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43488: BAER, LIBBIE C. - In the Land of Fancy and Other Poems
086228: BAETZHOLD, HOWARD G. - Mark Twain & John Bull; the British Connection
089377: BAGEHOT, WALTER; ST. JOHN-STEVAS, NORMAN - Bagehot's Historical Essays
080148: BAGLEY, J. J. - Life in Medival England
089585: BAGNALL, NIGEL - The Peloponnesian War; Athens, Sparta, and the Struggle for Greece
087090: BAHAT, DAN' SABAR, SHALOM - Jerusalem Stone and Spirit; 3000 Years of History and Art
44622: BAHN, PAUL G., EDITOR - Tombs, Graves & Mummies; 50 Discoveries in World Archaeology
1554: BAHTI, TOM. - Southwestern Indian Tribes.
12218: BAHTI, TOM. - An Introduction to Southwestern Indian Arts & Crafts.
29652: BAHTI, TOM - Southwestern Indian Tribes
41781: BAHTI, MARK - Southwestern Indian Arts & Crafts
49280: BAHTI, MARK - Southwestern Indian Arts & Crafts
079433: BAILEY, BERT HEALD - The Raptorial Birds of Iowa; Iowa Geological Survey Bulletin No. 6
24779: GENERAL MOTORS; BAILEY, L. SCOTT, EDITOR - General Motors the First 75 Years of Transportation History
079063: GENERAL MOTORS; BAILEY, L. SCOTT, EDITOR - General Motors the First 75 Years of Transportation History
59395: BAILEY, ADRIAN, EDITOR - Cook's Ingredients
079753: BAILEY, PHILIP JAMES - Festus; a Poem
079064: GENERAL MOTORS; BAILEY, L. SCOTT, EDITOR - General Motors the First 75 Years of Transportation History
60936: BAILEY, JOCELYN - The Village Wheelwright and Carpenter
083533: BAILEY, RONALD T. - Frozen Silver; the Life & Frontier Photography of P.E. Larson
088705: GENERAL MOTORS; BAILEY, L. SCOTT, EDITOR - General Motors the First 75 Years of Transportation History
088704: GENERAL MOTORS; BAILEY, L. SCOTT, EDITOR - General Motors the First 75 Years of Transportation History
59467: BAILIEY, LORI L. - Call of the Keweenaw; an Mtu Grad Student's Guide to Life in the Keweenaw
079810: BAILLIART, PAUL - Histoire de Massy
45714: BAINBRIDGE, BERYL - According to Queeney
3454: BAINES, ANTHONY, ED. - Musical Instruments Through the Ages
070323: BAINTON, ROLAND H. - The Church of Our Fathers
087435: BAINTON, ROLAND H. - The Church of Our Fathers
64236: BAIR, SALLY - Trouble at Fish Camp; Book Two in the Ways of the Williwaw Series
64237: BAIR, SALLY - Williwaw Winds; Book One
64919: BAIRD, PATRICK D. - Mont St. Hilaire Gault Donation
072028: BAKER, DR. THEO. - A Dictionary of Musical Terms; with a Supplement; Twenty-Second Edition
070227: BAKER, CHARLES H., JR. - The Gentleman's Companion Being an Exotic Cookery Book or, Around the World with Knife, Fork and Spoon
078064: BAKER, HENRY B. - Twenty-Second Annual Report of the Secretary of the State Board of Health of the State of Michigan for the Fiscal Year Endind June 30, 1894
082787: BAKER, PETER; BEAN, ROBIN; EDITORS - Films and Filming; November 1961; Volume 8 #2
087086: BAKER, ROLLIN H. - Michigan Mammals
082781: BAKER, PETER; BEAN, ROBIN; EDITORS - Films and Filming; January - December 1964; Volume 10 #4 - 11 #3; 11 Issues Lacking July
082780: BAKER, PETER; BEAN, ROBIN; EDITORS - Films and Filming; January - November 1966; Volume 12 #4 - 13 #2; 11 Issues.
082788: BAKER, PETER; BEAN, ROBIN; EDITORS - Films and Filming; October 1961; Volume 8 #1
084976: BAKER, FRANK COLLINS - A Naturalist in Mexico Being a Visit to Cuba, Northern Yucatan and Mexico
088323: BAKER, HENRY B. - Twentieth Annual Report of the Secretary of the State Board of Health of the State of Michigan for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30,1892
13281: BAKER, DR ROBIN, EDITOR - The Mystery of Migration
23896: BAKER, HOWARD - A Letter from the Country and Other Poems
088322: BAKER, HENRY B. - Seventeenth Annual Report of the Secretary of the State Board of Health of the State of Michigan for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30,1889
088316: BAKER, HENRY B. - Twenty-Fifth Annual Report of the Secretary of the State Board of Health of the State of Michigan for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30,1897
082730: BAKER, PETER; BEAN, ROBIN; EDITORS - Films and Filming; January - December 1965; Volume 11 #4 - 12 #3; 12 Issues.
069695: BAKER, JOHN AUSTIN - The Foolishness of God
088311: BAKER, HENRY B. - Twenty-Fourth Annual Report of the Secretary of the State Board of Health of the State of Michigan for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 1896
56172: BAKER, JANET, CURATOR; PHOENIX ART MUSEUM - Guardian of the Flame; Art of Sri Lanka
082728: BAKER, PETER; BEAN, ROBIN; EDITORS - Films and Filming; January - December 1967; Volume 13 #4 - 14 #3; 12 Issues.
088327: BAKER, HENRY B. - Twenty-Third Annual Report of the Secretary of the State Board of Health of the State of Michigan for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30,1895
088325: BAKER, HENRY B. - Twenty-Sixth Annual Report of the Secretary of the State Board of Health of the State of Michigan for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30,1898
088326: BAKER, HENRY B. - Twenty-Eighth Annual Report of the Secretary of the State Board of Health of the State of Michigan for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30,1900
082784: BAKER, PETER; BEAN, ROBIN; EDITORS - Films and Filming; January - December 1962; Volume 8 #4 - 9 #3; 11 Issues Run Lacking February
088056: BAKER, DEB - Murder Grins and Bears It
082786: BAKER, PETER; BEAN, ROBIN; EDITORS - Films and Filming; December 1961; Volume 8 #3
088324: BAKER, HENRY B. - Twenty-Ninth Annual Report of the Secretary of the State Board of Health of the State of Michigan for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30,1901
074051: BAKER, PHIL; SILVERS, SID; LYMAN, ABE - Did You Mean It?
082779: BAKER, PETER, EDITOR - Films and Filming; December 1960; Volume 7 #3
082785: BAKER, PETER; BEAN, ROBIN; EDITORS - Films and Filming; January 1961; Volume 7 #4
082727: BAKER, PETER; BEAN, ROBIN; EDITORS - Films and Filming; January - December 1968; Volume 14 #4 - 15 #3; 12 Issues.
082783: BAKER, PETER; BEAN, ROBIN; EDITORS - Films and Filming; January - December 1963; Volume 9 #4 - 10 #3; 11 Issues Lacking March
088157: BAKEWELL, PAUL, JR. - What Are We Using Money for?
077438: BAKKEN, HENRY H. - Cooperation to the Finnish
45171: BAKULE, PAULA DREIFUS, EDITOR; RODALE - Rodale's Book of Practical Formulas
60537: BALAKIAN, PETER - The Burning Tigris; the Armenian Genocide and America's Response
60315: BALCELLS, EUGENIA; BOSCH, EULALIA - Eugenia Balcells; Frequencies Frequencias Frequencies
57334: BALDWIN, PEGGY - Tajalli
15599: BALDWIN, THOMAS - His Olympic Feat
27765: BALDWIN, T. STITH - Picture Making for Pleasure and Profit
24001: BALDWIN, TONI, ET AL, EDITORS - Voices; Positive Self Expressions; an Anthology of Writing and Photography Created by the Young Artists of the Voices Project
49006: BALDWIN, HELENE L.; MCGUINESS, C. L. - A Primer on Ground Water
53496: BALFOUR, MICHAEL - The Classic Watch
35523: BALL, VIRGINIA - The Godless Christians
083497: BALL, NORMAN R. - Batir Un Pays; Histoire Des Travaux Publics Au Canada
6707: BALL, KENNETH - Hillman Avenger 1970-73 Autobook
52098: BALLANTINE, BILL - High West
085883: BALLANTYNE, R. M. - Blue Lights or, Hot Works in the Soudan
085868: BALLANTYNE, R. M. - Ungava; a Tale of the Eskimos Land
085878: BALLANTYNE, R. M. - Red Rooney or, the Last of the Crew
085879: BALLANTYNE, R. M. - The Giant of the North; Pokings Round the Pole
085874: BALLANTYNE, R. M. - The Island Queen Dethroned by Fire and Water; a Tale of the Southern Hemisphere
085872: BALLANTYNE, R. M. - The Coral Island; a Tale of the Pacific Ocean
085871: BALLANTYNE, R. M. - Gascoyne, the Sandal-Wood Trade; a Tale of the Pacific
079143: BALLANTYNE, R. M. - The Young Fur Tradrers; or, Snowflakes and Sunbeams from the Far North
085866: BALLANTYNE, R. M. - Deep Down; a Tale of the Cornish Mines
085869: BALLANTYNE, R. M. - The Young Fur Traders; a Tale of the Far North
25873: BALLARD, WILLIS T. - The Package Deal
51023: BALLARD, ROBERT D. - The Eternal Darkness; a Personal History of Deep-Sea Exploration
071757: BALLARD, MICHAEL B. - A Long Shadow; Jefferson Davis and the Final Days of the Confederacy
35633: BALME, REV. J. R. - American States, Churches, and Slavery
086131: BALOUSEK, MARV - Wisconsin's Historic Courthouses
33791: BALTZELL, W. J. - A Complete History of Music for Schools, Clubs, and Private Reading
62449: BALZAC, HONORE DE - Droll Stories
088745: BALZAC, HONORE DE - Les Contes Drolatiques; Colligez Ez Abbayes de Touraine
59884: BALZAC, H. HONORE DE - Ukko Goriot
46149: BALZAC, HONORE DE - The Mysterious Exiles
62506: BALZAC, HONORE DE - The Girl with the Golden Eyes
43751: BALZAC, HONORE DE - Droll Stories
23571: BALZAC, HONORE DE - Eugenie Grandet
38030: BALZAC, HONORE DE - Pere Goriot
072086: BALZAC, HONORE DE - Eugenie Grandet
61180: BALZER, HANS - Nur Was Wir Glauben, Wissen Wir Gewisk; Der Lebensweg Des Iachenden Weisen Wilhelm Busch
074696: BANCROFT, HUBERT HOWE - Retrospection Political and Personal
15554: BANCROFT, CAROLINE - Silver Queeen the Fabulous Story of Baby Doe Tabor
27984: BANCROFT, PEGGY - Tales from Pawdaddy Farm
084663: BANCROFT, EDITH - Jane Allen Center
087430: BANDELIER, ADOLPH F. - The Southwestern Journals of Adolf F. Bandelier 1889-1892
070270: BANER, SKULDA V. - Voice of the Lute
081523: BANG, JETTE - Gronland Igen
088191: BANG, GUSTAV - Kykyaika; Aikamme Yhteiskunta- Ja Sivistyselama
067988: BANGS, JOHN KENDRICK - Bikey the Skicycle and Other Tales of Jimmieboy
15007: BANGS, JOHN KENDRICK - Mr. Munchausen
068104: BANGS, JOHN KENDRICK - Bikey the Skicycle and Other Tales of Jimmieboy
074529: BANGS, JOHN KENDRICK - The Pursuit of the House-Boat
078153: BANHAM, RUSS - Coors; a Rocky Mountain Legend
30961: BANISH, ROSLYN - City Families; Chicago and London
39031: BANKOWSKY, JACK, ET AL; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Artforum International; Summer 1997; XXXV, No. 10
39033: BANKOWSKY, JACK, ET AL; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Artforum International; May 1997; XXXV, No. 9
084421: BANKS, RUSSEL; METCALF, PAUL - Lillabulero; Number 12 Winter 1973; Paul Metcalf - a Special Issue
086929: BANKS, RUSSELL - The Angel on the Roof; the Stories of Russell Banks
079164: BANKS, ELEANORA - Putnam's Correspondence Handbook
15786: BANKS, WILLIAM - William Adolphus Turnpike
51735: BANKS, RUSSELL - The Darling
079926: BANKS, WILLIAM P. - Encyclopedia of Consciousness; 2 Volumes
8195: BANNATYNE, ALEXANDER - Language, Reading and Learning Disabilities
839: BANNING, MARGARET CULKIN. - The Quality of Mercy.
60498: BANTA, RICHARD E. - Life in America; the South; Classroom Pictures
57306: BANTING, PAMELA, EDITOR - Fresh Tracks; Writing the Western Landscape
21637: BAPTISTAE, S. JOANNIS - Catalogus Fratrum Provinciae Cincinnatensis
079217: NO AUTHOR; BARAGA, MICHIGAN - Baraga a Centennial County Salutes Usa '76 Atlas & Plat Book Baraga County Michigan 1976
081222: BARAGA, FRIDERIK I. (BISHOP FREDERIC); VARIOUS - Pius IX. Kije Manito Ineffabilis Deus; Four Languages
081177: BARAGA, FRIDERIK I. (BISHOP FREDERIC); VARIOUS - Pius IX. Kije Manito Ineffabilis Deus; Four Languages
088768: BARAGA, FREDERIC; KLEMENC, MARIA K. ARKO - Dushna Pasha; Pasture for the Soul
079841: MARSTEN, BARBARA & BLISS, TINA - Dollhouse Dolls & Their Clothes
60322: GLASNER, BARBARA & SCHMIDT, PETRA, EDITORS - Chroma Design Architecture & Art in Color
55778: WILLIAMS, BARBARA & GRUNDMANN, CAROL - 26 Lively Letters; Making an ABC Quiet Book
930: FENTEN, BARBARA & DX. - The Team Behind the Great Parades.
21455: SEAMAN, BARBARA & GIDEON - Women and the Crisis in Sex Hormones
086942: MANGER, BARBARA & SMITH, JANINE - Mary Nohl Inside & Outside; Biography of the Artist
34421: CONDRON, BARBARA & DANIEL R. ET AL - The Bible Interpreted in Dream Symbols
45379: SHAEFFER, BARBARA & BEN, PUBLISHERS; VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Best of Rainbow Review; a Collection of Glass Articles
49463: FIFER, BARBARA & SODERBERG, VICKY - Along the Trail with Lewis and Clark
073095: KENRICK, VIVIENNE; MINTZ, BARBARA; ET AL - Fodor's Japan and Korea 1979
50917: COFFIN, BARBARA & PFANNMULLER, LEE, EDITORS - Minnesota's Endangered Flora and Fauna
089300: BARBER, NOEL - The War of the Running Dogs; How Malaya Defeated the Communist Guerillas 1948-1960
44396: BARBER, JONATHAN - A Grammar of Elocution; Containing the Principles of the Arts of Reading and Speaking
52548: BARBER, SAMUEL - Souvenirs; Op. 28
088902: BARBER, EDWIN ATLEE - The Pottery and Porcelain of the United States; an Historical Review of American Ceramic Work... To the Present Day to Which Is Added a Chapter on the Pottery of Mexico
64040: HANNA-BARBERA - Huckleberry Hound No. 33; April 1968
088626: BARBOUR, J. MURRAY - Tuning and Temperament; a Historical Survey
5291: BARBOUR, FANNY - Memory Book
24492: BARBOUR, RALPH HENRY - Tod Hale on the Scrub
068088: BARBOUR, RALPH HENRY - The Half-Back; a Story of School, Football and Golf
51553: BARCLAY, DONALD A.; MAGUIRE, JAMES H.; WILD, PETER - Into the Wilderness Dream; Exploration Narratives of the American West, 1500-1805
070392: BARCLAY, WILLIAM - The Ten Commandments for Today
50742: BARCOTT, BRUCE; JOHNSON, CHARLES, FOREWORD - Northwest Passages; a Literary Anthology of the Pacific Northwest
32194: BARDARSON, HJALMAR R. - Island; Iceland; Islande
079811: BARDOT, M. - Cheroy Et Ses Environs
079298: BARDSLEY, CHARLES WAREING - A Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames with Special American Instances; Revised
088252: BAREFOOT, PATRICIA - Brunswick the City by the Sea (Georgia)
081503: BARFOD, JORGEN OG KRUCHOW, EDELE - Danmark Under 2. Verdenskrig; Bin1 & Bind 2; 2 Volumes
28154: BARGELLINI, PETER; MOROZZI, GUIDO; BATINI, GIORGIO - Looking Back to Santa Reparata
50005: BARI, JUDI - Timber Wars and Other Writings
070953: BARKER, MARILYN CONOVER - The Legacy of Mormon Furniture.
086668: BARKER, ELSA; WARNER, ELTINGE F.; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Ranch Romances; March 31, 1950; First April Number
089244: BARKER, KENNETH, EDITOR - The Niv Study Bible; New International Version
11624: BARKER, RALPH - The Raf at War
52431: BARKER, ROCKY - Saving All the Parts; Reconciling Economics and the Endangered Species Act
59041: BARKER, ROCKY - Saving All the Parts; Reconciling Economics and the Endangered Species Act
084821: BARKER, ELSA - War Letters from the Living Dead Man Written Down by Elsa Barker
44862: BARKINS, EVELYN - I Love My Doctor
071818: BARKOW, AL - Golf's Golden Grind; the History of the Tour
45477: BARLOW, SANNA MORRISON - Arrows of His Bow
47324: BARLOW, PETER; WHITING, JOHN R., EDITOR - The Marine Photography of Peter Barlow
20281: BARNA, GEORGE - User Friendly Churches
47090: BARNARD, LORETTA, EDITOR; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Home; New Directions in World Architecture and Design
084763: BARNEA, I. - Christian Art in Romania; 1; 3rd-6th Centuries
8054: BARNES, AL - Vinegar Pie and Other Tales of the Grand Traverse Region
067726: BARNES, ANNA MARIA - Chonita; a Story of the Mexican Mines
59986: BARNES, JIM - On Native Ground; Memoirs and Impressions
65180: BARNES, JAMES - Outside the Law
41477: BARNES, ALBERT - Notes, Explanatory and Practical, on the Second Epistle to the Corinthians and the Epistle to the Galatians
41583: BARNES, ALBERT - Notes, Explanatory and Practical, on the Gospels; Volume 1 (of 2)
079305: BARNES, BRUCE SUNPIE - Talk That Music Talk; Passing on Brass Band Music in New Orleans
60499: BARNES, MARCILLENE - Great Explorers; Classroom Pictures
60527: BARNES, MARCILLENE - Safety; Unit of Teaching Pictures
087571: BARNES, SCOTT; LIBB, MELVA - Bohica
084108: BARNES, AL - Vinegar Pie and Other Tales of the Grand Traverse Region; Revised Edition
26301: BARNET, MONTROSE L., COMPILER - Cheery Thoughts
26302: BARNET, MONTROSE L., COMPILER - Right Living
084866: BARNETT, CORRELLI - Hitler's Generals
073648: BARNETT, JONATHAN - The Elusive City; Five Centuries of Design, Ambition and Miscalculation
14528: BARNETT, W. E., ET AL - St Lawrence Hall
078630: BARNETT, JONATHAN - The Elusive City; Five Centries of Design, Ambition and Miscalculation
26860: BARNETT, S. A. - Instinct and Intelligence; Behavior of Animals and Man
075614: OLDFIELD, BARNEY & MORIARTY, JOHN J. - Amphibians & Reptiles Native to Minnesota
089428: OLDFIELD, BARNEY & MORIARTY, JOHN J. - Amphibians & Reptiles Native to Minnesota
55983: BARNHILL, GEORGIA B. - Wild Impressions; the Adirondacks on Paper
11841: BARONTE, GERVEE - Twilight in India
067007: BARR, ROBERT - Tekla
15645: BARR, ROSEANNE - Roseanne My Life As a Woman
15654: BARR, GERALDINE - My Sister Roseanne; the True Story of Roseanne Barr Arnold
071284: BARRACLOUGH, GEOFFREY - The Crucible of Europe; the Ninth and Tenth Centuries in European History
079891: BARRACLOUGH, E. M. C. - Flags of the World
079366: BARRELL, JOSEPH; GRAVES, CHARLES BURR; WHITE, EDWARD ALBERT; VARIOUS AUTHORS - State Geological and Natural History Survey; Volume III Bulletins 13-14-15; Lithology; Flowering Plants and Ferns; Hymeniales
4178: BARRENTINE, PAT, EDITOR - When the Canary Stops Singing; Women's Perspectives on Transforming Business
62476: BARRETT, MONTE - Sun in Their Eyes
075921: BARRETT, PAUL M. - Venison; Extension Bulletin 252
29742: BARRETT, NORMAN - Purnell's Illustrated Nature Atlas
077055: BARRETT, CHARLES - Australian Caves, Cliffs, and Waterfalls
44820: BARRETT, C. K. - Reading Through Romans
082355: BARRETT, DAVID - Mel Bay's Complete Classic Chicago Blues Harp
081490: BARRETT, DEAN - The Van Dean Manual; Professional Techniques for Cosmetologists; Revised
078642: BARRETT, CHARLES SIMON - The Mission, History and Times of the Farmers' Union
082333: BARRETTE, MYRTLE - View from My Window
28019: BARRIE, J. M. - A Window in Thrums; an Edinburgh Eleven
41514: BARRIE, J. M. - What Every Woman Knows; the Plays of J.M. Barrie
46540: BARRIE, BRUNER FELTON - Mold Making, Casting & Patina for the Student Sculptor
072011: BARRINGTON, E. (BECK, L. ADAMS) - The Divine Lady; a Romance of Nelson and Emma Hamilton; Photoplay Edition
080885: BARRON, SERGT. BERNARD S.; EDWARDS, GUS - Tell That to the Marines! a Timely Song
087617: BARRON, JOHN - Breaking the Ring
079440: BARROWS, WALTER BRADFORD - Michigan Bird Life
078093: BARROWS, J. S. - Fire Behavior in Northern Rocky Mountain Forests
075952: BARROWS, R. M. - Gobs of Love
076440: HOLT, H. BARRY & FORRESTER, GARY - Digest of American Indian Law; Cases and Chronology
078210: BARRY, JAMES P. - The Fate of the Lakes; a Portrait of the Great Lakes
071848: BARRY, DAN - The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles; 3 Volumes
086642: BARRY, JAMES P. - Ships of the Great Lakes; 300 Years of Navigation
35791: LAKEWOOD HIGH SCHOOL; BARRY, BETTY, EDITOR - The 1939 Cinema; Lakewood High School, Lakewood, Ohio
35792: LAKEWOOD HIGH SCHOOL; BARRY, BETTY, EDITOR - The 1937 Cinema; Lakewood High School, Lakewood, Ohio
57171: BARRY, JAMES - Georgian Bay the Sixth Great Lake
068612: BARRY, MARY J. - A History of Mining on the Kenai Peninsula
072161: BARSKE, CHARLOTTE - Bear Cubs and Their Mother
072250: BARSKE, CHARLOTTE - Eskimos
085139: BARTELS, DIANE RUTH ARMOUR - Sharpie; the Life Story of Evelyn Sharpe Nebraska's Aviatrix
085504: BARTH, JOHN - Letters
3961: BARTH, JOHN - Sabbatical a Romance
22121: BARTH, JOHN - The Last Voyage of Somebody the Sailor
086933: BARTHELL, EDWARD E., JR. - The Mystery of the Merrimack
084702: BARTHES, ROLAND - Mythologies
64450: BARTHOLOMEES, J. BOONE, JR., EDITOR - U.S. Army War College Guide to National Security Issues; 2 Volumes
066641: BARTLETT, JOHN - Familiar Quotations; a Collection of Passages, Phrases and Proverbs Traced to Their Sources
089277: BARTLETT, BRUCE R. - Cover-Up; the Politics of Pearly Harbor, 1941-1946
48764: BARTOK, BELA - Two Roumanian Dances Piano Solo
48767: BARTOK, BELA - Negy Zongoradarab; Vier Klavierstucke; Four Pieces for Piano
079420: BARTOL, FRANK R. - A Season of Benign Neglect and Other Essays
086685: BARTOL, FRANK R. - I Thought You'd Never Ask!
18403: BARTOL, FRANK R. - A Season of Benign Neglect and Other Essays
40202: BARTOL, FRANK R. - A Season of Benign Neglect and Other Essays
084266: BARTON, BOB; GALLICO, PAUL - Paul Gallico's the Small Miracle
085296: BARTON, OLIVE ROBERTS - Nancy and Nick in Topsy-Turvy-Land
42311: BARTON, BRUCE WALTER - The Tree at the Center of the World; a Story of the California Missions
60424: BARTON, FRANK - Texas Rawhider
068919: BARTRA, ROGER - Blood, Ink, and Culture; Miseries and Splendors of the Post-Mexican Condition
39854: BARTRAM, ALAN - Five Hundred Years of Book Design
078927: BASCIO, PATRICK - Pedophilia Cancer Within
31240: BASEHEART, HARRY, EDITOR - Journal of Anthropological Research; Volume 37 Number 1; Spring 1981
085695: BASHAM, A. L. - A Cultural History of India
086791: BASILE, LISA MARIE - Andalucia
15444: BASILE, DAVID G. - Tillers of the Andes; Farmers and Farming in the Quito Basin
48432: VARIOUS AUTHORS; UNION PACIFIC; BASINGER, W. S. - Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks; Geyserland
48433: VARIOUS AUTHORS; UNION PACIFIC; BASINGER, W. S. - Colorado Mountain Playgrounds
47319: BASKETT, MICKEY, EDITOR - Painted Birdhouses
54737: BASS, SHARYN P. - This Is the Maine Coon Cat
26125: BASS, JOHN FOSTER - The Peace Tangle
068706: BASS, RICK - The Diezmo; a Novel
43686: BASS, RICK - The New Wolves
57491: BASS, RICK - The Lost Grizzlies; a Search for Survivors in the Wilderness of Colorado
63042: VARIOUS AUTHORS; BASSETT, GEORGE, PUBLISHER - The Church Review, and Ecclesiastical Register; Volume 1; 1848-9
63018: VARIOUS AUTHORS; BASSETT, GEORGE B., PUBLISHER - The Church Review, and Ecclesiastical Register; Volume III; 1850-51
60880: BAST, JOSEPH L.; HILL, PETER J.; RUE, RICHARD C. - Eco-Sanity; a Common Sense Guide to Environmentalism
58780: BASTEDO, JAMIE - Shield Country; the Life and Times of the Oldest Place on the Planet
52252: BASTEDO, JAMIE - Tracking Triple Seven
53719: BASTEDO, JAMIE - Falling for Snow; a Naturalist's Journey Into the World of Winter
7172: BATAILLE, CHRISTOPHE - Hourmaster
61603: BATCHELOR, DAVID - Minimalism; Movements in Modern Art
076204: BATEMAN, GEORGE W. - Zanzibar Tales Told by Natives of the East Coast of Africa
072288: BATES, JOHN; RICHTER, JEFF - White Deer Ghosts of the Forest
087026: BATES, CRAIG D. - The Miwok in Yosemite
076161: BATES, JOHN; RICHTER, JEFF - White Deer Ghosts of the Forest
11345: BATES, MARSTON, FOREWORD; NATURAL HISTORY MAGAZINE - Field Studies in Natural History
43959: BATES, BARBARA S. - The Happy Birthday Present
085524: BATES, JOHN; RICHTER, JEFF - White Deer Ghosts of the Forest
086498: BATES, KENNETH F. - Enameling Principles and Pratice
087468: BATESON, F. W. - A Guide to English Literature
083895: BATH, DONALD L.; DICKINSON, FRANK N.; VARIOUS - Dairy Cattle; Principles, Practices, Problems, Profits; Third Edition
6655: BATSTONE, BERT - The Mysterious Mummer and Other Newfoundland Stories
071056: BATTLE, KEMP - Hearts of Fire; Great Women of American Lore and Legend
082713: BAUDER, EMMA POW - Ruth and Marie; a Fascinating Story of the Nineteenth Century
082663: BAUER, ANDREW - The Hawthorn Dictionary of Pseudonyms
089578: BAUER, K. JACK - The Mexican War 1846-1848
6668: BAUER, MARGARET JEAN - Animal Babies
8326: BAUER, FRED, EDITOR - Norman Rockwell the Faith of America
14725: BAUER, ERWIN, EDITOR - Fishermen's Digest; 8th Anniversary Deluxe Ed
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084709: SPORTSMAN'S CONNECTION; BILLIG, JAMES F. - Western Upper Peninsula Michigan Fishing Map Guide
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58349: BOWDEN, CHARLES; LEHRER, CY - Texas Canyon, Arizona; an Eloquence of Stone
084121: BOWDEN, MARK - Hue 1968; a Turning Point of the American War in Vietnam
087326: BOWEN, JOHN - The Mcguffin
088317: BOWEN, DANA THOMAS - Lore of the Lakes Told in Story and Picture
077939: BOWEN, BETSY - A Wright Island Journal; 2005 Calendar
7338: BOWEN, ANGELA - The Diabetic Gourmet
083459: BOWEN, RON - Drawing Masterclass
36210: BOWEN, ELIZABETH - The Little Girls
30408: BOWEN, CATHERINE DRINKER - John Adams and the American Revolution
17611: BOWEN, ROBERT SIDNEY - Canyon Fury
48970: BOWEN, MARK - Censoring Science; Inside the Political Attack on Dr. James Hansen and the Truth of Global Warming
49209: BOWEN, MARK - Thin Ice; Unlocking the Secrets of Climate in the World's Highest Mountains
077911: BOWEN, ROBERT SIDNEY - Dave Dawson in Libya
27271: BOWERING, GEORGE - Burning Water
51265: BOWERMASTER, JON - Birthplace of the Winds; Adventuring in Alaska's Islands of Fire and Ice
086741: BOWERS, BERT - Memories from the Big Lake
086644: BOWERS, PAMELLA JERE' - Larry the Leaf and His Family Tree
4067: BOWERS, DWIGHT BLOCKER - American Musical Theater; Shows, Songs, and Stars
29106: BOWERS, JANICE EMILY - 100 Desert Wildflowers of the Southwest
53712: BOWERS, DON - Back of the Pack; an Iditarod Rookie Musher's Alaska Pilgrimage to Nome
6109: BOWIE, WALTER RUSSELL - The Compassionate Christ; Reflections from the Gospel of Luke
50060: NO AUTHOR; BOWIE, L. H. - The Dispersion of the L.H. Bowie Registered Angus Herd Frisco, Texas and Ray Mcculloch's "Top 25" . Fort Worth, Texas . Tuesday, October 10, 1961
64908: BOWKER, GORDON - Pursued by Furies; a Life of Malcolm Lowry
51104: BOWKER, MICHAEL - Fatal Deception; the Untold Story of Asbestos; Why It Is Still Legal and Still Killing Us
65056: BOWLER, PETER - The Superior Person's Book of Words
65361: BOWLER, PETER - The Superior Person's Second Book of Weird & Wondrous Words
22089: BOWMAN, JIM - More Than a Coffee Company; the Story of Cfs Continental
087769: BOWMAN, DARIA PRICE - The Potted Garden
089237: BOWS, MASTER SERGEANT RAY A. - Vietnam Military Lore 1959 - 1973; Another Way to Remember; Volume 1
63713: BOX, ROB DE LA RIVE - Encyclopedia of Classic Cars; Sports Cars 1945-1975
58401: BOXSEL, MATTHIJS VAN - The Encyclopedia of Stupidity
087739: BOYAK, DANA - Nanny Franny Collection; Three Stories in One Book
64952: BOYCE, JAMES L., EDITOR; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Word & World; Theology for Christian Ministry; Volume XI Number 1; Winter 1991
63169: BOYCE, JAMES L., EDITOR; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Word & World Theology for Christian Ministry; Spring 1991; Volume XI Number 2; the Environment
4308: BOYD, BRIAN - Vladimir Nabokov; the American Years
084365: SHADBOLT & BOYD - Shadbolt & Boyd Company; Catalogue No. 80
088840: BOYD, JIM - Sawdust in Their Blood; 100 Years of the Hedstrom Lumber Co.
067145: BOYER, MARJORIE NICE - Medieval French Bridges; a History
35951: BOYLAN, JEANNE - Portraits of Guilt
085982: BOYLE, ANDREW - The Fourth Man; the Definitive Account of Kim Philby, Guy Burgess, and Donald Maclean
24685: BOYLE, TERRY - Under This Roof; Family Homes of Southern Ontario
66395: BOYLE, T. C. - A Friend of the Earth
071744: BOYLE, KEVIN - Arc of Justice; a Saga of Race, CIVIL Rights, and Muder in the Jazz Age
6994: BOYNE, WALTER J. - The Leading Edge
40622: BOYNE, WALTER J. - Dawn over Kitty Hawk; the Novel of the Wright Brothers
46293: BOYNE, WALTER J. - Clash of Wings; World War II and the Air
15798: BOYTEN, H. E. - Plot and Peril
089438: BRAATEN, ARNDT FOLKVARD - Call Me Zana-Tany; Native Son of Madagascar; the Memoirs of
19491: BRAATEN, CARL E. - The Future of God
14257: BRACKEN, JOHN - John Bracken Says
27733: BRACONS, JOSE - The Key to Gothic Art
083195: VARIOUS AUTHORS; BRADBURY, RAY - The Saturday Evening Post; April 26 1952
11159: BRADBURY, F.G.R. - Pen Pictures from Nature's Art Galleries
11162: BRADBURY, F.A.G. - Lights and Shadows of Landscape and Life
47973: BRADBURY, RAY - Quicker Than the Eye
072273: BRADBURY, EMILIE C. - Work and Play with Birds
082386: BRADD, BILL - Notebooks from the Emerad Triangle
070184: BRADEN, LOUISE - Days of Escape
26954: BRADFORD, SARAH - Disraeli
30687: BRADFORD, ERNLE - Three Centuries of Sailing
1336: BRADFORD, GAMALIEL - Daughters of Eve
4062: BRADLEE, BEN - A Good Life; Newspapering and Other Adventures
59730: BRADLEY, A. G. - Shakespearean Tragedy; Lectures on Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, Macbeth
33637: BRADLEY, MARION ZIMMER - The Shadow Matrix
068955: BRADLEY, PRESTON - Meditations
58546: BRADLEY, JEFF - A Traveler's Guide to the Smoky Mountains Region
54754: BRADLEY, LUCY, EDITOR - St. Gregory's Remembers, Renews; 100 Years of Faith 1886-1986
60110: BRADLEY, JOHN W. - Historical Introduction to the Collection of Illuminated Letters and Borders in the National Art Library
089335: BRADLEY, JAMES - The Imperial Cruise; a Secret History of Empire and War
072933: BRADLEY, JAMES - The Imperial Cruise; a Secret History of Empire and War
54129: BRADSHAW, JEFFREY M., EDITOR - Software Agents
53243: BRADWAY, BECKY, EDITOR - In the Middle of the Middle West; Literary Nonfiction from the Heartland
60835: BRADY, CYRUS TOWNSEND - Indian Fights and Fighters
41085: BRADY, MICHAEL - Nordic Touring and Cross Country Skiing
50276: BRADY, M. MICHAEL - Nordic Touring and Cross Country Skiing; Third Revised Edition
52502: BRADY, WILLIAM, M.D. - An Eighty Year Old Doctor's Secrets of Positive Health
080694: BRAEME, CHARLOTTE M. - A Woman's War
53792: BRAESTRUP, PETER, EDITOR - The Wilson Quarterly; New Year's 1986; Vol. X, No. 1
089609: BRAGDON, EMMA - Resources for Extraordinary Healing' Schizophrenia, Bipolar and Other Serious Mental Illnesses
070605: BRAGG, RICK - All over But the Shoutin'
083687: BRAHAM, JEANNE - Made by Hand; Art and Craft in the Heartland of New England
40780: BRAHAM, JEANNE - Made by Hand; Art and Craft in the Heartland of New England
26032: BRAHMS, JOHANNES - Klavier Konzert D Moll Fur Klavier Und Orchester; Opus 15
61695: BRAHMS, JOHANNES; WEST, JOHN E. - Eleven Chorale Preludes for the Organ; Op. 122; 2 Volumes
47608: BRAHMS, JOHANNES; SAUER, E. V., EDITOR - Johannes Brahms Piano Works; Vol. 3; Piano Concertos Nos. 1 and 2, Waltzes Op. 39, Paganini Variations Op. 35
089129: BRAIM, PAUL F. - The Will to Win; the Life of General James A. Van Fleet
073008: BRAITHWAITE, RODRIC - Moscow 1941; a City and Its People at War
087518: BRAITHWAITE, WILLIAM STANLEY - Anthology of Magazine Verse for 1925 and Yearbook of American Poetry
087611: BRAKKEN, JAMES A. - Tor Loken & the Death of Chief Namakagon
087268: BRANCH, CHARLES A. - Recollections of a Michigan Boyhood
072630: BRANCH, TAYLOR - The Clinton Tapes; Wrestling History with the President
089433: BRAND, ADELE - The Hidden World of the Fox
60468: BRAND, MAX - Destry Rides Again
11561: BRAND, MILLEN - The Outward Room
080452: BRAND, MAX - The Rancher's Revenge
48560: BRAND, MAX - Calling Dr. Kildare
3572: BRANDEIS, MADELINE - The Little Spanish Dancer
17722: BRANDEN, NATHANIEL - Judgment Day; My Years with Ayn Rand
47899: BRANDER, DIANE - Blindwalk to Potter's Farm; an Odyssey of Spirit
087562: BRANDES, GEORG - Voltaire; Two Volumes
45236: BRANDES, GEORG - Hellas; Travels in Greece
085474: BRANDES, GEORG; MAKELA, A. B. - Jeesus-Taru; Tankankielesta Suomentanut
080182: BRANDON, ROBERT; SPEARMAN, DAN; VARIOUS AUTHORS - The History of Dresden Updated from 1954 to 1981; Town of Dresden Ontario
085839: BRANDON, S. G. F. - Dictionary of Comparative Religion

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