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067337: MASSIE, LARRY B. - Copper Trails and Iron Rails
27915: MASSINGHAM, BETTY - Flower Arranging in Colour
49109: MASSON, JEFFREY MOUSSAIEFF - Slipping Into Paradise; Why I Live in New Zealand
48846: MASSON, JEFFREY MOUSSAIEFF - The Pig Who Sang to the Moon; the Emotional World of Farm Animals
38290: MASTAI, MARIE-LOUISE D'OTRANGE - Jewelry; the Smithsonian Illustrated Library of Antiques
15878: MASTEN, RIC - Speaking Poems
54963: MASTEN, ARTHUR H. - The History of Cohoes, New York, from Its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time
079165: MASTERS, ANTHONY - Literary Agents; the Novelist As Spy
42024: MASTRO - Classic Collector Auction Internet Only; Mastro Auctions; October 8th - October 24-25 2002sports Premier Catalog Auction August 20 to August 31, 2007
7608: MASUR, HAROLD Q. - Les Pieds Devant
24052: MATAS, CAROL - The Burning Time
077894: MATE, FERENC - From a Bare Hull
069397: MATE, FERENC - From a Bare Hull
3237: MATERA, LIA - Last Chants
28616: MATHER, COTTON; KARAN, P. P.; IIJIMA, SHIGERU - Japanese Landscapes; Where Land & Culture Merge
47397: MATHESON, RICHARD - The Beardless Warriors
59770: MATHEWS, W. S. B. - Standard Graded Course of Studies for the Pianoforte in Ten Grades; Standard Grade II (2)
25455: MATHEWS, JOHN MABRY - American Foreign Relations Conduct and Politics
28178: MATHEWS, SIBYL I. - Charted Designs for Needle-Made Rugs
55620: MATHEWS, WILLIAM - Men, Places, and Things
46219: MATHEWS, JANET - Wurley and Wommera; Aboriginal Life and Craft
48917: MATHEWS, DAN - Committed; a Rabble Rouser's Memoir
080974: MATHEWS, MITFORD M., EDITOR - A Dictionary of Americanisms Based on Historical Principles
080690: MATHEWS, NANCY MOWLL - Mary Cassatt
38631: MATLOFF, MAURICE, GENERAL EDITOR - American Military History; Army Historical Series
42450: MATOUSEK, MARK - The Boy He Left Behind; a Man's Search for His Lost Father
079314: MATRAY, JAMES I. - Historical Dictionary of the Korean War
075352: BRAY, MATT & EPP, ERNIE - A Vast and Magnificent Land; an Illustrated History of Northern Ontario
076078: MATTER, FRANK - The Islander; Vol. III, No. 4; Autumn 1983
068581: MATTES, MERRILL J. - Colter's Hell & Jackson's Hole
7269: MATTHEW, CHRISTOPHER - A Different World; Stories of Great Hotels
15687: COX, MATTHEW & FOSTER, TOM - Their Darkest Day; the Tragedy of Pan Am 103 and Its Legacy of Hope
071673: MATTHEW, SIDNEY L. - Life and Times of Bobby Jones; Portrait of a Gentleman
072061: MATTHEWS, BRANDER - Tom Paulding; the Story of a Search for Buried Treasure in the Streets of New York
55256: MATTHEWS, JANET SNYDER - Journey to Centennial; Sarasota (Florida)
39532: MATTHEWS, JACK - Hanger Stout, Awake!
31134: MATTHEWS, JACK - Memoirs of a Bookman
43756: MATTHEWS, CHES - This Is Your America; the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
45101: MATTHEWS, JOHN F. - (Domenicos Theotocopoulos) El Greco (1541-1614
51888: MATTHEWS, CAROLYN - Heroic Rescues at Sea; True Stories of the Canadian Coast Guard
62645: MATTHEWS, WILLIAM, EDITOR - Medieval Secular Literature; Four Essays
071002: MATTHIAS, A. J., JR.; SMITH, ESLES - How to Design and Install Plumbing; Third Edition Revised
59323: MATTHIESSEN, PETER - Killing Mister Watson
48130: MATTHIESSEN, PETER - In the Spirit of Crazy Horse
072758: MATTHIESSEN, PETER - Lost Man's River
20028: MATTHIESSEN, PETER - In the Spirit of Crazy Horse
30214: MATTHIESSEN, PETER - Lost Man's River
50631: MATTHIESSEN, PETER - Tigers in the Snow
073419: MATTILA, GORDON J. - Stories of the Early Years; the Mattile Farm Toivola, Michigan 1904 to 2004
075536: MATTILA, GORDON J. - Sailing Days on the Magna Told in Story and Pictures
077313: MATTILE, J. W. JA JORMA - Suursaari
071269: MATTISON, CHRIS - Encyclopedia of North American Reptiles and Amphibians
067380: MATTSON, HELMI - Aavikon Vaeltajat
62606: MATTSON, LEO - Neljakymmenta Vuotta; Kuvauksia Ja Muistelmia Amerikan Suomalaisen . 1906-1946
65894: MATTSON, LEO - Neljakymmenta Vuotta; Kuvauksia Ja Muistelmia Amerikan Suomalaisen . 1906-1946
081567: MATTSON, WALTER; CUMMINS, WILLIAM J. - 1912 Horse & Buggy Ride from Felch to Iron Mountain
079648: MATTSON, MINNIE IDA - Well, That's Life
067500: MATTSON, HELMI - Aavikon Vaeltajat
19656: MATTSON, EDWARD H. - History of Wildife and Habitat Control
067456: MATTSON, LEO - Neljakymmenta Vuotta; Kuvauksia Ja Muistelmia Amerikan Suomalaisen . 1906-1946
067646: MATTSON, NANCY - Maria Breaks Her Silence
075527: MATTSON, HELMI - Pauloihin Kierretty
067103: MATTSON, LEO; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Tyomies 40 Vuotias 1903 1943; Amerikan Suomalaisten Juhlajulkaisu
10444: MATTUTAT, DR. HEINRICH - Harrap's Mini Dictionnaire Alleman/Francais
075895: MATUNAS, E. A.; WINCHESTER - Winchester-Western Ball Powder Loading Data; Second Edition
66399: MATUSZEWSKI, BARBARA BELL - Bounty on the Brandywine; a Heritage of Natural Beauty, History, Art, and Fine Food
47808: MAUBERT, FRANCK - Toulouse-Lautrec in Paris
48482: PETERSHAM, MAUD & MISKA - The Story Book of Clothes
079621: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - The Trembling of a Leaf Including Rain and Other Stories
072949: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - The Moon and Sixpence
068868: MAUGHAM, ROBIN - Nomad
64835: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - Sixty-Five Short Stories
072783: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - The Complete Short Stories of; 2 Volumes
49595: MAUGHAM, SOMERSET - Trio; Stories by
49597: MAUGHAM, SOMERSET - Quartet; Stories by
072668: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - The Complete Short Stories of; 2 Volumes
067047: MAUNU, J. A. - Kuvauksia Jeesuksen Ajan Historiasta
066974: MAUPASSANT, GUY DE - Alaston Ihminen; Valittuja Novelleja
41772: MAUPASSANT, GUY DE - Monsieur Parent Queen Hortense Fascination and Other Stories
19728: MAUPASSANT, GUY DE - Short Stories of the Tragedy and Comedy of Life; Mlle Fifi Etc
19708: MAUPASSANT, GUY DE - La Paix Du Menage or a Comedy of Marriage in Two Acts
36850: MAUPAUSSANT, GUY DE - The Tales of
080338: MAUPIN, ARMISTEAD - Mary Ann in Autumn; a Tale of the City Novel
38528: MAUPIN, ARMISTEAD - Sure of You
11538: MAUPIN, ARMISTEAD - Significant Others
28148: MAURELLO, S. RALPH - How to Do Paste-Ups and Mechanicals
079282: MAURER, HERRYMON - The End Is Not Yet; China at War
64224: MAURER, OSCAR E., EDITOR - Manual of the Congregational Christian Churches; a Compendium of Information, Forms, and Services
41920: MAURETTE, MICHEL - Hunting for Stars
3702: MAURIAC, FRANCOIS - The Desert of Love
23364: MAURIAC, FRANCOIS - Genitrix
23438: MAURIAC - Genitrix
078672: SIEVAN, MAURICE & LEE; NOLAN, LESLIE & O'CONNOR, FRANK V., ESSAYS - Creative Lives; New York Paintings and Photographs
55111: PIANZOLA, MAURICE & COFFINET, JULIEN - Tapestry Craft and Art
39030: SENDAK, MAURICE & KUSHNER, TONY - Brundibar
081597: KENDALL, SIR MAURICE & PLACKETT, R. L. - Studies in the History of Statistics and Probability; Volume 2
36642: SPITZER, DR. ALEXANDER; LEV, MAURICE & VASS, ALOYSIUS - The Architecture of Normal and Malformed Hearts; a Phylogenic Theory of Their Development with a Summary and Analysis of the Theory
48509: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - Golden Lads; Sir Francis Bacon, Anthony Bacon and Their Friends
37851: MAURITZEN, T. G., EDITOR - All Outdoors; Vol. 5, No. 1; April, 1931
43350: MAURITZEN, T. G., EDITOR - Sports and Hobbies Formerly "Chips"; Vol. 4 No. 7; December, 1930
64409: MAUROIS, ANDRE; LE GRAND, E. G. - Les Discours Du Docteur O'Grady
4986: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Prometheus; the Life of Balzac
14797: MAUROIS, ANDRE - A Voyage to the Island of the Articoles
18379: MAUROIS, ANDRE - A la Recherche de Marcel Proust
63656: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Disraeli a Picture of the Victorian Age
61765: MAURY, RICHARD - The Saga of Cimba
13335: BRAMER, MAX & DAWN - The Fifth Generation; an Annotated Bibliography
067360: ENGMAN, MAX & KIRBY, DAVID - Finland; People, Nation, State
080667: MAXWELL, WILLIAM; WERTHAM, FREDRICK - The Folded Leaf; Dark Legend
080798: MAXWELL, J. CLERK - Matter and Motion; Second American Edition
24931: MAXWELL, RICHARD - Bmi Hymnal
50293: MAXWELL, GAVIN - Harpoon Venture
080800: MAXWELL, J. CLERK; RAYLEIGH, LORD - Theory of Heat; New Impression
11756: MAY, CHARLES H. - Manual of the Diseases of the Eye for Students and General Practitioners; 14th Edition Revised
29273: MAY, ROLLO - Power and Innocence; a Search for the Sources of Violence
57246: MAY, STELLA BURKE - Brazil; Informative Classroom Picture Series
57258: MAY, STELLA BURKE - Mexico; Informative Classroom Picture Series
47602: MAY, GUSTAV - Schminken? Wenn "Ja" Dann Aber Richtig!; Band 1
48932: MAY, JOHN - The Greenpeace Book of Antarctica; a New View of the Seventh Continent
56082: MAY, FRANCES - The Poets' Cat
52846: MAY, CHARLES H. - Manual of the Diseases of the Eye for Students and General Practitioners; Ninth Edition Revised
63785: MAYER, OSCAR; EDWARDS, ELLEN - 80 Favorites Oscar Mayer
075231: MAYER, S. L. - Signal Years of Triumph 1940-42; Hitler's Wartime Picture Magazine
36081: MAYER, MARTIN - Madison Avenue, U.S. A.
30400: MAYGER, CHRIS; LARKIN, DAVID - The Marine Paintings of Chris Mayger
42481: MAYLE, PETER - A Year in Provence
47985: MAYLE, PETER - Chasing Cezanne
42766: SEVANDER, MAYME WITH HERTZEL, LAURIE - They Took My Father; a Story of Idealism and Betrayal
55284: MAYNE, PETER - Journey to the Pathans (India)
073703: HELLMANN'S MAYONNAISE - Salad Ideas
64081: MAYR, ERNST - Populations, Species, and Evolution; an Abridgment of Animal Species and Evolution
61529: MAYROSE, HERMAN E. - Engineering Mechanics Laboratories
077137: MAYS, BUDDY - A Pilgrim's Notebook; Guide to Western Wildlife
36236: MAYS, BRUCE; MALTBIE, CYNTHIA; GREEN, MICHAEL - Arenas, Stages & Spaces; a Guide to Theatres in Chicago & Vicinity
32568: MAZEL, ELLA - And Don't Call Me a Racist; a Treasury of Quotes on the Past, Present, and Future of the Color Line in America
081758: MAZUR, MICHAEL; VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Inferno; Monotypes by Michael Mazur
32758: MAZZANTINI, MARGARET - Don't Move
59950: MAZZARELLA, MERETE - Ensin Myytiin Piano; Esitettavana Elama
26799: MAZZARO, JEROME, EDITOR - The Poetry Review; Issue No. 5 September 1985
067445: MCADOO, HON. W. G. - The Third Liberty Loan; Address
64067: MCAFEE, CLELAND BOYD - The Ruling Elder; His Duties and His Opportunities
075449: MCALISTER, HUGH - A Viking of the Sky; a Story of a Boy Who Gained Success in Aeronautics
44701: MCALISTER, HUGH - Stand by; the Story of a Boy's Achievement in Radio
60778: MCALLISTER, PAM - Reweaving the Web of Life; Feminism and Nonviolence
47267: MCARDLE, PHIL, EDITOR - Exactly Opposite the Golden Gate; Essays on Berkeley History 1845-1945
15665: MCAREE, J. V. - The Fourth Column
3220: MCBAIN, ED - Romance; a Novel of the 87th Precinct
3455: MCBAIN, ED - Kiss: A Novel of the 87th Precinct
7408: MCBAIN, ED - Nocturne
10973: MCBAIN, ED - Three Blind Mice
069310: MCBAIN, ED - The Mugger
47445: MCBIE, JULIE; TRAVER, ROBERT - Bunyan; Lore's Loggin' Hero
59505: MCBIE, JULIE; TRAVER, ROBERT - Bunyan; Lore's Loggin' Hero
7856: MCBRIDE, CHRIS - The White Lions of Timbavati
37446: MCBRIDE, JEANNE - Earth Maker's Call; Seek the Mystery
62569: MCCABE, JOSEPH - The Beliefs of Scientists
62580: MCCABE, JOSEPH - The Triumph of Materialism
080661: MCCABE, JAMES D., JR. - Lights and Shadows of New York Life; or, the Sights and Sensations of the Great City
36982: MCCABE, JOSEPH - Death Control and Birth Control; the Orthodox Attitude Paradoxical and Insincere
66393: MCCABE, PATRICK - Breakfast on Pluto
20325: MCCAFFREY, ANNE - The Rowan
30865: MCCAFFREY, ANNE - The Coelura
081600: MCCALL, ANDREW - The French Boy
61217: MCCALL'S - Mccall's Needlework Treasury; a Learn & Make Book
16517: MCCALL, HENRY S. - The Clerk's Assistant, Containing a Large Variety of Legal Forms and Instruments. United States
079344: MCCALLIE, S. W. - A Preliminary Report on the Mineral Springs of Georgia; Bulletin No. 20
079354: MCCALLIE, S. W. - A Preliminary Report on the Underground Waters of Georgia; Bulletin No. 15
079387: MCCALLIE, S. W. - A Preliminary Report on the Mineral Resources of Georgia; Revised Edition; Bulletin No. 23
079352: MCCALLIE, S. W. - Report on the Fossil Iron Ores of Georgia; Bulletin No. 17
079385: MCCALLIE, S. W. - A Preliminary Report on the Mineral Resources of Georgia; Bulletin No. 23
073014: MCCANN, ALFRED W. - The Science of Eating
080762: MCCANN, E. ARMITAGE - Ship Model Making
4778: MCCANN, LYLE - Early Days and Early Ways
19884: MCCANN, COLUM - This Side of Brightness
080007: MCCANN, E. ARMITAGE - The Galley and the Galleon; How to Make Worthwhile Models of Decorative Ships
5912: MCCARTER, MARGARET HILL - A Master's Degree
41995: MCCARTHY, JUSTIN, EDITOR - Irish Literature; 10 Volumes in 5
23079: MCCARTHY, FLOR - The Berrypicker
42826: MCCARTHY, SENATOR JOE - Major Speeches and Debates of . Delivered in the United States Senate 1950-1951
60758: MCCARTHY, MARY - The Company She Keeps
52860: MCCARTHY, SENATOR EUGENE J. - A Liberal Answer to the Conservative Challenge
072809: MCCARTHY, FREDERICK D. - Australian Aboriginal Decorative Art
080795: MCCARTNEY, PAUL - Songs by Mccartney; Matching Music Book to the Apple Records Album "Mccartney"
7767: MCCARTY, DIANE - English Springer Spaniels
31545: MCCARTY, DIANE - Basset Hounds
31738: MCCARTY, DIANE - Basset Hounds
39375: MCCARTY, LEA FRANKLIN - The Gunfighters
32454: MCCLANE, A.J., EDITOR - Mcclane's Standard Fishing Encyclopedia and International Fishing Guide
074191: MCCLELLAND, TED - The Third Coast; Sailors, Strippers, Fisherman, Folksingers, Long-Haired Ojibway Painters, and God-Save-the-Queen Monarchists of the Great Lakes
54325: MCCLENAHAN, MARY TYLER FREEMAN CHEEK - Southern Civility; Recollections of My Early Life
17792: MCCLINTON, KATHARINE MORRISON - Antiques Past and Present
17943: MCCLINTON, KATHARINE MORRISON - The Complete Book of Small Antiques Colecting
18312: MCCLINTON, KATHERINE MORRISON - Antiques of American Childhood
62714: MCCLOSKEY, DONALD N. - Essays on a Mature Economy; Britain After 1840
073989: MCCLURE, DANIEL E., JR. - Two Centuries in Elizabethtown and Hardin Counties, Kentucky... Including Biographical Sketches
076129: MCCLUSKEY, EUGENE - Easy Classics for Weddings
64486: MCCLUSKIE, TOM - Ships from the Archives of Harland & Wolff the Builders of the Titanic
19636: MCCOACH, MAJOR D., JR. - St. Mary's Falls Canal, Michigan; Statistical Report of Lake Commerce Passing Through Canals at Sault Ste. Marie Michigan and Ontario During Season of 1930
40142: MCCOLLUM, ANITA - Come Explore Michigan the Beautiful
65766: MCCOMMONS, JAMES - Waiting on a Train; the Embattled Future of Passenger Rail Service
66537: MCCONNACHIE, JAMES - The Book of Love; the Story of the Kamsutra
60774: MCCONNELL, BURT M. - Mexico at the Bar of Public Opinion
8263: MCCONNOR, VINCENT - The Man Who Knew Hammett
067735: MCCONVILLE, BERNARD - The Gentleman on Horseback
14311: MCCORDUCK, PAMELA - Machines Who Think
11079: MCCORMACK, MARK H. - Ebel World of Professional Golf 1987
11094: MCCORMACK, ERIC - The Paradise Motel
20930: MCCORMICK, PETER J. - Fictions, Philosophies, and the Problems of Poetics
077181: MCCOURT, TOM - King of the Colorado; the Story of Cass Hite; Utah's Legendary Explorer, Prospector and Pioneer
13782: MCCOURT, FRANK - 'Tis a Memoir
4235: MCCOY, J.J. - Saving Our Wildlife
33552: MCCOY, EDWIN - A Witch's Guide to Faery Folk
57333: NO AUTHOR; MCCRACKEN, HAROLD, INTRODUCTION - The Land of Buffalo Bill Inaugural Loan Exhibition of Paintings and Sculpture
22925: MCCRACKEN, ROBERT J. - What Is Sin? What Is Virtue?
62303: MCCRACKEN, DAVID R. - Pipeline on the Permafrost
42913: MCCRACKEN, HAROLD - Portrait of the Old West
22477: MCCRONE, JOHN - The Ape That Spoke; Language and the Evolution of the Human Mind
42968: MCCULLERS, CARSON - Clock without Hands
62454: MCCULLERS, CARSON - Seven
070900: MCCULLOUGH, DAVID - John Adams
072479: MCCULLOUGH, DAVID - John Adams
080875: MCCULLOUGH, DAVID - Truman
074574: MCCUTCHAN, KENNETH P. - From Then Til Now; History of Mccutchanville
25022: MCDANIEL, E. I. - Flies and Mosquitoes Commonly Found About Michigan Homes
53689: MCDANIEL, JAY B. - With Roots and Wings; Christianity in an Age of Ecology and Dialogue
16408: MCDERMID, FINLAY - Kiss the Blonde Goobye
10799: MCDONAGH, DON - How to Enjoy Ballet
60751: MCDONALD, ANGUS - The Five Foot Road; in Search of a Vanished China
068822: MCDONALD, JESSE - Pablo Picasso
8625: MCDONALD, HERBERT L. - British Columbia; Challenge in Abundance
27112: MCDONALD, ANGUS - Early American Soil Conservationists
52221: MCDONALD, KENDALL - Fish-Watching & Photography
54139: MCDONALD, DAVID D.; BOLC, LEONARD - Natural Language Generation Systems
35122: MCDOUGALL, RUTH BRANSTEN - Tell Me a Story
32469: MCDOUGALL, FIONA - A Tibetan Journal; Photographs by
7035: MCDOWELL, DEBORAH E. - Leaving Pipe Shop; Memories of Kin
16280: MCELFRESH, EARL B. - Maps and Mapmakers of the CIVIL War
081592: MCELHENY, VICTOR K. - Insisting on the Impossible. The Life of Edwin Land Inventor of Instant Photography
52785: MCELRATH, JOSEPH R., JR. - Cliff Notes on Thoreau's Walden
072155: MCELROY, SYLVIA RAUZI - Walk Brave Walk Strong; Joseph Rauzi
60445: MCELROY, ROBERT - Grover Cleveland; the Man and the Statesman; Volume Two (2) Only
075842: MCEVOY, HARRY K. - Knife Throwing in the Professional Style
075060: MCEWAN, IAN - Sweet Tooth
4554: MCFADDEN, CORNELIUS - The Seamstress of Stettin
4555: MCFADDEN, CORNELIA - Sibylla
31063: MCFADDEN, WILLIAM - Techniques of Combined Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectometry; Applications in Organic Analysis
23139: MCFARLANE, JOHN W. - It's Easy to Fix Your Bike
5887: MCFEE, WILLIAM - Sailors of Fortune
26764: MCFEELY, WILLIAM S. - Sapelo's People; a Long Walk Into Freedom
55029: MCGEHEE, WILLIAM H. O.; TRUE, HARRY A.; INSKIPP, E. FRANK - A Textbook of Operative Dentistry; Third Edition
62978: MCGHEE, ROBERT - The Last Imaginary Place; a Human History of the Arctic World
3017: MCGINLEY, PHYLLIS - Sixpence in Her Shoe
080659: MCGINTY, BRIAN - The Oatman Massacre; a Tale of Desert Captivity and Survival
070182: MCGLASHAN, C. F. - History of the Donner Party; a Tragedy of the Sierra
21874: MCGLASHAN, THOMAS H., EDITOR - The Borderline; Current Empirical Research
080061: MCGOVERN, JOHN - The Fireside University for Home Circle Study and Entertainment
067717: MCGRATH, DANIEL F. - Bookman's Price Index; Volume 1
067718: MCGRATH, DANIEL F. - Bookman's Price Index; Volume 8
43120: MCGRATH, PATRICK - Port Mungo
069634: MCGRATH, DANIEL F. - Bookman's Price Index; Volume 2
067719: MCGRATH, DANIEL F. - Bookman's Price Index; Volume 9
25707: MCGRATH, DANIEL F. - Bookman's Price Index; Volume 17
25708: MCGRATH, DANIEL F. - Bookman's Price Index; Volume 16
070108: MCGRATH, DANIEL F. - Bookman's Price Index; Volume 10
070598: MCGUFFEY, WILLIAM HOLMES - Mcguffey's Sixth Eclectic Reader; Revised Edition
64133: MCGUFFEY, WILLIAM HOLMES; GORN, ELLIOTT J., EDITOR - Mcguffey's Newly Revised Eclectic Primer
64574: MCGUIRE, RICHARD, EDITOR; INTERLOCHEN - D'Art Interlochen Arts Academy Yearbook Annual 1967
077459: MCGUIRE, JAMES K. - The King, the Kaiser and Irish Freedom
072220: MCGUIRE, JOHN E. - Old New England Splint Baskets and How to Make Them
37802: OUTDOOR LIFE; VARIOUS AUTHORS; MCGUIRE, HARRY, EDITOR - Outdoor Life Magazine; September 1931; Vol. LXVIII No. 3
37829: OUTDOOR LIFE; VARIOUS AUTHORS; MCGUIRE, HARRY, EDITOR - Outdoor Life Magazine; October 1930; Vol. LXVI No. 4
37835: OUTDOOR LIFE; VARIOUS AUTHORS; MCGUIRE, HARRY, EDITOR - Outdoor Life Magazine; August 1928; Vol. LXII No. 2
072183: MCGUIRE, JOHN - Basketry the Shaker Tradition; History Techniques Projects
29049: MCHENRY, ROBERT, EDITOR - Famous American Woman; a Biographical Dictionary from Colonial Times to the Present
9736: MCHOY, PETER - All Color World of Cats
56211: MCHUGH, RICH - The Rough Guide to Chicago
52293: MCHUGH, PAUL, EDITOR - Wild Places; 20 Journeys Into the North American Outdoors
077333: MCILVAIN, CARL - Country Poems & Other Stuff
57309: MCILWRAITH, A. K., EDITOR - Five Stuart Tragedies
28068: MCINERNY, RALPH - Cause and Effect; an Andrew Broom Mystery
067870: MCINTYRE, JUDITH W - The Common Loon; Spirit of Northern Lakes; Record in Back
19433: MCINTYRE, JOHN - Theology After the Storm
40096: MCKAY, KENNETH B. - Puppetry in Canada; an Art to Enchant
28890: MCKECHNIE, ROBERT E. - Strong Medicine
51103: MCKEE, RUSSELL, EDITOR - Mackinac the Gathering Place
64866: MCKEENE, MRS. H. A., EDITOR - Illinois Farmers' Institute Department of Household Science Year Book 1913
36854: MCKEEVER, GENERAL C.; YOUNGER, ROBERT; WRIGHT, STEVEN J. - CIVIL War Battle Flags of the Union Army and Order of Battle
078679: MCKEEVER, TED - Eddy Current #1
079269: MCKELVEY, BLAKE - A Panoramic History of Rochester and Monroe County New York
7965: MCKELVIE, B.A. - Fort Langley Outpost of Empire
076126: MCKELVY, DAVID - Instant Harmonica Pack; Instruction Book Only
13259: MCKENNA, DELORES - The Adventures of Wee Mouse
081032: MCKENNON, JOE - A Pictorial History of the American Carnival; 2 Volumes in 1
080043: MCKENZIE, REV, JOHN H. - Manual for the Holy Eucharist
17572: MCKEOWN, WM TAYLOR, EDITOR - Boating in America
11096: MCKEOWN, WM TAYLOR, EDITOR - Boating in America
080865: MCKERNAN, MAUREEN - The Amazing Crime and Trial of Leopold and Loeb
080404: MCKERVILL, HUGH W. - The Salmon People; the Story of Canada's West Coast Salmon Fishing Industry
59026: MCKIBBEN, BILL - The Comforting Whirlwind; God, Job, and the Scale of Creation
078407: MCKIBBIN, LLOYD S.; SUGARMAN, AL - Horse Owner's Handbook
29830: MCKINLEY, MICHAEL; ORTHO BOOKS - Ortho's All About Attracting Hummingbirds and Butterflies
61770: MCKINLEY, CARL - Arabesque for Organ
13563: MCKINSTRY, SANDY - Florida Snow
42004: MCKUEN, ROD - In Someone's Shadow
42006: MCKUEN, ROD - Lonesome Cities
6058: MCLAUGHLIN, FRED - The Blade of Picardy
52067: MCLAUGHLIN, ANDREW - Regarding Nature; Industrialism and Deep Ecology
61786: MCLEAN, GEORGE F. - Tradition, Harmony and Transcendence
073680: MCLELLAND, DOUG - Down the Yellow Brick Road; the Making of the Wizard of Oz
45508: MCLEMAN, JAMES - Resurrection Then and Now
079695: MCLEOD, BOB, EDITOR; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Rough Stuff No. 4, Spring, 2007; Featuring Michael Kaluta
49088: MCLEOD, GUSTAVUS A. - Solo to the Top of the World; Gus Mcleod's Daring Record Flight
39227: MCLOUGHLIN, EMMETT - People's Padre; an Autobiography by
4451: MCMAHON, AUDREY, EDITOR - Parnassus; Vol 2 #5; May, 1930
4452: MCMAHON, AUDREY, EDITOR - Parnassus; Vol 3 #6; October, 1931
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66306: MORISI, STEVE; CHARLTON - All New Haunted; No. 19, December, 1974
17896: MORISON, SAMUEL ELIOT - Christopher Columbus the Voyage of Discovery 1492
65279: MORISON, DANIEL; MAY, GEORGE S, EDITOR - The Doctor's Secret Journal
29958: MORISON, SAMUEL ELIOT - The Maritime History of Massachusetts 1783-1860.
49246: MORISON, SAMUEL ELIOT - History of United States Naval Operations in World War II; Volume III; the Rising Sun in the Pacific 1931-April 1942
57949: MORISON, DANIEL; MAY, GEORGE S, EDITOR - The Doctor's Secret Journal
080283: MORITZ, CARL PHILIP - Journeys of a German in England in 1782
38913: MORLEY, CHRISTOPHER - Rudolph and Amina or the Black Crook
24466: MORLEY, CHRISTOPHER - Streamlines
40785: MORLEY, CHRISTOPHER - Chimneysmoke
42461: MORLEY, JOHN DAVID - Pictures from the Water Trade; Adventures of a Westerner in Japan
081043: MORRILL, CLAIRE - A Taos Mosaic; Portrait of a New Mexico Village
080780: MORRIS, MARY MCGARRY - A Dangerous Woman
58865: MORRIS, SAM; VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Woe of the Wine Cup
080403: MORRIS, CHRISTOPHER - Becoming Southern; the Evolution of a Way of Life, Warren County and Vicksburg, Mississippi, 1770-1860
64498: MORRIS, JOHN E. - The Welsh Wars of Edward I
2153: MORRIS, JAMES. - The Road to Huddersfield; a Journey to Five Continents.
32272: MORRIS, EDMUND - Dutch a Memoir of Ronald Reagan
070643: MORRIS, EUGENE C. - Hunting with Spears
071593: MORRIS, RICHARD B. - Alexander Hamilton and the Founding of the Nation
55216: MORRIS, PAUL C. - American Sailing Coasters of the North Atlantic
4105: MORRIS, DESMOND - The Human Zoo
20731: MORRIS, J. KENNETH - Premarital Counseling a Manual for Ministers
62331: MORRIS, DESMOND - Patterns of Reproductive Behaviour
24610: MORRIS, CHARLES - One Hundred Years of Conflict between the Nations of Europe the Causes and Issues of the Great War
24916: MORRIS, JAN - Lincoln a Foreigner's Quest
32926: MORRIS, JOHNNY - Les Bebes Animaux; Grund
66433: MORRIS, WILLIAM - William Morris on History
37715: MORRIS, WILLIE - The Ghosts of Medgar Evers
39420: MORRIS, EMORY W.; KELLOGG FOUNDATION - The First Twenty-Five Years; the Story of a Foundation
43630: MORRIS, DICK - Rewriting History
50690: MORRIS, DESMOND - The Mammals; a Guide to the Living Species
52424: MORRIS, M. E. - The Icemen a Novel of Antarctica
073844: MORRIS, CHARLES - Young People's History of the World for the Past One Hundred Years
074716: MORRIS, SKIP - The Custom Graphite Rod Design & Construction
078180: MORRISON, IVAN G. - Repairing Farm Machinery
075495: MORRISON, PROFESSOR D. H. - Treasury of Song (Number 1) for the Home Circle... Sacred and Secular
075200: MORRISON, TONI - Tar Baby
14242: MORRISON, DENNIS MICHAEL - The Gold Rush Is on or from Mud Lake to the Yukon
39133: MORRISON, TONI - Paradise
32699: MORRISON, MADISON - Every Second
32690: MORRISON, MADISON - Engendering
26092: MORRISON, MADISON - Every Second
26089: MORRISON, MADISON - Magic
47530: MORRISON, LESLEE - Wolves & Such; a Reverberating Saga
069334: MORRISON, ROBERT E. - Primitive Existentialism' a Commentary on Genesis; Chapters 1 Through 4
58870: MORRISSEY, DAPHNE - Gentlemen Transvestite; Volume 2
58871: MORRISSEY, DAPHNE - Gentlemen Transvestite; Volume 1
079829: MORROW, JOHN H., JR. - German Air Power in World War I
25826: MORROW, BRADFORD - The Almanac Branch
38852: MORROW, SUSAN BRIND - Wolves & Honey; a Hidden History of the Natural World
076461: MORROW, SUSAN BRIND - Wolves & Honey; a Hidden History of the Natural World

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