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54323: SMITH, WOODRUFF D. - The German Colonial Empire
54336: KAPPEL-SMITH, DIANA - Desert Time; a Journey Through the American Southwest
069441: SMITH, ALEXANDER MCCALL - Tea Time for the Traditionally Built
071817: SMITH, DR. EMIL - Golf Cartoons; Golf Laffs; 150 Cartoons to Suit You to a Tee
42035: SMITH, JOSEPH - The Book of Mormon an Account Written by the Hand or Mormon Upon Plates Taken from the Plates of Nephi
55878: SMITH, JOSEPH F. - Teachings of Presidents of the Church
071564: SMITH, RON - Christian Counselling
069442: SMITH, ALEXANDER MCCALL - The Double Comfort Safari Club
072326: SMITH, F. HOPKINSON - The Under Dog
069775: SMITH, PATRICIA R. - Modern Collector's Dolls; Second Series
074138: SMITH, R. GRANT - From Saginaw Valley to Tin Pan Alley... 1890-1955
076914: SMITH, EUGENE ALLEN; GIBSON, A. M. - Geological Survey of Alabama; Report on the Coosa Coal Field
078541: WOODHAM-SMITH, CECIL - The Great Hunger; Ireland 1845-1849
65971: SMITH, F. HOPKINSON - The Other Fellow
62440: SMITH, PATRICIA R. - Modern Collector's Dolls; Identification and Value Guide; Fifth Series
52326: SMITH, SIR JAMES EDWARD - English Botany; or, Coloured Figures of British Plants, with Their Essential Characters, Synonyms, and Places of Growth; Vol. I
076029: SMITH, ROBERT E. - Units in Forging and Welding
069778: SMITH, PATRICIA R. - Modern Collector's Dolls; Fourth Series
62842: SMITH, H. SHIRLEY - The World's Great Bridges
63040: SMITH, KAREN MANNERS - New Paths to Power; American Women 1890-1920
071862: SMITH, HELEN - Echoes of Hockey
070917: SMITH, RICHARD P. - Great Michigan Deer Tales; Stories Behind Michigan's Biggest Bucks
083818: LUCIE-SMITH, EDWARD - Textures; Photographs by Warren Truitt
18987: SMITHSON, MICHAEL; O'HARA PAT - Olympic; Ecosystems of the Peninsula
57294: SMITHSON, JUDITH ANN - Smithson's Island; the Necessity of Solitude
904: SMITHSONIAN. - Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution
4033: SMITHSONIAN. - Every Four Years; the American Presidency
6101: SMITHSONIAN - The Smithsonian Book of Invention
075101: SMOCK, NELL STOLP - White Tail; King of the Forest
58908: SMOLUCHOWSKI, LOUISE - Lev & Sonya; the Story of the Tolstoy Marriage
37994: SMYTHE, FRANK S. - Mountains in Color
082101: SNELL, ROY J. - Whispers at Dawn or the Eye
62752: SNELL, J. B. - Early Railways
53508: SNELL, ROY J. - Curlie Carlson Listens in
083749: SNELL, LEROY W. - The Challenge of the Yukon; a Story of the Northwest
1794: SNELLER, ANNE GERTRUDE. - A Vanished World.
084223: SNEVE, VIRGINIA DRIVING HAWK - The Trickster and the Troll
64529: SNIDER, DON M. - Once Again, the Challenge to the U.S. Army During a Defense Reduction; to Remain a Military Profession; Volume 4
50108: SNODGRASS, MARY ELLEN - Cliffs Notes on Greek Classics
62939: SNODGRASS, MARY ELLEN - Cliffs Notes Greek Classics
081584: SNODGRASS, MARY ELLEN - The Underground Railroad; an Encyclopedia of People, Places, and Operations; 2 Volumes
080963: SNOW, WILBERT - The Collected Poems of Wilbert Snow
084485: SNOW, RICHARD - The Iron Road; a Portrait of American Railroading
3612: SNOW, C.P. - The Sleep of Reason
43748: SNOW, DEAN - The Archaeology of North America
46954: SNOW, LOIS WHEELER - China on Stage; an American Actress in the People's Republic
084429: SNOW, CAPTAIN WILLIAM P. - Lee and His Generals
084614: SNYDER, ERNEST - Arizona Field Guide
63819: SNYDER, DANA P., EDITOR - Populations of Small Mammals Under Natural Condition; a Symposium Held at the Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology May 14-16, 1976
079541: SNYDER, GARY - A Place in Space; Ethics, Aesthetics, and Watersheds
081901: SNYDER, RACHEL, EDITOR - Flower & Garden Magazine for Mid-America; June, 1957 to November, 1960; 43 Issues
14246: SNYDER, PAUL - Toward One Science
31660: PECK & SNYDER - Nineteenth Century Games & Sporting Goods Peck & Snyder 1886
44641: SNYDER, DON J. - A Soldier's Disgrace; Ronald Alley
077898: SNYDER, GARY - Back on the Fire; Essays
078477: SNYDER, GARY - Danger on Peaks; Poems
26592: SOBEL, ROBERT - Machines and Morality; the 1850's
082534: KENTON-SIDNAW HISTORICAL SOCIETY - History of Duncan Township (Michigan)
080949: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY - Greater New York in a Single Photograph; Metropolis of Mankind
083822: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY - National Geographic Society Maps; 10 Maps & Indexes in Binder
084567: VARIOUS AUTHORS; TYOMIES SOCIETY - For the Common Good; Finnish Immigrants and the Radical Response to Industrial America
084218: AMERICAN FOUNDRYMEN'S SOCIETY - Cupola Melting; Two Volumes; Equipment and Materials; Operation and Maintenance
084327: VARIOUS AUTHORS; TYOMIES SOCIETY - For the Common Good; Finnish Immigrants and the Radical Response to Industrial America
5415: AMERICAN FOUNDRYMAN'S SOCIETY - Industrial Engineering in the Foundry
070100: VARIOUS AUTHORS; ISHPEMING HISTORICAL SOCIETY - A Visit to the Past; Ishpeming, Michigan; Volume One
49433: CARTOPHILIC SOCIETY - Wills Issues; Reprint of Paris I-V
53678: VARIOUS AUTHORS; KEWEENAW COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Central Mine; Years of Hard Work Lives of Pain and Hope; 1898-1998
59558: VARIOUS AUTHORS; XERCES SOCIETY - Wings; Essays on Invertebrate Conservation; Volume 17, Number 3; Spring 1994
65511: CANON LAW SOCIETY - The Code of Canon Law in English Translation
084214: AMERICAN FOUNDRYMEN'S SOCIETY - Cupola Handbook; 5th Edition Revised and Expanded
084721: VARIOUS AUTHORS; TYOMIES SOCIETY - For the Common Good; Finnish Immigrants and the Radical Response to Industrial America
073821: SOCKMAN, RALPH W. - Man's First Love; the Great Commandment
073644: SOENS, A. LEWIS, JR. - I, the Song; Classical Poetry of Native North America
32058: SOETEBIER, VIRGINIA M. - Sweetwater Sea Saga
57602: SOHKANEN, VILJO - Punakaartilaisen Paivakirja
57597: SOIKKANEN, HANNU - Kansalaissota Dokumentteina Valkoista Ja Punaista Sanankayttoa V. 1917-1918; 1 Mielipiteiden Muovautuminen Kohti Kansalaissotaa
66166: SOKOLSKI, HENRY D. - The Next Arms Race
11250: DE SOLA, RALPH - Microfilming
20015: SOLBERG, RICHARD W. - Lutheran Higher Education in North America
50214: SOLBERG, C. O. - Oliver Nidson; an Orphan's Struggles and Victories
46752: AHO & SOLDAN - Look at Finland
080840: AHO & SOLDAN - Kuva-Suomi Kotimaamme Arkena Ja Pyhana; Kolmas Painos
2139: SOLER, R. SAEZ; PEGERO, CARLOS SANCHEZ - Planes de Estudios En Espana
60799: SOLES, EARL L., JR. - The Colonial Williamsburg Historic Trades Annual; Volume 1
075873: SOLJENITSYN, ALEXANDER - Augusti Fjorton
3706: SOLJENITSYNE, ALEXANDRE - Le Premier Cercle
55238: SOLOMON, ERIC, EDITOR - The Faded Banners; a Treasury of Nineteenth-Century CIVIL War Fiction
081453: SOLSJENITSYN, ALEXANDER - En Dag I Ivan Denisovitjs LIV
081386: SOLSJENITSYN, ALEXANDER - Kraeftafdelingen 1 & 2; 2 Volumes
080533: SOLTIS, ANDREW - 1 P-Qn4
080477: SOLTIS, ANDREW - Bird's Opening
080539: SOLTIS, ANDREW - The Art of Defense in Chess
067855: SOMBART, WERNER - Sosialismi Ja Sosialinen Liike
38883: SOMERVELL, D. C. - The Reign of King George the Fifth; an English Chronicle
65456: SOMERVILLE, PATRICK - The Cradle
39933: SOMMER, ROBIN LANGLEY - Frank Lloyd Wright a Gatefold Portfolio
58102: BARTHOLOMEW & SON - Touring Map of Scotland
080606: SONG, BANG-SONG - Korean Music and Instruments
37397: SONNICHSEN, C. L. - The Southwest in Life and Literature
082562: DADANT & SONS - Dadant's Catalog of Bee Supplies 1927
47380: SONTAG, SUSAN - At the Same Time; Essays and Speeches
082313: SOPKIN, HENRY, ARRANGER - Harms String Amercana; a Series of String Ensembles in Varied Combinations with Piano Accompaniment; Book One
071453: SORENSON, E. P.; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Utilities Engineering Institute Extension Training Electric Refrigeration
071565: SORGE, BOB - Exploring Worship; a Practical Guide to Praise and Worship
066926: SORMUNEN, EINO - Ahdingon Aikoina; Paimenkirje Paastonaikaa Ja Ahdistusten Aikoja Varten
075405: SORMUNEN, EINO - Sana Pysyy; Kirjoitelmia Pyhan Yhteisen Uskomme Vaiheilta
55022: SORRENTINO, FERNANDO - El Crimen de San Alberto
084310: SOSA, ROBERTO - The Return of the River; the Selected Poems of
30952: SOTHEBY'S - Important American Paintings from the Collection of Caroline Ryan Foulke; New York, Thursday, May 28, 1987
13356: SOTHEBY'S - Fine Books and Manuscripts; Sale 6515.
084659: SOTHEBY'S - Sotheby's Old Master Paintings New York Thursday, January 11, 1990; Catalogue 5964
28757: SOTHEBY'S - Old Master Paintings London Wednesday 1st April 1992
29889: SOTHEBY'S - American 19th & 20th Century Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture Property of an East Coast Institution; New York, Friday, October 26, 1984
30953: SOTHEBY'S - Pierre-Auguste Renoir Au Moulin de la Galette; New York, Thursday, May 17, 1990
30956: SOTHEBY'S - The Anglo-American Tradition; Furniture and Decorations, Silver, Rugs, and Carpets; Sale 1524; January 24, 1996
30967: SOTHEBY'S - Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century British Drawings and Watercolours; Thursday 10 April 1997
31220: SOTHEBY'S - Sotheby's Preview October 1992
31221: SOTHEBY'S - Fine and Rare Wines, Spirits and Vintage Port; London Wednesday 30 April 1997
31505: SOTHEBY'S - Japanese Works of Art, Paintings, Swords and Sword Fittings; London, Thursday 16th and Friday 17th November 1989
32873: SOTHEBY'S - Watches, Clocks & Scientific Instruments, Antique and Period Jewelry; New York; June 4 and 5, 1984
33321: SOTHEBY'S - Antique and Period Jewelry, Watches, Clocks and Scientific Instruments; April 10 & 13, 1984
33322: SOTHEBY'S - Americana; October 23 & 24, 1981
33323: SOTHEBY'S - American 18th Century, 19th Century & Western Paintings, Drawings, Watercolors & Sculpture; Thursday, April 23, 1981
078140: SOTHERN, EDWARD H. - The Melancholy Tale of Me; My Remembrances
074217: SOTO, GARY - The Effects of Knut Hamsun on a Fresno Boy
53197: SOUBLIERE, MARION - The 1998 Nunavut Handbook; Travelling in Canada's Arctic
53644: SOUDER, WILLIAM - A Plague of Frogs; the Horrifying True Story
077693: SOULE, DEB - A Plant Guide to Avena Botanicals' Medicinal Herb Garden
60249: SOULEN, RICHARD N. - Handbook of Biblical Criticism; Second Edition
34899: SOUSA, JOHN PHILIP - The Fifth String
60997: SOUSA, JOHN PHILIP - Famous Marches; Piano Solo
60994: SOUSA, JOHN PHILIP - Celebrated Marches
082742: SOUSTELLE, JACQUES - La Vida Cotidiana de Los Aztecas En Visperas de la Conquista
27914: SOUTAR, MERELLE - The Driftwood Flower Arrangement Book
63134: SOUTHERN, R. W. - Western Society and the Church in the Middle Ages
24652: SOUTHERN, TERRY - Texas Summer
072633: SOUTHWORTH, E. D. E. N. - Tried for Her Life
078027: SOUTKARI, PENTTI - Vermlannin Murretta; Suomen Kielen Naytteita 46
084536: SOWERBY, A. L. M. - Photograms of the Year 1957
53609: SPADOLA, MEEMA - Breasts; Our Most Public Private Parts
45662: SPAETH, SIGMUND, EDITOR - Barber Shop Classics
077448: SPANG, KAY - Indian Misdemeanors
19119: SPANIDOU, IRINI - God's Snake
2858: SPANN, J. RICHARD, EDITOR - The Christian Faith and Secularism
49798: SPANN, J. RICHARD, EDITOR - The Christian Faith and Secularism
070585: SPANN, J. RICHARD, EDITOR - The Church and Social Responsibility
082021: SPANOS, WILLIAM V. - Heidegger and Criticism; Retrieving the Cultural Politics of Destruction
083274: SPARANO, VIN T. - Complete Outdoors Encyclopedia
52786: VARIOUS AUTHORS; SPARKNOTES - Sparknotes Walden Henry David Thoreau
082447: SPARKS, JACOB B. - Jacob's Well of Life; New Sparks from Old Time Religion
073987: SPARLIN, ALBERTA C. - The Trail Back (Montana)
071319: SPARLING, JACK, EDITOR; VARIOUS - Sick Magazine; Vol. 17, No. 115; June, 1977
079980: SPASSE, STERJO - The Awakening; a Novel
62886: SPEARS, RICKY - Shooting Stars' Contemporary Glamour Photography
080669: NO AUTHOR; AMERICAN BOARD FOR MEDICAL SPECIALTIES - Directory of Medical Specialists Holding Certification by American Specialty Boards; Volume VIII
068806: SPECK, W. A. - Stability and Strife; England, 1714-1760
084820: SPEER, ALBERT - Inside the Third Reich; Memoirs
079606: SPEER, ALBERT - Infiltration; How Heinrich Himmler Schemed to Build an Ss Industrial Empire
082495: SPEER, ALBERT - Erinnerungen
070141: SPEIDEL, WILLIAM C. - Sons of the Profits or, There's No Business Like Grow Business; the Seattle Story, 1851-1901
64615: SPENCE, JONATHAN D. - God's Chinese Son; the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom of Hong Xiuquan
074500: SPENCE, VERNON GLADDEN - Judge Legett of Abilene; a Texas Frontier Profile
64390: SPENCER, R. E. - The Lady Who Came to Stay
42336: SPENCER, HAZELTON, EDITOR - British Literature; from Beowulf . To the Present Day; 2 Volumes
16391: SPENCER, MARSHALL TONY - Little Journeys
35739: SPENCER, EDMUND - A Selection of His Works
58497: SPENCER, PAGE - White Silk & Black Tar; a Journal of the Alaska Oil Spill
35165: SPERELAKIS, NICHOLAS, EDITOR - Physiology and Pathophysiology of the Heart
067102: SPERLING, A, - Aamuvoimistelu Voimistelua Ja Hierontaa Omin Avuin Terveille Ja Sairille
084656: SPEYER, A. JAMRS - 66th Annual American Exhibition; Directions in Contemporary Painting and Sculpture
084657: SPEYER, A. JAMRS - 65th Annual American Exhibition; Directions in Contemporary Painting and Sculpture
084655: SPEYER, A. JAMRS - 66th Annual American Exhibition; Directions in Contemporary Painting and Sculpture
079881: SPICER, W. A. - Nyky Aika; Profetian Valossa
62586: SPICER, W. A. - Nyky Aika; Profetian Valossa
50020: SPICER, BART - The Long Green
078107: SPICER, W. A. - Nyky Aika; Profetian Valossa
066754: SPICK, MIKE - Milestones of Manned Flight
1962: SPICKERNAGEL, DR. WILHELM. - Furst Bulow.
63806: SPIEGEL, SHALOM; GOLDIN, JUDAH - The Last Trial on the Legends and Lore of the Command to Abraham to Offer Isaac As a Sacrifice; the Akedah
078902: SPIJKERBOER, THOMAS - Gender and Refugee Status
47983: SPILLANE, MICKEY - Black Alley
48033: SPILLANE, MICKEY - The Killing Man; a New Mike Hammer Novel
082351: SPILLANE, MICKEY - The Long Wait
26817: SPINNER, GEORGE P.; WEBSTER, WILFRID, EDITOR - Serial Atlas of the Marine Environment; Folio 18, the Wildlife Wetlands and Shellfish Areas of the Atlantic Coastal Zone
962: SPINOZA, BENEDICT DE - The Philosophy of Benedict de Spinoza.
075570: SPINOZA, BENEDICT; WILD, JOHN, EDITOR - Spinoza Selections
20680: SPIRO, JACK D., EDITOR - Religious Education; Volume 87, Number 4, Fall 1992
084638: SPLAKE, T. KILGORE, EDITOR - The Cliffs; Soundings Spring 2005
084495: SPLAKE, T. KILGORE; JIKIWE (GRAY, ED); MARTIN, GEORGE - Mandaamin (Corn) Teachings My Elders Have Given Me
59308: SPLAKE, T. KILGORE - Rainbow Diary
084437: SPLAKE, T. KILGORE, EDITOR - The Cliffs; Soundings Winter 2005
32655: SPLAKE, T. KILGORE - Notes from the Cave
57332: SPLAKE, T. KILGORE - Betsy
084775: SPLAKE, T. KILGORE; CARSON, T. ANDERS - Freefall; Spring 2005
083950: SPLAKE, T. KILGORE - Crossing Brautigan Creek
082509: SPLAKE, T. K. - Soul Whispers; Upper Peninsula Verse
16621: SPLAKE, T. K. - Lightness of Being
16622: SPLAKE, T. K. - Slouching Toward Calvary
16623: SPLAKE, T. K. - Tailings
083884: SPLAKE, T. KILGORE; JIKIWE (GRAY, ED); MARTIN, GEORGE - Mandaamin (Corn) Teachings My Elders Have Given Me
084167: SPLAKE, T. KILGORE - Connections; Ann Arbor Keweenaw
27195: SPLAKE, T. KILGORE (SMITH, TOM) - Alaskan Letters
32011: SPLAKE, T. KILGORE - Mountains
082508: SPLAKE, T. KILGORE - Light Lightness; Poetry
56516: SPLAKE, T. KILGORE, EDITOR - The Cliffs; Soundings
083995: SPLAKE, T. KILGORE - Superior Land Lights
074679: SPLAKE, T. K. - Moon Shadows
52030: SPLAKE, T. KILGORE - Superior Land Lights
32012: SPLAKE, T. KILGORE - Lightness of Being
084168: SPLAKE, T. KILGORE, EDITOR - The Cliffs; Soundings
084321: SPLAKE, T. KILGORE - Soft Echoes Behind the Waterfall
44814: SPONHEIM, PAUL R. - Contemporary Forms of Faith
071466: SPOONER, ELLA BROWN - From Mountain to Shore; Poems by
18511: SPOTO, DONALD - Diana the Last Year
53035: SPOWERS, RORY - Rising Tides; a History of the Environmental Revolution and Visions for an Ecological Age
081085: DE CAMP, L. SPRAGUE & CATHERINE CROOK - Footprints on Sand; a Literary Sampler
61082: SPRAGUE, MARSHALL. - Newport in the Rockies; the Life and Good Times of Colorado Springs
067750: SPRENG, REV. S. P. - The Life and Labors of John Seybert, First Bishop of the Evengelical Association
56819: SPRING, BARBARA - The Dynamic Great Lakes
079140: SPRINGER, WALTER GLEN - The Hudson and Its Moods; an Idyl of America's Mightiest, Most Beautifully Scenic, Legendary and Historical of Rivers
20869: SPRINGER, JERRY - Ringmaster!
28422: SPRINGER, TOM - Blessed with Children; How the W.K. Kellogg Foundation Helps Communities Nurture Their Young People
11630: SPRINGFIELD, OHIO - 1984 Springfield (Clark County, Ohio) City Directory
61139: KELLY-SPRINGFIELD - The Kelly-Springfield Method of Repairing Passenger Car Tires
071873: SPROUL, ROBERT C., EDITOR; VARIOUS - Cracked Magazine; Giant Cracked Fun-Kit; March 1978
071868: SPROUL, ROBERT C., EDITOR; VARIOUS - Cracked Magazine; October 1982; No. 190
071872: SPROUL, ROBERT C., EDITOR; VARIOUS - Cracked Magazine; Giant Cracked Fun-Kit; January 1978
071335: SPROUL, ROBERT C., EDITOR; VARIOUS - Cracked Magazine; October 1975; No. 128
071328: SPROUL, ROBERT C., EDITOR; VARIOUS - Cracked Magazine; 10th Annual Super
071329: SPROUL, ROBERT C., EDITOR; VARIOUS - Cracked Magazine; October 1978; No. 154
071331: SPROUL, ROBERT C., EDITOR; VARIOUS - Cracked Magazine; October 1976; No. 136
071333: SPROUL, ROBERT C., EDITOR; VARIOUS - Cracked Magazine; Giant Fun-Kit; November 1978; No. 149
071334: SPROUL, ROBERT C., EDITOR; VARIOUS - Cracked Magazine; the 7th Annual Super; 1974; No. 149
071298: SPROUL, ROBERT C., EDITOR; VARIOUS - Cracked Magazine; No. 134; August, 1976
071314: SPROUL, ROBERT C., EDITOR; VARIOUS - Cracked Magazine; No. 135; September, 1976
071316: SPROUL, ROBERT C., EDITOR; VARIOUS - Cracked Magazine; Giant September 1977
071317: SPROUL, ROBERT C., EDITOR; VARIOUS - Cracked Magazine; 9th Fantastic Annual Giant
071871: SPROUL, ROBERT C., EDITOR; VARIOUS - Cracked Magazine; the 13th Annual Biggest Greatest Cracked; 1978
071315: SPROUL, ROBERT C., EDITOR; VARIOUS - Cracked Magazine; the 12th Biggest Greatest Annual
071867: SPROUL, ROBERT C., EDITOR; VARIOUS - Cracked Magazine; January 1976; No. 139
64836: SPROUL, ROBERT C., EDITOR - Cracked Magazine; No. 134; August 1976
64837: SPROUL, ROBERT C., EDITOR - The 12th Biggest Greatest Cracked Annual
071878: SPROUL, ROBERT C., EDITOR; VARIOUS - Cracked Magazine; July 1978; No. 151
071880: SPROUL, ROBERT C., EDITOR; VARIOUS - Cracked Magazine; December 1977; No. 147
071881: SPROUL, ROBERT C., EDITOR; VARIOUS - Cracked Magazine King-Sized #12; 1978
071882: SPROUL, ROBERT C., EDITOR; VARIOUS - Cracked Magazine Collector's Edition No. 16; 1976
071875: SPROUL, ROBERT C., EDITOR; VARIOUS - Cracked Magazine; January 1976; No. 130
071883: SPROUL, ROBERT C., EDITOR; VARIOUS - Cracked Magazine No. 123; March 1974
66287: SPROULL, ROBERT; VARIOUS - The 9th Annual Giant Cracked; 1973
55867: SPROUT, MILDRED - Rugger's Roundtable; February 1955 to January 1965; Vol. 1, No. 1 to Vol. 10, No. 10
40375: SPRUILL, STEVEN - Before I Wake
13891: SPRUNGMAN, ORMAL I. - Photography Afield
076641: SPRUNGMAN, ORMAL I. - Photography Afield
31235: SPUHLER, J. N., EDITOR - Journal of Anthropological Research; Volume 34 Number 1; Spring 1978
31241: SPUHLER, J. N., EDITOR - Journal of Anthropological Research; Volume 33 Number 2; Summer 1977
56166: SPURR, DANIEL - River of Forgotten Days; a Journey Down the Mississippi in Search of la Salle
074005: SPURR, ALLEN - Eileen (from Old Killarney)
30128: SPYRI, JOHANNA - Heidi
52213: SQUIERS, EDWIN R., EDITOR - The Environmental Crisis; the Ethical Dilemma
61522: SROKA, OTTO; KLATT, DIETRICH - The Celle Countryside; Ancient Cultural Landscape of the Southern Luneburg Heath (Germany)
759: STABLES, GORDON. - In Times of Peril.
074394: STABLES, GORDON - To Greenland and the Pole; a Story of Adventure in the Arctic Regions
084268: STACEY, JOSEPH; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Arizona Highways; July, 1975; Vol. LI, No. 7
072415: STACKPOLE, EDWARD J. - From Cedar Mountain to Antietam
5980: STAD, MALMO - Malmo - Ett Bildverk
42754: STAEBLER, WARREN - Ralph Waldo Emerson
071087: INDIANA UNIVERSITY STUDENT STAFF - Arbutus 2002 Volume 109; Indiana University
5873: TECHNICAL STAFF - Applied Practical Radio-Television
071086: INDIANA UNIVERSITY STUDENT STAFF - Arbutus 2000 Volume 107; Indiana University
8564: EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY STAFF - The Joy of Photographing People
10122: POETS HOUSE STAFF - Directory of American Poetry Books
62248: AUDEL STAFF - Audels Do-It-Youself Encyclopedia; 2 Volumes
080777: RESEARCH STAFF - Equine Genetics & Selection Procedures
074823: AUDEL STAFF - Audels Diesel Engine Manual
53773: SOIL SURVEY STAFF - Soil Taxonomy; a Basic System of Soil Classification for Making and Interpreting Soil Surveys
16318: STAGG, CAMILLE - The Eclectic Gourmet Guide to Chicago
48119: STAHL, STEPHEN M. - Essential Psychopharmacology; Neuroscientific Basis and Practical Applications
33792: STAINER, DR. JOHN - Composition; Novello's Music Primers and Educational Series
080938: STAINSBY, OLIVE SCOTT, PREFACE; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Christmas Lyrics of 1937; Volume II; a Contemporary Anthology of Timely Verse
083656: STALDER, VALERIE; BROEKEL, RAY - Even the Devil Is Afraid of a Shrew; a Folktale of Lapland
077782: STALEY, VERNON - Hierurgia Anglicana; Documents and Extracts Illustrative of the Ceremonial of the Anglican Church After the Reformation; New Edition Volume V Part III;
077780: STALEY, VERNON - Hierurgia Anglicana; Documents and Extracts Illustrative of the Ceremonial of the Anglican Church After the Reformation; New Edition Volume III Part II;
077781: STALEY, VERNON - Hierurgia Anglicana; Documents and Extracts Illustrative of the Ceremonial of the Anglican Church After the Reformation; New Edition Volume III Part I;
067467: STALIN, J. V. (JOSEPH V.) - Selostus Sssr;N Konstitutsion Projektista
26789: STALLMAN, JEANNE - Winning Photo Contests
54703: STAMP, C. W. - Dudley Stamp Lost in the Rocky Mountains; a True Story
068377: WINDHORN, STAN & LANGLEY, WRIGHT - Yesterday's Florida Keys
6967: SMITH, STAN & HOLT, PROFESSOR H.F. TEN, EDITORS - The Artist's Manual; Equipment, Materials, Techniques
10836: STANARD, MARY NEWTON - John Marshall an Address; and His Home
62458: STANDISH, ROBERT - Storm Centre
36702: STANEK, V. - Waterside Secrets
082179: STANGERUP, HAKON, EDITOR - De Lyse Naetter; Danske Natur Stemninger
081455: STANGERUP, HENRIK - Slangen I Brystet
077469: STANIER, R. S. - Magdalen School; a History of Magdalen College School Oxford
24407: STANILAWSKI, J. - English-Polish and Polish-English Dictionary
081602: STANILAWSKI, J. - English-Polish and Polish-English Dictionary
072925: STANKOVIC, MOMEILO - Mining and Smelting Basin of Bor
069487: STANKOVIC, PETER - 1609 Dana Na Fronti Cd Grge Turkalja-Guslara
17636: STANLEY, LIEUT. COL. JOHN B. - Cadet Derry West Pointer
070066: STANLEY, JODEE, EDITOR; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Ninth Letter; Fall/Winter 2007-08; Volume 4 , Number 2
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31468: TAYLOR, ROSE PERRIN - In the Shadow of the Rim Rocks; Memoir of
59895: TAYLOR, C. L. - Aidin Raamattu; Kertomus; Seitsemas Painos
083077: TAYLOR, BERNIE - Big Trout; How and Where to Target Trophies
39926: TAYLOR, CAROL - The Great T-Shirt Book!
40943: TAYLOR, BAYARD - Eldorado or Adventures in the Path of Empire
081829: TAYLOR, WALTER P. - The Deer of North America
45282: TAYLOR, DONNA, EDITOR; VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Great Lakes Region in Children's Books; a Selected Annotated Bibliography
45914: TAYLOR, JOHN JAMES - Christian Aspects of Faith and Duty; Discourses by
080194: TAYLOR, IRVING; STORDAHL, AXEL; WESTON, PAUL - Ain'Tcha Ever Comin' Back
50036: TAYLOR, CHARLES E. - The Story of Yates the Missionary
51631: TAYLOR, JOSEPH E. III - Making Salmon; an Environmental History of the Northwest Fisheries Crisis
084233: TAYLOR, G. W. - Mining; a History of Mining in British Columbia
069021: TCHAIKOVSKY, PETER ILYCH - The Nutcracker a Ballet in Two Acts; Opus 71; for Piano; a Kalmus Classic Edition
29909: TEACHOUT, TERRY - The Skeptic; a Life of H.L. Mencken
17731: TEACHOUT, TERRY, EDITOR - Beyond the Boom; New Voices on American Culture & Politics
083692: TEBBEN, JIM - Angels Flying Low
083654: TEBBEN, JIM - Angels Flying Low
48609: READER, TED & SLOAN, KATHLEEN - Sticks & Stones; the Art of Grilling on Plank, Vine and Stone; the Game & Fish Mastery Library
59507: TEEPLE, DAVID SHEA - Atomic Energy; a Constructive Proposal
083981: TEEPLE, BUCKO - Kitchigamig Anishinabeg; the People of the Great Lakes
084425: TEETER, DON E. - The Acoustic Guitar; Adjustment, Care, Maintenance, and Repair
17737: TEICHMANN, HOWARD - Smart Aleck; the Wit, World and Life of Alexander Woollcot
55552: ITOH, TEIJI & CLARK, GREGORY, EDS. - The Dawns of Tradition.
073863: K-TEL - Let's Disco; a Complete Instructional System for Disco Dancing
60104: TELEMANN, GEORG PHILIPP - Antiqua Eine Sammlung Alter Musik; Sonata in G Fur Flote (Oder Violine) Und Cembalo (Oder Klavier)
25415: TELLER, LUDWIG - Law of Contracts
19349: KNIGHTS TEMPLAR - Annual Conclave Grand Commandery Knights Templar of Michigan; 1930; 1934-1939; 7 Volumes
070467: TEMPLE, CRONA (CORNFIELD, CLARA) - Det Arofulla Ateraget; En Episod Ur Valdensernas Historia
61570: RENGEO-IN SANJUSANGEN-DO TEMPLE - Buddhist Deities of Sanjusangen-Do
083272: TEMPLE, AIMEE - I Was a Teen-Age Transvestite
46640: TENN, WILLIAM - The Human Angle
51353: TENNIEN, FATHER MARK OF MARYKNOLL - No Secret Is Safe Behind the Bamboo Curtain
26658: TENNYSON, G. B. - An Introduction to Drama
082072: TENNYSON, ALFRED LORD; MATTHEWS, BRANDER - Poems of Tennyson; Two Volumes
070711: DE TERAMOND, BEHOTEGUY - The Low Calorie French Cookbook with Season by Season Diet Menus
20796: REESE, TERENCE & SCHAPIRO, BORIS - Bridge Card by Card
072587: TERKEL, STUDS - Chicago
39230: TERPSTRA, JO-ANN - It's Murder on Gabriola
36440: TERRANOVA, ELAINE - The Cult of the Right Hand
20092: BEESLEY, TERRECE & BOERENS, TRICE - Garden Applique
40881: TERRELL, JOHN UPTON - The Discovery of California
64739: TERRILL, W. ANDREW - Lessons of the Iraqi de-Ba'Athification Program for Iraq'a Future and the Arab Revolutions
62979: TERRILL, MARSHALL - Steve Mcqueen Portrait of an American Rebel
4066: TERRY, WALTER - The Dance in America
31062: TERRY, RANDALL A. - Accessory to Murder
31345: MAHADY, TERRY & STOUTAMIRE, ALBERT - Comprehensive Snare Drum Method; Book 1
46869: TERRY, T. PHILIP; NORMAN, JAMES - Terry's Guide to Mexico; a Completely Revised Edition
079517: TERUKAZU, ARIYAMA - Japanese Painting; Treasures of Asia
077166: TERVO, PAULA - Amerikankistu Ja Rantarenssi; Finnish Immigrant's Trunk and Iron Range
47078: TESKE, EDMUND; NO AUTHOR - Edmund Teske; Chicago Remembrances
077104: TESLA, NIKOLA - Experiments with Alternate Currents of High Potential and Frequency
071188: NEW TESTAMENT - The New Testament and Psalms New Revised Standard Version; Words of Christ in Red
067037: NEW TESTAMENT - The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; by His Majesty's Special Command
29762: TEYLER, TIMOTHY J.; SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN - Altered States of Awareness; Readings from Scientific American
26979: TEZLA, ALBERT - Hungarian Authors; a Bibliographical Handbook
1875: THACHER, JAMES, M.D. - American Medical Biography or Memoirs of Eminent Physicians; 2 Vols.
083159: THACHER, JAMES; GOMES, PETER J. - History of the Town of Plymouth... With a Concise History of the Aborigines of New England and Their Wars with the English
41821: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE - Collected Works of William Makepeace Thackeray
39629: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE - The Newcomes; Memoirs of a Most Respectable Family; 2 Volumes
63946: THAMES, C. H. - Blood of My Brother
44725: THATCHER, PERCY J.; MEGGIDO MISSION CHURCH - History of the Megiddo Mission
9180: THAYER, TIFFANY - The Greek
2015: THAYER, JAMES. - White Star.
079409: THEEL, GUSTAV ADOLF - The World Shipping Scene; Atlas of Shipping, Shipbuilding, Seaports and Sea-Borne Trade
067789: LADD, THELMA & LAURENCE - Portland Glass; Legacy of a Glass House Down East
075013: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE & GRINNELL, GEORGE BIRD - Hunting in Many Lands; the Book of the Boone & Crockett Cluc
52422: REFF, THEODORE & SHOEMAKER, INNIS HOWE - Paul Cezanne Two Sketchbooks
53446: RUSSELL, DAVID H.; CLYMER, THEODORE; ET AL - Trails to Treasure; the Ginn Basic Readers; Teachers' Edition
3868: THEROUX, PAUL - Sunrise with Seamonsters; Travels & Discoveries 1964-1984
7021: THEROUX, PAUL - Sunrise with Seamonsters; Travels & Discoveries 1964-1984
61152: THEURIET, ANDRE - A Woodland Queen (Reine Des Bois)
57743: THIEL, RICHARD P. - Keepers of the Wolves; the Early Years of Wolf Recovery in Wisconsin
082180: THIELE, LESLIE PAUL - Timely Meditations; Martin Heidegger and Postmodern Politics
65517: THIESSEN, JOHN CALDWELL - A Survey of World Missions
24530: THIRKELL, ANGELA - Tribute for Harriette
080653: THISS - Thiss Distributors Wholesale Catalog No. 158
068317: THOENE, BODIE - The Key to Zion; Book 5 of the Zion Chronciles Unabridged on Twelve 90-Minute Cassettes
17097: THOLLANDER, EARL - Back Roads of Washington
084030: THOM, JAMES ALEXANDER - Panther in the Sky
7972: THOMA, KURT H. - Oral Pathology; a Histological, Roentgenological, and Clinical Study of the Diseases of the Teeth, Jaws, and Mouth; Third Edition
084101: THOMA, HARRY C. - The Badger 1928
65136: THOMAS, ROY, EDITOR - Vampire Tales; April, 1974
075336: THOMAS, DYLAN; FERRIS, PAUL, EDITOR - The Collected Letters; New Edition
65137: THOMAS, ROY, EDITOR - Dracula Lives! Volume 1, No. 4; January, 1974
072991: THOMAS, FRANK K. - Short Stories and Inspirational Poems
64821: THOMAS, WENDY - Super Hints for Ontario Gardeners
073787: THOMAS, EVAN - Sea of Thunder; Four Commanders and the Last Great Naval Campaign 1941-1945
66495: THOMAS, ROY; MARVEL - Conan the Barbarian 47; February 1975
070805: THOMAS, TAY - Only in Alaska
66286: THOMAS, RAY; LEE, STAN; VARIOUS - Tales of the Zombie; Vol. 1, No. 5; May, 1974
64554: MONAGHAN, THOMAS ET AL; DOMINO'S PIZZA - The Prairie House Journal; Premier Issue
10999: THOMAS, BILL - The Swamp
16202: THOMAS, LOWELL - So Long Until Tomorrow; from Quaker Hill to Kathmandu
25923: THOMAS, DONALD, EDITOR - The Everyman Book of Victorian Verse; the Post-Romantics
27113: THOMAS, MAI - Grannies' Remedies
29900: THOMAS, LEWIS - The Youngest Science; Notes of a Medicine Watcher
29980: THOMAS, GORDON - Desire & Denial; Sexuality and Vocation; a Church in Crisis
30186: AYLESWORTH, THOMAS & BOWMAN, JOHN S. - The World Almanac Who's Who of Film
29231: THOMAS, LEWIS - The Medusa and the Snail
36699: THOMAS, P. - Kama Kalpa or the Hindu Ritual of Love
58351: THOMAS, ANN - History, People and Places in Lancashire
66496: THOMAS, ROY; MARVEL - Creatures on the Loose 16; March 1972
40853: THOMAS, ELIZABETH MARSHALL - The Tribe of Tiger; Cats and Their Culture
19571: THOMAS, BRUCE - Sioux Autumn
42047: GAYLESWORTH, THOMAS & VIRGINIA - New York the Glamour Years (1919-1945)
65571: CHANDLER, STEPHEN, EDITOR; AVERY, THOMAS & SHEPLEY, ANDREW - South Shore; an International Review of the Arts; Vol. 1 No. 2
50564: THOMAS, LOWELL - Pageant of Adventure
62954: THOMAS, W.H. GRIFFITH - Christianity Is Christ
56682: THOMAS, DONALD - Cardigan; a Life of Lord Cardigan of Balaclava
078246: THOMAS, MARLA; STEINEM, GLORIA; VONNEGUT, KURT, JR. - Free to Be... A Family; a Book About All Kinds of Belonging
083685: PEACOCK, THOMAS & WISURI, MARLENE - The Good Path; Ojibwe Learning and Activity Book for Kids

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