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100650: CONWAY, WILLIAM MARTIN. WITH CONTRIBUTIONS BY J.W. GREGORY, A. TREVOR-BATTYE AND E.J. GARWOOD - The First Crossing of Spitsbergen Being an Account of an Island Journey of Exploration and Survey, with Description of Several Mountain Ascents, of Boat Expeditions in Ice Fjord
108863: CONWAY, THOR AND JULIE - Spirits on Stone: The Agawa Pictographs
101712: CONWAY-JONES, HUGH - Working Life on Severn & Canal: Reminiscences of Working Boatmen
3859: CONWAY, THOR A. - Data Box Research Manuscript Series May 1977
103893: COOK, JAMES - Reize Rondom de Waereld. Vertaald Door J.D. Pasteur. Vijfde Dee
104548: COOK, MERRILL H. - Margaret of the Mohawks
116395: COOK, R. DENNIS - Regression Graphics: Ideas for Studying Regressions Through Graphics
109021: COOK, P.A.W. - Kwane: An African Saga
103355: COOK, DUTTON - The Prodigal Son
114602: COOK, JOHN GEORGE - On Generation-Recombination Noise in Gallium Arsenide
105575: COOKE, EDMUND VANCE. - The Biography of Our Baby
5961: COOKE, DONALD E. - The Firebird
108343: COOKE, EDMUND VANCE - The Uncommon Commoner and Similar Songs of Democracy
107741: COOKE, JACK L. - Getting by in a Silent World: The Life and Times of Jack the Barber
112673: COOKE, F. H. (COMP.) - Guelph Lodge, No. 258 A.F. & A.M. G.R. C. Guelph, Ontario, Canada 1871-1971 Centennial History
106423: COOKE, H. REGINALD - A Few More Short Notes on Retrievers
100201: COOLIDGE-RASK, MARIE - London After Midnight
6667: COOMBS, LOVELL - The Lost Train and Other Tales of Adventure and Ingenuity of a Group of Young Canadian Railroaders. Volume I
115572: COOMBS, LOVELL - The Runaway Train and Other Tales of Adventure and Ingenuity of a Group of Young Canadian Railroaders. Vol. II
115571: COOMBS, LOVELL - The Lost Train and Other Tailes of Adventure and Ingenuity of a Group of Young Canadian Railroaders. Vol. I
102501: COONEY, ROBERT - A Compendious History of the Northern Part of the Province of New Brunswick, and of the District of Gaspe, in Lower Canada
114354: COOPER, LYDIA ECK - The Zacharias Eck Family Record
115793: COOPER, DOUGLAS - Pablo Picasso: Les Déjeuners
1786: COOPER, HEATHER; RAPOPORT, JANIS; FINDLEY, TIMOTHY - Imaginings: A Synthesis of Fact and Fable with Images by Heather Cooper, Poetry by Janis Rapoport and Prose by Timothy Findley. Conceived and Designed by Robert Burns to Celebrate the Inauguration of the Ethos Cultural Development Foundation
114357: COOPER, LYDIA ECK - The Andreas Decker Family Record
105428: COOPER, EDMONDS AND HEDLEY, MESSRS. (EDS.). - Official Souvenir. Visit of the Canadian Manufacturers to Great Britain June - July Nineteen Hundred and Five
114338: COOPER, LYDIA ECK - The Abraham J. Siebert Family Record
100834: COOPER, HUGH L. - Comments on the Wooten-Bowden Report to the International Joint Commission
109319: COOPER, JAL - India Used Abroad
100029: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE - The Deerslayer: Or, the First War-Path. A Tale. (Volume 1)
116122: COOPER, DOUGLAS - Pablo Picasso: Les Dejeuners
117017: COPE, LEILA M. - A History of the Village of Port Carling
100858: COPELAND, R. MORRIS - Country Life: A Handbook of Horticulture, Agriculture, and Landscape Gardening
103695: COPLEY, FREDERICK S. - A Set of Alphabets of All the Various Hands in Modern Use with Examples in Each Style, Designed As a Text Book
103769: COPPIN, JOHN S. - Selected Works of the Artist John S. Coppin
4448: CORCOS, JACQUES; SCHICK, ERIK (EDS.) - The Urinary Sphincter
3853: CORDEAUX, E. H.; MERRY, D. H. - A Bibliography of Printed Works Relating to the University of Oxford
101372: CORDEROY, JOHN - Bookbinding for Beginners
5904: CORDIER, L'ABBE ALPHONSE - Lettres a Edouard Sur Les Catacombes Romaines
104914: CORDNER, JOHN - The Foundations of Nationality: A Discourse Preached in the Unitarian Church, Montreal, on the Sunday After the Great Railway Celebration, November, 1856
112370: CORFIELD, BILL - The Pilgrim File
107821: CORFIELD, BILL - The Lawsons of London
113503: CORILLON, PATRICK; LAMOUREAUX, JOHANNE; RHODES, RICHARD; PERINET, FRANCINE - Patrick Corillon: Last Words -- and Tales of Oskar Serti
112656: CORLESS, DR. C. V. - Northward!
102899: CORNEILLE, PIERRE - Le Theatre de P. Corneille (Volume 1 Only)
110233: CORNELIS ADRIANUS FRANCISCUS TUIJNMAN - Precisie-Viscosimetrie Van Verdunde Oplossingen Van Polyvinylacetaat
107990: CORNELL, JOHN A. - The First Church of Beverly: A History and a Memorial
113409: CORNET-AUQUIER, CAPTAIN ANDRÉ; STANTON, THEODORE (ED.) - A Soldier Unafraid: Letters from the Trenches of the Alsatian Front
101590: CORNISH, MARGARET - Troubled Waters: Memoirs of a Canal Boatwoman
101592: CORNISH, MARGARET - Still Waters: Mystery Tales of the Canals
4812: CORNISH, GEORGE H. - Hand-Book of Canadian Methodism
103179: CORNWALLIS, KINAHAN - Royalty in the New World; or, the Prince of Wales in America
2425: CORNWELL, BERNARD - Sharpe's Company: Richard Sharpe and the Siege of Badajoz January to April 1812
109437: CORNWELL, BERNARD - Sharpe's Eagle: Richard Sharpe and the Talavera Campaign July 1809
107379: CORNWELL, BERNARD. - Sharpe's Gold: Richard Sharpe and the Destruction of Almeida, August 1810
103967: CORRAN, GAY - Bermuda Flowers Book One
101406: CORRIE, EUAN - Tales from the Old Inland Waterways
100691: CORRY, JOHN - The English Metropolis; or London in the Year 1820, Containing Satirical Strictures on Public Manners, Morals, and Amusements; a Young Gentleman's Adventures, and Characteristic Anecdotes of Several Eminent Individuals Who Now Figure in the Great Theatre
5502: CORSI, PIETRO (ED.) - The Enchanted Loom: Chapters in the History of Neuroscience
105734: CORTHELL, ELMER L. - The Interoceanic Problem and Its Scientific Solution An Address Before the American Association for the Advancement of Science
106399: CORY, ISAAC PRESTON - A Practical Treatise on Accounts, Mercantile, Private, and Official Exhibiting the Manner in Which the Method of Double Entry May Be Applied to the Accounts of Government; With Proposals For the Introduction of a Uniform and Centralized System of Accouonts in All the Public Offices
5754: COSBIE, W. G. - The History of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada 1944-1966/la Societe Des Obstetriciens Et Gynecologues Du Canada 1944-1966
110667: COSENS, DANIEL L. (INTRODUCTION) - St. Thomas and Its Men of Affairs
113099: COSENTINO, NICK; MILES, SHIRLEY - Come Play with Me & Julie
110234: COSSEE, P. - Magnetic Properties of Cobalt in Co3o4 and Other Oxides
100047: COSTELLO, LOUISA STUART - A Summer Amongst the Bocages and the Vines. (Volume 1)
112510: [COTES, HUMPHREY ?] - An Enquiry Into the Conduct of a Late Right Honourable Commoner
102717: COTGRAVE, RANDLE - A French-English Dictionary Compiled by Mr. Randle Cotgrave: With Another in English and French
114632: COTTENDEN, BILLY; CLARK, ERNIE (EDS.) - The Baton: News Conductor of the Canadian Musician, December 1936
2100: COTTERELL, HOWARD HERSCHEL - Old Pewter: Its Makers and Marks in England, Scotland and Ireland
107048: COTTLE, JOSEPH - Reminiscences of Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Robert Southey
1977: COTTON, CHARLES - The History of the Life of the Duke of Espernon, the Great Favourite of France. In Three Parts, Containing Twelve Books. Wherin the History of France Is Continued from the Year 1598. Where D'Avila Leaves Off, Down to Our Own Times, 1642
107322: COTTON, CHARLES - Scarronnides, or, Virgile Travestie. A Mock-Poem, on the First & Fourth Books of Virgil's Aenaeis, in English Burlesque
3580: COTTON, ROBERT - A Briefe Abstract of the Question of Precedencie between England and Spaine
108528: COTTON, CHARLES - Scarronides: Or, Virgil Travestie. A Mock Poem on the First and Fourth Books of Virgil's Aeneid, in English Burlesque
108526: COTTON, CHARLES; SCUDAMORE, JAMES - Scarronides: Or, Virgile Travestie. A Mock-Poem. Being the First Book of Virgils Aeneis in English, Burlesque (Bound with) Homer a la Mode
5144: COUCKUYT, JACK - The Aylmer Fair 1846-1982
104758: COUGHLIN, BING - This Army: Maple Leaf Album No. 1. Vol. 2: Another Maple Leaf Album
111136: COUILLARD, VERNON WILLIAMS - Transactions of the Moravian Historical Society. Volume XVI. Parts II & III (Includes the Theology of John Cennick)
3837: COULTER, JOHN; COOPER, JOHN A. (EDS.) - Queen Victoria: Her Gracious Life and Glorious Reign
3836: COULTER, JOHN; COOPER, JOHN A. (EDS.) - Queen Victoria: Her Grand Life and Glorious Reign
1542: COUNCE, S.J.; WADDINGTON, C.H. - Developmental Systems: Insects. Volume 1
102524: COUNCIL OF TRENT - Sacro-Sancti Et Oecumenici Tridentini Paulo III Julio III Et Pio IV Pontificibus Maximis Celebrati Canones Et Decreta
4142: COURBOIN, FRANCOIS ET AL - Exposition D'Oeuvres de Rembrandt, Dessins Et Gravures: Mai-Juin 1908, Bibliotheque Nationale, [Paris]
109800: COURCHESNE, A.E.B. - Livre de Renvoi Des Quartier Limoilou Cite de Quebec - Book of Reference of Limoilou Ward City of Quebec
109778: COURCHESNE, A.E.B. - Livre de Renvoi Des Quartiers Belvedere Et St-Malo - Book of Reference of Belvedere and St-Malo Wards
112389: COURTIS, CHRISTINE A.; FORD, JULIAN D.; BRIERE, JOHN (FORWARD) - Treatment of Complex Trauma: A Sequenced, Relationship-Based Approach
103807: COUSTET, ROBERT - Bordeaux, L'Art Et le Vin
108034: COUTELLIER, FRANCIS - Les Deux
104703: COUTLEE, CHARLES R. - The Water Wealth of Canada: With Special Reference to the Ottawa River Basin
2088: [COVENTRY, SIR WILLIAM; DU MOULIN, PETER; LISOLA , FRANÇOIS PAUL, BARON DE] - England's Appeal from the Private Cabal at White-Hall to the Great Council of the Nation, the Lords and Commons in Parliament Assembled. By a True Lover of His Country
115389: [COVENTRY, HENRY] - Philemon to Hydaspes; Relating a Fifth Conversation with Hortensius Upon the Subject of False Religion
113531: COVINGTON, SALLY; SHAYEGAN, LEYLI (EDS.) - The Israeli Invasion of Lebanon: Part II. Press Profile: August 1892/May 1983
1151: COWAN, HUGH - Canadian Achievement in the Province of Ontario. Vol. 1. The Detroit River District
103651: COWAN, JOHN G. - Rideau 175th Lecture Series: Lecture Proceedings
5758: COWAN, ELVA MARGRETTA (LIDSTONE) - The Lidstone-Baker Family Tree
115726: COWDEN-CLARKE, MARY - My Long Life: An Autobiographic Sketch
115728: COWDEN CLARKE, CHARLES - Carmina Minima
115727: COWDEN CLARKE, CHARLES AND MARY - Recollections of Writers. With Letters of Charles Lamb, Leigh Hunt, Douglas Jerrold, and Charles Dickens; and a Preface by Mary Cowden Clarke
117281: COWLEY, ABRAHAM - The Works of Mr. Abraham Cowley: In Two Volumes
2623: COWLEY, ABRAHAM; HURD, R. (ED.) - Select Works of Mr. A. Cowley
116054: COWLEY, A. E. - A Concise Catalogue of the Hebrew Printed Books in the Bodleian Library
5980: COWLEY, ABRAHAM - Select Works of Mr. A. Cowley; in Two Volumes
100200: COWLEY, ABRAHAM - Select Works of Mr. A. Cowley; in Two Volumes: With a Preface and Notes by the Editor
102634: COWLEY, ABRAHAM - (8 Works) Including Davideis, the Mistress, and Pindarique Odes
114390: COWLEY, ABRAHAM - The Poetical Works of Abraham Cowley in Four Volumes. From the Text of Dr. Sprat, &C. With the Life of the Author
111239: COWLS, WILLIAM J. - The Whiffletrees Step out
112882: COX, REV. RICHARD - The Doctrines of the Protestant Episcopal Church Incompatible with Romanism; a Sermon Preached on the Ninth Sunday After Trinity: And the Scriptures the Guide for Ministerial Instruction; a Sermon Preached on the Tenth Sunday After Trinity
103739: COX, MONTAGU H.; NORMAN, PHILIP (EDS.) - The Parish of St. Margaret, Westminster. Part II (Neighbourhood of Whitehall, Vol. I)
103740: COX, MONTAGU H.; NORMAN, PHILIP (EDS.) - The Parish of St. Margaret, Westminster. Part III (Neighbourhood of Whitehall, Vol. II)
105383: COX, PETER - Locomotives from London: An Illustrated Record of Railway Motive Power Production by General Motors in Canada
2262: COX, PALMER - A Box of Brownies
116577: [COX, GEORGE] - Black Gowns & Red Coats, or Oxford in 1834
107158: COX, PALMER - The Brownies Many More Nights
102833: COX, E.B.; DAULT, GARY MICHAEL - E.B. Cox: A Life in Sculpture
117453: COXE, WILLIAM - Travels Into Poland, Russia, Sweden, and Denmark, Interspersed with Historical Relations and Political Inquiries. In Three Volumes. Volume the Third
116470: COXETER, H. S. M. - Non-Euclidean Geometry
1320: COYER, M. L'ABBE - Bagatelles Morales
114106: COYLE, BEVERLY - A Thought to Be Rehearsed: Aphorism in Wallace Stevens's Poetry
115767: COZZENS, FREDERIC S. - Acadia; or, a Month with the Blue Noses
115758: CRABBE, GEORGE - The Poetical Works of George Crabbe Complete in One Volume
115870: CRABBE, REV. GEORGE - Life and Poems of the Rev. George Crabbe: With His Letters and Journals, and His Life. By His Son. In Eight Volumes
101779: CRABTREE, HAROLD - Railway on the Water: Tom Puddings and the Yorkshire Coal Industry
107358: CRACE, JIM - The Gift of Stones
107977: [CRADOCK, JOSEPH] - Village Memoirs: In a Series of Letters between a Clergyman and His Family in the Country, and His Son in Town
116661: CRAFTI, STEPHEN - Robyn Beeche: Visage to Vraj
7029: CRAGGS, STEWART R. - Theses on North East England
114653: CRAIG, HOWARD (ED.) - Gay Broadway, September 1939
10542: CRAIG, PHILIP - The Painted World of Philip Craig
10488: CRAIG, PHILIP - The Painted World of Philip Craig
10473: CRAIG, PHILIP - The Painted World of Philip Craig
10543: CRAIG, PHILIP - The Painted World of Philip Craig
100506: CRAIG, JOHN - Simcoe County: The Recent Past
101045: CRAIG, JOHN - By the Sound of Her Whistle
112900: CRAIK, REV. JAMES - An Address at the Laying of the Corner-Stone of the Church of the Ascension, Frankfort, Ky. , Thursday, August 8th, 1850
103118: CRAIK, ROBERT - Papers and Addresses by Robert Craik
2047: CRANE, RONALD S. ET AL - English Literature 1660-1800: A Bibliography of Modern Studies Compiled for Philological Quarterly. Volumes I to VI
109038: CRANE, MANNIN - Yarns from a Windjammer
102815: CRANE, WALTER - Renascence: A Book of Verse
6074: CRANFORD, GARRY - Not Too Long Ago: Seniors Tell Their Stories
115398: CRANKSHAW, EDWARD - Khrushchev's Russia
111797: CRANSTON, WILLIAM H. (ED.) - The Twig December 1930
112283: CRAVAN, ARTHUR - Averaging Insight
104035: CRAVEN, EDNA H. - Kenya Safari
108314: CRAVEN, EDNA - On the Other Hand
1399: CRAVEN, PATRICIA; MARAIS, CHRISTINE (ILLUS.) - Rossing: The Mine, the Flora (a Selection of Illustrations by Christine Marais)
110657: CRAVEN, NORA E. - Time to Remember
113150: CRAWFORD, F. MARION - In the Palace of the King: A Love Story of Old Madrid
2599: CRAWFORD, J. H. - The Wild Flowers
107791: CRAWFORD, JOAN - Letter to Robert Jean. July 15, 1969
3798: CRAWFORD, IRENE - Captain Andrew Drew
4433: CRAWFORD-SIANO, IRENE - Journey to Perfection: The Agricultural Art of Ross Butler
101741: CRAWFORD, J. LAW - Forth and Clyde Ship Canal in Relation to the Development of Commerce
100383: CRAWFORD, CAROLINE AND FOGG, ELIZABETH ROSE - The Rhythms of Childhood
100457: CRAWFORD, ROBERT - Reminiscences of Foreign Travel
110873: CREEN, NORMAN; HARVEY, ROBERT - Presbyterian Church Waterdown Centennial Souvenir 1830 - 1930
115327: CREIGHTON, HELEN (ED.) - Bluenose Magic: Popular Beliefs and Superstitions in Nova Scotia
109731: CREPEAU, PIERRE (ED.) - Medecine Et Religion Populaires/Folk Medicine and Religion
112164: CRÉPEAU, PAUL-A.; BRIERLEY, JOHN E. C. (EDS.) - Code CIVIL/CIVIL Code 1866-1980: An Historical and Critical Edition
104541: CRERAR, ADAM - Letters of Adam Hope 1834-1845
114980: CRERAR, ADAM - Letters of Adam Hope 1834-1845
116310: CRESSIE, NOEL A. C. - Statistics for Spatial Data
101630: CRESSY, HUGH PAULIN SERENUS - The Church-History of Brittany from the Beginning of Christianity to the Norman Conquest
108875: CRIBB, PHILLIP - The Genus Paphiopedilum A Kew Magazine Monograph
2129: CRICH, G. E. - In Search of Heroes: An Historical Novel
103058: CRICHTON, MICHAEL - Airframe
105473: CRICHTON, ANDREW. - The Life and Diary of Lieut. Col. J. Blackader, of the Cameronian Regiment, and Deputy Governor of Stirling Castle; Who Served with Distinguished Honour in the Wars Under King William and the Duke of Marlborough, and Afterwards in the Rebellion of 1715 in Scotland
109235: CRICHTON, VINCENT - Pioneering in Northern Ontario: History of the Chapleau District
103455: CRILE, GEORGE WASHINGTON - Hemorrhage and Transfusion
6257: CRIMMINS, JAMES E. (ED.) - Religion, Secularization and Political Thought: Thomas Hobbes to J.S. MILL.
6630: CRINKLAW, RAYMOND - Glanworth, Westminster Township: One Hundred Years of Yesterday's News, Today's History
6631: CRINKLAW, RAYMOND K. - North Talbot Road, Westminster Township: One Hundred Years of Yesterday's News, Today's History
5512: CRINKLAW, RAYMOND K. - North Talbot Road, Westminster Township: One Hundred Years of Yesterday's News, Today's History.
108980: CRINKLAW, RAYMOND BISHOP, OLGA B. (ED.) - Westminster Township South-East of the Thames: One Hundred Years of Yesterday's News, Today's History
116066: CRIPPA, MARIA ANTOINETTA, ET AL; LIMARGAS, MARC (ILLUS.) - Hábitat, Naturaleza Y Cosmos: Gaudí
5351: CRISP, FREDERICK ARTHUR (ED.) - List of Parish Registers and Other Genealogical Works
107062: CRISSEY, FOREST; MURPHY, ROBERT CUSHMAN; MADISON, JAMES; MARJORIE L. C., PICKTHALL, BINGHAM, HIRAM - Harper's Magazine. Vol. CXXVIII-CXXIX (Vol. 128-9). January, March, May, and August, 1914
107531: CRISSEY, S.S. (COMPILED BY) - Centennial History of the Fredonia Baptist Church Fredonia, New York (Organized October 20, 1808)
5407: CRIST, RAYMOND E. - Tropical Subsistence Agriculture in Latin America: Some Neglected Aspects and Implications
108659: CRISTEN, KIMBERLY A.; GILL, SAM (ED.) - Clowns & Tricksters: An Encyclopedia of Tradition and Culture
113406: CRITCHLEY, MACDONALD - The Divine Banquet of the Brain and Other Essays
2709: CROCKER, WALTER J. - Veterinary Postmortem Technic
110887: CROCKER, DENTON W.; BARR, DAVID W. - Handbook of the Crayfishes of Ontario Series: Life Sciences Miscellaneous Publications
102181: CROCKETT, WALTER HILL - A History of Lake Champlain: The Record of Three Centuries, 1609-1909
113665: CROFT, VAHRAH (ED.) - The Ribbon Art Book
115547: CROFTS, FREEMAN WILLS - Sir John Magill's Last Journey
113815: CROIL, JAMES - Dundas or a Sketch of Canadian History
102232: CROIL, JAMES - Steam Navigation and Its Relation to the Commerce of Canada and the United States
113884: [CROKER, JOHN WILSON] - The Battles of Talavera. A Poem
3049: CROMBIE, BENJAMIN W., DOUGLAS, WILLIAM SCOTT - Modern Athenians: A Series of Original Portraits of Memorable Citizens of Edinburgh Drawn and Etched by Benjamin W. Crombie Miniature Painter 1837-1847
5725: CRONE, ROBERT A. - Diplopia
5403: CRONYN, TERENCE - Ninety, Not out
109679: CROPP, M. E. - Beachville 1784 - 1967 (Cover Title: Beachville the Birthplace of Oxford)
111759: CROPP, MARJORIE E. - A History of Beachville
3903: CROSIER, MARY B. - The Township of Chamberlain and Its People
107262: CROSLAND, T.W.H. - Last Poems
104120: CROSLAND, T.W.H. - The Beautiful Teetotaller
115482: CROSLAND, T. W. H. - The Collected Poems of T.W. H. Crosland
103985: CROSSBY, P. A. (ED.) - Lovell's Gazetteer of British North America. The Railway and Steamboat Routes in British North America
103252: CROTHERS, WILLIAM L. - The American-Built Clipper Ship 1850-1856: Characteristics, Construction, Details
102600: CROUZET, FRANCOIS - Britain Ascendant: Comparative Studies in Franco-British Economic History
107325: CROWE, ET AL - Bound Volume of Sheet Music
112585: CROWFOOT, A. H. - A Perambulation of the English Cathedral Quebec
107853: CROWLEY, WILLIAM F., JR.; CONN, P. MICHAEL (EDS.) - Modes of Action of Gnrh and Gnrh Analogs
4983: CROZIER, W. RAY; ALDEN, LYNN E. (EDS.) - The Essential Handbook of Social Anxiety for Clinicians
101618: CRUDEN, ALEXANDER - A Complete Concordance to the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testament
114793: CRUICKSHANK, BRIGADIER GENERAL E. A. (ED.) - The Correspondence of Lieut. Governor John Graves Simcoe, with Allied Documents Relating to His Administration of the Government of Upper Canada. Volume I. 1789-1793. Volume II: 1793-1794. Volume III: 1794-1795. Volume IV: 1795-1796. Volume V: 1792-1796 (Supplementary)
109260: CRUICKSHANK, TOM; STOKES, PETER JOHN (EDITOR AND CONTRIBUTOR) - Rogues' Hollow: The Story of the Village of Newburgh, Ontario Through Its Buildings
113801: CRUIKCHANK, LIET.-COLONEL E[RNEST ALEXANDER] - The Documentary History of the Campaign Upon the Niagara Frontier in the Year 1812
105083: CRUIKSHANK, ERNEST - The Battle of Lundy's Lane 25th July, 1814. A Historical Study
102627: CRUIKSHANK, ROBERT - Cruikshank at Home: A New Family Album of Endless Entertainment
110422: CRUIKSHANK, ERNEST - The Story of Butler's Rangers and the Settlement of Niagara
5751: CRUIKSHANK, ERNEST - The Story of Butler's Rangers and the Settlement of Niagara
104269: CRUM, MARGARET (ED.) - First-Line Index of English Poetry 1500-1800 in Manuscripts of the Bodleian Library Oxford Vols. 1 & 2.
104734: CRUTCHLEY, BROOKE (ED.) - Siberch Celebrations 1521-1971
101867: CRUTCHLEY, BROOKE - To Be a Printer
101846: CRUTTENDEN, JOSEPH; STEELE, I.K. (EDITED BY) - Atlantic Merchant-Apothecary: Letters of Joseph Cruttenden 1710-1717
7032: CRYDERMAN, MACKIE - Christmas Card with Original Print
7034: CRYDERMAN, MACKIE - Christmas Card with Original Print
7037: CRYDERMAN, MACKIE - Christmas Card with Original Print
7038: CRYDERMAN, MACKIE - Christmas Card with Original Print
7039: CRYDERMAN, MACKIE - Christmas Card with Original Print
7040: CRYDERMAN, MACKIE - Original Print of Canterbury, England
112284: CRYSLER, JULIE - Vision Songs
108927: CSOVANYOS, MARGARET FEKETE - A Varied Bouquet of Poems
108473: CUELHO, ARTIE - Evening Comes Slow to a Fieldhand: Selected Valley Poems
4350: CUFF, ROBERT; WILTON, DEREK (EDS.) - Jukes' Excursions: Being a Revised Edition of Joseph Beete Jukes' "Excursions in and About Newfoundland During the Years 1839 and 1840
111951: CUISIN, J.-P.-R. - Le Paria Travesti, Ou la Pagode Faubourienne
110493: CULBERT, JEFF (ED.) - Ballyhoo 2001: Plays from London Ontario
104180: CULLEN, WILLIAM; ROTHERAM, JOHN (ED.) - First Lines of the Practice of Physic. In Four Volumes
105174: CULLEN, WILLIAM; REID, PETER - First Lines of the Practice of Physic Including The Definitions of the Nosology; with An Appendix, Chiefly Selected from Recent Authors who have contributed to the Improvement of Medicine
112224: CULLEN, WILLIAM - First Lines of the Practice of Physic. Vol. III
112225: CULLEN, WILLIAM - First Lines of the Practice of Physic. Vols. I, II & III
106360: CULLEN, WILLIAM - A Treatise of the Materia Medica
116853: CULLER, JOHN (ED.) - Carolina's Hunting Heritage
106819: CULLEY, MICHAEL - The Pilchard: Biology and Exploitation
104060: CULLMER, H. ROBERT - Elevator Shaft Construction or Practical Suggestions for the Installation of Electric Elevators in Buildings
108194: CULVER, BRUCE; MURPHY, BILL; GREER, DON (ILLUS.) - Panzer Colors: Camouflage/Markings of the German Panzer Forces 1939-45. 3 Volumes
112537: [CUMBERLAND, RICHARD] - The West Indian; a Comedy: As It Is Performed at the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane
113962: CUMBERLAND, RICHARD - The Jew: A Comedy. Performed at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
102399: CUMBERLAND, BARLOW - A Century of Sail and Steam on the Niagara River
112515: CUMBERLAND, RICHARD - The Natural Son: A Comedy in Five Acts With Alterations and Amendments as Performed at the Theatre in Boston
112584: CUMMER, HAROLD H. - The Founding of the Church at Willowdale
102585: CUMMING, R.D. - Sailing on to Iceland and Across Canada by Rail
116702: CUMMING, ROSS (ED.) - Illustrated Atlas of the Eastern Townships and South Western Quebec
116700: CUMMING, ROSS (ED.) - Illustrated Historical Atlas of the County of Elgin Ont
109533: CUMMING, ROSS (ED.) - Illustrated Historical Atlas of Counties Lincoln & Welland Ont
116699: CUMMING, ROSS (ED.) - Illustrated Historical Atlas of Huron County, Ontario
113221: CUMMING, ROSS (ED.) - Illustrated Historical Atlas of County of Carleton Including City of Ottawa
109532: CUMMING, ROSS (ED.) - Illustrated Historical Atlas of the County of Peel Ont
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102642: DOMINION NURSERY COMPANY - Dominion Nursery Company Red Tag Brand Trees & Plants
117353: DOMINION BUREAU OF STATISTICS; DEPARTMENT OF TRADE AND COMMERCE - Ninth Census of Canada, 1951: Vol. IV: Labour Force: Occupations and Industries
105097: DONALDSON, ERLE C.; CHILINGARIAN, GEORGE V.; YEN, TEH FU (EDS.) - Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery
114374: DONALDSON, STEPHEN R. - The Gap Into Conflict: The Real Story: A Novel
3171: DONNE, JOHN; SIMPSON, EVELYN MARY (ED.) - Donne's Sermon of Valediction at His Going Into Germany Preached at Lincoln's Inn April 18, 1619
101451: DONNELLEY, GAYLORD - To Be a Good Printer: Our Four Commitments
114843: DONNELLY, HON. FREDERICK W. - Resolutions Adopted by the Atlantic Deeper Waterways Association and Address on the New Jersey Link
100560: DONNELLY, M.S. - The Government of Manitoba
2813: DONOVAN, ROSIE - Ex Patria: Photographs of Expatriate Scots in Canada
10556: DONOVAN, ROSEMARY - Rosemary Donovan: Luminaria
112840: DONOVAN, BRUCE E. - Euripides Papyri. I: Texts from Oxyrhynchus
104278: DORAN, JOHN - Memories of Our Great Towns with Anecdotic Gleanings Concerning Their Worthies and Their Oddities
105790: DORAT, M. [CLAUDE JOSEPH] - Le Malheureux Imaginaire, Comédie En Cinq Actes, En Vers [the Unhappy Fantasy, Comedy in Five Acts, in Verse]
101292: DORIAN, EDITH M. - High-Water Cargo
110447: DORJE, LAMA LOBZANG MINGYUR - A Tibetan-English Primer
114308: DORMAN, ROBERT - Thoughts of a Restless Mind
3441: DOROSZENKO, DENA (ED.) - 11th Annual Archaeological Report, Ohf
3444: DOROSZENKO, DENA (ED.) - Ninth Annual Archaeological Report, Ohf
3443: DOROSZENKO, DENA (ED.) - Tenth Annual Archaeological Report, Ohf
3445: DOROSZENKO, DENA (ED.) - Eighth Annual Archaeological Report, Ohf
3446: DOROSZENKO, DENA (ED.) - Sixth Annual Archaeological Report, Ohf
110230: DORST, W. - Transportprocessen in Ionenwisselaar-Membranen
100913: DOSTER, JAMES F.; WEAVER, DAVID C. - Tenn-Tom Country: The Upper Tombigbee Valley
107730: DOTEN, LIZZIE - Poems of Progress
115362: DOTY, BENNETT J. - The Legion of the Damned: The Adventures of Bennett J. Doty in the French Foreign Legion As Told by Himself
5235: DOTY, CHRISTOPHER - The Donnelly Trial: A New Play Based on the Court Transcripts of the Only Man Brought to Trial for the Murders of the Donnelly Family in 1880
101965: DOUBLEDAY, F.N. - The Memoirs of a Publisher
6724: DOUGALL, JOHN (ED.) - The Canada Temperance Advocate
6725: DOUGALL, JOHN (ED.) - The Canada Temperance Advocate, Devoted to Temperance, Education, Agriculture & News
100603: DOUGHTY, ARTHUR G.; STORY, NORAH, EDITORS - Documents Relating to the Constitutional History of Canada 1819-1828
116895: DOUGHTY, ARTHUR G. - Report of the Public Archives for the Year 1933
107766: DOUGHTY, A.G. - The Cradle of New France: A Story of the City Founded by Champlain
100657: DOUGHTY, H.M. - Our Wherry in Wendish Lands: From Friesland Through the Mecklenburg Lakes, to Bohemia
116893: DOUGHTY, ARTHUR G. - Report of the Public Archives for the Year 1923
116894: DOUGHTY, ARTHUR G. - Report of the Public Archives for the Year 1930
1333: DOUGLAS, LORD ALFRED - In Excelsis
102728: DOUGLAS, ROBERT, SIR AND WOOD, JOHN PHILIP - The Peerage of Scotland Containing an Historical and Genealogical Account of the Nobility of that Kingdom
108167: DOUGLAS, LLOYD C. - Forgive Us Our Trespasses
108168: DOUGLAS, LLOYD C. - Magnificent Obsession
103379: DOUGLAS, G. - Mar's White Witch. A Novel
105565: DOUGLAS, NORMAN. - London Street Games
106765: DOUGLAS, NEIL H. - Freshwater Fishes of Louisiana
114132: DOUGLAS, LIEUTENANT J. HARVEY - Captured: Sixteen Months As a Prisoner of War
114098: DOUGLASS, BENJAMIN WALLACE - Every Step in Beekeeping: A Book for Amateur and Professional
111473: DOUGLASS, FREDERICK - My Bondage and My Freedom. Part I. Life As a Slave. Part II. Life As a Freeman
110276: DOUGNAC, MARIE THÉRÈSE; BIBLIOTHÈQUE NATIONALE; PASCAL, BLAISE (SUBJECT) - Catalogue Des Ouvrages de Pascal Conservés Au Département Des Imprimés
112129: DOUTREPONT, GEORGES - Les Mises En Prose Des épopées Et Des Romans Chevaleresques Du Xive Au Xvie Siècle
4608: DOVE, MICHAEL R. (ED.) - The Real and Imagined Role of Culture in Development: Case Studies from Indonesia
113863: DOWNE, SUSAN - Between This... And This
5024: DOWNEY, KENNETH (ED.) - As We Like It": Cookery Recipes by Famous People
107542: DOWNEY, EDMUND. - Charles Lever: His Life in His Letters Vol. 1
2180: DOWNING, A. J. - The Fruit and Fruit-Trees of America
4293: DOXIADIS, DR. C. A. - Ekistics: The Science of Human Settlements: A Report Prepared for the Summer School of the Town Institute of Planning 2-5 September 1959
109861: DOYLE, SIR ARTHUR CONAN - The New Revelation
104245: DOYLE, LYNN - Ballygullion
103962: DOYLE, LYNN - Back to Ballygullion
103961: DOYLE, LYNN - Ballygullion
107153: DOYLE, A. CONAN - The Hound of the Baskervilles. Another Adventure of Sherlock Holmes.
107120: DOYLE, A. CONAN. - The Hound of the Baskervilles. Another Adventure of Sherlock Holmes
109117: DOYLE, A. CONAN - The Valley of Fear
115140: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN - His Last Bow: A Reminiscence of Sherlock Holmes
102196: DOYLE, JAMES AND TRUDY - Romantic Rideau in Poem & Sketch
115131: DOYLE, SIR ARTHUR CONAN - The Lost World
3610: DOYLE, MICHAEL V. - Michigan Movie Theatres: A Pictorial History
108734: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN - The Poison Belt
106924: DOYLE, A. CONAN; JERNDORFF-JESSEN, P. (TRANS.) - Sherlock Holmes' Opdagelser
116090: DOYLE, DAVID - Standard Catalog of Lionel Trains 1945-1969
100860: DR. H.A. SENN, EDITOR - The Canadian Field-Naturalist Volume 57, No. 1. January, 1943
2544: DRABBLE, MARGARET - Wordsworth
6005: DRABBLE, MARGARET - The Millstone
6006: DRABBLE, MARGARET - The Garrick Year
101686: DRAGO, HARRY SINCLAIR - Canal Days in America: The History and Romance of Old Towpaths and Waterways
1664: DRAKE, JAMES A.; MOSS, JOSEPH R. - Cocoa: A Living History. Oral Histories of Cocoa, Merritt Island, and Their People
5890: DRAKE, JOSEPH RODMAN - The Culprit Fay and Other Poems
106829: DRAPER, GEORGE - Disease and the Man
1245: DRAPER, JOHN WILLIAM - Human Physiology, Statical and Dynamical: Or, the Conditions and Course of the Life of Man
116937: DRAPER, LYMAN COPELAND (ED.) - Collections of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Vol. III Being a Page-for-Page Reprint of the Original Issue of 1857
114588: DREHMANS - De Quatuor Evangeliis
102117: DREIER, THOMAS - The Power of Print and Men
114363: DREIER, EDWARD - This Is Manitoulin, Espanola and the North Channel, Ontario - Canada
3928: DREISZIGER, N. F. (ED.) - Ethnic Armies: Polyethnic Armed Forces from the Time of the Habsburgs to the Age of the Superpowers
1419: DRESSER, H. E. - A Manual of Palaearctic Birds
100839: DREW, GWENDOLYN & WAYLAND - Brown's Weir
115937: DREW, SAMUEL - The Life of the Rev. Thomas Coke, LL. D.
6156: DREYER, FREDERICK A. - Burke's Politics: A Study in Whig Orthodoxy
115772: DREYFUS, JOHN (ED.) - Type Specimen Facsimiles: Reproductions of Fifteen Type Specimen Sheets Issued between the Sixteenth and Eighteenth Centuries
109509: DRIAULT, ÉDOUARD - Le Style Empire: L'Hotel Beauharnais a Paris
113385: DRIER, EDWARD - Manitoulin Espanola and the North Channel: The Guide to a Grand Vacation
104193: DRIESCH, HANS - The Possibility of Metaphysics: A Course in Four Lectures Delivered Before the University of London in March, 1924
106718: DROBNA, ZOROSLAVA; LAYTON, JEAN (TRANS.) - Gothic Drawing
4858: DROEGE, JOHN A. - Freight Terminals and Trains
4377: DROUIN, MARTIN - Le Combat Du Patrimoine a Montreal (1973-2003)
106281: DRUCKER, PHILIP - Ceramic Stratigraphy at Cerro de Las Mesas, Veracruz, Mexico
106159: DRUM, JOHN (ED.) - The Spirit of Transportation September, 1929
113466: DRUMMOND, WILLIAM H.; PREECE, ROD; LI, CHIEN-HUI (ED.) - The Rights of Animals and Man's Obligation to Treat Them with Humanity
103212: DRUSIUS, JOH - Veterum Interpretum Graecorum in Totum Vetus Testamentum Fragmenta Collecta, Versa & Notis Illustrata a Jonanne Drusio
113965: [DRYDEN, JOHN] - The Spanish Fryar: Or the Double Discovery. Acted at the Theatre-Royal, by His Majesty's Servants
116874: DRYDEN, JOHN (TRANS.); VIRGIL - The Works of Virgil: Containing His Pastorals, Georgics. And Aeneis. Translated Into Engllish Verse by Mr. Dryden
117288: DRYDEN, JOHN - The Dramatick Works of John Dryden, Esq. In Six Volumes
117448: DRYDEN, JOHN; BY THE MOST EMINENT HANDS - The Annual Miscellany: For the Year 1694 Being the Fourth Part of Miscellany Poems. Containing Great Variety of New Translations and Original Copies, by the Most Eminent Hands.
100742: DRYDEN, JOHN - The Miscellaneous Works of John Dryden, Esq; Containing All His Original Poems, Tales, and Translations... With Explanatory Notes and Observations, Also an Account of His Life and Writings
5156: DRYDEN, JOHN; SUMMERS, MONTAGUE (ED.) - Dryden: The Dramatic Works
112562: DRYDEN, [JOHN] - The Spanish Fryar; or, the Double Discovery. A Comedy. As It Is Acted at the Theatres-Royal in Drury-Lane and Covent-Garden
103215: DRYFHOUT, JOHN H. - The Work of Augustus Saint-Gaudens
104307: DU PIN, LOUIS ELLIES - A Compleat Method of Studying Divinity: Or, a Regular Course of Theological Studies, Digested Into a New Method
4263: DU VERNET, SYLVIA - Personal Poetry
5920: DU RIETZ, ROLF - Bibliotheca Polynesiana: A Catalogue of Some of the Books in the Polynesiana Collection Formed by the Late Bjarne Kroepelien and Now in the Oslo University Library
107472: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - Frenchman's Creek
107481: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE, EDITOR - The Young George Du Maurier. A Selection of His Letters, 1860-68
103206: DU PIN, LOUIS ELLIES - Traite de la Doctrine Chretienne Et Orthodoxe, Dans Lequel Les Veritez de la Religion Sont Etablies Sur L'Ecriture & Sur la Tradition; & Les Erreurs Opposees Detruites Par Les Memes Principes
116999: DU BOS, L'ABBÉ - Reflexions Critiques Sur la Poesie Et Sur la Peinture. Vols I & II
101240: DUANE, WILLIAM J. - Letters Addressed to the People of Pennsylvania Respecting the Internal Improvement of the Commonwealth by Means of Roads and Canals
116716: DUBAIL, [EDMOND] - Atlas de L'Europe Militaire
116708: DUBÉ, JEAN-PAUL; HENNESSEY, TOM - Salmon Talk
107132: DUBOIS, GAYLORD; STRIKER, FRAN - The Lone Ranger
2601: DUBS, BALTHASAR - Birds of Southwestern Brazil
1302: DUCAT, ARTHUR C. - The Practice of Fire Underwriting
112794: DUCHAMP, MARCEL - Marchand Du Sel
106790: DUCHAMP, MARCEL; SCHWARZ, ARTURO (ED.); HAMILTON, GEORGE H., GRAY, CLEVE, SCHWARZ, ARTURO (TRANS.). - Notes and Projects for the Large Glass
6035: [DUCHESNE, HENRI-GABRIEL] - Dictionnaire de L'Industrie, Ou Collection Raisonnee Des Procedes Utiles Dans Les Sciences Et Dans Les Arts. Complete in 6 Volumes
101594: DUCKHAM, BARON F. - The Yorkshire Ouse: The History of a River Navigation
110770: DUCKWORTH, SIR DYCE - The Sequels of Disease: Being the Lumleian Lectures Delivered in the Royal College of Physicians, 1896, Together with Observations on Prognosis in Disease
4976: DUDA, EUGENIUSZ; BASIURA, EWA (TRANS.) - The Jews of Cracow
114605: DUDEK, LOUIS; LEKAKIS, MICHAEL (ILLUS.) - The Transparent Sea
108242: DUDLEY, OWEN FRANCIS - The Coming of the Monster: A Tale of the Masterful Monk
111750: DUE, JOHN F. - Railways Into Huron, Gray and Bruce
100481: DUFF, STEVEN - The Wanderer's Storm-Song: The Travels of Etienne Dufour in the Service of the Sieur de Lasalle, 1678-1682
103939: DUFF, LOUIS BLAKE - Crowland
2761: DUFF, E. GORDON - The Printers, Stationers and Bookbinders of Westminister and London from 1476 to 1535
106824: DUFF, LOUIS BLAKE - Nihon No Koika Gyorui = Cyprinid Fishes of Japan: Studies on the Life History of Cyprinid of Japan
113294: DUFF, LOUIS BLAKE - The Immortal Memory: An Address Before the Burns Literary Society of Toronto, January 25, 1944
102554: DUFF, LOUIS BLAKE - Crowland
113512: DUFF, LOUIS BLAKE - The County Kerchief
100669: DUFFERIN, LORD - A Yacht Voyage. Letters from High Latitudes; Being Some Account of a Voyage in the Schooner Yacht "Foam," 85 O.M. To Iceland, Jan Mayen, and Spitzbergen, in 1856
100782: DUFFERIN, LORD - A Yacht Voyage. Letters from High Latutudes; Being Some Account of a Voyage in the Schooner Yacht "Foam" 85 O.M. To Iceland, Jan Mayen, and Spitzbergen in 1856
112687: DUFFIELD, KENNETH GRAHAM - The Old Old Story of Poor Cock Robin Rhymed and Retold
112686: DUFFIELD, KENNETH GRAHAM - The Wonderful Story of Cinderella Rhymed and Retold
110359: DUFFUS, JOHN H.; TEMPLETON, DOUGLAS M.; NORDBERG, MONICA - Concepts in Toxicology: Explanatory Dictionary of Key Terms
114666: DUFFY, GEORGE E. (ED.) - Style Apparel for Men, October 1932
5559: DUGAS, L'ABBE - La Premiere Canadienne Au Nord-Ouest Ou Biographie de Marie-Anne Gaboury Qui Monta Au Nord-Ouest En 1807 Decedee En 1878, a Saint-Boniface, a L'Age de 96 Ans
116352: DUGUID, COL. A. FORTESCUE; NEAL, CAPTAIN J. I. P. (MAPS) - Official History of the Canadian Forces in the Great War 1914-1919 General Series Vol. 1: From the Outbreak of War to the Formation of the Canadian Corps August 1914 - September 1915
105481: DUGUID, COL. A. FORTESCUE; NEAL, CAPTAIN J. I. P. - Official History of the Canadian Forces in the Great War 1914-1919 General Series Vol. 1: From the Outbreak of War to the Formation of the Canadian Corps August 1914 - September. 1915. Chronology, Appendices and Maps
4947: DUKELOW, DAPHNE - The Dictionary of Canadian Law
10531: DUMAS, ANTOINE - Antoine Dumas
115213: DUMONT, FRANK - The Witmark Amateur Minstrel Guide and Burnt Cork Encyclopedia
102691: [DUMONT] - Recueil Genealogique de Familles Originaires Des Pays-Bas Ou Y Etablies
110933: DUNBAR, DAVID - Poems of Home Life
115644: DUNCAN, ALEXANDER - Memorials of the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow 1599-1850
107759: DUNCAN, JANE (ELIZABETH JANE CAMERON) - My Friends the Misses Kindness
107760: DUNCAN, JANE - My Friend Sashie
105172: DUNCAN, ANDREW - An Account of the Life and Writings of the Late Alexr. Monro Senr. M.D. F.R. S. Delivered As the Harveian Oration at Edinburgh, for the Year 1780
116876: DUNDAS CENTENNIAL COMMITTEE (WOODHOUSE, T. ROY, ET AL) - Dundas Centennial 1847-1947 Souvenir Historical Program
111746: DUNHAM, B. MABEL - Mills and Millers of Western Ontario
3751: DUNHAM, B. MABEL - Mills and Millers of Western Ontario
107313: DUNHAM, MABEL - Toward Sodom
114437: DUNHAM, B. MABEL - The Trail of the King's Men
112629: DUNMORE, SPENCER - Bomb Run
104057: DUNN, WILLIAM - Lectures on Reinforced Concrete
106940: DUNN, ALAN - Rejections
113906: DUNN, PETER M. - The First Vietnam War
5161: DUNNE, J. W. - An Experiment with St. George
114380: DUNNING, ROBERT W. (ED.) - The Hylle Cartulary
111443: DUNPHY, BILL - Jets: An Account of the Early Development of Aircraft Jet Propulsion During W.W. 2
111441: DUNPHY, BILL - Airships [Rigid]
111442: DUNPHY, BILL - The Atlantic Ocean and the Lindberg Fable: A Clarification of a Common Misconception
111445: DUNPHY, BILL - Ruhr Express and the Saga of the British Heavy Bomber
107697: DUNSANY, LORD - The Travel Tales of Mr. Joseph Jorkens
5820: DUPARC, FREDERIK J.; GRAIF, LINDA L. - Italian Recollections: Dutch Painters of the Golden Age
1851: DUPIN, CHARLES - Two Excursions to the Ports of England, Scotland, and Ireland, in 1816, 1817, and 1818
112649: [DUPIN, CHARLES] - Lettre a Mylady Morgan Sur Racine Et Shakespeare
10472: DUPLAN, SUSAN - Angels in the Forest
116101: DUPRAT, MICK - C.R. Les Jouets C. Rossignol & C. Roitel: Inventions & Fantaisies
3230: DUPUY-DEMPORTES, JEAN-BAPTISTE - Histoire Du Ministere Du Chevalier Robert Walpool, Devenu Ministre D'Angleterre, Et Comte D'Oxford
103568: DUPUY, PIERRE [ATTRIBUTED] - Preuves Des Libertez de L'Eglise Gallicane
105102: DUPUYS, EDGAR - Eastern Canada and the People There-in
101750: DUQUEMIN, COLIN K.; GLENNEY, DANIEL J. - A Guide to the Grand River Canal
5083: DUQUETTE, SCOTT R. ET AL; GARDINER, M. (ED.) - The Tilbury Story: Celebration of a Century 1887-1987
105896: DURAN, PEP - Pep Duran: Image Bizarre
2296: DURGNAT, RAYMOND - A Mirror for England: British Movies from Austerity to Affluence
102507: DURHAM, JOHN GEORGE LAMBTON - Copies or Extracts of Correspondence Relative to the Affairs of British North America
4351: DURRELL, LAWRENCE - Key to Modern Poetry
102331: DUSCHNES, PHILIP C. - Two Chapters from an Unfinished Autobiography: It's Better Than Working; Confessions of a Dealer in Rare Books
3997: DUSTIN, PIERRE - Lecons D'Anatomie Pathologique Generale
101319: DUTCHAK, PHYLLIS E. - College with a Purpose: A History of the Kemptville College of Agricultural Technology 1916-1973
3018: DUTTON, GEOFFREY - The Australian Collection: Australia's Greatest Books
116059: DUVAL, PAUL, ET AL - A Heritage of Canadian Art: The Mcmichael Collection
103687: DUVAL, PAUL - A.J. Casson: His Life & Works/a Tribute
102723: DUVAL, AMAURY - Les Fontaines de Paris, Anciennes Et Nouvelles Ouvrage contenant soixante planches dessinees et gravees au trait par M. Moisy: Accompanees de descriptions historiques et de notes critiques et litteraires
102744: DUVAL, PAUL - A.J. Casson: His Life & Works/a Tribute
102748: DUVAL, PAUL - Eric Freifeld
106789: DUVAL, PAUL - A.J. Casson
10493: DUVALL. LINDA; JANSMA, LINDA; RING, DAN - Linda Duvall: Enough White Lies to Ice a Wedding Cake
10559: DUVALL, LINDA - Desperately Sorry Emails
109722: DUVERNET, SYLVIA - Pai-Chiu-En: Poems the Chinese People Told Me About Norman Bethune
107405: DUYCKINCK, EVERT A. - A History of the World from the Earliest Period to the Present Time
111993: DUYCKINCK, E[VERT] A[UGUSTUS]; [KAPP, FRIEDRICH (TRANS.)] - Nationale Geschichte Des Krieges Für Die Union: Politisch Und Militärlsch Nach Offiziellen Und Anbern Anthentischen Dokumenten Beschrieben. Vols. I & II
110202: DUYSTERS, GEORGE F. - Our Lady of the Waters
112102: [DWIGHT, THEODORE] - The Northern Traveller; Containing the Routes to Niagara, Quebec, and the Springs; with Descriptions of the Principal Scenes, and Useful Hints to Strangers
113536: DYCK, SANDRA - A Pilgrim's Progress: The Life and Art of Gerald Trottier
113799: DYCK, GEORGE G. AND IAN G. - Genealogy of the Peter and Helena Hamm Family (1876-1931) and Their Descendants
114409: DYER, JOHN - The Poetical Works of John Dyer. With the Life of the Author
116826: DYER, ANTHONY; KUHN, BOB (ILLUS.) - The East African Hunters: The History of the East African Professional Hunters' Association
103356: DYER, MARY SPARKS - Spires Aloft
103616: DYKEMAN, THERESE BOOS (ED.) - The Neglected Canon: Nine Women Philosophers, First to the Twentieth Century
6575: DYKINS, ROWENA, ET AL - The Real Mackay
101561: DYSON, JOHN S. - Our Historic Hudson
116721: DZIADYK, ANDREW - Prairie Pioneer Stories
108053: E.P.S. - The Young Cottager, and Other Stories in Rhyme
103704: EACHARD, JOHN - The Grounds & Occasions of the Contempt of the Clergy and Religion Enquired Into
6839: EACHERN, LAWRENCE - The Gazetteer, or Newman's Interpreter
10564: EADY, HELEN, ET AL. - The Things We Do
105109: EAKINS, NORMAN - Seaway Lakers and Salties 1995
112772: EAMES, FRANK - Gananoque: Its Origin and Meaning
105528: EARL OF ORRERY, JOHN. - Remarks on the Life and Writings of Dr. Jonathan Swift, Dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin; in a Series of Letters from John Early of Orrery to His Son, the Honourable Hamilton Boyle

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