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078014: PETERS, H. F. - Rainer Maria Rilke; Masks and the Man
088117: PETERS, ELLIS - One Corpse Too Many
067155: PETERS, ARTHUR KING - Seven Trails West
077325: PETERSEN, BRUCE - Houghton County Fruit Site Inventory
58659: PETERSEN, DAVID - Among the Elk; Wilderness Images
069104: PETERSEN, PETER L. - The Danes in America
53632: PETERSEN, DAVID - The Nearby Faraway; a Personal Journey Through the Heart of the West
067432: PETERSON, B. R. (BUCK) - The Complete Waterfouler; a Discourse on Duck Hunting with a Little Goose on the Side
086731: PETERSON, ROLF O. - The Wolves of Isle Royale; a Broken Balance
64209: PETERSON, ROLF O. - Ecological Studies of the Woves on Isle Royale; Annual Report 1991-1992
072289: PETERSON, LEONARD - Rowleys Bay; Reliving the Heritage of Northern Door County
16791: PETERSON, PETER G. - Facing Up
57287: PETERSON, C. F.; RUNEBERG, JOHAN LUDVIG; TEGNER, ESAIAS - Spansk-Amerikanska Kriget; Fanrik Stals Sagner; Frithofs Saga
33936: PETERSON, BRENDA - Living by Water; True Stories of Nature and Spirit
61606: PETERSON, IVARS - Islands of Truth; a Mathematical Mystery Cruise
087728: PETERSON, ROLF O. - The Wolves of Isle Royale; a Broken Balance
083577: PETERSON, SUSAN - The Living Tradition of Maria Martinez
2697: PETIT, MICHAEL - Peacekeepers at War; a Marine's Account of the Beirut Catastrophe
27800: PETRAKOS, BASIL - National Museum Sculpture Bronzes Vases
087674: PETRIE, GRAHAM - Hollywood Destinies; European Directors in America, 1922-1931
2833: PETRISKO, THOMAS W. - The Sorrow, the Sacrifice, and the Triumph; the Apparitions, Visions, and Prophecies of Christina Gallagher
28082: PETROSKI, HENRY - The Book on the Bookshelf
073469: PETROV, VADIM; LYSENHO, IGOR; EGOROV, GEORGY - The Escape of Alexei Son of Nicholas II; What Happened the Night the Romanov Family Was Executed
44119: PETROV, D., EDITOR; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Apomixis and Its Role in Evolution and Breeding; Reports of the Biological Institute No. 30
075310: PETTEY, SUSAN - Views of Our Historic District Galena, Illinois
087491: PETTIGREW, THOMAS F. - A Profile of the Negro American
074382: PETTINGILL, OLIN SEWALL - Another Penguin Summer
65273: PETTIT, MAJOR HOMER B. - St. Marys Falls Canal, Michigan; Statistical Report of Lake Commerce Passing Through Canals at Sault Ste. Marie . Season of 1939
51443: PETTY, JO - Golden Prayers
42690: PETULENGRO, GIPSY - Romany Remedies and Recipes
084824: PEWEWARDY, DR. CORNEL - The "Red Road"; Culture and Education of Native Americans
086764: PEYREFITTE, ALAIN - The Trouble with France
33010: PEYTON, JOHN L. - Faces in the Firelight
16258: PFEIFFER, EDWARD - Mission Studies; Historical Survey and Outlines of Missionary Principles and Practice
080844: PHEARS - The O'Ahu Mapbook; on-Page Navigation & Information
2034: PHELPS, WILLIAM LYON. - The Advance of Poetry in the Twentieth Century.
083715: PHELPS, WILLIAM LYON - Happiness
9092: PHELPS, WILLIAM LYON - The Twentieth Century Theatre
38763: PHILBRICK, NATHANIEL - Sea of Glory; America's Voyage of Discovery, the U.S. Exploring Expedition, 1838-1842
088209: PHILBRICK, NATHANIEL - The Last Stand; Custer, Sitting Bull, and the Battle of the Little Bighorn
082022: PHILBRICK, NATHANIEL - Sea of Glory; America's Voyage of Discovery, the U.S. Exploring Expedition, 1838-1842
57042: HAXELL, PHILIP & KATE - Simple Handmade Garden Furniture; 23 Step-by-Step Weekend Projects
64877: DAVIS, PHILIP & SCHWARTZ, BERTHA, EDITORS - Immigration and Americanization; Selected Readings
44333: COHEN, SOL, EDITOR; LEIBER, FRITZ; DICK, PHILIP; ET AL - Fantastic Science Fiction Fantasy; November, 1966; Vol. 16, No. 2
62451: PHILIPPE, CHARLES-LOUIS - Bubu of Montparnasse
085776: KNIGHTLEY, PHILLIP & SIMPSON, COLIN - The Secret Lives of Lawrence of Arabia
077554: PHILLIPS, E. F. - The Preparation of Bees for Outdoor Wintering; Farmers' Bulletin 1012
086629: PHILLIPS, COLES - A Young Man's Fancy
077431: PHILLIPS, E. F. - The Treatment of Bee Diseases; Farmers' Bulletin 442
7960: PHILLIPS, JAYNE ANNE - Shelter
25986: PHILLIPS, J. B., TRANSLATOR - The Inside Story; Luke John Acts Romans
33140: PHILLIPS, ULRICH B. - Life & Labor in the Old South
078266: PHILLIPS, E. F. - The Control of European Foulbrood; Farmers' Bulletin 975
077553: PHILLIPS, E. F. - Bees; Farmers' Bulletin No. 447
42448: PHILLIPS, JULIA - You'LL Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again
078264: PHILLIPS, E. F. - Bees; Farmers' Bulletin No. 447
48486: PHILLIPS, JOSEPHINE E. - On the Airways; Basic Social Education Series
65085: PHILLIPS, ARTHUR L., EDITOR - Welding Handbook; Section Two; Gas, Arc and Resistance Welding Processes; Fourth Edition
19365: PHILLIS, RANDY, EDITOR - Pinyon Poetry Number Four Fall 1997
077730: PHILLIS, J. W. - Veterinary Physiology
077116: PHIPPS, LLOYD J. - Mechanics in Agriculture; Second Edition
29661: PHIPPS, JOE - Summer Stock; Behind the Scenes with Lbj in '48
087389: PHIPPS, WILLIAM E. - Muhammad and Jesus; a Comparison of the Prophets and Their Teachings
43478: PHYSICK, JOHN - Designs for English Sculpture 1680-1860
7231: PIAT, JEAN - Le Parcours Du Combattant
14088: CHARLES-PICARD, GILBERT - L'Archeologie; Decouverte Des Civilisations Disparues
071792: PICCARD, SARAH; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Cocinas de Argentina; a Brief Collection of Authentic Argentinian Recipes
081070: PICHOIS, CLAUDE - Baudelaire
083317: PICKENS, ARTHUR E., JR. - The Golf Bum; a Novel
55063: PICKERING, SAMUEL F., JR. - May Days
086718: PICKERING, DUSTIN - Be Not Afraid of What You May Find
15379: PIDGEON, VERY REVEREND GEO. C. - The Vicarious Life
079823: PIEKALKIEWICZ, JANUSZ - The Battle for Cassino
58193: PIELOU, E. C. - Fresh Water
63080: PIEPKORN, ARTHUR CARL; MARTY, MARTIN E., FOREWORD - Profiles in Belief; the Religious Bodies of the United States and Canada; Volume 1; Roman Catholic, Old Catholic, Eastern or Orthodox
068408: BLAIR, W. FRANK; BLAIR, ALBERT P.; BRODKORB, PIERCE; ET AL - Vertebrates of the United States
087384: PIERCE, BOB; ANDERSON, KEN - The Untold Korean Story
073351: PIERCE, ANNE - Little Ways to Lighten Housework with Patapar
067916: SAINT PIERRE, MICHEL DE - Les Murmures de Satan; Roman
18127: WEILL, JEAN-PIERRE & THERESE - Xvie Siecle Documents
32377: CLAUDE-PIERRE, PEGGY - The Secret Language of Eating Disorders
8250: PIERSOL, GEORGE MORRIS - The Cyclopedia of Medicine Surgery and Specialties; Volume 6; Esop to Hama
60031: PIETILA, ANTTI J. - Synnin Hata Ja Jumalan Rauha
52435: PIIRTO, JANE - Understanding Those Who Create
62252: PIKE, DONALD G. - Rendezvous Country
42678: PIKE, JAMES A. - If This Be Heresy
077124: PIKE, JAMES A. - If You Marry Outsdie Your Faith; Counsel on Mixed Marriages
072380: PIKE, BILL - The Complete Book of Motorboating; Selecting, Outfitting, and Maintaining Your Motorboat
081273: PILCHER, ELIJAH H. - Protestantism in Michigan; Being a Special History of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Other Deniminations
65151: PILLSBURY, ANN - 100 Prize-Winning Recipes
45059: VARIOUS AUTHORS; PILLSBURY - Pillsbury Festive Spring Recipes
66589: PIMSLEUR, DR. PAUL - Pimsleur Traveler's Edition Russian; 8 Cassettes & Map
28088: PIMSLEUR, DR. PAUL - Pimsleur Quick & Simple Egyptian Arabic; 4 Audio Cassettes
087831: PINCHER, CHAPMAN - Inside Story; a Documentary of the Pursuit of Power
36351: PINCHOT, ANN - 52 West
073166: PINDELL, TERRY - Last Train to Toronto; a Canadian Rail Odyssey
081337: PINEIRO, R. J. - Breakthrough
8149: PINER, JACK - Fear Not My Son
13799: HURON PINES - Great Lakes Better Backroads Guidebook; Clean Water by Design
078869: PINKER, STEVEN - The Stuff of Thought; Language As a Window Into Human Nature
52491: PINKER, STEPHEN, EDITOR; FOLGER, TIM, SERIES EDITOR - The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2004
073708: PINKHAM, LYDIA E. - How Phyllis Grew Thin
079988: PINKHAM, LYDIA E. - Lydia E. Pinkham's Private Text-Book; Revised Edition
53870: PINKLEY, EDNA TOWNSLEY - Casa Grande the Greatest Valley Pueblo in Arizona
074976: PINKNEY, WILLIAM - As Long As It Takes; Meeting the Challenge
33500: PINNEY, MARGARET E. - The Miniature Rose Book
074639: PINSKY, ROBERT - Jersey Rain; Poems
13453: PINTER, HAROLD - The Dwarfs
084706: TELEPHONE PIONEERS - Favorite Recipes; Volume 2
073352: TELEPHONE PIONEERS - Officers' Mess; Cooking Favorites from the Officers of the Bell System
082227: PIPER, EVELYN - The Naked Murderer
075543: PIPER, WATTY - The Gingerbread Boy
081315: PIPPENGER, JOHN J. - The Long and Pleasant Work Experience Leading to Life in the Keweenaw; 3 Parts (of 4)
28565: PIPPING, ELLA - Soldier of Fortune
087416: PIRIE, VALERIE - The Triple Crown; an Account of the Papal Conclaves from the Fifteenth Century to Modern Times
072240: PIRSIG, ROBERT M. - Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
084912: PIRSSON, LOUIS V. - Rocks and Rock Minerals; a Manual of the Elements of Petrology without the Use of a Microscope
3246: PIRTLE, CALEB, AND THE TEXAS COWBOY ARTISTS ASSOC. - Xit; Being a New and Original Exploration, in Art and Words, Into the Life and Times of the American Cowboy
11452: PISANO, BEVERLY - Pomerianians
6898: PISANO, BEVERLY - Dalmations
29863: PISANO, BEVERLY - Pekingese
32651: PISANO, BEVERLY - Shetland Sheepdogs
35508: PISANO, BEVERLY - Chow Chow
51277: PISANO, BEVERLY - Siberian Huskies
63740: PITKIN, J. M.; FRUIT GROWERS NURSERIES - Plate Book Fruits & Flowers for the City, Farm and Suburban Homes
082745: PITTENGER, PEGGY JETT - Morgan Horses
086695: PITTMAN, MARVIN S. - Successful Teaching in Rural Schools
26576: PITZ, HENRY C. - The Brandywine Tradition
55930: PIXLEY, FRANK; BRADLEY, EDWARD; LUDERS, GUSTAV; WILSON, DON - The Prince of Pilsen; a Musical Comedy
56697: PIZARRO, PEDRO; CORTES SOCIETY - Relation of the Discovery and Conquest of the Kingdoms of Peru; Volume 2 Only
49815: PIZER, LAURETTE - The World of Love; 12 Stories Selected by
085025: PIZZEY, GRAHAM - A Field Guide to the Birds of Australia
9899: PLACE, FRANCIS - Illustrations and Proofs of the Principle of Population
079278: VER PLANCK, WILLIAM E. - Salt in California; Bulletin 175
62210: PLANK, WILL - Banners and Bugles; a Record of Ulster County, New York and the Mid-Hudson Region in the CIVIL War
087966: PLANKEY, GENE E. A. - Trout Falls Chronicles; Easy Does It
59325: PLATH, SYLVIA; PLATH, AURELIA SCHOBER, EDITOR - Letters Home; Correspondence 1950-1963
087420: PLATT, RUTHERFORD H., JR. - The Forgotten Books of Eden
63066: PLATT, RAYE R., EDITOR - Finland and Its Geography; an American Geographical Society Handbook
51229: PLATTS, MARY E. - Create; a Handbook for Teachers of Elementary Art
087444: PLESSIS, HUGH DE - Fiberglass Boats; Fitting out Maintenance and Repair; Second Edition
073094: PLICKA, KAREL - Praha Ve Fotografii; Prague in Pictures
42462: PLIMPTON, GEORGE - Shadow Box; an Amateur in the Ring
48469: PLIMPTON, EDNA - How to Make Toys for Fun at Home and School
36954: PLISNIER, CHARLES - Der Letzte Tag; Roman
33872: PLOTNIK, ARTHUR - The Elements of Editing
087564: PLUMB, STANLEY - The Four Seasons in Yosemite National Park
58830: PLUME, ILARS - Sauceja Balss
54406: PLUMMER, A. PERRY, ET AL - Restoring Big-Game Range in Utah
082718: PLUMPTRE, GEORGE - Royal Gardens of Europe
081047: POBEDYMSKAYA, SVETLANA, EDITOR - The Holy Royal and Stavropigial Monastery of Kykko
41501: POCOCK, ROGER - A Man in the Open
083152: PODELL, JACK - Motion Picture Magazine; March 1959;Volume 49, No. 578
11848: PODOLSKY, EDWARD; FISCHER, SIEGFRIED, ET AL - The Neuroses and Their Treatment
079396: POE, EDGAR ALLAN - The Illustrated Edgar Allan Poe
080519: POHJOLA, ERKKI; CEDERLOF, EGIL - Tie Musiikkiin; Musica II
087605: POINDEXTER, JOSEPH - To the Summit; Fifty Mountains That Lure, Inspire and Challenge
083953: POINT - Point Sporting Goods Co. Catalog No. 77; Fishing Tackle Guns & Ammunition Hunting Equipment Sporting Goods
46470: POLITZ, C. S., EDITOR; NO AUTHOR; STATE OF OREGON BUREAU OF LABOR - 50 Years of Progress Bureau of Labor State of Oregon
080198: POLK'S - Metropolitan Detroit Polk's Official Arrow Street Guide
55157: POLLACK, PETER - Understanding Primitive Art; Sula's Zoo
37434: POLLACK, PETER; KIRKLAND, WALLACE - 50 Photographs by Wallace Kirkland
51697: POLLAK, VIVIAN R. - The Erotic Whitman
53592: POLLAK, RICHARD - The Colombo Bay
19968: POLLARD, JOSEPHINE - A Child's Life of Our Lord
087445: POLLARD, ARTHUR - Anthony Trollope
8426: POLLOCK, JOHN - The Master; a Life of Jesus
24371: POLLOCK, CHANNING; THE CALUMET THEATRE - The Fool a Play in Four Acts Presented by the Little Theatre Group of Calumet; the Calumet Theatre, Calumet, Michigan; Wednesday, March 3, 1943; Thursday, March 4, 1043
48490: POLLOCK, JOHN C., MANAGAER, DEPARTMENT OF TOURS - Summer Tours Season 1935; Yellowstone Zion-Brice Grand Canyon California Pacific Northwest Colorado
087636: POLLOCK, J. C. - Crossfire
38311: POLLOK, ROBERT - The Course of Time, a Poem, in Ten Books
068728: MILLER, POLLY & LEON GORDON - Lost Heritage of Alaska; the Adventure and Art of Alaska's Coastal Indians
5008: POLNER, TIKHON - Tolstoy and His Wife
076433: POLVA, ANNI - Rakkaus Ajaa Ojaan
088051: POMEROY, DONNA JEAN - Faded Genes; Memories of a Motherless Daughter
080639: DU PONT - Explosives for Field Clearing... Stumps and Boulders
080638: DU PONT - Blasting Ditches with Du Pont Explosives; Fo Farm Drainage, Construction of Highways and Control of Water Flow
13555: DU PONT - Du Pont the Autobiography of an American Enterprise
082521: PONTYNEN, ARTHUR; MILLER, ROD - Western Culture at the American Crossroads; Conflicts over the Nature of Science and Reason
40044: POOL, PHOEBE - Impressionism
40082: POOL, PHOEBE - Impressionism
074593: POOLE, MICHAEL - Ragged Islands; Paddling the Inside Passage
087282: POORE, CHARLES - Goya
43499: POORMAN, NELLIE - Songman's Pack Laden with Pretty Wares from Many Lands
084724: HELGELAND, GENE, EDITOR; POPE & YOUNG CLUB - Bowhunting Big Game Records of North America; Second Edition
65359: POPE, CLIFFORD H. - Amphibians and Reptiles of the Chicago Area
57931: POPE, RICHARD - Superior Illusions
28123: POPEL, N. K. (NIKOLAI) - Vperedi Berltsn (Berlin)
085975: POPOWSKI, BERT - Calling All Varmints
088199: POPPER, KARL R. - The Open Society and Its Enemies; Volume 1; the Spell of Plato
57261: POPPKE, WILLIAM RANDOLPH - How to Catch a Crab
083292: POREMBA, DAVID LEE - Detroit 1930-1969; Images of America
083294: POREMBA, DAVID LEE - Detroit in Its World Setting; a Three-Hundred Year Chronology, 1701-2001
083293: POREMBA, DAVID LEE - Detroit City of Champions; Images of America
084513: POROPUDAS, BELINDA, EDITOR - Mesaba Range Co-Operative Park Association; 50 Years of Progressive Co-Operation 1929-1979
085319: PORT, WEIMAR - Chicago the Pagan
079060: PORTELLA, EDUARDO - Thinking at Crossroads; in Search of New Languages
59687: PORTEOUS, REV. DONALD C., PASTOR - Consecration Services; First Methodist Church, Calumet, Michigan; May 1-8, 1955
65816: PORTER, COLE - So in Love; Kiss Me Kate a Musical Comedy
086771: PORTER, ANDREW - Musical Events; a Chronicle, 1983-1986
59805: PORTER, PHIL - View from the Veranda; the History and Architecture of the Summer Cottages on Mackinac Island
63556: PORTER, BURTON F. - Deity and Morality with Regard to the Naturalistic Fallacy
073894: PORTER, COLE - Old Fashioned Garden
086008: PORTER, ANDREW - Music of Three Seasons; 1974-1977
32233: LOWE-PORTER, H. T. - Abdication or All Is True
64849: PORTER, ELIOT - Arizona Birds in Color; Reproductions of Photographs Made in the Field
49075: PORTER, BURTON F. - The Good Life; Alternatives in Ethics; Third Edition
60495: PORTER, C. L. - A Flora of Wyoming; Part I
53750: JEANNE-PORTER, TIERRE - The Sapphire Saga; a Journey to the Summit of Spirituality
60492: PORTER, C. L. - A Flora of Wyoming; Part V; Subclass II; Dicotyledoneae 25-33
60493: PORTER, C. L. - A Flora of Wyoming; Part VI; Subclass II; Dicotyledoneae 34-37
66053: STRATTON-PORTER, GENE - At the Foot of the Rainbow
65380: PORTER, GENERAL HORACE - Campaigning with Grant
51716: PORTERFIELD, BILL - A Loose Herd of Texans
55492: PORTUGES, PAUL - Paper Song
37825: POSS, JOHN R. - Stones of Destiny; a Story of Man's Quest for Earth's Riches
084958: POSS, JOHN R. - Stones of Destiny; a Story of Man's Quest for Earth's Riches
088059: POST, MELVILLE DAVISSON - The Complete Uncle Abner
42669: POST, C. C.; BENDER, TEX - Ten Years a Cowboy
53309: POSTEL, SANDRA - Pillar of Sand; Can the Irrigation Miracle Last?
087359: POSTIGLIONE, GENNARO - The Architect's Home
61702: POTAMKIN, FRANK J. - Hot Cross Buns; Three Whimsies for Piano
085939: POTILA, JOE - The Yellow Snow Meltdown
083349: POTTER, DALE R.; SHARPE, KATHRYN M.; HENDEE, JOHN C. - Human Behavior Aspects of Fish and Wildlife Conservation; an Annotated Bibliography
084570: POTTER, FRANK HUNTER, EDITOR - Reliquary of English Song; Volume One (1250-1700)
077048: POTTER, BEATRIX; PEAT, FERN BISEL - The Tales of Peter Rabbit
60895: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale of Peter Rabbit
075355: POTTLE, FREDERICK A. - James Boswell the Earlier Years 1740-1769
071362: POTTLE, FREDERICK A. - James Boswell the Earlier Years 1740-1769
5419: POTTS, BOBBY - The Mississippi River Mighty and Majestic
51462: POTTS, RICK - Humanity's Descent; the Consequences of Ecological Instability
5917: POTVIN, ALBERT - A Panorama of Canadian Forests
084607: POUND, EZRA - Personae; Collected Shorter Poems
069837: POUND, EZRA - Selected Poems
084563: POUND, EZRA - Personae; Collected Shorter Poems
6050: POUND, REGINALD - Arnold Bennett; a Biography
084556: POUND, EZRA - The Cantos of Ezra Pound
22254: POURADE, RICHARD F. - The History of San Diego; Volume 2; Time of the Bells
58917: POURJAVADY, NASROLLAH - The Splendour of Iran; 3 Volumes
080675: POUTVAARA, MATTI - Lappi Lapland
60044: POUTVAARA, MATTI - Tampere Tammerfors; Teollisuuden Ja Taiteen Kaupunki
080717: POUTVAARA, MATTI - Kaunis Hame; Det Ljuva Tavastland
086636: POWELL, DAWN - Selected Letters of Dawn Powell 1913-1965
086662: BADEN-POWELL, ROBERT - Scouting for Boys; a Handbook for Instruction in Good Citizenship
16843: POWELL, LARRY - On His Way; Sermons for the Lenten Season
46875: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - Arizona a History
49662: POWELL, NINA CLARK - Japanese Flower Arrangement for Beginners
46063: VARIOUS AUTHORS; POWER, C. G., INTRODUCTION - The R.C. A.F. Overseas; the First Four Years
087041: POWER, DAVID N. - Unsearchable Riches; the Symbolic Nature of Liturgy
2047: POWERS, RON. - White Town Drowsing; Journeys to Hannibal.
26479: POWERS, MARK J. - Starting out in Futures Trading; 5th Edition
32519: POWERS, LYALL H. - Henry James an Introduction and Interpretation
067235: POWERS, TOM - Michigan in Quotes
067285: PRATORIUS, STEFAN - Uskovaisten Hengellinen Aareaitta
20910: PRATORIUS, STEFAN - Uskovaisten Hengellinen Aare-Aitta
067908: PRATT, C. J. - Laboratory Manual for Mechanics and Sound (B-1)
27354: PRATT, ANNE; STEP, EDWARD - Flowering Plants Grasses, Sedges & Ferns of Great Britain and Their Allies the Club Mosses, Horsetails, &C; 4 Volumes
20286: PRATT, RICHARD - A Treasury of Early American Homes
8676: PREBBLE, M.L., EDITOR - Aerial Control of Forest Insects in Canada
64303: PREIB, MARTIN - The Wagon and Other Stories from the City
085681: PREMINGER, ALEX - Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics
086431: PRESCOTT, LAWRENCE F. - 1896 the Great Campaign or Political Struggles of Parties, Leaders and Issues
073438: PRESCOTT, RICHARD C. - Inherent Solutions to Spiritual Obscurations
073128: PRESENT, JUDITH - The Harold Times
45608: PRESLEY, ELVIS; NO AUTHOR - Elvis Presley Special Tv Edition Photo Album
080852: PIONEER PRESS - The Pioneer Press Standard Atlas of the World
081033: SHEBOYGAN PRESS - Looking Back; Historic Images of Sheboygan County
33650: POPULAR MECHANICS PRESS - A Billion Ideas; Catalogue of the Popular Mechanics Press
64714: PRESTON, DOUGLAS; SPEZI, MARIO - The Monster of Florence
073165: PREVAUX, AUDE YUNG-DE - Love in the Tempest of History; a French Resistance Story
3667: EDITORS OF PREVENTION - Lifespan-Plus; 900 Natural Techniques to Live Longere
087323: PRICE, JESSIE; EATINGWELL - The Simple Art of Eating Well Cookbook
070989: PRICE, WILLARD, EDITOR - World Outlook; February, 1920; Vol. 6 No. 2
070991: PRICE, WILLARD, EDITOR - World Outlook; August, 1919; Vol. 5 No. 8
070993: PRICE, WILLARD, EDITOR - World Outlook; July, 1919; Vol. 5 No. 7
081945: PRICE, BERNARD - Do-It-Yourself Projects from Attic to Basement
073760: PRICE, GEORGE; SILVER, ABNER; DAVIS, BENNY - Angel Child Fox Trot Song Sung with Great Success by Georgie Price in Spice of 1922
3280: PRICE, RICHARD - Freedomland
9788: PRICE, WILLARD - Ancient Peoples at New Tasks
12064: PRICE, A. GRENFELL - White Settlers in the Tropics
22610: PRICE, RICHARD - 3 Screenplays; the Color of Money; Sea of Love; Night and the City
60478: PRICE, MARILYN - Machu Picchu; an Artist's Journal
48043: PRICE, RICHARD - 3 Screenplays; the Color of Money; Sea of Love; Night and the City
074111: PRICE, MARJORIE YATES - The Lovely Land; Poems and Sketches
070946: PRIESTLEY, FATHER JOSPEH L. - The Way Jesus Walked; Spontaneous Contemplative Prayer Reflections on the Way of the Cross
086357: PRIESTLEY, J. B. - English Humour
33009: PRIESTLEY, J. B. - Victoria's Heyday
075185: PRIESTLEY, J. B. - Particular Pleasures Being a Personal Record of Some Varied Arts and Many Different Artists
33708: PRINCE, CHRISTOPHER; CRAWFORD, MICHAEL J., EDITOR - The Autobiography of a Yankee Mariner
20480: UNIVERSITY PRINTS - A Special Study Set of Fine Art Reproductions Prepared by the University Prints
24921: PRITCHETT, V. S. - George Meredith and English Comedy; the Clark Lectures for 1969
32384: PRITTIE, TERENCE - Eshkol the Man and the Nation
43698: PROBERT, RICHARD EZRA - Archie's Way; a Memoir of Craftmanship and Friendship
074467: PROCTOR, EVERITT - Men Against the Ice
26497: FLAMBEAU PRODUCTS - New Giant Book of Duncan Yo-Yo & Spin Top Tricks
65017: PROFFITT, EDWARD - The Organized Writer; a Brief Rhetoric
070553: DE PROFT, MELANIE; CULINARY ARTS INSTITUTE - The Mixer, Hand Mixer and Blender Cookbook
61043: PROKOFIEFF, SERGE; SUCRA, LUIS, EDITOR - Marche (from Love of the Three Oranges) for Piano Solo
084199: PROKOSCH, FREDERIC - The Conspirators
086451: PRONKO, LEONARD C. - Georges Feydeau
088279: PRONZINI, BILL - Son of Gun in Cheek
076285: PROTHERO, STEPHEN - The American Bible; How Our Words Unite, Divide, and Define a Nation
075006: PROULX, ANNIE - Close Range; Wyoming Stories
33780: PROUT, EBENEZER - A Treatise on Instrumentation; a Practical Guide to Orchestration
086299: PROVOST, ANTONIO J. - The Classic French Dictionary; French-English and English-French
087319: PRUSI, DAN - Country Boy; Adventures from an Untroubled Childhood
070567: PRYCE, RICHARD - Christopher
9332: PRYCE, RICHARD - Romance and Jane Weston
60887: PRYS, GAN ROBERT IOAN - An English and Welsh Pronouncing Dictionary in Which the Pronunciation Is Given in Welsh Letters
087882: PSELLUS, MICHAEL - Fourteen Byzantine Rulers; the Chronographia
5124: MACFADDEN PUBLICATIONS - True Story Magazine; December 1936; Volume 35 #5
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073973: LEVENSON, ROBERT & MENDELSOHN. JACK - My Little Rose of Romany
087813: PARISH, JAMES ROBERT & WHITNEY, STEVEN - Vincent Price Unmasked; a Biography
087623: RIENOW, ROBERT & LEONA TRAIN - Of Snuff, Sin & the Senate
64722: ROBERTS, BRUCE - Boat Building for the Amateur; One Off Boat Building; Glass Wood Ferro Steel
64484: ROBERTS, MORLEY - The Idlers
087013: ROBERTS, EARL JOHN - Out of the Forests and Other Poems
52179: ROBERTS, ALLEN F., EDITOR; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Staffs of Life; Rods, Staffs, Scepters and Wands from the Coudron Collection of African Art
077758: ROBERTS, W. BLAIR; BISHOP WHITE PRAYER BOOK SOCIETY - The Niobrara Service Book from the Book of Common Prayer of 1929; Niobrara Wocekiye Wowapi
087364: ROBERTS, CECIL - And So to Rome
39673: ROBERTS, CHARLES G. D.; BOONE, LAUREL, EDITOR - The Collected Letters of Charles G.D. Roberts
31508: ROBERTS, KIM - The Wishbone Galaxy
39843: ROBERTS, JUNE CARVER - Season of Promise; Wild Plants in Winter; Northeastern United States
46519: ROBERTS, LEONARD - I Bought Me a Dog and Other Folktales from the Southern Mountains
55587: ROBERTS, CHARLES G. D. - By the Marshes of Minas
55586: ROBERTS, CHARLES G. D. - A Sister to Evangeline Being the Story of Yvonne de Lamourie
068543: ROBERTS, LEONARD - Old Greasybeard; Tales from the Cumberland Gap
081389: ROBERTSON, JAMES; HENRIQUES, BARBARA VIBAEK - Den Engelske Spion; Beretning Om En Hemmelig Sendelse Til de Danske Oer I 1808
086533: ROBERTSON, MORGAN - The Wreck of the Titan or, Futility
081352: ROBERTSON, FRANK C. - Rope Crazy
074937: ROBERTSON, BRUCE - Reckoning with Winslow Homer; His Late Paintings and Their Influence
079452: ROBESON, PAUL - Here I Stand
071243: COLLINS, BERYL ROBICHAUD & RUSSELL, EMILY W. B. - Protecting the New Jersey Pinelands; a New Direction in Land-Use Management
086106: ROBIEN, LOUIS DE - The Diary of a Diplomat in Russia 1917-1918
073243: MORGAN, ROBIN & PERRY, GEORGE - The Book of Film Biographies a Pictorial Guide
073888: ROBIN, LEO; VON TILZER, ALBERT - My Cutey's Due at Two-to-Two Today; Novelty Fox Trot with Ukulele Arrangement
45285: CHAPMAN, ROBIN & GRANT, ALLAN - The City and the Court; Five Seventeenth-Century Comedies of London Life
068320: ROBINSON, KATHARINE - Gourmet in the Galley
079381: ROBINSON, ORRIN W. - Early Days of the Lake Superior Copper Country
54997: ROBINSON, JANICE S. - H.D. The Life and Work of an American Poet (Hilda Doolittle)
076635: ROBINSON - Robinson's 1991 Van Wert, Ohio City & County Directory
3381: ROBINSON, CHARLES ALEXANDER, JR., ED. - The Spring of Civilization; Periclean Athens
4600: ROBINSON, EDWIN ARLINGTON - Cavender's House
19289: ROBINSON, JAMES M. - A New Quest of the Historical Jesus
30919: ROBINSON, RICHARD - The Video Primer; Equipment, Production and Concepts
60504: ROBINSON, NEIL C. - Coming of the Machine; Unit of Teaching Pictures
087751: ROBINSON, EDWARD - Lawrence; the Story of His Life
58423: ROBISHAW, SUE - Rosita and Sian Search for a Great Work of Art
072059: ROBISON, CARSON; LOY, LAWRENCE V.; KLICKMAN, F. HENRI, ARRANGER - Carson Robison's Square Dances for the Accoridon; Calls and Directions Bu Lawrence V. Loy; Book 1
079350: ROBLES, JEAN-MARIE BLAS DE - Where Tigers Are at Home
53677: TRAVIS-ROBYNS, SUZAN - Northern at 100; Celebrating Success . Embracing Change
28816: ROCCA, ALESSANDRO - Ian Ritchie Technoecology
077508: DE LA ROCHE, MAZO - Finch's Fortune; Whiteoaks of Jalna; Whiteoak Harvest; the Master of Jalna; Young Renny; Jalna; 6 Volumes
075552: ROCHE, RUTH A. - Chimpsey at Play
57658: ROCK, ANDREW, PUBLISHER; HECHT, WARREN JAY, ET AL, EDITORS - The Periodical Lunch; an Illustrated Chronicle; Number Five
57659: ROCK, ANDREW, PUBLISHER; HECHT, WARREN JAY, ET AL, EDITORS - The Periodical Lunch; an Illustrated Chronicle; Number One
080837: ISHPEMING ROCK & MINERAL CLUB; VARIOUS - Twentieth Annual Field Trip Convention July 1-2-3-4, 1960 Ishpeming, Michigan-
081497: VARIOUS AUTHORS; COPPER COUNTRY ROCK AND MINERAL CLUB - Red Gold & Tarnished Silver; Mines and Minerals of the Lake Superior Copper District; Second Edition Revised Ad Expanded
085935: VARIOUS AUTHORS; COPPER COUNTRY ROCK AND MINERAL CLUB - Red Gold & Tarnished Silver; Mines and Minerals of the Lake Superior Copper District; Second Edition Revised Ad Expanded
074128: NO AUTHOR; ROCKFORD - Land Atlas Plat Book and Sportsman's Guide; Houghton County, Michigan 1988 Thru 1990
42237: NAPALJARI, PEGGY ROCKMAN & CATALDI, LEE, TRANSLATORS - Yimikirli; Warlpiri Dreamings and Histories
078962: ROCKWELL, CAREY - The Revolt on Venus; a Tom Corbett Space Cadet Adventure
077346: ROCKWOOD, ROY - Bomba the Jungle Boy; the Underground River
077481: ROCKWOOD, ROY - Bomba the Jungle Boy; Terror Trail
077345: ROCKWOOD, ROY - Bomba the Jungle Boy; the Swamp of Death
077347: ROCKWOOD, ROY - Bomba the Jungle Boy; Among the Slaves
080374: ROCKWOOD, ROY - Jack North's Treasure Hunt or, Daring Adventurs in South America
077344: ROCKWOOD, ROY - Bomba the Jungle Boy; the Giant Cataract
077787: ROCKWOOD, ROY - Bomba the Jungle Boy
086853: ROCKWOOD, ROY - Bomba the Jungle Boy on the Underground River
080888: MOOSE HORN ROD & GUN CLUB; VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Tasteful Preparation of Wild Game
4014: RODAHL, KAARE - North; the Nature and Drama of the Polar World
52419: RODAHL, KAARE - The Last of the Few
54785: RODEE, MARIAN - Weaving of the Suthwest
079415: RODERICK, JAMES E., CHIEF - Report of the Department of Mines of Pennsylvanis; Bituminous Region; 1903
079406: RODERICK, JAMES E., CHIEF - Report of the Department of Mines of Pennsylvanis; Part 1 Anthracite 1905
079394: RODERICK, JAMES E., CHIEF - Report of the Bureau of Mines of the Department of Internal Affairs of Pennsylvania 1901
074042: RODGERS, RICHARD; HAMMERSTEIN, OSCAR 2ND - That's for Me; State Fair
071210: RODGERS, KEMIS C., EDITOR - Old-Fashioned Christmas Recipes; Hundreds of Recipes Printed 60, 70, 80 Years or More Ago
087710: RODGERS, RICHARD; HAMMERSTEIN, OSCAR 2ND - Oklahoma! a Musical Play
53230: RODGERS, EUGENE - Beyond the Barrier; the Story of Byrd's First Expedition to Antarctica
11297: RODMAN, RICHARD, EDITOR - No Bull Sex to Sexty #24
11306: RODMAN, RICHARD, EDITOR - Wooly West Sex to Sexty #36
11315: RODMAN, RICHARD, EDITOR - Laff-a-Rammer Sex to Sexty #10
11316: RODMAN, RICHARD, EDITOR - Laugh Potion Sex to Sexty #9
11317: RODMAN, RICHARD, EDITOR - Tiger Sex to Sexty (One Skin) #8
22013: RODMAN, SELDEN - South America of the Poets
086473: HALLWORTH, RODNEY & WILLIAMS, MARK - Where There's a Will; the Sensational Life of Dr. John Bodkin Adams
081351: RODNEY, GEORGE B. - Gunpowder Heritage
068040: RODRIGUEZ, JUAN - Chihuahua and All Points West
27584: RODWELL, JERRY - Painting with Acrylics
087532: ROE, IVAN - Shelley; the Last Phase
071967: ROE, VINGIE E. - The Heart of Night Wind; a Story of the Great North West
086436: SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO. - Small Houses of the Twenties; the Sears, Roebuck 1926 House Catalog
069671: ROEBURT, JOHN - The Case of the Tearless Widow
080115: ROEDER, HELEN - Saints and Their Attributes with a Guide to Localities and Patronage
40786: ROEDIGER, VIRGINIA MORE - Ceremonial Costumes of the Pueblo Indians; Their Evolution, Fabrication, and Significance in the Prayer Drama
21809: ROERS, E. C.; PUTNAM INN - The Putnam Inn Putnam, Conn. (Menu)
34916: ROESLER, HUGO - Atlas of Cardioroentgenology
32098: ROESSEL, RUTH, EDITOR - Navaho Studies at Navaho Community College
4299: ROETHLISBERGER, MARCEL - The Claude Lorrain Album in the Norton Simon. Museum of Art
086495: FRIEDLAND, ROGER & ZELLMAN, HAROLD - The Fellowship; the Untold Story of Frank Lloyd Wright & the Taliesin Fellowship
55274: HIGHFIELD, ROGER & CARTER, PAUL - The Private Lives of Albert Einstein
18036: ROGER, JACQUES - Histoire de la Litterature Francaise Tome 2 Du XVIII Siecle a Nos Jours
21767: LAUFER, ROGER ET AL - Litterature Et Langages; Les Genres Et Les Themes; 5 Themes Et Langages de la Culture Moderne
21769: LAUFER, ROGER ET AL - Litterature Et Langages Les Genres Et Les Themes; 2; le Conte la Poesie
21770: LAUFER, ROGER ET AL - Litterature Et Langages Les Genres Et Es Themes; le Language le Theatre la Parole Et L'Image
45633: CARTER, CURTIS L.; MANLEY, ROGER & BARRETT, DIDI - Contemporary American Folk Art; the Balsley Collection
086793: ROGERS, WILL - The Papers of Will Rogers; Volume Five; the Final Years August 1928 - August 1935
59199: ROGERS, WANDA; SLAVIK, CHARLES, EDITOR - Men in Skirts Book Issue 33; Pretty Panties for Peter; Part One
073578: ROGERS, DALE EVANS - Dale; My Personal Picture Album
1444: ROGERS, BETTY. - Will Rogers His Wife's Story.
44250: ROGERS, ROY, GUEST EDITOR; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Song Hits Magazine; Vol. 7 No. 3; August, 1943
51226: ROGERS, ALICE LANG - Poodles in Particular
53240: ROGERS, SUSAN FOX, EDITOR - Another Wilderness; New Outdoor Writing by Women
073571: ROGERS, ROY; STOWERS, CARLTON - The Story of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans; Happy Trails

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