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107652: - Seventh Year Book, the Bibliophile Society
106485: - Edward Barnard Company Catalogue Ca. 1948
3841: - Catalogue of Engravings by Ferdinand Gaillard
4058: - A Graphic History of Pacific Mills Limited: Manufacturers of Pulp and Paper and Paper Products
113220: - Illustrated Historical Atlas of Brant County, Ontario
114568: - Photo Album with Scenes of London, England
3866: - Walter P. Chrysler Museum. Forward: The American Heritage of Daimlerchrysler
4034: - The 1967 Key
4042: - Wind Effects on Buildings and Structures: Proceedings of the International Research Seminar Held at the National Research Council, Ottawa, Canada on 11-15 September 1967
112703: - An Act to Amend So Much of an Act of the Thirty-First Year of His Late Majesty, for Making More Effectual Provision for the Government of the Province of Quebec
4033: - Parts and Instruction Manual: Machinery Equipment in Lorries: 3 Ton Machinery "M" Mk II
4021: - Grolier 75: A Biographical Retrospective to Celebrate the Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of the Grolier Club in New York
4024: - Rambler Parts Catalog for Car Series 5010 Thru 5610
110114: - Dominion Fence Company Prospectus and Stock Application
116545: 1 - Topographische Nachrichten Von Lief - Und Ehstland Vol. II
114543: - Reports of Explorations and Surveys, to Ascertain the Most Practicable and Economical Route for a Railroad from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean. Made Under the Direction of the Secretary of War, in 1853-4, According to Acts of Congress of March 3, 1853, May 31, 1854, and Aguust 5, 1854. Volume III
101645: - 1810-1910 Centenary Souvenir, Norwich, Ont
111486: - The Medical Directory for 1872, and General Medical Register
3602: - Report of the Royal Commission to Investigate Trading in the Shares of Windfall Oils and Mines Limited
3604: - Windsor Castle
3589: - Photograph of Queen Victoria and Daughter Princess Helena
3699: - Western Ontario Historical Notes June 1947
106287: - A Register of Marriages and Baptisms in the Gore and London Districts, by the Rev. Ralph Leeming, from 1816 to 1827
4105: - Considerations Concerning the Expediency of a General Naturalization of Foreign Protestants, and Others
6083: - Punch. August 25, 1954
6084: - Punch. September 22, 1954
6085: - Punch. November 17, 1954
6086: - Punch. January 26, 1955
6087: - Punch. May 25, 1955
6189: - Rippling Memories
3585: - North Western Ontario: Its Boundaries, Resources and Communications
102395: - The Maritime Provinces: A Handbook for Travellers
102948: - Petition of a Number of Captains of Steamboats and Others Interested in the Navigation of the Western Rivers
102904: - Bibliotheque Du Bureau de Lègislation Catalogue
103009: - Annual Report of the Bureau of Industries for the Province of Ontario 1898
103015: - Investigation Into Alleged Combine Amongst Coal Dealers at Winnipeg and Other Places in Western Canada, 1924-1925
103016: - Investigation Into Alleged Combine in the Distribution of Fruit and Vegetables
106928: - Surveillance: Graduation Exhibition 2006 Fanshawe College Fine Art Program
117284: - The Historical Register, Volume VI. For the Year 1721
109315: - Province of British Columbia Report of the Provincial Fisheries Department for the Year Ended December 31st, 1941
107748: - 1901 Census. Howard Township, Kent County, Ontario
112248: - Correspondence Respecting the Navigation of the United States' Canals by Canadian Vessels
110036: - Comments on the Craft: A Few Choice Selections from a Wide Variety of Sources
117391: - Ingram & Bell Surgical Supply Catalogue, 1959
107444: - Bulletin of the Canadian Mining Institute. January, 1914.
109944: - New Dominion Monthly September 1869
3820: - Mordechai Levanon 1901-1968: Oil Paintings - Gouaches - Water Colours - Drawings
113786: - Stratford Shakespearean Festival Programme, 1953 Season
113678: - Owen's Conspectus; or, Students' Remembrancer
110776: - 2 Dionne Quintuplets Scrapbooks
108961: - Nord-Ostsee-Kanal/Kiel Canal
103441: - Fourth Annual Report of the Missisquoi County Historical Society. For 1908-1909
112712: - An Act to Continue Several Laws, Relating to the Granting a Bounty on Certain Species of British and Irish Linens
115707: - The Art-Journal. Volume XII. 1850
111599: - Leonard Peltier Wanted Poster
107654: - Eighth Year Book, the Bibliophile Society
103038: - Ledger of Chatham, Ontario School Trustees
4696: - Canandaigua City Directory
5673: - The Journal of Education for Lower Canada. Fifth Volume.
5678: - The Financial Post Survey Business and Finance 1925
5133: - American Paradise: The World of the Hudson River School
5139: - The Great Lakes: An Environmental Atlas and Resource Book
114201: - Chatham and Wallaceburg Telephone Book, December 1963
114202: - Greater Winnipeg Telephone Directory, June 1958
114203: - Prince Edward Island Telephone Book, March 1974
5107: - The Good Things of Life
5663: - I.C. S. Reference Library: A Series of Textbooks Prepared for the Students of the International Correspondence Schools and Containing in Permanent Form the Instruction Papers, Examination Questions, and Keys Used in Their Various Courses
106804: - Spramotor Painting, Whitewashing and Spraying Machines Catalogue
106805: - Triumph Harvesting Machinery Catalogue
5665: - I.C. S. Reference Library: A Series of Textbooks Prepared for the Students of the International Correspondence Schools and Containing in Permanent Form the Instruction Papers, Examination Questions, and Keys Used in Their Various Courses
5659: - The Bibliophile Society Eleventh Year Book
5660: - The Bibliophile Society Eighteenth Year Book
103017: - Investigation Into Alleged Combine Limiting Competition in the Marketing of New Brunswick Potatoes
107659: - The Merry Alphabet
104522: - Letter from the Secretary of War, Transmitting, in Compliance with a Resolution of the Senate of December 7, 1881, Information in Relation to the Government Works on the Fox and Wisconsin Rivers Improvement at Menasha and Appleton, Wisconsin
104156: - The Canadian Almanac, and Repository of Useful Knowledge for the Year 1875
104157: - The Canadian Almanac, and Repository of Useful Knowledge for the Year 1876
111600: - Grand Union Canal Shares Document
114707: - Christmas Bells
117187: - The Adventurer. Volume the Third
110373: - The Modern Traveller. A Popular Description, Geographical, Historical, and Topographical, of the Various Countries of the Globe. Egypt, Nubia, and Abyssinia. Vol. I
116897: - Ontario Bureau of Archives Report 1905 Part 3
111001: - An Account, Presented to the House of Commons, of the Principal Articles of Provisions and Lumber Imported Into His Majesty's Colonies in the West Indies, in the Years 1805, 1806, and 1807
5415: - Elementary Perspective
5416: - Drawing
5417: - Roman Lettering
5418: - Figure Drawing
5421: - Spring Blossoms; Summer Fun; Autumn Leaves; Snowflakes
5426: - The Quill and Blotter Annual
5428: - Directions: The Final Report of the Royal Commission on National Passenger Transportation
5445: - Who's Who Today in the Musical World: A Biographical and Pictorial Record of Musicians of to-Day
110290: - Specimen Page from Canada School Journal Ca. 1880
110291: - Supplement to the Canada School Journal Ca. 1882
107751: - A Series of Cemeteries in Middlesex County, Province of Ontario, Canada: Siloam Cemetery, Lot 8, Con. 5, London Twp
5501: - The Celebrated Reference Library of H.P. Kraus
5478: - Aux Citoyens Et Habitants Des Villes Et Des Campagnes de la Province de Quebec
5481: - The British American Almanack for the Year 1792
5513: - Minor British Poets 1789-1918. Part Four: The Edwardian Period, 1900-1918
5514: - Minor British Poets 1789-1918. Part Three: The Later Victorian Period 1870-1899
5521: - Austin Healey 100/6 & 3000 Workshop Maintenance & Repair Manual
5527: - Norris/la Palme
5528: - Handbook of the Province of Ontario Canada: Products Resources Development
5533: - The Year Book and Clergy List of the Church of England in Canada
111139: - Transactions of the Moravian Historical Society Volume XVIII, Parts I & II
5536: - Transactions of the Section on Surgery of the American Medical Association at the Sixtieth Annual Session, Held at Atlantic City, N.J. , June 8 to 11, 1909
5538: - Report of the Ontario Cheese Industry Study Committee November 1968
5540: - The Queen V. Charles Bradlaugh and Annie Besant
106807: - Annual Bulletin of the Freshwater Fish Protection Association No. 11
5546: - Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Paint Book
5542: - Report of the Public Roads and Highways Commission of Ontario 1914
5555: - Me Olemme Matkalla
5588: - Chris Gilmour
5590: - Operator's Manual, Super 77 Twine Tie Bailer
5592: - The Fertilizer Industry in Ontario (Appendix B to the Corn Industry in Ontario)
112071: - The Letter. Irish Journal for Lacanian Psychoanalysis, Autumn 2008
112676: - Forest and District Centennial 1859-1959
106289: - La Garde-Malade Canadienne-Française
3742: - Western Ontario Historical Notes 1972
3730: - Western Ontario Historical Notes December 1959
3731: - Western Ontario Historical Notes March 1960
3732: - Western Ontario Historical Notes March 1961
3734: - Western Ontario Historical Notes March 1962
3783: - Queen's University at Kingston 1841-1941
110269: - Canada School Journal March 1881
103054: - Katalog Der Berliner Stadtbibliothek. Sechzehnter Band
3701: - Western Ontario Historical Notes December 1947
3702: - Western Ontario Historical Notes March 1948
108025: - The Thunder, Perfect Mind
108625: - The Macleods of Glengarry: The Genealogy of a Clan
114769: - The Horizon, December 1935
110351: - Views of London, Ontario (Cover Title: Souvenir of London)
111002: - Bill of Lading from Ottawa and Rideau Company, Kingston, 14 June 1843
110352: - Canadian Rockies (Cover Title: Souvenir of the Rockies)
111003: - Mackie Cryderman Print: "the MILL, Bridgeport, Ontario
111004: - 6 Cash Books of E. Colwill, General Merchant, Centralia, Ontario
5345: - English Japanese Dictionary
5346: - English Conversation
5347: - English Word Dictionary
5349: - Four Items About Water Communication in Early Canada
116097: - Police Equipment Company Limited (Canada)
114516: - Script for Blade Runner
105218: - Bernard Buffet Galerie Dresdnere Catalogue 1960
1845: - 50 Views of Warsaw
4101: - Travels in Southern Italy
114340: - Compte-Rendu Du Congrès Des Sciences Géographiques, Cosmographiques Et Commerciales Tenu a Anvers Du 14 Au 22 Aout 1871. 2 Tomes
116537: - Wool Glossary and Reference Book
4716: - The House in Queenston and W.L. Mackenzie: A Tale of Reform
114660: - Old Man Ontario: A Weekly Journal of the Common Good, April 29, 1933
109357: - Nouveaux Interets Des Princes de L'Europe, Ou L'on Traite Des Maximes Qu'Ils Doivent Observer Pour Se Maintenir Dans Leurs Etats, & Pour Empecher Qu'IL Ne Se Forme Une Monarchie Universelle
112064: - Album of Engravings & Pressed Flowers
105236: - Biographical Sketches of Count and Countess Philippe Nicol and Their Son Philippe Jr.
111221: - Firing Tables for Cannon, 105mm Howitzer, M2a1, M2a2 and M49
101035: - Report of Proceedings of the World's Poultry Congress Ottawa, Canada July 27 to August 4 1927
113878: - The United Service Journal and Naval and Military Magazine Oct. 1829 - May 1830
101407: - The Suez Canal Notes and Statistics
117285: - The Historical Register, Volume IX. For the Year 1724
103203: - An Attempt to Prove from the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, That the Sabbath Was to Be Changed, from the Seventh, to the First Day of the Week, at the Resurrection of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
111127: - Transactions of the Moravian Historical Society Vol. 1, Nos. 3, 5-8
102857: - The Painted Furniture of French Canada, 1700-1840: Exhibition Texts
102949: - Letter from the Secretary of War, Transmitting, in Further Answer to Resolution of the 4th Instant, a Report of Col. O.M. Poe, Corps of Engineers, in Regard to the Recent Accident to the Lock in the Sault Ste. Marie Canal
102910: - Catalogue Explicatif Des Tableaux de la Galerie Royale de Dresde
110124: - Official 1949 Detroit Tigers Score Book
103115: - Rules of Practice in the United States Patent Office
103510: - Chippawa: The Municipality That Is Nearest Niagara Power
112011: - The Railway Magazine, January to June 1933
109338: - The CIVIL Service List of Canada 1897
109340: - The CIVIL Service List of Canada 1899
109341: - The CIVIL Service List of Canada 1900
103440: - The Second Report of the Missisquoi County Historical Society
115731: - The Yser and the Belgian Coast: An Illustrated History and Guide
114362: - Canada Steamship Lines Great Lakes Brochure Season 1946
113588: - Canada's Part in the 1958 British Empire and Commonwealth Games, Cardiff Glamorgan, Wales, July 18th to July 26th
113458: - New York State Waterways Association Seventh Annual Report Including Proceedings of the Annual Convention Held at Troy, N.Y. October 5-6, 1916
114480: - Christie's Valuable Russian Books and Manuscripts
109244: - Keeping the Lamp Alight: A History of Secondary Education in North Middlesex
109245: - Ottawa and Vicinity (Souvenir of Ottawa)
4277: - 65 Years of North Waterloo District Women's Institute 1902-1967
101461: - Lloyd's Register of British and Foreign Shipping. Established 1834. Yacht Register. From 1st May, 1891, to 30th April, 1892
5201: - Scientific Instruments, Laboratory Apparatus and Supplies for Physics, Chemistry and General Science
109737: - The Right That Dares to Speak Its Name: Naz Foundation Vs. Union of Indian and Others. Decriminalising Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in India
117243: - Self Contradictions of the Bible
3839: - The Club of Odd Volumes of Boston: Constitution and by-Laws with a List of the Officers and Members
110507: - Hand Book on Canadian Politics Illustrative of the Progressive Administration of the Liberal Government Under the Leadership of the Right Honourable Sir Wilfrid Laurier, G.C. M.G. D.C. L. (Oxon. ), K.C. , M.P. , 1896-1904
101517: - Da, a Journal of the Printing Arts 64
113740: - The Young Ladies' Journal: An Illustrated Magazine, 1871
112196: - Ontario Agricultural Commission. Appendices C to S Inclusive. Containing Evidence Taken by the Commissioners, Special Reports, Etc. , in Vols. III. , IV. And V. Vol. III. (Appendices C to F. )
103593: - Report of the Chief Commissioner of Mines for the Province of Nova Scotia for the Year 1869
109243: - Report on the Merits of the Claim of the State of Massachusetts of the National Government for Expenses of the Militia, During the Late War, to the Governor and Council of the Commonwealth, January, 1821
109187: - Westtown School Autograph Book Ca. 1873-74
112829: - Toronto Necropolis and Crematorium Toronto, Ontario
117291: - An Enquiry Into the Nature of the Human Soul; Wherein the Immateriality of the Soul Is Evinced from the Principles of Reason and Philosophy (Vol. II Only) + an Appendix to the First Part of the Enquiry Into the Nature of the Human Soul
116242: - Vintage Motor Cars at Meadow Brook Hall
109019: - Picasso Linoleum Cuts: Bacchanals, Women, Bulls & Bullfighters
103006: - Annual Report of the Bureau of Industries for the Province of Ontario 1899. Part I. -Agricultural Statistics. Part II. -Chattel Mortgages
112450: - Out of the Shadows at Last: Transforming Mental Health, Mental Illness and Addiction Services in Canada
114388: - Combat Crafts. Parts 1, 2 & 3
106586: - Anaconda Economy Copper Roofing: Installation Suggestions and Specifications
110522: - S.S. Tutshi Souvenir Menu Postcard
101651: - The Pierpont Morgan Library: A Review of the Growth, Development and Activities of the Library
107882: - Photographs of Ottawa Hydro Buildings and Equipment, Ca. 1910
107894: - Percy Bailiff's Rolls of the Fifteenth Century
109131: - Anableps
109134: - Death and the Family
109135: - Betty Goodwin: Collection de L'Ange No. 4
115723: - Medellín Ciudad Tricentenaria 1675-1975: Pasado-Presente-Futuro
109146: - Thelma Rosner: Collected Stories
109686: - Descriptive Catalogue of the Clan Tartans and Family Tartans of Scotland
111295: - The History of the County of Brant, Ontario, Containing a History of the County; Its Townships, Cities, Towns, Schools, Churches, Etc. ; General and Local Statistics; Portraits of Early Settlers and Prominent Men; History of the Six Nation Indians and Captain Joseph Brant (Thayendanegea); History of the Dominion of Canada, Miscellaneous Matters; Etc. , Etc. , Etc
100733: - The Stratford Festival 1953-1957: A Record in Pictures and Text of the Shakespearean Festival in Canada
100153: - Passionsspiel 1890. Oberammergau
4683: - [the General Accident Group]. Our Story 1906 1956
116236: - Atlas of the Gold Coast
114538: - Overseas Railways 1962
112830: - The Cathedral Church of St. James (Anglican) Toronto, Ontario: A Transcription of Records of Burials 1807-1850
116025: - East Williams Past and Present
5027: - The Cosmos: A Historical Magazine
110364: - Ringling Bros. And Barnum & Bailey Circus Magazine
5062: - The Gateway to the Yorkshire Moors: Pickering As a Holiday Resort
5066: - Geometry, Plane, Solid, and Spherical, in Six Books
5069: - Report of the Provincial Fisheries Department for the Year Ended December 31st 1936
5152: - Royal Commission on Industrial Training and Technical Education: Report of the Commissioners
109246: - Simcoe and Norfolk County: In Commemoration of the Simcoe Reunion of Norfolk County Old Boys August 2nd to 7th, 1924
109316: - Report of the Select Committee Appointed by the House of Commons to Obtain Information As to Geological Surveys, &C, &C
108708: - André Malraux, L'Homme Des Univers" Actes du Colloque - Paris - Grand Palais 5, 6 et 7 Décembre 1986
112706: - An Act to Empower the Legislature of Canada to Alter the Constitution of the Legislative Council for That Province, and for Other Purposes
110092: - Fur News Magazine October 1913
4924: - Association Generale Automobile Bulletin Officiel Mensuel/Revue de L'Automobile-Club Du Rhone
4927: - The British North America Act, 1867, Made Easy. Intended As an Easy Coach for CIVIL Service Candidates
117282: - The Historical Register, Volume III. For the Year 1718
4881: - Proceedings of the Special Committee Appointed to Inquire Into the Development and Improvement of the St. Lawrence River
4827: - Canada in the Building: Industrial Opportunities - Descriptions of Towns - Natural Resources - Maps
4826: - Lovell's Intermediate Geography, with Maps and Illustrations; Being Introductory to Lovell's Advanced Geography
106284: - An ABC of Toys
4814: - H. Hicks & Son Catalogue
4809: - North Tryon History, Prince Edward Island, 1663-1973
4811: - Mineral Resources of Canada. To Celebrate the Visit of the British and Continental Mining Engineers and Metallurgists to Canada in the Summer of 1908
4807: - Digest of the Report to the Dominion Parliament. The Finding of the Commissioners
4803: - L.M. Montgomery Bibliography
4797: - School of Nursing of the New York Hospital Fiftieth Anniversary 1877-1927
4785: - Bealart: 80 Years of Experiment 1912-1992
4780: - The Genesee Farmer: A Monthly Journal Devoted to Agriculture & Horticulture, Domestic and Rural Economy
4751: - Magook
112627: - The American School and University: A Yearbook Devoted to the Design, Construction, Equipment, Utilization, and Maintenance of Educational Buildings and Grounds 1936
106768: - The Rybinsk Reservoir and Its Life
103470: - Nova Scotia Folk Art: Canada's Cultural Heritage
4639: - Who Shall Rule? the People or the Big Interests: Democracy and a Free People or Autocracy and Organized Privilege
4641: - Battalion Landing Team 3/8: A Pictorial Review of Blt 3/8 and Attached Units
4650: - Illustrated Catalogue of Belleek Parian China
4657: - In Memory of George Deleno Lewis... And His Wife Isabella Linton Lewis...
4658: - The Second World War 1939-1945 Army Ordnance Services
114574: - An Act to Enable the Company of Proprietors of the Navigation from the Trent to the Mersey, and the Company of Proprietors of the Navigation from Birmingham to Fazeley, to Make a Navigable Canal from the Said Trent and Mersey Navigation, on Fradley Heath, in the County of Stafford, to Fazeley, in the Said County; and for Confirming Certain Articles of Agreement Entered Into between the Said Trent and Mersey, the Oxford, and the Coventry, Canal Navigation Companies
114180: - Buckingham, Quebec Telephone Book, January 1950
100456: - Scobie's Canadian Almanac and Repository of Useful Knowledge, for the Year 1853-6
106754: - Limnologische Donauforschungen : Berichte Der XI. Internationalen Konferenz Zur Limnologie Der Donau, Kiew, IX 1967
114204: - Eastern & Central Newfoundland Telephone Book, July 1973
106434: - Poultry and Squabs for Profit
114385: - The Miscellany of the New Spalding Club. Volume First
111141: - Transactions of the Moravian Historical Society Volume XXI, Parts I & II
114358: - A Brief Outline of the Story of the Clan Macnab
101146: - Report of Conference of Canadian Engineers on the International Rapids Section of the St. Lawrence River. Dated December 30, 1929
117360: - The British Magazine and Review; or Universal Miscellany of Arts, Sciences, Literature, History, Biography, Entertainment, Poetry, Politics, Manners, Amusements, and Intelligence Foreign and Domestic. Vol. I
103261: - Bell's British Theatre; Tragedies
110067: - Souvenir of Niagara Camp, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada
106561: - Canadian Farm Year Book 1914: A Complete Reference Library and Hand Book for the Farmer and Stockman
108005: - Military Appointment Signed by Benito Mussolini and King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy
116007: - Reflections of West Wawanosh: A History of Settlement As Compiled by the West Wawanosh Township Historians
103113: - Ontario Historical Society Papers and Records Vol. XXXIII
103112: - Ontario Historical Society Papers and Records Vol. XXII
101164: - St. Lawrence Seaway & Power Projects 1959
110918: - Annual Report and Transaction No. 22 of the Women's Canadian Historical Society of Toronto 1921-1922
100408: - The Writers' and Artists' Year Book 1964
103378: - Margaret Denzil's History. Annotated by Her Husband. A Novel
3712: - Western Ontario Historical Notes June 1951
3720: - Western Ontario Historical Notes September-December 1953
3716: - Western Ontario Historical Notes June 1952
3714: - Western Ontario Historical Notes December 1951
117158: - Stratford Shakespearean Festival Theatre Tent Sample
110983: - The Westminster Review July-October 1829
117244: - The Song of Songs, Which Is Solomons. Being a Reprint and a Study by Elbert Hubbard
109063: - Wyn Geleynse
108578: - Gloucester City Cricket Club 150th Anniversary 1829-1979
114389: - The Form of Solemnization of Matrimony, between Victoria, Princess Royal, and Prince Friedrich Wilhelm, Crown Prince of Prussia, 1858
114910: - The University of Western Ontario Semi-Centennial Endowment Fund Campaign 1928
112008: - The Railway Magazine, July to December 1931
117020: - Horace William Sisson 1890-1924
114162: - Dominion Government Telephone Directory, May 1945
106502: - An Index to Dibdin's Edition of the Typographical Antiquities First Compiled by Joseph Ames, with Some References to the Intermediate Edition by William Herbert
4339: - Miller's Canadian Farmer's Almanac for the Year of Our Lord 1871
4340: - Lessons on Shells, As Given to Children between the Ages of Eight and Ten, in a Pestalozzian School, at Cheam, Surrey
4257: - The Duet Club of Hamilton 1889-1964
111560: - Gm of Canada War Album
113273: - The Spartan Cook Book: A Selection of Tested Recipes Compiled by the Ladies of the Sparta W.T. A.
102397: - Illustrated Guide to the House of Commons of Canada
3591: - Ars Quatuor Coronatorum. Being the Transactions of the Lodge Quatuor Coronati, No. 2076, London
117440: - Elegant Extracts. Epistles Vol. II
112583: - Impressions: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. "the Mecca of All Pacific Coast Tourists
4087: - Ken Nutt
103049: - Museo Secreto Del Arte Erotico de Pompeya Y Herculano
114118: - Hansel Et Gretel
103745: - Amplified Ritual of the Knights of the Maccabees of the World
116018: - Yi Xiang Dunhuang/Wu Ji Yue Tuan
114765: - Varsity Night at the Grand, Hallowe'En 1895
111133: - Transactions of the Moravian Historical Society. Volume XIII. Parts III and IV
103395: - One Hundred Years of Children's Books and a Presentation of Modern Style Trends in Juvenile Literature.
114573: - An Act for More Effectually Draining and Preserving Certain Lands and Grounds Within the Level of Hatfield Chace, and Parts Adjacent, in the Counties of York, Lincoln, and Nottingham
116900: - Parliamentary Debates on the Subject of the Confederation of the British North American Provinces. 3rd Session, 8th Provincial Parliament of Canada
4802: - L.M. Montgomery and Popular Culture" Parts I and II
10454: - Catalyst: Celebrating 25 Years: Fanshawe College Fine Art
103225: - Report of the Board of Works, Montreal, December, 1844
106484: - Myers Power Spray Catalog 1939
114575: - An Act for Amending and Altering Certain Acts of Parliament, for Making and Maintaining a Navigable Canal, from the Coventry Canal Navigation, to the City of Oxford
114576: - An Act for Requiring All Boats, Barges, and Other Bessels, of Certain Descriptions, Used on Navigable Rivers, and on Inland Navigations, in Great Britain, to Be Registered
108949: - St. Lawrence Seaway Masters' Handbook
111521: - Videoscape: An Exhibition of Video Art
103022: - Investigation Into the Electrical Estimators' Association
113011: - Simcoe County Pioneer and Historical Society. Pioneer Papers No. 1 - No. 6
113459: - New York State Waterways Association Eighth Annual Report Including Proceedings of the Preliminary Session Held at Rome, July 4, 1917 and Proveedings of the Regular Sessions of the Eighth Annual Convention Held at Utica, New York October 4-5, 1917
107023: - Book Reviews of "a Voyage of Discovery" by John Ross and "Remarks on the Account of the Late Voyage of Discovery to Baffin's Bay" by Capt. Edward Sabine
107022: - Through the Trossachs
107016: - Church Furniture and Fittings in Wood and Stone, Manufactured by J. Wippell & Company, Ltd. , Exeter and London
107007: - Souvenir Views of Banff-Lake Louise Jasper Highway Alberta, Canada
117280: - A Select Collection of Poems: With Notes, Biographical and Historical. Vols. 2, 3 & 4
114844: - Annual Report of the Board of Managers of the Delaware and Hudson Canal Company to the Stockholders. For the Year 1864. May 9th, 1865
112065: - Contributions to Canadian Economics Vol. III
111471: - Jeff Willmore: Performative Utterances and Other Oaths
113792: - Hans Haacke: Recent Work
109419: - The CIVIL Service List of Canada 1907
116075: - The Genesee Farmer. Vol. XXI, 1860
111258: - Curtiss Hawk Type III
4296: - Smith's Falls Old Home Week Souvenir Programme
4211: - Canada: An Illustrated Weekly Journal for All Interested in the Dominion, July 1, 1927
112723: - An Act to Make Perpetual an Act of the Fifty-Eighth Year of His Late Majesty, to Allow the Importation Into Certain Ports in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, of Certain Enumerated Articles, and the Re-Exportation Thereof from Such Ports
113157: - Scribner's Magazine June 1931
111283: - The Caledoniad. A Collection of Poems, Written Chiefly by Scottish Authors. Vol. II
108325: - The North British Review. November 1847 - August 1848
110066: - The Canadian Almanac, and Repository of Useful Knowledge, for the Year 1863
106756: - Práce Laboratória Rybárstva. Zväzok 1
114181: - Oshawa Telephone Book, January 1939
114200: - Oshawa Telephone Book, November 1962
108819: - Appendix to the Ninth Volume of the Journals of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada. Appendix, No 2. Session, 1850
111922: - Compilation of Narratives of Explorations in Alaska
110093: - Fur News Magazine December 1913
107656: - Sixth Year Book, the Bibliophile Society
111914: - Contributions to Canadian Biology. Being Studies from the Marine Biological Stations of Canada 1906-1910
113344: - Fourteenth Annual Report of the Waterloo Historical Society, 1926
113345: - S.S. Manitoulin Cruise Flyer
113346: - New Bellevue Hotel Flyer
113893: - The Olympic Club, Birmingham. Constitution and Bye-Laws
111322: - Report of the Airport Inquiry Commission
102704: - Northern Africa 1792-1890
113937: - The Life and Reign of That Excellent Princess Queen Elizabeth, from Her Birth to Her Death
110079: - Les Intérieurs Meubles, Etc. De Pineau, Prieur, Ranson Epoques Louis XV, Louis XVI
114706: - Binder Twine Act of 1902: Evidence of Mr. J.L. Haycock, Dominion Inspector of Binder Twine, Before the Select Standing Committee on Agriculture and Colonization 1903
107702: - East Nissouri Cemeteries -10-
107700: - 1891 Census Township of Howard
107693: - Summer Days
107688: - Masterpieces Selected from the Work Written by the Girls of the Misses Masters' School.
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3680: ADAMCZYK, GEORGES ET AL - 5 Architectures
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109442: ANQUETIL, M. - L'Intrigue Du Cabinet, Sous Henri IV Et Louis XIII, Terminee Par la Fronde
115302: ANSTIS, RALPH - Warren James and the Dean Forest Riots: Being the Story of the Leader of the Riots in the Forest of Dean in 1831, with an Account of the Riots and of Their Causes
103305: ANTHONY & SCOVILL COMPANY - Amateur Cameras and Supplies
109761: ANTHONY BLUM - New Ontario Gold Fields Extracts - Extracts from Government Reports, Gold Production, Profits in Mining, Etc. (Cover Title)
115245: ANTINORI, CARLO, ET AL - Parma Fra Passato E Futuro: Occasioni E Riflessioni Per Un Discorso Di Grande Suggestione
114703: ANTOGNAZZA, MARIA ROSA - Leibniz: An Intellectual Biography
109348: ANTONINI, ANNIBALE - Dizionario Italiano, Latino E Francese; Dictionnaire Francois, Latin Et Italien
114725: ANZIEU, DIDIER; GRAHAM, PETER (TRANS.) - Freud's Self-Analysis
116464: AOKI, MASANAO - State Space Modeling of Time Series
115672: APHTHONIUS - Aphthonii Progymnasmata, Partim à Rodolpho Agricola, Partim à Johanne Maria Catanaeo, Latinitate Donata, Cum Scholiis R. Lorichii
5262: APOLLINAIRE, GUILLAUME - Tizenegyezer Vesszo: Kizarolag Eros Idegzetu Felnott Olvasoknak!
115177: APOSTOL, TOM M. - Introduction to Analytic Number Theory
6574: APPLEBAUM, ISAAC - Isaac Applebaum
4953: APPLETON, VICTOR - Tom Swift and His Big Dirigible
4954: APPLETON, VICTOR - Tom Swift and His Electric Locomotive or Two Miles a Minute on the Rails
106833: APRIL, RAYMONDE ET AL - Thirteen Essays on Photography
103645: APULEIUS MADAURENSIS - L. Apuleii Madaurensis Metamorphoseos Libri XI: Cum Notis & Illustrata a Ioanna Pricaeo (the Golden Ass)
115004: ARAD, YITZHAK - Ghetto in Flames: The Struggle and Destruction of the Jews in Vilna in the Holocaust
116214: ARANA, DIEGO BARROS - Historia Jeneral de Chile 15 Vols.
6139: ARANY, JANOS - Arany Janos Balladai
6727: ARBER, EDWARD (ED.) - Toxophilus (Roger Ascham)
104032: ARBUS, ISAK - The Number on My Forehead: A Survivor's Story
104031: ARBUS, ISAK - The Number on My Forehead: A Survivor's Story
107880: ARBUTHNOT, JOAN - More Profit Than Gold
111964: ARCHAOS - Metal Clown. Bx-91. La Tournée 1991
105650: ARCHER, DAVID - Land of Singing Waters: Rivers and Great Floods of Northumbrial
102560: ARCHER, CAOLINE - The Kynoch Press: The Anatomy of a Printing House 1876-1981
115743: ARCHER, MARY; HALEY, CHRISTOPHER (EDS.) - The 1702 Chair of Chemistry at Cambridge: Transformation and Change
4935: ARCHIBALD, R. C. - Mathematicians, and Poetry and Drama
107496: ARCHIVAL ASSOCIATION OF ATLANTIC CANADA - (Archival Association of Atlantic Canada) Newsletter, Volume 2, Number 2. December, 1974
107501: ARCHIVAL ASSOCIATION OF ATLANTIC CANADA - Archival Association of Atlantic Canada Newsletter Volume 5, Number 1, May, 1977
107497: ARCHIVAL ASSOCIATION OF ATLANTIC CANADA - (Archival Association of Atlantic Canada) Nwesletter Volume 3, Number 1, March, 1975
107498: ARCHIVAL ASSOCIATION OF ATLANTIC CANADA - (Archival Association of Atlantic Canada) Newsletter Volume 3, Number 2. August, 1975
107500: ARCHIVAL ASSOCIATION OF ATLANTIC CANADA - Archival Association of Atlantic Canada Newsletter Volume 4, Number 2, November, 1976
104850: ARDEN, ROY; BLUM, KATRIN - Stephen Waddell
7024: ARDLEY, PATRICIA; ARDLEY, E. C. (ILLUS.) - The Adventures of Mr. Horace Hedgehog
5710: ARDREY, R. L. - American Agricultural Implements: A Review of Invention and Development in the Agricultural Implement Industry of the United States
102345: ARFWEDSON, CARL DAVID - Forenta Staterna Och Canada, Aren 1832, 1833 Och 1834
113249: ARIA, GOPI - Morningland: Palmistry for the New Age
101116: ARIAS, HARMODIO - The Panama Canal: A Study in International Law and Diplomacy
6860: ARIMA, PHLIP - The Nihilistic Disintegration of Hope
107614: ARIOSTO, LODOVICO; NICHOLSON, J. SHIELD - Tales from Ariosto [Orlando Furioso]
10475: ARISS, HERBERT JOSHUA - Encounters: An Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings from 1967-1982
108122: ARIZA, SANDER - Trujillo: The Man, and His Country
108548: ARKINSTALL, CHRISTINE (ED.) - Literature and Quest
109603: ARMITAGE-SMITH, G. - The Free-Trade Movement and Its Results
103061: ARMITAGE, FREDERICK - The Masonic Lodges of the World
107572: ARMITAGE, ANGUS - William Herschel
110041: ARMSTRONG, MARTIN; PRIESTLEY, J. B. (ED.) - Laughing Being one of a series of essays edited by J. B. Priestley and entitled: These Diversions.
103596: ARMSTRONG, RAFF & ANTHONY - Whiskers Will Not Be Worn
108799: ARMSTRONG, WALTER - The Thames from Its Rise to the Nore
115110: ARMSTRONG, GEORGE D. - Cyclopedia of Painting
116673: ARMSTRONG, SIR WALTER - Sir Henry Raeburn
6191: ARMSTRONG, W. H. G. - Separate Schools: Introduction of the Dual System Into Eastern Canada and Its Subsequent Extension to the West
106897: ARMSTRONG, PHILIP B.; CHILD, JULIA SWOPE - Stages in the Development of Ictalurus Nebulosus
102817: ARMSTRONG, ARCHIE - Archie Armstrong's Banquet of Jests Together with Archy's Dream
102856: ARMSTRONG, AGNES - Lincolnshire Stories and Humorous Reminiscences
113489: ARNDS, JOHANN - Paradies-Gärtlein, Voller Christlicher Tugenden: Wie Dieselben Durch andächtige, Lehrhafte Und Tröstliche Gebete in Die Seele Zu Pflanzen
103836: ARNDT, JOHANN - Sechs Bucher Vom Wahren Christenthum Das Ist...
107713: ARNELL, J. C. - Steam and the North Atlantic Mails: The Impact of the Cunard Line and Subsequent Steamship Companies on the Carriage of Transatlantic Mails
107849: ARNILL, BEATRICE. (HARVEY E. SNYDER) - Bright and Morning Star: Stories from the Bible
10479: ARNOLD, DEBORAH; AURANDT, DAVID - Deborah Arnold: Glyphs of Nature
102279: ARNOLD, SIR EDWIN - Passages from the Song Celestial
101169: ARNOLD, JAMES - Farm Waggons and Carts
104838: ARNOLD, GRANT - Chris Cran: Loved by Millions
4138: ARNOLD, LES - Harry Paints the Wind
113664: ARNOLD, PHILIP J., III - Domestic Ceramic Production and Spatial Organization: A Mexican Case Study in Ethnoarchaeology
101000: ARNOLD, WILLIAM HARRIS - Ventures in Book Collecting
6239: ARNOT, REV. WM, ET AL - The Temperance Pulpit; a Series of Sermons
109897: ARORA, R.C. - Kashmir, the Land of Celestial Charms with Its Places of Interest, Routes, Walks, and Exhaustive Information for the Guidance of Visitors to the Happy Vale of Kashmir
113764: ARORA, VED (COMP.) - The Saskatchewan Bibliography
110424: ARP, JEAN; GIEDION-WELCKER, C. (ESSAY); BUFFET-PICABIA, GABRIELLE (BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE); KARPEL, BERNARD (BIBLIOGRAPHY) - On My Way; Poetry and Essays, 1912-1947 The Documents of Modern Art, Volume 6
106073: ARRELL, ALEX H. (ED.) - A Short History of Caledonia
3051: ARRIOLA, GUS - Gordo's Critters
116656: ARROWSMITH, JAMES - The Paper-Hanger's Companion
10529: ART GALLERY OF ONTARIO - Stage Three: Architectural Proposals by Competition Finalists
10443: ART GALLERY OF BRANT - Graphex I: A Juried Exhibition of Graphics with Purchase Awards
113894: ARTHUR, SIR GEORGE; SANDERSON, CHARLES R. (ED.) - The Arthur Papers: Being the Canadian Papers Mainly Confidential, Private and Demi-Official of Sir George Arthur, K.C. H. Last Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada in the Manuscript Collection of the Toronto Public Libraries. Volume I 1822-1838. Volume 2 Jan. 1839 - Mar. 1840. Volume 3 April 1840 - June 1850 and Index
105846: ARTHUR, HELEN D. - Our Historic Community: Latimer 1787-1973
105374: ARTHUR, HELEN D. - Our Historic Community Latimer 1787-1973
104521: ARTHUR, CHESTER; HAMILTON, JOHN M. - Message from the President of the United States, Transmitting, a Communication from the Governor of the State of Illinois, with a Copy of an Act of the General Assembly of That State, Tendering to the United States the Cession of the Illinois and Michigan Canal, Upon Condition That It Shall Be Enlarged and Maintained As a National Water-Way for Commerical Purposes
106462: ARTLEY, A. STERL; GRAY, LILLIAN; WAGNER, RUTH - We Three (Reading for Independence)
103406: ASBJORNSEN, PETER CHRISTEN; MOE, JORGEN ENGEBRETSEN - East of the Sun and West of the Moon: Old Tales from the North
104904: ASHBEE, C. R. - Echoes from the City of the Sun
117205: ASHFORD, BAILEY K. - A Soldier in Science: The Autobiography of Bailey K. Ashford, Colonel M.C. , Us. A.
111879: ASHTALEOVITCH, MICHAEL - What Is Fear?
107622: ASHWORTH, E. M. - Toronto Hydro Recollections
100778: ASHWORTH, JOHN - Walks in Canaan
107852: ASIMOV, ISAAC, AND CHARLES G. WAUGH & MARTIN H. GREENBERG, EDS. - Hallucination Orbit: Psychology in Science Fiction

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