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18182: - 21 Views of Niagara Falls. Detroit: Art Process Company
17398: - (Science) Boston Journal of Chemistry; Devoted to the Science of Home Life, the Arts, Agriculture and Medicine Two Issues!
18135: - Where Vermont Comes in
18953: - The Youth's Companion; Front Cover Illustration Shows Tr's Nobel Peace Prize in Actual Size
17403: - (Petroliana) Colonial Auto Tours; Free Map of Boston. .
17640: - Contractor's Equipment Register 1917-18 Edition: A Complete Classified and Indexed Buying Reference for Contractors
16892: - The Boy's Club of the First Congregational Church, Newbury, Vermont 1905
14054: - Where to Hunt American Game
17409: - (Education) Smith College 1890-1891
17401: - The Jubilee Year Book of the New-York Observer. 1873. With Portraits of the Founders
17355: - (Cookery) the New Home Cook Book
17411: - (Broadside) to the Parents, Guardians, Masters and Others of School District No. 8 in Salem N.H. August 18, 1873; (Mandatory School Attendance)
16990: - A Copy of the Poll List of the Election for Representatives for the City and County of New-York; Which Election Began on Tuesday the 17th Day of February, and Ended on Thursday the 19th of the Same Month, in the Year of Our Lord Mdcclxi (1761) Alphabetically Made
12591: - Richters Reisefuher Hamburg Altona (Hamburg and Environs)
17097: - Private Spaces a Tribute to Sandra A. Wadsworth A.I. A.
16623: - In Memoriam; Citizens' Memorial Meeting in Honor of Theodore Roosevelt, Auditorium, Chicago February 9, 1919
18402: - Historic Tours in Soconyland
18404: - Monthly Record of the Five Points House of Industry Vol. XI, No. 6, October, 1867
15804: - La Voute de la Chapelle Sixtine
17085: - A Taste of the Valley the People, the Vinyards, the Wineries and the Recipes of the Alexander Valley; the People, the Vinyards, the Wineries and the Recipes of the Alexander Valley
15866: - Ricordo Di Pisa; Postcards
17394: - Seating List, Testamonial Dinner to the Honoarable A.E. Giegengack, Public Printer of the United States at the Waldorf-Astoria, New York, Friday Evening October 26, 1934
18393: - In the Philippines a Part of Greater America; Selections from the Youth's Companion
13603: - Typography 5; the Annual of the Type Directors Club
17365: - (Menu) Harvard University Class of 1876 Decennial June 29, 1886 Dinner at Beckman & Punchard at the Parker House, Boston
14344: - Manual of Gurley Hydraulic Engineering Instruments
13074: - Theodore Roosevelt Calendar, 1921
13104: - Report of the Commission on Country Life ; with an Introduction by Theodore Roosevelt
16575: - Souvenir Views of Hartford Conn
13369: - Horst Portraits 60 Years of Style; Selected with an Essay by Terrance Pepper. Notes on the Plates and Chronology by Robin Muir
14822: - Mother Goose's Melodies for Children, or Songs for the Nursery; with Notes, Music, and an Account of the Goose or Vergoose Family and with Illustrations by Henry L. Stephens and Gaston Fay
13279: - Roosevelt Hotel Stationery
13781: - Theodore Roosevelt Photograph / Campaigning in 1912. Somewhere Along the Bull Moose Campaign Trail
13774: - Heroes of the Spanish American War
13878: - Connecticut Delegation and Guests to Republican National Convention, at the Chicago, ILL. June 21, 22, 23, 1904. And Louisiana Purchase Exposition at St. Louis, Mo. June 24 and 25, 1904
18693: - Announcement of the Wagner Free Institute of Science for the Collegiate Year 1870-1871
18137: - Saratoga Spa
15284: - Washington, the Nation's Pride
13759: - The Roosevelt Toast; Here's to the Bride May All Her Troubles Be Little Ones
15358: - The History of the Celebrated Nanny Goose and the History of the Prince Renardo and the Lady Goosiana; Afterword by Judith St John
18956: - The Youth's Companion; Front Cover Illustration Shows the New Arctic Ship "Roosevelt", Admiral Peary's Ship
12891: - The Chinese Bronzes of Yunnan; Foreword by Jessica Rawson
13881: - The Plattsburger; a Record of the Second Camp
15122: - The American Educational Monthly for the School and the Family. Volume 1, No. 1
13771: - Theodore Roosevelt Scholar, Citizen and Statesman
17615: - Die Psalmen Und Fest-Lieder Für Den öffentlichen Gottesdienst Der Stadt Und Landschaft Bern; (the Psalms and Festival Songs for the Public Worship of the City and Landscape of Bern
15207: - Theodore Roosevelt's Labor Record; Does Labor Get a Square Deal? It Has from Roosevelt. .
17363: - (Menu) National Exchange Bank of Providence, One Hundredth Anniversary Dinner, Trocadero, April 18, 1901; Menu
18950: - The Youth's Companion; Front Cover Illustration Shows President Roosevelt & His Cabinet
17141: - Twenty-Fifth Annual Catalogue State Normal School Fitchburg Massachusetts
19251: - Have You Read 100 Great Books?; Dedicated to the Public Libraries of America... .
18684: - Nouvelle Carte de France. Carte Taride, No. 14
17735: - The Maine Register and Business Directory for the Year 1856; Embracing the State and County Officers, and the Titles of Laws and Resolves of 1855 Together with the Mercantile, Professional, Manufacturing and Mechanical Departments. .
16652: - Tableaux, Objets D'Art D'Extreme-Orient Sieges Et Meubles Tapisseries - Tapis;
18220: - The Notable Art Collection Formed by the Late George A. Hearn of New York City; Merchant, Art Patron and Benefactor of New York City to Be Sold at Unrestricted Public Sale Foreign Paintings Described by W. Roberts, English Art Critic. American Paintings Described by Wm. A. Coffin, N.A. The Sale Will Be Conducted by Mr. Thomas E. Kirby and His Assistant, Mr. Otto Bernet of the American Art Association, Managers. Madison Square South; Volume 1; Paintings
16918: - Annual Reference Book of the National (Boston) Association of Shoe Factory Buyers, Superintendents and Foremen
16481: - (Theatrical) Proem Walter Hampden
16492: - Report from Select Committee of the House of Lords Appointed to Consider of the Petition of the Chamber of Commerce in the City of Glasgow Taking Notice of the Bill Intituled "an Act for Ascertaining and Establishing Uniformity of Weights and Measures. .
13884: - President Mckinley's Share in the War with Spain; and William Mckinley, a Typical American of Wide Experience Who Has Become a Masterful President
18955: - Collier's Illustrated Weekly; on the Cover; Tr at the Graduating Exercises at West Point; Panama Canal Controversy
19235: - (Cookery) Ceresota Cook Book
18501: - The Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night; Rendered Into English from the Literal and Complete French Translation of Dr. J.C. Mardrus by Powys Mather
13757: - Theodore Roosevelt Abroad
13758: - Visit of the Honorable Theodore Roosevelt Ex President of the United States of America to the Guildhall Tuesday May 31st 1910
16499: - Faithful Reproductions of Rooms
18951: - The Youth's Companion; Front Cover Illustration Shows Scenes President Roosevelt's Trip, Porto Rico
16862: - Lady Godiva Procession, Coventry, August 7, 1907
18952: - The Youth's Companion; Front Cover Illustration Shows First Meeting of the Japanese & Russian Peace Commissioners at a Reception by President Roosevelt
15563: - Architectural Woodwork Quality Standards, Guide Specifications and Quality Certification Program
15564: - The Rainy Day Story Book; with Six Plates in Colour
18336: - A Brief History of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, with a Description of Its Work
16611: - The First Church in Gloucester, an Authentic Historical Statement: Showing Also the Legal Relations of the Parishes and Churches
16479: - (Theatrical) Balieff's Chauve-Souris of Moscow
17414: - (Industry Newspaper) the Fruit Recorder & Cottage Gardener, October 1, 1885
18332: - Official Automobile Blue Book (1928) Volume One: New England, Long Island, Quebec & Maritime Canada
16416: - Der Luftkrieg, 1914-1915: Unter Verwendung Von Feldpostbriefen Und Berichten Von Augenzeugen Dargest. Von Einem Flugtechniker; Mit Genehmigung Des Königlich Preussischen Kriegsministeriums Und Des Kaiserlichen Reichsmarineamts. (the Air War, 1914-1915: Using Letters from the Front and Eyewitness Reports of a Flight Engineer; with Permission of the Royal Prussian War Ministry and the Imperial Reichsmarineamt)
17356: - (Culinary) Rowsley. The Peacock Hotel, the Menu, 1953
16884: - Prospectus; U.S. School of Music
19228: - American Wool and Cotton Reporter
18739: - (Modele Depose) Plan - Guide de Paris (Removing Model, Map & Guide to Paris) Index to Streets - Metros - Bus
14918: - In Memoriam; Citizens Memorial Meeting in Honor of Theodore Roosevelt; Auditorium, Chicago, February 9, 1919
17367: - (Menu) Colonial Line; Aboard the Yankee Flagships Arrow Comet and Meteor
16678: - Lacy's Threepenney Guide to Warwick and the Neighbourhood, Illustrated with Engravings; Including the Castle
17379: - (Printing Arts) Graphic Arts Magazine
16679: - Theodore Roosevelt in Silouette
18949: - The Youth's Companion; Front Cover Illustration Shows Nicholas Longworth & Alice Roosevelt, the White House Wedding
18528: - Advantages of the City of San Jose California As a Manufacturing Center Published by the Society for the Promotion of Manufactures
12726: A MEMBER OF THE ROYAL HOUSEHOLD - The Private Life of King Edward VII (Prince of Wales, 1841-1901)
17000: A NEW YORK DETECTIVE - The Haunted Churchyard or Old King Brady, the Detective, and the Mystery of the Iron Vault
13858: ABBOT, WILLIS J. - The Panama Canal in Picture and Prose; a Complete Story of Panama, As Well As the History, Purpose, and Promise of Its World-Famous Canal - the Most Gigantic Engineering Undertaking Since the Dawn of Time
19098: ABBOTT, WINSTON O. - Come Climb My Hill
15241: ABBOTT, EDWARD - Long Look House; a Book for Boys and Girls
13908: ABBOTT, LYMAN - Silhouettes of My Contemporaries
17266: ABBOTT, LYMAN - Impressions of a Careless Traveler
14348: ABBOTT, MABEL - The Life of William T. Davis
11767: ABBOTT, LAWRENCE F. - Impressions of Theodore Roosevelt
12596: ABERNATHY, JOHN R. - In Camp with Theodore Roosevelt or the Life of John R. (Jack) Abernathy
13968: ABERNATHY, LOUIE - Meeting Roosevelt
15397: ACTON MASSACHUSETTS - Acton Massachusetts Two Hundreth Anniversary 1735-1935. July 20-21-22, 1935
16176: ADAMS, DANIEL - The Scholar's Arithmetic: Or, Federal Accountant
16174: ADAMS, DANIEL - The Scholar's Arithmetic: Or, Federal Accountant
17422: ADAMS, JOHN - The Works of John Adams: Second President of the United States with a Life of the Author, Notes and Illustrations by His Grandson Charles Francis Adams, Volumes I & II
12329: ADAMS, JAMES TRUSLOW - Building the British Empire. To the End of the First Empire
14590: ADAMS, REV. JOSEPH - Fifty Years Angling in England, Scotland, the Hebrides, Ireland, Holland; Switzerland and Canada
12994: ADAMS, ALEXANDER B. - John James Audubon, a Biography
13521: ADAMS, DAVID K. AND OTHERS - The Roosevelts: Nationalism, Democracy & Internationalism; Lectures by David K. Adams, Carl-Ludwig Holtfrerich, Edmund Morris, Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.
19323: ADDINGTON, BRUCE H. - Above the Clouds and Old New York. An Historical Sketch of the Site and a Description of the Many Wonders of the Woolworth Buuilding
15893: ADLER, ELMER & OTHERS, EDITORS - The New Colophon; a Book Collector' Quarterly, Volume 1 Part 3, July 1948
15888: ADLER, ELMER & OTHERS, EDITORS - The Colophon; a Book Collector' Quarterly, Part Six, 1931
15890: ADLER, ELMER & OTHERS, EDITORS - The Colophon; a Book Collector' Quarterly, Part Eight, 1931
15892: ADLER, ELMER & OTHERS, EDITORS - The New Colophon; a Book Collector' Quarterly, Volume 1 Part 2, April 1948
17380: ADVERTISING TYPOGRAPHERS OF AMERICA - Advertising Typographers of America Code of Ethics
16187: ADYE MAJ-GEN. SIR JOHN - Soldiers and Others I Have Known; a Volume of Recollections
14259: AIKEN GEORGE D. - Aiken: Senate Diary January 1972 - January 1975
18888: AIKEN, JOAN - The Wolves of Willoughby Chase
14592: AITKIN, RUSSELL BARNETT - Great Game Animals
15309: ALCOTT, LOUISA MAY - Jo's Boys and How They Turned out: A Sequel to Little Men
13340: ALEXANDER, DEALVA STANWOOD - Four Famous New Yorkers. The Political Careers of Cleveland, Platt, Hill and Roosevelt
17125: ALGER, HORATIO - Only an Irish Boy & Tom the Boot Black; Two Stories in One Volume
18958: (ALICE ROOSEVELT) - The Mail & Express, March 1, 1902. Cover of Alice Roosevelt Launching Emperor William's Yacht Meteor; Price Henry in New York & Washington
18147: ALLAIN, MARIE FRANCOISE - The Other Man, Conversations with Graham Greene; Translated from the French by Guido Waldman
19223: ALLEN, IRA - A Natural and Political History of the State of Vermont. .
18885: ALLEN, FREDERICK LEWIS - The Big Change, America Transforms Itself, 1900-1950
17410: ALLEYNE, MARGARET - The Pig That Was Too Thin
15657: ALLODI, MARY - Printmaking in Canada the Earliest Views and Portraits / Les Debuts de L'Estampe Imprimee Au Canada
16049: ALMY, GERALD - Tying and Fishing Terrestrials; Introduction by Charles K. Fox
18320: AMERICAN ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY - Annual Report of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, Presented at the Meeting Held at Philadelphia, Pa. October 4-7, 1859
18322: AMERICAN ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY - Annual Report of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, Presented at the Meeting Held at Boston, Mass. , October 72-5, 1860
18321: AMERICAN ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY - Annual Report of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, Presented at the Meeting Held at Detroit, Michigan, September 7-10, 1858
16850: AMERICAN ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY - Proceedings. Annual Meeting of the Society, April 10, 1918. At the Hall of the Society, Worcester
15789: AMIRANASHVILI, S. (COMPILER AND ESSAYIST) - Nico Piromanashvili
18409: AMOS, JAMES E. - Theodore Roosevelt, Hero to His Valet
18701: AMSTER, LINDA, EDITOR - New York Times Country Weekend Cookbook
16101: ANDERSON, GARY - Atlantic Salmon, Fact & Fantasy
13736: ANDERSON, ROBERT GORDON - The Little Chap
17649: ANDREWS, GENERAL AVERY D. - An Address
13763: ANDREWS, BRYON - The Facts About the Candidate
13886: ANGELO, BONNIE - First Families: The Impact of the White House on Their Lives
16200: ANGLE, PAUL - New Letters and Papers of Lincoln
13156: ANGUS, MAX - The World of Olegas Truchanas
16169: (ANONYMOUS) BY A PILOT - War Flying; the Letters of "Theta" to His Home People Written in Training and in War
18862: ANONYMOUS - Not to Be Repeated, Merry-Go-Round of Europe
19055: ANONYMOUS - Jute, an Account of Its Growth and Manufacture
16887: ANONYMOUS - Arbor Day, Manuscript Student Work
15970: ANONYMOUS - Sketch of the Life of Commodore Vanderbilt
17255: ANONYMOUS, (PHILANDER C. JOHNSON) - The Bull Moose Fight
16649: ANONYMOUS - Guide to the Palace of Westminster; an Illustrated Guide and Descriptive Account of the Palace of Westminster (Wrapper Title)
12175: (ANONYMOUS) - Noyon & la Region Apres the Depart Des Boches
13916: ANTHRACITE COAL STRIKE COMMISSION - Report to the President on the Anthracite Coal Strike of May-October, 1902, by the Anthracite Coal Strike Commission Contained in State Documents No. 1 Nos. 1-12, Except Nos. 3, 11, Miscellaneous, 58th Congress, Special Session
13960: ANTHRACITE COAL STRIKE COMMISSION - Report to the President on the Anthracite Coal Strike of May-October, 1902, by the Anthracite Coal Strike Commission
16928: (ARABEL) - Letters from a Young Lady in 'Scarbro' to Her Cousin in London
18253: ARCHIBALD (ARCHIE) ROOSEVELT - Original Wire Service News Photograph, Archibald Roosevelt, Returns from France, 1918
17148: ARMSTRONG, DAVID M. - Distribution of Mammals in Colorado
18103: ARUNDEL, RUSSELL M. - Everybody's Pixillated, a Book of Doodles
15247: ASCH, FRANK AND TED LEVIN - Sawgrass Poems: A View of the Everglades
16190: ASHLEY, MAURICE - Cromwell's Generals
19296: ASPINALL, ALGERNON - A Pocket Guide to the West Indies
18602: ATHERTON, LEWIS - Main Street on the Middle Border
19067: AUDUBON, JAMES J. AND LUDLOW GRISCOM - Audubon's Birds of America; Introduction and Descriptive Captions by Ludlow Griscom
19113: AUDUBON, JAMES J. - The Birds of America; with a Foreword and Descriptive Captions by William Vogt
11636: AUERBACH, JOSEPH S. T. - Theodore Roosevelt; an Appreciation
11635: AUERBACH, JOSEPH S. - Theodore Roosevelt, an Appreciation
10089: AUERBACH, JOSEPH S. - Theodore Roosevelt; an Appreciation
16180: AUSTIN, A. B. - Birth of an Army
13510: AUTON, C. (AUGUSTIS HOPPIN) - Recollections of Auton House
17798: AVENI, ANTHONY - Conversing with the Planets: How Science and Myth Invented the Cosmos
13856: AVERY, RALPH EMMETT, EDITED BY WILLIAM C. HASKINS - America's Triumph at Panama; Panorama and Story of the Construction and Operation of the World's Giant Waterway from Ocean to Ocean
12340: BACK, HOWARD - The Waters of the Yellowstone with Rod and Fly
18584: BACON, GEORGE B. COMPILED & ARRANGED; BAYARD TAYLOR, EDITOR - Siam, the Land of the White Elephant
17292: BAEDEKER, KARL - Northern Germany As Far As the Bavarian Frontiers Handbook for Travellers
12399: BAIKE, JAMES - A History of Egypt. .
18521: BAILEY, L. SCOTT, EDITOR - Automobile Quarterly Fall 1968
15918: BAILEY, LEE - Lee Bailey's Good Parties Favorite Food, Tableware, Kitchen Equipment and More. .
18488: BAILEY, LILLIAN AND OTHERS, (EDITORS) - Hanover Center Cooks
15920: BAILEY, LEE - Lee Bailey's City Food: Recipes for Good Food and Easy Living
18677: BAILEY, CPL. GILBERT P. - Boot, a Marine in the Making
18525: BAILEY, L. SCOTT, EDITOR - Automobile Quarterly Spring 1963
18527: BAILEY, L. SCOTT, EDITOR - Automobile Quarterly Winter 1962-1963
12917: BAKER, WILL - Mountain Blood
16629: BAKER, GERTRUDE E. - History Harkness Airport Springfileld Vermont
16151: BALFOUR, MICHAEL - The Classic Watch -the Great Watches and Their Makers, from the First Wristwatch to the Present Day
15348: BALLANTYNE, R. M. - Three Little Kittens
19178: BALLENTINE, GEORGE, EDITED BY WILLIAM H. GOETZMANN - Autobiography of an English Soldier in the United States Army
19303: BALMER, EDWIN AND PHILIP WYLIE - After Worlds Collide
13355: BANGS, JOHN KENDRICK - The Booming of Acre Hill; and Other Reminiscences of Urban and Suburban Life
15378: BANGS, JOHN KENDRICK - Paste Jewels: Being Seven Tales of Domestic Woe
13583: BANKS, RUSSELL - The Darling
13749: BANKS, CHARLES EUGENE AND LEROY ARMSTRONG - Theodore Roosevelt Twenty-Sixth President of the United States, a Typical American; Introductory Chapters by Gen. Joseph Wheeler and Opie Read
13748: BANKS, CHARLES EUGENE AND LEROY ARMSTRONG - Theodore Roosevelt Twenty-Sixth President of the United States, a Typical American; Introductory Chapters by Gen. Joseph Wheeler and Opie Read
12713: BANTA, M. (SECRETARY) - Year Book of the Holland Society of New York, 1899
13849: BARKER, ROGER G. AND OTHERS, STEFFEN, JEROME O. (EDITOR) - The American West: New Perspectives, New Dimensions; Edited and with an Introduction by Jerome O. Steffen
13846: BARNABY, JOSEPH T. - Fluctuations in Abundance of Red Salmon, Oncorhynchus Nerka (Walbaum), of the Karluk River, Alaska
13576: BARNES, CAPT. JOHN B. - Elements of Military Sketching and Map Reading
16859: BARNES, JAMES - The Mentor; the Story of the American Navy; Department of History
15823: BAROLINI, ANTONIO - A Long Madness; Introduction by the Author. Translated from the Italian by Helen Barolini
15246: BARRIE, J. M. - A Window in Thrums
18518: BARTLETT, JOHN HENRY AND GIFFORD, JOHN PEARL - Dartmouth Athletics: A Complete History of All Kinds of Sports at the College
19236: BARTON, FRANCES LEE (SELECTOR) - Baker's Famous Chocolate Recipes
18277: BARTON, REV. WILLIAM E. - Theodore Roosevelt, an Address Delivered in the First Congregational Church in Oak Park, Illinois, on January 12, 1919, the Sunday Following the Death and Burial of Ex-President Roosevelt, and Revised and Repeated by Request on March 7, 1920
14182: BARZMAN, SOL - The First Ladies
18687: BASSETT, JOHN T. - War Journal of an Innocent Soldier
19154: BATCHELOR, JULIE FORSYTH - Tim and the Purple Whistle
13608: BATES, KATHERINE LEE - Spanish Highways and Byways
16252: BATES, JR. JOSEPH D. - How to Find Fish - and Make Them Strike
19310: BATES, JR. JOSEPH D. - Streamer Fly Tying & Fishing
18586: BAYARD TAYLOR, COMPILED & ARRANGED, EDITOR - Travels in South Africa
18583: BAYARD TAYLOR, EDITOR - Travels in Arabia
18582: BAYARD TAYLOR, EDITOR - Japan in Our Day
18585: BAYARD TAYLOR, COMPILED & ARRANGED, EDITOR - The Lake Regions of Central Africa
18410: BEALE, HOWARD K. - Theodore Roosevelt and the Rise of America to World Power
18381: BEAMISH, NORTH LUDLOW - The Discovery of America by the Northmen in the Tenth Century with Notices of the Early Settlements of the Irish in the Western Hemisphere
17416: (BEATRIX POTTER) - Peter Rabbit and Tales of Beatrix Potter
14018: BEAUCLERK, HELEN - The Green Lacquer Pavillion
18164: BECHDOLT, JACK - The Handy Book for Boys
13902: BECK, JAMES M. - The Reckoning; a Discussion of the Moral Aspects of the Peace Problem, and of Retributive Justice As an Indispensible Element
17777: BEECHER, HENRY WARD - Star Papers; or, Experiences of Art and Nature
13768: BEER, THOMAS - Hanna
14374: BELL, BOB - Hunting the Long-Tailed Bird
19146: BEN-VENISTE, RICHARD & GEORGE FRAMPTON JR. - Stonewall: The Real Story of the Watergate Prosecution
18617: BENDAVID-VAL, LEAH - Song without Words, the Photographs & Diaries of Countess Sophia Tolstoy
19009: BENDER, MICHAEL - Waiting for Filippo. The Life of Renaissance Architect Filippo Brunelleschi. Pop-Up Book
19068: BENE, FRANK - The Feeding and Related Behavior of Hummingbirds with Special Reference to the Black-Chin; Volume 9, No. 3 , Memoirs of the Boston Society of Natural History
16370: (BENJAMIN FRANKLIN) - The Two-Hundredth Anniversary of the Birth of Benjamin Franklin Celebration by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the City of Boston in Symphony Hall, Boston January 17, 1906
14205: BENNETT, WILLIAM J. - The Death of Outrage; Bill Clinton and the Assault on American Ideals
12915: BENVENISTI, MERON - City of Stone; the Hidden History of Jerusalem
11140: BENY, ROLOFF - Odyssey: Mirror of the Mediterranean
17342: BERGER, TERRY AND ROBERTA GARDNER - Mcclane's Great Fishing and Hunting Lodges of North America; Edited with an Introduction by A.J. Mcclane
18652: BERNSTEIN, DIANE MORRIS WITH PHOTOGRAPHS BY DON CONTRERAS - We Dance Because We Can, People of the Powwow
16425: BEVIER JR., LOUIS - Brief Greek Syntax
15307: BINGHAM, EDFRID A. - The Heart of Thunder Mountain
18634: BIRMINGHAM, STEPHEN - The Right People, a Portrait of the American Social Establishment
12817: BIRNBAUM, MARTIN - Vanishing Eden; Wanderings in the Tropics
18508: BIRNEY, HOFFMAN - Zealots of Zion
17858: BISCHOF, JOY - Terse Verse from Vermont
17790: BISHOP, JOSEPH BUCKLIN - The Panama Gateway
15690: BISHOP, JACK - Pasta E Verdura: ; 140 Vegetable Sauces for Spaghetti, Fusilli, Rigatoni, and All Other Noodles
19224: BISHOP, ROBERT - American Folk Sculpture
14143: BLACK, JOH - Release the Lark; a Book of Verse
16043: BLACKBURN, PAUL; (JORIS, PIERRE & W. R. PRESCOTT, EDITORS) - Sixpack Number Seven / Eight Spring / Summer, 1974
19062: BLANCH, H. J. AND MARTIN RYWELL - English Guns and Gun Makers
15552: BLETTER, ROSEMARIE HAAG AND OTHERS; COMMENTARIES BY FRANK GEHRY - The Architecture of Frank Gehry; Foreword by Henry N. Cobb
13323: BLOCH, E. MAURICE - George Caleb Bingham; Volume I; the Evolution of an Artist; Volume II; George Caleb Bingham a Catalogue Raisonne
16355: BLOCH, DR. JOSHUA - An Early Spanish Mahzor
7347: BLYTHE, LEGETTE - William Henry Belk, Merchant of the South
13085: BOARDMAN, JOHN - Engraved Gems: The Ionides Collection
14950: BODEKER, PHILIP - The Sandgroper's Trail; an Angling Safari from Perth to the Kimberly
17463: BOHJALIAN, CHRIS - Skeletons at the Feast
15810: BOK, CURTIS - Maria: A Tale of the Norhtheast Coast and of the North Atlantic
15292: BOLENIUS, DR. R. M. - Papers Read Before the Lancaster County Historical Society, October 5, 1906; Germans in Pennsylvania
19026: BOLLER, HENRY A. EDITED BY MILO MILTON QUAIFE - Among the Indians Eight Years in the West 1858-1866
16430: BONE, DAVID W. WITH DRAWINGS BY MUIRHEAD BONE - Merchantmen-at-Arms: The British Merchants' Service in the War
16847: BONSAL, STEPHEN - The Mentor; the Panama Canal; Department of Science
17388: (BOOKS / PUBLISHING) - The Book Buyer; a Summary of American & Foreign Literature
17800: BORLAND, MAUREEN - Wilde's Devoted Friend: A Life of Robert Ross 1869-1918
17868: BORUP, GEORGE - A Tenderfoot with Peary; with a Preface by G.W. Melville, Rear Admiral U.S. N. Ret
18034: BOSI, ENRICO - Atlante Del Chianti Classico, le Fattorie Del Gallo Nero
17166: BOSI, ENRICO & FABRIZIO FAVI - The Francois at Querceto-a Century of History
13953: BOWERS, CLAUDE G. - Beveridge and the Progressive Era
14133: BOWLES, MAJOR, SELECTED BY - Verses I Like; with a Foreword by Theodore Roosevelt
18639: BOWLES, CHESTER - Ambassador's Report
19167: BOWLES, CHESTER - The New Dimensions of Peace
17959: BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA - Give Him Cub Scout Gifts... Christmas 1955
15394: BOYD W H. - The Niagara Falls Survey of 1927, Memoir 164
15504: BOYD, JAMES - Marching on
13151: BOYER, CHARLES S. - The Diatomaceae of Philadelphia and Vicinity
19297: BOYES, REV. J. - The Englishman's Bible: How He Got It and Why He Keeps It
18039: BRADBURY, J. C. - The Baseball Economist, the Real Game Exposed
18740: BRADFORD, ROARK - The Green Roller
12820: BRADLEY, JAMES - The Imperial Cruise; a Secret History of Empire and War
19334: BRADLEY, MISS ALICE, PRINCIPAL - Miss Farmer's School of Cookery: Established 1902
13429: BRADY, CYRUS TOWNSEND - The Man Who Won
17744: BRANDS H. W. - Tr, the Last Romantic
13872: BRANT, IRVING - James Madison; Father of the Constitution 1787-1800
13873: BRANT, IRVING - James Madison; Three Volumes of Six; James Madison; Secretary of State 1800-1809; James Madison; Father of the Constitution 1787-1800; James Madison Commander in Chief 1812-1836
18870: BRAUTIGAN, RICHARD - Trout Fishing in America / the Pill Versus the Springhill Mine Disaster / in Watermelon Sugar. Three Books in the Manner of Their Original Editions Brought Together in One Volume
15311: BREWERTON, GEORGE DOUGLAS - Overland with Kit Carson; a Narrative of the Old Spanish Trail in '48
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18678: HEWITT, MARK ALAN - The Architect & the American Country House 1890-1940; Architectural Photographs by Richard Cheek
14765: HIBBEN, FRANK C. - Hunting in Africa
17755: HIGGERS, JIM - The Adventures of Theodore As Related to One of the Rough Writers; a Humorous Extravaganza As Related by Jim Higgers to One of the Rough Writers
18824: HILL, L.L. - Treatise on Heliochromy; or, the Production of Pictures, by Means of Light, in Natural Colors; Facsimile Edition with an Introduction by William B. Becker
16217: HILL, LES & GRAEME MARSHALL - Stalking Trout, a Serious Fisherman's Guide
13554: HILL, JOSEPH J. - The History of Warner's Ranch and Its Environs; with a Preface by Herbert E. Bolton and Two Etchings by Loren Barton
19304: HILL, GENE - A Hunter's Fireside Book; Tales of Dogs, Ducks, Birds & Guns
12753: HILL, HOWARD C. - Roosevelt and the Caribbean
14463: HILLARD, GEORGE STILLMAN - Six Months in Italy
19117: HILLENBRAND, LAURA - Unbroken, an Olympian's Journey from Airman to Castaway to Captive
13324: HIMMELHEBER, GEORG - Biedermier Furniture; Translated and Edited by Simon Jervis
13069: HINDLE, BROOKE - The Pursuit of Science in Revolutionary America 1735-1789
17834: HOBSON, CHARLES F. - The Great Chief Justice, John Marshall and the Rule of Law
19021: HOBSON, RICHARD PEARSON - Richard Pearson Hobson, (Als) Autographed Letter, Signed
12338: HODGSON, GODFREY - A Great and Godly Adventure: The Pilgrims and the Myth of the First Thanksgiving
19075: HOFFER, ERIC - The Passionate State of Mind and Other Aphorisms
17072: HOFFMAN, VIRGINIA & ROBERT HOFFMAN - Cooking with Wine; 86 Winery Chefs Share 172 of Their Favorite Recipes for Cooking with Wine and Pairing Wine with Food
17068: HOFFMAN, VIRGINIA & ROBERT HOFFMAN - Great Salsa; 96 Exciting Salsa Recipes
17076: HOFFMAN, VIRGINIA & ROBERT HOFFMAN - The Wine-Lover's Holiday Cookbook; Menus, Recipes & Wine Selections for Holiday Entertaining
17074: HOFFMAN, VIRGINIA & ROBERT HOFFMAN - Pairing Wine with Food; Everything You Would Like to Know About Pairing Wine with Food, and More!
18373: HOFFMAN, ERNST, (TEXT) - Kranichstein. Renaissanceschlofs Und Jagdmuseum Bei Darmstadt. (Kranichstein, Renaissance Castle and Hunting Museum Near Darmstadt. A Picture Book)
17077: HOFFMAN, VIRGINIA & ROBERT HOFFMAN - The Great Little Food with Wine Cookbook; 76 Cooking with Wine Recipes, Pairing Food with Wine, How & Where to Buy Wine, Ordering Wine in a Restaurant
17837: HOFFMANN, DONALD - The Architecture of John Wellborn Root
17994: HOLMES, S. J. - Life and Evolution, an Introduction to General Biology
16123: HOLT, JOHN - Knee Deep in Montana's Trout Streams
19013: HOLUB, EMIL - Seven Years in South Africa: Travels, Researches, and Hunting Adventures, between the Diamond-Fields and the Zambesi, 1872-79 Volume 2 Only
15922: HOLUIGUE, DIANE - Savoring Provence: Recipes and Reflections on Provencal Cooking
16153: HOLZ, IRMGARD - Hugo Kauffmann 1844 - 1915. Werkverzeichnis Der Gemialde (Catalogue Raisonné of Paintings)
12846: HONE, WILLIAM - The Table Book, of Daily Recreation and Information;; Concerning Remarkable Men, Manners, Times, Seasons, Solemnities, Merry-Makings, Antiquities and Novelties, Forming a Complete History of the Year
16799: HONEY, W. B. - Corean Pottery
17238: HONEY, WILLIAM BOWYER - The Ceramic Art of China and Other Countries of the Far East
18157: HOOPER, MARION - Life Along the Connecticut River
13561: HOOVER, HERBERT - The Challenge to Liberty
14520: HOPPER, NORA - Under Quicken Boughs
13233: HOPPUS - Hoppus's Practical Measurer; or, Measuring Made Easy to the Meanest Capacity by a New Set of Tables...
18642: HORGAN, PAUL - Great River; the Rio Grande in North American History
17829: HOUGH, JR., JOHN - A Player for a Moment, Notes from Fenway Park
16269: HOUSER, M. L. - The Books That Lincoln Read
16274: HOUSER, M. L. - The Education of Abraham Lincoln
16273: HOUSER, M. L. - Abraham Lincoln, Student. His Books
16268: HOUSER, M. L. - Lincoln's Early Political Education
17992: HOUSTON, PERCY HAZEN - Doctor Johnson. A Study in Eighteenth Century Humanism
15244: HOVENKAMP, JAN WILLEM - Merimee' Et la Couleur Locale. (Merimee' and Local Color - Contribution to the Study of Local Color)
18858: HOWARD, KENNETH S. - How to Solve Chess Problems
12155: HOWE, OCTAVIUS THORNDIKE - Argonauts of '49: History and Adventures of the Emigrant Companies from Massachusetts 1849-1850
17309: HOWE, M A DEWOLFE - A Great Private Citizen: Henry Lee Higginson
13398: HOWELLS, W. D. - Familiar Spanish Travels
13789: HOWELLS, W. D. - A Counterfeit Presentment. Comedy
13865: HOWLAND, HAROLD - Theodore Roosevelt and His Times. A Chronicle of the Progressive Movement
19350: HOWLAND, HAROLD - Theodore Roosevelt and His Times. A Chronicle of the Progressive Movement
19204: HOYT, HENRY F. - A Frontier Doctor; Edited by Doyce B. Nunis Jr.
17188: HUBBARD, ELBERT - Little Journeys to the Homes of Eminent Artists Volume XI
18914: HUBERMAN, LEO - The Labor Spy Racket
15240: HUGHES, EDWARD - Outlines of Physical Geography, Descriptive of the Inorganic Matter of the Globe, and the Distribution of Organized Beings
16307: HUGHES-PARRY, J. - Fishing Fantasy. A Salmon Fisherman's Note-Book
16248: HUGHES, DAVE - Western Fly Fishing Guide
16245: HUGHES, DAVE - The Yellowstone River and Its Angling
13574: HUMMEL, GEORGE F. - Summer Lightning
16233: HUMPHREY, WILLIAM - My Moby Dick
14267: HUMPHREY, ZEPHINE - 'Allo Good-by
18520: HUMPHREY, ZEPHINE - Green Mountains to Sierras
16030: HUMPHREY, WILLIAM - Open Season; Sporting Adventures by William Humphrey
16324: HUNTING, GARDNER - Barry Dare and the Mysterious Box
17590: HUTCHINGS, W. W. - London Town, Past and Present; with a Chapter on the Future in London by Ford Madox Hueffer
17206: HUTCHINSON, A.S.M. - The Book of Simon
17478: HUXLEY, THOMAS HENRY - Science and Culture and Other Essays
14439: HYDE, HENRY M. - Six Possible Presidents. Technical World Magazine, November, 1912
14429: ICKES, HAROLD - T.R. Lusty Leader of Men. Saturday Review of Literature, April 21, 1951
13826: IGLEHART, FERDINAND C. - Theodore Roosevelt, the Man As I Knew Him
18977: (INAUGURAL COMMITTEE) - Inaugural Souvenir, 1901
13413: (INAUGURAL COMMITTEE) - Inaugural Souvenir, 1905
14580: INCHFAWN, FAY - Who Goes to the Wood
18471: INDIANA BOTANIC GARDENS - Cooking with Herbs
14327: INGALLS, ALBERT G. - Amateur Telescope Making
18698: INGELOW, JEAN - Songs of Seven
18818: INGOLDSBY, THOMAS, ILLUSTRATED BY ARTHUR RACKHAM - The Ingoldsby Legends or Mirth & Marvels; Illustrated by Arthur Rackham
14456: INSKIPP, CAROL AND TIM - A Guide to the Birds of Nepal
18712: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER - The World in the Evening
18919: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER - The Memorial, Portrait of a Family
12885: ITRAT-HUSAIN - The Mystical Element in the Metaphysical Poets of the Seventeenth Century
18539: J. D. VERTREES - Japanese Maples Momiji and Kaede
18690: JACKSON, JOSEPH - Through Glade and Mead: A Contribution to Local Natural History
18859: JACKSON-STOPS, GERVASE AND JAMES PIPKIN - The English Country House, a Grand Tour
12541: JACOBS, HERBERT - Frank Lloyd Wright America's Greatest Architect
18323: JAEGER, ELOISE - How to Improve Your Archery. Including the Basic Techniques of Field Archery . .
18837: JAGENDORF, M. A. - Merry Men of Gotham
13906: JAMES LOWE PILLING (MASTER MARINER) - The Keel of the Kearsarge, the Old and the New
16420: JAMES, WILL - All in a Day's Riding
19179: JAMES, GENERAL THOMAS - Three Years Among the Indians and Mexicans; Edited by Milo Milton Quaife
17757: JAMIESON, J. W. - Theodore Roosevelt on Race, Riots, Immigration and Crime
19256: JAMISON, ROBERT W. - S Corporation Taxation (2012)
17249: JAQUES, FLORENCE PAGE - Francis Lee Jacques: Artist of the Wilderness World; Forward by Roger Tory Peterson, and Appreciations by Sigurd F. Olson and Harriet Buchheister
12226: JARVES, ELSIE DEMING - War Days in Brittany
15237: (JARVIS, JAMES JACKSON) - Parisian Sights and French Principles Seen Through American Spectacles
12132: JEFFERIES, RICHARD - The Red Deer
17776: JENKS, TUDOR - Making a Start
19205: JENNINGS, N. A. - A Texas Ranger; Edited by Ben Proctor
18465: JERROLD, DOUGLAS - Mrs. Caudle's Curtain Lectures
14365: JOHES, ROBERT F. - The Hunter in My Heart: A Sportsman's Salmagundi
17494: (JOHN VAN COURT) - Van Court's New Monthly Magazine; the Literary Gem Consisting of Tales, Historical and Biographical Sketches, Poetry, Music & Engravings
14235: (JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY) - Memorial Addresses in the Congress of the United States and Tributes in Eulogy of John Fitzgerald Kennedy Late a President of the United States ; Compiled Under Direction of the Joint Committee on Printing
13923: JOHNSGARD, PAUL A. - Diving Birds of North America
15973: (JOHNSON, PHILANDER CHASE) - Songs of the G.O. P. By Phi Chi Illustrated in Caricature by Will H. Chandlee
17289: JOHNSON, L. F. - Famous Kentucky Tragedies and Trials. .
12550: JOHNSON, VIRGINIA W. - Genoa the Superb, the City of Columbus
14310: JOHNSON, W. FLETCHER - History of the Johnstown Flood. The Salesman's Dummy; "All the Fearful Record; the Breaking of the South Fork Dam; the Sweeping out of Connemaugh Valley; the Overthrow of Johnstown; the Massing of the Wreck at the Railroad Bridge; Escapes, Rescues, Searches for Survivors and the Dead; Relief Organizations, Stupendous Charities, Etc. , Etc. With Full Accounts of the Destruction on the Susquehanna and Juniata Rivers, and the Bald Eagle Creek.
13974: JOHNSON, MERLE AND FREDERICK M. HOPKINS - American First Editions Bibliographic Check-List. Number 7. Theodore Roosevelt, 1858-1919, Compiled by R.W. G. Vail; Reprinted from Publisher's Weekly for October 21, 1922
14226: JOHNSON, LYNDON - No Retreat from Tomorrow; President Lyndon Johnson's 1967 Messages to the 90th Congress
18502: JOHNSON, OTTO T. - Nineteen-Six in Vermont
15507: JOHNSON, LUTHER B. (COMPILER) - Floodtide of 1927. A Gathering of Reports and Pictures Which Tell Their Story Graphically of the Great November Flood in Vermont State
11567: JOHNSON, ROBERT UNDERWOOD - Aftermath: Being for the Most Part Poems Written by the Author in His 80th and 81st Years, in Supplement to His Poems of Fifty Years
18224: JOHNSON, MERLE AND FREDERICK M. HOPKINS / W. G. VAIL, COMPILER - American First Editions; B Check-List. Number 7. Theodore Roosevelt, 1858-1919, Compiled by R.W. G. Vail
14198: JOHNSON, HAYNES - The Best of Times; America in the Clinton Years
18422: JOHNSTON, WILLIAM DAVISON - Tr Champion of the Strenuous Life; a Photographic Biography of Theodore Roosevelt
18603: JOHNSTON, WILLIAM DAVISON - Tr Champion of the Strenuous Life; a Photographic Biography of Theodore Roosevelt
13976: JONES, JOHN PRICE - America Entangled; the Secret Plotting of German Spies in the United States and the Inside Story of the Sinking of the Lusitania. Introduction by Roger B. Wood
16335: JONES, A. R. - The Ciliates
18036: JONES, MATTHEW F. - The Elements of Hitting
17066: JORDAN, MICHELE ANNA - California Home Cooking; American Cooking in the California Style
12916: JORDAN, W. K. - Edward VI, the Young King; the Protectorship of the Duke of Somerset
15612: JORDAN, BIBI - Safari Chic - Wild Exteriors and Polished Interiors of Africa
16093: JORGENSEN, PAUL - Modern Fly Dressings for the Practical Angler; Photographs by the Author. Introduction by Lefty Kreh. Preface by Art Lee
18883: JOSUE DE CASTRO - The Geography of Hunger
17956: JUDGE MAGAZINE - Judge Magazine "the Hat He Shied Into the Ring". April 6, 1912
17937: JUDGE MAGAZINE - Judge Magazine Cover "Where 'the People' Always Get It". April 21, 1906
13117: JUSSERAND, J. J. - With Americans of Past and Present Days
19078: KAEL, PAULINE - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
12614: KAHN, OTTO H. - Le Droit Au-Dessus de la Race (Right Above Race)
19189: KANE, ELISHA KENT, EDITED BY CHAUNCEY LOOMIS & CONSTANCE MARTIN - Arctic Explorations, the Second Grinnell Expedition in Search of Sir John Franklin 1853, 54, 55
16451: KANTNER, W. C. - Kantner's Illustrated Book Objects and Self-Educator Containing 2051 Engravings with Explanations in English and German
13653: KAR, CHINTAMONI - Classical Indian Sculpture 300 B.C. To A.D. 500
13654: KAR, CHINTAMONI - Indian Metal Sculpture
17271: KASPER, LYNNE ROSSETTO - The Italian Country Table; Home Cooking from Italy's Farmhouse Kitchens
18637: KATAEV, VALENTINE - The Embezzlers
17099: KATSUMIE MASURU & OTHERS - Goto Hide's Graphic Art
18947: KAUFFMAN, HENRY J. - Early American Gunsmiths 1650-1850; Illustrated and Documented
18360: KAY, ROSS - With Joffre at the Battle Line
18993: KAZECK, MELVIN E. - North Dakota a Human and Economic Geography
17642: KEELER, HARRIET L. - Our Garden Flowers, a Popular Study of Their Native Lands, Their Life Histories and Their Structural Affiliations
17036: KEENE, DONALD - Noriyasu Tsuchiya Beauty and Strength, New Work
16732: KEITHLEY, RALPH - Buckey O'Neill... He Stayed with 'Em While He Lasted
17516: KELLER, MORTON, EDITOR - Theodore Roosevelt a Profile
17826: KELLER, KARL - The Only Kangaroo Among the Beauty, Emily Dickinson and America
17537: KELLER, MORTON, EDITOR - Theodore Roosevelt a Profile
13687: KELLOGG, M. K. - M.K. Kellogg's Texas Journal 1872; Edited with an Introduction by Llerena Friend
19196: KELLY, FANNY - Narrative of My Captivity Among the Sioux Indians; Edited by Clark & Mary Lee Spence
15752: KELLY, THOMAS - Kelly's Practical Builder's Price Book, or Safe Guide to the Valuation of All Kinds of Artificer's Work : With the Modern Practice of Measuring, and a Copious Abstract of the New Building Act, for Regulating the Construction of Buildings. ; Revised and Corrected by New Calculations Upon the Present Value of Materials and Labour. And Founded Upon the Most Approved Modes of Measurement. The Whole Arranged by an Architect of Eminence, Assisted by Several Experienced Measuring Surveyors. Illustrated and Exemplified by Steel Engravings and Numerous Wood-Cuts
19240: KELSEY, VERA - Red River Runs North
15582: KEMP, JIM - American Vernacular: Regional Influences in Architecture and Interior Design
12362: KEMP, ALAN - The Owls of Southern Africa
18380: KENNAN, GEORGE - Sketches from a Life
19136: KETTMAN, STEVE - One Day at Fenway, a Day in the Life of Baseball in America
17856: KILMEADE, BRIAN - The Games Do Count; America's Best and Brightest on the Power of Sports
10661: KIMBALL, FISKE - Le Style Louis XV: Origine Et Evolution Du Rococo
17049: KINDERSLEY, DORLING - French Cheeses; Visual Guide to More Than 350 Cheeses from Every Region of France
18046: KING, ROSS - The Judgment of Paris, the Revolutionary Decade That Gave the World Impressionism
18969: KING, CAPTAIN CHARLES - Under Fire
18967: KING, CAPTAIN CHARLES - Waring's Peril
12727: KING, JR., C(ARDENIO) F(LOURNOY) - A Boy's Vacation Abroad
14400: KING, CAPTAIN CHARLES - An Apache Princess; a Tale of the Indian Frontier
12233: KING, CAPTAIN CHARLES - The General's Double
16734: KING, CAPTAIN CHARLES - Trials of a Staff Officer
16384: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Fringes of the Fleet; a Companion Volume to "France at War
19260: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Kipling Stories, Twenty-Eight Exciting Tales by the Master Storyteller
18354: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Songs for Youth from Collected Verse with Illustrations by Leo Bates
14491: KIRKMAN, F. B. AND F. C. R. JOURDAN - British Birds
14570: KITTENBERGER, KALMAN - Big Game Hunting and Collecting in East Africa, 1903-1926
17842: KLAW, SPENCER - Without Sin, the Life and Death of the Oneida Community
15550: KLEIN, JUDY GRAF, CONSULTING EDITORS, FRANCIS DUFFY & JOHN PILE - Office Book: Ideas and Designs for Contemporary Work Spaces
7416: KLINGEL, GILBERT C. - The Bay, a Naturalist Discovers a Universe of Life Above and Below the Chesapeake
18216: KNACKFUSS, HERMANN - Durer; Artist Monograph
17239: KNIGHT, DAVID M. - Natural Science Books in English 1600-1900
14879: KNIGHT, JOHN ALDEN - Black Bass
19284: KNIGHTLEY, PHILIP - The First Casualty, from the Crimea to Vietnam: The War Correspondent As Hero, Propagandist, and Myth Maker
18270: KNOX PHILANDER C. - A Typed Letter Signed
14582: KOFLER, OSWALD - Geformtes Eisen: Schmiedekunst in Sudtirol
17808: KOHN, EDWARD P. - Heir to the Empire City, New York and the Making of Theodore Roosevelt
17762: KOHN, EDWARD P. - Hot Time in the Old Town; the Great Heat Wave of 1896 and the Making of Theodore Roosevelt
19162: KRAENZEL, CARL FREDERICK - The Great Plains in Transition
18774: KRASNER, DEBORAH - Heirloom Skills and Country Pastimes, Traditional Projects for Kitchen, Home, Garden, and Family
17033: KUHAULUA, JESSE & JOHN WHEELER - Takamiyama: The World of Sumo
18077: KULBERG, CARL - Stranger Than Man

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