARYL BRAHMS - No Castanets
PASTPAGE058813I: WILLIAM STANLEY BRAITHWAITE - The House of Falling Leaves with Other Poems
PASTPAGE085560I: BERNARD BRALEY - Partners in Creation: The Hymn Text of Fred Pratt Green
PASTPAGE068888I: GERALD BRAMLEY - World Trends in Library Education
PASTPAGE088533I: NORTH WEST QUEENSLAND BRANCH - Papers Presented at the MILL Operators' Conference, 1978
PASTPAGE088499I: ADELAIDE BRANCH - Landscaping and Land Use Planning As Related to Mining Operations - Adelaide Branch - March-April 1976
PASTPAGE088531I: MELBOURNE BRANCH - Rock Breaking - Equipment and Techniques
PASTPAGE088468I: KALGOORLIE BRANCH - Underground Operators' Conference - Kalgoorlie Branch - October 1985
PASTPAGE088535I: NORTH WEST QUEENSLAND BRANCH - Proceedings of the Jubilee Symposium on Mine Filling
PASTPAGE089588I: MADELINE BRANDEIS - The Little Spanish Dancer
PASTPAGE088041I: GEORG BRANDELL - Skolbarns Intressen En Psykologisk-Pedagogisk Undersökning
PASTPAGE058395I: SHIRLEY BRANDER - Her Pauper Knight
PASTPAGE076219I: GEORGE C. BRANDER; PETER R. ELLIS - The Control of Disease Animal and Human Health
PASTPAGE075846I: JOSEPH BRANDES - Herbert Hoover and Economic Diplomacy: Department of Commerce Policy 1921-1928
PASTPAGE065192I: BRANDI, JOHN - Hymn for a Night Feast - Poems: 1979-1986
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PASTPAGE069528I: PAUL BRANDT - Sehen Und Erkennen: Eine Anleitung Zu Vergleichender Kunstbetrachtung
PASTPAGE066045I: WILLIAM P. BRANNAN - Vagaries of Vandyke Browne An Autobiography in Verse
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PASTPAGE080530I: BRANSON - Ultrasonic Plastics Assembly
PASTPAGE086734I: BETH BRANYON - 100 Years of Mission Quilting by the Woman's Missionary Union of the Roanoke Valley Baptist Association
PASTPAGE065062I: BRASKI, R. R. JUDKINS; D. N. - Fossil Energy Materials Program - Semiannual Progress Report for the Period Ending March 31, 1989
PASTPAGE074088I: TIMOTHY H. BRASMER - The Acutely Traumatized Small Animal Patient - Major Problems in Veterinary Medicine - Volume 2
PASTPAGE074087I: TIMOTHY H. BRASMER - The Acutely Traumatized Small Animal Patient - Major Problems in Veterinary Medicine - Volume 2
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PASTPAGE086278I: SUZANNE BRATCHER - Evaluating Children's Writing - a Handbook of Communication Choices for Classroom Teachers
PASTPAGE079897I: ENOCH BRATER - Arthur Miller's Global Theater
PASTPAGE081566I: J. S. BRATTON - The Victorian Popular Ballad
PASTPAGE071270I: HOWARD BRAUCHER - A Treasury of Living - Selections from the Writings of Howard Braucher
PASTPAGE084677I: GERARD J. BRAULT - Early Blazon: Heraldic Terminology in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries with Special Reference to Arthurian Literature
PASTPAGE081490I: HANS-MARTIN BRAUN - Prototypen Der Amerikanischen Kriminalerzählung: Die Romane Und Kurzgeschichten Carroll John Dalys Und Dasheill Hammetts Sprache und Literatur: Regensburger Arbeiten zur Anglistik und Amerikanistik
PASTPAGE076036I: GERHARD BRAUN - Planning and Engineering of Shortwave Links
PASTPAGE080547I: AUREL BRAUN - Small-State Security in the Balkans
PASTPAGE073776I: MOSHE BRAWER - Atlas of South America
PASTPAGE090155I: MARK BRAY - The Shadow Education System: Private Tutoring and Its Implications for Planners Fundamentals of Education Planning -- 61
PASTPAGE059618I: T. BERRY BRAZELTON - To Listen to a Child: Understanding the Normal Problems of Growing Up
PASTPAGE060632I: WILLIAM F. BRAZZIEL - Quality Education for All Americans
PASTPAGE065451I: WILLIAM BREAULT - Power & Weakness: A Book of Honest Prayers
PASTPAGE085119I: JOHN BRECK - The Sacred Gift of Life: Orthodox Christianity and Bioethics
PASTPAGE090087I: JON L. BREEN - What About Murder? (1981-1991): A Guide to Books About Mystery and Detective Fiction
PASTPAGE091143I: LEO BREIMAN - Probability and Stochastic Processes - with a Viewtoward Applications
PASTPAGE077105I: LENNART BREITHOLTZ - Le Theatre Historique En France Jusqu'a la Revolution
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PASTPAGE086988I: J. H. BRELAND - Chef's Guide to Quantity Cookery
PASTPAGE084051I: PIP BRENNAN; JIMMY BRENNAN; TED BRENNAN - Breakfast at Brannan's and Dinner, Too
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PASTPAGE079616I: SAUL BRENNER; HAROLD J. SPAETH - Stare Indecisis: The Alteration of Precedent on the Supreme Court
PASTPAGE084146I: BRIAN BRENNER - Bridginess: More of the CIVIL Engineering Life
PASTPAGE086361I: LOUIS BRENNER - Controlling Knowledge - Religion Power and Schooling in a West African Muslim Society
PASTPAGE075755I: BARRY M. BRENNER; JOHN H. LARAGH (EDITORS) - Progress in Atrial Peptide Research American Society of Hypertension Symposium Series Volume 3
PASTPAGE068798I: VITO J. BRENNI, COMPILER - The Art and History of Book Printing a Topical Bibliography
PASTPAGE079027I: LU BRENT - Originial Torn and Restored Magazine Cover
PASTPAGE079043I: LU BRENT - Novel Magic
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PASTPAGE084426I: JUDITH BRETT - Australian Liberals and the Moral Middle Class - from Alfred Deakin to John Howard
PASTPAGE084087I: SOTT BREUNINGER; DAVID BURROW (EDS.) - Sociability and Cosmopolitanism: Social Bonds on the Fringes of the Enlightenment The Enlightenment World: Political and Intellectual History of the Long Eighteenth Century, Number 24
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PASTPAGE076512I: JOHN M. BREWER - Oral English: Directions and Exercises for Planning and Delivering the Common Kinds of Talks, Together with Guidance for Debating and Parliamentary Practice
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PASTPAGE062607I: BRIAN, OHARA, - Sparrowhawk: Poems and Drawings
PASTPAGE052533I: BRIAN, JACQUES, - Outcast of Redwall
PASTPAGE064390I: BRIAN, HENNESSY, - 1999 Clemson Baseball Media Guide
PASTPAGE075622I: M. V. BRIAN - Social Insect Populations
PASTPAGE056982I: MARSHALL MOORE BRICE - Daughter of the Stars
PASTPAGE090666I: MARSHALL MOORE BRICE - The Stonewall Brigade Band
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PASTPAGE083461I: SIMONE PANTER-BRICK - Gandhi Against Machiavellism: Non-Violence in Politics
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PASTPAGE070700I: WILLIAM W. BRICKMAN - The Jewish Community in America - an Annotated and Classified Bibliographical Guide
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PASTPAGE064675I: O'BRIEN), GIDE, ANDRE (EDITED BY JUSTIN - Reflections on Literature and Morality
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PASTPAGE072241I: MICHAEL J. O'BRIEN - The Socratic Paradoxes and the Greek Mind
PASTPAGE071662I: JOHN O'BRIEN - Success - a One-Act Play
PASTPAGE074668I: JOSEPH L. O'BRIEN - John England - Bishop of Charleston - the Apostle to Democracy
PASTPAGE091635I: ROBERT BRIFFAULT - The Mothers: The Matriarchal Theory of Social Origins
PASTPAGE091325I: MATT BRIGGS - Television, Audiences and Everyday Life Issues in Cultural and Media Studies
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PASTPAGE088695I: RUSSELL D. BRIGGS; JAMES H. PORTER; EDWIN H. WHITE - Component Biomass Equations for Acer Rubrum and Fagus Grandifolia
PASTPAGE085972I: L. VERNON BRIGGS - History of the Psychopathic Hospital Boston, Massachusetts - Mental Illness and Social Policy
PASTPAGE075510I: HARRY G. BRIGHT - I Lived on Air... For Forty Years
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PASTPAGE055784I: DANIEL J. BRIMM, JR. - Airplane Drafting
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PASTPAGE089075I: MARY D. BRINE - The Doings of a Dear Little Couple
PASTPAGE089480I: MARY D. BRINE - Echoes from Story Land
PASTPAGE089873I: MARY D. BRINE - How "a Dear Little Couple" Went Abroad
PASTPAGE087322I: WILLIAM A. LOVETT & ALFERD E. ECKES JR. & RICHARD L. BRINKMAN - U.S. Trade Policy - History, Theory, and the Wto
PASTPAGE074609I: LILLIAN R. BEVIER & DENIS J. BRION - Judicial Review of Local Land Use Decisions in Virginia - a Report to the Joint Land Use Task Force of the Virginia Association of Counties and the Virginia Municipal League
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PASTPAGE084486I: SHIMEON BRISMAN - A History and Guide to Judaic Encyclopedias and Lexicons Jewish Research Literature, Vol. 2 -- Bibliographica Judaica 11
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PASTPAGE087944I: BERYLE G. SWEET & THOMAS C. BRITTON, JR. (EDS) - Atmospheric Corrosion Investigation of Aluminum-Coated, Zinc-Coated, and Copper-Bearing Steel Wire and Wire Products - a Thirty-Two Year Report - Ds 65
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PASTPAGE074731I: S. J. BRITVEC - The Stability of Elastic Systems
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PASTPAGE057768I: SHIRLEY N. CARR - The King's Constable
PASTPAGE079208I: DONALD E. CARR - The Eternal Return
PASTPAGE069365I: DONALD E. CARR - The Breath of Life
PASTPAGE077871I: ANNEMARIE WEYL CARR; LAURENCE J. MORROCCO - A Byzantine Masterpeice Recovered, the Thirteenth-Century Murals of Lysi, Cyprus
PASTPAGE067769I: CARLO CARRÀ - Antonio Fontanesi: With 33 Reproductions in Phototype
PASTPAGE074571I: CAROL CARRICK & DONALD CARRICK - The Blue Lobster - a Life Cycle
PASTPAGE081504I: GALE H. CARRITHERS, JR.; JAMES D. HARDY, JR. - Milton and the Hermeneutic Journey
PASTPAGE083076I: MOLLIE RAY CARROLL - Our Wants and How They Are Satisfied
PASTPAGE079614I: LEO CARROLL - Lawful Order: A Case Study of Correctional Crisis and Reform Current Issues in Criminal Justice, v. 23
PASTPAGE068930I: J.E. CARROLL - Rate Equations in Semiconductor Electronics
PASTPAGE085905I: JOHN M. CARROLL - Custer in Texas: An Interrupted Narrative
PASTPAGE087082I: STEPHEN J. CARROLL - Jury Awards and Prejudgment Interest in Tort Cases - May 1983 - N-1994-Icj - the Institute of CIVIL Justice
PASTPAGE081252I: PHIL CARROLL - Better Wage Incentives
PASTPAGE080876I: JOHN T. CARRUTHERS, SR. - Observations - a Few of My Observations over a Period of Forty Years
PASTPAGE072093I: ROBERT CARSE - The Beckoning Waters
PASTPAGE091576I: THOMAS G. CARSKADON; NANCY G. MCCARLEY; MARY H. MCCAULLEY - Compendium of Research Involving the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
PASTPAGE060405I: HOWARD W. CARSON, (EDITOR) - West Virginia Blue Book 1974 - Vol. 58
PASTPAGE052843I: SAM BUTCHER & PAT CARSON - Precious Moments Sam's Favorites
PASTPAGE076785I: BYRTA CARSON - How You Look and Dress: A First Course in Clothing
PASTPAGE068497I: JOACHIM F. WOHLWILL & DANIEL H. CARSON, EDS. - Environment and the Social Sciences: Perspectives and Applications
PASTPAGE080332I: CATHY SMOOT CARSON - Matohe - a Labour of Love
PASTPAGE085045I: JANET CARSTEN - The Heat of the Hearth - the Process of Kinship in a Malay Fishing Community
PASTPAGE080011I: ROGER N. CARSTENSEN - Job: Defense of Honor
PASTPAGE064824I: CARTAN, ELIE - The Teory of Spinors
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PASTPAGE083866I: IAN CARTER - Railways and Culture in Britain - the Epitome of Modernity
PASTPAGE088401I: PATRICIA A. CARTER - Everybody's Paid But the Teacher" - the Teaching Profession and the Women's Movement - Reflective History Series
PASTPAGE085935I: HENRY HOLLAND CARTER - A Dictionary of Middle English Musical Terms
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PASTPAGE075402I: R. G. CARTER - Electromagnetic Waves: Microwave Components and Devices
PASTPAGE081176I: LAWRENCE CARTER - Cant You Here Me Calling
PASTPAGE072857I: BRYAN CARTLEDGE - Transport and the Environment - the Linacre Lectures 1994-5
PASTPAGE081334I: CHRISTOPHER CARTMILL - The Spectre Bridegroom
PASTPAGE072988I: MARGARET FINDLAY CARTWRIGHT - Maps of Southern Africa in Printed Books 1550-1750 - a Bibliography
PASTPAGE091212I: THOMAS NIXON CARVER - The Present Economic Revolution in the United States
PASTPAGE080560I: RICHARD CARY - Thd Genteel Circle: Bayard Taylor and His New York Friends
PASTPAGE086294I: IEEE-CAS - Bmas 2001 - Proceedings of the Fifth Ieee International Workshop on Behaivoral Modeling and Simulation
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PASTPAGE075512I: ALLAN CASEBIER; JANET JENKS CASEBIER - Social Responsibilities of the Mass Media
PASTPAGE087860I: CHRISSY CASEY, JOHN ROBERTSON, ROBERT MARTIN - Warzone - Casualties of War - Mutant Chronicles
PASTPAGE066811I: JEAN-YVES CASGHA - Les Archives Secrétes de L'Atlantide
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PASTPAGE084907I: ERNEST CASSARA - History of the United States of America - a Guide to Information Sources - Volume 3 in the American Studies Information Guide Series
PASTPAGE068887I: MARY B. CASSATA; HERMAN L. TOTTEN (EDITORS) - The Administrative Aspects of Education for Librarianship: A Symposium
PASTPAGE080899I: ED CASSEDY; KEN CLODFELTER - Carve-It": How to Carve a Green-Winged Teal
PASTPAGE084208I: MARGARET CASSIDY - Bookends: The Changing Media Environment of American Classrooms
PASTPAGE074647I: RENÉ CASSIN; POLYS MODINOS; KAREL VASAK (EDITOR) - Revue Des Droits de L'Homme: Droit International Et Droit Comparé -- Human Rights Journal: International and Comparative Law --- Vol. IX, Nos. 1-4, 1976
PASTPAGE077723I: DAVID CAST - The Calumny of Apelles: A Study in the Humanist Tradition Yale Publications in the History of Art, 28
PASTPAGE075689I: SANFORD P. MARKEY; NEAL CASTAGNOLI, JR.; ANTHONY J. TREVOR; IRWIN J. KOPIN - Mptp: A Neurotoxin Producing a Parkinsonian Syndrome
PASTPAGE080451I: ROSARIO CASTELLANOS - Looking at the Mona Lisa Rivelin / Equatorial Latin American Series
PASTPAGE074789I: ENRICO CASTELLI - Images Et Symboles
PASTPAGE087557I: J. A. CASTELLI - Sciath
PASTPAGE081942I: SUSAN P. CASTERAS - English Pre-Raphaelitism and Its Reception in America in the Nineteenth Century
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PASTPAGE067286I: E. B. CASTLE - Principles of Education for Teachers in India
PASTPAGE089056I: HARRY CASTLEMON - Frank the Young Naturalist
PASTPAGE089057I: HARRY CASTLEMON - Frank on the Prairie
PASTPAGE080893I: WILLIAM H. M. CASTRO; JÖRG JEROSCH; THOMAS W. GROSSMAN - Examination and Diagnosis of Musculoskeletal Disorders: Clinical Examination - Imaging Modalities

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