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17428: [FORTIN, FRANÇOIS]. - Les ruses innocentes, dans lesquelles se voit comment on prend les oiseaux passagers, & les non passagers: & de plusieurs sortes de bêtes à quatre pieds. Avec les plus beaux secrets de la pêche dans les rivieres & dans les etangs. Et la maniere de faire tous les rets & filets qu'on peut s'imaginer. Ouvrage très curieux, utile & recreatif pour toetes personnes qui font leur selour à la campagne. Par F.F.F.R.D.G., dit le Solitaire inventif.Amsterdam, Daniel de la Feuille, 1695. 5 parts in 1 volume. 8vo. With engraved title-page and 66 numbered engraved plates (9 folding). Contemporary mottled calf, richly gold-tooled spine and binding edges.
ABC_45183: FOSSÉ, CHARLES-LOUIS FRANÇOIS. - Idées d’un militaire pour la disposition des troupes confiées aux jeunes officiers dans la defense et l’attaque des petits postes. Dédié à M. Le Duc du Chatelet.Paris, François Ambroise Didot l'ainé, 1783. 2 parts in 1 volume. Large 4to. With 11 colour-printed crayon-manner plates (10 folding) by Louis-Marie Bonnet, 1 similar armorial headpiece for the dedication to the army general and diplomat Louis Marie Florent, Duc du Châtelet (1727-1793), Didot’s woodcut device on title-page (“FAD” in clouds with putti and garlands, “[Pierre Charles] Jombert inv. Milliere sculp. 1782”). Contemporary boards covered with blue paper, untrimmed and with some bolts unopened.
F6EGCCIBAK7I: FOUILLOUX, JACQUES DU. - La venerie [...] de nouveau reveue, et augmentée, outre les precedentes impressions.Paris, Clause Cramoisy, 1624. 2 parts in 1 volume. 4to. (22.6 x 16.4 cm). With the title-page printed in red and black with woodcut vignette, 57 woodcut illustrations, of which 3 full-page, woodcut musical scores, head- and tailpieces, and initials. 19th-century black morocco, covers and spine blind-tooled with lion motif, gilt turn-ins, red morocco doublures with gilt dentelle borders, red edges [CUYLS], inkstamp of the princes of Öttingen-Wallerstein on title, gilt monogram "AR" on doublure, "Bona fide sine fraude" book label.
GAEETIVFGCKR: FOUILLOUX, JACQUES DU. - La venerie ... de nouveau reveuë, & augmentée du Miroir de fauconnerie.Paris, Pierre David, 1640. 4to. With 57 woodcut illustrations (plus 1 repeat) on integral leaves, including 1 on the title-page (3 full-page, further mostly 11 x 12 cm); woodcut music notes. Lacking part 2 on hawking (38 pp.). Contemporary limp sheepskin parchment.
HBAB2J8QCCXY: FOUQUET, MARIE. - Recueil et suite des remedes faciles et domestiques, … Septiéme edition.Amsterdam, [widow of?] Pierre Mortier, [ca. 1715?]. 2 volumes bound as 1. 8vo. With engraved frontispiece, repeated in volume 2. Contemporary red half roan (sheepskin).
K7H911ELWUIY: FOURCROY, ANTOINE FRANÇOIS DE AND ÉTIENNE LOUIS GEOFFROY. - Entomologia Parisiensis; sive catalogus insectorum quae in agro Parisiensi reperiuntur; secundum methodum Geoffraeanam in sectiones, genera & species distributus: cui addita sunt nomina trivalia & fere trecentae novae species.Paris, Via et Aedibus Serpentineis, 1785. 2 parts in 1 volume. 12mo (14.5 x 8.5 cm). Later marbled boards.
A5EGD9WZQS0D: FOWLER, JOHN. - Journal of a tour in the state of New York, in the year 1830; with remarks on agriculture in those parts most eligible for settlers: and return to England by the Western Islands, in consequence of shipwreck in the Robert Fulton.London, Whittaker, Treacher, and Arnot (colophon: Liverpool, printed by E. Smith and co), 1831. 8vo. Modern half calf, marbled sides, title in gold on spine.
ABC_45918: FRA MAURO AND PLACIDO ZURLA. - Il Mappamondo di Fra Mauro Camaldolese descritto ed illustrato. [Mappa mundi].Venice, [Picotti], 1806. Folio. With a full-page engraving and a folding engraved fascimile of Fra Mauro's famous Mappa mundi. Contemporary tree calf, brown morroco spine label with title in gold, marbled endpapers.
ABC_45274: [FRA MAURO MAPPA MUNDI – CARLO NAYA]. - [Life-size photograph of the Fra Mauro map of the world].Venice, Carlo Naya, ca. 1871. Hand-coloured photograph, ca. 223 × 223 cm. Mounted and framed.
I17FILP8LNRV: [FRANCE - PHARMACOPOEIA] - Codex medicamentarius sive pharmacopoea Gallica jussu regis optimi et ex mandato summi rerum internarum regni administri, editus a facultate medica Parisiensi anno 1818.Paris, Hacquart, 1818. Large 4to. With a woodcut vignette and monogram on the title-page. Contemporary half black sheepskin.
89PGE5KGF5SV: [FRANCISCAN ORDER]. - Leyes, y ordenaciones de la Sta Provincia de Los Angeles de la regular, y reformada observancia del orden de N.S.P.S. Francisco: Revistas, aprobadas, y admitidas en los dos capitulos provinciales, que se celebraron en el Convento de los cinco martyres de la Villa de Bellalcaçar, en 9. de Diziembre de 1662. y en 30. de Enero de 1666. ãnos. Y ultimamente mandadas promulgar en la congregacion, que se celebrò en el Convento de San Antonio de Sevilla en 15. de Setiembre de 1667. ãnos. Presidiendo en ella N.M.R.P. Fr. Iuan Luengo ...Sevilla, Juan Francisco de Blas, 1667. 4to. Contemporary limp sheepskin parchment.
23385: [FRANCISCAN SAINTS]. - Extrait des vies de Saint Jacques de la Marche, et de Saint François Solan, religieux de la reguliere observance de Saint François.Bordeaux, widow and son of Pierre Brun and Étienne Labottière, 1728. 2 parts in 1 volume. 12mo. Contemporary calf, gold-tooled spine and board edges.
DC6DDVHVT055: FRANCISCI (VON FINX), ERASMUS. - Neu-polirter Geschicht- Kunst- und Sitten-Spiegel ausländischer Völker: fürnemlich der Sineser, Japaner, Indostaner, Javaner, Malabaren, Peguaner, Siammer, Peruaner, Mexicaner, Brasilianer, Abyssiner, Guineer, Congianer, Asiatischer Tartern, Perser, Armenier, Türcken, Russen, und theils anderer Nationen mehr: ...Nuremberg, Johann Andreas Endter & the heirs of Wolfgang Endter the younger, 1670. Folio. With an engraved architectural frontispiece with numerous figures in costume from around the world, full-page engraved coat of arms of the dedicatee Johann Georg III (1647-1691), Elector of Saxony, engraved dedication, and 50 engraved illustration plates (2 double-page and some with more than 1 illustration), at least some by Cornelis Nicolai Schurtz. Contemporary vellum.
ACJAEZYNZ8OA: FRANCK, SEBASTIAN. - Von dem greüwlichen Laster der Trunckenhayt ...[Augsburg, Heinrich Steiner, 1533?]. 4to. With large and unusually detailed woodcut (10 x 12 cm) on title-page showing an elaborate banquet and a vomitting man, by H. Weiditz (the Petrarca master), decorated woodcut initials. Set in schwabacher types with incidental fraktur. Early 19th-century shell-marbled boards.
775FIKW9NJ5H: FRANCK, BERNARD. - Collection de 124 carnets de bal du XVIIIe siècle formée par M. Bernard Franck a Paris de l'année 1875 au 23 avril 1902.Paris, Gerschel, Photographe, 1902. Large 4to (32.5 x 29 cm). With one full-page (27.5 x 23 cm) and 248 mounted carbon print photographs (ca. 8.5-9 x 4.5-5.5 cm) on 63 leaves of thick hinged card board, and 4 preliminary letterpress text pages printed in red and black. Original dark green half morocco, with title in gold on front board and spine, gilt edges.
H49H41ESWYOP: FRANCK, SEBASTIAN. - Werelt-boeck, spieghel ende beeltenisse des gheheelen aerdtbodems, ...The Hague, Albrecht Heyndricxz., 1595. Folio. 17th-century parchment, new endpapers.
3606: FRANCUS, GEORGIO (GEORG FRANCK VON FRANCKENAU). - Tractatio qua lupanaria, vulgo Huren-Häuser, ex principiis medicis improbantur.Halle, Joh. Chr. Hendel, 1743. 4to. With woodcut vignet on title, woodcut headpiece, and large woodcut initial in text. Modern wrappers.
H8LBKVB2JE9C: FRANK, OTHMAR - Chrestomathia Sanskrita, quam ex codicibus manuscriptis, adhuc ineditis, Londini exscripsit, atque in usum Tironum versione, expositione, tabulis grammaticis etc. illustratam edidit ...Munich, typographice ac lithographice opera et sumtibus propriis, 1820-1821. 2 parts in 1 volume. Large 4to (22 x 25,5 cm). With 6 lithographed plates (4 folding). Original temporary grey boards as issued.
F6LFD5NTR6DA: FRANKLAND-RUSSELL, ROBERT. - Six sketches in lithography representing the common actions of the horse.London, C. Turner, June 1842. Folio (54.5 x 38 cm). With 6 tinted plates signed R.F.R. and lithographed by Day & Haghe. Original brown paper wrappers.
I289II9WR8U4: FRAUNDORFFER, PHILIPP. - Tabula smaragdina medico-pharmaceutica ... cum indice morborum & medicamentorum. Opus & medicis, & chirurgis, & pharmacopoeis perutile. Revidit, emendavit, auxit Joh. Abraham. Mercklinus ...Nürnberg, Johann Friedrich Rüdiger, printed by Leonhard Singer, 1726. Agenda 12mo (16.5 x 7 cm). With double-page title-page printed in red and black. Contemporary calf.
L86D4WBIT8A9: FREEMAN, GAGE EARLE. - Practical falconry; to which is added, how I became a falconer.London, Horace Cox, 1869. 8vo. Publisher's blind-blocked dark green cloth.
L6DGI5EHM0IN: FREEMAN, GAGE EARLE. - Practical falconry; to which is added, how I became a falconer.London, Horace Cox, 1869. 8vo. Decorated vellum (1908), with a painted illustration of a falcon on the front board and two unidentified cipher monogram below ("CEUD" and "CMF"), gilt edges.
LBCDVZRYKI4X: FREIRE, BAZILIO TEIXEIRA CARDOZO DE SÁVEDRA. - Autos de Rezidensia, que em cum primento da provizao de Sua Alteza Real, Tomao Doutor dezembargador Bernardo Joze da sa ma ao Doutor dezem bargador Basilio Teixeira Cardozo de Savedra Freire, Ouvidor Verad, que foi, nesta Comarca do Rio das Vélhaes.[Rio de Janeiro?], 1815. Folio. Manuscript. 57, [1 blank] ll. Sewn.With:(2) Publica forma com o theor de huma Alvara por. qual S.A.R. foi servido mandar armar Cavalleiro do Dezembargador. Intendente. do Oiro desta Comarca. Bazilio Teixeira Cardozo de Savedra Freire.[Rio de Janeiro?], 9 October 1808. Folio. Manuscript. [5], [3 blank] pp.(3) Publica forma. com o theor de huã Carta du Merce pela qual S.A.R. foi servido mandar lançar o Habito dos Noviços da Ordem de Christo ao Dezembargador. Intendente. do Oiro desta Comarca. Bazilio Teixeira Cardozo de Savedra Freire, e certidaõ namma.[Rio de Janeiro?], 9 October 1808. Folio. Manuscript. [6], [2 blank] pp.(4) Publica forma. com o theor de huma Alvara por qual S.A.R. foi servido admitir a Veceder a Proffissaõ da Ordem de Christo ao Dezembargador. e Intendente. do Oiro desta Comarca. Bazilio Teixeira Cardozo de Savedra Freire, e da Proffissão.[Rio de Janeiro?], 9 October 1808. Folio. Manuscript. [6], [2 blank] pp.(5) O juiz prezidente e mais offecia es da camara que servimos o prezente anno nesta Villa Nova da Rainha es eu servio, por Elleiçaõ na forma da ley ...Vila Nova da Rainha [40 km north of Lisbon], 18 September 1815. Folio. Manuscript. [1], [3 blank] pp. (6) [Certificate].Rio de Janeiro, 21 June 1817 (with a note of its receipt on 3 May 1818 and other annotations). 4to (25 x 17.5 cm). [4] pp.(7) RIBEIRO, Manoel Joachim and Luiz de Almeida CARVALHOUS [= Luis Almeida de CARVALHO?]. Ode dedicada a illustrissimo. senhor Bazilio Teixeira Cardozo de Sávedra Freire, dezembargador da Bahia, ouvidor geral , corregedor da Comaria de Sabará, cavalleiro professerno na Ordem de Christo.[Sabará?, ca. 1815?]. Small folio. Manuscript. [7], [5 blank] pp. written mostly on rectos only.
I44FXSNWLSRL: FREITAG, ADAM. - Architectura militaris nova et aucta, oder Newe vermehrte Fortification, ...Leiden, Bonaventura and Abraham Elzevier, [1630-]1631. 3 parts in 1 volume. Folio (31 x 20 cm). With engraved general title-page, 35 double-page engraved plates containing 185 numbered figures and 8 double-page letterpress tables. 18th-century vellum.
ABC_45268: [FRENCH COURT]. - Recueil de diverses pièces, servans à l’histoire de Henry III Roy de France wet de Pologne dont les tiltres se trouvent en la page suivante.Cologne [= Leiden?] Pierre du Marteau [= Jean Elzevier?], 1662. 12mo. 19th-century gold-tooled brown morocco in 17th-century style, each board with the coat-of-arms of Henri III in the centre (the azure represented by black), in a frame of double fillets with corner pieces, gold-tooled spine with the monogram of Henry III in the compartments, gilt edges.
ABC_45213: [FRENCH MANDATE FOR SYRIA AND THE LEBANON]. - Recueil des Arrêtés et Décisions de la Z. O. (24 Octobre 1918 - 31 Août 1920). Interessant toutes les branches de l’Administration: Administration Civils, Justice, Finances, Hygiène Publique, Agriculture, Douanes. Beirut, Impimerie des Lettres J. G., 1924. 8vo. Original printed wrappers.
AATCG223SY47: [FRENCH ROYAL NAVY]. - [Binding title:] Abregé de la marine du Roy 1732.[Paris?, 1732]. 13.5×19 cm. Manuscript in brown-black, red and blue ink on vellum, some of the lettering and borders gilt. With a beautiful frontispiece painting in coloured gouaches (14×9.5 cm) pasted on the page facing the opening of the text, showing a small warship at a shipyard in a small harbour being repaired by workmen. Contemporary red morocco, gold-tooled spine, gold-tooled fillets on boards and board edges, richly gold-tooled frame, gilt edges.
H8SDST57NO65: FRENCH, JOHN. - The art of distillation: or, A treatise of the choicest spagyrical preparations, experiments, and curiosities, performed by way of distillation. Together with the description of the choicest furnaces and vessels used by ancient and modern chymists and the anatomy of gold and silver; ... In six books. ... fourth impression.Including: The London-distiller, ...London, printed by E. Cotes for T. Williams, 1667. 2 parts in 1 volume. 4to. With about 46 woodcut illustrations in the text. Parchment (recased using old materials).
ABC_45492: [FRENCH INDIA - MANUSCRIPT]. - Des castes Indiennes.Karaikal, 11 April [1743]. 4to (ca. 24 x 18.5 cm). Manuscript written in dark brown ink on beige laid paper. Blue mottled stiff paper wrappers.
B4TE3J01U79O: [FRESENIUS, JOHANN FRANZ THEODOR]. - Neue sehr einfache Theorie krummlinichte Flächen zu quadriren, auf Summation unendlicher Reihen gegründet. Mit einem Kupferblatt.With:(2) [FRESENIUS, Johann Franz Theodor]. Fortsetzung der neuen Theorie, durch Summation uneindlicher Reihen ... zu quadriren. ... Mit einem Kupferblatt.(3) [FRESENIUS, Johann Franz Theodor]. Zweyte Fortsetzung der neuen Theorie, ... Frankfurt am Main, J. Ch. C. Diez, 1806-1809. 3 parts in 3 volumes. 8vo. With 5 figures on 2 engraved plates. In contemporary wrappers, parts 1-2 of uniform green paper, part 3 of brown paste paper.
C1BAWFDAXIZH: FREUDENBERG, CAROLINE VON. - Neue Blumenstraüsse, oder Muster zur feinen Stickkunst.Nürnberg, Joh. Bernh. Geyer, [1814]. Oblong folio (24 x 37 cm). Sample-book of flower engravings comprising title-plate with wreath of flowers, and 5 sample plates with 6 engravings, the plates numbered [1], 2-6. Hand-coloured. Contemporary marbled wrappers with engraved orange title-label.
ABC_46161: FREYCINET, ROSE DE (CHARLES DUPLOMB, ED.). - Campagne de l’“Uranie” (1817-1820). Journal de madame Rose de Saulces de Freycinet d’après le manuscrit original accompagné de notes par Charles Duplomb.Paris, Société d'Éditions Géographiques, Maritimes et Coloniales (colophon: Chartres, printed by Durand), 1927. Large 4to (28.5 x 23 cm). With 1 map and 25 full-page plates, 13 colour-printed and 3 double-page (plate 7, 24 and 25), all after designs by Jacques Arago, the official artist of the voyage. Original publisher's paper wrappers.
AC8EO68NJONC: FRICK, CHRISTOPH, ELIAS HESSE, CHRISTOPH SCHWEITZER, AND SIMON DE VRIES (TRANSLATOR). - Drie seer aenmercklijcke reysen nae en door veelerley gewesten in Oost-indien; gedaen van Christophorus Frikius, chirurgijn: Elias Hesse, bergh-schrijver: Christophorus Schweitzer, boekhouder; yeder bysonder, van 't jaer 1675. tot 1686. Utrecht, Willem van de Water, 1694. 4to. With engraved frontispiece and 7 engraved plates (1 folding), including 2 signed by Casper Luyken, 2 signed by Jan van Vianen and 3 unsigned (1 by Casper Luyken). Contemporary vellum (rebacked).
F3JAD301U79O: FRICX, EUGÈNE HENRI. - Nouveau theatre de la guerre aux Pays Bas, ou Cartes tres detaillées du Duché de Brabant et partie de la Hollande ... apres ... Covens et Mortier. ... en 25 petites cartes dont une générale divisée en 24 quarreaux est numerotée ... Lille, Bachelet; Ghent, P. de Goesin; Brussels, George Fricx & Jean Leonard; Antwerp, Martin Verdussen; Liege, S.F. Bourguignon; Cologne, Rodrigue; Berlin, S. Paul; Nürnberg, Homann heirs; Strasbourg, M. Schatz; Paris, [Roch-Joseph Julien (& Guillaume Dheulland?)], [1747]. Agenda 8vo (26 x 11 cm) With 25 folding engraved maps, consisting of 1 overview map and 24 numbered detail maps (each detail map 22 x 30 cm at a scale of 1:180.000). Contemporary mottled calf, gold-tooled spine.
LC3D3A4O1C62: FRIEDRICH II (FREDERICK II), HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR. - Reliqua librorum Friderici II. Imperatoris De arte venandi cum avibus. Cum Manfredi Regis additionibus. Ex membranaceo codice camerarii primum edita ...Including: ALBERTUS MAGNUS. De falconibus asturibus et accipitribus quibus annotations addidit suas Jo. Gottl. Schneider, ... Tomus I.[-II.]Leipzig, heirs of Johann Georg Müller (colophons vol. I: J.G.I. Breitkopf; vol. II: Christoph Carl Klaubarth), 1788-1789. 2 volumes bound as 1. 4to. With 6 engraved illustration plates (I-VI, including 1 oblong folio folding). Early 19th-century half calf, gold-tooled spine.
E7IGQKEJLVO4: FRIEDRICH AUGUST II, JOHANN WOLFGANG VON GOETHE AND KARL JOSEPH HEIDLER. - Pflanzen und Gebirgsarten von Marienbad, ... ergänzt, und mit einem anhange über die andern naturhistorischen Verhältnisse der Curortes.Prague, Kronberger and Weber ("Druck und Papier von Gottlieb Haase Söhne"), 1837. 8vo. With 5 lithographed plates numbered I-II, [III], IV-V, namely a frontispiece view by Sandtner, 3 further illustration plates (1 hand-coloured) and a hand-coloured folding petrographic map of Marienbad. Also with a folding letterpress table. Contemporary brown half sheepskin, gold-tooled spine.
J9DBZIW8MUOM: FRIES, ELIAS MAGNUS AND OTHERS. - Öfver Vexternes Namn.Uppsala, Leffler and Sebell, 1842. 4 parts. 8vo. Disbound.
J1JGFOJPBZGV: FRIES, ELIAS MAGNUS. - Novitiarum florae Sueciae mantissa altera.Uppsala, 1839. 4 parts. 8vo. Unbound.
G6ACONPH6BFH: FRIES, BENGT FREDRIK, CARL ULRIC EKSTRÖM [AND CARL JAKOB SUNDEVALL]. - Skandinaviens Fiskar.Including: Bihang, innefattande beskrifningar öfver de I Skandinavien bruklige Fiskeredskap. Stockholm, P. A. Norstedt & sons, "1838" [= 1836-1857]. 10 parts (paginated as 3) in 1 volume. Large 4to (28.5 x 25 cm). With 63 lithographic plates, 59 beautifully and extremely subtly coloured by hand as published, some showing 2 or more fish per plate. Modern half tan morocco (Johanna Röjgård).
L6CGL4QK5S2E: FRISCH, FRIEDRICH. - Skizzen aus dem Orient, gesammelt in den Jahren 1840 und 1841. | Esquisses de l'Orient, recueillies dans les années 1840 et 1841.Darmstadt, Ernst Kern; Paris, H. Gache, 1843. Oblong 1mo (48 x 63.5 cm). With 6 tinted lithographed plates by Frisch, with captions in German and French below. The first three in the deluxe issue printed by B. Dondorf, Frankfurt am Main, the last three in the regular issue printed by G. Küstner. Original publisher's letterpress printed wrappers, with a list of subscribers and advertisements on the back of the front wrapper.
3329: FRISI, PAOLO. - Elogio del cavaliere Isacco Newton.[Milan, Guiseppe Galeazzi, 1778].With:(2) FRISI, Paolo. Elogio del signor D'Alembert.Milan, Guiseppe Galeazzi, 1786.(3) FRISI, Paolo. Elogi di Galileo Galilei e di Bonaventura Cavalieri.Milan, Guiseppe Galeazzi, 1778. 3 works in 1 volume. 8vo. Contemporary half sheepskin parchment.
23027: FRISIUS, SIMON. - [Print series of birds and butterflies]. [Amsterdam], Frederick de Wit, [ca. 1685?]. Small oblong folio (18.5 x 26 cm). With 12 numbered engraved plates (ca. 6.5 x 20.5 cm). Modern boards.
J1IBELM2O4WG: FRITH, FRANCIS. - Egypt and Palestine. Photographed and described.London, James S. Virtue, [1858-1859]. 2 volumes. Folio (44.5 x 32.5 cm). With 76 photographs on plates by Francis Frith (ca. 14.5-16.5 x 21.5-23 cm), each with a separate leaf of text. Contemporary red morocco, gold-tooled spines and boards, marbled endpapers, gilt edges.
G9OI1W3IKBKI: FROBERVILLE, EUGÈNE DE, AND [LOUIS BOUTON]. - Analyse d'un mémoire de M. Eugène de Froberville sur les langues et les races de l'Afrique Orientale au sud de l'equateur.[Port Louis, Mauritius], [Société d’Histoire Naturelle de Maurice], [1846]. Offprint, with its own pagination, from Procès-verbaux de la Société d'Histoire Naturelle de l'Ile Maurice, du 6 octobre 1842 au 28 aou^t 1845, [1846].With: (2) FLOURENS, Pierre, [Louis-Isidore?] DUPERREY and Etienne SERRES. Rapport sur les races nègres de l'Afrique Orientale au sud de l'équateur, observées par M. de Froberville.(Colophon: Paris, printed by Bachelier, [1850]). Offprint, with its own pagination, from Comptes rendus des séances de l'Académie des Sciences, XXX (1850).2 works in 1 volume. Small folio & large 8vo. 19th-century black half morocco, with the blue paper back wrapper of the second offprint bound in.
K89A65DL56MR: FROMHERZ, KARL. - Die Jura-Formationen des Breisgaues geognostisch beschrieben.Karlsruhe, Christian Theodor Groos, 1838. 4to. With 2 hand-coloured lithographed geognostic maps by B. Herder, one of the Schönberg near Freiburg and one of the whole area of Breisgrau with both maps showing the different earth layers and their materials by using different colours. Contemporary marbled boards, red morocco spine label.
G1ACKLWGG06V: FROMMEL, CARL LUDWIG. - Tyrol und seine nächsten Umgebungen. Nach der Natur gemalt.Karlsruhe, Frommel in Kommission im Kunst-Verlag, 1842. Royal folio (43.5 x 57 cm). With an engraved title-page and 12 steel-engraved plates. Contemporary green half calf with gold rules.
FBLDA4QP3K1Z: FRYER (FREYER), JOHN. - Negenjaarige reyse door Oostindien en Persien, ... Begonnen met den jaare 1672 en geeyndigt met den jaare 1681.The Hague, Abraham de Hondt, Jacobus van Ellinkhuysen and Meyndert Uytwerf, 1700. 4to. With engraved frontispiece, engraved author's portrait, 3 folding engraved maps, 7 folding engraved views and other plates, and several woodcut illustrations in text. Contemporary vellum.
K2SECJ1OLIOU: FULLER, THOMAS. - Pharmacopoeia extemporanea: or, a body of medicines, containing a thousand select prescripts, answering most intentions of cure. To which are added, useful scholia, a catalogue of remedies, and copious index, for the assistance of young physicians.London, William Innys, 1714. 8vo. With an engraved portrait of the author by George Vertue (1684-1756) after Joseph Tymewell (fl. 1717-1737). Contemporary calf.
I1ID11MKHGYH: FULLER, THOMAS. - Pharmacopoeia extemporanea, sive praescriptorum chillias, … Editio nova.Including: FRAUNDORFFER, Philipp. Tabula smaragdina medico-pharmaceutica. CHRISTIAN, Wolfgang. Thesaurus Ludovicianus, sive compendium materiae med. selectum ex. B. Ludovici pharmacia.JACKSON, Joseph. Enchiridion medicum practicum, sive tractatus de morborum praxi.Venice, Francesco Pezzana, 1783. 8vo. 4 works published as 1. Contemporary tree calf, richly gold-tooled spine.
I149M1KO1IFZ: FULLER, THOMAS - Pharmacopoeia extemporanea, sive praescriptorum chilias, in qua remediorum elegantium & efficacium paradigmata, ad omnes fere medendi intentiones accommodata, candidade proponuntur.Amsterdam, R. & J. Wetstein, & G. Smith, 1731. 8vo. Title in red and black with woodcut device.Contemporary calf, ribbed, gold-tooled spine with red morocco label.
I18B7RHIX5OJ: FULLER, THOMAS - Pharmacopoeia extemporanea sive praescriptorum chilias ... Cum viribus operandi ratione, dosibus, et indicibus annexis. Editio nova caeteris emendatior, cui adduntur tabula smaragdina Philippi Fraudorffer, thesaurus Ludovicianus, ac Enchiridion medicum practicum Josephi Jacksonii.Including: (2) FRAUNDORFFER, Philippus. Tabula Smaragdina Medico-Pharmaceutica; in qua sexcentorum, contra omnis generis morbos … medicamentorum … Including: (3) CHRISTIANUS, Wolfgang. Thesaurus Ludovicianus, sive compendium materiae med. ...Including: (4) JACKSON, Josephus. Enchiridion medicum practicum, sive tractatus de morborum praxis, cui subnectitur appendix de lue venera …Venice, Franciscum and Nicolao Pezzana, 1776. 8vo. With a general title-page and 3 part-titles, each with the same woodcut vignette. Vellum over thin boards, manuscript title on spine.
I17CQ8SENZ7V: FULLER, THOMAS. - Pharmacopoeia extemporanea, sive praescriptorum chilias, in qua remediorum elegantium & efficacium paradigmata, ad omnes fere medendi intentiones accommodata, candidade proponuntur.Amsterdam, R. & J. Wetstein & G. Smith, 1731. 8vo. Title in red and black with woodcut device. Contemporary mottled calf, gold-tooled spine, red edges, marbled endpapers.
I18AH82SGEH3: FULLER, THOMAS. - Pharmacopoeia extemporanea, sive praescriptorum chilias, in qua remediorum elegantium & efficacium paradigmata, ad omnes fere medendi intentiones accommodata, candidade proponuntur.Amsterdam and Lausanne, François Grasset, 1761. 8vo. With title-vignette, headpieces composed of typographical elements, woodcut tailpieces. Contemporary calf, gold-tooled spine, red morocco spine label, red edges.
6944: FUNCH, DIDERIK HANSTEEN. - Dansk Marine-Ordbog.Copenhagen, Bianco Luno, 1846-1852. 2 parts in 1 volume. Large 4to (30 x 23.5 cm). With 67 full-page engraved plates (7 folding), partly coloured by hand.
5411: [FUNCK, JAKOB AND MARC GUÉRARD D'ILLENS]. - Plans et journaux des sieges de la derniere guerre de Flandres.Strasbourg and the Hague, Pierre Gosse junior, 1750. 4to. With 25 folding engraved maps with some hand-coloured details. Contemporary vellum.
G1AEZBYDTJGU: FÜRER VON HAIMENDORF, CHRISTOPH. - Itinerarium Aegypti, Arabiae, Palaestinae, Syriae, aliarumque regionum orientalium.Nuremberg, Abraham Wagenmann, 1621 (colophon: Nuremberg, printed by Abraham Wagenmann, 1620). Small 4to. With finely engraved full-page portrait of the author by Peter Isselberg, full-page engraved Fürer von Haimendorf coat of arms, 6 folding engraved plates. Contemporary limp sheepskin parchment.
ABC_45136: FURLONGE, SIR GEOFFREY WARREN, AND QADI AL-AMRI. - Exchange of notes regarding relations between the government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the government of the Yemen.London, Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1951. With a woodcut British Royal arms on the title-page. In a blue paper wrapper with a clear plastic front.
A59FL501U79O: [FÜRSTENBERG, FERDINAND VON]. - Monumenta Paderbornensia ex historia Romana, Francica, Saxonica eruta et novis inscriptionibus, figuris, tabulis geographicis & notis illustrata. ... Editio tertia ...Frankfurt, Leipzig, Christoph Riegel (printed by Johann Ernest Adelbulner [in Nürnberg]), 1713. 4to. With engraved author's portrait, engraved title-page, letterpress title-page with an engraved device, 3 folding engraved maps, 2 folding engraved views, 26 further engraved plates and some small woodcut illustrations in text.Including (with a drop-title): [HORION, J. de]. Paneygyricus, die natali Academiae Theodorianae Paderbornensis.[Frankfurt, Leipzig, Christoph Riegel, 1713]. With an engraved author's portrait, an engraved title-page and one engraved plate. 4to. Contemporary vellum, red sprinkled edges.
21565: FUSS, NICOLAS. - Instruction détaillée pour porter les lunettes de toutes les différentes especes au plus haut degré de perfection dont elles sont susceptibles tirée de la théorie dioptrique de Mr. Euler le pere et mise a la portée de tous les ouvriers en ce genre. Avec la description dún microscope qui peut passer pour le plus parfait dans son espèce et qui est propre à produire tous les grossissemens qu'on voudra.St. Petersburg, Académie Imp. des Sciences, 1774. 4to. With 2 folding engraved plates. Contemporary Russian mottled calf, richly gold-tooled spine. Rebacked (ca. 1810?).
M1LEHD34NRM0: GABBEMA, SIMON ABBES. - Friesche lust-gaarde ofte Boom-heester-bloem- en kruyd-waarande, bestaande uyt der gewassen beschrijvinge, die in Hoog- en Neder-duyds-land en de aangrenzende land-schappen bekent zijn.Leeuwarden, Hendrik Rintjes, 1686 (second title-page after preliminaries: 1687). 4to. With an engraved allegorical frontispiece, ascribed to Jan Luyken. Contemporary vellum, sprinkled edges, new endpapers.
17105: GABELKOVER (GAEBELKHOUWER; GAEBELCHOVER), OSWALD. - Medecijn-boeck. Daer inne, wt bevel des doorluchtighen hooch-gheborenen vorsten, ende heeren, heeren Lodewijck, hertoghe tot Wirtenberghe ... Meest voor alle lijfgebreken, ende cranckheyden wt gelesene en[de] beproefde medicijnen, die wt vele hooge ende nederstandes persoonen gheschrevene medicijnboecken, te samen, ende by een gebracht zijn. … Wt Hoogduytsche sprake getrouwelick overgeset.Dordrecht, Abraham Canin, 1598. 4 parts in 1 volume. Small 4to (19.5 x 14 cm). With Canin's woodcut device on the title-page. Contemporary vellum.
ABC_45726: [GAETE, HENDRIK VAN DE]. - De ontmantelde apotheker, met de gefopte hoorndrager, blyspel.Gouda, heirs of Lucas Kloppenburg, after 1712. 8vo. With an engraved frontispiece depicting the last scene of the comedy and a woodcut title-vignette. Disbound in modern blue paper wrapper.
ABC_45283: GAFFET, ANTONE, SIEUR DE LA BRIFARDIE`RE (PIERRE CLEMENT DE CHAPPEVILLE, ED.). - Petit traite´ de fauconnerie ou se trouvent les termes de cette espe`ce de chasse, avec la manie`re de bien tenir, soiguer et traiter les oiseaux, la connaissance des viandes qui leur sont propres, les maladies et accidents qui leur surviennent, la manie`re de les panser …Paris, Librarie Pairault, 1885. 8vo. Later half morocco, gold-stamped spine, with the original publisher’s printed wrappers bound in.
87KD8I01U79O: GAGLIARDELLI, SALVADORE. - Soprascritte di lettere in forma cancelleresca, corsiva, appartenenti ad ogni grado di persona; date in luce in tal carattero per commune utilità degli studiosi della buona forma dello scrivere, ... Con l'aggiunta di questa seconda stampa, come à piè della tavola si dice.Florence, for the author, [1583]. Oblong 4to (20.5 x 25.5 cm). With the title in an elaborate 4-piece woodcut border. 19th-century blue half calf.
L86CK1PM6GV3: GALENUS (GALEN), CLAUDIUS. - Deux livres des simples de Galien.Lyon, Etienne Dolet, 1542. 8vo. With a woodcut device on title-page and a larger version on the last page, both partly coloured by hand. Rubricated throughout. 19th-century vellum.
HCS9TMQRFFTY: GALENUS (GALEN), CLAUDIUS. - Antidotarius liber per tot saecula ab omnibus magno opera desideratus,… Astrologia ad aphrodisiu[m] liber unus. … De urinus Liber unus.Venice, (colophon: Giovanni Antonio Nicolini da Sabbio), 1536.With: (2) PROTOSPATHARIUS, Theophilus. De corporis humani fabrica libri quinque a Iuonio Paulo Crasso Patavino in Latinam orationem conversi. Hippocratis preterea coi de purgatoriis medicamentis libellous perutilis, ac desideratus ab eodem Iun. Paulo Cras Latinitate donatus. Venice, [Ottaviano Scoto], 1536. With woodcut device on title-page. 2 works in 1 volume. 8vo. Limp sheepskin parchment.
L7VCXMNSF6PE: GALENUS (GALEN), CLAUDIUS. - De medicamentorum compositione secundum locos, libri decem, nunc primum in lucem editi.Venice, (colophon: Luca Antonio Giunta), 1536. 8vo. With Giunta's woodcut device on title-page and repeated on the otherwise blank last leaf. Modern brown morocco.
S2565: GALÉS, JEAN CHRYSANTHE. - Mémoire et rapports sur les fumigations sulfureuses appliquées au traitement des affections cutanées et plusiers autres maladies.Paris, Imprimerie Royale, at the author, 1816. 8vo. With the wood-engraved arms of France on the title-page, 11 folding engraved plates (8 showing patients with skin diseases, coloured by a contemporary hand, and 3 with construction drawings of fumigation compartments and other equipment, uncoloured). Contemporary gold-tooled grained red morocco, blue-glazed endpapers; gilt edges.
85CE5OB2S9UX: GALIANO, DIONISIO ALCALÁ. - Memoria sobre las observaciones de latitud y longitud en el mar. [Madrid], widow of Joaquin Ibarra, 1796. Narrow 4to (20.5 x 14 cm). With a woodcut crowned cypher monogram (of a Spanish Duke?) on the title-page and 7 folding leaves containing 13 numbered letterpress tables. Early 19th-century gold-tooled tree calf.
A13EEE5KNQU5: GALIBERTO, GIOVANNI BATTISTA DI. - Il cavallo da maneggio. Libro dove si tratta della nobilissima virtu del cavalcare, come il cavagliere deve star' à cavallo ... Diviso in tre parti, nella prima si tratta del conoscer li cavalli; nella seconda il modo di cavalcare; nella terza il modo di medicar' ogni sorte d'infirmità, con tre tavole.Vienna, Giovan Giacomo Kyrner, 1650. Small folio (ca. 30 x 19.5 cm). With an engraved frontispiece, an engraved coat of arms (elaborately helmed, mantled and crested) on the back of the title-page (one would expect the arms of the dedicatee King Ferdinand IV of Hungary and Bohemia, but see below) with motto "Arte, virtute et marte", 1 inserted double-page plate showing the anatomical parts of the horse, 25 full-page engravings inserted on 13 leaves and 30 full-page or nearly full-page engravings of horses, horse training scenes, horse harnesses, bridles, spurs, etc. printed on integral leaves, woodcut head- and tailpieces and initials. Contemporary gold-tooled vellum, each board with a central coat of arms (front and back different: probably both members of the family of the Habsburg Kings of Hungary & Bohemia, perhaps Ferdinand III or IV ), ornamental triple borders and corner pieces, leather ties, gilt edges.
I3NEW794MNJG: GALLAND, JULIEN-CLAUDE. - Recueil des rits et cérémonies du pelerinage de la Mecque, auquel on a joint divers ecrits relatifs à la religion, aux sciences & aux mœurs des Turcs.Amsterdam; Paris, Jean Desaint and Charles Saillant, 1754. 8vo. Contemporary mottled, tanned sheepskin, gold-tooled spine.
21275: GALLAND, P.J. - Cours pratique d'éducation à l'usage des jeunes demoiselles, et convenable aux jeunes gens qui ne sont pas à porté de suivre les études de collège, ou qui les ont suivies sans succès; contenant la grammaire, précédée de principes de lecture servant d'introduction; la rhétorique, l'arithmétique, la cosmographie, la géographie, l'histoire et la mythologie, traitée séparément pour l'enfance et pour l'adolescence, par demandes et par réponses. Dédié à Son Altesse Royale Madame, Duchesse d'Angoulême.Paris, Librairie d'Éducation d'Alexis Eymerie, and the author (on back of title-page: printed by J.-B. Imbert), 1816 (vol. 3!)-1817 (vols. 1-2). 3 volumes. Large 12mo (17.5 x 10.5 cm). With a large folding engraved map of France, 3 astronomical and cosmographical figures on 3 engraved plates, a large folding hierarchical "tableau synoptique" of French grammar, and numerous numerical tables and mathematical equations in the text. Contemporary richly gold-tooled, grained green morocco, each board with the large arms of the dedicatee, Marie Thérèse de France, Duchesse d'Angoulême, daughter of King Louis XVI: a crowned double coat- of-arms (each in an oval) in a wide border of fleurs-de-lis and tulip-like flowers, the dexter arms (of her husband) that normally used by the Duc de Berry, but also by the seconde maison Capétienne d'Artois and the sinister arms (of her father Louis XVI) matching that of the Kings of France, pink silk endleaves, gilt edges.
K6QDB5GV8G8E: GALLI BIBIENA, FERDINANDO. - Direzioni a' giovani studenti nel disegno dell' architettura civile, nell' accademia clementina dell' instituto delle scienze, ...With: Direzioni della prospettiva teorica corrispondenti a quelle dell' architettura instruzione a' giovani studenti di pitture; e architettura ...Bologna, Lelio dalla Volpa, 1731-1732. 2 volumes. 12mo. With 75 engraved plates (including several folding) in the first volume and 58 engraved plates (including several folding) in the second volume. Contemporary vellum.
14807: GALLI BIBIENA, FERDINANDO. - Direzioni a' giovani studenti nel desegno dell' architettura civile, nell' Academia Clementina dell' Instituto delle Scienze.- Direzioni della prospettiva teorica, correspondenti a quelle dell' architettura instruzione a' giovani studenti di pittura, e architettura nell' Academia Clementina dell' Instututo delle Scienze.Bologna, Lelio dalla Volpe, 1745 & 1732. 2 volumes. Small 8vo. With numerous geometrical figures and architectural plans and designs on 74 full-page engraved plates in the first volume, and numerous perspective projections and perspective architectural plans and designs on 58 full-page engraved plates in the second volume, of which 18 folding. Contemporary vellum, red marbled edges.
17739: [GAME OF COSTUMES]. - [Game of costumes for titles and professions].[London?, ca. 1814]. 16mo? (13 x 10.5 cm). Series of 20 finely designed and executed original gouache and watercolour drawings (the drawn images about 9 x 8 cm), 1 mounted on paperboard showing a bust portrait of a young man with his head turned in profile, in a multi-line frame drawn in grey ink, and 19 others showing richly coloured costumes for noblemen, gentlemen, military men and commoners of various titles and professions with their associated hats or crowns, each cut out as designed, to be overlaid on the portrait to transform the portrait into any of the 19 costume figures.
78GCKVWFN9KP: [GAMES & PASTIMES]. - De onvermoeide speelmakker, of volledige verzameling van nuttige en aangename spelen, uitspanningen, ligchaamsoefeningen en andere bezigheden, zoowel in huis, als in de open lucht voor jongens en meisjes. Versierd en opgehelderd door eene menigte fraaije houtsneêfiguren.Gouda, G.B. van Goor, [1853]. 8vo. With numerous wood engraved illustrations in text. Contemporary gold-tooled blue-green morocco.
E51G2G1IF05P: GAMITTO, ANTONIO CANDIDO PEDROSO. - O Muata Cazembe e os povos Maraves, Cheva, Muiza, Muembas, Lundas e outros da Africa austral.Lisbon, Imprensa Nacional, 1854. 8vo. With 22 hand-coloured lithographed plates, and a folding lithographed map (45 x 28 cm), hand-coloured in outline. Contemporary straight-grained, gold-tooled black sheepskin, gilt edges.
21558: GARCIA CUBAS, ANTONIO. - The Rèpublic of Mexico in 1876. A political and ethnographical division of the population, character, habits, costumes and vocations of its inhabitants. Mexico City, La Enseñanza, 1876. 8vo. With 8 chromolithographed plates, finished by hand, double-page map, and 4 leaves with printed music on both sides. 19th-century red morocco, gold-tooled spine, blind-tooled boards, gold-tooled turin-ins, gilt edges.
23400: GARCIA CUBAS, ANTONIO. - Cuadro geográfico, estadístico, descriptivo é histórico de los estados unidos Mexicanos. Obra que sirve de texto al Atlas pintoresco.Including: Atlas Pintoresco e Historico de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos.México, Fomento & Debray, 1885. 2 volumes. 8vo and oblong large folio (64.5 x 82 cm). With 2 folding tables and 2 full-page plates in the text volume and in the atlas 13 chromolithographed maps (52 x 69 cm), and a full-page chromolithographed map of Mexico at the end. Contemporary black cloth with gold lettering on front board (text); contemporary red half morocco, title and ornaments in gold on spine (atlas).
83VFRTX03ZAY: GARCIA, DIEGO S.J. - Sermon funebre en las exequias de la serenissima Señora D. Mariana de Austria Reyna Madre del Rey N. Señor Carlos II. Rey de las Españas. Que celebrò la nobilissima, y fidelissima ciudad de Mallorca en su Iglesia Catadral á 28. de Noviembre de 1696.Palma de Mallorca, Miguel Capo, 1697. 4to. With the title in an ornamental frame built up from typographic ornaments (a fleur-de-lis and Vervliet vine leaf 207), three woodcut initials and a woodcut tailpiece. Modern marbled boards.
19004: GARCIN, JEAN. - Le vrai patineur, ou principes sur l'art de patiner avec grace, précédé de réflexions et de remarques critiques sur la manière de quelques patineurs inélégans, ainsi que sur les différens formes de patins, le choix quel'on doit en faire, et les variations dont cette chaussure est susceptible. Paris, Delespinasse, Delaunaux, Nepveu, the author (printed by Joseph-Gaspard Gillé fils), 1813. 12mo (18 x 10.5 cm). With 8 numbered engraved plates, namely a frontispiece view of a skating rink with many skaters, engraved by Ambroise Tardieu, and 7 images of individual skaters, each in a different pose. Set in roman and italic types, with a few lines in a "ronde" script type. Later blue paper wrappers. Preserved in modern half morocco slipcase.
22957: [GARLANDIA, JOHANNES DE, OR PETRUS BLESENSIS]. - Libellus de modo confitendi et penitendi. [= Modus poenitendi = Poeniteas cito].[colophon:] Deventer, [Richard Pafraet], 20 December 1488. 4to. The text opens with a 6-line blue lombardic initial supplied in manuscript. Text set in one column in a rotunda gothic type with the headings in a larger textura gothic. 19th-century marbled paper over boards, blue paper spine label lettered in gold, preserved in a 20th-century orange cloth box from the St. Matthias' Abbey in Trier.
H8RAY41TTIRK: GARNIER, FRANCIS, LOUIS DELAPORTE, EUGENE JOUBERT AND CLOVIS THOREL. - Voyage d'exploration en Indo-Chine effectué pendant les années 1866, 1867 et 1868 par une commission française présidée par M. le capitaine de frégate Doudart de Lagrée et publié par les ordres du ministre de la marine…Paris, Hachette & Co (back of half-title: printed by Corbeil), 1873. 2 text volumes (4to) and 1 atlas volume (folio; 2 parts in 1 vol.). With hundreds of wood engravings in text, 17 chromoxylographed maps, 36 tinted lithographed plates and 11 chromolithographed plates. Volume 1 in modern red half morocco, gilt edges. Volume 2 in contemporary half morocco, gilt edges. Atlas volume in modern red half morocco.
23428: GARNIER, FRANCIS. - Voyage dans la Chine centrale, Vallée du Yang-Tzu, fait de mai à aout 1873.Paris, E. Martinet for Ch. Delagrave, 1874. 8vo. With a large lithographed folding map (26 x 58 cm), with highlights in red, and several letterpress tables. Original publisher's printed yellow wrappers.
ABC_45436: [GARTH, SAMUEL]. - The dispensary. A poem. In six canto’s. The ninth edition. With several descriptions and episodes never before printed.London, printed for J.T. and sold by Tho. Astley, 1726. 12mo. With frontispiece and 6 full-page plates, one for each of the canto’s engraved by Lud. Du Guernier (included in the collation), many woodcut head- and tailpieces. Calf over boards, gold-tooled spine.
K88E911B3EWK: GASSIES, JEAN-BAPTISTE. - Tableau méthodique et descriptif des Mollusques terrestres et d'eau douce de l'Agenais.Paris, J.B. Baillière; Agen, J.B. Barrière, 1849. With 4 hand-coloured lithographed plates. With: (2) GASSIES, Jean-Baptiste. Malacologie terrestre et d'eau douce de la région intra-littorale de l'Aquitaine.Paris, J.B. Baillère and F. Savy, 1867. With one lithographed plate. 2 works in 1 volume. 8vo. Contemporary green half sheepskin, gold-tooled spine, marbled endpapers.
ABC_45199: GASTALDI, GIACOMO. - Il disegno della seconda parte dell'Asia.[Venice, G. Gastaldi, 1561]. Two sheets joined (47 × 74 cm to the neat line, full margins showing the plate mark, overall size 55 × 79 cm).
L8DGDFNQH1TA: [GASTALDI, GIACOMO]. - Seconda tavola.[Venice], Ferrando Bertelli, 1565 [printed ca. 1570]. Engraved map of the Indian Ocean, Indian subcontinent and most of the Gulf region (28 x 39 cm; margins extended to 50 x 66.5 cm), at a scale of about 1:13,500,000 with north at the foot, with 3 sea monsters, a spouting whale and 3 ships in the ocean; and on the land elephants, lions and 2 people on horseback carrying spears. Although printed from a single copper plate, the present map image is divided into two parts, with a 7 mm gap between the right and left halves, so that nothing would be lost if the map were bound as a double-page plate.
ABC_45733: GAUBIUS, HIERONYMUS DAVID. - Libellus de methodo concinnandi formulas medicamentorum.Leiden, Conrad Wishoff, 1739. 8vo. Title-page in red and black, woodcut title-vignette, woodcut initials. Contemporary calf.
K81FEEGGXMWQ: GAUDEREAU, ABBÉ MARTIN. - Relation des differentes especes de peste que reconnoissent les orientaux, des précautions & des remedes qu'ils prennent pour en empêcher la communication & le progrès; et de ce que nous devons faire à leur exemple pour nous en préserver, & nous en guerir.Paris, Jacques Quillau, 1721. 12mo. Contemporary gold-tooled red morocco, with the arms of Philippe d'Orléans (1674-1723) on both boards, richly gold-tooled spine, gold-tooled board edges and turn-ins, gilt edges.
D99FB6YT5IAL: [GAVELLI, NICCOLO]. - Storia distinta, e curiosa del tabacco concernente la sua scoperta, la introduzione in Europa, e la maniere di coltivarlo,...Pesaro, Niccolo Gavelli, 1758. 8vo. With the title-page in first issue with “copiosa” (for “curiosa”) corrected with a slip reading “cur” pasted over the first three letters. Contemporary gold-tooled calf.
ABC_45462: GEHEMA, JAN ABRAHAM VON. - Grouwelijke medicijnse moortmiddelen van aderlaten, koppen, purgeren, clisteren, juleppen, en verswakkende hertsterckingen, waer door d’onbedachtsame genees- en heelmeesters (geen rechtschapene practisijns synde) soo veele duysent onschudige menschen jammerlijck van’t leven ter dood helpen.Including: - Den hervormden apotheker, voorstellende een bequaem project, hoe en in wat voor gestalte de hedendaeghsche apotheecken billyk te reformeren en naer een rationali medendi methodo, die thans by alle verstandige en conscientieuse medicijns aengenomen is, te formeren waren.- Diaetetica rationalis; dat is, op onloochenbare vaste principien, gesonder verstandts, en waerer experientie welgegronde levens-ordre, waer door een ieder mensche in sijnen standt, sijn gesondtheyt bewaeren, en een leven, vry van veelerley swaericheden, hier op aerden leyden kan.The Hague, Pieter Heagen, 1690.With: (2) HUBER, Ulrik (editor). Specimen philosophiae civilis et studendi bonis libris.Franeker, J. Gyselaer, 1686. 2 works in 1 volume. 8vo. Contemporary vellum.
805: GEILER VON KAISERSBERG, JOHANNES. - Das Irrigschafe[:] Das irrig Schafe ... Der helisch Lew ... Kristliche Küngi ... Der Dreieckecht [running head: "Der dreieckecht Spiegel"] ... Der Esche[n]grüdel ... Der Klappermul ... Der Trostspeigel ... Geprediget und gegetütstt, ... mitsampt den obbestimten Tratäte[n].Strassburg, Johann Greiniger, 1514. Small folio (26.5 x 18.5 cm). With 8 large woodcut illustrations (mostly ca. 8.5 x 13 cm, 1 showing 2 images), one to each story plus an extra one for the story of the three-cornered mirror. Further with more than 100 woodcut decorated uncial initials (3 series) including some repeats. With the main text (in 2 columns) set in a bastarda type and the title and headings in 2 larger rotunda types. Recased in 17th-century(?) boards covered with a large fragment of a bifolium from a 15th-century(?) liturgical parchment manuscript in 2 columns of textura with dozens of 1- and 2-line red uncial letters (leaf 88 and its conjugate). The paste-downs have been preserved but the free endleaves are new.
K89CJLJFXC2X: GEINITZ, HANNS BRUNO. - Charakteristik der Schichten und Petrefacten des sächsisch-böhmischen Kreidegebirges.Dresden and Leipzig, Arnold, 1839-1842. 3 parts in 1 volume. 4to. With a hand-coloured lithographed frontispiece and 24 lithographed plates. Contemporary boards covered with paste-paper.
6039: [GELDERLAND]. - Het bescheet vanden Keyser Kaerle de vijfde van desen name, uutgegheven inden Rycxdach van Reynsborch Int iaer ons heeren M.D. ende XLI. vanden goeden rechte dat hij heeft tot ten hertochdom van Geldre ende Graefschap van Zutphen, Ende oock de wederlegghinghe, ende wederbescheet van heer Willem hertoch van Cleve te Franckfoort ghedaen Int iaer ons heeren M.D. XXXIX overgeset uiten latijn in duytsche.Antwerp, Marten Vermeere, [1541]. 4to. With the woodcut coat of arms of Charles V on title-page. 19th-century half calf, brown decorated paper sides.
C6LGM53VJP3O: GELLERT, CHRISTIAN FÜRCHTEGOTT. - Fabelen en vertelsels, in Nederduitsche vaerzen gevolgd.Amsterdam, Pieter Meijer, 1781-1784. With large allegorical engraving on title and 148 (of 149) full-page engraved plates by N. van der Meer after J. Buys and one ORIGINAL WATERCOLOUR by J. Buijs illustrating the poem "Het Proces".(2) IDEM. Bijdrage tot de gemeenzame brieven van C.F. Gellert uitgegeven door J.P. Bamberger. Utrecht, A. van Paddenburg & J.M. van Vloten, 1781. 2 works (the 1st in 3 volumes, the 2nd bound with volume 3). 8vo.Contemporary ”run marbled” calf (more root-like than tree-like), gold-tooled spine, gold fillets on boards, black morocco spine labels.
85CGA6R6XH4W: GENDRIN, VICTOR-ATHANASE. - Récits historiques, exacts et sincères, des sept voyages par mer & par terre. Faits au Brésil, au Cap-Horn, au Chili, aux Cordillères des Andes, à Mendoza, dans le Désert et à Buénos-Ayres … Extrait de la publication de 1856.Versailles, Gendrin (colophon: imprimerie Cerf), 1860. 8vo. With lithographed portrait of the author as frontispiece, 36 (32 numbered followed by 4 unnumbered) pages with lithographed reproductions of letters, and 9 lithographed plates. Contemporary cloth.
L7MFE1E22G14: GENESY, AMEDEO. - Trattato razionale di frutticoltura. ... Nuova edizione. With: (2) IDEM. La vite piramidale. … Seconda edizione.Torino, Francesco Casanova (back of title-page: printed by Vincenzo Bona), 1891. 2 volumes. 8vo. With a woodcut frontispiece showing the Fresia Grossa variety of grape vine and a fruit tree, each volume with several woodcut illustrations in the text and with a publisher’s catalogue bound at the end the Trattato. Both in original publisher’s printed paper wrappers.
K7H9U8EQ8S9K: GEOFFROY, ETIENNE LOUIS. - Histoire abrégée des insectes, dans laquelle ces animaux sont rangés suivant un ordre méthodique. Nouvelle édition, revue, corrigée, & augmentée d'un supplément considérable.Paris, Calixte-Volland & Rémont, [1799]. 2 volumes. 4to. With 1 folding table and 10 hand-coloured engraved plates of insects in volume 1 and with 12 hand-coloured engraved plates of insects (including butterflies) in volume 2, both volumes with woodcut head- and tailpieces. Contemporary sheepskin, marbled sides, gold-tooled spine.
17079: GEORGES, PIERRE. - Horologe magnetique elliptique ou ovale nouveau, de facile usage, et tres-commode, pour trouver les heures du jour & de la nuict, . . . Toul (Lorraine), Simon Belgrand, G. Perin and I. Laurent, 1660. 8vo. With 8 engraved plates (1-7 numbered) with 46 numbered figures, and a letterpress folding table after page 196. Contemporary parchment made from the lower part of a leaf from a Jesuit manuscript (Acta sanctorum, for 25 July, this part not published until 1729).
D5Q9J901U79O: GEORGI, JOHANN GOTTLIEB. - Russland. Beschreibung aller Nationen des russischen Reiches, ihrer Lebensart, Religion, Gebräuche, Wohnungen, Kleidungen und übrigen Merkwürdigkeiten.Leipzig, Dyk, 1783. 2 volumes. 4to. With 2 etched hand-coloured frontispieces by Schoenberg (coloured by Capieux), and several delicate engraved head- and tailpieces in the text by C.M. Roth. Contemporary half calf, sprinkled boards.
E3DEPIINTMYH: GERALDINUS, ALEXANDER. - Itinerarium ad regiones sub aequinoctiali plaga constitutas. Opus antiquitates, ritus, mores, & religiones populoru[m], Aethiopie[a], Africae, Atlantici Oceani, Indicarumque regionum complectens.Rome, Guglielmo Facciotti, 1631. 8vo. With engraved title-page and engraved illustration on the letterpress title-page. Contemporary limp sheepskin parchment.
H6HGD2ZG5R5G: GERICKE, JOHANN FRIEDRICH CARL. - Eerste gronden der Javaansche taal, benevens Javaansch leer- en leesboek met eene woordenlijst ten gebruike bij hetzelve.Jakarta, Landsdrukkerij, 1831. 3 parts in 1 volume. 4to. With a general title-page and 3 part-titles. Set in roman and Javanese type with incidental italic and Arabic. Contemporary marbled boards. Rebacked in later red cloth.
S2552: GERLACH, ABRAHAM JEAN ARNAUD. - Fastes militaires des Indes-Orientales Néerlandaises, ... avec cartes, portraits et planches.Zaltbommel and Paris, Jean Noman and son, C. Borrani, 1859. 8vo. With tinted lithographic frontispiece title, 1 full-page and 6 large folding lithographic maps and battle plans (some colour-coded), 3 lithographic portraits, 1 tinted and 1 double-tinted lithographic view, and 2 plans in the text. Contemporary half morocco by B. Alipin(?), Gendingan, Semarang (Java, Indonesia).
K89E5466D58Z: GERMAIN, LOUIS. - Mollusques terrestres et fluviatiles de Syrie.Paris, Baillière and son (colophon: Rouen, Lecerf), 1921-1922. 2 volumes. 8vo. With 118 figures on 23 plates and some smaller illustrations in text. Later blue cloth.
K88EQNLEV5R6: GERMAIN, LOUIS. - Mollusques terrestres et fluviatiles d'Asie-Mineure.Paris, Paul Lechevalier (colophon: Rouen, Lecerf), 1936. 8vo. With 17 plates with photographic reproductions and many illustrations in text. Modern brown half morocco, gold-tooled spine; with the original publisher's printed paper wrappers bound in.
D1JAK30JLZRT: GERMAR, ERNST FRIEDRICH (EDITOR). - Zeitschrift für die Entomologie. Erster [-Fünfter] Band. Leipzig, Friedrick Fleischer, 1839-1844. 10 parts in 5 volumes, bound as 6. 8vo. With 15 numbered plates, including 5 hand-coloured engravings. Including 2 publisher's advertisements "Ankündigung die Forsetzung von Wiegmann's Archiv für Naturgeschichte betreffend" (2 pp.) and "Nachricht für Freunde der Enteimologie" (4 ll.). Modern green boards with original wrappers bound in.
L86B3UROYB79: [GESNER (GESSNER), CONRAD]. - Thesaurus Euonymi Philiatri, de remediis secretis.Lyon, Balthazar Arnoullet, 1554. 16mo (12.5 x 8 cm). With dozens of woodcut illustrations in text. Contemporary limp sheepskin parchment.
6555: GEUNS, PETRUS. - Memoire sur les aimans. Ou description succinte de tout ce qui est necessaire pour la construction de toute sorte d'aiman imaginable; le changement de pôles suivant l'axe ou suivant les cotés de la pierre d'aiman. La construction & trempe des aiguilles de boussole. Une mémoire sur l'engrenage pour les horloger & autre artisans. Et pour les amateurs de l'histoire naturelle deux méthodes pour fermer les bocaux contre evaporation de l'esprit de vin.Venlo, au dépens de l'Auteur, 1768. 8vo. With a folding engraved table and 5 folding engraved plates with technical illustrations and figures. Contemporary calf.
ABC_46072: GEVAERTS, JEAN GASPARD (CASPAR GEVARTIUS) AND PIETER PAUL RUBENS. - Pompa introitus honori serenissimi principis Ferdinandi Austriaci Hispaniarum Infantis S.R.E. Card. Belgarum et Burgundionum Gubernatoris etc. a S.P.Q. Antwerp. Decreta et adornata. ...Antwerp, Theodoor van Tulden (colophon: printed by Jan van Meurs, 1641), [published January 1643]. Royal 1mo (full-sheet leaves) (57 x 42 cm). With a letterpress half-title and XXXIX single-page, double-page and larger folding plates (numbered I-XXXIX in the table of plates, printed and assembled from 43 copper plates numbered [1]-[2], 3-43) depicting the rich allegorical and ornamental triumphal arches and festive decorations, paintings, statues, etc., all designed by Pieter Paul Rubens, all but one for the triumphal entry of the Spanish cardinal-infante Ferdinand into Antwerp in 1635. Further with 46 smaller engravings in the text, depicting coins and medals, and numerous woodcut decorated initials (4 series). Contemporary overlapping vellum, manuscript title on spine.
4804: GEVERS DEYNOOT, WILLEM THEODORUS. - Specimen oeconomico-politico-juridicum inaugurale, de magno sive halecum piscatu Belgico, (Haringvisscherij).Leiden, J.W. van Leeuwen, 1829. 8vo. 19th-century blue half morocco, gold-tooled spine.
ABC_46021: [GHANA - PHOTOGRAPHS]. - [Photo album of the British Gold Coast Colony in the early 1910s, with an emphasis on the medical services].[Ghana, early 1910s]. 24.5 x 15.5 cm. With 96 silver gelatin photographs (7 x 9.5 cm), mounted in an album and captioned in English below. Contemporary blue cloth photo album.
I17F1HIG4EOQ: [GHENT - PHARMACOPOEIA]. - Pharmacopoea Gandavensis nobilissimi senatûs monitu concinnata, ejusque jussu edita.Ghent, Joannis Meyer, [1756]. With: (2) [GHENT - TAXA]. Ordonnantie van heer ende weth der stad Gend op den taux der drogue ende medicamenten raekende de pharmacie van de apothecarissen der gemelde stad.Ghent, Jan Meyer, [1757]. 2 works in 1 volume. 4to. Contemporary calf, richly gold-tooled spine with a tulip in 5 of the 7 compartments.
791AD6R1MSG6: GHEYN, JACOB II DE. - Waffenhandlung von den Röhren, Mußqueten und Spiessen. Gestalt nach der Ordnung deß ... Herrn Moritzen, Printzen zu Uranien, ... Maniement d'armes d'arquebuses, mousquetz, & piques.Frankfurt, Wilhelm Hoffmann, 1609. 3 parts in 1 volume. 4to. With letterpress title within engraved border (including the imprint), and 3 series of 42, 43 and 32 full-page numbered woodcuts, showing exercises with the arquebus, musket and pike. Contemporary vellum, rebacked.
95BEMKVOH757: GHEYN, JACOB II DE. - Waffenhandlung von den Rören. Musquetten. undt Spiessen. Gestalt nach der ordnung dess Hochgebornen Fursten und Herrn herrn Moritzen Printzen zu Oranien, Graffen zu Nassaw.The Hague, [Hillebrant Jacobsz. van Wouw, 1607-1608]. 3 parts in 1 volume. Small 1mo (37.5 x 28 cm). With engraved title-page and 117 full-page engraved plates (ca. 26 x 19 cm). All plates and the engraved title-page magnificently coloured and lavishly highlighted with silver and gold by a contemporary hand. 18th-century mottled calf, gold-tooled with the arms of the Count Palatine of Sulzbach and his wife on each board and richly gold-tooled spine.
ABC_46192: GIETERMAKER, KLAAS HENDRIKSZ. - 't Vergulde licht der zee-vaard, ofte konst der stuurlieden. Zynde een volkomen en klare onderwyzinge der navigatie, bestaande in 't geen een stuurman hoognodig behoorde te weten.Amsterdam, Joannes van Keulen & sons, [not before 1774]. With an engraved frontispiece, 2 engraved circle figures with moving volvelles, 1 engraved mathematical and geometrical folding plate, many tables (some folding) and many mathematical and geometrical woodcut illustrations and figures in the text.With: (2) DOUWES, Bernardus Joannes. Tafelen, bevattende 1°. De sinussen, tangenten en secanten, van minuut tot minuut voor ieder boog van het quadrant, in hunne natuurlyke getallen, op een radius van 10.000.000. 2°. Derzelver logarithmen. 3°. De logarithmen der gewoone getallen, in hunne natuurlyke orde van opvolging, van 1 tot 10.000. 4°. De vergrootende breedten, in tiende-deelen van minuuten. 5°. De streektafelen, naar het plat en het rond, voor ieder geheele compasstreek van een vierde-rond. Nieuwe, naauwkeurige en veel verbeterde uitgaave.Amsterdam, Gerard Hulst van Keulen, 1779. Completely filled with mathematical tables.(3) [drop title:] Tafel van de lengte en breedte der meest bekende zee-plaatzen.[Amsterdam?, Gerard Hulst van Keulen?, ca. 1779?].3 works in 1 volume, the first in 4 parts. 4to. Contemporary blind-tooled vellum.
H2QBAEC4EVTI: GIORGI, FEDERICO. - Libro ... del modo di conoscere i buoni falconi, astori, e sparavieri, di farli, di governarli, et di medicarli, come nella tavola si puo vedere.Venice, Gabriel Giolito de Ferrari, 1547. 8vo. With Giorgi's woodcut phoenix printer's device on title-page and a stunning larger one at the end. Blue stiff paper wrappers (ca. 1800).
98MG6HJQ92JG: GIOVIO, PAOLO. - Operetta dell'ambascieria de Moschoviti, nella qual si narra il sito della provincia di Moschovia gli costumi ricchezze, il modo della religione, & l'arte militar di quegli. Nuovamente tradotta di latino in lingua volgare.Venice, (colophon: Bartholomeo detto l'Imperatore), 1545. 8vo. With a woodcut title vignette of a Christian warrior with banner and an eagle on an orb. Later paper boards.
K9PC4N0RPFDX: GIRALDINI, PIER FRANCESCO. - Discorso sopra la pietra belzuar minerale.Florence, printed by Zanobi Pignoni (colophon: Niccolò dell’Antella, 4 November 1626). 4to. With engraved title-page. Contemporary limp sheepskin parchment.
ABC_45468: GLAUBER, JOHANN RUDOLPH. - Miraculum mundi, oder Außführliche Beschreibung der wunderbaren Natur, Art, und Eigenschafft des grosmächtigen Subjecti, von den alten menstruum universale oder Merrcurius philosophorum genandt, dardurch die Vegetabilien, Animalien, und Mineralien gar leichtlich in die allerheilsambste Medicamenten, und die unvolkommene Metallen realiter in beständige und perfecte Metallen können verwandelt werden. [Volume 2:] Miraculi mundi ander Theil. Oder Dessen Vorsängst ... Amsterdam, [Johannes Janssonius] (vol. 1) & Johannes Janssonius (vol. 2), 1653-1660. 2 volumes bound as 1. 8vo. Later vellum, manuscript title on spine.With: [IDEM]. Explicatio tractatuli, qui miraculum mundi inscribitur, nuper a Joh. Rud. Glaubero editi, tam plana quam solida, in rei veritatis testimonium, & artes amorre prodse quentium utilitatem.Frankfurt am Main, for Thomas Matthias Götze, 1656. 8vo. Modern marbled paper over boards, orange morocco spine label with title in gold.
ABC_45467: GLAUBER, JOHANN RUDOLPH. - De purgatorio philosophorum, oder Von dem Fegfewer der Weisen, … Welches Fegfewer von den alten Philosophis Ysopaica genant worden: welches so viel, als Ars lavandi per ignem; oder eine Kunst durch Fewer zu waschen, zu sagen ist. …Amsterdam, Johannes I Janssonius van Waesberge & the widow of Elizaeus Weyerstraten, 1668. 8vo. Later sprinkled paper over boards.
H8ADS3AP61RW: GLAUBER, JOHANN RUDOLPH. - Consolatio navigantium.Amsterdam, Johannes Janssonius, 1657. 8vo. With:(2) GLAUBER, Johann Rudolph. Vera ac perfecta descriptio, qua ratione ex vini fecibus bonum plurimumque Tartarum sit extrahendum.Amsterdam, Johannes Janssonius, 1655.(3) GLAUBER, Johann Rudolph. Tractatus de medicina universali, sive auro potabili vero, ...Amsterdam, Johannes Janssonius, 1658.(4) GLAUBER, Johann Rudolph. Miraculi mundi continuatio, ...Amsterdam, Johannes Janssonius, 1658. With 3 engraved folding plates.(5) GLAUBER, Johann Rudolph. Tractatus de natura salium.Amsterdam, Johannes Janssonius, 1659.(6) GLAUBER, Johann Rudolph. Tractatus de signatura salium, metallorum, et planetarum, ...Amsterdam, Johannes Janssonius, 1659.6 works in 1 volume. 8vo. Contemporary sheepskin parchment, gold fillets on spine and sides.
ABC_45466: GLAUBER, JOHANN RUDOLPH. - Novum lumen chymicum. Hoc est cujusdam recens inventi & mundo nondum unquam patefacti secreti ardui revelation, ... passim aurum probum inveniri atque utiliter elicit possit … sed vera etiam materia lapidis philosophorum subministretuur.Amsterdam, Johannes I Janssonius van Waesberge & Elizaeus Weyerstraten, 1664. 8vo. Later thin boards covered with decorated paper, red edges.
ABC_45474: GLAUBER, JOHANN RUDOLPH. - Operis mineralis. Pars prima (-tertia). Ubi docetur separation auri è silicibus, arena, argillâ, aliisque fossilibus per salis spiritum, quae alias eliquari nequeunt. Item panacea sive medicina universalis antimonialis, ejusque usus. Inventa & pubicata in gratam studiosorum artis chymicae.Amsterdam, Johannes Janssonius, 1657.With: (2) [GLAUBER, Johann Rudolph]. Tractatus de medicina universali, sive auro potabili vero, hoc est, accurate description verae medicinae universalis, ejusque admirabilis efficaciae & virtutis, quas in vegetabilia, animalia & mineralia exercet.Amsterdam, Johannes Janssonius, 1657. 8vo. 2 works, the 1st in 3 volumes, bound as 1. Contemporary vellum, title in gold on spine.
ABC_45469: GLAUBER, JOHANN RUDOLPH. - Furni novi philosophici, sive descriptio artis destillatoriae novae; nec non spiritium, oleorum florum, aliorumque medicamentorum illius beneficio … e vegetebilibus, animalibus & mineralibus, conficiendorum …Amsterdam, Johannes Jansonnius, 1658. 6 parts in 1 volume. 8vo. With 2 folding woodcut plates, 1 double-page, 4 full-page and 4 half-page woodcut illustrations on integral leaves. Later half quasi-vellum, brown paper sides.
ABC_45470: GLAUBER, JOHANN RUDOLPH. - Prosperitatis Germaniae. Pars prima [-Pars secunda]. In quâ de vini, frumenti, & ligni concentration, eorumque utiliore, quam hactenus, usu agitur. …Amsterdam, Johannes Jansonnius, 1656-1657. 2 volumes bound as 1. 8vo. Contemporary vellum, manuscript title on spine.
KCCBUUUU0YRR: GLAUBER, JOHANN RUDOLPH. - Vera ac perfecta descriptio, qua ratione ex vini fecibus bonum plurimumque Tartarum sit extrahendum.Amsterdam, Johannes Janssonius, 1655. 8vo. Modern half cloth.
H9IB1H7RNNFB: GLAUBER, JOHANN RUDOLPH. - [Title on spine:] Opera.Amsterdam, Johannes Janssonius (2 works: Johannes Janssonius van Waesberge), 1651-1669. 19 works (42 parts) in 4 volumes. 8vo. With 10 engraved folding plates and 7 woodcut illustrations in text (lacking 4 woodcut plates in work 5). Half vellum (ca. 1815).
ABC_45464: GLAUBER, JOHANN RUDOLPH. - Arca thesauris opulentia, sive appendix generalis omnium librorum hactenus editorum, … in decem centurias distributum [= prima centuria]. [Vol. 2:] Opulenti thesauri, et arcae thesaurariae ... centuria secunda.Amsterdam, Johannes Janssonius, 1660-1661. 2 volumes bound as 1. 8vo. Later boards covered with marbled paper, later printed title on spine.
ABC_45600: GLAUBER, JOHANN RUDOLPH. - Apologia oder Verthaidigung, gegen Christoff Farners Lügen und Ehrabschneidung.Frankfurt am Main, Thomas Matthias Götzen, 1655.With: [GLAUBER, Johann Rudolph]. Zweyte Apologia, oder Ehren-Rettung gegen Christoff Farnern, Speijerischen Thom-Stiffts Schaffnern zu Lochgaw, unmenschliche Lügen und Ehrabschneidung. Frankfurt am Main, Thomas Matthias Götzen, 1656. 8vo. Modern marbled paper over boards.
F92G8GMWLRBM: GLINS, TACO VAN. - Aenmerckingen ende bedenckingen over de zee-rechten, uyt het placcaet van koninck Philips uytgegeven den lesten octobris 1563.Amsterdam, Hendrick Harmensz, 1695. 4to. 18th-century sprinkled half sheepskin.
H3RH7I7DH1YG: [GLOBE - TERRESTRIAL]. MALBY & CO. - Malby's terrestrial globe.[London], Malby & Co. (engraved by Chas. Malby), 1 January 1848. Diameter: 45.5 cm (18 inch), height in stand: 64.5 cm. An engraved terrestrial globe with 12 gores and 2 polar caps over a plaster-covered core, and the engraved horizon ring on the wooden stand, all coloured by a contemporary hand. In a contemporary wooden stand with 3 turned legs supporting the horizon ring, and 3 turned stretchers with a cylindrical centrepiece with a knob on the underside. Further with a contemporary brass hour circle and a slightly later iron meridian ring (and probably the axis pivots).
G2PF9GF6KIC5: GLORIOSO, GIOVANNI CAMILLO. - De cometis dissertatio astronomico-physica publice habita in gymnasio Patavino anno domini MDCXIX.Venice, Giovanni & Variscvo Varisco, 1624. 4to. With numerous woodcut illustrations in the text (mostly diagrams). Contemporary limp sheepskin parchment.
I3V901DMD75N: [GLORIOUS REVOLUTION]. - De Engelsche marsch; versien met allerlei soorten van nieuwe onvergelijkelijke verrekykers, en brillen. Vertonende den tegenwoordigen staat van alle Koninkrijken en landen van Europa. Met een korte verbeeldinge van de afkomste, het leven en de daden van Pater Peters; en een dispuit tusschen hem en een Engelsch Protestant.Amsterdam, Cornelis Maertense, 1689.With: (2) Twede deel van de Engelsche marsch, version met allerlei soorten van nieuwe onvergelijkelijke verrekykers en brillen... en een cathalogus van eenige koddige boekken die hy voor den Prins van Wallis heeft gekogt. Amsterdam, Cornelis Maertense, 1689.(3) Nieuwe geinventeerde brillen, voor alderhande gesichten, op de mode geslepen, op verscheyde slypsteenen. [Amsterdam?], 1688.(4) Nieuwe geinventeerde brillen, voor alderhande gesigten. Op de mode gesleepen, op verscheyde slypsteenen. Twede deel.[Amsterdam?], 1688.(5) De wonderlycke verrekyker siende in alle hoecken van de Europise werelt. [Amsterdam?], 1688.(6) De geest van Carel de V. verschenen aen Volkert, t'samenspraak houdende over de affaire van den tijd. [Amsterdam?], 1688.(7) De Franse quacksalver, of de boere klap beurs. Versien met veelderley koopluyden, of liefhebbers van alle nieuwe tydingen. Groningen, Tjerk Velsen, 1689. 7 works in 1 volume. 4to. Contemporary red half roan (sheepskin).
L6QBHSVLO129: GODARD, ERNEST. - Égypte et Palestine observations médicales et scientifiques.Paris, Victor Masson et fils (back of half-title: printed by Simon Raçon et Comp.), 1867. 2 volumes: 8vo (text) and 4to (plates). With an engraved author's portrait by Jean Charles Le Vasseur and 27 numbered lithographed plates, each preceded by a leaf with a short letterpress caption. Later black half goatskin, with the original boards (text) and the plates loosely inserted in original publisher's portfolio, printed boards, rebacked with black cloth.
ABC_45597: GOEDELJEE, JAN. - [Title on front cover:] Photographische gezichten in s’ Rijks Akademietuin te Leiden. 1866.Leiden, 1866. Oblong folio. 12 original photographic albumen prints (ca. 19.5 x 25 cm) with rounded corners, mounted on paperboard leaves (30.5 x 37 cm), with tissue guard leaves. Contemporary blind-tooled green cloth with title in gold on the front board, silk endpapers.
LCJ8N1ZJT59Z: GOES, WILLEM AND NICOLAS RIGAULT - Rei agrariae auctores legesque variae. Quaedam nunc primum, caetera emendatiora prodeunt curâ.Including: Antiquitatum agrariarum liber singularis.Amsterdam, Johannes Janssonius van Waesberge, 1674. 2 works in 1 volume. 4to. With an integral engraved allegorical frontispiece, a general title-page with a woodcut decoration, 6 integral divisional titles including one for the Antiquitatum agrariarum, 3 folding engraved plates, 55 further engravings on integral leaves (15 full page), numerous woodcut illustrations in the text (mostly geometric diagrams) and woodcut head- and tailpieces. Contemporary calf, gold-tooled spine, sprinkled edges.
87P9VF01U79O: GOETEERIS, ANTHONIS. - Journael vande legatie ghedaen in de jaren 1615. ende 1616. by de ... heer Reynhout van Brederode, ..., Dirck Bas, ..., ende Aelbrecht Joachimi, ... Te samen by de ... Heeren Staten Generael der Vereenigde Nederlanden, af-gesonden aen de ... Koningen van Sweden ende Denemarcken; mitsgaders aen den Groot-vorst van Moscovien, Keyser van Rusch-landt: ... Tweede druck vermeerdert en verbetert. Op nieuw uytgegeven, ...The Hague, Henricus Hondius, 1640. Small oblong 4to (14 x 19 cm). With an engraved title-page dated 1639, letterpress title-page dated 1640, and 23 etched views (4 numbered double-page plates, and 19 full-page illustrations on integral leaves), all drawn from life by Goeteeris himself and said to have been etched by Simon Frisius. Early 18th-century sprinkled tanned sheepskin, gold-tooled spine.
S1689: GOETHE, JOHANN WOLFGANG VON. - Essai sur la métamorphose des plantes. Geneva, Paris, J. Barbezat, 1829. 8vo. Original publisher's grey printed paper wrappers.
C79DHP01U79O: GOGLER, CARL VON. - Erneuerte Hauß- und Feld-Apotheck, oder Stadt- und Land-Artzney-Buch.Frankfurt am Main, Martin Hallervorden (printed by Johann Andrea, Königsberg), 1674. With engraved frontispiece. With:(2) DIGBY, Kenelm. Eröffnung unterschiedlicher Heimlichkeiten der Natur.Including: SERVIUS, Petrus. Außführliches Bedencken, von der insgemein so genannten Waffen-Salben.[Frankfurt am Main], Balthasar Christoph Wusten, 1671. With engraved frontispiece(3) TABERNÆMONTANUS, Jacobus Theodorus. New Wasserschatz, das ist: Von Allen heylsamen Metallischen Minerischen [sic] Bädern unnd Wassern.Frankfurt am Main, (colophon: Nicolaus Bassæus), 1593. 4 works (2 published together with a 3-page publisher's book list) in 1 volume. 8vo. Richly blind-tooled 17th-century pigskin, with brass clasps on leather thongs.
I4EDG178D0Q5: GOLDMANN, NICOLAUS. - La nouvelle fortification ...Leiden, Bonaventura & Abraham Elzevier, 1645. Folio. With architectural title-page engraved by Adriaen Matham, 52 half-page engravings plus about 42 repeats in the text, and numerous letterpress tables in the text. Contemporary(?) mottled calf. Rebacked and with restorations in sheepskin.
ABC_45379: GOLIUS, THEOPHILUS. - Educationis puerilis linguae Graecae.Including: AESOP. Fabellae quaedam Aesopi Graecae, ad puerilem educationem selectae.Frankfurt, [printed by Erasmus Kempfer?] for Nikolaus Stein, 1618-1619. With: (2) [GOLIUS, Theophilus]. [Grammaticae, sive educationis puerilis linguae Graecae. ... Pars altera].3 parts in 1 volume. 8vo. With 2 title-pages, the first with woodcut printer’s device. Contemporary vellum (made from one leaf from a 14th or 15th century moral manuscript, rubricated in red and blue), red edges.
J54E7VQDS0MG: GOLOVINE, IVAN (IVAN GAVRILOVIC GOLOVIN). - Types et caractères Russes.Paris, Capelle (back of half-title: Corbeil), 1847. 2 volumes. 8vo. Contemporary dark green half sheepskin.
H7MBXTC3OXHM: GOLOVNIN, VASILII MIKHAILOVICH. - Memoirs of a captivity in Japan, during the years 1811, 1812, and 1813; with observations on the country and the people … second edition. Including:-RIKORD, Petr Ivanovich. Account of voyages to the coasts of Japan; and of negotiations with the Japanese, for the release of Captain Golownin and his companions.-Account of the voyages of Messrs. Chwostoff & Dawidoff.London, Henry Colburn & Co., 1824. 3 volumes. 8vo. With an additional facsimile map, copied from the French edition of 1818, inserted in volume 2. Modern red cloth.
M1TBVKILEU6I: [GOMES, BERNARDINO ANTÓNIO AND CAETANO MARIA FERREIRA DA SILVA BEIRÃO]. - Catalogus plantarum horti botanici medico-cirurgicae scholae olisponensis anno MDCCCLII.Lisbon, Typografia Nacional, 1851. 8vo. Contemporary half morocco, marbled sides.
ABC_45817: GONZALES DE CLAVIJO, RUY. - Historia del Gran Tamorlan e Itinerario y ennaracion del viage y relacion de la Embaxada que Ruy Gonzalez de Clavijo le hizo por mandado del muy poderoso Señor don Henrique el tercero de Castilla y un breve discurso fecho por Gonzalo Argote de Molina para mayor inteligencia deste libro.Seville, Andrea Pescioni, 1582. Folio in 8s. With a woodcut vignette on the title-page, woodcut initials and a woodcut device at the end. Modern tree calf.
G7UB7I01U79O: GONZÁLEZ DE MENDOZA, JUAN. - De historie ofte beschijvinghe van het groote rijck van China. Amsterdam, Cornelis Claesz. [printed by Jacob Cornelisz Vennecool, Delft], “1595” [= 1596/99]. 8vo. Modern polished tan calf, gold-tooled spine.
K79E1VPR6QVD: GOOD, PETER PEYTO. - Good's family flora. A materia medica botanica, containing the botanical analysis, natural history, and chemical and medical properties of plants.[Volume 1]: New York, J.K. Wellman (back of title-page: S.W. Benedict), 1845; [Volume 2]: Elizabethtown, by the author, [1847]. 2 volumes. 8vo. With a tinted lithographed frontispiece in each volume and 98 hand-coloured lithographed plates. Contemporary blind-blocked black cloth.
D41DFNV03MLM: [GOOI - NETHERLANDS]. - Gezichten langs den Gooischen stoomtram.[Amsterdam], E. van Elfrinkhoff, [ca. 1893]. (Ca. 22.5 x 17.5 cm). With the title-page and each of the 12 photographs (12 x 17 cm) pasted on paperboard (17 x 22 cm), the photographs with printed titles below. Contemporary paperboard box.
ABC_46196: GOOS, PIETER. - West-Indische Paskaert waer in de graden der breedde over wederzijden van de middellijn wassende so vergrooten dat die geproportioneert sijn tegen hunne nevenstaende graden de lengde. Vertonende behalve[n] Europaes zuydelijcste alle de zeekusten van Africa en America begrepen in 't Octroy bij de H.M.H. Staten Generael der vereenichde Nederl. verleent aende Generale West Indische Compagnie. Mitsgaders die van Peru en Chili inde groote Zuyd-Zee.Amsterdam, Pieter Goos, [ca. 1660]. Printed on vellum (ca. 80 x 98 cm) from one large copperplate engraving, partly coloured by a contemporary hand.
G1ACIR17NG0N: GORI, ANTONIO FRANCESCO. - Museum Etruscum exhibens insignia veterum Etruscorum monumenta aereis tabulis CC. nunc privum edita et illustratum.Florence, Gaetano Albizzini, 1737. Volume 1 and 2. Folio (27.5 x 37.5 cm). With engraved plates (12 folding), and 1 folding plate with Etruscan script. Contemporary vellum.
ABC_46116: GORLAEUS, ABRAHAM. - Dactyliotheca, seu annulorum sigillarium quorum apud Priscos tam Graecos quam Romanos usus, ex ferro, aere, argento & auro promptuarii … collectis aliunde & ineditis & editis annulorum figuris auctior; cum explicationibus Jacobi Gronovii.Leiden, Petrus van de Aa, 1695. 2 volumes. 4to. With 2 different engraved allegorical title-pages (reflecting the themes of rings and intaglio-carved gems), 2 letterpress title-pages in red and black with one of Van der Aa’s engraved allegorical devices (Minerva/Athena, books, a cock and Hercules/Heracles, with motto "studio et vigilantia"), a portrait of the author by Jacques de Gheyn with a calligraphic verse by Hugo de Groot below, 138 engraved plates: 196 numbered illustrations of ancient rings with carved gems shown at actual size on 101 engraved plates, and 148 numbered illustrations of carved gems alone on 37 engraved plates). Contemporary limp vellum, manuscript title on spine.
H3HC22HF41KO: GOSSIN, PIERRE-FRANÇOIS. - Décret sur la translation des cendres de Voltaire à Sainte-Geneviève, précédé du Rapport fait par M. Gossin, au nom du Comité de Constitution, le 30 Mars 1791.[Paris], by order of the Assemblée Nationale, [1791]. 8vo. Modern red half morocco.
ABC_45845: GOUVEIA, ANTÓNIO DE. - Jornada do Arcebispo de Goa Dom Frey Aleixo de Menezes primaz da India Oriental, …With: (2) MENESES, Aleixo de. Synodo diocesano da Igreia Bispado de Angamaledo dos antigos Christaõs de Sam Thome das Serras do Malavar das partes da India Oriental.Coimbra, Diego Gomez de Loureyro, 1606. 2 complementary works in 1 volume. Folio. The first work with the large woodcut coat of arms of the dedicatee Agostinho de Jesus (Pedro de Castro), Archbishop of Braga in Portugal on title-page, the second with a woodcut basket of flowers and cast vine leaf ornaments, each in a border made up of cast fleurons. Further with 4 woodcut headpieces and tailpieces (including a headpiece on the second title-page) plus repeats, and numerous woodcut decorated initials (about 10 series). 18th century calf, gold-tooled spine, marbled endpapers.
ABC_45754: GOUVEIA, ANTÓNIO DE. - Jornada do Arcebispo de Goa Dom Frey Aleixo de Menezes primaz da India Oriental, …With: (2) MENESES, Aleixo de. Synodo diocesano da Igreia Bispado de Angamaledo dos antigos Christaõs de Sam Thome das Serras do Malavar das partes da India Oriental.Coimbra, Diego Gomez de Loureyro, 1606. 2 complementary works in 1 volume. Folio. The first work with the large woodcut coat of arms of the dedicatee Agostinho de Jesus (Pedro de Castro), Archbishop of Braga in Portugal on title-page, the second with a woodcut basket of flowers and cast vine leaf ornaments, each in a border made up of cast fleurons. Further with 4 woodcut headpieces and tailpieces (including a headpiece on the second title-page) plus repeats, and numerous woodcut decorated initials (about 10 series). Later calf, gold-tooled spine.
18870: GOUYE, THOMAS. - Observations physiques et mathematiques, pour servir a l'histoire naturelle & à la perfection de l'astronomie & de la geographie: envoyées des Indes et de la Chine à l'Académie Royale des Sciences à Paris, par les Peres Jesuites.Paris, Imprimerie Royale (colophon: Jean Anisson), 1692. 4to. With woodcut coat of arms on title-page, 2 double-page engraved maps and 1 engraved plate. Contemporary calf, gold-tooled spine.
95BGFM7QJH67: [GOVANTES, FELIPE MARIA DE]. - Estudios ó cartilla sobre el cultivo del tabaco Filipino.Binondo, J. de Loyzaga and company, 1869. 8vo. Later green stiff paper wrappers, red paper spine.
K88EGY7ZBRGH: GRABAU, AMADEUS WILLIAM AND SOHTSU G. KING. - Shells of Peitaiho.Beijing, Peking Laboratory of Natural History, 1928. 8vo. With 11 plates with photographic reproductions. Contemporary red cloth.
10686: GRAESSE, JEAN GEORGE THÉODORE. - Trésor de livres rares et précieux ou nouveau dictionnaire bibliographique Milan, G.G. Görlich, 1950. 8 volumes, incl. supplement. Folio. Cloth.
KA5ED8G6BDFQ: GRAMBERG, JAN SIMON GERARDUS. - Schetsen van Afrika's westkust.Amsterdam, Weijtingh and Brave, 1861. 8vo. With a lithographed title-page with a chromolithographed illustrations and 8 folding chromolithographed plates (including frontispiece). Original publisher's blind- and gold-blocked green cloth.
23320: GRANDI, FRANCESCO DE. - Istruzione sulla coltura del rafano oleifero Cinese e relative manifatture dell' olio. Torino, Fea, 1793. 8vo. With an engraved folding plate of a machine used for the oil production. Contemporary wrappers charmingly decorated in pink.
K3JGA73AHNWY: GRANT, ROBERT. - The expediency maintained of continuing the system by which the trade and government of India are now regulated.London, printed for Black, Parry and J. Hatchard (back of title-page: printed by Cox and Baylis), 1813. 8vo. With 2 letterpress folding tables (1 printed in red and black). Contemporary calf, gold-tooled.
F12E4MYS7PSV: GRASSE STEVENS, AUGUSTA DE. - The lost Dauphin; Louis XVII. or Onwarenhiiaki, the Indian Iroquois Chief.Sunnyside, Orpington, Kent, George Allen, 1887. 8vo. With 3 collotype portraits, 1 of Louis XVII, and 2 of Eleazar Williams (1 tinted). Publisher's green textured cloth, front cover with gold-stamped portrait of a young Louis XVII.
92FBQK01U79O: GRASSE-TILLY, FRANCOIS JOSEPH PAUL DE. - Memorie van den Graave de Grasse, betreffende de actien in de West-Indiën voorgevallen. [Amsterdam?, 1782]. With 8 large folding engraved nautical nautical charts. With:(2) [KINSBERGEN, Jan Hendrik van]. Korte schets over de noodzaaklykheid van de kennisse van het menschlyk hart voor een chef.Amsterdam, Gerard Hulst van Keulen, 1791.(3) [KINSBERGEN, Jan Hendrik van]. Korte verklaringe van verscheidene actiën tusschen de Engelsche en Fransche vlooten, geduurende den laatsten oorlog. In de West-Indiën voorgevallen.Amsterdam, Gerard Hulst van Keulen, 1791. With 21 folding engraved plates including nautical charts showing the French and English fleets near Grenada, Basseterre, Martinique, Guadeloupe, St. Kitts and Santo Domingo on Hispaniola. 3 works in 1 volume. Royal 4to (29 x 23.5 cm). Contemporary gold-tooled mottled calf.
K7GCR0UDEPRN: GRAVENHORST, JOHANN LUDWIG CHRISTIAN. - Ichneumologia Europaea.Wroclaw, 1829. 3 volumes. 8vo. With 2 engraved plates and 2 folding tables. Contemporary half sheepskin, gold-tooled spine.
ABC_45544: GREAT BRITAIN METEOROLOGICAL OFFICE. - Monthly current charts for the Indian Ocean. From information collated & prepared in the Meteorological Office.London, Admiralty Hydrographic Office, under the superintendence of Rear-Admiral W. J. L. Wharton, 1895-1896. Plano. Oblong Royal 1mo (full-sheet leaves: 51 x 62 cm). An atlas of 12 large black and white nautical charts. Limp cloth with gold-tooled title on front cover.
ABC_46033: [GREAT BRITAIN - ARABIC]. - Civil service commission pamphlet containing the question papers of the preliminary and interpretership tests in Arabic used at an examination held in June 1938 of officers of the Army and Air Force. Crown copyright reserved.London, printed and published at Her Majesty's Stationary Office, 1938. Folio. Printed in English and Arabic. Original publisher's printed paper wrappers, in later blue paper wrappers.
ABC_45174: [GREAT BRITAIN, HYDROGRAPHIC DEPARTMENT]. - South Indian Ocean pilot. Madagascar, Îles Comores, Île de la Réunion, Mauritius, Seychelles Group, Chagos Archipelago, and other islands lying westward of Longitude 80° East. Eighth edition.Taunton, published by the hydrographer of the navy, 1971. With supplement no. 5 (1977). 8vo. With 2 small maps, 8 coastal profiles, 9 diagrams and 11 climatic tables in the book and also 1 view of the coast of Marie Louise Islet (1975) in the supplement.Contemporary blue cloth with printed title in yellow.
ABC_46032: [GREAT BRITAIN - ARABIC]. - Civil service commission pamphlet containing the question papers of the preliminary and interpretership tests in Arabic used at an examination held in June 1936 of the officers of the Royal Air Force. Crown copyright reserved.London, printed and published at Her Majesty's Stationary Office, 1936. Folio. Printed in English and Arabic. Original publisher's printed paper wrappers, in later blue paper wrappers.
K8NGIJQP98FX: [GREAT BRITAIN - PARLIAMENT]. - Anno regni George III. Regis Magnae Britanniae, Franciae, & Hiberniae, decimo octavo. At the parliament begun and holden at Westminster, the twenty-ninth day of November, Anno Domini 1774, in the fifteenth year of the reign of our sovereign Lord George the Third ... And from thence continued, by several prorogations, to the twentieth day of November 1777; being the fourth session of the fourteenth parliament of Great Britain.London, Charles Eyre & William Strahan, 1778. Folio. Modern brown pigskin, title in gold on spine.
L6IEACDXJJ6B: [GREAT BRITAIN - HYDROGRAPHIC DEPARTMENT]. - South Indian Ocean Pilot. Madagascar, Îles Comores, Île de la Réunion, Mauritius, Seychelles Group, Chagos Archipelago, and other islands lying westward of Longitude 80° East. Eight edition.Taunton, published by the hydrographer of the navy, 1971. With supplement no. 6 (1979). 8vo. With 2 small maps, 8 coastal profiles, 9 diagrams and 11 climatic tables in the book and also 1 view of the coast of Marie Louise Islet (1975) in the supplement. Contemporary blue cloth with printed title in yellow.
17793: GRECO, GIOCCHINO. - Le jeu des eschets. Traduit de l'Italien.Paris, Denis Mouchet, 1714. 12mo. With a woodcut decoration on title-page and a woodcut headpiece in text. Contemporary mottled calf, richly gold-tooled spine.
I8TDHJQCVL9T: GREEVEN, HENDRIK. - Tableaux des costumes, moeurs, coutumes et vues, de la Nord-Hollande, de Zaandam, Broek, Alkmaar, Assendelft et de l'Île de Marken.Amsterdam, Evert Maaskamp, [ca. 1826]. Oblong 4to (22.5 x 29 cm). With an engraved map of North Holland by C.H. Koning on title-page and 11 engraved plates, mostly engraved by Willem van Senus after Hendrik Greeven, all protected by tissue guards. Contemporary boards; preserved in a modern cloth clamshell box.
A66BULQAL3CC: GREEVEN, HENDRIK (ARTIST) AND JUSTIN VALLOU VALLON DE VILLENEUVE (LITHOGRAPHER). - Collection des costumes des provinces septentrionales du Royaume des Pays-Bas | Verzameling der kleederdragten in de nordelijke provincien van het Koningrijk der Nederlanden.Amsterdam, Frans Buffa and sons; Paris, Engelmann et cie. (printed by Thierry brothers). 1828[-1829]. With lithographed title-page, lithographed index and 20 numbered lithographed plates, all captioned in French and Dutch below and all richly and beautifully coloured by hand.With: (2) [GREEVEN, Hendrik, Luigi CALAMATTA and others]. Souvenirs de la Hollande.Amsterdam, Buffa brothers and co., 1838. With a hand-coloured engraving mounted on the title-page and 14 hand-coloured lithographed plates (7 of Dutch views and 7 of women's folk costumes). 2 works in 1 volume. Large 4to (32 x 24 cm). Contemporary boards with marbled sides.
K2SAEPHUI6CO: GREGENTIUS, SAINT. - [Title in Greek followed by:] Disputatio cum Herbano Iudaeo: nunc primùm Graecè edita, cum interpretatione Nic. Gulonii, Carnutis, literarum Graecarum professoris regii, notis illustrata. Hoc dialogo sides Christiana tum divinorum oraculorum exposition, tum miraculorum effectu confirmatur.Paris, Fédéric Morel, 1586. 8vo. With text in Latin and Greek on facing pages. Contemporary sheepskin parchment.
L7UF55Z9EW2S: GRÉVIN, JACQUES. - Deux livres des venins.Antwerp, Christoffel Plantin, 1568 (colophon: October 1567). With Plantin's woodcut device on the title-page and 52 woodcuts in the text, made for this edition by Jehan de Gourmont after drawings by Geoffroy Ballain, both in Paris.With: (2) NICANDER of Colophon (translated by Jacques GRÉVIN). Les oeuvres de Nicandre.Antwerp, Christoffel Plantin, 1567. With the same Plantin device. 2 works in 1 volume. 4to. French calf (ca. 1780?), gold-tooled spine, gold fillets on the boards and board edges.
G9TB64639J8T: GRIFFITHS, JOHN. - Neue Reise in Arabien, die europäische und asiatische Türkey. Nach dem Englischen für Deutsche bearbeitet von K.L.M. Müller.Leipzig, J.C. Hinrichs, 1814. 2 volumes bound as 1. 8vo. With an engraved folding frontispiece view and 3 engraved maps (2 large folding), the view coloured, 1 map with the Ottoman-Persian border coloured in blue and red, and all three maps with the route coloured in red. Mid 19th-century boards covered with marbled paper, with the arms of Friedrich Wilhelm IV, King of Prussia in gold on the front board.
HCH90B4N36WP: GRIM, HERMANN NIKLAS. - Compendium medico-chymicum, seu accurata medendi methodus, quae excellentissimis medicamentis, tam Europae, quam Indiae Orientali proficuis, repleta, ratiores[!] observationes, & curiosam optimorum medicamentorum, in libelli hujus formulis contentorum, praeparationem exhibit, ....Including: - Pharmacopeia Indica, in qua continentur medicamenta, in compendio medico allegata, quae ex simplicibus in India crescentibus composita, & ad Indorum morbos directa sunt.Augsburg, Theophil Göbel (printed by Johan Jacob Schönig), 1684. 8vo. With engraved frontispiece by Melchior Haffner.Contemporary gold-tooled vellum, each board with a frame spine, decorations and title on spine, red edges.
F4CE1CC3UKU0: GROENVELT, JOANNES (JOHN GREENFIELD OR GROENVELD). - A treatise of the safe, internal use of cantharides in the practice of physick.London, Jeffrey Wale, John Isted, 1706. 8vo. 19th-century tanned half sheepskin, tree-marbled paper sides.
23255: GROSE, FRANCIS. - Principes de caricature, suivis d'un essai sur la peinture comique.Leipzig, Industrie Komptoir, Baumgärtner; Vienna, Mollo & Comp., [1800]. Small 4to (18 x 13 cm). With engraved frontispiece caricature portrait of an antiquarian mastiff and XXVIII numbered engraved plates of caricatures (6 folding), many with several figures, all on grey-brown paper. Contemporary half mottled sheepskin.
I1FAM1RJXA7H: GROTE-HASENBALG, WERNER. - Der Orientteppich[:] seine Geschichte und seine Kultur.Berlin, Scarabaeus (colophon: Dr. Selle & Co.), 1922. 3 volumes (26 x 26 cm). The text volume with colour-printed frontispiece, 28 plates numbered I-XXII (13 colour-printed), 139 numbered and 14 unnumbered illustrations in text, and a folding map; the two plate volumes with a total of 120 colour-printed plates mounted on grey-black paper. Original publisher's cloth.
ABC_45185: GROTE-HASENBALG, WERNER. - Der Orientteppich[:] seine Geschichte und seine Kultur.Berlin, Scarabaeus (colophon: Dr. Selle & Co.), 1922. 3 volumes (26 x 26 cm). The text volume with colour-printed frontispiece, 28 plates numbered I-XXII (13 colour-printed), 139 numbered and 14 unnumbered illustrations in text, and a folding map; the two plate volumes with a total of 120 colour-printed plates mounted on grey-black paper.Original publisher’s cloth.
L8KEHFI6UIY1: [GROTESK HEADS - DRAWING]. - [Grotesque heads].[Germany or the Netherlands?, ca. 1665/85?]. Folio (13 x 21 cm; mounts 40 x 30 cm). 10 grotesque heads drawn in black ink on paper with blue watercolour washes, some with scrollwork decoration and each in a double circle drawn in red pencil (about 16.5 and 18 cm diameter). Each drawing in a passe-partout with a circular window.
H8R9O5CPH933: GROTIUS (GROOT), HUGO. - Nederlandtsche jaerboeken en historien, sedert het jaer MDLV tot het jaer MDCIX ... Alles vertaelt door Joan Goris.Amsterdam, the widow of Joannes van Someren, Abraham Wolfgang, and Hendrik and Dirk Boom, 1681. Folio (38x23,5cm). With an engraved frontispiece, 20 engraved portraits and 27 double-page engraved plates, including 14 signed by Jan Luyken and 1 by Romeyn de Hooghe. Contemporary blind-tooled vellum.
C77CG9D2V9U9: GRUBER, JOHANN SEBASTIAN. - Neuer und gründlicher Unterricht, … Nebenst einem Bericht von Zubereitung einiger Ernst-Feuerwerckes-Kugeln.Nuremberg, Johann Hoffmanns, Engelbert Strecken and Abraham von Werth, 1700. 8vo. With double-page engraved frontispiece, 1 letterpress folding table and 16 engraved plates. Blue paper covered boards.
GA4BH9ABML8P: GUADAGNOLI, FILIPPO. - Breves Arabicae linguae institutiones. Rome, Propaganda Fide, Joseph David Luna, 1642. Folio. Set in roman, italic and Arabic type with incidental Hebrew. Contemporary sheepskin parchment.
5925: GUALDO PRIORATO, GALEAZZO. - Teatro del Belgio ò sia descritione delle diecisette provincie del medesimo; con le piante delle città, e fortezze principali; da chi al presente possesse; come, in qual modo, & in qual tempo acquistate.Vienna, Michael Thurnmayer, 1673. Folio. With engraved frontispiece with the coat-of-arms of all Seventeen Provinces, engraved military scene on the title-page, folding engraved map of the Low Countries, 2 folding engraved views of a sea-battle and an army crossing the Rhine, and 120 double-page engraved fortification plans. Contemporary mottled sheepskin, gold-tooled spine.
L1TBA74VHYO6: GUALTERUZZI, CARLO (COMPILER) AND [VINCENZO BORGHINI (“CORRECTOR”)]. - Libro di novelle, et di bel parlar gentile. ... Cento novelle ... Di nuovo ricorrette.Florence, Filippo & Jacopo Giunta, 1572. 4to (21.5 x 16 cm). With the Giunta's woodcut device on the title-page and a different one on the last page and about 120 woodcut decorated initials (about 7 series) including some repeats. With the main text set in roman type but the extensive preliminaries in italic. Contemporary limp sheepskin parchment.
732: GUARINI, GIOVANNI BATTISTA. - Il pastor fido, tragicommedia pastorale ... Editione nuova, arricchita di curiose, ed utili annotazioni, e riveduta, e corretta da A.P.D.A.Amsterdam, Franco Soudaan, 1732. 4to. Contemporary richly gold-tooled red morocco, with an elaborate arabesque central ornament in a triple panel design, crowned ornaments, flowers, acorns and stars, richly gold-tooled turn-ins, dark green title label, marbled endpapers, gilt edges (so-called "Bird's Head Bindery", Amsterdam).
14854: GUEROULT DU PAS, PIERRE JACQUES. - Les differens batimens de la mer oceanne, …With:(2) GUEROULT DU PAS, Pierre Jacques. Les differens batimens de la Mer Mediterranée, …(3) GUEROULT DU PAS, Pierre Jacques. Petits batimens de l'ocean. Paris, Pierre Giffart, [titles of parts 2 & 3 dated 1709]. 3 parts in 1 volume. Oblong Imperial 16mo (12.5 x 16.5 cm). Part 1 with 30 engraved leaves including the title-page, part 2 with 30 engraved leaves including the title-page, and part 3 with 16 engraved leaves. All together 76 plates (plate size mostly ca. 7 x 11 cm, the title plates to parts 1 & 2 ca. 10 x 12 cm) depicting a wide variety of boats and ships, each with a caption identifying the type of ship. Contemporary French gold-tooled calf. Subtly rebacked with the original back-strip laid down.
L7TBJRJYQPN7: GUERREIRO, JOÃO TAVARES DE VELEZ. - Jornada, que Antonio de Albuquerque Coelho, governador, e capitaõ[!] general da cidade do Nome de Deos de Macao na China, fez de Goa atè chegar á dita cidade no anno de 1718.Lisbon, Officina da Musica (Jaime or Jayme de la Te y Sagau), 1732. 8vo. Contemporary tanned sheepskin.
G4TCX4LVOA3M: [GUERREIRO, FERNÃO (ED.)]. AND CHRISTOBAL SUÁREZ DE FIGUEROA (TRANSL.). - Historia y anal relacion de las cosas que hizieron los padres de la Compañia de Jesus, por las partes de Oriente y otras, en la propagacion del Santo Evangelio, los años passados de 607. y en 608.Madrid, Imprenta Real, sold by Juan Hasrey, 1614 (colophon 1613). 4to. With the large woodcut coat of arms of the dedicatee, Don Geronimo Corella y Mendoza. 20th-century sheepskin parchment.
JA9M409FE5AE: GUEVARA, ANTONIO DE. - Libro de los inventores del arte de marear, y de muchos trabajos que se passan enlas galeras. ... Tocanse enel muy excellentes antiguedades, y avisos muy notables para los que navegan en galeras.Antwerp, Martin Nutius, [ca. 1545/46]. Small 8vo (13.5 x 10 cm). With Nutius's woodcut device on the title-page. Set in rotunda gothic type with a few words in a large roman. Blind-tooled brown goatskin (1920s?) in 16th-century style by Victor Arias (1856-1935) in Madrid, gold-tooled turn-ins.
17429: GUEVARA, ANTONIO DE. - T'gulden boeck, van het leven ende seynd brieven van den welsprekenden orateur ende keyser Marcus Aurelius. Franeker, Rombertus Doyema, 1615. 8vo. With woodcut imperial coat of arms on title-page. Contemporary sheepskin parchment.
S1213: GUEVARA, ANTONIO DE. - Epistres dorées moralles & familieres.Including:GUEVARA, Antonio de and Jean de GUTERRY (translator). Tome second des epistres dorées et discours salutaires.GUEVARA, Antonio de. Le troisieme livre des epistres illustres.Lyon, Macé Bonhomme, 1558-1559.With:(2) GUEVARA, Antonio de. Traité des travaux et privileges des galeres & des inventeurs de l'art de naviger.Lyon, Macé Bonhomme, 1560.2 works (the first in 3 parts) in 1 volume. 4to. With the titles of the first 3 books in woodcut architectural borders; 2 woodcut illustrations in the text and a number of large woodcut historiated initials. 18th-century tree calf, rebacked with the original backstrip laid down, later endpapers.
J6FBV0T7J9LQ: [GUIBERT (GUYBERT), PHILBERT]. - Les oeuvres du medecin charitable.Paris, Jean Gesselin, 1634. 8vo. With engraved title-page. Contemporary limp sheepskin parchment.
21881: GUIGNES, CHRÉTIEN-LOUIS-JOSEPH DE. - Voyages à Peking, Manille et l'Ile de France, faits dans l'intervalle des années 1784 a 1801.Paris, l'Imprimerie Impériale (J.J. Marcel) for Treuttel and Würtz, 1808. 3 text volumes and 1 atlas volume. 8vo (text) and folio (atlas). The atlas with 92 engraved illustrations on 61 leaves by De Guines after Deserve and 6 engraved maps (4 folding) by D'Houdan. Text volumes in 19th-century half calf, atlas volume in contemporary half calf.
17075: [GUILLAS, DENIS]. - Historie de la bataille navalle faite par les Dieppois & Flamans: qui est l'une des plus furieuses & soudaines expeditions de mer, qui ayt esté entreprise de nostre temps sur les ennemis du Roy.Paris, Estienne Denise, [1557?]. Small 8vo (15 x 10 cm). With 2 woodcut decorated initials and one cast fleuron (Vervliet, Vine leaf ornaments 173). Set in roman type with incidental italic. Finely executed late 19th-century(?) French red morocco by René Aussour, gold-tooled turn-ins, title, place of publication and date 1555 in gold in 2nd and 3rd of 6 spine compartments, gilt edges.
768F6GH1YQCZ: [GUIOL]. - Essai sur la composition et l'ornement des jardins; ou receuil de plans de jardins de ville et de campagne, de fabriques propres a leur décoration, et de machines pour élever les eaux. Ouvrage faisant suite à l'Almanach du bon jardinier.Paris, Audot, 1818. 12mo. With 46 engraved plates (including which 17 folding; numbered 1-44, plus 36 and 41 bis). Contemporary tree calf, gold-tooled spine and board edges.
S916: [GUIOL]. - Essai sur la composition et l'ornement des jardins; ou recueil de plans de jardins de ville et de campagne, de fabriques propres a leur décoration, et de machines pour élever les eaux.Paris, Audot, 1823. Oblong 4to (18 x 21 cm). With 107 numbered engraved plates on 82 leaves. Contemporary tree calf, richly gold-tooled spine.
L3P9AWQ4IYUL: GUIOT. - Catalogo de flores.[Barcelona, Francisco Suria y Burgada, ca. 1775]. Small 8vo (14 x 9.5 cm). Later(?) decorated-paper wrappers.
LB5G0YRNPGFA: GUISLAIN, JOSEPH. - Lettre médicale sur la Hollande, adressé a MM. les membres de la Société de médecine de Gand.Ghent, F. & E. Gyselynck, 1842. 8vo. Contemporary blue sheepskin, gilt edges.
5689: GUNST, PIETER STEVENS VAN. - Levantsche vaartuigen.With: (2) RAM, Johannes de. [Print series of Dutch trade convoy].(3) [Anonymous]. [Print series of Oriental trading scenes].[Amsterdam, ca. 1700]. 3 parts in 1 volume. Small oblong Folio (18.5 x 27 cm). With 22 engraved plates in 3 series numbered 1-8, 1-6 and the last 8 unnumbered. 19th-century marbled boards, later endpapers.
ABC_45529: GUYBERT [GUIBERT], PHILIBERT. - Le medicin charitable, enseignant la manière de faire & preparer en la maison avec facilité & peu de frais, les remedes propres à toutes maladies, selon l’advis de medecin ordinaire. Dix-Huictiesme edition: augmentée d’un singulier preservative contre la peste, & de plusieurs autres remedies, tant pour les riches que pour les pauvres. Ensembe d’un estat des utensils & Medicaments, tant simples que composez, que l’on doit avoir chez soy, tant aux champs qu’à la ville.Lyon, Jean-Aymé Candy, 1640. 8vo. With woodcut vignettes on the title-pages and initials. Original limp vellum, manuscript title on spine and front board, with remnants of ties.
ABC_46076: GUYON, JEAN LOUIS GENEVIÈVE. - Voyage d’Alger aux Ziban l’ancienne Zebe en 1847. Avec vues des principales oasis et de quelques monuments du Tell, en deça des Aurès, et un portrait du dernier Bey de Constantine. Atlas.Algeria, Imprimerie du Gouvernement, 1850. Oblong 4to. With 35 plates, namely a portrait of Hadj Hamed (or Ahmet Bey ben Mohammed sherif, the last Bey of Constantine; 1784-ca. 1850), and 34 views of various parts, cities and Roman remains in Algeria (Constantine), Half black morocco, brown cloth sides, gold-tooled spine.
6680: GYSELAAR (GIJSELAAR), JOHANNA MARIA NICOLETTA DE. - Album amicorum.Gorkum, Leiden, Warmond, Delft, Amsterdam, The Hague, Laarwoude, Zuidlaren and Assen, 1800-1805. 8vo (14.5 x 10 cm). Manuscript album amicorum on paper, with entries in Dutch, French and German. With 3 watercolours of flowers, a small watercolour of roses, and a fine washed pen drawing of a view on a lake with fishermen at work by the owner's niece, J.M. de Gyselaar. Contemporary calf, richly gold-tooled spine and turn-ins, yellow silk endpapers.
ABC_45559: HAAN, ANDREAS LEOPOLD. - Proeven met de Papiniaansche pot. Waardoor aangetoond wordt dat, door dezelve, de plantgewassen, dieren en mineralen niet alleen, binnen weinig uuren , door een eenvoudig scheivogt ontbonden, maar ook de zuiverste extracten en wezenlyke zoutten bereidt konnen worden. Uit het Latyn vertaald door een liefhebber der scheikunde. En met een aanpryzend bericht voorzien door Boudewyn Tieboel.Amsterdam, M. Schalekamp, 1775. 8vo. With a full-page engraving of the “papiaanse pot”. Original grey wrappers.
I17GO5C5FHJG: [HAARLEM - PHARMACOPOEIA]. - Pharmacopoea Harlemensis senatus auctoritate munita.Haarlem, Wilhelmus van Kessel; Amsterdam, Jan ten Hoorn, 1693. 12mo. With engraved frontispiece by Romeyn de Hooghe. Contemporary half vellum.
CBB9IRRBPUPB: [HAARLEM]. KRUYFF, CORNELIS DE & FREDERIK CHRISTIAAN BIERWEILER. - Vue du Pavillon de Harlem, prise vis à vis du bois.Amsterdam, F. Buffa et fils, [1830-1850]. Framed (61,5 x 75,5 cm).
S307: HABERLE, KARL K. CHR. - Succincta rei herbariae hungaricae et transsilvanicae historia. Buda, Typis Regiae Universitatis Hungaricae, 1830. 8vo. Modern cloth.
A4MEHKOOUCTS: HAECHT GOIDTSENHOVEN, LAURENS VAN. - Le microcosme contenant divers tableaux de la vie humaine representez en figures avec une brieve exposition en vers francois.Amsterdam, Theodore Pierre (= Dirck Pietersz.), [not before 1613]. 4to. With the engraved title-page of Joost van den Vondel's Der Gulden Winckel der konstlievende Nederlanders... (1613), with an engraved slip with the present title Le Microcosme contenant ... formerly mounted on it, now removed and kept separately; also with 74 engraved emblems in text (ca. 8.5 x 12 cm) by Gerard de Jode. 19th-century half calf, gold-tooled spine.
F3RG74YNZ8OA: HAEFTEN, BENEDICTUS VAN. - Regia via crucis. Antwerp, Balthasar Moretus (Officina Plantiniana), 1635. 8vo (18 x 11.5 x 4 cm). With engraved title-page showing Christ, Saint Teresa of Avila and 2 unidentified men and 38 full-page emblematic engravings. Richly gold-tooled calf (ca. 1665), each board with the arms of (apparently) Abbot Placidus Buechauer (1611-1669) of Kremsmünster, gilt and elaborately gauffered edges.
IB9AMNMVB07R: HAEGHEN, FERDINAND VAN DER AND MARIE-THÉRÈSE LENGER (EDITOR). - Bibliotheca Belgica, bibliographie générale des Pays-Bas.Bruxelles, 1964-1975. 7 volumes (including index vol.). Large 4to (28 x 21 cm). With numerous black and white illustrations. Uniform red cloth.
ABC_45167: HAFEZ (HAFIZ) [KHWAAJA SHAMS-UD-DIN MUHAMMAD HAFEZ-E SHIRAZI]. - The Divan, written in the fourteenth century by Khwaja Shamsu-d-Din Muhammad-i-Hafiz-i-Shirazi otherwise known as Lisanu-l-Ghaib and Tarjumanu-l-Asrar. Translated for the first time out of the Persian into English prose, with critical and explanatory remarks, with an introductory preface, with a note on Sufiism, and with a life of the author, by: Lieut.-Col. H. Wilberforce Clarke.Calcutta, Government of India Central Printing Office, 1891. 2 volumes. Large 4to. Titles and mottos printed in red and black. Original publisher's vellum.
18816: HAGENDORN, EHRENFRIED. - Tractatus physico-medicus de catechu, sive terra Japonica, in vulgus dicta ad normam Academiae Naturae-Curiosorum.Jena, Johannus Bielk, (printed by Samuel Krebs), 1679. 8vo. Engraved frontispiece depicting a Japanese man holding a shield with the inscription: "E.H.D. Catechu" designed by C. Nisius. Contemporary boards, wholly untrimmed.
ABC_46040: HAINES, STAFFORD-BETTESWORTH. - Description des cotes meridionales d'Arabie, depuis l'entre de la Mer Rouge jusqu'a celle du Golfe Persique.Paris, Paul Dupont, 1849. 8vo. Later library cloth with original publisher's printed paper front wrapper bound in.
ABC_45243: HALDEMAN-JULIUS, EMANUEL (ED). - Proverbs of Arabia.Kansas, Girard, 1924. Orange wrappers.
H1EFLHU1E5LW: HALL, HARRY (BY AND/OR AFTER), AND OTHERS. - Segrare i Derby & Oaks [Winners at the Derby & Oaks].[England and/or Sweden], ca. 1835?-ca. 1855. 4to (24.5 x 18 cm). 36 pencil drawings of English thoroughbred race horses (7.5 x 11.5 to 11 x 16 cm), 1 finished in ink washes and a few touched up with white or light brown. Each drawing mounted on (or occasionally drawn on) a card, loose in a Swedish blind-blocked, textured red cloth portfolio (ca. 1860?).
L6BE1S38X3AY: HALLER, ALBRECHT VON - Nomenclator ex Historia plantarum indigenarum Helvetiae excerptus auctore. Bern, Societatis Typographicæ [colophon: [D.] Brunner & [Albrecht von] Haller], 1769. 8vo. With title-vignette. 19th-century boards, covered with sprinkled paper.
I4FCH1EPM62B: HALLER, ALBRECHT VON. - Opuscula sua botanica.Göttingen, Johann Wilhelm Schmid, 1749. 8vo. With engraved arms on title-page and 5 engraved folding plates. 19th-century paste paper boards.
6193: HAMILTON, HUGH. - De sectionibus conicis. Tractatus geometricus. In quo, ex natura ipsius coni, sectionum affectioens [!] facillime deducuntur. Methodo nova. London, William Johnston, 1758. 4to. With numerous illustrations on 17 folding engraved plates. Contemporary French gold-tooled red goatskin morocco, with the arms of the French King Louis XV in the centre of each board and his crowned monogram in each compartment (except that with the title) of the spine.
I3UE60LTAACN: HAMMER-PURGSTALL, JOSEPH VON. - Falknerklee, bestehend in drey ungedruckten Werken über die Falknerey. ...Pest (now part of Budapest), Conrad Adolf Hartleben (verso of title-page: [Vienna], printed by the widow of Anton Strauß), 1840. 8vo. With lithographed frontispiece, elaborately decorated Turkish title-page and opening page. Set in fraktur, Arabic and Greek types with incidental roman. With a modern index of ornithological, zoological and botanical names. Later 19th-century half tanned sheepskin, with the publisher's original tinted lithographed wrappers bound in; the modern index is separately bound in modern goatskin, designed to match the main volume.
6038: HANSWYK, NICOLAAS JOHANNES VAN. - Dissertatio juridica inauguralis de substitutione vulgari.Leiden, Gerard Corts, 1764. 4to. With the title printed in red and black within an attractive engraved ornamental border by Noach van der Meer. Contemporary red velvet binding, blue silk endpapers.
J9DD837D5PX9: HARDTMAN, CHRISTIAN FR. AND ENGELBERT JÖRLIN. - Specimen botanico oeconomicum sistens trifolium hybridum.Lund, Berling, 1780. 4to. With a woodcut tailpiece. Disbound.
LC3DO2BLPZFE: HARMONT, PIERRE. - Le miroir de fauconnerie, ou se verra l'instruction pour choisit, nourrir, & traicter, dresser & faire voler toute sorte d'oyseaux, ...Rouen, Clément Malassis, 1650. 4to (23 x 16.5 cm). With a woodcut illustration of a hunt using falcons on the title-page (9 x 9.5 cm) and 7 nearly full-page woodcut illustrations of birds of prey on integral leaves. Half red goatskin morocco (1930s?) signed on the free endleaf "F. SAULTIER REL.".
DCKA0UA2G73N: HARTING, JAMES EDMUND. - Hints on the management of hawks ... to which is added practical falconry, chapters historical and descriptive.London, Horace Cox, 1898. 8vo. With 11 plates and 42 illustrations in text. Original publisher's green cloth.
21658: HARTING, PIETER. - Het mikroskoop, deszelfs gebruik, geschiedenis en tegenwoordige toestand. Een handboek voor natuur- en geneeskundigen.Utrecht, Van Paddenburg & Comp.; Tiel, Gebr. Campagne, 1848-1854. With: HARTING, Pieter. De nieuwste verbeteringen van het mikroskoop en zijn gebruik, sedert 1850.Tiel, H. C. A. Campagne, 1858.5 volumes bound as 4. 8vo. With 5 folding tables, and 24 folding lithographed, including one plate coloured by hand. Contemporary, gold-tooled red morocco presentation bindings from the Antwerp Botanical Society to its director, Jan Ignatius de Beucker (1827-1906), gold and blind fillets on the boards with the presentation inscription in gold on the front board: "Het Antwerpsch Kruidkundig Genootschap aen zynen achtbaren bestuurder J.J.[!] de Beucker. Oogstmaend 1864", gold-tooled turn-ins, marbled edges and endpapers.
K61EF6QB2YE3: HARVEY, WILLIAM. - Selections from the Royal stud, being portraits taken in October 1837, at Hampton Court, from life by William Harvey. Drawn on stone by and under the direction of R.J. Lane A.R.A. lithographer to Her Majesty.London, Thomas McLean (printed by Alfred Ducôte and J. Graf), 1838. 1mo (55.5 x 38 cm). With lithographed title-page, lithographed list of plates, and 12 tinted lithographed plates by Richard James Lane and W.J. Giles after William Harvey. Contemporary cloth, gold title on front board ("The royal stud at Hampton Court"); rebacked in modern, brown half sheepskin.
I3L9XGDNBJKQ: HASSELQUIST, FRIEDRICH AND CARL LINNAEUS. - Reise nach Palästina in den Jahren von 1749 bis 1752. auf Befehl ihro Majestät der Königinn von Schweden herausgegeben vond Carl Linnäus aus em Schwedischen.Rostock, Johann Christian Koppe, 1762 (colophon: Leipzig, Johann Gottlob Immanuel Breitkopf, 1761). 8vo. With woodcut tailpieces. Contemporary half vellum.
L14DB1BIDNF2: HASSKARL, JUSTUS KARL. - Catalogus plantarum in horto botanico Bogoriensi cultarum alter. | Tweede catalogus der in 's lands plantentuin te Buitenzorg gekweekte gewassen.Batavia, Lands-drukkerij, 1844. 8vo. Contemporary half sheepskin, modern endpapers.
ABC_45366: [HASTINGS, WARREN.] - A narrative of the insurrection which happened in the Zemeedary of Banaris in the month of August 1781, and of the transactions of the Governor-General in that district; with an appendix of authentic papers and affidavits.Calcutta, printed by order of the Governor General. Charles Wilkins superintendant of the Press, 1782. Large 4to. Contemporary calf, gold-tooled spine title: “Insurrection at Banaris”.
16996: HASTREL, ADOLPHE D'. - Album de la plata. Paris, Gihau(l)t frères (printed by Auguste Bry, Lemercier and Thierry), [1846]. 1mo (55 x 38 cm). 12 tinted lithographs (22 x 35 cm), depicting views in and around Montevideo, Buenos Aires, etc. Mid-19th-century binding, rebacked in green morocco.
S971: HAUG, ÉMILE. - Traité de géologie.Paris, Armand Colin, 1908-1911. 2 parts in 3 volumes. Large 8vo. With 135 plates with half-tone reproductions of photographs (some with 2 photographs) and 485 illustration figures (some in the text, some full-page and including several folding maps). Contemporary half brown morocco, top edges gilt.
H6TGCND412W1: [HAWAII]. - Constitution of the Republic of Hawaii. Promulgated July 4th, A.D. 1894.[Honolulu, 1894]. 22 x 14.5 cm. Stapled leaves in publisher's original blue/green wrappers, with letterpress title on front. Kept in modern half morocco clamshell box.
F4JE7MFKAOE3: HAWKESWORTH, JOHN (EDITOR). - Reizen rondom de weereld, ondernomen . . . tot het doen van ontdekkingen in het zuider halfrond . . .Including: BYRON, John. [Drop title:] Verkort verhaal der reizen . . . Tocht van den Kommandeur Byron.WALLIS, Samuel. Verkort verhaal eener reize rondom de weereld, gedaan in de jaaren 1766, 1767 en 1768. . . . voerende des Konings schip Den Dolphyn.CARTERET, Philip. Verkort verhaal eener reize rondom de weereld, gedaan in de jaaren 1766, 1767, 1768 en 1769. . . . voerende des Konings sloep De Swaluw.COOK, James. Verkort verhaal eener reize rondom de weereld, gedaan in de jaaren 1769, 1770 en 1771. . . ., voerende 's Konings schip, Den Onderneemer.Rotterdam, Reinier Arrenberg, 1774. 4to. With an engraved frontispiece. With an extra folding engraved world map in 2 hemispheres incorporating Cook's recent discoveries: Rigobert Bonne, De oude en nieuwe waereld . . . verrykt met de ondekkingen der laatste reizigers, Amsterdam, 1792 (23×41.5 cm). Modern cloth.
H6AC83TDYQF5: HAY, JOHN. - De rebus Japonicis, Indicis, et Peruanis epistolae recentiores.Antwerp, Martinus Nutius II, 1605. 8vo. With Nutius's woodcut device on title-page and a small woodcut illustration in the text. Contemporary vellum.
J81CH3FHDRY7: HAZART, CORNELIUS. - Kerckelycke historie vande gheheele wereldt, namelyck vande voorgaende ende teghenwoordighe eeuwe, ...Antwerp, Michiel Cnobbaert, 1667-1671. 4 volumes. Folio. With an engraved frontispiece in each volume; volume 1 with a title-page printed in red and black and 45 engraved plates; volume 2 with 17 engraved plates; volume 3 with 37 engraved plates; volume 4 with 19 engraved plates (122 engraved plates in total, incl. frontispieces). Contemporary mottled, tanned sheepskin, gold-tooled spines.
F63CG0ZIY9EO: HAZEWINKEL, ABRAHAM CORNELIS. - Handleiding om op verschillende wijzen de breedte buiten den middag of meridiaan te vinden, door waarnemingen aan de zon of sterren; … Tweede druk. Amsterdam, widow of Gerard Hulst van Keulen, 1839. 8vo. With a lithographed plate and several letterpress tables. Contemporary boards.
F63BZTTH4G5B: HAZEWINKEL, ABRAHAM CORNELIS. - Handleiding om op verschillende wijzen de breedte buiten den middag of meridiaan te vinden, door waarnemingen aan de zon of starren. Groningen, R.J. Schierbeek, 1827. 8vo. With a lithographed folding plate and numerous letterpress tables (numbered I-VI, but some spread over several pages). Contemporary boards, covered with red sprinkled paper, rebacked with brown paper tape.
E9LAI1YNZ8OA: HEARNE, SAMUEL AND JOHANN REINHOLD FORSTER (EDITOR). - Landreis van 't Prins van Wallis Fort aan Hudson Baai, naar den Noorder-Oceaan.The Hague, J.C. Leeuwenstijn, 1798. 2 volumes. 8vo. With folding map, hand-coloured in outline (41.5×50.5 cm), a folding map of the Coppermine River, and 2 folding views, all engraved and etched. Contemporary half sheepskin, gold-tooled spine.
I14A8BL17SWL: HECKER, AUGUST FRIEDERICH. - Anleitung zum zweckma¨ßigen Gebrauche der einfachen und zusammengesetzten Arzneimittel, welche in der Pharmacopoea castrensis Borussica enthalten sind. Eine Beilage zu dem medicinisch-praktischen Taschenbuche für Feldärzte und Wundärzte deutscher Armeen.Berlin, Friedrich Maurer, 1806. Small 8vo (14.5 x 9.5 cm). With a wood-engraved medallion on title-page, depicting both sides, one including a portrait of J. Goercke. Contemporary marbled boards.
S1184: HEEMSKERK, JAN VAN. - Minne-kunst. Minne-baet. Minne-dichten. Mengel-dichten.Amsterdam, Hessel Gerritsz, 1626-1627. 4 parts in 1 volume. Oblong small 8vo. With 4 separate titles, and 20 fine engraved plates, including frontispiece, by Pieter Serwouters.Modern vellum.
J8GBLYH2GJR6: HEER, HENRI DE. - Spadacrene hoc est Fons Spadanus, ... ut et Observationes medicae ...Including HEER, Henri de. Observationes medicae, oppido rarae in Spa et Leodii; animadversa, cum medicamentis ...Leiden, Pieter van der Aa, 1685. 2 works published together. 12mo. 18th-century boards.
6877: HEGIUS (VAN DEN HECK), ALEXANDER. - Dialogi. De scientia et eo q[uo]d co[n]tra Academicos. De tribus anim[a]e generibus. De incarnationis misterio dialogi duo quib[us] ... Dialogus physicus. De sensu et sensili. De arte et inertia. De rhetorica. De moralibus. Eiusde[m] Farrago cui addita invectiva eius in modos significandi ... Epistola una et altera eius ceteris apud suos latentibus.(Colophon: Deventer, Richard Pafraet, 1503). Small 4to (21 x 14.5 cm). With spaces left for 3- to 5-line manuscript initials (most with printed guide letters). Set in a rotunda gothic type with the title, colophon, running heads, etc. in a larger textura gothic and the author's name in a still larger rotunda, with occasional words in Greek. With one blue "Lombardic" initial filled in in manuscript, capitals and paragraph marks rubricated throughout. Half tan sheepskin (ca. 1860?).
75RGTLDTIJWE: HEIMREICH, ANTON. - Ernewerte Nordfresische Chronick, darin die Beschreibung derer dem Schleßwigischen Hertzogthum incorporirten Freschen Landschafften, ... Schleswig, Johann Holwein for the author, 1668. 4to. Engraved frontispiece (incorporating 5 town plans and a portrait of the author), engraved folding map of North Friesland (at a scale of about 1: 450,000) dated 1668, and a folding letterpress genealogical table. 18th-century mottled calf, gold-tooled spine and board edges. Rebacked, preserving the original backstrip.
H8RDNCBBM1E1: HEINE, WILHELM. - Reis om de wereld naar Japan.[Rotterdam, Nijgh], 1856. Large 8vo (24.5 x 16 cm). With a frontispiece, title-page and 10 plates (all tinted wood engravings) and a few wood engravings in text. Contemporary half morocco.
23502: HEINSIUS, DANIEL. - Lof-sanck van Jesus Christus den eenigen ende eeuwigen sone Godes: ende zyne andere Nederduytse poemata. Nieuwelijcks oversien, vermeerdert, ende verbetert. Met de uytlegginghen. Amsterdam, Jan Jacobsz. Schipper, 1650. 8vo. With a woodcut interlaced decoration on the title-page, a small engraved nativity scene (for the Lof-sanck), a full-page engraving of the memorial monument for Jacob van Heemskerk (for the Neder-Duytsche poemata) and 72 emblematic engravings (4.5×6.5 cm), mostly by Crispijn de Passe. 17th-century vellum.
H7RBHXLMRGXE: HELMAN, ISIDORE-STANISLAS. - Faits memorables des empereurs de la Chine, tirés des annales chinoises… gravées … d'après les dessins originaux de la Chine … tirés du cabinet de mr. Bertin.Paris, Helman and Nicholas Ponce, 1788. Wholly engraved series, consisting of a title-page, dedication, 24 illustrations and 24 text pages, all printed on one side of a leaf. With: (2) HELMAN, Isidore-Stanislas. Abrégé historique des principaux traits de la vie de Confucius célebre philosophe chinois, … gravées … d'après des dessins originaux de la Chine envoyés à Paris par M. Amiot missionaire à Pékin …Paris, Helman and Nicholas Ponce, [1788]. Wholly engraved series, consisting of a title-page, 24 illustrations and 28 text pages, all except 8 of the text pages, printed on one side of a leaf. 2 works in 1 volume. 4to. Contemporary mottled calf, gold-tooled spine, sides, binding edges and dentelles, gilt edges.
H62A59I2KDEK: [HELMAN, ISIDORE-STANISLAS]. - [Suite de seize estampes représentant les conquêtes de l'Empereur de la Chine, avec leur explication].With:(2) [Supplement 1 with views 17-20].(3) [Supplement 2 with views 21-24].Paris, Isidore Stanislas Helman, Nicolas Ponce, 1783-1788. Oblong Imperial folio (35 x 48.5 cm). A series of 24 numbered engraved views (plate size 27 x 43 cm; image size 24 x 41 cm), with reproductions of the engraved explanation of the views, in both the earlier state covering views 1-16 and the later state covering views 1-24. Loose prints in folders in a modern archival box.
18851: HELMREICH, ANDREAS. - Kunstbüchlein. Wie man auff Marmelstein, Kupffer, Messing, Zihn, Stahl, Eisen, Harnisch und Waffen, &c. etzen, und künstlich vergülden soll. Mit vorgehendem Bericht, wie man Dinten, Dintenpulver, Prisilgen, und alle Metallfarben zum schreiben. Mancherley Farben, Pergament, Federn zu färben. Alle Metallen aus der Federn zu schreiben, Gold und Silber, Fundamentlein und Goldwasser auff allerley Ballerey, und dergleichen mehr, machen und temperieren soll. Zu Dienst und Ehren allen Schreibern, auch den unerfahrnen der Etzkunst, zusammen gebracht. ... Von neuen übersehen, gemehret, und corrigirt, und in Druck gebracht.[Leipzig?], 1660. Small 8vo (14.5 x 8.5 cm). Title-page printed in red and black. Later marbled wrappers.
17694: HELVETIUS, CLAUDE ADRIEN. - De L'homme, de ses facultés intellectuelles et de son éducation. Ouvrage posthume.London [= France?], La Société Typographique, 1773. 2 volumes bound as 1. 8vo. Contemporary mottled calf, gold-tooled spine.
3336: [HEMSTERHUIS, FRANS]. - Aristée, ou de la divinité.Paris [= The Hague or Haarlem], 1779. 12mo. With engraved vignette on the title-page and 3 engraved head- and tailpieces, all printed in brown. Contemporary gold-tooled red morocco, gold-tooled spine, board edges and turn-ins, gilt edges.
E9R9AN01U79O: HENCKEL (HENKEL), JOHANN FRIEDRICH. - Flora saturnizans, die Verwandtschafft des Pflanzen mit dem Mineral-Reich, nach der Natural-Historie und Chymie aus vielen Anmerckungen und Proben …Leipzig, Johann Christian Martini, 1722. 8vo. With engraved frontispiece showing a mining operation, and 9 engraved plates. 18th-century vellum.
L52FSEX79ECK: HENDERSON, WILLIAM AUGUSTUS. - The housekeeper’s instructor; or, universal family cook. Being an ample and clear display of the art of cookery in all its various branches ... Likewise the making and keeping to perfection British wines, and proper rules for brewing malt liquor. … To which is added the complete art of carving.London, W. & J. Stratford, [ca 1790?]. 8vo. With an engraved frontispiece and 11 engraved plates (2 folding), mostly showing carving techniques or how to arrange the dishes on the table during suppers. Contemporary half calf, marbled paper sides, red morocco spine label.
21705: HENNEBO, ROBERT. - Verzamelde dicht-werken.The Hague, Pieter van Os; Leiden, Pieter van der Eyk and Johannes Le Mair, etc., [1767]. 8vo. With 2 half-page engravings in the text. Contemporary half calf.
5AEFCJCDMSG7: HENNEPIN, LOUIS. - Nouvelle decouverte d'un tres grand pays situé dans l'Amerique, entre le Nouveau Mexique, et la mer glaciale.Amsterdam, Abraham van Someren, 1698. 12mo. With engraved frontispiece by Caspar Luyken, 2 folding engraved maps and 2 folding engraved plates. Contemporary mottled calf, gold-tooled spine.
I9FCCFH840MW: [HERALDIC CHART - EUROPE]. SPECHT, CASPAR. - Historische en geographische tafel om te leren een kort begrip vande landen en staaten in Europa haar grootheyd, besitting en alles dat tot onderricht der liefhebbers van de landbeschryvinge dienen kan.Amsterdam, Reinier and Joshua Ottens, [before 1750]. Engraved chart (47.5 x 57 cm) printed on a single sheet of paper (51.5 x 64 cm), coloured by hand, including several coats of arms.
I9FCT8EEMGS1: [HERALDIC CHART - EUROPE]. [SPECHT, CASPAR]. - Historische en geographische tafel om te leren een kort begrip vande landen en staaten in Europa haar grootheyt, besitting en alles dat tot onderricht der liefhebbers van de landbeschryvinge dienen kan.Amsterdam, Cornelis Danckerts II, [ca. 1703-1705]. Engraved chart (47.5 x 57 cm) printed on a single sheet of paper (51.5 x 61 cm), partly hand-coloured, including several coats of arms, with an added title in German engraved just above the image.
I9FDL87IAWF4: [HERALDIC CHART - GERMANY]. SCHENK, PIETER. - Germaniae compendium tria continens imperii collegia forumdemque insignia et sessiones ut et circulorum divisiones una cum suis annotationibus. | Kort begryp van Duytsland, desselfs ryx collegien hunne zittingen en wapens, kreitsverdelingen, en aantekeningen daar op.Amsterdam, Pieter Schenk, [1707]. Engraved chart (50 x 57) on a single sheet of paper (52.5 x 61 cm), coloured by a contemporary hand, depicting various coats of arms and including a small map (15.5 x 15.5 cm) of Germany.
K7B9NFVEXEBV: [HERBAL]. - Nöthige, zuverlässige und kurze Nachricht von denenjenigen Stücken aus dem Pflanzenreiche, welche in den Apotheken der meisten Länder Europens aufbehalten werden müssen, zum Gebrauche der Apotheken verfertiget und dem Drucke übergeben.Dresden, Johann Nikolaus Gerlach and son, 1764. 8vo. With an engraved plate showing the annual flowering plant Chenopodium botrys. Contemporary boards, spine strengthened with marbled paper.
K53GNJK6CRYV: [HERBARIUM - MUSHROOMS]. BERTILLON, [LOUIS-ADOLPHE] & F[RANÇOIS]. - [Herbier de champignons].[Paris and Maison-Laffitte], 1862-1912. 4to & folded folio leaves in a 4to portfolio (23 x 18 cm). A mushroom herbarium comprising samples of 23 varieties of mushroom, each mounted on paper, with manuscript notes and an occasional pencil drawing, the two earliest mounted and written on a pre-printed form. Loosely inserted in a contemporary half green cloth portfolio.
R699: HEREDIA, RICARDO M. - Catalogue de la bibliothèque de m. Ricardo Heredia.Paris, 1891. 4 parts in 2 volumes. 4to. Modern half cloth.
FA8GN8N3923W: HERING, JOHANNES HERMANUS. - Beschryving van het eiland Curaçao, en de daar onder hoorende eilanden, . . .Amsterdam, Johannes van Selm, 1779. 8vo. With 2 folding engraved plates, one providing a map of Curaçao and plan of Fort Amsterdam and its surroundings, and the other showing the spectacular explosion of the warship Alphen on 15 September 1778. Green cloth (ca. 1930?) by George Fredrik Lodewijk Ophof in Rotterdam.
F52GJDQCVYWX: HERMANN, AMAND. - Desertum Pharan mystice explicatum, cum quadraginta duabus in eo mansionibus filiorum Isràél ad Palaestinam pergentium: . . . Kalisz, printed by the college of the Society of Jesus, 1685. 4to. With an engraved frontispiece, showing a map of the Holy Land and the route of the Exodus with the 42 stations numbered. Contemporary overlapping vellum.
S2783: HERMANS, H. JR. - Beknopte natuurlijke geschiedenis der zeldzaamste en meest belangrijkste in- en uitlandsche vogelen, met honderd zestien [= 117!] naauwkeurig naar het leven gekleurde afbeeldingen. Amsterdam, Gebroeders Van Arum, [1828]. 2 volumes. 8vo (text) & oblong folio (plates). With 117 figures on 21 engraved plates (16.5 x 24-29 cm), drawn by Jan Caspar Philips ca. 1762-1763. Coloured by a contemporary hand, as published. Modern cloth and half cloth.
J7BA2E7BG375: HERNANDEZ, JOSÉ DE LA LUZ. - Memoir on the salubrity of the Isle of Pines.Havana, 1857. Disbound, sewn.
6855: HERODIAN. - Historiae libri VIII.With:(2) AURELIUS VICTOR, Sextus. A D. Caesare Augusto usque ad Theodosium excerpta.(3) EUTROPIUS. Historiae libri X.(4) PAUL THE DEACON (PAULUS DIACONUS). Libri VIII. ad Eutropii historiam additi.Florence, Filippo Giunta, 1517. 4 works in 1 volume. Small 8vo. With Giunta’s woodcut device on the verso of the otherwise blank final leaf. Later half calf.
98OH076596KH: HERODOTUS. - [Historiarum] libri novem. Quibus musarum indita sunt nomina.(Colophon: Venice), Aldus Manutius, (colophon: September 1502). Folio (29.5 x 20 cm). With Aldus's anchor and dolphin device on title-page and the verso of the last leaf. Late 19th-century blind-tooled, polished tan calf, the central panel with the arms of the Dukes of Arenberg.
18691: HEROLT, JOHANNA HELENA. - [Watercolour of a wallflower and a double hyacinth, with inchworm moths, larvae and pupae].[Amsterdam, ca. 1700]. Watercolour drawing (38 x 29 cm) on extremely fine white parchment, said to be uterine lamb, showing a wallflower and a double hyacinth with two inchworm moths in the air (2 different species) and two inchworms and two pupae on the leaves and flowers. Framed.
19904: HEROLT, JOHANNA HELENA. - [Watercolour of a branch of a French roses, with several flowers and insects].[Amsterdam, ca. 1700]. Watercolour drawing (38.5 x 29 cm) on extremely fine white parchment, said to be uterine lamb, showing a branch of French roses with three fully opened flowers, five buds or partly opened flowers, four ants (with and without wings) and probably a hover fly. Framed.
A6NFGYX03ZAY: HERP, HENDRIK. - Den spieghel der volmaecktheydt. Seer profijtelijck allen menschen, in wat staet sy zijn. ... Nu weder van nieus ghevisiteert ende gheapprobeert.Antwerp, Hieronymus Verdussen, 1607. 8vo. With a woodcut roundel portrait of Jesus on the title-page (signed "A"), a woodcut tailpiece, and decorations built up from cast arabesque fleurons. Contemporary overlapping vellum, leather thong ties.
145: HERRENSCHMID, JACOB. - Peripatheticus orgiorum ethnico-pontificius. Justè castigatus, justius profligatus, justissimè condemnatus. Hoc est, brevis dissertatiuncula De Bachanaliorum nomine, origine, progressu, placentis, larvis, excusationibus, exemplis, poenis, ludis, choreis, symposiis, ludibriis, &c.Nuremberg, Simon Halbmayer, [1626]. 12mo.19th-century red half morocco, marbled paper sides.
F6LFNG3B4TLT: HERRING, JOHN FREDERICK, SR. - Portraits of the winning horses of the Great St. Leger Stakes, at Doncaster, from the year 1815 to the present year inclusive. London, S. and J. Fuller (printed by L. Harrison), [1828]. Imperial folio (60×42 cm). With engraved vignette on the letterpress title-page, 14 hand-coloured aquatint plates by T. Sutherland and R. G. Reeve after Herring, each with information on a separate letterpress leaf. Contemporary plain boards with publisher's printed label wrapper-title on front board (rebacked with burgundy half morocco and matching corners).
14745: HERVET, GENTIAN. - Epistre ou advertissement au peuple fidele de l'Eglise Catholique, touchant les differens qui sont aujourd'huy en la religion Chrestienne.Paris, Nicolas Chesneau, 1561.With:(2) HERVET, Gentian. Deux epistres, aux ministres, predicans et supposts de la congregation & nouvelle eglise de ceux qui s'appellent fideles, & croyans à la parolle: ...Paris, Nicolas Chesneau, 1562.Including: (3) HERVET, Gentian. Seconde epistre aux ministres, predicans & suppostz de le nouvelle eglise, de ceux qui s'appellent fideles, & croyans à la parole.Paris, Nicolas Chesneau, 1561.(4) [TOUSSAIN, Daniel?]. Response a une certaine epistre envoyee par M. Gentian Hervet, curé de Crevant, aux fideles de l'eglise reformee d'Orleans.[Paris?], [publisher unknown], 1561.(5) HERVET, Gential. Apologie ou defense, contre une response des Ministres de la nouvelle eglise d'Orleans, escripte en leur nom, par Je ne sçay qui, se nommant, L'un pour tous.Paris, Nicolas Chesneau, 1561. 5 works in 1 volume. 8vo. 18th-century(?) sheepskin parchment.
S1132: HERVIEUX DE CHANTELOUP, JOSEPH-CHARLES. - Nouveau traité des serins de canarie, contenant la maniere de les élever & les appareiller pour en avoir de belles races; avec des remarques sur les signes & causes de leurs maladies, & plusieurs secrets pour les guérir. ... Nouvelle edition, revûe, corrigée & augmentée ...Paris, Saugrain Fils, 1745. 8vo. With 1 engraved plate, 2 pages with woodcut music scores, and 1 folding engraved plate with music scores on both sides. Contemporary mottled, tanned sheepskin, gold-tooled spine.
ABC_46035: HERZOG, P.A. & P. HIGGINS (PHOTOS). - [Title on front cover:] The Abu album, 1895-96.Mhow, Central India, Herzog & Higgins, 1896 (presented in 1904). Oblong folio (35 x 50 cm). With 43 gelatin silver photographs including one two-part panorama and a portrait of the Maharao of Sirohi. All ca. 21 x 28 cm. Mounted on rectos and versos of thick card album leaves, with protective tissue papers, with printed captions pasted below. Contemporary blind-tooled morocco, title in gold on front cover, gilt edges.
93T9E501U79O: [HEUKELOM]. [BEIJER, JAN DE]. - View of Heukelom.Heukelom, 8 August, 1750. 13 x 21.5 cm. Original watercolour highlighted with white.Detached from a 19th-century paperboard support with hand drawn decorative frame and cartouche with the title "Heukelom J. de Beijer 1703-1768" (24 x 32 cm).
K79FV9A8B4BE: HEURCK, HENRI VAN AND JAN IGNATIUS DE BEUCKER. - Antwerpsche analytische flora, inhoudende de beschyving van alle planten, welke in de provincie Antwerpen, in de vrye natuer, groeijen of er algemeen gekweekt worden.Antwerpen, widow of Jos. Van Ishoven, 1861. Large 8vo. Contemporary half cloth.
I84BI9BBC28K: HEYDEN (HEIDEN), FRANS JANSZ. VAN DER. - Vervarelyke schip-breuk van 't Oost-Indisch jacht Ter Schelling, onder het landt van Bengale; ... beneffens een bondige beschryving der Koningryken van Arrakan, Bengale, Martavan, Tanassery, … Den vyfden druk doorgaens met platen verciert.Harderwijk, Jan Rampen, 1722. 4to. With 18 woodcut illustrations plus 1 repeat. Modern half vellum.
K88C0FV7TA70: HEYNE, ALEXANDER AND OTTO TASCHENBERG. - Die exotischen Käfer in Wort und Bild.Esslingen & München, J.F. Schreiber (back of title-page: printed by G. Reusche, Leipzig), [1893-]1908. Large 4to (33.5 x 26.5 cm). With 40 chromolithographed plates (lithographed by Max Brüggemann, Leipzig and printed by F.A. Brockhaus). Publisher's original decorated cloth.With: (2) HEYNE, Alexander. Systematisches und alphabetisches Verzeichnis der bis 1892 beschriebenen exotischen Cicindelidae. Leipzig, Ernst Heyne, 1894. Large 8vo (27 x 17.5 cm). Contemporary half cloth.
6277: HEYNLIN DE LAPIDE, JOHANNES. - Resolutioru[m] dubioru[m] circa celebatione[m] missarum occurrentium.(Colophon: Cologne, Johann Landen, 1506). With a woodcut illustration of the madonna and child on the recto of the last blank and repeated on the verso of the same leaf. With: (2) AUGUSTINUS OF LEONISSA. Sermones pulcherrimi sup[er] D[omi]nica[m] or[ati]o[n]em Pater noster et Angelicam salutat[i]o[n]em Ave Maria ... (Colophon: Cologne, [heirs of] Heinrich Quentel, 1505). With a couple decorated woodcut initials. 2 works in 1 volume. 8vo. Richly blind-tooled calf in panel design, signed ("HB") and dated ("1540"), both sides with in the centre a roll of showing the crucifixion, instruments of the Passion and the resurrection of Christ, surrounded by a roll with portraits of the 4 Evangelists and the front board with the title "Resolutorium" and "XLIII". Further with 5 brass bosses on each side, brass clasps, catch plates and corner pieces (lacking 2 corner pieces on the back).
17575: HEYNS, ZACHARIAS. - Const-thoonende juweel by de loflijcke stadt Haerlem, ten versoecke van trou moet blijcken, in't licht gebracht. Waer inne duydelick verclaert ende verthoont wordt alles wat den mensche mach wecken om den armen te troosten, ende zijnen naesten by te staen. In twaelf spelen van sinne, so veel intreden, refreynen ende liedekens ghestelt in redenrijck naer de volgende voorgegevene caerte van 't speel-korenken.Zwolle, Zacharias Heyns, 1607. With large emblematic device with the coat of arms of Haarlem on title-page, 2 full-page engravings of raised-platform stages, 13 full-page engraved emblematic devices of the chambers of rhetoric (most including 1 or 2 coats of arms), 13 pages of songs with letterpress music notes, and 13 large folding oblong plates on 2 or more sheets depicting the festive entree of each group of actors from the competing chambers of rhetoric.(2) [RHETORICIANS - REDERIJKERS - HAARLEM]. Haerlems juweel, tot nut vande oude arme uyt liefden ten thoon ghestelt nae de voorgegevene caerte vant speelcorenken.Zwolle, Zacharias Heyns, 1608. With a large engraving on title-page, repeated from the first work, a full-page engraved emblematic device of the Flemish chamber of rhetoric, "Het Wit Angelierken" from Haarlem, and large folding oblong plate on 3 sheets depicting the festive entree of the actors of the Flemish chamber of rhetoric. 4to. 2 works in 1 volume. Contemporary vellum.
79GCNC2U5O5S: HIGGINS, WILLIAM JOHN. - South Sea whale fishery. A representation of the ships Amelia Wilson & Castor off the Island of Bouro - with their boats & crew in the various process of fishing, shewing the manner the spermacetti whales are caught, also the method of cutting them into the ship, & boiling the oil upon deck.London, W.J. Huggins, January 1, 1825. Aquatint (plate size: 44 x 56.5 cm), printed on unwatermarked wove paper (50.5 x 61.5 cm).
ABC_45376: HILL, JOHN. - A general natural history: or, new and accurate descriptions of the animals, vegetables, and minerals, of the different parts of the world; with their virtues and uses, as far as hitherto certainly known, in medicine and mechanics: ...London, Printed for Thomas Osborne, 1748-1752. 3 volumes. Folio. With 56 hand-coloured plates (16 on plants, 28 on animals and 12 on fossils, some signed by B. Cole) and in volume 3 also 1 folding table.Contemporary green morocco, richly gold-tooled spines with red morocco labels, gold-tooled frames on the boards, marbled endpapers. Volumes misnumbered on the spines (vols. 1-3 labeled 3, 1 and 2 respectively).
HCHAA4VAGU23: HIPPOCRATES (BOQRAT). - Aphorismi, ad mentem ipsius, artis usus, & corpis mechanismi rationem expositi.Paris, Guillelmum Cavelier, 1724. 2 volumes. 12mo. With a woodcut device on title-page and a tailpiece on the last page. Contemporary calf, gold-tooled spine, red edges, marbled pastedowns and endpapers.
829DP65O4P31: HIPPOCRATES. - Hippocratis coi medicorum omnium longe principis, opera quae ad nos extant omnia. Per Janum Cornarium medicum physicum Latina lingua conscripta. Index rerum ad calcem operis ...Basel, Froben (colophon: Hieronymus Froben & Nicolaus Episcopius, March), 1546. Folio (33.5 x 24 cm). With 2 slightly different versions of Froben's emblematic woodcut device one on the title-page and the other on the verso of the final (otherwise blank) leaf. Contemporary vellum over paperboards.
M2H99OL1K649: HOFFMANN, GEORG FRANZ. - Historia salicum iconibus illustrata.Leipzig, Siegfried Leberecht Crusius, vol. 1: 1785-1787, vol. 2: 1791. 2 volumes. Folio. With 24 engraved plates in vol. 1 (numbered 1-24) and 6 engraved plates in vol. 2 (numbered 25-29, 31: all published), all signed by I. Nuszbiegel after originals by the author, except plate 31, which is signed by Johann Stephan Capieux.Blue sprinkled paper over boards (vol. 1) and limp grey paper wrappers, stab-sewn through the wrappers (vol. 2). Preserved in a professionaly handmade box, made for this book.
L14CGEGLDC1H: HOFFMANN, GOTTFRIED. - Außerlesene Kern-Sprüche Heiliger Schrifft, durch kurtze Fragen deutlich erkläret und nützlich angewendet, nebst einer ausführlichen Einleitung zum Bibel-Lesen ...Leipzig, Friedrich Lankisch, 1705. 8vo. With an engraved frontispiece, title-page printed in red and black, a folding letterpress table and occasional lines in Greek and Hebrew type. Contemporary vellum, manuscript title on spine.
K7GAIEBMB0KI: [HOFMANN, ERNST] AND ARNOLD SPULER (EDITOR). - Die Schmetterlinge Europas. Dritte Auflage.Stuttgart, E. Schweizerbart, 1908-1910. 4 volumes. 4to. With 155 chromolithographed plates. Contemporary half sheepskin (not matching: vols. 1-3 red and vol. 4 brown).
ABC_46078: HOGARTH, DAVID GEORGE. - The penetration of Arabia.London, Lawrence and Bullen, Ltd., 1904. Large 8vo. With 50 photographs of Medina, Mecca (incl. the Ka’bah, pilgrims camping outside the city praying in the Great Mosque-Precinct and at the Tomb, mostly after the photographs of Snouck Hurgronje), Maskat, Sana, Jidda; portraits of explorers such as Carsten Niebuhr, J.L. Burckhardt, G.A. Wallin, Richard Burton, J. Snouck Hurgronje, Jos. Halévy, W.G. Palgrave, W.S. and Lady Anne Blunt and others, maps of their routes through Arabia and several maps and plans of Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Mecca, Medina, Sana, Riad, etc.; the Teima stone, the first published Himyaritic inscriptions, etc. At the end are bound two folding coloured maps on one large leaf (345 x 675 mm) containing (1) the orthographical, and (2) the land surface features of Arabia. Original green publisher's cloth, title in gold on the front board with a gold-tooled section of a compass with the signs of the zodiac, title in gold on the spine.
76LF6I9G0TM4: [HOLBERG, LUDVIG VON]. - Nicolai Klimii iter subterraneum novam telluris theoriam ac historiam quintae monarchiae adhuc nobis incognitae, exhibens e bibliotheca B. Abelini.Copenhagen and Leipzig, Friedrich Christian Pelt, 1754. 8vo. With engraved frontispiece, engraved title-page, folding map and 6 full-page plates, engraved by Brühl. 19th-century boards, covered with marbled paper.
H97ETXXIY646: HOLBERG, LUDVIG. - Leevensbeschryving van den heere Baron Lodewyk Holberg.Amsterdam, Steven van Esveldt, 1765. 8vo. With engraved frontispiece portrait of Holberg. Brown calf (ca. 1900?), richly gold-tooled spine.
ABC_46159: [HOLDERMANN, JEAN-BAPTISTE DANIEL]. - Grammaire Turque ou méthode courte et facile pour apprendre la langue Turque ...Istanbul, [Ibrahim Müteferrika & Zaïd Aga Effendi], 1730. 4to. With a double-page engraved table of Arabic letters in 7 different styles. Set in roman type with frequent Turkish words and phrases in naskh Arabic type. Contemporary blind-tooled calf.
F1NDD2VL9PKV: [HOLLYWOOD MEMORABILIA - INDONESIA]. - [Collection of 38 flyers (heralds) for movies, from Bogor, Indonesia].Bogor, 1947-1953. 38 single sheets, most printed double-sided, several folding, nearly all with illustrations depicting actors and movie scenes, mostly printed in one or two colours, some in four-colour half-tones.
J9DDGDAU7R9G: HOLM, JONAS AND OLOF ADAMSSON HERWECH. - Dissertatio philosophica, de praestantia studii historici naturae.Stockholm, Laurentius Salvius, 1752. 4to. Disbound.
19905: [HOLSTEYN PIETER THE YOUNGER]. - Druyven hyacinthen.[Netherlands, ca. 1650]. Watercolour (ca. 13.5 x 13 cm) on laid paper (31.5 x 21 cm), with caption below.
ABC_45205: HOMANN, JOHANN BAPTIST. - Grosser Atlas über die gantze Welt.Nuremberg, Homann heirs (printed by Johann Heinrich Gottfried Bieling), 1737[-1762]. Folio (34 x 53.5 cm). Letterpress title-page printed in red and black with an engraved map of the northern hemisphere in a polar projection, engraved frontispiece with a globe and a dozen allegorical figures (with a decorated cartouche at the foot giving the title in Latin), engraved portrait of Homann by Johann Wilhelm Winter after Johannes Kenckel, and 98 engraved maps (93 double-page, 1 larger folding in 2 sheets and 4 half-page together on a double-page plate) many with further inset maps and/or views, all with decorated cartouches, often with pictorial decoration or coats of arms; and 3 double-page engraved tables of topographic data. With the engraved title-page and all maps and tables (except for the small north polar projection on the letterpress title-page) coloured by an 18th-century hand, the maps in part or in outline. Gold-tooled red morocco (ca. 1800?) in a neo-classical style, from the workshop of or in the style of Georg Friedrich Krauss (Vienna).
J5MD5KEOD3JE: HOMMEL, KARL FERDINAND. - Bibliotheca juris rabbinica et Saracenorum Arabica instructa.Bayreuth, Joh. Andr. Lubekus, 1762. 8vo. Later sprinkled paper boards.
ABC_45669: HONDIUS, HENDRICK (I). - [Tweede basuyne. en ‘t boosdoens heylige wraeck-spiegel …].[Netherlands, Hendrick Hondius (I), 1623]. Broadside (51 x 26.5 cm). Two separate leaves, one with the engraving (plate size 14 x 17.5 cm) and the other with letterpress verses (37 x 26.5 cm), originally assembled to form a single broadside. The leaf with the engraving lacking the letterpress heading with the title and the letterpress psalm in 2 columns that flanked the engraving. Mounted on a paper support. With a second copy of the text leaf loosely inserted.
8BNE272U2AXD: HONDIUS, HENDRIK (& SIMON FRISIUS, ANDRIES STOCK AND ROBERT DE BAUDOUS). - Pictorum aliquot celebrium praecipué Germaniae Inferioris, effigies. Pars I.The Hague, Henricus Hondius, [ca. 1610]. Folio. An engraved print series with an architectural title-page with allegorical figures, 41 engraved portraits (20 x 12 cm) by Hendrik Hondius (9), Robert de Baudous (4), Simon Frisius (23) and Andries Stock (5); and an allegorical closing print (a skeleton holding an hour glass and an arrow, not in the copy on Google Books). The three plates outside the portraits are all by Hendrick Hondius. With an extra added portrait of Hendrick Hondius, engraved by Fredericus Boultats after a drawing by Hondius himself (16.5 x 11 cm; mounted on a blank leaf). Contemporary half calf, brown sprinkled paper sides.
K6EGD4XJ7G8G: [HONEYMAN, ROBERT B.]. - [174 trade catalogues from the collection of Robert Honeyman]. 1910-1961. 37 volumes (numbered on spine in manuscript: 1-15, 20-32, 34-36, 38-40 plus three volumes unnumbered). Mostly 8vo. Collection of 174 trade catalogues plus 5 duplicates. Red cloth.
20867: HÖNN, GEORG PAUL. - Betrugslexicon, worinnen die meisten Betrügereyen in allen Ständen, nebst denen darwider guten Theils dienenden Mitteln, ...Coburg, Johann Carl Findeisen, 1761. 8vo. With a woodcut title-vignette and woodcut headpieces. Contemporary brown sprinkled paper over boards, red edges.
L71DAXBSZ7T2: HOOGHE, ROMEYN DE. - Carte nouvelle des costes de Hollande, Zeelande, Flandre, Picardie, & Normandie, depuis la Brille jusques à Dieppe, avec une partie des costes D'Angleterre, … Dressé sur les mémoires les plus nouveaux, par le Sr. Romain de Hooge.Amsterdam, Covens & Mortier, [after 1721]. Large engraved map (58.5 x 94 cm), hand-coloured in outline, with two fully coloured inset views of the harbours of Dunkirk and Calais at the foot right, in beautifully decorated cartouche with the arms of Bavaria on top, another coloured cartouche at the foot left with a dedication to Maximilian II Emanuel, Elector of Bavaria. Further with 3 scale bars at the head (ca. 1:400,000). Framed (84 x 120 cm).
827DKWO47ZXP: HOOGHE, ROMEYN DE. - Schouburgh der Nederlandse veranderingen, geopent in ses tooneelen, waer op de wisselbeurten des Vereenigde Staets door den Fransen oorlog gebrouwen, in historieele sinnebeelden, vertoont en beschreven zijn.Amsterdam, the author, 1674. Small folio (28.5 x 19 cm). With engraved frontispiece and 6 large engraved folding plates by Romeyn de Hooghe (plate size ca. 23 x 35 cm). Contemporary vellum.
I9NE1W93Q2EV: HOOGHE, ROMEYN DE. - Victorien der Nederl. Geoct. O. Compagnie op het Koninkryck van Macasser door den Ed. heer C. Speelman.[Amsterdam?, 1669]. Engraved view (40 x 54.5 cm), with two battle scenes on top, flanked by portraits of Speelman and Radjah Palacca, with in the centre a laurel wreath with the monogram of the VOC, surrounded by Mars and Mercury, and a banderole with the title; and with letterpress text below the view (11 x 54.5 cm), including two poems by the famous Dutch poet Joost van den Vondel and numbered keys referring to the plate. Framed (75 x 81 cm).
C9DCIW01U79O: HOOGHE, ROMEYN DE. - [King Charles II of Spain]. Brussels, Jean Leonard, [ca. 1685]. 60×50 cm. Allegorical portrait of King Charles II of Spainas a Roman Emperor, with a globe showing the Americas, numerous allegorical figures and classical gods, his arms on the wall in the background and his crowned CC II monogram on a staff with a banner. Framed, in a passe partout.
87CAYIO8K9DU: HOOLA VAN NOOTEN, BERTHE. - Fleurs fruits et feuillages choisis de l'ile de Java … Troisième édition.Brussels, Leipzig, Librairie Européenne C. Muquardt (printed by Weissenbruch, Brussels), [1880]. 1mo (56.5 x 42 cm). With 40 chromolithographed plates by P. Depannemaeker in Ghent after Hoola van Nooten's original paintings, each accompanied by a page of letterpress text (English and French), giving a description as well as information on the plant's culinary, medical, religious and other uses. Contemporary red half goatskin; rebacked with modern endpapers.
23546: HOOPER, WILLIAM. - Rational recreations, ...London, L. Davis, J. Robson, B. Law, G. Robinson, 1782-1783. 4 volumes. 8vo. With numerous illustrations on 65 folding plates engraved by J. Lodge, all coloured by a contemporary hand, and woodcut diagrams and other illustrations in text. Contemporary half calf, marbled sides, re-backed in modern calf.
K4GABTYBEXKU: HOPPERS, JOACHIM. - De juris arte libri tres. Eiusdem, juris civilis, sive ad pandectas libri sex priores.Louvain, Petrus Colinaeus, 1555. 4to. With a woodcut printer's device on title-page (repeated on the last page), and many woodcut initials. Contemporary limp sheepskin parchment.
886: HORACE. - [Opera] cum quattor commentarijs.Venice, printed by Philippus Pincius for Benedictus Fontana, 1495-1496. With large woodcut printer's device on last leaf, and numerous woodcut initials. With:(2) PERSIUS. [Opera] cum tribus commentariis.Venice, Giovanni Tacuino de Tridino, 4 November 1499. With woodcut printer's device on verso of penultimate leaf, and fine woodcut on title-page. (3) JUVENALIS. [Opera] cum commento Ioannus Britannici.Reggio Emilia, Francesco de Mazalibus, 1503. With fine woodcut at the head of text, and some woodcut initials. 3 works in 1 volume. Folio. Contemporary blind-tooled vellum over wooden boards with 2 brass clasps.
14826: HORNIUS (HORN), GEORGIUS. - De originibus Americanis. Libri quatuor.The Hague, Adriaan Vlacq (colophon: printed by Phillipe de Croy, Leiden), 1652.With: (2) BLESDIJK, Nicolaas van. Historia, vitae, doctrinae, ac rerum gestarum Davidis Georgii haeresiarchae. Conscripta ab ipsius genero Nicolao Blesdikio. Nunc primum prodit in lucem ex musaeo Iacobi Revii. Deventer, Nathanael Cost, 1642. 2 works in 1 volume. 8vo. Contemporary vellum.
L1T90608I039: HORNIUS (HORN), GEORGIUS. - De originibus Americanis libri quatuor.The Hague, Adriaan Vlacq (colophon: printed by Philippe de Croy, Leiden), 1652. 8vo. With title-page in red and black with De Croy's(?) woodcut tree device. Late 19th-century binding made from an early music manuscript on sheepskin parchment.
ABC_45787: HORNIUS, GEORGIUS (GEORG HORN). - Arca mosis sive historia mundi.Leiden & Rotterdam, ex officina Hackiana, 1668. 12mo. With an engraved frontispiece (dated 1669), a woodcut printer's device and some initials. Contemporary sheepskin.
I4PC5LXTIMY6: HORNIUS (HORN), GEORGIUS. - Arca Noae. Sive historia imperiorum ex regnorum à condito orbe ad nostra tempora.Leiden & Rotterdam, Petrus Hackius, 1666. 12mo. With engraved title-page by Wingendorp. Contemporary sheepskin parchment.
K28GNY6LKL0N: HOROWITZ, SHABBETHAI SHEFTEL. - Sefer Shefa' tal. Hanau, Hans Jakob Henne (Henah), [5]372 [= 1611/12]. Folio (31 x 20 cm). With about 15 woodcut illustrations in the text. Set in meruba Hebrew types with extensive passages in semi-cursive rabbinical. Later 17th-century blind-tooled vellum, modern endpapers.
L6IC6XHVRQI6: HORSBURGH, JAMES. - The India directory, or, directions for sailing to and from the East Indies, China, New Holland, Cape of Good Hope, Brazil, and the interjacent ports ... third edition.London, printed for the author and sold by Kingsbury, Parbury and Allen, booksellers to the East India Company (back of title-page: printed by Plummer & Brewis), 1826-1827. 2 volumes. 4to. Contemporary half calf, rebacked with the original backstrips laid down.
KBEDHDMROLN8: HORSBURGH, JAMES. - The India directory, or, directions for sailing to and from the East Indies, China, Australia, and the interjacent ports of Africa and South America ... Seventh edition.London, Wm. H. Allen & Co. (back of title-pages: printed by Cox and Wyman), 1855. 2 volumes. Large 4to (28 x 23 cm). Contemporary half calf; rebacked with the original backstrips laid down.
ABC_45547: HORSBURGH, JAMES, GERRIT KUIJPER AND D. BOES LUTJENS. - Zeemans-gids, naar, in en uit Oost-Indiën, China, Japan, Australiën, de Kaap de Goede Hoop, Braziliën en tusschenliggende havens, volgens de vierde Engelsche uitgave van James Horsburgh, ...Amsterdam, C.F. Stemler, (back of half-title: printed in Haarlem by H. Bakels), 1841. 4to. Contemporary half calf, spine lettered in gold, marbled sides.
F6LCZ7CDMSG7: [HORSE RACING TRACK]. [VANDERBILT, WILLIAM KISSAM]. - Hippodrome de Carrieres-sous-Poissy, Seine et Oise, appartenant a Mr. Vanderbilt W. K. Poissy, Ch[arles] Robin, 1903-1904-1911. Large hand-coloured four-sheet plan (90 x 170 cm as assembled). Drawn in pen and ink, graphite and watercolour on paper mounted on canvas. Framed (105 x 205 cm).
H47D4T46464Q: [HORSE BREEDING] - A library on Arabian horse breeding, including Stud Books and General Reference. From the Le Vivier and Marcia Parkinson Collections, with Additions from the Library of Duke Maximilian in Bavaria. The largest collection of its kind in private hands. 250 works in more than 1,000 volumes. Mostly original or first editions. Published in Austin, Cairo, Chicago, Hildesheim, London, Marburg, Moscow, New York, Philadelphia, Riga, Tehran, Warsaw and other places in the years 1746 to 2007.
3643: [HORSES - MILITARY]. - Anecdoten van paarde kenners, paarde liefhebbers, ruijters en ross-kammers. Naar waarheid en eijge ondervinding opgesteld. Door een gepensioneerd cavallerie officier.[The Netherlands, ca. 1815]. Folio (38 x 24 cm). Manuscript on paper written in brown ink in a readable Latin hand, with the title on p. 72, illustrated with 30 small watercolour drawings of horses mounted on the leaves (mostly about 8.5 x 11 cm), and a washed pen drawing with 5 caricature figures before a monument (9.5 x 16 cm), mounted above the dedication. Half vellum (1930s?), gold-tooled spine.
A2DFNA01U79O: HORST, TILEMAN VAN DER AND JACOB POLLEY. - Theatrum machinarum universale; of keurige verzameling van verscheide grote en zeer fraaie waterwerken, schutsluizen, waterkeringen, ophaal- en draaibruggen. Amsterdam, Petrus Schenk [II] & son (vol. II: Petrus Schenk [III]), 1757-1774. Imperial folio (50 x 34 cm). With a double-page engraved dedication plate and 41 double-page and 7 larger folding engraved illustration plates. Red half sheepskin (ca. 1800).
E4OBN701U79O: HORST, TIELEMAN VAN DER. - Theatrum machinarum universale; of nieuwe algemeene bouwkunde, waar in … werd voorgestelt en geleerdt het maaken van veelerley soorten van trappen.Amsterdam, Petrus Schenk, 1739. With engraved half-title, engraved title-page (with engraved device), engraved dedication and 30 double-page engraved plates by Jan Schenk. With: (2) HORST, Tieleman van der. Theatrum machinarum universale; of nieuwe algemeene bouw-kunde; ...Amsterdam, Petrus Schenk, 1739. With woodcut vignette on title-page. 2 volumes: Folio (plates) and 4to (text). Contemporary red half roan.
S1509: HORST, TIELEMAN VAN DER. - Theatrum machinarum universale, of nieuwe algemeene bouwkunde, waarin op eene naauwkeurige, klaare en wiskundige wijze wordt voorgesteld en geleerd het maaken van veelerleije soorten van trappen, met derzelver gronden en opstallen, mitsgaders het uitslaan derzelven, als mede ... Lantaarens, en wat meer tot dit soort van bouwkunde behoort: ... Amsterdam, J.S. van Esveldt-Holtrop, [ca. 1810]. Large folio (49 x 35 cm). With engraved vignette on the title-page and 30 double-page engraved plates by Jan Schenk. 19th-century half calf.
847: HORSTIUS, JACOB. - De aureo dente Maxillari Pueri Silesii, primum, utrum eius generatio naturalis fuerit, nec ne; deinde an digna eius interpretatio dari queat.Including: HORSTIUS, Jacob. De natura differentiis et causis eorum, qui dormientes ambulant, vigilantium opera, eaq. Leipzig, Valentinus Voegelinus (colophon: printed by Michael Lanzenberger), 1595. 2 parts in 1 volume. Small 8vo (14 x 9 cm). With woodcut printer’s device on title-page (repeated above the colophon). 19th-century half vellum.
1187: HORTENSIUS, LAMBERTUS. - Het boeck van den oproer der Weder-dooperen. Eerst int Latijn beschreven, ende ghedruckt tot Basel ... Ende nu in Nederlandts overgheset. ...Enkhuizen, Jacob Lenaertsz Meyn, 1614. Folio. With 1 half-page and 8 full-page engraved plates in text (one repeat). Contemporary vellum.
21740: HOSPINIANUS, RODOLPHUS. - Van de tempelen: dat is vijf boecken van den oorspronck, voortganck, ghebruyck en de misbruyck der tempelen ende gheheelijck aller dinghen, die tot de tempelen behooren.Amsterdam, Jan Evertsz. Cloppenburch, 1606. 4to. With Cloppenburch's printer's device on title-page and one page (O1) rubricated in red. Contemporary vellum.
I4PGNBWTUB4P: HOST, MATTHÄUS (MATTHAEUS HOSTUS). - Historiae rei nummariae veteris scriptores aliquot insigniores ... Including: HOST, Matthäus. Tres libros de veteribus mensuris ... HOST, Matthäus. Quaedam opuscula variae ...[SARDI, Alessandro] (misattributed to John SELDEN). Liber de nummis ...LABBE, Philippe. Bibliotheca nummaria ...BUDÉ, Guillaume. De asse et partibus ejus libri quinque.Leiden, Pieter van der Aa, 1695 (colophon at the end of Host’s works: Jena, Johann Zacharias Nisius, 1692). 15 works in 5 volumes, paginated as 3 and bound as 2. 4to. With 2 engraved portraits (vol. I) and 3 folding tables. Contemporary or near contemporary vellum.
ABC_46028: HOUBOLT, JACOB JOZEF HERMAN CHRISTIAAN. - Surface sediments of the Persian Gulf near the Qatar Peninsula.The Hague, Mouton & co., 1957 8vo. With 8 leaves with reproductions of (microscopic) photographs, 8 loosely inserted folding tables and maps, a loose leaf with theses in Dutch and Houbolt's business card. Original publisher's printed paper wrappers.
18980: HOUBRAKEN, ARNOLD. - De groote schouburgh der Nederlantsche konstschilders en schilderessen. ... Den tweeden druk. The Hague, Johannes Swart, Cornelis Bouquet, Mattheus Gaillard, 1753. With engraved frontispiece, engraved author's portrait and 47 engraved plates bound in a separate plates volume.With: (2) GOOL, Johan van. De nieuwe schouburg der Nederlantsche kunstschilders en schilderessen: … The Hague, for the author, 1750-1751. With engraved author's portrait and 22 engraved plates (1 folding). Lacking engraved frontispiece. 2 works (in 3 and 2 parts), bound in 11 text volumes (8vo interleaved with 4to, 25.5 x 20 cm) and 2 plate volumes (8vo interleaved with small folio, 28 x 20.5 cm). Uniform late 18th-century half sheepskin parchment (ad 1) and half vellum (ad 2).
K3ME5C11OCGB: [HOUSE OF PARLIAMENT - ETHIOPIA]. - No. 2531 annual series. Diplomatic and consular reports. Abyssinia. Reports for the year 1899-1900 on the trade of Adis Abbaba and Harrar.London, Harrison and sons, 1900. Folio. With a folding lithographed map with some coloured details. Bound as sewn.
K3MA5M6XLK31: [HOUSE OF PARLIAMENT - ASSAB - ERITREA]. - Egypt. No. 15 (1882). Correspondence respecting Assab Bay.London, Harrison and sons, 1882. Folio. Modern blue paper wrappers.
ABC_45175: HOUSMAN, LAURENCE; EDMUND DULAC (ILLS.). - Stories from the Arabian nights.London, Hodder and Stoughton, November 1907. 4to. With 50 full-page coloured illustrations after drawings by Edmund Dulac, with descriptions on the flyleaves. Original publisher’s orange cloth with gilt title in gold on decorated spine and front cover.
A49D5DG6PE87: HOUTEN, HENDRIK VAN. - Verhandelinge van de grontregelen der doorzigtkunde, of tekenkonst (perspectief,) leerende de middelen en wyze, hoe alles in de doorzigtkunde, kan werden afgeteekend. Zeer dienstig voor bouwmeesters, schilders, teekenaars, enz. Op een korte manier afgebeeld en voorgedraagen.Amsterdam, Jan ten Hoorn, 1705. 4to. With large allegorical engraving on the title-page, several woodcut figures in the text, 20 basic mathematical figures on a folding engraved plate, and numerous models of perspective drawings on 52 numbered folding engraved plates. Contemporary marbled boards.
1827: HOUWAERT, JEAN BAPTISTA. - Pegasides pleyn. Ofte den lust-hof der maechden.Volume 1: Delft, Adriaen Gerritsen, 1615 (colophon: 1614); volume 2: Leiden, Jan Paets Jacobszoon, 1611. 8vo. Volume 1 with an engraved title-page by Jan Wiericx and 8 full-page engravings by Jan Wiericx; volume 2 with the main text set in civilité type. Uniform contemporary vellum.
22958: HUBER, BERTRAND. - Aperçu statistique de l'île de Cuba, précédé de quelques lettres sur la Havane, et suivi de tableaux synoptiques, d'une carte de l'île, et du tracé des côtes depuis la Havane jusqu'a Matanzas.Paris, P. Dufart, 1826. 8vo. With 6 folding letterpress tables and 2 engraved maps (1 folding), depicting Cuba and surrounding islands. Contemporary half calf, black- and gold-tooled spine.
935F2101U79O: HÜBNER, JOHANN. - De nieuwe, vermeerderde en verbeterde kouranten-tolk, of zakelyk, historisch- en staatkundig woordenboek.Leiden, Samuel Luchtmans en Zoon, 1748. With engraved frontispiece and title-page printed in red and black.With: (2) HÜBNER, Johann and Arnold Heinrich WESTERHOFF. Algemeen kunstwoorden-boek der wetenschappen. . Leiden, Dirk Haak en Samuel Luchtmans, 1734. With engraved frontispiece and title-page printed in red and black. 2 works in 1 volume. 4to. Contemporary blind tooled vellum, with title in ink on spine.
ABC_45867: HUDDART, JOSEPH. - The oriental navigator; or, new directions for sailing to and from the East Indies, China, New Holland, &c. &c. &c. Also for the use of the country ships, trading in the Indian and China seas, Pacific Ocean, &c. &c. &c...London, printed and published by Robert Laurie and James Whittle, map, chart, and printsellers, 1801. 4to. With an engraved frontispiece portrait of Huddart by James Stow after John Hoppner and small woodcut coastal views in the text. Contemporary tree calf.
G6BLIHCKRP5X: HUET, PIERRE DANIEL. - Trattato della situazione del Paradiso terrestre … Tradotta dalla lingua Francese. Venice, Giambatista Albrizzi, 1737. Small 8vo (15.5 x 10 cm). With an engraved frontispiece incorporating a map, the engraved arms of the dedicatee Marc'Antonio Morosini above the dedication, and a folding engraved map (22.5 x 19 cm). Contemporary sprinkled tanned sheepskin, gold-tooled spine.
ABC_45798: HULLIET, N. - Hygie`ne des blancs, des mixtes et des Indiens a` Pondiche´ry.Puducherry, Géruzet, 1867. 8vo. Modern wrappers.
15025: HULSEN, ESAIAS VON. - Aigentliche Wahrhaffte Delineatio[n] unnd Abbildung aller Fürstlichen Auffzüg und Rütterspilen ....[Stuttgart], Esaias von Hulsen, [1617]. With an engraved allegorical title-page and 91 (out of 92) numbered engraved plates.With: (2) WECKHERLIN, Georg Rodolf. Kurtze Beschreibung dess zu Stutgarten, bey den fürstlichen Kindtauf und Hochzeit jüngst-gehaltenen Frewden-Fests. Tübingen, Dietrich Werlin, 1618. An extra leaf is bound between pp. 4 and 5: "Cartel, und Articul beym Ringrennen". 2 volumes in 1. Oblong folio (28 x 35 cm). Contemporary richly blind-tooled pigskin, remnants of ties.
252: HULSIUS, LEVINUS. - Romanorum numismatum series. à C. Iulio Caesaro ad Rudolphum II. Add. est breviter ipsorum vita, aversa pars numismorum & eorundem explicatio. Frankfurt, for the author, 1603. 8vo. With large allegorical engraving with portrait of Romulus on title-page, full-page allegorical armorial engraved plate on verso of title-page and 150 engravings of both sides of ancient coins in text. Contemporary red morocco, richly gold-tooled spine.
93CEOUEJLVO4: HULSIUS, BARTHOLOMAEUS. - Den onderganck des Roomschen Arents, door den Noordschen Leeuw.Amsterdam, C. vande Passe, 1642. 4to. Engr. title, vignette on printed title with the coat of arms, 29 engr. & etched allegorical and emblematical half-page plates in text by C. de Passe the Younger. 19th century light brown calf, sides with triple gilt lines along the edges, spine gilt in compartments with red and green title labels lettered in gold, gilt binding edges, inner dentelles (by "PETIT SUCCr DE SIMIER").
G9HE915PTGCP: HULTHEM, CHARLES VAN (A. VOISIN, CATALOGUER). - Bibliotheca Hulthemiana ou Catalogue méthodique de la riche et précieuse collection de livres et des manuscrits.Ghent, J. Poelman, 1836-1837. 6 volumes. 8vo. With lithographed portrait of Charles van Hulthem as frontispiece. Contemporary half goatskin.
A7EGBIZ5160D: HUME, WILLIAM FRASER. - Terrestrial theories. A digest of various views as to the origin and development of the earth and their bearing on the geology of Egypt.Cairo, Government Press, 1948. Large 8vo. With a chromolithographed folding geological map of the Atlantic Ocean, South America and Africa (loosely inserted in a pocket), 45 plates (some line drawings, maps, diagrams, etc.; some photographs probably reproduced by photogravure) and 37 figures in the text. Contemporary half cloth with original publisher's printed paper sides.
ABC_45517: HUNTER, FREDERIC FRASER (EDITOR); SIR SIDNEY GERALD BURRARD (DIRECTOR). - Southern Asia series - Southern Persia sheet - Persia, Arabia and Turkey in Asia[Dehradun, Survey of India Office], sold at the Map Record and Issue Office, Calcutta, 1912. 61.5 x 88 cm. Large photozincographed (heliozincographed) folding map on a scale of 1:2,000,000 in black, blue and red, with relief shown by contours, hachures and gradient tints. Folded.
F14GSQ01U79O: [HUSSEIN BIN ALI, SHARIF OF MECCA AND FREDERICK STANLEY MAUDE]. - The king of Hedjaz and Arab independence ... together with the proclamation issued at Baghdad by Lieut.- General Sir Stanley Maude, after the occupation of that city by the British forces.London, Hayman, Christy and Lilly Ltd., 1917. 8vo. With a photographic portrait of Hussein bin Ali for frontispiece and a folding facsimile proclamation (38 x 28 cm). Original stapled wrappers with red lettering on front wrapper.
K4IFMGY698FU: HUTTEN, ULRICH VON. - Dialogi. Fortuna. Febris prima. Febris secunda. Trias Romana. Inspicientes.Colophon: Mainz, Johann Schöffer, April 1520. Small 4to (19.5 x 14 cm). With a lovely woodcut of the blindfolded Fortuna on title-page (by Hans Weiditz?), a large woodcut initial Q (repeated twice) and several vine leaf ornaments. Printed in roman type. 19th-century half vellum.
ABC_46300: HUTTON, THOMAS. - The chronology of creation; or, geology and scripture reconciled.Calcutta, W. Thacker and Co. (back of title-page and colophon: printed by J.C. Sherriff, Bengal Military Orphan Press), 1850. Large 8vo. With a coloured lithographic frontispiece of a camel, lithographed by T. Black at the Asiatic Lithographic Press in Calcutta, and 3 coloured lithographic plates illustrating Hutton’s theories about the creation of the earth (2 orthographic azimuthal projections and 1 cross-section). Contemporary green cloth.
ABC_46210: HUYGENS, CONSTANTIJN. - Koren-bloemen. Nederlandsche gedichten. Tweede druck, vermeerdert tot XXVII boecken.Amsterdam, Johannes van Ravesteyn, 1672. 2 volumes. Large 4to (29 x 24 cm). Each volume with Van Ravesteyn’s woodcut Elijah-and-the-ravens device, vol. 1 with an engraved frontispiece of Mercury in the clouds, scattering flowers over a land and seascape, by Romein de Hooghe, a full-page engraved portrait of the author by Abraham Blotelingh after Caspar Netscher, and 2 folding engraved plates showing Hofwijk and the Zee-straet, by Romeyn de Hooghe. Uniform contemporary gold-tooled vellum, sewn on 6 double cords, bound by Albert Magnus for Paulo van Uchelen, each board with a double frame of double fillets, further with headbands in green and beige (alternating green, beige, beige), edges mottled in red, brown and green.
17582: HUYGENS, CONSTANTIJN. - Ses boecken van de ledige uren, zijnde ghedichten van verscheyden talen, stijlen, ende stoffen. [2nd title-page:] Otiorum libri sex. Poëmata varij sermonis, styli, argumenti.Haarlem, Hans Passchiers van Wesbusch, 1641. Oblong 16mo. Contemporary overlapping vellum with title written on spine.
23225: HUYSSEN VAN KATTENDYKE, WILLEM JOHAN CORNELIS. - Uittreksel uit het dagboek van W.J.C. Ridder Huyssen van Kattendyke, Kapitein-Luit. ter zee, gedurende zijn verblijf in Japan in 1857, 1858 en 1859. The Hague, W.P. van Stockum (printed by Giunta d'Albani), 1860. 8vo. With large folding lithographed map (67 x 54.5 cm) depicting the west coast of Japan and Kiusiu, by E. Spanier after H.O. Wichers. Original publisher's printed stiff paper wrappers.
H7LBT9LSNJM4: HUYSSEN VAN KATTENDYKE, WILLEM JOHAN CORNELIS. - Uittreksel uit het dagboek van W.J.C. Ridder Huyssen van Kattendyke, Kapitein-Luit. ter zee, gedurende zijn verblijf in Japan in 1857, 1858 en 1859.The Hague, W.P. van Stockum (printed by Giunta d'Albani), 1860. 8vo. With large folding lithographed map (67 x 54.5 cm) depicting the west coast of Japan and Kiusiu, by E. Spanier after H.O. Wichers. Contemporary gold-tooled red sheepskin (morocco), gilt edges, silk-watered endpapers.
G8JGJGQZQ1A0: HUZAYYIN, S. A. - Arabia and the Far East. Their commercial and cultural relations in Graeco-Roman and Irano-Arabian times.Cairo, Institut français d’archeologie, 1942. 4to. With 12 folding maps printed with additional colours. Uncut. Modern half calf with giltstamped title to gilted spine with raised bands. With the original stiff wrappers bound in.
M2ANF71WPWFF: HYDE, THOMAS. - De ludis Orientalibus libri duo, ... [volume 1, part 1 title:] Shahiludium traditum in tribus scriptis Hebraicis, ... [volume 1, part 2 title:] Mandragorias, seu historia Shahiludii, ... [volume 2 title:] Historia Nerdiludii, hos est dicere trunculorum; ...Oxford, Sheldonian Theatre [= University Press], 1694. 2 volumes (vol. 1 in 2 parts), bound as 1. 8vo in 4s. With 3 title-pages, 3 folding engraved plates (one 36 x 27 cm), 15 engravings on integral leaves and 16 woodcut figures in the text. With extensive texts in Greek, Hebrew and Arabic and an occasional word in Syriac type, woodcut Armenian, Georgian and Coptic, and engraved Devenagari and Chinese. Contemporary or near contemporary vellum, blue edges.
FA1EOETZ2Y6Y: HYRTL, JOSEPH. - Das arterielle Gefäss-System der Rochen. Vienna, kaiserlich-königlichen Hof- und Staatsdruckerei for Karl Gerold's son, 1858. Large 4to (31 x 24.5 cm). With 5 lithographed plates after drawings by Anton Elfinger, showing the arterial system in parts of a common torpedo, a thornback ray (2x), and a common skate (2x), with the arteries coloured orange and red by hand. Original publisher's brown printed paper wrappers.
KCBAH4X4YD8L: [IBN SINA (AVICENNA)]. ODDIS, ODDUS DE (ODDO DEGLI ODDI). - In primam totam fen primi libri canonis Avicenn[a]e dilucidissima & expectatissima expositio. Nunc primum in lucem edita, illustrata, & completa assiduo labore, & longo studio Marci Oddi medici eiusdem filii.Venice, Paolo and Antonio Meietti, 1575. 4to. With woodcut device on title-page, a woodcut headpiece, 3 large and 17 smaller woodcut decorated initials, and a small woodcut decoration (plus 1 repeat). Contemporary limp vellum, with manuscript title on spine.
IB7BGV3WR8OI: IBN SARABIYUN, YAHYA (SERAPIO THE ELDER). - Iani Damasceni Decapolitani summae inter Arabes autoritatis medici, Therapeutice methodi, hoc est, curandi artis Libri VII. partim Albano Torino Vitodurano paraphraste, partim Gerardo iatro Cremonensi metaphraste.Basel, Heinrich Petri, (colophon: March 1543). Folio (20.5 x 29 cm). 17th century black vellum, made from an earlier liturgical music manuscript.
I4MGFQKJCVPE: IBN BATUTA AND SAMUEL LEE (EDITOR). - The travels of Ibn Batuta; translated from the abridged Arabic manuscript copies, preserved in the public library of Cambridge. With notes, illustrative of the history, geography, botany, antiquities, &c. occurring throughout the work.London, printed for the Oriental Translation Committee (colophon: by J.L. Cox). Large 4to (32 x 26). With various passages including the original Arabic text. Later half calf.
I3AM4J9JIN0F: IBN SINA (AVICENNA), MAYNUS DE MAYNIS, ARNALDUS DE VILLANOVA, [ROGER BACON] ET AL. - Regimen sanitatis Magnini Mediolanensis ... Insuper opusculu[m] De flebothomia editum ... Reginaldo de Villa Nova. Additur quoq[ue] Astronomia Hippocratis ... de variis egritudinibus et morbis. Item Secreta Hippogratis. Item Averrois De venenis. Ite[m] Quid pro quo apothecariorum ... Nicolaum ... Cum no[n]nullis insuper Avicenne: ...[Lyon, Barthélemy Trot] (colophon: Lyon, printed by Jacques Myt, 6 February 1517). Small 4to (19 x 14 cm). With title-page in red and black with Trot's woodcut publisher's device, 12 decorated woodcut initials plus 3 repeats. 17th-century(?) calf, gold-tooled spine; rebacked with the original backstrip laid down.
G7SDXXV992D0: IBN BATUTA AND JOSÉ DE SANTO ANTÓNIO MOURA. - Viagens extensas e dilatadas do celebre Arabe Abu-Abdallah, mais conhecido pelo nome de Ben-Batuta. ... Tomo I[-II]. Lisbon, Typografia da academia, 1840-1855. Small 4to (21 x 15.5 cm). Non matching brown paper wrappers.
I59DHKI76L4B: IBN SINA (AVICENNA), RAYMOND LULL (LULLIUS) AND ARISTOTLE. - De alchimia opuscula complura veterum philosophorum, quorum catalogum sequens pagella indicabit. (Dedication: Frankfurt, Cyriacus Jacob, 1550). Part 1 (of 2). Small 4to (19.5 x 15 cm). With a large woodcut illustration on title-page, hand coloured by an early hand, and Jacob's woodcut printer's device on the last otherwise blank page. 17th-century(?) limp sheepskin parchment.
ABC_45207: IBN SINA (AVICENNA). - Liber canonis, de medicinis cordialibus, et cantica. Cum castigationibus Andreae Alpagi Bellunensis ... Venice, Lucantonio Giunta, 1544. Folio (26 x 35 cm). With a general title-page with a 4-piece illustrated woodcut border and a separate title-page for the appendix, each with Giunta’s woodcut fleur-de-lis device (that on the general title-page repeated below the colophon). With a full-page woodcut diagram showing the human eye in cross-section in the main text and six illustrations on two full-page woodcuts on a single leaf in the appendix showing the practice of osteopathy.Contemporary vellum, manuscript spine title.
HCUCHI9GB64X: IBN SINA (AVICENNA). - Flores Avicenne.(Colophon: Lyon, by Claude Davost for Barthélemy Trot, 1508). 8vo. With several botanical woodcut initials. Contemporary goatskin, blind-tooled in a panel design.
ABC_45275: IBN SINA (AVICENNA). - Canon medicinae [= al-Qanun].Lyon, Jean Trechsel & Johann Klein, 24 December 1498. 2 volumes. Folio (ca. 31 × 42 cm). With a diagrammatic woodcut.Contemporary blind- and gold-tooled calf over wooden boards, sewn on 4 double supports, one volume with 2 brass clasps (and traces on the other volume).
K3KF2AJE2SBM: IGNATIUS A JESUS (CARLO LEONELLI). - Grammatica linguae Persicae. Auctore Patre Fratre Ignatio à Jesu Carmelita Discalceato missionario, & vicario residentiae Tripolis, & Montis Libani.Rome, Propaganda Fide, 1661. 4to. Modern contemporary-style ivory vellum, handwritten title on spine.
L519LGQ77SOV: IGNOTUS; ALEX HUNTER (ED.). - Culina famulatrix medicinae: or, receipts in modern cookery; with a medical commentary, … The fourth edition.York, Wilson and Spence, 1806. 12mo. With an engraved frontispiece showing a pig with the headline "Transmigration". Contemporary half calf, marbled sides, title in gold on spine, sprinkled edges.
ABC_46023: IHSAN, AHMED. - [Title on back wrapper:] Ahmed Ihsan & Co ... Etablissement typographique, lithographique et de reliure ... Journal illustré Servet-i-Funoun XXIe année.Istanbul, Nouri-Osmanié, 1912 [= AH] 1328. Oblong 4to. With a title-page in Turkish on the front (left!) wrapper and a title-page in French on the back (right!) wrapper, 11 black & white photographic illustrations, text in Ottoman Turkish set in Arabic type. Original publisher's red printed paper wrappers.
ICFELAQ59QY4: [IMAGINARY VOYAGE]. - Verhael van den wonderlijken oproer, voorgevallen in de provincie van Mallanbruino, gelegen een graed bezuiden het eyland Pines: ende hoe de zelve is gestilt. t'Samenspraek tusschen drie persoonen te wacht zijnde, Arent, Gijsbert, Dirck.[Holland?], 1672. 4to. Later blue/grey paper wrappers.
9BDEHOBV62VD: [INCUNABLE - GERMANY]. - [12 leaves from: Statuta synodalia herbipolensia].[Würzburg, Georg Reyser, ca. 1486]. Folio. Printed in red and black in rotunda type (32 lines; printed area: 18 x 12 cm; type: 112a). With illustrations cut from 19th- or 20th-century reproductions of early woodcuts (ca. 21 x 14 cm) pasted on the front (Annunciation) and back pastedown (Christophorus, with the year "cccc xx tercio").. Later bound in two leaves from a 13th-century vellum theological manuscript, rubricated and decorated with alternating red and blue initials with penwork.
ABC_46024: [INCUNABLE - LEAF - THOMAS AQUINAS]. - [Summa theologiae: secunda secundae, questions 90 and 91].[Mainz, Peter Schoeffer the elder, 6 March 1467]. Folio (33.5 x 25 cm). A single page (n8r) set in 2 columns of 58 (left) and 59 (right) lines, with 3 manuscript lombardic initials: one 5-line D in red on a grey penwork rectangular ground (extending 1 cm into the left margin, with numerous vertical lines, and a decorative helix inside the D), and two 2-line A’s, one in blue and the other in red, paragraph marks alternating red and blue, but no other rubrication. Set in Schoeffer’s 1459 Durandus type (Fust & Schoeffer type 3, 91G, Typenrepertorium ma06126), largely a rotunda (as Harry Carter notes) but with humanistic influences on a few capitals (so the Typenrepertorium calls it a gotico-antiqua), in some cases with two different forms, but not in the present page. Printed on one side of a vellum leaf.
LCCE47QMQF3R: INDAGINE VON HAGEN (ROSENBACH), JOHANNES. - Chiromantia 1 Physiognomia, ex aspectu membrorum hominis. 2 Periaxiomata, de faciebus signorum. 3 Canones astrologici, de judiciis aegritudinum. 4 Astrologia naturalis. 5 Complexionum noticia, juxta dominium planetarium.(Colophon: Strasbourg, Johann Schott, 1534). Folio (31 x 21.5 cm). With a large woodcut portrait of the author on the title-page, the author's full-page woodcut coat-of-arms on the recto of the otherwise blank last leaf, about 93 woodblock illustrations (including 3 hand blocks and a few square astrological diagram blocks used repeatedly with varying content). 20th-century half maroon goatskin morocco.
ABC_45215: [INDIA – ARMY, GENERAL STAFF BRANCH]. - Operations in Waziristan 1919-1920. Confidential. Compiled by the General Staff, Army Headquarters, India, 1921. Calcutta, Superintendent of Government Printing, 1921. 8vo. With frontispiece, 31 plates, 7 maps (3 in pocket on inside of back board), and 8 panoramas, mostly folding.Contemporary half calf, green cloth sides, gold-stamped red spine labels.
M2ACVI942UQX: [INDIA]. TAYLER, WILLIAM. - Sketches illustrating the manners and customs of the Indians and Anglo Indians.London, Thomas McLean, 1842. Large folio (54,5 x 37,5 cm.). With 6 hand coloured lithograph plates and a lithographed title. Contemporary half calf with cloth sides, gold tooled title on front cover.
ABC_45361: [INDIA]. - Summary of the principal measures of the Viceroyalty of the Earl of Elgin in the Home Department, January 1894 to December 1898.Calcutta, Office of the Superintendent of Government printing, India, 1898. Folio. With armorial vignette on title-page. Blind-stamped blue cloth, title in gold on spine, blue decorated endpapers.
ABC_45794: [INDIA, BURMA & SWITZERLAND - SKETCHBOOK]. BLACKWELL, THOMAS EDEN. - [Sketchbook containing several sketches of India, Burma and Switzerland, with an emphasis on their cultures].[Various places, ca. 1826-1830]. Oblong 4to. With 66 sketches in pen & ink and pencil, mostly signed by Blackwell, “”depicting Swiss, Burmese and Indian panoramas and domestic scenes, buildings, events, animals and inhabitants, mounted and bound in, most accompanied by manuscript captions and descriptions by Blackwell and sometimes by a later hand. There is also 1 print (ca. 1795/1800?) showing a “rhahan” (priest) drawn by Singey Bey and engraved by Thomas Medland. Half black morocco, black decorated paper sides, gold-tooled ornaments on spine.
ABC_45700: [INDONESIA - INDIA - SRI LANKA]. - Nederlandsch India, in haaren tegenwoordigen toestand beschouwd; of waar en gronding berigt van haare regeering, derzelver bestier en handelingen; haare bezittingen; haare militie; haar kwijnenden handel, zeevaart, enz.Batavia [= Amsterdam?], [1780?]. 8vo. With a decoration on the title-page, headpiece and factotum all built up from rococo typographic ornaments. Contemporary marbled paper wrappers.
K7B9U8YCA3XL: INGEN-HOUSZ, JAN. - Expériences sur les végétaux, spécialement sur la propriété qu'ils possèdent à un haut degré, soit d'améliorer l'air quand ils sont au soleil, soit de le corrompre la nuit, ou lorsqu'ils sont à l'ombre; auxquelles on a joint une méthode nouvelle de juger du degré de sa salubrité de l'atmosphère ... Traduit de l'anglois, par l'auteur.Paris, P.F. Didot le jeune, 1780. 8vo. With a folded engraved plate. Contemporary half calf, gold-tooled spine.
K59DWF5YDV43: INGRUBER, ADAM JOHANN. - Zeichnungen. Adam Johann Ingruber der Heilkunde Doctor und praktischen Arzte zu Ofen.Ofen (Buda), 1804. Small folio (31.5 x 20 cm). With manuscript title-page followed by 18 leaves of coloured drawings of plants and trees. Contemporary marbled paper wrappers.
ABC_45842: [INTERNATIONAL MILITARY TRIBUNAL]. - [War-crime trials. Nurnberg, Germany, 20 November 1945].[Nürnberg, Germany], 1945. 4to. Mimeograph typescript text and full-page plan. Loose leaves.
L3QE83WO3LES: [INUIT - WATERCOLOUR]. - [Watercolour of an Inuit hunting seals in a kayak]. [ca. 1839?]. Watercolour on laid paper (18.5 x 19.3 cm), in a passe-partout (44 x 43.5 cm).
ABC_45179: [IRANIAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION NEW YORK]. - WANTED. SHAH of IRAN by the Iranian people for the murders committed below (only after 1953).New York, Iranian Student Association, [ca. 1974]. Folio. With 4 illustrations of the Shah.Pamphlet.
JBDEH1HAEOMM: [IRAQ -ENGLAND - PHOTOGRAPHY]. - Life in England and Military Snap Shots in Iraq and Turkey, 1912-1920.4to. Approximately 120 mounted (usually 2-4 to a page) snap shots ranging in size from 60 x 40 mm to 120 x 100 mm. Brief captions in black ink under almost all the photos. 1/4 leather album.
ABC_45511: IRIARTE (YRIARTE) Y OROPESA, TOMAS DE. - Fábulas literarias.Madrid, Imprenta Real, 1782. 4to. With rococo decorated capitals. Mottled calf, richly gold-tooled spine with red morocco label lettered in gold, double blind fillets on boards.
5987: ISSELBURG, PETER AND GEORG REMUS. - Emblemata politica. In aula magna Curiae Noribergensis depicta quae sacra virtutum suggerunt monita prudenter administrandi fortiterque defendendi Rempublicam.[Nuremberg, Peter Isselburg, 1617]. Small 4to (19 x 14 cm). With an engraved title-page, engraved dedication with the Nuremberg coat of arms and the coat of arms of the eight Nuremberg Senators, and 32 engraved plates with emblems, with engraved captions above and four-line Latin verses below. Modern brown morocco with a large panel on both sides of green imitation reptile skin, encrusted with small gems in centre, chamois endleaves, with matching half morocco chemise and matching half morocco slipcase (Perez-Noriega, 1995).
K6IGD540HKX4: ISTVÁNFFI, GYULA. - Clusius Codex, mykologiai méltatása ... | Études et commentaires sur le Code de l'Escluse augmentés de quelques notices biographiques.Budapest, 1900. Folio. With 86 chromolithographed plates (2 double-page) and 22 illustrations in text. Black cloth.
FAACJSR1MSG6: IVES, EDWARD. - Reize naar Oost-Indië en Persië, en de daar omliggende landen. Ondernomen langs een' ongewoonen weg.Amsterdam, De Compagnie, 1779. 2 volumes bound as 1. 4to. With 2 engraved title-pages, 2 folding engraved maps, one of India (44 x 51 cm), the other tracking Ives's journey from Basra to Latakia (ca. 42 x 56 cm), and 9 engraved plates (including 1 large folding). Early 20th-century boards.
K8NGGERO8T9Q: IVES, EDWARD. - Reize naar Oost-Indië en Persië, en de daar omliggende landen. Ondernomen langs een' ongewoonen weg.Amsterdam, De Compagnie, 1779. 2 parts in 1 volume. 4to. With 2 engraved title-pages, 2 folding engraved maps, one of India, the other tracking Ives's journey from Basra to Latakia, and 9 engraved plates (including 1 large folding). Contemporary blind-tooled vellum.
H8OH3YXWL6WF: JACOBS, HEYMAN. - Het schat der armen. Oft een medecijn boecxken, dienstelijck voor alle menschen, ... Op een nieu oversien, verbetert, ende vermeerdert. Amsterdam, [Cornelis Lodewijksz. vander Plasse?], printed by Frans Pels, 1634. 8vo. Modern boards covered with marbled paper.
LC4G6ZLSMLFN: JACQUIN, NIKOLAUS JOSEPH VON. - Enumeratio stirpium plerarumque, quae sponte crescunt in agro Vindobonensi, montibusque confinibus.Vienna, Johann Paul Krauss, 1762. 8vo. With a woodcut printer's device and 9 folding etched plates depicting plants (branches and leaves of trees and other plants). Contemporary half calf with marbled sides and new backstrip.
ABC_46160: JAILLOT, HUNTER AND PIERRE MORTIER. - Neptunus, de Fransche, of nieuwe atlas van de zeekarten, opgenommen en gegraveerd door uitsrukkelyke order des Konings, tot het gebruik van zyne zeemachten … Overgezien … door de Heeren Pene, Cassini, en anderen. = Zee atlas tot het gebruik van de vlooten des Konings van Groot Britanje … - Vervolg van de Neptunus, of zee atlas van de nieuwe zee-karten; opgenomen door uitdrukkelyke order der Koningen van Portugaal … En in’t light gebraght door de sorge van wylen d’Heer d’Ablancourt …Amsterdam, Pieter Mortier, 1693-1700. 3 parts in 2 volumes. Double Elephant folio (65 x 52.5 cm). With richly engraved allegorical frontispiece by Jan van Vianen, large engraving of a sailing ship on title-page, engraved plates include scales of various units, an admiral’s ship and a series of 18 numbered ships, 12 plates of flags, double-page nautical chart of the world, and 29 double-page nautical charts of the coasts of Europe; beautiful engraved frontispiece by Romeyn de Hooghe, large engraving of a sailing ship on title-page and 9 full-page and double-page nautical charts of the coasts of the English Channel, including a splendid large folding chart of the coasts of the Mediterranean with a large number of views and plans of the Mediterranean towns in the borders by Romeyn de Hooghe in the second part; and the engraved coat-of-arms of Amsterdam on title-page, the winds, and 34 mostly double-page nautical charts of the coasts outside Europe (including Africa, Asia and America) in the third part, all engravings, including the vignettes on title-pages, the scales and the winds, all magnificently coloured and highlighted in gold throughout by a strictly contemporary hand. Contemporary richly gold-tooled mottled calf.
H3VH919BOI9Q: JAMES, SILAS. - A narrative of a voyage to Arabia, India; &c; ...; with remarks on the genius and disposition of the natives of Arabia Felix; …London, printed by William Glindon, sold by the author, [1797]. 8vo. With a frontispiece portrait of the author engraved by William Newman. Modern dark brown calf, gold-tooled spine.
D55FLLW1EWHE: [JAPAN]. - [Public Bath House].[Japan, ca. 1900]. (70 x 98.5 cm). Watercolour on silk, highlighted with white, gold, and perhaps mica.
L52A58N3JAMG: JARRIN, GUILLERMO A. - The Italian confectioner; or complete economy of desserts, according to the most modern and approved practice. … New edition, revised and enlarged.London, John Ebers & Co. (back of title-page: printed by William Clowes), 1829. 12mo. With lithographed frontispiece and 2 folding engraved plates. Contemporary half calf.
S367: JARS, GABRIEL. - Voyages métallurgiques, ou recherches et observations sur les mines & forges de fer, la fabrication de l'acier, celle du fer-blanc, & plusieurs mines de charbon de terre, faites depuis l'année 1757 jusques & compris 1769, en Allemagne, Suéde, Norwege, Angleterre & Ecosse.Lyon & Paris, Gabriel Regnault, L. Cellot, P. Didot et al., 1774-1781. 3 volumes. 4to. With 52 folding engraved plates. Contemporary French mottled calf, gold-tooled spine.
ABC_45595: [JAVA - SUMATRA]. - Souvenir des Indies (Java and West Sumatra).Batavia, Woodbury & Page, 1865-1885. 3 albums (34 x 46 x 5.5 cm; photographs ca. 19.5 x 24.5 cm). 33 original photographs (numbered in pencil), all albumen prints (ca. 190-200 x 230-250 mm), mounted on thin paperboard leaves (42.5 x 31 cm) with gilt edges. Stored in 3 contemporary book-shaped boxes. A few annotations in pencil on the back of some photographs.
I7CFW4AYG398: JEAN CHANLAIRE, PIERRE GREGOIRE AND EDME MENTELLE. - Carte du théâtre de la Guerre en Orient.Paris, Chanlaire & Mentelle, 1798-1799. Original outline colour. Dissected and laid on linen in two sections, 880 x 940 mm & 660 x 940 mm.
K88FUNML8OJV: JEFFREYS, JOHN GWYN. - British conchology, or an account of the mollusca which now inhabit the British Isles and the surrounding seas.London, John van Voorst, 1862-1869. 5 volumes. 8vo. With 5 hand-coloured lithographed frontispieces and 142 lithographed plates (including 102 coloured by hand). Publisher's cloth.
ABC_45712: JERNFELD, CRISPIN. - … De pygmaeis, tractatus historico-philologicus quem divinâ affulgente gratiâ concensu inclytae facultatis philosophicae sub praesidio viri amplissimi Dn. Johannis Bilberg … d. 28 Maii ... M.DCLXXXI. publicè disputandum offert ...Stockholm, Johan Georg Eberdt, [1681]. 8vo. Modern marbled paper over boards with printed spine label.
LCBJKA578TUN: JEROME (HIERONYMUS), SAINT (SUBJECT). - Epistola Beati Euseby ad Damasium Portunensem Episcopum & ad Theodomum senatorem Romanum de morte gloriosi Hieronimi doctoris eximy.[d7:] Epistola Beati Augustini Episcopi ad Cirillum venerabilem Archiepiscopium Hierosolimitanum de vita obitu & miraculis Beatissimi Hieronimi prespiteri & doctoris eximy.[e5:] Epistola Cirilli Archiepiscopi ad Beatimi Augustinum Episcopium de miraculis gloriosi Hieronimi necnon & de morte Beati Euseby discipuli Sancti Hieronimi.[Blaubeuren, Conrad Mancz, ca. 1475/77]. Small folio (27.5 x 20 cm). Set in what is sometimes called a gotico-antiqua type (119 mm/20 lines, with 31 lines per page), in this case mixing some roman influences into what is largely a rotunda gothic type. With about 150 "Lombardic" initials in red ink: 2 4-line, 4 3-line, about 140 2-line (1 with pen-work decorations in brown ink) and 4 1-line, in spaces left for that purpose and capitals rubricated throughout.Modern parchment.
85BET001U79O: [JESUITS - BRAZIL - INDIA]. - Diversi avisi particolari dall'Indie di Portogallo ricevuti, dall' anno 1551. sino al 1558 dalli reverendi padri della Compagnia di Giesu. Dove s'intende delli paesi, delle genti, & costumi loro, & la grande conversione di molti populi, che hanno ricevuto il lume della sante fede, & religione Christiana. Tradotti novamente dalla lingua Spagnola nella Italiana.Venice, Michele Tramezzino, [1558?]. 8vo. With Tramezzino’s woodcut device on the title-page (the Tiburtine Sibyl, labelled “Sibylla” and holding a book), and finely decorated woodcut initials in text.Contemporary vellum, remnants of ties.
9A2BBINZPOJC: [JESUITS - CHINA - JAPAN - INDIA]. - Lettere dell' India Orientale, scritte da' reverendi padri della Compagnia di Giesù. . . . Novamente stampate, & ampliate in molti luoghi, & ricorrette con diligenza. Venice, Antonio Ferrari, 1580. Small 8vo (15×9.5 cm). With Ferrari's woodcut scrollwork device on the title-page and in a larger size in the colophon. Early limp vellum.
ABC_45759: [JESUITS - GOA]. - Eccos funebres das vozes saudosas, que chegáraõ de Portugal á India pela morte do muito alto, poderoso, e fidelissimo Rey, e Senhor D. Joaõ V. Communicados ao mesmo Reyno de Portugal pelos religiosos da Companhia de Jesus, da provincia de Goa.Lisbon, Francisco da Silva, 1753. 4to. With a title-vignette, a woodcut headpiece with the arms of Portugal and a woodcut initial. Contemporary vellum.
23034: [JESUITS - JAPAN]. - Cartas que los padres y hermanos de la Compañia de Jesus, que andan en los Reynos de Japon[,] escrvieron a los dela misma Compañia, desde el año de mil y quinientos y quare[n]ta y nueve, hasta el de mil y quinientos y setenta y uno. Alcala, Juan Iñiguez de Lequerica, 1575. 4to. With woodcut of the Crucifixion on the back of the colophon, charming woodcut initials, and 1 page (p. 72) with woodcut Japanese characters for 12 words in text. Contemporary limp sheepskin parchment, reinforced with 2 pieces from a 16th-century(?) manuscript.
ABC_45912: [JEWELRY MODELS]. - [Album with hand-drawn jewelry models].[Paris?], in or soon after 1872. Oblong (17.5 x 28 cm). With 101 very neat drawings in ink, some hand-coloured (blue and yellow). Half morocco, "album" in gold on front cover.
L59BHDT9J89Y: JOÃO I, KING OF PORTUGAL. - [Judgement in a legal suit, incipit:] Dom Johann ... Rey de Portugal ...Coimbra, 3 April 1388. Document in Portuguese, written in brown ink on sheepskin parchment (23 x 44 cm) in an upright gothic cursive, with 16 full lines of text (plus one word on a 17th line and the signatures of the two judges).
A2FCO7FQ038J: JODE, PIETER DE. - Theatrum principum. [Antwerp, ca. 1644/1650]. Small folio (28 x 18.5 cm). With an engraved allegorical title-page by Pieter de Jode after Erasmus Quellinus; 91 portraits (plus 1 repeat) of popes, emperors, kings, noblemen and their spouses, 89 signed by Pieter de Jode and 2 unsigned. They were engraved after Aegidius Rucholle, Titiaan, Anthony van Dyck, Pieter van Mol, Otto Vaenius, Rubens, Cornelis Galle, Cornelis de Vos, Gaspar de Crayer, Coenraerd Waumans, Charles Woutier, Franciscus Nys and T. Willebroorts Bossaerts. Contemporary vellum.
KCHE568QRUCE: JOHNSON, CHARLES. - British poisonous plants.London, Taylor and Francis, for John E. Sowerby, 1856. 8vo. With 28 hand-coloured lithographed plates (including frontispiece). Contemporary blind-blocked cloth, with the title in gold on front board.
21240: JONCHÈRE, CHARLES CHRÉTIEN DE LA. - Fables imitées de Lessing, Gellert, Lichtwer, Pfeffel, Dodley, et autres fabulistes étrangers suivies de fables originales.Stockholm, Johan Imnelius, 1819. 8vo. Contemporary gold-tooled red morocco, gilt edges.
L6JBIH94WF0J: JONG, CORNELIUS DE. - Derde reize naar de Middellandsche zee gedaan in de jaren 1786, 1787 en 1788.Haarlem, François Bohn, 1810-1812. 2 volumes bound as 1. 8vo. Witha stipple engraved frontispiece portrait of the author, an engraved view of two Corsican farmers and a folding engraved view of the Cave of Dogs, a small cave on the eastern side of the Phlegraean Fields near Pozzuoli, Naples. Contemporary half calf.
L12GFBPADGSL: JONG, CORNELIUS DE, AND J. OLIVIER JZ. - Reizen naar de Kaap de Goede Hoop, enz. ... Voor jonge lieden bearbeid.Amsterdam, G.J.A. Beijerinck, [1833]. 8vo. With an engraved title-page, engraved frontispiece and 7 engraved plates (including 3 folding). Contemporary half vellum.
K9BGHGPFSFFG: JONG, JACOBUS DE. - Geschriften.Noordwijk-Binnen, 1761. Oblong folio (21 x 33 cm). Manuscript calligraphic copybook in brown ink on paper, with a calligraphic title-page followed by sample texts (mostly from the Old and New Testament) in Dutch in a roundhand script with decorative flourishes, and verses by Jacob Cats on the outside of the first and last leaves, the last illustrated with a penwork father, son and a large fish eating a small fish. Side-stitched, with the first leaf and last leaf serving as wrappers.
83EGOE77FM2A: JONSTON, JOHN. - Naeukeurige beschryving van de natuur der viervoetige dieren, vissen en bloedlooze water-dieren, vogelen, kronkeldieren, slangen en draken.Amsterdam, J.J. Schipper, 1660. 6 parts in 1 volume. Folio. With 4 engraved part-titles and 250 full-page engraved plates. Contemporary calf, gold-tooled spine.
23563: JORIS, DAVID. - T'Wonder-boeck: waer in dat van der wereldt aen versloten gheopenbaert is.[Vianen, printed by Dirck Mullem and distributed via a merchant in Emden, 1584]. 4 parts in 1 volume. Folio. With a half-page engraving of the Lamb of God in part 1, a spectacular full-page engraving of the nude bride of Christ in part 3 (by Hieronymus Wierix) and an engraved landscape with the way to eternal life in the sky in part 3. Blind-tooled calf over wooden boards (ca. 1645), each board in a panel design with three ornamental rolls, 2 brass clasps and catchplates with engraved decoration.
6092: JORIS, DAVID (SUBJECT). - David Georgen ausz Holand deß Ertzkätzers warhafftige Histori, seines Lebens, unnd verfürischen Leer, . . . Basel, (colophon: printed by Hieronymus Curio, September 1559), 1559. Small 4to. With 2 large woodcut gothic decorated initials (56 mm). Set in schwabacher types with incidental fraktur and the year of publication in Roman numerals. Disbound.
17121: JORIS, DAVID. - Handt boecxken: inholdende vele godlijcke trouhertighe vaderlijcke vermaninghen unde leeringen: ... [Rotterdam, Dirck de Raeff van Mullem, ca. 1595?]. Small 12mo in 8s (14 x 8 cm). Set in textura gothic types with an occasional word in roman. Contemporary blind-tooled calf over wooden boards, two brass fastenings with engraved decoration (each with a clasp on a calf strap, and a catchplate).
K5MB50KK95U1: [JORIS, DAVID]. - Die eerste sullen die laetste, die laetste die eerste sijn.With: (2) [JORIS, David]. Een twesprake tusschen man unde wijff, namelick Christus un[de] de gemeente oder verlorene mensch.[Rostock, Ludwig Dietz, ca. 1550/52]. 8vo (15.5 x 11 cm). With gothic initials and a vine-leaf ornament. Set in schwabacher types with incidental and fraktur. Vellum (ca. 1680?).
5867: JOSEPHUS, FLAVIUS. - Alle de werken. Amsterdam, Pieter Mortier, 1704. With richly engraved frontispiece, title-page with engraved oval portrait of Flavius Josephus, 2 folding engraved maps, 12 double-page engraved plates (1 with 4 illustrations), 3 plans of Jerusalem and its Temple, and 209 engraved illustrations in text. With: (2) BASNAGE DE BEAUVAL, Jacques. Vervolg op Flavius Josephus, … Eerste[-Tweede] deel.Amsterdam, Gerard Onder de Linden; Delft, Reinier Boitet, 1726-1727. With richly engraved frontispiece, engraved portrait of the dedicatee, Egidius van Bempden, burgomaster of Amsterdam, engraved dedication plate with Van Bempden's arms at the head of an architectural frame, engraved portrait of Basnage, 4 folding letterpress genealogical and other tables, 1 engraved illustration plate, and 90 engraved illustrations in text. 2 works in 3 volumes, bound as 2. Folio. Uniform contemporary blind-tooled vellum, each board with a large scrollwork centrepiece and 4 cornerpieces in a double frame of fillets.
6819: JOURDAIN, FRANÇOIS XAVIER FÉLIX. - Traité général des chasses a courre et a tir; contenant des principes sûrs pour la propagation du gibier, et la destruction des animaux nuisibles; ...et enfin l'histoire naturelle des animaux qui se trouvent en France, et la manière de les chasser; suivi d'un vocabulaire explicatif des termes usités par les chasseurs, et des nouvelles fanfares que l'on sonne en chasse.Paris, Audot, 1822.With: (2) [M. KRESZ]. Traité des chasses aux pièges. Supplément au traité général de toutes les chasses. Contenant. La description de tous les pièges, et la manière de prendre les lièvres et lapins, et les diverses espèces d'oiseaux qui se trouvent en France.Paris, Audot, 1822. 2 works, each in 2 volumes. 8vo. Ad 1 with 20 engravings and 16 aquatints (1 folding) by Susemihl, showing shotguns, sporting dogs and hunting scenes with the dogs, and 12 engraved pages at the end of vol. 1 containing the music for “33” [= 32] short calls, fanfares and other tunes associated with the hunt. Ad 2 with 58 engravings and 2 aquatints by Susemihl, showing several animal traps and birds. Both works bound in contemporary half calf.
ABC_45177: [JOURNAL FOR ORIENTAL STUDIES - PROSPECTUS]. - Mines de l'Orient, exploitées par une société d'amateurs.Vienna, Antoine Schmid, 1809. Folio. Folded, strengthened with a decorated paper strip.
ABC_46027: [JOURNALS – WESTERN AND CENTRAL ASIA; INDIA], OLAF CAROE, AUREL STEIN, RICHARD TEMPLE, FRANCIS YOUNGHUSBAND ET AL. - [Large collection of journal articles about the scientific exploration of Western and Central Asia and India].Including:- Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society. - Geographical Journal.- Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal.- Journal of the Royal Central Asian Society.- Journal of the Royal Geographical Society.- Transactions of the Bombay Geographical Society.- National Geographic.Various places, a.o. London and Calcutta, various publishers, 1837-1981. 107 volumes, many containing multiple articles. 8vo. Some illustrated with plates and maps. Half calf with marbled sides and gilt lettering on spine or cloth with marbled sides and label on spine.
17820: JOUTEL, HENRI (MONSIEUR DE MICHEL, ED.). - Journal historique du dernier voyage que feu M. De la Sale fit dans le Golfe de Mexique, pour trouver l'embouchure & le cours de la riviere de Missicipi, nommée à présent la rivière de Saint Louis, que traverse la Louisiane. Où on voit l'histoire tragique de sa mort, & plusieurs choses curieuses du nouveau monde.Paris, Estienne Robinot, 1713. 12mo. With a large folding engraved map. Contemporary calf.
JACDXHEYP3E5: JUAN, JORGE AND ANTONIO DE ULLOA. - A voyage to South America. Describing at large, the Spanish cities, towns, provinces, &c. on that extensive continent.London, L. Davis and C. Reymers, 1760. 2 volumes. 8vo. With 7 folding engraved plates, including some maps and ground plans. Contemporary calf, gold-tooled spine; rebacked, with the original backstrip laid down.
LBPGKCUGHTPI: JUNGHUHN, FRANZ WILHELM. - Java, zijne gedaante, zijn plantentooi en inwendige bouw. … Tweede verbeterde uitgave.Including: JUNGHUHN, Franz Wilhelm. Atlas van platen, bevattende elf pittoreske gezigten. - Behoorende tot het werk Java, zijne gedaante, zijn plantentooi en inwendige bouw.Den Haag, C.W. Mieling, 1853-1854. 4 text volumes and 1 plates volume. Large 8vo (26 x 17.5 cm: text volumes 1-4) and large folio (44 x 31.5 cm: plates volume). Each text volume with a lithographic title-page, vol. 1 with the text blue on white and vols. 2-4 with the text white on buff; the plates volume with a double-page letterpress title-page. Further with 12 double-page chromolithographed or double-tinted lithographed views: 1 as frontispiece to vol. 1 and 11 (43 x 58 cm; image 31 x 43 cm to 38 x 54 cm, 5 numbered VII, VIII, X, XI & XV) in the atlas volume; most in black, buff and blue and at least most drawn by Junghuhn and lithographed by Mieling (all but the frontispiece signed by the latter), and 51 black and white lithographic plates (45 folding) with topographic maps, views, cross-sections, etc. Contemporary half red sheepskin(?), (text vols.) and goatskin morocco (atlas vol.), gold-tooled spines. Bound by Hendrik Willem Ywema (1828-1905) in Utrecht.
A2P9MN01U79O: [JUSTEL, HENRI]. - Recueil de divers voyages faits en Afrique et en l'Amerique.Paris, Louis Billaine, 1674. With 17 engraved plates: 5 maps (4 folding), 3 folding plans and 9 other illustrations. With: (2) GRELOT, Guillaume-Joseph. Relation nouvelle d'un voyage de Constantinople.Paris, Nicolas Belley, 1689 (colophon 1680). With engraved portrait of a saint on title-page, 13 engraved plates, 4 engravings in text and engraved coat of arms. 2 works in 1 volume. 4to. 18th-century tan calf, gold-tooled spine.
16991: JUSTINUS, MARCUS JUNIANUS. - Trogi Pompei externae historiae in compendium ab Justino redactae.Including: PROBUS, Aemylius [recté NEPOS, Cornelius]. De vita excellentium imperatorum liber.VELLEIUS PATERCULUS, Caius. Historiae Romanae duo volumina, ...(Colophon: Florence, Philippo Giunta, 1525). 3 works published as 1. 8vo. With Giunta's woodcut device on the title-page and a nearly identical one on the verso of the otherwise blank last leaf. Set in an Aldine-style italic, with numerous spaces with guide letters where manuscript initials could be filled in (left blank in the present copy). Dark green gold-tooled morocco (ca. 1833?), the with AAR-monogram of Antoine Augustin Renouard, gold-tooled board edges and turn-ins, pink watered-silk endleaves, matching ribbon marker, gilt edges. Attributed to the Bradel family in Paris, probably Antoine Louis François Bradel.
J9ECDXFUY64O: JUYNBOLL, THEODORUS WILLEM JOHANNES. - Chronicon Samaritanum, Arabice conscriptum cui titulus est liber Josuae. Ex unico codice Scaligeri nunc primum edidit, Latine vertit, annotatione instruxit, et dissertationem de codice, de chronico, et de quaestionibus, ...Leiden, Samuel and Johannes Luchtmans, 1848. 4to (27 x 22 cm). With a folding lithographed plate. Set in roman and italic types with the 55-page transcription in Arabic type and shorter passages in Hebrew, Samaritan and Syriac type. Modern half cloth, gold-tooled spine.
H8RFG5K9L6UF: [K.N.A.G.]. - Publicaties van het Koninklijk Nederlands Aardrijkskundig Genootschap gedurende het tweede tienjarige tijdperk van zijn bestaan. K.N.A.G., [1893]. Modern stiff paper wrappers.
M2HCBAAH3PKA: KAEMPFER, ENGELBERT (SIR JOSEPH BANKS, ED.). - Icones selectæ plantarum, quas in Japonia collegit et delineavit.London, [Library of the British Museum], 1791. Folio (42 x 26.5 cm.). With 59 etched plates, (8 are double-page), by Daniel Mackenzie. Slightly later half calf, marbled sides, gold-tooled monogram AL on spine.
H85C0F03GUBM: KAEMPFER, ENGELBERT. - Histoire naturelle, civile, et ecclesiastique de l'empire du Japon …The Hague, P. Gosse and J. Neaulme, 1729. 2 volumes. Folio. With engraved frontispiece and 45 engraved plates (many double-page or folding). Contemporary mottled calf, gold-tooled spines and board edges.
K59D49XRV3R2: KALDEWEY, GUNNAR A. - Trees.(colophon: Poestenkill, New York, Kaldewey Press), 1988. Very large oblong folio (48 x 61 cm). With 17 artist’s prints (the artist calls them "linecut-monoprint illustrations") on hand-coloured backgrounds. Spine of Brazilian rosewood. Kept in a wooden box as published with two ties, and an illustrated printed paper label on the front. One of an edition of 51 copies, signed by the author-artist-printer.
ABC_45490: KÁLIDÁSA. - Vikramorvasi; or Vikrama and Urvasi: a drama. ... With a commentary, explanatory of the Prákrit passages.Calcutta, printed at the Education Press, Circular Road, 1830. Large 8vo. Except for the title-page, the book is entirely in the Prákrit language and set in a single size of Devanagari type. Contemporary half calf.
S485: KALM, PETER. - Travels into North America.London, T. Lowndes, 1772. 2 volumes. 8vo. With a large folding map (ca. 57×76.5 cm) of northeastern America depicting New England, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland, and parts of Virginia and Canada; an engraved view, and 5 plates of birds and mammals. Polished, tan calf (ca. 1800), with gold-tooled spine and board edges.
S2163: KARSTEN, PETTER ADOLF AND L. VOGELENZANG (EDITOR). - Collected mycological papers.Amsterdam, Asher, (1859-1909), 1973. 4 volumes. 17 x 24 cm. With 37 plates (including 26 coloured). Original publisher's green cloth.
S576: KÄSTNER (KÄSTNERN), SIGMUND. - Vestibulum pyroboliae, das ist kurtzgefaste Anleitung zur Artillerie-Kunst, darinnen den anfahende Liebhabern, mit einer leicht begreifflicher Methode, was wegen der Proportion und dem Gebrauch der Geschützen zu wissen, vorgetragen ist.Frankfurt am Main, Egidius Vogel for Daniel Paulli, 1679. Small folio. With 2 engraved folding plates, 3 woodcut plates (1 folding) and 16 woodcut illustrations in text. Contemporary blind-tooled mottled calf.
C1QBFNX200EI: KEATE, GEORGE. - Relation des Îles Pelew, situées dans la partie occidentale de l'océan pacifique; composée sur les journaux et les communications du Capitaine Henri Wilson, et de quelques-uns de ses Officiers, ...Paris, Le Jay and Maradan, 1788. 2 volumes. 8vo. With engraved frontispiece portrait, engraved folding map of the Palau Islands, Philippines and the Chinese Sea, 12 folding engraved plates and 3 engraved portraits. Contemporary half calf, gold-tooled spines.
23055: KEATE, GEORGE. - Beschryving van de Pelew Eilanden ...Rotterdam, Gerard Abraham Arrenberg, 1789. 4to. With 8 plates: 4 mixed technique (partly stipple-engraved) portraits, 1 large folding engraved map of the Palau Islands and western equatorial Pacific, and 3 folding engraved views. Contemporary boards.
F43E97I0L0RN: KEGEL, KARL AND SEUFERT VON TENECKER. - Mittheilungen aus dem Umfange der Pferdezucht, Pferdekenntnis, Reitkunst und denen dahin einschlagenden Wissenschaften, …Bamberg, for the author by Johann Friedrich Schmidt, 1820. 8vo. With 3 lithographed folding plates, the first two depicting a horse led by a man on foot, and the third a lithographed folding table. Contemporary blue boards, gold-tooled spine, gilt edges.
L58F4ANI28ZV: KEIEN. - Kengyu-ka shasei [= Morning glory sketches].Japan, Meiji 31?, 34-36 [=1898?, 1901-1903]. Very large 8vo? (28 x 20.5 cm). With 85 double-page (mostly botanical) drawings in black ink on Japanese paper, each showing 1, 2 or 3 figures, sometimes with additional detail drawings, nearly all coloured in watercolour and/or gouache and most with captions identifying the subject and/or giving the date. Front wrapper with the title in Japanese in black ink.
L65GG7XC2PHU: KEMPIS, THOMAS À. - De imitando Christo, contemnendisque mundi vanitatibus libellus, … interprete Sebastiano Castalione.Köln, heirs Arnold Birckmann, 1564. With Birckmann's woodcut device on title-page and 3 decorated woodcut initials (3 series).With: (2) Collectio divinarum et humanarum consolationum vere aurea: qua Christianus quilibet piè instruitur, quomodo afflictiones & aerumnas omnes vincere ac superare possit.Antwerp, (colophon: Gillis Coppens van Diest), 1564. With the title-page in a border built up from cast fleurons and 4 decorated woodcut initials (3 series). 2 works in 1 volume. 8vo. Contemporary limp vellum.
GC5FJG1VJXVD: [KERSTEMAN, PETRUS LIEVENS]. - De vermakelyke avanturesse, of de dienstmaagd van fortuin. Vervattende hare zonderlinge levensgevallen, ontelbare wederwaardigheden en rampen; zeltzame ontmoetingen, en koddige vryagien; deszelfs driejarige dienst als lakye, gevangenneming op de Moorsche kusten, en hare slavernye in Asia by de Arabieren.Amsterdam, Steven van Esveldt, 1754. 8vo. With engraved frontispiece. Contemporary mottled half calf, gold-tooled spine, later endpapers.
H1MDK6T5LJQ3: [KERSTEMAN, FRANCISCUS LIEVENS]. - Historie van mevrouwe de hartoginne van Pompadour. [Wrapper-title: Levensbeschryving van de hartoginne van Pompadour]. Zaltbommel, Johannes Willem Kanneman, 1761. 8vo. With engraved frontispiece and title-page printed in red and black. Recased in 18th-century vellum, later endpapers, preserving the original publisher's printed wrappers.
L52F6B1C18B5: [KETTILBY, MARY (COMPILER)]. - A collection of above three hundred receipts in cookery, physick, and surgery; for the use of all good wives, tender mothers, and careful nurses. By several hands ... to which is added a second part, containing a great number of excellent receipts, for preserving and conserving of sweet-meats, &c.London, Mary Kettilby and Richard Wilkin, 1728. 8vo. Contemporary blind-tooled calf in a panel design.
V1805: KEVENTER, MATTHIAS AND GUSTAVUS HARMENS. - De transpiratione plantarum.Lund, Carl Gustav Berling, 1756. 4to With a woodcut headpiece and initial. Disbound.
S490: KEYE, OTTO. - Otto Keyens kurtzer Entwurff von Neu-Niederland und Guajana einander entgegen gesetzt, umb ... zu weisen welche von beyden am füglichsten zu bewohnen, am behendesten an zu bauen und den besten Nutzen geben mögen.Leipzig, Ritsch, 1672. 4to. Modern green morocco.
ABC_45217: KHATIB AL-TIBRIZI, MUHAMMAD IBN ’ABD ALLAH (ARNOLD N. MATTHEWS, TRANS.). - Mishcàt-ul-Masábìh, or, A collection of the most authentic traditions, regarding the actions and sayings of Múhammed; exhibiting the origin of the manners and customs, the civil, religious and military policy of the Muslemàns.Calcutta, T. Hubbard at the Hindoostanee Press. 1809-1810. 2 volumes. Small folio (23.5 x 31 cm). Contemporary sheepskin, flat spines with red morocco labels.
E6LB3G01U79O: [KINSBERGEN, JAN HENDRIK VAN]. - Beschryvinge van den archipel, tot nut van den krygsman, zeevaarenden en handeldryvenden.Amsterdam, 1792. 8vo. With a large folding engraved sea chart (57.5 x 68.5 cm). Publisher's original flexible boards covered with blue paper, with the title and decoration printed letterpress on the spine.
E389KUZF1Q3L: [KINSCHOT, GASPAR RUDOLPH VAN]. - Beschryving der stad Oudewater; waarin aangetoont word der zelver herkomst uit het Uitrechtsche Bisdom, overgang tot de Graaflykheid van Holland en haare gemaakte onafscheidbaarheid van de zelve, ...Including:-Handvesten, privilegien, octroyen, placaaten en ordonnantien; mitsgaders keuren, giften, resolutien, en andere voorname stukken, de stad Oudewater betreffende.-Oude en nieuwe keuren der stad Oudewater.-Ordonnantie en instructie, voor schepenen commissarissen der stede Oudewater, ... Delft, Reinier Boitet, 1747. 4to. With title in red and black with engraved vignette with the arms of Oudewater supported by lions, in a decorative cartouche with vines, full-page engraved dedication to the 4 burgomasters and governors of Delft, including the author's father (with their arms and the crowned arms of Oudewater, Delft and Alkmaar), 2 engraved maps and 5 views of Oudewater (all folding), 2 engraved numismatic illustrations in text. Contemporary vellum.
GBJCNBRCVLDW: KIPPIS, ANDREW. - Vie du Capitaine Cook, traduite de l'Anglois ...Paris, [Charles-Joseph Panckouck], 1789. 4to. With 2 extra-added portraits of James Cook, one (bound in) by Klauber after Dance ("proefdruk"), dated 1793, engraved for Pasteur's 13-volume Dutch edition of Cook's voyages; and the other (loosely inserted) by Strunck, engraved for the second edition of Reis naar de Zuidpool (1793), a Dutch translation of Cook's second voyage. Contemporary mottled sheepskin, gold-tooled spine.
14823: KIRCHER, ATHANASIUS. - Magnes sive de arte magnetica opus tripartitum quo universa magnetis natura, eiusque in omnibus scientiis & artibus usus, nova methodo explicatur: …Rome, Biagio Diversin and Zanobio Masotti (printed by Vitale Mascardi), 1654. Folio. With engraved frontispiece by F. Valentius, letterpress title-page printed in red and black with engraved double publisher's device, full-page engraved plate with the portrait of Emperor Ferdinand IV, 34 mostly full-page engraved illustrations, 215 woodcut illustrations and about 50 letterpress tables. Contemporary overlapping vellum.
FB7H9UG7XTWW: KIRCHER, ATHANASIUS. - D'onder-aardse weereld in haar goddelijk maaksel . . . Amsterdam, heirs of Johannes Janssonius van Waesberge, 1682. 2 volumes bound as 1. Folio. With engraved frontispiece, engraved coat of arms of the dedicatee, Thomas Ernsthuys, 15 engraved plates (mostly double-page) and numerous woodcut and engraved illustrations in the text. Contemporary blind-tooled vellum, each board with a large centrepiece in a double panel of fillets.
G2PA2ZYNZ8OA: KIRCHER, ATHANASIUS. - Tooneel van China. Amsterdam, Johannes Janssonius van Waesberge and the widow of Elizaeus Weyerstraten, 1668. Folio. With engraved frontispiece, engraved author's portrait, 24 engraved plates (including 2 double-page maps and 1 folding plate) and 60 engraved illustrations in text (plus another copy on a separate leaf, without letterpress text, of the engraving on 2F3v). Including maps of China and Asia, traditional Chinese costumes, illustrations of the Chinese and the Mughal rulers in abundantly decorated rooms, linguistic illustrations, zoological illustrations, etc. Contemporary gold-tooled calf, later endpapers (re-cased).
M2GEMIV947AC: KIRCHER, ATHANASIUS. - Ars magna sciendi, in XII libros digesta, qua nova & universali methodo ... [vol. 2 half-title:] Artis magnae seu combinatoriae sciendi, ... [titles on the frontispieces:] Ars magna sciendi sive combinatoria [vol. 1] Artis magnae combinatoriae [vol. 2].Amsterdam, Johannes Janssonius van Waesberge and the widow of Elizaeus Weyerstraten, 1669. 2 volumes bound as 1. Royal folio (46 x 30 x 5.5 cm). With 2 richly engraved allegorical frontispieces, an engraved plate with a full-page portrait of the Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I, an engraved plate showing all knowledge of the universe organised as a tree, 2 engraved volvelles (with 4 rotating dials), 20 further engravings on integral leaves and a couple dozen woodcut figures in the text. Contemporary richly gold-tooled red goatskin morocco decorated a petit fers, gold-tooled turn-ins, board edges and raised bands, giving a total of more than 1500 impressions of about 14 stamps and 3 rolls, edges gilt over red and blue squiggles. Janssonius van Waesberge, who published Kircher's books in Amsterdam from 1664/65 to 1682, arranged to have copies of several luxuriously bound for Kircher to present to leading figures and this is almost certainly one of them, presented to Giovanni Paolo Oliva, Superior General of the Jesuit Society.
K2REE5ZGF01H: KIRCHMANN, JOHANN. - De funeribus Romanorum libri quatuor.Including: RIGAULT, Nicolas. Funus parasiticum sive L. Biberii curculionis parasiti, mortualia. Ad ritum prisci funeris.Leiden, Hackius, 1672. With an engraved frontispiece and 4 folding engraved plates.With: (2) KIRCHMANN, Johann. In funere V. Cl. Pauli G.F.P.N. Merulae. Historiarum Professoris in academia Batavorum, & foederatarum provinciarum historiographi, oratio, in qua de vita scriptisque ejus disseritur.Leiden, Hackius, 1672. 2 works in 1 volume (the first in two parts). 12mo. Contemporary vellum.
D4SBWE01U79O: KIRCHNER, CHRISTIAN. - Holland, oder Beschreibung der sieben vereinigten niederländischen Provintzen, nebenst denen darzu eroberten Oerten, darinnen alle Städte, Festungen, Flecken, Seen und Flüsse samt andern merckwürdigen Sachen, auch die vornehmsten Städte und Festungen darbey in Kupffer gestochen.Leipzig, Christian Kirchner, 1672. 8vo. With an engraved frontispiece and 31 folding engraved plans of various cities in the Low Countries. Contemporary vellum.
4115: KIRSCHBAUM, JOHANN MICHAEL. - Neues Weberbild- und Musterbuch, ... zur Beförderung der edlen Leinen- und Bildweberkunst, und zum Nutzen und Vergnügen angehender Meister und Gesellen, auch anderer Liebhaber der Weberkunst, auf 74 Kupfertafeln ... Fünfte Original-Ausgabe.Heilbronn, Classische Buchhandlung, 1836. Oblong folio (21 x 32 cm). With 74 numbered engraved plates showing about 300 patterns for weaving. Contemporary half tanned sheepskin, tiger marbled sides.
K89BFGKQGOCX: KIRWAN, RICHARD. - Elémens de minéralogie.Paris, Cuchet, 1785. 8vo. With a small woodcut decoration on the title-page, some letterpress tables in text. Contemporary calf, richly gold-tooled spine with brown title-label, marbled endpapers, red edges.
G5AAAIYNZ8OA: KITCHIN, THOMAS AND OTHERS. - Kitchin's general atlas, describing the whole universe. London, Robert Laurie, James Whittle, 1808. Imperial folio (53 x 39.5 cm). With 28 engraved maps (numbered in 41 parts) assembled from 67 sheets. Most include elaborate cartouches with pictorial decoration. With the maps coloured in outline. Contemporary half calf.
L4GF1CV2HCMX: KLEEMANN, C.H, JOHANNES AUGUSTINUS BERNARDUS KUYPER VAN WASCHPENNING, TRANSL. - Kort en grondig onderwijs, in het kweeken der meest gezochte bolgewassen. Gevolgd naar het Hoogduitsch van C.H. Kleeman, systematisch gerangschikt, met de geslachts- en soortkenmerken en eenige bolgewassen vermeerderd door J.A.B. Kuijper van Wäschpenning, voorafgegaan van het geslachtsstelsel van Linnaeus.Breda, F.P. Sterk, 1829. 8vo. Original publisher’s printed stiff paper wrappers.
9AHHE2WT38YE: KLEINER, SALOMON. - Residences memorables de l'incomparable heros de nôtre siecle ou Representation exacte de edifices et jardins de ... le Prince Eugene Francois Duc de Savoye et de Piemont, ... | Wunder würdiges Kriegs- uns Siegs-lager ... oder Eigentliche vor und abbildungen der Hoff- Lust- und Garten-gebäude ...Augsburg, heirs of Jeremias Wolff, 1731-1740.With: (2) KLEINER, Salomon. Representation des animaux de la menagerie de ... la Prince Eugene François de Savoye et de Piemont ..., avec plusieurs plantes etrangeres du dit jardin ...Vorbildung aller ausländischen Thiere, so in dem Thier-garten Sr. Hochfürst. Durchl. Eugenii Francisci ...Augsburg, heirs of Jeremias Wolff, 1734. With 11 engraved title-pages, 2 engraved dedication leaves and 102 engraved illustration plates (11 folding). 2 works (the first in 10 parts) in 1 volume. Oblong Royal folio (32 x 46 cm). 19th-century calf.
E4HF5D7QJH67: KLUG, JOHANN CHRISTOPH FRIEDRICH. - Entomologiae Brasilianae specimen. [Bonn, Wolfgang Schwarzkopf, 1821]. With 3 hand-coloured engraved plates, by Franz after S. Weber. With: (2) KLUG, Johann Christoph Friedrich. Entomologiae Brasilianae specimen alterum, sistens insectorum coleopterorum nondum descriptorum centuriam.[Bonn, Wolfgang Schwarzkopf, 1825]. With 5 hand-coloured engraved plates by S. Weber. 2 works in 1 volume. 4to. Modern boards.
ABC_45723: KLUGE, CARL ALEXANDER FERDINANT (F. VAN DER BREGGEN, TRANSL.). - Proeve eener voorstelling van het dierlijk magnetismus als geneesmiddel. Uit het Hoogduitsch met eenige bijvoegselen door F. van der Breggen.Amsterdam, Evert Maaskamp, 1812. 8vo. With an engraved title-page including an allegorical scene engraved by W. van Senus showing Asklepios and Hypnos chasing Death away from a sick man. Modern half vellum, marbled sides, new endpapers.
J7VA7QT6AMCL: KNOOP, JOHANN HERMANN. - Sleutel der Latynsche konst-woorden, welke in de botanye, pharmacye en medicyne 't meest gebruikt worden. Waar in namentlyk de gemelde konst-woorden uit ’t Latyn in ’t Nederduitsch vertaalt … opgeheldert en verklaart worden.Leeuwarden, Arent van Leeuwarden, 1758. 8vo. With woodcut vignette (crown) on title-page and some woodcut initials. Half red sheepskin, sprinkled paper sides, manuscript spine label.
S890: KNOOP, JOHANN HERMANN. - Verhandeling van de sphaerische of klootsche zonne-wysers; namelyk, hoe men op een sphaera convexa, of ronde kloot, allerley zonnewysers meetkonstig beschryven kan.Leeuwarden, Jacques Alexandre de Chalmot, 1761. 8vo. With 50 figures on 21 folding engraved plates by Jan Caspar Philips. Later half vellum, made from early materials.
JBLBX07GU306: KNORR, GEORG WOLFGANG. - Verlustiging der oogen en van den geest, of verzameling van allerley bekende hoorens en schulpen, die in haar eigen kleuren afgebeeld zyn.Amsterdam, heirs of Frans Houttuyn, 1770-1775. 6 parts in 2 volumes. Large 4to (28 x 20 cm). With 190 engraved plates, coloured by a contemporary hand. Modern half calf.
LC2BIQON1D44: KOENIG, ALEXANDER. - Die Vögel am Nil von seiner Mündung bis in das Gebiet seiner Quellflüsse (Weisser Nil) auf Grund eigener Reisen und Beobachtungen in Wort und Bild dargestellt … Zweiter Band. Die Raubvögel.[Bernburg, Kunze, 1936]. 4to. Illustrated with 52 colour plates and 2 black and white plates depicting birds of prey, a plate with 4 photographs of nests and 2 lithographed illutrations in the text of ancient Egyptian statues of falcons. Rebound in blue half morocco with title shield.
J9DE8S34TQJM: KOENIG, SAMUEL FRIDERICUS. - Dissertatio inauguralis medica de Lamio Plinii.Strasbourg, Melchior Pauschinger, 1742. 4to. With a folding engraved plate. Disbound.
L12F002KU3CS: KOERTEN, JOANNA (SUBJECT). - Het stamboek op de papiere snykunst van mejuffrouw Joanna Koerten, huisvrouw van den heere Adriaan Blok. Bestaande in Latynsche en Nederduitsche gedichten der voornaamste dichters.Amsterdam, "voor rekening van de Compagnie", 1735. 8vo. With title-page with an engraved vignette, and an engraved medallion portrait of Joanna Koerten surrounded by putti as frontispiece, each designed and engraved by Jan Punt and dated 1734. Contemporary half calf, gold-tooled spine, later endpapers.
H7RC5HRM32QZ: KOL, HENRI HUBERT VAN. - Oud en nieuw Japan. Grepen uit het leven.Rotterdam, W.L. & J. Brusse's Uitgevers-Maatschappij, 1921. With 119 black and white illustrations. Original publisher's cloth.
H8RAI5VNN5KF: KOLB (KOLBE), PETER. - Naaukeurige en uitvoerige beschryving van de Kaap de Goede Hoop.Amsterdam, Balthazar Lakeman, 1727. 2 volumes bound as 1. Folio. With engraved title-page, engraved portrait of the author, 6 engraved maps (including one large folding map, 42.5 x 54.5 cm), 1 engraved plan and 45 engraved plates. 18th-century tanned sheepskin with a tree pattern, gold-tooled spine.
17290: KOLBE VON WARTENBERG, JOHANN CASIMIR. - Väterliche Instruction an seine Kinder, nummehr zum dritten mahl auffgeleget,...Berlin, Johann Michael Rüdiger, 1704. With richly engraved allegorical frontispiece by I.W. Heckemaur, title-page printed in red and black, full-page engraved portrait of the author, and woodcut vignette on separate title for the genealogy of the House of Kolbe von Wartenberg.With: (2) WAGENSEIL, Johann Christoph. Erziehung eines jungen Prinzen, der vor allen studieren einen Abscheu hat, dass er dennoch gelehrt und geschickt werde. Leipzig, Johann Heinichens Wittwe, 1705. With title-page printed in red and black and fine engraved headpiece to the text. 2 works in 1 volume. 4to. Contemporary vellum.
KBGCHIXL8BFM: KOOPMAN, J.F. - Verslag van eene reize naar de westkust van Afrika, Rio de Janeiro en Rio de la Plata, door Z.M. schroef-stoomschip Cornelis Dirks, ...1859-1860.[Amsterdam, widow of G. Hulst van Keulen, 1863]. 8vo. Contemporary blue paper wrappers.
LAAC004T3BFR: KORNMANN, HEINRICH. - Sibylla trig-Andriana, seu virginitate, virginum statu et jure tractatus novus et jucundus ...Including:De annulo triplici: usitato, sponsalitio, signatorio: ...Linea amoris sive commentarius in versiculum glossae, ...The Hague, Adriaan Vlacq, 1654. 3 parts in 1 volume. 12mo. Contemporary sheepskin parchment.
1820: KORNMANN, HEINRICH. - Sibylla trig-Andriana, seu virginitate, virginum statu et jure tractatus novus et jucundus … Including:-De Annulo triplici: usitato, sponsalitio, signatorio: ...-Linea amoris sive commentarius in versiculum glossae, ... The Hague, Adriaan Vlacq, 1654. With: (2) BOETHIUS. De consolatione philosophiae, libri v. ex vetustissimis libris a Th. Pulmannus.Leiden, Officina Plantiniana, Franciscus Raphelengius, 1590. With Plantin's woodcut compasses device on title-page. 2 editions in 1 volume (the first in 3 parts). 12mo. 17th-century overlapping sheepskin parchment.
K57C3HPCX325: KORYTKO, STEFAN. - General orientative map of the world's oil industry | Übersichtskarte der Welt- Naphtha-Industrie | Carte d'orientation de l'industrie de pétrole du monde | Mapa pogladowa swiatowego przemyslu naftowego.Lviv, Stefan Korytko, 1925. Large folding chromolithographed map (map size 65.5 x 88 cm). Original publisher's printed paper wrappers.
D5KGMPA0L327: KOSTER, EVERHARDUS. - Schetsboek. Nederlandsche stads- en havengezigten.Amsterdam, F. Buffa & son; Delft, H. Koster; Leiden, P.H. van den Heuvel, 1858. Folio. With letterpress title-page, lithographed portrait of Koster and 24 tinted lithographed views of Dutch cities and harbours by Johannes Hilverdink after Everhardus Koster, printed by Steuerwald. Contemporary half calf.
J9QDNGT55XYK: KOTZEBUE, OTTO VON. - Nieuwe ontdekkingsreize rondom de wereld, in de jaren 1823, 24, 25 en 26 ondernomen door den ridder Otto von Kotzebue, scheepsbevelhebber in Russisch-Keizerlijke dienst.Haarlem, widow of Adriaan Loosjes, 1830. 2 volumes. 8vo. With a lithographed frontispiece in each volume, and 3 folding engraved maps. Contemporary half cloth.
ABC_45649: KOTZEBUE, AUGUST VON (ATTRIBUTED). - Geschiedkundig tafereel van den aftogt der Franschen na de bataille by Leipzig, van den 16. Tot den 19. October 1813. Een pendant tot den Aftogt der Franschen uit Rusland.Amsterdam, Evert Maaskamp, 1814. 8vo.Original publisher's printed wrapper.
KAHFNW706ETU: [KRAFFT, ABRAHAM FRIEDRICH]. - Der sowohl Menschen und Viehe grausamen Thiere, schädlichen Ungeziefers und verderblichen Gewürmer gäntzliche Ausrottung.Nürnberg, Johann Leonhard Buggel, 1709-1712. 2 volumes. 8vo. Each volume with a folding illustrated engraved title-page and a folding letterpress title-page, and a larger folding engraved plate in volume II. Contemporary but not uniform vellum.
21286: KRAFFT, JOANNES LAURENTIUS. - Den schat der fabelen.Brussels, widow of G. Jacobs, 1739-1740. 3 volumes. 8vo. With 3 different engraved frontispieces and 115 engraved illustrations, all designed and engraved by the author. Contemporary polished calf, gold-tooled spines.
A1UG0N1SK4VJ: KRAFFT, JEAN CHARLES. - Constructions plans et décorations des jardins de France d'Angleterre et d'Allemagne recueil contenant des plans de jardins connus, extrêmement pittoresques, des projets non moins satisfaisans, des élévations de fabriques de tout genre d'architecture Égyptienne, Chinoise, Arabe, Turque, gothique, Grecque, Romaine et Française, des ornemens analogues et des détails essentiels pour l'exécution, avec texte explicatif en trois langues. … Nouvelle édition. Première [-seconde] partie.Paris, Bance ainé (printed by Ducessois), 1831. 2 parts, each in 12 instalments. Large oblong 4to (25 x 33.5 cm). With an engraved frontispiece and 96 numbered engraved plates in the first part and an engraved frontispiece and 70 engraved plates (numbered 1-96, including 17 double-page and 3 four-page) in the second part. Each instalment in publisher's original boards covered with brown paper, printed in letterpress on the front (with a wide decorative border built up from fleurons), all identical except for the part and instalment numbers in manuscript. Later endpapers.
61Q9OTRBPUPB: KRAMER, HERBERT. - [Huis te Nigtevecht, incipit:] Aan den edelen agtbaren heer Pieter Reael, heere tot Nigtevegt, oud-schepen en raad der stad Amsterdam. ende aan syn eds. waarde gemalinne mevrou Maria Eleonora Huidecoper van Maarseveen, vrouwe tot Nigtevegt. werden dese gronden en gezigten van haar edd. huys, met schuldige eerbiedigheyt opgedragen. Amsterdam, Cornelis Danckerts the younger, [ca. 1696]. Royal folio (44.5 x 29.5). With 8 double-page engraved plates (plate size mostly ca. 29.5 x 35.5 cm) by Bastiaan Stopendaal after the designs of Herbert Kramer; and a half-page engraved coats-of-arms of Reael and his wife on the back of the dedication page. Modern half maroon goatskin morocco.
H8DH5C5TJN35: [KRAUSS, JOHAN CARL]. - Almanach der kruid-kunde voor het Jaar 1800. Tot onderrichting en vermaak voor het schoone geslacht, als ook voor die genen die de eerste beginselen der kruidkunde beöefenen.Amsterdam, Jan Barend Elwe, [1799]. 12mo. With engraved title-page and 14 botanical flower and herb plates, all hand-coloured. Contemporary stiff, yellow paper wrappers.
6948: KREBS, JOHANN FRIEDRICH. - De radio reflexo variorum phaenomenorum & egregiorum effectuum opticorum causa, … Respondente Friderico Wilhelmo Madero, ...Jena, Samuel Krebs, 1674. 4to. 19th-century(?) glazed marbled wrappers.
K39F03X8SPKI: KREMER, ALFRED VON. - Ibn Chaldun und seine Culturgeschichte der Islamischen Reiche.Vienna, Karl Gerold's son (back of title-page: Adolf Holzhausen), 1879. 8vo. With 4 leaves with Arabic text. Contemporary paper wrappers.
8AK9EJQAL3CC: KURVINEN, PIETARI. - Ondonga kielen ABD. Ensimäinen irja Ondonga kielellä . . . =ABD Moshindonga. Omukanda uatango koshindonga ua piangoa . . .Helsinki, Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seuran [=Finnish Literature Society], 1876. 8vo. With 2 title-pages, the first in Finnish and the second in Ndonga, a brief preface in both languages, but with the sample texts in Ndonga. Contemporary brown textured cloth.
D95C2NJMB8EQ: KUSSENDRAGER, REINDER JAN LAMBERTUS. - Natuur- en aardrijkskundige beschrijving van het eiland Java.Groningen, J. Oomkens, 1841. 8vo. With a lithographed title-page. Original publisher's green lithographed boards.
ABC_46142: KUWAIT OIL COMPANY. - Information for new engagements on joining the Kuwait Oil Company, Limited, Kuwait.Al Ahmadi, Kuwait Oil Company, 18 June 1952. Small folio (33 x 20.5 cm). Duplicated typescript, printed on the rectos only in purple ink, probably with a spirit duplicator. Loose sheets, stapled together at the left top corner with holes punched in the left margin.
ABC_45402: L'HÉRITIER DE BRUTELLE, CHARLES-LOUIS. - Sertum Anglicum, seu plantae rariores quae in hortis juxta Londinum, imprimis in horto regio Kewensi excoluntur, ab anno 1786 ad annum 1787 observatae.Paris, Pierre-François Didot, 1788 [= after 1800]. 1mo (full-sheet leaves, ca. 34 x 53,5 cm). With 35 engraved botanical plates (8 folding), including 20 drawn by Pierre-Joseph Redouté and 10 by James Sowerby. Contemporary half red roan (sheepskin). Preserved in a professionaly handmade box, made for this book.
C23DVI01U79O: L'HERMITE, JACQUES DE (JOHAN VAN WALBEECK). - Journael van de Nassausche vloot, ofte beschrijvingh van de voyagie om den gantschen aert-kloot, gedaen met elf schepen.Amsterdam, Joost Hartgertsz., 1648. 4to. With half-page woodcut with two ships on the title-page and a large double-page engraved plate. 18th-century marbled wrappers.
18871: L'ISLE (DELISLE), JOSEPH-NICOLAS DE. - Memoire sur la carte de l'ancienne Palestine ou de la Terre Sainte. Paris, Chez l'auteur, 1763. 4to. With woodcut vignette on title-page and a large woodcut headpiece. Modern brown half calf, richly gold-tooled spine.
ABC_45403: L'HÉRITIER DE BRUTELLE, CHARLES-LOUIS. - Stirpes novae, aut minus cognitae, quas descriptionibus et iconibus illustravit.Paris, Philip Dionysius Pierres, "1784"-"1785" [= 1785-1788]. Parts 1-4 (of 6) in 1 volume. 1mo (full-sheet leaves, ca. 37 x 54 cm). With 50 engraved plates: 22 after Pierre Joseph Redouté, 17 after L. Freret, 4 after Fossier, 2 after P. Jossigny, 2 after J.G. Bruguiere, and 1 each after James Sowerby, Cl. Aubriet and Prévost. Original publisher's pink paste-paper wrappers over boards. Preserved in a professionaly handmade box, made for this book.
ABC_45633: L'ISLE (DELISLE), GUILLAUME, AND OTHERS. - Le flambeau de la guerre allumee au Rhin; representee en 36 nouvelles cartes geographiques, … = De fakkel des oorlogs ontstoken aan den Rhyn; verbeeld in 36 nieuwe geographische landkaarten, …Amsterdam, Petrus Schenk II, 1735. 8vo. With a double-page engraved title, two double-page engraved pages of text in Dutch and French, a folding engraved map and 36 double-page engraved maps; all coloured by hand. Original publisher's red sheepskin with a flap and wrapping band.
98MCBSHUHD3N: [LA PEYRÈRE, ISAAC DE]. [MUNK, FROBISHER AND LINDENAU]. - Drie voyagien gedaen na Groenlandt, om te ondersoecken of men door de Naeuwte Hudson soude konnen seylen; om alsoo een doorvaert na Oost-Indien te vinden. Alle ten versoecke van Christianus de IIII. Koningh van Denemarcken, &c. de eerste door Joan Monnick, de tweede door Marten Forbisser[!], ende de derde door Gotske Lindenau. Als mede een beschryvinghe, hoe, en op wat wijse men walvisschen vanght. Item, een korte beschrijvingh van Groenlandt, met de manieren en hoedanicheden der inwoonderen aldaer. Amsterdam, Gillis Joosten Saeghman, [ca. 1665]. 4to. With woodcut vignette of ships on title-page, 16 further woodcuts on integral leaves (1 full-page signed by Christoffel van Sichem IV and 9 half-page and smaller with his monogram). Late 19th-century vellum.
15461: LA FONTAINE, JEAN DE. - Contes et nouvelles en vers.Amsterdam [= Paris], [Joseph-Gérard Barbou], 1762. 2 volumes. 8vo. With engraved portraits of La Fontaine and Eisen and 80 engraved plates after drawings by Eisen and engraved by Aliamet, Baquoy, Choffard, Delafosse, Flipart, Lemire, Leveau, De Longueil and Ouvrier, and 4 vignettes and 53 head- and tailpieces by Pierre-Philip Choffard. An engraving of Le calendrier des vieillards in its découvert state is loosely inserted in volume 1. Contemporary gold-tooled red morocco, gilt edges.
K3FAMFXMIFM7: LA BOULLAYE LE GOUZ, FRANCOIS DE. - Les voyages et observations du sieur de la Boullaye-le-Gouz gentil-homme Angevin, où sont décrites les religions, gouvernemens, & situations de estats & royaumes d'Italie, Grece, Natolie, Syrie, Palestine, Karamenie, Kaldée, Assyrie, grand Mogol, Bijapour, Indes orientales des Portugais, Arabie, Egypte, Hollandse, grande Bretagne, Irlande, Dannemark, Pologne, isles & autres lieux d'Europe, Asie & Affrique, où il a séjourné, le tout enrichy de figures ...Paris, Francois Clousier, 1653. 4to. With a woodcut and an engraved author's portrait and 34 woodcut illustrations in text, including several full-page. Contemporary calf, gold-tooled spine.
E21FVFZ8OUA8: [LA CAPELLE]. - La Capelle. [France(?), ca. 1690]. Pen and brown ink drawing, with blue washes on paper (10 x 30 cm) with title at the head.
5829: LA FLOTTE, M. DE. - Essais historiques sur l'Inde, précédés d'un journal de voyages et d'une description géographique de la Côte de Coromandel.Paris, Herissant, 1769. 12mo. With 3 full-page engraved plates. Contemporary calf, spine gilt.
4671: LA HIRE, PHILIPPE DE. - Sectiones conicae in novem libros distributae, ...Paris, Etienne Michallet, 1685. Large folio (38 x 26 cm). With a charming woodcut headpiece at the beginning of the main text, hundreds of woodcut diagrams in the text. 19th-century boards (ca. 1820?).
19875: LA FEUILLE, DANIEL DE. - Essay d'un dictionnaire contenant la connoissance du monde, des sciences universelles, et particulierement celle des medailles, des passions, des moeurs, des vertus et des vices, &c. Representé par des figures hyerogliphiques, expliquées en prose & en vers.Wesel, Jacobus van Wesel, 1700. 4to. With engraved frontispiece and 48 engraved plates (incl. 2 double-page). Contemporary half calf, gold-tooled spine.
18103: LA ROQUE, JEAN DE. - Voyage de Syrie et du Mont-Liban.Paris, André Cailleau, 1722. 2 volumes. 12mo. With 9 engraved plates (5 folding), including a folding map showing the course of the Orontes river; dedication with woodcut coat of arms of De Fleury. Contemporary sprinkled calf, gold-tooled spines with gilt-stamped crest of Henry Edward Bunbury.
14941: LA RUE, JEAN BAPTISTE DE. - Traité de la coupe des pierres, ou methode facile & abregée, pour aisément se perfectionner en cette science.Paris, Imprimerie Royale, Pierre-Alexandre Martin, 1738. Large folio (43.5 x 29.5 cm). With engraved allegorical frontispiece by Thomassin after Bertin and numerous architectural plans and views (in orthographic projections and in perspective) and designs for stone cutters printed from 97 engraved copper plates (96 full-page and 1 larger than double-page on a folding sheet of larger format). A. Coquart signed or initialed most of the plates. Further with 3 engraved headpieces (plus 3 repeats) showing putti cutting and hauling stone at building sites and 2 engraved decorated initials. Contemporary calf, richly gold-tooled spine; rebacked with the original backstrip laid down.
1816: LA SERRE, JEAN-PUGET DE. - Le breviere des courtisans, enrichy d'un grand nombre de figures.Paris, Jeremie Boüillerot, 1642. 8vo (16.5 x 11 cm). With woodcut vignette on title-page and 7 engraved plates depicting contrasting double-scenes, after designs by Nicolaas van der Horst. Gold-tooled red morocco attributed to Henry Gaillard (active in the third quarter of the 19th century), richly gold-tooled turn-ins, gilt edges.
A48CSYX80ZHY: [LA FAYE, JEAN BAPTISTE DE]. - Voyage pour la redemption des captifs, aux royaumes d'Alger et de Tunis. Fait en 1720. Par les PP. François Comelin, Philemon de la Motte, & Joseph Bernard de l'Ordre de la sainte Trinité, dits Mathurins.Including: La tradition de l'eglise.Paris, Louis-Anne Sevestre and Pierre-François Giffart, 1721. 2 parts in 1 volume. 12mo. With an engraved frontispiece portrait of Louis XV, engraved by P.F. Giffart, folding engraved plate of the court of the Dey (Regent) of Algiers, and a regular engraved plate in the second part. Contemporary mottled calf, richly gold-tooled spine.
5175: LA MOTTE, ANTOINE HOUDAR DE. - Fables nouvelles, dédiées au Roy. Avec un discours sur la fable. Paris, Gregoire Dupuis, 1719. 4to. With engraved allegorical frontispiece by N. Tardieu after Charles Coypel, engraved vignette on title-page by C. Simeneau after N. Vleughels and 100 engraved illustrations to the fables by and after Claude Gillot, Charles Antoine Coypel, Jean Ranc, Bernard Picart, Jean Baptiste Massé, etc. Contemporary mottled calf, gold-tooled spine.
21276: [LA FONTAINE, JEAN DE]. - La Fontaine en estampes, ou nouvelle édition des fables, plus complète que les précédentes; précédée de la vie de l'auteur, extraite du nouvel ouvrage de M. Walckenaer.Paris, Auguste Nepveu, 1821. 4to. With an engraving on the title-page (Aesop talking with the animals before a bust of La Fontaine) and 110 half-page engravings illustrating the fables. Contemporary half brown sheepskin.
ABC_46134: LA BILLARDIERE, JACQUES JULIEN HOUTOE DE. - Relation du voyage à la recherche de La Pérouse, fait par ordre de l'Assemblée constituante, pendant les années 1791, 1792, et pendant la 1ere. et la 2e. année de la république Françoise.Paris, Hendrik J. Jansen, An VIII [= 1799/1800]. 2 volumes. 8vo. With extensive tables at the end giving daily data from the ship's log and vocabulary lists for various indigenous languages. Contemporary half calf, marbled endpapers, red edges.With: (2) Atlas pour server à la Relation du voyage à la recherche de La Pérouse …Paris, F. Schoell, 1811. Large folio (51 x 34.5 cm). With an engraved title-page, a large folding map (50 x 73 cm) showing the route taken by the expedition. Also with 43 further plates (ca. 45 x 30 cm), Contemporary half tan sheepskin, "maroquin" chemical-marbled sides.
21822: LA CHAPELLE, JEAN BAPTISTA DE (CORNELIS VAN ENGELEN, TRANSL.). - De scaphander of de konst om in de diepste wateren dryvende te gaan en allerhande werk te verrigten.Amsterdam, G. Warners & Harlingen, Volkert van der Plaats, 1777. 8vo. With 4 engraved plates on 2 large folded sheets by B. de Bakker after the plates in the original French edition, charmingly illustrating the water-jacket and water-pants discussed in the text. Contemporary brown sprinkled paper wrappers.
K6LD6LNJIIQB: LAAR, GIJSBERT VAN. - Magazijn van tuin-sieraaden. Of verzameling van modellen van aanleg en sieraad, voor groote en kleine lust-hoven, voornamelijk van dezulke die, met weinig kosten, te maaken zijn.Amsterdam, Jacobus de Ruyter, [1819]. 4to. With an engraved title-page with a hand-coloured illustration and 190 engraved plates, all coloured by a contemporary hand. Contemporary half calf.
A6CAFWY9EU08: LAAR, GIJSBERT VAN. - Magazijn van tuin-sieraaden; of verzameling van modellen van aanleg en sieraad, voor groote en kleine lust-hoven, voornamelijk van dezulke die, met weinig kosten, te maaken zijn...Amsterdam, Jacobus de Ruyter, [1819/20]. Royal 4to (31 x 25 cm). Engraved title-page, numerous illustrations of garden architecture, garden furniture and plans of gardens on 190 numbered engraved plates. Modern half calf, marbled sides. Interleaved with contemporary blank paper.
76MB57ED2GIG: LABAT, JEAN-BAPTISTE. - Nieuwe reizen naar de Franse eilanden van America. Amsterdam, Balthasar Lakeman, 1725. 4 volumes bound as 2. 4to. With 2 engraved frontispieces, 11 folding engraved maps and plans, and 83 full-page plates. Contemporary polished half calf.
DBGGHNNR4U87: LABAUME, EUGENE. - Relação completa da campanha da Russia em 1812.Lisbon, widow of Neves and sons, 1818. 2 volumes bound as 1. 4to. With 2 folding engraved plates (ca. 26 x 41 and 24 x 33.5 cm). Contemporary tree calf, gold-tooled spine.
G7HD6MU8HXMJ: LABILLARDIÈRE, JACQUES JULIEN HOUTON DE. - Relation du voyage a la recherche de la Pérouse.Including: Atlas pour servir à la Relation du voyage à la recherche de la Pérouse, ...Paris, H.J. Jansen, An VIII [= 1799/1800]. 3 volumes. 4to (2 text volumes) and folio (atlas). Atlas with engraved title-page, large folding map (59 x 86.5 cm) and 43 full-page engraved plates (numbered 2-44), including 14 botanical plates drawn or completed by Pierre-Joseph Redouté. Modern mottled half calf.
59IF7SBBNOWB: LABORDE, ALEXANDRE DE. - Description des nouveaux jardins de la France et de ses anciens chateaux ... | Description of the modern gardens and ancient castles in France. | Beschreibung der neuen Gärten und alten Schlösser in Frankreich. Paris, Delance, 1808[-1814]. Large folio (50.5 x 35.5 cm). With engraved title-page, engraved map of Northern France, 2 engraved plans, 130 engraved plates with views of gardens on 91 leaves (numbered 1-122 and A-H), and one engraved plate with geological figures. With text in French, English and German. Contemporary green half morocco, gold-tooled spine.
6561: LACAILLE (LA CAILLE), NICOLAS LOUIS DE. - Lectiones elementares astronomiae, geometriae, et physicae, ex editione Parisina anni 1755 in Latinum traductae a C.S(chefer) e S.J. Including: Appendix, complectens Praecipuas Mutationes, quas Auctor in Ultima Editione Parisina anno 1761 fecit, et in Latinum convertit C.S(chefer) e S.J.Vienna, Prague, Johann Thomas Trattner, 1757-1762. 2 parts in 1 volume. 4to. With woodcut vignette on 2 title-pages, 10 folding engraved plates in text. Contemporary vellum.
23043: [LACOMBE, JACQUES]. - Encyclopédie méthodique. Dictionaire des jeux avec les planches relatives, faisant suite aux amusemens des sciences mathématiques &c.Padua, 1800. Large 4to (31 x 23 cm). With engraved illustration on title-page, and 13 engraved plates (5 folding) by P. Scattaglia. Contemporary stiff paper wrappers.
K7GEK8CKWTNV: LACORDAIRE, JEAN THÉODORE. - Introduction à l'entomologie comprenant les principes généraux de l'anatomie et de la physiologie des insectes, ...Paris, Librairie Encyclopédique de Roret, 1834-1838. 2 text volumes and 1 atlas volume. 8vo. With 24 engraved plates of insects and their anatomy (3 hand-coloured) in the seperate atlas volume. Contemporary half calf.
D9FBG7JMB8EQ: LAET, JOHANNES DE. - Beschrijvinghe van West-Indien ... Tweede druck.Leiden, Elzevier, 1630. Folio. With engraved frontispiece, 14 folding engraved maps, and many text illustrations. Contemporary vellum.
83GBY5D2GIGO: LAFITEAU, JOSEPH-FRANÇOIS. - De zeden der wilden van Amerika. Zynde een nieuwe uitvoerige en zeer kurieuse beschryving van derzelver oorsprong, godsdienst, manier van oorlogen, huwelyken, opvoeding, oeffeningen, feesten, danzeryen, begravenissen, en andere zeldzame gewoonten.The Hague, Gerard vander Poel, 1731. 2 volumes bound as 1. Folio. With engraved frontispiece, engraved map of North and South America and 41 engraved plates. Contemporary calf, richly gold-tooled spine.
ABC_45218: LAFUENTE Y ALCANTARA, EMILIO. - Inscripciones Arabes de Granada, precedidas de una reseña histórica y de la genealogía detallada de los reyes Alahmares.Madrid, Imprenta Nacional, 1859 (issued 1860). 4to. With a folding family tree. Near contemporary gold-tooled vellum with spine title, endpapers with a floral pattern. With the original publisher’s 1860 front wrapper bound in.
V5434: LAGERLÖF, ELOF AND ANDERS LIDBECK. - Dissertatio de limitibus inter regna naturae, ...Lund, Typis Berlingianus, 1790. 4to. Disbound.
V606: LAGERLÖF, WERMELANDUS MAGNUS AND ULRIK JOHAN ÅBERG. - Dissertatio de analogia et differentia inter animalia et plantas.Lund, Litteris Berlingianis, 1798. 4to. Disbound.
22359: LAIRESSE, GERARD DE. - Grondlegginge der teeken-konst, zynde een korte en zeekere weg om door middel van de geometrie of meetkunde, de teeken-konst volkomen te leeren. ... Tweede druk.Including: SEGNER, Johann Andreas. Beschryving van twee verscheide zeer bekwame en zuinige als mede het gezicht bewarende lampen, ...Amsterdam, Gerrit Tielenburg, 1766. 4to. With a engraved illustration on title-page, 8 engraved plates (including one mezzotint) and 6 engravings in text, mostly after designs by the author, and ad 2 with 3 folding engraved plates. Contemporary richly gold-tooled calf, gilt edges.
18915: LAIRESSE, GERARD DE AND CRISPIJN DE PASSE. - Les principes du dessein; ou methode courte et facile pour aprendre cet art en peu de tems.Amsterdam, Leipzig, Arkstée & Merkus, 1746. Large folio (43.5 x 27 cm). Title-page with an allegorical engraving by C. Huyberts after Lairesse's design, with 120 numbered engraved plates by various artists and engravers and 11 half-page engravings by Lairesse in the text. Contemporary half calf.
5A3G3IGIVOEK: LAIRESSE, GERARD DE. - Tafereelen, geschilderd door Gerard de Lairesse, in de Raadkamer van den Hove van Justitie van Holland, Zeeland, en Westvriesland; ... Les tableaux qui se trouvent a la Haye, dans la Chambre du Conseil de Justice de la Cour d'Holande, de Zelande, & de Westvrise.Amsterdam, printed for Nikolaas Verkolje, 1737. Large folio. With 7 engraved plates illustrating 7 paintings by Larisse at the old provincial Court of Justice in the Binnenhof at The Hague, engraved by Pierre Tamjé and Claude Duflos after drawings by Verkolje. 19th-century half roan, marbled boards.
I7RAMM4MCZH8: LAKENMAN, SEGER. - Ontwerp van een onkostbaar en zeker middel, om de Westvriesche zeedyken... te stellen buiten eenig gevaar van doorbrake...Amsterdam, heirs of Johannes Ratelband and company and Hendrik de Leth, 1733. Folio. With 2 folding engraved plates, including a map of North-Holland. Contemporary marbled paper wrappers, preserved in a blue cloth chemise.
C2CB841IF05P: LALLEMAND, CHARLES. - Tunis et ses environs.Paris, Quantin, 1890. Large 4to (31 x 24 cm). With 150 detailed chromolithographs (most in the text; some on separate plates), with extra ca. 100 duplicates without text of the illustrations. Contemporary half morocco.
H3ACCDMXEIJX: LAMBRECHTSEN, NICOLAAS CORNELIS. - Korte beschrijving van de ontdekking en der verdere lotgevallen van Nieuw-Nederland, weleer eene volkplanting van het gemeenebest der Vereenigde Nederlanden in America.Middelburg, S. van Benthem, 1818. 8vo. With a large folding map (plate size 54.5 x 42 cm). Contemporary paper wrappers, with parts of the publisher's original printed-paper spine.
I18A2ECZI32Y: LANDERER, XAVER. - [Encheiridion peri tes ton pharmakeutikon ulon exietaseos].[In Greek].Athens, K. Antoniados, 1846. 8vo. Half red morocco, gold-tooled spine.
I18AYZ4FYYXN: LANDERER, XAVER - [Encheiriadion tes pharmakologias syntachthen] [in Greek].Athens, K. Antoniadou, 1845. 8vo. Contemporary half red morroco, gold-tooled spine.
L1NC0MWVR971: [LANGENDIJK, JAN ANTHONIE]. - [Watercolour of Russian and British prisoners-of-war in the Batavian Republic].[North Holland?, 1799-1800]. Pencil, ink and watercolour drawing on wove paper (22 x 42.5 cm) mounted on a larger sheet.
L1N9Y64JAX66: [LANGENDIJK, JAN ANTHONIE]. - [Watercolour of a train of the Batavian Republic’s horse artillery].[North Holland?, 1799-1800]. Pencil, ink and watercolour drawing on wove paper (22 x 42.5 cm) mounted on a larger sheet.
HBB9HVQSIM27: LANGHAM, WILLIAM. - The garden of health: containing the sundry rare and hidden vertues and properties of all kindes of simples and plants. Together with the manner how they are to bee used and applyed in medicine for the health of mans body, against divers diseases and infirmities most common amongst men. ... The second edition corrected and emended.London, Thomas Harper, 1633. 4to. Sprinkled calf (ca. 1800?), gold-tooled spine with the (ca. 1835?) WHM monogram of William Henry Miller.
K1UDI6E3DVHS: LANGLOIS, VICTOR. - Numismatique des Arabes avant l'islamisme.Paris, C. Rollin and Druand; London, J. Curt (colophon and back of half-title: printed by Pommeret and Moreau, Paris), 1859. 4to. With 4 numbered engraved plates and 1 lithographed "bis" plate. Publisher's letterpress printed paper wrappers.
763CCB5SV3LS: LANGUEN, JACQUES. - Petit manuel Russe à l'usage des étrangers. Ouvrage propre à faciliter l'intelligence de la langue russe; dans leguel les mots russes sont réprésentés avec leur prononciation figurée en caractèrs français et prosodiée.St. Petersburg, Senat for N. Worobieuffl, 1819. 8vo. Bound in a later green buckram with gilt spine; with the original orange painted wrappers preserved.
19056: LANSBERGE, PHILIP VAN. - Horologiographia plana: in qua omne genus sciotericorum horologiorum, quae plano cuilibet inscribi possunt, certis evidentibusq[ue]; . . . Middelburg, Zacharias Roman, 1663. Small folio (28.5×17.5 cm). With 61 woodcuts in the text (1 repeated on the title-page, illustrating a sundial), many more than half-page, including both sundials and diagrams illustrating how they work. With extensive 19th-century manuscript notes on the back of the title-page. Lacking 2 leaves containing Roman's dedication. Modern paper-covered boards.
KBJCMMVXLL4V: LAPLACE, CYRILLE PIÈRE THÉODORE. - La frégate de Roi L'Amphitrite. États des consommations faites pendant le mois de Décembre 1824 et que restent abord le 1e Janvier 1825.[On board, December 1824-1 January 1825]. Manuscript table in brown ink on a whole sheet of laid paper (40 x 52 cm), with the title at the head and signed at the foot right by Laplace. Folded twice.
FANAH8DSWOKI: LAPLACE, CYRILLE PIÈRE THÉODORE. - Reis rondom de wereld door de zeeën van Indië en China; . . .Zaltbommel, Johannes Noman and sons, 1834-1836. 7 volumes bound as 3. 8vo. Each volume with a lithographed title-page, each with a different topographic view, folding engraved map tracking Laplace's journey, 13 lithographed plates (7 folding). Near contemporary uniform blue-black half calf, gold- and blind-tooled spines.
23146: LAPLACE, CYRILLE PIERRE THÉODORE. - Voyage autour du monde par les mers de l'Inde et de Chine ... exécuté sur la corvette de l'état La Favorite pendant les années 1830, 1831 et 1832. Paris, Imprimerie Royale (views volume: Arthus Bertrand; map volume: Dépôt-Générale de la Marine), 1833-1835. 4 text volumes (8vo), 1 views volume (folio) and 1 atlas volume (1mo, 66 x 51 cm). With 1 folding engraved map in the first text volume, 2 full-page maps and 10 maps on 9 double-page plates in the "atlas hydrographique", and 72 extraordinary aquatint plates (ca. 27 x 36 cm) in the "album historique", most of them with the blind-stamped image of the ship La Favorite (15 x 28 mm). Contemporary half dark green calf, gold-tooled spines.
J4KBR5K2WM7N: LAPLACE, CYRILLE PIERRE THÉODORE. - Campagne de circumnavigation de la frégate l'Artémise, pendant les annéees 1837, 1838, 1839 et 1840, ... Tome premier[-sixième]. Paris, Arthus Bertrand (printed by Firmin Didot frères and Charles Lahure, 1841-1854. 6 volumes. 8vo. With 2 large folding engraved maps (engraved by Ambroise Tardieu and S. Jacobs) and 31 steel-engraved views, those in vols. I-IV drawn by (François) Edmond Pâris (1806-1893), engraved by [Eugène?] Laplante, Joseph Durond and [G.?] Nyon jeune, and printed by Bougeard; those in vols. V-VI anonymous and printed by N. Rémond. With the maps coloured in outline or partly coloured, and with the routes indicated and coloured. Contemporary boards, covered with the publisher's original green printed paper.
ABC_45288: LATHAM, SIMON. - Latham’s faulconry, or the faulcons lure and cure: in two books the first concerning the ordering and training up of all hawks in generall; especially the haggard faulcon-gentle.Including: New and second book of faulconry.London, printed by Richard Hodgkinson for Thomas Rooks, 1658. 2 parts in 1 volume. Small 8vo. With woodcut frontispiece of "The Haggard Faulcon", second title with woodcut vignette of a gentleman riding his horse with his hawk on his arm. Second part with woodcuts in text, woodcut headpieces and decorative initials. 19th century gold-tooled calf, marbled endpapers.
K7GE5O9ISALO: LATREILLE, PIERRE ANDRÉ. - Considérations générales sur l'ordre naturel des animaux composant les classes des crustacés, des arachnides, et des insectes; avec un tableau méthodique de leurs genres, disposés en familles.Including: Table des genres avec l'indication de l'espèce qui leur sert de type.Paris, F. Schoell, 1810. 8vo (205 x 125mm). With three pen drawings of jewel bugs, one hand-coloured, and one pen drawing of a stilt-bug on pp. 254-255. Light brown half morocco, gold-tooled spine.
6CECC05SV3LS: LATROBE, CHARLES IGNATIUS. - Journal of a visit to South Africa in 1815, and 1816. With some account of the missionary settlements of the United Brethren, near the Cape of Good Hope.London, W. M'Dowall for L.B. Seeley and R. Ackermann, 1818. 4to. With folding map (53 x 27 cm), partly hand-coloured, 12 full-page hand-coloured aquatints, and 4 full-page engravings. Later half calf.
J319ML17AD8L: LAUGIER DE TASSY, JACQUES PHILIPPE. - Beschryving van het koningryk en de stadt Algiers, met den tegenwoordigen staat dier regeeringe, landt- en zeemagt, inkomsten, staatswetten, werreltlyk recht en koophandel. Including: Lyst der schepen, welke sedert den 24 december 1715, tot het einde des jaars 1724 door de Algiersche roovers van den staat der Vereenigde Nederlanden genomen zyn. Amsterdam, Marten Schagen, 1725. 3 parts in 1 volume. 4to. With engraved title-page, folding engraved map of Algeria, folding engraved view and a folding engraved bird's eye view of Algiers. Contemporary calf, richly gold-tooled spine, gold-tooled boards, gold-tooled board edges.
B5PE85Q58VPF: LAUSSEDAT, AIMÉ. - Recherches sur les instruments, le méthodes et le dessin topographiques, ... Tome I. Aperçu historique sur les instruments et les méthodes. La topographie dans tous les temps. Tome II. Première partie: Iconométrie et métrophotogravure. Tome II. Deuxième partie: Développement et progrès de la métrophotographie à l'étranger et en France.Paris, Gauthier-Villars, 1898-1903. 3 parts in 2 volumes. Large 8vo. With more than 300 illustrations in the text, several photographic, and 47 mostly folding or double-page maps, plans, profiles and plates. Contemporary half sheepskin.
88FGLY8HI9JL: LAUTS, ULRICH GERARD. - Het eiland Balie en de Balienezen.Amsterdam, G.J.A. Beijerinck, 1848. 8vo. With lithographed title-page and a folding lithographed map of the island Bali. Contemporary dark green half cloth.
18813: LAVATER, LUDWIG. - De spectris, lemuribus et magnis atque insolitis fragoribus, variisque praesagitionibus quae plerunque obitum hominum, magnas clades, mutationésque imporium praecedunt.Geneva, Eustache Vignon, 1575. 8vo. Early 20th-century vellum.
ABC_45539: LAWRENCE, HENRY MONTGOMERY. - Some passages in the life of an adventurer in the Punjab. Originally published in the Delhi Gazette.Delhi, Gazette Press, by Kunniah Lall, 1842. 8vo. With a loosely inserted letterpress printed "Note by the publishers" declaring that in hindsight the publisher would have preferred this edition in larger dimensions and in 2 volumes, but the printer lacked understanding of "the art of book printing". Also included is a manuscript note with bibliographical information relating to Indian printing. Contemporary half red roan with gold-tooled title on spine, marbled sides.
ABC_45219: [LAWRENCE, THOMAS EDWARD]. HARRY PIRIE-GORDON (ED.). - A Brief Record of the Advance of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force under the Command of General Sir Edmund H.H. Allenby. July 1917 to October 1918. Compiled from Official Sources and Published by the Palestine News. Cairo, Government Press and Survey of Egypt, 1919. Small folio (227 x 294 mm). With Allenby’s portrait frontispiece on cloth and 56 coloured maps (facing explanatory texts printed on versos).Original printed wrappers with printed cloth spine.
79UF9HGAZKEI: LE VAILLANT, FRANÇOIS. - Voyage de Monsieur Le Vaillant dans l'intérieur de l'Afrique.Paris, Leroy (colophon vol. 2: printed by Lottin l'aîné & Lottin), 1790. 2 volumes. 8vo. With the publisher's woodcut device on each title-page, engraved frontispiece, 2 folding engraved views and 9 numbered engraved plates (7 costume figures of indigenous Africans and 2 illustrations of giraffes).With the 9 numbered plates coloured by a contemporary hand. Contemporary half calf, richly gold-tooled flat spines.
23269: LE BOURSIER DU COUDRAY, ANGÉLIQUE MARGUERITE. - Abbrégé de l'art des accouchemens, dans lequel on donne les préceptes nécessaires pour le mettre heureusement en pratique. On y a joint plusieurs observations intéressantes sur des cas singuliers. Ouvrage très-utile aux jeunes sages-femmes, & généralement à tous les élèves en cet art, qui desirent de s'y rendre habiles.Saintes, Pierre Toussaints, 1769. 8vo. With an engraved author's portrait by J. Robert and 26 engraved plates printed in 3 colours (black, red and beige) by J. Robert and P. Chapparre. Contemporary gold-tooled calf.
H8RD8098RU6B: LE COQ, ALBERT VON. - Die buddhistische Spätantike in Mittelasien. Ergebnisse der Kgl. Preussischen Turfan-Expeditionen.Berlin, Dietrich Reimer, 1922-1933 [facsimile: Graz, Akademische Druck- und Verlagsanstalt, 1973-1975]. 6 text volumes and 1 atlas. 35,5 x 26 cm; atlas 54 x 36,5 cm. With a total of 185 plates in the text volumes, 22 plates in the atlas volume, mostly in black and white, some in colour, and numerous illustrations in text. Uniform decorated brown cloth.
18874: LE MONNIER, PIERRE-CHARLES. - Mémoires concernant diverses questions d'astronomie et de physique. Lûs & communiqués à l'Académie Royale des Sciences, &c. Paris, Imprimerie Royale, 1781. 4to. With woodcut vignette on title-page (with an armillary sphere and other instruments), and an engraved folding plate with 3 illustrations of eclipses engraved by Y. le Gouaz. Near contemporary half mottled calf.
69TET6PWK2BX: LE PAUTRE, JEAN. - [Collection of 10 print series of 6 plates each with model designs for altars, church tabernacles, armorial trophies, chimney-pieces, monumental doorways, wainscoting, wall panels and ceilings].Paris, Jean I Le Blond, Pierre II Mariette, [ca. 1655-ca. 1670]. 10 print series in 1 volume. Oblong small folio & oblong 4to (20 x 26.5 cm). With 60 engraved plates (plate size ca. 15 x 22 cm). 17th-century sprinkled, gold-tooled calf, each board with the same unidentified coat-of-arms in the centre.
5434: LE PAUTRE (POUTRE), JEAN. - [Extensive overview of the architectural and ornamental work]. Paris, François Jollain, Pierre Mariette, Jean Le Blond, Nicolas Langlois, 1651-1670. 41 parts in 1 volume. Folio. With 40 engraved print-series nearly all by Jean Le Pautre. Further with 1 duplicate series and 6 individual plates not in these series. With a total of 253 full-page engraved plates: 33 complete series of 6 plates, 1 complete series of 12 plates, and 6 incomplete series (lacking 10 of 42 plates) plus an incomplete duplicate of one of the complete series (5 of 6 plates), and the 6 individual plates. About half the series cut down and mounted on blank leaves or on the back of engraved leaves. 18th-century mottled calf.
19026: [LE PAUTRE, JEAN AND PIERRE, AND OTHERS]. - L'architecture à la mode ou sont les nouveaux dessins pour la décoration des bâtimens et jardins. Par les plus habils architectes sculpteurs peintres menuisiers jardiniers serruriers &c.Paris, Nicolas Langlois, [ca. 1675-ca. 1728? (engraved ca. 1655-ca. 1728)]. 2 volumes. Folio (31.5 x 22 cm). With 2 (identical) engraved title-pages and 497 engravings on 496 plates, including 52 double-page. Contemporary uniform brown calf, gold-tooled spines, gold-tooled board edges. Rebacked.
20871: LE MOINE DE L'ESPINE, JACQUES. - Le negoce d'Amsterdam, ou traité de sa banque, de ses changes, des Compagnies Orientales & Occidentales, des marchandises qu'on tire de cette ville, & qu'on y porte de toutes les parties de monde, des poids, des mesures, des aunages, & du tarif. ... Including: MONDOTEGUY, Jacques. Traité des arbitrages qui se sont par change sur les principales villes de l'Europe, ou la ville d'Amsterdam à change ouvert. Amsterdam, Pierre Brunel, 1710. 2 parts in 1 volume. 4to. 18th-century half vellum.
I4MGBHSNNRHU: LE MAIRE, JACOB. - Spieghel der Australische navigatie, ... Amsterdam, Michiel Colijn, 1622. With an engraved world map on the title-page, engraved portrait of the author on the back of the title-page, 3 double-page engraved maps, 5 nearly full-page numbered engraved views on integral leaves. With: (2) HERRERA Y TORDESILLAS, Antonio de. Nieuwe werelt, anders ghenaempt West-Indien. [engraved title-page:] Descriptio Indiae Occidentlis.Amsterdam, Michiel Colijn, 1622. With engraved Latin title-page and 14 numbered double-page engraved maps. (3) ORDONEZ DE CEBALLOS, Pedro. Eyghentlijcke beschryvinghe van West-Indien: …Amsterdam, Michiel Colijn, 1621. With a woodcut view on the title-page. 3 volumes bound as 1. Small folio (28.5 x 20 cm). 19th-century vellum.
F6IC1X01U79O: LE BLANC, VINCENT. - De vermaarde reizen van de heer Vincent Le Blanc van Marsilien, die hy sedert d'ouderdom van veertien jaren, tot aan die van zestig, in de vier delen des werrelts gedaan heeft ...Amsterdam, Jan Hendricksz. Boom, Jan Rieuwertsz., 1654. 2 parts in 1 volume. 4to. With engraved title-page and 7 engraved plates. 19th-century boards.
94BBL7PER487: [LE SAIGE, JACQUES]. - Voyage de Jacques Le Saige, de Douai à Rome, Notre-Dame- De-Lorette, Venise, Jérusalem et autres saints lieux. Nouvelle edition.Douai, Adam d' Aubers, H.-R. Duthilloeul, 1851. 4to. With two folding plates: one with a plan of 16th-century Jersusalem after Georges Hoefnagel and one with a view on Jerusalem after Volney, lithographed by Félix Roubaut at Douai. Original blue wrappers.
L3JCS2R1X6TY: LEBAU, PETER AND THOMAS TROUGHTON. - The English slaves; or, a succinct and authentic narrative of the captivity and sufferings of eighty-seven unfortunate Englishmen, who were shipwrecked on the coast of Barbary.London, printed by T. Maiden for Ann Lemoine and J. Roe, [ca. 1807]. 12mo. With wood-engraved frontispiece. Contemporary tree calf; rebacked.
S1095: LECHNER, JOHANN BAPTISTA. - Facillima artis arithmeticae methodus, das ist: sehr leichter Unterricht und Lehr-Art, der höchst-nothwendigen und nutzbaristen Rechen-Kunst ... zum neunten mal in den Druck gegeben. Augsburg and Innsbruck, Joseph Wolff, 1752. 8vo. Contemporary calf.
EBMARL01U79O: LECOINTE DE LAVEAU, GEORGES. - Guide du voyageur à Moscou, contenant ce que cette capitale offre de curieux et d'intéressant…Moscow, August Semen, 1824. 8vo. With lithographed frontispiece, 7 lithographed plates, 4 folding tables, and several tables in the text. Contemporary gold-tooled, half purple sheepskin, marbled sides and edges.
22096: LECOMTE, JULES. - Pratique de la pèche de la baleine dans les mers du sud.Le Havre, J. Morlent (back of title-page: S. Faure), 1833. 8vo. With a wood engraved illustration on title-page by Dujardin after Lecomte, depicting a whale hunt. Original publisher's green printed paper wrappers.
KAIFODOMVDW2: LEDERMÜLLER, MARTIN FROBENIUS. - Versuch zu einer grundlichen Vertheidigung derer Saamenthiergen; nebst einer kurzen Beschreibung derer Leeuwenhoeckischen Mikroskopien und einem Entwurf zu einer vollständigern Geschichte des Sonnenmikroskops, als der besten Rechtfertigung derer Leeuwenhoeckischen Beobachtungen.Nürnberg, George Peter Monath, 1758. 4to. With 6 engraved plates. Modern boards.
3494: LEDERMÜLLER, MARTIN FROBENIUS. - Mikroskoopische vermaaklykheden, zo voor de oogen als voor den geest, behelzende de afbeeldingen van veelerley voorwerpen, zo van dierlyke lighaamen, als van planten en delfstoffen. … Thans aanmerkelyk vermeerderd.Amsterdam, heirs of Frans Houttuyn, 1776. 4 parts in 2 volumes. 4to. With 174 engraved plates mostly by Adam Wolfgang Winterschmidt (1733-1796) after the author, all beautifully coloured by a contemporary hand. Contemporary half calf, gold-tooled spines.
K5GAL0MA6H93: [LEEUWARDEN - PHARMACOPOEIA]. [WINTER, FEYO JOHANNES]. - De Leeuwarder apotheek, volgens de Galenische en chimische wyze; … De sesde druk.Amsterdam, Nicolaas de wit, 1731. 12mo. With engraved frontispiece showing the interior of a pharmacy by Jan Luyken (unsigned). Modern calf, in a contemporary style.
C5PHG41IF05P: LEEUWEN, ENGELHARD AUGUST BARON VAN. - Plans des neu herrauss gegebene Exercittii nach den dermahligen Kayserl: Königl: kriegs Fuss Volck eingerichtet. Herausgegeben im Jahr 1765. Zugehörig Titl. Herrn Obrist Wacht M[ei]st[er] Baron v[on]: Engelhard.Austria, 1769[?]. Oblong 4to (18.5 x 23 cm). With title and the explanation of the key letters used in the plans written in red, the key to the colour coding in the troop formations in 8 colours, and 49 (of 55) numbered colour-coded plans of infantry exercises. Each text leaf and each plan (except no. 26) in a frame of rules, nos. 2-35 in red, the rest in black. Plans 1, 24, 32, 33, 42, and 46 have been torn out, in 2 cases leaving a small piece of the drawing. Contemporary mottled tanned sheepskin, gold-tooled spine.
21762: LEEUWEN, SIMON VAN. - Notarius publicus, dat is: de practycke ende oeffeninge der notarissen. Including: Woorden-boeck, waer inne allerhande konst- ende bastaert-woorden, tot de pracktijcque des notarischaps en andere rechts-oeffeninge behoorende, uyt Hugo de Groot, Hooft, Huygens, Vondel, ende andere, soo oude als nieuwe tael-schriften, op 't nauwkeurighste werden vertaelt, ... Dordrecht, Abraham Andriesz (colophon: Dordrecht, printed by Nicolaes de Vries, 1658). Small 8vo (14.5 x 9.5 cm). With engraved frontispiece showing two gentlemen visiting a notary's office. Contemporary vellum.
G9OKFJ1A2KZI: LEEUWENSON, JOANNES (PIETER AREND LEUPE, ED. & INTRO.). - Eene overlandreis uit Indië naar Nederland, in 1674-1675.[Amsterdam, Frederik Muller, 1863]. 8vo. Offprint, retaining the original pagination and collation, of an article in Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde van Nederlandsch-Indië, 6 (1863). 20th-century stiff paper wrappers, with a printed label on the front.
BC4A9BHZ87FO: LEFEBVRE, FRANÇOIS-JOSEPH. - Mémoire pour retraitte.[Valnheim], 26 November 1793. Signed manuscript letter, in French, written in brown ink in two columns on one side of a folio leaf (32 x 20.5 cm).
S579: LEHMANN, JOHANN CHRISTIAN. - Allgemeine oeconomische Holzspahrkunst ... darinnen bey 70 Arten verbesserter Oefen beschrieben .... mehr als die Hälfte Holz erspahret werden könne ... Neue Auflage.Leipzig, Grotzische Handlung, 1754. 2 parts in 1 volume. 4to. With 10 folding engraved plates with stoves, ovens and chimneys. Contemporary half, tanned sheepskin, with gold-tooled red morocco title-label on spine.
I189N2RSBX6S: [LEIDEN - PHARMACOPOEIA]. - Pharmacopoea Leidensis, amplissimorum magistratuum auctoritate instaurata. Editio altera priori emendatior.Leiden, Samuel Luchtmans, 1732. 8vo. With frontispiece engraved by François Bleyswyck, title-page in red and black and 4 full-page engraved tables printed on 2 folding leaves. Contemporary half calf, marbled boards, rebacked.
I189YQDKGG6E: [LEIDEN - DORDRECHT - PHARMACOPOEIA]. - Pharmacopoea Leidensis, amplissimorum magistratuum auctoritate instaurata. Editio tertia prioribus auctior & emendatior. Leiden, Samuel Luchtmans and sons, 1751. With an allegorical frontispiece by François Bleyswyck, title-page in red and black and 4 engraved tables with chemical symbols.2) [DORDRECHT - PHARMACOPOEIA]. Pharmacopoea Dordracena Galenico-chimica. Magistratus auctoritate munita. Editio tertia mullto auctior & emendatior. Dordrecht, heirs of Johannes van Braam, 1766. With 2 folded engraved tables with chemical symbols. 2 editions in 1 volume. 8vo. Contemporary vellum.
I17CDM3UKTHO: [LEIDEN - PHARMACOPOEIA]. - Pharmacopoea Leidensis, amplissimorum magistratuum auctoritate instaurata. Editio quarta.Leiden, Samuel and Johannes Luchtmans, 1770. 8vo. With allegorical frontispiece engraved by François Bleyswyck and 4 engraved tables with chemical symbols.Contemporary calf, gold-tooled spine with red morocco label, red edges, marbled endpapers.
I17C1503VICR: [LEIDEN - PHARMACOPOEIA]. - Pharmacopoea Leidensis, amplissimorum magistratuum auctoritate instaurata. Leiden, Samuel and Johannes Luchtmans, 1770. 8vo. With allegorical frontispiece engraved by François Bleyswyck: under the coat-of-arms of Leiden and 4 engraved tables with chemical symbols (‘Characteres’). Three-quarter calf over boards.
I17GCE8HMCKO: [LEIDEN - PHARMACOPOEIA]. [HEURNIUS, OTTO]. - Pharmacopoea, et hortus, ad usum pauperum reipublicae Leydensis.Leiden, Elzevier, 1638. 8vo. With woodcut coat of arms of the University of Leiden on title-page. Modern boards.
DBPCB7FKWOQZ: [LEMASSON, HENRY]. - Notice sur les etablissements Français de l'oceanie.[Paris, Alcan-Lévy, ca. 1900]. With 11 half-tone reproductions of photographs and a map in text. With: (2) VIGNÉRAS, Sylvain. Notice sur la Cöte Française des Somalis. Paris, Paul Dupont, 1900. With a folding lithographed map and 26 half-tone reproductions of photographs in text. 8vo. 2 works in 1 volume (ad 2 bound before ad 1). Contemporary black half sheepskin.
ABC_45782: LÉMERY, NICOLAS. - Dictionaire ou traité universel des drogues simples. Où l’on trouve leurs differens noms, leur origine … & tout ce qu’il y a de particulier dans les animaux, dans les vegetaux, & dans les mineraux. Ouvrage dépendant de la pharmacopée universelle. Troisième édition. Revue, corrigé, & beaucoup augmentée par l’auteur.Amsterdam, for the "Compagnie", 1716. Large 4to. With an engraved title-vignette ("Vis unita major") and 25 folding engraved plates each with 16 figures of various plants, animals and metals, in alphabetical order. Contemporary speckled calf, title in gold on spine, blind tooled binding edges.
ABC_45783: LEMERY, NICOLAS. - Dictionaire ou traité universel des drogues simples. Où l’on trouve leurs differens noms, leur origine … & tout ce qu’il y a de particulier dans les animaux, dans les vegetaux, & dans les mineraux. Ouvrage dépendant de la pharmacopée universelle. Quatrième édition. Revue, corrigé, & beaucoup augmentée par l’auteur.Rotterdam, Jean Hofhout, 1727. Large 4to. With an engraved title-vignette and 25 folding engraved plates each with 16 figures of various plants, animals and metals, in alphabetical order. Contemporary half calf,.
K76FE5DRFVHD: LEMERY, NICOLAS. - Dictionnaire universel des drogues simples, contenant leurs noms, origine, choix, principes, vertus, étimologies; & ce qu'il y a de particulier dans les animaux, dans les végétaux & dans les minéraux,...Paris, for D'Houry, 1759. Large 4to. With an engraved author's portrait and 25 25 full-page engraved plates, each divided into 16 numbered compartments showing plants (24 plates), or animals (1 plate).Contemporary half-calf, gold-tooled spine, marbled endpapers.
I179UM3VKM1L: LÉMERY, NICOLAS. - Pharmacopée universelle, continent toutes les compositions de pharmacie qui son ten usage dans la medicine, tant en France que par toute l’Europe … Avec un Lexicon pharmaceutiqque, plusieurs remarques nouvelles … Quatrième edition, revue.corrigée et augmentee …The Hague, Pierre Gosse and Jacques Neaulme, 1729. Large 4to. Title in red and black, woodcut head- and tailpieces and initials. Later sprinkled calf, gold-tooled spine, red morocco spine label with title in gold and a manuscript paper title label on the front board.
H7R9SEADE6SJ: LEMIRE, CHARLES. - Cochin Chine Française et Royaume de Cambodge.Paris, Challamel ainé, 1869. 18mo (17.5 x 11 cm). With 2 folding maps. Contemporary red half sheepskin.
6879: LEMNIUS, LEVINUS. - Occulta naturae miracula, ac varia rerum documenta, probabili ratione atque artifici coniectura duobus libris explicata, quae studioso avidoque lectori non tam usui sunt futura, quam oblectamento.Antwerp, Willem Simon (colophon: Gillis Coppens van Diest), 1559. 8vo. With Simon’s woodcut device on the title-page and a woodcut coat of arms on title-page of the second part. Contemporary gold- and blind-tooled calf.
6833: LEMOYNE, JEAN. - Ornements pour servir aux peintres, & grave[urs].Paris, G. Duchange, 1710. With engraved title-page and 5 (of 6?) engraved plates.With: (2) LEMOYNE, Jean. Ornemens inventez & gravez.Paris, Jean Bairain, 1676. With engraved title-page and 5 engraved plates, and added at the end an engraved plate by Bernard Picart. All plates mounted within passepartout leaves. 2 works in 1 volume. Folio. 19th-century half calf.
K6QD6KSSQ591: LENCKER, HANS. - Perspectiva hierinnen auffs kürtzte beschrieben, mit Exempeln eröffnet und an Tag gegeben wird, ein newer besonder kurtzer, doch gerechter unnd sehr leichter Weg, wie allerley Ding, es seyen Corpora, Gebew, oder was möglich zuerdencken und in Grund zulegen ist, verruckt oder unverruckt, ferner in die Perspectyf gebracht werden mag, on einige vergebliche Linie, Riss un[d] Puncten, [et]c, dergleichen Weg bisshero noch nit bekant gewesen.Nürnberg, Dietrich Gerlach, 1571. Small folio (29 x 19 cm). With the title within a woodcut border, 10 full-page woodcuts within collation and 1 double-page woodcut within collation (the latter not included in page numbering). Boards (ca. 1900).
H8REBMRYB282: LENNEP, JACOB VAN AND WILLEM JACOB HOFDIJK. - Merkwaardige kasteelen in Nederland. Derde druk.Amsterdam, G.W. Tielkemeijer, 1854-1861. 6 volumes (3 series). 8vo. With 6 chromolithographed armorial frontispieces in black, gold, silver & colours; 6 lithographed title-pages, each with a lithographed scene in black & 2 colours; 38 lithographed views of castles & mansions mostly in black & 2 colours; 2 tinted and 1 chromolithographed plates with plans, views, etc.; and 3 wood-engravings in the text. Original publisher's richly gold- and blind-blocked red cloth.
H4UB6T9KV3C7: LEO AFRICANUS, JOHANNES. - De totius Africae descriptione, libri IX.Antwerp, Johannes Laet, 1556. 8vo. With printer's device on title-page. Later sheepskin, gold-tooled flat spine, each side with blind-tooled coat of arms.
3611: LETH, HENDRIK DE. - [Views of the Dutch royal estate Soestdijk]. [Amsterdam], Hendrik de Leth, [ca. 1731]. Royal folio (55 x 34 cm). With large double-page general bird's-eye view of the Dutch royal estate Soestdijk (image size 35 x 47 cm) by B. Stoopendaal after B. Stuyvenburgh, and 16 numbered engraved views of details of the palace, gardens and other buildings (image size 12 x 16 cm) printed on 8 leaves. Modern half parchment.
E44DT5DPVTEN: [LETTER]. VOYSIN, DANIEL. - [Signed letter to Louis-Auguste de Bourbon, duc du Maine].Versailles, 27 April 1710. Half sheet (32 x 21 cm). French letter in dark brown ink on laid paper in a legible hand, written on both sides, with a small part of the letter ending on the back, followed by the address and the Voysin's signature; the latter in black ink.
J3KFKLJGTBBU: [LETTER - DIPLOMATIC]. ISMAIL IBN SHARIF, MOULAY, RULER OF MOROCCO. - [Diplomatic letter to the English emissary [Charles Stewart] acknowledging the English desire for improved diplomatic relations, and offering a truce and a peace treaty].[Meknes (Morocco), 3 Safar 1133 AH (= 23 December 1720)]. Whole sheet (57 x 43 cm). An elaborately decorated letter in ink on paper, with the stylized architectural and arabesque decorations (including Arabic inscriptions) drawn in black outline, coloured and supplemented in green with some blue, and highlighted with gold, and the 8-line Arabic text of the letter itself in brown.
F9899501U79O: [LETTER - SIGNED]. MEDICI, CATHERINE DE'. - [Letter to Jacques de Germigny in Constantinople (Istanbul)].Chenonceaux, 2 September 1584. Folio (34 x 24 cm). Signed letter in French, in brown ink on paper, written in a clear gothic hand. Folded for sending and addressed on the outside, with a slot for a ribbon and traces of a red wax seal.
I77GA41T64D4: [LETTERS]. ALVAREZ DE TOLEDO, PEDRO AND MARIA OSORIO Y PIMENTEL. - [Three letters to Ferrante Gonzaga, Viceroy of Sicily, two from Pedro Alvarez de Toledo and one from his wife Maria Osorio y Pimentel].Andria (in the Kingdom of Naples), 13 August to 10 September 1539. Folio (21.5 x 30 cm).(1) Letter in Italian, signed, from Pedro Alvarez de Toledo in Andria to Ferrante Gonzaga, 13 August 1539, with a 23 mm seal bearing Alvarez de Toledo's coat of arms (with a chain of flags) stamped on a slip of paper attached with red wax.(2) Letter in Spanish, signed, from Pedro Alvarez de Toledo in Andria to Ferrante Gonzaga, 3 September 1539, with the 45 mm imperial armorial seal stamped on a slip of paper attached with red wax.(3) Letter in Italian, signed, from Maria Osorio y Pimentel [in Andria] to Ferrante Gonzaga, 10 September 1539, with the remains of what appears to be her husband's 23 mm red wax seal.Each letter, in brown ink, occupies one page, with the last page containing the address and the sender's seal. The two inside pages of the second and third letter are blank. Each formerly folded for posting, so that the address would have appeared on one side and the seal on the other.
H4ECHP2HBLEF: [LETTERS - DIPLOMATIC]. - [Official contemporary copies of incoming diplomatic correspondence to the Dutch government in The Hague from Dutch ambassadors, envoys, diplomatic residents and others in Vienna, Graz, Schaffhausen, Turin, Madrid, Paris, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Moscow, Cologne, Frankfurt, Dresden, Regensburg, Warsaw, Grodno, Maastricht, The Hague, Brussels and Ostend].[The Hague], letters dated 26 January-17 December 1715 and 7 November 1725-22 November 1729. Folio (32.5 x 20.5 cm). 96 letters clearly written in dark brown ink on paper, 84 in Dutch and 12 in French, mostly in a Latin hand (the Dutch ones from 1715 in a semi-gothic hand). Loose leaves in a modern portfolio.
5921: LEUNCLAVIUS, JOANNES. - Kronyka Nowa O Narodu Tureckem, na dwa Djili rozdelena.Prague, Daniel Adam, 1594. 2 volumes bound as 1. Small 4to (19.5 x 15.5 cm). With the title-page of volume 1 printed in red and black, and the colophon with large woodcut printer's device; the 2nd volume with woodcut ornament on the title-page, and the colophon with a woodcut vignette. Contemporary blind-tooled vellum, with 2 leather straps with brass clasps (later).
H7ECUMWKWGP4: LEUPE, PIETER AREND. - Reize van Maarten Gerritsz. Vries in 1643 naar het noorden en oosten van Japan.Including: SIEBOLD, Philipp Franz Balthasar von. Aardrijks- en volkenkundige toelichtingen tot de ontdekkingen van Maerten Gerritsz. Vries, met het fluitschip Castricum a[nn]o. 1643.Amsterdam, Frederik Muller; [The Hague], Koninklijk instituut voor taal-, land en volkenkunde van Nederlandsch Indië, 1858. 2 parts in 1 volume. 8vo. With lithographed folding plate with reproductions of six signatures and a folded lithographed reproduction of Maarten Gerritsz. de Vries's original map , coloured in outline. Contemporary half cloth.
DCJBEQ1RIA1Q: LEVASSEUR, AUGUSTE. - Reis door de Vereenigde Staten van Noord-Amerika in de jaren 1824 en 1825 door den generaal Lafayette.Zutphen, W.J. Thieme, 1831. 2 volumes. 8vo. With lithographed portrait of Lafayette for frontispiece to volume 1. Contemporary boards with pasted title-label on spine, uncut.
L4JJ0N2E61YP: LEVERA, FRANCESCO. - Prodromus universae astronomiae restitutae de anni solaris, & siderei, ac dierum magnitudine in omni aeuo, & de reliquis periodis, motibus, & circulationibus solaribus admirandus, ...Rome, Angelo Bernabò, 1663. Without the frontispiece engraved for this edition, not present in all copies, but with an engraved frontispiece originally intended for a different publication.With:(2) PALAZZI, Pietro. Novae ephemerides motuum solis ab anno 1664. usque ad annum 1670. completum ...(3) LEVERA, Francesco. De inerrantium stellarum viribus, & excellentia secundum quatuor positus earum insignes, ...(4) "MUTO, Savino" [= Francesco LEVERA]. Dialogus contra duas hic transcriptas epistolas nuper editas in Prodromum Francisci Leverae ...Rome, Angelo Bernabò, 1664. 4 works in 1 volume. Folio (33 x 23 cm). Contemporary, richly blind-tooled (Salzburg?) pigskin over tapered wooden boards, each board in a panel design with the Jesuit device (on the front board and on the back board a madonna and child.
LA89M54WTLJO: LEWIS, MERIWETHER, WILLIAM CLARKE AND NICOLAAS GODFRIED VAN KAMPEN (TRANSLATOR). - Reize naar de bronnen van den Missouri, en door het vaste land van America naar de Zuidzee. Gedaan op last van de regering der Vereenigde Staten van America, in de jaren 1804, 1805 en 1806.Dordrecht, A. Blussé and son, 1816-1818. 3 volumes. 8vo. With a large folding engraved map of the Missouri River (34.5 x 71 cm) by Cornelis van Baarsel and son, after the map in the first British edition. Modern half calf.
ABC_45792: LEWIS, WILLIAM. - An experimental history of the materia medica, or of the natural and artificial substances made use of in medicine: containing a compendious view of their natural history, an account of their pharmaceutic properties, and an estimate of their medicinal powers.London, H. Baldwin, 1761. Large 4to. Later calf, blind-ruled boards and spine, red morocco spine label with title in gold.
A1MGH7HVT055: LEY, JAN HENDRICK JARICHS VAN DER. - Het gulden zeeghel des grooten zeevaerts, daerinne beschreven wordt de waerachtige grondt vande zeylstreken en platte pas-caerten ... Leeuwarden, Abraham vanden Rade, 1615. Oblong 4to (16.5 x 22 cm). With an emblematic engraved device/navigational diagram on the title-page and 27 (of 28) woodcut figures: 18 printed on integral leaves and the others on 3 folding plates. 18th-century(?) half vellum, blue-green paper sides, with manuscript author and title on spine.
16990: LIBAVIUS, ANDREAS. - Syntagmatis selectorum undiquaque et perspicue traditorum alchymiae arcanorum, tomus primus. [vol. 2:] Syntagmatis arcanorum chymicorum, …, tomus secundus. [vol. 3:] Appendix necessaria syntagmatis arcanorum chymicorum. Frankfurt, printed by Nikolaus Hoffmann for Peter Kopf, 1613-1615. 3 volumes. Folio. With the letterpress titles of volume 1 and 2 within the same engraved border (signed "G.Keller / 1605"), 1 woodcut plate, 3 double-page letterpress tables and numerous woodcut illustrations in text. Contemporary mottled calf, gold-tooled spines.
K7DBBGIFML26: LICHTENBERG, GEORG CHRISTOPH AND GEORG FORSTER. - Göttingisches Magazin der Wissenschaften und Litteratur.Göttingen, Johann Christian Dieterich, 1780. 6 parts in 3 volumes. 8vo. With an engraved portrait of James Cook as frontispiece of part 2, 5 engraved plates (including one coloured by hand), 4 folding engraved plates (including one printed on blue paper and with highlights in silver) and one folding plate with letterpress music. Modern paste-paper boards.
ABC_46063: LICHTENBERGER, JOHANNES. - Pronosticatio in latino rare & prius non audita: quae exponit & declarat nonnullos coeli ifluxus: & i[n]clinatione[m] certaru[m] constellationu[m] magne videlicet co[n]iunctionis & eclipsis: quae suera[n]t istis annis: quid boi maliue hoc tempore & in futuru[m] huic mu[n]do porte[n]dant: durabitq[uam] pluribus annis.[colophon:] Venice, [Niccolò & Domenico dal Gesù = Nicolo & Domenico Sandri dal Jesus], 23 August [1511?]. 4to. With the large Dal Jesus white-on-black woodcut device, 45 half-page or nearly full-page woodcuts in the text, most with letterpress captions above or below, the first showing Ptolemy, Aristotle, the Sibyl, Birgitta of Sweden and Brother Reinhart receiving divine inspiration, with an explanation on the facing page in a 4-piece ornamental floral woodcut frame. Modern half red morocco.
D52GW8INTMYH: LICHTENSTEIN, MARTIN HINRICH CARL. - Über die Springmäuse oder die sämtlichen bis jetzt bekannten Arten der Gattung Dipus.Berlin, Druckerei der Königliche Akademie der Wissenschaften, 1828. 4to. With 10 numbered hand-coloured lithographs on 6 folding plates by and after J.A. Schmidt. Contemporary marbled boards.
J1JGYFOAJN4T: LIDBECK, ANDERS AND ERIC GUSTAV WALDENSTRÖM. - Dissertatio de plantis, in Svecorum memoriam, nominatis.Lund, Berling, 1792. 4to. Disbound.
I14A27NDUFMD: [LIEGE - PHARMACOPOEIA]. - Pharmacopoea Leodiensis, in qua describuntur medicamenta tam simplicia quam composita, ordine sequenti in tres partes distributa... Cum adjuncta taxa & indice.Liege, Everard Kints, 1741. 4to. With the woodcut coat of arms of Liege and an engraved coat of arms of the dedicatee prince-bishop George (II) Louis of Bergen, printed on a separate leaf. Contemporary marbled paper over boards.
I18A3EWP5UHU: [LIÈGE - PHARMACOPOEIA]. [COLLEGIUM MEDICINAE]. - Pharmacopoea Leodiensis in qua describuntur medicamenta ... in tres partes distributa. In prima simplicia omnia. In altera composita Galenica. In tertia chimica remedia.Liège, Everard Kints, 1741. 4to. With title-page in red and black with the woodcut bearing from the coat of arms of the city of Liege, and the engraved arms of the dedicatee (the Bishop of Liège) facing the dedication. Contemporary tanned sheepskin, rebacked (gold-tooled spine).
H6HF9KWE3FTE: LIEGELSTEINER, GEORGE. - Wohlgezogener Zwerg-Baum oder Gründlicher Unterricht wie die Frantz-Bäume gewartet werden müssen, …Leipzig, Wolffgang Deer, 1747. 8vo. With woodcut frontispiece, 8 engraved figures on 1 folding plate, and about 30 woodcut figures in the text. Contemporary half tanned sheepskin, gold-tooled spine.
15304: LIENDER, PAULUS VAN. - [Collection of four pen drawings of (ruinous) castles].[The Netherlands, second half of the 18th century]. Ca. 9.7 x 15.3 cm. Black crayon and pen, black and brown wash.
S689: [LIGNAC, JOSEPH ADRIEN LE LARGE DE]. - Lettres à un Amériquain sur l'histoire naturelle, générale et particuliere de monsieur de Buffon."Hambourg" [Paris?], 1751-1756. 9 volumes. 12mo. With woodcut initials, ornaments and decorative lettering. Contemporary uniform mottled calf, gold-tooled spines.
S933: LILFORD, LORD. - Cruise of the Zara , R.Y.S., in the Mediterranean.[London], 1875. 8vo. Textured brown cloth, title in gold on spine.
D9KD4DGD6WH5: LIMIERS, HENRY PHILIPPE DE. - Histoire de Suede sous le regne de Charles XII. Où l'on voit aussi les révolutions arrivées en differens tems dans ce Royaume. Toute la Guerre du Nord.Amsterdam, Janssonius van Waesberge, 1721. 6 volumes. 12mo. With an engraved frontispiece in vol. I, letterpress title-page in red and black in each vol., in total 2 folding engraved maps (Scandinavia, Denmark and Sweden including the Baltic states, Poland and part of Russia; and Charles's campaigns from 1700 to 1718) and 58 engraved plates (21 folding, mainly views and battle scenes; and 37 full-page, mainly portraits). Contemporary, uniform mottled calf, gold-tooled spine, marbled endpapers, red edges.
E67EVK01U79O: LINDAU, RUDOLF. - Japan. Eene reisbeschrijving. Leiden, De Breuk & Smits, 1865. 8vo. With lithographed title-page including a tinted lithographic view of a Japanese house and 6 people, after a photograph (protected by a tissue guard, tipped in). Original publisher's letterpress-printed boards.
K7AE5FVYUX4Y: LINDEN, LUCIEN, ALFRED COGNIAUX AND G. GRIGNAN. - Les orchidées exotiques et leur culture en Europe.Brussels; for the author; Paris, Octave Doin; Ghent, Eugene Vander Haeghen, 1894. Large 8vo (25.5 x 16.5 cm). With a wood-engraved portrait of Jean Jules Linden and 141 wood-engraved illustrations, mostly in text. Modern red half morocco, gold-tooled spine, bound by Lobstein-Laurenchet.
ABC_45504: LINDER, JOHANNES (JOHAN LINDELSTOLPE). - De venenis in genere, & in specie exercitatio, videlicet eorum natura, & in corpus agendi modo: … Juxta veterum quorundam & recentiorum dogmata, ad solidorum & fluidorum corporis organici leges mechanicas, deducta & explicata.Leiden, Andreas Dyckhuisen, 1707. 12mo. Contemporary half calf, boards covered with sprinkled paper, red spine label lettered in gold.
B7LG8KWKN0R9: [LINDSAY, JAMES]. - Bibliotheca Lindesiana. Catalogue of the printed books preserved at Haigh Hall, Wigan Co. Pal. Lancast.Abdereen, Aberdeen University Press, 1910. 4 volumes. Folio. Original publisher's cloth, tops gilt.
S441: LINNAEUS, CARL. - Genera plantarum ... Editio secunda.Paris, M.A. David, 1743. With 2 folding engraved plates, and one folding table.With: (2) BULLIARD, Pierre. Dictionnaire élémentaire de botanique. Revu et presqu' entièrement refondu par Louis Claude Richard. Paris, A.J. Dugour et Gabon, An VII 1798. With 10 folding engraved plates. 8vo. 2 works in 1 volume. Contemporary calf, spine richly gold-tooled.
LA3H5BUPJL3B: LINSCHOTEN, JAN HUYGHEN VAN. - Histoire de la navigation ... aux Indes Orientales ... Avec annotations de B. Paludanus, ... Troixiesme edition augmentee.Including: LINSCHOTEN, Jan Huyghen van. Le grand routier de mer, ...[LINSCHOTEN, Jan Huygen van]. Description de l'Amerique & des parties d'icelle, ...Amsterdam, Evert Cloppenburg, 1638. Folio (32.5 x 21 cm). With 3 title-pages (2 from the same full-page engraving and 1 letterpress with an engraving of a ship in a cartouche with 4 inset city views), a nearly full-page engraved portrait of the author in a cartouche with 4 inset views, 42 engraved plates including 6 maps (31 double-page & 11 larger folding). All plates coloured by a contemporary hand. Near contemporary mottled calf, gold-tooled spine.
4001: LIPSIUS, JUSTUS. - [Collection of 12 important works, mostly on ancient Rome]. Antwerp, Officina Plantiniana/Jan Moretus, 1596-1605. 12 editions (many in multiple parts) in 3 volumes. Large 4to (27.5 x 19.5 cm). Uniform blind-tooled pigskin (ca. 1610) over bevelled beechwood(?) boards, each board in a panel design with three decorative borders, showing 4 biblical scenes, 4 biblical portraits and 4 profile heads in roundels alternating with 4 shields. Each volume with 2 brass fastenings.
K9KFEBC5Q8HA: LIS, WOUTER VAN. - Brouwkunde of verhandeling van het voornaamste dat tot een brouwery en moutery en het brouwen en mouten behoort; alsmede een korte beschryving van het bier, deszelfs hoofdstoffen, enz. Rotterdam, Philippus and Jakobus Losel, 1745. 8vo. With: (2) LE PILEUR D'APPLIGNY, Charles. Instructions sur l'art de faire la biere; …Paris, Serviere, 1802. 12mo. 2 works in 1 volume. Contemporary calf.
E4HBK2HCTL0E: LISCHKE, CARL EMIL. - Japanische Meeres-Conchylien. Kassel, for Theodor Fischer (colophon: Elberfeld, by R.L. Friderichs & Comp.), 1869-1874. 3 volumes. 4to. With 37 chromo-lithographed plates. Contemporary blind- and gold-blocked cloth.
ABC_45456: [LISOLA, FRANÇOIS PAUL DE; DANIEL JOHANNES CAMPRICHT]. - Le denovement des intrigues du temps par la response au livret intitué, Lettres et autres pieces curieuses sur les affaires du temps. Fait par le S.I.P.P.B.Brussels, 1673.With: (2) [WICQUREFORT, Abraham de (attributed to)]. Remarques sur le discours du commandeur de Gremonville, fait au Conseil d’Estat de sa Maiesté Imperiale. The Hague, Arnout Leers, 1673.With: (3) [AUBUSSON de la FEUILLADE, Georges]. Harrange en forme de panegyrique presentée au Roy par Mr. l’Archevesque d’Ambrun Evesque de Metz, en son passage à Metz, le 30, Juillet 1673.Metz, Jean Antoine, 1673.With: (4) [CHARLES II, King of England]. Declaration du Roy d’Angleterre sur la mediation offerte par Mr. L’Electeur de Mayencé, faite à Whitehal. Le 15. Feuvrier. Anno 1673.4 works in 1 volume. 4to. Mottled calf, gold-tooled spine.
3371: LISTER, MARTIN. - Dissertatio de humoribus, in qua veterum ac recentiorum medicorum ac philosophorum opiniones & sententiae examinantur.Amst., (heirs of Johannes II) Janssonius van Waesberge, 1711. Small 8vo. Contemporary vellum.
H64FE8HQBIZM: LITHGOW, WILLIAM. - Willem Lithgouws 19 jaarige lant-reyse, uyt Schotlant nae de vermaerde deelen des werelts Europa, Asia en Africa.Amsterdam, Jacob Benjamin (colophon: printed by Christoffel Cunradus), 1653. 2 parts in 1 volume. 4to. With engraved frontispiece by Crispijn de Passe, 1 engraved plate and 6 engraved illustrations in the text. 19th-century half vellum.
E3FB2IRQAH3D: LITHGOW, WILLIAM. - Nineteen years travels through the most eminent places in the habitable world. London, for John Wright & Thomas Passinger, 1682. 8vo. With a folding woodcut frontispiece, 6 folding woodcut plates and 1 woodcut in the text. 19th-century dark brown sheepskin.
KBFFF0XG3X24: LIVINGSTONE, DAVID. - Missionary travels and researches in South Africa; including a sketch of sixteen years' residence in the interior of Africa, and a journey from the Cape of Good Hope to Loanda on the west coast; thence across the continent, down the river Zambesi, to the eastern ocean.London, John Murray (back of title-page: W. Clowes and sons), 1857. 8vo. With a folding tinted lithographed plate as frontispiece, a wood-engraved illustration on the title-page, a lithographed portrait of Livingstone, 20 lithographed plates, 2 tinted lithographed plates, a folding lithographed plate with a geological cross section, a lithographed folding map of southern Africa, a lithographed folding map pasted on cloth, with Livingstone's route from west to east Africa highlighted in red, and many wood-engraved illustrations in text. Original publisher's blind-blocked brown cloth.
A9JB6J01U79O: LIVIUS, TITUS. - Historiarum ab urbe condita, libri qui exstant XXXV cum universae historiae epitomis Caroli Sigonij scholia, quibus ijdem libri, atque epitomae partim emendantur, partim etiam explanantur, ab auctore multis in partibus aucta.Venice, in aedibus Manutianis (= Paulus Manutius & Aldus Manutius the younger), 1572. 3 parts in 1 volume. Folio. With title to each part with a large woodcut printer's device surrounded by an allegorical border.Modern vellum with title in ink on spine, new endpapers.
ABC_46030: LLOYD, RODNEY MACLAINE. - Reporting proceedings on detached boat service.Zanzibar, 9 July 1886. Folio (ca. 20 x 32 cm), with the Britannia watermark. Signed manuscript letter. Loose single sheet.
17175: LOBWASSER, AMBROSIUS. - Die psalmen Davids, nach französischer Melodey in teutsche Reymen gebracht ... Auch andere Psalmen und geistliche Lieder, wie solche in den evangelischen Kirchen gebrauchet werden. Samt dem Chur-Pfalz. Catechismo und Kirchengebeten. Including: LUTHER, Martin and Johannes HABERMANN. Psalmen Davids samt den Kirchen-Gesängen und geistlichen Liederen ...Amsterdam, Henricus Weststein, 1698. 3 parts in 1 volume. Narrow 12mo (13.5 x 7 cm). With an engraved frontispiece and letterpress music notes. Contemporary Dutch richly gold-tooled red morocco, sewn on 4 cords, richly gold-tooled sides, spine and board edges, gilt and gauffered edges and marbled endpapers.
L2KF35OL3WYI: LOCHER, FRIEDRICH. - Nach den Oasen von Laghuat.Bern, Haller, 1864. 8vo. With a tinted lithographed frontispiece showing the palace of the khalif in Laghouat and a folding lithographed map of the northern part of Algeria. Contemporary red half cloth.
ABC_46046: LOCKYER, CAREL. - Beschryvinge van den koophandel in Oostindien, inhoudende middelen tot een goed bestier in den handel, pryscouranten, en tafels, de beschryvingen van ’t Fort St. George, Archin, Malacca, Condore, Canton, Anjengo, Muskat, Gamron, Suratta, Goa, Carwar, Tellichery, Panola, Calicuut, Caap de Goede Hoop, en St. Helena … Nieuwlyks vertaald door Arnout Schuyt.Amsterdam, Adrianus Douci, 1753. 4to. With a woodcut vignette on the title-page. Contemporary gold-tooled calf, marbled edges.
ABC_45829: [LOGBOOK - MANUSCRIPT - THE GULF]. LARKEN, FRANCIS WYATT RAWSON. - [Journal of the British navy’s heavy cruiser HMS Effingham’s voyage to the Gulf, containing a hitherto unrecorded account of a meeting with the Rulers of the Emirates, and tours of duty in other ships].[In and around the Arabian peninsula, Iran, Africa, India, etc.], 1928-1931, with additional material to 1951. 3 volumes. Folio (22.5 x 34 cm). A British Royal Navy Officer’s manuscript journal with pre-printed title-pages and headings, with 28 manuscript charts and plans and 55 technical drawings in pen-and-ink and watercolour on card, mounted on stubs, nearly all full-page, 27 gelatin silver photographic prints mounted on interleaves (many depicting ships at sea), and a few typescript documents bound in. Original two-tone cloth bindings with red spine-labels and printed paper labels with Larken’s ownership inscriptions on the front boards. Includes additional collections (see below).
7AD9PU9JY659: LÖHNEISEN (LÖHNEYSS), GEORG ENGELHARD. - Neu-eröffnete Hof- Kriegs- und Reit-Schul, das ist: gründlicher Bericht della Cavalleria, oder von allen, was zur Reuterey gehörig und einem Cavalier davon zu wissen gebühret, ...Nürnberg, Paul Lochner, 1729. 6 parts in 1 volume. Folio. With engraved frontispiece, engraved plate with the elaborately quartered coat-of-arms of the dedicatee, Karl Wilhelm Friedrich, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach, and 61 engraved illustration plates (9 double-page, and many with 2 half-page illustrations per plate). 19th-century gold- and blind-tooled diced light brown calf, gold-tooled spine.
S1690: LOISEL, FRANÇOIS-ERNEST. - Traité complet de la culture naturelle et artificielle de l'asperge, ou exposé pratique et raisonné de tout ce qu'il est utile de savoir dans ce genre de culture.Paris, H. Cousin, 1846. 12mo. Contemporary half calf.
I17B3LRK40AH: [LONDON - PHARMACOPOEIA]. - Pharmacopoeia collegii regalis medicorum Londinensis.London, G. Woodfall for Longman, Hurst, Rees and Orme, [1809]. 12mo. Modern boards with marbled paper sides and title-label on spine.
I14CT1460KGA: [LONDON - PHARMACOPOEIA]. - Pharmacopoeia collegii regalis medicorum Londinensis. London, T. Longman, T. Shewell and J. Nourse, 1746. 4to. With engraved frontispiece showing the inner court of the Royal College of Physicians in Warwick Lane, London (Collegium Regale Medicorum Londinensium) by J. Mynde [1725], woodcut vignette on title-page. Calf, each board with a frame of double fillets in gold, red morocco spine label, lettered in gold.Full calf over boards with double gilt ruling along the edges, ribbed spine with red morocco title label, lettered in gold.
I17EGOL29H3Q: [LONDON - PHARMACOPOEIA]. ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS. - Pharmacopoeia Collegii Regalis Londini.London, Thomas Newcomb for John Martyn, John Starkey, Thomas Basset, John Wright, Richard Chiswell, Rob Boulter, 1677. Small folio (31.5 x 20 cm). With an engraved frontispiece drawn and engraved by David Logan, a folding engraved view of the Royal College of Medicine also by Logan, and the large woodcut coat of arms of Charles II on title-page. Contemporary or near contemporary calf, gold-tooled board edges. Rebacked (in the late 19th century?) preserving the original endpapers along with new ones.
I1TC9BQSGIIW: [LONDON - PHARMACOPOEIA]. [ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS]. - Pharmacopoeia collegii regalis medicorum Londinensis.London, for Joseph Johnson and [printed by] Charles Richard Hake, Rotterdam. 1788. 8vo. Slightly later half, tanned sheepskin,
I14D1P7W8M5H: [LONDON - PHARMACOPOEIA]. [ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS]. - Pharmacopoeia collegii regalis medicorum Londinensis. M.DCC.IX. Editio altera.London, Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme and Brown (colophon: printed by G. Woodfall), 1817. 12mo. Contemporary half calf.
I1SCBIA1DW9Y: LONGHI, GIOSEFFO. - Gran Cairo.With: (2) Alessandria.Bologna, Longhi, 1670 [and 1670s]. 94.5 × 62 cm, 106.5 × 57.8 cm. Engraved views, each on 2 sheets joined; letterpress text pasted below with publisher's imprint. Both views matted, framed and glazed.
J1IC3F2V11ZT: LONGHI, GIOSEFFO. - Alessandria.Bologna, Longhi, [1670s]. 106.5 x 58 cm. Cloth-backed engraved view on 2 sheets joined, letterpress text pasted below (4 columns in Italian: "Descrizione della Città di Alessandria d'Egitto") with publisher's imprint. Matted.
HCBGHIOKPOW3: [LONGUEVILLE, PETER]. - The hermit: or, the unparallel'd sufferings and surprising adventures of Mr. Philip Quarll, an Englishman: who was lately discovered by Mr. Dorrington, a Bristol merchant, upon an uninhabited island in the South-Sea; where he has lived above fifty years, without any human assistance; still continues to reside, and will not come away.London, printed for J. Wren, J. Jefferies and J. Fuller, 1751. 12mo. With engraved frontispiece and engraved map. Contemporary tanned sheepskin.
E4NBIZ01U79O: [LONICER, ADAM?]. - Herbarum, arborum, fruticum, frumentorum ac leguminum. Animalium praeterea terrestrium, volatiliu[m] & aquatilium, ... Kreutter, Bäume, Gesteude, unnd Frücht, ...Frankfurt am Main, Christian Egenolff, 1546. 4to. With a large woodcut on the title-page showing a gardener at work with his tools, and about 800 woodcut illustrations in the text. About 700 show trees, fruit, edible and medicinal plants, while the rest show insects, a tick, coral, shells, various sea and land animals and a view of a pond with plants and birds. With all woodcuts coloured by a contemporary hand. Contemporary pigskin over wooden boards, richly blind-tooled in a panel design with two rolls; brass clasps and catch-plates with engraved decoration.
J1CG6C9RSNM6: LOOMIS, ELIAS (ALEXANDER WYLIE & LI SHANLAN, TRANSLATORS). - Dai weiji shiji [= Series of differential and integral calculus].Shanghai, Mohai Shuguan [= the printing office of the London Missionary Society], early summer in Xianfeng Yiwei [= 1859]. Preliminaries plus 18 numbered parts bound in 5 volumes (29.5 x 18 cm) as intended. A book in traditional Chinese form, with a brief letterpress introduction in English, including an English-Chinese lexicon of technical terms, a woodcut title-leaf (printed on both sides) and the Chinese text printed letterpress (from movable type). With occasional woodcut diagrams in the text. Bound in traditional Chinese style in contemporary yellow silk. The whole in a richly embroidered wrap-around case in yellow.
9A2DDABBNOWB: [LÓPEZ DE GÓMARA, FRANCISCO]. - Histoire generalle des Indes Occidentales et terres neuves, qui jusques à present ont esté descouvertes. Paris, Michel Sonnius, 1578. 8vo. 19th-century richly gold-tooled green morocco (HARDY).
9A2AIOXVUPZ7: LOPEZ, GREGORIO. - Lettera annua della Provincia delle Filippine dell' anno M.DC.VIII.Rome, Bartolomeo Zanetti, 1611. Small 8vo (16 x 11.5 cm). 18th-century limp sheepskin parchment.
ABC_45734: [LORD’S PRAYER - POLYGLOT]. MARCEL, JEAN-JOSEPH (ED.). - Oratio dominica CL Linguis versa, et proprius cujusque linguae characteribus plerumque expressa; ...Paris, Imprimerie Impérial, 1805. Royal 4to in 2s (31.5 x 24 x 3.5 cm). With a decorative frame built up from typographic ornaments and thick-thin rules printed in red on every page, the title-page with Napoleon’s imperial arms, with the text of the Lord's Prayer printed, mostly on rectos only, in 150 languages (or language variants) from all over the world, showing an enormous variety of printing types, especially for non-Latin scripts. Near contemporary (ca. 1810) English gold- and blind-tooled maroon long-grained morocco, sewn on 5(?) recessed supports but with 4 flat false bands on the spine, bound for George Spencer (1739-1817), 4th Duke of Marlborough, with his crowned coat of arms with motto “dieu defend le droit” in the centre of each board in each corner), gilt edges, double headbands in navy blue, mauve and white, navy blue ribbon marker.
J1QGNMD4RHKE: LORENTZ, HENDRIK ANTOON (CHAIRMAN). - Verslag van de staatscommissie ... met opdracht te onderzoeken in hoeverre, als gevolg van de afsluiting van de Zuiderzee ... te verwachten is, dat tijdens storm hoogere waterstanden en een grootere golfoploop, dan thans het geval is, zullen voorkomen vóór de kust van het vaste land van Noord-Holland, Friesland en Groningen, alsmede vóór de daarvoor gelegen Noordzee-eilanden.The Hague, Algemeene landsdrukkerij, September 1926. Folio. With 8 plates, some with coloured details, 2 folding letterpress tables, 14 double-page coloured maps after text, 1 large folding map of the Waddenzee, loosely inserted, and numerous illustrations and graphs in text. Contemporary half cloth, original publisher's paper wrappers on boards, decorated endpapers.
K6BC5HEXEQEU: LORGE, LOUIS ANNE PAUL DE DURFORT CIVRAC, COMTE DE. - [46 letters].Chili, Macao, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Batavia, Ceylon, Calcutta, Delhi, etc., 1847-1851. 8vo & 4to. 46 autograph letters, mostly signed, written during a voyage around the world by the Comte de Lorge, to his father, the Duc de Lorge. Loose letters in clear plastic sleeves in a modern notebook.
I44CD1YONV5B: LORINI, BUONAIUTO. - Delle fortificationi ... libri cinque.Venice, Antonio Rampazetto, 1597 (colophon: 1596). Large folio (34.5 x 25 cm). With a large engraved device on the title-page, woodcut printer's device above the colophon, an engraved plate with a portrait of the author (often lacking), and more than 150 diagrams and woodcut illustrations on the integral leaves, many full-page or double-page. Modern vellum in 17th-century style.
3600: LOSTELNEAU, COLBERT DE. - Le mareschal de bataille. Contenant le maniement des armes. Les evolutions. Plusieurs bataillons, tant contre l'infanterie que contre la cavalerie. Divers ordres de batailles ...Paris, Toussainct Quinet (printed by Estienne Migon), 1647. Folio. With 48 full-page engraved plates of French infantry-men exercising with musket (35) and pike (13), after the models of Jacques de Gheyn, 400 full-page (or larger folding) woodcut diagrams of battle formations, all printed in red and black, some also in yellow, with troops represented by red and black dots and a few smaller woodcut illustrations. Dark brown gold-tooled calf (ca. 1700?).
89QBOS08WBVR: LOUBÈRE, SIMON DE LA. - Du Royaume de Siam. Amsterdam, Abraham Wolfgang, 1691. 2 volumes bound as 1. 12mo. With the same woodcut printer's device on both title-pages, 2 folding engraved maps, 17 double-page engraved plates with printed music, Siamese alphabets, inhabitants etc., 21 full-page engraved plates, engraved headpiece and several woodcut illustrations in text. Contemporary vellum.
ABC_45609: [LOUIS NAPOLEON]. - Cylindrical black lacquered wooden box.Diameter 90 mm; height 21 mm. With a lacquered engraved portrait of Louis Napoleon mounted on the centre of the lid, below his coat-of-arms (an eagle facing to the viewer’s right with the motto “Vox populi vox Dei” and the caption “L’élu du peuple”) and above the total number of votes (7,481,231) cast for him on 21 December 1851; the portrait is surrounded by the names of all the French Departments (Ain, Aisne … Yonne), the colonies and the army, each with the exact number of votes for and against him. With a red ribbon to open the box.
J43G8NNB2P1N: LUCAS, FIELDING, JUNIOR. - A general atlas containing distinct maps of all the known countries in the world.Baltimore, Fielding Lucas junior, 1823. Small 1mo (39.5 x 31 cm). With an engraved title-page with an allegorical vignette, a letterpress table of contents, a hand-coloured frontispiece view, the same view in outline and uncoloured, a letterpress table giving heights of the mountains and other features in the facing view, an engraved and partly hand-coloured schematic image of rivers of the world, and 98 hand-coloured maps including 13 double-page. Contemporary gold- and blind-tooled red sheepskin.
K89BNAR73VU7: LUCHET, JEAN PIERRE LOUIS DE (= MARQUIS DE LA ROCHE DU MAINE). - Essais sur la minéralogie et la métallurgie.Maestricht, J.E. Dufour & P. Roux, 1779. 3 parts in 1 volume. 8vo (22.5 x 13.5 cm). Contemporary decorated paper wrappers.
17870: LUCIANUS SAMOSATENSIS. - Complures Lucani dialogi à Desiderio Erasmo Roterodamo utriusq[ue] linguae doctissimo in latinum conversi, & à Nicolao Buscoducensi illustrati, additis Fabularum & difficilium vocabulorum explanationibus. cum tabula. Distichon ab Hadriano Barlando lusum Graecia me genuit, nuper facundus Erasmus trastulit in latium, munere plaude puer. Levini Linii Endecasyllabon ad pueru[m] emptore[m]. (Colophon: Antwerp, Michiel Hillen van Hoochstraten, 1524). Small 8vo (15 x 10.5 cm). With the main text set in an Aldine-style italic, the long commentary following each dialogue in a "Basel"-style roman and 2 words in Greek. 18th-century half vellum.
17748: LÜCK, JOHANN FRIEDRICH (OR A SON). - Eerste handleiding tot de bloem- teken- schilder- en borduurkonst, in XXIV. voorbeelden van bloemen en vruchten, in omtrekken en kleuren, nevens eene tafel der onderscheidene verwen. Amsterdam, W. Holtrop, 1802. Oblong 8vo (text) and oblong small 4to (plates) (12 x 17.5 cm). With loose full-page engraved colour-key plate showing 66 numbered small rectangles, hand-coloured as samples of watercolours, and 24 loose full-page engraved plates, each with a pair (or in one case 2 pair) of nearly identical flowering or fruit-bearing plants (plate size 9.5 x 14 cm), the left-hand examples left uncoloured and the right-hand examples coloured as a guide. Complete with the undated prospectus (one 8vo leaf, 22.5 x 12.5 cm, printed on both sides) with an engraved tulip at the head, nearly identical to no. 13 in the plates, but differently coloured. Loose in (later?) green paper wrapper, in contemporary slipcase covered with marbled paper. The 25 prints with gilt edges.
6174: LUDERS, THEODORIC. - Traicté mathematique contenant les principales definitions, problemes et theoremes d'Euclide. l'Arithmetique decimale. . . . La fortification Hollandoise. Francoise. Italienne. Et Espagnolle.Paris, [Jean Jombert], 1680. With engraved title-page, engraved table, and 34 numbered engraved plates (11 double-page).With: (2) LUDERS, Theodoric. Traité d'arithmetique contenant les reigles necessaires aux marchands, banquiers, changeurs, &. financiers: . . . Paris, [Jean Jombert], 1680. 2 works in 1 volume. Large folio (50×34.5 cm). Contemporary mottled calf, richly gold-tooled spine (rebacked with original backstrip laid down).
G51C8PWJLUF0: LUDOLF, JOB (HIOB LUDOLPHUS). - Sciagraphia historiae Aethiopicae, sive regni Abessinorum, quod vulgo perperam Presbyteri Johannis vocatur, deo volente, aliquando in lucem proditurae.Jena, Samuel Krebs, 1676. 4to. Set in roman types with some italic, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic and especially Ethiopic type. Late 19th-century textured blue half cloth.
L5DFGGGBNK3E: [LUIS DE MONTOIA, FREI]. - Aforismos dascousas necessarias para. a concervacão da misade, e comerçio do Imperio de Pegu. Aosor. vedor da fazenda, de sua Magestade. e de seu conselheiro. de estado.[Lisbon?, ca. 1690?]. Folio. Manuscript document in Portuguese. Disbound.
K9SEABNZ7Y5V: LUNA, MIGUEL DE. - Histoire des deux conquestes d'Espagne par les Mores, la premiere faite par Tarif & Mussa, sur les Crestiens; la seconde, par Abdalasis, sur les Mores revoltez, et des revolutions arrive´es dans l'empire des califes pendant pre´s de cinquante ans. ...Paris, widow of François Muguet, 1708. 12mo. Contemporary mottled calf, red edges.
HA8FFHLIASTX: LUNET DE LA JONQUIÈRE, ÉTIENNE. - Le Siam et les Siamois.Paris, Armand Colin (colophon: printed by Charles Hérissey), 1906. 8vo. Original publisher's printed paper wrappers.
I339310GMJAP: LUQMAN AL-HAKIM (NOTES BY THOMAS ERPENIUS). - Fabulae et selecta quaedam Arabum adagia. Cum interpretatione latina & notis Thomae Erpenii.Leiden, Joannes Maire (colophon: "excudebat” Willem Christiaens van der Boxe, “typis” Johannes Janssonius), 1636. 4to. With Maire's woodcut device on the title-page and Van der Boxe's woodcut device above the colophon. Early 19th-century boards covered with blue brocade paper.
J1GFGOE3MMOP: LUTGERS, PETRUS JOSEPHUS. - Gezigten in de omstreken van Utrecht, opgedragen aan H.M. de Koningin der Nederlanden. Naar de natuur geteekend en op steen gebragt door P.J. Lutgers met geschiedkundige aanteekeningen van W.J. Hofdijk.[The Hague, J.D. Steuerwald], 1869. Folio. With a lithographed title-page (with a separately tinted lithographed view) and 87 tinted lithographed plates (ca. 16.5 x 22.5 cm), designed and lithographed by P.J. Lutgers. Near contemporary half sheepskin by J.A. Loebèr, Leiden
6754: [LUYKEN, JAN]. - Jezus en de ziel. Een geestelycke spiegel voor 't gemoed. Bestaande uyt veertig aangename en stichtelycke sinne-beelden.Amsterdam, Pieter Arentsz., 1687. 8vo. With engraved frontispiece and 39 engraved emblems in text, all engraved by Jan Luyken. Contemporary vellum.
6576: LUYKEN, JAN & CASPAR AND ANTHONY JANSSEN VAN TER GOES. - Afbeelding der menschelyke bezigheden, bestaande in hondert onderscheiden printverbeeldingen. Amsterdam, Reinier & Josua Ottens, [ca. 1726/50]. 4to. With richly engraved emblematic frontispiece, engraved publisher's device on title-page, and 100 numbered engraved plates (plate size ca. 12 x 8 cm) of trades and professions, engraved after the designs by Jan and Caspar Luyken. Contemporary blind-tooled vellum, gilt and gauffered edges.
23510: LUYKEN, JAN (AND CASPAR). - [Set of 11 works by Jan Luyken].Amsterdam, widow of P. Arentz, and Kornelis vander Sys, 1708 - 1718 (10 vols.); Haarlem, C.H. Bohn, 1767 (1 vol.). 11 volumes. 8vo. Contemporary uniform half calf, richly gold-tooled spines (10 vols.), the 1767 in slightly different half calf, apparently made to match the earlier ones.
B3KGXC1IF05P: LYDIUS, BALTHASAR. - Waldensia id est, conservatio verae ecclesiae, demonstrata ex confessionibus, cum Taboritarum, ante CC ferè annos, tum Bohemorum, circa tempora Reformationis, scriptis.Rotterdam, Joannes Leonardus Berewout, 1616.(2) LYDIUS, BALTHASAR. Waldensium tomus II, cvm schediasmatibus.Dordrecht, Joannes Leonardus Berewout, 1617.Including (with a drop-title):(3) Confessio fidei, Fratrum Waldensium, regi Vladislao ad Hungariam missa.(4) Confessio fidei ac religionis, baronum ac nobilium regni Bohemiae, serenissimo ac invectissimo Ferdinando, Romanorum, Bohoemiae, &c. Regi, Viennae Austriae, sub anno Domini 1535 oblata. Dordrecht, Joannes Leonardus Berewout, 1617. 8vo. 4 works in 3 volumes bound as 2. Each volume with its own title-page with Berewout’s woodcut device (an oval view of bears in a wood, in a rectangular cartouche). Contemporary overlapping vellum with titles in ink on spines, remnants of ties.
ABC_45879: LYNCH, HENRY BLOSSE. - Notes on the present state of the Karun river, between Shushter and the Shat-el-Arab.[London, Wiley, October 1891]. 4to. With a lithograph illustration in the text. Modern blue wrappers.
E43CIX01U79O: LYNDWOOD, WILLIAM. - Provinciale seu constitutiones Anglie: cum summarijs, atque justis annotationibus, politissimis caracteribus, summaque accuratione rursum reuise, atque impresse.Including: BADIUS, Jodocus (Josse BADE). Tabula indices.London, Franciscus Bryckman (colophon: Antwerp, printed by Christoffel van Ruremund, 20 December 1525). 2 parts in 1 volume. Folio. With two title-pages, each in a woodcut border. The first shows above heaven with the holy trinity surrounded by the heavenly population, and below the world with the pope and the king kneeling before the church, surrounded by the clergy; on the second title-page the coat of arms of England, a Tudor rose with the “IHS” and Saint George and the dragon. Printed in black and red throughout. Contemporary calf in modern slipcase.
93S96RRZH1LS: [MAARSSEN]. GELKES, J.J. VAN DER. - View of the river Vecht near Maarssen between the manor houses Huis Ter Meer and Huis Ten Bosch. [Maarssen?], [ca. 1770/80]. 19.5 x 28.5 cm. Beautiful watercolour drawing showing a view of the river Vecht near Maarssen.
KBQF82KSDJDX: MAASKAMP, EVERT. - Panorama. De veldslag van Waterloo 18 junij 1816. Derzelve nauwkeurige beschrijving … en bijgaande plan en explicatie.Including:- Beschrijving van den roemrijken veldslag van Waterloo, voorgesteld in het panorama op het Leidsche Plein over den Hollandschen Schouwburg.- État et répartition de l'armée co-allié, commandée en chef par Mgr. Le Duc de Wellington; au 18 juin 1815.Amsterdam, Evert Maaskamp, 1816. 8vo. With a folding engraved and letterpress plate of the panorama. Original publisher's wrappers.
KBMD6FLJSQ03: [MAASKAMP, EVERT]. - Reis door België in het jaar 1814.Amsterdam, Evert Maaskamp; Brussels, P.J. de Mat, 1815. 8vo. With a lithographed title-page, 3 folding engraved plates (1 hand coloured in outline), 3 aquatint plates printed in sepia, 2 engraved plates printed in sepia (1 double-page) and 2 hand-coloured engraved plates. Contemporary half tanned sheepskin.
IAHLJ33DTFEW: MAASKAMP, EVERT. - Afbeeldingen van de kleedingen, zeden en gewoonten in Holland, met den aanvang der negentiende eeuw. ... Tableaux des habillements, des moeurs et des coutumes en Hollande, au commencement du dix-neuvième siècle. ...Amsterdam, Evert Maaskamp, [1811?]. Imperial 4to (30 x 25.5 cm). Engraved allegorical frontispiece dated 1805, and 20 numbered engraved plates of Dutch costumes, all dated 1811, frontispiece and plates coloured for the publisher by the painter Jan Willem Pieneman. Contemporary boards, orange paper sides edged with a gold-tooled roll. Rebacked in red morocco (ca. 1900?).
I8MCV7IW2CP0: [MAASKAMP, EVERT]. - Hollandsche zee-schepen.With: (2) Beknopte beschrijving der takelaadje van een driemast koopvaardijschip.Amsterdam, Evert Maaskamp, [ca. 1810]. 8vo (19.5 x 16 cm). With 6 aquatint plates to ad 1 and an engraved plate to ad 2. 20th-century brown roan.
I8VANFUOUCID: [MAASKAMP, EVERT (EDITOR)]. - Voyage dans l'intérieur de la Hollande, fait dans les années 1807-1812.Amsterdam, Evert Maaskamp, [ca. 1812]. 3 volumes. 8vo. With an engraved title-page in each volume, 37 sepia aquatint views and 20 hand-coloured engraved costume plates, engraved by G.J. Michaëlis, P.A. Milatz, L. Portman, and others. Slightly later half calf; in a calf slipcase.
I8UGSB1U6W51: [MAASKAMP, EVERT (PUBLISHER)]. - [Collection of 13 aquatint views of Amsterdam].Amsterdam, Evert Maaskamp, [ca. 1826]. Oblong 4to (21 x 25 cm). With 13 sepia aquatint plates (image size ca. 15.5 x 19 cm). Contemporary green boards.
JCICZ3K4MXJB: MAASKAMP, EVERT. - Handleiding voor jonge kunstenaars, in het teekenen van landschappen naar de natuur; de behandeling van papier, waterverwen, oostindische inkt, biestre- en neutrale kleur; benevens onderigting in het aanleggen der luchten, verschieten en voorgronden; het kleuren en opwerken; mitsgaders het kleuren van gravures. Naar de beroemdste Zwitzersche en Engelsche kunstenaars, en uit eigene ondervinding.Amsterdam, Evert Maaskamp, 1827. 8vo. With folding engraved frontispiece and 6 plates (2 engraved plates and 4 aquatints, incl. 1 coloured by hand). Contemporary boards.
K7GGAKVSQDRW: MABILLE, PAUL. - Histoire naturelle des Lépidoptères de Madagascar.Paris, l'Imprimerie Nationale, 1885-1887. 2 volumes (text & atlas). Large 4to (32 x 25 cm). With 63 aquatint plates printed in brown and black. Later brown half morocco.
G9NEK240KIZG: MACEDO, JOAQUIM JOSÉ DA COSTA DE. - Memoria em que se pertende provar que os Arabes não conhecerão as Canarias antes dos Portuguezes.Lisbon, printing office of the Academia Real das Sciencias, 1844. Folio. With a woodcut Portuguese coat of arms on the title-page. Modern brown paper wrapper.
F45ANK01U79O: MACHOLD, JOSEPH (JOSEF). - Zehn tafeln zur anatomie des Pferdes . . .Vienna, the author "in Commission bei F. Paternos Nachfolger" (printed by Adolf Holzhausen), [1879]. Oblong 1mo (35×49 cm). With 10 numbered chromo-lithographed and double-tinted lithographed plates (35×49 cm), loose as issued. Original publisher's printed front wrapper preserved, back wrapper lacking. In a modern clamshell box.
ABC_45880: MACKIE, J.B. - Hasa: an Arabian oasis.[London, W. Clowes, March 1924]. 4to. With 9 black and white photograph illustrations. Modern blue wrappers.
J43DG4CIT2LF: MACROBIUS, THEODOSIUS AMBROSIUS. - Quae exstant omnia, diligentissime emendata, et cum optimis editionibus collata, ut ex praefatione manifestum.Padua, Giuseppe Comino, 1736. 8vo. With engraved device on title-page, 5 woodcuts in text and woodcut arms above the colophon. Contemporary richly gold-tooled morocco (goatskin), each board with a large centre-piece in a panel design, gilt and gauffered edges, traces of clasps.
17930: MACROPEDIUS, GEORGIUS. - Methodus de conscribendis epistolis, ... secundum veram artis rationem tradita ...Cologne, heirs of Arnold Birckmann, 1570. Small 8vo (15.5 x 10.5 cm). Contemporary limp sheepskin parchment.
437: MACROPEDIUS, GEORGIUS. - Adamus Macropedii fabula Christianae pietatis plaena. In qua "koozikoos" oste[n]ditur, quo pacto lapsus homo post multas multorum saeculorum calamitates et miserias per Christum ab initio promissum, tandem[ue] mundo exhibitum, saluti restituitur. Utrecht, Herman van Borculo, 1552.With:(2) Sententiae singulis versibus contentae, ex diversorum poëtarum sententiis Graecis, Latinae redditae.[Colophon:] Antwerp, Johannes Loeus, 1544.(3) ERASMUS, Desiderius. [Drop title:] Christiani hominis institutum.Including: ISOCRATES. [Drop title:] Ad demonicum paraenesis.[Antwerp, Jan Verwithagen?, 1551?]. With a large woodcut device on the last page. The Erasmus is a complete work extracted from an edition also containing other works and therefore lacks the general title-page and begins with quire G. 3 works in 1 volume. Small 8vo (13.5 x 9 cm). 18th-century gold-tooled calf.
ABC_45936: [MADRAS GOVERNMENT]. C.C. JOHNSTON & H.C. MONTGOMERY. - Selections from the records of the Madras government. Published by authority. No. VI. General report of the road department.Madras [Chennai], Printed at the Fort St. George Press, 1854. 2 parts in 1 volume. 4to. With a large folding lithographed and hand-coloured map of South India (58 x 44 cm) and 7 folding tables. Later cloth with the original front cover preserved.
GBKB1KTLYDDO: MAFFEI, GIOVANNI PIETRO. - L'Histoire des Indes Orientales et Occidentales …Paris, Robert de Ninville, 1665. 2 volumes bound as 1. 4to. Each volume with a (different) woodcut coat-of-arms of France and Navarre on the title-page. Contemporary mottled calf, gold-tooled spine and board edges.
8AKBH6LKTV6Y: MAFFEI, JOAN PETRO. - Historiarum Indicarum libri XVI. Selectarum, item, ex India epistolarum libri IV. Accessit liber recentiorum epistolarum; à Ioanne Hayo ...Antwerp, Martinus Nutius, 1605. 8vo. Contemporary vellum.
HAG9DO1Z1C78: MAFFEI, GIOVANNI PIETRO. - Historiarum Indicarum libri XVI. Selectarum, item, ex India epistolarum libri IV. Accessit Ignatii Loiolae vita. Omnia ab auctore recognita, & emendata. In singula copiosus index.Cologne, Arnoldus Mylius, 1590. 2 volumes bound as 1. 8vo. Contemporary vellum.
H7UH61ETMAQY: MAFFEI, GIOVANNI PIETRO. - Historiarum Indicarum Libri XVI.Antwerp, Martinus Nutius, 1605.With: (2) [MAFFEI, Giovanni Pietro]. Ignatii Loiolae vita, postremo recognita.Antwerp, Martinus Nutius, 1605. 2 works in 1 volume (the first in 2 parts). 8vo. Contemporary vellum, remains of ties.
H7FFQE4FCFTT: MAFFEI, GIOVANNI PIETRO. - l'Histoire des Indes Orientales et Occidentales …Paris, Robert de Ninville, 1665. 2 volumes bound as 1. 4to. Contemporary vellum.
98NB1FC3E9X8: [MAGAGLIANES, DIEGO DI]. - Avvisi nuovi et certezza della parte di mezzo giorno. Dove s'intende tre infideli Rè della fede Mahomettana convertiti, & battezzati con li suoi regni, & venuti alla nostra Christiana fede. Florence, 16 February 1571. Small 8vo (15 x 10.5 cm). With the large woodcut coat of arms of Pope Pius V (74 x 62 mm). Sewn in later stiff paper wrappers.
ABC_45289: MAGAUD D’AUBUSSON, LOUIS. - La fauconnerie au Moyen Age et dans les temps modernes. Recherches historiques, didactiques et naturelles.Paris, Auguste Ghio, 1879. 8vo. With half-title and errata leaf. Contemporary gold-tooled half morocco, with the original publisher’s printed wrappers bound in at the end.
J2NEGATV1LB2: MAGGIO, FRANCESCO MARIA. - Vita, e morte del venerabil P. F. Alipio di S. Giuseppe Scalzo di S. Agostino Palermitano della congregazione d'Italia, in odio della confessione della S. Fede di Giesù Cristo, crudelissimamente ucciso da' Turchi di Barberia, nella città di Tripoli, a 17 di febbraio l'anno 1645 ...Rome, Ignatio de' Lazzari, 1657. 4to. With 3 engraved plates. Contemporary limp sheepskin parchment.
ABC_45220: MAHMOUD RA’IF. - Cedid Atlas Tercümesi [= New Atlas, Translated]. Üsküdar (district in Istanbul), Tab'hane-yi Hümayunda / Mühenduishâne Press, 1218 AH (1803/1804 CE). Folio (54 x 36.5 cm). With an engraved title-page (the title in Arabic script in an elaborate decorated frame with a roundel bearing an inscription in Arabic script in the head and clusters of military attributes in the other 3 sides) and 25 engraved maps (22 double-page and 3 larger folding) after William Faden, coloured by a contemporary hand.Contemporary black morocco (executed in Istanbul?), richly silver- and blind-tooled. Bright yellow paste-downs.
B4TE4KHVT055: MALCONETI, JACOBI. - Selbst-lehrende Geometrie, oder neue und kurtze institutiones mechanicae, stereometriae, et geodaesiae.Frankfurt am Main, Johan Adolph & Philipp Wilhelm Stock, 1700. 4to. With engraved frontispiece by Joseph a Montalegre, title-page in red and black with woodcut publisher's device, with 1 engraved illustration plate, 24 woodcut plates containing 26 illustrations (on folding leaves, full-page leaves and smaller slips) and about 275 woodcut illustrations in the text. Contemporary sheepskin parchment.
I7DCR2YLY3VD: MALENFANT (COLONEL). - Des colonies, et particulièrement de celle de Saint-Domingue; mémoire historique et politique.Paris, Audibert, 1814. 8vo. Later half vellum (New, Binder, Eton).
G7GH79SCL76J: MALIBRAN, MARIA. - [Autograph letter, signed, from Maria Malibran to Mr. Colladon].Norwich, 23 September [1830]. 4to. Written in ink on paper. Disbound. Gilt edges.
3542: [MALINES - SYNOD]. - Decreta et statuta Synodi Provincialis Mechliniensis, die undecima mensis Iunii, anni millesimi, quingentesimi, septuagesimi ... Praesidente D. Martino Rythovio Episcopo Yprensi ... nomine et loco ... D. Antonii Perrenot, Archiepiscopo Mechliniensis, & ... Cardinalis Granvellani.With: Die vigesima sexta mensis Iunii anni millesimi sexcentesimi septimi ... et vigesima die mensis Julii eiusdem anno conclusae. Praesidente ... D. Matthia Hovio Archiepiscopo Mechliniensi ...With: (Decreta et statuta Synodi Dioecesanae Mechliniensis): die quinta Maij anni millesimi sexcentesimi noni inchoataev, & die sexta eiusdem anni & mensis absolutae. Praesidente ... D. Matthia Hovio archiepiscopo Mechliniensi.Antwerp, Christoffel Plantin (vol. 1), Jan Moretus (vols. 2-3), 1571-1609. 3 editions in 1 volume. With Plantin’s woodcut ’compasses device on the title-page of the first work, incorporating the coat of arms of King Philip II of Spain, and another on the last leaf of the third work, and the woodcut coat-of-arms of Archbishop Matthias Hovius (1542-1620) on the title-pages of the 2nd and 3rd works; some fine woodcut initials. Contemporary limp vellum, remnants of ties, with the title in manuscript on spine and front board.
1305: [MALLÈS DE BEAULIEU, JEANNE-SOPHIE]. - Begebenheiten eines französischen Schiffsjungen auf einer unbewohntern Insel, oder der zwölfjährige Robinson.Zürich & Leipzig, Trachslerschen Buch- u. Kunsthandlung, [1824]. Small 8vo. With an illustrated engraved title-page, engraved frontispiece and 4 engraved plates, all aquatints which are richly and beautifully coloured by hand. Contemporary green cloth, gold-tooled spine.
ABC_45695: MALOUET, PIERRE-VICTOR. - Lettre à M.S.D., membre du parlement, sur l'intérêt de l'Europe, au salut des colonies de l'Amérique.London, Thomas Baylis, Joseph de Boffe, A. Dulau & co., 1797. 8vo. Marbled paper wrappers.
23478: [MALTA]. RADEMAKER, [GERARD?]. - Malta. [View of the castle, fortifications and harbour of Valetta]. [Malta(?), ca. 1700?]. 14 x 44 cm. Ink and colour wash drawing, signed in the lower right corner: "Rademaker". Mounted in a rice-paper window kept under passe-partout.
B5PFP02PBSNK: MANBY, GEORGE WILLIAM. - Papers relating to Captain Manby's plan for affording relief in cases of shipwreck: viz. Copies of instructuions, given by His Majesty's Secretary of State for the Home Department, for the purpose of carrying into effect the plan of Captain Manby, for affording relief in cases of shipwreck.[London, House of Commons, 1816]. Folio. With several woodcuts and wood engravings of the inventions in text. Sewn.
D28ECLHVT055: MANDELSLO, JOHANN ALBRECHT VON. - Morgenländische Reyse-Beschreibung.Hamburg, Christian Guth, printed by Johan Holwein, Schleswig, 1658. Folio. With engraved frontispiece by Christian Rothgiesser, engraved author's portrait, double-page engraved map, and 21 large engravings in text, mostly signed by Rothgiesser. Contemporary pigskin, with boards blind-tooled in a panel design.
H2NF22FJOYPM: MANDEVILLE, JOHN [= JEHAN D'OUTREMEUSE]. - The voyages & travels of Sir John Mandevile, Knight, … to the Holy Land, and to Hierusalem: as also to the lands of the Great Caan, and of Prestor John: to Inde, and divers other countries: ...London, Richard Chiswell, Benjamin Walford, Matthew Wotton, George Conyers, 1696. 4to. With a woodcut ship on the title-page and about 60 woodcut illustrations in the text (mostly about 5.5 x 8 cm) plus about 10 repeats. Gold-tooled, red goatskin morocco by Robert Riviere in London (ca. 1875/80), one of England's best binders.
FAEDNBHVT055: MANGER, SAMUEL HENDRIK. - Oratio inauguralis, de incremento philologiae sacrae ab idonea Arabiae atque Palaestinae exploratione sperando. Franeker, Willem Coulon, 1762. Folio. With the woodcut coat of arms of Friesland on the title-page. Mid-19th-century marbled wrappers.
L85CQLCOIXI5: [MANLIO, GIOVANNI GIACOMO (JOHANNES JACOBUS MANLIUS OR MANLIIS)]. - Luminare maius. Cinthius ut totum radiis illuminat orbem. Illuminat latebras sic medicina tuas.(Colophon: Venice, Gregorio de Gregori, 8 January 1513). Folio (30.5 x 21 cm). With 13 woodcut decorated initials (6 series?) plus 8 repeats, 4-line typographic "Lombarbic" initials. Set in rotunda gothic types in 2 columns, with a preliminary note in roman type. With contemporary pen decorations in brown ink added to about half of the initials and occasional similar pen decorations in the margins, an occasional manuscript paragraph mark, some rubrications in brown ink and some initials coloured with a transparent ochre wash. Early 20th-century vellum.
H83F7C91Q5X2: MANLIO, GIOVANNI GIACOMO (JOHANNES JACOBUS MANLIUS) AND QUIRICO DE AUGUSTIS. - Luminare maius. Cinthius ut totum radiis illuminat orbem. Illuminat latebras sic medicina tuas.Lumen apothecariorum cum no[n]nullis expositionibus noviter impressum.(Colophon:) Venice, Albertino da Lissona (Vercellensis), [ca. 1502/03 or ca. 1505]. 2 works in 1 edition. Folio (28.5 x 20 cm). With 4 woodcut decorated initials. 19th-century limp sheepskin parchment.
H7RGKAFXWIDB: MANNERHEIM, CARL GUSTAV. - Across Asia from West to East in 1906-1908.Helsinki, Suomalais-Ugrilainen Seura, 1940. 2 volumes. (30.5 x 22 cm). With numerous illustrations in text, one small map after the preface, and 15 folding maps in the second volume. Half sheepskin, cloth sides.
ABC_45693: MANUEL, HENRI. - [Collection of 33 Paris fashion photographs from the 1910s].Paris, Henri Manuel, [ca. 1910/20]. 33 albumen prints , 3 oval (ca. 19 x 15 cm) and 30 rectangular (ca. 27 x 16 cm), including 5 duplicates (with tint variations). The faces on two of the photographs are lightly tinted. Each photograph is mounted on a sheet of paper and signed in pencil "Henri Manuel Paris". Three photographs are also signed in the plate.
J3RB0L9S1CM2: MANUEL I, KING OF PORTUGAL. - Epistola potentissimi ac invictissimi Emanuelis Regis Portugaliae, & Algarbiorum. &c. de victoriis habitis in India et Malacha. Ad. S. in Christo Patre[m] & dominu[m] nostru[m]. Do. Leonem. X. Pont. Maximum.(Colophon: Vienna, Hieronymus Vietor & Johannes Singriener, 16 September [1513]). Small 4to (20 x 14.5 cm). Set in 2 sizes of Venetian-style roman type (in the variant form common in northern Europe). 20th-century dark brown half calf.
ABC_45523: [MANUSCRIPT - JAVANESE]. - Serat Yusup.[Java], [ca.1800?]. Small folio in 10s (26.5 x 18 cm). Manuscript in the Javanese language, neatly written in the Javanese script in black ink on Javanese dluwang “paper” (beaten paper mulberry bark, a sort of tapa). The leaves are numbered in Arabic numerals on the versos, perhaps by the same hand as the main text. Lacking 2 leaves (E5.6: ll. 43-44). Sewn at three stations (the middle one perhaps without a support), with dluang “paper” wrappers laced onto the bookblock with tacket-like vertical cords at the head and foot of the spine (11 or 12 each), headbands in the form of 3 rows of herringbone stitches, and with the first leaf and last leaf pasted down to the facing wrapper.
F72I8N01U79O: [MANUSCRIPT - SHIP'S JOURNAL]. MORSE, EDWARD GEORGE. - A journal of remarks and observations as kept by E. G. M. . ..[mostly on board the barque Sarah of London], April 1831-14 March 1833 (with additions to 1835). with an engraved view as frontispiece, 15 full-page, 1 nearly full-page and 1 smaller manuscript maps and coastal profiles, plus a small engraved view ("Tomb of Napoleon") mounted on 1 page. Including: MORSE, Edward George. Lecture Book [notes on anatomical lectures by Joseph Constantine Carpue].[London], November-December 1828. with a matching pair of engravings of a scull on and facing the title-page, and 27 pencil and/or ink anatomical drawings (including 2 full-page), some also with red. 4to (19.5×16.5 cm). Contemporary sheepskin parchment.
649ED93VJP3O: [MANUSCRIPT]. PHILIP (FELIPE) II, KING OF SPAIN. - [Mortgage agreement, granting Jan Hanneman, Steward General of North Holland, the rights to the tithes of the King's lands of Voorburg and Voorschoten].The Hague and Brussels, 1557 (with additions to 1565). Folio (36 x 25.5 cm). Manuscript mortgage agreement, signed by King Philip's representatives, written in brown ink on parchment in a nearly upright cursive gothic hand. With a typescript transcription of the main text and an interlinear translation in Spanish.
64DETE01U79O: [MANUSCRIPT]. WILLIAM III, PRINCE OF ORANGE. - [Decree granting a salary to Johan Theodor, Baron of Friesheim, as chief bailiff and state prosecutor in 's-Hertogenbosch].The Hague, 2 April 1681. Folio (31.5 x 20.5 cm). Written in brown ink on paper, with the armorial seal of William of Orange stamped on a decorative paper cut-out over red wax.
4272: [MANUSCRIPT]. JOFFROY, JOANNES BAPTISTA (JEAN-BAPTISTE). - Daegelyksche aenteekening van alle de goederen te verwen komende bij Joannes Baptista Joffroy begonst 1734. [Mechelen (Malines, Belgium), 1 April 1734-31 August 1759]. Folio (32.5 x 21 cm). Manuscript journal of accounts in dark brown ink on paper, written in Dutch in an upright gothic hand, with each page ruled in double and single lines to make 4 or 5 columns and up to 22 rows, decorated with hundreds of pen flourishes, three forming pictures of birds as tailpieces and with a decorative cross to begin 1750 (some other years with a simpler cross), a couple headings with additions in red. Contemporary vellum.
K3N91X5BFIUU: [MANUSCRIPT - HORSES - HAIR]. - Chevaux. Observations sur les chevaux Arabes du désert. ... Cheveux.[France, ca. 1794-ca. 1813]. Folio. Disbound.
L368P57KFCWK: [MANUSCRIPT - FRANCE]. - Colloquio su'gli affari presenti del 1683 fatto nell'Inferno, tra Maometto, e monsieur Colbert, già ministro di Francia.[Italy, ca. 1684?]. Small folio (29 x 20.5 cm). Manuscript in brown ink on laid paper in a legible hand. Sewn.
6BBFGHNT60TK: [MANUSCRIPT - WEDDING BOOK]. - Gedenk-Buch. Including: [DEVRIENT, Otto]. Festspiel der Erholungsgesellschaft.[Weimar or Friedrichshafen], 10 September 1873. Folio (33.5 x 21 cm). Written in brown ink in a neat and very legible German gothic hand, with the titles and the occasional word in the headings written in a Latin hand. Contemporary reddish-brown gold-blocked, textured cloth.
I72CIIY3ZLY5: [MANUSCRIPT - NOTARIAL DECLARATION]. AFFAITATI, GIOVAN CARLO (JOHANNES CAROLUS DE AFFAYTADI). - Ratificatio facta p[er] m[agnifi]cu[m] d[ominum] Jo[hannes] Carolu[s] de Affaytalis, in favorem m[agnifi]ci et r[everen]di d[omino]. Guidi d[e] Crema et Rafaelis Krumani p[e]r Castro S[anc]ti Laurentii et terris.Antwerp, 20 January 1546. Manuscript notarial document in Latin, written in a Latin hand on one side of a single piece of sheepskin parchment (31 x 54.5 cm), opening with a large capital and closing with the notary's decorative signature, with the title and "M. Johan Carlo" on the back. Folded and loosely inserted in a paper folder (ca. 1690s?).
I1SH16GV1YKR: [MANUSCRIPT]. DODOENS (DODONAEUS), REMBERT. - [Declaration of financial and other documents received as incoming churchwarden of the Church of Saints Peter and Paul in Mechelen].[Mechelen], 27 December 1558. Oblong 4to (19 x 21.5 cm). A document written in dark brown ink on paper, with the opening words filled in afterwards in light brown ink and the signature in light brown ink.
1977: [MANUSCRIPT]. BERGH, JOHAN VAN DEN. - Eenige stukken concerneerende criminele procedures in cas d'appel voor het hof geventileerd tusschen den bailluw van Rhijnland contra Pieter Oostenryk in materie van manslag met de ms. schriftuuren.[Leiden], 1726-1729. Folio. Manuscript, in Dutch, on laid paper, with 2 embossed seals. Later blue paper wrappers.
H3DCGAE1K2SH: [MANUSCRIPT - PETITION, ACCOMPANYING DOCUMENTS & LETTERS]. VARNHAGEN, FREDERICO LUIZ GUILHERME DE. - [A petition to King Miguel I of Portugal for appointment as supervisor of mines, accompanied by 9 numbered notarized transcriptions of supporting documents, 2 related letters to his minister and Secretary of State for Justice, José António de Oliveira Leite de Barros, Conde de Basto, and an earlier letter to King João VI].Marina Grande (in Monte Real, Portugal), 21 December 1825-11 March 1829. Folio and 4to. The petition, accompanying transcriptions and letters written in Portuguese. In an old brown paper folder and with a typescript list of the contents inserted.
E45D48XLIWS6: [MANUSCRIPT LETTER]. FEDOROVA, EMPRESS ALEXANDRA (CHARLOTTE OF PRUSSIA). - [Autograph letter, signed, to General Philippovich Klyupfel].[Russia] 1843. Folio (27 x 21 cm). Signed autograph letter in ink on paper.
21232: [MANUSCRIPT]. REMY, CLAUDE. - Traité des elemens présenté à M. Raoul de Choiseul-Gouffier.Paris, 1786. Small 8vo. Calligraphic manuscript written in French in dark brown ink on paper, in a formal Latin script hand (a French-style "batard"), with an ornamental, calligraphic title-page in reddish brown, green, dark brown and black ink, each page in a thick-thin-thin border with circular decorations in each corner and centred at the head, running heads in the border, the heading of the "Avertissement" in a decorative script, and calligraphic chapter headings in circular or rectangular decorations and sub-headings in decorated horizontal bands. Contemporary red, gold-tooled morocco, the smooth spine divided into 6 panels (separated by lines flanked by dotted lines), the 2nd with a dark green title-label, each of the others with an 8-petalled flower, 10 dots, a decoration in each corner and another at each side, and a decorated band at the foot; each board with a border of thin-thick-thin fillets with a decoration stamped on each corner and a 6-petalled flower inside each corner; gold-tooled turn-ins, gold fillets on the board edges (altogether about 130 impressions of 13 tools), gilt edges.
FC2CNNJAGX9Y: [MANUSCRIPT - QURAN]. - [A splendid illuminated Quran manuscript].Iran, AH 1204 [1783 AD]. 8vo (14.8 x 9 cm) Illuminated Arabic manuscript on paper, 19 lines per page, written in a neat Naskhi script in black ink with diacritics in red, margins ruled in gold and colours. Gold discs or florets between verses, sura headings written in white within gilt cartouches flanked by panels with alternating floral motifs in gold and various colours. Brown morocco with flap and giltstamped borders and central ornaments.
JBOGQFC7PN6J: [MANUSCRIPT - PHARMACOLOGICAL]. - [Medicinal recipes for sexual ailments].[Germany?, ca. 1857]. Small 8vo (17 x 11 cm). Manuscript in Latin and German. Contemporary half tan cloth.
85CFJFMWLRBM: [MANUSCRIPT - SOUTH AMERICA]. - Itinéraire de Carthargène[!] à Popaya, Lima et Santa Crux. [No place, ca. 1855]. 4to. Manuscript in brown ink on blue-lined (machine-made?) wove paper without watermark. Half tan cloth.
JC4L982NKNP9: [MANUSCRIPT - PHARMACOLOGY]. PUYENBROUCK[?], EUGENE[?]. - Recueil de différentes sortes des liqueurs et specifications particulieres.Bruges, 1799. 8vo. Manuscript in brown ink on laid paper, written in Dutch (even though the title-page is in French) in a small, neat Latin hand. Contemporary decorated paper wrappers.
5615: [MANUSCRIPT - DOCUMENT - BATAVIA]. MAUREGNAULT, BERNARD JACOB. - [18th-century extract from the register of baptisms of the Dutch Reformed Church at Batavia].Batavia, 18 October 1746. 1 leaf (32.5 x 20.5 cm). In Dutch.
ABC_45796: [MANUSCRIPT - BOOK OF SECRETS - GERMAN]. - [Medicinal recipes and incantations].[Germany?], [ca. 1700?]. Small 8vo (16 x 10 cm). Manuscript in German with occasional Latin phrases, written on laid paper in brown and black ink in at least two German gothic cursive hands (the Latin phrases in Latin hands), a “tetragrammaton” diagram (rectangular with a St Andrew’s cross rather than star-shaped) with the name of (the archangel) Uriel and a “sator rotas” square. Lacking quire A and bifolium B1.8 (10 ll.?). Brown vellum(?) wrapper, sewn without supports at 3 stations.
BC4F3T59HWF5: [MANUSCRIPT - APPLIED MATHEMATICS]. SIMMONDS, J. - Hints, tables &ca [for mining, military engineering, architecture, etc.].[England], 1840. (16.5 x 12 cm). Manuscript in ink on paper, in English, with numerous architectural and other illustrations in pencil and ink, many with grey and/or pink washes, on 30 pages, numerous manuscript tables. Written and illustrated partly on rectos only and partly on both rectos and versos. Contemporary English dark green gold-tooled calf, gold-tooled board edges, gold fillets on turn-ins, green ribbon marker, gilt edges. Rebacked, with the original backstrip laid down.
ABC_45570: [MANUSCRIPT - SHAN (BURMESE)]. - [Buddhist sample book of magical tattoo patterns].[Shan state (eastern or inland Myanmar (Burma)], [late 19th century?]. Oblong (14 x 31.5 cm). Parabaik (accordion-fold) manuscript on 20 mulberry-bark-paper leaves, written in the Shan script in black and red, with circular and rectangular diagrams containing letters also in black and red, and about 120 illustrations, also in black and red, mostly patterns for making magical tattoos. Finished in the traditional Shan parabaik style, making covers of the two outer pages by adding wide reinforcing strips (about 4 cm) along all four sides and then applying black lacquer to the assembly.
22423: [MANUSCRIPT]. PRÉVOST, M. - Cours de géométrie pratique professé par M. Prevost et suivi par C.F. Frenet. Comprenant 1o. La géométrie élémentaire avec ses applications au toisé, au cubage, géodésie, etc. 2o. La géométrie descriptive avec ses applications à la perspective, à la coupe des pierres etc.[Lyon?, ca. 1825?]. Oblong folio (35 x 45 cm). With a flourished calligraphic title-page signed "[Charles] Esclozas scripsit", and 140 leaves with more than 350 figures in black ink and sometimes pencil, red ink or coloured washes (blue, yellow, red, green and grey), illustrating plain and solid geometry, projections, perspective, architecture, bridges, cartography, globes, sundials, etc., and with text and illustrations in black thick-thin borders. Contemporary green half morocco, spine richly gold-tooled.
I4FBIBHXENPQ: [MANUSCRIPT - FORTIFICATION]. - Traite des fortifications. [France, ca. 1730?]. 4 parts in 1 volume. 4to. With 32 folding drawings in black and red ink and grey and coloured washes showing plans, sections and elevations of fortifications and of military buildings, bridges, gates, etc. Near contemporary calf, richly gold-tooled spine.
JBNH25X14NNH: [MANUSCRIPT - VOC]. - [Collection of 26 documents on the VOC and the Dutch East Indies].Middelburg, Batavia (Jakarta), Amsterdam, etc., ca. 1645-1833. 26 documents. Mostly folio (33 x 21 cm). Manuscript documents in Dutch (including 1 printed memorandum and 1 printed form filled out in manuscript).
ABC_45537: [MANUSCRIPT - FRENCH EAST INDIA COMPANY]. - Death certificate of a former employee of the French East India Company.Puducherry (Pondichéry), 2 November 1786. Folio.
B1LCA7L42P5W: [MANUSCRIPT - ORDINANCE]. OLDENBARNEVELT, JOHAN VAN. - [Ordinance forbidding the planting of trees around windmills in the Land van Arkel (in the southwestern corner of the province of Holland) and requiring the removal of existing trees].The Hague, 14 December 1598. Manuscript document in Dutch in brown ink on the skin side of a single piece of sheepskin parchment (36 x 48 cm, folded to 14 x 19 cm).
H6HFW5NQOFFQ: [MANUZIO, ANTONIO (ED.)]. - Viaggi fatti da Vinetia, alla Tana, in Persia, in India, et in Costantinopoli: con la descrittione particolare di città, luoghi, siti, costumi, & della porta del Gran Turco: & di tutte le intrate, spese, & modo di governo suo, & della ultima impresa contra Portoghesi.Venice, sons of Aldus Manutius, 1545. 8vo. With Aldus’s woodcut anchor device on the title-page. 18th-century English polished calf.
M1T93XIM7OO0: MANZONI, RENZO. - El Yèmen tre anni nell'Arabia felice.Rome, Tipografia Eredi Botta, 1884. Large 8vo (190 x 270 mm). With author’s portrait frontispice and numerous plates and maps (5 folding, 3 coloured and folded and 7 double-page). Original wrappers pasted in red cloth.
I3HC1E6JNO1W: [MAORI CANOE]. - [Two issues of the newspaper "Te Waka Maori"].Grisborne, James Grindell, 1878. 2 loose issues. Folio. With a wood engraving of a Maori war-canoe incorporating the name of the newspaper, on top of issue no. 13. No. 2 in loose folded sheets, no. 13 glued in the gutter.
L6DBW6FVYOGJ: [MAP – ASIA – MIDDLE EAST]. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY. - Southwest Asia, India, Pakistan, and Northeast Africa.Washington, DC, National Geographic Society, 1952. Colour printed map, 68.5 x 95 cm. Scale 1:7,5000,000. With an inset map of "the Moslem World; percentage of Moslems in total population".
D7SAVNYD4ZB1: [MAP - NETHERLANDS - RIJNLAND]. [DOU, JAN JANSZ., STEVEN VAN BROECKHUYSEN AND MELCHIOR BOLSTRA]. - 'T Hooge Heemraedschap van Rhynland. [Amsterdam, Isaak Tirion], 1746. Very large engraved wall map of the Rijnland water district in 12 map sheets and 1 title-sheet, the title-sheet divided into 3 strips, the whole mounted on cloth (measuring 185 x 169 cm as assembled). Coloured and shellacked by a contemporary hand, with gold for the lettering of the title and the coat of arms. With the water board's coat of arms, and two decorative cartouches listing the members of the water board in 1687 and 1746. Framed.
ABC_45694: [MAP - SRI LANKA]. - [Manuscript map of the interior of Ceylon].[Kandy, Ceylon?], [ca. 1815]. Bound in:FELLOWES, Robert ("Philalethes"). The history of Ceylon, from the earliest period to the Year MDCCCXV; with characteristic details of the religion, laws, & manners of the people and a collection of their moral maxims & ancient proverbs ... To which is subjoined Robert Knox's historical relation of the island, with an account of his captivity during a period of near twenty years ...Including:KNOX, Robert. An historical relation of the Island of Ceylon in the East Indies: together with an account of the detaining in captivity the author, and divers other Englishmen now living there; and of the author's miraculous escape.London, Joseph Mawman, 1817. 2 parts in 1. 4to. With a manuscript folding map bound in, drawn in watercolour and pen on laid paper, mounted on contemporary linen (31 x 47.5 cm). Further with a folding engraved map of Sri Lanka by J. Smith, dated 1816, mounted on contemporary linen, an engraved portrait of Knox by Smith, dated 1816, and 15 engraved plates. Contemporary half calf with gold-tooled spine, marbled edges, marbled endpapers.London, Joseph Mawman, 1817. 2 parts in 1. 4to. With a manuscript folding map bound in the book, drawn in watercolour and pen on laid paper, mounted on contemporary linen (31 x 47.5 cm). Furthermore with a folding engraved map of Sri Lanka by J. Smith, dated 1816, mounted on contemporary linen, an engraved portrait of Knox by Smith, dated 1816, and with 15 full-page engraved plates. Contemporary half calf with gold-tooled spine, marbled edges, marbled endpapers.
L6CG5IA5ETO8: [MAP - MIDDLE EAST]. GEOGRAPHICAL PUBLISHING COMPANY. - Arabia and near bordering countries.Including:- Palestine- Iran (Persia) and surrounding territoryChicago, Geographical publishing company, [ca. 1936-1941]. Colour printed map, 54 x 40 cm.
L95DV18L9VQZ: [MAP - ARABIAN GULF]. AERONAUTICAL CHART AND INFORMATION CENTER. - Persian Gulf | ONC-H-6/7. Operational navigation chart.St Louis, Aeronautical chart and information center, United States Air Force, 1969. Two copies of two folding maps colour printed on both sides of a sheet of silk (103 x 78.5 cm) on a scale of ca. 1:1,000,000. The two maps (ONC-H-6 & ONC-H-7) show one continuous area.
23331: [MAP - NETHERLANDS]. [LE ROUGE, GEORGE-LOUIS]. - La Hollande en 12 feuilles dont les six premieres contiennent la Hollande ...Paris, Jean A. Dezauche, successor of Delisle & Buache, 1790. Together ca. 230 x 155 cm. Engraved map, hand-coloured in outline. Printed on 12 sheets, each divided into 4 segments, numbered 1-48. The 12 sheets are mounted on contemporary linen and folded, the edges reinforced with blue ribbon.With: (2) LE ROUGE, George Louis. Topographie de la Zelande en 9 feuilles traduitte de l'Hollandois. [Second title:] Partie orientale de la Flandre Hollandoise, ...Paris, Jean A. Dezauche, 1790. Large engraved wall map, hand-coloured in outline, printed on 9 numbered sheets, each divided into 4 segments, numbered 1-36 (each sheet 48 x 56.5 cm); the 36 segments are mounted on contemporary linen, the edges reinforced with blue ribbon. Each map in contemporary box.
JBEECWYNTABC: [MAP]. [VINGBOONS, JOHANNES, JUSTUS AND DAVID]. - 'T hooghe heymraedtschap vanden lande van Woerden.[Amsterdam, Hendrik de Leth], 1740. Wall map of the water district Woerden (South Holland) in 9 large loose untrimmed sheets (each 48 x 67 cm), with the title in a banderole across the head of three sheets, information about the 14th-century charters in a cartouche, a list of city and town officials in 1739 on a plinth, a compass rose, and a scale of Rijnland rods.
J3RDEICXYQUG: [MAP - ARABIAN PENINSULA]. PTOLEMAEUS, CLAUDIUS. [JACOBUS ANGELUS, TRANS.; NICOLAUS GERMANUS, ED.]. - Sexta Asie Tabula.Ulm, Lienhart Holle, 1482. Oblong 1mo (whole sheet: 41.5 by 57 cm). With a double-page woodcut map. Finely coloured by a contemporary hand, with near-contemporary manuscript vignette illustrations of an Ababeel bird, Makkah (Mecca) and the Kaaba in pen and wash highlighted in gold.
3440: [MAP - MILITARY - NETHERLANDS - ZEIST]. SNOECK, ADRIAAN. - Kaart van het kamp bij Zeist aanduidende de daar op bestaan hebbende kampementen.[Netherlands, ca. 1828]. Manuscript plan in ink (56.5 x 67.5 cm) on paper. With title in upper left corner and scale in ells, ca. 1:6000.
H5KDB7W7PRXT: [MAP - NETHERLANDS - GELDERSE VALLEI]. BROECKHUIJSEN, JUSTUS VAN. - Caarte vanden Slaperdijk streckende vande Stichtse bergen tot aan de hoogte van Gelderland.Utrecht, Slaperdijk Managing Board (“College tot Directie van de Slaperdijk”), (engraved:) 1705. Engraved wall map printed on 8 sheets (measuring: 76 x 194 cm as assembled) by Caspar Specht after Justus van Broeckhuijsen (scale ca. 1:5600). Framed (107 x 220 cm).
G8JDB1224CRQ: [MAP - ARABIAN PENINSULA]. PTOLEMAEUS, CLAUDIUS. - Sexta Asiae tabula.[Rome, Petrus de Turre, 1490 (engraved Rome, ca. 1478)]. Engraved map of the Arabian peninsula (topographic image 25.5 x 46 cm) printed, as usual, on two joined folio leaves (together 39.5 x 56 cm). Mounted on paper board, in a modern gilt frame (50.5 x 67 cm).
E7CG2ENMSWHR: [MAP - PYRENEES]. SANSON, NICOLAS. - Les Monts Pyrenées, ou sont remarqués les Passages de France en Espagne.Paris, Hubert Jaillot, 1719. Engraved map on 2 assembled sheets (54.5 x 88 cm). With title in decorated cartouche (signed F.C.) in upper right corner and scalebars in decorated cartouche in the lower left corner. Coloured in outline.
E2ND8M08WBVR: [MAP - NETHERLANDS - UTRECHT]. - [Manuscript map of Utrecht]. [Netherlands, late 18th century]. Manuscript map (38 x 52.5 cm) on paper, in brown ink with bright green and red watercolour. With 3 panels at top left, middle and right, with keys to 31 important locations, a compass rose, a scale, and detail drawings of several buildings.
CBH9SO01U79O: [MAP - NETHERLANDS - MAAS]. CRUQUIUS, NICOLAAS. - De rivier de Merwede, ... Including: No. 3. Caarte ofte afteckening van de rivier de Merwede ...[The Hague, National Printing Office, 1730]. An engraved map of the river Merwede, the main map (53.5 x 124.5) on two sheets at a scale of 1:10,000, together with a separate engraved overview map (22 x 63 cm) with diagrams showing river depth and dike profiles, and tidal and seasonal changes in the water level. Framed (64.5 x 134 & 64.5 x 74 cm).
I9FANB9LUTUT: [MAP - CENTRAL EUROPE]. DANCKERTS, JUSTUS. - Accuratissima Germaniae tabula.Amsterdam, Justus Dankerts, [before 1701]. Engraved map (48.5 x 57.5 cm) on a sheet of laid paper (51.5 x 61 cm), coloured in outline in a contemporary hand, with the title in an illustrated cartouche at the upper left, and a scale at the lower right (ca. 1:2,400,000).
I9FA0NKXWOEC: [MAP - GERMANY - LOW COUNTRIES]. HOMANN, JOHANN BAPTIST. - Hydrographia Germaniae qua geographiae naturalis ea pars quae de aquis celebrioribus praesertim vero de fluminibus Germaniae agit...Nuremberg, Johann Baptist Homann, [ca. 1710?]. Engraved map (48.5 x 58 cm) on a whole sheet of paper (53 x 63.5 cm), coloured in an early hand, with the title in an illustrated cartouche with Neptune and other mythological figures at lower left, an illustrated cartouche at upper left with a coat of arms, and a scale (ca. 1:2,400,000) in the margins.
JARA7CJDVS2D: [MAP - KYOTO]. IKEDA TORI. - [Map of Kyoto].Koto (Tokyo), Tori Ikeda, Meiji 11 [1878]. Woodcut map on paper (37 x 50 cm), printed in six colours.
E27GF9MNF1GM: [MAP - NETHERLANDS - BEEMSTER]. FLORISZ. VAN BERCKENRODE, BALTHASAR AND DANIEL VAN BREEN. - Beemsterlants caerte... [with a second title at the head:] Ware afbeeldinge vande bedyckte Beemster-landen... M.DC.XLIIII. Amsterdam, 1644 [reprinted ca. 1769?]. Engraved map in 6 sheets (each 56 x 44 cm). With:(2) [FLORISZ. VAN BERCKENRODE, Balthasar] and Daniel van BREEN. Beemsterlants caerte…Amsterdam, 1658. Engraved map (43.5 x 58 cm). (3) Beemster landts kaarte, aenwijsende de hoogte vande ringhdyck.[Amsterdam(?), ca. 1696]. Engraved map (28 x 35.5 cm). (4) DORLAND, C. [2 maps of the Beemster].Amsterdam, Tresling & Co., March 1908. 2 nearly identical chromolithographed maps (ca. 28 x 36 cm), the first partly and the second wholly coloured. (5) Waterschap de Beemster.February 1970, updated to 1979. Large map (64 x 50 cm).Collection of 6 maps (the first in 6 sheets). Bound in modern cloth (57.5 x 47 cm).
E22AH8BV62VD: [MAP - MILITARY - LOW COUNTRIES - WOERDEN]. - La defaitte des Hollandois devant Voerden par les troupes du Roy commandez par le Duc de Luxembourg le 10e d'octobre 1672. [Ca. 1672]. Manuscript plan (33 x 41.5 cm) on paper, in pen with bright watercolour and many coloured details. With unfinished panels in upper left and lower right corners.
81UALEPB5BG8: [MAP - NETHERLANDS - ZEELAND]. RUYTE, LIEVEN. - [Walcheren ... Zuyt Bevelant]. Tholen, Korstiaen Bestebroer, 1784. Map: 42 x 52.5 cm (frame: 61 x 71.5 cm). Manuscript map in ink and watercolour on paper (map image 37 x 47 cm) at a scale of about 1:55,000 with north at the top. Framed.
E7GCJJB1RUYX: [MAP - SPAIN & PORTUGAL]. SANSON, NICOLAS. - l'Espagne divisée en tous ses royaumes et principautés suivant qu'ils sont compris sous les Couronnes de Castille et d'Aragon, possedees par le Roy Catholique et sous la couronne de Portugal possedee par le Roy de Portugal. Paris, Hubert Jaillot, [1708]. Engraved map on 2 assembled sheets (55.5 x 78 cm), engraved by Cordier. With title in decorated cartouche on the bottom right corner, scales and privilege in decorated cartouche on the bottom left corner, and a few lines coloured in green.
E7GFVFE8TZBS: [MAP - SPAIN & PORTUGAL]. JAILLOT, HUBERT. - l'Espagne suivant l'étendue de tous ses royaumes et principautés, compris sous les couronnes de Castille, d'Aragon et de Portugal.Paris, Hubert Jaillot, 1716. Engraved map in 4 sheets (each measuring ca. 56 x 76.5 cm; map would measure ca. 98 x 117 cm. if assembled) on a scale of ca. 1:1,000,000, engraved by Cordier. With title in a decorated cartouche engraved by Tardieu on the bottom right and scales in a cartouche on the bottom left.
B33E4AHARQJQ: [MAP - NETHERLANDS - MANUSCRIPT]. HATTUM, DIRK VAN. - Kaarte en aftekening van het rivier vak beneeden het Tienhovense Veer met de aanleggende krib, en rijswerken. [Netherlands], August 1792. Manuscript map in pen, ink and colour washes on paper (52.5 x 73.5 cm), with a compass rose (north below right), the names of the regions, and a scale (ca. 1:2000) below left.
78HEKTD43ZIY: [MAP - NETHERLANDS]. [LE ROUGE, GEORGE-LOUIS]. - La Hollande en 12 feuilles. Paris, Jean Dezauche, 1790. Published on 12 sheets, numbered as 48 quarter-sheets. An engraved wall map of the Netherlands (excluding Zeeland), with the main title in a large cartouche at upper left, the Latin title at upper right. Many cities and coastlines, and a few other features, highlighted in colour. Cut, mounted on cloth and folded, in 4 contemporary gold-tooled green morocco boxes.
B17GB301U79O: [MAP - EUROPE - RHINE VALLEY]. OETTINGER, JOHANN FRIEDRICH. - Theatrum Belli Serenissimæ Domus Austriacæ, contra Gallos, ... seu Tabula Geographica Cursus Rheni ... cum Regionibus cis Rhenanis, ... - Neuester Schauplaz des Krieges an dem Ober Rhein und in denen Niederlanden. Oder Lauff des Rheins ...Augsburg, Matthaeus Seutter, [ca. 1746]. Large engraved wall map (114 x 165 cm) printed on silk from 6 large copper plates (each plate measuring about 57 x 29 cm). With the Latin title in a large decorative cartouche above left and the German title in another below left. Further with a large decorated compass rose above right, two scales below the German title cartouche and scales of latitude and longitude in the border. Coloured by a contemporary hand.
21777: MARBODE (MARBODIUS) OF RENNES. - De gemmarum lapidumq[ue] pretiosorum formis, naturis, atq[ue] viribus eruditu[m] cu[m] primis opusculu[m], ... scholiis q[uo]q[ue] illustratu[m] p[er] Alardu[m] Aemstelredamu[m].Cologne, Hero Alopecius [Fuchs], 1539. 8vo. With a woodcut illustration on the title-page, representing a Jewish priest behind a board with the names of 12 stones which represent the 12 tribes of Israel. 17th-century gold-tooled red morocco, richly gold-tooled spinel, gold-tooled fillets and small cornerpieces on both boards, gold-tooled board edges and turn-ins.
ABC_45353: [MARCEL, JEAN-JOSEPH?]. - [Islamic coins and medals]. [Paris?], [ca. 1791-ca. 1817?]. Mostly folio (31.5 x 21 cm). A manuscript compilation of loose leaves and bifolia, with about 104 drawings (some in ink; some in coloured gouaches, many including gold, silver and other metallic colours) and about 53 engravings (some black on white; some white on black) each drawing and engraving showing the obverse and reverse of an Islamic coin or medal (except for about 3 that show only one side). Most of the drawings and engravings are on slips attached to leaves with notes in Arabic and French.Loose leaves and bifolia.
ABC_45780: [MARCEL, JEAN JOSEPH]. - Vocabulaire Français-Arabe, contenant les mots principaux et d'un usage plus journalier.Cairo, L'Imprimerie Nationale, an VII de la République [1798]. 8vo. Marbled paper wrappers.
L85C0AOJ8R03: MARCELLUS EMPIRICUS. - De medicamentis Empiricis physicis ac rationalibus liber.Basel, Froben, 1536. With a woodcut caduceus device on title-page and several woodcut initials. Set in roman types.With: (2) [THORER, Alban]. [De re medica].(Colophon: Basel, Andreas Cratander, 1528). With the first leaf of the main text in a 4-piece woodcut border (3 initalled I.F.), Cratander's woodcut device on the last otherwise blank leaf, showing Occasio, the goddess of chance, and dozens of charming woodcut initials. Set in roman types. 2 works in 1 volume. Small folio (30 x 22 cm). 20th-century half parchment.
G81BPV38JC1P: MARCET, EDOUARD. - Australie un voyage a travers le bush. Geneva, Jules-Guillaume Fick, 1868. 8. Illustrated with 20 original albumen prints of drawings (10 full-page, mounted on inserted leaves of heavy paper as plates, and 10 smaller, mounted on the text leaves in spaces left for that purpose). Contemporary gold-tooled polished green calf, richly gold-tooled spine, gilt edges. Rebacked in green cloth with the original backstrip laid down.
18151: MARCHAND, PROSPER. - Dictionaire historique, ou Memoires critiques et litteraires, concernant la vie et les ouvrages de divers personnages distingués, particulierement dans la republique des lettres.The Hague, Pierre de Hondt, 1758-1759. 2 parts in 1 volume. Folio. With an engraved plate. Contemporary half calf, richly gold-tooled spine with floral ornaments.
G8LFJ1GW3BD0: MARCHESI, JOSÉ MARÍA. - Cataìlogo de la Real Armeriìa.Madrid, Eusebio Aguado (royal printer), 1849. 2 parts in 1 volume. 8vo. With the arms of Queen Isabella II of Spain on the title-page and 10 numbered engraved plates with 435 marks of armourers, swordsmiths and others. Contemporary green half sheepskin, gold-tooled spine.
A59DFC3VJP3O: [MAREY, NICOLAS JOSEPH]. - Vie du Capitaine Thurot.Paris, 1791. 8vo. Modern marbled boards (using old marbled paper).
K89DJX1AL8R1: MARGERIE, EMMANUEL DE. - Catalogue des bibliographies géologiques. Rédigé, avec le concours des membres de la commission bibliographique du congrès.Paris, Gauthier-Villars et fils, 1896. 4to. Later cloth over wooden boards, gilt-lettered title on spine, with the original grey publisher's wrappers bound at the end of the book.
ABC_45528: MARGGRAF, CHRISTIAN. - Materia medica contracta, exhibens simplicia & composita medicamenta officinalia ex magno numero selecta, praestantia atque utilia, munita viribus & dosibus methodoque simplicial deligedi, praeparandi & componendi:destinate pharmacopoeorum praecipue …Leiden, Aernout Doude, 1674. 4to. With a woodcut view of Leiden University’s academy building on ther title-page (Doude used it as a publisher’s device 1674-1679, replacing an earlier version used 1668-1671) and many printed tables and schemes. Contemporary vellum, manuscript title on spine.
J8GGWAMHVV8G: MARGGRAF, CHRISTIAAN (CHRISTIANUS MARGGRAVIUS). - Materia medica contracta, exhibens simplicia & composita medicamenta officinalia.Amsterdam, Henricus Wetstein, 1682. 4to. With Wetstein's woodcut publisher's device. 18th-century sheepskin parchment.
H6MDQ46RLLXJ: MARIETTE-BEY (AUGUSTE). - Album du musée du Boulaq comprenant quarante planches photographiées par MM. Delié et Béchard, avec un texte explicatif rédigé par Auguste Mariette-Bey.Cairo, Mourès & Cie, 1872. Folio. 3 unnum. leaves, 40 original photographs on albumenized paper (approx. 245 x 180 mm) on stiff cardboard mounted on hinges, and 42 unnum. leaves of explanations. Publisher's half brown hard-grained morocco, blind stamped calico boards, with gilt title and figures, raised bands. Edges gilt.
L3LF81T7LV3T: MARINER, WILLIAM AND JOHN MARTIN (EDITOR). - Histoire des naturels des Iles Tonga ou des Amis, situées dans l'Océan Pacifique depuis leur découverte par le Capitaine Cook; rédigée par John Martin, sur les détails fournis par William Mariner, qui y a passé plusieurs années; ...Paris, Gide and Nicolle (back of half-title: Imprimerie de J. Smith), 1817. 2 volumes. 8vo. Contemporary red half morocco, gold-tooled spine, paper sides with the crowned monogram of Empress Marie-Louise in gold on both sides of each volume.
D7PH6XXVUPZ7: MARINER, WILLIAM AND JOHN MARTIN (EDITOR). - An account of the natives of the Tonga Islands, in the South Pacific Ocean. With an original grammar and vocabulary of their language.London, John Murray, 1818. 2 volumes. 8vo. With engraved frontispiece portrait of Mariner by Bragg after Mouchet, and a folding engraved map of the Tonga Islands. 19th-century half calf.
H83DK61POFYY: MARINI, GIOVANNI FILIPPO DE. - Relation nouvelle et curieuse des royaumes de Tunquin et de Lao. [Part 2:] Histoire nouvelle ...Paris, Gervais Clouzier, 1666. 2 parts in 1 volume. 4to. Later half sheepskin.
ABC_46190: [MARITIME HISTORY - PIRACY - CLAES COMPAEN]. - 't Begin midden en eynde der zee-roveryen, van den alderfameusten zee-rover Claas G. Compaan, van Oost-Zanen in Kennemer-land. Vervattende zijn wonderlijke vreemde lands schadelijk drijf-togten. Waar in vertoond word hoe hy met weynig schepen de zee onveylig gemaakt, een ongelooflijken buyt en een groot getal van schepen van alle landen gerooft en afgelopen heeft.Amsterdam, Joannes Kannewet, 1762. 4to. With a woodcut of a sailing ship on the title-page and 3 woodcuts in the text (including a repesat of that on the title-page). Modern wrappers.
F6OBD6Y9EU08: [MARITIME LAW]. - Zee-rechten, …Including: -Zee-rechten, dat is dat hoogste ende oudste Gotlandtsche water-recht, dat de ghemeene koopliedende en schippers geordineert ende gemaeckt hebben tot Wisbuy.-WEYTSEN, Quintyn. Tractaet van avaryen,…-Ordonnantie der kamer van assuerantie en avarye, der steden Amsteldam, Rotterdam, Middelburgh, &c.-[Drop-title:] Copye. Tol-rollen in den orizond, …-[Drop-title:] Nieuwe ordonnantie ende instructie, … beroerende het stuck van de pilotage, … Amsterdam, Pieter and Karel van Rijschooten, 1710. With a woodcut vignette on the general title-page, and a woodcut illustration of a ship on the 3 part-titles. With: (2) GLINS, Taco. Aenmerckingen ende bedenckingen over de zee-rechten, …Amsterdam, Cornelis van der Stolk, 1727. With the same woodcut illustration of a ship on the title-page. 2 works in 1 volume (the first work in 5 parts). 4to. Contemporary vellum.
GCBC22BGAFST: [MARITIME HISTORY]. - Beschryving van de konstryke verciering en voortreffelyken toestel, ... ter gelegentheyd van het twee honderd-jaerig jubilé van de ... victorie, ... over een veel talryker Turksche vloot by Lepanten in 't jaer 1571. den 7. October, gemeenelijk genaemd, den zeeslag van Don Jean, van Oostenrijk, ... van den 6. tot den 13. October, van dit ... jubeljaer [chronogram 1771].Antwerp, Pieter Johannes Parys, (approbation: 1771). 4to. With 3 engraved illustrations in the text. Lacking the integral frontispiece. 19th-century chemical-marbled glazed paper wrappers.
F26H5KA06EZ4: [MARITIME LAW]. - 't Boeck der zee-rechten. Middelburg, Francois Kroock, 1664. With: (2) WEYTSEN, Quintyn. Een tractaet van avarien, …Middelburg, Francois Kroock, 1663. 4to. 2 works (the first in 3 parts) in 1 volume. Contemporary sheepskin parchment.
F93FG6YNZ8OA: [MARITIME HISTORY - PRIVATEERING]. - Discours over de ghelegentheyt vande nieuwe cruyssers, daer het wel-varen, vande zee-vaert, ende alle inghesetenen van het lant, op't hooghste aen gelegen is.[Middelburg?], 1645. 4to. 19th-century wrappers.
B1FA9G2XUOX9: MARLOT, GUILLAUME (& FLODOARDUS REMENSIS). - Metropolis Remensis historia, a Frodoardo primum arctius digesta, nunc demum aliunde accersitis plurimum aucta, et illustrata, et ad nostrum hoc saeculum fideliter deducta. Tomus I; [Title of vol. 2:] Metropolis Remensis historia. Sive supplementum Frodoardi, ab anno CMLXX. Ad nostram aetatem fideliter et accurate productum.Lille, Nicolas de Rache, 1666 (vol. 1) & Reims, Protasius Lelorain, 1679 (vol. 2). 2 volumes. Folio. With woodcut vignettes on the title-pages, vol. 1 with one full-page engraving of the facade of the Cathedral of Rheims and 6 half-page engravings by J. Dassonneville, and with woodcut initials, head- and tailpieces. Vol. 1: gold-tooled calf (dated “1740”), each board with the coat-of-arms of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI (1685-1740), in the centre, and the front board dated “1740”, gold-tooled spine, gilt edges; vol. 2: contemporary mottled calf, gold-tooled spine with two red morocco labels lettered in gold.
B63912PQHN58: MARMONTEL, JEAN FRANÇOIS AND PIETER PIJPERS. - Zemire en Azor, zangspel. Met konstwerken en balletten. Gevolgd naar het Fransche. Amsterdam, Jan Helders, Abraham Mars, 1783. 8vo. With an engraved title-page including a vignette by H.L. Meyling, a letterpress title-page with an emblematic engraved vignette by Reinier Vinkeles. Extra added in this copy are an additional letterpress title-page, also dated "1783", but with a portrait of Pieter Pijpers engraved by Theodorus Koning dated 1789, accompanied by the letterpress explanatory leaf with a poem "Op myne afbeelding door Theodorus Koning", dated 1789, signed by Pijpers in brown ink. Further with 3 extra added engraved plates, plus 1 repeated in an earlier state with no lettering, depicting scenes from the play by various Dutch artists (A. Fokke, H.L. Myling, W. Immink, A. Hulk Jacobsz), 1 dated 1784. And finally with 6 engraved plates by various French artists, made for the original French edition. The engraved title is richly coloured and highlighted with gold (incl. the lettering) by a contemporary hand. The six French plates are splendidly coloured and highlighted with gold and gum arabic by a contemporary hand. Contemporary half calf, gold-tooled spine.
20868: MAROLOIS, SAMUEL. - Mathematicum opus absolutissimum: …Including:(1) MAROLOIS, Samuel. Geometria theoretica ac practica: …Amsterdam, Janssonius, 1633. With 47 double-page engraved plates, numbered 1-42 and 1-5.(2) MAROLOIS, Samuel.. Artis muniendi, sive fortificationis, pars prima: …Amsterdam, Janssonius, 1644.(3) MAROLOIS, Samuel.. Fortificationis, sive artis muniendi, pars secunda.Amsterdam, Janssonius,1644. With 40 double-page engraved plates.(4) VREDEMAN DE VRIES, Joannis. Architectura: …Amsterdam, Janssonius,1633. With 30 double-page engraved plates by Henricus Hondius after the designs by Vredeman de Vries, one dated 1601.(5) MAROLOIS, Samuel. Opticae, sive perspectivae, pars prima: …Amsterdam, Janssonius 1633. With 80 double-page engraved plates, some by Henricus Hondius, incl. 6 views of buildings in Rome (nos. 54-59) in roundels, after the drawings by Petrus Stephanus.(6) VREDEMAN DE VRIES, Joannis. Perspectiva theoretica ac practica.Amsterdam, Janssonius, 1633.Including:(7) VREDEMAN DE VRIES, Joannis. Perspectivae pars II: …Amsterdam, Janssonius, 1632. With 49, 24 (+ 1) numbered double-page engraved plates depicting geometrical and mathematical figures on perspective. Amsterdam, Johannes Janssonius, 1638 [altered in manuscript to 1658]. 7 parts in 2 volumes. Folio. The general title printed letterpress on a slip of paper pasted over the 1638 engraved title-page of the French edition, 7 letterpress part-titles, with all together 271 double-page engraved plates, partly by Henricus Hondius. Contemporary blind-tooled calf, new endpapers.
6918: MAROLOIS, SAMUEL. - Mathematicum opus absolutissimum: continens Geometriæ, Fortificationis, ... Amsterdam, Johannes Janssonius, 1638. Comprising:MAROLOIS, Samuel. Geometria Theoretica ac Practica.Amsterdam, Johannes Janssonius, 1633.MAROLOIS, Samuel. Artis muniendi, sive fortificationis pars prima[-secunda]. Amsterdam, Johannes Janssonius, 1633. 2 works in 3 parts in 1 volume. Folio. With engraved title-page dated 1638, with the letterpress Latin title-slip pasted over the engraved French title, woodcut publisher's device on 3 letterpress title-pages, 5 and 42 numbered engraved double-page plates in the first work, and 42 double-page engraved plates (numbered 1-40 plus "2e 14" and "2e 17"). Contemporary sheepskin parchment.
I4BCI8SOLG48: MAROLOIS, SAMUEL. - Oeuvres mathematicques.Comprising:- Geometrie contenant la theorie et practique d'icelle, necessaire à la fortification, ...- Fortification ou architecture militaire, tant offensive que deffensive: ...Amsterdam, Guillaume Jansson Caesius [= Willem Jansz Blaeu], 1628. 2 parts in 1 volume. 4to. With 18 folding engraved plates, 1 engraved illustration in text, numerous woodcut illustrations and geometric figures in text, and some woodcut initials. Contemporary vellum, recased, with new endpapers.
ABC_45846: MARRE, JAN DE. - Batavia, begrepen in zes boeken.Amsterdam, Adriaan Wor & heirs of G. onder de Linden, 1740. With an engraved frontispiece and an elaborate title-vignette, both by J. Punt, dated 1739. And with a folding engraved plate of Jakarta "as it was in 1731" by Jan van der Laan.With:(2) MARRE, Jan de. Bespiegelingen over gods wysheid in't bestier der schepselen, en eerkroon voor de Caab de Goede Hoop.Amsterdam, Adriaan Wor & heirs of G. onder de Linden, 1746. With the same title-vignette as ad. 1, a lavish heraldic and allegorical engraving at the head of the dedication to Pieter Rendorp (major of Amsterdam).(3) MARRE, Jan de. Hof- en mengeldichten. Amsterdam, Adriaan Wor & heirs of G. onder de Linden, 1746. With the same title-vignette as ads. 1 and 2.3 works in 1 volume, the first work in 6 parts. 4to. Contemporary vellum, red spine label.
GC9DA4ADS7IS: MARSDEN, WILLIAM. - A dictionary of the Malayan language, in two parts, Malayan and English and English and Malayan.London, printed for the author by Cox and Baylis, 1812. 4to. Set in roman and Arabic types with incidental Devanagari and italic. Modern blue cloth with a morocco spine label, retaining the nonpareil-marbled edges from the previous contemporary binding.
GB4FCCLYLIK1: MARSDEN, WILLIAM. - A grammar of the Malayan language, with an introduction and praxis. London, printed for the author by Cox and Baylis, sold by Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme and Brown, and by Black, Parry and Co., booksellers to the British East India Company, 1812. 4to. Set in roman and Arabic types with incidental italic. Modern dark green cloth.
D8B9VJ01U79O: [MARSELIS, J. & TH. VAN, AND COENRAAD BRANDLIGT]. - Statuten der Nederlandsche Walvischvisscherij-Maatschappij, te Amsterdam.Amsterdam, C.A. Spin, 1843. 8vo. With wood-engraved whale-hunting scene on title-page. Original publisher's printed paper wrappers, kept in a modern half-morocco chemise and slipcase.
3498: MARSIGLI, LUIGI FERDINANDO. - Natuurkundige beschryving der zeën.The Hague, De Compagnie, 1786. Folio. With an engraved frontispiece by Matthijs Pool, 12 mostly folding maps, profiles of coast-lines and tables, and 40 full-page engraved plates with numerous illustrations of sea plants and corals, all beautifully coloured by hand. Contemporary half calf, gold-tooled spine.
23389: MARTENS, FRIEDRICH. - Viaggio di Spizberga o' Gronlanda fatto da Federico Martens Amburghese l' anno 1671... Bologna, Giacomo Monti, 1680. 12mo. With 2 folding engraved plates and 3 woodcut illustrations. Contemporary limp parchment.
836: [MARTIAL D'AUVERGNE]. - LIII. arrests d'amours. Arresta amorum. Accuratissimis Benedicti Curtii Symphoriani commentariis ad utrusque iuris rationem, forensiumque actionum usum quàm acutissimè accommodata. Le tout diligemment reveu & corrigé en une infinité d'endroits outre les precedentes impressions.Rouen, Thomas Mallard, 1587. 16mo. With title within an ornamental woodcut border. 19th-century gold-tooled red sheepskin.
AB3GZB5NT60T: MARTIALIS, MARCUS VALERIUS. - [Epigrammata]. (Colophon: Venice, Aldus Manutius, December 1501). 8vo (16 x 10 cm). With 15 (mostly 6-line) spaces with printed guide letters left for manuscript initials. Except for an occasional word in Greek, the book is set entirely in the world's first italic printing type (with small upright capitals, which are also used, usually letterspaced, for running heads, headings, the opening line of each liber, etc.). Francesco Griffo cut it for Aldus, who uses it here 8 months after he introduced it in his Virgil. Tanned sheepskin (ca. 1700?), gold-tooled spine and board edges.
ABC_45566: [MARTIME LAW]. - Boek der zee-rechten.Amsterdam, Gerrit van Goedesbergh, 1665 [with the index of the 1663 edition]. With:(2) Extract uyt het register van de willekeuren der stadt Amsterdamme ....Amsterdam, Gerrit van Goedesberg, 1662.(3) Quintyn WEYTSEN. Een tractaet van Avarien ... The Hague, Jasper Doll, 1651 (colophon: Leyden, Philips de Croy, 1651).(4) Taco van GLINS. Aenmerckingen ende bedenckingen over de Zee-rechten, uyt het Placcaet van Koninck Philips uytgegeven den letsten Octobris 1563 …Amsterdam, Joost Pluymer, 1665.4to. All titles with woodcut title-vignettes and some with woodcut head- and tailpieces or woodcut initials. All titles are interleaved. Contemporary vellum over boards.
97BAU501U79O: MARTIN, ROBERT MONTGOMERY. - The Hudson's Bay territories and Vancouver's island, with an exposition of the chartered rights, conduct, and policy of the Honorable Hudson's Bay Corporation.London, T. Brettell for T. and W. Boone, 1849. 8vo. With a large folding lithographed map by James Wild, hand-coloured in outline, and a woodengraving of an "Indian village at the Red River settlement". Original publisher's blind-blocked brown cloth.
19543: MARTIN, GRÉGOIRE. - Lettres instructives et curieuses sur l'éducation de la jeunesse. Ouvrage utile aux peres de famille, & nécessaire aux précepteurs.[Grenoble, for the author], 1760. 12mo. Contemporary gold-tooled red morocco, gilt edges.
6739: MARTINET, JEAN. - Emblesmes royales a Louis le Grand.Paris, Claude Barbin, 1673. 8vo. With 60 numbered half-page engraved emblems and one unnumbered emblem on extra inserted leaf. Modern marbled boards.
ABC_45239: MARTINEZ DE LA PUENTE, JOSÉ. - Compendio de las historias de los descubrimientos, conquistas, y guerras de la India Oriental, y sus islas, desde los tiempos del infante Don Enrique de Portugal su inventor, hermano del Rey D. Duarte, hasta los del Rey D. Felipe II. de Portugal, y III. de Castilla. Y la introduccion del comercio Portugues en las Malucas, y sus operaciones politicas, y militares en ellas. Hecho y añadida una descripcion de la India, y sus islas, y de las costas de Africa, por donde se començò la navegacion del Mar del Sur; sus riquezas, costumbres de sus gentes, y otras cosas notables. Y dedicado al grande, al portentoso portugues San Antonio de Padua.Madrid, widow of Jose Fernandez Buendia for the Imprenta Imperial, 8vo. Title-page in red and black, woodcut decorated initials.Contemporary overlapping vellum with remains of ties, manuscript title on spine, with 2 discarded manuscript leaves used as paste-downs.
A2REGMTH4G5B: MARTÍNEZ, CRISÓSTOMO (CHRYSOSTOMUS). - [Nouvelles figures de proportions et d'anatomie du corps humain].[Paris, engraved ca. 1687/88]. 71 x 53.5 cm. An extremely large engraved anatomical print (plate size 69 x 52.5 cm; engraved image 68.5 x 51.5 cm). In a passe-partout, under glass in a wooden frame painted black with the inside edge gilt (92 x 73 cm).
G7VBJ0FKWOQZ: MARTINI, MARTINO. - Tartaros en China, historia.Madrid, Joseph Fernadez de Buendia for Lorenço de Ibarra, 1665. Small 8vo (14.5×10 cm). Late 18th-century gold-tooled mottled goatskin.
5868: MARTINI, MARTINO (MARTINUS MARTINIUS). - Het verwoest Sina, door den wreeden Tartar: vervaatende de schrickelycke landt-verdervende oorlogh, by de Tartars, in 't ryck van Sina aangevangen. ... in 't Neederlandts vertaalt.Amsterdam, Gillis Jansz. Valckenier (colophon: printed in Schoonhoven by Leendert van Heck), 1660. 12mo. With an engraved frontispiece showing an archer left and a mandarin right, flanking the engraved title (the mandarin showing his rank patch: 2 cranes?), a city view in a cartouche below and 3 more figures at the head, a folding engraved map of China and 12 folding engraved historical scenes. Contemporary vellum.
L7NAYKM7EWW1: MASAWAIH AL-MARDINI (MESUE THE YOUNGER). - De re medica libri tres, Jacobo Sylvio interprete.Lyon, Guillaume Rouillé (colophon: printed by Philibert Rollet), 1550. 8vo. With Rouillé’s woodcut device on the title-page (eagle on a globe, flanked by 2 snakes), numerous woodcut decorated initials, and an arabesque decoration below the colophon. 19th-century marbled boards, manuscript spine label.
L7NA2E7L5WJB: MASAWAIH AL-MARDINI (MESUE THE YOUNGER). - De re medica libri tres. Jacobo Sylvio medico interprete. Cum annotationibus & scholiis eiusdem. Index locupletissimus cum capitum, tum omnium quae scitu digna sunt operi praefixus est.“Paris” [= Venice], [Girolamo Scotto], 1553. 8vo. With Scotto’s woodcut device on the title-page (showing what are probably two of the wild mares of King Abderus being devoured by the mares of King Diomedes of Thrace devouring either Abderos or Diomedes himself) and about 22 woodcut decorated (nearly all pictorial) initials (7 series) plus a few repeats. Contemporary vellum, traces of ties.
LALAD7L9DY67: MASAWAIH AL-MARDINI (MESUE THE YOUNGER). - Opus quibuslibet aromatariis: necessariu[m]. Mesue in vulgare rescripto. Primo che se rechercha allarte della aromataria como se conosseno le medicine simplice & composte li quattro canone p[er] arte in vulgare declarate alla antidotario: li dubie al configere qlle resolute.[Napels or Venice, ca. 1500?]. 4to (14.5 x 19.8 cm). Half calf over marbled boards [ca. 1900], gold-tooled spine, gold-tooled red spine label, red sprinkled edges.
ABC_45752: MASCARENHAS, JOSÉ FREIRE DE MONTERROIO. - Noticia da viagem, que fez segunda vez ao estado da India o ... senhor Marquez do Louriçal, e primeiros progressos do seu governo.Lisbon, Luiz Jozé Correa Lemos, 1742. Small 4to (20.5 x 15 cm). With a Maltese cross on the title-page, a woodcut headpiece and a woodcut decorated initial. Later marbled stiff paper wrappers, new endpapers.
L52FKKATLOQT: MASON, CHARLOTTE. - The lady’s assistant for regulating and supplying the table; being a complete system of cookery. Containing the most select bills of fare, properly disposed, for family dinners of five dishes to two courses of eleven and fifteen ... likewise directions for brewing, making English wines ... the ninth edition, enlarged, corrected, and improved to the present time.London, printed by T. Gillet for Vernor and Hood [and many others], 1805. 8vo. Contemporary calf, rebacked.
3785: MASSA, NICCOLÒ. - Liber de morbo Gallico: noviter editus: in quo omnes modi possibiles sanandi ipsum: mira quadam & artificiosa doctrina continentur: ... Addita est epistola ad eximium Thomam Cademustum in qua quamplurima ad perfectionem operis totius, & multarum aliarum egritudinum curam leguntur.(Colophon: Venice, Francesco Bindoni, Maffeo Pasini, May) 1536. 4to. With title in a woodcut architectural border showing 4 charming monsters, 6 sentries and a winged putto. 19th-century panel-stamped and blind-tooled parchment.
J8FGMHIR9IUV: MASSARD, JACQUES. - Divers traitez sur les panacées, ou remedes universels, et sur les abus de la medecine ordinaire. ... Seconde edition augmentée par l’auteur.Amsterdam, Johannes & Gillis Janssonius van Waesberge, 1686. 16mo. Contemporary boards.
ABC_45714: [MASSERA, ADIUSSI (PSEUD.) = G.P.C. VAN BREUGEL]. - Eene stem uit Suriname in het belang der negerslaven. Onderzoekt en oordeelt.Utrecht, J.G. Broese, 1855. 8vo. Modern wrappers.
ABC_45617: MATELIEFF DE JONGHE, CORNELIS. - Historiale ende ware beschrijvinge vande reyse des Admiraels Cornelis Matelief de Jonghe naer de Oost-Indien, wtghetrocken in Mayo 1605. Mitsgaders de belegheringhe voor Malacca, als ooc den slach ter zee teghen de Portugijsche armade, ende andere discourssen.Rotterdam, Jan Janssz., 1608. 4to. With a woodcut title-illustration depicting a fleet besieging a city, a woodcut decorated initial with hunting motif and a woodcut headpiece. Sewn without wrappers.
5735: MATHER, INCREASE. - De successu Evangelii apud Indos Occidentales, in Novâ-Angliâ; epistola. Ad cl. virum D. Joannem Leusdenum, linguae sanctae in Ultrajectina Academia professorem, scripta, ...Including: SPECHT, Herman, and others. De successu Evangelii apud Indos Orientales, epistolae aliae conscriptae[.] Tum â D. Hermanno Specht, V.D.M. in urbe Colombo, sitâ in insula Ceilon. Tum etiam, à D. Adriano de Mey, V.D.M. in Jaffanapatnam, sitâ in eadem insula, praefecto Collegii Malabarici; et à D. Francisco Valentino, V.D.M. in Amboina, ad eundem Johannem Leusden.Utrecht, Willem Broedelet, 1699. 8vo. Grained, gold-tooled red morocco (ca. 1875?) signed by the Bradstreet Bindery in New York (stamp on the verso of the first free endleaf), with 5 bands on the spine, gold-tooled spine with the author and title in the second compartment, an X-form decoration in each of the others and the publication date at the foot, gold double fillet borders on sides, gold-tooled turn-ins, gold fillets on board edges, marbled endpapers. Rebacked, with the original backstrip laid down.
89PGECXLIWS6: MATTEI, GIUSEPPE. - Compendio della storia della persecuzione mossa contro la Cattolica religione nell' impero della Cina l'anno del signore MDCCLXXXIV.Florence, Gaetano Cambiagi, 1789. 8vo. Contemporary (?) vellum.
ABC_45717: MATTHIAS, JOHANNES (JOHANNES MATTHIAE GOTHUS), - Copie van een brief van Joh. Matthias Luthers bisschop in Sweden aen de koningh van Sweden inde welcke hy Sijn Majesteyt versoeckt, de Kerckelijcke eendracht onder de evangelische, te willen promoveren. Uyt het Latijn over gheset.1656. 4to. Modern boards.
K79A8RA7BDDI: MATTIOLI, PIETRO ANDREA AND ANTOINE DU PINET (TRANSL.). - Les commentaires de M.P. André Matthiolus, medicin Senois, sur les six livres de Pedacius Dioscoride Anazarbéen de la matiere medicinale.Lyon, Pierre Rigaud, 1620. Folio. With the title-page printed in red and black, a woodcut author's portrait (repeated on the last page) and 1478 woodcuts in text. Early 20th-century(?) half sheepskin parchment.
G59JD701U79O: MAU, AUGUST. - Geschichte der decorativen Wandmalerei in Pompeji … Mit 20 Tafeln in einer Mappe. Berlin, G. Reimer, 1882. 1 text volume & 1 portfolio with plates. 8vo (text volume) and 1mo (plates portfolio 53 x 43 cm). With 20 large numbered plates showing Pompeii wall paintings in situ, mounted on card stock, loose in a separate portfolio with letterpress title-leaf and contents leaf: 9 sepia collotypes (21 x 16 to 26.5 x 24.5 cm) and 11 chromolithographs (21.5 x 19 to 37 x 36 cm), no. 18 actually comprising 7 small chromolithographs on 1 card, each plate with a letterpress label on the back; and 7 black and white floor plans in the text. Contemporary half sheepskin parchment (text); contemporary blue half cloth portfolio (plates).
G57GEMOOUCTS: MAUGENDRE, ADOLPHE. - Société anonyme des mines et fonderies de zinc de la Vieille Montagne[.] Album de 30 vues.Paris, (printed by Auguste Bry), 1850-1851. Oblong 1mo (55.5 x 38.5 cm). Tinted lithographed title-page and 30 tinted lithographed plates (55.5 x 38.5 cm, one slightly smaller: 35 x 50.5 cm), all in fine contemporary hand-colouring. Loose in modern clamshell box.
S269: MAUNDRELL, HENRY AND G. MUNTENDAM (TRANSLATOR) - Reize van Aleppo naar Jeruzalem, op Paasschen, in 't jaar 1698.Utrecht, Willem van Poolsum, 1705. 4to. With engraved frontispiece and 9 engraved plates (including 5 folding). Later half vellum.
I3EH0D2OMWFT: [MAUNSELL, ROBERT]. - [A series of sermons].Including:- Ko te Whakapono.- Ko nga Mahi Hou.- Ko te Hapa Tapu.- He mahi aha ta nga Minita.- Ko te inoi a te tahae.- Ko te tino Tohunga Nui.- Ko te Manawanui o Hopa.- Ko te Iriiri Tapu.[Purewa], Church-Mission Press, [1846-1847].With:(2) [MAUNSELL, Robert]. He patai.[Purewa, 1845?](3) [WILBERFORCE, Samuel and William COLENSO? (translator)]. Te Motu Kohatu.Purewa, St John's College, 1850.(4) [FURQUHAR, Barbara H. and Mary Ann MARTIN (translator)]. Ko e tahi Hua o te WhakaponoPurewa, St John's College, 1852.4 works in 1 volume. 8vo. 19th or 20th-century green cloth.
L3SD9JQYNXC1: [MAURITS, PRINCE OF ORANGE]. - Clare verthooninghe, ofte af-beeldinghe des gantschen handels deser schrickelijcke ende moordadighe conspirateurs, (jeghens den heere Prince van Orangien, mitsgaders den staet ende wel-varen van 't land) vervaetende het begin , totten eynde haerder justitien toe.Utrecht, Jan Amelissz., 1623. 1mo. Broadsheet (40 x 31.5 cm), with engraved illustration (15 x 25.5 cm) below the title, and a letterpress dialogue in verse in three columns plus and explanation of the plate, below.
B1LDK9U3DHU9: MAURITS, PRINCE OF ORANGE. - [Declaration for Jan de Roo].[The Hague], 4 December 1589. 1mo (41 x 31.5). Document written in brown ink on one side of a whole sheet of paper in an upright gothic cursive hand, with the autograph signature "Maurice de Nassau" and with his armorial seal (3 x 2.5 cm) stamped on a slip of paper over red sealing wax. With (separately added) Maurits's signature clipped out of another document and mounted on a paper slip.
L4OB7O34I76D: [MAURITS, PRINCE OF ORANGE]. - Clare af-beeldinghe, ofte effigien, der voornaemste conspirateurs, staende op het lichaem vande hoofdeloose Arminiaensche slange. Waer in vertoont word hoe den orangien boom, mitsgaders religie ende justitie (in spijt van 't bedrogh, en den vervallen boom) door de strael Gods, beschermt word.Utrecht, Jan Amelisz. (printed by Jan Adrieansz. in Amsterdam), 1623. 1mo. Broadsheet (41 x 31 cm), with engraved illustration (16 x 22.5 cm), letterpress title at the head and a letterpress poem in 3 columns below.
G51FJXNTU56Q: [MAURITS VAN NASSAU]. - Placcaet by den hoochgheboren Grave Maurits van Nassau, ende ... mijnen heeren vanden Rade van State: waer-mede verboden wordt de navigatie ende coophandel op Spangnien, Portugael ende alle andere eylanden ende plaetsen onder de ghehoorsaemheyt des Conincks van Spangnien wesende. Delft, Aelbrecht Hendricksz., 1585. 4to. Disbound.
21791: MAZZOTTA, BENEDETTO. - De triplici philosophia naturali, astrologica, et minerali. In quibus differit cohaerenter de elementis, & variis mixtorum proprietatibus. ... Opus theol. philos. medicis, chymicis, & astrologis jucundum, ac simul utile.Bologna, Giovanni Bapttista Ferroni, 1653. 4to. With an engraved heraldic and allegorical frontispiece drawn and engraved by Bartolomeo Coriolano with the arms of the dedicatee Hipolyto Cattaneo, a full-page engraving (with 7 figures) on an integral leaf, and 2 engraved illustrations and 2 woodcut diagrams in the text. Contemporary boards covered with a vellum leaf from a 16th-century(?) plain-chant manuscript antiphonary.
I18DA1ERKAY8: MCFARLAND, SAMUEL GAMBLE, ED. - Siamese hymnal.Phetchaburi (in Thailand), Samuel Gamble McFarland, 1876. 8vo. With Western round-head letterpress music notation. Set in Thai type with incidental roman. This copy with the letterpress presentation slip on blue paper tipped in (from McFarland and his wife), for people who contributed to the project. Contemporary half tanned sheepskin, probably bound for presentation.
K7GECAQNM0IK: MCLACHLAN, ROBERT. - A monographic revision and synopsis of the Trichoptera of the European fauna.London, John van Voorst; Berlin, Friedländer (colophon: printed by Napier, London), 1874-1880. Royal 8vo (25 x 17.5 cm). With 59 lithographed plates. Contemporary half calf.
F28F4U7YDX9D: MEARES, JOHN. - Tvänne resor från Ostindien till Americas nordvåstra kust, åren 1786, 1788 och 1789.Stockholm, printed by J.S. Ekmanson for I. Utters, 1797. 8vo. 19th-century half scheepskin, gold-tooled spine with red morocco title label, marbled sides.
GA1LWVIQL20B: [MECCA - PAPER CARAVAN CUT-OUTS]. - Carawane nach Mecca. Vienna, Matthias Trentsensky (printed by E. Sieger), ca. 1855. Oblong folio (25 x 40 cm). With 19 (of 24) numbered leaves containing about 135 lithographic pen-drawings, each drawing including a base so that one can cut them out, paste them on card stock, stand them up and arrange them in three-dimensional scenes. Loose leaves in a later paper folder.
K3N8VF7SST7G: [MECCA – KUBASTA, VOJTECH]. - Al-Hajar al-Aswad (The Black Stone of Mecca).Prague, Artia, 1977. Folio (23 x 32.5 cm). Tabletop pop-up display. Printed in four colours; lower cover showing six photographic views of the holy sites and the Hajj. Green cloth spine.
5C8FL7WCCH2U: [MEDICINE - SATIRE - COVERSATIONS AT A SPA]. - Monsieur Scharxl, oder kurtzweilige Zeit-Vertreibung in der Bad- und Saurbrunnen-Cur.“Bey dem G'sund-Brunnen zu Cucurbita” [Leipzig?], “im Jahr, da frid war’” [ca. 1699]. 8vo. With engraved frontispiece (with a woman in a church pulpit in conversation with a man below with a distaff), 2 woodcut tailpieces, a woodcut decorated gothic initial and decorations built up from cast typographic ornaments. Set in fraktur types with incidental schwabacher, roman and italic. 19th-century half vellum.
K8L0EZ7PGV23: [MEDICINE - RECIPES]. - Recepten boek.[The Netherlands], album [ca. 1700], written [ca. 1720] to 1758 or possibly later. Large agenda 8vo (20.5 x 12 cm). Manuscript in dark brown ink on laid paper, with 1 printed and 10 manuscript slips with recipes loosely inserted (late 18th & early 19th centuries). Recased ca. 1720 in its own original ca. 1700 blind-tooled parchment, with a large centrepiece on each board.
FAQFFY1IF05P: [MEDICINE - CALCIFEROUS GROWTH]. J.G. VON M. - Eigentlicher Entwurff eines weißgelblichten und kalchichten Steins, welcher bey einem steurischen Emigranten, Herrn H.A.P.F.z.N. . . . im Monat Martio ao. 1654. dessen eusserliche und innerliche gestalt allhier vor augen gestellet wird.[Nuremberg], Georg Walch, [1654/55]. Folio (20.5×16 cm). Engraved flier reporting the surgical removal of a growth from a nobleman's elbow, with 2 illustrations (each about 2.5×6 cm), of the exterior and the interior of the growth after removal, engraved by Georg Walch. Mounted on an 18th-century (?) piece of paper.
K7DCHTEY7RY6: [MEIBOM, ANNA]. - Relation veritable de l'horrible et detestable assassinat commis en la personne de Mr. De Schade, conseiller et resident du Roi de Pologne a la cour de Dannemarc; avec les cruelles persecutions & les injustices criantes, qui lui ont été faites pendant son sejour a Copenhague, & qu'on a continué d'exerces après sa mort contre sa veuve.Utrecht, widow of Ernestus Voskuyl, 1713. 8vo. With a woodcut vase of leafy flowers on the title-page, a woodcut decorated initial, Contemporary tanned half sheepskin.
97AAFM01U79O: MEIJLAN, GERMAIN FELIX. - Japan. Voorgesteld in schetsen over de zeden en gebruiken van dat ryk, byzonder over de ingezetenen der stad Nagasaky.Amsterdam, M. Westerman & son, 1830. 1830. 8vo. With engraved title-page with hand-coloured vignette heightened with gold and 2 folding aquatint plates. Somewhat later green half cloth.
H8DFLVKBKMKQ: MEIJLAN, GERMAIN FELIX. - Japan. Voorgesteld in schetsen over de zeden en gebruiken van dat ryk, byzonder over de ingezetenen der stad Nagasaky.Amsterdam, M. Westerman & son, 1830. 8vo. With engraved title-page with hand-coloured vignette lightened with gold and 2 folding aquatint plates. Modern green half cloth, with the front of the original letterpress-printed wrappers mounted on front board and the back wrapper loosely inserted.
K5UJ05X7BFEA: MEIR BEN BARUCH OF ROTHENBURG. - Sefer she'elot u-teshuvot.Cremona, Vincenzo Conti, [5]317 [= 1557]. 4to (21 x 15.5 cm). With the title in a 4-piece woodcut border, a decorative woodcut factotum and a typographic vine-leaf ornament (Vervliet 7). Set in semi-cursive (rabbinical) Hebrew type with Sephardic meruba (square) Hebrew for the title, headings, etc. Contemporary limp vellum.
5771: MELA, POMPONIUS. - De situ orbis Hermolai Barbari fideliter emendatus. [Venice], (colophon: printed by Albertino da Vercelli, 14 May 1502). Small 4to (20.5 x 15.5 cm). With printed guide letters left for manuscript initials (not filled in). Gold-tooled red half sheepskin (ca. 1820?).
6454: MELDER, GERARD. - Korte en klare instructie van regulare en irregulare fortificatie, met hare buyten-wercken. Te gebruycken defensive en offensive. Een compagnie, een regiment, een leger te voet en te peert te logeren, en in verscheyde soorte van bataillons te stellen… By gevoegt 50 lustige questien, met hare solutien.Including: MELDER, Gerard. Appendix aen de instructie vande fortificatie en bataillons, met een korte wederlegginge der sustenu van H. Ruse over de hedendaeghsche fortificatie.Utrecht, Jan van Waesberge, 1658. 2 parts in 1 volume. 8vo. With engraved title-page, letterpress title-page, 13 woodcut folding fortification plans, and numerous woodcut illustrations and figures in text. Contemporary vellum.
K9QA6BUBNZV2: [MELLEN, W. REVD.?]. - Incwadi yesifundo.Port Natal, printed for the American Mission (colophon: printed at Esidumbini mission station), [ca. 1870]. Narrow 12mo (18 x 10.5 cm). With 11 woodcut illustrations on text. Contemporary dark brown cloth.
22355: MELON, JEAN-FRANÇOIS. - Mahmoud le Gasnevide, histoire orientale. Fragment traduit de l'Arabe, avec des notes.Rotterdam, Jean Hofhoudt, 1730. 8vo. Contemporary marbled calf, gold-tooled spine, boards, board edges and turn-ins, both boards with the gold-tooled coat of arms of Louis Marie Alexandre, Duc d'Aumont, gilt edges.
E45FGGE8HFA5: [MELON, STEVEN]. - Attestatie, hoe sich den vice-admirael Isaac Sweers gequeten heeft in de Zee-slag op den 14. Juny, 1673. Amsterdam, Hieronymus Sweerts, 1673. 4to. 19th-century wrappers.
I6SFLAQJWXDP: [MELYN VAN DOORNINCK, CORNELIS?]. - Amsterdams tafel-praetje, van wat goets en wat quaets en wat noodighs.Gouda, Jasper Cornelisz, 1649. Small 4to (20 x 14 cm). Modern half vellum.
I6SGNAXC56TL: [MELYN VAN DOORNINCK, CORNELIS?]. - Amsterdams Dam-praetje, van wat outs en wat nieuws en wat vreemts.Amsterdam, Jan van Soest, 1649. 4to. With woodcut illustration on title-page, repeated as tailpiece. Modern half sheepskin parchment.
18006: MENASSEH BEN ISRAEL. - De creatione problemata XXX: cum summariis singulorum problematum, & indice locorum Scripturae, quae hoc opere explicantur.Amsterdam, the author, 1635.With: (2) MENASSEH Ben Israel. De resurrectione mortuorum libri III. Quibus animae immortalitas & corporis resurrectio contra Zaducaeos comprobatur: caussae item miraculosae resurrectionis exponuntur: deque judicio extremo, & mundi instauratione agitur...Amsterdam, the author, 1636. 2 works in 1 volume. 8vo. Contemporary calf, rebacked, with the original backstrip laid down.
S1284: MENDELEEV, DIMITRY IVANOVICH. - O soprotivlenii zhidkostei I o vozdukhaoplavanii [On the resistance of fluids and aerial navigation]. St Petersburg, Sentiabra, 1880. 8vo. Modern cloth with the original wrappers preserved.
S1494: MENEGHINI, GIUSEPPE. - Ricerche sulla struttura del caule nelle piante monocotiledoni.Padua, Minerva, 1836. Large 4to (33 x 23 cm). With 10 lithographed plates. Slightly later half calf.
K4HGJ1CLPW9E: [MENORCA]. - La ilustre junta provincial de sanidad de la isla de Menorca.[Menorca], 15 March 1861. Folio (42.5 x 30.5 cm). Broadside with a wood-engraved border, the wood-engraved royal coat of arms of Spain at the head and a woodcut map of Mahon in the centre of the certificate. With on the verso three manuscript statements (in French, English and Portuguese), signed and stamped.
L4S9GHHK5BR5: MERCATOR, RUMOLD. - Orbis terrae compediosa descriptio.Duisberg, [heirs of Rumold Mercator], “1587” [= 1602 (engraved 1587)]. Engraved map of the world (36.5 x 53.5 cm) in 2 hemispheres in an equatorial stereographic projection at a scale of about 1:80,000,000 (plate size 28.5 x 52.5 cm), with the title in a panel across the head, a lattice of strapwork decoration in the corners around the hemispheres, an armillary sphere (above) and an elaborate compass rose (below) in the lattice between the hemispheres, and a ship and sea monsters in the sea. Further with an extensive letterpress text in Latin in the large foot margin, in 4 columns. Coloured by an early hand. Framed in a passe-partout under glass (67.5 x 80 cm).
A5FCO31WXHOD: MERCKLEIN, GEORG ABRAHAM. - Neu ausgefertigtes historisch-medicinisches Thier-Buch in vier besonderen Theilen verabfasset; ... Wobei verschiedene, wieder allerhand Kranckheiten bewehrte Geness-Mittel: angezeiget.Nuremberg, Johan Friedrich Rüdiger, 1714. 8vo. With a double-page engraved frontispiece, engraved by Johan Lorentz Hönnig, a double-page letterpress title-page printed in red and black, and 95 engraved plates, each depicting several animals. Contemporary vellum.
ABC_45556: MERCURIALE, GIROLAMO. - Liber responsorum et consultationum medicinalium. Nunc primùm á Michaele Columbo collectus & in lucem editus.Basel, Conrad Valdkirch, 1588. With a woodcut arabesque tailpiece and decorated initials, a headpiece and other decorations built up from arabesque typographic ornaments.With: VALLERIOLE, François. Observationum medicinalium lib. VI. Denuo editi, & emendatiores quàm antea in lucem emissi: in quibus multorum gravissimorum morborum historiae, eorundem causae, syntomata atque eventus, tum etiam curationes miro, utili & compendioso ordine describuntur.Lyon, Antoine Blanc [printed in Geneva?], 1588. With Blanc’s woodcut device on the title-page, woodcut decorated initials and headpieces built up from typographic ornaments. 8vo. 17th-century overlapping vellum over boards, manuscript title on spine.
21898: MERIAN, MATTHÄUS. - Topographia Helvetiae Rhaetiae et Valesiae. Das ist, Beschreibung und eigentliche Abbildung der vornembsten Stätte und Plätz, in der hochlöblichen Eydgnoßschafft, Grawbündten, Walliß, und etlicher zugewanten Orten. [Frankfurt am Main], Matthäus Merian, 1642. Folio. With richly engraved title-page, 74 (of 76) engraved maps, plans and views on 54 (of 56) plates normally included the 1642 first edition (nearly all double-page) plus 1 large folding plate from the 1653 Anhang, and 67 additional engravings from the 17th and 18th century, including at least 16 by or after Merian. Altogether there are 3 general maps (1 of Germany and surroundings and 2 of Switzerland), 4 detail maps, and numerous city plans and views. Lacking the bird's eye view of Herisau and the second of two views of Neuchâtel. Tanned sheepskin (ca. 1700?), gold-tooled spine.
K7DD2K8S694H: MERULA, PAULUS. - Placaten ende ordonnancien op 't stuck vande wildernissen.The Hague, Beuckel Cornelisz. Nieulandt, 1605. 3 parts in 1 volume. Small folio (31 x 20 cm). With attractive engraved title-page (showing Diana, goddess of the hunt, a hunter and a falconer surrounding an elaborate cartouche together with hounds, birds of prey, and prey) and 2 double-page woodcut plates showing the castles of Teylingen and Warmond. Contemporary vellum.
18975: MESA, SEBASTIAN DE. - Jornada de Africa por el Rey Don Sebastian y union del reyno de Portugal a la corona de Castilla. Barcelona, Pedro Lacavalleria, 1630. 4to. Each page framed with thin printed rules. Contemporary gold-tooled leather (blackened and flaking), each board with the helmed and mantled arms of the Mazarin family in the centre.
20863: MESMER, FRANZ ANTON. - Mémoire sur la découverte du magnétisme animal.Geneva & Paris, Pierre François Didot le jeune, 1779. Small 8vo. Later mottled calf, richly gold-tooled spine with red morocco label, red sprinkled edges.
K8VDJ4FBG0KG: [MESOPOTAMIA]. [INDIAN ARMY GENERAL STAFF]. - For official use only. Field notes. Mesopotamia. General staff, India. February 1917.Including: Index to field notes, Mesopotamia, 1917.Calcutta, Superintended government printing, 1917. Small 8vo. With 1 folding heliozincographed map of "Lower Mesopotamia", with some routes in red, and three folding letterpress tables. Original green cloth.
FAOEI9M1HTV7: [METEOROLOGY - HAIL STONE]. - Abbildung der Größe, u. ganz besondern Farbe der 6 Zoll langen, u. 3 Zoll diken Schlossen, von 2. bis 3. ll. schwer welche d. 13. August. 1802. . ..Nuremberg, Fr[au] Kraerin, Fr[au]. Daucherin, [1802]. 4to (20.5×17.5 cm). Engraved print on laid paper, coloured by a contemporary hand as published. Mounted on a piece of paper (ca. 1926?).
5459: METEREN, EMANUEL VAN. - Historia Belgica nostri potissimum temporis Belgii sub quatuor Burgundis & totidem Austriacis principibus coniunctionem & gubernationem breviter. Turbas autem, bella et mutationes tempore regis Philippi, Carli V. Caesaris filii, ad annum usque 1598. plenius complectens, conscripta. [Cologne, A. Mylius, 1598]. Folio. With letterpress title-page in engraved border with scenes of trade and war (Verduyn, pl. XIV), additional engraved medallion portrait of the author mounted on blank back of title-page, by Hendrik Hondius the Elder, double-page engraved map of the Netherlands, by Frans Hogenberg and 22 engraved portraits on 19 plates. Contemporary vellum.
22413: METEREN, EMANUEL VAN. - Nederlantsche historien ofte geschiedenissen inhoudende den gantzen staet, handel, soo va[n] oorlogen als vrede-handels in onsen tyden begin ende eynde ... Mede vervattende eenige haerder gebueren handelinge. ... oversien verbetert ende vermeerdert tot dese[n] tege[n]wordigen wtgank des jaers anno 1611.Including (vol. 2): Belgische ofte Nederlantsche oorlogen ende gheschiedenissen beginnende van t'jaer 1595 tot 1611, ... oversie[n] verbetert e[n]de vermeerdert ...[Copy imprint to vol. 2:] “Schotland buyten Danswyck” [= Amsterdam], “Hermes van Loven” [= Nicolaes III Biestkens?] for the author, 1611 [-1612]. 2 volumes. 4to. With 2 engraved title-pages, both coloured and highlighted in gold by an early hand. Further with a full-page engraved portrait of Van Meteren, and 21 smaller woodcut portraits in the text attributed to Christoffel van Sichem. Mottled, gold-tooled calf (ca. 1665), gold-tooled spines, 18th-century(?) gold-tooling on the boards.
A3KBBFCAXE78: [MEUSNIER DE QUERLON, ANNE-GABRIEL]. - Naufrage et retour en Europe de monsieur de Kearny.[Paris?, the author?, 1764?]. 8vo. 20th-century (sponge printed?) decorated paper wrappers.
74LECDH5VARZ: MEXIA, PEDRO. - Coloquios o dialogos compuestos por el magnifico cavallero Pero Mexia, vezino de Sevilla, en los quales se disputan y tratan varias y diversas cosas de mucha erudicion y doctrina. Al illustrissimo senor don Perasan de Ribera Marques de Tarisa &c.Antwerp, widow of Martinus Nutius, 1561. Small agenda 12mo (14 x 6.5 cm). With Nutius's woodcut device on the title-page. 17th-century(?) blind-tooled overlapping vellum, each board with the coat of arms of the Landgrave of Hesse, gilt edges.
21533: [MEXICO]. - Traktaat van vriendschap, scheepvaart en handel, tusschen de Nederlanden, en de Vereenigde Staten van Mexico. | Traité d'amitié, de navigation et de commerce, conclu entre le Roi des Pays-Bas, et les États-Unis du Mexique.[Brussels], November 1828. 8vo. Sewn.
22384: [MEYER VON SCHAUENSEE, MAURUS]. - Lettres familieres sur la Carinthie et la Stirie, adressées a madame Bianchi, de Bologne. Par un officier général Français, prisonnier de guerre en Autriche. 1799.Leoben (Austria) and Paris, Louis-François Prault, an IX [= 1800/01]. 8vo. With a woodcut vignette on the title-page. Contemporary green half calf, gold-tooled spine.
EBNCC8MWLRBM: MEZERAY, FRANCOIS EUDES DE. - Abregé chronologique de l'histoire de France. ... Divisé en six tomes.Amsterdam, Abraham Wolfgang, 1673-1674. With engraved frontispiece-title in the style of Romeyn de Hooghe and full-page engraved portrait of Louis XIV by A. Zylevelt in volume 1, 61 engraved portraits of French rulers in text.With: (2) MEZERAY, Francois Eudes de. Histoire de France avant Clovis. Amsterdam, Abraham Wolfgang, 1688. 12mo. With engraved frontispiece-title in the style of Romeyn de Hooghe. 2 works in 7 volumes. 12mo. Uniform polished, crushed, gold-tooled red morocco by the leading Brussels bookbinder Charles DE SAMBLANX (1855-1943).
G41CT045EWHY: MICHAELIS, JOHANN DAVID. - Recueil de questions, proposées à une société de savants, qui par ordre de Sa Majesté Danoise font le voyage de l'Arabie.Amsterdam, S.J. Baalde; Utrecht, J. van Schoonhoven & comp., 1774. 4to. Set in roman type with incidental Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Syriac and 1 word in Coptic. Near-contemporary tanned sheepskin, gold-tooled spine.
J819ZDO6SPU3: MICHAELIS, JOHANN DAVID. - Mosaïsch recht, of de ziel der wetten van Moses; ...Including: Byvoegsels en verbeteringen op het Mosaïsch recht, ... achter aan eenige byzonderheden over de oudste geschiedenisse der paarden en stoeteryen in Palaestine en de nabuurige landen, in zonderheid Aegypten en Arabien.Haarlem, Jan van Walré, 1781-1782 (parts 1-2); Jan Bosch, 1774-1776 (parts 3-6), 1778 (part 7). 7 parts in 3 volumes. 8vo. Contemporary, uniform half calf, gold-tooled spines.
LAUCKDNI1XAV: [MICHAUD = CREVECOEUR, MICHEL GUILLAUME JEAN DE (JOHN HECTOR ST. JOHN)] - Reis door Opper-Pensilvaniën, en den staat van Nieuw-York; door Michaud. Uit het Fransch. In drie deelen ... Eerste deel [all published].Amsterdam, Johannes Allart, 1805. 8vo. With a large folding engraved map (ca. 50x35 cm.) by Amsterdam cartographer Cornelis van Baarsel (1761-1826), after the map in the French edition, of the north eastern United States. And with 2 engraved portraits of Native Americans. Modern brown half calf with marbled sides, with title-label on spine.
22388: MICHELENA Y ROJAS, FRANCISCO. - Viajes científicos en todo el mundo, desde 1822 hasta 1842; durante los cuales fueron visitadas ... Dedicados a la nacion Venezolana.Madrid, I. Boix, 1843. 4to. With full-page author's portrait by Leopoldo Lopez, woodcut coat of arms on dedication, 12 full-page lithographed illustrations by J. Aragon after J. Abrial, and 2 large lithographed folding maps (showing Sydney and the route of the voyage). Contemporary gold-tooled half sheepskin.
K89CYTN2OJMB: MICHELIN, JEAN LOUIS HARDOUIN. - Iconographie zoophytologique, description par localités et terrains des polypiers fossiles de France et pays environnants.Paris, P. Bertrand (back of title-page: printed by Fain & Thunot), 1840-1847. 4to. With 79 lithographed plates by Ludovic Michelin and Delarue fils. Contemporary half calf.
L5SFGVA3FPOD: MICHELOT, HENRI. - De waare wegwyzer voor de stuurlieden en lootzen in de Middelandsche zee.Leiden, Johan Arnold Langerak (colophon at the end of the main text: printed by Jacques Gueryn, Paris; colophon at the end of the work: printed by Hendrik van Damme, [Leiden]), 1745. 4to. With a large engraved armorial headpiece above the dedication, a folding engraved plate, a letterpress folding table and an engraved volvelle. Contemporary boards, rebacked with calf.
ABC_45242: MIDDLE EAST STUDIES ASSOCIATION OF NORTH AMERCA. - Middle East Studies Association Bulletin [8 issues].New York, Middle East Studies Association of North America, 1973-1978. 8 volumes.
22986: [MIDDLE EAST - JERUSALEM]. - Abregé de l'histoire de la ville de Jérusalem, ...Lille, Van Costenoble pere & fils, 1769. 8vo. With folding engraved plan of Jerusalem. Modern mottled half calf, paste-paper sides.
AB6CL4R1MSG6: MIERIS, FRANS VAN AND DANIEL VAN ALPHEN. - Beschryving der stad Leyden, haare gelegenheid, oorsprong, vergrootinge, oude en hedendaagsche gedaante; . . .Leiden, widow of Abraham Honkoop, Cornelis van Hoogeveen (vols. 1 and 2), Cornelis Heyligert, Abraham & Jan Honkoop (vol. 3), 1762-1784. With the title-pages printed in red and black, each with the same engraved coat of arms of Leiden, full-page engraved dedication to officials of the Leiden court (with 17 coats of arms), 24 engraved plates.With: (2) MIERIS, Frans van. Handvesten, privilegien, octroyen, rechten, en vryheden, mitsgaders ordonnantien, resolutien, plakkaaten, verbintenissen, costumen, instructien, en handelingen der Stad Leyden.Leiden, Abraham Kallewier, Abraham Honkoop, Abraham Kallewier L.Z., 1759. With title-page printed in red and black and with woodcut Leiden coat of arms. 2 works, the first in 3 volumes. Folio. Contemporary blind-tooled vellum and modern vellum designed to match the others.
H8JA71UGQ5YY: MIERIS, FRANS VAN. - Histori der Nederlandsche vorsten, uit de huizen van Beijere, Borgonje, en Oostenryk; welken, sedert de regeering van Albert, Graaf van Holland, tot den dood van Keizer Karel den Vyfden, het hooggezag aldaar gevoerd hebben.The Hague, Pieter de Hondt, 1732-1735. 3 volumes. Large folio (41 x 26.5 cm). With an engraved dedication page by Jan Wandelaar, a number of engraved vignettes and ca. 1000 engraved reproductions of both sides of coins and medals. Volume 1 with 2 letterpress folding genealogical tables. Lacking the frontispiece by Bernard Picart. Modern red half morocco.
21389: MIGNET, FRANÇOIS AUGUSTE MARIE. - Het leven van Benjamin Franklin. ... Een volksboek, ter voorbeeld hoe men door eigen vlijt en deugd tot rijkdom en aanzien kan geraken.Deventer, A. ter Gunne, [ca. 1858]. 8vo. With a lithographed frontispiece-portrait of Benjamin Franklin. Contemporary gold- and blind-stamped cloth.
J7QC7ABMU1X7: MILDENHALL, JOHN, JOHN CARTWRIGHT AND [SAMUEL PURCHAS (EDITOR)]. - Oost-Indise voyagien van Johan Mildenhal en Johan Cartwright; onder veel avontuuren en opmerkelyke waarnemingen, (in de jaren 1599 en 1606) te water en te lande, gedaan na de landen van Persien en den Grooten Mogol.Leiden, Pieter van der Aa, 1706. Folio. With an engraving on the title-page by Jan Goeree and 2 engraved illustrations in text. Modern decorated cloth.
ABC_45536: [MILITARIA - MAURITIUS]. CAMPBELL, ALEXANDER. - [Warrant to authorize the occupation of a house for His Majesty's forces in Mauritius and Bourbon].Port-Louis, 24 June 1813. 4to. Manuscript warrant written in ink on paper, signed. Loosely inserted in a later orange paper folder.
A63FBXO3ZHUC: [MILITARY UNIFORMS]. - [De schutter- en jagerkorpsen. De legerkorpsen | Infanterie. De Oost- en West-Indische korpsen en marine | Kavallerie, artillerie, genie, etc.].[Utrecht, Johannes Paulus Houtman, 1831-1832]. 8vo (17.5 x 11.5 cm). 73 unnumbered lithographed prints plus 3 duplicates (leaf size 17 x 11 cm) with a brief caption in a round-hand script below each image, showing Dutch military personnel (including 1 woman) in their uniforms, the cavalry often shown on horseback and many others with flags, musical instruments, swords, firearms, backpacks, etc., coloured by a contemporary hand, probably for the publisher. Contemporary paperboard portfolio in a paperboard slipcase.
I7CG8L8E69GQ: [MILITARY UNIFORMS]. - [Military and quasi-military uniforms, portraits and scenes of battles, uprisings etc.].[Austria or Saxony?, ca. 1870?]. Large folio album (39 x 30.5 cm). With 84 large watercolour drawings (28 x 16 cm to 25.5 x 36 cm) on wove paper, with captions in German and/or French, mounted on the (ca. 1962) album leaves, and with the coat of arms of Von Lindeman(n) of Sachsen-Anhalt (in coloured gouaches plus gold) mounted on the first page. Early 20th-century(?) half tanned sheepskin.
3521: [MILITARY]. - Plans deren Maneuvres der koenigl-spanischen Tropen[:] Plans deren Maneuvres[,] Formacionen und Colocacionen deren Officiers und Sergenten wie es bey dem löblichen Schweizer-Regiment Baron De Reding geübt wird.Madrid, 1772. Oblong Imperial 4to (29.5 x 40 cm). Extensively illustrated manuscript on paper, written mostly in German in brown ink. With large armorial device on title-page, in colour, with the crowned impaled arms of Sicily (dexter) and Austria (sinister); a preliminary leaf with 2 rows of 6 colour pictures; and XVI numbered leaves with colour plans of battle-formations, with 37 numbered marginal drawings in brown ink with grey and yellow washes on 7 of these leaves showing details of gunlocks and tools; and some of the leaves with colour drawings of landscapes with mountains, lakes, etc. Contemporary tanned sheepskin, decorated paper sides.
C7RFKWVT15U0: [MILITARY]. - Geometria of meetkonst ... Vestingbou of fortificatie ... [Artillerie]. [Netherlands, ca. 1750]. 3 related works in 1 volume. Folio. With numerous mathematical diagrams, fortification plans and measured drawings of artillery and ammunition, including 12 full-page watercolour drawings (3 fortification plans and 9 beautifully rendered canons) and many more watercolour drawings in the text. With a large folding fortification plan tipped in, a large folding artillery drawing loosely inserted, and several smaller drawings tipped in or loosely inserted. Contemporary sheepskin parchment.
I2KL46GGL54C: [MILITARY UNIFORMS]. - Uniformes des gardes d'honneur des différens corps dans les sept départemens de la Hollande; formés pour la réception de ... l'Empereur et Roi. ...| Uniformen van de gardes d'honneur, van de onderscheiden corpsen in de zeven départementen van Holland; opgericht tot de ontfangst van ... den Keizer en Koning. Amsterdam, Evert Maaskamp, [1811]. Royal folio (42.5 x 32 cm). With 12 aquatint costume plates (plate size 32.5 x 23 cm), in the publisher's original hand-colouring, with the original tissue guard leaf tipped onto each plate. Recent boards, with the original plain paper wrappers laid down. Kept in a matching green half morocco clamshell box.
21817: MILIZIA, FRANCESCO. - Principi di architettura civile. Finale, Jacopo de' Rossi, 1781. 3 volumes. 4to. With tables of proportion in text and on a large folding leaf, and 18 architectural measured drawings and perspective and other views of domes, pinnacles, arches, curves and spires on 8 full-page engraved plates, all bound in the third volume. Contemporary half sprinkled calf, marbled sides, gold-tooled spines with black morroco spine labels, red sprinkled edges.(2) CIPRIANI, Giovanni Battista. Indice delle figure relative al Principi di architettura civile di Francesco Milizia. Rome, Nella stamperia Salomoni, si vende da Giov. Pietro, 1800. 8vo. With numerous illustrations on 27 double-page plates, illustrating Milizia's work, showing architectural measured drawings and perspective and other views of buildings and details of buildings, theatres, bridges, gardens, etc., models of ornament and decoration, technical building instruments, building materials, etc. (10 plates for vol. 1, 12 plates for vol. 2, 5 plates for vol. 3). Contemporary mottled calf, gold-tooled spine with red label, red edges.
3518: MILLER, JOHN. - Illustratio systematis sexualis Linnaei, ... | An illustration of the sexual system of Linnaeus, ...London, published and sold by the author at his house ..., [1770-]1777. 3 volumes. Imperial folio (54 x 38 cm). Richly engraved frontispiece with medallion portraits of Miller and Linnaeus at the head, 3 identical engraved title-pages, 2 series of engraved botanical plates, each series printed from the same 104 plates, but that in volume 1 in proof-states and beautifully hand-coloured, that in volumes 2 & 3 in black and white with titles and imprints, and 4 further plates, numbered I-IV, showing 178 varieties of leaves, finely hand-coloured. With a full-page allegorical dedicatory pen and watercolour drawing for Queen Charlotte of England on the end-leaf before the frontispiece of the first volume, and a professionally lettered index covering all 3 volumes, specially made for this dedication copy, at the end of volume 3. Contemporary uniform gold-tooled mottled calf, richly gold-tooled spine.
4781: MILLER, PHILIP (JAKOB VAN EEMS, TRANSLATOR). - Groot en algemeen kruidkundig, hoveniers, en bloemisten woordenboek, behelzende de manier om moes-, bloem-, vrugt-, kruid-tuinen, wild-bossen, wijngaarden, oranje-huizen, stook-kassen, enz. aanteleggen, enz. en allerlei gewassen te kweeken ... Volgens den laatsten druk, uit het Engels vertaald door Jakob van Eems.Leyden, Pieter vander Eyk & the widow of Jakob vander Kluis (colophon vol. 2: printing office of [Hendrik II and Daniel] van Damme), [1742]-1745. 2 volumes bound as 1, issued in 4 instalments. Folio. Title-pages to volumes 1 and 2 printed in red and black, each with a woodcut vignette, 13 engraved plates (12 folding) by J. v.d. Spyk, some engravings and woodcuts in the text. Here with one of the part-titles (volume 1, part 2, dated 1743 and naming Jakob vander Kluis rather than his widow) preserved between quires 2Z & 3A (between pp. 364 & 365). Contemporary blind-tooled calf. Rebacked.
J6GE9R96N5OK: MILLS, CHARLES. - An history of Muhammedanism: comprising the life and character of the Arabian prophet, and succinct accounts of the empires founded by the Muhammedan arms: an inquiry into the theology, morality, laws, literature, and usages of the Muselmans, and a view of the present state and extent of the Muhammedan religion.London, Printed for Black, Kingsbury, Parbury, and Allen, booksellers (back of title-page: printed by Cox and Baylis), 1818. 8vo. Contemporary red half sheepskin.
F7AF6ZYD4ZB1: MILLS, CHARLES. - Histoire du Mahométisme ... traduite de l´Anglais sur la deuxième édition ...Paris, Boulland et Cie, 1825. 8vo. With hand-coloured lithographed frontispiece (''L'Evèque ou Wladika''). Late 19th-century textured cloth, gilt edges.
C1QAQJB5DF2H: MILNER, JOHN AND OSWALD W. BRIERLY. - The Cruise of H.M.S. Galatea, Captain H.R.H. the Duke of Edinburgh, K.G., in 1867-1868.London, W. H. Allen & Co., 1869. 8vo. With a photographic portrait of the Duke of Edinburgh, 8 chromo-lithographed and 4 double-tinted plates, 6 full-page and 6 smaller black-and-white illustrations, and a folding "engraved" lithographed map (34 x 50 cm), mounted on cloth. Contemporary half calf, shell-marbled sides, re-backed and with new endpapers.
K7BCDCVEJA8G: MINER, HARRIET STEWART. - Orchids the royal family of plants, with illustrations from nature.London, John Slark, 1885. Large 4to (35.5 x 27.5 cm). With 24 chromolithographed plates. Publisher's gold and brown blocked cloth, gilt edges.
KABDG0KNIIO2: [MINERAL SPRINGS – FRANCE]. - [30 scientific and promotional publications on mineral springs in France].France, 1870-1888. 30 works in 1 volume. 8vo. One work with 5 leaves with wood engraved illustrations and some others with an illustration on the title-page. Contemporary red half sheepskin, with gold fillets and title-label on spine, and the original wrappers of each work bound in.
ABC_46168: [MINERAL BATHS - BALNEOLOGY]. - De balneis omnia quae extant apud Graecos, Latinos, et Arabas, tam medicos quàm quoscunque caeterarum artium probatos scriptores: qui vel integris libris, vel quoquo alio modo hanc materiam tractauerunt: nuper hinc inde accurate conquisita & excerpta, atque in vnum tandem hoc volumen redacta. In quo aquarum ac thermarum omnium, quae in toto ferè orbe terrarum sunt, metallorum item, & reliquorum mineralium naturae, vires, atque vsus exquisitissime explicantur: indicibus quatuor appositis, ...Venice, (colophon:) heirs of Lucantonio Giunta [= Tomasso Giunta], 1553. Folio. With 5 full-page woodcuts with plans and views of mineral baths and a woodcut title vignette and initials. 18th-century vellum, manuscript title on spine.
82NHM8O8K9DU: [MINIATURE - GERMAN]. - [The Arrest of Christ].[Flanders (Bruges?), or Nürnberg, ca. 1520]. Miniature painted on vellum (7.8 x 5.6 cm) in numerous colours, highlighted with gold and in a gold border, probably from a book of hours, but with no text.
K3DALGBIO1MS: MIQUEL, FRIEDRICH ANTON WILHELM. - Monographia generis Melocacti.Breslau & Bonn, Eduard Weber, 1840. 4to. With 11 lithographed numbered plates, including 6 folding and coloured by hand and 2 partly coloured. Slightly later half cloth.
J8EGPDJNY5W9: MIQUEL, FRIEDRICH ANTON WILHELM. - Leerboek der artsenij-gewassen. Nieuwe uitgave, in verband met de Nederlandsche apotheek.Utrecht, Amsterdam, C. van der Post, 1859. 8vo. Original publisher’s boards covered with grey paper with printed title in ornamental border and shortened title on spine.
ABC_46258: [MIQUEL, FRIEDRICH ANTON WILHELM.]. - Over de Noord-Nederlandsche vergiftige gewaschen. [Rotterdam?, 1836?]. 4to. Manuscript in brown ink on laid paper, written in Dutch in a small but neat Latin hand.With: [MIQUEL, Friedrich Anton Wilhelm?]. Pharmacie.[Rotterdam?, ca. 1845?]. 8vo. Manuscript in brown ink on wove paper, written in Dutch in a small but neat Latin hand. Near contemporary half cloth (impressed with a diamond diaper pattern), marbled sides (light brown unusual spots on dark brown shell spots, the interior of the unusual spots looking more like “tourniquet” or “Gustav” marbling than Stormont or “cassés”), sewn on 2 tapes. With the second manuscript never sewn or bound and loosely inserted.Together with: (2) MIQUEL, Friedrich Anton Wilhelm. De Noord-Nederlandsche vergiftige gewassen. Amsterdam, C.G. Sulpke (back of title-page: printed by C.A. Spin), 1836-1837. 8vo. With 30 partly hand-coloured lithographed plates. Original publisher's printed paper wrappers over boards.
C1FF72F80OVG: MITTLER, LUDWIG. - Taschenbuch für Cactusliebhaber. Auf neue Erfahrungen gestützte Kultur und Uebersicht der im teutschen Handel vorkommenden Cactuspflanzen.Leipzig, Ludwig Schreck, (colophon: printed by Friedrich Andrä), 1841. Small 4to or imperial 16mo (17.5 x 13 cm). With colour-printed frontispiece. Plain beige boards.
J8FGVH9VVL9C: MIZAULD, ANTOINE. - Mizaldus redivivus. Sive centuriae XII memorabilium, utilium ac iucundorum in aphorismos arcanorum omnis generis locupletes, perpulchre digestae.Nürnberg, Andreas Knorzius for Johann Zieger, 1681. Small 8vo. With allegorical frontispiece and some woodcut headpieces. Half vellum with black 19th-century paper sides.
K15FD0MAD6FO: MIZAULD, ANTOINE. - Memorabilium, utiliu[m], ac jucundorum centuriae novem, in aphorismos arcanorum omnis generis locupletes, perpulchrè digestae. Paris, Fédéric Morel, 1566. 8vo. With Morel's woodcut tree device on the title-page, 2 woodcut headpieces and 7 woodcut decorated initials (plus 3 repeats), the headpieces and initials in an unusually delicate design, finely executed. Set in italic types with the preliminaries in roman, and incidental Greek. 17th-century limp sheepskin parchment.
S1947: MÖBIUS, KARL AUGUST. - Die Auster und die Austernwirthschaft. Berlin, Wiegandt, Hempel and Parey, 1877. 8vo. With full-page wood-engraved map and 9 wood-engravings in text. Original publisher's cloth.
22424: [MODEL BOOK - TILES]. - [Model book of Dutch tile designs].[Utrecht?, ca. 1810?]. Small square 4to (20 x 19 cm). With 111 pen and wash model drawings for Dutch tiles on the rectos of 105 leaves, most in greys but many in brown or a beautiful Delft blue. Several combine more than one colour, all in the actual size of tiles. Contemporary half calf, gold-tooled spine.
5423: [MODERN DEVOTION]. [VLIEDERHOVEN, GERARDUS DE]. - Quattuor novissima cum multis exemplis pulcherrimis & de terroribus mortis cum eterne beatitudis gloria.Deventer, Jacobus de Breda, 1502. 4to. With a woodcut illustration (9.5 x 8.5 cm) on title-page with the symbols of the four Evangelists.19th-century blind-tooled calf, title in gold on spine, preserving some contemporary endpapers but also with later ones.
S1965: MOHL, HUGO VON. - Vermischte Schriften botanischen Inhalts.Tübingen, Ludwig Friedrich Fues, 1845. 4to. With 13 numbered lithographed plates; 3 partly and 2 fully coloured by hand, drawn by Mohl himself and printed by F. Federer. Contemporary half tanned sheepskin, gold-tooled spine.
8ANA6AV03MLM: MÖKERN, PHILIPP VAN. - Ostindien, seine Geschichte, Cultur und seine Bewohner. Resultate eigener Forschungen und Beobachtungen an Ort und Stelle. Deutsche Original-Ausgabe.Leipzig, Hermann Costenoble, 1857. 2 parts in 1 volume. 8vo. Contemporary half sheepskin, gold-tooled spine.
J7OB4TWBTW5J: MOLÉ, JOSEPH. - Épreuves de caractères Arabes, gravés et fondus par Molé Jeune, sous la direction de M. L. Langlès.Paris, (back of title-page: Imprimerie d'Éverat), 1823. 4to. Modern boards.
LB5F12AR2KW8: MOLIÈRE (JEAN-BAPTISTE POQUELIN). - Le médecin malgré-luy.Brussels, George de Backer, 1694. 12mo. With an engraved frontispiece by Jacobus Harrewijn. Modern boards.
K7GC4SIOL48M: MÖLLER, CHRISTIAN HEINRICH. - Lexicon Entomologicum, oder entomologisches Wörterbuch, in welchem alle in diese Wissenschaft einschlagende Begriffe und die in den Linneischen und Fabrizischen Schriften vorkommende Terminologien überstezt, erklärt und mit Beyspielen, nach beyden Systemen, erläutert werden.Erfurt, Georg Adam Keyser, 1795. 8vo. Contemporary blue boards.
F5LCLB3CJTCQ: MÖLLHAUSEN, HEINRICH BALDWIN (BALDUIN). - Reis van den Mississippi naar de kusten van den Grooten Oceaan.Zutphen, A.E.C. van Someren, 1858-1859. 2 volumes. 8vo. With 2 double-page page tinted lithographed plates and a folding tinted lithographed map (29 x 47 cm) tracking Möllhausen's journey. Near contemporary blue half cloth.
95PF3ZHZ87FO: MOLLIEN, GASPARD THÉODORE, COMTE DE. - Travels in Africa, to the sources of the Senegal and Gambia, in 1818. ... Translated from the French.London, R. Philips & Co., 1820. 8vo in 4s. With an engraved folding map and 4 engraved plates. Modern half maroon calf, marbled sides.
23543: MOLLIEN, GASPARD THÉODORE. - Reis door de Republiek van Columbia, in het jaar 1823; ... Uit het Fransch vertaald door A. Bruggemans.Dordrecht, Blussé and Van Braam, 1825. 2 volumes bound as 1. 8vo. With 6 lithographed plates (1 bound as frontispiece). Contemporary brown half roan, gold-tooled spine.
L859FO90D4EA: MONARDES, NICOLAUS. - De simplicibus medicamentis ex occidentali India delatis, quorum in medicina usus est.Antwerp, Christoffel Plantin, 1574. 8vo. With Plantin's woodcut compasses device on title-page and 10 woodcut illustrations in text. Modern decorated boards.
G6JD3MR1MSG6: MONLUC, BLAISE, SEIGNEUR DE. - The commentaries of Messire Blaize de Montluc, Mareschal of France.London, Andrew Clark for Henry Brome, 1674. Folio. With engraved frontispiece full-length portrait of the author. Contemporary blind-tooled mottled calf. Expertly rebacked in similar blind-tooled calf.
JC4CQCORXW8D: [MONS - PHARMACOPOEIA]. - Codex medicamentarius amplissimi senatus Montensis auctoritate munitus.Mons, Henri Bottin, 1755. 4to. Contemporary calf, richly gold-tooled spine.
E9LCYI7HNBLJ: [MONTE CARLO AUTOMOBILE RALLY]. - [A collection of manuscript documents, photographs, magazines and newspaper clippings concerning the 1937 Monte Carlo Automobile Rally]. [The Netherlands, Monte Carlo, etc.], 1937.
I929MB81DTUO: MONTFAUCON, BERNARD DE (EDITOR). - Collectio nova patrum et scriptorum Graecorum, Eusebii Caesariensis, Athanasii, & Cosmae Aegyptii.Paris, Claudius Rigaud, 1707. 2 volumes. Folio. With 4 engraved plates, and 3 woodcut illustrations in the text. Each volume with an engraved headpiece, the first incorporating the coat of arms of Pope Clement XI, and the second that of Jean-Paul Bignon. Contemporary calf, richly gold-tooled spine and binding edges.
E6QC3MR6XH4W: MONTGÉRY, JACQUES-PHILIPPE MÉRIGON DE. - Mémoire sur les mines flottantes et les petards flottans, ou machines infernales maritimes. Paris, Bachlier, libraire pour la marine (printed by De Fain), 1819. 8vo. With a finely engraved folding copperplate of a ship being blown up by a mine (16.5 x 17.5 cm). Lacking the half-title and the final leaf with the publisher's list of books, but with the folding plate, often lacking. Contemporary half tree calf, stormont marbled sides.
V2014: MONTHANS, P.J., CARL BRUZELIUS AND ENGELBERT JÖRLIN. - Underrättelse om Hö-Slagen Avena elatior, Knyl-Hafre eller Fromental och Trifolium hybridum, ett nytt Klöwerslag.Lund, 1783. 4to. With a folding engraved plate. Disbound.
17779: [MONTIGNY, ALFRED DE]. - Les stratagèmes des échecs ou collection des coups d'échecs les plus brillans et les plus curieux, tant dans la partie ordinaire que dans les différentes parties composées; tirés des meilleurs auteurs, et dont plusieurs n'ont point encore été publiés. ...Paris, Strasbourg, Amand König (colophon: Strasbourg, Jean-André Fischer), An X [= 1801/1802]. 2 volumes. 16mo. Text volume with a woodcut chess board printed in gold, with all chess pieces (printed in red and black) set up in the starting position. Plate volume with 120 identical chess boards, illustrating different chess problems, also printed in gold, red and black. Contemporary red half morocco, gold tooled spine.
BC7DFM1IF05P: MONTULÉ, ÉDOUARD DE. - A voyage to North America, and the West Indies, in 1817.London, for Sir Richard Phillips and Company, 1821. 8vo. With 5 plates (4 full-page engraved views, folding aquatint plate), 4 wood-engraved views in text. Later red half morocco.
5773: MOREAU, PIERRE. - Klare en waarachtige beschryving van de leste beroerten en afval der Portugezen in Brasil; daar in d'oorsprong dezer zwarigheden en oorlogen klarelijk vertoont worden. Met de reisbeschrijving van de zelve schrijver naar Brasil. Amsterdam, Jan Hendriksz. Boom and Jan Rieuwertsz., 1652. 4to. With engraved plan of Mauritsstad on title-page (9.5 x 13.5 cm) and 4 half-page engravings in text. Modern half calf, filled-out with blank leaves.
21477: [MOREAU, JACOB-NICOLAS]. - Lettres d'un François a un Hollandois au sujet des differends survenus entre la France et la Grande-Bretagne, touchant leurs possessions respectives dans l'Amerique Septentrionale.“Paris” [The Netherlands?], “P. La Rive”, 1755. 4to. Early 20th-century half cloth, with the original marbled wrappers bound in.
HCHBSH8HVNAB: MOREL, PIERRE. - Methodus praescribendi formulas remediorum. Cum adjuncto materiae medicae systemate.Amsterdam, Casparus Commelinus, 1665. 12mo. With engraved title-page, showing the interior of a pharmacy, woodcut device on title-page and letterpress folding table. Contemporary vellum.
18877: MORELET, ARTHUR. - Voyage dans l'Amérique centrale, l'île de Cuba et le Yucatan.Paris, Gide & J. Baudry, 1857. 2 volumes. 8vo. With 2 pages of letterpress music, a folding lithographed map of Yucatan, Guatemala and Cuba, and 22 wood-engraved illustrations, after drawings by the author, heading each chapter. Original publisher's printed paper wrappers, preserved in modern chemises and slipcase.
21427: MORELLET, ANDRÉ. - Prospectus d'un nouveau dictionnaire de commerce.Including: Catalogue d'une bibliotheque d'économie politique.Paris, Les freres Estienne, 1769. 8vo. Contemporary tan calf, gold-tooled spine, gold triple fillet border on both sides, gold fillet on board edges, gold-tooled turn-ins, decorative endpapers (block-printed in gold), edges gilt over marbling.
23333: MORIS, GIUSEPPE GIACINTO AND GIUSEPPE DE NOTARIS. - Florula Caprariae sive enumeratio plantarum in insula Capraria vel sponte nascentium vel ad utilitatem latius excultarum.Torino, Ex Regio Typographeo, 1839. Large 4to (31 x 23 cm). With 6 numbered engraved botanical plates. Publisher's original printed blue paper wrappers.
A5DB1SBBNOWB: MORISOT, CLAUDE BARTHÉLEMY. - Orbis maritimi sive rerum in mari et littoribus gestarum generalis historia: in qua inventiones navium, earundem partes, armamenta. instructiones classium, navigationes, prælia maritima, arma, stratagemata.Dijon, Pierre Palliot, 1643. 2 parts in 1 volume. Folio (36 x 22 cm). With an engraved title-page, a folding engraved view, 23 engraved maps and 21 other engraved illustrations in the text. Contemporary calf, gold-tooled spine.
K6MD1SLCSTGK: MORRIS, BEVERLEY ROBINSON. - British game birds and wildfowl.London, Groombridge and sons (colophon: Benjamin Fawcett), [binding: 1889]. 4to. With 60 hand-coloured lithographed plates by Bernjamin Fawcett. Original publisher's blue cloth, with title and decorations in gold.
ABC_46219: MORRISON, ROBERT. - A view of China for philological purposes, containing a sketch of Chinese chronology, geography, government, religion and customs. Designed for the use of persons who study the Chinese language.Macao, printed at the East India Company's press, by P. P. Thoms, published and sold by Black, Parbury & Allen, booksellers to the Company, London, 1817. 4to (27 x 20 cm). Printed in roman and Chinese type. 20th-century dark blue paper over boards.
ABC_45501: MORT, JACOBUS LE. - Pharmacia, rationibus et experimetis auctoribus instructa, methodon Galenico-chymica adornata.Leiden, Petrus vander Aa, 1688. With a frontispiece engraved by Adriaan Schoonebeek (with an allegorical scene above and an apothecary and others at work below), originally dated 1684, changed to 1688, and Vander Aa’s herald angel device on title-page.With: MORT, Jacobus Le. Chymia, rationibus et experimetis auctoribus, iisque demonstrativis superstructa, in qua malevolorum calumniate modestè simul diluuntur.Leiden, Petrus vander Aa, 1688. 8vo. With beautiful allegorical frontispiece (also by Adriaan Schoonebeek?), dated 1688, 2 folding engraved plates of furnaces and distilling equipment and utensils, Vander Aa’s woodcut herald angel device, initials and head- and tailpieces. Contemporary vellum over boards, title in ink on spine: “Le Mort opera omnia”.
ABC_45531: MORT, JACOBUS LE. - Pharmacia, rationibus et experimetis auctoribus instructa, methodon Galenico-chymica adornata.Leiden, Petrus vander Aa, 1688. With a frontispiece engraved by Adriaan Schoonebeek (with an allegorical scene above and an apothecary and others at work below), originally dated 1684, changed to 1688, and Vander Aa’s herald angel device on title-page.With: MORT, Jacobus Le. Chymia, rationibus et experimetis auctoribus, iisque demonstrativis superstructa, in qua malevolorum calumniate modestè simul diluuntur.Leiden, Petrus vander Aa, 1688. 8vo. With beautiful allegorical frontispiece (also by Adriaan Schoonebeek?), dated 1688, 2 folding engraved plates of furnaces and distilling equipment and utensils.Contemporary vellum over boards, title in ink on spine: “Le Mort opera omnia”.
5729: MORTIMER, GEORGE. - Engelsmannen Joh. Hindric Cox Resa Genom Söderhafvet Till On Amsterdam, Marien-Oarna, O-Taheiti, Sandvichs-och Räf-Oarna, Tinian, Unalaska och Canton i China.Nyköping, Peter Winge, 1798. With: (2) RISBECK, Gaspard. Bref, Rörande Tyskland, Scrifne af en resande Fransos til sin broder i Paris. Ofwersättning. Andra Uplagan. Götheborg, Samuel Norberg, 1797-1798. 2 works in 1 volume. 8vo. Contemporary half calf.
22076: [MOSAIC FLOORS]. - [Mosaic marble tile floors from five churches, most or all in Rome]. [Rome?, ca. 1662 or 18th century]. Small folio (26 x 19.5 cm). 40 ink and watercolour drawings (28 round and 12 square, each ca. 11 x 11 cm) showing the decorative patterns and coloured marbles from the floors of 5 churches. Each has a triple-rule border in black ink with a panel at the foot containing the name of the church. Contemporary(?) boards covered with later (ca. 1840?) Storemont on shell marbled paper.
K6RCD1W8TTAM: MOUCHERON, ISAAC DE. - Plusieurs belles, et plaisante veües et la cour de Heemstede, dans la Province d'Utrecht. | Verscheyde schoone en vermaakelyke gezigten van Heemstede, gelegen in de Provintie van Utrecht.[Amsterdam], Hendrik de Leth, [ca. 1731/40]. Oblong 4to. With 26 numbered engraved plates, including the title-page. Slightly later half cloth.
D54F2LUCAGWQ: MOUCHEZ, AMÉDÉE ERNEST BARTHÉLEMY. - Observations chronométriques faites pendant la campagne de circumnavigation de la corvette La Capricieuse, commandée par M. Roquemaurel, capitaine de vaisseau. Paris, Firmin Didot frères, 1855. With 4 folding plates.With: (2) MOUCHEZ, Amédée Ernest Barthélemy. Longitudes chronométriques des principaux points de la cote du Brésil, rapportées au premier méridien de Rio-Janeiro. Paris, Paul Dupont, 1863.(3) MOUCHEZ, Amédée Ernest Barthélemy. Positions géographiques des principaux points de la cote orientale de l'Amérique du Sud comprise entre la Guyane Française et le Paraguay. Paris, Paul Dupont, 1868. 3 works in 1 volume. 8vo. Contemporary grained red half sheepskin.
E96DC5TINBLU: [MOUNTAINEERING]. - [A collection of brochures and folders on mountaineering].[Austria and Switzerland, ca. 1920- ca. 1980]. Ca. 653 brochures (including a few duplicates and variant issues).With: [A collection of books relating to mountaineering].[Globally, ca. 1830- ca. 2000]. Ca. 875 books (including a few duplicates and variant issues, and several multiple-volume titles).
ABC_45889: MU'AMMAR, SAYID YA'COUB; B.L. STRACHAN. - Exchange of notes concerning an interest-free development loan by the government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to the government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.London, Her Majesty’s Stationery Office, 1970. 4to. With the UK coat-of-arms on title-page. Text in English and Arabic in naskh type. Stapled.
3777: MULLENS, GELASIUS [= GUILIELMUS SALDENUS]. - Neerlands interest, tot vrede der kercke, en wegh-neminge van alle opkomende misverstanden in de selve.Middelburg, Yemant Hendrickss., 1664. With:(2) [SALDENUS, Guilielmus]. Den God-vrughtigen boer ... tot verdedigingh van Jan Bakhuys den ghenaamden Boer van Ebbink-hoven, en Desiderius Pacius over sijn zedigh versoek aan Juffrouw Schurman. Utrecht, Jacob van Doeyenborgh, 1670. 2 works in 1 volume. 8vo. Contemporary vellum.
R1135: MÜLLER, CHRISTIAN GOTTLIEB. - Verzeichnis von Nürnbergischen topographisch-historischen Kupferstichen und Holzschnitten.Nuremberg, printed for the author, 1791. 4to. Later boards.
618AEFYOC0PZ: MÜLLER, FRANZ HUBERT AND JOSEPH VÖLLINGER. - Grossherzoglich Hessisches Militair. Nach der Natur aufgenommen von . . . der Grossherzoglichen Gemaelde Gallerie in Darmstadt und auf Stein gezeichnet von J. Völlinger.Karlsruhe, Johann Velten, [ca. 1830]. Royal folio (45×32 cm.) With a lithographic title-page and dedication to the Archduke Ludwig von Hessen (both by Johann Evangel. Mettenleiter), contents list and 30 numbered lithographs of army officers and enlisted men, many on horseback, all beautifully coloured by hand with watercolour, gouache and glazed highlights. Modern red half morocco.
S585: MÜLLER, FRIEDRICH CHRISTOPH. - Vollständige Beschreibung der Sparöfen und Heerde welche in der Graffschaft Mark schon seit vielen Jahren gebräuchlich und bewährt befunden sind. Nebst einer Nachricht vom Brodtbacken, Bierbrauen und Branntweinbrennen bei Steinkohlen und einem Anhange über Thermolampen, Fumivoren und Phylogoscopen der Franzosen.Weimar, Landes=Industrie=Comtoirs, 1803. 8vo. With 7 folding engraved plates. Contemporary turquoise boards, gold-tooled spine.
A3JAH5E7TL3M: MÜLLER, OTTO FREDERIK. - Von Würmern des süssen und salzigen Wassers.Copenhagen, Nicolas Möller for Heineck & Faber, 1771. 4to. With an engraved vignette after Bissel on title-page, 16 plates with half-page engravings and 3 engraved tables (2 full-page and one half-page with illustrations). Contemporary vellum.
5906: [MUNIBE, JOSÉ MARÍA]. - Breve resumen de la vida y martyrio del inclyto Mexicano, y proto-martyr del Japon, el Beato Felipe de Jesus. Añadidas algunas obvias reflecciones en honor del mismo Heroë esclarecido, y de esta dichosisima civdad felize en ser su pátria. Por un eclesiàstico de este arzobispado, afecto del santo, quien lo dedica á la exemplarísima, religiosísima provincia del santo evangelio de esta civdad de México.Mexico City, "Oficina Madrileña" [literally "Madrid office", a name used by the Jáuregui heirs], 1802. 4to (19.5 x 14 cm). With engraved title-page dated 1801, an engraved portrait of Felipe de Jésus (both engravings by Montes de Oca) and extra-illustrated with 15 (of 30) engraved plates also by Montes de Oca, from the closely related 1801 print series originally issued with the same engraved title-page. With the engraved title and all 16 plates coloured by a contemporary hand and many words, letters and punctuation marks on the two title-pages coloured red. Contemporary Mexican tanned sheepskin mottled in an irregular tree pattern, gold-tooled spine.
63UAUL3VJP3O: [MUÑOZ Y MANZANO, CIPRIANO], CONDE DE LA VIÑAZA. - Escritos de los Portugueses y Castellanos referentes a las lenguas de China y el Japon. Estudio bibliográfico por el Conde de la Vinaza. Lisboa; Madrid; Londres, M. Gomes; M. Murillo; B. Quaritch, 1892. 8vo. Contemporary half calf; spine ribbed with gilt title.
4118: MÜNSTER, SEBASTIAN. - Compositio horologiorum, in plano, muro, truncis, anulo, con concavo, cylindro & variis quadrantibus, cum signorum zodiaci & diversarum horarum inscriptionibus: ... Basel, Henricus Petrus, 1531 (changed in manuscript to 1535). With woodcut on title-page showing sundials of various kinds, Petri's woodcut device on last page, large folding woodcut plate (31.5 x 40.5 cm) of a wall sundial, and 56 woodcut illustrations in the text (many full-page).With: (2) GLAREAN(US), Heinrich. De geographia liber unus, ab ipso authore iam tertio recognitus.Freiburg im Breisgau, (colophon: Joannis Faber), 1533. With Faber's device on title-page with a larger version on last page, and 21 woodcut illustrations in the text (several full-page). 2 works in 1 volume. 4to. Contemporary sheepskin parchment.
I44E12JB2UMV: MÜNSTER, SEBASTIAN. - Cosmographiae universalis lib. VI.[Basel, Heinrich Petri, September 1554]. Folio. With woodcut printer’s device on the final leaf by Urs Graf, 14 double-page maps, 37 double-page views and approximately 900 woodcuts in the text. Modern vellum.
H3DCAGCAEVA4: MÜNSTER, SEBASTIAN. - Cosmographia, das ist: Beschreibung der gantzen Welt, …Basel, heirs of Sebastian Henricpetri, 1628. Folio (38 x 24.5 cm). With engraved title-page, letterpress title-page printed in red and black with woodcut portrait of Münster on the back, 26 numbered double-page woodcut maps on inserted bifolia, 72 double-page woodcut maps, plans and views on integral leaves, and about 1500 woodcut illustrations in the text (including repeats) showing maps, plans, views, plants, animals, monsters, etc. Contemporary vellum.
3309: MUNTING, ABRAHAM. - De vera antiquorum herba Britannica, eiusdemque efficacia contra stomacaccen, seu scelotyrben, Frisiis & Batavis de scheurbuyck. Dissertatio historico-medica.Amsterdam, Hieronymus Sweerts, 1681. With: (2) IDEM. Aloidarium, sive Aloës Mucronato Folio Americanae Majoris, Aliarumque ejusdem specie historia. In qua Floridi illius temporis, loci, naturae, culturae, nec non qualitatum ratio paucis enarratur.[Amsterdam], [Hieronymous Sweerts], 1680.2 works in 1 volume. 4to. With a finely engraved allegorical frontispiece, a full-page engraved portrait of Hendrik Casimier of Nassau, and 24 finely engraved plates with flowering plants in the Herba, and 8 finely engraved plates with various aloës in the Aloidarium. Modern half green morocco.
I44EJ66KHNBM: MUZAFFAR IBN MUHAMMAD AL-HUSAYNI (ANGELUS À SANCTO JOSEPHO, ED.). - Pharmacopoea Persica ex idiomate Persico in Latinum conversa. Tafsir-i murakkabat-i qarabadin-i parsi [-i Muzaffar b. Muhammad as-Sifa`i] ba-dast-i Angelus Karmelit.Paris, Etienne Michallet, 1681. 8vo. Near contemporary vellum, gold-tooled spine label, red sprinkled edges.
JBEDBBSH9LXF: MYDORGE, CLAUDE. - Examen du livre des recreations mathematiques.Rouen, Charles Osmont, 1643, 8vo. With numerous woodcut illustrations illustrating the problems. Contemporary limp vellum.
L3IDFLMHTUVU: MYL (MILIUS), ABRAHAM VAN DER. - De origine animalium, et migratione populorum, ... Ubi inquiritur, quomodo quaque via homines cateraque animalia terrestria provenerint; & post deluvium in omnes orbis terrarum partes & regiones: Asiam, Europam, Africam, utramque Americam, & terram Australem, sive Magellanicam, pervenerint.Geneva, Petrus Columesius, 1667. 12mo. 19th-century half calf.
I21GLAXQTZE0: MYNSICHT, ADRIAN VON. - Thesaurus et armamentarium medico-chymicum.Venice, Johann Gabriel Hertz, 1707. 4 parts in 1 volume. 8vo. With engraved title-page. Contemporary limp sheepskin parchment.
KC3E5IO24NK1: [NAMIBIA - AFRICA]. - Angra Pequena. Correspondence respecting the settlement at Angra Pequena, on the S.W. coast of Africa. ... [C.-4190].With:(2) Copy of a despatch from the Right Honourable the Earl of Derby, K.G., Her Majesty's high commissioner in South Africa, relative to the establishment of a German protectorate at Angra Pequena and along the neighbouring coast. ... [C.-4265].(3) Further correspondence respecting the settlement at Angra Pequena on the south-west coast of Africa (in continuation of [C.-4190] ...) ... [C.-4262].London, Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1884. 3 works in 1 volume. Folio. With a folding map in ad 1 and a full-page map in ad 3. Modern blue paper wrappers.
ABC_46062: NATIONAL IRANIAN OIL COMPANY [SHIRKAT-E MILLÎ NAFT-E IRÂN]. - Iran: Petroleum Information & General Information. Presented by the National Iranian Oil Company to the Literacy Corps.Iran, The National Iranian Oil Company to the Literacy Corps = Medeniyya Shirkat-e Millî Naft-e Irân ba Sepah-e Danish, "1344" [=1965]. 92 x 125,5 cm. Original color lithograph map on cloth. Bilingual in English and Farsi. Scale: 1:2000000.
ABC_46059: [NATURAL HISTORY - ANIMALS - MYTHOLOGY]. - Ausführliche und accurate Beschreibung nebst genauer Abbildung einiger vorhin fabelhafter Geschöpfe welche in der heutigen Naturgeschichte berühmter Schriftsteller ganzlich verändert und ins Licht gestellet sind.Leipzig, [W. Nauck], 1784. 8vo. Set in roman and fraktur type. With 8 contemporary hand-coloured engraved folding plates bound at the end, depicting the fabulous dragons, reptiles, sea-dragons, snakes, unicorn and flying dragons and birds (including a phoenix). Contemporary or early 19th-century blue marbled paper over stiff boards, blue sprinkled edges.
K4QGELE8L2SH: [NATURAL HISTORY - DRAWING]. - [Album with natural history drawings].[Netherlands?, ca. 1700?]. Small 4to (18 x 13 cm). Album with 22 drawings on 21 leaves, mostly in watercolour and pencil. Contemporary marbled boards.
K7OGM5TTFAQS: NAVAL INTELLIGENCE DIVISION, [SCOTT, HUGH, A.O.]. - Western Arabia and the Red Sea, B.R. 527 (restricted) geographical handbook series for official use only.(Colophon: Oxford, University press), Naval Intelligence division, 1946. 8vo. With 357 reproductions of photographs on 90 plates, numerous (folding) maps and illustrations in text and 1 separate folding map. Original publisher's green cloth.
K3198N5J78WP: NAVAL INTELLIGENCE DIVISION. [MASON, KENNETH, A.O.]. - Iraq and the Persian Gulf. September 1944. B.R. 524 (restricted) geographical handbook series for official use only.[Oxford,] Naval Intelligence division, 1944. 8vo. With numerous diagrams, reproductions of photographs and (folding) maps, including a loose map in the pocket at the back. Publisher's green cloth.
K3CC18ANEAK3: [NAVIGATION - RED SEA]. - Red Sea and Gulf of Aden pilot comprising the Suez canal, the gulfs of Suez and 'Aqaba, the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden, ...Including: Supplement no. 1-1957 relating to the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden pilot, tenth edition ...London, published by the Hydrographic Department, Admiralty, 1955-1957. 8vo. With a folding map (printed on both sides), 2 coloured plates with diagrams (printed on both sides), 28 plates showing coastlines and occasionally a map (many printed on both sides), and many some illustrations in text. Original blue cloth; supplement with original printed paper wrappers.
LC4E9Q4RAGZB: [NAVIGATION]. [VRIES, KLAAS DE, AND OTHERS]. - Schatkamer of konst der stuurlieden.[Holland?], [ca. 1735/40?]. Folio (31.5 x 20.5 cm). A manuscript course in navigation written in brown ink on laid paper in a largely upright cursive hand, with 6 colour figures, including 2 volvelles, about 100 black and white diagrams, and numerous tables of data, highlighted with a yellow wash. Green paper wrappers (made from a discarded prospectus or the wrapper of an instalment of a book, [ca. 1865?]), later green cloth spine.
ABC_45160: NAVILLE, EDOUARD. - The store-city of Pithom and the route of the Exodus.London, Messrs. Trübner & Co. (colophon: printed by Gilbert and Rivington), 1885. With a frontispiece, 12 plates (2 folding) and 2 maps.Modern half cloth with the original publisher's printed wrappers mounted on the boards.
ABC_45159: NAVILLE, EDOUARD. - Goshen and the shrine of Saft el Henneh (1885). Fifth memoir of the Egypt Exploration Fund.London, Messrs. Trübner & Co, 1887. With 11 plates (6 folding).Modern half cloth with the original publisher's printed wrappers mounted on the front and back boards.
ABC_45164: NAVILLE, EDOUARD. - The mound of the jew and the city of Onias. Belbeis, Samanood, Abusir, Tukh el Karmus. 1887. Seventh memoir of the Egypt Exploration Fund (extra volume for 1888-9).Including: GRIFFITH, Francis Llewellyn. The antiquities of Tell El Yahûdîyeh and miscellaneous work in lower Egypt during the years 1887-1888.London, Messrs. Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co, 1890. 2 parts in 1 volume. With a frontispiece and 26 plates and a second copy of the frontispiece loosely inserted.Modern half cloth with the original publisher's printed wrappers mounted on the front and back boards.
83GC2FWCCH2U: NEALE, ADAM. - Travels through some parts of Germany, Poland, Moldavia, and Turkey.London, (back of title-page: printed by A. Straham), 1818. 4to. With 15 hand-coloured aquatints on 11 plates by I. Clark after drawings by author. 19th-century half morocco (Root bookbinders, London), richly gold-tooled spine.
J7VBJ94UVHU2: [NEDERDUITSCHE APOTHEEK]. - Nieuwe Nederduitsche apotheek. Op eene klaare en verstaanbaare wyze onderwys gevende omtrent de beste dagelyks gebruikt wordende geneeskundige bereidingen; waar in inzonderheid de scheikundige bewerkingen, volgens de gronden der vermaarde heeren Boerhave, Geoffroy en andere beroemde mannen, zoo duidelyk beschreeven worden, als tot nog toe in geene andere apotheeken geschied is.Leiden, Pieter van der Eyk, 1753. Modern orange paper wrappers.
1063: NEEFF, ADRIAAN DE. - Cijffer-boeck der heylige schrift. Over de gelden, gewigten, ende maten der Hebreen arithmetisch gereduceerd op gelden, gewigten ende maten onsen lande en tijdt gebruykelijck. Middelburgh, Gijsbertus Noorman, 1682. Small 8vo. 2 parts in 1 volume. With woodcut vignette on 2 titles, and at the end of the second work, showing identical blank escutcheons. Contemporary vellum.
C7UDZ701U79O: NEES VON ESENBECK, THEODOR FRIEDRICH LUDWIG. - Plantae officinales oder Sammlung officineller Pflanzen. Düsseldorf, Arnz and Company, [1821]-1833. 4 volumes. Folio. With lithographed title-pages for the plate- and supplement-volumes; in total 552 plates, nearly all hand-coloured. Contemporary red half sheepskin.
M2BA7RKMSJQZ: NERINCKX, CHARLES AND JOACHIM GEORGE LE SAGE TEN BROEK - Nagelaten brief van den weleerw. heer Carolus Nerinckx, in leven missionaris in Kentucky, aan zijne bloedverwanten en vrienden in Nederland.The Hague, Gebroeders Langenhuijsen, [1825]. 8vo. With a woodcut device on title-page. Modern cloth with title in gold on the spine and new endpapers.
I14GULZX55OA: [NETHERLANDS & BELGIUM – PHARMACOPOEIA]. - Pharmacopoea Belgica.The Hague, Typographia Regia, 1823. Large 4to (26 x 22 cm). With an engraved plate showing a hygrometer. This copy numbered 1361 and with the authentication signature of Prof. Jac. Van Maanen. Contemporary gold-tooled tree calf.
FC2A44HCTL0E: [NETHERLANDS - STATES GENERAL - TREATIES]. - Recueil van de tractaaten, gemaackt en geslooten tusschen de Hoogh Mog. Heeren Staaten Generaal der Vereenighde Nederlanden ter eenre, ende verscheyde koningen, princen en patentaaten[!] ter andere zyde.The Hague, Jacobus Scheltus, [between 1742 and 1759]. 4to. With a general title-page, followed by an index and 73 treaties, each generally with its own title-page containing the original imprint and a woodcut of the Dutch lion (the arms of the States General) and a few with Van Wouw's woodcut device. Contemporary vellum, each treaty with a letterpress label attached, giving the index numbers.
J8FDUD02545B: [NETHERLANDS - PHARMACOPOEIA]. - Nederlandsche apotheek.The Hague, Algemeene Lands Drukkerij, 1826. 8vo. With a lithographed plate. Contemporary half calf, gold-tooled spine.
I179226YKMGU: [NETHERLANDS & BELGIUM – PHARMACOPOEIA]. - Pharmacopoea Belgica.The Hague, Typographia Regia, 1823. Large 4to (26 x 21 cm). With an engraved plate showing a hygrometer. This copy numbered 541 and with the authentication signature of Prof. Jac. Van Maanen. Contemporary boards, rebacked with cloth and the original calf backstrip laid down.
G4NE8XSUFIAQ: [NETHERLANDS - STATES GENERAL - TREATY]. - Tractaat tusschen haar hoog mog. de Heeren Staten Generaal der Vereenigde Nederlanden, en de regeeringe van Tripoli. Geslooten in het jaar 1728.The Hague, Jacobus Scheltus II, 1729. 4to. Modern paper-covered boards.
20874: NEUDÖRFFER, JOHANN THE ELDER. - Ein gute Ordnung und kurtze Unterricht der furnemsten Grunde, aus denen die Jungen zierlichs Schreybens begirlich, mit besonderer Kunst und Behendigkeyt unterricht und geübt möge[n] werden, ...Including: Anweysung einer gemeinen hanndschrift, ...Nuremberg, Johann Neudörffer, "1538" [ca. 1539]. 2 parts in 1 volume. Oblong small folio (14.5 x 23.5 cm). With 49 (of 54?) etched calligraphic model plates, including 3 (of 4) folding: 48 printed in mirror-image and 1 right-reading (apparently a counterproof). Two are printed in red ink. With 5 leaves ruled in red, and 45 "rubricated" with gold. 17th-century(?) sheepskin parchment.
D7RBORMFQHCT: NEUGEBAUER, SALOMON. - Icones & vitae principum ac regum Poloniae omnium.Frankfurt am Main, Jacob de Zetter, Hartman Palthenius, 1620. With engraved title-page and engraved portraits in text.With: (2) SICCAMA, Sybrand (editor). Lex Frisionum, sive antiquae Frisiorum leges, a reliquis veterum Germanorum legibus separatim aeditiae & notis illustratae. Franeker, Johannes Lamrinck, 1617.(3) [VENICE]. Risposta in difesa delle ragioni del. ser.mo Arciduca Ferdinando contra il manifesto publicato per la Republica di Venetia, per occasione della presente guerra. Con l'oratione di Lodovico Eliano oratore di Lodovico XII. re di Francia, havvta da lui contro la medesima Republica, in augusta, nel convento de' Prencipi di Germania, alla presenza dell' imperatore Massimiliano I, l'anno 1510.[Italy?], Con Licenza de' superiori, 1617. 3 works in 1 volume. Small 4to (20 x 14.5 cm). 18th-century gold-tooled calf.
6436: NEWBURY, JOHN. - Philosophie der tollen en ballen; of het Newtoniaansche zamenstel van wysbegeerte, geschikt naar de vatbaarheid der eerste Jeugd, en gemeenzaam en vermaaklyk gemaakt door voorwerpen, welke aan haar zeer bekend zyn: bestaande in ses lessen, geleezen voor de Lilliputiaansche Maatschappie, door Tom Telescope.Middelburg, Christiaan Bohemer, 1768. 8vo. With engraved frontispiece showing a little boy, Tom Telescope, standing on a table and explaining matter and motion to a group of other small children with some adults present too, a woodcut showing a pair of telescopes, and 8 fine engraved plates showing the solar system, an air-pump and air-gun, globes and armillary spheres, Vesuvius, etc. Contemporary half calf.
954DIPA8GF64: NEWHOUSE, CHARLES B. - The roadsters album.London, George Thomas Fores & Arthur Blücher Fores, 1845. Large folio (38 x 28.5 cm). With an extensively illustrated aquatint title-page, unsigned, but drawn by Henry Thomas Alken (1785-1851), and 16 aquatint plates drawn by Newhouse. Title-page and plates coloured in great detail by a contemporary hand in opaque gouaches and watercolours, and highlighted with shellac. Gold-tooled, red morocco for Henry Arthur Johnstone (ca. 1900), leather endleaves with Johnstone's 1899 blind-stamped ex-libris, top edge gilt.
L7VBHBHDPKGW: NICANDER OF COLOPHON. - Theriaca.Including: NICANDER of Colophon. Alexipharmaca.-In Nicander Theriaca scholia auctoris incerti, et vetusta et utilia. In eiusdem Alexipharmaca diversorum auctorum scholia.Paris, Morelius, 1557. 3 parts in 1 volume. 4to. Each part with its own title-page, with a woodcut caduceus device on all three. Set in roman and Greek types. 17th-century(?) richly gold-tooled red morocco, gilt edges; subtly rebacked, with the original backstrip laid down.
I14AJ6T9YN8X: NICANDER OF COLOPHON AND JEAN DE GORRIS. - Alexipharmaca. Io. Gorraeo Parisiensi medico interprete.Paris, Michel de Vascosan, 1549. 8vo. Contemporary sheepskin parchment.
5430: NICERON, JEAN FRANÇOIS. - La perspective curieuse, divisée en quatre livres. Avec l'optique et la catoptrique du R.P. Mersenne, mise in lumiere après la mort de l'autheur. Oeuvre tres-utile aux peintres, architectes, sculpteurs, graveurs, & à tous autres qui se meslent du dessein.Paris, the widow of F. Langlois, dit Chartres, 1651-1652. With engraved allegorical title-page by Daret, full-page engraved portrait of Niceron by Michel Lasne, several woodcut diagrams in text and, bound at the end of the book, 49 full-page plates and 1 double-page engraved plate with numerous illustrations of drawing in perspective, in optical illusions and in trompe l'oeil.With: (2) Marin MERSENNE. L' optique et la catoptrique.Paris, the widow of F. Langlois, dit Chartres, 1651. With numerous woodcut illustrations and figures in the text. Folio. Contemporary calf, gold-tooled spine, gilt double fillet borders on both sides and on the spine.
23495: [NICOLAY, NICOLAS]. - Plusieurs descriptions des accoustremens, tant des magistrats et officiers de la Porte de l' Empereur des Turcs, que des peuples assujectis à son Empire. Avec les figurs des representant le tout au naturel, tirees des medailles antiques & descriptions de ceux qui ont frequenté parmy ces nations, ou des bons autheurs qui en ont escrit. Including: THOMAS, Artus. Tableaux prophetiques des empereur severe et leon, avec leurs epigrammes predisans la ruine de la monarchie des Turcs. [Paris, widow of Abel L'Angelier, 1620]. 2 parts in 1 volume. Folio. With 79 engraved plates, including 62 costume plates (ca. 27.5 x 17.5 cm) after Nicolas Nicolay. With an additional loosely inserted engraving of a "Marchant Juif". All the plates have explanatory texts on the versos of the preceding plates. 19th-century green half morocco.
K5NF1LV66QRI: NICOLS, THOMAS. - Edelgestein-Büchlein, oder Beschreibung der Edelgesteine. Derer Gestalt, Kräffte und Tugenden, Eigenschafften, Preis und Werth. Samt bengefügten Warnungen für Betrug an alle diejenigen, so mit Edelsteinenen handeln und umbgehen ... Übersetzet und herausgegeben von Johann Langen.Hamburg, Johann Naumans and Georg Wolff, 1675. 8vo. Contemporary vellum.
K5NEG1RSJS0W: NICOLS, THOMAS. - Beschreibung der Steine sowohl Edel als Gemeine. Darinnen derer Gestalt, Kräffte, Tugenden, Medicin, Eigenschafften, Preiss und Werth auf das Deutliches gezeiget wird. Samt beygesetzten Warnungen sich fuer derer Verfaelschung wohl zu hueten wegen seiner Fuertrefflichkeit.Culmbach, for Nathanael Lumscher, by Friedrich Elias Dietzel, 1734. 8vo. Modern beige sheepskin.
EBMD5MLVOA3M: NIEBUHR, CARSTEN. - Reize naar Arabië en andere omliggende landen.Amsterdam, S.J. Baalde; Utrecht, J. van Schoonhoven and company (vol. 1) and Bartholomeus Wild (vol. 2) (colophons: Utrecht, printed by J.J. Besseling), 1776-1780. 2 volumes. 4to. With 2 engraved title-pages, 31 engraved maps and plans (7 folding, that of Yemen hand-coloured in outline) and 94 other engraved plates (30 folding), engraved by C. Philips, Th. and C.H. de Koning, C.J. de Huyser, C.F. Fritsch, O. de Vries and others. 19th-century half calf. Untrimmed.
LA9LQ6PN39AT: NIEBUHR, CARSTEN, AND OTHERS (JOHAN LOUIS GERLAGH, COMPILER AND DRAFTSMAN). - Aanteekeningen uit de Reise naar Arabie, en andere omliggende landen, van Carsten Niebuhr, geteekent en geschreeven door Joh. Louis Gerlagh.[Hoeven? (near Breda)], 1785. Folio (29 x 22 cm). Manuscript in Dutch, written in ink on paper, with two loosely inserted supplements (2 bifolia), with a calligraphic title-page and 39 pages of (mostly) ink and grey ink wash drawings, plus a small drawing of an inscription and a few written examples in the text. Contemporary half canvas, sides covered with printed pattern paper.
76OFMZ3CJTCQ: NIEBUHR, CARSTEN. - Beschryving van Arabie. Amsterdam, Steven Jacobus Baalde; Utrecht, Johannes van Schoonhoven & comp. (colophon: printed by Johan Joseph Besseling, Utrecht), 1774. With engraved title-page and 25 engraved plates, including 7 folding showing 1 view of military exercises, 2 Kufic inscriptions (coloured by hand) and 4 maps. The unnumbered map of Yemen (plate size 58.5 x 39 cm) is coloured by hand in outline. With: (2) NIEBUHR, Carsten. Reize naar Arabië en andere omliggende landen.Amsterdam, Steven Jacobus Baalde; Utrecht, Johannes van Schoonhoven & comp. (colophons: printed by Johan Joseph Besseling, Utrecht), 1776-1780. With 2 engraved title-pages and 125 engraved plates (38 folding). 2 works in 3 volumes. Large 4to (28.5 x 22.5 cm). Contemporary sprinkled and polished half calf. Untrimmed.
H8IFJPNFM8N3: NIEKAMP, JOHANN LUCAS. - Kurtzgefasste Missions-Geschichte oder Historischer Auszug der evangelischen Missions-Berichte aus Ost-Indien von dem Jahr 1705 bis zu Ende des Jahres 1736, … Halle, Waisenhaus, 1740. 4to. With 2 engraved folding maps (the second crudely highlighted in colour by a later hand). Contemporary tanned sheepskin.
19528: NIEMEYER, AUGUST HERMANN. - Ueber Oeffentliche Schulen und Erziehungsanstalten. Nebst einigen Zusätzen zu den Grundsätzen der Erziehung und des Unterrichts für die Besitzer der ersten und zweyten Ausgabe. Halle, the author, Waisenhaus-Buchhandlung, 1799. 8vo. With engraved vignette on title-page. Contemporary boards.
72IF2NUHG1OO: NIEUHOF, JOHAN. - Het gezantschap der Neêrlandtsche Oost-Indische Compagnie, aan den grooten Tartarischen Cham, den tegenwoordigen keizer van China:...Amsterdam, Jacob van Meurs, 1670. Folio. With engraved title-page, engraved author’s portrait, large folding engraved map of China, 34 double-page engraved plates and views, and 110 half-page engraved illustrations in text, all in fine and strong impressions. The coats of arms of Spiegel and Witsen, apparently optional elements in the preliminaries of the Dutch, French and Latin editions, are not present. Contemporary blind-tooled vellum.
H7RG4FVBKYS1: NIEUHOF, JOHAN. - Het gezantschap der Neêrlandtsche Oost-Indische Compagnie, aan den grooten Tartarischen Cham, den tegenwoordigen keizer van China …Antwerp, Michiel Cnobbert, 1666. Folio. With engraved frontispiece, engraved author's portrait, 34 engraved double-page plates and numerous engraved illustrations in the text. Contemporary mottled calf, gold-tooled spine. Rebacked with the original backstrip laid down.
88TBEGX24WTW: [NIEUHOFF, NICOLAAS]. - Catalogus van een uitmuntend en overheerlyk kabinet konstige schilderyen, tekeningen en prenten, door de beroemste, en voornaamste Nederlandsche, en andere meesters, als meede eenige fraaye beeldwerken en rariteiten. Alles met veel moeite, en kunde byeen verzameld, en nagelaten door wylen den heer Nicolaas Nieuhoff. Het welke alles verkogt zal worden door de makelaars Phillippus van der Schley, Hendrik de Winter, en Jan Yver, op maandag den 14 april 1777. en volgende dagen.Amsterdam, J. Stanhoffius Andriesz., 1777. 8vo. With an engraved frontispiece by Reinier Vinkeles. 20th-century half pigskin.
58QEFDBBNOWB: NIEUWENTYT, BERNARD. - Het regt gebruik der werelt beschouwingen, ter overtuiginge van ongodisten en ongelovigen aangetoont.Amsterdam, Joannes Pauli, 1740. Large 4to (25.5 x 19.5 cm). Withengraved frontispiece, engraved author's portrait and 28 engraved folding plates. Contemporary mottled calf, gold-tooled spine.
V2527: NILSSON, SVEN AND J. G. KEMNER. - De variis mammalia disponendi modis dissertatio, ...Lund, Litteris Berlingianis, 1812. 4to. Disbound.
K93EAZNG3PAI: NIRSO, TOMAS SABATTINNO. - Instrucção summaria sobre o modo de cultivar as amoreiras, e de crear os bichos da seda, offerecida ao Illmo. e Excmo. Senhor Marquez de Pombal.Lisbon, Na Regia Officina Typografica, 1772. Small 8vo. Contemporary marbled paper boards.
642BT0WJLUF0: NODAL, BARTHOLOME GARCIA DE & GONZALO. - Relacion del viage, que por orden de su magestad, y acuerdo de el real consejo de Indias ... Including: ECHELEVAR, D. Manuel de, J.M. y J. Instruccion exacta, y util de las derrotas, y navegaciones ...Cadiz, Don Manuel Espinosa de los Monteros, Impressor de la Real Marina, [1766?-1769]. 4to. With a folding map of the Strait of Magellan drawn and engraved by D.M. de Rueda, dated 1769. 2 parts in 1 volume. 4to. Contemporary limp sheepskin parchment by the Cadiz printing office's own bindery.
95EAM501U79O: NOÉ, JUAN NICOLAS. - Epitome de gramatica Castellana. ... Para escuelas primarias.Valparaiso, Imprenta de la Bandera, 1837. 12mo. With the title in woodcut borders, a woodcut printer's vignette and some woodcut head- and tailpieces. Contemporary blue paper wrappers, with protective paper cover.
ABC_45522: NOMSZ, JOHANNES. - [A choice collection of 6 original plays written by Johannes Nomsz and 10 plays of French playwrights - Racine, Corneille, Voltaire and others - together with other texts highly interesting for the history of the Amsterdam stage, and Nomsz’s historical work on the life of Mohammed in 2 volumes].Amsterdam, Izaak Duim, Johannes Smit, David Klippink, widow of David Klippink, Hendrik Gartman, Johannes Smit, heirs of David Klippink, 1764-1780. 16 plays, 3 essays and 1 biography bound in 11 volumes. 8vo. With two portraits of Nomsz by Reinier Vinkeles (vol. I) and J. Houbraken (vol. IX), a portrait of Mohammed by J. Houbraken (vol. I) and 14 frontispieces by the best engravers of the time: Jan Punt, Reinier Vinkeles, Simon Fokke, P. Tanjé and Th. Koning. Uniform contemporary vellum with a blind-tooled centrepiece and cornerpieces on each board, manuscript titles on spines.

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