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PASTPAGE090635I: D. W. KRUMMEL - The Literature of Music Bibliography: An Account of the Writings on the History of Music Printing & Publishing Fallen Leaf Reference Books in Music, No. 21
PASTPAGE077705I: KEVIN M. KRUSE; STEVEN TUCK (EDITORS) - Fog of War: The Second World War and the CIVIL Rights Movement
PASTPAGE080405I: COACH MIKE KRZYZEWSKI - Duke's Team Man-to-Man Defense
PASTPAGE066015I: RAIMUND KUBASEK - Lebenserkenntnis: Grundsätzliches ûber Den Geist, Die Schöpfung Und Die Natur Des Lebens - Band I
PASTPAGE090763I: HARVEY KUBERNIK - Hollywood Shack Job: Rock Music in Film and on Your Screen CounterCulture Series
PASTPAGE085843I: SALMA KUHLMANN - Ordered Exponential Fields - Fields Institute Monographs - the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences
PASTPAGE068695I: ROBERT LAWRENCE KUHN, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - Corporate and Municipal Securities Volume III of the Library of Investment Banking
PASTPAGE069075I: ROBERT LAWRENCE KUHN, ED. - Index the Library of Investment Banking Volume VII
PASTPAGE090963I: HELGA KUHSE; PETER SINGER - Should the Baby Live?: The Problem of Handicapped Infants Studies in Bioethics
PASTPAGE071501I: BARBARA J. KUIPERS - American Indian Reference Books for Children and Young Adults
PASTPAGE079849I: BRUCE KUKLICK - Josiah Royce: An Intellectual Biography
PASTPAGE059627I: H.E. KULBERTUS - The Hemiblocks: Ten Years Experience
PASTPAGE054890I: TOMASZ KULIGA - Ziemia Pszczynska
PASTPAGE085467I: YU. A. MITROPOLSKY & A. M. SAMOILENKO & V. L. KULIK - Dichotomies and Stability in Nonautonomous Linear Systems - Stability and Control: Theory, Methods and Applications - Volume 14
PASTPAGE054514I: DAVID HOTCHKISS & SHUBH K. KUMAR - Consequences of Deforestation for Women's Time Allocation, Agricultural Production, and Nutrition in Hill Areas of Nepal - Research Report #69.
PASTPAGE081329I: FREDERICK L. KUMAR - The Philosophy of Saivism - an Existential Analysis of Its Underlying Experiences
PASTPAGE049754I: H. D. KUMAR - Algal Cell Biology
PASTPAGE060107I: GOWHER RIZVI & APURBA KUNDU, (EDITORS) - Contemporary South Asia - Volume 7 Number 2 - July 1998
PASTPAGE083052I: JOHN KUNKEL - America's Trade Policy Towards Japan: Damanding Results Routledge Advances in International Political Economy
PASTPAGE079939I: YOSHI S. KUNO - Japanese Expansion on the Asiatic Continent - 2 Volume Set - a Study in the History of Japan with Special Reference to Her International Relations with China, Korea, and Russia
PASTPAGE066265I: KARL KUNSTLE - Ikonographie Der Heiligen
PASTPAGE087752I: ROBERT J. KUNTZ - The Maze of Zayene - Part 4 - the Eight Kings - World of Kalibruhn Adventure
PASTPAGE087751I: ROBERT J. KUNTZ - The Maze of Zayene - Part 4 - the Eight Kings - World of Kalibruhn Adventure
PASTPAGE081200I: CHARLES T. KUNTZLEMAN - Concepts for Wellness
PASTPAGE086509I: CHENG-TIAN KUO - Global Competitiveness and Industrial Growth in Taiwan and the Philippines
PASTPAGE078201I: CHIANG CHING-KUO - President Chiang Ching-Kuo's Selected Addresses and Messages 1985
PASTPAGE066946I: B. A. KUPERSHMIDT - Elements of Superintegrable Systems: Basic Techniques and Results (Mathematics and Its Applications)
PASTPAGE091300I: ROBERT H. KUPPERMAN - Mathematical Foundations of Systems Analysis - Volume 1
PASTPAGE083028I: JOEL J. KUPPERMAN - Value... And What Follows
PASTPAGE084250I: MICHAEL V. KURGANSKY - Adiabatic Invariants in Large-Scale Atmospheric Dynamics
PASTPAGE078094I: SAMUEL KURINSKY - The Eighth Day: The Hidden History of the Jewish Contribution to Civilization
PASTPAGE091371I: ASIM KURJAK; GEORGE KOSSOFF (EDS.) - Recent Advances in Ultrasound Diagnosis 4 -- Proceedings of the International Symposium on Recent Advances in Ultrasound Diagnosis, Dubrovnik, June 1-3, 1983 International Congress Series 640
PASTPAGE072744I: BILL KURTIS - Bill Kurtis: On Assignment
PASTPAGE069666I: CHARLES KUTAL; NICK SERPONE (EDITORS) - Photosensitive Metal-Organic Systems: Mechanistic Principles and Applications - Advances in Chemistry Series 238 - Developed from a Symposium Sponsored by the Division of Inorganic Chemistry of the American Chemical Society
PASTPAGE070452I: GERTDT KUTSCHER - Chimu: Eine Altindianische Hochkultur
PASTPAGE070388I: BRUCE ROSENBLUM & FRED KUTTNER - Quantum Enigma - Physics Encounters Consciousness
PASTPAGE088137I: YEVGENY KUZNETSOV; CARL DAHLMAN - Mexico's Transition to a Knowledge-Based Economy: Challenges and Opportunities
PASTPAGE090011I: IK-WHAN KWON - Statistical Decision Theory with Business and Economic Applications: A Bayesian Approach Modern Decision Analysis Series
PASTPAGE081346I: LOUISE VENABLE KYLE - The History of Eastern Shore Chapel and Lynnhaven Parish 1642-1969
PASTPAGE083937I: PARK SANGIOO N & PARK KYUNGSOO - Following Robinson Crusoe
PASTPAGE063444I: L., CROWTHER, RICHARD - The Paradox of Smoking
PASTPAGE063287I: L., BURNHAM, DONALD - Separation Anxiety: A Factor in the Object Relations of Schizophrenic Patients
PASTPAGE063152I: L., FOY, J. - The Deafness and Madness of Goya
PASTPAGE063139I: L., BURNHAM, DONALD - Strindberg and Alchemy: A Study of Recovery Processes
PASTPAGE062993I: L., BELL, GEORGE - Live It Up! - Things to Do While the Doctor's Away
PASTPAGE062945I: L., FOX, WILLIAM - 21 and over
PASTPAGE062841I: L., WELCH, MARIE DE - This Is Our Own
PASTPAGE062052I: L., MURPHY, MARIE - In the Shadow of the Jaguar
PASTPAGE058071I: L., (EDITOR) DICKSON, DONALD - Leatherneck: Magazine of the Marines - Vol XLVI No. 7-12 1963
PASTPAGE063818I: L., ALLEN, R. - Domestic Animals: History and Description of the Horse, Mule, Cattle, Sheep, Swine, Poultry, and Farm Dogs
PASTPAGE064655I: L., SMITH, DWIGHT - John D. Young and the Colorado Gold Rush
PASTPAGE064575I: WALLERSTEIN, ROBBINS, LEWIS L. AND ROBERT S. - The Research Strategy and Tactics of the Psychotherapy Research Project of the Menninger Foundation and the Problem of Controls
PASTPAGE064570I: L., LIPSMAN, RONALD - Abstract Harmonic Analysis
PASTPAGE064457I: (EDITORS), HAYES, CHARLES L. AND PHILIP PIERSON - New River Review - No. 1, Fall 1975
PASTPAGE064079I: L., SIMONS, G. - The Illustrated Book of Sexual Records
PASTPAGE064011I: L., ZIMMERMAN, JOHN - The First Marine Brigade (Provisional): Iceland 1941-1942
PASTPAGE063807I: L., BLACK, HUGO - A Fateful Moment in Our History" - Dissenting Opinion of Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Hugo L. Black in the
PASTPAGE087472I: ALBERT LABARRE - Repertoire Bibliographique Des Livres Imprimes En France Au Seizieme Siecle - 23 Livraison - Bibliotheca Bibliographica Aureliana LXIII
PASTPAGE084078I: ALBERT LABARRE - Répertoire Bibliographique Des Livres Imprimés En France Au Seizième Siècle --- 9e Livraison: 5. Amiens, 10. Arras, 21. Béthune, 29. Calais, 30. Cambrai, 66. Hesdin, 74. Lille, 158. Valenciennes Bibliotheca Biliographica Aureliana XL
PASTPAGE082652I: JOYCE KEMP LABEN; COLLEEN POWELL MCLEAN - Legal Issues and Guidelines for Nurses Who Care for the Mentally ILL
PASTPAGE086819I: COMMITTEE ON LABOR AND HUMAN RESOURCES - Costs and Economic Consequences of Synthetic Fuels Proposals
PASTPAGE086818I: COMMITTEE ON LABOR AND HUMAN RESOURCES - Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee on Labor and Human Resources United Senate - Ninety-Sixth Congress - Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident, 1979
PASTPAGE077747I: NATIONAL CANNERS ASSOCIATION RESEARCH LABORATORIES - Laboratory Manual for Food Canners and Processors -- Volume Two: Analysis, Sanitation and Statistics
PASTPAGE080864I: STAFF OF THE COMPUTATION LABORATORY - Tables of the Bessel Functions of the First Kind of Orders Sixty-Four Through Seventy-Eight The Annals of the Computational Laboratory of Harvard University, Volume XIII
PASTPAGE074691I: LOS ALAMOS SCIENTIFIC LABORATORY - Passive Solar Heating and Cooling - Conference and Workshop Proceedings May 18-19, 1976, Albuquerque, New Mexico
PASTPAGE082608I: STATISTICAL ENGINEERING LABORATORY - Fractional Factorial Experiment Design for Factors at Two Levels National Bureau of Standards Applied mathematics Series, No. 48, April 15, 1957
PASTPAGE075666I: GERMAIN C. LABRECQUE; CARROLL N. SMITH - Principles of Insect Chemosterilization
PASTPAGE083853I: RONI LABREE - Enjoy the Seasons 3
PASTPAGE077752I: T. P. LABUZA; A. ELIZABETH SLOAN - Food for Thought
PASTPAGE073823I: WALTER C. LABYS; C. W. J. GRANGER - Speculation, Hedging and Commodity Price Forecasts
PASTPAGE060339I: JOHN J. LACEY - Farm Bureau in Illinois: History of Illinois Farm Bureau
PASTPAGE079300I: KATE LACEY - Feminine Frequencies: Gender, German Radio, and the Public Sphere, 1923-1945
PASTPAGE071200I: W. K. LACEY - Cicero and the End of the Roman Republic
PASTPAGE086609I: DONALD F. LACH - India - in the Eyes of Europe - the Sixteenth Century
PASTPAGE052294I: HENRY LACHOWSKI - Guidelines for the Use of Digital Imagery for Vegetation Mapping EM-7140-25
PASTPAGE091156I: DAVID RAPPORT LACHTERMAN - The Ethics of Geometry - a Genealogy of Modernity
PASTPAGE087743I: ROBERT T. LACKEY; WAYNE A. HUBERT (EDS.) - Analysis of Exploited Fish Populations VPI -SG-76-04
PASTPAGE080531I: RONALD W. LACKMANN - The Kids' Video Game Guide
PASTPAGE080328I: LEEANNE MEADOWS LADIN - Legendary Santa's Stories from the Chair
PASTPAGE069160I: RAYMOND B. LADOO - Non-Metallic Minerals Occurrence - Preparation - Utilization
PASTPAGE080010I: RENÉ LAFARGE - Jean-Paul Sartre: His Philosophy
PASTPAGE086221I: PATRICK LAGADEC - Major Technological Risk - an Assessment of Industrial Disasters
PASTPAGE072399I: SELMA LAGERLÖF - Liliecrona's Home
PASTPAGE078497I: JOSEPH J. LAGOWSKI; STEPHEN E. WEBBER - Laboratory Experiments in Chemistry
PASTPAGE074022I: JAMES F. LAHEY; REID A. BRYSON; HAROLD A. CORZINE; CHARLES W. HUTCHINS - Atlas of 300 Mb Wind Characteristics for the Northern Hemisphere
PASTPAGE074021I: JAMES F. LAHEY; REID A. BRYSON; EBERHARD W. WAHL; LYLE H. HORN; VILAS D. HENDERSON - Atlas of 500 Mb Wind Characteristics for the Northern Hemisphere
PASTPAGE088524I: JOHN LAHR - Astonish Me - Adventures in Contemporary Theater
PASTPAGE091399I: KEE-HUNG LAI; T. C. E. CHENG - Just-in-Time Logistics
PASTPAGE091398I: KEE-HUNG LAI; T. C. E. CHENG - Just-in-Time Logistics
PASTPAGE075111I: MANUEL MUJICA LAINEZ - Estampas de Buenos Aires
PASTPAGE068402I: E.T. LAING - Containers, Pallets or Lash? the Economics of General Cargo Shipping Eiu Qer Special No. 13
PASTPAGE090765I: HEATHER LAING - The Gendered Score: Music in 1940s Melodrama and the Woman's Film
PASTPAGE068371I: B. M. LAING - David Hume
PASTPAGE082244I: SAM LAIRD; SANTIAGO FERNÁNDEZ DE CÓRDOBA - Coping with Trade Reforms: A Developing Country Perspective on the Wto Industrial Tariff Negotiations
PASTPAGE087643I: ERIK P. HOFFMANN & ROBBIN F. LAIRD - The Scientific-Technological Revolution" and Soviet Foreign Policy - Pergamon Policy Studies for International Politics
PASTPAGE066691I: BOBBIE M. LAKE - The Weight Engineer's Role in Management Control - the Society of Aeronautical Weight Engineers, Inc. Marine Session Technical Paper No. 858
PASTPAGE083320I: AKHLESH LAKHTAKIA; RUSSELL MESSIER - Sculptured Thin Films: Nanoengineered Morphology and Optics
PASTPAGE087918I: V. LAKSHMIKANTHAM; S. LEELA - Nonlinear Differential Equations in Abstract Spaces International Series in Nonlinear Mathematics: Theory, Methods and Applications, Vol. 2
PASTPAGE072402I: SANJAYA LALL - Developing Countries As Exporters of Technology: A First Look at the Indian Experience
PASTPAGE091058I: T. Y. LAM - A First Courxe in Noncommutative Rings
PASTPAGE087949I: V. S. VUTUKURI & R. D. LAMA - Handbook on Mechanical Properties of Rocks - Testing Techniques and Results - Volume IV - Series on Rock and Soil Mechanics - Vol. 3 (1978) No. 3
PASTPAGE091483I: PETER LAMARQUE - Fictional Points of View
PASTPAGE075234I: ALPHONSE DE LAMARTINE - Memoirs of Celebrated Characters - in Two Volumes, Vol. II.
PASTPAGE084692I: JONATHAN LAMB - The Rhetoric of Suffering: Reading the Book of Job in the Eighteenth Century
PASTPAGE089923I: CHARLES LAMB; MARY LAMB - Tales from Shakespeare
PASTPAGE081063I: DR. E. LAMBELET - Thebes - West Bank = City of the Dead
PASTPAGE079127I: GUSTAVE LAMBERT - Le Maître de Justice Et la Communauté de L'Alliance: Etude Historique Et Version Du Commentaire D'Habacuc Et de Quelques - Psaumes - Du Désert de Juda Analecta Lovaniensia Biblica et Orientalia, Ser. II. Fasc. 28
PASTPAGE091204I: YOURY LAMBERT - The United Nations Industrial Development Organization: Unido and Problems of International Economic Cooperation
PASTPAGE071578I: RICHARD D. LAMBERT; SARAH JANE MOORE (EDITORS) - Foreign Language in the Workplace The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science - Volume 511, September 1990
PASTPAGE077653I: F. LAMBERTI; C. E. TAYLOR; J. W. SEINHORST (EDITORS) - Nematode Vectors of Plant Viruses: Lectures Presented at the Nato Advanced Study Institute, Riva de I Tessoli, Italy, 19 May to 2 June, 1974
PASTPAGE080311I: JOSEPH T. LAMBIE - From Mine to Market: The History of Coal Transportation on the Norfolk and Western Railway
PASTPAGE058629I: HELGA LAMBRECHT - West Coast Cooking
PASTPAGE082777I: LOUISE LAMME - Louise's Florida Cook Book: Both 'Old Timey' and Modern Florida Dishes Including Seminole Indian Recipes
PASTPAGE083421I: RYAN LAMOTHE - Becoming Alive - Psychoanalysis and Vitality
PASTPAGE082809I: JULIAN A. LAMPIETTI; DAVID G. LUGG; PHILIP VAN DER CELEN; AMELIA BRANCZIK - The Changing Face of Rural Space: Agriculture and Rural Development in the Western Balkans Directions in Development: Agriculture and Rural Development
PASTPAGE069050I: F. WILFRID LANCASTER, ED. - Library Automation As a Source of Management Information
PASTPAGE075445I: STEPHEN K. LAND - The Philosophy of Language in Britain Major Theories from Hobbes to Thomas Reid
PASTPAGE071103I: HENRY CLYDE LANDA; MARIANN COX LANDA; JULIET MARIE LANDA; DOUGLAS COX LANDA - The Solar Energy Handbook: A Practical Engineering Approach to the Application of Solar Energy to the Needs of Man and Environment
PASTPAGE075890I: BARBARA LANDAU; LILA R. GLEITMAN - Language and Experience: Evidence for the Blind Child
PASTPAGE087727I: LUIS LANDAU - Poland Country Assistance Review: Partership in a Transition Economy A World Bank Operations Evaluation Study
PASTPAGE087460I: ROBERT GERAN LANDEN - Oman Since 1856 - Disruptive Modernization in a Traditional Arab Society
PASTPAGE076120I: PETER LANDERMAN; DONALD FRANTZ - Notes on Grammatical Theory
PASTPAGE068895I: WILLIAM J. ADAMS & GARY A. CHAPMAN & WAYNE G. LANDIS, EDS. - Aquatic Toxicology and Hazard Assessment: 10th Volume
PASTPAGE075852I: WALTER S. LANDIS - Your Servant the Molecule
PASTPAGE071107I: DENNIS R. LANDSBERG; RONAL STEWART - Improving Energy Efficiency in Buildings: A Management Guide
PASTPAGE081829I: TED LANDSMARK - Bibliography of Afican American Material Culture
PASTPAGE070040I: LARRY N. LANDURM - American Popular Culture - a Guide to Information Sources
PASTPAGE082702I: JOANNE M. LANDY; KEITH R. BURRIDGE - Fundamental Motor Skills and Movement Activities for Young Children: Teaching, Remediation and Assessment Ready-To-Use -- Complete Motor Skills Activities Program
PASTPAGE078970I: FRANK LANE; U. F. GRANT - They'Re Off: Smart Tricks and Keen Ideas by a New Combination of Recognized Writers and Originators of Up-to-Date Magic
PASTPAGE060508I: LAURA LANE - Farm Journal's Estate Planning Idea Book
PASTPAGE072361I: DICK LANE; BARBARA COOPER; LYNN TURNER (EDITORS) - Bsava Textbook of Veterinary Nursing - 4th Edition
PASTPAGE088298I: ERNEST PRESTON LANE - Projective Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces - the University of Chicago Science Series
PASTPAGE066474I: CAROL D. LANE - The Fleet in the Forest
PASTPAGE076995I: DAVID H. LANE - A Book for Music Teachers: Music, Mind, and Self
PASTPAGE078091I: CHING-LANG - Chinese Communists' Support to Palestinian Guerrilla Organizations World Anti-Communist League, China Chapter / Asian Peoples' Anti-Communist League, Republic of China, Pamphlet XIX, No. 170, 1973
PASTPAGE066425I: KARL LANGE - Uber Apperzeption - Eine Psychologisch-Padagogische Monographie
PASTPAGE060645I: ROBERT A. LANGEL - A Representation of the Perigee Motion of a Satellite As a Function of Local Time X-612-67-34.
PASTPAGE060625I: R. A. LANGEL - The Main Geomagnetic Field - Chapter 4 from Geomagnetism
PASTPAGE082705I: HAROLD Q. LANGENDERFER - Ethics in the Accounting Curriculum: Cases & Readings
PASTPAGE056144I: JOHN PRENTICE LANGLEY - Spanning the Pacific or a Non-Stop Hop to Japan
PASTPAGE068651I: JENNIFER LANGLOIS - Cd-Rom 1992 an Annotated Bibliography of Resources
PASTPAGE090560I: C. C. LANGWAY, JR.; H. OESCHGER; W. DANSGAARD (EDS.) - Greenland Ice Core: Geophysics, Geochemistry, and the Environment Geophysical Monograph 33
PASTPAGE088722I: D. C. ALLEN & L. P. ABRAHAMSON & D. A. EGGEN & G. N. LANIER - Monitoring Spruce Budworm Populations with Pheromone-Baited Traps - School of Forestry Miscellaneous Publication Number 6
PASTPAGE066377I: JAY FORD LANING - Ohio City and Village Law - a Manual of Legislation and Administration Showing the Duties of Mayors, Clerks, Councilmen and Other Officials
PASTPAGE056827I: FRANCES STOAKLEY LANKFORD - Signal the Valiant Meaning
PASTPAGE082685I: RON LANOUE - Nuclear Plants: The More They Build, the More You Pay
PASTPAGE084187I: M. H. LANTSMAN - Asymptotics of Linear Differential Equations Mathematics and Its Applications, Volume 533
PASTPAGE087972I: F. LANZA - Review of Processes Near a Buried Waste Canister - Volume 8 - Feasibility of Disposal of High-Level Radioactive Waste Into the Seabed
PASTPAGE060570I: PHINN E. LAPIDE - The Prophet of San Nicandro
PASTPAGE080565I: SHEREEN LAPLANTZ - The Art and Craft of Handmade Books
PASTPAGE086914I: LAMAR T. EMPEY & STEVEN G. LUBECK & RONALD L. LAPORTE - Explaining Delinquency - Construction, Test, and Reformulation of a Sociological Theory
PASTPAGE083235I: DANIEL K. LAPSLEY; F. CLARK POWER (EDITOR) - Character Psychology and Character Education
PASTPAGE086026I: LUCY LARCOM - A New England Girlhood
PASTPAGE087561I: VICTOR LAREDO - Sephardic Spain
PASTPAGE083073I: JAMES LARMINIE; ANDREW DICKS - Fuel Cell Systems Explained
PASTPAGE064688I: LARRY, NEMECEK, - Tng-1 - a Concordance and Episode Guide - a Guide to the First Season of "Star Trek: The Next Generation"
PASTPAGE086438I: WILLIAM LARSEN - Montague of Virginia - the Making of a Southern Progressive
PASTPAGE085733I: MARY LYNETTE LARSGAARD - Map Librarianship - an Introduction
PASTPAGE074532I: NANCY L. MCKINLEY & VICKI LORD LARSON - Adolescents' Communication: Development & Disorders
PASTPAGE071375I: LESLIE LARSON - Lighting and Its Design
PASTPAGE087566I: SYLVIA LARSON - Georgetown History 1859-1978
PASTPAGE077959I: ARTHUR D. LARSON - CIVIL-Military Relations and Militarism: A Classified Bibliography Covering the United States and Other Nations of the World with Introductory Notes Kansas State University Library Bibliography Series, Number Nine
PASTPAGE081229I: JOHN LAURITZ LARSON - Bonds of Enterprise: John Murray Forbes and Western Development in America's Railway Age
PASTPAGE087277I: ALEXANDER BUTTERFIELD & PAUL O'BRIEN & FRED C. LARUE - Hearings Before the Committee on the Judiciary House of Representatives - Ninety-Third Congress - Second Session - Pursuant to H. Res. 803 - Book I
PASTPAGE079934I: DIANA LARY - Region and Nation - the Kwangsi Clique in Chinese Politis 1925-1937
PASTPAGE088845I: LASAAN - Lasaan's Candle Magick
PASTPAGE077197I: BRUNO LASKER - Democracy Through Discussion
PASTPAGE087479I: MICHAEL M. LASKIER - The Jews of Egypt, 1920-1970: In the Midst of Zionism, Anti-Semitism, and the Middle East Conflict
PASTPAGE082458I: JOHANNA LASONEN; MARJA-LEENA STENSTRÖM (EDITORS) - Contemporary Issues of Occupational Education in Finland
PASTPAGE054590I: LASSERRE, DAVID - Schicksalsstunden Des Foderalismus Der Erfahrungsschatz Der Schweiz
PASTPAGE066476I: WILLIAM EWART GLADSTONE (SELECTED BY D. C. LATHBURY) - Correspondence on Church and Religion of William Ewart Gladstone - Volume 1 Only
PASTPAGE077207I: HENRY BURROWES LATHROP - The Art of the Novelist
PASTPAGE089757I: FAITH LATIMER - Dear Old Stories Told Once More: Forty Bible Stories, with Fine Illustrations
PASTPAGE080157I: WILLIAM H. GILLESPIE; IRA S. LATIMER, JR.; JOHN A. CLENDENING - Plant Fossils of West Virginia West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey Educational Series
PASTPAGE070270I: ANITA DUNCAN LATON; SAMUEL RALPH POWERS - New Directions in Science Teaching: A Report of a Cooperative Project in Seventeen Secondary Schools with the Bureau of Educational Research in Science - Teachers College, Columbia University
PASTPAGE089876I: KENNETH SCOTT LATOURETTE - The United States Moves Across the Pacific: The A.B. C. 's of the American Problem in the Western Pacific and the Far East
PASTPAGE073606I: WILLIAM K. LATSHAW - Veterinary Developmental Anatomy a Clinically Oriented Approach
PASTPAGE087312I: BRUCE F. LATTA - Public and Industrial Ground-Water Supplies of the Roanoke-Salem District, Virginia - Virginia Division of Geology - Bulletin 69
PASTPAGE061056I: JOHN RIEDL & ANTHONY JAMESON & DANIEL BILLSUS & TESSA LAU, (EDS.) - Iui 05 - 2005 International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces - San Diego, California, Usa January 9-12, 2005
PASTPAGE087491I: EDMUND LAUDER - Self-Help for the Laryngectomee, 1989-90 Edition
PASTPAGE084451I: JOHN A. LAUMAKIS - Dominicus Gundissalinus - the Procession of the World (de Processione Mundi) - Translated from the Latin with an Introduction and Notes
PASTPAGE065963I: L. DE LAUNAY, E. -A. MARTEL (EDITORS) - La Nature: Revue Des Sciences Et de Leurs Applications Aux Arts Et a L'Industrie - Année 46 2nd Sem - 47 1st Sem. , Nos. 2336-2361 - Juil 1918-Juin 1919
PASTPAGE084779I: PHILIP LAUNDY - The Office of Speaker in the Parliaments of the Commowealth
PASTPAGE064145I: LAURENCE, BERNS, - Speculations on Liberal and Illiberal Politics
PASTPAGE065857I: MONIQUE LAURENDEAU; ADRIEN PINARD - Causal Thinking in the Child: A Genetic and Experimental Approach
PASTPAGE079040I: LAURIE - The Magician Presents
PASTPAGE089428I: ALEX LAURIE - The Flower Shop
PASTPAGE088246I: ALAIN LAURIN; GIOVANNI MAJNONI - Bank Loan Classification and Provisioning Practices in Selected Developed and Emerging Countries World Bank Working Paper No. 1
PASTPAGE051745I: PIERRE FLORENT & MICHELLE LAUTON & GERARD LAUTON - Suites Et Fonctions Numeriques outils et modeles mathematiques - Tome I
PASTPAGE066285I: JOHANN JOSEPH LAUX - Der Heilige Bonifatius: Apostel Der Deutschen
PASTPAGE076742I: DAVID E. LAVIN; RICHARD D. ALBA; RICHARD A. SILBERSTEIN - Right Versus Privilege: The Open-Admissions Experiment at the City University of New York
PASTPAGE076816I: IRVING LAVIN - Past - Present: Essays on Historicism in Art from Donatello to Picasso
PASTPAGE082578I: MARC LAVOIE; LOUIS-PHILIPPE ROCHON; MARIO SECCARECCIA (EDITORS) - Money and Macrodynamics: Alfred Eichner and Post-Keynesian Economics
PASTPAGE076836I: REUBEN D. LAW - The Founding and Early Development of the Church College of Hawaii
PASTPAGE080420I: HENRY LAWES - The Treasury of Musick: Containing Ayres and Dialogues to Sing to the Theorbo-Lute or Basse-Viol.
PASTPAGE075311I: JOSEPH C. LAWLER - Camp Dresser & Mckee Inc. 30 Years of Environmental Consulting
PASTPAGE077350I: KEN LAWLESS - Twenty Characters in Search of an Academic Novel
PASTPAGE090624I: HELEN LAWLOR - Irish Harping, 1900-2010: 'It Is New Strung'
PASTPAGE062498I: LAWRENCE, ANDREWS, - A Guy Like You: A Tale Perpendicular to Itself
PASTPAGE062357I: LAWRENCE, BERGER, - Sightings Seasons Greetings & Other Poems
PASTPAGE071505I: PAUL R. LAWRENCE - Unsportsmanlike Conduct: The National Collegiate Atheletic Association and the Business of College Football
PASTPAGE065031I: LAWRENCE, MARTHA M. - The Modification and Field Testing of the Institute of Nutrition Quality of Life Scale for the Elderly - Thesis
PASTPAGE084564I: NATHANIEL LAWRENCE - Whitehead's Philosophical Development - a Critical History of the Background of Process and Reality
PASTPAGE080152I: FREDERIC M. LAWRENCE - The Real Stephen Crane
PASTPAGE080153I: FREDERIC M. LAWRENCE - The Real Stephen Crane
PASTPAGE089432I: GILBERT & SULLIVAN & ROBERT LAWRENCE - The Gondoliers or the King of Barataria, Authorized by the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company
PASTPAGE080662I: ROBERT LAWRENCE - New Dimensions to Energy Policy
PASTPAGE086108I: R. J. MATTOS & F. V. LAWRENCE - Estimation of the Fatigue Crack Initiation Life in Welds Using Low Cycle Fatigue Concepts
PASTPAGE089351I: JOSEPHINE LAWRENCE - Wind's in the West
PASTPAGE090905I: VERA BRODSKY LAWRENCE - Strong on Music: The New York Music Scene in the Days of George Templeton Strong -- Volume II: Reverberations, 1850-1856
PASTPAGE090907I: VERA BRODSKY LAWRENCE - Strong on Music: The New York Music Scene in the Days of George Templeton Strong -- Volume III: Repercussions, 1857-1862
PASTPAGE087831I: ROBIN D. LAWS - This Issue: The Annual Neighborhood Hero Awards! - Dg 2002 - March 2004 - Nexus Life the Infinite City
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PASTPAGE080686I: SHELLEY MALLETT - Conceiving Cultures - Reproducing People and Places on Nuakata, Papua New Guinea
PASTPAGE085783I: JOHN B. O'MALLEY - The Fellowship of Being - an Essay on the Concept of Person in the Philosophy of Gabriel Marcel
PASTPAGE078003I: JOHN W. O'MALLEY - Giles of Viterbo on Church and Reform: A Study of Renaissance Thought Studies in Medieval and Reformation Thought - Volume V
PASTPAGE086712I: KEVIN O'MALLEY - Leo Cockroach... Toy Tester
PASTPAGE073698I: MAURICE A. MALLIN - The June, 1993 Swedish Draft Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty: Implications and Issues for Negotiations
PASTPAGE078217I: M. E. L. MALLOWAN - The Development of Cities from Al-'Ubaid to the End of Uruk 5 The Cambridge Ancient History Revised Edition of Volumes I & II -- Volume I, Chapter VIII, part 2
PASTPAGE078216I: M. E. L. MALLOWAN - The Development of Cities from Al-'Ubaid to the End of Uruk 5 The Cambridge Ancient History Revised Edition of Volumes I & II -- Volume I, Chapter VIII, part 1
PASTPAGE088513I: R. A. CONWAY & B. C. MALLOY - Hazardous Solid Waste Testing: First Conference - Astm Special Technical Publication 760
PASTPAGE086605I: BO G. MALMSTROM - Chemistry 1991-1995 - Nobel Lectures - Including Presentation Speeches and Laureate's Biographies
PASTPAGE070863I: DAVID MALONE - Hattie and Huey: An Arkansas Tour
PASTPAGE072780I: MICHAEL P. MALONE - The Battle for Butte: Mining and Politics on the Northern Frontier 1864-1906
PASTPAGE091363I: DENNIS M. MALONEY - Protection of Human Research Subjects: A Practical Guide to Federal Laws and Regulations
PASTPAGE065244I: ANDRE MALRAUX - Days of Wrath
PASTPAGE081941I: ANDRÉ MALRAUX - Le Musée Imaginaire de la Sculpture Mondiale -- N. III - le Monde Chrétien
PASTPAGE081940I: ANDRÉ MALRAUX - Le Musée Imaginaire de la Sculpture Mondiale -- N. II - Des Bas-Reliefs Aux Grottes Sacrées
PASTPAGE077195I: DEAN R. MALSBARY - Spelling and Word Power
PASTPAGE076155I: JOHN MALTBY; CHRISTOPHER ALAN LEWIS; ANDREW HILL (EDITORS) - Commissioned Reviews of 250 Psychological Tests - Volumes 1 and 2 Mellon Studies in Psychology Volumes 2a and 2b
PASTPAGE077785I: JOEL L. MALTER - Byzantine Numismatic Bibliography 1950-1965
PASTPAGE058052I: L. V. GYACHEV & C. B. MALVADKAR, (TRANS.) & V. S. KOTHEKAR, (ED) - Teoriya Lemeshno - Otval'Noi Poverkhnosti - Theory of Surfaces of Plow Bottoms - Transactions No. 13.
PASTPAGE063554I: MALZBERG), BARRY, MIKE (BARRY - The Lone Wolf: Philadelphia Blowup
PASTPAGE068276I: W. A. MAMBERT - Effective Presentation: A Short Course for Professionals
PASTPAGE062210I: WILLIAM, COYOTE MAN AND BROTHER - Get the Buzzzon or a New World Immigrant's Guide to Dope, Herbs, Indians and Magic Meeting Places
PASTPAGE083205I: A MERE MAN - The Domestic Blunders of Women
PASTPAGE072141I: STANLEY E. MANAHAN - Hazardous Waste Chemistry, Toxicology and Treatment
PASTPAGE068907I: FRED K. MANASSE - Semi-Conductor Electronics Design
PASTPAGE068374I: VADIM MANASSEWITSCH - Frequency Synthesizers Theory and Design
PASTPAGE078622I: RICHARD B. MANCKE - Performance of the Federal Energy Office AEI - National Energy Study 6, February 1975
PASTPAGE075322I: ANTHONY MANCUSO - Nonprofit Meetings, Minutes & Records How to Run Your Nonprofic Corporation So You Don't Run Into Trouble
PASTPAGE078436I: C. L. MANDAHAR - Introduction to Plant Viruses
PASTPAGE070604I: ROBERT MANDEL - Irrationality in International Confrontation
PASTPAGE076065I: GABRIELE MANDEL - Siena: La Città Del Palio
PASTPAGE073383I: PAULETTE MANDELBAUM, ED. - Acid Rain Economic Assessment
PASTPAGE073066I: LEWIS MANDELL - Credit Card Use in the United States
PASTPAGE081231I: NIKKI MANDELL - The Corporation As Family: The Gendering of Corporate Welfare, 1890-1930 The Luther Hartwell Hodges Series on Business, Society, and the State
PASTPAGE083594I: GEORGE MANDLER - Consciousness Recovered: Psychological Functions and Origins of Conscious Thought Advances in Consciousness Research, Volume 40
PASTPAGE083635I: GEORGE MANDLER - Interesting Times: An Encounter with the 20th Century, 1924 -
PASTPAGE076321I: ENRIQUE GONZALEZ-MANET - The Hidden War of Information
PASTPAGE088958I: ANNE MANGAN - Little Teddy Left Behind
PASTPAGE087630I: V. MANGULIS - Handbook of Series for Scientists and Engineers
PASTPAGE086214I: GARTH L. MANGUM - Contributions and Costs of Manpower Development and Training
PASTPAGE088174I: FERNANDO MANIBOG; RAFAEL DOMINGUEZ; STEPHAN WEGNER - Power for Development: A Review of the World Bank Group's Experience with Private Participation in the Electricity Sector
PASTPAGE066638I: V. S. MANKOVSKY - Acoustics of Studios and Auditoria
PASTPAGE089154I: HAROLD P. MANLY - Starting and Lighting Troubles Remedies and Repair
PASTPAGE060165I: THOMAS MANN - Children and Fools
PASTPAGE076748I: BRIAN MANN - The Secular Madrigals of Filippo Di Monte - 1521-1603 Studies in Musicology, No. 64
PASTPAGE065870I: K. J. MANN; JACK H. MEDALIE; ELINOR LIEBER; J. J. GROEN; LOUIS GUTTMAN - Visits to Doctors: A Medical-Social Study of the First Six Years at a Family Health Center in a Developing Community
PASTPAGE090359I: THOMAS MANN - The Magic Mountain
PASTPAGE087104I: BRIAN MANN - The Secular Madrigals of Filippo Di Monte - 1521-1603 - Studies in Muicology, No. 64
PASTPAGE079319I: THOMAS E. MANN; NORMAN J. ORNSTEIN - A Second Report of the Renewing Congress Project
PASTPAGE067980I: HENRY G. MANNE - Insider Trading and the Stock Market
PASTPAGE075582I: GRACE MANNEN - Conversational Language
PASTPAGE090484I: MRS. TOM MANNING - Igloo for the Night
PASTPAGE081664I: DAVID MANNING - She Would Have Been a Taxi Dancer, But He Couldn't Hail a Cab
PASTPAGE084850I: MARYANN MURPHY MANNING & GARY L. MANNING - Improving Spelling in the Middle Grades - Analysis and Action Series
PASTPAGE072631I: MIKE MANSFIELD - Saudi Arabia: A Report by Senator Mike Mansfield, Majority Leader, United States Senate to the Committee on Foreign Relations , United States Senate, October 1975
PASTPAGE077819I: DALE E. MANSPERGER; CARSON W. PEPPER - Plastics: Problems and Processes Arts and Industries Series
PASTPAGE074924I: JOYCE CONSTANCE MANUEL - Better Americans - the Better America Series
PASTPAGE073867I: MANUEL F. COHEN, ET AL. - The Commission on Auditors' Responsibilities: Report, Conclusions, and Recommendations
PASTPAGE067813I: MICHAEL FLEMING & ROGER MANVELL - Images of Madness - the Portrayal of Insanity in the Feature Film
PASTPAGE086062I: MAX G. MANWARING - Nonstate Actors in Colombia: Threat and Response - Strategic Studies Institute
PASTPAGE067435I: A. R. MANWELL - The Hodograph Equations - an Introduction to the Mathematical Theory of Plane Transonic Flow
PASTPAGE065760I: JOHN MAPLE - Song of Becoming - Poems
PASTPAGE090682I: NORMAN DEL MAR - Orchestral Variations: Confusion and Error in the Orchestral Repertoire
PASTPAGE074736I: RICHARD G. FEACHEM & DAVID J. BRADLEY & HEMDA GARELICK & D. DUNCAN MARA - Appropriate Technology for Water Supply and Sanitation - Health Aspects of Excreta and Sullage Management: A State-of-the-Art Review - Volume 3
PASTPAGE062664I: MARAEL, JOHNSON, - Mad Woman on the Loose
PASTPAGE083483I: G. MARAÑÓN - Elogio Y Nostalgia de Toledo
PASTPAGE083393I: TOMISLAV MARASOVIC - Methodological Proceedings for the Protection and Revitalization of Historic Sites (Experiences of Split) International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and the Restoration of Cultural Property
PASTPAGE074360I: THEODORE MARBURG - Expansion the Garland Library of War and Peace
PASTPAGE063647I: MARC, OLDEN, - Cocaine - Close Up: The Drug the Dealers the Users
PASTPAGE078733I: G. PATRICK MARCH - Eastern Destiny: Russia in Asia and the North Pacific
PASTPAGE088326I: A. W. MARCHMONT - The Greatest Gift
PASTPAGE079305I: GUY A. MARCO - Opera: A Research and Information Guide Garland Reference Library of the Humanities, Vol. 468
PASTPAGE090857I: TOMÁS MARCO - Spanish Music in the Twentieth Century
PASTPAGE055025I: IRWIN M. MARCUS - Psychoanalytic Group Therapy with Fathers of Emotionally Disturbed Preschool Children - Reprinted from the International Journal of Group Psychotherapy Vol. VI Number1

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