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PASTPAGE056829I: FREDERIC R. STEARNS - The Lattice Window
PASTPAGE083015I: RALPH E. STEBEN; SAM BELL - Track and Field: An Administrative Approach to the Science of Coaching
PASTPAGE086307I: LAURA HAMILTON & BRIAN STECHER - External Audiences for Test-Based Accountability - the Perspectives of Journalists and Foundations
PASTPAGE068162I: ROBERT P. STEED; LAURENCE W. MORELAND; TOD A. BAKER (EDITORS) - Party Politics in the South - American Political Parties and Elections
PASTPAGE057419I: AMY STEEDMAN - When They Were Children: Stories of the Childhood of Famous Men and Women
PASTPAGE087588I: BETHLEHEM STEEL - High-Strength Bolting for Structural Joints - 5 Fasteners & Supports
PASTPAGE083319I: C. R. STEELE; A. W. LEISSA; M. R. M. CRESPO DA SILVA (EDITORS) - Mechanics Pan-America 1989: Selected and Revised Proceedings of the January 1989 Rio de Janeiro Pan-American Congress of Applied Mechanics
PASTPAGE076194I: KYLE STEENLAND; DAVID A. SAVITZ (EDITORS) - Topics in Environmental Epidemiology
PASTPAGE090399I: LEON STEFANIJA; NICO SCHÜLER (EDS.) - Approaches to Music Research: Between Practice and Epistemology Methodology of Music Research - 6
PASTPAGE065025I: STEFEN, RUDOLF - Massenmedien Und Jugendschutz
PASTPAGE075773I: JOHN J. STEFFEN; PAUL KAROLY (EDITON) - Autism and Severe Psychopathology: Advances in Child Behavioral Analysis and Therapy - Volume Two
PASTPAGE083977I: EDWARD STEIDTMANN - Commercial Granites and Other Crystalline Rocks of Virginia Virginia Geological Survey, Bulletin 64
PASTPAGE091266I: PETER BLOOMFIELD & WILLIAM L. STEIGER - Least Absolute Deviations - Theory, Applications, and Algorithms
PASTPAGE081611I: OTTO STEIGER - Die Verwendung Des Schottischen Dialekts in Walter Scotts Romanen Dissertation zur Erlangung der Doktorwürde bei der Philosophischen Fakultät der Grossherzoglish Hessischen Ludwigs-Universität zu Giessen
PASTPAGE079155I: MORRIS I. STEIN - The Thematic Apperception Test: An Introductory Manual for Its Clinical Use with Adults
PASTPAGE092684I: JEROME L. STEIN - The Economics of Futures Markets
PASTPAGE078039I: DOV SCHWARTZ (TRANSLATED BY BATYA STEIN) - Faith at the Crossroads: A Theological Profile of Religious Zionism Brill Reference Library of Ancient Judaism, Volume 7
PASTPAGE082664I: ROGER B. STEIN - Copley's 'Watson and the Shark' and Aesthetics in the 1770s
PASTPAGE074240I: ELIAS M. STEIN - Topics in Harmonic Analysis - Related to the Littlewood-Paley Theory - Study 63
PASTPAGE073653I: BERNARD D. STEINBERG - Principles of Aperture and Array System Design Including Random and Adaptive Arrays
PASTPAGE072834I: MALCOLM STEINBERG - Geomembranes and the Control of Expansive Soils in Construction
PASTPAGE071565I: RONNIE J. STEINBERG; DEBORAH M. FIGART (EDITORS) - Emotional Labor in the Service Economy The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science - Volume 561, January 1999
PASTPAGE084711I: PETER J. STEINBERGER - The Concept of Political Judgment
PASTPAGE081594I: RUDOLF STEINER - The Younger Generation: Educational and Spiritual Impulses for Life in the Twentieth Century -- Thirteen Lectures
PASTPAGE054588I: STEINER, OSCAR H. - Our Housing Jungle -and Your Pocketbook How to Turn Our Growing Slums Into Assets
PASTPAGE070643I: EDWARD A. STEINER - The Making of a Great Race - Racial and Religious Cross-Currents in the United States
PASTPAGE072092I: W.H. STEINER - Credit Terms in Business
PASTPAGE093729I: MARK STEINER - The Applicability of Mathematics As a Philosophical Problem
PASTPAGE075471I: THOMAS M. STEINFATT - Readings in Human Communication: An Interpersonal Introduction
PASTPAGE073025I: SUSAN STEINFIRST - The Young Adult Librarian's Knowledge of and Attitudes About Sex - Voya Occasional Papers, No. 1
PASTPAGE085821I: MILTON STEINHARDT - Jacobus Vaet and His Motets
PASTPAGE076874I: WARREN E. STEINKRAUS - Philosophy of Art
PASTPAGE082131I: ERNST STEINMANN - Rom in Der Renaissance Von Nicolaus V. Bis Auf Julius II Berühmte Kunststätten, Band III
PASTPAGE090128I: ALAN E. STEINWEIS; DANIEL E. ROGERS (EDS.) - The Impact of Nazism: New Perspectives on the Third Reich and Its Legacy
PASTPAGE071000I: L. A. DE CONINCK & J. H. SCHUURMANS STEKHOVEN - The Freeliving Marine Nemas of the Belgian Coast. II with General Remarks on the Structure and the System of Nemas. Memoires de Musee Royal D'Histoire Naturelle de Belgique - Memoire No 58
PASTPAGE070991I: J. H. SCHUURMANS STEKHOVEN, JR. & W. ADAM - The Freeliving Marine Nemas of the Belgian Coast Memoires de Musee Royal D'Histoire Naturelle de Belgique - Memoire No 49
PASTPAGE091909I: PETE STELLING; DAVID S. TUCKER (EDS.) - Floods, Faults, and Fire: Geological Field Trips in Washington State and Southwest British Columbia Geological Society of America - Field Guide 9
PASTPAGE075502I: JOSEPH C. STEMPLE; BARBARA HOLCOMB - Effective Voice and Articulation
PASTPAGE076314I: EDMUND E. STENGEL - Archiv Für Diplomatik - Schriftgeschichte Siegel- Und Wappenkunde
PASTPAGE086350I: EARL S. TAULBEE & H. WILKES WRIGHT & DAVID E. STENMARK - The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (Mmpi): A Comprehensive, Annotated Bibliography (1940-1965)
PASTPAGE093137I: EARL S. TAULBEE & H. WILKES WRIGHT & DAVID E. STENMARK - The Minnesota Multiphastic Personality Iinventory (Mmpi): - a Comprehensive Annotated Bibliography (1940-1965)
PASTPAGE090739I: A. A. STEPANIAN; D. J. FEGAN; M. F. CAWLEY (EDS.) - Proceedings of the International Workshop on Very High Energy Gamma Ray Astronomy -- Crimea, Ussr - April 17 - 21, 1989
PASTPAGE092998I: ABRAHAM TAMIR & EDAN TAMIR & KARL STEPHAN - Heats of Phase Change of Pure Components and Mixtures - a Literature Guide
PASTPAGE082763I: ENNO STEPHAN - Spies in Ireland
PASTPAGE069098I: OVE STEPHANSSON; MICHAEL J. JONES (EDITORS) - Application of Rock Mechanics to Cut and Fill Mining: Proceedings of the Conference, Organized by the Departments of Rock Mechanics and Soil Mechanics, University of Luleĺ, the Swedish Rock Mechanics Research Foundation and the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy, Held at the University of Luleĺ, Sweden, from 1 to 3 June, 1980
PASTPAGE088023I: R. J. STEPHEN - The Picture World of Tanks
PASTPAGE077087I: LESLIE STEPHEN - Essays on Freethinking and Plainspeaking
PASTPAGE088264I: FRED M. STEPHEN; JANET L. SEARCY; GERARD D. HERTEL (EDS.) - Modeling Southern Pine Beetle Populations - Symposium Proceedings, Asheville, Nc, Feb. 20-22, 1980 TB No. 1630
PASTPAGE088263I: FRED M. STEPHEN; JANET L. SEARCY; GERARD D. HERTEL (EDS.) - Modeling Southern Pine Beetle Populations - Symposium Proceedings, Asheville, Nc, Feb. 20-22, 1980 TB No. 1630
PASTPAGE080486I: MAYNARD M. STEPHENS; OSCAR F. SPENCER - Petroleum Refining, Volume II
PASTPAGE092223I: KEVIN M. STEPHENSON; LARISSA GRAY; RIC POWER; JEAN-PIERRE BRUN; GABRIEL DUNKER; MELISSA PANJER - Barriers to Asset Recovery: An Analysis of the Key Barriers and Recommendations for Action
PASTPAGE069233I: RICHARD W. STEPHENSON - Selected Maps and Charts of Antarctica an Annotated List of Maps of the South Polar Regions
PASTPAGE087564I: EDWARD W. STEPNICK - Harry's Other Life
PASTPAGE085500I: JAMES P. STERBA - The Triumph of Practice over Thory in Ethics
PASTPAGE072251I: ALMA STERLING - Kissin' Cousins - a Comedy in Three Acts
PASTPAGE085857I: WILLIAM WARREN STERLING - Trails and Trials of a Texas Ranger
PASTPAGE076428I: CHARLES STERLING - La Peinture Française - Les Primitifs
PASTPAGE085823I: RAJESH CHADHA & SANJIB POHIT & ALAN V. DEARDORFF & ROBERT M. STERN - The Impact of Trade and Domestic Policy Reforms in India: A Cge Modeling Approach
PASTPAGE087276I: PAULA STERN - Water's Edge - Domestic Politics and the Making of American Foreign Policy - Contributions in Political Science - Number 15
PASTPAGE092947I: ROBERT M. BLASEWITZ & FRANK STERN - Microcomputer Systems - Hardware/Software Design
PASTPAGE080004I: FRANKI STERNBERG; BARBARA STERNBERG - If I Die & When I Do: Exploring Death with Young People
PASTPAGE080782I: GUY STERNBERG; JIM WILSON - Native Trees for North American Landscapes: From the Atlantic to the Rockies
PASTPAGE092791I: ERNEST L. STETCH - Leadership Communication
PASTPAGE063030I: STEVE, LAFLER, - Dog Boy - No. 1 - 1983
PASTPAGE062127I: STEVEN, SMITH, - Blind Zone: Poems
PASTPAGE088405I: H. STEVEN & P. STEVEN - Tetrahedron Letters - the International Organ for the Rapid Publication of Preliminary Communications in Organic Chemistry - Numbers 1-30 1963
PASTPAGE090327I: JOHN STEVENS - Words and Music in the Middle Ages: Song, Narrative, Dance and Drama, 1050-1350
PASTPAGE087772I: RICHARD STEVENS - Sword and Shield - Rules for Ancient Skirmishes
PASTPAGE092810I: JAMES E. SHAMBLIN; G. T. STEVENS, JR. - Operations Research: A Fundamental Approach
PASTPAGE085186I: CHRISTINE STEVENS - White Man's Dreaming - Killalpaninna Mission 1866-1915
PASTPAGE087773I: RICHARD STEVENS - Sword and Shield - Rules for Ancient Skirmishes
PASTPAGE068656I: ROLLAND E. STEVENS, ED. - Supervision of Employees in Libraries
PASTPAGE057250I: JOHN P. STEVENSON - The Captain General
PASTPAGE066528I: ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON - Kidnapped: Being Memoirs of the Adventures of David Balfour in the Year 1751
PASTPAGE085130I: DAVID A. STEPHENSON & ROBIN STEVENSON - Materials Issues in Machining - II and the Physics of Machining Processes - II
PASTPAGE071073I: ADELL STEVENSON - Tooth or Consequences - a Comedy in One Act - the "Sanford and Son" Series
PASTPAGE080167I: ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON - Kidnapped, Being Memoirs of the Adventures of David Balfour in the Year 1751
PASTPAGE071797I: FLORENCE STEVENSON - The Story of Aida Based on the Opera by Giuseppe Verdi
PASTPAGE093736I: EDWARD G. STEWARD - Quantum Mechanics: Its Early Development and the Road to Entanglement
PASTPAGE092936I: PATRICIA R. STEWART - Children in Distress - American and English Perspectives
PASTPAGE083419I: WILLIAM STEWART - A Biographical Dictionary of Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists
PASTPAGE081846I: GEORGE R. STEWART - American Ways of Life
PASTPAGE060579I: N.S. JAYAWARDANE & B.A. STEWART, (EDITORS) - Subsoil Management Techniques
PASTPAGE059533I: ROBERT ARMISTEAD STEWART - Index to Printed Virginia Genealogies Including Key and Bibliography
PASTPAGE081848I: GEORGE R. STEWART - Committee of Vigilance: Revolution in San Francisco, 1851 -- an Account of the the Hundred Days When Certain Citizens Undertook the Suppression of the Criminal Activities of the Sydney Ducks
PASTPAGE051499I: KEVIN STEWART - When He Ain't Crazy
PASTPAGE077787I: GEORGE F. STEWART; MAYNARD A. AMERINE (EDITOR) - Introduction to Food Science and Technology
PASTPAGE092976I: W. H. K. LEE & S. W. STEWART - Principles and Applications of Microearthquake Networks
PASTPAGE088670I: WILSON N. STEWART - Paleobotany and the Evolution of Plants
PASTPAGE070046I: WILLIAM H. STEWART - Concepts of Federalism
PASTPAGE068722I: J. DANIEL STEWART - Free-Molecular Drag for Flow Along a Concave Cylindrical Surface Oriented at Arbitrary Angles-of-Attack - May 1968 - Prepared for Space and Missile Systems Organization, Air Force Systems Command, Los Angeles Air Force Station - Aerospace Report Number Samso-Tr-68-257 -- Tr-0158(3305)6
PASTPAGE077357I: GEORGE R. STEWART, JR. - A Bibliography of the Writings of Bret Harte in the Magazines and Newspapers of California 1857-1871 University of California Publications in English, Volume 3, No. 3, pp. 119-170 - Issued September 30, 1933
PASTPAGE069076I: GREG STEWART AND NOLAN PALMER - Babylon Theatre the Refillable Steamy
PASTPAGE087120I: NORMAN R. STEWART - Japanese Colonization in Eastern Paraguay - Foreign Field Research Program Sponsored by the Office of Naval Research Report No. 30 - Publication 1490
PASTPAGE068295I: SHARON STICHTER - Migrant Laborers
PASTPAGE070314I: MARGARET F. STIEG - The Origin and Development of Scholarly Historical Periodicals
PASTPAGE065289I: J. O. STIEGLER - Oak Ridge National Laboratory Metals and Ceramics Division Progress Report for Period Ending September 30, 1991 - Ornl-6705
PASTPAGE048685I: HELM STIERLIN - Conflict and Reconciliation - a Study in Human Relations and Schizophrenia
PASTPAGE075697I: GEORGE J. STIGLER - Economists and Public Policy
PASTPAGE077984I: EILEEN STILLWAGGON - Stunted Lives, Stagnant Economies: Poverty, Disease, and Underdevelopment
PASTPAGE071380I: JOHN STILLWELL - Classical Topology and Combinatorial Group Theory - Graduate Texts in Mathematics - 72
PASTPAGE075733I: J. DWIGHT STINNETT - Nutrition and the Immune Response
PASTPAGE081834I: JEANNE STINSON; ROBIN D. SMITH (EDITOR) - A Pictorial History of the Town of Dillwyn, Virginia
PASTPAGE091038I: JEFFREY H. DINITZ & DOUGLAS R. STINSON - Contemporary Design Theory - a Collection of Surveys
PASTPAGE085458I: JAMES HUTCHISON STIRLING - What Is Thought? Ir the Problem of Philosophy by Way of a General Conclusion So Far - the Philosophy of Hegel - Seventeen of the Most Important Books on Hegel's Philosophy Reprinted in Sixteen Volumes
PASTPAGE089567I: RICHARD STITES - Ralph Avery: A Biographical Sketch of the Artist and Man
PASTPAGE079402I: ALINE M. STOMFAY-STITZ - Peace Education in America, 1828-1990: Sourcebook for Education and Research
PASTPAGE056917I: REUBEN ELMORE STIVERS - Privateers & Volunteers - the Men and Women of Our Reserve Naval Forces: 1776 to 1866
PASTPAGE066019I: E. B. STIVERS - Recreations in the Common School Studies; a Hand Book for Teachers and Students: In Which Is Included a Comprehensive Review of the Subject of CIVIL Government and the Theory and Practice of Teaching Together with a Complete Outline of U.S. History from Washington to Cleveland.
PASTPAGE083354I: WILLIAM STIVERS - America's Confrontation with Revolutionary Change in the Middle East, 1948-83
PASTPAGE078778I: MELISSA KIRSCHKE STOCKDALE - Paul Miliukov and the Quest for a Liberal Russia, 1880-1918
PASTPAGE070999I: F. STOCKMANS - Les Neuropteridees Bassins Houillers Belges (Premiere Partie) Memoires de Musee Royal D'Histoire Naturelle de Belgique - Memoire No 57
PASTPAGE080718I: FRANK R. STOCKTON - The Bee-Man of Orn and Other Fanciful Tales
PASTPAGE077043I: A. STODOLA - Gedanken Zu Einer Weltanschauung Vom Standpunkte Des Ingenieurs
PASTPAGE067523I: ROBERT H. SHUMWAY & DAVID S. STOFFER - Time Series Analysis and Its Applications Springer Texts in Statistics
PASTPAGE086196I: RALPH M. STOGDILL - Managers, Employees, Organizations - a Study of 27 Organizations - Bureau of Business Research Monograph No. 125
PASTPAGE092569I: MICHAEL STOHL; GEORGE A. LOPEZ - The State As Terrorist: The Dynamics of Governmental Violence and Repression Contributions in Political Science, no. 103
PASTPAGE068585I: WALTER B. STÖHR; FRASER TAYLOR - Development from Above or Below? - the Dialectics of Regional Planning in Developing Countries
PASTPAGE083832I: JOHN H. STOKE - A Man Called Jesus
PASTPAGE074642I: CHARLES B. STOKE; VERONICA M. KELLY - The Pedestrian in the Transportation System: Legislation for Improved Traffic Safety
PASTPAGE092959I: J. J. STOKER - Differential Geometry
PASTPAGE075884I: JANE STOKES; ANNA READING (EDITION) - The Media in Britain: Current Debates and Developments
PASTPAGE087614I: MARK STOLL - Protestantism, Capitalism, and Nature in America
PASTPAGE078928I: NEIL STOLOFF - Regulating the Environment: An Overview of Federal Environmental Laws Law for the Layperson: Oceana's Legal Almanacs, Second Series
PASTPAGE082971I: M. H. STOLT; J. C. BAKER; T. W. SIMPSON - Soil - Saprolite - Landscape Relationships in the Piedmont and Blue Ridge Highland Regions of Virginia Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station - Bulletin 94-1
PASTPAGE068060I: DAVID M. STONE - Nixon and the Politics of Public Television
PASTPAGE087978I: RICHARD PENN SMITH & J. A. STONE - America's Lost Plays - XIII the Sentinels and Other Plays - XIV Metamora and Other Plays
PASTPAGE082970I: WILLIAM J. STONE; WILLIAM A. KROLL - Sports Conditioning and Weight Training: Programs for Athletic Competition
PASTPAGE076290I: W. H. STONE - Elemetary Lessons on Sound
PASTPAGE085407I: MARLA SUSAN STONE - The Patron State - Culture & Politics in Fascist Italy
PASTPAGE076207I: HARLAN FISKE STONE - Public Control of Business: Selected Opinions
PASTPAGE074568I: LOUIS I. KUSLAN & A. HARRIS STONE - Readings on Teaching Children Science
PASTPAGE089636I: DAVID STONE - Yank Brown Forward
PASTPAGE089472I: RAYMOND STONE - Tommy Tiptop and His Great Show: Or Raising Some Money That Was Needed
PASTPAGE072676I: KENNETH E. STONE - Competing with the Retail Giants - How to Survive in the New Retail Landscape
PASTPAGE085846I: DALE G. STONE - Designing Seismis Surveys in Two and Three Dimensions - Geophysical References Series - 5
PASTPAGE071549I: DAVE STONE; PAUL SUTTON; JOSEPH LIDSTER - Bernice Summerfield: A Life in Pieces - a Trilogy of Novellas
PASTPAGE069772I: HERBERT STONE; JOEL L. SIDEL - Sensory Evaluation Practices - Food Sciences and Technology Series of Monographs
PASTPAGE082136I: D. PETER STONEHOUSE; R. S. GILL; S. F. WEISE; C. J. SWANTON - Economic Comparison of Farming Systems with Alternative Weed Management Strategies: A Case Study Approach
PASTPAGE056637I: WINIFRED SACKVILLE STONER, AIRS BY "MOTHER" STONER - Mother Stoner's Jinglelays for the World
PASTPAGE086298I: LAURA E. GILMOUR STONER - Lane Altavista. Va. - Company Records 1907-2003 - Description and Guide
PASTPAGE092868I: CHARLES BADEN-FULLER & JOHN M. STOPFORD - Rejuvenating the Mature Business - the Competitive Challenge
PASTPAGE093574I: RALF WEISSE & HANS VON STORCH - Marine Climate and Climate Change - Storms, Wind Waves and Storm Surges
PASTPAGE090133I: DAVID HUMPHREY STORER - A Synopsis of the Fishes of North America
PASTPAGE089635I: CHARLES WILLIAM STORES - Charles William Stores, Catalog Spring & Summer 1928
PASTPAGE092931I: HERBERT J. STORING - Essays on the Scientific Study of Politics
PASTPAGE089259I: GRACE E. STORM - Good Times Together: Basic Reading Program Guidance in Reading Series
PASTPAGE070965I: RICHARD S. STORRS - Memoir of the Rev. Samuel Green, Late Pastor of Union Church, Boston
PASTPAGE087356I: ANNA J. STOSE & GEORGE W. STOSE - Geology and Mineral Resources of the Gossan Lead District and Adjacent Areas in Virginia - Virginia Division of Mineral Resources - Bulletin 72
PASTPAGE087071I: SVEND SANDBERGH STOUGE - Conodonts of the Middle Ordovician Table Head Formation, Western Newfoundland - Fossils and Strata - Number 16 - Oslo, 15th April 1984
PASTPAGE072074I: RUSS MILLER & QUENTIN F. STOUT - Parallel Algorithms for Regular Architectures: Meshes and Pyramids
PASTPAGE093509I: D. B. STOUT - San Blas Cuna Acculturation: An Introduction
PASTPAGE088719I: R. H. STOVER - Fusarial Wilt (Panama Disease) of Bananas and Other Musa Species - Phytopathological Papers, No. 4
PASTPAGE092879I: S. M. WALTERS & E. A. STOW - Darwin's Mentor - John Stevens Henslow 1796-1861
PASTPAGE058812I: HARRIET BEECHER STOWE - Uncle Sam's Emancipation; Earthly Care a Heavenly Dicipline; and Other Tales and Sketches
PASTPAGE091273I: JORDAN M. STOYANOV - Counterexamples in Probability
PASTPAGE072211I: JOHN WALTER STOYE - English Travelers Abroad 1604-1667 - Their Influence in English Society and Politics
PASTPAGE068927I: JO ANN AUFDENKAMP & WILLIAM S. BUDINGTON & SHIRLEY F. HARPER & RUTH NIELANDER & EDWARD G. STRABLE, ED. - Special Libraries: A Guide for Management with Revisions Through 1974
PASTPAGE077797I: WOLF STRACHE; OTTO STEINERT (EDITORS) - The German Photographic Annual 1971 -- Das Deutsche Lichtbild
PASTPAGE085908I: JULIE STRADLING - Education for the Good Life - Democratic Schooling and Its Dilemmas - Understanding Education and Policy
PASTPAGE093146I: PHILLIP S. STRAIN - Social Development of Exceptional Children
PASTPAGE078566I: GERALD M. STRAKA - The Medieval World and Its Transformations: 800-1650 Western Society: Institutions and Ideals - Volume II
PASTPAGE083287I: CARL STRAND; JOHN MASEK (EDITORS) - Sumatra-Andaman Islands Earthquake and Tsunami of December 26, 2004: Lifeline Performance Technical Council on Lifeline Earthquake Engineering - Monograph No. 30
PASTPAGE091983I: W. PAUL STRASSMANN - Risk and Technological Innovation - American Manufacturing Methods During the Nineteenth Century
PASTPAGE089420I: EDWARD STRATEMEYER - Dave Porter and His Classmates or for the Honor of Oak Hall
PASTPAGE084670I: PAMELA J. STEWART & ANDREW STRATHERN - Gender, Song, and Sensibility - Folktales and Folksongs in the Highlands Og New Guinea
PASTPAGE077577I: CARL J. STRATMAN - American Theatrical Periodicals, 1798-1967: A Bibliographical Guide
PASTPAGE084768I: CARL J. STRATMAN - Bibliography of the American Theatre - Excluding New York City
PASTPAGE075389I: CARL J. STRATMAN - A Bibliography of British Dramatic Periodicals 1720-1960
PASTPAGE055177I: STRATTON, BRIGGS & - Operating and Maintenance Manual with Parts Catalog for Briggs & Stratton Engine Model "6s"
PASTPAGE081350I: JOSEPHINE STRATTON - The Blind Child in the Regular Kindergarten
PASTPAGE089434I: ELLA HINES STRATTON - Our Jolly Trip Around the World with Captain Parker
PASTPAGE076537I: CHESTER R. STRATTON - Picturesque Europe Containing Famous Tours and Scenes in the Old World
PASTPAGE091925I: HOWARD STRAUBING - Finite Automata, Formal Logic, and Circuit Complexity Progress in Theoretical Computer Science
PASTPAGE073636I: S.B. DEWAN & G.R. SLEMON & A. STRAUGHEN - Power Semiconductor Drives
PASTPAGE088498I: AARON STRAUSS - An Introduction to Optimal Control Theory - Lecture Notes in Operations Research and Mathematical Economics - 3
PASTPAGE067329I: W. STRAUSS - Industrial Gas Cleaning - Second Edition - the Principles and Practice of the Control of Gaseous and Particulate Emissions International Series in Chemical Engineering Volume 8
PASTPAGE062083I: STRAWN, CLARE - Two Fisted Fighting Poems
PASTPAGE070710I: JOSEPH REESE STRAYER - The Administration of Normandy Under Saint Louis
PASTPAGE093399I: NOEL STREATFEILD - Magic and the Magician: E. Nesbit and Her Children's Books
PASTPAGE074520I: JOHN K. VENNARD & ROBERT L. STREET - Elementary Fluid Mechanics
PASTPAGE073868I: S. K. STREIFFER; B. J. GIBBONS; T. TSURUMI (EDITORS) - Ieee Isaf 2000: Proceedings of the 2000 12th Ieee International Symposium on Applications of Ferroelectrics - Honolulu, Hawaii, July 21 - August 2, 2000 - Volumes I and II
PASTPAGE067740I: MAX B. STREIFLER; AMOS D. KORCZYN; ELDAD MELAMED; MOUSSA B. H. YOUDIM (EDITORS) - Advances in Neurology, Volume 53 - Parkinson's Disease: Anatomy, Pathology, and Therapy
PASTPAGE081274I: T. S. STRIBLING - The Store
PASTPAGE065567I: T. S. STRIBLING - Birthright
PASTPAGE065804I: WALTER STRICH - Der Irrational Mensch: Studien Zur Systmatik Der Geschichte
PASTPAGE085300I: HENRY WHARTON & LAURA POLANYI STRIKER - The Life of John Smith - English Soldier - Translated from the Latin Manuscript with an Essay on Captin John Smith in Seventeenth-Century Literature
PASTPAGE086338I: GEORGE H. LITWIN & ROBERT A. STRINGER, JR. - Motivation and Organizational Climate
PASTPAGE089393I: ARTHUR STRINGER - The Lamp in the Valley: A Novel of Alaska
PASTPAGE059616I: HUDSON STRODE - Denmark Is a Lovely Land
PASTPAGE079327I: REINHARD STROHM - The Rise of European Music, 1380-1500
PASTPAGE057907I: JOHN L. STROHM - I Lived with Latin Americans
PASTPAGE074008I: DONALD R. STROMBECK - Small Animal Gastroenterology
PASTPAGE092372I: FOSTER STRONG - General Physics Workbook: Physics Problems and How to Solve Them
PASTPAGE078841I: ROY STRONG - Festival Designs by Inigo Jones: An Exhibition of Drawings for Scenery and Costumes for the Court Masques of James I and Charles I
PASTPAGE073212I: ROWAN STRONG - Chaplains in the Royal Australian Navy: 1912 to the Vietnam War
PASTPAGE067862I: W.J. STRONGE AND T.X. YU - Dynamic Models for Structural Plasticity with 175 Figures
PASTPAGE091061I: JAN R. STROOKER - Introduction to Categories, Homological Algebra and Shear Cohomology
PASTPAGE082569I: NANCY L. STRUNA - People of Prowess: Sport, Leisure, and Labor in Early Anglo-America
PASTPAGE065833I: HANS H. STRUPP; MARTIN S. WALLACH; MICHAEL WOGAN - The Psychotherapy Experience in Retrospect: A Questionnaire Survey of Former Patients and Their Therapists
PASTPAGE067839I: LORD RAYLEIGH (JOHN WILLIAM STRUTT) - Scientific Papers - Vol III: 1887-1892 and Vol IV: 1892-1901 of Six Volumes Bound As Three
PASTPAGE056274I: JAMES STRYKER - The American Quarterly Register and Magazine March, 1849 - Volume II, No. I.
PASTPAGE070963I: RUTH MCENERY STUART - Napoloen Jackson: The Gentleman of the Plush Rocker
PASTPAGE088515I: JESSE STUART - God's Oddling - the Story of Mick Stuart, My Father
PASTPAGE076234I: HAROLD C. STUART - Studies from the Center for Research in Child Health and Development, School of Public Health - Harvard University - I. The Center, the Group Under Observation, Sources of Information, and Studies in Progress Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development - Volume IV, No. 1 (Serial No. 20)
PASTPAGE090838I: DONALD J. STUBBLEBINE - Cinema Sheet Music: A Comprehensive Listing of Published Film Music from "Squaw Man" (1914) to "Batman" (1989)
PASTPAGE079590I: WALTER STUBBS - Congressional Committees, 1789-1982 - a Checklist
PASTPAGE082965I: JAMES P. STUCKER; IRIS M. KAMENY - Army Experience with Deployment Planning in Operation Desert Shield
PASTPAGE047457I: FLORENCE S. STUDEBAKER - The Voice of Thy Brother's Blood
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PASTPAGE071853I: MICHAEL D. WILLARD & HAROLD TVEDTEN & GRANT H. TURNWALD - Small Animal Clinical Diagnosis by Laboratory Methods
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PASTPAGE049963I: S. W. GREENE & J. L. GRESSITT & D. KOOB & G. A. LLANO & E. D. RUDOLPH & R. SINGER & W. C. STEERE & F.C. UGOLINI - Terrestrial Life of Antarctica Antarctic Map Folio Series #5
PASTPAGE093219I: JÜRGEN UHL; HANS ALBRECHT SCHMID - A Systematic Catalogue of Reusable Abstract Data Types Lecture Notes in Computer Science, No. 460
PASTPAGE074217I: FRANK UHLIG - Transform Linear Algebra
PASTPAGE082561I: CARL G. UHR - Economics in Brief
PASTPAGE087436I: UIGN - Premiere Conference Mondiale Sur Les Parcs Nationaux - Uign/Publications Nouvelle Series No. 2
PASTPAGE079912I: TEDDY J. ULDRICKS - Diplomacy and Ideology - the Origins of Soviet Foreign Relations 1917-1930
PASTPAGE065842I: ROBERT ULICH - Weg Und Weisung: Eine Philosophie Des Menschlichen Lebens
PASTPAGE087173I: HRISHIKESH D. VINOD & AMAN ULLAH - Recent Advances in Regression Methods - Statistics: Textbooks and Monographs - Volume 41
PASTPAGE091558I: AMAN ULLAH; DAVID E. A. GILES (EDS.) - Handbook of Applied Economic Statistics Statistics: Textbooks and Monographs, Vol. 155
PASTPAGE074279I: JAMES RAMSEY ULLMAN - Where the Bong Tree Grows: The Log of One Man's Journey in the South Pacific
PASTPAGE088924I: ALBERT ULMANN - A Landmark History of New York: Also the Origin of Street Names and a Bibliography
PASTPAGE085219I: ELLEN M. UMANSKY - From Christian Science to Jewish Science - Spiritual Healing and American Jews
PASTPAGE066961I: PHILLIP T. UNDERHILL - Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material - Principles and Practices
PASTPAGE060223I: RUTH M. UNDERHILL - Hawk over Whirlpools
PASTPAGE083753I: UNESCO - Planning Buildings and Facilities for Higher Education Community Development Series
PASTPAGE069179I: UNESCO - International Guide to Educational Documentation Second Edition: 1960-1965
PASTPAGE075013I: UNESCO - Africa and the United States Images and Realities - 8th National Conference - Background Book - U.S. National Commission for Unesco - October 22-26, 1961
PASTPAGE075014I: UNESCO - Africa and the United States Images and Realities - 8th National Conference - Background Book - U.S. National Commission for Unesco - October 22-26, 1961
PASTPAGE069046I: UNESCO - Report on the Second Meeting of the Regional Advisory Group 13-15 August 1990
PASTPAGE069480I: UNESCO - Protection of Mankind's Cultural Heritage Sites and Monuments
PASTPAGE091389I: DAVID J. UNGER - Analytical Fracture Mechanics
PASTPAGE063003I: UNGER, ELLIS, WILLIAM - In Praise of Listeners and Other Poems
PASTPAGE075760I: J. THOMAS UNGERLEIDER - The Problems and Prospects of Lsd
PASTPAGE084815I: AMERICAN GEOPHYSICAL UNION - Fundamental Problems in Turbulence and Their Relation to Geophysics - International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics and International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics - September 4-9, 1961, Marseilles, France
PASTPAGE064119I: UNION, AMERICAN SUNDAY-SCHOOL - Popular Sketch of the Rise and Progress of Sunday-School in the United States
PASTPAGE090514I: INTERNATIONAL TYPOGRAPHICAL UNION - International Typographical Union, Official Souvenir, Fifty-Eighth Convention in Cleveland Ohio 1912
PASTPAGE077247I: NORTHEAST MISSOURI STATE UNIVERSITY - In Pursuit of Degrees with Integrity: A Value Added Approach to Undergraduate Assessment
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PASTPAGE077004I: MEMBERS OF THE FINE ARTS STAFF OF TEACHERS COLLEGE - COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - Art Education Today: An Annual Devoted to the Problems of Art Education
PASTPAGE089756I: UNKNOWN - Bolivia
PASTPAGE089863I: UNKNOWN - How to Reduce Factory Costs: 93 Tried-out Schemes for Cutting Costs Used and Proved in 82 Factories
PASTPAGE089488I: UNKNOWN - Tours in Quebec Canada
PASTPAGE088895I: UNKNOWN - Fifty-Fourth Annual Report of the New York State Agricultural Society for the Year 1894
PASTPAGE089864I: UNKNOWN - How to Manage an Office: Methods That Enabled 93 Offices to Handle More Business at Less Expense
PASTPAGE088940I: UNKNOWN - The Constitution of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America: Containing the Confession of Faith. .
PASTPAGE088795I: UNKNOWN - Tom Thumb and Other Stories
PASTPAGE087535I: UNKNOWN - Repertoire Bibliographique Des Livres Imprimes En France Au Seizieme Siecle - 30 Livraison - Bibliotheca Bibliographica Aureliana LXXVIII
PASTPAGE090453I: UNKNOWN - Greetings from Whittier
PASTPAGE090454I: UNKNOWN - Olympia 1932 Olympic Games: Die Olympischen Spiele in Los Angeles
PASTPAGE088883I: UNKNOWN - Snow White Pop-Up Book
PASTPAGE066473I: UNKNOWN - Etiquette for Ladies; with Hints on the Preservation, Improvement, and Display of Female Beauty
PASTPAGE063109I: UNKNOWN - Mudball Dreams
PASTPAGE059800I: UNKNOWN - Proposed Antisubversion Legislation
PASTPAGE059687I: UNKNOWN - Selective Service Regulations, Including Index, 6 Parts, and a Few Added Bulletins
PASTPAGE057929I: UNKNOWN - A Classified Catalogue of Books on the Far East (Including the Largest Part of the Late Prof. Gustav Schlegel's Library). 1905, Truber's Oriental Catalogue No. XVII - February
PASTPAGE057474I: UNKNOWN - Executive Documents from the First Session of the Fourteenth Congress of the U.S. House of Representatives - Docs 1-87
PASTPAGE056788I: UNKNOWN - Report of the Secretary of the Navy December 1865 with an Appendix Containing Reports from Officers
PASTPAGE056767I: UNKNOWN - Journal of the Senate of the United States of America: Being the First Session of the Twenty-Second Congress: Begun and Held at the City of Washington Dec. 5, 1831 - Jul. 16, 1832
PASTPAGE056652I: UNKNOWN - Executive Documents from the Third Session of the Thirteenth Congress of the U.S. House of Representatives - Docs 1-62
PASTPAGE056393I: UNKNOWN - China, Vietnam, and the United States: Highlights of the Hearings of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee
PASTPAGE056379I: UNKNOWN - Marine Troop Leaders Guide
PASTPAGE055809I: UNKNOWN - Bacon's Up to Date Atlas and Guide to London
PASTPAGE088903I: UNKNOWN - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam the Astronomer-Poet of Persia, Rendered Into English Verse, Golden Treasury Series
PASTPAGE054822I: UNKNOWN - The New Book of Niagra-Scenes in Summer and Winter
PASTPAGE054707I: UNKNOWN - International Conference on Energy Development Planning for Bangladesh - Conference Papers - Volume 1b 21-24 Nov. 1985
PASTPAGE054665I: UNKNOWN - Your Writing Books and Supplies
PASTPAGE054635I: UNKNOWN - Bangladesh - Background Document on Energy Planning - Vol 2 International Conference on Energy Development Planning for Bangladesh
PASTPAGE054628I: UNKNOWN - Report of the Federal Council to the Federal Assembly Concerning Switzerland's Relations with the United Nations
PASTPAGE089489I: UNKNOWN - Tours in Quebec Canada
PASTPAGE087611I: UNKNOWN - Treaty of Peace with Italy
PASTPAGE054415I: UNKNOWN - Quick Pocket New Weekly - Dec. 25, 1950
PASTPAGE089437I: UNKNOWN - Longman's Magazine Vol XXXI (31) November 1897 to April 1898
PASTPAGE090503I: UNKNOWN - The Three Bears
PASTPAGE086591I: UNKNOWN - Photographic Studies of Old Virginia Homes & Gardens
PASTPAGE073916I: UNKNOWN - From a Life of Physics - Evening Lectures at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy. A Special Supplement of the Iaea Bulletin, in English Only. Printed by the Iaea in Austria.
PASTPAGE089398I: UNKNOWN - Queen Victoria: Leaves from a Journal
PASTPAGE066497I: UNKNOWN - Modern Cooking Is Electric Cooking
PASTPAGE073950I: UNKNOWN - Early American Maps and Views
PASTPAGE090510I: UNKNOWN - New York Illustrated
PASTPAGE089362I: UNKNOWN - History of England for Young People: From the Conquest by Julius Caesar to the Present Time
PASTPAGE068906I: AUTHOR UNKNOWN - Low Temperatures and Electric Power Transmission Motors, Transformers, and Other Equipment Cryogenics and Properties of Materials
PASTPAGE089858I: UNKNOWN - Papers Relating to Foreign Affairs, Accompanying the Annual Message of the President to the First Session 39th Congress. Vol 1
PASTPAGE089741I: UNKNOWN - Prayers for Children
PASTPAGE089765I: UNKNOWN - Wit and Humour Birthday Book
PASTPAGE090456I: UNKNOWN - The Story of Jesus for Children

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