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PASTPAGE076128I: JOHN RANDOLPH - Virginia Energy Patterns and Trends: Production, Distribution, Marketing, Consumption
PASTPAGE087369I: DENNIS RANDOLPH - CIVIL Engineering for the Community
PASTPAGE071250I: JOHN RANDOLPH - Virginia Energy Patterns and Trends - Production, Distribution, Marketing, Consumption
PASTPAGE062708I: RANDY, FINGLAND, - Traces (Poems)
PASTPAGE070615I: SUBRAMANIA RANGANATHAN - Fascinating Problems in Organic Reaction Mechanisms
PASTPAGE093719I: CARLOS RANGEL - Third World Ideology and Western Reality - Manufacturing Political Myth
PASTPAGE079951I: OTTO RANK - The Don Juan Legend
PASTPAGE072574I: IVAN T. BEREND & GYÖRGY RÁNKI - The Hungarian Economy in the Twentieth Century
PASTPAGE060220I: WILLIAM P. CUMMING & HUGH RANKIN - The Fate of a Nation: The American Revolution Through Contemporary Eyes
PASTPAGE089227I: WILL RANNELLS - Animal Picture Story Book
PASTPAGE057368I: STEPHEN RANSOME - Without a Trace
PASTPAGE076853I: GRACE GREENLEAF RANSOME - Puppets and Shadows: A Bibliography
PASTPAGE086650I: V. P. RAO; M. A. GHANI; T. SANKARAN; K. C. MATHUR - A Review of the Biological Control of Insect and Other Pests in South-East Asia and the Pacific Region Technical Communication No. 6 - Commonwealth Institute of Biological Control, Trinidad, West Indies
PASTPAGE083244I: P. R. RAO - India and Sikkim (1814-1970)
PASTPAGE083481I: R. P. RAO - Portuguese Rule in Goa, 1510-1961
PASTPAGE083304I: AMIYA RAO; B. G. RAO - Six Thousand Days: Jawaharlal Nehru, Prime Minister
PASTPAGE092703I: C. RADHAKRISHNA RAO; SUJIT KUMAR MITRA - Generalized Inverse of Matrices and Its Applications Wiley Series in Probability and Mathematical Statistics
PASTPAGE065863I: MORRIS RAPHAEL - Maria -- Goddess of the Teche
PASTPAGE085317I: JEREMIAH D. M. FORD & MAXWELL I. RAPHAEL - A Bibliography of Cuban Belles-Letters
PASTPAGE080295I: JEAN POST RAPKING - Good Hope History
PASTPAGE049274I: JUDITH L. RAPOPORT - A Case of Congenital Sensory Neuropathy Diagnosed in Infancy
PASTPAGE093617I: CHRISTIAN-D. SCHONWIESE & JORG RAPP - Climate Trend Atlas of Europe Based on Observations 1891-1990
PASTPAGE087394I: FRANCESCA RAPPA - Melody West and the Trumpeter Swan - the Adventurous Melody West Series Book One
PASTPAGE087166I: JOANNE RAPPAPORT - Cumbe Reborn - an Andean Ethnography of History
PASTPAGE075468I: WILLIAM E. RAPPARD; WALTER R. SHARP; HERBERT W. SCHNEIDER; JAMES K. POLLOCK; SAMUEL N. HARPER; R. K. GOOCH - Source Book on European Governments: Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, the Soviet Union, England
PASTPAGE093777I: FRANK A. RAPPOLT - Simplified Mathematics and How to Use the Slide Rule
PASTPAGE087725I: MANSOORA RASHID; VAJEERA DORABAWILA; RICHARD ADAMS - Household Welfare, the Labor Market, and Social Programs in Albania World Bank Technical Paper No. 503
PASTPAGE091678I: HELENA RASIOWA - Introduction to Modern Mathematics
PASTPAGE078351I: NICOLŇ RASMO - Michael Pacher
PASTPAGE081662I: RALPH RASOUL - Oh, My Sister!: Operation One for Your Eyes Only
PASTPAGE088989I: JENS RASSMUS - Farmer Enno and His Cow
PASTPAGE091649I: RICHARD RASTALL - The Heaven Singing: Music in Early English Religious Drama -- Volume 1
PASTPAGE089637I: J. D. RATCLIFF - The Story of Penicillin: Yellow Magic
PASTPAGE076970I: SEWARD HUME RATHBUN - A Background to Architecture
PASTPAGE072286I: JOHN C. RATHER AND SUSAN C. BIEBEL - Library of Congress Filing Rules
PASTPAGE092524I: JEROLD E. MARSDEN & TUDOR S. RATIN - Introduction to Mechanics and Symmetry
PASTPAGE092695I: DAVID A. RATKOWSKY - Nonlinear Regression Modeling: A Unified Practical Approach Statistics: Textbooks and Monographs, Vol. 48
PASTPAGE091838I: ALAN R. RAUCHER - Paul G. Hoffman - Architect of Foreign Aid
PASTPAGE079468I: RICK FARMER; JOHN DAVID RAUSCH, JR.; JOHN C. GREEN (EDITORS) - The Test of Time: Coping with Legislative Term Limits
PASTPAGE089210I: BERTIL RAVALD - Get Fit for Golf
PASTPAGE093362I: D. E. RAVALICO - Servizio Radiotecnico - Volume 1 5a Edizione: Misure E Strumenti Per IL Collaudo E la Riparazione Dei Moderni Apparecchi Radio
PASTPAGE093363I: D. E. RAVALICO - Servizio Radiotecnico - Volume II 4a Edizione: Radio Riparazione - Ricerca Ed Eliminazione Di Guasti E Difetti Negli Apparecchi Radio
PASTPAGE088223I: MARTIN RAVALLION; DOMINIQUE VAN DE WALLE - Land in Transition: Reform and Poverty in Rural Vietnam
PASTPAGE091200I: P. C. RAVASIO; G. HOPKINS; N. NAFFAH (EDS.) - Local Computer Networks: Proceedings of the Ifip Tc 6 International in-Depth Symposium on Local Computer Networks, Florence, Italy, 19-21 April, 1982
PASTPAGE080626I: MICHAEL RAVEN - Popular Songs for Guitar
PASTPAGE078705I: EUGENE W. RAWLINS; WILLIAM J. SAMBITO (EDITOR) - Marines and Helicopters, 1946-1962
PASTPAGE080036I: GEORGE RAWLINSON - The Contrasts of Christianity with Heathen and Jewish Systems: Or Nine Sermons Preached Before the University of Oxford on Various Occasions
PASTPAGE079662I: GEORGE RAWLINSON - The Historical Evidences of the Truth of the Scripture Records Stated Anew, with Special Reference to the Doubts and Discoveries of Modern Times in Eight Lectures Delivered in the Oxford University Pulpit, in the Year 1859 on the Bampton Foundation
PASTPAGE084794I: WILLIAM S. RAWSON - Public Regulation of Milk Prices: The South Carolina Experience - Essays in Economics - No. 28 - February, 1974
PASTPAGE072811I: HAROLD RAWSON - Properties and Applications of Glass Glass Science and Technology 3
PASTPAGE078058I: RAJAT KANTA RAY - Social Conflict and Political Unrest in Bengal 1875-1927
PASTPAGE084037I: G. E. RAY; L. W. CARLYLE; R. SIMPSON; L. W. SALEKEN; J. BELLAMY; J. T. SHEARER; R. J. E. NIELS - Some Gold Deposits in the Western Canadian Cordillera -- Field Trip Guidebook - Trip 4 Geological Association of Canada, Mineralogical Association of Canada, Canadian Geophysical Union - Joint Annual Meeting, 1983
PASTPAGE081098I: HEMEN RAY - China's Vietnam War
PASTPAGE066511I: ANNA CHAPIN RAY - By the Good Sainte Anne: A Story of Modern Quebec
PASTPAGE070231I: DOROTHY JEAN RAY - Artists of the Tundra and the Sea
PASTPAGE089027I: LILLIAN RAY - Modern Ballroom Dancing
PASTPAGE065000I: RAYCRAFT, DON RAYCRAFT; CAROL - Collector's Guide to Country Store Antiques
PASTPAGE082775I: DREXEL RAYFORD - The Species with a Call: How We Find Purpose for Our Lives Through the Power of What We Love
PASTPAGE076715I: GEORGE LANSING RAYMOND - Art in Theory: An Introduction to the Study of Comparative Aesthetics
PASTPAGE063370I: RAYMOND, SACHS, LESLIE - The Virginia Ghost Murders: An Amanda Poe Mystery
PASTPAGE064003I: RAYMOND, SOBEL, - The Private Practice of Child Psychiatry: A Ten-Year Study
PASTPAGE079463I: LEIGH RAYMOND - Private Rights in Public Resources: Equity and Property Allocation in Market-Based Environmental Policy
PASTPAGE093257I: LARRY RAYMOND - Reinventing Communication: A Guide to Using Visual Language for Planning, Problem Solving, and Reengineering
PASTPAGE089419I: LOUISE RAYMOND - A Sunny Little Lass
PASTPAGE083514I: JACK RAYMOND - New Era in Eastern Europe? Foreign Policy Association: Headline Series -- Number 122, March-April 1957
PASTPAGE077823I: JEREMY M. V. RAYNER - Vertebrate Flight: A Bibliography to 1985
PASTPAGE092265I: JONATHAN L. GROSS & STEVE RAYNER - Measuring Culture - a Paradigm for the Analysis of Social Organization
PASTPAGE084996I: M. HANIF RAZA - Where Mountains Meet
PASTPAGE092858I: ELHANAN HELPMAN & ASSAF RAZIN - A Theory of International Trade Under Uncertainty
PASTPAGE091307I: YU. P. RAZMYSLOW - Identities of Algebras and Their Representations
PASTPAGE085607I: J. E. REA - T.A. Crerar - a Political Life
PASTPAGE082688I: DAN REA; MARY RAY; DAVID FRIEDMAN; PAUL HANLON (EDITORS) - Fenway Park: "It Never Gets Old" -- Official Tour Book
PASTPAGE072417I: OPIE READ - Our Josephine and Other Tales
PASTPAGE077264I: HERBERT READ - Collected Poems 1913-25
PASTPAGE066972I: JAGDISH K. PATEL & CAMPBELL B. READ - Handbook of the Normal Distribution
PASTPAGE084749I: PETER READ - Belonging - Australians, Place and Aboriginal Ownership
PASTPAGE089495I: OPIE READ - By the Eternal: A Novel
PASTPAGE064852I: WARNER, KEVIN READY AND JANINE - Hybrid Html Design - a Multi-Browser Html Reference
PASTPAGE090449I: MRS. G. S. REANEY - Just in Time; or, Howard Clarion's Rescue
PASTPAGE092249I: GILBERT REANEY - Manuscripts of Polyphonic Music (C. 1320-1400) / Volume B Iv2 of Rism - Repertoire International Des Sources Musicales - Internationales Quellenlexikon Der Musik - International Inventory of Musical Sources
PASTPAGE092251I: GILBERT REANEY - Manuscripts of Polyphonic Music (11th - Early 14th Century) / Volume B Iv1 of Rism - Repertoire International Des Sources Musicales - Internationales Quellenlexikon Der Musik - International Inventory of Musical Sources
PASTPAGE085155I: JOE ENGLAND & JOHN REAR - Chinese Labour Under British Rule - a Critical Study of Labour Relations and Law in Hong Kong
PASTPAGE077561I: PAUL M. REAVES; C. W. PEGRAM - Southern Dairy Farming
PASTPAGE090702I: PAUL M. REAVES; HAROLD W. CRAUN; HERSHEL H. GARDNER; JOHN L. MILLER - History of the Virginia State Dairymen's Association, 1907-1982
PASTPAGE075178I: A. H. REBAR; G. D. BOON - A Case-Oriented Approach to Small Animal Biochemical Profiling
PASTPAGE074369I: HUGH BILSON LEWIS & A.H. REBAR - Bone Marrow Evaluation in Veterinary Practice
PASTPAGE074365I: HUGH BILSON LEWIS & A.H. REBAR - Bone Marrow Evaluation in Veterinary Practice
PASTPAGE062350I: REBECCA, WINNING, - Cure for Backache & Other Poems
PASTPAGE086037I: THERESA REBECK - The Family of Mann: A Comedy in Two Acts
PASTPAGE088325I: M. RECHCIGL, JR. - Nutrient Elements and Toxicants - Comparative Animal Nutrition - 2
PASTPAGE088491I: M. RECHCIGL, JR. - Physiology of Growth and Nutrition - Comparative Animal Nutrition -4
PASTPAGE088316I: M. RECHCIGL, JR. (ED) - Carbohydrates, Lipids and Accesory Growth Factors - Comparative Animal Nutrition - 1
PASTPAGE088312I: M. RECHCIGL, JR. (ED) - Nitrogen, Electrolytes, Water and Energy Metabolism - Comparative Animal Nutrition - 3
PASTPAGE093611I: L. M. BROWN & H. RECHENBERG - The Origin of the Concept of Nuclear Forces
PASTPAGE070837I: NATIONAL CENTER FOR RESOURCE RECOVERY - Municipal Solid Waste Collection - a State -of-the-Art Study
PASTPAGE068236I: NATIONAL CENTER FOR RESOURCE RECOVERY, INC. - Incineration a State-of-the-Art Study
PASTPAGE069856I: NATIONAL CENTER FOR RESOURCE RECOVERY, INC. - Incineration A State-of-the-Art Study
PASTPAGE069533I: M. EUGČNE BOUVY (EDITOR) (RÉDACTEUR) - L'Amateur D'Estampes - 3e Année - No. 6 - Décembre 1924
PASTPAGE090201I: JOAN REDDING; DIANE VOGT O'CONNOR - Guide to Photographic Collections at the Smithsonian Institution: National Air and Space Museum -- Volume IV
PASTPAGE074648I: JOHN M. REDDING; HAROLD I. LEYSHON - Skyways to Berlin - with the American Flyers in England
PASTPAGE073666I: S. RAMA REDDY - Fundamentals of Power Electronics
PASTPAGE064944I: REDFERN, BERNICE - Women of Color in the United States: A Guide to the Literature
PASTPAGE068393I: S.J.B. REED - Electron Microprobe Analysis Cambridge Monographs of Physics
PASTPAGE068285I: RUDDELL REED, JR. - Plant Location, Layout, and Maintenance - Irwin Series in Operations Management
PASTPAGE092431I: HORACE B. REED; ELIZABETH LEE LOUGHRAN (EDS.) - Beyond Schools: Education for Economic, Social and Personal Development
PASTPAGE092911I: JANA STATON & ROGER W. SHUY & JOY KREEFT PEYTON & LELEE REED - Dialogue Journal Communications - Classroom, Linguistics, Social, and Cognitive Views
PASTPAGE074535I: JAMES B. STATES & PETER T. HAUG & THOMAS G. SHOEMAKER & LANNY W. REED AND EDWARD B. REED - A Systems Approach to Ecological Baseline Studies
PASTPAGE082077I: BRAD REEDER; BILL ROBINSON - Sparks: The Funkenring Book
PASTPAGE065504I: JOHN REEDY - Fight Newsstand Filth: The Law Is Your Weapon
PASTPAGE080904I: KEVIN REEL - The Dynamic Human: The 3d Visual Guide to Anatomy and Physiology - Cd-Rom -- Windows Version
PASTPAGE080903I: KEVIN REEL - Inside the Dynamic Human: A Workbook for the Dynamic Human Cd-Rom -- Student Workbook
PASTPAGE077576I: ROBERT A. REES; EARL N. HARBERT (EDITORS) - 15 American Authors Before 1900 -- Bibliographic Essays on Research and Criticism
PASTPAGE072974I: GARY W. REES; MARY HOEBER - Catalogue of Sanborn Atlases at Californial State University, Northridge Occasional Paper No. 1, Western Association of Map Libraries
PASTPAGE079918I: JULIAN COOPER & MAUREEN PERRIE & E. A. REES - Soviet History, 1917-53 - Essay in Honour of R.W. Davies
PASTPAGE083260I: ALBERT M. REESE - Wanderings in the Orient
PASTPAGE067171I: WHITMAN D. REEVE - Subscriber Loop Signaling and Transmission Handbook - Digital
PASTPAGE078709I: TAPPING REEVE - The Law of Baron and Femme
PASTPAGE093474I: JOHN REEVES - History of the English Law from the Time of the Saxons to the End of the Reign of Philip and Mary - Volume 4
PASTPAGE093473I: JOHN REEVES - History of the English Law from the Time of the Saxons to the End of the Reign of Philip and Mary - Volume 3
PASTPAGE093472I: JOHN REEVES - History of the English Law from the Time of the Saxons to the End of the Reign of Philip and Mary - Volume 1
PASTPAGE082593I: GAËL RABALLAND SALIM REFAS; MONICA BEURAN; GÖZDE ISIK - Why Does Cargo Spend Weeks in Sub-Saharan African Ports?: Lessons from Six Countries Directions in Development
PASTPAGE067461I: MICHAEL R. DETTY & MARIE B. O'REGAN - Tellurium-Containing Heterocycles The Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds - Volume 53
PASTPAGE061012I: TERRY REGIER - The Human Semantic Potential: Spatial Language and Constrained Connectionism
PASTPAGE062888I: REGINALD, IKIN, - Under the Influence
PASTPAGE062079I: REGINALD, RANKIN, - A Tour in the Himalayas and Beyond
PASTPAGE091379I: C. REHTANZ - Autonomous Systems and Intelligent Agents in Power System Control and Operation Power Systems
PASTPAGE089614I: ROBERT B. REICH - Locked in the Cabinet
PASTPAGE087336I: OSKAR REICH - Beitrage Zur Kenntnis Des Bauernlebens IM Alten Frankreich Auf Grund Der Zeitgenossischen Literatur. Inaugural-Dissertation
PASTPAGE093400I: WILHELM REICH - L'éther, Dieu Et le Diable: Le Fonctionnalisme Orgonomique Collection Science de l'homme
PASTPAGE080104I: MARY R. REICHARDT - Mary Wilkins Freeman: A Study of the Short Fiction Twayne's Studies in Short Fiction
PASTPAGE066933I: TONY GODFREY & JON REICHELT - Industrial Enzymology - the Application of Enzymes in Industry
PASTPAGE081985I: ALFRED REICHERT - Charles Egbert Craddock Und Die Amerikanische Short-Story -- Inaugural-Dissertation Zur Erlangung Der Doktorwürde Der Hohen Philosophischen Fakultät Der Universität Leipzig
PASTPAGE072150I: JANE REICHHOLD - Tigers in a Tea Cup: Collected Haiku
PASTPAGE092115I: L. E. REICHL - A Modern Course in Statistical Physics
PASTPAGE093357I: ELSA REICHMANIS; CURTIS W. FRANK; JAMES H. O'DONNELL (EDS.) - Irradiation of Polymeric Materials: Processes, Mechanisms, and Applications ACS Symposium Series 527
PASTPAGE083425I: FELIX REICHMANN - The Sources of Western Literacy - the Midle Eastern Civilizations
PASTPAGE079577I: JOHN PHILLIP REID - In a Defiant Stance - the Conditions of Law in Massachusetts Bay, the Irish Comparison, and the Coming of the American Revolution
PASTPAGE092448I: SAMUEL RICHARDSON REID - Mergers, Managers, and the Economy
PASTPAGE074835I: ROBERT D. REID - Foodservice and Restaurant Marketing
PASTPAGE091766I: INEZ SMITH REID - 'Together' Black Women
PASTPAGE075240I: MAYNE REID - The Forest Exiles or the Perils of a Peruvian Family Amid the Wilds of the Amazon
PASTPAGE067663I: MAYNE REID - Bruin: The Grand Bear Hunt
PASTPAGE089161I: WM. H. E. REID - The Deleterious Effects of Freezing on Several of the Physical Properties of Milk
PASTPAGE068336I: SAMUEL RICHARDSON REID - Mergers, Managers, and the Economy
PASTPAGE070358I: ROBERT C. O'REILLY & MARJORIE I. O'REILLY - Librarians and Labor Relations - Employment Under Union Contracts Contributions in Librarianship and Information Science, Number 35
PASTPAGE085137I: PATRICIA O'REILLY - Health Care Practitioners - an Ontario Case Study in Policy Making
PASTPAGE091175I: PHILIP R. REILLY - The Surgical Solution: A History of Involuntary Sterilization in the United States
PASTPAGE086585I: ERICA REINER - An Adventure of Great Dimension - the Launching of the Chicago Assyrian Dictionary
PASTPAGE078911I: KURT F. REINHARDT - Germany, 2000 Years
PASTPAGE092014I: VIKTOR REINHARDT; ANNIE REINHARDT - Variables, Refinement and Environmental Enrichment for Nonhuman Primates Kept in Research Institutions: A Photographic Documentation and Literature Review
PASTPAGE092013I: VIKTOR REINHARDT; ANNIE REINHARDT - Variables, Refinement and Environmental Enrichment for Rodents and Rabbits Kept in Research Institutions: Making Life Easier for Animals in Laboratories
PASTPAGE092412I: LEON REINHARTH; H. JACK SHAPIRO; ERNEST A. KALLMAN - The Practice of Planning: Strategic, Administrative, and Operational
PASTPAGE091198I: DENNIS REINHARTZ - Milovan Djilas: A Revolutionary As a Writer East European Monographs, No. LXXXIX
PASTPAGE087836I: MARK REINOLTAGEN - The Path of Horror - Deck 1 - Story Paths - Deck 1 - the New Whimsy Cards!
PASTPAGE076448I: PHILIP REISMAN, JR. - Please Don't Streamline Mother While I'm Gone
PASTPAGE092872I: MARTIN C. MOORE-EDE & SCOTT S. CAMPBELL & RUSSEL J. REITER - Electromagnetic Fields and Circadian Rhythmicity
PASTPAGE083429I: COMMITTEE ON INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS - The Renaissance of Asia - Lectures Delivered Under the Auspices of the Committee on International Relations on the Los Angeles Campus of the Univeristy of California 1939
PASTPAGE069001I: ADVISORY COMMISSION ON INTERGOVERNMENTAL RELATIONS - The Federal Role in the Federal System: The Dynamics of Growth: Federal Involvement in Libraries
PASTPAGE073821I: ADVISORY COMMISSION ON INTERGOVERNMENTAL RELATIONS - Commission Report: Investment of Idle Cash Balances by State and Local Governments
PASTPAGE087086I: MARYGAIL K. BRAUNER & JAMES S. HODGES & DANIEL A. RELLES - Using Value to Manage Repair Parts - a Documented Briefing - Arroyo Center
PASTPAGE087087I: MARYGAIL K. BRAUNER & JAMES S. HODGES & DANIEL A. RELLES - An Approach to Understanding the Value of Parts - Arroyo Center
PASTPAGE078935I: K. REMÉNYI - Combustion Stability
PASTPAGE065317I: JACK D. REMINGTON - Furbearers of Colorado - Colorado Game, Fish and Parks Department Informational Publication Number Four
PASTPAGE081303I: DELCO-REMY - Delco-Remy Electrical Equipment - Operation and Maintenance Handbook Dr-324
PASTPAGE091019I: M. M. RAO & Z. D. REN - Theory of Orlicz Spaces
PASTPAGE056874I: DOUG RENAHAN - Little Bear and His Teddy Bear
PASTPAGE092631I: MICHAEL RENARDY; ROBERT C. ROGERS - An Introduction to Partial Differential Equations Texts in Applied Mathematics - No. 13
PASTPAGE092665I: JEAN RENAULT - A Groupoid Approach to C*-Algebras Lecture Notes in Mathematic, Vol. 793
PASTPAGE089836I: ARTHUR JONES & JOHN RENDEL - The Treasury of Dogs
PASTPAGE087201I: CHRISTINA MADRID-CASTRO & GRACE RENDES - Buttons - Using Buttons to Teach Basic Math Skills
PASTPAGE079050I: JAMES RENEAUX - The Professional Technique for Magicians: Tips and Advice on Performing Magic
PASTPAGE087435I: JEAN-PAUL BOULANGER & GENEVIEVE RENISIO - Raphael Et L'Art Francais - Galeries Nationales Du Grand Palais, Paris 15 Novembre 1983 - 13 Fevrier 1984
PASTPAGE084435I: BRYAN S. RENNIE - Reconstructing Eliade - Making Sense of Religion
PASTPAGE092161I: ALISON DUNDES RENTELN; ALAN DUNDES (EDS.) - Folk Law: Essays in the Theory and Practice of Lex Non Scripta -- Volumes I-II
PASTPAGE093610I: MARIA RENTETZI - Trafficking Materials and Gendered Experimental Practices - Radium Research in Early 20th Century Vienna
PASTPAGE079680I: ROGER DEV.RENWICK - Recentering Anglo/American Folksong - Sea Crabs and Wicked Youths
PASTPAGE077170I: TERANCE J. REPHANN - Study of the Economic Impact of Virginia Public Higher Education for the Virginia Business Higher Education Council
PASTPAGE059951I: COMMITTEE ON UN-AMERICAN ACTIVITIES - HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES - Guerrilla Warfare Advocates in the United States - 90th Congress, 2d Session - House Report No. 1351
PASTPAGE080582I: HOUSE OF REPRESENTITIVES - Elementary and Secondary Career Education Act of 1977 - Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Elementary, Secondary, and Vocational Education... On H.R. 7
PASTPAGE080583I: HOUSE OF REPRESENTITIVES - Indian Education - Hearings Before the Subcommittee N Elementary, Secondary and Vocational Education... February 1, 2 1977
PASTPAGE081014I: MUPRAY N. ROTHBARD & LEONARD P. LIGGIO & H. GEORGE RESCH - Left and Right - a Journal of Libertarian Thought - Autumn 1967 Vol. III No. 3 - Black Revolution, Middle East War, Vietnam
PASTPAGE086380I: NICHOLAS RESCHER - Realism and Pragmatic Epistemology
PASTPAGE071145I: NICHOLAS RESCHER; ALASDAIR URQUHART - Temporal Logic - Library of Exact Philosophy
PASTPAGE072290I: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR OFFICE OF WATER RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY - Water Resources - Thesaurus - a Vocabulary for Indexing and Retrieving the Literature of Water Resources - Research and Development
PASTPAGE087176I: TNO COMMITTEE ON HYDROLOGICAL RESEARCH - Water in Urban Areas - Tno Committee on Hydrological Research - Proceedings and Information - No. 33 - Proceedings of Technical Meeting 42
PASTPAGE065824I: GROUP FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF PSYCHIATRY - COMMITTEE ON RESEARCH - Volume VI, Report No. 63, Pp 351-478, November, 1966: Psychiatric Research and the Assessment of Change
PASTPAGE065830I: GROUP FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF PSYCHIATRY - COMMITTEE ON RESEARCH - Volume VI, Report No. 76, Pp 237-380, March, 1970: The Case History Method in the Study of Family Process
PASTPAGE074594I: WASHINGTON RESEARCHERS - How to Find Information About Service Companies
PASTPAGE084855I: BETH E. LACHMAN & FRANK CAMM & SUSAN A. RESETAR - Integrated Facility Environmental Management Approaches - Lessons from Industry for Department of Defense Facilities - National Defense Research Institute
PASTPAGE073320I: NICHOLAS RESHER - Scientific Explanation
PASTPAGE062669I: RESNER, NORRIS, MIKKI; CHRIS CONRAD; VIRGINIA - Shattered Lives: Portraits from America's Drug War
PASTPAGE092692I: LAUREN B. RESNICK; WENDY W. FORD - The Psychology of Mathematics for Instruction
PASTPAGE091096I: VIRGINIA DEPARTMENT OF HISTORIC RESOURCES - Solving History's Mysteries: The History Discovery Lab Department of Historic Resources Teacher Guide and Activity Book
PASTPAGE074695I: INSTITUTE OF LABORATORY ANIMAL RESOURCES - Laboratory Animals - II. Animals for Research
PASTPAGE077192I: ROBERT BELL RETTIG - Guide to Cambridge Architecture - Ten Walking Tours
PASTPAGE068763I: HAROLD A. WITTCOFF & BRYAN G. REUBEN - Industrial Organic Chemicals
PASTPAGE069965I: PAUL REUTER - Introduction to the Law of Treaties
PASTPAGE065098I: REVELEY, TAYLOR - The Way of a Student - the Covenant Life Curriculum
PASTPAGE084325I: PETER A. REVELL - Pathology of Bone
PASTPAGE081033I: D. G. REVELL - Health - the Standard Medical Instructor for the People (Salesman's Sample Book)
PASTPAGE089952I: WILLIAM SARDELL (REVISOR) - Encyclopedia of Corporate Meetings, Minutes, and Resolutions, Revised -- Volume I
PASTPAGE089953I: WILLIAM SARDELL (REVISOR) - Encyclopedia of Corporate Meetings, Minutes, and Resolutions, Revised -- Volume II
PASTPAGE059652I: ANNE HUGHES PORTER FOR THE MISSISSIPPI STATE SOCIETY DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION - The History of the Mississippi State Society Daughters of the American Revolution: 1896-1996, Celebrating the Centennial of the Mississippi State Society Daughters of the American Revolution
PASTPAGE056800I: THE DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION. - The Ceremonies Attending the Unveiling of the Peace Memorial Tablet by the Columbus Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.
PASTPAGE089749I: JOHN REXFORD - What Handwriting Indicates: An Analytical Graphology
PASTPAGE078647I: STANLEY S. REYBURN - California Escrow Procedure: A Blueprint for the Nation Prentice-Hall Series in Real Estate
PASTPAGE058630I: JULIA LOUISE REYNOLDS - The Gift of a Golden Heart
PASTPAGE072506I: MARYLEE REYNOLDS - From Gangs to Gangsters - How American Sociology Organized Crime 1918-1994
PASTPAGE071643I: REBECCA REYNOLDS - Graveyard Cleaning-Off Day
PASTPAGE085798I: DWIGHT FLETCHER REYNOLDS - Heroic Poets, Poetic Heroes - the Ethnography of Performance in an Arabic Oral Epic Tradition - Myths and Poetics
PASTPAGE088743I: C. S. REYNOLDS - The Ecology of Freshwater Phytoplankton
PASTPAGE078438I: JULIAN D. REYNOLDS - Ireland's Freshwaters -- International Association of Theoretical and Applied Limnology, XXVII Congress, Dublin, Ireland, August 9-14, 1998
PASTPAGE071571I: HARRY W. REYNOLDS, JR. (EDITOR) - Ethics in American Public Service The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science - Volume 537, January 1995
PASTPAGE086182I: JOHN SWAIN & JIM CLARK & KAREN PARRY & SALLY FRENCH & FRANCES REYNOLDS - Enabling Relationships in Health and Social Care - a Guide for Therapists
PASTPAGE091621I: RANDALL W. RHEA - Discrete Oscillator Design: Linear, Nonlinear, Transient, and Noise Domains
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PASTPAGE049915I: KENTON M. STEWART & GERARD A. ROHLICH - Eutrophication-a Review - a Report to the State Water Quality Control Board, California State of California The Resources Agency- Publication No. 34
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PASTPAGE088779I: THEODORE ROOSEVELT - The Winning of the West - Volume III - Statesman Edition
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PASTPAGE077364I: JOHN CARLOS ROWE - Through the Custom-House: Nineteenth-Century American Fiction and Modern Theory
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PASTPAGE091333I: MICHEL RUPPLI - Atlantic Records: A Discography -- Volume 3
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PASTPAGE087929I: JOHN RUSHWORTH - Historical Collections. The Second Part, Vol. I: Containing the Principal Matters Which Happened from the Dissolution of the Parliament on the 10th of March, 4. Car. I. 1628-9 Until the Summoning of Another Parliament, Which Met at Westminster, April 13. 1640. Part II-I: 1628-1638
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PASTPAGE075181I: O. W. SCHALM - Manual of Feline and Canine Hematology
PASTPAGE075177I: O. W. SCHALM - Manual of Bovine Hematology: Anemias / Leukocytes / Testing
PASTPAGE075180I: O. W. SCHALM - Manual of Bovine Hematology: Anemias / Leukocytes / Testing
PASTPAGE072492I: ROBERT L. SCHALOCK - Outcome-Based Evaluation
PASTPAGE092967I: ROBERT L. SCHALOCK - Services for Developmentally Disabled Adults - Development Implementation and Evaluation
PASTPAGE075637I: ROGER C. SCHANK - Conceptual Information Processing Fundamental Studies in Computer Science - Volume 3
PASTPAGE084726I: JOHN F. SCHANK; MARK V. ARENA; DENIS RUSHWORTH; JOHN BIRKLER; JAMES CHIESA - Refueling and Complex Overhaul of the Uss Nimitz (Cvn 68): Lessons for the Future
PASTPAGE086400I: MARK S. SCHANTZ - Piety in Providence - Class Dimensions of Religious Experience in Antebellum Rhode Island
PASTPAGE091529I: ROBERT E. SCHAPIRE - The Design and Analysis of Efficient Learning Algorithms ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award, 1991
PASTPAGE079786I: JANE SCHAPIRO - Inside a Class Action: The Holocaust and the Swiss Banks
PASTPAGE079294I: HUG SCHAPLER; MARIE-LUISE LINN (EPILOGUE) - Hug Schapler: Ein Lieplichs Lesen Und Ein Warhafftige Hystorij Deutsche Volksbücher in Faksimiledrucken, Reihe A, Band 5
PASTPAGE071394I: WINFRIED SCHARLAU; HANS OPOLKA - From Fermat to Minkowski: Lectures on the Theory of Numbers and Its Historical Development
PASTPAGE079686I: PETER SCHAT - Het Vijfde Seizoen - Opus 23 -- Cantate Voor Sopraan En 10 Instrumenten Op Tekst Van Adrian Mitchell En William Blake
PASTPAGE084041I: MIKKEL SCHAU; A. DAVIDSON; D. M. CARMICHAEL - Granulites and Granulites -- Field Trip Guidebook - Trip 6 Geological Association of Canada, Mineralogical Association of Canada, Canadian Geophysical Union - Joint Annual Meeting, 1986, Ottawa, Ontario
PASTPAGE069460I: DONALD E. SCHAUDER - Libraries for the Blind - an International Study
PASTPAGE076753I: ROBERT HAVEN SCHAUFFLER - The Unknown Brahms: His Life, Character and Works; Based on New Material
PASTPAGE093033I: MARTIN SCHECHTER - Modern Methods in Partial Differential Equations - an Introduction
PASTPAGE066026I: JULIAN SCHEER AND ELIZABETH MCD. BLACK - Tweetsie: The Blue Ridge Stemwinder
PASTPAGE091322I: JAAP SCHEERENS - Improving School Effectiveness Fundamentals of Educational Planning - 68
PASTPAGE079184I: WILLIAM J. SCHEICK - Critical Essays on Jonathan Edwards
PASTPAGE078476I: BERNADETTE H. SCHELL - Management in the Mirror: Stress and Emotional Dysfunction in Lives at the Top
PASTPAGE070403I: WALTER SCHEMPP - Complex Contour Integral Representation of Cardinal Spline Functions Contemporary Mathematics Volume 7
PASTPAGE092297I: S. F. MOODY SCHENBERGER - A Woman's Legacy to Her Friends: Thoughts and Gatherings of an Itinerant Preacher's Wife
PASTPAGE066979I: PAUL E. SCHENK - Regional Trends in the Geology of the Appalachian-Caledonian-Hercynian-Mauritanide Orogen
PASTPAGE073294I: JAY SCHER - Mor 1984: Department and Specialty Store Merchandising and Operating Results of 1983
PASTPAGE073293I: JAY SCHER - Mor 1983: Department and Specialty Store Merchandising and Operating Results of 1982
PASTPAGE083056I: F. M. SCHERER - Competition Policy, Domestic and International Economists of the Twentieth Century
PASTPAGE078729I: ROSS P. SCHERER - American Denominational Organization: A Sociological View
PASTPAGE074064I: DAN N. HANSELL & JOHN D. SCHEU - Comparative Guide of Veterinary and Human Pharmaceuticals
PASTPAGE087459I: WILLIAM E. SCHEUERMAN - Liberal Democracy and the Social Acceleration of Time
PASTPAGE082475I: JAMES SCHEVILL - Lovecraft's Follies: A Play
PASTPAGE066024I: FERDINAND SCHEVILL - Karl Bitter: A Biography
PASTPAGE087243I: JOHN F. COGAN & TIMOTHY J. MURIS & ALLEN SCHICK - The Budget Puzzle - Understanding Federal Spending
PASTPAGE080927I: KATHY D. SCHICK; NICHOLAS TOTH - Making Silent Stones Speak: Human Evolution and the Dawn of Technology
PASTPAGE091775I: HANA POLACKOVA BRIXI & ALLEN SCHICK - Government at Risk - Contingent Liabilities and Fiscal Risk
PASTPAGE088220I: GEORGE SCHIEBER; CHERYL CASHIN; KARIMA SALEH; ROUSELLE LAVADO - Health Financing in Ghana Directions in Development: Human Development
PASTPAGE090109I: ERNESTO SCHIEFELBEIN - Redefining Basic Education for Latin America: Lessons to Be Learned from the Colombian Escuela Nueva Fundamentals of Educational Planning - 42
PASTPAGE090815I: J. B. SCHIERE; M. N. M. IBRAHIM - Feeding of Urea-Ammonia Treated Rice Straw: A Compilation of Miscellaneous Reports Produced by the Straw Utilizatoin Project (Sri Lanka)
PASTPAGE069264I: YALE M. SCHIFFMAN; GREGORY J. D'ALESSIO - Limits to Solar and Biomass Energy Growth
PASTPAGE090799I: DAVID M. SCHILLER - Bloch, Schoenberg, and Bernstein: Assimilating Jewish Music
PASTPAGE081101I: JULIE SCHIMMEL - The Art and Life of W. Herbert Dunton, 1878-1936
PASTPAGE079045I: GEORGE SCHINDLER - Meir Yedid's Close-Up Hallucinations
PASTPAGE087572I: G. SCHIRMER - Oriental Moods - the Green Book #4
PASTPAGE088554I: PETER SCHJELDAHL - An Adventure of the Thought Police
PASTPAGE068163I: JAMES L. SCHLAGHECK - The Political, Economic, and Labor Climate in Brazil - Multinational Industrial Relations Series No. 4. Latin American Studies, 4a. Brazil
PASTPAGE087254I: HOWARD RAIFFA & ROBERT SCHLAIFER - Applied Statistical Decision Theory - Studies in Managerial Economics
PASTPAGE074823I: JEAN DAVIS SCHLATER - National Goals and Guidelines for Research in Home Economics
PASTPAGE074984I: JEAN DAVIS SCHLATER - National Goals and Guidelines for Research in Home Economics - a Study Sponsored by: Association of Administrators of Home Economics
PASTPAGE092996I: MATHIAS JACOB SCHLEIDEN - Principles of Scientific Botany or Botany As an Inductive Science
PASTPAGE080622I: RONALD SCHLEIFER - Analogical Thinking - Post-Enlightenment Understanding in Language, Collaboration, and Interpretation
PASTPAGE077480I: WINFRIED SCHLEINER - Medical Ethics in the Renaissance
PASTPAGE065818I: GERHARD SCHLENKER - Die Wuchsstoffe Der Pflanzen: Ein Querschnitt Durch Die Wuchshormonforschung
PASTPAGE085901I: ARTHUR MEIER SCHLESINGER - The New Deal in Action 1933-1939
PASTPAGE083892I: RASHELLE S. KARP & JUNE H. SCHLESSINGER - Plays for Children and Young Adults - an Evaluative Index and Guide
PASTPAGE092585I: MARTIN SCHLICHENMAIER - An Introduction to Riemann Surfaces, Algebraic Curves and Moduli Spaces Lecture Notes in Physics, Vol. 322
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PASTPAGE086013I: H. EARLE SCHLOTZHAUER - Releasing Life!: Poems
PASTPAGE068332I: PETER KRIEDTE & HANS MEDICK & JURGEN SCHLUMBOHM - Industrialization Before Industrialization Rural Industry in the Genesis of Capitalism
PASTPAGE083276I: SAM S. Y. WANG; PATRICK J. ROCHE; RICHARD A. SCHMALZ, JR.; YAFEI JIA; PETER E. SMITH (EDITORS) - Verification and Validation of 3d Free-Surface Flow Models
PASTPAGE078825I: LAURENCE F. SCHMECKEBIER - The District of Columbia: Its Government and Administration The Institute for Government Research Studies in Administration
PASTPAGE057734I: GUSTAV SCHMIDT, (EDITOR) - A History of Nato: The First Fifty Years - Volume 1
PASTPAGE070855I: P. WILHELM SCHMIDT - Die Asiatischen Hirtenvölker: Die Primären Hirtenvölker Der Alt-Türken, Der Altai- Und Der Abakan-Tataren
PASTPAGE067421I: B SCHMIDT - Gpss-Fortran
PASTPAGE076683I: REGINE SCHMIDT - Greta Schreyer
PASTPAGE066286I: C. VON SCHMIDT - Genevieve
PASTPAGE068583I: WOLFGANG SCHMIDT; REGINALD G. SMART; MARCIA K. MOSS - Social Class and the Treatment of Alcoholism: An Investigation of Social Class As a Determinant of Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Therapy - Brookside Monograph of the Addiction Research Foundation No. 7
PASTPAGE093229I: SAMUEL A. SCHMITT - Measuring Uncertainty: An Elementary Introduction to Bayesian Statistics
PASTPAGE076449I: FRANCIS O. SCHMITT; THEODORE MELNECHUK; GARDNER C. QUARTON; GEORGE ADELMAN (EDITORS) - Neurosciences Research Symposium Summaries, Volume Three - an Anthology from the Neurosciences Research Program Bulletin
PASTPAGE093677I: JOHN E. J. SCHMITZ - The Second Law of Life - Energy, Technology, and the Future of Earth As We Know It
PASTPAGE081656I: VICTOR A. SCHMITZ - Bilder Und Motive in Der Dichtung Stefan Georges
PASTPAGE088419I: AUGUSTO DE LA TORRE & SERGIO L. SCHMUKLER - Emerging Capital Markets and Globalization - the Latin American Experience
PASTPAGE084482I: ARMIN SCHMUTZLER - Flexibility and Adjustment to Information in Sequential Decision Problems: A Systematic Approach Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems, No. 371
PASTPAGE081181I: JEROME M. SCHNECK - Studies in Scientific Hypnosis
PASTPAGE066684I: JOHN BARTHOLOMEW SCHNEIDER; GEORGE B. ALCORN - A List of Agricultural Marketing Programs in California Under Various Federal and State Laws July 1933 to August 1938
PASTPAGE081731I: MITCH SCHNEIDER - The High Performance Shop Automotive Service Management Series, Part No. 22661
PASTPAGE072804I: ULRIKE SCHNEIDER - Jean Améry Und Fred Wander: Erinnerung Und Poetologie in Der Deutsch-Deutschen Nachkriegszeit Studien und Texte zur Sozialgeschichte der Literatur - Band 132
PASTPAGE081732I: MITCH SCHNEIDER - Total Customer Relationship Management Automotive Service Management Series, Part No. 22657
PASTPAGE092143I: BEN ROSS SCHNEIDER - Politics Within the State: Elite Bureaucrats and Industrial Policy in Authoritarian Brazil Pitt Latin American Series / Pitt Series in Policy and Institutional Studies
PASTPAGE092581I: MARK SCHNEIDER; PAUL TESKE; MICHAEL MINTROM - Public Entrepreneurs: Agents for Change in American Government
PASTPAGE089958I: LEROY H. SCHNELL; MILDRED G. CRAWFORD - Solid Geometry: A Clear Thinking Approach
PASTPAGE088412I: ELIAS LANDOLT & IRMGARD JAGER-ZURN & R. A. A. SCHNELL - Extreme Adaptions in Angiospermous Hydrophytes - Encyclopedia of Plant Anatomy
PASTPAGE087217I: BOBBI SCHNELL - Growing Together with the Treetures - Activity Guide Series 1
PASTPAGE087219I: BOBBI SCHNELL - Growing Together with the Treetures - Activity Guide Series 1
PASTPAGE076027I: THEODORE J. SCHNEYER; FRANK LLOYD - The Public-Interest Media Reform Movement: A Look at the Mandate and a New Agenda An Occasional Paper / Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies Series on Communications
PASTPAGE068443I: I. J. SCHOENBERG - Approximations with Special Emphasis on Spline Functions: Proceedings of a Symposium Conducted by the Mathematics Research Center, United States Army, at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, May 5-7, 1969
PASTPAGE066849I: ERIC SCHOENBERG - Fingerpicking Beatles
PASTPAGE077526I: BERNARD SCHOENBERG; HELEN F. PETTIT; ARTHUR C. CARR - Teaching Psychosocial Aspects of Patient Care
PASTPAGE067374I: ROLAND E. SCHOENIKE - Yellow-Poplar (Liriodendron Tulipifera L. ) - an Annotated Bibliography to and Including 1974
PASTPAGE088387I: E. SCHOFFENIELS - Cellular Aspects of Membrane Permeability
PASTPAGE090326I: PERCY A. SCHOLES - The Mirror of Music, 1844-1944: A Century of Musical Life in Britain As Reflected in the Pages of the Musical Times -- Volume II
PASTPAGE082004I: ROBERT SCHOLES - In Search of James Joyce
PASTPAGE093156I: SOLOMON W. GOLOMB & ROBERT E. PEILE & ROBERT A. SCHOLTZ - Basic Concepts in Information Theory and Coding - the Adventures of Secret Agent 00111
PASTPAGE077303I: EMANUEL D. SCHONBERGER - Play Production for Amateurs
PASTPAGE076566I: ARNO SCHÖNBERGER - Deutsches Porzellan

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