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PASTPAGE080770I: JERROLD MEINWALD; JOHN G. HILDEBRAND (EDITORS) - Science and the Educated American: A Core Component of Liberal Education
PASTPAGE090303I: MURRAY MEISELS; ESTER R. SHAPIRO (EDS.) - Tradition and Innovation in Psychoanalytic Education: Clark Conference on Psychoanalytic Training for Psychologists
PASTPAGE081649I: HEINRICHS VON MEISSEN; LUDWIG ETTMÜLLER (EDITOR) - Des Frauenlobes - Leiche, Sprüche, Streitgedichte Und Lieder
PASTPAGE057872I: MEISTER, TEDDY - Research Skills Through Integrated Themes
PASTPAGE090880I: DAVID MEISTER - Psychology of System Design Advances in Human Factors/Ergonomics, 17
PASTPAGE084327I: MAX A. MEJU - Geophysical Data Analysis: Understanding Inverse Problem Theory and Practice Course Notes Series, No. 6
PASTPAGE076148I: E. C. MELBY, JR.; N. H. ALTMAN (EDITORS) - Handbook of Laboratory Animal Science - Volume I
PASTPAGE076145I: E. C. MELBY, JR.; N. H. ALTMAN (EDITORS) - Handbook of Laboratory Animal Science - Volume I
PASTPAGE076147I: E. C. MELBY, JR.; N. H. ALTMAN (EDITORS) - Handbook of Laboratory Animal Science - Volume III
PASTPAGE076149I: E. C. MELBY, JR.; N. H. ALTMAN (EDITORS) - Handbook of Laboratory Animal Science - Volume II
PASTPAGE076146I: E. C. MELBY, JR.; N. H. ALTMAN (EDITORS) - Handbook of Laboratory Animal Science - Volume II
PASTPAGE084120I: ROBERT E. MELCHERS; RICHARD HOUGH (EDS.) - Modeling Complex Engineering Structures
PASTPAGE078773I: S. P. MELGUNOV - Bolshevik Seizure of Power
PASTPAGE093725I: DOMENICO BERTOLONI MELI - Thinking with Objects: The Transformation of Mechanics in the Seventeenth Century
PASTPAGE078218I: J. MELLAART - The Earliest Settlements in Western Asia - from the Ninth to the End of the Fifth Millennium B.C. The Cambridge Ancient History Revised Edition of Volumes I & II -- Volume I, Chapter VII
PASTPAGE087744I: JAMES MELLAART - The Archaeology of Ancient Turkey
PASTPAGE075148I: GEORGE F. MELLEN - Foreman Training Engineering Extension Series
PASTPAGE088564I: PHILIP MELLEN - Gerhart Hauptmann - Religious Syncretism and Eastern Religions - American University Studies - Series I - Germanic Languages and Literature - Vol. 24
PASTPAGE070726I: NORMAN MELLER - Institutional Adaptability: Legislative Reference in Japan and the United States
PASTPAGE086812I: RITA. J. SIMON & HOWARD ALTSTEIN & MARYGOLD S. MELLI - The Case for Transracial Adoption
PASTPAGE081213I: BONNIE E. MELLINGER - Children's Interests in Pictures
PASTPAGE072378I: GRAHAM MELLORS - Sunbelt/Snowbelt: Occupational Aspects of a Current Controversy - Presented As a Paper at the Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, Detroit, April 1985
PASTPAGE071480I: R. SHEP MELNICK - Regulation and the Courts: The Case of the Clean Air Act
PASTPAGE087718I: MARTHA DE MELO; GUR OFER - Private Service Firms in a Transitional Economy: Findings of a Survey in St. Petersburg Studies of Economies in Transformation, Paper Number 11
PASTPAGE077393I: MICHEL MELOT - The Art of Illustration
PASTPAGE092638I: RICHARD B. MELROSE - Geometric Scattering Theory Stanford Lectures: Distinguished Visiting Lecturers in Mathematics
PASTPAGE080400I: HERMAN MELTON - Thirty-Nine Lashes-Well Laid on: " - Crime and Punishment in Southside Virginia 1750-1950
PASTPAGE081337I: HERMAN MELTON - Pittsylvania County's Historic Courthouse - the Story Behind Ex Parte Virginia and the Making of a National Landmark
PASTPAGE076030I: MICHAEL MELTSNER; PHILIP G. SCHRAG - Public Interest Advocacy: Materials for Clinical Legal Education
PASTPAGE071182I: ALLAN H. MELTZER; CHARLES I. PLOSSER (EDITORS) - Studies in Labor Economics in Honor of Walter Y. Oi - Volume 33, 1990, Carnegie Rochester Conference Series on Public Policy - a Bi-Annual Conference Proceedings
PASTPAGE077094I: LEWIS MELVILLE - More Stage Favourites of the Eighteenth Century
PASTPAGE070290I: DOROTHY M. MELVIN; M. M. BROOKE; E. H. SADUN - Common Intestinal Helminths of Man: Life Cycle Charts - Dhew Publicatin No. (Cdc) 80-8286
PASTPAGE070136I: AUGUST MENCKEN - The Railroad Passenger Car An Illustrated History of the First Hundred Years with Accounts by Contemporary Passengers
PASTPAGE084072I: ALFRED MENDIZABAL - The Martyrdom of Spain: Origins of a CIVIL War
PASTPAGE086713I: GEORGE MENDOZA - Are You My Friend?
PASTPAGE089225I: GEORGE MENDOZA - Norman Rockwell's - Four Seasons
PASTPAGE091573I: TERESA H. MENG; SHARAD MALIK (EDS.) - Asynchronous Circuit Design for Vlsi Signal Processing
PASTPAGE068389I: LOUIS EMIL MENGER, PH.D. - The Anglo-Norman Dialect a Manual of Its Phonology and Morphology with Illustrative Specimens of the Literature Columbia University Studies in Romance Philology and Literature
PASTPAGE073193I: FRANZ XAUER MENINGER - Originelle, Kurz - GefaßTe, Praktische Festtags-Predigten Für Das Ganze Kirchenjahr
PASTPAGE080428I: PATRICIA H. MENK - To Live in Time: The Sesquicentennial History of Mary Baldwin College, 1842-1992
PASTPAGE082467I: WILLIAM MENKE - Geophysical Data Analysis: Discrete Inverse Theory
PASTPAGE090572I: WERNER MENKE - Thematisches Verzeichnis Der Vokalwerke Von Georg Philipp Telemann -- Band I: Cantaten Zum Gottesdienstlichen Gebrauch
PASTPAGE090573I: WERNER MENKE - Thematisches Verzeichnis Der Vokalwerke Von Georg Philipp Telemann -- Band II
PASTPAGE091192I: ROBERT M. MENNEL - Thorns and Thistles: Juvenile Delinquents in the United States, 1825-1940
PASTPAGE066237I: GIOVANNI MENNELLA - IL Museo Lapidario Del Palazzo Ducale Di Urbino - Saggio Storico Su Documenti Inediti
PASTPAGE087641I: K. P. S. MENON - The Lamp and the Lampstand
PASTPAGE088879I: DOROTHY MENPES - World's Children
PASTPAGE065261I: BOYE DE MENTE - Kicking the Smoking Habit
PASTPAGE091393I: DONALD C. MENZEL; ROBERT S. FRIEDMAN; IRWIN FELLER - Development of a Science and Technology Capability in State Legislatures: Analysis and Recommendations
PASTPAGE049960I: JOHN MERCER - Glaciers of the Antarctic Antarctic Map Folio Series #7
PASTPAGE049959I: JOHN MERCER - Glaciers of the Antarctic Antarctic Map Folio Series #7
PASTPAGE078300I: KENNETH A. MERCHANT - Fraudulent and Questionable Financial Reporting: A Corporate Perspective
PASTPAGE088423I: R. A. ROBINSON & D. S. MEREDITH - The Concept of Vertical and Horizontal Resistance As Illustrated by Bacterial Wilt of Potatoes - Banana Leaf Spot Disease (Sigatoka) Caused by Mycosphaerella Musicola Leach - Phytophatological Papers, No. 10 & 11
PASTPAGE084283I: JOSEF W. MERI - The Cult of Saints Among Muslims and Jews in Medieval Syria Oxford Oriental Monographs
PASTPAGE081832I: BORIS MERIK - Light and Color of Small Lamps
PASTPAGE075404I: INGRID MERKEL - Barock Handbuch der Deutschen Literaturgeschichte Zweite Abteilung: Bibliographien - Band 5
PASTPAGE067057I: D. MERRICK - Coal Combustion and Conversion Technology
PASTPAGE090270I: ARCH MERRILL - Stagecoach Towns
PASTPAGE089394I: ARCH MERRILL - Our Goodly Heritage
PASTPAGE089400I: ARCH MERRILL - Down the Lore Lanes
PASTPAGE076580I: HELEN LAWRENCE MERRILL - The Science Teacher in Action
PASTPAGE090488I: ARCH MERRILL - The Changing Years
PASTPAGE089510I: ARCH MERRILL - Fame in Our Time
PASTPAGE089273I: ARCH MERRILL - Down the Lore Lanes
PASTPAGE089392I: ARCH MERRILL - Upstate Echoes: Being an Assemblage of Stories in the Upstate New York
PASTPAGE089781I: ARCH MERRILL - Pioneer Profiles
PASTPAGE060295I: CHESTER E. SWOR & JERRY MERRIMAN - Youth at Bat - Youth from the Bible Challenge Today's Young People to Daring Action in the Game of Life
PASTPAGE083125I: BETTY PATRICK MERRITT - The Church of the Open Door: History of the Raleigh Court Presbyterian Church, 1924-1990
PASTPAGE081366I: ELEANOR MERRON - As the Wind Blows
PASTPAGE077682I: JOSEPH MERSAND - A Guide to the Use of Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
PASTPAGE091723I: JOSEPH MERSAND - The English Teacher: Basic Traditions and Successful Innovations
PASTPAGE092806I: ROBERT K. MERTON - The Sociology of Science: Theoretical and Empirical Investigations
PASTPAGE088987I: TONY MERTZ - My Big Book of Playful Puppies
PASTPAGE075003I: HAROLD T. MERYMAN - Freezing and Drying of Biological Materials - Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences - Volume 85, Art. 2 - Pages 501-734 - April 13, 1960
PASTPAGE068988I: H. MESSEL; D. F. CRAWFORD - Electron-Photon Shower Distribution Function: Tables for Lead, Copper and Air Absorbers
PASTPAGE072295I: RUTH ELLIS MESSENGER - Ethical Teachings in the Latin Hymns of Medieval England - with Special Reference to the Seven Deadly Sins and the Seven Principal Virtues
PASTPAGE087174I: FRANK M. ANDREWS & ROBERT C. MESSENGER - Multivariate Nominal Scale Analysis - a Report on a New Analysis Technique and a Computer Program
PASTPAGE092130I: ALBERT MESSIAH - Mécanique Quantique -- Tome I
PASTPAGE093361I: ALIBINO MESSIERI - Igiene Del Bestiame Collana Agraria, N. 21
PASTPAGE075864I: MARC MESSING; H. PAUL FRIESEMA; DAVID MORELL - Centralized Power: An Examination of the Effects of Centralized and Decentralized Electric Generating Systems on the Political Authorities of Local Governments
PASTPAGE091821I: SCOTT MESSING - Neoclassicism in Music - from the Genesis of the Concept Through the Schoenberg/Stravinsky Polemic
PASTPAGE087715I: CARLA MESSMAN - The Artist's Tax Workbook for 1990: For Visual, Performing, and Literary Artists, and Other Self-Employed Professionals
PASTPAGE058188I: DR. JUDI HECHTMAN & SANDRA FORD GROVE & TONYA MESTER - Primary Theme Series Oceans - Grades 1-3
PASTPAGE086863I: LORI MESTRE - Librarians Serving Diverse Populations - Challenges & Opportunities - Acrl Publications in Librarianship No. 62
PASTPAGE075765I: ROBERT L. METCALF - Organic Insecticides: Their Chemistry and Mode of Action
PASTPAGE075668I: Z. P. METCALF - General Catalogue of the Homoptera -- Fascicle VI - Cicadelloidea - Bibliography of the Cicadelloidea (Homoptera: Auchnenorhyncha)
PASTPAGE051921I: MARIE METEER - Expressibility and the Problem of Efficient Text Planning
PASTPAGE087950I: ABDEL SALAM SAID - CHROMATOGRAPHIC METHODS - Theory and Mathematics of Chromatography
PASTPAGE074205I: GUY MÉTIVIER - Small Viscosity and Boundary Layer Methods
PASTPAGE075158I: A. METRO - Atlas Du Maroc - Notices Explicatives - Section VI - Biogeographie: Forêts Ressources Végétales - Planche No. 19 a
PASTPAGE075162I: A. METRO - Atlas Du Maroc - Notices Explicatives - Section VI - Biogeographie: Forêts Ressources Végétales - Planche No. 19 a
PASTPAGE067159I: J. D. LOUCK & N. METROPOLIS - Symbolic Dynamics of Trapezoidal Maps
PASTPAGE088762I: A. J. METSON - Methods of Chemical Analysis for Soil Survey Samples - Soil Bureau - Bulletin 12 - New Zealand Department of Scientific and Industrial Research
PASTPAGE077093I: BARBARA METTLER - Nine Articles on Dance
PASTPAGE089964I: DIANE METZENDORF - The Evolution of Feminist Organizations: An Organizational Study
PASTPAGE081016I: BURTON METZLER - Light from a Hillside - the Message of the Sermon on the Mount
PASTPAGE078590I: MIEKE MEURS - The Evolution of Agrarian Institutions: A Comparative Study of Post-Socialist Hungary and Bulgaria
PASTPAGE081417I: FREDERICK G. MEYER; PETER M. MAZZEO; DONALD H. VOSS - A Catalog of Cultivated Woody Plants of the Southeastern United States United States National Arboretum Contribution Number 7
PASTPAGE077141I: ALBERT R. MEYER; JOHN V. GUTTAG; RONALD L. RIVEST; PETER SZOLOVITS (EDITORS) - Research Directions in Computer Science: An Mit Perspective
PASTPAGE055154I: HANS-HERMANN MEYER - Die Therapie Der Manisch-Depressiven Erkrankungen
PASTPAGE087590I: KRZYSZTOF MEYER - Symfonia D-Dur W Stylu Mozarta - Sinfonie in D Dur IM Stile Mozarts - Symphony in D Major in Mozartean Style
PASTPAGE072463I: CARRIE E. MEYER - The Economics and Politics of Ngos in Latin America
PASTPAGE092295I: JOSEPH E. MEYER - Nature's Remedies: Early History and Uses of Botanic Drugs As Revealed in the Legends and Anecdotes of Ancient Times
PASTPAGE076210I: KARL F. MEYER - The Zoonoses in Their Relation to Rural Health
PASTPAGE083758I: DONALD MEYER - The Protestant Search for Political Realism, 1919-1941
PASTPAGE084630I: MICHEL MEYER - Of Problematology - Philosophy, Science, and Language
PASTPAGE077825I: JON K. MEYER - Bibliography on the Urban Crisis: The Behavioral, Psychological, and Sociological Aspects of the Urban Crisis
PASTPAGE080049I: DIANA T. MEYERS; KENNETH KIPNIS (EDITORS) - Philosophical Dimensions of the Constitution An AMINTAPHIL volume
PASTPAGE067236I: ROBERT A. MEYERS - Coal Desulfurizaton
PASTPAGE067237I: ROBERT A. MEYERS - Coal Desulfurizaton
PASTPAGE071915I: JEFFREY MEYERS - Fiction & the Colonial Experience
PASTPAGE087406I: ALICE MEYNELL - The Second Person Singular and Other Essays
PASTPAGE061004I: SUSAN F. CHIPMAN & ALAN L. MEYROWITZ, (EDITORS) - Foundations of Knowledge Acquisition: Cognitive Models of Complex Learning
PASTPAGE076014I: JAN ADAM FRANTIšEK MÍCA - Concertino Notturno in Dis - a Violino Prinipale, 2 Violini, 2 Oboi, 2 Corni, 2 Fagotti, 2 Viole E Basso Musica Antiqua Bohemica - 19
PASTPAGE063472I: CRICHTON), DOUGLAS, MICHAEL (MICHAEL AND DOUGLAS - Dealing or the Berkeley-to-Boston Forty-Brick Lost-Bag Blues
PASTPAGE062848I: MICHAEL, GIZZI, - Species of Intoxication
PASTPAGE062627I: MICHAEL, FISHER, THOMAS - Selections from Pontiac
PASTPAGE062608I: MICHAEL, CALVELLO, - Triangular Man
PASTPAGE062505I: (EDITORS), DOW, MICHAEL AND CARL T. ENDEMANN - Voices of the Wineland: An Anthology by Twenty-Two Napa Valley Poets
PASTPAGE064346I: JONES, VANCE, MICHAEL AND R. A. - Straw Men, Vol. 1, No. 2 of 8, Nov. , 1989
PASTPAGE064345I: JONES, VANCE, MICHAEL AND R. A. - Straw Men, Vol. 1, No. 7 of 8, April, 1990 - the Glass Menagerie
PASTPAGE048536I: MICHAEL W. HIGGINS & ROBERT L. ATKINS & THOMAS J. CRAWFORD, ET AL. - The Structure, Stratigraphy, Tectonostratigraphy & Evolution of the Southernmost Part of the Appalachian Orogen
PASTPAGE091687I: JACK V. MICHAELS - Technical Risk Management Internatinal Series in Industrial and Systems Engineering
PASTPAGE082840I: CONSTANTINE MICHALOPOULOS; DAVID G. TARR (EDITORS) - Trade in the New Independent States Studies of Economies in Transformation, No. 13
PASTPAGE092095I: ALEX C. MICHALOS - Global Report on Student Well-Being - Volume I: Life Satisfaction and Happiness
PASTPAGE089970I: GEORGE F. MICHEL; CELIA L. MOORE - Biological Perspectives in Developmental Psychology Life-Span Human Development Series
PASTPAGE058329I: MARGE MICHEL - Back-to-School Book - Preschool & Kindergarten
PASTPAGE088279I: MICHEL ET ANNE-MARIE HAYEZ - Lettres Communes Des Papes Du XIV Siècle -- Urbain V (1362-1370), Lettres Communes Analysèes D'Après Les Registres Dits D'Avignon Et Du Vatican -- Tome IV
PASTPAGE073010I: FRANÇOIS MICHEL - Atlas Historique Français - la Territoire de la France Et de Quelques Pays Voisins -- Anjou
PASTPAGE088756I: T. CUNIA & J. MICHELAKACKIS - Constructing Forest Biomass Populations for Simulated Sampling - School of Forestry Miscellaneous Publication Number 5
PASTPAGE088752I: T. CUNIA & J. MICHELAKACKIS - A Monte Carlo Technique for Generating Total Heights of Forest Trees - School of Forestry Miscellaneous Publication Number 4
PASTPAGE062806I: MICHELENE, WANDOR, - Up Beat: Poems and Stories
PASTPAGE062562I: MICHELENE, WANDER, - Upbeat: Poems and Stories
PASTPAGE078751I: ROBERT MICHELL; NEVILL FORBES (TRANSLATORS) - The Chronicle of Novgorod, 1016-1471 The Russian Series, Vol. 18
PASTPAGE064287I: MICHELLE, MAIRESSE, - Health Secrets of Medicinal Herbs: Medical Benefits and Uses Fully Explained
PASTPAGE084032I: OLAF MICHELSEN; NILS FRANDSEN; LISE HOLM; THORKILD FELDTHUSEN JENSEN; JENS JØRGEN MØLLER; OLE VALDEMAR VEJBAEK - Jurassic - Lower Cretaceous of the Danish Central Trough; -- Depostitional Environments, Tectonism, and Reservoirs Danmarks Geologiske Undersøgelse - Serie A - Nr. 16 -- Miljøministeriet -- Geological Survey of Denmark
PASTPAGE083510I: JAMES A. MICHENER - The Voice of Asia
PASTPAGE076761I: LAURENT MICLET - Structural Methods in Pattern Recognition
PASTPAGE076617I: BARBARA M. MIDDLEHURST; GERARD P. KUIPER (EDITORS) - The Moon, Meteorites, and Comets The Solar System (In Five Volumes) - Volume Four
PASTPAGE093337I: DEREK MIDGLEY; KENNETH TORRANCE - Potentiometric Water Analysis
PASTPAGE076823I: EARL SCHENCK MIERS; RICHARD ELLIS (EDITOR) - Bookmaking & Kindred Amenities: Being a Collection of Essays
PASTPAGE073976I: A. S. J. P. A. M. VAN MIERT; M. G. BOGAERT; M. DEBACKERE - Comparative Veterinary Pharmacology, Toxicology and Therapy: Proceedings of the 3rd Congress of the European Association for Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology, August 25-29 1985, Ghent, Belgium - Part II, Invited Lectures
PASTPAGE070613I: VARTKES MIGRDICHIAN - Organic Synthesis - Volume 2 - Open-Chain Saturated Compounds - Alicyclic Compounds - Aromatic Compounds
PASTPAGE084965I: CHEDO MIJATOVICH - Servia of the Servians
PASTPAGE078322I: ZUHAYR MIKDASHI - Regulating the Financial Sector in the Era of Globalization: Perspectives from Political Economy and Management
PASTPAGE092305I: RAYMOND F. MIKESELL - Stockpiling Strategic Materials: An Evaluation of the National Program
PASTPAGE068571I: ALEXANDER A. MIKHALEV; ANDREJ A. ZOLOTYKH - Combinatorial Aspects of Lie Superalgebras
PASTPAGE082137I: IVANKA MILATOVIC - Study of the Fungus Pleospora Calvescens (Fr. ) Tulasne on Poppy
PASTPAGE079644I: IVANKA MILATOVIC - A Very Dangerous Poppy Disease -- Pleosporosa (Pleospora Calvescens (Fr. ) Tul. )
PASTPAGE068197I: MILDRED DOERING, SUSAN R. RHODES, AND MICHAEL SCHUSTER - The Aging Worker Research and Recommendations
PASTPAGE079347I: T. R. MILES - Eliminating the Unconscious: A Behaviorist View of Psycho-Analysis
PASTPAGE090577I: BETTY T. MILES; DANIAL J. MILES; MARTIN J. MILES - The Miles Chart Display -- Volume I: Top 100, 1955-1970
PASTPAGE059629I: LELAND MILES - John Colet and the Platonic Tradition
PASTPAGE064857I: MILES, RUSS - Aspectj Cookbook: Real-World Aspect-Oriented Programming with Java
PASTPAGE080287I: EMMA BELL MILES - The Spirit of the Mountains
PASTPAGE090578I: DANIAL J. MILES; MARTIN J. MILES - The Miles Chart Display -- Volume 2: Top 100, 1971-1975
PASTPAGE091612I: DENNIS S. MILETI - Natural Hazard Warning Systems in the United States: A Research Assessment Program on Technology, Environment and Man - Monograph #NSF-RA-E75-013
PASTPAGE078775I: PAUL MILIUKOV - Political Memoirs, 1905-1917
PASTPAGE078821I: PAUL N. MILIUKOV - The Russian Revolution - Volumes I-III
PASTPAGE086555I: JAMES MILL - The History of British India - Volumes I - 5 - Four Book Set
PASTPAGE093424I: PABLO COTO-MILLAN - General Equilibrium and Welfare
PASTPAGE066466I: MARGARET MILLAR; ROY VICKERS; ROBERT MARTIN - The Listening Walls - the Girl Who Wouldn't Talk - a Key to the Morgue
PASTPAGE083026I: ALAN MILLAR - Understanding People Normativity and Rationalizing Explanation
PASTPAGE088345I: MRS. ALEX. MCVEIGH MILLER - Little Golden's Daughter or the Dream of Her Life-Time
PASTPAGE068642I: MARSHALL LEE MILLER, ED. - Toxic Substances Control Volume III Implementing the Regulatory Program
PASTPAGE089972I: NORMAN MILLER; RICHARD C. ROCKWELL - Aids in Africa: The Social and Policy Impact Studies in African Health and Medicine
PASTPAGE086340I: HARLAN B. MILLER - Arguments, Arrows, Trees and Truth - a First Book in Logic and Language
PASTPAGE093034I: KENNETH S. MILLER - Partial Differential Equations in Engineering Problems
PASTPAGE062161I: MILLER, TERENCE T. GORSKI & MERLENE - Understanding Addictive Disease - a Tool for Preventing Relapse - Based Upon the Cenaps Model of Treatment
PASTPAGE093319I: MICHAEL B. MILLER - The Bon Marché: Bourgeois Culture and the Department Store, 1869-1920
PASTPAGE052618I: MILLER, JENTZ, GAYLORD A., KENNETH W. CLARKSON, AND ROGER LEROY - Study Guide to Accompany West's Business Law
PASTPAGE083947I: PAUL R. MILLER; HAZEL L. POLLARD - Multilingual Compendium of Plant Diseases: Viruses and Nematodes
PASTPAGE089459I: LIDA BROOKS MILLER - The Kindergarten or Home and School Culture: A Choice Collection of Poems, Stories, Drawings, and Songs
PASTPAGE085069I: W. LANDON MILLER - A Baptist Primer: Facts Every Baptist Should Know
PASTPAGE082670I: KENNETH D. MILLER; RITA JEAN HORKY - Modern Basketball for Women New Designs in Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
PASTPAGE077095I: ANNA IRENE MILLER - The Independent Theatre in Europe: 1887 to the Present
PASTPAGE065219I: MILLER, WILLIAM F. - Applied Mathematics Division Summary Report, July 1, 1960 Through June 30, 1961
PASTPAGE065111I: MILLER, HELEN HILL - Historic Places Around the Outer Banks
PASTPAGE070500I: GEORGE E. MILLER - Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon
PASTPAGE070031I: ELMER I. MILLER - The Legislature of the Province of Virginia - It's Internal Development
PASTPAGE086529I: RICHARD B. MILLER - Casuistry and Modern Ethics - a Poetics of Practical Reasoning
PASTPAGE092824I: RUPERT G. MILLER, JR. - Beyond Anova, Basics of Applied Statistics Wiley Series in Probability and Mathematical Statistics
PASTPAGE091475I: NORMAN E. MILLER; ALAN R. TALL (EDS.) - High Density Lipoproteins and Atherosclerosis III: Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on Plasma High Density Liproteins and Atherosclerosis, San Antonio, 4-6 March 1992
PASTPAGE085816I: MAX MILLER - The Man on the Barge
PASTPAGE093128I: ALLAN C. ORNSTEIN & STEVEN L. MILLER - Policy Issues in Education
PASTPAGE075747I: NORMAN MILLER; RICHARD C. ROCKWELL (EDITORS) - Aids in Africa: The Social and Policy Impact Studies in African Health and Medicine Volume 1
PASTPAGE085503I: BARRY MILLER - The Fullness of Being - a New Paradigm for Existence
PASTPAGE079052I: LEONARD H. MILLER - Thrilling Magic
PASTPAGE087539I: BEVERLY MILLER - Bev's First Five Double Decades
PASTPAGE084446I: STEPHEN MILLER - Three Deaths and Enlightenment Thought - Hume, Johnson, Marat
PASTPAGE091268I: ROBERT G. MILLER, JR. - Simultaneous Statistical Inference
PASTPAGE069023I: DAVID C. MILLER - Special Report: Publishers, Libraries & Cd-Rom
PASTPAGE073513I: JOHN B. MILLER - Floods - People at Risk, Strategies for Prevention Department of Humanitarian Affairs - DHA/97/107
PASTPAGE080638I: PAVLA MILLER - Transformations of Patriarchy in the West, 1500-1900
PASTPAGE085242I: JEROME A. MILLER - In the Throe of Wonder - Intimations of the Sacred in a Post-Modern World
PASTPAGE083975I: RALPH L. MILLER - Geology and Manganese Deposits of the Glade Mountain District, Virginia Virginia Geological Survey, Bulletin 61
PASTPAGE092041I: DONALD BRITTON MILLER - Managing Professionals in Research and Development
PASTPAGE070296I: ROBERT D. STUEART & GEORGE B. MILLER, JR. (EDS.) - Collection Development in Libraries - a Treatise - Part B Foundations in Library and Information Science - Volume 10 (Part B)
PASTPAGE093499I: DUNCAN MILLER - Self-Help and Popular Participation in Rural Water Systems
PASTPAGE077784I: ALBERT JAY MILLER - Confrontation, Conflict, and Dissent: A Bibliography of a Decade of Controversy 1960-1970
PASTPAGE092829I: GARY J. MILLER - Managerial Dilemmas: The Political Economy of Hierarchy Political Economy of Institutions and Decisions
PASTPAGE084006I: PAUL R. MILLER; HAZEL L. POLLARD - Multilingual Compendium of Plant Diseases: Viruses and Nematodes
PASTPAGE069683I: ROBERT D. STUEART & GEORGE B. MILLER, JR. (EDS.) - Collection Development in Libraries - a Treatise - Part a
PASTPAGE068000I: J.N. MILLER - Standards in Fluorescence Spectrometry Ultraviolet Spectrometry Group
PASTPAGE073641I: E. WILLARD MILLER - Socioeconomic Patterns of Pennsylvania: An Atlas
PASTPAGE072039I: ELIZABETH M. MILLER - From the Fiery Stakes of Europe to the Federal Courts of America
PASTPAGE084656I: ROBERT RYAL MILLER - Juan Alvarado - Governor of California 1836-1842
PASTPAGE085564I: ELAINE P. MILLER - The Vegetative Soul - from Philosophy of Nature to Subjectivity in the Feminine - Suny Series in Contemporary Continental Philosophy
PASTPAGE092022I: GARY J. MILLER - Cities by Contract: The Politics of Municipal Incorporation
PASTPAGE085858I: BARBARA BABCOCK MILLHOUSE - Recollections of Major A.D. Reynolds 1847-1925
PASTPAGE058686I: LINDA MILLIKEN - Finger Plays & Action Rhymes: Interactive Rhymes & Readiness Activities for Every Month, Ages 4-7
PASTPAGE077838I: H. R. MILLS - Teaching and Training: A Handbook for Instructors
PASTPAGE076577I: LESTER C. MILLS; PETER M. DEAN - Problem-Solving Methods in Science Teaching Science Manpower Project Monographs
PASTPAGE068874I: PETER M. MILLS; ALBERT Y. ZOMAYA; MOSES O. TADÉ - Neuro-Adaptive Process Control: A Practical Approach
PASTPAGE068573I: EDWIN S. MILLS; CHARLES M. BECKER - Studies in Indian Urban Development
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PASTPAGE079289I: CHRISTOPHER SCHMIDT-NOWARA - Empire and Antislavery: Spain, Cuba, and Puerto Rico, 1833-1874
PASTPAGE086224I: THOMAS J. DIMSDALE & AL NOYES - Dimsdale's Vigilantes of Montana - a Contemporary History of the Treasure State - or Popular Justice in the Rocky Mountains
PASTPAGE063492I: NTOZAKE, SHANGE, - Sassafrass
PASTPAGE084600I: PATRICK D. NUNN - Oceanic Islands
PASTPAGE079792I: JUM NUNNALLY - Psychometric Theory
PASTPAGE078473I: RAIMO W. NURMI; JOHN R. DARLING - International Management Leadership: The Primary Competitive Advantage
PASTPAGE068655I: AMERICAN NURSERY AND LANDSCAPE ASSOCIATION - Company Staff Handbook for the Green Industry
PASTPAGE084737I: DONALD NUTE - Defeasible Deontic Logic
PASTPAGE087941I: COMMITTEE ON ANIMAL NUTRITION - The Role of Chromium in Animal Nutrition
PASTPAGE060496I: JOE NUTT - Kernels: Haiku & Senryu, 1968-1989
PASTPAGE068300I: CAROLYN F. NUTTER - The Resume Workbook a Personal Career File for Job Applications Fifth Edition
PASTPAGE089869I: WALLACE NUTTING - Maine Beautiful
PASTPAGE087570I: WALLACE NUTTING - Furniture Treasury - All Periods of American Furniture with Some Foreign Examples in America Also American Hardware and Household Utensils
PASTPAGE091756I: JOSEPH M. HAWES & ELIZABETH I. NYBAKKEN - American Families - a Research Guide and Historical Handbook
PASTPAGE089789I: BILL NYE - Bill Nye's History of England: From the Druids to the Reign of Henry VIII
PASTPAGE082100I: P. H. NYE; P. B. TINKER - Solute Movement in the Soil-Root System Studies in Ecology, Volume 4
PASTPAGE092720I: J. F. NYE - Physical Properties of Crystals: Their Representation by Tensors and Matrices
PASTPAGE071238I: EVAN K. NYER - Practical Techniques for Groundwater and Soil Remediation
PASTPAGE089985I: DAVID F. NYGAARD; PETER L. PELLETT (EDS.) - Dry Area Agriculture, Food Science and Human Nutrition
PASTPAGE083292I: PAUL H. NYSTROM - Economics of Fashion
PASTPAGE087847I: MIKE NYSTUL - The Whispering Vault
PASTPAGE062568I: O., MYERS, MARVIN - The Wine Set
PASTPAGE093771I: G. S. O. - The Sonnets of G.S. O. With a Memorial by Walter Owen
PASTPAGE093014I: WILLIAM O;DONOHUE & JAMES H. GEER - Handbook of Sexual Dysfunctions - Assessment and Treatment
PASTPAGE091745I: ANN OAKLEY - Women Confined - Towards a Sociology of Childbirth
PASTPAGE072906I: ALLEN OAKLEY - Marx's Critique of Political Economy - Intellectual Sources and Evolution - Volume II: 1861 to 1863
PASTPAGE080138I: ROBERT L. OAKMAN - Computer Methods for Literary Research
PASTPAGE072432I: WILLIAM J. BAUMOL & WALLACE E. OATES - Economics, Environmental Policy, and the Quality of Life
PASTPAGE091842I: NINO MARITANO & ANTONIO H. OBAID - An Alliance for Progress: The Challenge and the Problem
PASTPAGE081477I: R. E. OBENG - Eighteenpence
PASTPAGE060513I: MILBREY W. MCLAUGHLIN & IDA OBERMAN - Teacher Learning: New Policies, New Practices
PASTPAGE079708I: FESTUS E. OBIAKOR - It Even Happens in "Good" Schools: Responding to Cultural Diversity in Today's Classrooms
PASTPAGE073397I: ELI M. OBOLER - Ideas and the University Library Essays of an Unorthodox Academic Librarian
PASTPAGE070777I: PETER ODEGARD - The American Public Mind
PASTPAGE074246I: THOMAS L. BOULLION & PATRICK L. ODELL - Generalized Inverse Matrices
PASTPAGE090686I: WILLIAM ODOM - German for Singers: A Textbook of Diction and Phonetics
PASTPAGE087973I: OECD - Overview of Research and Conclusions- Volume 1 - Feasibility of Disposal of High-Level Radioactive Waste Into the Seabed
PASTPAGE074765I: OECD - Biotechnology of Water Use and Conservation - the Mexico '96 Workshop - Oecd Documents
PASTPAGE081195I: ELMER R. OETTENGER - Administration of Criminal Justice
PASTPAGE093681I: J. F. VON OSS (BASED UPON WORK OF) - Chemical Technology: An Encyclopedic Treatment - Volume 1 - Air, Water, Inorganic Chemicals and Nucleonics
PASTPAGE076904I: ROBERT OFFERGELD - The Centennial Catalogue of the Published and Unpublished Compositions of Louis Moreau Gottschalk
PASTPAGE087266I: PUBLIC RECORD OFFICE - List of Inquisitions Ad Quod Damnum - Lists and Indexes No. XVII. - Part I & II
PASTPAGE078205I: CONGRESSIONAL BUDGET OFFICE - An Evaluation of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve: A Report Prepared at the Request of the Subcommittee on Energy and Power, Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, United States House of Representatives 96th Congress, 2d Session: Committee Print 96-IFC 50
PASTPAGE089960I: HOME OFFICE - Equality for Women: A Policy for Equal Opportunity Cmnd. 5724
PASTPAGE064392I: OFFICE, UMASS MEDIA RELATIONS - 1997-98 University of Massachusetts Basketball Guide
PASTPAGE088113I: FOREIGN OFFICE - British and Foreign State Papers, 1817-1818
PASTPAGE089441I: GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE - Proceedings of the Worlds Dairy Congress 1923. Vol I
PASTPAGE087265I: PUBLIC RECORD OFFICE - List of Sheriffs for England and Wales, from the Earliest Times to A.D. 1831 - Lists and Indexes No. IX.
PASTPAGE082634I: COLONIAL OFFICE - Report on Northern Rhodesia for the Year 1959
PASTPAGE074225I: KATSUHIKO OGATA - State Space Analysis of Control Systems
PASTPAGE071695I: DENNIS M. OGAWA - From Japs to Japanese an Evolution of Japanese-American Stereotypes
PASTPAGE088346I: CHARLTON OGBURN, JR. - Down Boy, Down, Blast You!
PASTPAGE072084I: WILLIAM VAN TIL & JOHN J. DEBOER & R. WILL BURNETT & KATHLEEN COYLE OGDEN - Democracy Demands It a Resource Unit for Intercultural Education in the High School
PASTPAGE069021I: HAROLD C. OGG AND MARLENE H. OGG - Optical Character Recognition: A Librarian's Guide
PASTPAGE075485I: FREDERIC A. OGG; HAROLD ZINK - Modern Foreign Governments
PASTPAGE084351I: R. M. OGILVIE - The Library of Lactantius
PASTPAGE085064I: J. D. A. OGILVY - Books Known to the English, 597-1066 - Mediaeval Academy of America - Publication No. 76
PASTPAGE078818I: ENOCH H. OGLESBY - Ethics and Theology from the Other Side: Sounds of Moral Struggle
PASTPAGE087668I: CAROLE OGLESBY - Psycho-Social Aspects of Physical Education - Basic Stuff Series I - Volume Four
PASTPAGE080274I: KOLA OGUNMOLA - The Palmwine Drinkard
PASTPAGE091213I: KAZUSHI OHKAWA; MIYOHEI SHINOHARA; LARRY MEISSNER (ED.) - Patterns of Japanese Economic Development: A Quantitative Appraisal
PASTPAGE073282I: EMIL OHLY - Dein Gott, Mein Gott! -- Eine Sammlung Von Traureden Sammlung geistlicher kasualreden III
PASTPAGE076203I: LARS ÖHMAN - Detaljhandel I Sverige - En Studie Av Regionala Förändringar Forskningsrapporter Från Kulturgeografisk Institutionen Uppsala Universitet - Nr. 57
PASTPAGE081964I: JORGEN OHNEMUS - Artificial Drying: Its Development and Future
PASTPAGE084871I: HIROSHI OKADA - The Microtremor Survey Method - Number 12 - Geophysical Monograph Series
PASTPAGE084713I: MAX J. OKENFUSS - The Rise and Fall of Latin Humanism in Early-Modern Russia: Pagan Authors, Ukrainians, and the Resiliency of Muscovy Brill's Studies in Intellectual History, Vol. 64
PASTPAGE093646I: L. B. OKUN - Particle Physics - the Quest for the Substance of Substance
PASTPAGE082860I: PETER OKWERO; AJAY TANDON; SUSAN SPARKES; JULIE MCLAUGHLIN; JOHANNES G. HOOGEVEEN - Fiscal Space for Health in Uganda World Bank Working Paper No. 186 -- Africa Human Development Series
PASTPAGE058044I: J. OLAH, (EDITOR) - Symposia Biologica Hungarica: Vol. 23 - Fish, Pathogens and Environment in European Polyculture
PASTPAGE085377I: W. LEVI OLD, JR. & CLAIBORNE W. FITCHETT - Surgery and Surgeons in Virginia 1607-1995 - an Historical Monograph
PASTPAGE077142I: HOMER R. OLDFIELD - King of the Seven Dwarves: General Electric's Ambiguous Challenge to the Computer Industry
PASTPAGE087924I: H. OLEM; R. F. UNZ - Acid Mine Drainage Treatment with the Rotating Biological Contactor Institute for Research on Land and Water Resources, Pub. No. 93
PASTPAGE084005I: M. E. ENSMINGER; C. G. OLENTINE, JR. - Feeds & Nutrition -- Complete
PASTPAGE085926I: SALLY J. OLEON - Changing Patterns in Continuing Education for Business
PASTPAGE055142I: STANLEY L. OLINICK - The Analytic Paradox - Reprint from Psychiatry: Journal for the Study of Int. Process.

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