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70114090126: R.E.H. - The Story of the Childhood of Christ
10111010101: (Charlotte Maria Tucker) A.L.O E (A Lady of England) - The Mine, or Darkness and Light
10118022013: (Edward Jenkins) - Ginx's Baby, His Birth and Other Misfortunes
05412050041: (Pierre-Antoine Lebrun) - Marie Stuart, Tragedie (en cinq actes)
10111080327: C J S L - A Pair of Them or One Day's Mischief
12217111048: Ipex 80 - Catalogue of Exhibitions of British Coloured Books 1738-1898, including a selection from the Royal Library at Windsor graciously loaned by Her Majesty the Queen. NEC Birmingham September 1980
03515010070: B.T. - My Weather-wise Companion
05311070128: G H F N (G H F Norris) - A Shepherd Tale and Other Verses
50615080237: E.G.S. - Handbook of Peterborough Cathedral
10117111042: Margaret Abbey - The Son of York
76222021141: ed. Staton Abbey - Practical Automobile Engineering Illustrated
61016102160: Abdel-Hakim, Dr. M. Sobhi et al - THE ARAB WORLD, a Physical, Demographical and Economic Study 1976-1977
60917021070: Atsuko Abe - Japan and the European Union. Domestic Politics and Transnational Relations
75110120006: D B Gebbie and Professor T B Abell - The "G.A." System of Ship Construction
61015121065: Mordechai Abir - Saudi Arabia in the Oil Era: Regime and Elites; Conflict and Collaboration.
05312010122: Abraham Cowley, edited by G D H & M I Cole - Abraham Cowley, a Selection of Poems, The Ormond Poets series Number 5.
51119071085: Edited by W Alexander Abram - The Rolls of Burgesses at the Guilds Merchant of the Borough of Preston, Co. Lancaster. 1397-1682. (From the Original Rolls in the Archives of the Preston Corporation.) Lancashire & Cheshire Record Society - Volume IX (9), 1884
11615111192: ACAS - Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service - Industrial Relations Handbook
05321111052: Patricia Ace - First Blood
16221121073: Jennifer Ackerman - The Genius of Birds
70520061009: Peter R Ackroyd - The Cambridge Bible Commentary on the New English Bible: The First Book of Samuel
76222021093: F A Stepney Acres - Car Maintenance Series: Vauxhall Cars, A Practical Guide to Maintenance and Repair Covering all Models from 1933
19022071080: Harold Acton - Three Extraordinary Ambassadors. Fifteenth Walter Neurath Memorial Lecture 1983
18020114091: David Goldblatt and Johnny Acton - How to Watch the Olympics
11618051151: Professor H B Acton - The Right to Work and the Right to Strike
65618011174: Paul Adair - Hitler's Greatest Defeat, The Collapse of Army Group Centre, June 1944
65019111239: Peter Young & John Adair - Hastings to Culloden
65216021052: Peter Young and John Adair - From Hastings to Culloden
42715100067: Adam Fitz-Adam - The World. Volume the Second. No. 53 Jan. 3 1754 - No. 104, Dec. 26 1754.
50111080140: Adam Stark, author of the History of Gainsborough - Observations on Stonehenge - Account of Stow etc - History of the Bishopric of Lincoln from Its Commencement at Sidnacester or Lindisse; Its Connection with Lichfield and Leicester; Its Junction with Dorchester; Until the Seat of the See was Fixed at Lincoln, Immediately After the Conquest.
53717021037: W H Davenport Adams - Nelson's Hand-Book to The Isle of Wight; Its History, Topography & Antiquities. With Notes Upon Its Principal Seats, Churches, Manorial Houses, Legendary & Poetical Associations, Geology & Picturesque Localities
08511100079: Lesley Grant-Adamson - Undertow
62019101153: George Adamson - Rome done lightly
50115030284: Address by Kennet, Miles E Mitchell, G H Banwell - Coronation Celebrations, Souvenir Programme 1953, City of Lincoln
60113010088: edited by Adebayo Adedeji - Problems and Techniques of Administrative Training in Africa
19117031172: Adelaide Murgia, translated by Peter Muccini, edited Enzo Orlandi - The Life and Times of Delacroix. Portraits of Greatness series
75115070218: The Lord Commissioners of the Admiralty - B.R. 229 Admiralty Handbook of Wireless Telegraphy. Volume I, Magnetism and Electricity
50210110032: Adrian Tinniswood; Stephen Best, Michael Brook and John Davies; Richard Gulliver; Roger Smith. - Bulletin of Local History, East Midland Region, XVII 1982
50622071141: David Adshead - Wimpole: Architectural drawings and topographical views
76520104104: Fichtel & Sachs AG - F & S Spare Part List - Sachs 50, 1954 Edition
06614070073: Sonia Agnew - Sweet-Making for Everywoman
11216052008: Agnew, Christopher R; South, Susan C. (eds) - INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS AND HEALTH: Social and Clinical Psychological Mechanisms
10215040137: Ruth Ainsworth - Tales About Tony
03510120072: Air Ministry, Meterological Office - Air Ministry, Meterological Office: Observer's Handbook, MO 554
05314080078: Aitchison, James - Second Nature
10111080118: W Francis Aitken - The Boy's Life of Greatheart Lincoln: The Martyr President
16617071159: Audrey D Aitken - Insect Travellers, Volume I Coleoptera, Technical Bulletin 31. A Survey of the beetles recorded from imported cargoes by the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Foods for 1957 to 1969
60114060167: Alagiah, George - A Passage to Africa
51321071031: Alan Betteney, Stockton Local History Group - Shipbuilding in Stockton and Thornaby
04413020056: Alan Sillitie, traduit par Henri Delgove - La solitude du coureur de fond
25420114070: Alan Pedley, Robert Rowe - Oak Furniture from Yorkshire Churches
13022021033: Alan Tagg; Graham Johnson, Lund Humphries - Berlioz and the Romantic Imagination, Catalogue to accompany an exhibition organized by the Arts Council and the Victoria and Albert Museum on behalf of the Berlioz Centenary Committee in co-operation with the French Government
61022071019: The Duchess of St Albans (Suzanne Beauclerk) - Where Time Stood Still, A Portrait of Oman
14513020122: Albert Schweitzer, translated by Mrs C E B Russell - Goethe
25022081002: Roland Freart; John Evelyn; Leon Baptista Alberti - A Parallel of the Antient Architecture with the Modern, In a Collection of ten Principal Authors who have written upon the Five Orders, the Three Greek Orders, Dorick, Ionick and Corinthian, and the Two Latin Orders etc.
75219091043: Robert Greenhalgh Albion - Naval and Maritime History, An Annotated Bibliography
50020111012: Frederick Alderson - The Inland Resorts and Spas of Britain
60015080363: edited by R H C Davies. Contributions by: John Le Patourel; C Warren Hollister; Jennifer Tann; Martin Petter; Tony Aldgate - History, Journal of the historical Association, Volume 58 Number 192, February 1973
51717022038: Tony Aldous - Changing Bristol, New Architecture & Conservation 1960-1980
77316031161: James Alexander - The Battle of Britain, July to October 1940. Classic, Rare and Unseen Photographs from the Daily Mail
08422021077: John T Alexander - Catherine The Great, Life and Legend
10113060040: Alexander Zinoviev, translated by Gordon Clough - The Radiant Future
19017031157: text by Alexandre Cirici-Pellier, introduction by F I Sanchez Canton - Treasures of Spain from Charles V to Goya
05321031003: Alfred Tennyson, Poet Laureate - Gareth and Lynette etc.
50316021212: Alfred Taylor, introduction by A H Woodward - Round the Yorkshire Castles
10111080128: Alger, Horatio - Andy Gordon
61316111048: Christine Pevitt Algrant - Madame de Pompadour, Mistress of France
10115030212: Cyril Alington - Eton Fables
65917081107: Allan, Major-General William; W. Alister Wiliams (ed) - CRIMEAN LETTERS from the 41st (The Welch) Regiment 1854-56
10111060055: Allan, Luke - The Blue Wolf, A Tale of the Cypress Hills
05315010096: Mary Allbrooke - Expressions of Impressions (In Verse)
40218051303: Bridget Allchin - The Stone-tipped Arrow. Late Stone-Age Hunters of the Tropical Old World
76520104044: C. E. Allen - The Second Vintage Road Test Journal
78217031119: Geoffrey Freeman Allen (Ed) - Jane's World Railways 1988-89. Thirtieth edition
78014030142: Geoffrey Freeman Allen - Railways of the Twentieth Century
65617111038: Allen, Robert E; Foreword by Zell Miller - THE FIRST BATTALION OF THE 28TH MARINES ON IWO JIMA A Day-by-Day History from Personal Accounts and Official Reports, with Complete Muster Rolls
78217031117: Geoffrey Freeman Allen (Ed) - Jane's World Railways 1986-87. Twenty-eighth edition
42716102048: Allen, Julia - SWIMMING WITH DR JOHNSON AND MRS THRALE: Sport, Health and Exercise in eighteenth-century England
78217031116: Geoffrey Freeman Allen (Ed) - Jane's World Railways 1983-84. Twenty-fifth edition
18117101101: David Rayvern Allen - Cricket on the Air: A Selection from Fifty Years of Radio Broadcasts
60416101014: W B Allen - George Washington, a Collection
78219091142: edited by Geoffrey Freeman Allen - Jane's World Railways 1990-91, Thirty Second Edition
78217041094: G Freeman Allen - Modern Railways International Review
78222041139: Geoffrey Freeman Allen (Ed) - Jane's World Railways 1982-83. Twenty-fourth edition
78115101011: G Freeman Allen - The Eastern Yesterday and Today
72622071175: Benedict Allen - Last of the Medicine Men
19122011135: Brian Allen - Francis Hayman
14120114112: Nigel Mansell & Derick Allsop - Mansell and Williams: The Challenge for the Championship
51716092026: Niall Allsop - Images of the Kennet & Avon: 100 Years in Camera - Bristol to Bradford-on-Avon
09410090171: Kerry Allyne - Man of the High Plains
77020031081: Peter Almond - The Hulton Getty Picture Collection: Aviation, the Early Years
04711010225: Luis Ricardo Alonso - El Supremisimo
75721071022: Alvin Moscow, Traduitde l'anglais par Rene Jouan, Preface de Raoul de Beaudean - Le Drame de L'Andrea Doria (Collision Course)
11317011004: Joseph A Amato - A History of the Small and the Invisible Dust
66116122093: Ambler, John - FOR QUEEN & COUNTRY, The Bands of Her Majesty's Royal Marines, A year in pictures
05318071108: Benjamin George Ambler - On the Summit and Other Poems
11617061167: The American Assembly, Columbia University - Wages, Prices, Profits and Productivity, Background papers and the Final Report of the Fifteenth American Assembly, Columbia University New York, April 30-May 3 1959
66020114128: Edited by L. S. Amery - The Times History of The War in South Africa 1899-1902 Volume II (2)
66020114129: Edited by L. S. Amery - The Times History of The War in South Africa 1899-1902 Volume III (3)
10111060102: Jenifer Ames - Nurse's Story
04717051005: Amezaga, Elias - Yo, Demonio: Andanzas Y Naveganzas De Lope De Aguirre, Fuerte Caudillo De Los Invencibles Maranones
10114090002: Kingsley Amis - One Fat Englishman
02422071124: Martyn Amos - Genesis Machines, The New Science of Biocomputing
61016102140: Amuzegar, Jahangir; Fekrat, M.Ali - Iran: Economic Development Under Dualistic Conditions
42021111068: An Eminent Historian, Dr Goldsmith - An Abridgment of the History of England from the Invasion of Julius Caesar, to the Death of George II by Dr. Goldsmith and Continued down to July 1817 by an Eminent Historian
10112040019: Andersen, Jan - The House Called Green Bays
11416052154: Andersen, Svein S. and Eliassen, Kjell A. - MAKING POLICY IN EUROPE: the Europeification of National Policy-Making
05312040101: J Redwood Anderson - Transvaluations, plus Christmas greetings 1935 - In the Moonlight
13121111003: Arranged by W H Anderson - Two Ukrainian Folk Songs: 1. Alone; 2. In the Garden Flowers are Growing. Leslie School Series No. 1063
50522021061: George Murray Anderson - From the Glens to the Lowlands
05320031110: J Redwood Anderson - Babel, A Dramatic Poem
19022041144: Otto Mundle; Carol Togneri Dowd; Jaynie Anderson - The Fifty-First Volume of the Walpole Society 1985
03216021156: Adam Sedgwick. Introduction by Sir Eric Ashby and Mary Anderson - A Discourse on the Studies of the University
13119021100: music by W H Anderson - Hospitality, Sacred Song. C Minor, middle C to E. An old Scottish rune set to music. Western Vocal series No. 7502
13119021102: Arranged by W H Anderson - Two Ukrainian Folk Songs: 1. Alone; 2. In the Garden Flowers are Growing. Leslie School Series No. 1063
25015020034: R (Robert) Anderson, Architect of Edinburgh - Examples of the Municipal, Commercial and Street Architecture of France and Italy from the 12th to the 15th Century
60113010085: R Earle Anderson - Liberia, America's African Friend
50117111095: Sir C (Charles) H J Anderson - The Lincoln Pocket Guide, Being a Short Account of the Churches and the Antiquities of the County and of the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Lincoln, commonly called the Minster
50118121077: M D Anderson - The Choir Stalls of Lincoln Minister
77515060013: David A Anderton - Modern American Combat Aircraft. Combat Aircraft Library
66419121023: Michael Shaara. Introduction by Hugh Andrew - The Killer Angels
50113090036: Andrew Heaton, foreword by Ralph Toofany - Wildlife in Lincoln
60412090133: Charles M Andrews - Guide to the Materials for American History, to 1783, in the Public Record Office of Great Britain, Volume II, Departmental and Miscellaneous Papers
19122051046: Keith Andrews - Adam Elsheimer, Paintings - Drawings - Prints
25417111036: John Andrews - The Price Guide to British Antique Furniture. Second edition
78015101150: Cyril Bruyn Andrews - The Railway Age
60412090131: Charles M Andrews - Guide to the Materials for American History to 1783 in the Public Record Office of Great Britain. Volume I The State Papers
50314060193: William Andrews - Picturesque Yorkshire (York and the North Riding)
42911020078: Maggie Angeloglou - Looking Back at Holidays 1901-1939
53222051060: Ann Saunders,Fireward by H R H The Duke if Edinburgh - The Art and Architecture of London, An Illustrated Guide
42118091098: Rosemary Annable - The Later Prehistory of Northern England. Cumbria, Northumberland and Durham from the Neolithic to the Late Bronze Age. Parts i, ii and iii. BAR British Series 160
16014090144: anon - The Golden Picture Book of Animals
04214110123: anon (William Lily) - A Short Introduction of Grammar Generally to be Used; Compiled and Set Forth for the bringing up of all those that intend to attain the Knowledge of the Latin Tongue, To which are added Observations etc.
05817071160: anon. - Choice Notes from "Notes and Queries" - Folklore
70113110101: anon - Things New and Old, A Monthly Magazine for the Lambs and Sheep of the Flock of Christ Vol XX
42011100018: anon - The Story of Britain On the Concentric Plan, Book VI, Senior, Collins' New History Readers, School Series
70221121003: Anon - The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Translated out of the Original Greek: with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised, By His Majesty's Special Command, Appointed to be Read in Churches
10111080253: anon - Little Crosses; or "Let Patience have her Perfect Work"
17212050057: anonymous - The Constitution and Laws of the Supreme Grand Chapter of Scotland Order of the Eastern Star, 1973
76520104107: David Ansell - The Illustrated History of Military Motorcycles
70714100168: Anselm Cramer, Monk of Ampleforth - Ampleforth: The Story of St Laurences's Abbey and College
25222061028: Peter F Anson - Fashions in Church Furnishings 1840-1940
60110110133: Hans Anstein - Afrika wie ich es erlebte
19022071016: Frederick Antal - Classicism and Romanticism with other studies in art history
70120111045: Metropolitan Anthony (Anthony Bloom) - School for Prayer
08420031061: Anthony Trollope, introduction by Maeve Binchy - An Eye for an Eye
65522041245: Anthony Seldon and David Walsh, foreword by Professor Sir Michael Howard - Public Schools and The Great War, The Generation Lost
08917021083: Mark Anthony - The Keep of Fire, Book Two of the Last Rune
08320111009: Anthony Wagner, Richmond Herald - Heraldry in England (King Penguin 22)
04119111040: Appian, English Translation by Horace White - Appian's Roman History in Four Volumes, Volume III only. with an English Translation by Horace White
10215080157: Victor Appleton - The Big Snake Hunters
25022041169: M R Apted - The Painted Ceilings of Scotland 1550 - 1650. Includes a carbon copy of a lengthy review for the book probably by architectural historian, Kerry Downes.
10111090107: Fred Archer - When Village Bells Were Silent
56015090012: edited by Fred Archer - The Countryman Cottage Life Book
42820011103: Archibald Prentice, new introduction by W H Chaloner - History of the Anti-Corn-Law League in Two Volumes, complete
25022051015: The Royal Institute of British Architects - Catalogue of the Royal Institute of British Architects Library, Volume I: Author Catalogue of Books and Manuscripts
04717051007: Arean Gonzalez, Carlos Antonio - Cultura Autoctona Hispana
04119111079: Aristotle, translated by W S Hett & H Rackham - Aristotle: Problems II Books XXII-XXXVIII, with an English translation by W S Hett, and Rhetorica ad Alexandrum, with an English translation by H Rackham
15018031087: Aristotle - Aristotle's Works Compleated in Four Parts. Containing: I The Compleat Master-Piece Displacing the Secrets of Nature in the Generation of Man; II His Compleat and Experienced Midwife etc.
04711120079: J C Gay Armenteros - La Espana Del Siglo XX
08418051232: Felipe Fernandez-Armesto - Columbus on Himself
77520114014: Edited by Michael Armitage - Classic RAF Battles from World War One to the Present
77515101023: Michael Armitage - The Royal Air Force: An Illustrated History
77519111165: Edited by Michael Armitage - Classic RAF Battles from World War One to the Present
10122071157: Henry Van Dyke. J R Weguelin; F V DuMond; Arthur Heming; Howard Pyle; C K Linson. Cover design by Margaret Armstrong - The Blue Flower
05922071162: Henry Van Dyke. Cover design probably by Margaret Armstrong - Camp-Fires and Guide-Posts. A Book of Essays and Excursions
09416031056: Lindsay Armstrong - An Unusual Affair
05922071161: Henry Van Dyke. Cover design by Margaret Armstrong - Little Rivers, A Book of Essays in Profitable Idleness
05222071202: Henry Van Dyke. Cover design by Margaret Armstrong - Companionable Books
10122071159: Henry Van Dyke. Cover design by Margaret Armstrong - The Golden Key, Stories of Deliverance
10122071158: Henry Van Dyke. Cover design by Margaret Armstrong - Days Off and Other Digressions
05922071160: Henry Van Dyke. Cover design by Margaret Armstrong - Fisherman's Luck and Some Other Uncertain Things
65413090028: The Army Sport Control Board, the War office - Games and Sports in the Army 1949
25022041199: Rudolf Arnheim - The Dynamics of Architectural Form, Based on the 1975 Mary Duke Riddle Lectures at the Cooper Union
19122061095: Rudolf Arnheim - The Split and the Structure, Twenty-Eight Essays
10118061237: Matthew Arnold - Friendship's Garland, Being the Conversation, Letters, and Opinions of the Late Arminiius Baron Von-ThunderTen-Tronckh, collected and edited with a dedicatory letter to Adolscens Leo Esq. of the Daily Telegraph
25322021114: edited by Danna Arnold - The Georgian Villa
08518051332: Catherine Arnold - Due Process
10111080129: Ralph Arnold - On Secret Service
60455011022: Jay D Aronson - Who Owns the Dead, The Science and Politics of Death at Ground Zero
11422011121: Arron Banks, Edited by Isabel Oakeshott - The Bad boys of Brexit, Tales of Mischief, Mayhem, & Guerilla Warfare in the EU Referndum Campaign
50317011156: Arthur Raistrick, John L Illingworth - The Face of North-West Yorkshire
77316031156: Arthur Ward, foreword by Dr Michael Fopp - The Battle of Britain, A Nation Alone
50322061075: Arthur H Norway, illustrated by Joseph Pennell and Hugh Thomson - Highways and Byways in Yorkshire
77520084021: Max Arthur - There Shall be Wings - The RAF: 1918 to the Present
05318011076: S Arthur Mann, foreword by R Purslove - Lathkill Dale, Boston Stump (St Botolph's) and other Poems
07113040144: Arthur J Sweet, foreword by Edwin Beckett, Edited by Walter P Wright - Ornamental Shrubs and Trees, Their Selection and Pruning
14517031178: Arthur Conan Doyle; edited by Jon Lellenberg, Daniel Stashower and Charles Foley - Arthur Conan Doyle, A Life in Letters
65617081007: Max Arthur - Forgotten Voices of the Second World War: A New History of World War Two in the Words of the Men and Women who were there. In association with the Imperial War Museum
13517091103: John Jenkins; Transcribed and Edited by Andrew Ashbee - Musica Britannica, A National Collection of Music, XXVI, John Jenkins, Consort Music of Four Parts
19022041042: Edited by Thomas B Hess and John Ashberry - Academic Art. Five Centuries of grandeur and misery: from the Carracci to Mao Tse-Tung
52220011037: Ashley, Harry - Dorset Yarns
09412040078: Elizabeth Ashton - Dangerous to Know
77520021064: Assistant Chief of Air Staff (Training), Air Ministry - Joint Services Recognition Journal, Vol. 8 No, 3, March 1953
77520021065: Assistant Chief of Air Staff (Training), Air Ministry - Joint Services Recognition Journal, Vol.11 No. 9, September 1956
77520021066: Assistant Chief of Air Staff (Training), Air Ministry - Joint Services Recognition Journal, Vol.13 No. 8, August 1958
77520021067: Assistant Chief of Air Staff (Training), Air Ministry - Joint Services Recognition Journal, Vol.13 No. 10, October 1958
76221021029: Gideon Harris and Associates - Audels Automobile Guide with Questions, Answers and Illustrations for Owners, Operators, Repair Men Relating to The Parts, Operation, Care , Management, Road Driving, Carburetters, Wiring, Timing, Ignition, Motor Troubles etc.
18020114102: Squash Rackets Association - Squash Rackets
05315080281: Edited by The English Association - Poems of To-Day: First and Second Series
40119051036: Phoebe M Proctor & Isobel Thompson; (ed); Susanne Atkin - The Antiquaries Journal, Being the Journal of The Society of Antiquaries of London, General Index Volumes 61-70
61320124055: Mary J. Atkinson - A Chateau In Brittany; with Sixteen Illustrations and Frontispiece (Dinard)
50322041009: Rev. J C Atkinson - History of Cleveland, Ancient and Modern (Volumes I and II (part) bound together) and post-card from author
51819071184: Richard F. Atkinson - The Manors and Hundred of Alderbury - Lords, Lands, and Livery
14816052132: Attallah, Naim - Singular Encounters
14022011011: John Bartram with John Karter; foreword by Sir David Attenborough - Park Life, the Memoirs of a Royal Parks Gamekeeper
61015121066: Ali A Attiga - The Arabs and the Oil Crisis 1973-1986.
52421121022: Arthur Attwood - Basingstoke, Arthur Attwood's Look Into the Past
06614070056: Katharine Burrill; Annie M Booth. illustrated by Mabel L Atwell - The Amateur Cook
05015040144: Tony Augarde - The Oxford Guide to Word Games
70120111002: Saint Augustin - Les Soliloques, Le Manuel et Les Meditations de Saint Augustin. Traduction Nouvelle, Revue Tres-Exactement Sur Le Latin
40012060047: edited by M L Faull. Andrew Fleming; Philip Dixon; Reinhard Zolitz; Colin Hayfield; David Austen - Landscape History, Journal of the Society for Landscape Studies, Volume 6 (Six) 1984
51716112129: Roland Austin; (ed) - Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society for 1945, Volume Sixty-six (66)
51716112135: Roland Austin; (ed) - Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society for 1935, Volume Fifty-seven (57)
51716112134: Roland Austin; (ed) - Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society for 1936, Volume Fifty-eight (58)
51716112136: Roland Austin; (ed) - Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society for 1934, Volume Fifty-six (56)
51716112131: Roland Austin; (ed) - Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society for 1943, Volume Sixty-four (64)
51716112133: Roland Austin; (ed) - Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society for 1937, Volume Fifty-nine (59)
10211080122: (Richard Huie) by the author of "The Orphan of Kinloch", "Sketches of Broadburn" and "The Rescue". - The Goldsmith's Widow (and Her Son George) and Other Stories
05115080022: A Well-Known Author - Authorship: a Guide to Literary Technique
10221071002: The Author of "The Decision", "Profession is Not Principle", Father Clement &c. (Grace Kennedy) - Anna Ross, A Story For Children
10219102016: By the Author of "Timid Lucy", "Heart and Hand", etc. (Charlotte Elizabeth Bowen) (alias Sarah Schoonmaker Baker) - The Babes in the Basket or Daph and Her Charge
10111080251: (Julia Cecilia Collinson Stretton) author of "Margaret and Her Bridesmaids", "Mr & Mrs Asheton" - The Valley of a Hundred Fires, Volume II
10116080087: H C (Harriet Cave, later Harriet Morton), author of "The Stony Road", "Wee Donald" (and "The friend in need papers") - Thirty Thousand Pounds and Other Sketches from Daily Life
75117101154: Registrar-General of Shipping and Seamen by Authority - Signal Letters of United Kingdom and Commonwealth Ships, For the Use of Ships at Sea and Signal Stations for 1967, Corrected to 31st December 1966
65420064033: By Authority (The Crown) - The Army List Spring 1972 Part 1
65420064032: By Authority (The Crown) - The Army List 1977 Part 1
05420084002: By The Authors of The Coming K-, The Siliad and Jon Duan (Samuel Orchart Beeton) - Edward the Seventh: A Play on the Past and Present Times with a View to the Future; illustrated by double-page and whole-page cartoons of suggestive scenes
11616041125: Edited by Philippe Auvergnon - Bulletin de droit compare du travail et de la securite sociale
19322041213: Charles Avery - David Marchand 1674 - 1726, 'An Ingenious Man for Carving in Ivory', Exhibition at National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh March - May 1996, British Museum, London, May - September 1996, Leeds City Art Gallery Oct 1996 - Jan. 1997
12222041061: F C Avis - Printers' Arithmetic
12216042011: F C Avis - English Printers' Marks of the Sixteenth Century
60015080355: edited by Alfred Cobban. M N Tikhomirov; J M W Bean; G E Aylmer - History, the Journal of the Historical Association. Vol. XLIV . No. 152 October 1959
51716092069: Ayres, William F. - THE HIGHBURY STORY - Highbury Chapel Bristol: The First Fifty Years
10111060113: Ayres, Ruby M - Missing The Tide
76220104004: David Carey; Illustrations by Robert Ayton - The Story of the Motor Car - A Ladybirds 'Achievements' Book
76520061197: C J Ayton - Guide to Italian Cycles
05321121023: William Edmondstoune Aytoun - Poems of William Edmondstoune Aytoun Containing Lays of the Scottish Cavaliers, Bothwell, Aytoun's Contributions both to the Bon Gaultier Ballads and to the Poems and Ballads of Goethe etc
77316122126: Jerry Scutts; Juan Ramon Azaola (ed) - Aircraft of the Aces: Men and Legends - No.8. Mustang Aces of the Eighth Air Force
77316122131: Robert F Dorr; Juan Ramon Azaola (ed) - Aircraft of the Aces: Men and Legends - No.36. B-24 Liberator Units of the Eighth Air Force
77516122132: Robert F Dorr; Jon Lake; Warren Thompson; Juan Ramon Azaola (ed) - Aircraft of the Aces: Men and Legends - No.43. Allied Aces of the Korean War
77320074040: Alfred Price; edited by Juan Ramon Azaola - The Legendardy Spitfire Mk I/II 1939-41
77316122128: Barrett Tillman; Juan Ramon Azaola (ed) - Aircraft of the Aces: Men and Legends - No.12. Wildcat Aces of World War 2
77316122130: Barrett Tillman; Juan Ramon Azaola (ed) - Aircraft of the Aces: Men and Legends - No.33. SDB Dauntless Units of World War 2
05321111043: Erling Friis-Baastad - The Exile House
08521031033: Marian Babson - Murder Murder Little Star
74920021233: Steve Backer - Japanese Heavy Cruisers, Myoko and Yakao classes classes, ShipCraft 5
75220104064: Steve Backer - British Battlecruisers of the Second World War
76520094043: Roy Bacon - British Motorcycles of the 1960s - A detailed history of 50 marques from AJS to Wasp
72219121183: Dr. Jamal A Badawi - Women Under the Shade of Islam
28419101156: Originally compiled by C S Ward and M J B Baddeley - South Devon and South Cornwall with a full description of Dart,oor and the Isles of Scilly
50322071120: M J B Baddeley - Through Guide Series: Yorkshire (Part I), The East Coast, York, and the Country Between the N.E. Main Line and the Sea, also The Cathedral and Castle of Durham. Twelve Maps and Plans
11222021120: Alan Baddeley - Your Memory, A User's Guide
50314110036: M J B Baddeley - Through Guide Series: Yorkshire (Part II), West and Part of North Ridings and All Parts of the Country West of the N E Main Line, also Barnard Castle and Teesdale. Twenty-One Maps and Plans
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02116101003: Frank Castle - Practical Mathematics for Beginners
10111060043: Agnes and Egerton Castle - If Youth But Knew
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66019121132: Ian Knight & Ian Castle - Battleground South Africa - Rorke's Drift
25022071065: Catalogue by John Harris, Stephen Orgel and Roy Strong. Exhibition designed by Michael Brawne. Preface by Robin Campbell and Norbert Lynton - The King's Arcadia: Inigo Jones and the Stuart Court. A quartercentenary exhibition held at the Banqueting House, Whitehall from July 12th to September 2nd, 1973
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19115070096: James L Caw - Raeburn
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65617061207: Nigel Cawthorne - Turning the Tide
65414100013: Nigel Cawthorne - On the Frontline. True Stories of Outstanding Bravery by British Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan
77019111202: Peter Caygill - Sound Barrier, The Rocky Road to Mach 1.0+
77518031102: Geoffrey Lee. Foreword by Sir Richard Evans CBE - Horizons: The Royal Air Force in the Twenty-First Century
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14816111027: Algernon Cecil - Metternich 1773-1859, A Study of his Period and Personality
72119071161: Cecil Roth, Michael Adler, Wilfred Samuel, H. E. Slater, Haham M. Gaster, etc. - Miscellanies of the Jewish Historical Society of England Part III
14822021126: David Cecil - The Cecils of Hatfield House, a Portrait of an English Ruling Family
04710080077: Centro de Investigacion y Desarrollo de la Cultura Juan Marinello, Introduccion - Dr Juan A Alvarado Ramos - Cultura Popular Tradicional Cubana
19022061109: Cesare Ripa, introduction by Erna Mandowsky - Cesare Ripa: Iconologia, overo descrittione de diverse imagini cavate dall' antichita, e di propria inventione
76220104006: Mirco De Cet - Formula One Race Circuits: The changing architecture of race tracks
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11222041227: David J Chalmers - The Conscious Mind: In Search of a Fundamental Theory
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11614060191: Neil Chamberlain - The Union Challenge to Management Control
50015010068: Russell Chamberlin - The National Trust : The English Country Town
03111080018: Chambers - Chambers's Concise Gazetteer of the World, Topographical, Statistical, Historical
10119011102: Robert W Chambers - Cardigan
12218061016: R W Chambers - Catalogue of the Dante Collection in the Library of University College London, with a Note on the Correspondence of Henry Clark Barlow
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