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40850: SHIPMAN, DOROTHY M. ET AL - Christmas for the Middle Grades
21853: GASTPAR, M. & WAKELIN, J. S., EDITORS - Selective 5-Ht Reuptake Inhibitiors; Novel or Commonplace Agents?
46551: GRAY, D. M. & MALE, D. H., EDITOR - Handbook of Snow; Principles, Processes, Management & Use
46700: JEFFREE, DOROTHY M. & MCCONKEY, ROY - Let Me Speak; Learning Games for the Retarded Child
068826: HALL, JEANNE M. & JOHN - The Anderson House Cookbook (Minnesota)
080857: YOUNGQVIST, C. M. & HOGFELDT, OTTO - Hemat Kalender for 1892
52375: MILLER, JOSEPH A.; FRIEDMAN, SARAH M.; ET AL - The Island Press Bibliography of Environmental Literature
57731: GARNER, DAVID M. & GARFINKEL, PAUL E. - Handbook of Psychotherapy for Anorexia Nervosa & Bulimia
079328: HALL, B. M. & M. R. - Second Report on the Water Powers of Georgia; Bulletin No. 16
077900: MARTIN, HELEN M. & STRAIGHT, MURIEL TARA - An Index of Michigan Geology 1823-1955
56371: DIEFENDORF, JEFFRY M. & DORSEY, KURK - City, Country, Empire; Landscapes in Environmental History
073476: HALL, JEANNE M. & EBNER, BELLE ANDERSON - 500 Recipes by Request from Mother Anderson's Famous Dutch Kitchens
60521: DALE, EDGAR; BARTLETT, MARY M.; ET AL - How to Teach with Pictures
071358: DAMIANI, BRUNO M. & SAFFAR, RUTH EL - Studies in Honor of Elias Rivers
46291: MAAS, PETER - The Terrible Hours; the Man Dehind the Greatest Submarine Rescue in History
080520: MAASALO, ARMAS; KUUSISTO, TANELI; LEHTONEN, ALEKSI - Koraalikirja; Kahdennentoista Yleisen Kirkolliskokouksen V. 1938 Hyvaksymaan Virsikirjaan
072316: MAASS, JOHN - The Gingerbread Age; a View of Victorian America
40444: MAASS, PETER - Love Thy Neighbor; a Story of War
067092: MAATTALA, EVERT, PASTORI - Herran Tulen Kantaja; Nykyaika Profeetallisen Ajan Valossa
067501: MAATTALA, EVERT, PASTORI - Herran Tulen Kantaja; Nykyaika Profeetallisen Ajan Valossa
066946: MAATTALA, EVERT, PASTORI - Jeesuksen Askeleille
65734: MAATTALA, EVERT, PASTORI - Herran Tulen Kantaja; Nykyaika Profeetallisen Ajan Valossa
33298: WILLIAMS, MABEL & DALPHIN, MARCIA - The Junior Classics Volume Six Stories About Boys and Girls
074065: GILBERT, L. WOLFE; WAYNE, MABEL & BAER, ABEL - Don't Wake Me Up (Let Me Dream); a Fascinating Fox Trot Song
078678: MABIE, HAMILTON WRIGHT - A Book of Old English Love Songs
59686: MABIE, HAMILTON W.; VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Story of Our Country; Its Progress and Achievements and the Story of Our Great Men and Women
084776: MACARTHUR, ROBERT H.; WILSON, EDWARD O. - The Theory of Island Biogeography
077580: MACARTHUR, BRIAN - Surviving the Sword; Prisoners of the Japanese in the Far East, 1942-45
067836: MACAULAY, DAVID - Building Big
1495: MACAULAY, THOMAS BABINGTON. - Critical, Historical, and Miscellaneous Essays and Poems; Vols 2 & 3 Only.
31015: MACAULAY, DAVID - Mosque
64737: MACCOLL, EWAN; FLACK, ROBERTA - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
3978: MACCONOMY, ALMA DEANE, ED. - A Wildlife Family Album
075290: MACDERMUT, CHARLES, EDITOR; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Ptn; Photographic Trade News; June, 1950
075289: MACDERMUT, CHARLES, EDITOR; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Ptn; Photographic Trade News; January, 1950
080993: MACDONALD, A. M. - Chambers's Etymological Dictionary; New Edition
65599: MACDONALD, JOHN D. - The Empty Copper Sea
29420: MACDONALD, J. D. - Australian Birds
47322: MACDONALD, JOAN VOS - High Fit Home; Designing Your Home for Health and Fitness
52726: MACDONALD, EDWIN A. - Polar Operations
070992: MACDONALD, J. W. - A Clinical Text-Book of Surgical Diagnosis and Treatment
079175: MACDONALD, THEODORE H. - Rethinking Health Promotion; a Global Approach
34886: MACDOUGALL, JAN - Charleston in Bloom
084666: MACDOUGALL, CURTIS D. - Hoaxes
083917: MACDOWELL, MARSHA - Anishnaabek; Artists of Little Traverse Bay
48766: MACDOWELL, EDWARD; ANSON, GEORGE, EDITOR - Music by Macdowell for Piano Solo Book 2
62592: MACFADDEN, BERNARR; MALCOLM, MARION - Terveys, Kauneus, Sukupuolielama; Tytosta Naiseksi
072301: MACFADDEN, BERNARR, EDITOR - Physical Culture Magazine; June, 1933; Vol. LXIX, No. 6
33462: MACFADDEN, MICHAEL - Be Strong and Stay Strong
072302: MACFADDEN, BERNARR, EDITOR - Physical Culture Magazine; November, 1929; Vol. LXII, No. 5
61904: MACFADYEN, ALEXANDER - Rolling Stones Morceau Brilliant for Piano
40962: MACFALL, RUSSELL P. - Gem Hunter's Guide
074312: MACFARLAN, ALEXANDER - The Curtain; an Anecdote
65227: MACFARLANE, PETER CLARK - The Issues at Calumet
44395: MACGOWAN, JOHN - The Life of Joseph the Son of Israel in Eight Books
33102: MACGREGOR, HELEN - Six Piano Solos
084240: MACHETANZ, FRED; RIEMANN, RUSS - The Alaskan Paintings of Fred Machetanz
072026: DOMESTIC SEWING MACHINE - How to Make Curtains Draperies and Slip Covers
072024: DOMESTIC SEW MACHINE - How to Make Presents for Every Occasion
18188: MACHOTKA, OTAKAR - Unconscious Processes in Social Life
072506: MACHOVSKA, ANNA, UPRAVILA - Dejiny Jednoty Ceskych Dam Ve Spojenych Statech Severni Ameriky; Zalozena Roku 1870
071855: MACINTYRE, BEN - Operation Mincemeat; How a Dead Man and a Bizarre Plan Fooled the Nazis and Assured an Allied Victory
075749: MACIVER, ROD, EDITOR; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Heron Dance; Issues 30 31 33 & 34; 4 Volumes
076152: MACIVER, ROD, EDITOR - Heron Dance Issues 26, 28, 29; 3 Volumes
46644: MACIVER, R. M. - The Challenge of the Passing Years; My Encounter with Time
2740: MACK, GERSTLE - Gustave Courbet
080191: GORDON, MACK & WARREN, HARRY - People Like You and Me; Glenn Miller and His Band in Orchestra Wives
082050: MACK, MARY PETER, EDITOR - A Bentham Reader
54927: MACK, GERSTLE - Gustave Courbet
081680: GORDON, MACK & REVEL, HARRY - She Reminds Me of You
42018: MACKAY, SHENA - The Artist's Widow
35470: MACKAY, CHARLES - Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds
1208: MACKAYE, PERCY. - This Fine-Pretty World; a Comedy of the Kentucky Mountains.
070427: MACKENZIE, JAMES - Diseases of the Heart; Oxford Medical Publications
64260: MACKENZIE, JOHN P. S. - Birds of the World; Waterfowl
069596: MACKENZIE, CLARA CHILDS - Wolf Smeller (Zhoh Gwatsan); a Biography of John Fredson, Native Alaskan
074549: MACKENZIE, COMPTON - The Rival Monster
38933: MACKIE, ALLAN - Building with Logs
46404: MACKIE, STELLA - Portraits in Oils; #15
46405: MACKIE, STELLA - Portraits and How to Do Thems; #14
083887: MACLAREN, IAN - Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush
37864: MACLAREN, NEIL; BRAHAM, ALLAN - The Spanish School
067868: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR - Kahlenukke
077369: MACLEAN, ROBERT - In a Canvas Tent
58729: MACLEISH, WLLIAM H. - The Day Before America; Changing the Nature of a Continent
39693: MACLEISH, ARCHIBALD - The Wild Old Wicked Man & Other Poems
23228: MACLENNAN, DAVID A. - Preaching Values in Today's English Version
43397: MACLENNAN, HUGH; LANGFORD, MARTHA - Contemporary Canadian Photography from the Collection of the National Film Board
075411: MACLEOD, DAVID, EDITOR; VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Michigan Historical Review; Fall 2002; Volume 28 No. 2
073490: MACLEOD, DAVID J., EDITOR - Michigan Historical Review; Volume 29 No. 1; Spring 2003
076900: MACLYSAGHT, EDWARD - Irish Familes Their Names, Arms and Origins; Third Edition, Revised
2648: MACMANUS, SEUMAS. - The Rocky Road to Dublin.
068592: MACMICHAEL, SIR HAROLD - The Sudan
58416: MACMILLAN, DR. MARGARET B. - The Methodist Church in Michigan; Volume 1; the Nineteenth Century
15103: MACMILLAN, DR. MARGARET B. - The Methodist Church in Michigan; the Nineteenth Century
50454: MACMILLAN, DR. MARGARET B. - The Methodist Church in Michigan; the Nineteenth Century
49844: MACMILLAN, CYRUS - Canadian Wonder Tales Being the Two Collections
13609: MACNEIL, ROBERT - The Voyage
48769: MACNEIL, MADELINE, EDITOR - Dulcimer Players News; a Quarterly Journal; 9 Issues 1986-1992
45970: MACRANDREOU, ANDRIANA - Santorini; Tourist Guide, Useful Information, Map
14215: MACTAVISH, NEWTON - Newton Mactavish's Canada; Selected Essays of Newton Mactavish
5831: MADDEN, DAVID, EDITOR - Rediscoveries
12235: MADDEN, DAVID - Fugue for Two Voices
25506: MADDEN, JOHN - One Knee Equals Two Feet
38880: MADELIN, LOUIS - Figures of the Revolution
5947: MADER, F.W. - Die Flucht Aus Dem Sudan
47618: MADER, SYLVIA S. - Inquiry Into Life; Ninth Edition; Includes 2 Cd's
078456: MADER, ERIC; SPIVAK, MARKA; EVANS, ELAINE - Managing Alternative Pollinators; a Handbook for Beekeepers, Growers, and Conservationists
074589: MADGETT, NAOMI LONG - Octavia and Other Poems
082531: MADIGAN, MARY JEAN - Steuben Glass; an American Tradition in Crystal
079345: MADIGAN, MARY JEAN - Steuben Design; a Legacy of Light and Form
083140: MADIGAN, MARY JEAN - Steuben Design; a Legacy of Light and Form
8233: MADISON, CHARLES A. - The Owl Among Colophons; Henry Holt As Publisher and Editor
081905: MADISON, LUCY FOSTER - Peggy Owen and Liberty
7377: MADJARIAN, GREGOIRE - L'Ete Indien de Cristobal Colomb
084387: MADLEY, BENJAMIN - An American Genocide; the United States and the California Indian Catastrophe. 1846-1873
47580: MADSEN, AXEL - The Sewing Circle Hollywood's Greatest Secret; Female Stars Who Loved Other Women
2472: NATIONAL MAGAZINE - Heart Songs Dear to the American People
15833: HARPER'S MAGAZINE - New England; a Collection from Harper's Magazine
28724: VARIOUS AUTHORS; HARPER'S MAGAZINE - The Midwest a Collection from Harper's Magazine
44955: FAVORITE RECIPES MAGAZINE - Favorite Recipes Realemon Brand All-American Recipes
57288: EDITORS OF SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE - The Seventeen Book of Prayer
35701: MAGEE, BRYAN - The Philosophy of Schopenhauer; Revised & Enlarged Edition
26028: MAGEL, JOHN - The Golden Oak
080906: MAGIDSON, HERB; WASHINGTON, NED; CLEARY, MICHAEL - Singin' in the Bathtub from Warner Bros. Show of Shows
45967: MAGILL, FRANK N., EDITOR - Masterplots; Digests of World Literature; Fifteen-Volume Combined Edition; 15 Volumes
082039: MAGNUS, BERNARD; STEWART, STANLEY; MILEUR, JAN-PIERCE - Nietzsche's Case; Philosophy As/and Literature
34988: MAGNUSSON, MAGNUS - Archaeology of the Bible
074971: LE MAGUET, JEAN PAUL; VARIOUS AUTHORS - French Avant-Garde 1880-1930; the Vollard Collection from the Leon Dierx Museum, Reunion Island (France)
58239: MAGUIRE, NANCY KLEIN - An Infinity of Little Hours; Five Young Men and Their Trial of Faith in the World's Most Austere Monastic Order
084265: MAHARIDGE, DALE; WILLIAMSON, MICHAEL - And Their Children After Them
081477: MAHARIDGE, DALE - The Last Great American Hobo
30548: MAHFOUZ, NAGUIB - Midaq Alley; the Thief and the Dogs; Miramar
067317: COURTHS-MAHLER, H. - Sydameni on Sinun
4701: MAHONEY, TOM - The Great Merchants; the Stories of Twenty Famous Retail Operations and the People Who Made Them Great
60741: MAHONY, PATRICK - Out of the Silence; a Book of Factual Fantasies
65374: MAIHAFER, HARRY J. - The General and the Journalists; Ulysses S. Grant, Horace Greeley, and Charles Dana
62611: SILTA, H.; LEHTINEN, KATRI; KOSKI, SAIMA; VAISANEN, MAIJU; ET AL - Kertomuksia Ja Kuvauksia
078588: KOVALAINEN, MAIKA & RITVA - Kun Lapsi Lapsi Oli
10264: MAILER, NORMAN - Fruhe Nachte Roman
13093: MAILER, NORMAN - The Prisoner of Sex
078618: MAILER, NORMAN - The Idol and the Octopus
083758: MAILS, THOMAS E.; FOOLS CROW - Dog Soldier Societies of the Plains
083813: MAILS, THOMAS E. - The People Called Apache
078568: MAILS, THOMAS E.; FOOLS CROW - Dog Soldier Societies of the Plains
34644: MAIN, JACKSON TURNER - Inherited or Achieved? the Social Origins of the World's Leaders 2000 B.C. To A.D. 1850
083101: NO AUTHOR; STATE OF MAINE - Hunting in Maine; Ninth Edition
9565: MAIR, CHARLES - Tecumseh, a Drama and Canadian Poems; Dreamland and Other Poems; the American Bison; Through the Mackenzie Basin; Memoirs and Reminiscences
9566: MAIR, CHARLES - Tecumseh, a Drama and Canadian Poems; Dreamland and Other Poems; the American Bison; Through the Mackenzie Basin; Memoirs and Reminiscences
7756: MAJDALANY, FRED - The Battle of Cassino
079616: MAJOR, THE - The Chess Primer
39512: MAJOR, CLARENCE, EDITOR - Calling the Wind; Twentieth-Century African-American Short Stories
083626: MAJOR, CLARENCE - Painted Turtle; Woman with Guitar
067865: MAKELA, JUHANI - Vuoden 2000 Kasikirja
068623: MAKI, WILBERT B. - Tragedy and Sorrow of a Copper Mining Era
067067: MAKI, MATTI E. - Aukusti Ripsaluoma; Suomen Nuorisolle Omistettu Elama
079372: MAKI, WILBERT B. - Reminiscences of the Streetcar (1900-1932)
51689: MAKI, ROSALIND, EDITOR - Flying Colours; New Stories from Northwestern Ontario
070110: MAKINEN, VESA; VARIOUS - Kaunis Suomi 4; Kymenlaakso Karjala Savo Kainuu Perameren Ranniko
068494: MAKINEN, AILI - Demokratian Ystavat Ja Viholliset
068695: MAKINEN, EINO, EDITOR; VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Finnish Parliament; Helsinki May 23rd 1957
083108: MALAMUD, BERNARD - The Complete Stories
39305: MALAMUD, BERNARD - Rembrandt's Hat
084831: MALANTSCHUK, GREGOR - Frihed Og Eksistens; Studier I Soren Kierkegaards Toenking
084827: MALANTSCHUK, GREGOR - Den Kontroversielle Kierkegaard
084811: MALANTSCHUK, GREGOR - Frihedens Problem I Kierkegaards Begrebet Angest; Mit Einer Deutschen Zusammenfassung
076132: MALAURIE, JEAN - Ultima Thule; Explorers and Natives in the Polar North
070494: HAY, MALCOLM & ROBERTS, PHILIP - Bond a Study of His Plays
073794: WALKER-MALCOSKEY, EDNA - Not Now, My Love; Love Songs Ans Lyrics and Other Poems
63767: MALHERBE, ABRAHAM J. - Moral Exhortation, a Greco-Roman Sourcebook
074016: MALIE, TOMMIE; NEWMAN, CHARLIE; VERGES, JOE - Our Bungalow of Dreams; Song with Ukle. Arrangement
53405: MALLABY, SEBASTIAN - The World's Banker; a Story of Failed States, Financial Crises, .
078191: O'MALLEY, HENRY - Bulletin of the United States Bureau of Fisheries; Vol. XLV 1929
082782: O'MALLEY, HENRY - Bulletin of the United States Bureau of Fisheries; Vol. XLIII 1922 - Part 1
20324: MALLON, THOMAS - Dewey Defeats Truman
50219: MALLON, THOMAS - Rockets and Rodeos and Other American Spectacles
65055: MALLORY, P. R. - Engineering Data; Resistance Welding, Theory and Practice; Hard, High Conductivity Alloy Applications
082751: MALLORY, P. R. - Mallory Radio Service Encyclopedia; 6th Edition
21238: MALM, WILLIAM P. - Japanese Music and Musical Instruments
46968: MALMBERG, CARL, EDITOR - Health and Hygiene; September, 1937; Volume 6, Number 3
35340: MALONE, LAWRENCE ADAMS - From Eden; an Evolving World
081555: MALONRY, TOM; STEICHEN, EDWARD - U.S. Navy War Photographs; Pearl Harbor to Tokyo Bay
069460: MALORY, SIR THOMAS; BAINES, KEITH - Le Morte D'Arthur
070504: MALOTTE, ALBERT HAY - The Lord's Prayer; Voice and Piano
58730: MALOY, KATE - A Stone Bridge North; Reflections in a New Life
40297: MALPAS, JAMES - Realism; Movements in Modern Art
071688: MALTBY, RALPH D. - Golf Club Design, Fitting, Alteration and Repair; the Principles and Procedures
071756: MALTBY, RALPH D. - Golf Club Design, Fitting, Alteration and Repair; the Principles and Procedures; 2nd Edition
24155: MALZAC, JACQUES - On En Parle Aujourd'Hui Extraits de la Revue Passe-Partout
45955: MALZBERG, BARRY N. - The Men Inside
42372: PHILLIPS, JOHN ET AL; MAMAS & PAPAS - The Mama's and the Papa's Souvenir Song Album
31891: MAMET, DAVID - The Chinaman; Poems
077298: COMMITTEE ON THE SCIENTIFIC BASES OF COLORADO RIVER BASIN WATER MANAGEMENT - Colorado River Basin Water Management; Evaluating and Adjusting to Hydroclimatic Variability
067223: MANCHESTER, CAROLE - Tea in the East
068178: MANCINELLI, DOMENICO - 12 Classical Duets from "24 Duettos in an Easy, Pleasing Style"; for Alto Saxophones
13079: MANCINI, ANTHONY - Menage
20339: MANCINI, ANTHONY - The Yellow Gardenia
084635: MANDEL, WILLIAM M. - Soviet But Not Russian; the 'Other' Peoples of the Soviet Union
074761: MANDEL, GARBRIELE - Japanese Alphabet; the 48 Essential Characters
074640: MANDELL, RICHARD - The Bats
081762: MANDELL, DANIEL R. - Behind the Frontier; Indians in Eighteenth-Century Eastern Massachusetts
084803: MANFRED, FREDERICK - The Wind Blows Free
43672: BACHMAN, MANFRED & HANSMANN, CLAUS - Dolls the Wide World over
26772: MANGA, JANOS - Herdsmen's Art in Hungary
081205: MANGELSDORF, PAUL C. - Corn; Its Origin, Evolution, and Improvement
53260: MANGUEL, ALBERTO, EDITOR - By the Light of the Glow-Worm Lamp; Three Centuries of Reflections on Nature
17199: MANICKAM, T. M. - Dharma According to Manu and Moses
25206: MANIKAM, RAJAH B., EDITOR - Christianity and the Asian Revolution
075454: MANKILLER, WILMA; WALLIS, MICHAEL - Mankiller; a Chief and Her People
075934: MANKILLER, WILMA - Every Day Is a Good Day; Reflections by Contemporary Indigenous Women
15446: MANKOWITZ, WOLF - Dickens of London
39220: MANLEY, JOHN - Atlas of Prehistoric Britain
082376: MANLY, H. P. (HAROLD) - Drake's Refrigeration Service Manual
55172: MANLY, HAROLD P. - Starting and Lighting Troubles, Remedies and Repairs
084426: MANN, THOMAS; KESTEN, HERMANN - Thomas Mann Diaries; 1918-1939
079731: MANN, THOMAS - The Magic Mountain; Two Volumes in One
080999: MANN, THOMAS - The Magic Mountain
075280: MANNERHEIM, G. - Muistelmat; 2 Volumes
44204: MANNERING, DOUGLAS - The Art of Matisse
47728: MANNES, MARYA - Subverse; Rhymes for Our Times
076262: MANNESTO, JEAN - Wolf Tracks and Moose Scat; a Visit to Isle Royale
38916: MANNHEIMER, E., EDITOR - Morbus Caeruleus; an Analysis of 114 Cases of Congenital Heart Disease with Cyanosis
083464: MANNIKKO, NANCY FARM, EDITOR - Memories and More; an Informal History of Herman, Michigan; 1901-2001
083799: MANNIKO, JANET - Fort Wilkins Watering Place 1855-1861 Dr. J.S. Livermore, Prop.
083716: MANNIKO, JANET - Fort Wilkins Watering Place 1855-1861 Dr. J.S. Livermore, Prop.
40214: MANNIKO, JANET - Fort Wilkins Watering Place 1855-1861 Dr. J.S. Livermore, Prop.
42744: MANNIKO, JANET - Fort Wilkins Watering Place 1855-1861 Dr. J.S. Livermore, Prop.
083819: MANNIKO, JANET - Fort Wilkins Watering Place 1855-1861 Dr. J.S. Livermore, Prop.
084129: MANNIKO, JANET - Fort Wilkins Watering Place 1855-1861 Dr. J.S. Livermore, Prop.
57599: MANNINEN, O. (OTTO) - Sakeita
078735: MANNINEN, O. (OTTO) - Volgan Ja Perman Kannel; Heimokannel III
067817: MANNINEN, PIRJO - Antonia Ja Irlantilainen Kevat
076112: MANNING, JO - My Lady Scandalous; the Amazing Life & Outrageous Times of Grace Dalrymple Elliott, Royal Courtesan
60436: MANNING, FREDERIC; PRIVATE #19022 - Her Privates We
079182: MANNING, STEPHEN - Wisdom and Number; Toward a Critical Appraisal of the Middle English Religious Lyric
082031: MANNING, ROBERT JOHN SHEFFLER - Interpreting Otherwise Than Heidegger; Emmanuel Levinas's Ethics As First Philosophy
37933: MANNING, BETTY, EDITOR - The Mountaineer; March 15, 1964
47567: MANNING, PHILLIP - Orange Blossom Trails
50072: MANNING, RICHARD - Inside Passage; a Journey Beyond Borders
53628: MANNING, RICHARD - Last Stand; Logging, Journalism, and the Case for Humility
068842: MANNING, HARVEY - Backpacking One Step at a Time
58638: MANNINGHAM, MARY - A Mary Mixture
58752: MANNINGHAM, MARY - Christmas Through the Years
58593: MANNINGHAM, MARY - A Mary Mixture
067508: MANNULA, ANTTI - Uusia Ja Wanhoja Armon Lasten Lauluja
43375: MANSELL, JOHN R., EDITOR - This Is London Ontario, Canada; Visitor's Guide November, 1961
071523: MANSER, MARTIN H. - Concise English-Chinese Chinese-English Dictionary (New Edition)
60088: MANTLE, BURNS - The Best Plays of 1936-37 and the Year Book of the Drama in America
60073: MANTLE, BURNS; CHAPMAN, JOHN, EDITOR - The Burns Mantle Best Plays of 1947-48 and the Year Book of the Drama in America
077488: MANTYLA, HERMAN - Kahden Tulen Valissa
13449: MANUCY, ALBERT - Artillery Through the Ages; a Short Illustrated History of Cannon, Emphasizing Types Used
11828: MANVELL, ROGER - Sarah Siddons; Portrait of an Actress
64750: MANWARING, MAX G. - Ambassador Stephen Krasner's Orienting Principle for Foreign Policy (and Military Management) - Responsible Sovereignty
64531: MANWARING, MAX G. - The Strategic Logic of the Contemporary Security Dilemma
64312: MANY, JOYCE E., EDITOR - Handbook of Instructional Practices for Literacy Teacher-Educators
083446: MANZY, GIACOMO - Madchen Und Frauen; 43 Zeichnungen
081844: MARBLE, CHARLES, EDITOR; VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Modern Priscilla; September 1924; Bazaar Number; Volume XXXVIII No. VII
081849: MARBLE, CHARLES, EDITOR; VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Modern Priscilla; February 1924; Volume XXXVII No. XII
60268: MARBOE, ERNST - The Book of Austria
14173: MAURICE, MARC & DELOMENIE, DOMINIQUE - Mode de Vie Et Espaces Sociaux
23481: BLANCHARD, JEAN-MARC & GAVRONSKY, SERGE - Le Moyen Age; la Litterature Francaise; le Milieu Et le Moment
14079: REINHARD, MARCEL & DUFOURCQ, NORBERT - Histoire de France; Volume 1 Only
46025: MARCH, FRANCIS A. - History of the World War; Complete Edition; Volume IV (of X)
62118: MARCHAL, LUCIE - The Mesh
52104: MARCHAND, PETER J. - Autumn; a Season of Change
64905: MARCHMONT, A. W. - The Greatest Gift
64585: CALIARO, MARCO & FRANCESCONI, MARIO - John Baptist Scalabrini Apostle to Emigrants
31343: MARCOZZI, RUDY T. - Strategies and Patterns for Aural Training; Revised and Expanded Edition
57669: MARCUS, ADRIANNE - The Chocolate Bible
43045: MARCUS, GEORGE H. - Masters of Modern Design; a Critical Assessment
083194: MARCUS, LEONARD S.; CHILDREN'S BOOK COUNCIL - 75 Years of Children's Book Week Posters
23788: MARCY, W. L., SECRETARY OF WAR - Mineral Lands on Lake Superior; Letter from the Secretary of War
077739: MARDH, PER-ANDERS - Roda Stugor
073548: DE LA MARE, WALTER - Come Hither; a Collection of Rhymes and Poems for the Young of All Ages
067788: ARCHER, MARGARET & DOUGLAS - Imperial Glass
079057: WETHERELL, MARGARET & POTTER, JONATHAN - Mapping the Language of Racism; Discourse and the Legitimation of Experience
25333: BALL, M. MARGARET & KILLOUGH, HUGH B. - International Relations
21274: RAMSAY, MARGARET & MILLER, SONDRA - Crocheting for the Home
48862: MITTELBACH, MARGARET & CREWDSON, MICHAEL - Carnivorous Nights; on the Trail of the Tasmanian Tiger
50311: ARCHER, MARGARET & DOUGLAS; IMPERIAL GLASS CO. - Imperial Glass + Value Guide
45226: MARGENAU, ERIC A., EDITOR - The Encyclopedic Handbook of Private Practice
11414: MARGOLIES, EDWARD; FABRE, MICHAEL J. - The Several Lives of Chester Himes
078333: MARGOLIS, ART - Tv Reapairs You Can Do
49831: MARGOTTA, ROBERTO - The Story of Medicine
43963: MARGULIES, LEO, EDITOR; BLOCH, ROBERT; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Fantastic Universe; July, 1956; Vol. 5, No. 6
44313: MARGULIES, LEO, EDITOR; BRADLEY, MARION ZIMMER; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Fantastic Universe; March, 1956; Vol. 5, No. 2
080642: MARGULIES, LEO, EDITOR - From Off This World; Gems of Science Fiction Chosen from "Hall of Fame Classics"
27913: DI VALENTIN, MARIA & OTHERS - Practical Encyclopedia of Crafts
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073340: NO AUTHOR; METROPOLITAN - The Metropolitan Life Cook Book
073328: NO AUTHOR; METROPOLITAN - Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. Year Book for 1918
27698: METZ, DONALD L. - New Congregations; Security and Mission in Conflict
30312: METZ, ROBERT - How to Shake the Money Tree
53922: METZ, LOIS LUNT - Action Songs and Rhythms for Children
084722: METZ, SHARON; BENSON, KRISTIN - Anthology of Honor
080592: MEVISSEN, JERRY - Nimrod Chronicles; Life in Nimrod, Minnesota
079436: VARIOUS AUTHORS; INSTITUTO GEOLOGICO DE MEXICO - Catalogos de Los Movimientos Registrados En Las Estaciones Seismologicas de Meridam Yuc; Mazatlan, Sin. Y Oaxaca
076709: MEYER, HERMANN - Bows and Arrows in Central Brazil
070961: MEYER, MARVIN W., TRANSLATOR - The Secret Teachings of Jesus; Four Gnostic Gospels
082280: MEYER, WM. CO. - The Cosmetiste; a Handbook on Cosmetology with Special Reference to the Employment of Electricity
18489: MEYER, HAROLD E. - Lifetime Encyclopedia of Letters
24683: MEYER, EDITH PATTERSON - The Friendly Frontier. The Story of the Canadian-American Border
44991: MEYER, JEROME - The Big Book of Family Games
42333: MEYER, G. - Die Palme Fur Kirchen-Chore, Sanger, U.S. W.
54753: MEYER, EUGENE; LEUENBERGER, JIM; OPPERMAN, GEORGE - National Dairy Shrine's First Fifty Years
49013: MEYER, KATHLEEN - Barefoot-Hearted; a Wild Life Among Wildlife
63457: MEYER, WILLIAM R. - Warner Brothers Directors; the Hard-Boiled, the Comic, and the Weepers
52839: MEYER, MARVIN - The Gnostic Discoveries; the Impact of the Nag Hammadi Library
8877: MEYERE, J.A.L. DE - Met de Beste Wensen Voor Het Nieuwe Jaar
22390: MEYERS, CASEY - Walking a Complete Guide to the Complete Exercise
52243: MEYERSON, MICHAEL I. - Liberty's Blueprint; How Madison and Hamilton Wrote the Federalist Papers, Defined the Constitution, and Made Democracy Safe for the World
36746: MEYNELL, FRANCIS - Poems & Pieces 1911 to 1961
083150: GENERALIC, IVAN; BASICEVIC, MICA; ET AL; - Ivan Generalic
38399: CONWAY, MICHAEL ET AL; TYLER, PARKER - The Films of Greta Garbo
074582: BERNARD-DONALS, MICHAEL & GLEJZER, RICHARD R. - Rhetoric in an Anti-Foundational World; Language, Culture, and Pedagogy
078101: MICHAEL, H. N., EDITOR - Studies in Siberian Ethnogenesis
071260: REED. MICHAEL - The Age of Exuberance 1550-1700
62962: CONWAY, MICHAEL ET AL; TYLER, PARKER - The Films of Greta Garbo
081414: MICHAEL, IB - Kilroy Kilroy
21387: LANE, MICHAEL & CROTTY, JIM - Mad Monks on the Road
23676: STRIGEL, MICHAEL & MEINE, CURT - Report of the Intelligent Consumption Project
28934: HOWELL, MICHAEL & FORD, PETER - The Beetle of Aphrodite and Other Medical Mysteries
31422: ANDERSON, MICHAEL ET AL - Crowell's Handbook of Contemporary Drama
39959: ABRAMS, JANET; GRAVES, MICHAEL; ET AL - Michael Graves Buildings and Projects 1990-1994
41595: MICHAEL, WILLIAM B., EDITOR - Review of Educational Research; February, 1964; Vol. XXXIV, No. 1
53431: GRANT. MICHAEL - The Classical Greeks
57038: TOBIAS, MICHAEL & COWAN, GEORGIANNE, EDITOR - The Soul of Nature; Celebrating the Spirit of the Earth
084307: BROOKE, MICHAEL & BIRKHEAD, TIM - The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Ornithology
082609: SWIFT, MICHAEL & SHARPE, MICHAEL - Historical Maps of World War II Europe
083707: MICHAELS, EDWARD CASY (SPLAKE, T. K.) - Lost Whispers; a Literary Mystery
084089: MICHAELS, EDWARD CASY (SPLAKE, T. K.) - Lost Whispers; a Literary Mystery
081041: MICHALOWSKI, KAZIMIERZ - Art of Ancient Egypt
42833: MICHAUD, A. C. - Our Coming World
21201: MICHEL, SANDRA SEATON - From the Peninsula South; the Story of Detroit & Northern Savings
860: MICHEL, PAULETTE - Animaux
7455: BERSANI, JACQUES; MAUTRAND, MICHEL; ET AL - La Litterature En France Depus 1945
18123: BEAUJOUR, MICHEL & EHRMANN, JACQUES - La France Contemporaine
18137: BERSANI, JACQUES; AUTRAND, MICHEL; ET AL - La Litterature En France Depuis 1945
46737: MICHEL, SANDRA SEATON - Visions to Keep; the D&N Story
081788: MICHELAARD, B. - The Sudden Sky; a Novel of Aerial Combat
071434: LEFRANCOIS, MICHELE ET AL - Paul Landowski la Pierre D'Eternite
081001: MICHELETTI, ERIC - Special Forces; War on Terrorism in Afghanistan
081000: MICHELETTI, ERIC - Special Forces; War Against Saddam Hussein
081999: MICHELFELDER, DIANE P.; PALMER, RICHARD E.; EDITORS - Dialogue & Deconstruction; the Goddamer Derrida Encounter
23445: MICHELIN - Chateaux de la Loire
23446: MICHELIN - Paris Et Sa Banlieu
23447: MICHELIN - Pyrenees
23448: MICHELIN - Allemagne Republique Federale Et Berlin
24983: MICHELIN - Paris Guide de Toursime
4032: MICHELON, LENO C. - Industrial Inspection Methods
072311: MICHELSON, MIRIAM - In the Bishop's Carriage
080635: STATE OF MICHIGAN - Thirty-Second Annual Report of the Department of Labor of the State of Michigan
65226: NO AUTHOR; STATE OF MICHIGAN - Official Directory and Legislative Manual Published by the State of Michigan 1953-1954
082704: STATE OF MICHIGAN - Michigan Official Directory and Legislative Manual 1941-1942
6739: UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN - The University of Michigan School of Art Faculty; a Rackham Grant Exhibition 1982
8261: UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN - Ensian '61; University of Michigan Ann Arbor; Volume 65
64239: SECRETARY OF STATE OF MICHIGAN - Statistics of the State of Michigan, Collected for the Ninth Census of the United States, June 1, 1870
35067: UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN - Twenty-Eighth Annual May Festival of the University of Michigan 1921; Official Program Book
36044: VARIOUS AUTHORS; BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD OF MICHIGAN - An Inspirational Body of Work; the Fine Art of Blue Shield of Michigan

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