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072029: SANKEY, IRA; ET AL - Gospel Hymns No. 6 for Use in Gospel Meetings and Other Religious Services
58086: SHAPIRO, IRA; ET AL - American Illustration Showcase 13; Volumes 1 & 2
079167: IRELAND, NORMA OLIN - Index to Fairy Tales, 1949 - 1972; Including Folklore, Legends & Myths, in Collections
067723: IRELAND, MARY E. - Eric's Vacation; or, Taking God Into One's Work
32386: COLOMBO, CESARE; BIGNARDI, IRENE; ET AL - Italy; the One and Only; a Century of Photography 1900 2000
1699: IRISH, FRANK V. - American and British Authors.
66068: IRISH, MARIE - The Browns' Merry Christmas
086194: IRISH, WILLIAM - I Married a Dead Man
64595: IRONS, PETER, EDITOR - The First Amendment; May It Please the Court
41765: IRONSIDE, NANCY - Mackinac Island
068262: IRVINE, A. S. - A History of the Alkali Division Formerly Brunner, Mond & Co. Ltd.
58437: IRVINE, AMY - Making a Difference
082110: IRVING, WASHINGTON - The Sketch Book
089206: IRVING, WASHINGTON; NEIDER, CHARLES - The Complete Tales of Washington Irving
65004: IRVING, WASHINGTON - The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Other Tales
39816: SETTEL, IRVING & LAAS, WILLIAM - A Pictorial History of Television
2695: IRVING, CLIFFORD - The Thirty-Eighth Floor
077194: IRVING, JOHN - The Fourth Hand
33095: LEVINE, IRWIN & BROWN, L. RUSSELL - Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree
64127: IRWIN, LEWIS G. - Disjointed Ways, Disunified Means; Learning from America's Struggle to Build an Afghan Nation
087104: IRWIN, KEVIN W. - Context and Text; Method in Liturgical Theology
088966: ISAACS, HAROLD R.; HSUN, LU - Straw Sandals; Chinese Short Stories 1918-1933
47578: ISAACSON, PHILIP M. - Round Buildings, Square Buildings, & Buildings That Wriggle Like a Fish.
072500: ISBELL, BILLIE JEAN - To Defend Ourselves; Ecology and Ritual in an Andean Village
34673: ISELY, DUANE - Weed Identification and Control in the North Central States; 2nd Edition
067421: ISENBERG, MICHAEL T. - Shield of the Republic; the United States Navy in an Era of Cold War and Violent Peace, 1945-1962
082524: SILVER-ISENSTADT, JEAN L. - Shameless; the Visionary Life of Mary Gove Nichols
073882: JONS, ISHAM & KAHN, GUS - Spain an Isham Jones Melody
27613: ISHAM, SAMUEL - The History of American Painting
073566: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER, EDITOR - Vedanta for Modern Man
45723: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER - Kathleen and Frank; the Autobiography of a Family
32092: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER - People One Ought to Know
9978: ISHIDA, TORU - Real-Time Search for Learning Autonomous Agents
24089: PHILLIPS, J. J.; REED, ISHMAEL; ET AL - The Before Columbus Foundation Poetry Anthology
19758: ISHPEMING, MICHIGAN BETHEL LUTHERAN CHURCH - 1995 Memebership Directory Betehel Lutheran Church Ishpeming, Michigan
3604: JEKLIN, ISIDOR & WAITE, DONALD E. - The Art of Photographing North American Birds
2758: ISRAEL, FRED L., ED - 1897 Sears Roebuck Catalogue
25556: ISRAEL, JROLD H.; KAMISAR, YALE - Criminal Law and the Constitution; Sources and Commentaries
45284: ISWOLSKY, HELENE - Christ in Russia; the History, Tradition, and Life of the Russian Church
077427: IUOSTARI, VALAMON - Tervetuloa Uuteen Valamoon
088594: IVERS, TOM - The Fit Racehorse
088625: IVERS, TOM - Equine Sportsmedicine Review
071280: IVERSEN, KRISTEN - Full Body Burden; Growing Up in the Nuclear Shadow of Rocky Flats
7939: IVERSON, MARC - Persian Horse
088539: IVES, CHARLES - Thirty-Four Songs
27307: IVES, EDWARD D. - Larry Gorman the Man Who Made the Songs
51591: IVY, BILL - Close to Home; a Canadian Country Diary
080038: IZENBERG, JERRY - The Rivals
082622: REHDER, WILLIAM J. & DILLOW, GORDON - Where the Money Is; True Tales from the Bank Robbery Capital of the World (Los Angeles)
086402: MONETTE, CLARENCE J. & SMITH, G. WALTON - A Copper Country Logger's Tale
59597: SALMON, SHIRLEY J. & MOUNT, KAY H. - Alaryngeal Speech Rehabilitation for Clinicians by Clinicians
075070: ISAAC, EDWARD J.; ET AL - Fiftieth Anniversary Publication of Suomi College and Theological Seminary 1896-1946; Golden Jubilee
088608: BRODHEAD, MICHAEL J. & MCCORMICK, JAMES C. - Brushwork Diary; Watercolors of Early Nevada
067576: PALMEN, E. G.; HJELT, EDV.; GUMMERUS, J.; ET AL - Oma Maa Tietokirja Suomen Kodeille; 6 Volumes Complete
082435: KELEHER, TERRY R. J. & COLLINS, DONALD P. - Saint John in the Golden Age of Postcards 1900-1915; Images of Canada
078742: TURNER, LURA J. & J. M. - Hand Book of Wisconsin, History and Geography Briefly Outlining the Early Explorations and Settlements... . Resources, Industries and Commerce;... Summer Resorts, Its Fishing and Hunting Grounds
068786: KUKKONEN, WALTER J. & JALKANEN, RALPH J. - And I'LL Take the Low Road; Proceedings, Plus from the Finn Faith Forum; Suomi College Hancock, Michigan
077257: CASARETT, LOUIS J. & DOULL, JOHN - Toxicology; the Basic Science of Poisons
2567: CHAPMAN, JOSEPH A., HENNY, CHARLES J. & WIGHT, HOWARD M. - The Status, Population Dynamics, and Harvest of the Dusky Canada Goose.
073824: PEARSON, RICHARD J. ET AL - Windows on the Japanese Past; Studies in Archaeology and Prehistory
071408: STEWART, PAMELA J. & STRATHERN, ANDREW - Remaking the World; Myth, Mining, and Ritual Change Among the Duna of Papua New Guinea
083777: MONETTE, CLARENCE J. & SMITH, G. WALTON - A Copper Country Logger's Tale
087058: DERETZ, J. & NOCENT, A., - Dictionary of the Council
62643: PALMEN, E. G.; HJELT, EDV.; GUMMERUS, J.; ET AL - Oma Maa Tietokirja Suomen Kodeille; 6 Volumes Complete
078275: TURNER, LURA J. & J. M. - Hand Book of Wisconsin, History and Geography Briefly Outlining the Early Explorations and Settlements... . Resources, Industries and Commerce;... Summer Resorts, Its Fishing and Hunting Grounds
42693: KUKKONEN, WALTER J. & JALKANEN, RALPH J. - And I'LL Take the Low Road; Proceedings, Plus from the Finn Faith Forum; Suomi College Hancock, Michigan
081470: MONETTE, CLARENCE J. & SMITH, G. WALTON - A Copper Country Logger's Tale
66456: BLANK, STEPHEN J. & JORDAN, LOUIS H. - Arms Control and European Security
074860: CODY, WILLIAM J. & BRITTON, DONALD M. - Ferns and Fern Allies of Canada
075253: PIETILA, ANTTI J.; ET AL - Vartija Kirkollinen Kuukauslehti; XXXVIII Vuosikerta 1925
12252: MULAY, JAMES J. ET AL, EDITORS - Spies and Supersleuths; Mystery, Spy and Suspense Films on Video Cassettes
15264: BRODHEAD, MICHAEL J. & MCCORMICK, JAMES C. - Brushwork Diary; Watercolors of Early Nevada
62647: PALMEN, E. G.; HJELT, EDV.; GUMMERUS, J.; ET AL - Oma Maa Tietokirja Suomen Kodeille; 4 Volumes (of 6)
61388: ISAAC, EDWARD J.; ET AL - Fiftieth Anniversary Publication of Suomi College and Theological Seminary 1896-1946; Golden Jubilee
25502: SMITH, PAUL J. & BUSCH, AKIKO - Objects for Use; Handmade by Design
25574: SMITH, PAUL J. & BUSCH, AKIKO - Objects for Use; Handmade by Design
087876: CROW, JEFFREY J. & DURDEN, ROBERT F. - Maverick Republican in the Old North State; a Political Piography of Daniel L. Russell
29191: EUSTACE, H. J. & PETTIT, R. H. - Spray and Practice Outline for 1914
31778: CARISELLA, P. J. & RYAN, JAMES W. - Who Killed the Red Baron?; the Final Answer
32006: EVOY, JOHN J. & CHRISTOPH, VAN F. - Personality Development in the Religious Life
55559: DEMPSEY, CAROL J. & BUTKUS, RUSSELL A. - All Creation Is Groaning; an Interdisciplinary Vision for Life in a Sacred Universe
33937: HEWITT, V. J. & LORIE, PETER - Nostradamus; the End of the Millennium; Prophecies to 2001
35625: PETERSON, BETTY J. & MCCARTY, JANET R. - Collection of Everyday Art Projects Plus 3
36712: MILNE, LORUS J. & MARGERY J. - The Biotic World and Man
38162: KOLOSEUS, H. J. & DAVIDIAN, JACOB - Free-Surface Instability Correlations and Roughness-Concentration Effects on Flow over Hydrodynamically Rough Surfaces
63364: NISSEN, J. ET AL - Samtaler over Den Bibelske Historie; Samtaler over Det Gamle Testamente
56881: TENNENT, GEORGE J. & HAY, WILLIAM O., COMPILERS; VARIOUS - Displaying Australia and New Guinea; Memorabilia for U.S. Forces in Australia
42332: MEYER, GEO. J. & E. E. - Die Palme No 3 Fur Kirchen-Chore, Sanger, U.S. W.
44410: RILEY, JOHN J. & BANKS, DAVID P. - Orchids of Australia
47093: BOLTEN, J. & BOLTEN-REMPT, H. - The Hidden Rembrandt
51445: NOGUEIRA, J. & TUROVER, O. - Diccionario Manual Ruso-Espanol
53008: FRANCES, RICHARD J. & MILLER, SHELDON I. - Clinical Textbook of Addictive Disorders
53620: VIG, NORMAN J. & KRAFT, MICHAEL E. - Environmental Policy; New Directions for the Twenty-First Century; Fourth Edition
59798: ISAAC, EDWARD J.; ET AL - Fiftieth Anniversary Publication of Suomi College and Theological Seminary 1896-1946; Golden Jubilee
087737: MARTIN-PERDUE, NANCY J. & CHARLES L., JR. - Talk About Trouble; a New Deal Potrait of Virginians in the Great Depression
30297: PALMEN, E. G.; HJELT, EDV.; GUMMERUS, J.; ET AL - Oma Maa Tietokirja Suomen Kodeille; Four Volumes Set
068515: "JA". - Conwy Castle and Town Walls; Fifth Edition
52644: HINTIKKA, JAAKKO & SANDU, GABRIEL - On the Methodology of Linguistics; a Case Study
59938: JAAKKOLA, JALMARI - Suomen Varhaiskeskiaika; Kristillisen Suomen Syanty; Suomen Historia III
067377: JAAKKOLA, MAGDALENA - Siirtolaiselamaa; Tutkimus Ruotsinsuomalaisista Siirtolaisyhteisona
085510: JAAKKOO, VAASSAN; IKOLA, JAAKKOO; WASSAN-JAAKKOO - Rakas Takkupaa; Etelapohjalaisia Murrepakinoita
088171: JAASKELAINEN, LEMPI - Teikari Vai Kauppamies
085463: JAASKELAINEN, KAAPRO - Iloisia Juttuja
21432: JABS, CAROLYN - Re/Uses; 2133 Ways to Recyle and Reuse the Things You Ordinarily Throw Away
5839: LEWIS, JAC & MIRIAM STRIEZHEFF - Costume; the Performing Partner
59168: PAGE, JACK & OFFICER, CHARLES - The Big One; the Earthquake That Rocked Early America and Helped Create a Science
089204: CARLSON, JACK & STEWART, ELIZABETH - Hiker's Guide to the Superstition Wilderness with History and Legends of Arizona'a Lost Dutchman Mine
071418: JACK, IAN - English Literature 1815-1832
087669: JACK, IAN - English Literature 1815-1832
074010: NELSON, JACK & MINTZ, HERBIE - You Are Too Sweet for a Dream
073968: CADDIGAN, JACK & STORY, CHICK - Salvation Lassie of Mine
073884: YELLEN, JACK & OLMAN, ABE - Ask the Rose
63645: STREIT, JACK & IRVING - Streit's Has Everything Kosher for Passover
083735: JACKA, LOIS ESSARY - Enduring Traditions; Art of the Navaho
3638: JACKLEY, JOHN L. - Hill Rat; Blowing the Lid Off Congress
069012: JACKMAN, J. ALBIN, EDITOR; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Ahoy and Farewell; Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Marine Historical Society of Detroit
50165: JACKMAN, S.W. - Vancouver Island
48820: JACKS, TERRY; POPPY FAMILY - Which Way You Goin' Billy?
64718: ELLIS, MARY JACKSON & LYONS, FRANCES - Finger Playtime
082203: JACKSON, EARL - Your National Park System in the Southwest in Words and Colors
080839: JACKSON, GEORGE A. - A Case Study of Mr. Cage; Toleration over Assertion or Assertion over Toleration
079209: JACKSON, ROBERT M. - Global Issues 95/96; Annual Editions; Eleventh Edition
086726: JACKSON, CHARLES - The Lost Weekend
088066: JACKSON, SIR RICHARD - Occupied with Crime
081119: JACKSON, SIR CHARLES J. - English Goldsmiths and Their Marks; a History of the Goldsmiths and Plate Workers of England, Scotland, and Ireland
4010: JACKSON, R.W. - The Diabolical Dictionary of Modern English
9296: JACKSON, GABRIEL - Historian's Quest
25093: JACKSON, RICHARD S. - A Family Goes to War; Recollections and Letters from World War 2
25146: JACKSON, GABRIELLE E. - Peggy Stewart at School
25569: JACKSON, J. HAMPDEN - The Postwar World 1918-1939
088400: JACKSON, BRUCE - Outside the Law; a Thief's Primer
43721: JACKSON, JOSEPH HENRY - Mexican Interlude
47157: KYLE, EDWIN JACKSON & ELLIS, ALEXANDER CASWELL - Fundamentals of Farming and Farm Life
47179: JACKSON, LAURA (RIDING); RAIZISS, SONIA, EDITOR - Chelsea 35; It Has Taken Long; from the Writings of Laura (Riding) Jackson
56116: JACKSON, JAMES P. - Pulse of the Forest; a Guide to the Vitality and Variety of Life in Our Broadleaf Woodlands
51444: JACKSON, J. R. DE J. - Method and Imagination in Coleridge's Criticism
53954: JACKSON, JOSEPH HENRY - Gold Rush Album
079208: JACKSON, ROBERT M. - Global Issues 94/95; Annual Editions; Tenth Edition
082434: JACKSON, FREDERICK - Pantoufle
15715: JACOB, KATHRYN ALLAMONG - Capital Elites; High Society Inwashington, D.C. , After the War
42062: JACOB, LAINE - Irma Memoirs of a Vampire Gone Dry
16484: NEUSNER, JACOB & GREEN, WILLIAM SCOTT, EDITORS - Dictionary of Judaism in the Biblical Period; 450 B.C. E. To 600 C.E. ; 2 Volumes
080473: JACOBS, JOHN, USCF MASTER - Watch out! Veresov's Opening
3738: JACOBS, PAUL - Prelude to Riot; a View of Urban America from the Bottom
10034: JACOBS, HARVEY - American Goliath
072318: JACOBS, ARTHUR - Arthur Sullivan; a Victorian Musician
089577: JACOBSEN, ANNIE - Operation Paperclip; the Secret Intelligence Program That Brought Nazi Scientists to America
58689: JACOBSEN, CAROL L. - A Past and Present Portrait of Dolls; Second Series; Volume II
56450: JACOBSON, J. ROBERT - All Nature Sings; Creation and New Creation Through the Eyes of Scripture
075158: JACOBSON, SID; KRONDES, JIMMY - At the End of a Rainbow Recorded on Decca Records by Earl Grant
083443: JACOBY, MAX - Riemenschneider; 16 Fotos Von Max Jacoby Mit Wechselrahmen
18799: CHITTENDEN, JACQUELINE & SELTMAN, CHARLES - Greek Art; a Commemorative Catalogue of an Exhibition Held in 1946 at the Royal Academy Burlington House London
7400: PAUWELS, LOUIS; BERGIER, JACQUES ET AL - Planete 19; la Premiere Revue de Bibliotheque
18033: ROGER, JACQUES & PAYEN, JEAN-CHARLES - Histoire de la Litterature Francaise T. 1 Du Moyen Age a la Fin Du XVII Siecle
081494: JAEGER, FRANK - Aarets Ring
081493: JAEGER, FRANK - Kapellanen Og Andre Fortaellinger
078617: JAEHNIG, JOSHUA M. - But by This Path
083697: JAGER, MARK - Mystic Michigan; Four Volumes
13327: JAGUSCH, SYBILLE, ED - Stepping Away from Tradition; Children's Books of the Twenties and Thirties
087778: JAHNS, PAT - The Frontier World of Doc Holliday; Faro Dealer from Dallas to Deadwood
62231: JAIMES, M. ANNETTE - The State of Native America; Genocide, Colonization, and Resistance
086174: JAKI, STANLEY L. - The Paradox of Olber's Paradox
079993: JAKOVA, KOLE - Nuestra Tierra; Drama En Cuatro Actos
29890: GOBIERNO DEL ESTADO D JALISCO - Casa D Las Artesanias D Jalisco Catalogo
32413: JALONEN, F. F., ET AL - Raittiusaate Suurten Ihanteiden Pohjana; 1: Sen Palkinnon Saanut Kilpakirjoitus Vuoden 1909 Kirjailijakilpailussa
61037: JAMES, PHILIP - First Organ Sonata
080733: JAMES, P. D. - Devices and Desires
086164: MEDVED, JAMES & HELISTE, REGIM - Swedetown for the New Millenium; the History of the Location Just South of Calumet, Michigan
082430: JAMES, DEREK - English Electric; Images of England
087373: JAMES, HENRY - The Novels and Tales of Henry James; New York Edition; 23 Volumes (of 24)
47920: JAMES, JENNIFER - Women & the Blues; Passions That Hurt, Passions That Heal
087538: JAMES, HENRY - Charles W. Eliot; President of Harvard University 1869-1909; Two Volumes
088873: JAMES, LAWRENCE - The Golden Warrior; the Life and Legend of Lawrence of Arabia
080693: JAMES, NEAL - Cheaters' Paradise
081817: MEASELL, JAMES & ROETTEIS, W. C. "RED - The L.G. Wright Glass Company
088958: JAMES, WILLIAM - The Principles of Psychology
61659: JAMES, JOHN; SIMPSON, KENNETH, EDITOR - 'Echo' Voluntary in D Major for the Organ
8739: BASHLINE, L. JAMES & SAULTS, DAN, EDITORS - America's Great Outdoors; an Illustrated Anthology of 200 Years of Nature Writing
067993: HOPPER, JAMES & BECHDOLT, FRED R. - 9009
59721: JAMES, DON - Dark Hunger
087808: JAMES, HENRY; EDEL, LEON - The Selected Letters of Henry James
36559: JAMES, JENNIFER - Thinking in the Future Tense; a Workout for the Mind
33864: JAMES, GEORGE WHARTON - Indian Blankets and Their Makers
087501: RUSKIN, JOHN JAMES; ET AL - The Ruskin Family Letters; the Correspondence of John James Ruskin, His Wife, and Their Son John, 1801-1843; 2 Volumes
39949: JAMES, WARREN A., EDITOR; NORBERG-SCHULZ, CHRISTIAN, INTRODUCTION; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Kpf; Keith Pedersen Fox Architecture and Urbanism 1986-1992
16612: JAMES, HENRY - The Letters of Henry James; 2 Volumes
52985: LALAS, JAMES & MANSKE, JOYCE - Peninsulan 1959; Northern Michigan College, Marquette, Michigan
089452: CARR, JAMES & KUMAR, ARCHANA - Hipster Hitler
47508: JAMES, HAROLD L. - Stratigraphy of Pre-Keweenawan Rocks in Parts of Northern Michigan
084433: JAMES, GEORGE WHARTON - Indian Basketry; Second Edition
61135: HOWARD, LEON; BARBOUR, JAMES & QUIRK, THOMAS, EDITORS - Essays on Puritans and Puritanism
068278: JAMES, HENRY; EDEL, LEON (EDITOR) - The Complete Tales of Henry James; Volume 7; 1888 to 1891
085863: JAMES, HENRY; EDEL, LEON - The Complete Tales of Henry James; Volumes I & II (1 & 2); from 1864 to 1872
076869: JAMES, W. S. - Cow-Boy Life in Texas, or 27 Years a Mavrick
088405: JAMES, H. L. - Posts and Rugs; the Story of Navajo Rugs and Their Homes
070568: JAMES, HENRY - The Portrait of a Lady
086094: MEDVED, JAMES & HELISTE, REGIM - Swedetown; the History of the Location Just South of Calumet, Michigan
64627: JAMES, PROF. BUSHROD W. - Alaskana or Alaska in Descriptive and Legendary Poems
087805: JAMES, HENRY; EDEL, LEON - Henry James; Letters; Volume I; 1843-1875
077652: JAMESWAY - The Jamesway Book; a Book Showing How to Build, Ventilate and Equip, Practical, Up to Date Farm Buildings
15573: JAMIESON, W.H. - The Nation and the Sabbath
46138: JAMIESON, DAVID; DAVIDSON, SANDY - The Love of the Circus
075637: JAMISON, JAMES K. - By Cross and Anchor; the Story of Frederic Baraga on Lake Superior
087247: JAMISON, JAMES K. - By Cross and Anchor; the Story of Frederic Baraga on Lake Superior
65948: ZACHWATOWICZ, JAN ET AL - The Old Town and the Royal Castle in Warsaw
3817: JANCE, J.A. - Breach of Duty
29659: LIVINGSTON, JANE ET AL - Odyssey; the Art of Photography at National Geographic
32704: BEATTY, JANE WITH PINCHOT, ANNE - Davey's Adventures with the Clyde Beatty Circus
068908: FINSAND, MARY JANE ET AL - Complete Diabetic Cookbook
084188: CHRIST-JANER, ALBERT - Boardman Robinson; Book & Photo Portrait
076337: JANERICCO, TERENCE - Soups for the Professional Chef
073535: DEMPSEY, JANET ET AL - Cornwall New York; Images from the Past 1788-1920
59901: D'AMATO, JANET & ALEX - Indian Crafts
56314: JANG, HUNWOO - Bedouins Uncovered
29522: JANITCH, VALERIE - Country Crafts
64841: JANKE, ROBERT A. - The Wildflowers of Isle Royale National Park
069463: JANKE, ROBERT A. - The Wildflowers of Isle Royale National Park
077189: JANKE, ROBERT A. - The Wildflowers of Isle Royale National Park
49917: JANNI, ETTORE - Das Leben Des Columbus
26959: JANOS, REISMANN - Savaria Foldjen
079178: JANOVY, JOHN JR. - Keith County Journal (Nebraska)
48869: JANOVY, JOHN JR. - Back in Keith County (Nebraska)
10405: GUSTAF-JANSON, GOSTA - The Old Man's Coming
60067: JANTUNEN, PIRJO, TOIMITTANUT - Mika Omaa? Mika Lainaa? Itasuomalaisuus Euroopassa
52039: JANZEN, DAVID - Fire, Salt, and Peace; Intentional Christian Communities Alive in North America
29345: JAPUSSY, WALDO - The Tao of Meow
072619: JARMAN, HARRY, COMPILER - Old Time Dance Tunes
078761: JARNEFELT, ARVID - Huligaani; Ynna Muita Kertoelmia
067714: JARVENPA, AILI - Half Immersed and Other Poems
65988: JARVENPA, AILI, EDITOR - Finnish American Writers
077370: JARVENPA, AILI - Half Immersed and Other Poems
067592: JARVI, J. S. - Vartioviesteja
086531: JARVIS, EVERETT GRANT - Final Curtain; Deaths of Noted Movie and T.V. Personalities 1915-1995; Revised & Updated
40294: JASKOSKI, HELEN, EDITOR - Early Native American Writing; New Critical Essays
075823: JAURO, IRMA - Kapula Kaksoset
61186: JAVED, IRFAN - Principles of Political Science for Degree Classes
088634: SMITH, WILLIAM JAY & GIOIA, DANA - Poems from Italy
069736: LIVINGSTON, JAY & EVANS, RAY - To Each His Own; Words and Music
19377: BYRD, JAMES DEAN JAY & CHESLIK-DEMEYER, STEPHEN - The Good Book; the True Story of Y'All
55065: LYNN, STEVEN JAY & MCCONKEY, KEVIN M. - Truth in Memory
087207: GROUT, DONALD JAY & PALISCA, CLAUDE V. - A History of Western Music; Fourth Edition
084326: JEAN, MARCEL - The History of Surrealist Painting
077238: SWANSON, JEAN & JAMES, DEAN - Killer Books; a Reader's Guide to Exploring the Popular World of Mystery and Suspense
44566: BURTIS, JEAN & KERR, ROSE G. - How to Cook Shrimp
65937: SMITH, DAVID R.; ROSENSAFT. JEAN; ET AL - Old and Modern Masters; Durer, Rembrandt, Goya, Renoir, Picasso, Miro, Chagall
086556: JEAN, DONNA (POMEROY) - If Mama Were Here
57664: JEFFARES, A. NORMAN - W.B. Yeats a New Biography
086637: JEFFERSON, THOMAS - Writings
59699: JEFFERSON, JOSEPH - The Autobiography of Joseph Jefferson
073926: JEFFERSON, THOMAS; WILSON, DOUGLAS L. - Jefferson's Literary Commonplace Book
35755: JEFFERSON, THOMAS - Jefferson's Extracts from the Gospels; the Philosophy of Jesus; the Life and Morals of Jesus; the Papers of Thomas Jefferson Second Series
65657: JEFFREY, HARRY R. - Wood Finishing; Revised Edition
076437: ETHELL, JEFFREY & PRICE, ALFRED - Air War South Atlantic
44159: JEFFREY, DAVID LYLE, EDITOR - English Spirituality in the Age of Wesley
081450: JEGSTRUP, JOHANNES - Barndomserindringer Fra Kokkedla
39953: JENCKS, CHARLES - The Architecture of the Jumping Universe
1373: PEET, LOUISE JENISON & THYE, LENORE SATER. - Household Equipment.
068657: JENKINS, MCKAY - Bloody Falls of the Copper Mines; Madness, Murder, and the Collison of Cultures in the Arctic, 1913
079397: JENKINS, OLAF P.; WRIGHT, LAUREN A. - Mineral Commmodities of California; Geologic Occurrence, Economic Development and Utilization of the State's Mineral Resources; Bulletin 176
56484: JENKINS, ELIZABETH - The Mystery of King Arthur
074928: JENKINS, HERBERT - The Life of George Borrow
44161: JENKINS, JOHN S. - History of the War between the United States and Mexico
49044: JENKINS, MCKAY - The Last Ridge; the Epic Story of the U.S. Army's 10th Mountain Division and the Assault on Hitler's Europe
55710: JENKINS, MATT - A People's History of Wilderness
071601: JENKINS, ELIZABETH - The Mystery of King Arthur
067771: JENKS, BILL; LUNA, JERRY; REILLY, DARRYL - Identifying Pattern Glass Reproductions
55926: TAYLOR, JENNIFER & ANDREWS, JOHN - John Andrews; Architecture a Performing Art
19829: JENNINGS, LINDA - A Treasury of Stories from Around the World
21778: JENNINGS, THEODORE W., JR. - Introduction to Theology
073750: AUNT JENNY - Aunt Jenny's Old-Fashioned Christmas Coookies and Other All-Time Favorites
077979: JENSEN, JOAN M. - With These Hands; Women Working on the Land
081500: JENSEN, ERIK AALBAEK - Sagen
4855: JENSEN, AMY LA FOLLETTE - The White House and Its Thirty-Two Families
27335: JENSEN, LAWRENCE N. - Synthetic Painting Media
44818: JENSEN, DR. RICHARD A. - The Lord's Prayer and Biblical Story; Sermons by
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084396: KELLEY, EDGAR STILLMAN - Musical Instruments
5475: KELLEY, CLARENCE M. - Security for You & Your Home; a Complete Handbook
12313: KELLEY, ROBERT F., EDITOR - The Sportsman's Anthology
077432: KELLEY, WALTER T.; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Modern Beekeeping; Vol. 35, No. 4; April, 1951
070490: KELLEY, DON GREAME - Edge of a Continent; the Pacific Coast from Alaska to Baja
086602: KELLIS, JAN STAFFORD - Bookworms Anonymous; a Non-Traditional Book Club for All Readers
51232: KELLOCK, HAROLD; HOUDINI, BEATRICE - Houdini; His Life-Story . From the Recollections and Documents of Beatrice Houdiniof
089133: KELLOGG, RICHARD - Wall of Silver; a Treasure Hunter's Dream
088686: KELLOGG, RICHARD - Wall of Silver; a Treasure Hunter's Dream
089616: KELLOGG, RICHARD - Wall of Silver; a Treasure Hunter's Dream
071567: KELLOGG, S. H. - A Handbook of Comparative Religion
073748: KELLOGG - Kellogg's Recipes
30654: SMITH, FRAN KELLOGG & BERTOLONE, FRED J. - Bringing Interiors to Light; the Principles and Practice of Lighting Design
62273: KELLOGG, REMINGTON - Mexican Tailless Amphibians in the United States National Museum
083962: KELLOGG, WALTER GUEST - Parish's Fancy
2520: TATE, KELLY & HANNA, JACK. - The Lion's Share.
088760: KELLY, DAVE - Instructions for Viewing a Solar Eclipse; Poems by
30672: KELLY, JAMES J. - The Sculptural Idea
39501: KELLY, MICHAEL; TASHIRO, JAY SHIRO; GIDDENS, JEAN R.N.; SULLINS, ELLEN PH.D.; LONG, GINA, DNSC RN - Virtual Clinical Excursions for Lewis, Heitkemper, and Dirksen: Medical-Surgical Nursing Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems
15683: O'KELLY, SEUMAS - The Golden Barque and the Weaver's Grave
61555: KELLY, AMY - Eleanor of Aquitaine and the Four Kings
47369: KELLY, FANNY - Narrative of My Captivity Among the Sioux Indians
50339: KELLY, J. N. D. - Oxford Dictionary of Popes
54198: KELLY, FANNY - Narrative of My Captivity Among the Sioux Indians
14652: KELSEY, VERA - British Columbia Rides a Star
61741: KELSEY, VERA - Fear Came First
61830: KELSEY, VERA - The Bride Dined Alone
076604: KELTON, ELMER - Long Way to Texas; Three Novels
071845: KEMP, MARTIN - Leonardo
073688: STEVENSON, VERA KEMP & ROBERT P. - The Illustrated Almanac for Homemakers
27902: KEMP, EMORY L., EDITOR - Industrial Archaeology; Techniques
081411: KEMP, PETER - Verdensborgeren; Som Pedagogisk Ideal
087622: KEMP, DAN - A Yooper's Summer on Isle Royale
54216: KEMPE, RICHARD J., CURATOR; FRANKLIN FURNACE ARCHIVE, INC. - Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc. Presents Books and Graphics of Cobra Artists at the City Gallery Department of Cultural Affairs March 28 to April 26, 1986
080467: KEMPF, LLOYD; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Full Body Mounts
075248: KEMPILAISEN, TUOMAS - Nelja Kirjaa Kristuksen Seuraamisesta
087135: KEMPIS, THOMAS A; GRIFFIN, WILLIAM - The Imitation of Christ; How Jesus Wants Us to Live
087136: KEMPIS, THOMAS A; WHITFORD, RICHARD - The Imitation of Christ; a Modern Version
087093: KEMPIS, THOMAS A; FITZPATRICK, CLARE L., EDITOR - The Imitation of Christ in Four Books; New Illustrated Edition
067512: KEMPPI, ERKKI - Jaahyvaiset Ystaville, Isainmaalle
1563: BAYNES, KEN & ROBINSON, ALAN - Work; Art and Society Two
42305: DORMAN, KEN ET AL - A History of the Dorman's from Alisa Craig, Mcgillivray Township (Ontario, Canada), and the U.S. A.
089291: KENDALL, PAUL - The Zeebrugge Raid 1918; the Finest Feat of Arms
1551: KENDALL, ALAN. - The World of Musical Instruments.
28370: KENDALL, EZRA - The Vinegar Buyer
30178: KENDALL, LAURIE; MATHE, BARBARA; MILLER, THOMAS ROSS - Drawing Shadows to Stone; the Photography of the Jessup North Pacific Expedition, 1897-1902
16500: KENDLER, MATHILDE - Kendlers'; the Story of a Pioneer Alaska Juneau Diary
38620: KENDREW, W. G. - The Climates of the Continents; Fifth Edition
28500: KENDRICK, REBECCA - Hidden Places
64198: KENDRIS, CHRISTOPHER - 501 French Verbs; Second Edition
64870: KENDRIS, CHRISTOPHER - French the Easy Way; Book 1
64410: KENEALLY, THOMAS - Outback
50662: KENEALLY, THOMAS - The Place Where Souls Are Born; a Journey Into the American Southwest
070901: KENNEDY, EDWARD M. - True Compass; a Memoir
088584: KENNEDY, CHARLES RANN - The Servant in the House
64489: KENNEDY, SIDNEY R. - The Lodestar
3200: KENNEDY, LUDOVIC - Very Lovely People; a Personal Look at Some American's Living Abroad
33091: KENNEDY, JIMMIE, LYRICS; FERRAO, RAUL, MUSIC - The Whisp'Ring (Whispering) Serenade (Auvril Au Portugal)
079004: KENNEDY, JOHN F.; NEVINS, ALLAN - The Burden and the Glory;
47987: KENNEDY, DOUGLAS - The Big Picture
58235: KENNEDY, ROBERT G. - Mr. Jefferson's Lost Cause; Land, Farmers, Slavery, and the Louisiana Purchase
066967: KENNEDY, WILLIAM - Karhiainen
089590: KENNELL, NIGEL M. - Spartans; a New History
085954: KENNELLY, KAREN - American Catholic Women; a Historical Exploration
55215: HUDSON, KENNETH & NICHOLLS, ANN - Tragedy on the High Seas; a History of Shipwrecks
23436: DOUGLAS, KENNETH & LAMONT, ROSE - De Vive Voix; Lectures Dramatiques
40777: FRAMPTON, KENNETH & HOLL, STEVEN - Hariri & Hariri; Revised & Updated; Work in Progress
1380: KENNEY, JOHN P. - Police Work with Juveniles.
41531: KENRICK, BRUCE - Come out of the Wilderness; the Story of East Harlem Protestant Parish
087108: FRYMER-KENSKY, TIKVA; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Christianity in Jewish Terms
4060: KENT, NICOLAS - Naked Hollywood; Money and Power in the Movies Today
087528: KENT, GEORGE E. - A Life of Gwendolyn Brooks
53643: KENT, ROCKWELL - N by E
086989: KENTON, EDNA; THWAITES, REUBEN GOLD - The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents
079434: VARIOUS AUTHORS; GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF KENTUCKY - Western Coal Field; D; Comprising Six Reports on the Resources of Some of the Counties
079429: VARIOUS AUTHORS; GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF KENTUCKY - Eastern Coal Field; C; Comprising Wight Reports on the Resources of Some of the Counties
58761: KENYON, W. A., EDITOR - The Strange and Dangerous Voyage of Capt. Thomas James
079423: KENYON, A. S., EDITOR - Transactions of the Australasian Institute of Mining Engineers; Volume V
9325: MACKENZIE, JEAN KENYON ET AL - Friends of Africa
32919: KENYON, KATHLEEN - Archaeology in the Holy Land; 3rd Edition
073717: KENYON, MINNIE GRACE - Order of the Eastern Star Relief Fund Cook Book
079425: KENYON, A. S., EDITOR - Transactions of the Australasian Institute of Mining Engineers; Volume X
079424: KENYON, A. S., EDITOR - Transactions of the Australasian Institute of Mining Engineers; Volume VI
086891: KEREKERE, ELIZABETH - Kaumatua; Ano Te Ataahua; Honouring the Giftf of Our Elders
084017: KERESZTES, LASZLO - A Practical Hungarian Grammer; Hungar Lingua 1
085217: KERFOOT, JUSTINE - Woman of the Boundary Waters; Canoeing, Guiding, Mushing, Surviving
44075: KERFOOT, J. B. - American Pewter
29309: KERN, JOHN - A Short History of Michigan
57585: KERO, REINO - Neuvosto-Karjalaa Rakentamassa; Pohjois-Amerikan Suomalaiset Tekniikan Tuojina 1930-Luvun Neuvosto-Karjalassa
077383: KERO, REINO - Suureen Lanteen; Siirtolaisuus Suomesta Yhdysvaltoihin Ja Kanadaan
087245: KEROUAC, JACK - On the Road
089168: KEROUAC, JAN; NICOSIA, GERALD - Jan Kerouac; a Life in Memory
084524: KEROUAC, JACK - Satori in Paris
5929: KEROUAC, JAN - Train Song
074019: KEROUAC, JACK - The Subterraneans
076331: KERR, ALVIN - The Family Cookbook; French
47986: KERR, PHILIP - Esau
087933: KERR, WALTER - God on the Gymnasium Floor and Other Theatrical Adventures
089327: KERSHAW, ALEX - The Longest Winter; the Battle of the Bulge and the Epic Story of Wwii's Most Decorated Platoon
075225: KERSTEN, ANDREW E. - Clarence Darrow; American Iconoclast
089009: KERTESZ, ANDRE - J'Aime Paris; Photographs Since the Twenties
068310: WARTIAINEN, KERTTU & TOLVANEN, KIRSTI - Kotikokin Leivonnaisia Ja Jalkiruokia; Volume 2
068311: WARTIAINEN, KERTTU & TOLVANEN, KIRSTI - Kotikokin Voileipapoyta; Volume 3
52106: KESSELHEIM, ALAN S. - Silhouette on a Wide Land
088573: KESSLER, BRAD - Goat Song; a Seasonal Life, a Short History of Herding and the Art of Making Cheese
25248: KETCHAM, HANK; MEMLING, CARL - The Dennis the Menace Storybook
9415: KETCHEN, BEVERLY - The Harper of the Hills
17185: KETCHUM, RICHARD M. - Will Rogers the Man and His Times
17887: KETCHUM, RICHARD M. - Will Rogers the Man and His Times
37600: KETCHUM, WILLIAM C. JR. - Toys & Games; the Smithsonian Illustrated Library of Antiques
38292: KETCHUM, WILLIAM C. JR. - Furniture 2; Neoclasic to the Present; the Smithsonian Illustrated Library of Antiques
43526: KETCHUM, WILLIAM C. JR.; HABSBURG, ELIZABETH VON - American Pottery & Porcelain; Revised
62616: KETO, ALEXANDER - Suutarin Salli
083900: KETONEN, JOHN; PROJECT CHAIRMAN - Finnish American Horizons
55493: KETONEN, JOHN; PROJECT CHAIRMAN - Finnish American Horizons
076716: KETONEN, JOHN; PROJECT CHAIRMAN - Finnish American Horizons
21889: KETY, S. S., INTRODUCTION; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Monoamine Oxidase and Is Inhibition; Ciba Foundation Symposium 39 (New Series) in Honour of Mary L.C. Bernheim
076184: KEY, FRANCIS SCOTT - The Star-Spangled Banner; the Original Manuscript; a Facsimile
40952: KEYES, NELSON BEECHER - The American Frontier Our Unique Heritage
66105: KEYNES, JOHN MAYNARD - A Treatise on Probability
072583: KEYNES, JOHN MAYNARD - The Economic Consequences of the Peace
089417: KEYSER, LINKA; PREUS, JOHAN CARL KEYSER - Linka's Diary on Land and Sea 1845-1864
47446: KEZYS, ALGIMANTAS; ALDERSON, JOHN, FOREWORD - Chicago/Kezys; 64 Photographs of Chicago
49824: KHAN, GABRIEL MANDEL - Muhammad the Prophet
51131: BURNS, KHEPHRA & TAYLOR, SUSAN L. - Confirmation; the Spiritual Wisdom That Shaped Our Lives
085973: KHRUSHCHEV, NIKITA; TALBOTT, STROBE - Khrushchev Remembers; the Last Testament
4765: KIDDER, TRACY - House
088241: KIDNEY, DOROTHY BOONE - Wilderness Journal; Life, Living, Contenment in the Allagash Woods of Maine
57214: KIEFER, SISTER MONICA - American Children Through Their Books 1700-1835
084840: KIERKEGAARD, SOREN; DRACHMANN, A. B. - Samlede Vaerker; Sygdommen Til Doden; Other Works
084841: KIERKEGAARD, SOREN; DRACHMANN, A. B. - Samlede Vaerker; Kjerlighedens Gjerninger
084836: KIERKEGAARD, SOREN; DRACHMANN, A. B. - Afsluttende Uvidenskabelig Efterskrift Af Johannes Climacus
084819: KIERKEGAARD, SOREN; THULSTRUP, NIELS - Philosophiske Smuler; Udgivet Med Indledning Og Kommentar Af
63545: KIERKEGAARD, SOREN; BRETALL, ROBERT, EDITOR - A Kierkegaard Anthology
084842: KIERKEGAARD, SOREN; EREMITA, VICTOR - Enten - Eller Et Livs-Fragment Udgivet Af Voctor Eremita; Udvalgte Skrifter
084828: KIERKEGAARD, SOREN - Oieblikket Nr. 1-10; Hvad Christus Dommer; Gugs Uforanderlighed
084837: KIERKEGAARD, SOREN; NIELSEN, N. C. - Stadier Paa Livets Vej
084832: KIERKEGAARD, SOREN; THIELST, PETER - Lykkens Dor Gar Udad; Soren Kierkegaard-Tekster Pa Nudansk
084835: KIERKEGAARD, SOREN; HEIBERG, J. L. - En Literair Anmeldelse Af S. Kierkegaard
40557: KIERNAN, FRANCES - Seeing Mary Plain; a Life of Mary Mccarthy
087760: KIERNAN, THOMAS - Who's Who in the History of Philosophy
25461: KIEV, ART, EDITOR - Social Psychiatry; Volume 1
088271: KIIKKA, K. - Vihan Vasamia
26784: KIKUCHI, SADAO - Japanese Arts; What & Where?; Volume 1; Ancient Times to the Mid-19th Century
087700: KILIAN, MICHAEL - Blood of the Czars
21950: KILLINGER, JOHN - Leave It to the Spirit; Commitment and Freedom in the New Liturgy
088258: KILPELAINEN, IRJA - Samalle Portille; Miten Ihminen Kokee Lahestyvan Poismenonsa?
066914: KILPINEN, YRJO - Spielmanns-Lieder Nach Gedichten Von Albert Sergel; Gesang Und Klavier; Op. 77
9268: KIM, JAE WOONG - Polishing the Diamond Enlightening the Mind; Reflections of a Korean Buddhist Master
29234: BOLTON, KIM & WAVE, CHRIS - Conversations at the Girlville Diner
33033: KIM, HAENG JA - Picture Bride
77: KIMMEL, ERIC A. - Boots and His Brothers; a Norwegian Tale.
074975: KINCAID, JAMAICA - The Autobiography of My Mother
61906: KINCAID, ALLEN - Penguin Processional; Piece Fantastique for Piano Solo
12382: KINCH, A. - Charge It to the Navy
25202: KINCHELOE, SAMUEL C. - The American City and Its Church
088364: KINDIG, JOE, JR. - Thoughts on the Kentucky Rifle in Its Golden Age
18938: KINERT, REED - Early American Steam Locomotives 1st Seven Decades 1830-1900
087954: KING, FLORENCE - Stet, Damnit! the Misanthrope's Corner 1991-2002
073075: KING, GENERAL CHARLES - The Way of the West
074413: KING, H. G. R. - The Antarctic

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