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111978: ASKEW, ROBIN CAREY ET AL (EDS.) - 20 Cents Magazine, December 1967
111976: ASKEW, ROBIN CAREY (ED.) - 20 Cents Magazine, March 1967
111974: ASKEW, ROBIN CAREY (ED.) - 20 Cents Magazine, January 1967
111975: ASKEW, ROBIN CAREY (ED.) - 20 Cents Magazine, February 1967
117091: ASKINS, COL. CHARLES - Unrepentant Sinner: The Autobiography of Colonel Charles Askins
10566: ASLIZADETH, MATILDA - Phantom Smile
10511: ASMA ARSHAD MAHMOOD; ALI ADIL KHAN - Picture House: The Art of Bollywood
110768: ASPRAY, WILLIAM; BURKS, ARTHUR (EDS.) - Papers of John Von Neumann on Computing and Computer Theory Volume 12 in the Charles Baggage Institute Reprint Series for the History of Computing.
105917: ASSOCIATION AMICI THOMAE MORI - Time Trieth Truth: Moreana, 53 Volumes
101156: ASTBURY, RAYMOND (ED.) - The Writer in the Market Place
103775: ASTMAN, BARBARA; WYLIE, LIZ (CURATOR) - Barbara Astman: Personal Persona: A 20-Year Survey
5897: ASTON, MICHAEL; AUSTIN, DAVID; DYER, CHRISTOPHER (EDS.) - The Rural Settlements of Medieval England
106673: ATEMA, JELLE; FAY, RICHARD R.; POPPER, ARTHUR N.; TAVOLGA, WILLIAM N. (EDITORS) - Sensory Biology of Aquatic Animals
114449: ATIYAH, P. S.; SUMMERS, R. S. - Form and Substance in Anglo-American Law: A Comparative Study in Legal Reasoning, Legal Theory and Legal Institutions
104808: ATKINSON, ERIC; HOLUBIZKY, IHOR; LEWIS, DAVID - Eric Atkinson: Drawings 1944-2010
116548: ATKINSON, ERIC - Drawings 1944-2010
106990: ATKINSON, J. A., ET AL (EDS.) - Darlington Wills and Inventories 1600-1625
100017: ATKINSON, REV. W. CHRISTOPHER - A Historical and Statistical Account of New-Brunswick, B.N. A. With Advice to Emigrants
114833: ATKINSON, ROBIN, ET AL - Kainji Dam and the People: Story of the Dam-Its Economic and Social Significance to the People of Nigeria
111490: ATMOSPHERIC RESEARCH INCORPORATED - Observations of Sea Spray Icing at Green Island, B.C.
101515: ATTENBOROUGH, JOHN - A Living Memory: Hodder & Stoughton Publishers 1868-1975
2969: ATTERBURY, FRANCIS - An Argument to Prove the Affections of the People of England to Be the Best Security of the Government; Humbly Offer'd to the Consideration of the Patrons of Severity, and Applied to the Present Juncture of Affairs
101089: ATTERBURY, PAUL - Exploring Britain's Canals
108213: ATTRIBUTED TO SAMUEL J. BARROWS - Proceedings of the Two Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Gathering in England, Departure for America, and Final Settlement in New England, of the First Church and Parish of Dorchester, Mass.
105553: ATTWELL, LOUISE. - Louise Attwell's Annual
103033: ATTWELL, MABEL LUCIE - Fairy-Land
5178: ATTWELL, MABEL LUCIE - Lucie Attwell's Annual
104487: ATWOOD, MARGARET - Up in the Tree
108664: ATWOOD, MARGARET - Procedures for Underground
109610: ATWOOD, MARGARET - Life Before Man
112296: ATWOOD, MARGARET - Good Bones: A Poem
100565: AUBERT DE GASPE, PHILLIPPE - Les Anciens Canadiens
5650: AUCHTERLONIE, PAUL (ED.) - Middle East and Islam: A Bibliographical Introduction Supplement 1977-1983
111876: AUDETTE, A., 22ND BATTALION - History of the Great War and Verses Written in the Trenches
111877: AUDETTE, CORPORAL A., 22ND BATTALION - Verses Written in the Trenches
2002: AUDIN, MARIUS - Essai Sur Les Graveurs de Bois En France Au Dix-Huitième Siecle
113380: AUST, STEFAN; BELL, ANTHEA (TRANS.) - The Baader-Meinhof Group: The Inside Story of a Phenomenon
5947: AUSTEN, JANE - Plan of a Novel & Other Notes
103405: AUSTEN, JANE - The Northanger Set of Jane Austen Horrid Novels
3867: AUTOBOOKS TEAM OF WRITERS AND ILLUSTRATORS - Porsche 356a, B, C 1957-65 Autobook
102740: AVEDON, RICHARD - An Autobiography
105623: AVERMAETE, ROGER. - Frans Masereel
116950: AVERY, NORMAN - Whiskey Whiskey Papa: Chronicling the Exciting Life and Times of a Pilot's Pilot
7074: AVERY, DONALD H.; EATON, MARK - The Meaning of Life: The Scientific and Social Experiences of Everitt and Robert Murray 1930-1964
115021: AVI-YONAH, M. - The Jews Under Roman and Byzantine Rule: A Political History from the Bar Kokhba War to the Arab Conquest
117228: AVISON, MARGARET - Winter Sun/the Dumbfounding. Poems 1940-66
117227: AVISON, MARGARET - Selected Poems
6708: AW, TASH - Map of the Invisible World
107633: AXFORD, CLAYTON G.  - The Pine, the Letter, and the Little Lion
106067: AXTELL, JAMES - Natives and Newcomers: The Cultural Origins of North America
116638: AXWORTHY, MARK - Third Axis Fourth Ally: Romanian Armed Forces in the European War, 1941-1945
109085: AYALA, RAMÓN PÉREZ DE - Las Máscaras Volumen I Galdós, Benavente, Linares Rivas, Villaespesa, Morano
115012: AYALON, O. ET AL - The Holocaust and Its Perseverance: Stress, Coping and Disorder
101206: AYARS, JAMES - The Illinois River
112875: AYDELOTT, B. P. - The Memory of the Just. A Discourse, Preached on the Occasion of the Death of Mrs. Elizabeth Beresford, and Mrs. Eliza Holroyd
106530: AYLMER ROTARY CLUB - The Millennium History of Aylmer
110679: AYLMER ROTARY CLUB - The Millennium History of Aylmer
108200: AYR NEWS - Ayr School 1890-1990
107259: AYRES, LEW - Altars of the East
105546: AYSCOUGH, REV. SAMUEL - An Index to the Remarkable Passages and Words Made Use of by Shakespeare calculated to point out the different meanings to which the words are applied
4786: AZIZ, PHILIP - Hidden Icons
111257: AZIZ, JOHN A. - How to Teach Gymnastics: Tumbling and Balancing
115674: B. E. (GENT.) - A New Dictionary of the Terms Ancient and Modern of the Canting Crew
111036: BABELOWSKY, BEN - The Art of Ben Babelowsky
109506: BABINGTON, CHURCHILL - An Introductory Lecture on Archaeology Delivered Before the University of Cambridge
116976: BACALLAR Y SANNA, VICENTE - Comentarios de la Guerra de España, E Historia de Su Rey Phelipe V. El Animoso
113694: BACH-Y-RITA, PAUL - Brain Mechanisms in Sensory Substitution
5333: BACH, DENNIS - Sex-Pot Pot-Sex: A Study of the Connections between the Use of Marijuana and the Intensity and Frequency of Sexual Desires
108456: BACHELOR, CYNTHIA; BEAULIEU, ELHAM; WALKER, MEGAN (EDS.) - Rise Up Singing: An Anthology of Women's Poetry & Prose
101488: BACHMAN, BEN - Upstream: A Voyage on the Connecticut River
116008: BACK, D. H. L. - Great British Gunmakers: Forsyth & Co: Patent Gunmakers 1806-1852
116020: BACK, D. H. L. - Great British Gunmakers: The Mantons 1782-1878
108497: BACKEMEYER, SYLVIA - Eric Fraser: Designer & Illustrator
112123: BACON, WALLACE A. (ED.) - William Warner's Syrinx or a Sevenfold History
102517: BACON, FRANCIS - Sylva Sylvarum: Or, a Natural Historie. In Ten Centuries
100682: BACON, LEE - Our Houseboat on the Nile
117377: BACQUET, JEAN - Les Oeuvres de Me. Jean Bacquet, Acocat Du Roy En la Chambre de Tresor
115310: BADDELEY, M. J. B. - The English Lake District
111626: BADEN-POWELL, LADY - Training Girls As Guides. Hints for Commissioners and All Who Are Interested in the Welfare and Training of Girls
115929: BADURA-SKODA, PAUL - Bach-Interpretation: Die Klavierwerke Johann Sebastian Bachs
115325: BAEDEKER, KARL - Egypt and the Sudan: Handbook for Travellers
102902: BAEHR, BERNHARD - The Science of Therapeutics, According to the Principles of Homoeopathy (Volume 1 Only)
117347: BAEKELAND, LEO HENDRIK - A Family Motor Tour Through Europe
102322: BAGARAG, SHIBLI - New Zealand Book-Plates: Illustrated History & Bibliography
2494: BAGE, ROBERT - Man As He Is: A Novel in Four Volumes
106899: BAGENAL, T.B. (ED.) - The Proceedings of an International Symposium on the Ageing of Fish
112803: BAIGENT, BERYL - Celtic Tree Calendar Poem Cycle: Inter Sylvas Quaere Verum. Seek the Truth Among the Groves.
3076: BAILEY, H. C. - Black Land White Land
3932: BAILEY, D. W. - Percussion Guns & Rifles: An Illustrated Reference Guide to the Muzzle-Loading Percussion Guns and Rifles of the Ninteenth Century
105029: BAILEY, J.; CULLEY, G. - General View of the Agriculture of Northumberland, Cumberland and Westmorland
102026: BAILEY, HERBERT S. - The Art and Science of Book Publishing
5599: BAILEY, T. MELVILLE; CARTER, CHARLES - Highlights: Hamilton History
108383: BAILEY, GORDON - Armchair Reflections
101495: BAILEY, ANTHONY - The Inside Passage
109363: BAILEY, NATHAN ET AL. - A Compleat English Dictionary, Oder Vollstandiges Englisch-Deutsches Worterbuch
113559: BAILEY, BILL (ED.) - Stories of York
115500: BAILLIE, JOANNA (ED.) - A Collection of Poems, Chiefly Manuscript, and from Living Authors, Edited for the Benefit of a Friend
1039: [BAILLIE, JOANNA] - A Series of Plays: In Which It Is Attempted to Delineate the Stronger Passions of the Mind. Each Passion Being the Subject of a Tragedy and a Comedy
112497: BAIN, RICHARD - The Thames: A Pictorial Journey
4057: BAIN, RICHARD - Mcmaster University
5231: BAIN, RICHARD - The Thames: A Pictorial Journey
100714: BAINES, F.E. - Forty-Years at the Post-Office: A Personal Narrative
116687: BAINES, THOMAS - The Victoria Falls Zambesi River Sketched on the Spot by Thomas Baines, F.R. G.S.
107300: BAIRD, FRANK - Roger Davis, Loyalist
105283: BAIRD, DONAL M. - The Story of Firefighting in Canada
100804: BAIRD, REV. FRANK, EDITOR - Addresses at the Celebration of the One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Arrival in Nova Scotia of Rev. James Drummond Macgregor, D.D. By the Synod of the Maritime Provinces of the Presbyterian Church of Canada
115781: BAIRNSFATHER, CAPTAIN BRUCE - Fragments from France Vols. I-VI
103734: BAISHI QI - Qi Baishi : Hua Xia Xie Cao Chong Hua Niao
1761: BAKER, VICTORIA - Un Retrospective Paul Peel a Retrospective 1860-1892
114116: BAKER, HOWARD - The Summer of the Melting Days
114100: BAKER, SIR SAMUEL W. - The Rifle and the Hound in Ceylon
101040: BAKER, RONALD; BAKER, MARGARETL RESCHKE, WILLIAM - Murray River Pilot: Goolwa to Renmark South Australia
101259: BAKER, DENYS VAL - A Family at Sea
101823: BAKER, JOHN - The Book Business
117057: BAKER, SIDNEY J. - Time Is an Enemy
108123: BAKER, ELLIOTT - A Fine Madness
4137: BAKER, RITA - Last Summer's Blueberries
111618: BAKER, SIR SAMUEL W. - Eight Years' Wanderings in Ceylon
116534: BAKOPOULOS, BETTY, ELENI & SAMANTHA - Three Sisters Around the Greek Table: A Cookbook
115150: BALADRAN, ZBYNEK, ET AL - Atlas of Transformation
113477: BALAZS, FRANK (COMP.) - Policing Our Community - a Narrative Chronological History of the Brantford Police Service from 1847 - 2002
107731: BALDWIN, FAITH - Honor Bound
107888: BALDWIN, HARRY - Which Code?
4910: BALDWIN, NORMAN S.; SAALFELD, ROBERT W.; ROSS, MARGARET A.; BUETTNER, HOWARD J. - Commercial Fish Production in the Great Lakes 1867-1977
108783: BALDWIN, J. L., ED. - The Laws of Short Whist: Adopted by the Following London Clubs; Arlington, Army and Navy, [Etc. ]-and a Treatise on the Game by J.C.
116505: BALE, M. POWIS - Woodworking Machinery: Its Rise, Progress, and Construction
113214: BALFOUR, BARBARA MCGILL - Soft Spots
6752: BALINGHEM, ANTOINE - Scriptura Sacra in Locos Communes Morum Et Exemplorum Nova Ordine Distributa
105143: BALL, ERNEST A. - Jimmy Darou: The King of Courage
4722: BALL, NELSON - Round Table
4723: BALL, NELSON - Spring
4724: BALL, NELSON - Warning
4718: BALL, NELSON - To Share That Yellow
4719: BALL, NELSON - Anomaly
4720: BALL, NELSON - Small Gardens
4721: BALL, NELSON - July 22, 1971
113646: BALLANCE, MICHAEL ET AL - Excavations in Chios 1952-1955: Byzantine Emporio
100333: BALLANTYNE, R.M. - The Coral Island
103478: BALLANTYNE, R. M. - Hudson Bay; or, Everyday Life in the Wilds of North America
117271: BALLANTYNE, R. M. - The Ocean and Its Wonders
116654: BALLARD, CHARLES - John Dunn: The White Chief of Zululand
106635: BALON, E. K.; COCHE, A. G. (EDS.) - Lake Kariba: A Man-Made Ecosystem in Central Africa
108608: BALSTON, THOMAS - James Whatman Father & Son
5296: BALTENSPERGER, PETER - Stones for the River God
104326: BALTHUS, JEAN-FRANCOIS - Reponse a L'Histoire Des Oracles, de Me. De Fontenelle, de L'Academie Francoise; Suite de la Rèponse (. ) Dans Laquelle on Rèfute Les Objections Insèrèes Dans le XIII Tome de la Bibliothêque Choisie, & Dans L'Article II de la Rèpublique Des Lettres Du Mois de Juin 1707
102340: BALZAC, HONORE; CRAWFORD, ROBERT, TRANS. - Nine Tales from the Contes Drolatiques
10509: BALZAR, JOAN; JEFFRIES, BILL - Joan Balzar: Vancouver Orbital
102079: BANBURY, PHILIP - Shipbuilders of the Thames and Medway
108590: BANCEL, NICOLAS, ET AL - Zoos Humains de la Vénus Hottentote Aux Reality Shows
105903: BANCROFT-SNELL, JONATHON - Ann Mortimer
105902: BANCROFT-SNELL, JONATHON - Vera Vicente
105901: BANCROFT-SNELL, JONATHON - Carol Rossman
105898: BANCROFT-SNELL, JONATHON - George Shadford
104367: BANDINI, ANGELO MARIA - Catalogus Codicum Manuscriptorum Bibliothecae Mediceae Laurentianae (2 Volumes)
116931: BANDINI, ANGELO MARIA ET AL - Catalogus Codicum Manuscriptorum Bibliothecae Mediceae Laurentianae. 2 Vols.
114657: BANDY, KENNETH H. (ILLUS.) - Revudeville at the Windmill
6783: BANFIELD, EDWIN - Visiting Cards and Cases
103804: BANFIELD, A. W. - Life Amont the Nupe Tribe in West Africa
103485: BANG, OLAF - Klinische Urobilinstudien
117232: BANGS, CAROL JANE - Irreconcilable Differences
114016: BANHAM, JOANNA; HARRIS, JENNIFER (EDS.) - William Morris and the Middle Ages
108475: BANKS, MARGARET A. - The Libraries at Western 1970 to 1987: With Summaries on Their Earlier History and a 1988 Postscript
108615: BANKS, MARGARET A. - Sir John George Bourinot, Victorian Canadian: His Life, Times, and Legacy
113160: BANKS, RUSSELL - Success Stories
114090: BANKS, JOHN - The Wages of War: The Life of a Modern Mercenary
107842: BANKS, RUSSELL - The Sweet Hereafter
112292: BANKS, CHRISTOPHER ET AL - Hence 1994: An Anthology of New Poetry
104742: BANNERMAN, GARY; NIXDORF, DON - Squandering Billions: Health Care in Canada
4731: BANNERMAN, DAVID ARMITAGE - The Birds of West and Equatorial Africa. Vol. 1: Struthionidae to Picidae. Vol. 2: Eurylaemidae to Ploceidae
111742: BANNISTER, J. A. - Long Point & Its Lighthouses
107285: BANNON, R.V. - Eastland Echoes
103611: BANNY, LEOPOLD - Drohnender Himmel, Brennendes Land: Der Einsatz Der Luftwaffenhelfer in Osterreich 1943-1945
102224: BANTA, R.E. - The Ohio
6223: BANTOCK, NICK - The Artful Dodger: Images & Reflections
5482: BANTOCK, NICK - The Artful Dodger: Images & Reflections
111046: BANYAI, ISTVAN - Re-Zoom
105080: BAR-ON, GEFEN (ED.) - The Martlet: Newspaper (R)Evolution
105682: BAR NAS, KAZIMIERAS - Britanijos Lietuviai 1947-1973
104045: BARANESS, MARC; RICHARDS, LARRY (EDS.) - Toronto Places: A Context for Urban Design
6719: BARASCH, MOSHE - Modern Theories of Art, 2: From Impressionism to Kandinsky
102588: BARBAY, PIERRE - Commentarius in Aristotelis Metaphysicam
4264: BARBEAU, MARIUS - The Old-World Dragon in America
4266: BARBEAU, MARIUS - How the Huron-Wyandot Language Was Saved from Oblivion
104947: BARBEAU, MARIUS - Tsimsyan Myths Illustrated
106617: BARBEAU, C.M. [MARIUS] - Huron and Wyandot Mythology: With an Appendix Containing Earlier Published Records
3871: BARBEAU, MARIUS - Huron-Wyandot Traditional Narratives in Translations and Native Texts
110434: BARBEAU, MARIUS - Totem Poles (2 Volumes) Bulletin (National Museum of Canada), no. 119. Bulletin (National Museum of Canada)., Anthropological series ;, no. 30
2186: BARBER, EDWIN ATLEE - Pottery
101258: BARBER, ANTONIA - The Ring in the Rough Stuff
102822: BARBERO, LUCA MASSIMO - Conrad Marca-Relli
104014: BARBOUR, THOMAS - Cuban Ornithology
2746: BARBOUR, MURRAY J. - Tuning and Temperament: A Historical Survey
104687: BARCLAY, CAPTAIN (ALLARDICE, ROBERT BARCLAY) - Agricultural Tour in the United States and Upper Canada with Miscellaneous Notices
1420: BARCLAY, REV. JAMES; SHORTON, WILLIAM (ED.) - Complete and Universal English Dictionary
109510: BARCLAY, JOHN - A Sermon Preached in St. Andrew's Church, Toronto on the Occasion of the Lamented Death of One of the Elders of the Church the Late Hon. Archibald Mclean, President of Her Majesty's Court of Error and Appeal for Upper Canada
111062: BARCLAY, ALFRED E. - The Stomach and Oesophagus: A Radiographic Study
115991: BARCLAY, JOHN C. - The Canadian Fruit Jar Report
106910: BARCLAY, JAMES A. - St. George's Golf and Country Club's 75th Anniversary 1929 - 2004
107959: BARCLAY, VERA (COMPILED BY) - More Potted Stories
116471: BARENBLATT, G. I. - Scaling, Self-Similarity, and Intermediate Asymptotics
4738: BARETTI, JOSEPH - A Dictionary of the English and Italian Languages
113721: BARETTI, JOSEPH - A Dictionary, Spanish and English, and English and Spanish
101611: BARETTI, JOSEPH (GUISEPPE) - A Dictionary of the English and Italian Languages
3172: BARG, ABRAM - My Life, My Story
115207: BARKAI, AVRAHAM; MENDES-FLOHR, PAUL; MEYER, MICHAEL A. (ED.) - German-Jewish History in Modern Times. Volume 4: Renewal and Destruction: 1918-1945
105488: BARKER, GEORGE. - Poems
100620: BARKER, G.F. - The Story of Rivers: Prepared to Commemorate 50 Years of Town Incorporation
101467: BARKER, NICOLAS - The Oxford University Press and the Spread of Learning, 1478-1978: An Illustrated History
111916: BARKER, JOHN RICHARD - Rust, Roses and Rue
103044: BARKER, CICELY MARY - Summer Songs with Music from "Flower Fairies of the Summer
103034: BARKER, CICELY MARY; LINNELL, OLIVE - Flower Songs of the Seasons with Music
4189: BARKWORTH, S. - The Nijmegen Proof: A Romance of Rare Books
113407: BARLACH, ERNST; GROVES, NAOMI JACKSON - The Poor Relation: Drama in Twelve Scenes
112020: BARLOW, DAVID; CHRISTIE, PETER; KINGTON, MILES; MARYON-DAVIS, ALAN - The Instant Sunshine Book with Hints for Struggling Supergroups
4687: BARLOW, A. RUFFELL - Studies in Kikuyu Grammar and Idiom
112519: BARNARD, SIR JOHN - A Defence of Several Proposals for Raising of Three Millions for the Service of the Government, for the Year 1746
105831: BARNARDISTON, SAMUEL - The Tryal and Conviction of Sr. Sam, Bernardiston, Bart. For High-Misdemeanor at the Session of Nisi Prius, Holden at Guild-Hall, London, for His Majesties Court of Kings Bench, Before the Right Honorable Sir George Jeffreys, Knight and Baronet, Lord Chief Justice of England, on Thursday, Feb. 14. 1683
106094: BARNES, LEONARD. - The Future of Colonies
117233: BARNES, WILLIAM - Dorset Poems
101916: BARNES, JAMES J. - Free Trade in Books: A Study of the London Book Trade Since 1800
116150: BARNES, MIKE - Catalogue Raisonné
100508: BARNES, MICHAEL - Gateway City: The North Bay Story
103802: BARNETT, RODNEY - Together and Alone: Photographs by Rodney Barnett
103688: BARNETT, P. NEVILLE - Souvenir of "Armorial Book-Plates
111745: BARNETT, MAJOR JOHN - Research Trails in Local History
116489: BARNETT, S. - Matrices in Control Theory
3750: BARNETT, MAJOR JOHN - Research Trails in Local History
112930: BARNETT, ANTHONY - Desert Sands: The Recordings & Performances of Stuff Smith. An Annotated Discography & Biographical Source Book. Up Jumped the Devil: The Supplement to Desert Sands
116808: BARNETT, DAVE - The Upper Yukon: Another Look at Wilderness Hunting
106905: BARNHILL, GEORGIA BRADY (EDITED AND COMPILED BY) - Bibliography on American Prints of the Seventeenth Through the Nineteenth Centuries
4121: BARNWELL, MABEL; PEACOCK, BERNICE - Biographical Index to Victor Lauriston's Romantic Kent
111209: BARONS, KIRK - A History of the Aylmer Canners
102998: BAROODY, REV. ANEES T. - The Syrian Shepherd: What an Oriental Thinks of the Shepherd-Life of the Bible
5955: BARR, MURRAY L. - A Century of Medicine at Western: A Centennial History of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Western Ontario
113394: BARRASS, REV. E. - Smiles and Tears; or Sketches from Real Life
1012: BARREME, N. - L'Arithmetique Du Sr Barreme, Ou Livre Facile Pour Apprendre L'Arithmetique de Soi-Meme, & Sans Maitre
105444: BARRETT, PAUL H. ET AL (EDS.). - Charles Darwin's Notebooks, 1836-1844: Geology, Transmutation of Species, Metaphysical Enquiries
111212: BARRETT, DEBRA - The Ancestors Whisper & Shout
101468: BARRETT, TIMOTHY - Japanese Papermaking: Traditions, Tools, and Techniques
101828: BARRETT, T.H. - The Woman Who Discovered Printing
113936: BARRETT, ELIZABETH B. - The Seraphim, and Other Poems
107015: BARRETTE, BILL; GELEYNSE, WYN - Radiant Places: Bill Barrette and Wyn Geleynse
102493: BARRIE, J. M. - Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens
113162: BARRIE, J. M. - Tommy and Grizel
103311: BARRIE, J. M. - Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens from the Little White Bird
108054: BARRIE, J.M. - Courage: The Rectorial Address Delivered at St. Andrews University May 3rd, 1922
108602: BARRILI, ANTON GIULIO - The Devil's Portrait
113708: BARRINGTON, THE HONOURABLE DAINES - Observations on the More Ancient Statutes from Magna Charta to the Twenty-First of James I. Cap. XXVII. With an Appendix, Being a Proposal for New Modelling the Statutes
102083: BARRON, LEONARD - Lawns and How to Make Them: Together with the Proper Keeping of Putting Greens
108006: BARRON, OSWALD, (ED.) - Northamptonshire Families Series: The Victoria History of the Counties of England
100647: BARROW, SIR JOHN - Voyages of Discovery and Research Within the Arctic Regions, from the Year 1818 to the Present Time
113422: BARROW, G. W. S. (ED.) - The Acts of Malcolm IV, King of Scots 1153-1165. Together with Scottish Royal Acts Prior to 1153 Not Included in Sir Archibald Lawrie's 'Early Scottish Charters'
102615: BARRY, JAMES P. - Georgian Bay: An Illustrated History
115868: BARRY, THE REV. E. - Barrymore: Records of the Barrys of County Cork from the Earliest to the Prest Time. With Pedigrees
5794: BARSACQ, LEON; STEIN, ELLIOTT (ED.) - Caligari's Cabinet and Other Grand Illusions: A History of Film Design
103297: BARTA, JOE - A Bachelor Dreams in Spooner, Wisconsin: Souvenir of the Indian Head Country
111651: BARTAS; SYLVESTER, JOSHUA (TRANS.) - Bartas: His Devine Weekes and Works (1605)
114279: [BARTH, CHRISTIAN GOTTLOB] - The Weaver of Quellbrunn, or, the Roll of Cloth. A Story for Christian Children. Translated from the German of Dr. Barth
3156: BARTHELEMY, D.; MILIK, J. T. - Qumran Cave I
110907: BARTHES, ROLAND; WEAVER, WILLIAM (TRANS.) - Erte (Romain de Tirtoff)
104259: BARTHOLOMEW, CHAS. L.; ALMARS, JOSEPH (EDS.) - Modern Illustrating (Including Cartooning)
106595: BARTHOLOMEW, C. L. (ED.) - A Road to Bigger Things. Describing How Success May Be Won Through Illustrating and Cartooning As Taught by the Master Course Containing Instruction and Illustrations by over One Hundred of the World's Greatest Illustrators and Cartoonists
108945: BARTHOLOMEW, ANN (COMP.) - Delaware and Lehigh Canals
108505: BARTLETT, W. H. - The Pilgrim Fathers; or, the Founders of New England in the Reign of James the First
108292: BARTON, GEORGE A. - Miscellaneous Babylonian Inscriptions
102063: BARTON, N.J. - The Lost Rivers of London: A Study of Their Effects Upon London and Londoners, and the Effects of London and Londoners Upon Them
110243: BARTON, A. F. M. (ED.) - Alcohols with Water
6429: BARTON, MAJ. J. - Are We Forgotten When We'Re Gone? (Sheet Music)
115005: BARTOSZEWSKI, WLADYSLAW; POLONSKY, ANTONY (EDS.) - The Jews in Warsaw: A History
110018: BARTRAM, ALAN - Typeforms: A History
3861: BARTRUG, C. M. - Mother Goose Health Rhymes
111213: BARWELL, HAROLD - Diseases of the Larynx
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108592: BEVAN, DAVID (ED.) - Literature and Exile
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113911: BRAINERD, DAVID; BEATTY, CHARLES - An Account of the Life of Mr. David Brainerd, Missionary from the Society for Propagating Christian Knowledge, & Pastor of a Church of Christian Indians in New-Jersey; the Journal of a Two-Months Tour; with a View of Promoting Religion Among the Frontier Inhabitants of Pennsylvania, and of Introducing Christianity Among the Indians to the Westward of the Alegh-Geny Mountains
110042: BRAINERD, IRA HUTCHINSON (ADDRESS); OSWALD, JOHN CLYDE (ADDRESS) - Catalogue of Work of the de Vinne Press Exhibited at the Grolier Club on the Occasion of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Birth of Theodore Low de Vinne December 25, 1928
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116994: BRAKEFIELD, TOM - The African Book
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113798: BRAND, VANESSA - The Study of the Past in the Victorian Age
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113946: BRAZIER, MARY A. B. - A History of Neurophysiology in the 19th Century
113947: BRAZIER, MARY A. B. - A History of Neurophysiology in the 17th and 18th Centuries: From Concept to Experiment
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106168: BREITSCHWERT, W. [WILHELM] VON - [Movable Book] Das Wunderbare Bilderbuch: Ein Festgeschenk Voll Komischer Sachen, Zum Staunen Und Lachen Für Heitere Kinder
103090: BREMER, FREDERIKA - Geschwisterleben
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114368: BRETSCHNEIDER, E. - Mediaeval Researches from Eastern Asiatic Sources. Fragments Towards the Knowledge of the Geography and History of Central and Western Asia from the 16th to the 17th Century.
116429: BRETT, CHRISTOPHER M. A. & ANA MARIA OLIVEIRA - Electrochemistry: Principles, Methods, and Applications
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116995: BREVINT, DAN. - Saul and Samuel at Endor, or the New Waies of Salvation and Service, Which Usually Temt Men to Rome, and Detain Them There. Truly Represented, and Refuted
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112177: BRICE, WILLIAM C. (ED.) - An Historical Atlas of Islam
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114140: BRIDGES, LIEUT.-GEN. SIR TOM - Alarms & Excursions: Reminiscences of a Soldier
2613: BRIDGMAN, RICHARD WHALLEY - A Short View of Legal Bibliography
106057: BRIERLEY, BENJAMIN - A Bundle O' Fents from a Lancashire Loom Comprising Pieces, Humorous and Pathetic, Adapted For Reading at Working Men's Clubs, Etc
5026: BRIERLY, CORNELIA; RUSS, JULIE A. (ED.) - Tales of Taliesin: A Memoir of Fellowship
104135: BRIGADE OF GUARDS - Standing Orders of the Brigade of Guards
102120: BRIGGS, ASA (ED.) - Essays in the History of Publishing in Celebration of the 250th Anniversary of the House of Longman, 1724-1974
106999: BRIGGS, JOAN, ET AL (EDS.) - Sunderland Wills and Inventories 1601-1650
106503: BRIGGS, RONALD - The Typographical Adventure of William Morris: An Exhibition Arranged by the William Morris Society 1957
116316: BRIGHAM, E. ORAN - The Fast Fourier Transform and Its Applications
101054: BRIGHAM, ALBERT PERRY - From Trail to Railway: Through the Appalachians
4614: BRIGHT, WILLIAM - Language Variation in South Asia
109313: BRIGHT, WILLIAM - Bright's Single Stem, Dwarf and Renewal System of Grape Culture
103970: BRIN, IRENE - Femmes de Lautrec
6973: BRINDLEY, H. H. - The Sailing Balsa of Lake Titicaca and Other Reed-Bundle Craft
102437: BRINE, MARY D. - Little Lad Jamie
111637: BRINTON, CHRISTIAN - Russian Painting and Sculpture
110401: BRINTON, DANIEL G. - The Myths of the New World a Treatise on the Symbolism and Mythology of the Red Race of America
6665: BRISBANE, COUTTS - Here Come Swords!
106139: BRISCO, R. PAUL. - Waterfowl Decoys of Southwestern Ontario and the Men Who Made Them
6034: BRISSON, BARNABAS - Opera Minora Varii Argumenti
110998: BRISSON, BARNABAS; HEINECCIUS, JO. GOTTLIEB; BÖHMER, J. H. - De Verborum, Quae Ad Ius Civile Pertinent, Significatione
117355: BRISSONII, BARNABAE - Regii Consistorii Consiliarii Amplissimique Senatus Parisiensis Praesidis de Faromulis Et Solennibus Populi Romani Verbis Libri VIII. Ex. Recensione Francisci Caroli Conradi in Academia Iulia Quondam Prof. P. Iur. Ord. Cum Vita Et Elongiis Barnabae Brissonii Conspectu Totius Operis Summariis Auctorumque Formularum Rerum Et Verborum Indicibus. Accessere Curae Novae Atque Animadversiones Iohannis Augusti Bachii Ivr. Utc. D. Et Prof. Publ. Antiquit. Iuris in Academia Lipiensi.
116806: BRISTER, BOB; FARNHAM, STANLEY (ILLUS.) - Moss, Mallards and Mules and Other Hunting and Fishing Stories
117306: BRISTOL, PROFESSOR D. M. - Bristol's Illustrated Horsemanship, an Improved System for Educating the Horse
101961: BRISTOW, PHILIP - Through the German Waterways
115864: BRISTOW, EDWARD J. - Prostitution and Prejudice: The Jewish Fight Against White Slavery 1879-1939
101962: BRISTOW, PHILIP - Through the French Canals
110275: BRITISH MUSEUM. DEPARTMENT OF PRINTED BOOKS - British Museum Bible Exhibition 1911: Guide to the Manuscripts and Printed Book Exhibited in Celebration of the Tercentenary of the Authorized Edition
107003: BRITNELL, RICHARD (ED.) - Records of the Borough of Crossgate, Durham 1312-1531
101778: BRITTAIN, ROBERT - The Booklover's Almanac
5566: BRITTEN, BENJAMIN ET AL - The Rape of Lucretia: A Symposium
105989: BRO, LU - Figure & Form Vol. 1: Skills and Expression. Vol. 2: An Anatomical Coloring Book for Artists with Photographic Glossary
5793: BROADBENT, D. E. (ED.) - Functional Aspects of Human Memory: Proceedings of a Royal Society Discussion Meeting Held on 26 and 27 January 1983
102038: BROADHEAD, IVAN E. - Up the Cut: An Anthology of Inland Waterways
104905: BROCK, A. MAUDE; YOUNG, A. H. (ED.) - Past and Present: Notes by Henry Cawthra and Others
111218: BROCK, T. L.; CONNELLY, A. B. (ILLUS.) - Fight the Good Fight": Looking in on the Recruit Class at the Royal Military College of Canada During a Week in February 1931
5206: BROCK, DANIEL J. - Best Wishes from London, Canada. Our Golden Age of Postcards: 1903-1914
107919: BROCKBANK, RUSSELL - Best of Brockbank
114474: BROCKELMANN, CARL - Grundriss Der Vergleichenden Grammatik Der Semitischen Sprachen. In Zwei Bänden. I. Laut-Und Formenlehre. II. Syntax
6167: BRODA, RUDOLF - Two Roads: A Symbolic Story in Five Scenes
104048: BRODER, JANIS BRODER - Taos: A Painter's Dream
111071: BRODSKY, LOUIS DANIEL; VERICH, THOMAS M.; FAULKNER, WILLIAM - Saxe & Bill. The Commins-Faulkner Archive from the Brodsky Collection
108669: BRODSKY, LOUIS DANIEL; VERICH, THOMAS M.; FAULKNER, WILLIAM - Saxe & Bill. The Commins-Faulkner Archive from the Brodsky Collection
111072: BRODSKY, LOUIS DANIEL; VERICH, THOMAS M.; FAULKNER, WILLIAM - Saxe & Bill. The Commins-Faulkner Archive from the Brodsky Collection

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