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105001: EARL, TIMOTHY K. AND ERICSON, JONATHON E. (EDS.) - Exchange Systems in Prehistory
100289: EARL OF ROSCOMON - An Essay on Translated Verse
2482: EARLE, JOHN - The Autograph Manuscript of Microcosmographie
112319: EARMAN, JOHN ET AL (EDS.) - Philosophical Problems of the Internal and External Worlds: Essays on the Philosophy of Adolf Grünbaum
117065: EARP, J. ROSSLYN - The Student Who Smokes: An Original Statistical Investigation
113669: EASTON, ALAN - 50 North: An Atlantic Battleground
103353: EASTON, REV. C. T. - Songs of Forest and Stream
100572: EASTWAY LADIES' CLUB - Trails to Highways
106572: EATON, EVELYN - Birds Before Dawn
3274: EATON, SEYMOUR - The Traveling Bears in England
4729: EATON, SEYMOUR R. - Practical Grammar: A Text Book for Use in Public Schools and in English Departments of Business Colleges and in Commercial Departments of Academies and High Schools
116365: EATON, CHARLOTTE - R.L. S. At Manasquan
105977: EATON, SEYMOUR (PAUL PIPER) - Teddy-B and Teddy-G: The Bear Detectives
102082: EBEL, SUZANNE - River Voices
5944: EBERHARD, WILLIAM G. - Sexual Selection and Animal Genitalia
110128: EBY, BENJAMIN - ABC-, Buchstabir- Und Lesebuch, Zum Gebrauch Für Deutsche Schulen
109253: EBY, EZRA E.; SNYDER, JOSEPH B.; WEBER, ELDON D. (ED.) - A Biographical History of Early Settlers and Their Descendants in Waterloo Township. A Supplement. Plus an Intensive Indes of All Entries of All Persons Whose Names Are Used Throughout the Volumes. An Ordinal Index of Geography Related to the Numbered Items. Notes About Some of the Families and Individuals. Maps and Other Documents of Interest
3197: ECHARD, LAURENCE - The Gazetteer's, or, Newsman's Interpreter
106465: ECHARD, SLAN; PARTRIDGE, STEPHEN - The Book Unbound: Editing and Reading Medieval Manuscripts and Texts
106682: ECHELLE, ANTHONY A.; KORNFIELD, IRV (EDITORS) - Evolution of Fish Species Flocks
103086: ECHLIN, KIM - The Disappeared
102798: ECKHOUT, ALBERT - Birds of Brazil. Reproductions of Paintings from Hofloessnitz Castle, Saxony
105738: ECKMAN, JAMES - Jerome Cardan
114905: ECKSTRAND, TATYANA (COMP.) - The Librarian's Book of Quotes
4988: ECONOMIDES, IRENE - Apostolic Pilgrimages in Greece
1933: ECTON, MR. - Liber Valorum & Decimarum Being an Account of Such Ecclesiastical Benefices in England and Wales, As Now Stand Charged with, or Lately Were Descharged from the Layment of First-Fruits and Tenths
104196: EDDY, HENRY T. - The Theory of the Flexure and Strength of Rectangular Flat Plates Applied to Reinforced Concrete Floor Slabs
102302: EDDY, SPECNER L. - The Founding of the Cornhill Magazine
106598: EDDY, JOSEPH H. - Letter from Ellis Engine Company, Detroit, April 24, 1911
117231: EDELSTEIN, HYMAN - Spirit of Israel and Other Poems
110923: EDELSTEIN, HYMAN - Canadian Lyrics and Other Poems
111997: EDER, DR. JOSEF MARIA - Ausführliches Handbuch Der Photographie. Erster Theil. Erste Hälfte
116498: EDGAR, T. F.; HIMMELBLAU, D. M. - Optimization of Chemical Processes
108080: EDGAR, HON. J. D. - Canada and Its Capital. With Sketches of Political and Social Life at Ottawa
107547: EDGAR, JAMES. - Hawick in the Early Sixties
109136: EDGERTON, ALICE C. - The History of Kappa Beta Pi Legal Sorority
109044: EDGERTON, DAVID - Memories of Mount Dora and Lake County 1845 to 1981
111276: EDITED BY THE OFFICE OF AIR FORCE HERITAGE & HISTORY - Proceedings, 4th Annual Air Force Historical Conference. 80 Years of Maritime Aviation in Canada
102589: EDITOR, MINER, EARL - Literary Uses of Typology: From the Late Middle Ages to the Present
6135: EDMONDS, FRANK (ED.) - Nensis 63
100223: EDMONDS, WALKER D. - Chad Hanna
117433: EDSALL, NICHOLAS C. - The Anti-Poor Law Movement 1834-44
101785: EDWARD F. BIGELOW, MANAGING EDITOR - The Guide to Nature
101786: EDWARD F. BIGELOW, MANAGING EDITOR - The Guide to Nature
104222: EDWARDS, EDWARD - Memoirs of Libraries. Including a Handbook of Library Economy. Vols. 1 & 2
3101: EDWARDS, ROBERT B. (ED.) - One Hundred Years of Lies 1878-1978
115112: EDWARDS, BRUCE, ET AL (EDS.) - The Pom Seed, Spring 1975
107357: EDWARDS, MONICA - Punchbowl Harvest
100963: EDWARDS, LEWIS A., COMPILED BY - Inland Waterways of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
107355: EDWARDS, MONICA - The Hoodwinkers
102341: EDWARDS, LIONEL - Reminiscences of a Sporting Artist
6027: EDWARDS, REV. JOHN - Theologia Reformata: Or, Discourses on Those Graces and Duties Which Are Purely Evangelical
101967: EDWARDS, ALBERT - Panama: The Canal, the Country and the People
107478: EDWARDS, MONICA - Killer Dog
1912: EDY, DON - Goon in the Block
109770: EEDY, J.W. - Rambles in the Southland. Letters Written to the St. Marys Journal-Argus by J.W. Eedy "the Journal Rambler" During the Winter of 1929-30
108604: EEDY, J.W. - Rambles in the Southland. Letters Written to the St. Marys Journal-Argus by J.W. Eedy "the Journal Rambler" During the Winter of 1930-31
113268: EELKING, MAX VON; STONE, WILLIAM L. (TRANS.) - Memoirs, and Letters and Journals, of Major General Riedesel, During His Residence in America. Translated from the Orginal German of Max Von Eelking by William L. Stone
114112: EGERER, J. W. - A Bibliography of Robert Burns
109209: EGERTON, HELEN MERRILL (ED.); UNITED EMPIRE LOYALISTS' ASSOCIATION OF CANADA - Annual Transactions 1917-1926 Vol. VIII, (United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada)
111834: EGERTON, HELEN MERRILL (ED.) - The United Empire Loyalists' Association Vol. VIII. Annual Transactions 1917 to 1926
111836: EGERTON, HELEN MERRILL (ED.) - The United Empire Loyalists' Association Vol. VIII. Annual Transactions 1917 to 1926
111837: EGERTON, HELEN MERRILL (ED.) - The United Empire Loyalists' Association Vol. VIII. Annual Transactions 1917 to 1926
116914: EGGEMANN, DR. JUR. HEINRICH - Rechtserwerb Und Rechtsnachfolge Insonderheit Die Rechtsnachfolge Ins BloßE Bucheigentum
100491: EGGLESTON, WILFRID - The Queen's Choice: A Story of Canada's Capital
109295: EGREMONT HISTORICAL COMMITTEE; CORK, CAMPBELL (EDITOR) - While We Still Remember: A History of Egremont Township 1840-1983
114969: EIDELBERG, SHLOMO - Medieval Ashkenazic History: Studies on German Jewry in the Middle Ages
5434: EIDELBERG, MARTIN; MCCLELLAND, NANCY A. - Behind the Scenes of Tiffany Glassmaking: The Nash Notebooks
106683: EIGEN, M.; SCHUSTER, P. - The Hypercycle: A Principle of Natural Self-Organization
106918: EIGER, ALBIN [PSEUD. OF ROLF HENNEQUEL] - Stella Matutina
106527: EIGER, ALBIN - Solitaries
5021: EISBERG, H. B.; OWENS, J. E. - Fundamentals of Arctic and Cold Weather Medicine and Dentistry
5339: EISENSTEIN, BERNICE - I Was a Child of Holocaust Survivors
115011: EITINGER, LEO - Concentration Camp Survivors in Norway and Israel
114834: EKWENSI, CYPRIAN; ONOBRAKPEYA, BRUCE - An African Night's Entertainment: A Tale of Vengeance
1539: ELDER, BRUCE R. - Image and Identity: Reflections on Canadian Film and Culture
106854: ELDREDGE, NILES; STANLEY, STEVEN M. (EDITORS) - Living Fossils (Casebooks in Earth Sciences)
110048: ELFICK, IAN; HARRIS, PAUL - T.N. Foulis: The History and Bibliography of an Edinburgh Publishing House
108449: ELIAS, VIC - A Game of Jeopardy
103813: ELIOT, T. S. - Thoughts After Lambeth
112818: ELIOT, T. S. - Sweeney Agonistes: Fragments of an Aristophanic Melodrama
108326: ELIOT, ANNIE, ET AL - Stories of New York
103389: ELIOT, T.S. - The Three Voices of Poetry
103324: ELIOT, T.S. - The Cocktail Party: A Comedy
106006: ELISÉE, JEAN FRANÇOIS COPEL - Sermones Del R.P. Eliseo, Carmelita Descalzo, Predicador de S.M. Christianisima Tomo I
106007: ELISÉE, JEAN FRANÇOIS COPEL - Sermones Del R.P. Eliseo, Carmelita Descalzo, Predicador de S.M. Christianisima Tomo II
1875: ELIZABETH, CHARLOTTE - Letters from Ireland Mdcccxxxvii
109873: ELIZABETH, CHARLOTTE - Letters from Ireland 1837
106816: ELLENBROEK, G.A. - Ecology and Productivity of an African Wetland System. The Kafue Flats, Zambia
102398: ELLET, JR., CHARLES - The Mississippi and Ohio Rivers: Containing Plans for the Protection of the Delta from Inundation, and Investigations of the Practicability and Cost of Improving the Navigation of the Ohio and Other Rivers by Means of Reservoirs; with an Appendix
112448: ELLIOT, ANDREW J.; DWECK, CAROL S. (EDS.) - Handbook of Competence and Motivation
6259: ELLIOT, NOEL MONTGOMERY - People of Ontario 1600-1900: Alphabetized Directory of the People, Places and Vital Dates
113149: ELLIOTT, BRUCE S. - Irish Migrants in the Canadas: A New Approach
7044: ELLIOTT, ROBIN (ED.) - The Mirror: The University of Western Ontario's Student History Journal. February 1985
111867: ELLIOTT, T. R. - Hugh Layal: A Romance of the Up Country
102544: ELLIOTT, GEORGE - Crazy Water Boys
116373: ELLIOTT, H. W. - Cloud Droplet Camera
102154: ELLIOTT, JAMES SANDS - Outlines of Greek and Roman Medicine
114026: ELLIOTT, HAROLD (ED.) - Medical Aspects of Traffic Accidents: Proceedings of the Montreal Conference
100348: ELLIS, EDWARD S. - Down the Mississippi
115278: ELLIS, DAVID - Wordsworth, Freud and the Spots of Time: Interpretation in the Prelude
2793: ELLIS, MRS. - The Women of England, Their Social Duties, and Domestic Habits
114223: ELLIS, CHRISTOPHER J., ET AL (EDS.) - The "Compleat Archaeologist": Papers in Honour of Michael W. Spence
6306: ELLIS, HAVELOCK - Studies in the Psychology of Sex. Vols. 1 - IV
106961: ELLIS, J. M. (ED.) - The Letters of Henry Liddell to William Cotesworth
5158: ELLIS, WILLIAM - An Authentic Narrative of a Voyage Performed by Captain Cook and Captain Clerke in His Majesty's Ships Resolution and Discovery
106776: ELLIS, ANTHONY E. (EDITOR) - Fish and Shellfish Pathology
117411: ELLIS, M. H. - The Long Lead: Across Australia by Motor-Car
117085: ELLIS, MRS. HAVELOCK; DUVALET, MAURICE (ILLUS.) - Stories by Mrs. Havelock Ellis, Vol. 1
107085: ELLISON, RALPH - Inivisible Man
115289: ELLMANN, RICHARD - The Consciousness of Joyce
115048: ELLMANN, RICHARD (ED.) - Selected Letters of James Joyce
111226: ELM, CAPTAIN IENAR E. - Manual of Flight
116800: ELMAN, ROBERT (ED.); CRUWYS, ROGER (ILLUS.) - Timber and Tide: Hunting Tales of the Northeast
112876: ELMENDORF, REV. J. J. - The Kingdom of God, a Grain of Mustard Seed. A Memorial of the Opening Services of the Church of the Holy Innocents, Being the Address Delivered on That Occasion, the Fourth Sunday After Easter, 1853
114048: ELSON, J. M. - The Scarlet Sash: A Romance of the Niagara Frontier
108682: ELTON, GODFREY - 'England, Arise!': A Study of the Pioneering Days of the Labour Movement
115907: ELWIN, VERRIER - The Muria and Their Ghotul
4020: EMBREY, ALVIN T. - History of Fredericksburg Virginia
105581: EMERSON, ROGER L. - Professors, Patronage and Politics The Aberdeen Universities in the Eighteenth Century
6312: EMERSON, RALPH WALDO; GILMAN, WILLIAM H. ET AL (EDS.) - The Journals and Miscellaneous Notebooks of Ralph Waldo Emerson Vol. II 1822-1826
6313: EMERSON, RALPH WALDO; GILMAN, WILLIAM H. ET AL (EDS.) - The Journals and Miscellaneous Notebooks of Ralph Waldo Emerson Vol. I 1819-1822
108415: EMERSON, GOLDWIN JAMES - The Basic Bugger Book
117110: EMERSON, RALPH WALDO - The Essay on Self-Reliance
106704: EMERSON, RALPH WALDO - Essay on Compensation
115393: EMERY, GEORGE - Noxons of Ingersoll, 1856-1918: The Family and the Firm in Canada's Agricultural Implements Industry
100347: EMETT, ROWLAND - Buffers End, Arrived at by Emett
6717: EMETT OF PUNCH - Buffers End
101255: EMMERSON, GEORGE S. - John Scott Russell: A Great Victorian Engineer and Naval Architect
103694: EMMERSON, GEORGE S. - Rantin' Pipe and Tremblin' String: A History of Scottish Dance Music
116751: ENDERS, JODY - Death by Drama and Other Medieval Urban Legends
101460: ENGEL, HOWARD - The Man Who Forgot How to Read
107206: ENGEL, WALTER - Tribute. Frans Masereel. An Exhibition of Paintings Watercolours and Graphics. September 13 - October 25, 1981
108646: ENGEL, MARIAN - Adventure at Moon Bay Towers
108728: ENGEL, MARIAN - Bear
101516: ENGEL, HOWARD - The Whole Megillah
107337: ENGEL, HOWARD - The Suicide Murders
105334: ENGELBERG, MARVIN W. - Audiological Evaluation for Exaggerated Hearing Level
3571: ENGELBRECHT, WILLIAM E.; GRAYSON, DONALD K. (EDS.) - Essays in Northeastern Anthropology in Memory of Marian E. White
107777: ENGELHARD, CHARLES, COMPILER - The Platinum-Palladium Controversy: In Its Relation to the Jewelry Indusrty. Volume I
1830: ENGELMANN, DR. GEORGES J. - La Pratique Des Accouchements Chez Les Peuples Primitifs étude D'éthnographie Et D'Obstétrique
104572: ENGLAND AND WALES. PARLIAMENT. HOUSE OF COMMONS. - A Coppy of the Journal-Book of the House of Commons for the Sessions of Parliament [Popish Plot, Impeachment of the Earl of Danby]
113703: ENGLAND, ROBERT - Discharged: A Commentary on CIVIL Re-Establishment of Veterans in Canada
105833: ENGLAND AND WALES. PARLIAMENT. - The Bill, Entituled, an Act for Preventing Occasional Conformity, with the Amendments
111108: ENGLISH, JOHN; HOWELL, COLIN (EDS.) - Canadian Historical Review December 1988
111107: ENGLISH, JOHN; HOWELL, COLIN (EDS.) - Canadian Historical Review September 1988
111104: ENGLISH, JOHN; HOWELL, COLIN (EDS.) - Canadian Historical Review December 1987
111106: ENGLISH, JOHN; HOWELL, COLIN (EDS.) - Canadian Historical Review June 1988
4379: ENGLISH, ALLAN (ED.) - The Operational Art: Canadian Perspectives. Leadership and Command
111105: ENGLISH, JOHN; HOWELL, COLIN (EDS.) - Canadian Historical Review March 1988
108274: ENRIGHT, D.J. - Heaven Knows Where
100748: ENTICK, REV. JOHN - The New Spelling Dictionary: Teaching to Write and Pronounce the English Tongue with Ease and Propriety
105939: EPICTETUS; M. L'ABBÉ DE BELLEGARD - Les Caracteres D'Epictete, Avec L'Explication Du Tableau de Cebes
6902: EPP, AL (ED.) - Sanitary Engineer, April 15, 1954
114434: ERASMUS; FERGUSON, WALLACE K - Erasmi Opuscula: A Supplement to the Opera Omnia
113777: ERASMUS, DISIDERIUS; NICHOLS, FRANCIS MORGAN (TRANS.) - The Epistles of Erasmus: From His Earliest Letters to His Fifty-First Year. Arranged in Order of Time.
101850: ERB, DR. WILHELM - Handbook of Electro-Therapeutics
110772: ERCKMANN-CHATRIAN, MM. - The Story of a Campaign in Kabylia, Told by a Chasseur D'Afrique. And Other Tales S. O. Beeton's Erckmann-Chatrian's Library.
1692: ERMATINGER, C.O. - The Talbot Regime or the First Half Century of the Talbot Settlement
109605: ERMATINGER, C. O. - The Talbot Regime or the First Half Century of the Talbot Settlement
113353: ERMATINGER, C. O. (ED.) - Record of the Celebration of the Centenary of the Talbot Settlement Held in the Year of Our Lord 1903
107220: ERMATINGER, EDWARD - Life of Colonel Talbot and the Talbot Settlement. Its Rise and Progress, with Sketches of the Public Characters, and Career of Some of the Most Conspicuous Men in Upper Canada, Who Were Either Friends or Acquaintances of the Subject of These Memoirs
108827: ERMATINGER, C.O. - The Talbot Regime, or, the First Half Century of the Talbot Settlement
103560: ERSKINE, RALPH - A Selection from the Works of the Late Reverend Ralph Erskine, A.M. Minister of the Gospel in Dunfermilne Consisting of Twenty-Eight Sermons and Other Discourses, Besides Poetical Pieces (3 Volumes)
110871: ERSKINE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH - Erskine Presbyterian Church: Sunday April 24 to Sunday May 1: Divine Services and Souvenir Programme: 75th Anniversary of the Sunday School
101565: ERVING, HENRY W. - The Connecticut River Banking Company One Hundred Years of Service 1825-1925
100668: ESCHARD, LAURENT; VOSGIEN - Dictionnaire Geographique-Portratif, Ou Description Des Royaumes, Provinces, Villes, Eveches, Duches, Comtes, Marquisats, Villes Imperiales, Ports, Forteresses, Et Autres Lieux Considerables Des Quatre Parties Du Monde
114245: ESCHER, FRANKLIN - Foreign Exchange Explained: A Practical Treatment of the Subject for the Banker, the Business Man, and the Student
114039: ESDAILE, CHARLES J. - The Duke of Wellington and the Command of the Spanish Army 1812-14
113940: ESSAD-BEY; PATERSON, HUNTLEY (TRANS.) - Stalin: The Career of a Fanatic
2602: ETCHECOPAR, R. D.; HUE, F.; HOLLOM, P. A. D. (TRANS.) - The Birds of North Africa: From the Canary Islands to the Red Sea
112524: ETHEREGE, SIR GEORGE - She Wou'd If She Cou'd. A Comedy
104671: EULER, CURT VON, ET AL (EDS.) - Somatosensory Mechanisms
6100: EULER, LEONHARD - Einleitung in Die Analysis Des Unendlichen
102598: EUPHROSYNE (ED.). - Chaplet of Chearfulness, and Company Keeper's Assistant / Wit, Women, and Wine; or, the Mirth-Loving Songster
106457: EURIPEDES; BOND, G.W. (EDITED BY) - Hypsipyle
107288: EURIPIDES; DODDS, E.R. (ED.) - Bacchae
102661: EUSEBIUS OF CESAREA, ET AL. - The Ancient Ecclesiasticall Histories of the First Six Hundred Yeares After Christ, Written in the Greek Tongue by Three Learned Historiographers, Eusebius, Socrates, and Evagrius
117002: EUTROPIUS; CLARKE, JOHN (TRANS.?) - Breviarium Historiae Romanae
6938: EVANIER, DAVID (ED.) - Event. Volume 2/3 1971
116846: EVANS, GEORGE BIRD (ED.); HENNESSEY, TOM (ILLUS.) - The Upland Gunner's Book: An Anthology
3110: EVANS, WILLIAM - A New English-Welsh Dictionary
4496: EVANS, MARTHA NOEL - Masks of Tradition: Women and the Politics of Writing in Twentieth-Century France
111349: EVANS, HILARY AND MARY - The Man Who Drew the Drunkard's Daughter: The Life and Art of George Cruikshank 1792-1878
3882: EVANS, GARY - Memories of Burlington: A Nostalgic View of Another Era
117067: EVANS, GEORGE BIRD - An Affair with Grouse
6831: EVANS, IFOR; LAWRENCE, HEATHER - Christopher Saxton: Elizabethan Map-Maker
102363: EVANS, W. SANFORD - Interim Report. Statistical Examination of Certain General Conditions of Transportation Bearing on Economic Problem of the Proposed Georgian Bay Canal
112861: EVANS, MYFANWY (ED.) - The Pavilion: A Contemporary Collection of British Art & Architecture
116980: EVANS, GEORGE BIRD - The Woodcock Book
116921: EVANS, GEORGE BIRD - The Bird Dog Book
116920: EVANS, GEORGE BIRD - The Ruffed Grouse Book
115802: EVANS, JOHN - Lona (If You Have Tears)
109871: EVANS, BISHOP R.C. - Sermons
116924: EVANS, GEORGE BIRD - Recollections of a Shooting Guest
109880: EVELEIGH, ALDOUS (ILLUSTRATOR); NEVILL, ANN (INTRODUCTION) - The Folkestone Fiery Serpent Together with the Humours of the Dover Mayor
114328: EVENSMO, JAN (COMP.) - The Trumpet of Roy Eldridge 1929-1944: With a Critical Assessment of All His Known Records and Broadcasts
114321: EVENSMO, JAN (COMP.) - The Tenor Saxophone of Leon Chu Berry: With a Critical Assessment of All His Known Records and Broadcasts
114322: EVENSMO, JAN (COMP.) - The Tenor Saxophone of Coleman Hawkins 1929-1942: With a Critical Assessment of All His Known Records and Broadcasts
114323: EVENSMO, JAN (COMP.) - The Guitars of Charlie Christian, Robert Normann, Oscar Aleman (in Europe): With a Critical Assessment of All His Known Records and Broadcasts
114325: EVENSMO, JAN (COMP.) - The Tenor Saxophone of Ben Webster 1931-1943: With a Critical Assessment of All His Known Records and Broadcasts
114326: EVENSMO, JAN; BORTHEN, PER (COMP.) - The Trumpet and Vocal of Henry Red Allen 1927-1942: With a Critical Assessment of All His Known Records and Broadcasts
114327: EVENSMO, JAN (COMP.) - The Trumpets of Bill Coleman 1929-1945 Frankie Newton: With a Critical Assessment of All His Known Records and Broadcasts
114329: EVENSMO, JAN; BORTHEN, PER; THOMSEN, IB SKOVSTED (COMP.) - The Alto Saxophone, Trumpet and Clarinet of Benny Carter 1927-1946: With a Critical Assessment of All His Known Records and Broadcasts
3524: EVERAGE, DAME EDNA - My Gorgeous Life: An Adventure
6668: EVERETT-GREEN, E. - In Northern Seas
100979: EVERITT, CHARLES P. - The Adventures of a Treasure Hunter: The Rare Bookman in Search of American History
114141: EVERITT, NICHOLAS - British Secret Service During the Great War
116517: EVES, HOWARD - An Introduction to the History of Mathematics with Cultural Connections
100753: EWALD, J.L. - Entwurf Eines Christlichen Religionsunterrichts
101600: EWANS, M.C. - The Haytor Granite Tramway and Stover Canal
108160: EWART, JOHN S. - The Kingdom of Canada, Imperial Federation, the Colonial Conferences, the Alaska Boundary, and Other Essays
5483: EWING, JULIANA HORATIA - Daddy Darwin's Dovecot: A Country Tale; Dandelion Clocks and Other Tales; Mary's Meadow and Letters from a Little Garden
101906: EXMAN, EUGENE - The Brothers Harper: A Unique Publishing Partnership and Its Impact Upon the Cultural Life of America from 1817 to 1853
6546: EYLAND, CLIFF - Cliff Eyland Id Paintings
100722: EYPORSSON, JON - Island I Myndum Icelandic Pictures
110142: EYSSELTOVA, JITKA; DIRKSE, THEDFORD P. (EDS.) - Alkali Metal Orthophosphates
5578: EZERGAILIS, BOB - The Thought of the Last Futurist: Poetry and Prose
102145: F.C. HUYCK & SONS - Paper: Pacemaker of Progress: A Tribute to the Paper Industry and to the Part Played by Paper in the Advancement of Civilization
101811: FABES, GILBERT H. - The Romance of a Bookshop 1904-1929
111350: FABRICIUS, JOHANN ALBERT - Bibliographia Antiquaria
114349: FABUN, DON - On Motivation
110847: FACCIOLATI, JACOPO - Ortografia Moderna Italiana Per Uso Del Seminario Di Padova
112379: FAFLAK, JOEL - Romantic Psychoanalysis: The Burden of the Mystery
5582: FAGAN, CARY - Let's Not Remember Everything
2750: FAGG, M. - Two Golden Lilies from the Empire of the Rising Sun
106890: FAHAY, MICHAEL P. - Guide to the Early Stages of Marine Fishes Occurring in the Western North Atlantic Ocean, Cape Hatteras to the Southern Scotian Shelf (Journal of Northwest Atlantic Fishery Science)
109291: FAHLGREN, J. E. J.; MATTHEWS, GEOFFREY - North of 50°: An Atlas of Far Northern Ontario
106906: FAHR-BECKER, GABRIELE - Wiener Werkstatte, 1903-1932
105050: FAILLON, ETIENNE MICHEL - Memoires Particuliers Pour Servir a L'Histoire de L'Eglise de L'Amerique Du Nord
109812: FAILLON, ETIENNE MICHEL - The Christian Heroine of Canada; or Life of Miss le Ber
107415: FAIR, L. M. - The Transportation of Canadian Wheat to the Sea
10530: FAIR, BARRY - Yesterday's Canadians
113902: FAIR, BARRY (ED.) - The Collection, London Canada
104601: FAIRBANKS, HON. CHARLES W. - Isthmian Canal. Speech of Hon. Charles W. Fairbanks, of Indiana, in the Senate of the United States, Wednesday, June 11, 1902
106960: FAIRCLOUGH, HENRY RUSHTON - Some Aspects of Horace
101859: FAIRFAX, BRYAN - Walking London's Waterways
102354: FAIRFORD, FORD - British Columbia
3088: FAIRLEY, MARGARET (ED.) - The Selected Writings of William Lyon Mackenzie 1824-1837
111040: FAIRLEY, BARKER; DAULT, GARY MICHAEL (ED.) - Barker Fairley: Portraits
101643: FALCONER, THOMAS - On the Discovery of the Mississippi and on the South-Western, Oregon, and North-Western Boundary
100720: FALK, BERNARD - The Bridgewater Millions: A Candid Family History
108502: FALKE, JAKOB VON - Hellas Und Rom. Eine Culturgeschichte Des Classischen Alterthums
109025: FALLON, RT. REV. MICHAEL FRANCIS - Shorter Poems by Catholics Compiled with Brief Biographical Sketches and a Preface
115313: FALLON, ROBERT THOMAS - Divided Empire: Milton's Political Imagery
4005: FALT, CLARENCE MANNING - Wharf and Fleet: Ballads of the Fishermen of Gloucester
103156: FAMILEX PRODUCTS CO. - ABC Familex
107640: FAMILY HERALD AND WEEKLY STAR - The Farmer's Manual and Veterinary Guide
107194: FAMILY HERALD AND WEEKLY STAR - War Map Issued by the Family Herald and Weekly Star.
113544: FANCY, PETER - Temiskaming Treasure Trails, 1910-1915
113546: FANCY, PETER - Temiskaming Treasure Trails, 1923-1933
110800: FANCY, PETER - A Boater's Guide to Historic Lake Temiskaming
113547: FANCY, PETER - Temiskaming Treasure Trails, 1934-1945
113543: FANCY, PETER - Temiskaming Treasure Trails, 1916-1922
3777: FANFAN (BLACKBURN, VICTORIA GRACE); JONES, ELWOOD (ED.) - Fanfan's Poetry (the Collected Poetical Works of Victoria Grace Blackburn)
100664: FANNING, CAPTAIN EDMUND - Voyages & Discoveries in the South Seas 1792-1832
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110054: GASKELL, PHILIP - The Foulis Press The Soho Bibliographies XIV
112918: GASKELL, PHILIP - A New Introduction to Bibliography
115877: GATEMAN, LAURA M. (ED.) - A History of Sullivan Township 1850-1975 & Sullivan Township History Volume II
107281: GATENBY, GREG (ED.) - Aloud. Judith Merril Issue. October, 1992.
103174: GATER, G. H. AND WALTER H. GODFREY, EDS. - London County Council Survey of London
116718: GATES, ELGIN T. - Trophy Hunter in Africa
110702: GATEWOOD, CHARLES - Primitives: Tribal Body-Art and the Left-Handed Path
101557: GATTINGER, F. EUGENE - A Century of Challenge: A History of the Ontario Veterinary College
5110: GATTY, ALFRED - A Key to Tennyson's 'in Memoriam'
4410: GAUDREAU, GUY (ED.) - Le Drapeau Franco-Ontarien
102136: GAUNT, WILLIAM - The World of William Hogarth
114655: GAVREAU, EMILE (ED.) - Click: The National Picture Monthly, February 1939
116202: GAY, WALTER - Memoirs of Walter Gay
116081: GAY, JOHN; TYLER, GILLIAN LEWIS (ILLUS.) - Fables by the Late Mr. John Gay. In One Volume Complete with Wood-Engravings by Gillian Lewis Tyler
114425: GAY, JOHN - The Poetical Works of John Gay
114417: GAY, JOHN - The Poetical Works of John Gay. Including His Fables. In Three Volumes
114487: GAY, [JOHN] - The Beggar's Opera
101108: GAYFORD, EILY - The Amateur Boatwomen: Canal Boating 1941-1945
108262: GAZENKO, V. N. - Torpednye Katera : ILLI U Strirovanny Spravochnik
108905: GAZZANIGA, MICHAEL S. - The Bisected Brain Neuroscience Series 2
1737: GEACH, G. A. - Risley: 1943-1946
101207: GEARY, L. - Bedford
109332: GEBERTH, VERNON J. - Sex-Related Homicide and Death Investigation: Practical and Clinical Perspectives
104050: GEDDIE, JOHN; BROWN, JOSEPH (ILLUS.) - The Water of Leith from Source to Sea
114049: GEDGE, PAULINE - The Twelfth Transforming
112437: GEEKIE, JIM; READ, JOHN - Making Sense of Madness: Contesting the Meaning of Schizophrenia
5797: GEIGER, WILLIAM D.; TOWNSEND, RAYMOND R.; REIBEL, DANIEL B. (EDS.) - The Chronicle of the Early American Industries Association, Inc.
116383: GELB, ARTHUR (ED.) - Applied Optimal Estimation
111008: GELEYNSE, WYN; HENRY, KAREN (ESSAY) - Wyn Geleynse, Film Works
115074: GELEYNSE, WYN - Haut, Trop Bas, de Loin
111567: GELEYNSE, WYN - A Man Trying to Explain Pictures
3192: GELFAND, JIM - Rimbaud's Sail: Songs by Jim Gelfand
103957: GELLERT, C. E.; SEIFERTH, JOHN (TRANS.) - Metallurgic Chymistry
110348: GELLNER, JOHN (ED.) - Cheadle's Journal: Being the Account of the First Journey Across Canada Undertaken for Pleasure Only, by Dr. Cheadle and Lord Milton 1862/1863
103333: GENARD, FRANCOIS - The School of Man
117220: GENET, JEAN; SCHEIDEGGER, ERNEST (ILLUS.) - L'Atelier D'Alberto Giacometti
111060: [GENLIS, STEPHANIE DE] - Adèle Et Théodore; Ou Lettres Sur L'éducation
104997: (GENLIS, STEPHANIE DE) - Adele Et Theodore, Ou Lettres Sur L'Education, Contenant Tous Les Principes Relatifs Aux Trois Differens Plans D'Education Des Princes, Des Jeunes Personnes, & Des Hommes
102877: GENLIS, STEPHANIE, COMTESSE DE - Les Petits Emigres: Ou Correspondance de Quelques Enfans
107362: GENOVA, LISA - Left Neglected
111351: GENTILCORE, R. LOUIS; HEAD, C. GRANT - Ontario's History in Maps
106914: GEO. WHITE & SONS CO. LIMITED - White Steel Threshers Individual and Custom
4132: GEOFFROY, BERNICE - Irene's Idea
109230: GEOGRAPHIC BOARD, CANADA - Handbook of Indians of Canada
4483: GEORGAKAS, DAN - The Methuselah Factors: Learning from the World's Longest Living People
110531: GEORGE, KING OF GREAT BRITAIN; ASPINALL, A. (EDITOR); WEBSTER, C.K. (INTRODUCTION) - The Letters of King George IV, 1812-1830, Published by Authority of His Late Majesty King George V (3 Volumes)
3944: GEORGE, MARION E. - Bilibid
5298: GEORGESCU-ROEGEN, NICHOLAS - Analytical Economics: Issues and Problems
104368: GEORGI, THEOPHILUS - Allgemeines Europaisches Bücher-Lexicon (3 Volumes)
103925: GERARD, ALEXANDER - An Essay on Genius
109517: GERBER, DOUGLAS E. (ED.) - Euterpe: An Anthology of Early Greek Lyric, Elegiac, and Iambic Poetry
107291: GERHARDI, WILLIAM - Perfectly Scandalous or "the Immorality Lady": A Comedy in Three Acts
105313: GERMAN, TONY - River Race
107987: GERMAN, TONY - Tom Penny
115371: GERSCHLER, MALCOLM C. - The Clock & Watch Pronunciary: A Compleat Guide to Present-Day American-English Pronunciation of Horological Words and Phrases
111605: GERSTEIN, ALEXANDRA (ED.) - Beyond Bloomsbury: Designs of the Omega Workshops 1913-19
105319: GERVAIS, MARTY (ED); REANEY, JAMES (GUEST EDITOR); STEELE, LISE; KRIEG, ROBERT E.; TALAR, NORBERT; JONES, R. - Black Moss Series 2 Number 1 Spring, 1976 An Occasional Theatre Letter from James Reaney
106446: GERVAIS, C. H.; REANEY, JAMES - Baldoon
6801: GERVAIS, MARTY - Wait for Me
116366: GERVAIS, MARTY (ED.) - Windsor Review, Fall 2014
111420: GERVERS, VERONIKA - The Influence of Ottoman Turkish Textiles and Costume in Eastern Europe with Particular Reference to Hungary
117404: GESNER, JOHANN MATTHIAS - Scriptores Rei Rusticae Veteres Latini Cato, Varro, Columella, Palladius
103320: GESSNER, (SALOMON) - Ouvres
101065: GEST, ALEXANDER PURVES - Engineering
110208: GETZEN, FORREST; HEFTER, GLENN; MACZYNSKI, ANDRZEJ (ED.) - Esters with Water Part II: Esters 7-C to 32-C
110213: GETZEN, FORREST; HEFTER, GLENN, MACZYNSKI, ANDRZEJ (EDS.) - Esters with Water Part I: Esters 2-C to 6-C
4043: GEYER-KORDESCH, JOHANNA; MACDONALD, FIONA; HULL, ANDREW - The History of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. Vol. 1: 1599-1858: Physicians and Surgeons in Glasgow. Vol. 2: 1858-1999: The Shaping of the Medical Profession
104732: GHENT, PERCY - Literary and Historical Fragments of Canadian Interest: Adventures in Book and Autograph Collecting
102458: GHENT, PERCY - Roentgen: A Brief Biography
109181: GHUTHRIE, UILLEAM (WILLIAM GUTHRIE) - Coir Mhor Chriosduidh: Ann an Da Earrainn (Christian's Great Interest)
108839: GIARDINI, ANNE - Advice for Italian Boys
110366: GIBARD, M. L' ABBE. (GABRIEL). PIERRE JOSEPH OLIVET. - Synonymes Francois, Leurs Differenctes Significations, & le Choix Qu'IL En Saut Saire Pour Parler Avec Justesse
101198: GIBB, SIR ALEXANDER - The Story of Telford: The Rise of CIVIL Engineering
114615: GIBBARD, ALLAN, ET AL; STROUD, BARRY (ED.) - Rconciling Our Aims: In Search of Bases for Ethics
101533: GIBBINGS, ROBERT - Coming Down the Seine
101534: GIBBINGS, ROBERT - Till I End My Song
103690: GIBBON, JOHN MURRAY - The Romance of the Canadian Canoe
107098: GIBBONS, STANLEY - Stanley Gibbons, Limited Priced Catalogue of Stamps. Part I. British Empire Egypt Iraq, Etc. (1937). Forty-Third Edition.
4497: GIBBS, JOSEPH - Gorbachev's Glasnost: The Soviet Media in the First Phase of Perestroika
109169: GIBBS, MONTOGOMERY B. - Military Career of Napoleon the Great
107237: GIBBS, HENRY H. - The Game of Ombre
4490: GIBLIN, JAMES L. - The Politics of Environmental Control in Northeastern Tanzania, 1840-1940
101969: GIBSON, REV. JESSE - Thomas Bone: The Sailor's Friend. The Story of His Work on the Welland Canal
104228: GIBSON, WILLIAM HAMILTON - Our Native Orchids: A Series of Drawings from Nature of All the Species Found in the Northeastern United States
2939: GIBSON, DAVID L. - The Hugill Chronicles: A Mosaic: Father and Son, Photographers 1860-1900
1492: GIBSON, JOHN - The History of Glasgow from the Earliest Accounts to the Present Time
116243: GIBSON, RALPH; DAVISON, MARK (ED.) - Refractions: Thoughts on Aesthetics and Photography
114142: GIBSON, EDMUND; CARDWELL, EDWARD (ED.) - Synodus Anglicana
108614: GIESY, J.U. - The Mouthpiece of Zitu
108367: GIFFORD, W. - The Plays of Philip Massinger, with Notes Critical and Explanatory
10445: GIII, RON - Ron Giii: Hegel's Salt Man: Writings/Works, 1975-2007
109095: GILBERT, W. S. - Savoy Operas
1645: GILBERT, BISHOP OF SARUM - An Exposition of the Thirty-Nine Articles of the Church of England
100162: GILBERT, GEORGE - Collecting Photographica: The Images and Equipment of the First Hundred Years of Photography
102408: GILBERT, MARTIN - Winston S. Churchill 1874-1965
107214: GILBERT, GEORGE - The Illustrated Worldwide Who's Who of Jews in Photography
115630: GILCHRIST, LUCIA DE - Vivencias
117118: GILCHRIST, DUNCAN - Journal of a High Country Hunter
117092: GILCHRIST, DUNCAN - On Bears and Bear Hunting
116659: GILES, JOHN - The Somme: Then and Now
105500: GILFILLAN, REV. GEORGE (ED.) - The Poetical Works of Goldsmith, Collins, and T. Warton: With Lives, Critical Dissertations, and Explanatory Notes
116406: GILKS, W. R.; RICHARDSON, S.; SPEGELHALTER, D. J. (EDS.) - Markov Chain Monte Carlo in Practice
115280: GILL, STEPHEN - William Wordsworth: The Prelude
6573: GILL, DENNIS - Snakes & Objects
5272: GILLEN, MOLLIE - Royal Duke: Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex (1773-1843)
109490: GILLEN, MOLLIE - The Wheel of Things: A Biography of L.M. Montgomery, Author of Anne of Green Gables
114504: GILLESPIE, LARRY ALLAN - Ontogeny of Hippocampal Electrical Activity and Behaviour in Rat, Rabbit and Guinea Pig
108518: GILLESPIE, DIZZY; FRASER, AL - To Be, or Not... To Bop
2133: GILLETTE, AGNES - Kaladar and Other Stories
117373: GILLIES, JOHN - The History of Ancient Greece, Its Colonies and Conquests; from the Earliest Accounts, Till the Division of the Macedonian Empire in the East. Including the History of Literature, Philosophy, and the Fine Arts
106872: GILLINGHAM, BRYAN; MERKLEY, PAUL (EDITORS) - Beyond the Moon: Festschrift Luther Dittmer
104650: GILLIS, URBAN R. - The Story of the Prince Edward Island Silver Black Fox: A Living Shene of Silver Light in a Field of Shining Black
110338: GILLOT, CLAUDE - Decors Panneaux Cartouches
6011: GILPIN, REV. MR. - Life of William Baker with His Funeral Sermon
115561: GILPIN, WILLIAM - Observations on the River Wye, and Several Parts of South Wales, &C. Relative Chiefly to Picturesque Beauty; Made in the Summer of the Year 1770
102116: GILREATH, JAMES - The Judgement of Experts: Essays and Documents About the Investigation of the Forging of the "Oath of a Freeman
114826: GIMARC, GEORGE - Post Punk Diary 1980-1982
4427: GINGRAS, YVES; ROY, LYSE (EDS.) - Les Transformations Des Unversites Du Xiiie Au Xxie Siecle
109112: GINGRAS, NICOLE (ED.) - The Tenuous Image
105970: GINGRICH, ARNOLD (ED.) - Ken, June 2nd, 1938
108865: GINSBERG, ALLEN - Wichita Vortex Sutra
103907: GINSBURGS, GEORGE; BARRY, DONALD D.; SIMONS, WILLIAM B. (EDS.) - The Revival of Private Law in Central and Eastern Europe: Essays in Honor of F.J. M. Feldbrugge
106694: GINZBURG, A. S.; DETLAF, T. A. (ED.) - Fertilization in Fishes and the Problem of Polyspermy
1508: GIRAL DEL PINO, HTO SAN JOSEPH - A New Spanish Grammar; or the Elements of the Spanish Language: Containing an Easy and Compendious Method to Speak and Write It Correctly
1234: GIRARD, M. L'ABBE - Synonymes Francois
4784: GIRLING, FRANCES - A Life of Change
5894: GIVENS, J. D. (PHOTOGRAPHER) - San Francisco in Ruins: A Pictorial History of Eight Score Photo-Views of the Earthquake Effects, Flames Havoc, Ruins Everywhere, Relief Camps
5283: GIZZI, PETER - New Picnic Time
102387: GLADDING, WILLIAM J. - Crossroads in Time: A Pictorial History of Tavistock: (1890-1920): The Lemp Studio Collection
110452: GLADSTONE, RIGHT HON. W. E. - The Turco-Servian War. Bulgarian Horrors and the Question of the East
101332: GLADWIN, D.D. - A Pictorial History of Canals
101069: GLADWIN, D.D. - The Waterways of Britain: A Social Panorama
102269: GLADWIN, D.D. - British Waterways: An Illustrated History
115778: GLADWIN, FRANCIS (TRANS.) - The Gûlistân of Musle-Huddeen Shaik Sâdy of Sheeráz. Volume I
101604: GLADWIN, D.D. - The Canals of Britain
115853: GLAISTER, JOHN - Dr. William Smellie and His Contemporaries: A Contribution to the History of Midwifery in the Eighteenth Century
102991: GLAISTER, JOHN AND JAMES COUPER BRASH - Medico-Legal Aspects of the Ruxton Case
115915: GLANZ, DR. RUDOLF - Geschichte Des Niederen Jüdischen Volkes in Deutschland: Eine Studie über Historisches Gaunertum, Bettelwesen Und Vagantentum
111155: GLASS, I. I. - Shock Waves & Man
105177: GLAUBER, JOHN RUDOLPH; PACKE, CHRISTOPHER (TRANS.) - Works of the Highly Experienced and Famous Chymist, John Rudolph Glauber. Containing, Great Variety of Choice Secrets in Medicine and Alchymy in the Working of Metallick Mines, and the Separation of Metals: Also, Various Cheap and Easie Ways of Making Salt-Petre, and Improving of Barren-Land, and the Fruits of the Earth. Together with Many Other Things Very Profitable for All the Lovers of Art and Industry. Translated Into English, and Published for Publick Good by the Labour, Care, and Charge, of Christopher Packe, Philo-Chymico-Medicus
115921: GLAZIER, IRA A.; FILBY, P. WILLIAM (EDS.) - Germans to America: Lists of Passengers Arriving at U.S. Ports, May-November 1890
112146: GLEMSER, KURT - A Guide to Military Dress Daggers Volume II
112148: GLEMSER, KURT - A Guide to Military Dress Daggers Volume IV
111294: GLEMSER, KURT - A Guide to Military Dress Daggers Vols. 1 to 4
112147: GLEMSER, KURT - A Guide to Military Dress Daggers Volume III
3975: GLENDINNING, ALEX - Rhymes. Sometime in Eskdalemuir, Dumfriesshire, Scotland. Volume 1
103332: GLENDINNING, ALEXANDER - Rhymes. Volume I
3148: GLENN, CONSTANCE W. - Time Dust James Rosenquist Complete Graphics: 1962-1992
112551: GLOVER, [RICHARD] - Medea. A Tragedy
102639: GLOVER, RICHARD (ED.) - David Thompson's Narrative 1784-1812
101911: GLYN, ANTHONY - The Seine
101525: GLYNN, JENIFER - Prince of Publishers: A Biography of the Great Victorian Publisher George Smith
110617: GODARD, PHILIPPE (TEXT AND PHOTOGRAPHS) - Carnaval Papou Carnets de Route Pacifique
115210: GODDING, W. W. - Two Hard Cases: Sketches from a Physician's Portfolio
101325: GODFREY, CAPT. FRED G. - Sailors, Waterways and Tugboats I Have Known: The New York State Barge Canal System
5966: GODFREY, CHARLES - Medicine for Ontario
110524: GODWIN, WILLIAM; PRIESTLEY, F.E.L. (EDITED WITH INTROTICTION AND NOTES) - Enquiry Concerning Political Justice and Its Influence on Morals and Happiness (3 Volumes) University of Toronto Department of English Studies and Text 2
102670: (GODWYN, THOMAS); GODWYN, THOMAS; ROUS, FRANCIS AND BOWER, ZACHARY - (3 Works) 1. Romanae Historiae Anthologia Recognita Et Aucta. ; 2. Moses and Aaron... 3. Archaeologiae Atticae Libri Septem. Seaven Books of the Antiquities
116970: GODWYN, THOMAS - Moses and Aaron: CIVIL and Ecclesiastical Rites, Used by the Ancient Hebrews
5655: GOEBBELS, JOSEPH - Das Eherne Herz
109682: GOEDAERT, JOANNES - Metamorphosis Naturalis Ofte Historische Beschryvinghe Van Den Oirspronk, Aerd, Eygenschappen En de Vreemde Veranderinghem Der Wormen, Rupsen, Maeden, Vliegen, Spinck-Hanen, Witjens, Byen, Motten Ende Dierghelijcke Dierkens Meer; Niet Uyt Eenighe Boecken, Maer Aileenelijck Door Eigen Ervarentheyt Uytgevonden, Beschreven, En de Na de Konst Afgeteikent
104840: GOEL, SEEMA; HENDERSON, LEE - Any Sharp Knife Will Do
106062: GOFF, MARTYN - Red on the Door
102200: GOGO, JEAN L. (ED.) - Lights on the St. Lawrence: An Anthology
115076: GOLB, NORMAN - The Jews in Medieval Normandy: A Social and Intellectual History
3676: GOLBECK, PETER F. - The Elbinger Goldbecks: The Incredible Journey of My Family
114661: GOLD, JOSEPH (ED.) - The Scoop: A Semi-Monthly for the Younger Set, August 1, 1931
110362: GOLD, VICTOR; LOENING, KURT L.; MCNAUGHT, ALAN D.; SEHMI, PAMIL - Compendium of Chemical Terminology: Iupac Recommendations
100111: GOLDBERT, VICKI; SILBERMAN, ROBERT - American Photography: A Century of Images
4460: GOLDEN, MIRIAM - Labor Divided: Austerity and Working-Class Politics in Contemporary Italy
103148: GOLDEN, RICHARD L.; ROLAND, CHARLES G. - Sir William Osler: An Annotated Bibliography with Illustrations
111436: GOLDENBERG, SUSAN - Troubled Skies: Crisis, Competition & Control in Canada's Airline Industry
7189: GOLDENBERG, H. CARL - Electrical Wire and Cable Products
4437: GOLDENBERG, SUSAN - Snatched! the Peculiar Kidnapping of Beer Tycoon John Labatt
112481: GOLDENTHAL, PETER - Doing Contextual Therapy: An Integrated Model for Working with Individuals, Couples, and Families
115145: GOLDIN, SIMHA; LEVIN, YIGAL (TRANS.); COPELAND, C. MICHAEL (ED.) - The Ways of Jewish Martyrdom
5516: GOLDIN, GRACE - A Walk Through a Ward of the Eighteenth Century
106666: GOLDMAN, CHARLES R. (ED.) - Primary Productivity in Aquatic Environments: Proceedings of an I.B. P. Pf Symposium
109002: GOLDMAN, PAUL - Victorian Illustration: Pre-Raphaelites, the Idyllic School and the High Victorians
107377: GOLDMAN, WILLIAM - Your Turn to Curtsy My Turn to Bow
114121: GOLDMAN, R. L. - Out on Bail
103259: GOLDONI, CARLO - Scelta Della Migliori Commedie
109501: GOLDSCHMIDT, LAZARUS; GOLDSMITH, IMMANUEL (TRANSLATOR) - Hebrew Incunables: A Bibliographical Essay
106097: GOLDSMID, EDMUND, ED. - The Famous History of Fryer Bacon Bibliotheca Curiosa.
107162: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER.  - A History of the Earth and Animated Nature
114497: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - The Traveller, a Poem
104145: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - A History of the Earth and Animated Nature
2628: GOLDSMITH, REV. J.; MURRAY, HUGH (ED.) - A Grammar of General Geography for the Use of Schools & Young Persons, with Maps & Engravings
113999: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - The Deserted Village. A Poem
104974: GOLDSMITH, DR. OLIVER - Dr. Goldsmith's Roman History Abridged by Himself for the Use of Schools
113997: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - The Deserted Village. A Poem
113998: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - The Deserted Village. A Poem
105958: [GOLDSMITH, OLIVER] - Le Ministre de Wakefield: Histoire Supposée écrite Par Lui-Même [Vicar of Wakefield]
107440: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER; DOBLE, C.E. (ED.) - The Plays of Oliver Goldsmith Together with the Vicar of Wakefield
105823: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER; JOHNSON, SAMUEL - The Good Natur'd Man: A Comedy
105560: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER. - The Vicar of Wakefield
114499: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - The Traveller, or a Prospect of Society. A Poem. Inscribed to the Rev. Mr. Henry Goldsmith
102494: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER; PERCY, THOMAS; DAY, THOMAS - 1. Retaliation; a Poem... ; 2. The Traveller, a Poem; 3. The Deserted Village, a Poem; 4. The Hermit of Warkworth, a Northumberland Ballad, in Three Fits or Cantos; 5. The Dying Negro, a Poem (5 Items in Total)
112565: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - The Traveller, a Poem
114498: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - The Traveller, a Poem

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