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BB-111412-AA: G. PUCCINI; MAX KALBECK (EEUTSCH) - Tosca, Musikdrama in Drei Acten. Klavierauszug Mit Text
HH-82411-B: KALU, KELECHI AMIHE - Economic Development and Nigerian Foreign Policy (Studies in African Economic and Social Development)
400014: KALYANANMALIA - Ananga Ranga the Hindu Ritual of Love
SKU1001204: KANTOR, JORDAN - Durer's Passions
HH-052716-AA: KAPLAN, ALLAN. - Like One of Us.
HH-092011-AD: KAROTEMPREL, SEBASTIAN - Albizuri Among the Lyngams (a Brief History of the Catholic Mission Among the Lyngams of Northeast India)
SKU1001153: KARPOV, ANATOLII - The Closed Openings in Action
HH-060717-AG: ANATOLY KARPOV. - Miniatures from the World Champions
BB-072614-A: KATHERINE SACHS, AND MARK D. MITCHELL - Cezanne and Beyond
400181: KATIMS, RICH - Soundings: Poems and Essays
BR-03242015-E: VINCENT KATZ - Larry Rivers 1950s 1960s May 28 - July 31 2009 Tibor de Nagy Gallery
BB-031510-AE: KATZ, MENKE - Burning Village
BB-012312-AB: KAUFMAN, SHEILAH; COLEMAN, SHERI L. - The Canola Gourmet: Time for an Oil Change! (Capital Lifestyles)
BB-061210-G: KAUFMANN, WALTER A. - Critique of Religion and Philosophy
HH-072214-BD: KAUFMANN, PAOLA - El Lago (Autores Espa~Noles E Iberoamericanos) (Spanish Edition)
SKU1000475: KAUKONEN, JORMA - Blue Country Heart
BB-092809-B: KAYSER, EDNA JANES - Sunlight and Shadow,
BB-031609-D: ED., RICHARD KEGLER - Buffalo Views
BB-032318-D: KELLEY, HAROLD H.; HOLMES, JOHN G.; KERR, NORBERT L.; REIS, HARRY T.; RUSBULT, CARYL E.; VAN LANGE, PAUL A. M. - An Atlas of Interpersonal Situations
BB-031015-BB-1: KELLOGG, JOHN HARVEY - The Natural Diet of Man
BB-061210-D: KELLY, ERIC P. - Three Sides of Agiochook: A Tale of New England in 1775
BB-112309-D: JOHN BERNARD KELLY - The Romance of Truth: Poems & Essays
HH-071516-AB: KEN KARLEWICZ, SCOTT HARLEY - Susquehanna from Shorlines to Stackpacks
BB-050818-F: JACQUELINE KENNEDY - Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F. Kennedy
BB123108-B: KERMODE, FRANK - Essays on Fiction
BB-040618-C: KESTENBAUM, VICTOR - The Phenomenological Sense of John Dewey: Habit and Meaning
BB-041118-BA: KIETH, SAM - Zero Girl
BB-080717-AC: KILLIP, KATHLEEN - Twisting the Rope and Other Tales from the Isle of Man
BB-123008-A: CORNELIA OTGIS SKINNER; EMILY KIMBROUGH - Our Hearts Were Young and Gay
SKU1001063: KING, DANIEL - Closed Sicilian
BB-042012-AB: KING, KATHLEEN - Cricket Sings: A Novel of Pre-Columbian Cahokia
BB-111016-C: KINGMAN, DONG - Dong Kingman's Watercolors
BB-062917-AE: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Jungle Books
BB-062909-H: LINCOLN KIRSTEIN - Memorial to a Marriage
BB-052815-AB: PAUL KLEE - On Modern Art
BB-050718-BA: KLEE - Paul Klee Notebooks: Vol. 1 Thinking Eye
BB-191513-AB: KLEINHANS, JOHN - An Image of Monhegan
BB-031410-D: FLORA KLICKMANN - The Home Art Crochet Book - Containing Entirely New Designs for Lingerie, Edgings...
BB-011116-A: KLINE, KATHLEEN SCHMITT; BRUCH, RONALD M.; BINKOWSKI, FREDERICK P. - People of the Sturgeon: Wisconsin's Love Affair with an Ancient Fish
BB-073115-AA: KNAPP, RONALD G.; O'DONNELL, MICHAEL NEIL - The Gunks (Shawangunk Mountains) Ridge and Valley Towns Through Time (America Through Time)
BB-031816-B: E. C. KNIGHT - New York in the Revolution As Colony and State Supplement
BB-041018-AA: DOM DAVID KNOWLES - The Monastic Order in England: A History of Its Development from the Times of St Dunstan to the Fourth Lateran Council 943-1216
BB-020114-B: KOCH, ROBERT - Will H. Bradley: American Artist in Print: A Collector's Guide (American Artists in Print)
HH-091211-AD: KOEHL, MIMI A. R. - Wave-Swept Shore: The Rigors of Life on a Rocky Coast
BB-021218-AB: KOEHLER, JACK H. - The Science of Pocket Billiards
HH-082215-AK: KOMM, KATRIN - Das Kaiserreich in Zeitromanen Von Hedwig Dohm Und Elizabeth Von Arnim (Women, Gender and Sexuality in German Literature and Culture) (German Edition)
HH-082215-AX: KOMM, KATRIN - Das Kaiserreich in Zeitromanen Von Hedwig Dohm Und Elizabeth Von Arnim (Women, Gender and Sexuality in German Literature and Culture) (German Edition)
BB-081814-AB: ZIGA KORITNIK - Jazzy-Ga! Jazz Musician Portraits (Photography)
BB-020414-AA: BORIS KOUSTODIEV - Peintures, Dessins, Illustrations de Livres, Decors Et Costumes de Theatre (in French)
SKU1000852: KÖVECSES, ZOLTÁN - Metaphor and Emotion: Language, Culture, and Body in Human Feeling (Studies in Emotion and Social Interaction)
SKU1001549: M. EUWE; H. KRAMER - The Middlegame, Book 2: Dynamic & Subjective Features (Algebraic Edition) (Bk. 2)
BB-052518-G: KRAMER, KAREN; CALDERÍN, JAY; KROPA, MADELEINE M.; METCALFE, JESSICA R. - Native Fashion Now: North American Indian Style
SKU1001548: MAX EUWE; H. KRAMER - The Middlegame - Book I : Static Features (Algebraic Edition) (Bk. 1)
HH-100412-AC: KRANZ, HENRY - Red Brick Three Flat
HH-061711-AD: KRANZ, HENRY - Red Brick Three Flat
BB-010412-AF: MARGARET B. KREIG - Green Medicine the Search for Plants That Heal... (First Printing)
BB-080717-AB: KREUTZWALD, FRIEDRICH REINHOLD - Old Estonian Fairy Tales
BB-082415-A: KRIM, SEYMOUR - Shake It for the World, Smartass
BB-042418-AA: PROF. DR. GEORG KROTKOFF - Langenscheidts Taschenwörterbuch Arabisch, Arabisch-Deutsch, Deutsch-Arabisch
BB-050918-AC: FREDERIC ADOLPHUS KRUMMACHER - The Parables of Frederic Adolphus Krummacher - in Embossed Leather Binding
BB-031716-AB: KUBIK, DOROTHY - A Free Soil - a Free People: The Anti-Rent War in Delaware County, New York
SKU1000321: KUDISH, MICHAEL - Where Did the Tracks Go: Following Railroad Grades in the Adirondacks
BB-051017-AC: KUNITZ, STANLEY; LENTINE, GENINE - The Wild Braid: A Poet Reflects on a Century in the Garden
BB-061217-AB: GEORGE FREDERICK KUNZ - The Cuirous Lore of Precious Stones (First Edition)
BB-020918-AA: KUO, JASON C. - Visual Culture in Shanghai, 1850s-1930s (Visual Culture, Popular Culture, and Cinema)
SKU1001107: KUPCINET, IRV - Kup's Chicago
BB-042512-CA: CARLOS KUSNIR - Les Facades Saint-Nazaire, le Grand Cafe (Isbn 2913617069)
SKU1000858: KUSPIT, DONALD - Psychostrategies of Avant-Garde Art
SKU1001131: KUTTNER, HENRY - Return to Otherness
400370: KUTZ, KENNETH J. - Klondike Gold: The Philatelic History of the Klondike Gold Rush
SKU1001184: GARY LACHMAN - The Dedalus Book of Literary Suicides: Dead Letters (Dedalus Concept Books)
BB-010116-A: LADERMAN, DAVID - Driving Visions: Exploring the Road Movie
BB-062017-AB: CHRISTOPHER LAFARGE - Hoxie Sells His Acres
BB-031016-C: LAMANTIA, PHILIP - Blood of the Air
BB-012112-C: LAMPE, H. U. - Famous Voodoo Rituals & Spells
BB-031309-C: LANCASTER, JAN - Raoul Dufy (Medaenas Monograph on the Arts)
SKU1001592: LANDAU, DR. DAVID; PARSHALL, PETER - The Renaissance Print: 1470-1550
SKU1001576: LANGE, ED - Family Naturism in America: A Nudist Pictorial Classic
BB-122717-AL: LARSON, JEAN RUSSELL - The Glass Mountain, and Other Arabian Tales.
BB-110617-AB: JOHAN OLOF WALLIN; CAR LARSSON (ILLUSTRERAD) - Dodens Angel (Angel of Death) (Swedish Language)
BB-061110-D: LASHARI, KALEEM - A Study of Stone Carved Graves
BB-083109-D: LAUFMAN, ALAN MILLER (ED.) - Organ Handbook 1995 Lower Michigan
BB-123014-AC: LAUGHLIN, JAMES - The Collected Poems of James Laughlin
BB-042716-AE: LAURA LEDYARD, W. T. PETERS; D. CLINTON PETERS, DESIGNS - Tutti-Frutti a Book of Child Songs
BB-010617-B: BOLARD LAURENT - Caravage
BB-070517-AB: ARTHUR LAURENTS - A Clearing in the Woods (First Edition)
BB-041817-B: LAUWAERT, DIRK; DE KEYZER, CARL - Carl de Keyzer: Tableaux D'Histoire
SKU1000693: LAW, CHERYL - Suffrage and Power: The Women's Movement 1918-1928 (Social and Cultural History Today)
BB-090616-C: LAW, R.G.; FRIEDMAN, MAX - Midwifery
400482: LAWSON, ALEXANDER - Compositor As Artist, Craftsman, and Tradesman
BB-041018-AB: LEA, HENRY CHARLES - A History of the Inquisition of Spain in Four Volumes
SKU1001259: LEACH, COLIN - Svetozar Gligoric Collected Games.
BB-040616-AA: GEORGE WASHINGTON & TOBIAS LEAR - Letters from George Washington to Tobias Lear with an Appendix Signed Limited Edition
10: LEAVIN, LOS ANGELES. MARGO LEAVIN GALLERY. CATALOG BY MARGO - Claes Oldenburg; Claes Oldenburg Works in Edition
BB-111616-AB: LEBOST, BARRY - The Universal Properties of Acceleration: Did Einstein Look the Wrong Way?
SKU1000762: LEDER, LAWRENCE H - Robert Livingston, 1654-1728,: And the Politics of Colonial New York
BB-012512-AB: LEE, FLORENCE C. - Facts About Ginseng
BB-070116-C: HENRY JOY LEE - Traveling with Gran'Ma: Camping Around the World
BB-102009-A: JANE AUSTEN; J.E. AUSTEN LEIGH (MEMOIR) - Lady Susan, - the Watsons Memoir
BB-030811-AC: ROBERT LESSER - Pulp Art: Original Cover Paintings for the Great American Pulp Magazines
BB-112613-AB: LEWIS, C. S. - El Principe Caspian/ Prince Caspian (Fuera de Coleccion) (Spanish Edition)
BB-121609-B: LEWIS, W. - Mrs. Dukes' Million
BB-032713-AA: LEWIS, WYNDHAM - Men without Art
HH-072015-AB: LEWITT, SOL - Sol Lewitt - Horizontal Progressions
SKU1001496: LEWTY, JANE - In One Form to Find Another
BR-07092015-A: NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY - Federico Garcia Lorca: Back Tomorrow; Poet in New York: The New York Public Library, April-July 2013
BB-092909-I: LIDMAN, SARA - The Rain Bird;: A Novel
HH-090111-CB: LIMBURG, KARIN E.; MORAN, MARY A.; MCDOWELL, WILLIAM H. - The Hudson River Ecosystem (Springer Series on Environmental Management)
BB-022613-AB: LIN, JULIA C. - Twentieth-Century Chinese Women's Poetry: An Anthology
BB-020409-C: J. O. [ED] LINDSAY - The New Cambridge Modern History. Volume VII: The Old Regime, 1713-63.
SKU1001438: WILLIAM F. LINK - The Hudson by Daylight. Map, Showing the Prominent Residences, Historic Landmarks, Old Reaches of the Hudson, Indian Names &C. , with Descriptive Pages
BB-120215-AA: R. LIONEL DE LISSER - Picturesque Ulster City of Kingston Vol 1,2, 3 (Complete)
BB-072109-A: JOHN DORAN LLD - John Doran Works - 22 Volume Limited Edition Set; Court, Salon, and Green Room
BB-050613-AB: LLOYD, ANN - Movies of the Forties
BB-052110-F: ELLARAINE LOCKIE - Blue Ribbons at the County Fair
BB-051012-AA: LOGUE, CHRISTOPHER - Wand and Quadrant
BB-122115-AA: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH - The Song of Hiawatha
HH-061014-BA: LONGHURST, BRIAN - Popular Music and Society
BB-070516-B: EDITORIAL STAFF; ADDISON WESLEY LONGMAN - Longman Dictionary of American English (Ldae)
BB-010412-AG: LONGSTAFF, GEORGE H. - From Heyday to Mayday
BB-061915-A: JOHN DAIDO LOORI - Two Arrows Meeting in Midair: The Zen Koan
SKU1001198: LOPATE, PHILLIP - The Ordering Mirror: Readers and Contexts
BB-041715-AG: FRIENDS OF H.P. LOVECRAFT - The H.P. Lovecraft Memorial Plaque
BB-092017-AB: H. P. LOVECRAFT - The Dunwich Horror and Others
HH-020916-AA: LOVECRAFT, H.P. - H.P. Lovecraft: First Writings : Pawtuxet Valley Gleaner 1906
HH-020916-AB: LOVECRAFT, H. P., EDITED BY S. T. JOSHI - H.P. Lovecraft: Juvenilia 1895-1905
LC-4: LOVECRAFT, H.P. AND JOSHI, S.T - The Conservative
SKU1001394: LOVECRAFT, H.P. AND DIVERS HANDS - Ashes and Others
HH-020916-AG: LOVECRAFT, H. P.; GREEN, SONIA H. - European Glimpses
HH-020916-BA: LOVECRAFT, H. P - Autobiographical Writings
HH-091515-AB: LOWE, CHARLES H. - The Vertebrates of Arizona: Annotated Check Lists of the Vertebrates of the State: The Species and Where They Live (Hardcover)
BB-071517-AD: LOWELL, ROBERT - New Selected Poems
BB-031410-A: LOWENFELS, WALTER - Song of Peace: Eluard, Guillen, Horace, Lukenin, Mistral, Nezval, Tu Fu
BB-122413-AC: LOWINSKY, EDWARD E. (INTR.) - The Medici Codex of 1518, Volume IV a Choirbook of Motets Dedicated to Lorenzo de' Medici, Duke of Urbino
BB-052110-A: EDWARD W. LOWMAN - Snow Upon the Desert: An Anonymous Letter to an Imaginary Child
BR-07192015-B: LU, SHENG-YEN; CHOW, JANNY - A Complete and Detailed Exposition on the True Buddha Tantric Dharma
BB-073109-A: LUGER, HARRIETT MANDELAY - The Last Stronghold: A Story of the Modoc Indian War 1872-1873
BB-050312-AB: DAVID J. LUSTIG (LAVELLMA) - You, Too, Can Be a Hypnotist How to Stage & Present the Hypnotic Performance
BB-111717-E: MABEE, CARLETON; JACOBS, JOHN K. - Listen to the Whistle: An Anecdotal History of the Wallkill Valley Railroad in Ulster and Orange Counties, New York
BB-100316-AA: MABEE, CARLETON - Bridging the Hudson
BB-111717-D: MABEE, CARLETON; JACOBS, JOHN K. - Listen to the Whistle: An Anecdotal History of the Wallkill Valley Railroad in Ulster and Orange Counties, New York
BB-040318-AA: HELEN MACDONALD - H Is for Hawk - Signed by Author
BB-030717-D: MACKAY, COLIN - Song of the Forest
TXT-091312-AB: MACKINNON, DANNY; CUMBERS, ANDREW - An Introduction to Economic Geography: Globalization, Uneven Development and Place
SKU1001499: MACLAY, SARAH - Whore: Poems
BB-032811-AB: MADDEX, DIANE - 50 Favorite Rooms by Frank Lloyd Wright
BB-101013-AA: MAËSTER - Soeur Marie-Thérèse Des Batignolles, Tome 1
BB-071213-AA: MAIMONIDES, FRED ROSNER (TRANSLATED AND ANNOTATED BY) - Maimonides Medical Writings - Volume 6 - Treatise on Asthma
BB-112115-C: MAKAVEJEV, DUSAN - Wr: Mysteries of the Organism: A Cinematic Testament to the Life and Teachings of Wilhelm Reich
BB-092214-AB: BERNARD MALAMUD - God's Grace - First Edition/Printing Limited Signed Edition
BB-050718-BE: K. MALEWITSCH - Die Kunstismen in Rubland: The Isms of Art in Russia
HH-032012-AA: MALJKOVIC, DAVID - David Maljkovic
SKU1001354: MANN, SALLY - Still Time
SKU1001046: MANNING-SANDERS, RUTH - A Book of Enchantments and Curses
BB-020909-J: CLYDE LEONARD MANSCHRECK - Melanchthon, the Quiet Reformer
BB122908-E: MANSER, J. - Bathrooms (Plan Your Home)
SKU1001166: MANSFIELD, C. - Chessboard Delights: Selected from the Sunday Telegraph 1964-1974
BB-010617-AC: MANUSHKIN, FRAN - The Tickle Tree
SKU1001275: MANUTIUS, PAULUS - Antiquitatum Romanarum Pauli Manutii. Liber de Legibus. Index Rerum Memorabilium.
BB-070413-AA: MACONNERIE MARBRERIE - L'Encyclopedie Diderot Et D'Alembert Recueil de Planches, Sur Les Sciences, Les Arts Liberaux, Et Les Arts Mechaniques
SKU1000708: MARCUS, G.J. - The Maiden Voyage: Complete and Documented Account of the "Titanic" Disaster
BB-051818-AB: MARCUS, GREIL - Woodstock: A Special Report by the Editors of Rolling Stone
BB-012716-AA: MARGARET SIDNEY; HERMANN HEYER, ILLUSTRATOR - Five Little Peppers and How They Grew - Popular Edition, 1909
SKU1001134: STEVEN J. MARICONDA - On the Emergence of "Cthulhu" & Other Observations
BB-050718-BD: MARINI, MARINO - Marino Marini: Sculpture, Painting, Drawing
HH-011316-AB: JACQUES MARITAIN - Creative Intuition in Art and Poetry (2nd Printing)
401338: MARK JAMES MORREALE, GUEST EDITOR; - The Hudson River Valley in the CIVIL War a Sesquicentennial Retrospective the Hudson Valley Review (Spring 2011)
BB-072617-AB: MARKOPOULOS, JANNIS - Jannis Markopoulos
400847: MARLOW, LINDA M - The Concept of Tugend (Studies in Modern German Literature)
BB-020409-B: HORACE MARRUCHI - Elements D'Archeologie Chretienne III: Basiliques Et Eglises de Rome
HH-TOPSHELF-081414: MARSCHNER, JANICE - California's Arab Americans
BB-021916-D: MARSHALL, JULIE G - Britain and Tibet, 1765-1947: The Background to the India-China Border Dispute : A Select Annotated Bibliography of Printed Material in European Languages... Publication / la Trobe University Library)
BB-100509-D: JOHN MARSTON - Parasiter or the Fawn
BB-100509-E: JOHN MARSTON - Antonio's Revenge (the Revels Plays)
HH-082215-BA: MARTIN, JOHN D. - Representations of Jews in Late Medieval and Early Modern German Literature (Studies in German Jewish History)
83011-A: MARTIN, ALBERTO - Florence Paradeis
BB-010509-A: MARTIN, PHILIP - Bone Flute: Poems
BB-030614-AA: MARTINI ALBERTO, NEGRI RENATA - Cézanne E IL Post-Impressionismo
BB-091514-A: MARTON, LASZLO - Marton Laszlo
HH-052712-AD: MICHELA MARZANO - Dictionnaire Du Corps (French Edition)
SKU1001346: MASON PH.D., LINDA; REID PH.D., ROBERT; HAGAMAN PH.D., JESSICA - Building Comprehension in Adolescents: Powerful Strategies for Improving Reading and Writing in Content Areas
BB-040716-B: G. MASPERO - L'Archeologie Egyptienne
BB-110210-A: MATTHEWS, TOM - Robert Sat
BB-030909-G: MAURICE BROWNING] FRICKE, DONNA G. AND DOUGLAS C. FRICKE, EDITORS [CRAMER - Aeolian Harps: Essays in Literature in Honor of Maurice Browning Cramer
BB-091613-AG: NANCY BARR MAVITY - The Other Bullet (First Edition in Dust Jacket)
SKU1001265: MAX COLE, ART; DAVID PAGEL, TEXT - Max Cole: Toward Infinity (Signed Copy)
SKU1000724: MAXIMOFF, NICHOLAS - Afanassiev Is Dead
BB-010910-A: MC DONNELL, "BUCKY" - When It's Spring Again (1943, Inscribed Copy)
BR-07232015-E: MCCAFFREY, ANNE - The Worlds of Anne Mccaffrey
BB-113015-A: JIM MCCANN - Return of the Dapper Men
SKU1000825: DAVID MCCANN - The Way I Wait for You (Codhill Press)
BB-021618-A: MCCORD, HOWARD - The Complete Poems of Howard Mccord
BB-091311-A: MCCORD, HOWARD - The Man Who Walked to the Moon: A Novella
HH-090111-AF: MCCORD, HOWARD - The Man Who Walked to the Moon: A Novella
BB-043010-B: S. MCCREA - Why Wait for Detroit? Drive the Car of the Future Today!
BB-020615-A: MCGAHERN, JOHN - The Collected Stories
BB-051012-AC: MCGRATH, THOMAS - Tring Praises II
401098: MCHENRY, LEEMON; YAGISAWA, TAKASHI - Reflections on Philosophy: Introductory Essays, Second Edition
BB-082609-B: MCLACHLAN, BRYAN - Shadows and Deceptions
BR-11122015-A: MICHAEL MCLAVERTY - The Game Cock and Other Stories
BB-011012-AB: MCLEWIN, WILL - In Monte Viso's Horizon: Climbing All the Alpine 4000m Peaks
SKU1001329: MCMULLIN, SHEILA - Daughterrarium
LH-123110-A: MCNAMARA, JOHN - History in Asphalt: The Origin of Bronx Street and Place Names, Borough of the Bronx, New York City
BB-060610-B: MCNEIL, LINDA M. - Contradictions of Control: School Structure and School Knowledge (Critical Social Thought)
BB-050417-B: MCNEILL, WILLIAM H. - Polyethnicity and National Unity in World History (Ontario Economic Council Research Studies,)
400830: J. WALKER MCSPADDEN - The Alps As Seen by the Poets
BB-052517-AD: MELBERT B. CARY, JR. - Modern Alphabets
BB-091217-AB: MELLOR, DON - Climbing in the Adirondacks: A Guide to Rock and Ice Routes in the Adirondack Park
BB-070609-D: MELOT, MICHEL - L'Estampe Impressionniste (French Edition)
SKU1001588: MELVILLE, HERMAN - Clarel: Volume Twelve, Scholarly Edition (Melville)
BB-072414-AC: HERMAN MELVILLE - On the Slain Collegians
SKU1001292: MELVIN, JEREMY - 'Isms: Understanding Architectural Styles
SKU1001491: READ BY SOME OF THE MEMBERS - Proceedings of the Fitchburh Historical Society and Papers Relating the History of the Town (Volume IV); 1900-1906
BB-031615-A: MENDENHALL, CHARLES A - The National Air Racers in 3-Views, 1929-1949
BB-060110-C: MENEGAS, PETER - Jacklove
BR-08212014-A: MENKE, H. A - Contemporary Wood Furniture;: A Book of Distinctive Designs
BB-111117-AA: MERKEL, BEN; MONIER, CHRIS - The American Taxi: A Century of Service
401321: BRAM MERTENS - Dark Images, Secret Hints: Benjamin, Scholem, Molitor and the Jewish Tradition (Studies in German Jewish History)
SKU1000719: MESSNER, W. - Intelligent It-Offshoring to India: Roadmaps for Emerging Business Landscapes
BB-043018-D: ADOLF DE MEYER - De Meyer
BB-092017-AD: FRED WASSERMAN; ESTHER DA COSTA MEYER - Schoenberg, Kandinsky and the Blue Rider
400160: MEYER-STABLEY, BERTRAND - La Véritable Ingrid Bergman
400167: MEYER-STABLEY, BERTRAND - La Véritable Audrey Hepburn
400171: MEYER-STABLEY, BERTRAND - La Véritable Grace de Monaco
HH-022316-AA: MICHAEL SEIDENBERG, EDITOR - Brazenhead Review Issue One (1) Ananonymusreview of New Writing
BB-101911-B: KAT MICHAELS - Willow's Bend
BB-042810-AA: MIDDLETON, JOHN; WALTHAM, TONY - The Underground Atlas: A Gazetteer of the World's Cave Regions
SKU1000848: MIGNOLA, MIKE - Hellboy Blank Note Cards
BB-061216-AA: MILES, TONY - The Queen's Indian Defence
SKU1001105: J. HILLIS MILLER - Charles Dickens the World of His Novels
HH-072015-AC: MILLER, PETER BENSON - Kan Yasuda
BB-011409-AG: J.C. MILLER (COMPILER) - Picturesque Chatham... And Its Points of Interest (Chatham, New York)
BB-062715-D: MRS. ANNA JENNESS-MILLER - Father Mother and Babe
BB-091616-C: J. BLEECKER MILLER - Progress and Robbery, and Progress and Justice; an Answer to Henry George the Demi-Communist
SKU1000652: EMILY HUNTINGTON MILLER - Uncle Dick's Legacy, a Year at Riverside Farm, the Bear's Den (3 Book Lot)
BB-010910-H: MILLOR, MANUEL R. - Mexico's Oil: Catalyst for a New Relationship with the U.S. ? (Westview Replica Edition)
SKU1000474: JOHN J. MILLS - How to Do Juggling
BB-051518-AD: MILNE, A. A. - Winnie Ille Pu
BB-062017-AA: MILNE, A.A.; ERNEST H. SHEPARD, ILLUSTRATIONS - Now We Are Six (Early Printing in Dj)
SKU1001320: MINER, DOROTHY EUGENIA - Studies in Art and Literature for Bella Da Costa Greene
SKU1001235: MINET, PIERRE - La Défaite
BB-032516-I: GAO MINGYOU - Monkey's Conversion
SKU1000822: BEN MITCHELL - Only the Sound Itself (Codhill Press)
HH-052913-AF: KAKUTA MITSUYO - Yokame No Semi ( in Japanese)
BB-112209-A: MITTELBACH, MARGARET - Wild New York: A Guide to the Wildlife, Wild Places and Natural Phenomena of New York City
BB-042609-D: TORAO MIYAGAWA - Modern Japanese Painting: An Art in Transition
BB-042609-E: TORAO MIYAGAWA - Modern Japanese Painting: An Art in Transition
BB-022611-A: MIYAMOTO, KAZUO - One Man's Journey: A Spiritual Autobiography
400846: MLA - Mla Style Manual
BB-011216-A: SANTI MOIX - Santi Moix on Don Quixote
HH-091515-AA: MOL, PAULINE - Last Child
BR-07102014-A: THE SWAMIS OF KAUAI'S HINDU MONASTERY - The Guru Chronicles
BB-022509-A: DE MONFREID, HENRY - Hashish (Travel Library)
SKU1001328: MONK, GERALDINE - They Who Saw the Deep
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MORDOCK-DD: JOHN MORDOCK; MELODY MORDOCK (ART) - Dream Destinations Every River Has a Story II - Fly Fishing Fabled Waters
CATSKILL-COLD: JOHN MORDOCK - A Fly Fisherman's Guide to Catskil Coldwater Streams and Ponds; Their Histories, Their Fish, and Tec
BB-071709-A: JOHN B. MORDOCK - A Fly Fisherman's Guide to the Catskill Coldwater Streams
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BB-111614-AC: MULLALY, JOHN - The New Parks Beyond the Harlem with Thirty Illustrations and Map and Record Guide
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BB-071113-AA: AOKI NOE ET AL. - Weaving the World : Contemporary Art of Linear Construction.
SKU1001239: COTTON NOE - The Legend of the Silver Band a Tale of Kentucky in the Eighties a Novelette in Verse
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SKU1001417: OLSON, CHARLES - Projective Verse
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BB-051109-E: ORFORD, MARGIE - Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development Organism: Brazil, Bangladesh, Indonesia, South Africa --2004 Publication.
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33: CHAO-MEI-PA, - The Yellow Bell; the Yellow Bell a Brief Sketch of the History of Chinese Music [Originally Published in French As la Cloche Jaune]
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BB-033018-AC: PAWSON, JOHN - Minimum
82311-BC: PEARY, ROBERT E. - The North Pole: The Discovery in 1909 Under the Auspices of the Peary Arctic Club
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SKU1000578: MICHAEL PERKINS - A Splendor Among Shadows Poems
HH-041516-AC: PERRY, FREDERICK - Fair Winds and Foul: A Narrative of Daily Life Aboard an American Clipper Ship (Seafaring Men: Their Ship and Times Series)
SKU1001424: PETROSYAN, YURI A. - Pages of Perfection : Islamic Paintings and Calligraphy from the Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg.
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RIFE-HNDBK-2011: NENAH SYLVER PHD - The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health by Nenah Sylver Phd (2011-05-03)
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BR-07302015-G: PHILLIPS - The Curious Collector: Important Photographs from the Collection of Dr. Anthony Terrana: New York: 2 & 3 April 2013
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BR-08202015-A: PHILLIPS - Under the Influence; London, 8 April 2014
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HH-031015-AF: PIGNATTI, TERISIO - Veronese: Catalogo Completo Dei Dipinti (I Gigli Dell'Arte) (Italian Edition)
PICKLEY-BUFF: C. J. PILKEY - Pilkey's Street and St. Railway Service Guide Buffalo Ny with Fold-out Map
BB-082711-A: PINELLI, MICHAEL A. - You and I and Smoking: An Effort to Move Soap a Little Closer to Your Hands
BB-070412-A: PINKWATER, DANIEL - Beautiful Yetta: The Yiddish Chicken
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SKU1000777: EMMA VICTORIA PITKIN - Guardian Angels and Other Poems
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BB-122813-A: BEATRIX POTTER - The Beatrix Potter Postcard Book
SKU1001587: BEATRIX POTTER - The Peter Rabbit Library 10 Books Collection Gift Set
BB-092611-DA: POUGHKEEPSIE, NY. LOEB AART CENTER. ESSAY BY REBECCA E. LAWSON - Heroic America: James Daugherty's Mural Drawings from the 1930s
SKU1001515: POVAH, MR NIGEL - How to Play the English Opening
4: POWELL, JOHN WESLEY - Selected Prose of John Wesley Powell; Selected Prose of John Wesley Powell
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82311-AF: PROVENCHER, ROBERT - Exposed: The Naked Uncensored Truth to Running a Successful Photography Business
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BB-063016-AC: RAO RAJA - Serpent and the Rope
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BB-052218-D: REEVES, MARJORIE - The Influence of Prophecy in the Later Middle Ages
BB-030909-E: REGEV, REVIVA AND GIL GOLDFINE - 40 from Israel. Contemporary Sculpture & Drawing
HH-060612-AA: REID, D. KIM; HRESKO, WAYNE P. - A Cognitive Approach to Learning Disabilities
SKU1001017: FRED REINFELD - The Complete Book of Chess Tactics (a Dolphin Reference Book)
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BB-020814-A: RENTZ, MARY L.; LATHAM, RONALD B.; BERGMAN, J. PETER - Sheeptacular Pittsfield!: Shear Art Spun from Our Merino Heritage
BB-022318-AA: MARITIME RESEARCH - Treasure Ships of the Great Lakes: Your Guide to over a Billion Dollars in Gold, Silver, Jewelry, Rare Coins, and Valuable Cargoes Aboard Treasure Ships in the Great Lakes
SKU1000952: REUTER, WILLIAM - Winning with Reverse Chess Strategy
SKU1001321: REV. CHARLES FREDERICK GOSS; A.O. KRAEMER, ILLUSTRATOR - Cincinnati: The Queen City an Interpretation (2 Volume Set)
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BR-07212015-A: TOM WOLF; WILLIAM B. RHOADS - The Maverick: Hervey White's Colony of the Arts
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HH-082215-AM: RICHTER, DANIELA - Domesticating the Public: Women's Discourse on Gender Roles in Nineteenth-Century Germany (Women, Gender and Sexuality in German Literature and Culture)
HH-O82215-AW: RICHTER, DANIELA - Domesticating the Public: Women's Discourse on Gender Roles in Nineteenth-Century Germany (Women, Gender and Sexuality in German Literature and Culture)
HH-082215-AR: RICHTER, DANIELA - Domesticating the Public: Women's Discourse on Gender Roles in Nineteenth-Century Germany (Women, Gender and Sexuality in German Literature and Culture)
HH-082215-AQ: RICHTER, DANIELA - Domesticating the Public: Women's Discourse on Gender Roles in Nineteenth-Century Germany (Women, Gender and Sexuality in German Literature and Culture)
HH-082215-AO: RICHTER, DANIELA - Domesticating the Public: Women's Discourse on Gender Roles in Nineteenth-Century Germany (Women, Gender and Sexuality in German Literature and Culture)
HH-082215-AN: RICHTER, DANIELA - Domesticating the Public: Women's Discourse on Gender Roles in Nineteenth-Century Germany (Women, Gender and Sexuality in German Literature and Culture)
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HH-THEODORE-ROBINSON: ROBINSON, THEODORE - Theodore Robinson: Exhibitions of Paintings : April 15 - June 15, 2000
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BB-010412-AC: MARY RODNEY - In the Mountain's Shadow a Tale of Life, Love and Adventure on a Western Ranch
400848: ROGERS, MOIRA R. - Newtonianism for the Ladies and Other Uneducated Souls: The Popularization of Science in Leipzig, 1687-1750 (Women, Gender and Sexuality in German Literature and Culture)
SKU1001293: ROGERS, STEPHEN D - A Dictionary of Made-Up Languages: From Elvish to Klingon, the Anwa, Reella, Ealray, Yeht (Real) Origins of Invented Lexicons
400470: ROGERS, GARET - Prisoner in Paradise
401244: FRANCOIS COS; F. F. ROGET (TRANSLATION) - Zermatt and Its Valley
BB-071516-C: GERTH ROKITANSKY - Wild Life in the Alps
SKU1001246: RONALD PATKUS, EDWARD RENEHAN JR., JEFF WALKER: CONTRIBUTORS - Walt Thitmand and John Burroughs Literary Companions
BB-090312-AC: PIERRE DE RONSARD - Poesies Choisies
SKU1000961: ROSAND, DAVID - Titian and the Venetian Woodcut: A Loan Exhibition
BB-060313-AH: (OPPENHEIM, DENNIS). ROSE, BARBARA - Parallel Realities: The Drawings of Dennis Oppenheim
BB-062016-AD: RAYMOND ROSELIEP - Love Makes the Air Light - Poems Association Copy - George C. Scott
SKU1000797: GENE ROSENBLUM; G. ROSENBLUM - Lost Jewish Community of the West Side Flats: 1882-1962, the (Mn) (Voices of America)
BB-120917-AB: ROSENTHAL, IRVING - Sheeper
HH-060816-AB: ROSKELLEY, JOHN - Stories Off the Wall
EL-10314: ROSS, ALEX - Super Heroes: The Dc Comics Universe of Alex Ross: 30 Postcards
BR-01062015-C: EMMA ROSSI - Becoming
400059: ELIZABETH. ROTHENSTEIN - The Virgin & the Child. An Anthology of Paintings & Poems.
BB-042611-AG: ROWAN - Pure Wool Collection; Twelve Designs from Rowan Using Pure Wool Dk
BB-032115-A: LE ROY E.D. - The Delaware & Hudson Canal and It's Gravity Railroads
SKU1001514: ROYCROFT, A. J. - The Chess Endgame Study: A Comprehensive Introduction Second Edition
400204: RUGOFF, RALPH - Transformers
BB-032718-D: JOHN RUSKIN - The Stones of Venice
SKU1000715: RUSSELL, ERIC FRANK - Sinister Barrier
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BB-010417-AB: RUTH MANNING-SANDERS - A Book of Charms and Changelings
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SKU1000827: NORA SCARLETT - Trunks of the Gunks
BB-031814-AA: SCHARPF, CORDELIA - Luise Büchner: Eine Evolutionäre Frauenrechtlerin Des 19. Jahrhunderts (Women, Gender and Sexuality in German Literature and Culture) (German Edition)
22: SCHARPF, CORDELIA - Luise Buchner; Luise Buchner a Nineteenth-Century Evolutionary Feminist
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SKU1001563: GÜNTHER SCHLEE - Identities on the Move – Clanship and Pastoralism in Northern Kenya (International African Library)
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SKU1001083: IGOR SHMIRIN - Chess Tactics (Schachtaktik Iiiaxmathar Taktnka, 2)
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SKU1001256: ANDREW SOLTIS - White Opening System: Combining Stonewall Attack, Colle System, Torre Attack
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BB-072315-B: SOURGET, PATRICK & ELISABETH. - Manuscrits Enlumines Et Livres Precieux de Saint Louis a L'Imperatrice Eugenie.
400378: SOUTHEY, ROBERT - A Tale of Paraguay
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BB-O11409-AA: E. WILDER SPAULDING - New York During the Critical Period 1783-1789
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400048: SPROTTE, SIEGWARD - Farbige Kalligraphie
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BB-110911-AG: SQUIRE, ELIZABETH DANIELS - Who Killed What's-Her-Name?: A Peaches Dann Mystery (Peaches Dan Mysteries)
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BB-042216-C: JOHN L. STEPHENS - Incidents of Travel in Yucatan (2 Volume Set)
BB-032717-A: STERN, ROBERT A.M. - Robert A.M. Stern: Buildings and Towns
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SKU1000765: STEVENS, JOHN AUSTIN - The British Occupation of New York 1781-1783: From the Historical Introduction of the Centennial Celebration of the Evacuation of New York by the British (New York in the Revolution Series)
BB-051618-BA: ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON - The Body Snatcher - Merriams Violet Series (First Edition)
HH-052516-AB: JAMES STEWART - Calculus: Early Transcedentals
BB-091516-B: STEWART, ELIZABETH GREY - Surrender the Heart
BB-102810-B: ALFRED STIEGLITZ - Alfred Stieglitz from the Collection of Georgia o'Keefe
HH-112014-REV: STOCKTON, BAYARD - Catapult: The Biography of Robert A. Monroe
HH-072815-AB: STONE, H. B. - Lucid Dreaming Made Easy: The Dream Re-Entry Diary of H.B. Stone
HH-070814-AC: IRVING STONE - Lust for Life Novel of Vincent Van Gogh - Rare Zephyr Books Volumes 1 & 2
BB-112717-A: STOUT, REX - Fer-de Lance a Nero Wolf Myster
BB-021617-A: STRASSER, TODD - Friends Till the End
401346: C. H. STRATZ - Die Körperformen in Kunst Und Leben Der Japaner
HH-010816-AA: CARLO SUARES - The Resurrection of the Word
SKU1001033: SUE WELSH REED, ET AL - Italian Etchers of the Renaissance and Baroque
SKU1000681: SULTANA, DONALD - Benjamin Disraeli in Spain, Malta and Albania, 1830-32: A Monograph (Monografías a)
SKU1001042: SUTTON, PETER C.; WIESEMAN, MARJORIE E. - Drawn by the Brush: Oil Sketches by Peter Paul Rubens
HH-010116-AB: SVEVO, ITALO - Zeno's Conscience (Everyman's Library Contemporary Classics)
BB-030209-F: SWIGGUM, PEARL *SIGNED BY AUTHOR* - Stump Ridge Farm
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SAUNA-NEN: NENAH SYLVER - The Holistic Handbook of Sauna Therapy
BB-032515-BA: JOHN ADDINGTON SYMONDS - The Life of Michelangelo Buonarroti (Modern Library First)
SKU1001177-A12: RIN TANAKA - Schott - 100 Years of an American Original
HH-030116-A: RIN TANAKA - Harley-Davidson Book of Fashions: 1910s-1950s
SKU1001152: ERIC TANGBORN - The Complete Torre Attack
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HH-090411-C: TAX, MEREDITH - Rivington Street: A Novel
BB-050510-A: MOONEY TED - Easy Travel to Other Planets
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400441: THACHER, JAMES; PETER J. GOMES (INTRODUCTION) - History of the Town of Plymouth
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SKU1001056: THOMPSON, RICHARD F. - The Brain: An Introduction to Neuroscience
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BB-110414-AE: TIERNEY, TOM - Cut & Assemble a Peter Pan Toy Theater (Models & Toys)
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BB-052610-B: M.E. TOWNSEND, EDITOR - Friendly Leaves. The Girls' Friendly Magzine 1883-84
SKU1001434: GEORGE TOWNSHEND - Christ and Baha"U'Llah (Bahaulah)
400810: MARTIN TRAVERS - The Poetry of Gottfried Benn: Text and Selfhood (Studies in Modern German Literature)
HH-082215-AB: TRAVERS, MARTIN - The Poetry of Gottfried Benn: Text and Selfhood (Studies in Modern German Literature)
BB-070213-BA: TREVES, RALPH - The Complete Book of Basement Improvement;: How to Add New Rooms to Your Home
BB-083013-AA: TRI-STAR BOZE PUBLICATIONS INC; BELL, BOB B. - Illustrated Life and Times of Wyatt Earp
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HH-102212-AA: TROTTA, MICHAEL - The Crystal Labyrinth
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401067: TSIARAS, PHILIP - Philiptsiaras.
401029: TULLY, JUDD - Guillermo Roux
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BB-031609-J: GAEL. TURNBULL - Scantlings: Poems 1964-1969.
SKU1001126: TURNER, ELIZABETH HUTTON - Pierre Bonnard: Early and Late
BB-031411-AD: DON MCGREGOR; DWAYNE TURNER - Black Panther "Panter's Prey" Mini-Series Volumes 1 - 4 Complete
BB-052918-B: TURNER, KRISTY - But I Could Never Go Vegan!: 125 Recipes That Prove You Can Live without Cheese, It's Not All Rabbit Food, and Your Friends Will Still Come over for Dinner
BB-101215-B: JULIAN TUWIM - The Dancing Socrates and Other Poems
TOM-EASTON-LTD-ED: MARK TWAIN - The Adventures of Tom Sawyer - Limited Edition Leather Bound in Slipcase
BB-030910-AD: TYLER, CEDRIC G.; BAKER, STEPHEN R. - Business Genetics: Understanding 21st Century Corporations Using Xbml
BB-070217-AA: TYLER, PAIGE - Hungry Like the Wolf: Special Wolf Alpha Team (Swat)
BB-021009-A: R. H. MCCREADY & H.M. TYNDALL - The Cruise of the Celtic Around the Mediterranean 1902 - Souvenir Volume
BB-012009-M: ULLMANN, LINN - A Blessed Child
SKU1000400: SIGRID UNDSET - Gunnar's Daughter
SKU1001024: UNKNOWN - Ron Rizk January 13-February 24, 2001
SKU1001253: UNKNOWN - Lurid Confessions
BB-102815-AB: UNKNOWN - The New Colophon a Book Collectors Quarterly Volume 2 Part Five
BR-08182015-E: UNNAMED, UNNAMED - Photographs: Evening & Day Sales, New York, 30 September & 1 October 2013
BR-08182015-G: UNNAMED, UNNAMED - Evening & Day Editions, New York 28 April 2014
BR-08182015-B: UNNAMED, UNNAMED - Impressionist & Modern Art Evening Sale, New York 7 May 2014
BR-08182015-H: UNNAMED, UNNAMED - Contemporary Art Evening Auction, New York 14 May 2014
BB-062016-AE: UPDIKE, JOHN - The Same Door - 1st Edition/1st Printing
SKU1000823: PAMELA USCHUK - Heartbeats in Stones (Codhill Press)
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BB-092817-AA: VACO (ARTIST) - Vaco : Artiste Peintre
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BB-011612-AF: VAN VALKENBURGH, NORMAN J. - Mayhem in the Catskills
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BB-122016-A: NORMAN J. VANVALKENBURGH - Murder in the Catskills
BB-091516-C: MARIQUITA PLANTOV DOROTHY VARION - Tease the Tiger's Nose
WRAP-ELE: VARIOS - Cavallini & Co. Vintage Elephant Decorative Decoupage Poster Wrapping Paper Sheet
WRAP-EYE: VARIOS - Cavallini & Co. Eye Exam Chart Decorative Decoupage Poster Wrapping Paper Sheet
WRAP-CW: VARIOS - Cavallini & Co. Color Wheel Chart Decorative Paper Sheet 20" X 28"
WRAP-BTRCHT: VARIOS - Cavallini & Co. Butterfly Chart Decorative Decoupage Poster Wrapping Paper Sheet
WRAP-PALM: VARIOS - Cavallini Decorative Paper - Palmistry 20"X28" Sheet
WRAP-MAPHEM2: VARIOS - Cavallini & Co. Hemispheres Map Poster Wrapping Paper Sheet
WRAP-MOON: VARIOS - Cavallini & Co. Phases of the Moon Chart Decorative Paper Sheet 20" X 28"
WRAP-MAPWRD4: VARIOS - Cavallini & Co. World Map Decorative Wrapping Paper 20x28
WRAP-MAPHEM: VARIOS - Cavallini Decorative Paper - Hemispheres Vintage Map 20"X28" Sheet
JF-120615-C: VARIOUS - The Savage Sword of Kull Volume 2
BB-102910-E: VARIOUS - Walt Kuhn 1877-1949. Exhibition March 1-18, 1972.
BB-122717-AG: VARIOUS - The Foster and Allen Songbook
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BB-012109-C: VERGANO, LYNN - Paintings by Lynn Vergano
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BB-080514-AA: VERLET, FLORISOONE, HOFFMEISTER & TABARD - Great Tapestries : The Web of History from the 12th to the 20th Century
BB-122717-AA: VERLET, PIERRE AND SALET, FRANCIS - The Lady and the Unicorn
400245: VERNE, JULES; A, K, AKGER *TRANSLATOR) - From the Clouds to the Mountains Comprising Strange Adventures by Air, Land, and Water with a Chapter by Paul Verne, Brother of Jules Verne
SKU1001407: ELIZABETH O'NEILL VERNER - Mellowed by Time
BB-010709-C: VICARY, RICHARD - Manual of Advanced Lithography (the Thames & Hudson Manuals)
BB-081709-D: VIERTEL, PETER - Dangerous Friends
HH-030216-BA: VINOLY, RAFAEL AND JAY BARGMANN, JONATHAN SCHLOSS, EDS. - Rafael Vinoly: Tokyo International Forum: A Work in Progress
BB-050317-D: E. VIRGIL NEAL, SUPERVIOSR - A Scientific Course in Character Reading, Embracing, Chirology, Physiognomy, Phrenology and Graphology (3 Volume Set)
BR-11112014-C: E. C. VIVIAN - Fields of Sleep
HH-022014-AA: VOGELS, JONATHAN B. - The Direct Cinema of David and Albert Maysles
BB-081709-H: ROMAIN VOGLER - Les Etats Unis: Shawangunks, Colorado, Yosemite... Les Plus Belles Escalades
BR-07012016-A: RENE VOILLAUME - Seeds of the Desert
SKU1000668: VONNEGUT, KURT - Sirens of Titan: A Novel (Uk Edition).
SKU1000775: JOHN J. VROOMAN - Forts and Firesides of the Mohawk Country
401069: WAGNER, CATHERINE; HOMBURG, CORNELIA; GASS, WILLIAM H.; LONGINO, HELEN E. - Art & Science: Investigating Matter
SKU1000760: WAITE, DIANA S. - Ornamental Ironwork: Two Centuries of Craftsmanship in Albany and Troy, New York
BB-050818-B: WALDBERG,PATRICK - Rene Magritte
BB-051418-BA: WALDRON, WILLIAM WATSON - Huguenots of Westchester and Parish of Fordham 1864 [Hardcover]
SKU1000909: WALL, BILL - 500 Sicilian Miniatures, Collection II
SKU1000986: BILL WALL - 500 Caro-Kann Miniatures
SKU1001011: WALL, BILL - 500 Center Counter Minatures
SKU1001538: WALL, CYNTHIA SUNDBERG - The Prose of Things: Transformations of Description in the Eighteenth Century
SKU1001470: WALL, BILL - 500 Scotch Miniatures
SKU1001471: WALL, BILL - 500 French Minatures Collection II
BR-05202017-B: SUSAN E. (MRS. LEW) WALLACE - Along the Bosphorus, and Other Sketches [First Edition]
BB-112217-AA: WALLACE, DAVID FOSTER - Consider the Lobster: And Other Essays
BB-080517-AD: WALTHER, INGO F; WOLF, NORBERT - Masterpieces of Illumination: The World's Most Famous Manuscripts 400 to 1600
BB-030409-G: GRACE LOUISE CADMUS (MRS. HENRY CARR) WARD - State History of the New Jersey Daughters of the American Revolution 1929
BB-021812-A: SYLVIA TOWNSEND WARNER - A Moral Ending and Other Stories (Furnival Books, Number 8)
BB-010312-AC: A. L. WASHBURN - Instrumental Observations of Mass Wasting in the Mesters Vig District, Northeast Greenland. Meddelelser Om Gr?Nland Vol 166 No 4.
BB-010310-A: JOHN WATERS (1988) - Trash Trio: Pink Flamingos; Desparate Living; Flamingos Forever: - Signed 1st Ed
BB-040618-AE: WATSON, ALDREN A. - Hand Tools: Their Ways and Workings
BB-051018-C: WATTS, ALAN W. - Out of the Trap
BB-091916-AA: EVELYN WAUGH - Men at Arms - First Edition
BB-032217-AE: PATRICIA WEARLE - A Collection of Australian Wildflower [Botanical] Illustrations
SKU1001240: ALAN WEARNE - Prepare the Cabin for Landing
BB-072817-AB: WEBB, NINA H. - Footsteps Through the Adirondacks: The Verplanck Colvin Story
BB-111009-B: WEBER, REINHARD - Das Schicksal Der Judischen Rechtsanwalte in Bayern Nach 1933: Herausgegeben Vom Bayerischen Staatsministerium Der Justiz, Den Rechtsanwaltskammern... Pfalzischen Rechtsanwaltska (German Edition)
400465: WEBSTER, DANIEL - The Writings and Speeches of Daniel Webster - Volume II - National Edition - Marshfield Issue
BB-120915-AA: WEDDAN, WILLAH - How to Heat & Eat with Woodburning Stoves
BB-102110-F: CHRISTOPHE VAN DE WEGHE - Ellsworth Kelly Paintings
HH-050212-AA: WEIN, LEN - All-New All-Different X-Men Masterworks (Marvel Comics)
BB-022509-C: WEINSTEIN, DEBRA - Apprentice to the Flower Poet Z. : A Novel
SKU1001504: WELLS, PETER - The Complete Semi-Slav (Batsford Chess Library)
BB-052009-A: A LAURENCE WELLS - The Observer's Book of Sea Fishes. 1969
HLM-041110-D: H.G. WELLS - The Wheels of Chance: A Bicycling Idyll
SKU1000701: WENTHOLT, A. D. - Brug over Den Oceaan; Een Eeuw Geschiedenis Van de Holland Amerika Lijn
HH-040814-AA: PIERRE WERNER - Itineraires Luxembourgeois Et Europeens. , Evolutions Et Souvenirs 1945-1985. Tome I Et II.
BB-040910-AC: WEST, JOHN - Everest: The Testing Place
HH-021016-AA: WETZEL - Gothic Horror and Other Weird Tales
SKU1001412: WHEELER, HOWARD T - Tales from Jalisco Mexico
BB-030317-AB: WHINNOM, KEITH - A Glossary of Spanish Bird-Names (Monografías a) (Spanish Edition)
BR-04082018-C: MARY E. WHITE - The Flowering of Gondwana
SKU1000477: MAX WHITE - Anna Becker; 1st Edition/Printing
BB-032610-AA: WHITE, EDDIE - Yesterday's Cake
BR-05262018-B: WALT WHITMAN - Leaves of Grass (Eakins Press Facsimile of 1855 First Edition)
BB-101311-AI: WILCOX, R. B. - Karma on Tap: The Online Buddhist Revolution
BB-051018-E: WILHELM, HELLMUT; WILHELM, RICHARD - Understanding the I Ching
SKU1000837: WILKES, ARNETT; NKOSI, NIKOLIAS - Zulu (Teach Yourself Languages)
BB-121117-AB: WILLIAM BARNES; GEOFFREY GRIGSON, EDITOR - Selected Poems of William Barnes - from the Muses Library
SKU1001123: WILLIAMS, SIMON - How to Win at Chess - Quickly!
BB-081916-AA: WILLIAMS, EMILY - Canal Country
SKU1001495: WILLIAMS, JOHN SIBLEY - Disinheritance: Poems
BB-082217-B: WILLIAMS, PONTHEOLLA T. - Robert Hayden: A Critical Analysis of His Poetry
BB-041518-AA: JOHN A. WILLIAMS - The Man Who Cried I Am - Signed First Edition
BB-060116-AA: WILLIS, BESS GOE AND OTHERS - The Bedtime Animal Story Book
BB-103017-F: WILLIS, THOMAS - The Anatomy of the Brain and Nerves.
BB-042816-D: ROBERT WILSON - Robert Wilson: The Theater of Images
SKU1000750: WILSON, EDWARD A. - Book of Edward A. Wilson a Survey of His Work 1916-1948
BB-060513-AC: WILSON, EVIE. - Tell It to a Pelican: Poetry and Drawings.
BB-051216-A: H. SCHUTZ WILSON - Alpine Ascents and Adventures; or, Rock and Snow Sketches
BB-100912-SS: VICTOR TISSOT; MRS. WILSSON (TRANSLATEDFROM 11TH EDITION) - Unknown Switzerland (Decorative Boards with 3/4 Leather)
SKU1001185: WINNICOTT, D. W. - Psycho-Analytic Explorations
BB-050817-E: WISTRICH, ROBERT S. - Jews of Vienna in the Age of Franz Joseph (Littman Library of Jewish Civilization)
HH-011316-AC: WITTGENSTEIN, LUDWIG - Tractatus Logico Philosophicus Tagebucher 1914-1916 Philosophische Untersuchungen
BB-011018-AF: WOLAS, CHERISE - The Resurrection of Joan Ashby: A Novel
HH-051314-AB: WOLF, ALFRED - La Provence Des Bouches-Du-Rho?Ne (French Edition)
BB-102717-AB: ERNEST WOOD - A Study of Pleasure and Pain (First Edition)
BB-042011-AA: WOOD, DAVID H - Lenox: Massachusetts Shire Town
HH-062616-AA: WOOD, CAROL LLOYD - Chaucer Songbook Book/Cd Set (Mel Bay)
BB-102016-B: WOODSPRING, NAOMI - Baby Boomers: Time and the Ageing Body
BB-030316-B: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - The Voyage out (Modern Library)
BB-051418-AE: C. M. WOOLSY - History of the Town of Marlborough, Ulster County, New York from Its Earliest Discovery
BB-012109-G: WORDEN - The Neurosciences: Paths of Discovery, I
BB-050818-C: VALERIE ANN WORWOOD - The Fragrant Mind
BB-071816-B: WOZENCRAFT, KIM - Wanted
400528: YABUKI, KUNIHIKO - Honoo No Yo?Meigaku: Yamada Ho?Koku Den (Japanese Edition)
BB-030209-B: MURAT YAGAN - I Wrapped Myself in Flesh and Bones and I Appeared As Yunus: Translations of Yunus Emre
HH-041715-AA: LARISSA YAKOVLEVA - Swiss Watches and Snuf-Boxes 17th-20th Centuries
SKU1000654: SAILORS ABOARD THE USS YANKEE - U.S. S. Yankee on the Cuban Blockade 1898. Ltd Ed. Spanish-American War
BB-120209-AB: YARTZ, FRANK J - Ancient Greek Philosophy: Sourcebook and Perspective
BB-121817-A: YASTION, LYLA - Pause Now: Handbook for a Spiritual Revolution
BB-050712-BB: ALBERTA HANNUM; BEATIEN YAZZ (ILLUSTRATIONS) - Spin a Silver Dollar (First Edition/Printing in Dust Jacket)
BB-122217-C: JANE YOLEN - Dream Weaver
BB-042516-AG: YOUNG, ROSE - Record of the Leslie Woman Suffrage Commission, Inc. 1917-1929
336308: ROLAND VAN ZANDT - Chronicles of the Hudson Three Centuries of Travelers' Accounts; Chronicles of the Hudson Three Centuries of Travelers' Accounts
BB-052518-AA: FILIP JANKOVIC?; LJILJANA ZEKOVIC? - Filip Jankovic? : Crtez?I, Slike; Drawings, Paintings
SKU1001562: ZERNER, HENRI - The School of Fontainebleau: Etchings and Engravings
BB-052913-AB: HENRICH ZILLE - 3 Volume Set: Rings Um Den Alexanderplatz/Zwischen Spree Und Panke/Berliner Geschichten Und Bilder
SKU1001481: MICHAEL E. ZIMMERMAN - Heidegger's Confrontation with Modernity: Technology, Politics, and Art (Indiana Series in the Philosophy of Technology)
BB-011818-AA: ZINK, NELL - Nicotine: A Novel

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