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5669: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - The Deserted Village
112503: GOLDSMITH, DR. - She Stoops to Conquer: Or, the Mistakes of a Night. A Comedy. As It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden
108832: GOLDSMITH, DONALD - The Search for Life in the Universe
6824: GOLDSMITH, REV. J. (SIR RICHARD PHILLIPS) - The British Empire in 1823; Being a Popular Grammar of British Geography in the Four Quarters of the World
112150: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER; IRVING, WASHINGTON (ED.) - The Miscellaneous Works of Oliver Goldsmith, with an Account of His Life and Writings
100028: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - Essays by Mr. Goldsmith
114369: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER; FRIEDMAN, ARTHUR (ED.) - Collected Works of Oliver Goldsmith
106873: GOLDSTEIN, ROBERT J. - The Killifish Index
116628: GOLDWIN, ROBERT (ED.) - The Unfavorable Result in Plastic Surgery: Avoidance and Treatment
5791: GOLTRA, PETER S. - Medcin: A New Nomenclature for Clinical Medicine
105295: GOMAN, JOAN REIMER - Rebecca's Nancy: A Story of a Little Mennonite Girl
115254: GOMERY, PERCY; GOMERY, BERNADETTE (ILLUS.) - Curve: Go Slow. A Romance of Pacific Coast Highways
109450: GOMME, A. W.; SANDBACH, F. H. - Menander: A Commentary
100639: GONCHAROV, IVAN - The Voyage of the Frigate Pallada
115779: GONCOURT, EDMOND ET JULES DE - Germinie Lacerteux. Dix Compositions Par Jenniot Gravées ŕ L'Eau-Forte Par L. Muller
102576: GONSE, LOUIS - Eugene Fromentin: Painter and Writer
104844: GONZALEZ, PABLO - Zapato: Reaccionario Y Traidor
108356: GOOD, E. REGINALD - Frontier Community to Urban Congregation: First Mennonite Church, Kitchener 1813-1988
6406: GOOD, W. C. - Which Way Peace?
115284: GOOD, MARY ELIZABETH - Guebert Site: An 18th Century Historic Kaskaskia Indian Village in Randolph County, Illinois
106802: GOODACRE, SELWYN H.; SCHILLER, JUSTIN G. - Alice's Advenutres in Wonderland: An 1865 Printing Re-Described
116787: GOODALL, G. L. (ED.) - Aylore: Rcaf Station Aylmer 1941-1956 15th Anniversary
102549: GOODDEN, HERMAN Q. - The Goof
4577: GOODDEN, HERMAN - Towards a Forest City Mythology
5450: GOODDEN, HERMAN ET AL - The River Project: 19 London Artists Turn to the Thames
4371: GOODDEN, TED - Glory Boy
5228: GOODDEN, HERMAN - Not It: A Novel of Youth at Sea
5242: GOODDEN, HERMAN - The Invisible Lone Ranger Suit and Other Forest City Stories
5233: GOODDEN, HERMAN - In Good Faith: A Book of Devotions and Diatribes
5234: GOODDEN, HERMAN - Counting Backwards from a Hundred
3065: GOODE, GEORGE BROWN (ED.) - The Smithsonian Institution 1846-1896: The History of Its First Half Century
6865: GOODERHAM, GRACE A. - Friendly Feet
116785: GOODMAN, ALFRED E. - Goodman: A Family History
106582: GOODMAN, PAUL - Moses Montefiore
110753: GOODRICH, REV. CHARLES A. - A Pictorial and Descriptive View of All Religions; Embracing the Forms of Worship, Practised by the Several Nations of the Known World From the Earliest Records to the Present Time. To Which is Added a Brief View of Minor Sects; on the Basis of the Celebrated and splendid Work of Bernard Picart. Illustrated by Seventy-three Engravings. Also a History of the Jews and Life of Mahommed
101601: GOODSALL, ROBERT H. - The Arun and Western Rother
107136: GOODSPEED, W.A. & C.L. - History of the County of Middlesex, Canada
101362: GOODSPEED, CHARLES E. - Yankee Bookseller: Being the Reminiscences of Charles E. Goodspeed
108340: GOOL, RESHARD - Price
102296: GOOLD, WILLIAM - Early Paper-Mills of New England
102266: GOOLD-ADAMS, RICHARD - The Return of the Great Britain
116328: GOOVAERTS, PIERRE - Geostatistics for Natural Resources Evaluation
114175: GORALSKI, ROBERT; FREEBURG, RUSSELL W. - Oil and War: How the Deadly Struggle for Fuel in W.W. II Meant Victory or Defeat
104871: GORCHAKOV, NIKOLAI; IVANOV-MUMJIEV, G. (TRANS.); GRIFFITH, PHYL (ED.) - The Vakhtangov School of Stage Art
3160: GORDON, GEORGE - La Danza Delle Ore: Twentieth Century Wristwatches
105144: GORDON, R. K. - John Galt
105499: GORDON, JULIA EMILY. - Songs and Etchings in Shade and Sunshine
112365: GORDON, ROBERT M. - The Structure of Emotions: Investigations in Cognitive Philosophy
114686: GORDON, PETER ELI - Rosenzweig and Heidegger: Between Judaism and German Philosophy
3934: GORDON, JOHN - Of Men and Planes. Volume I: World War I. Volume II: Fighters (World War II). Volume III: The R.C. A.F.
6282: GORDON, ELIZABETH - The Lyrical Liltings of Lonesome Liz
110115: GORDON, STAN - The Starting Gate: A Sportsman's Guide to Expert Handicapping & Track Handicapper
115203: GORDON, ROBERT S. C. - Primo Levi's Ordinary Virtues: From Testimony to Ethics
100224: GORDON, DONALD - Star-Raker
109950: GORDON, HAMPDEN, TINDALL, M. C.; DENNYS, JOYCE (ILLUS.) - Our Hospital a B C
107682: GORDON, WILLIAM LEWIS - How to Write Moving Picture Plays
114608: GORE-BROWNE, ROBERT - Chancellor Thurlow: The Life and Times of an Xviiith Century Lawyer
101968: GORGAS, WILLIAM CRAWFORD - Sanitation in Panama
103094: GORTLER, HENRY (ED.) - Applied Mechanics: Proceedings of the Eleventh International Congress of Applied Mechanics Munich (Germany) 1964)
104912: GOSLING, W. G. - Labrador: Its Discovery, Exploration, and Development
100578: GOSNELL, R.E. - The Year Book of British Columbia and Manual of Provincial Information
100939: GOSSE, P.H. - The Canadian Naturalist: A Series of Conversations on the Natural History of Lower Canada
103246: GOSSE, P. H. - The Canadian Naturalist. A Series of Conversations on the Natural History of Lower Canada
116524: GOTHEIN, MARIE - William Wordsworth: Sein Leben, Seine Werke, Seine Zeitgenossen. Bands I & II
109454: GOTOFF, HAROLD C. - Cicero's Caesarian Speeches: A Stylistic Commentary
115043: GOTTEIN, S. D. (ED.) - Religion in a Religious Age: Proceedings of Regional Conferences Held at the University of California, Los Angeles and Brandeis University in April, 1973
3657: GOTTESMAN, RITA SUSSWEIN - The Arts and Crafts in New York 1777-1799: Advertisements and News Items from New York City Newspapers
1362: GOTTSCHALK, R. - The Devil Knoweth Not
102121: GOTTSCHALK, ALFRED - The Chemistry and Biology of Sialic Acids and Related Substances
115539: GOTTSTEIN, PROFESSOR DR. J. - Die Krankheiten Des Kehlkopfes Mit Einschluss Der Laryngoskopie Und Der Local-Therapeutischen Technik Fur Praktische Aerzle Und Studirende
110155: GÖTZ, ESZTER - Színház-Néz
109999: GOUDY, FREDERIC W.; STRATHMORE PAPER COMPANY - Old Stratford Book Papers: A Few Specimen Pages and an Introductory Note on Fine Printing
115888: GOUGH, BARRY M. - Gunboat Frontier: British Maritime Authority and Northwest Coast Indians, 1846-1890
109020: GOUGH, WILLIAM - David Blackwood: Master Printmaker
111203: GOUGH, JOHN B. - Orations Delivered on Various Occasions
101153: GOULART, RON - Cheap Thrills: An Informal History of the Pulp Magazines
105362: [GOULD, AUGUSTUS A.] - Report on the Invertebrata of Massachusetts, Comprising the Mollusca, Crustacea, Annelida, and Radiata
108706: GOULD, L. MCLEOD - From B.C. To Baisieux: Being the Narrative History of the 102nd Canadian Infantry Battalion
109274: GOULD, ROBERT FREKE - The History of Freemasonry: Its Antiquities, Symbols, Constitutions, Customs, Etc. Embracing an Investigation of the Records of the Organisations of the Fraternity in England, Scotland, Ireland, British Colonies, France, Germany, and the United States
110834: GOULD, CAPTAIN "DUD - Round the Islands
108908: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - The Mismeasure of Man
106859: GOULDING, MICHAEL - Man and Fisheries on an Amazon Frontier (Developments in Hydrobiology)
113829: GOVERNMENT OF ONTARIO - Statutes, Documents and Papers Bearing on the Discussion Respecting the Northern and Western Boundaries of the Province of Ontario, Including the Principal Evidence Supposed to Be Either for or Against the Claims of the Province
113117: GOVERNMENT OF CANADA - Census of Canada, 1880-1881. Recensement of Canada
114436: GOVERNMENT OF INDIA: MINISTRY OF RAILWAYS (RAILWAY BOARD) - Report by the Railway Board on Indian Railways for 1958-9. Volume 1
112809: GOVINDA, LAMA ANAGARIKA - Om Ma-Ni Pad-Me Hum: A Vajrayana Misztika a Hat Szent Szótag Ezotérikus Tanai Alapján
100049: GOW, JAMES - Cape Breton Illustrated: Historic, Picturesque and Descriptive
114260: GOW, A. S. F.; SCHOLFIELD, A. F. (EDS.) - Nicander: The Poems and Poetical Fragments
100535: GOWLAND, J.S. - Return to Canada
107067: GOYA, FRANCISCO; SANCHEZ CANTON, F. J., INTRODUCTION AND NOTES BY. - Los Dibujos de Goya. Reproducidos a Su Tamano Y En Su Color. (2 Volumes)
100183: GOYCOOLEA, MARCOS V.; PAPARELLA, MICHAEL M.; NISSEN, RICK L. - Atlas of Otologic Surgery
100805: GOYENECHE, PROF S. - Juris Canonici Summa Principia
2889: GRABAR, ANDRE - The Golden Age of Justinian from the Death of Theodosius to the Rise of Islam
107363: GRACE, C. L. [PSEUD. OF PAUL C. DOHERTY] - A Shrine of Murders
114663: GRADY, LESTER (ED.) - Hullabaloo, December 1931
114643: GRADY, LESTER C. (ED.) - Moviepix: Hollywood's Informal All Picture Magazine, February 1938
1633: GRAESSE, JEAN GEORGE THEODORE - Tresor de Livres Rares Et Precieux Ou Nouveau Dictionnaire Bibliographique
115208: GRAETZ, MICHAEL; TODD, JANE MARIE (TRANS.) - The Jews in Nineteenth-Century France: From the French Revolution to the Alliance Israélite Universelle
102077: GRAFFAGNINO, J. KEVIN - All the Good Books: Quotations for Bibliophiles
2542: GRAFIGNY, MME FRANCOISE DE - Lettere D'Una Oeruviana, Tradotte Dal Francese in Italiano
105986: GRAGLIA, C.; MONTUCCI, A. (CORRECTED THROUGHOUT BY) - The New Pocket Dictionary of the Italian and English Languages, in Two Parts; Italian and English - English and Italian
112367: GRAHAM, HERMINE L. ET AL (EDS.) - Substance Misuse in Psychosis: Approaches to Treatment and Service Delivery
108830: GRAHAM, ESTHER - One Hundred Years Along the Upper Grand 1881 - 1981: A History of East Luther Township (with 1982 Supplement)
3650: GRAHAM, JOANNE; SHEFRIN, JILL (EDS.) - Pigweeney the Wise; or the History of a Wolf & Three Pigs
112774: GRAHAM, H. ISABEL - The Egmondville Church Centennial Celebration 1835-1935
100476: GRAHAM, W.H. - Greenbank: Country Matters in 19th Century Ontario
117417: GRAHAME-WHITE, LT.-COMDR. MONTAGUE - At the Wheel Ashore and Afloat (Reminiscences of Motoring, Yachting and Travel over a Period of Forty Years)
104745: GRAINGER, THOMAS H., JR. - A Guide to the History of Bacteriology
105408: GRAINGER, JENNIFER (ED.) - Delaware and Westminster Townships Volume One: Honouring Our Roots. Volume Two: Together In History
4510: GRAINGER, JENNIFER - Vanished Villages of Middlesex
115564: GRAINGER, JENNIFER - Early London 1826-1914: A Photographic History from the Orr Collection
4367: GRAINGER, JENNIFER - Vanished Villages of Elgin
115359: GRAIZBORD, DAVID L. - Souls in Dispute: Converso Indentities in Iberia and the Jewish Diaspora 1580-1700
110765: GRAMATKY, HARDIE - Little Toot on the Grand Canal
109403: GRAND SEMINARY, MONTREAL - Book of Graduates from Grand Seminary, Montreal
111489: GRAND LAKE HISTORY COMMITTEE - The "Grand" Experience: Grand Lake History Committee
100786: GRANDJOUAN, CLAIREVE - Hellenistic Relief Molds from the Athenian Agora
116058: GRANDMAISON, MIKE - Georgian Bay
115885: GRANDY, ALEXANDRA (ED.) - The Diaries of Norman Rymer Shaw. Volume 1 - Early Years to 1913. Volume 2 - 1914 Onward
4404: GRANGER, SERGE - Le Lys Et le Lotus: Les Relations Du Quebec Avec la Chine de 1650 a 1950
100431: GRANGER, STEWART - Sparks Fly Upward
115798: GRANT, AMBROSE - More Deadly Than the Male
2182: GRANT, JOHN WEBSTER (ED.) - A History of the Christian Church in Canada
116953: GRANT, PATRICK - Literature, Rhetoric and Violence in Northern Ireland, 1968-98. Hardened to Death
108882: GRANT, JAMES - Memoirs and Adventures of Sir William Kirkaldy
109844: GRANT, ELLSWORTH S. - Drop by Drop: The Loctite Story 1953-1980
101417: GRANT, RODERICK - The Great Canal
4747: GRANT, MAXWELL - The Shadow October 1, 1937
4749: GRANT, MAXWELL - The Shadow December 1, 1937
108892: GRANT, MAXWELL - The Living Shadow: A Detective Novel
106562: GRANT, ROBERT W. - The Humboldt Story 1903-1953: A Brief History of the Town of Humboldt, Its Pioneers and Development
4169: GRANVILLE, NEVILLE - Cefn Cribwr: Chronicle of a Village
115995: GRAPIN, MICHAEL ALAN - Warrior Princess: The Erotic Fantasy Photography of Michael Alan Grapin
116126: GRASS, ANTONIO; MCKINNEY, DEBRA (TRANS.) - Los Rostros Del Pasado: Diseńo Prehispanico Colombiano/the Faces of the Past: Pre-Hispanic Colombian Design
106867: GRASSÉ, PIERRE-P. - Agnathes Et Poissons: Anatomie, éthologie, Systématique
114294: GRASSO, LAURENT - Uraniborg
108166: GRATTAN, PATRICIA (ED.) - Emeritus. Vol. II. Spring, 1966
116116: GRAUSTEIN, JEANNETTE E. - Nuttall's Travels Into the Old Northwest: An Unpublished 1810 Diary
6593: GRAVEL, CLAIRE - Le Dessin Rebelle
108737: GRAVES, ROBERT - Good-Bye to All That: An Autobiography
109400: GRAVES, ROBERT; PODRO, JOSHUA - The Nazarene Gospel Restored
103391: GRAVES, ROBERT - Fairies and Fusiliers
117292: GRAVINAE, JANI VINCENTII - Originum Juris Civilis, Et de Romano Imperio Liber Singularis
102552: GRAVINAE, JANI VINCENTII - Originum Juris Civilis Libri Tres, Et de Romano Imperio Liber Singularis
106933: GRAWBARGER, JOSEPHINE - The Legend of Joseph Driver
103347: GRAY, THOMAS - Poems and Letters
104058: GRAY, NICOLETE - Lettering on Buildings
2822: GRAY, PAUL; KEELEY, MALCOLM; SEALE, JOHN - Midland Red: A History of the Company and Its Vehicles Up to 1940
104903: GRAY, THOMAS - Poems
112807: GRAY, CECIL - Peter Warlock: A Memoir of Philip Heseltine
111622: GRAY, F/O JOHN FRASER - Letters from England October 1942-June 1944
115825: GRAY, BERKELEY - Miss Dynamite
110194: GRAY, FIONA M. - Solid Polymer Electrolytes: Fundamentals and Technological Applications
115796: GRAY, BERKELEY - Mr. Ball of Fire
103462: GRAY, THOMAS - Poems
110136: GRAY, THOMAS - Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard
102230: GRAY, JAMES - The Illinois
114411: GRAY, THOMAS; WEST, RICHARD - The Poetical Works of Thomas Gray. With the Life of the Author; the Poetical Works of Richard West
115820: GRAY, BERKELEY - Six Feet of Dynamite
114604: GRAYSON, L. M.; BLISS, MICHAEL (EDS.) - The Wretched of Canada: Letters to R.B. Bennett 1930-1935
108720: GRAYSON, ETHEL KIRK - Fires in the Vine
3053: GREALY, AUDREY - The Sky Their Battlefield
110274: GREEN, JOHN ALBERT; BRONTE, CHARLOTTE; BRONTE, EMILY JANE; BRONTE, ANNE (SUBJECT) - Catalogue of the Gleave Bronte Collection at the Moss Side Free Library, Manchester
104395: GREEN, RICHARD - The Benefit of Oaths to CIVIL Society Consider'd, in an Assize Sermon, Preach'd Before the Hon. Martin Wright, Esq. One of the Justices of His Majesty's Court of King's Bench, the Hon. Sir Thomas Abney, Knt. One of the Justices of His Majesty's Court of Common Pleas, and the University of Oxford. July 5, 1744
104133: GREEN, GEORGE - History of Burnaby and Vicinity
105148: GREEN, L. C. - International Law: A Canadian Perspective
117262: GREEN, GAVIN HAMILTON - The Old Log House: Bygone Days in Our Villages
109229: GREEN, ERNEST - Lincoln at Bay a Sketch of 1814
112746: GREEN, A. RICHARD (ED.) - Neuropharmacology of Serotonin
3942: GREEN, N. I. (ED.) - Catalogue 48. The A.R. Williams Machinery Co. , Ltd. Machinery and MILL Supplies
103144: GREEN, GAVIN HAMILTON - The Old Log House: Bygone Days in Our Villages
100096: GREEN, WILLIAM SPOTSWOOD - Among the Selkirk Glaciers Being the Account of a Rough Survey in the Rocky Mountain Regions of British Columbia
4713: GREEN, PATRICIA AND MAURICE; WRAY, SYLVIA AND ROBERT - ... And They Came to East Flamborough: A Celebration of East Flamborough Township's Pre-Confederation Heritage
108222: GREENE, B.M. - Woman the Masterpiece: A Play in Four Episodes, and the God-Intoxicated Man: A Play in Three Acts
100234: GREENE, GRAHAM - May We Borrow Your Husband: And Other Comedies of the Sexual Life
100048: GREENE, MAJOR WILILAM, HOWE - The Wooden Walls Among the Ice Floes: Telling the Romance of the Newfoundland Seal Fishery
117204: GREENE, JOSIAH E. - The Laughing Loon
107905: GREENE, DOUGLAS G. (ED.) - The Meditations of Lady Elizabeth Delaval, Written between 1662 and 1671
112072: GREENE, BERNARD L. - A Clinical Approach to Marital Problems
101870: GREENE, MARION - Canal Boy
101486: GREENE, LETHA C. - Long Live the Delta Queen
116325: GREENER, DR. PETER; STOUFFER, LIEUTENANT-COLONEL JEFF (EDS.) - Decision-Making: International Perspectives
115558: GREENER, W. W. - Modern Shot Guns
104774: GREENFIELD, J. G. - The Spino-Cerebellar Degenerations
116973: GREENFIELD, JR., JOSEPH C. - A Quail Hunter's Odyssey
100401: GREENHILL, RALPH; BIRRELL, ANDREW - Canadian Photography 1839-1920
100519: GREENING, WILLIAM E. - The Ottawa
112916: GREENLEAF, P. H. - An Address at the Laying of the Corner Stone of the Church of the Advent, Walnut Hills, December 12, 1855
106700: GREENLY, A. H. - Father Louis Hennepin: His Travels and His Books
101682: GREENWALD, MICHELLE; LEVITT, ALAN; PEEBLES, ELAINE - The Welland Canals: Historical Resource Analysis and Preservation Alternatives
100593: GREENWOOD, JAMES - Curiosities of Savage Life.
113395: GREENWOOD, JOHN O. - The Fleet Histories Series Volume Four: The Five Fleets of James A. Paisley & Fourteen Fleets of James Playfair
116408: GREENWOOD, PRISCILLA E.; NIKULIN, MIKHAIL S. - A Guide to Chi-Squared Testing
113396: GREENWOOD, JOHN O. - The Fleet Histories Series Volume Five: The Nine Fleets of the Hutchinson Family, Central Paper, Lake Ports Shipping & Navigation, Petoskey Transportation, and the Two Mclouth Fleets.
106778: GREENWOOD, P.H. - The Haplochromine Fishes of the East African Lakes: Collected Papers on Their Taxonomy, Biology, and Evolution (with an Introduction and Species Index)
106801: GREENWOOD, P. H.; MILES, R. S.; PATTERSON, COLIN (EDS.) - Interrelationships of Fishes
6706: GREENWOOD, JOHN O. - Namesakes 1956-1980: A Quarter Century Photostory of Great Lakes Ships and the Sequel to Namesakes 1930-1955
113392: GREENWOOD, JOHN O. - The Fleet Histories Series Volume Three: The Reiss, Peavy, Gartland, Farrar, Western, Bassett and Foote Fleets
113397: GREENWOOD, JOHN O. - The Fleet Histories Series Volume Six: The Fleets of Cleveland-Cliffs, Detroit and Cleveland Navigation, Traverse City Transportation and the Hawgood Family
113398: GREENWOOD, JOHN O. - The Fleet Histories Series Volume Seven: The Fleets of James Davidson, George Tomlinson, Lake Transit, Brown & Co. , Canada Starch, Port Colborne & St. Lawrence Navigation, Coal Carriers, Bayswater and Jupiter Steamship.
113361: GREENWOOD, JOHN ORVILLE - The New Namesakes of the Lakes: A Factual Story with Photographs of Every Currently Existing Commercial Freight Vessel and Carferry in the Great Lakes Fleet Telling the "Why" and the Meaning of Each Vessel's Name
112819: GREENWOOD, GARY (CURATOR) - Finding "Camp X": Contemporary Considerations of an Enigma
111859: GREENWOOD, THOMAS - A Tour in the States and Canada. Out and Home in Six Weeks
104846: GREEPE, THOMAS; WATERS, DAVID W. (ED.) - The True and Perfecte Newes of the Woorthy and Valiaunt Exploytes, Performed and Doone by That Valiant Knight Syr Frauncis Drake
115999: GREER, RINA (ED.) - Toronto Sculpture Garden
101257: GREEVES, IVAN S. - London Docks 1800-1980: A CIVIL Engineering History
105004: GREG, R. P. - Comparative Philology of the Old and New Worlds in Relation to Archaic Speech. Accompanied by Copious Vocabularies, Etc.
113005: GREG, WALTER W. (COMPILER) - A Descriptive Catalogue of the Early Editions of the Works of Shakespeare Preserved in the Library of Eton College
110696: GREGERSEN, EDGAR - The World of Human Sexuality: Behaviors, Customs, and Beliefs
110831: GREGORY, CLAUDIUS - Solomon Levi
6249: GREGORY, LADY (ED.) - Mr. Gregory's Letter-Box 1813-1830
100019: GREGORY, THOMAS - Discourses Upon Several Divine Subjects
103208: GREGORY, JOHN - Episcopus Puerorum in Die Innocentium. Or, a Discovery of an Ancient Custom in the Church of Sarum, Making an Anniversary Bishop Among the Choristers
113634: GREGORY, JAMES - Additional Memorial to the Managers of the Royal Infirmary
115645: GREGORY, JAMES, M.D. - Memorial to the Managers of the Royal Infirmary
102938: GREGORY, G. - The Life of Thomas Chatterton, with Criticisms on His Genius and Writings and a Concise View of the Controversy Concerning Rowley's Poems
106095: GREGYNOG PRESS - Sir John Rhys
5267: GRENANDER, U.; CHOW, Y.; KEENAN, D. M. - Hands: A Pattern Theoretic Study of Biological Shapes
113691: GRENFELL, SIR WILFRED - The Fishermen's Saint: Rectorial Address Delivered at St. Andrews University November 1929
103534: GRENFELL, WILFRED THOMASON - The Story of a Labrador Doctor
114879: GRENIER, BENOIT, ET AL (EDS.) - Journal of the Canadian Historical Association, New Series, Vol. 25, No. 1, 2014
5784: GRENTE, CARDINAL GEORGES, ET AL (EDS.) - Dictionnaire Des Lettres Francaises: Le Dix-Septieme Siecle
5440: GRENTE, CARDINAL GEORGES; PAUPHILET, ALBERT; PICHARD, MGR LOUIS; BARROUX, ROBERT (EDS.) - Dictionnaire Des Lettres Francaises. Le Dix-Huitieme Siecle
101910: GRESCOE, PAUL - The Merchants of Venus: Inside Harlequin and the Empire of Romance
116803: GRESHAM, GRITS - The Complete Wildfowler
113910: GRESWELL, EDWARD - Origines Kalendarlae Hellenicae: Or, the History of the Primitive Calendar Among the Greeks, Before and After the Legislation of Solon. In Six Volumes
102289: GREW, NEHEMIAH - Experiments in Consort of the Luctation Arising from the Affusion of Several Menstruums Upon All Sorts of Bodies
100236: GREY. ZANE - The Man of the Forest
109531: GREY, ZANE - Black Mesa
105151: GREY, ZANE - Twin Sombreros
100233: GREY, ZANE - 30,000 on the Hoof
100235: GREY, ZANE - The Call of the Canyon
107806: GREY, ZANE - Wanderer of the Wasteland
112016: GREY, ZANE - The Lost Wagon Train
100489: GREY, CHARLES; ORMSBY, WILLIAM (ED.) - Crisis in the Canadas 1838-1839: The Grey Journals and Letters
106458: GREY, ZANE - The Call of the Canyon
113875: GRIBBEN, ARTHUR - Holy Wells and Sacred Water Sources in Britain and Ireland
104190: GRIBBIN, JOHN - History of Western Science 1543-2001
108512: GRIBBIN, JILL AND DAVID - Japanese Antique Dolls
100518: GRIEG, RODGER C. - The Splendour of Prince Edward County
101373: GRIERSON, REV. F.J. - De Libris: Six Essays on Books
105171: GRIERSON, DR. - Saint Andrews As It Was and As It Is Being the Third Edition of Dr. Grierson's Deliniations Containing Much Curious and Valuable Information Never Before Printed
1513: GRIESHABER, HAP. - Farbholzschnitte: Eine Ausstellung Des Instituts Für Auslandsbeziehungen
111229: GRIESINGER, W.; ROBERTSON, C. LOCKHART & RUTHERFORD, JAMES (TRANS.) - Mental Pathology and Therapeutics
104701: GRIFFEN, APPLETON PRENTISS CLARK - List of Works Relating to Deep Waterways from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean with Some Other Related Works. Books, Articles in Periodicals, United States Documents
1747: GRIFFIN, WATSON - Canada: The Country of the Twentieth Century
114635: GRIFFIN, FRED VICTOR (ED.) - Television and Short-Wave Progress September 1934
103106: GRIFFIN, FREDERICK - Major-General Sir Henry MILL Pellatt, C.V. O. , D.C. L. , V.D. : A Gentleman of Toronto 1859-1939
108691: GRIFFIN, SELWYN P. - Open Secrets: Off the Beaten Track in Canada's Story
115719: GRIFFIN, D. F. - First Steps to Tokyo: The Royal Canadian Air Force in the Aleutians
4133: GRIFFIN, J.P. - Life's Lessons
113743: GRIFFIN, APPLETON P.C. - A Catalogue of the Washington Collection in the Boston Athenaeum
106508: GRIFFITHS, MURRAY - Fish'Ng in Canada
107404: GRIGORENKO, GENERAL P. G. (PYOTR) - The Grigorenko Papers: Writings by General P.G. Grigorenko and Documents on His Case
116356: GRIMM, JACOB & WILHELM; PAAER, HEIKKI - Grimmin Kauneimmat Sadut
1466: GRINSIUS, MARTINUS NICOLAUS - D. Martini Lutheri Kutrz Verfasstes Jedoch Accurates Vollstandiges Leben
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116982: HENDERSON, DAVID H. - Sundown Covey
113885: HENDERSON, JIM - Rmt: Official History of the 4th and 6th Reserve Mechanical Transport Companies, 2 Nzef
116798: HENDERSON, DAVID H.; FOLEY, SHEPARD H. (ILLUS.) - Covey Rises and Other Pleasures
5630: HENDERSON, E. F.; KELLY, ARTHUR; PIGOTT, J. M.; SAINT-JACQUES, HENRI - Historical Sketch of the Separate Schools of Ontario and the Catholic Separate School Minority Report
4670: HENDERSON, JOHN B. - The Cruise of the Tomas Berrera: The Narrative of a Scientific Expedition to Western Cuba and the Colorados Reefs, with Observations on the Geology, Fauna, and Flora of the Region
117043: HENDERSON, DAVID H. - On Point: A Bedside Reader for Hunters and Fisherman
116981: HENDERSON, DAVID H. - Sundown Covey
113776: HENDERSON, ERIC - Writing by Choice
107574: HENDRICKSON, FORD - The "Black Convent" Slave. The Climax of Nunnery Exposures. Awful Disclosures. The "Uncle Tom's Cabin" of Rome's "Convent Slavery
114882: HENDY, MICHAEL F. - Studies in the Byzantine Monetary Economy C. 300-1450
113500: HENDY, JAMES C. (ED.) - Who's Who in Hockey 1948
116216: HENFREY, ARTHUR (ED.) - The Journal of the Photographic Society of London. Containing the Transactions of the Society and a General Record of Photographic Art and Science
116215: HENFREY, ARTHUR (ED.) - The Journal of the Photographic Society of London. Containing the Transactions of the Society and a General Rrecord of Photographic Art and Science
115066: HENGEL, MARTIN - Judaism and Hellenism: Studies in Their Encounter in Palestine During the Early Hellenistic Period. Volume One: Text. Volume Two: Notes & Bibliography
109485: HENIG, MARTIN - Religion in Roman Britain
102805: HENK, VICE-ADMIRAL L. D. VON, ET AL. - Zur See...
114466: HENLE, JAMES - Sound and Fury
116965: HENLEY, A. M. H. - Round the Campfire
100451: HENNEPIN, FATHER LOUIS - A New Discovery of a Vast Country in America
102346: HENNEPIN, FATHER LOUIS - A New Discovery of a Vast Country in America
116992: HENNESSEY, TOM - Handy to Home: A Lifetime in the Maine Outdoors
116734: HENNESSEY, TOM - Feathers 'n Fins
112287: HENNESSY, NEIL - Of This Dreaming
107999: HENNESSY, D.J.G. - Green Aisles: A Story of the Jungles of Ceylon
10431: HENRICKS, NELSON - Time Will Have Passed
113257: HENRIKSEN, ERIN; POLYDOROU, DESMA (EDS.) - Peppa and Alcander and Philocrates
100180: HENRIOT, G. - Ferronnerie Du Jour
100351: HENRY, G.A. - Under Wellington's Command: A Tale of the Peninsular War
100181: HENRY, ALEXANDER; THOMPSON, DAVID; COUES, ELLIOTT (ED.) - The Manuscript Journals of Alexander Henry and of David Thompson 1799-1814: Exploration and Adventure Among the Indians on the Red, Saskatchewan, Missouri, and Columbia Rivers
100345: HENRY, G.A. - By Conduct and Courage: A Story of the Days of Nelson
100342: HENRY, G.A. - In the Reign of Terror: The Adventures of a Westminster Boy
109824: HENRY, HUGH GEORGE, JR. - The Tanks of Dieppe: The History of the Calgary Regiment (Tank) 1939 to August 19, 1942
100346: HENRY, G.A. - For the Temple: A Tale of the Fall of Jerusalem
109070: HENRY, GERRIT; FISH, JANET - Janet Fish
112897: HENSHAW, J. P. K. - The Work of Christ's Living Body. A Sermon Preached Before the Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church, in the Diocese of Maryland, May 31st, 1843
103751: HENTOFF, NAT (INTRO); PARKHURST, CHARLES - Frasconi Against the Grain: The Woodcuts of Antonio Frasconi
100352: HENTY, G.A. - Through the Fray: A Tale of the Luddite Riots
100353: HENTY, G.A. - St. George for England: A Tale of Cressy and Poitiers
105582: HENTY, G. A. - For the Temple A Tale of the Fall of Jerusalem
1617: HENTY, G.A. - The Cat of Bubastes: A Tale of Ancient Egypt
106143: HENTY, G. A. - At the Point of the Bayonet: A Tale of the Mahratta War
109379: HENTY, G. A. - With the Allies to Pekin: A Story of the Relief of the Legations
109378: HENTY, G. A. - With Kitchener in the Soudan: A Story of Atbara and Omdurman
105567: HENTY, G. A. - No Surrender! a Tale of the Rising in la Vendee
105568: HENTY, G. A. - By Right of Conquest or with Cortez in Mexico
100344: HENTY, G.A. - Out with Garibaldi: A Story of the Liberation of Italy
100343: HENTY, G.A. - In Times of Peril: A Tale of India
113196: HENTY, G. A. - The Cornet of Horse: A Tale of Marlborough's Wars
4960: HENTY, G. A. - The Fall of Sebastopol; or, Jack Archer in the Crimea
103401: HENTY, G. A. - Under Wellington's Command
103402: HENTY, G.A. - At the Point of the Bayonet: A Tale of the Mahratta War
100354: HENTY, G.A. - The Young Franc Tireurs and Their Adventures in the Franco-Prussian War
100355: HENTY, G.A. - The Bravest of the Brave: With Peterborough in Spain
2575: HENWOOD, SHARON; CARRUTHERS, BONNIE - White Gold: The Story of Charolais in Canada
105779: HENZE, HANS WERNE; AUDEN, W.H.; KALLMAN, CHESTER - Elegy for Young Lovers: Opera in Three Acts
117051: HEPPNER, MAXINE (ED.) - Across Oceans. Writings on Collaboration: Artists of the Athome Project
2540: HERBERT, JAMES - The Fog
115827: HERBERT, ANNE - Summer Camp
102578: HERBERT, CATHY A.; BURTNIAK, JOHN - Scenes of Greater Fort Erie: Selections from the Greater Fort Erie Historical Calendars, 1985-1989
109033: HERGESHEIMER, JOSEPH - Wild Oranges
110550: HERIOT, GEORGE - Travels Through the Canadas Coles Canadiana Collection
106739: HERLIHY, PATRICIA - Odessa: A History 1794-1914 (Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute Monograph Series)
116272: HERMAN, VICTOR - Coming out of the Ice: An Unexpected Life
4633: HERMER, MANFRED - The Passing of Pageview
5848: HERMIONE - The Story of Tatters
5740: HERNE, SAMUEL - Domus Carthusiana
116984: HERNE, BRIAN - Desert Safaris
1493: HERR, J. A. - The Ontario Soda Water Bottle Collector's Index and Price Guide
110263: HERRICK, FRANCIS HOBART - The Home Life of Wild Birds: A New Method of the Study and Photography of Birds
2187: HERRIMAN, GEORGE - The Komplete Kolor Krazy Kat. Volume 1: 1935-1936. Volume 2: 1936-1937
101758: HERRING, ANN - The World of Chiyogami: Hand-Printed Patterned Papers of Japan
103899: HERRINGTON, WALTER S. - History of the County of Lennox and Addington
112337: HERRMANN-DOIG, TANYA; MAUDE, DANA; EDWARDS, JANE - Stopp: Systematic Treatment of Persistent Psychosis. A Psychological Approach to Facilitating Recovery in Young People with First-Episode Psychosis
112442: HERSEN, MICHEL; THOMAS, JAY C. (EDS.) - Handbook of Clinical Interviewing with Adults
111305: HERSEY, DAVID R. - Cottage Wars
4000: HERTIG, ARTHUR T. - Human Trophoblast
103089: (HERTZBERG, E. FR. V.) - Des KˆNiglich Preu Ischen Hofes Beantwortung Der Zu Wien IM Druct Herausgekommene Und Hier Gegen¸Ber Stehenden Hauptschrift, Welche Den Titel F¸Hret
116991: HERVEY, JAMES - Meditations and Contemplations. In Two Volumes
110762: HERVEY, THE REV. JAMES - The Whole Works of the Rev. James Hervey, A.M. Rector of Weston-Favell, Northamptonshire. In Six Volumes
6754: HERVEY, JOHN - Racing in America 1922-1936
6814: HERVY, JOHN - Racing in America 1665-1865
115871: HERZL, THEODOR; PATAI, RAPHAEL (ED.); ZOHN, HARRY (TRANS.) - The Complete Diaries of Theodor Herzl. Vol. I to V
114678: HERZOG, DON - Happy Slaves: A Critique of Consent Theory
101626: HESCOX, RICHARD - A Fatal Beauty
116092: HESS, STANLEY - The Modification of Letterforms
116490: HESTENES, DAVID; SOBCZYK, GARRET - Clifford Algebra to Geometric Calculus: A Unified Language for Mathematics and Physics
116492: HESTENES, DAVID - New Foundations for Classical Mechanics
117182: [HEUZET, JEAN] - Selectae E Profanis Scriptoribus Historiae. Quibus Admista Sunt Varia Honeste Vivendi Praecepta, Ex Iisdem Scriptoribus Deprompta
107785: HEWETSON, GEORGE BENSON - The Call of the Rockies
111055: HEWITT, GRAILY - Lettering for Students and Craftsmen
113983: HEWLETT, WALTER B.; SELFRIDGE-FIELD, ELEANOR; CORREIA, EDMUND JR. (EDS.) - Tonal Theory for the Digital Age: Computing in Musicology 15 (2007-08)
111518: HEYDA, THOMAS R.; KINTING, SHAELA (ILLUS.) - Feral Season: Part One of Feral Tribes
102742: HEYERDAHL, THOR - The Art of Easter Island
104261: HEYN, HANS - Suddeutsche Malerei Aus Dem Bayerischen Hochland
103325: HEYWOOD, THOMAS - A Marriage Triumphe Solemnized in an Epithalamium in Memorie of the Happie Nuptials Betwixt the High and Mightie Prince Count Palatine and the Most Excellent Princesse the Lady Elizabeth
112757: HIBEL, EDNA (ARTIST); PLOTKIN, THEODORE (ED.) - Hibel Lithographs
105813: HIERL, JOHANN E. - Abhandlung über Die Theorie Und Den Gebrauch Des Geradlinigen Transporteurs. (Treatise on the Theory and Use of the Linear Transporter)
113934: HIEROCLES OF ALEXANDRIA - Hieroclis Philosophi Alexandrini Commentarius in Aurea Carmina, de Providentia & Fato Quae Supersunt, Et Reliqua Fragmenta
116104: HIGGINS, PAUL W. (ED.) - Wolff's Photographic Review, January-March & April-June 1937
2596: HIGGINSON, THOMAS WENTWORTH - In a Fair Countrie
3913: HIGGINSON, T. B. - The Sportsman's Paradise: Historical Notes on the Burks Falls District 1835-1890 and the Village of Burks Falls 1890-1965
6018: HIGGINSON, HENRY - Letters from an Old Sportsman to a Young One
103202: [HILDROP, JOHN] - A Letter to a Member of Parliament, Containing a Proposal for Bringing in a Bill to Revise, Amend or Repeal Certain Obsolete Statutes, Commonly Called the Ten Commandments
6881: HILES, JOHN - A Catechism for the Pianoforte Student
117113: HILL, GENE - Sunlight and Shadows: Essays and Stories on the out-of-Doors
105818: HILL, AARON; VOLTAIRE - Merope. A Tragedy
2951: HILL, R. - The Mathematical Theory of Plasticity
105322: HILL, S.S. - The Emigrant's Introduction to an Acquaintance with the British American Colonies, and the Present Condition and Prospectus of the Colonists
116709: HILL, GENE; STRASSER, HERB (ILLUS.) - Tears & Laughter: A Couple of Dozen Dog Stories
116833: HILL, GENE; HENNESSEY, TOM - A Listening Walk... And Other Stories
109919: HILL-TOUT, CHARLES - Totemism: A Consideration of Its Origin and Import Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada Section II, 1903
116850: HILL, GENE; SMITH, STEVE; SCHALDACH, WILLIAM J. (ILLUS.) - The Whispering Wings of Autumn
109595: HILL, KATHARINE ST. - The Book of the Hand: A Complete Grammar of Palmistry for the Study of Hands on a Scientific Basis
102332: HILL, HAMNETT P. - Bytown Gazette: A Pioneer Newspaper
116810: HILL, GENE; HENNESSEY, TOM (ILLUS.) - Passing a Good Time: With Guns, Dogs, Fly Rods, and Other Joys
109917: HILL-TOUT, CHARLES - Later Prehistoric Man in British Columbia Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada Section II - 1895
100903: HILL, JAMES N.; GUNN, JOEL, EDITORS - The Individual in Prehistory: Studies of Variability in Style in Prehistoric Techniques
101597: HILL, RALPH NADING - The Voyages of Brian Sea-Worthy
112526: [HILL, AARON] - The Tragedy of Zara. As It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal, in Drury-Lane, by His Majesty's Servants
103370: HILL, EDWIN DARLEY - Northern Banking Company Limited: An Historical Sketch Commemorating a Century of Banking in Ireland by the First Joint-Stock Bank Established in That Country 1824-1924
116705: HILL, GENE; HENNESSEY, TOM - Hill Country
6258: HILLS, NORMAN ALFRED - Ezc: Every Zero Counts. The Typical Career Life and Loves of a Professional Engineer
102178: HILLS, T.L. - The St. Lawrence Seaway
4282: HILLS, G. A. ET AL - A Multiple Land-Use Plan for the Glackmeyer Development Area: The Report of the Glackmeyer Subcommittee of the Northern Region Land-Use Committee
107541: HILLS, MRS. M. M. HUTCHINS - Reminiscences. A Brief History of the Free Baptist India Mission
112611: HILSON, GAVIN M. (ED.) - The Socio-Economic Impacts of Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining in Developing Countries
1881: HILTNER, KEN (ED.) - Renaissance Ecology: Imagining Eden in Milton's England
101852: HILTON, JOHN - Rest and Pain
107850: HILTON, JAMES - The Story of Dr. Wassell
101405: HILTON, GEORGE W. - The Night Boat
107535: HILTON, BOYD - Age of Atonement: The Influence of Evangelicalism on Social and Economic Thought, 1785-1865
101394: HILTS, LEN - Timmy O'Dowd and the Big Ditch: A Story of the Glory Days on the Old Erie Canal
117326: HILTS, REV. JOSEPH H. - Among the Forest Trees or, How the Bushman Family Got Their Homes
110764: HILTS, REV. JOSEPH H. - Among the Forest Trees or, How the Bushman Family Got Their Homes. Being a Book of Facts and Incidents of Pioneer Life in Upper Canada, Arranged in the Form of a Story
2722: HINCHLIFFE, J. R.; JOHNSON, D. R. - The Development of the Vertebrate Limb
116203: HIND, HENRY YOULE (ED.) - The Journal of the Board of Arts and Manufacturers for Upper Canada Vols. I & II
1956: HIND, HENRY YOULE - Report on a Topographical & Geological Exploration of the Canoe Route between Fort William, Lake Superior, and Fort Garry, Red River; and Also of the Valley of Red River, North of the 49th Parallel, During the Summer of 1857
1352: HIND, HENRY YOULE - Narrative of the Canadian Red River Exploring Expedition of 1857 and of the Assinniboine and Saskatchewan Exploring Expedition of 1858. Vol. II
100557: HIND, HENRY YOULE - Narrative of the Canadian Red River Exploring Expedition of 1857 and the Assinniboine and Saskatchewan Exploring Expedition of 1858
112209: HINDS, ALLEN B. - A History of Northumberland. Volume III. Hexhamshire: Part I
6350: HINDS, A. LEONE - Pioneer Inns and Taverns of Guelph
105380: HINE, DARYL. - Five Poems
105271: HINE, DARYL; DUDEK, LOUIS (EDITOR) - The Carnal and the Crane
105749: HINGSTON, WM. H. - The Climate of Canada and Its Relations to Life and Health
102610: HINKLE, GEORGE AND BLISS - Sierra-Nevada Lakes
106948: HINKS, JOHN; ARMSTRONG, CATHERINE (EDITORS) - Worlds of Print: Diversity in the Book Trade .
106028: HIPPOCRATES; ADAMS, FRANCIS (ED.) - The Genuine Works of Hippocrates Translated from the Greek with a Preliminary Discourse and Annotations. Vols. I & II.
110183: HIRAYAMA, C.; GALUS, Z.; GUMINSKI, C. (EDS.) - Metals in Mercury
101676: HIRSCH, S. CARL - Printing from a Stone: The Story of Lithography
112790: HIRSCHFELDER, JACOB M. - The Immortality of the Soul: Being a Critical Investigation of the Doctrine of the Immortality of the Soul As Set Forth in the Old Testament
116364: HISCOCK, F. J. - A Collection of Choice Views of the Cody Road and Yellowstone Park
101130: HISLOP, CODMAN - The Mohawk
117402: HISSEY, JAMES JOHN - The Road and the Inn
102321: HITCHINGS, SINCLAIR - Freeman Keith: Maker of Books
108015: HIVKEY, DAVID - William and Mary: A Tale of the Seige of Louisburg 1745
114633: HIX, JOHN - Strange As It Seems No. 1
116400: HJORTH, J. S. URBAN - Computer Intensive Statistical Methods: Validation Model Selection and Bootstrap
105808: HOADLY, DR. (BENJAMIN) - The Suspicious Husband; a Comedy
112550: [HOADLY, BENJAMIN] - The Thoughts of an Honest Tory Upon the Present Proceedings of That Party. In a Letter to a Friend in Town
112553: HOADLY, DR. [BENJAMIN] - The Suspicious Husband, a Comedy
114483: HOADLY, DR. - The Suspicious Husband. A Comedy. As It Is Acted at the Theatres-Royal in Drury-Lane and Covent-Garden
6736: HOADLY, BENJAMIN - Several Discourses Concerning the Terms of Acceptance with God
106810: HOAR, W. S.; RANDAL, D. J. - Fish Physiology Vols. 1 to 6
108569: HOBBS, J. B. - How to Make a Century
116284: HOBEIKA, JOHN E. - The Sage of Lion's Den: An Appreciation of the Character and Career of Lyon Gardiner Tyler and of His Writings on Abraham Lincoln and the War between the States
115510: HOBSON, RICHMOND P., JR. - Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy
106456: HOBSON, JOHN A.; FREEDEN, MICHAEL (ED.) - Confessions of an Economic Heretic: The Autobiography of John A. Hobson
116051: HOCHULI, JOST; WHITEHOUSE, CHARLES (TRANS.) - Book Design in Switzerland
109413: HOCKLY, T. W. - The Two Thousand Isles: A Short History of the People, History & Customs of the Maldive Archipelago
100103: HOCKNEY, DAVID; STANGOS, NIKOS (ED.) - David Hockney
2271: HODDER, IAN (ED.) - The Spatial Organisation of Culture
109558: HODGE, F. W. - Thirty-First Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution 1909-1910
110539: HODGE, FREDERICK WEBB; WHITE, JAMES (FOREWORD) - Handbook of Indians of Canada Coles Canadiana Collection
1587: HODGES, CHARLES DU BOIS - In Search of Young Beauty: A Venture Into Photographic Art
103576: HODGES, ELIZABETH - The Cabots and the Discover of America. With a Brief Description and History of Brandon Hill, the Site of the Cabot Memorial Tower
103921: HODGINS, J. GEORGE - The Establishment of Schools and Colleges in Ontario, 1792-1910
111388: HODGINS, J. GEORGE - Revised School Law. Parts I & II - Complete
5619: HODGINS, J. GEORGE - The School Law, Official Regulations and Decisions of the Superior Courts
101363: HODGINS, J. GEORGE - Aims and Objects of the Toronto Humane Society
117427: HODGMAN, REV. STEPHEN A. - The Great Republic Judged, But Not Destroyed; or the Beginning and End of Slavery, and the Justice of God Displayed in the Doom of Slaveholders
112212: HODGSON, JOHN CRAWFORD - A History of Northumberland. Volume IV. Hexhamshire: Part II (Hexham, Whitley Chapel, Allendale, and St. John Lee) and the Parish of Chollerton. The Chapelry of Kirkheaton. The Parish of Thockrington
112211: HODGSON, JOHN CRAWFORD - A History of Northumberland. Volume VI. The Parish of Bywell St. Peter. The Parish of Bywell St. Andrew with Blanchland. The Chapelry or Parish of Slaley
114473: HODGSON, WILLIAM - We Saw the Queen! and Other Poems
116631: HODGSON, AMANDA - The Romances of William Morris
112213: HODGSON, JOHN CRAWFORD - A History of Northumberland. Volume VII. The Parish of Edlingham with the Chapelry of Bolton. The Parish of Felton with the Chapelry of Framlington. The Chapelry or Parish of Brinkburn

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