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094417: SLEEPER, MRS. J. A. & FRIENDS - Surprise Party of Mrs. J.A. Sleeper and Friends to Her Husband on Seventy-Second Birthday
093610: ELLIS, DAVID M.; FROST, JAMES A.; ET AL - A History of New York State; a Revision of a Short History of New York State
076667: TURNBAUGH, WILLIAM A. & SARAH PEABODY - Basket Tales of the Grandmothers; American Indian Baskets in Myth and Legend
092221: AHO, G. A. & NOPOLA, J. E., INTRODUCTION - Evankelis-Luterilainen Kansalliskirkko; Ensimmaiset 50 Vuotta
094307: BROWN, K. S.; HEYN, E. F.; FREEMAN, R. A.; ET AL - United States Army and Air Force Fighters 1916-1961
28208: SVENDSEN, KNUD ERIK; HANSEN, SVEND AAGE; ET AL - Dansk Pengehistorie; 3 Volumes; 1700-1960
092484: ABBOTT, JOHN S. C. - Benjamin Franklin
092005: ABEGG, MAX - Alles Uber Film; Und Filmen; Hobby Bucherei Band 14
091965: ABELE, FRED B. - The Mohawk and Hudson Railroad Co. 1826 - 1853
092560: ACHESON, SAM; MILAZZO, LEE - Dallas Yesterday
093087: ACKERLEY, J. R. - My Father and Myself
093542: ACKERMAN, EVELYN - Dolls in Miniature; a Portrayal of Society Through Tiny Dolls Their Fashions, and Environments 1700-1930
091790: ADAMS, CINDY; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Lake Bronson Centennial; the First Hundred Years 1905-2005
094016: CADDICK-ADAMS, PETER - Monty and Rommel; Parallel Lives
092910: ADAMS, PROF. HENRY - Cassell's Engineers' Handbook Comprising Facts and Formulae, Principles Ans Practice, in All Branches of Engineering
094289: ADAMS, RAMON F. - Six-Guns & Saddle Leather; a Bibliography of Books and Pamphlets on Western Outlaws and Gunmen
092350: ADAMS, ANSEL; ALINDER, MARY STREET - An Autobiography
092179: ADAMS, JOHN A. - The Battle for Western Europe; Fall 1944; an Operational Assessment
092812: ADAMSON, JOE - Bugs Bunny; Fifty Years and Only One Grey Hare
094000: AGOSTINI, JAZMIN - Pubs
078198: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE - Soil Survey of Houghton County Area, Michigan
10343: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE - Soil Survey of Chippewa County, Michigan; 2 Volumes
088617: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE - Soil Survey of Baraga County Area, Michigan
077865: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE - Soil Survey of Houghton County Area, Michigan
49173: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE - Soil Survey of Houghton County Area, Michigan
093954: AHOLA, DAVID JOHN - Finnish-Americans and International Communism; a Study of Finnish-American Communism from Bolshevization to the Demise of the Third International
093466: JARVENPA, AILI & KARNI, MICHAEL G. - Sampo; the Magical MILL; a Collection of Finnish-American Writing
093654: AILSBY, CHRISTOPHER - Hitler's Renegades; Foreign Nationals in the Service of the Third Reich
092086: SALISBURY, ALBERT & JANE - Here Rolled the Covered Wagons; an Historical Tour of the Northwest
094169: ALBERTZ, RAINER - A History of Israelite Religion in the Old Testament Period; Volume I; from the Beginnings to the End of the Monarchy
094126: ALBRIGHT, WILLIAM FOXWELL - Yahweh and the Gods of Canaan; a Historical Analysis of Two Contrasting Faiths
092175: ALCOTT, LOUISA MAY; STERN, MADELEINE, INTRODUCTION - Behind a Mask; the Unknown Thrillers of Louisa May Alcott
094343: ROBERTS, REV. ALEXANDER & DONALDSON, JAMES - The Ante-Nicene Fathers Translations of the Writings Down to A.D. 325; Ten Volumes
091671: ALEXANDER, BOB - Fearless Dave Allison Border Lawman
092513: ALEXANDER, DAVID - Shoot a Sitting Duck; Bart Hardin and Lt. Romano
091658: ALEXANDER, DIANE - Fitness in a Chair; Revised Edition
094270: ALEXANDER, GENERAL E. P.; WILLIAMS, T. HARRY - Military Memoirs of a Confederate
092419: ALGER, HORATIO, JR. - Five Hundred Dollars or Jacob Marlowe's Secret
094400: ALLEN, STOOKIE - Fighting Heroes Battle for Freedom
091956: ALLEN, DON CAMERON - The Harmonious Vision; Studies in Milton's Poetry; Enlarged Edition
093994: ALLEN, JOHN HOUGHTON - Southwest
093541: SCHAAK-ALLIED - Schaak-Allied Radio Catalogue of the Air
093413: ALLOY, JAN LEIBOVITZ - A Field Guide to Michigan State History
094078: ALLPORT, ALAN - Browned Off and Bloody-Minded; the British Soldier Goes to War 1939-1945
094412: ALMARS, JOSEPH - Commercial Design; Divisions 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; 11 Volumes
093118: KAISER ALUMINUM - Forming and Bending Kaiser Aluminum
093254: D'AMATO, RAFFAELE - Imperial Roman Naval Forces 31 Bc - Ad 500
091961: AMBROSE, STEPHEN E. - Nothing Like It in the World; the Men Who Built the Continental Railroad 1863-1869
58851: ALLYTE, AMELIA ET AL; COLLINS, JESSIE, EDITRESS - Astounding Transvestite Tales Vol. 2 Issue Number 7
094397: AMES, DELANO - Murder Begins at Home
091846: ANCELET, BARRY JEAN; GOULD, PHILIP - Cajun Music and Zydeco; Signed
092391: ANDERSON, WING - Seven Years That Change the World; 1941-1948
093534: ANDREYEV, LEONID - The Seven That Were Hanged
094054: WELCH, ANN & LORNE; IRVING, FRANK - New Soaring Pilot; Third Edition Revised and Enlarged
093086: ANONYMOUS - The Christian Economy Translated from the Original Greek of an Old Manuscript, Found on the Island of Patmos
092225: TREUER, ANTON & SULLIVAN, MICHAEL, SR - Akawe Niwii-Tibaajim; Aanjibimaadizing
091878: APPELBAUM, ROBERT - Literature and Utopian Politics in Seventeenth-Century England
092448: APPLETON, VICTOR - Don Sturdy on the Desert of Mystery or Autoing in the Land of Caravans
094034: ARBIC, BERNIE - City of the Rapids; Sault Ste. Marie's Heritage
090731: ARBIC, BERNIE - City of the Rapids; Sault Ste. Marie's Heritage
093032: ARBITMAN, KAHREN JONES - Rembrandt Etchings from the Carnegie Museum of Art
092197: ARCHER, PETER - The Stagecoach Robbery
092862: DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY - Mine/Countermine Operations at the Company Level; Fm 20-32
093008: UNITED STATES ARMY - Field Artillery Battalion; Fm 6-20-1j
092921: COMMANDER CANADIAN ARMY - Designing Canada's Army of Tomorrow
092924: DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY - Patrols; Subcourse Ino353 Edition 9
092925: DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY - Fire Planning; Subcourse Ino 406 Edition 4
092982: UNITED STATES ARMY - Hand Grenades; Infantry Subcourse Ino342; Edition 1
092983: UNITED STATES ARMY - Pistols and Revolvers; Subcourse Iso217; Edition 3
092981: UNITED STATES ARMY - Grenade Launchers; Subcourse Ino331; Edition 4
092861: U.S. ARMY - Training Ranges; Army Range Requirements; Tc 25-2
094262: UNITED STATES ARMY - Soldier's Manual Mos 63d Self-Propelled Field Artillery System Mechanic; Skill Level One/Two; Stp 9-63d12-Sm
092765: ARSENAULT, KERRI - MILL Town; Reckoning with What Remains
092239: ARSENAULT, JOHN - Lz Sitting Duck; the Fight for Fsb Argonne
093104: KNIGHT, ARTHUR & ALPERT, HOLLIS; PLAYBOY MAGAZINE - Playboy's Sex in Cinema; 4 Volumes; 1, 2, 3, 4
093513: ARTHUR, CHARLES - Speed Douglas and the Mole Gang; the Great Sabotage Plot
092647: ARTMAN, E. TOWNSEND - Toasters 1909 1960
093349: ACADEMY OF MOTION PICTURES ARTS AND SCIENCES - The Players Directory; Issue 40, April 1945
093337: ACADEMY OF MOTION PICTURES ARTS AND SCIENCES - The Players Directory Bulletin; Issue 21, December 1940
094130: ASCHENBRENNER, ERICH - Oriental Rugs; Volume 2; Persian
093392: ASHDOWN, CHARLES H. - Armour and Weapons in the Middle Ages
094021: ASHMORE, P. J. - Neolithic and Bronze Age Scotland
092256: ASIMOV, ISAAC - The Foundation Trilogy
094273: ASIMOV, ISAAC; SPRAGUE DE CAMP, L.; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Astounding Science Fiction; Vol. XXVII No. 2; April, 1941
093067: ATKINSON, RICK - In the Company of Soldiers; a Chroncle of Combat
093073: ATKINSON, RICK - An Army at Dawn; the War in North Africa, 1942-1943
093074: ATKINSON, RICK - The Day of Battle; the War in Sicily and Italy, 1943-1944
093080: ATKINSON, RICK - Crusade; the Untold Sotry of the Persian Gulf War
093704: ATWOOD, MARGARET - The Testaments
092370: AUBERLEN, ECKHARD - The Commonwealth of Wit; the Writer's Image and His Strategies of Self-Representation in Elizabethan Literature
093972: AUDUBON, JOHN JAMES; BACHMAN, REV. JOHN; CAHALANE, VICTOR H. - Audubon Game Animals; a Selected Treasury for Sportsmen
093240: AUGEN, JEFF - The Volatility Edge in Options Trading; New Technical Strategies for Investing in Unstable Markets
092908: AUSTIN, MARY - Earth Horizon; an Autobiography
092267: UNITED STATES ARMY; NO AUTHOR - Soldier's Manual Mos 13f; Fire Support Specialist; Skill Level 1/2/3/4
092307: NO AUTHOR - Northern Ireland Camera Studies
093302: NO AUTHOR - The New American Bible the New Testament Newly Translated from the Original Greek
091969: NO AUTHOR - The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments in the Authorized King James Version; Dove of Peace; Wooden Box
093064: NO AUTHOR - Far from 'Ome; Immigrant Experiences in Michigan's Copper Country; the 14th Gathering of Cornish Cousins July 25-29, 2007
085932: NO AUTHOR - Calumet Township Centennial 1866 1966 Souvenir Program July 10 to 17
092271: NO AUTHOR - Ontonagon Elementary School Dedication February 2, 1939
093700: NO AUTHOR - The Keweenaw 2015 Land Atlas & Plat Book; Houghton & Keweenaw Counties, Michigan
092772: NO AUTHOR - St. Louis Cardinals 1996 Calendar; Busch Stadium 1966-1996
092295: NO AUTHOR - The Steel Square and Its Uses; Two Parts in One Volume
088879: NO AUTHOR - Calumet Township Centennial 1866 1966 Souvenir Program July 10 to 17
091844: NO AUTHOR - Railway Map of South Africa Showing Air Routes
092353: NO AUTHOR - Suomi Finlandia Pintoresca; Pais de Los Miles de Lagos Y de Los Grandes Bosques
078312: NO AUTHOR - The Strange Case of William Heikkila
093515: NO AUTHOR - Studies in the Scriptures; Series II; the Time Is at Hand
094416: NO AUTHOR - German Prisoners in Great Britain
094300: NO AUTHOR - Fort Leonard Wood Missouri Sixth Arnored Division 61st Aaa (Aw) Bn Mar 1956
092213: NO AUTHOR - Cut and Stick Make Cowboy Sticker Pictures No Paste Needed
092159: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Better Homes & Gardens; July 1943; Volume 21 Number 11
092162: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Better Homes & Gardens; April 1944; Volume 22 Number 8
092163: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Better Homes & Gardens; May 1944; Volume 22 Number 9
093709: CHILTON; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Chilton's Auto Repair Manual 1940-1953
093144: CARLTON COUNTY; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Stories of a Century; Cloquet Centennial Book of Reflections 1904-2004
094159: UNITED STATES ARMY; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Armor in Battle; Fksm 17-3-2
094302: NEW YORK SOCIETY OF SELF-CULTURE; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Correct Social Usage; a Course of Instruction in Good Form, Style and Deportment; Sixth Edition
093217: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Marine News; April 19, 1999; Deepwater Prospects
093218: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Marine News; January 25, 1999; Fast Craft Guide
092161: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Better Homes & Gardens; March 1944; Volume 22 Number 7
092160: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Better Homes & Gardens; August 1943; Volume 21 Number 12
092760: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Covington Township Homecoming June 30-July 1, 1973 (Michigan)
093436: VARIOUS AUTHORS - And in Whose Hills You Shall Mine Copper; Historic Diaries of the Copper Country 1845 to 1910
094306: SANTA BARBARA MUSEUM OF ART; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Natural Magic; Salted Paper Prints in North America
090339: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Jahrbuch Des Historischen Vereins "Alt Wertheim" 1931
093871: VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Best Children's Songs Ever; Piano Vocal Guitar
076472: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Woman's Day Magazine; Seventeenth Year; Second Issue; November 1953; How to Knit a Bulky...
092515: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Life Magazine September 8, 1972; Vol. 73, No. 10
092845: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Life Magazine February 29, 1960; Vol. 48, No. 8
092761: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Covington Township Homecoming June 30-July 1, 1973 (Michigan)
58854: ANONYMOUS; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Astounding Transvestite Tales Vol. #2 Issue #6
092785: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Life Magazine September 21, 1959 Vol. 47, No. 12
091748: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Scribner's Magazine; Volume 1; January-June 1887
094188: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Zion's Harp; a Collection of Hymns and Songs for the Apostolic Christian Church of America
093729: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Come October; Exclusively Woodcock
092158: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Good Housekeeping; November 1938; Vol. 107 No. 5
092989: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Calumet Township Centennial 1866 1966 Souvenir Program July 10 to 17
093898: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Book Trails for Baby Feet; 8 Volumes
093219: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Marine News; May 10, 1999; Tugboat Design
093220: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Marine News; May 31, 1999; Diesel Power Guide
092125: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Woman's Day Magazine; Volume 7 Number 9; June, 1944
092126: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Woman's Day Magazine; Volume 7 Number 7; April, 1944
092127: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Woman's Day Magazine; Volume 7 Number 3; December, 1943
093648: OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS; VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Compact Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary; Complete Text Reproduced Micrographically; 2 Volumes
093481: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Liberty Magazine; January 11, 1941; Vol. 18, No. 2
094341: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Tales of the Great Lakes; Stories from Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin
093471: VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Lowdown; Vol. 9, No. 1; March, 1963
32607: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution . 1955
58855: ANONYMOUS; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Astounding Transvestite Tales Book 18
092065: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Reporting CIVIL Rights; Part One; American Journalism 1941-1963
092516: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Life Magazine December 17, 1945
092786: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Life Magazine March 14 1960; Volume 48, Number 10
093617: PUBLIC WORKS HISTORICAL SOCIETY; VARIOUS AUTHORS - One Hundred Years of Public Works Equipment
093618: PUBLIC WORKS HISTORICAL SOCIETY; VARIOUS AUTHORS - One Hundred Years of Public Works Equipment
094458: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Dog Eyes Magazine; Issue No 4 2017
093274: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Door County Almanak; No. 5
093485: VARIOUS AUTHORS - The New Lowdown; Vol. 4, No. 2; March, 1958
092344: NATIONAL GALLERY; VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Age of Correggio and the Carracci; Emilian Painting of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
092128: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Woman's Day Magazine; Volume 6 Number 1; October, 1942
092131: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Woman's Day Magazine; Volume 8 Number 8; May, 1945
093213: UNIVERSITY SOCIETY; VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Bookshelf for Boys and Girls; Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4 Only; 4 Volumes
093717: AYTO, ERIC G. - Clay Tobacco Pipes
092712: COLBY, C. B. & ANGIER, BRADFORD - The Art and Science of Taking to the Woods
092998: NORMAN, A. V. B. & POTTINGER, DON - English Weapons & Warfare 449-1660
094266: MERAS, B. & E. JULES - French Verbs and Verbal Idioms in Speech
091876: SMITH, ALLAN B. & HELEN B. - One Thousand Individual Open Salts; 650 More Individual Open Salts' the Third Book of Individual Open Salts; 3 Volumes
093669: BACEVICH, ANDREW J. - America's War for the Greater Middle East
093141: BACH, JOHANN SEBASTIAN; MAINOUS, FRANK D.; OTTMAN, ROBERT W. - The 371 Chorales of Johann Sebastian Bach with English Texts and Twenty-Three Instrumental Obbligatos
094429: BACON, FRANCIS; DESCARTES, RENE; SPINOZA, BENEDICT DE - Advancement of Learning; Novum Organum; New Atlantis; Rules for the Direction of the Mind... Etc; Ethics
093758: BAEDEKER, OTTO - Baedeker's International Trade Developer; Commerce - Transportation
093258: BAGNALL, NIGEL - The Punic Wars 264 - 146 Bc
093469: BAILEY, BRIAN - Hangmen of England; the History of Execution from Jack Ketch to Albert Pierrepoint
094149: BAIRD, DARYL E. - From a Slab of Clay
094463: BAKER, HOLLIS S. - Furniture Inthe Ancient World; Origins & Evolution 3100-475 B.C.
091460: BAKER, RICHARD T. ; SMITH, HENRY G. - A Research on the Eucalypts Especially in Regard to Their Essential Oils; 2nd Edition
092805: BAKER, DENYS VAL - The Face in the Mirror
092795: BAKER, BOB - Wisconsin Rails II; a Passage of Time; Growing Up with Railroading in the Badger State
093284: BALDWIN, JAMES - Blues for Mister Charlie
093988: BALL, MAX W. - This Fascinating Oil Business
093112: BALSDON, J. P. V. D. - Roman Women; Their History and Habits
067988: BANGS, JOHN KENDRICK - Bikey the Skicycle and Other Tales of Jimmieboy
093172: BANHAM, RUSS - The Ford Century; Ford Motor Company and the Innovations That Shaped the World
093937: TAKEI, BARBARA & TACHIBANA, JUDY - Tule Lake Revisited; a Brief History and Guide to the Tule Lake Concentration Camp Site
092979: COFFIN, BARBARA & PFANNMULLER, LEE - Minnesota's Endangered Flora and Fauna
091930: BARBER, NOEL - The White Desert
093290: BARBORKA, GEOFFREY A. - The Mahatmas and Their Letters
094321: BARKER, A. J. - The Yom Kippur War
092306: BARKER, MARGARET B. - Newspaper-Real Estate Schemes of the 1920s; Pell Lake and Other Vacation Colonies for Working Class Subscribers
093930: BARNES, AL - Vinegar Pie and Other Tales of the Grand Traverse Region; Revised Edition
093530: BARNETT, LE ROY - Railroads in Michigan; a Catalog of Company Publications, 1836-1980
094091: BARR, NIALL - Eisenhower's Armies; the American-British Alliance During World War II
093099: BARR, STRINGFELLOW - The Will of Zeus; a History of Greece from the Origins of Hellenic Culture to the Death of Alexander
093524: BARRETTE, MYRTLE - View from My Window
092229: BARRON, F. LAURIE; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Native Studies Review; Volume 3 Number 2 1987
092594: BARRY, JAMES P. - Ships of the Great Lakes; 300 Years of Navigation
093981: HINDESS, BARRY & HIRST, PAUL Q. - Pre-Capitalist Modes of Production
093897: BARRY, JAMES P. - The Fate of the Lakes; a Portrait of the Great Lakes
091650: BARTH, JOHN - Giles Goat-Boy or, the Revised New Syllabus
092472: BARTHELME, DONALD; HERZINGER, KIM - The Teachings of Don B.
093383: BATCHELOR, G. K. - The Theory of Homogeous Turbuluence
085524: BATES, JOHN; RICHTER, JEFF - White Deer Ghosts of the Forest
092585: RYLKO-BAUER, BARBARA - A Polish Doctor in the Nazi Camps; My Mother's Memories of Imprisoment, Immigration, and a Life Remade
093802: BAUM, L. FRANK - Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz
094168: BAUM, ED - Maine Atlantic Salmon a National Treasure
092532: BEATTY, JOHN - The Citizen-Soldier; or, Memoirs of a Volunteer
092942: BEAUMONT, GEOFFREY CAMPBELLL VARIOUS AUTHORS - Arthur Edwaine Beaumont Naval Artist 1890-1978
091728: BECK, HENRY CHARLTON - More Forgotten Towns of Southern New Jersey
092463: BECK, GEORGE M., JR. - Palisades Park (New Jersey); Images of America
091707: BECK, ALFRED M. - Hitler's Ambivalent Attache; Lt. Gen. Friedrich Von Boetticher in America, 1933-1941
085307: BECK, AROL - A Page from an Old Calendar; Tales of Events, Personalities and History of Escanaba and Vicinity
093497: BEJAR, HECTOR - Peru 1965; Notes on a Guerilla Experience
093344: BELDON, JACK - China Shakes the World
093236: BELEZOS, DIMITRIS; KOTOULAS, JOANNIS - Thermopylae 480 Bc; the Most Unequal Battle in History
093263: BELEZOS, D.; GIANNOPOULUS, N.; KOTOULAS, L.; GRIGOROPOULOS, K. - Marathon 490 B.C. ; Athens Crushes the Persian Might
093746: BELL, CHRISTOPHER M. - Churchill & Sea Power
092034: BELL, BOB - Hunting the Long-Tailed Bird
093259: PITTS, LELA BELLE; ET AL - Singing Every Day; Enlarged Edition; Teachers' Edition
092382: BELMONT, AUGUST - Retriever Field Trials 1973-1978; Performances in Championship and Open and Amateur All-Age Stakes
093808: BELUE, TED FRANKLIN - The Long Hunt; Death of the Buffalo East of the Mississippi
093773: BEMELMANS, LUDWIG - Dirty Eddie
091751: BENDER, MARJORIE E. F.; HAWES, ROBERT O.; BIXBY, DONALD E. - Counting Our Chickens; Identifying Breeds in Danger of Extinction
093448: BENEDICT, HARRY - Red Metal; the Calumet and Hecla Story
092730: BENET, WILLIAM ROSE - Wild Goslings; a Selection of Fugitive Pieces
092730: BENET, WILLIAM ROSE - Wild Goslings; a Selection of Fugitive Pieces
094178: BENINGSON, ROBIN F.; VARIOUS - Ancient Treasures XII
092461: BERENS, JEAN; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Passing Along History; Town of Marathon 1859-2009; 150 Year Celebration (Wisconsin)
094449: BERKE, HELEN; CANIFF, MILTON - Terry and War in the Jungle
091841: BERKE, HELEN; GRAY, HAROLD - Little Orphan Annie in the Thieves' Den
094445: BERKE, HELEN - Smilin' Jack and the Jungle Pipeline
093676: SOTHEBY PARKE BERNET - Succession de Monsieur Claude Cartier... Louis Cartier 25, 26, 27 November, 1979, Sporting D'Hiver, Monte Carlo
093675: BERNSTEIN, ARNIE - Swastika Nation; Fritz Kuhn and the Rise and Fall of the German-American Bund
092773: BERNSTEIN, ROSS - Batter-Up! Celebrating a Century of Minnesota Baseball
093499: BERRY, BREWTON - Almost White
093156: BERTRAND, J. - Dictionnaire Pratique de Conjugaison; 10000 Verbes
093978: BETTLEY, JAMES - The Art of the Book; from Medieval Manuscript to Graphic Novel
093555: BHAGWAN, GNANI PURUSH DADA - Noble Use of Money
093554: BHAGWAN, GNANI PURUSH DADA - Guru and Disciple
092752: SPORTSMAN'S CONNECTION; BILLIG, JAMES F. - Western Upper Peninsula Michigan Fishing Map Guide
093208: BILLOWS, RICHARD A. - Marathon; How One Battle Changed Western Civilization
094063: BIRD, MICHAEL - The Platypus Papers; Fifty Years of Powerless Pilotage
092123: BISHOP, CHRIS - Apache Ah-64 Boeing (Mcdonnell Douglas) 1976-2005
094385: BLACK, DAVID; VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Atlas of Rugs & Carpets; a Comprehensive Guide for the Buyer and Collector
094386: BLACK, DAVID; VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Atlas of Rugs & Carpets; a Comprehensive Guide for the Buyer and Collector
094380: BLACK, DAVID; VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Atlas of Rugs & Carpets; a Comprehensive Guide for the Buyer and Collector
091693: BLACKBEARD, BILL - Sherlock Holmes in America
093050: BLACKMAN, RAYMOND V. B. - Jane's Fighting Ships 1967 1968
094215: BLAKE, FANNY - Essential Charles Rennie Mackintosh
093158: BLED, JEAN-PAUL - Franz Joseph
094217: BLISS, RONALD G. - Indian Summer Football
094381: BLOCK, FRANCESCA LIA - Necklace of Kisses
092006: VARIOUS AUTHORS; BLOOMFIELD, B. C. - A Cumulation of a Selected and Annotated Bibliography of Economic Literature on the Arabic Speaking Countries of the Middle East, 1938-1960
092235: BOAS, FRANZ; POWELL, J. W. - Introduction to Handbook of American Indian Languages; Indian Linguistic Families of America North of Mexico
091789: BOCCACCIO, GIOVANNI; WINWAR, FRANCIS, TRANSLATOR - The Decameron of Giovanni Boccaccio
092402: BODKY, ERWIN - The Interpretation of Bach's Keyboard Works
093354: BOGLE, DONALD - Blacks in American Films and Television; an Illustrated Encyclopedia
092938: BOHNAK, KARL - So Cold a Sky; Upper Michigan Weather Stories
093896: DU BOIS, GAYLORD - Buck Jones and the Killers of Crooked Butte
093345: XENOPHON; BOISE, JAMES ROBINSON - Four Books of Xenophon's Anabasis with Introduction, Map, Notes, Lexicon Etc.
094390: BOKENKOTTER, THOMAS - A Concise History of the Catholic Church; Revised Edition
092233: BOLES, FRANK - Celebrating Two Centuries of Michigan Newspapers; 1809-2009
093946: BOLSENGA, STANLEY J.; HERDENDORF. CHARLES E. - Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair Handbook
093947: BOLSENGA, STANLEY J.; HERDENDORF. CHARLES E. - Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair Handbook
092293: BOLT, CHRISTINE - American Indian Policy and American Reform
092474: BONKEMEYER, PATRICIA H.; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Once Upon an Island . . As Told to and Collected by the Gulf Shore Woman's Club (Alabama)
093129: BONSALL, THOMAS E. - The Cadillac Story; the Postwar Years
094448: NO AUTHOR; BIG LITTLE BOOK - Coach Bernie Bierman's Brick Barton and the Winning Eleven
093137: BOOT, MAX - The Savage Wars of Peace; Small Wars and the Rise of American Power
092802: BOROWSKI, LEE - The Simple Secrets of Skating; a Teaching Method
091835: BOSWELL, JAMES - The Life of Samuel Johnson
092893: BOTKIN, DANIEL B. - Passage to Discovery; the American Rivers Guide to the Missouri River of Lewis and Clark
094399: BOTTOME, PHYLLIS - Under the Skin
093964: BOURKE, JOHN GREGORY - The Snake Dance of the Moquis of Arizona
093009: BOWDEN, MARK - Black Hawk Down; a Story of Modern War
093328: BOWEN, EDWARD L. - Dynasties; Great Thoroughbred Stallions
094315: BOWEN, DANA THOMAS - Shipwrecks of the Lakes Told in Story and Picture
094276: BOWERS, Q. DAVID - A Guide Book of Morgan Silver Dollars; a Complete History and Price Guide; 5th Edition
093367: BOWERSOCK, G. W.; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Late Antiquity; a Guide to the Postclassical World
093376: BOXALL, PETER; ACKROYD, PETER; VARIOUS AUTHORS - 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die
094048: BRADBURY, RAY - The October Country
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092731: BURNETT, W. H. - High Sierra
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094443: BUSHMILLER, ERNIE - Nancy and Sluggo
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072145: CANFIELD, DOROTHY - Seasoned Timber
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092738: CARLYLE, THOMAS - The French Revolution; a History; Two Volumes
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092740: CHANDOS, JOHN - Boys Together; English Public Schools 1800-1864
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092715: CHOATE, JEAN - Disputed Ground; Farm Groups That Opposed the New Deal Agricultural Program
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093604: CHOPIN, KATE - Complete Novels and Stories
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092953: CLARK, JACOB WENDELL - In the Sight of God
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093787: CLYNE, GERALDINE - Old King Cole; Pop-Up
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093299: WESTINGHOUSE AIR BRAKE COMPANY - Instruction Pamphlet No. 5066 24-Rl Locomotive Brake Equipment
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080118: WATERMAN STEAMSHIP CORPORATION - Marine Distance and Speed Table
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085704: COWPER, WILLIAM; MCMAHAN, ANNA B. - The Best Letters of William Cowper
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092725: CROWL, PHILIP A. - The Intelligent Traveller's Guide to Historic Scotland
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092729: CRUMB, R. - Uneeda Comix
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093022: DANIEL, JAMIE OWEN; MOYLAN, TOM - Not Yet; Reconsidering Ernst Bloch
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091827: DICKENS, CHARLES - Charles Dickens Christmas Collector's Edition; 5 Volumes; the Cricket on the Hearth; the Chimes a Goblin Story; a Christmas Carol; the Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain; the Battle of Life; Slipcase
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092723: DUPUIS, ROBERT - Bunny Berrigan; Elusive Legend of Jazz
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092737: SMITH, CHARLES EDWARD ET AL - The Jazz Record Book
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60522: FIDELER, RAYMOND E., EDITOR - Teaching with Pictures; a Guidebook to Greater Enjoyment of Your Picture Reference Library; Index Guide
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093532: GAGE, CULLY - Still Another Northwoods Reader
093563: GAGE, CULLY - Still Another Northwoods Reader
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092224: VARIOUS AUTHORS; GONSALES, DR. DAVE, EDITOR - Oshkaabewis Native Journal. Volume 1, Number 1, 1990
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092828: GOULD, CHESTER - Dick Tracy the Detective; Feature Book No. 6
092827: GOULD, CHESTER - Dick Tracy the Detective; Feature Book No. 4
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094256: GRAHAM, FRANK D. - Audels Carpenters and Builders Guide; #4 (of 4 Volumes)
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64191: GREENMAN, DAVID, EDITOR - Jane's Merchant Ships 1999-2000; Fourth Edition
094296: GREENWOOD, JOHN ORVILLE - Namesakes of the Lakes
094312: GREENWOOD, JOHN ORVILLE - Namesakes II; the Sequel to Namesakes of the Lakes
092958: VARIOUS AUTHORS; GREGG, JOHN - Lees' Guide to the Game of Draughts (Checkers); New Edition Revised and Enlarged
094389: GREGG, ANDREW K. - New Mexico in the Nineteenth Century; a Pictorial History
091691: GREGORICH, JOSEPH - The Apostle of the Chippewas; the Life Story of the Most Rev. Frederick Baraga, D.D. The First Bishop of Marquette
094243: GREGORY, JOHN G. - History of Milwaukee Wisconsin; Four Volumes
093766: GREGORY, DICK - From the Back of the Bus
093793: GREW, WILLIAM - Doubles in Death
076231: GREY, ZANE - Zane Grey's King of the Royal Mounted and the Great Jewel Mystery
076230: GREY, ZANE - Zane Grey's King of the Royal Mounted
076232: GREY, ZANE - Zane Grey's King of the Royal Mounted and the Northern Treasure
092394: GRIFFITH, RICHARD - Anatomy of a Motion Picture
094009: GRIFFITH, THOMAS E., JR. - Macarthur's Airmen; General George C. Kenney and the War in the Southwest Pacific
094304: GROHMANN, WILL - Paul Klee
094246: GROMME, OWEN J. - Birds of Wisconsin
094260: GROMME, OWEN J. - Birds of Wisconsin
093024: GROOM, WINSTON - Shiloh 1862
094436: DE GROOT, ANDRIES - The Auberge of the Flowering Hearth
093597: GROSS, PAUL R.; LEVITT, NORMAN - Higher Superstition; the Academic Left and Its Quarrels with Science
093849: GROSVENOR, GILBERT H., EDITOR - National Geographic Magazine; Volume LIII, Number 1; January, 1928
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42433: GROSVENOR, GILBERT H., EDITOR - National Geographic Magazine; Volume LXXIV, Number 6; December, 1938
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093918: GROSVENOR, GILBERT H., EDITOR - National Geographic Magazine; Volume LXXIII, Number 1; January, 1938
092452: GROVE, DAVID C. - Chalcatzingo; Excavations on the Olmec Frontier
091662: DALY-GROVES, LUKE - Hitler's Death; the Case Against Conspiracy
092117: GRUELLE, JOHNNY - Raggedy Ann's Wishing Pebble
093791: GRUEN, JOHN - Keith Haring; the Authorized Biography
092458: GRUZINSKA, SERGE - Painting the Conquest; the Mexican Indians and the European Renaissance
092909: GUDERIAN, GENERAL HEINZ - Panzer Leader
094017: GUEGAN, YANNICK LE PUIL, ROGER - The Handbook of Painted Decoration; the Tools, Materials, and Step-by-Step Techniques of Trompe L'Oeil Painting
094232: GUERLAC, HENRY E. - Radar in World War II; Two Volumes; the History of Modern Physics 1800-1950
094187: GUEST, BARBARA - The Countess from Minneapolis
093602: GUEVARA, CHE; JAMES, DANIEL - The Complete Bolivian Diaries of Che Guevara and Other Captured Documents
092356: DORCAS GUILD - Cook Book Compiled Bt the Dorcas Guild
094141: GUNDUZ, SINASI - The Knowledge of Life; the Origins and Early History of the Mandaeans and Their Relation to the Sabians of the Qur'an and the Harranians
093113: GURNEY, O. R. - The Hittites
093951: SPECTRE, PETER H. & LARKIN, DAVID - Wooden Ship; the Art, History, and Revival of Wooden Boatbuilding
093304: HAGGARD, H. RIDER - Allan Quatermain; King Solomon's Mines
093864: HAHN, FRANK L. - Collector's Guide to Owens Pottery
091759: EL-HAI, JACK - The Nazi and the Psychiatrist; Hermann Goring, Dr. Douglas M. Kelley, and a Fatal Meeting of Minds at the End of Wwii
091966: HAINE, EDGAR A. - Railroad Wrecks
093625: CLEARY, THOMAS; HAKUIN & TENKEI - Secrets of the Blue Cliff Record
093360: HALL, KARYL LEE KIBLER - Yuscht Fer Schee; Architectural Ornament in Allentown
092580: HALL, HARRY - This Used to Be Dallas
094370: HALLIDAY, BRETT - The Private Practice of Michael Shayne; Dell Mapback 429
094440: HALLIDAY, BRETT - Blood on the Stars
094264: HALLIDAY, BRETT - Blood on Biscayne Bay; Dell 268
094441: HALLIDAY, BRETT - Murder Wears a Mummer's Mask
092916: HALSEY, JOHN R. - Miskwabik - Red Metal; the Roles Played by Michigan's Copper in Prehistoric North America
094428: HAMILTON, ALEXANDER; MADISON, JAMES; JAY; JOHN; MILL. JOHN STUART - The Federalist; on Liberty; Representative Government; Utilitarianism
093198: HAMILTON, ALICE - Manitoban Stained Glass
094374: HAMMETT, DASHIELL - A Man Called Spade
094297: HAMMETT, DASHIELL - A Man Called Spade
093663: HAMMETT, JO - Dashiel Hammett a Daughter Remembers
092556: HAN, JOY LEE - Rice Paper Memoirs; Signed
092090: HANESWORTH, ROBERT D. (BOB) - Daddy of 'Em All; the Story of Cheyenne Frontier Days
093943: HANKINS, THOMAS L. SILVERMAN, ROBERT J. - Instruments and the Imagination
092922: HALBERSTADT, HANS & APRIL - Great American Train Stations; Classic Terminals and Depots
092688: HANSEN, CHADWICK - Witchcraft at Salem
092190: HANSEN, JOAN G. - Anatomy of "Anatomy"; the Making of a Movie
092644: HANSON, VICTOR DAVIS - The Father of Us All; War and History Ancient and Modern
094225: HANSON, VICTOR DAVIS - War, Ancient and Modern; What the Conflicts of the Past Teach Us About the Fighting of Today Like No Other; How the Athenians and Spartans Fought the Peloponnesian War
093730: HANSON, VICTOR DAVIS - The Wars of the Ancient Greeks and Their Invention of Western Military Culture
094112: HANSON, VICTOR DAVIS - How the Obama Administration Threatens Our National Security
094105: HANSON, VICTOR DAVIS - Carnage and Culture; Landmark Battles in the Rise of Western Power
094104: HANSON, VICTOR DAVIS - A War Like No Other; How the Athenians and Spartans Fought the Peloponnesian War
094108: HANSON, VICTOR DAVIS - Song of Wrath; the Peloponnesian War Begins
094109: HANSON, VICTOR DAVIS - The Savior Generals; How Five Great Commanders Saved Wars That Were Lost - from Ancient Greece to Iraq
094245: HANSON, VICTOR DAVIS - Ripples of Battle; How Wars of the Past Still Determine How We Fight, How We Live, and How We Think
093332: HANSON, JOSEPH MILLS - Bull Run Remembers . . the History, Traditions, and Landmarks of the Manassas (Bull Run) Campaigns Before Washington 1861-1862
093226: HANSTE, ARVI - Helsinki; Valoa Ja Varjoe; Light and Shade
094127: HARAN, MENAHEM - Temples and Temple Service in Ancient Israel
092892: HARDING, ALAN - England in the Thirteenth Century
093441: HARDING, A. R. - Deadfalls and Snares
092522: HARDING, JAMES H.; HOLMAN, J. ALAN - Michigan Turtles and Lizards; a Field Guide
093574: HARJU, JERRY - Northern Reflections
093565: HARJU, JERRY - Here's What I Think; a Born-Again Yooper Speaks out
092700: HARJU, JERRY - Northern Reflections
092691: HARJU, JERRY - Northern Passages; Feisty Tales of "Growing Up North"
092658: HARJU, JERRY - Our World Was in Black & White; Signed
092657: HARJU, JERRY - Northern Tales No. 5; Signed
072111: HARJU, JERRY - Cold Cash; the Perfect Heist
092659: HARJU, JERRY - Way Back When; Signed
093573: HARJU, JERRY - Northern D'Lights; Another Hilarious Account of "Growing Up North"
092397: HARKIN, PATRICIA; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Works and Days 45/46; Richard Ohmann; a Retrospective
091815: HARKINS, WILLIAM E.; HNKOVA, MARIE - A Modern Czech Grammar
092679: HARLAND, HENRY - The Lady Paramount
092829: HARMON, JIM - The Great Radio Heroes
092575: HARMON, DAVID, EDITOR; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Crossing Boundaries in Park Management
092518: SEIDELMAN, HAROLD & TURNER, JAMES - The Inuit Imagination; Arctic Myth and Sculpture
092417: HARRIS, STANLEY - Playing the Game; from Mine Boy to Manager
093058: HARRIS, NELSON - Norfolk and Western Railway: Images of Rail
094080: HARRIS, STEPHEN L. - Rock of the Marne
092551: HARRISON, EDITH OGDEN - The Flaming Sword and Other Legends of the Earth and Sky
092798: HARRISON, FREDERICK G. - Fading Glory; a Pictorial Review of Steam Railroading in the Boom Days of the Upper Midwest
092799: HARRISON, FREDERICK G. - Cinders and Timber; a Bird's-Eye View of Logging Railroads in Northeastern Minnesota Yesterday and Today
092335: HARRISON, MICHAEL - Bourneville; Model Village to Garden Suburb
092949: HARRISON, BOB - Russian-Style Formation Evaluation
092863: LIDELL HART, B. H. - Strategy
092868: LIDELL HART, B. H. - Great Captains Unveiled
094097: HARTE, JOHN - Churchill the Young Warrior; How He Helped Win the First World War
093130: HARTNELL, CAMERON; MELDRUM, JAY - Ice Station Keweenaw; the Early History of the Keweenaw Research Center; 1953-1992
094384: HARVEY, ALEXANDRA - Haunting Violet
092107: HARWELL, RICHARD B. - The Confederate Reader
091973: HASELKORN, ANNE M.; TRAVITSKY, BETTY S. - The Renaissance Englishwoman in Print; Counterbalancing the Canon
093719: HASKEW, MICHAEL E. - Appomattox; the Last Days of Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia
092732: HASKINS, JAMES S. - Always Movin' on; the Life of Langston Hughes
092732: HASKINS, JAMES S. - Always Movin' on; the Life of Langston Hughes
092754: HATCHER, HARLAN - A Century of Iron and Men
093801: HATCHETT, CHARLES; RAISTRICK, ARTHUR - The Hatchett Diary; a Tour Through the Counties of England and Scotland in 1796 Visiting Their Mines and Manufactories
093858: HAUGERUD, NEIL - Jailhouse Stories; Memories of a Small-Town Sheriff
094345: HAVEL, VACLAV - Prosim Strucne; Rozhovor S Karlem Hvizdalou, Poznamky, Dokumenty
092602: HAVIGHURST, WALTER - Voices on the River; the Story of the Mississippi Waterways
093348: HAYCOX, ERNEST - The Border Trumpet
093754: HAYES, M. HORACE; ROSSDALE, PETER D. - Veterinary Notes for Horse Owners; a Manual of Horse Medicine and Surgery; Revised
092194: HAYNES, MAJOR GENERAL FRED; WARREN, JAMES A. - The Lions of Iwo Jima; the Story of Combat Team 28 and the Bloodiest Battle in Marine Corps History
092755: HENDERSON, HAZEL & IKEDA, DAISAKU - Planetary Citizenship
093722: HAZELTON, CHARLES J. - Hazelton New Testament Concordance; a Topical Charismatic Study Companion
091998: HEARNE, BETSY - The Zena Sutherland Lectures 1893-1992
091692: HEDBERG, JUUSO - Uuden Testamentin Kreikkalais-Suomalainen Sanakirja; Kirjoittanut
094051: HEINRICH, E. WM. (WILLIAM) - The Mineralogy of Michigan; Bulletin 6
093096: ALLINGHAM, HELEN & DICK, STEWART - The Cottage Homes of England
093180: HELLICAR, EILEEN - Prime Ministers of Britain
093044: HELLIE, RICHARD; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Readings for Introduction to Russian Civilization; Muscovite Society

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