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08520041096: John Marsh - City of Fear, a Ray Felton Mystery
50313060069: Samuel Marshall - History of Co-operative Development (Hull and District)
10111060069: Isobel Marshall - A Jack and His Jill, A Romance of Modern Derry with Other Stories
10111080077: Marshall, Gary - Cottonwood Creek
10111080110: Marshall, Mrs Emma - Over The Down or A Chapter of Accidents
50022011077: Emma Marshall - The Cathedral Cities of England
15017011048: John Marshall - The Infertile Period, Principles and Practice
10111080178: Marshall, Gary - Rough Ranges
71015010024: Charles L. Marson - Hugh Bishop of Lincoln, A Short Story of One of the Makers of Mediaeval England
75314020045: Phoebe Wray and kenneth R Martin - Historical Whaling Records from the Western Indian Ocean
50318081141: Rebecca Roberts & Sally Scantlebury; foreword by James Martin - Deliciously Dales: Food Trails, Leading Producers, Tasty Recipes
10111070009: Martin, A E - Sinners Never Die
51012020055: J M Martin - The Rise in Population in Eighteenth-Century Warwickshire, Dugdale Society's Occasional Papers No. 23
56022011063: Brian P Martin - Rusticus, Diary of a Modern Countryman
05415121162: Sir Theodore Martin - Monographs: Garrick, Macready, Rachel & Baron Stockmar
70511080045: R Martin Pope, series edited by Arthur E Gregory - The Epistles of Paul the Apostle to Timothy and Titus, Expository Notes on the Revised Version with Introduction and Appendix
22022011032: Iain Martin - Crash Bang Wallop, The Inside Story of London's Big Bang and a Financial Revolution that Changed the World
52419071103: Edited and translated by G H Martin - Portsmouth Record Series No. 9. Portsmouth Royal Charters 1194-1974
57221121007: Brian P Martin - Sporting Birds of the British Isles
60512010006: Martinez, Oscar J. - Fragments of the Mexican Revolution: Personal Accounts from the Border
60218071075: Jill Cook and Hazel E Martingell - The Carlyle Collection of Stone-Age Artefacts from Central India. British Museum Occasional Paper 95
25322041125: Michelangelo Muraro; photographs by Paolo Marton - Venetian Villas, The History and Culture
75721121041: Robert F Marx - Shipwrecks in the Americas. A complete guide to every major shipwreck in the Western Hemishpere
10116011157: Mary Russell Mitford, edited with an an introduction by Ernest Rhys - Our Village
18815090057: Mary Rose, foreword by Michael Simmons - The Horsemaster's Notebook
50319011012: Mary O'Regan - The Medieval Manor Court of Wakefield
70819091136: E L Mascall - The Recovery of Unity, a Theological Approach
75121111016: John Masefield - The Conway
77619121061: Wg Cdr J A 'Robby' Robinson. Foreword by Sir Charles Masefield - Avro One: Autobiography of a Chief Test Pilot
05415121283: John Masefield - A King's Daughter, a Tragedy in Verse
14722041088: Marco Polo; Translated and Edited by William Marsden; re-rdited by Thomas Wright; Introduction byJohn Masefield - The Travels of Marco Polo, Everyman's Library No. 306
16021121090: Jill Mason - The Hare
52617101046: Mason, Edward G. - The Ancient and Historic Church of St Mary the Virgin, Monken Hadley, Hertfordshire, A HISTORY AND GUIDE
50317061077: edited by Anne Mason - Around the Wolds and North Yorkshire, 2002 No. 82.
50317061079: edited by Anne Mason - Around the Wolds and North Yorkshire, August - September 2002, No. 85.
50317061123: Roger Mason - Plain Tales from Yorkshire
50317061058: edited by Anne Mason - Around the Wolds, May-June 1998 No. 60 A Magazine of Local Interest
50317061059: edited by Anne Mason - Around the Wolds, July-August 1998 No. 61 A Magazine of Local Interest
50317061060: edited by Anne Mason - Around the Wolds, September - October 1998 No. 62 A Magazine of Local Interest
50317061061: edited by Anne Mason - Around the Wolds, November - December 1998 No. 63 A Magazine of Local Interest
50317061062: edited by Anne Mason - Around the Wolds, January-February 1999 No. 64 A Magazine of Local Interest
50317061063: edited by Anne Mason - Around the Wolds, March - April 1999 No. 65. A Magazine of Local Interest
50317061064: edited by Anne Mason - Around the Wolds and North Yorkshire, May-June 1999 No. 66. A Magazine of Local Interest
50317061065: edited by Anne Mason - Around the Wolds and North Yorkshire, July - August 1999 No. 67. A Magazine of Local Interest
50317061067: edited by Anne Mason - Around the Wolds and North Yorkshire, November - December 1999 No. 69. A Magazine of Local Interest
50317061068: edited by Anne Mason - Around the Wolds and North Yorkshire, March - April 2000 No. 71. A Magazine of Local Interest
50317061069: edited by Anne Mason - Around the Wolds and North Yorkshire, July-August 2000 No. 73. A Magazine of Local Interest
50317061074: edited by Anne Mason - Around the Wolds and North Yorkshire, 2001 No. 77.
50317061075: edited by Anne Mason - Around the Wolds and North Yorkshire, 2001 No. 79.
70111010108: Arthur James Mason - The Principles of Ecclesiastical Unity, Four Lectures Delivered in St Asaph Cathedral on June 16, 17, 18 and 19. (1896)
10119101142: A E W Mason - The Broken Road
50317061041: edited by Anne Mason - Around the Wolds, Jan/Feb 1995 No. 40 A Magazine of Local Interest
50317061045: edited by Anne Mason - Around the Wolds, November-December1995 No. 45 A Magazine of Local Interest
50317061047: edited by Anne Mason - Around the Wolds, March-April 1996 No. 47 A Magazine of Local Interest
50317061048: edited by Anne Mason - Around the Wolds, July-August 1996 No. 49 A Magazine of Local Interest
57122041010: Finch Mason - The Run of the Season
11316021091: John Hope Mason - The Indispensable Rousseau
50317061071: edited by Anne Mason - Around the Wolds and North Yorkshire, September-October 2000 No. 74.
05315080255: William Mason - Poems (inc. Musaeus - a monody to the memory of Mr Pope; Odes; Elegies; Epitaphs; Elfrida; Caractacus; Letters; Illustrations)
50317061039: edited by Anne Mason - Around the Wolds, Sept-Oct 1994 No. 38, A Magazine of Local Interest
50317061049: edited by Anne Mason - Around the Wolds, September-October 1996 No. 50 A Magazine of Local Interest
50317061050: edited by Anne Mason - Around the Wolds, November - December 1996 No. 51 A Magazine of Local Interest
50317061053: edited by Anne Mason - Around the Wolds, May - June 1997 No. 54 A Magazine of Local Interest
50317061054: edited by Anne Mason - Around the Wolds, July-August 1997 No. 55 A Magazine of Local Interest
50317061055: edited by Anne Mason - Around the Wolds, November - December 1997 No. 57 A Magazine of Local Interest
50317061057: edited by Anne Mason - Around the Wolds, March - April 1998 No. 59 A Magazine of Local Interest
50317061030: edited by Anne Mason - Around the Wolds, Jan/Feb 1993 No. 28.
50317061031: edited by Anne Mason - Around the Wolds, March-April 1993 No. 29
50317061033: edited by Anne Mason - Around the Wolds, July - August 1993 No. 31
50317061036: edited by Anne Mason - Around the Wolds, March-April 1994 No. 35, A Magazine of Local Interest
50317061037: edited by Anne Mason - Around the Wolds, May - June 1994 No. 36, A Magazine of Local Interest
50317061038: edited by Anne Mason - Around the Wolds, July-August 1994 No. 37, A Magazine of Local Interest
50317061025: edited by Anne Mason - Around the Wolds, March - April 1992 No. 23. Your Own Local Magazine
50317061026: edited by Anne Mason - Around the Wolds, May - June 1992 No. 24. From Scarborough to Spurn and East to the Ouse
50317061028: edited by Anne Mason - Around the Wolds, Sept-Oct 1992 No. 26. From Scarborough to Spurn and East to the Ouse
50317061029: edited by Anne Mason - Around the Wolds, Nov/Dec 1992 No. 27. From Scarborough to Spurn and East to the Ouse
05213060038: G R Mason - From Gottsched to Hebbel
02017011050: Peter Mason - Blood & Iron
40118101031: Claude Masset - Les Dolmens - Societes neolithiques, Pratiques funeraires. Les sepultures collectives d'Europe occidentale (The Dolmens - Neolithic Societies, Funeral practices. Collective graves of Western Europe)
75921111105: Robert K Massie - Castles of Steel, Britain Germany and the Winning of the Great War at Sea
15722041182: edited by Henry Massie - Clocks, November 1979, Volume 2, Number 5
15722041183: edited by Henry Massie - Clocks, December 1979, Volume 2, Number 6
15722041184: edited by Henry Massie - Clocks, January 1980, Volume 2, Number 7
10112110040: Allan Massie - Antony
25322071131: Georgina Masson - Italian Villas and Palaces. The World of Art Library, Architecture
19122021080: Master Patron, The Lord-Lieutenant of Devon; Co-ordinator, Caroline Nicholson - Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Devon
11216062013: Masters, Ruth E. - Counseling Criminal Justice Offenders
75721111080: David Masters - When Ships Go Down, More Wonders of Salvage
15722041023: Harold H Mather - Clock and Watch Makers of Nottinghamshire
11618061100: Charles G Hanson; Graham Mather - Striking Out Strikes, Changing employment relations in the British Labour Market
11619092006: Charles G Hanson; Graham Mather - Striking Out Strikes, Changing Employment Relations in the British Labour Market. Hobart Paper 110
50317063022: J Stanley Mathers (Ed) - The Wesley Historical Society - Yorkshire Branch. No. 21. September 1972
50317063024: J Stanley Mathers (Ed) - The Wesley Historical Society - Yorkshire Branch. No. 23. September 1973
50317063025: J Stanley Mathers (Ed) - The Wesley Historical Society - Yorkshire Branch. No. 24. April 1974
70722081083: Peter Matheson - Cardinal Contarini at Regensburg
11615060097: Foreword by Robert E Mathews - Ohio State Law Journal, Volume 22, Winter 1964, Number 1, Internal Union Affairs
10111080114: Basil Mathews - John Williams the Shipbuilder
57321111025: Captain Arthur Mathison - Now the Long Trick's Over, A British merchant seaman's life from 1932
65520051076: Peter F Batchelor & Christopher Matson - VCs of the First World War: The Western Front 1915
61216022034: D J A Matthew - The Medieval European Community
65122021058: Christopher Matthew - An Invincible Beast, Understanding the Hellenistic Pike-Phalanx at War
70110100006: Walter Robert Matthews - The Gospel and the Modern Mind
60113010054: Ronald Matthews - African Powder Keg, Revolt and Dissent in Six Emergent Nations
42811070034: Edited by Sir John Maude - The Story of the Royal United Kingdom Beneficient Association 1863-1963
14520124054: W. Somerset Maugham - A Writer's Notebook
10118041166: W Somerset Maugham - Liza of Lambeth
15017091111: translated by William Maugham - The Pupil's Pharmacopoeia : being a Literal Translation of the London Pharmacopoeia, the English following the original in italics word for word
10111100041: Maurice Maeterlinck, translated by Alexander Teixeira de Mattos - The Double Garden
02220091050: Maurice Maeterlinck, translated by Alfred Sutro - The Magic of the Stars
04416090096: Andre Maurois - Ariel Ou La Vie de Shelley
16018043035: William Mavor - The elements of natural history : chiefly intended for the use of schools, and young persons
16719081094: L E Mawdesley-Thomas (Ed). A D Hawkins, D N MacLennan, G G Urquhart & C Robb; etc. - Journal of Fish Biology. Volume 6, Number 3, May 1974
16719081101: L E Mawdesley-Thomas (Ed). R I Hawkins; R H Payne, A R Child & A Forrest; P Biro; etc - Journal of Fish Biology. Volume 4, Number 2, April 1972
16719081096: L E Mawdesley-Thomas (Ed). A A Ezzat, M B Shabana & A M Farghaly; S Gupta; B C W van der Waal; etc. - Journal of Fish Biology. Volume 6, Number 1, January 1974
16719081120: L E Mawdesley-Thomas (Ed). G Cocoros, P H Cahn & W Siler; B Stott & D G Cross; A E J Went; etc. - Journal of Fish Biology. Volume 5, Number 6, November 1973
16719081099: L E Mawdesley-Thomas (Ed). D H McCarthy, J P Stevenson & M S Roberts; J F Wickins & I S Macfarlane; etc. - Journal of Fish Biology. Volume 5, Number 1, January 1973
16719081097: L E Mawdesley-Thomas (Ed). R A Shotter; R G Otto; J L S Cobb, N C Fox & R M Santer; etc. - Journal of Fish Biology. Volume 5, Number 5, September 1973
51917022042: Mawditt, Nicholas - Saltford Village - Then and Now
13111010085: Max Bruch, Sir Walter Scott - Ave Maria (Ave Maria Konigin), Soprano Scene from the Dramatic Cantata "The Fiery Cross" Op 52 No. 6, adapted from Sir Walter Scott's "The Lady of the Lake". No 2
20016111006: Howard Maxford - The A-Z of Science Fiction & Fantasy Films
50023031015: L T C Rolt; Francis Maxwell - The Thames from Mouth to Source
42820111046: Sir Herbert Maxwell - Sixty Years a Queen, The Story of Victoria's Reign
75121111089: Ed. Charles Hadfield; Hugh McKnight; David Edwards-May - Canal Enthusiasts' Handbook No. 2
10111080109: William J May - Mary-Martha's Jubilee Book
13111010088: May Sabeston Walker, words by Thomas Moult - The Two Watchers, song with piano accompaniment
10121121092: Lucretia Maybury - Job Carson's Portrait Gallery
10111080170: Maybury, Anne - Forbidden
50320041103: John Mayhall - The Annals of Yorkshire from the Earliest Period to the Present Time, Vol. I
60512010041: Theodore Maynard - De Soto and the Conquistadores
10116031282: Brian McAllister, - Bullion Run 101
09520104079: Gillian McAllister - No Further Questions
05215070242: edited by Tom McArthur - The Oxford Companion to the English Language
18815121207: Susan McBane - Horse Care & Riding: A Thinking Approach
51120051049: foreword byJ M McBurnie - The Story of the Lancashire & Yorkshire Bank Limited 1872-1922
05321111035: Kevin McCabe - Inside Out
70116062058: McCabe, Joseph - THE INFLUENCE OF THE CHURCH ON MARRIAGE AND DIVORCE (Issued for the Rationalist Free Press Association)
08917011065: Anne McCaffrey - Damia
50319073040: Transcribed by H B McCall - The Publications of Yorkshire Parish Register Society Vol. XXXV (35). The Parish Registers of Kirklington, in the County of York. 1568-1812
50320031049: H B McCall - Richmondshire Churches
13016102354: McCalla, James - Twentieth - Century Chamber Music
60414020046: John W McCalley - Nantucket Yesterday and Today
75122081134: J McCallum - The Strength of Fast Cargo Ships with Discussion, paper read at a meeting of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects on 25th April 1974. No. 71
19410120011: Susan McCartney - Travel Photography, A Complete Guide to How to Shoot and Sell
66416082052: McClure, Alexander K. - Annals of the War Written By Leading Participants North & South
25421101057: Harold Donaldson Eberlein and Abbot McClure - The Practical Book of Period Furniture, Treating of Furniture of the English, American Colonial and Post-Colonial and Principal French Periods, with 250 Illustrations
42017011108: Peter McClure (Ed.) - Nomina. Vol. 1 - 1977, A newsletter of name studies relating to Great Britain and Ireland
61522011023: Martin McColgan - Russia 1881 - 1921, From Tsarism to Communism
60222011110: James McConnachie - The Book of Love, In Search of the Kamasutra
70613110138: S D McConnell - Sermon Stuff. Second Series
10111080162: Barbara McCorquodale - A Kiss of Silk
57319013024: James McCredie - A Gamefisher's Guide to Central Scotland
50319071076: K L McCutcheon - Publications of the Thoresby Society, Volume XXXIX for the year 1939. Yorkshire Fairs & Markets to the end of the Eighteenth Century
06614070068: Helen Pendleton Rockwell; foreword by Richard S McCutcheon - The Epicure's Cook Book
08517031052: Val McDermid - Kick Back
66320084069: Phil McDermott - For Conspicuous Gallantry - The Register of the Conspicuous Gallantry Medal 1855-1992
05416011185: Jan McDonald - The 'New Drama' 1900-1914: Harley Granville Barker; John Galsworthy; St John Hankin; John Masefield
05321111039: Ellie McDonald - Pathfinder
75721071020: Kendall McDonald - The Wreck Detectives
25022091043: edited by Michael McGarvie - Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society. New Series. Volume Twenty-Eight. 1984
75817061180: McGee, William L. - BLUEJACKET ODYSSEY Guadalcanal to Bikini: Naval Armed Guard in the Pacific
56118031056: Sir Frederick Keeble; preface by Sir Harry McGowan - Fertilizers and Food Production on Arable and Grass Land
42421101048: J J N McGurk - A Dictionary of Medieval Terms for the Use of History Students
50114010041: edited by A K McHardy - Royal Writs Addressed to John Buckingham, Bishop of Lincoln 1363-1398. Lincoln Register 12B, A Calendar
08519111153: McInerny, Ralph - On This Rockne
50323021004: Sylvia D Hogarth; Bill Fawcett; Colin Sheppard; Ross Wilson; Graham Bruce and Lauren McIntyre - York Historian Volume 26 2009
05323031052: C G McKay - The Algebraist and Other Poems
60421111030: Richard C McKay - South Street, A Maritime History of New York
15723031028: Chris McKay - The Turret Clock Keeper's Handbook. A Practical Guide for those who look after a Turret Clock. Turret Clock Group Monograph No. 4 1998
25019051057: John McKean - Charles Rennie Mackintosh: Architect, Artist, Icon
70521111076: Henry McKeating - The Cambridge Bible Commentary on the New English Bible, The Books of Amos, Hosea and Micah
10212070065: Stephen McKenna - Sheila Intervenes
25022091115: Judith McKenzie - The Architecture of Alexandria and Egypt c. 300 to AD 700
05321111033: Jane McKie - Kitsune
61022081014: Michael McKinnon - Arabia: Sand, Sea, Sky
66419111169: Curt Johnson and Mark McLaughlin - Battles of the American Civil War - First Bull Run to Petersburg: Four Hard Years of Manoeuvre and Bloodshed
75122081136: D S Aldwinckle and D McLean - A Safety Review of Ships for Liquified Gases and Future Legislative Needs, paper presented at an exhibition in Amsterdam in November 1984. No. 90
75115030244: edited by Roy McLeavy - Jane's Surface Skimmer Systems, Second Year of Issue. A world wide survey of air cushion craft and vehicles of air-riding materials handling equipment and of hydrofoil craft. 1968-69
75115030242: edited by Roy McLeavy - Jane's Surface Skimmers, Hovercraft and Hydrofoils, 1971-2, Fifth Year of Issue
42920041069: James McMillan - The Way It Was 1914-1934. Based on the files of Express Newspapers
05321111044: Hugh McMillan - Postcards From the Hedge, a semi-detached tour of Scotland
50019091047: W G McMinnies - Signpost, An Independent Guide to Pleasant Ports of Call
75217083057: Francis E McMurtrie - The World's Warships 1941
75222101002: edited Francis E McMurtrie - Jane's Fighting Ships 1939 (Issued November, 1939) Founded in 1897 by Fred T Jane, Forty-Third Year of Issue
14420084012: Andy McNab - Immediate Action
60718111020: Ward McNally - Australia, The Challenging Land
05321111036: Andrew McNeil - Temples Fae Creels
70818043017: A H McNeile, revised by C S C Williams - An Introduction to the Study of the New Testament
65016031233: Mark McNeilly - Sun Tzu and the Art of Modern Warfare
66413050061: James m McPherson; Patricia R McPherson - Lamson of the Gettysburg, the Civil War Letters of Lieutenant Roswell H Lamson, U.S. Navy
03321121042: Bill McQuire - A Guide to the End of the World, Everything You Never Wanted to Know
05321111038: Angela McSeveney - Slaughtering Beetroot
05321111037: Angela McSeveney - Still Bristling
13019121100: J Walker McSpadden - Opera Synopses. A Guide to the Plots and Character of the Standard Operas
18820071056: M F McTaggart - Stable and Saddle
42810120047: Standish Meacham - A Life Apart, the English Working Class, 1890-1914
11522021238: Margaret Mead - Male and Female, a Study of the Sexes in a Changing World
11617061166: J E Meade - Wage-Fixing (Stagflation, Volume 1)
10214040017: L T Meade - Scamp and I, a story of City By-Ways
18815100025: Edited by Elwyn Hartley Edwards and Candida Geddes. Foreword by Richard Meade - The Complete Book of The Horse
50322011068: W Montgomery; R W Elliot; W Young; W E Wilcox; D Thompson; R Williamson; C Meadley - Scarborough Sketches. A Compendium of Humourous, Descriptive Scenes, and Reminiscences of of Scarborough in the Season etc. in Verse
10111080040: Leonard Meares - The Major and the Miners
11516052167: Mecke, Gunter - Hair or, the Ligurinus Shock: On a Narcissistic Crisis in Puberty and Its Recurrence in the Man of Fifty
05321071067: Richard Medrington - Wild Star Flight, Poems
50323011074: Barbara Wilson and Francis Mee - The Fairest Arch in England, Old Ouse Bridge, York, and its Buildings. The Pictorial Evidence. The Archaeology of York Supplementary Series
50323011073: Barbara Wilson and Francis Mee - The Medieval Parish Churches of York. The Pictorial Evidence. The Archaeology of York Supplementary Series
50323011072: Barbara Wilson and Frances Mee - St Mary's Abbey and the King's Manor, York. The Pictorial Evidence. The Archaeology of York Supplementary Series
16719071175: Edited by Alexander Meek - Dove Marine Laboratory, Cullercoats, Northumberland. Report for year ending June 30th 1917
40118061025: edited by J V S Megaw - To Illustrate the Monuments, Essays on archaeology presented to Stuart Piggott on the occasion of his sixty-fifth birthday
13016102345: Mellers, Wilfrid; John Paynter (ed) - BETWEEN OLD WORLDS AND NEW Occasional writings on music
70711010047: Sydney Herbert Mellone - Western Christian Thought in the Middle Ages, an Essay in Interpretation
70520061019: Ed. Enid B Mellor - The Cambridge Bible Commentary on the New English Bible, Introductory Volume, The Making of the Old Testament
10111080111: G J Whyte-Melville - Katerfelto
07311100049: Isolde Schmitt-Menzel - Fun With Clay
50319021090: Paul Menzies - Cleveland in Times Past
52321011017: Catalogue prepared by Rosamond Meredith - Catalogue of the Arundel Castle Manuscripts being the Muniments of His Grace the Duke of Norfolk, Earl Marshall, K.D., relating to the Yorkshire, Nottingham and Derbyshire Estates of the Dukes of Norfolk and their predecessors etc.
10122031136: George Meredith - The Ordeal of Richard Feverel, A History of a Father and Son
10120031180: Meredith, George - Evan Harrington
70218081040: Matthaus Merian - The Bible in Word and Art, Text based on the King James Version
19022071147: Alain Merot - Nicolas Poussin (1594-1665) Tomes I & II. Actes fu colloque organise au musee du Louvre par le Service culturel di 19 au 21 octobre 1994
10119121178: Henry Seton Merriman - Tomaso's Fortune and Other Stories
75022021220: Pieter van der Merwe - A Refuge for All, Greenwich Hospital 1694 - 1994
18219043003: John Merwin - The New North American Trout Fishing
77316031159: Charles Messenger - Battle of Britain
77316031160: Charles Messenger - Battle of Britain
50322081018: Peter Metcalfe - Place-Names of the Yorkshire Dales
75721121105: Willis Metcalfe - Canvas & Steam on Quinte Waters
53218041008: A A Methley - A Child's Guide to London
25022081122: C J Mettem; - Structural Timber Design and Technology
75422091080: Jurgen Meyer - Hamburgs Segelschiffe 1795 - 1945
12216041148: Edited by Peter Davison. Fredson Bowers; David G Hale; Stanley Boorman; David C Chibbett; Conor Fahy; Barry Gaines; W G Day; H E Meyer. - The Transactions of the Bibliographical Society, The Library, Fifth Series, Volume XXVII, Number 2 June 1972
15720094020: Captain Richard Meyrick - The John Gershom Parkington Memorial Collection of Time Measurement Instruments - Catalogue Mark III
75411090048: Michael B McPhee, Lisa Gosselin - Sailing, A Celebration of the Sport and the World's Best Places to Enjoy It
70121011024: Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury - Canterbury Essays and Addresses
19122041049: Michael Jaffe, tradzione di Germano Mulazzani - Catalogo Completo Rubens
60122091011: Michael Marriott, forword by Sir Leonard Lord - Desert Taxi. The Story of an Achievement by a Veteran London Taxi-Cab
60416052129: Edited by Michael O'Brien - All Clever Men, Who Make Their Way: Critical Discourse in the Old South
09416031057: Leigh Michaels - The Perfect Divorce!
15720041136: S Middlebrook - Newcastle upon Tyne, Its Growth and Achievement
05417061210: Thomas Middleton - A Trick to Catch the Old One
42417121015: Sir Arthur E Middleton - Sir Gilbert De Middleton: And the Part He Took in the Rebellion in the North of England in 1317
40119071025: G. T. Clark; Griffin W. Vyse; Edward A. Freeman; W. Thompson Watkin; Rev. Charles Henry Middleton - The Archaeological Journal, Volume XXXIV, No. 133, March 1877, For Researches into the Early and Middle Ages
10111080332: O. E. Middleton - A Walk on the Beach
77019111231: Don Middleton - Test Pilots, The Story of British Test Flying 1903-1984
77519111055: Donald Middleton - Tests of Character, Epic Flights by Legendary Test Pilots
70722011105: Roy Midmer - English Mediaeval Monasteries 1066 - 1540, A Summary
75218011006: Mike Critchley, introduction by Admiral Sir Henry Leach - British Warships & Auxiliaries 1982/83
18112060126: Mike Gatting, Angela Patmore - Leading From the Front. The Autobiography of Mike Gatting
65414080277: Lieut-Colonel F O Miksche - Atomic Weapons and Armies
41016102148: Milbourne, J.S - HERALDRY FOR AMATEURS. A Handbook for Beginners. Including Concise Instructions regarding theTracing of Pedigrees.
19018021028: Miles Kington, paintings by James Grainger - Vicarage Allsorts
75623011035: Miles Cowsill, John Hendy - Ferries Around Britain
14919121086: Brian & Alison Milgate - The Cochin Connection. Two Against the Drug Trade: A True Story
65620051006: Military Intelligence Division, War Department, Washington - Order of Battle of the German Army, February 1944
19123031110: Malcolm Rogers; Oliver Millar - William Dobson 1611-46, to accompany the exhibition October 1983 to January 1984 at the National Portrait Gallery, London and also pamphlet for 1951 Tate Gallery Exhibition with Introduction by Oliver Millar
19122081051: Oliver Millar - Rubens: The Whitehall Ceiling. Fortieth Charlton Lecture on Art, Delivered at King's College of the University of Durham, Newcastle Upon Tyne in 1957
75614050143: William H Miller - The Last Blue Water Liners
11221101041: Henry Knight Miller - Life Triumphant
11422021057: David Miller - Strangers in our Midst, The Political Philosophy of Immigration
18718051221: edited by H M Kelly. A T Hargreaves and R Miller - Rock-Climbing Guides to the English Lake District, Scafell Group
50617031229: Edward Miller - Portrait of a College, A History of the College of Saint John the Evangelist, Cambridge
50315010150: Jack Danby; foreword by Arnold Miller - Jack Danby's East Yorkshire Miscellany: A Selection from Broadcasts over Ten Years 1971-1981 BBC Radio Humberside
05320041105: James Milligan - The Hills and Vale of Cleveland and Other Poems
10212070104: Elsie Milligan - Penny Goes A-Camping
14413060188: Sarah Gertrude Millin - General Smuts, the Second Volume
25022021169: Edited by Henry A Millon - Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome, Volume XXXV, Studies in Italian Art and Architecture 15th through 18th Centuries
77317091011: Millot, Bernard - DIVINE THUNDER, the Life and Death of the Kamikazes
10111090115: Deanie Francis Mills - The Jigsaw Man
10212070059: Beatrice H M Walker; illustrated by Reginald Mills - The Gift of the Sea
25322041166: edited by Peter Campbell. David Watkin; Anthony Ratcliff; Nicholas Thompson; John Mills - A House in Town. 22 Arlington Street, Its Owners and Builders
75121091038: E L Millward - Rescue, The Story of the Swanage Lifeboats from 1875. With Illustrations
53916011112: Millward, Roy; Robinson, Adrian - Borrowdale and West Cumberland
10111090017: Roseleen Milne - The Major's Lady
25022091034: James Lees-Milne - Tudor Renaissance
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77316031187: Alfred Price - Battle of Britain
77513040112: Alfred Price - Sky Warriors, Classic Air War Battles
77515101114: Alfred Price - Sky Battles: Sky Warriors. Stories of Exciting Air Combat.
50318121132: A C Price - Leeds and Its Neighbourhood, an Illustration of English history
25022021234: Robert Pricke - The Architects Store-house; being a Collection of Several Designes of Frontispieces, Doors and Windo-Cases, Cieling-Pieces,Alcoves, Chimney-Pieces and Fountains, with divers other sorts useful in Eminent Buildings etc.
25022021235: Robert Pricke - The Ornaments of Architecture. Containing Compartments, Shields, Mantlings, Foldige, Festones, Monuments for Tombs, Alphabets of large Letters Plain and Enrich'd with the Order of making them. With Some New Designs etc.
50322011075: Rev. Marmaduke Prickett - An Historical and Architectural Description of the Priory Church of Bridlington, In the East Riding of the County of the York
70114010150: Caroline Pridham (Mrs L G Wait) - Twilight and Dawn or Simple Talks on the Six Days of Creation
10121031031: J B Priestley - Black-Out in Gretley. A Story of - and for - Wartime
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14522041241: J B Priestley - Margin Released, A Writer's Reminiscences & Reflections
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05919121038: J B Priestley - Talking, Being one of a series of essays entitled: These Diversions
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10122041240: J B Priestley - Angel Pavement
10122041242: J B Priestley - Three Men in New Suits
05214020094: J B Priestley - The Art of the Dramatist, a lecture together with Appendices and Discursive Notes
10114020106: J B Priestley - The Carfitt Crisis and two other stories
05417031223: J B Priestly - I Have Been Here Before, a Play in Three Acts
17223031010: The Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests - The Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests. Grand College of England and Wales and its Tabernacles Overseas. Year Book 1993 including The Report of Proceedings of the Annual Assembly Statistics and General Information
17223031008: The Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests - The Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests. Grand College of England and Wales and its Tabernacles Overseas. Year Book 1990 including The Report of Proceedings of the Annual Assembly Statistics and General Information
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17223031007: The Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests - The Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests. Grand College of England and Wales and its Tabernacles Overseas. Year Book 1989 including The Report of Proceedings of the Annual Assembly Statistics and General Information
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53211070021: Harry Prince - Half-Hours in Old London
05321071060: D A Prince - Nearly the Happy Hour
14519031119: Patrick Pringle - The Young Dickens
50221061074: Bessacarr Prints - Look at Newark on Trent
07316101091: Joanne Prior - Soft Furnishing, a practical introduction

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