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2455: LEE, SHERMAN E. - A History of Far Eastern Art; Revised Edition
65140: LEE, STAN - Vault of Evil; 2; April,1973
070746: LEECH, MARGARET - Reveille in Washington 1860-1865
078326: VALKONEN, ANNE; SVINHUFVUD, LEENA; ET AL - Sidos; Jubilee Exhibition the Friends of Finnish Handicraft 120 Years
41079: CUSTIS, MARY LOUISE, DIRECTOR; JAMES LEES & SONS - Columbia Men's Book; Volume 118
41084: CUSTIS, MARY LOUISE, DIRECTOR; JAMES LEES & SONS - Columbia Men's Book; Volume 98
11077: DE LEEUW, HENDRIK - Sinful Cities of the Western World
073597: LEFEBVRE, JOAN E. - Preserving Fruits of the Wild
49113: LEFEBVRE, GEORGES; PALMER, R. R., TRANSLATOR - The Coming of the French Revolution
24367: LEFOLII, KEN - Claims; Adventures in the Gold Trade
42911: LEGER, THEODORE - Animal Magnetism; or Psychodunamy
071467: CONFUCIUS; LEGGE, JAMES, TRANSLATOR - The Philosophy of Confucius
5081: LEGGE, J.G. - Chanticleer; a Study of the French Muse
31677: LEGGE, JAMES, TRANSLATOR - The I Ching; the Book of Changes
078019: LEGGETT, TREVOR - Zen and the Ways
38065: LEGGETT, JOHN - A Daring Young Man; a Biography of William Saroyan
35800: AMERICAN LEGION - 26th Annual Convention August 11 to 13, 1944, Grand Rapids, Michigan
32282: LEGLER, PHILIP - Gifts
32283: LEGLER, PHILIP - Christmas Eve
64566: LEGMAN, G. - The New Limerick; 2750 Unpublished Examples American and British
53086: LEGMAN, G. - Rationale of the Dirty Joke; an Analysis of Sexual Humor
075337: LEGOUVE, ERNEST - Reading As a Fine Art
61701: LEHAR, FRANZ; SPAETH, SIGMUND - Frasquita Serenade; Piano Solo; My Little Nest of Heavenly Blue
080447: LEHISTE, ILSE - Readings in Acoustic Phonetics
068646: LEHMAN, JOHN - On Seas of Glory; Heroic Men, Great Ships, and Epic Battles of the American Navy
50574: LEHMAN, PAUL EVAN - Gun-Whipped
47250: LEHMANN, JOHN - A Nest of Tigers; the Sitwells in Their Times
070613: LEHMANN, ROSAMUND - The Ballad and the Source
35182: LEHNER, ERNST, COMPILER - American Symbols a Pictorial History
075896: LEHRER, KEITH - Knowledge
077814: LEHTINEN, JORMA - Kuvanveistajan Torppa; Visavuoren Korjaus- Ja Restaurointihanke; the Sculptor's Cottage
079740: LEHTINEN, MERI; SEBEOK, THOMAS A. - Basic Course in Finnish; Uralic and Altaic Series Volume 27
60032: LEHTINEN, KALEVI - Sinulle
078576: LEHTO, STEVE - Michigan's Columbus; the Life of Douglass Houghton
61232: LEHTO, STEVE - Michigan's Columbus; the Life of Douglass Houghton
59830: LEHTONEN, J. V., TOIMITTANUT; KIVI, ALEKSIS - Aleksis Kivi; Valitut Teokset; Liitteina II; Kuvaa
075906: LEHTONEN, LEO - Jokamiehen Lintukirja
067040: LEHTONEN, M., PASTORI - Laulukirja; Uusi Pyhakoulun Ja Nuorison
38846: LEHTONEN, ENSIO - Kotitiella; Kuvia Tuhlaajapojan Tielta Sikakaukalolta Takaisin Rakastavan Isan Luo
067249: LEHTONEN, JOEL - Putkinotko; Kuvaus Laiskasta Viinatrokarista Ja Tuhmasta Herrasta
077747: LEHTOVUORI, OLLI - The Story of Finnish Housing Architecture
077746: LEHTOVUORI, OLLI - The Story of Finnish Housing Architecture
59935: LEHVASLAIHO, REINO - Pansari-Sotaa 1941-1944
44042: LEIBER, FRITZ - Destiny Times Three
075833: LEIBNIZ, GOTTFIRED WILHELM; MONTGOMERY, DR. GEORGE R. - Basic Writings; Discourses on Metaphysics; Correspondence with Arnaud; Monadology
079847: LEIGHTON, ANN - Early American Gardens "for Meate or Medicine"
63039: LEIGHTON, ROBERT; MIDDLETON, REV. - Archbishop Leighton's Commentary on Peter; 2 Volumes; the Expository Works with Other Remains; an Account of the Life of the Author
57389: HARRIS, LEILA & KILROY - Australia; Unit of Teaching Pictures
57245: HARRIS, LEILA & KILROY - Canada; Informative Classroom Picture Series
65849: LEINBERG, R. G. - Biblian Historia; Kansakouluille
078759: LEINO, EINI - Jaana Ronty; Romaani
12219: LEINSTER, MURRAY - This World Is Taboo
44211: LEINSTER, MURRAY - The Wailing Asteroid
9209: LEINWOLL, STANLEY - Plasticrafts
071635: LEITHAUSER, JOACHIM G. - Worlds Beyond the Horizon
5434: LELAND, JACK - 60 Famous Houses of Charleston, Sotuh Carolina
21923: LELCHUK, ALAN - American Mischief
7638: LELONG, MAURICE - IL Est Dangereux de Se Pencher Au Dehors
28132: LELUSHENKO, D. O. GENERAL ARMII - Moskva Stalingrad Braga; Zapisks Komandarma
18134: LEMAITRE, HENRI - La Poesie Depuis Baudelaire
073224: LEMASTERS, E. E. - Blue-Collar Aristocrats; Life-Styles at a Working-Class Tavern
54274: LEMBKE, JANET - Skinny Dipping and Other Immersions in Water, Myth, and Being Human
075699: LEMLEY, REV. JOHN - Women in White Raiment
42756: LEMMER, ERNST - Berlin August 13; Barriers to Law and Humanity
48312: LEMMONS, PHILIP, EDITOR; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Byte; the Small Systems Journal; April 1986 Vol. 11, No. 4
48313: LEMMONS, PHILIP, EDITOR; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Byte; the Small Systems Journal; May 1986 Vol. 11, No. 5
48316: LEMMONS, PHILIP, EDITOR; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Byte; the Small Systems Journal; February 1986 Vol. 11, No. 2
48317: LEMMONS, PHILIP, EDITOR; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Byte; the Small Systems Journal; September 1985 Vol. 10, No. 9
48320: LEMMONS, PHILIP, EDITOR; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Byte; the Small Systems Journal; March 1986 Vol. 11, No. 3
57833: LEMMONS, PHILIP, EDITOR; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Byte; the Small Systems Journal; June 1986 Vol. 11, No. 6
48315: LEMMONS, PHILIP, EDITOR; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Byte; the Small Systems Journal; April 1986 Vol. 11, No. 4
48314: LEMMONS, PHILIP, EDITOR; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Byte; the Small Systems Journal; April 1989 Vol. 14, No. 4
32875: LEMZA, DOUGLAS J., EDITOR - Rediscovering the American Cinema; 2nd Edition
081188: LENEY, TERTTU - Teach Yourself Finnish; Book & 2 Cd's
076856: LENIHAN, DANIAL J. - Shipwrecks of Isle Royale National Park; the Archaeological Survey
079608: LENIN, VLADIMIR; FISCHER, ERNST - The Essential Lenin
073658: LEVI, LENNART & ANDERSSON, LARS - Psychosocial Stress; Population, Environment and Quality of Life
33199: LENT, JEFFREY - Lost Nation
1124: LENZ, ELLIS CHRISTIAN. - King Buff.
42362: LENZ, FREDERICK - Snowboarding to Nirvana
6754: KRELL, DR. LEO & FIEDLER, DR. LEONHARD - Deutsche Literaturgeschichte
10304: ROHLEN, LEO & OEHRING, HEINZ A. - Das Deutsche Fluss- Und Zeltwanderbuch
59902: DI LEO, JOSEPH H. - Young Children and Their Drawings
65325: BRAUDY, LEO & COHEN, MARSHALL - Film Theory and Criticism; Introductory Readings; Fifth Edition
49909: LEO, RICHARD - Edges of the Earth; a Man, a Woman, a Child in the Alaska Wilderness
40545: DE LEON, GONZALES; ARNABOLDI, MARIO A., INTRO - Gonzalez de Leon; Architecture As Art
42955: LEON, RENE - Money and Trade
55753: VARIOUS AUTHORS; LEONARD, HAL, CORPORATION - Favorite Songs of the Sixties; Piano Vocal Guitar
3330: LEONARD, RICHARD - South Africa at War; White Power and the Crisis in Southern Africa
56332: LEONARD, HAL; NO AUTHOR - Instant Electronic Keyboard; an Instruction Course for Today's Busy People; Book a
32855: MICHAELS, LEONARD & RICKS, CHRISTOPHER, EDITORS - The State of the Language
070245: HERTER, GEORGE LEONARD & BERTHE E. - Bull Cook and Authentic Historical Recipes and Practices
42492: MOATS, LEONE & ALICE-LEONE - Off to Mexico
48933: LEONG, LESLIE - Our Forgotten North; a Glimpse of the Subarctic in Canada's North
24496: NOSTRADAMUS; LEONI, EDGAR - Nostradamus and His Prophecies
20848: ANDREYEV, ALEXANDER LEONID & REIFLER, SAM D., EDITORS - Columbia Review; Volume 39, No. 1; Autumn 1958
19419: ANDREYEV, ALEXANDER LEONID & REIFLER, SAM D., EDITORS - Columbia Review; Volume 39, No. 2; Winter, 1959
080517: LEONOWENS, ANNA HARRIETTE - The English Governess at the Siamese Court; Being Recollections of Six Years in the Royal Palace at Bangkok
081072: LEONOWENS, MRS. ANNA H. (HARRIETTE) - Siamese Harem Life
52520: LEOPOLD, ALDO - For the Health of the Land; Previously Unpublished Essays and Other Writings
070132: LEOPOLDI, HERMANN; EDGAR, PERCY - When Love Dies; Song
25260: LEPROHON, PIERRE - Jean Renoir; an Investigation Into His Films and Philosophy
58489: LEQUIRE, STANLEY L., EDITOR - The Best Preaching on Earth; Sermons on Caring for Creation
26958: LERNER, I. MICHAEL - Heredity, Evolution and Society
53026: LERNER, BETSY - The Forest for the Trees; an Editor's Advice to Writers
3006: LERNER, I. MICHAEL - Heredity, Evolution and Society
61046: JOHNSON, LEROY & JEAN - Julia Death Valley's Youngest Victim; the Heroic Rescue of the Stranded 1849ers; Revised and Enlarged
44186: VARIOUS AUTHORS; WILCOX, DON; BENSON, EDWIN; YERXA, LEROY; ET AL - Fantastic Adventures; January 1945; Volume 7 Number 1
8177: LESBERG, SANDY - The Landmarks of Boston
079187: LESCE, TONY - Shootout II; More Techniques of Modern Gunfighting
077514: LESCHAK, PETER M. - Trials by Wildfire; in Search of the New Warrior Spirit
076573: LESCHAK, PETER M. - Rogues and Toads; a Poetry Collection
58229: LESCHAK, PETER M. - Letters from Side Lake; a Chronicle of Life in the North Woods
52487: LESCHAK, PETER M. - Trials by Wildfire; in Search of the New Warrior Spirit
53534: LESCHAK, PETER M. - Hellroaring; the Life and Times of a Fire Bum
11767: LESCOURRET, MARIE-ANN - Rubens; a Double Life
52202: LESICA, PETER; SHELLY, J. STEPHEN - Sensitive, Threatened and Endangered Vascular Plants of Montana
066909: LESLIE, MISS - Directions for Cookery, in Its Various Branches
56131: LESLIE, FRANK; CARR, JOSPEH B., INTRODUCTION - Frank Leslie's Scenes and Potraits of the CIVIL War
36175: LESLIE, ROBERT C. - Man's Search for a Meaningful Faith; Study Book
36176: LESLIE, ROBERT C. - Man's Search for a Meaningful Faith; Selected Readings
36919: NIELSEN, LESLIE & BEARD, HENRY - Leslie Nielsen's Stupid Little Golf Book
51107: LESLIE, JACQUES - Deep Water; the Epic Struggle over Dams, Displaced People, and the Environment
23219: LESLY, PHILIP - Everything and the Kitchen Sink
64338: LESSING, GOTTHOLD; CHADWICK, HENRY - Lessing's Theological Writings
35480: LESSING, DORIS - Under My Skin; Volume One of My Autobiography, to 1949
62934: LESSING, DORIS - Ben, in the World
1194: LESTER, JEAN. - Faces of Alaska from Barrow to Wrangel.
31467: LESY, MICHAEL - Real Life Louisville in the Twenties
58604: LESY, MICHAEL - Real Life Louisville in the Twenties
42834: LEUBA, JAMES H. - The Psychology of Religious Mysticism; Revised Edition
080877: VAN LEUVEN, SUSAN - Illustrated Guide to Wood Strip Canoe Building
080756: LEVER, DARCY - The Young Sea Officer's Sheet Anchor or a Key to the Leading of Rigging and to Practical Seamanship
080757: LEVER, DARCY - The Young Sea Officer's Sheet Anchor or a Key to the Leading of Rigging and to Practical Seamanship
080111: LEVER, DARCY - The Young Sea Officer's Sheet Anchor or a Key to the Leading of Rigging and to Practical Seamanship
080970: LEVER, DARCY - The Young Sea Officer's Sheet Anchor or a Key to the Leading of Rigging and to Practical Seamanship, with an Appendix; Second Edition
079918: LEVEY, MICHAEL - Florence a Portrait
074404: LEVI, STEVEN C. - Cowboys of the Sky; the Story of Alaska's Bush Pilots
072670: LEVI, PRIMO; REGGE, TULIO - Conversations
21323: LEVI, LENNART - Emotions Their Parameters and Measurement
075085: LEVIN, MARTIN - Hollywood and the Great Fan Magazines
62432: LEVIN, TED - Liquid Land; a Journey Through the Florida Everglades
7151: LEVIN, HARRY - James Joyce
42242: LEVIN, KENNETH - Unconscious Fantasy in Psychotherapy
51084: LEVIN, ROBERT - American Meat
075224: LEVINE, MARK - F5
3276: LEVINE, PAUL - 9 Scorpions
19414: LEVINE, ARTHUR S., EDITOR - Columbia Review; Volume 38, No. 1; Autumn, 1957
079611: LEVINE, NANCY E. - The Dynamics of Polyandry; Kinship, Domesticity, and Population on the Tibetan Border
65230: LEVINSON, BRADLEY A. U. - We Are All Equal; Student Culture and Identity at a Mexican Secondary School, 1988-1998
59261: LEVITT, JO ANN; NORIAN, TODD, MUSIC - Sounds of the Sacred; Chants of Love and Prayer
076801: LEVORSEN, BELLA - Mush! a Beginner's Manual of Sled Dog Training
080522: LEVY, DAVID N. L.; KEENE, RAYMOND D. - How to Play the Opening in Chess
080492: LEVY, D. N. L. - Sacrifices in the Sicilian
3463: LEVY, HARRY - Chain of Custody
080228: LEVY, LEONARD W. - Origins of the Fifth Amendment; the Right Against Self-Incrimination
15674: LEWIN, ROGER - In the Age of Mankind; a Smithsonian Book of Human Evolution
34850: LEWIN, ROGER A. - Compassion the Core Value That Animates Psychotherapy
55627: LEWIS, PAUL H. - Wildflowers and Other Colorful Inhabitants of the North Woods
077227: LEWIS, ROB - Newport; Images of America
066643: BEESON, LEWIS & LEMMER, VICTOR F. - The Effects of the CIVIL War on Mining in Michigan
2428: LEWIS, ALAN. - The Contemporary Theatre.
080871: LEWIS, ALFRED HENRY - The Cowboy Humor of Alfred Hanry Lewis
070429: LEWIS, SIR THOMAS - The Mechanism and Graphic Registration of the Heart Beat; 3rd Edition
64437: LEWIS, H. C.; COYNE ELECTRICAL SCHOOL - Coyne Reference Set; a Guide to Simplified Practical Electricity; 3 Volumes
54961: LEWIS, RICHARD J., SR. - Sax's Dangerous Properties of Industrial Materials; 3 Volumes; Ninth Edition; Set
076157: LEWIS, ELIZABETH BARZDITIS - Twin Cousins; Nostalgic Anecdotes of Two Girls' Shenanigans in the Horse and Buggy Days
59820: WALKER, LEWIS ET AL - African Americans in Michigan
59943: LEWIS, DAVID - Raittiuskysymys Mitenka Ratkaistava
4552: LEWIS, OSCAR - Pedro Martinez; a Mexican Peasant and His Family
6609: LEWIS, RUTH A. - Second Flight
6610: LEWIS, RUTH A. - Trial Flight
7054: LEWIS, ANN - Confederate Jasmine and the Fat Tuesday Tree; a Poetic Herbarium
7983: LEWIS, BENJAMIN - Riding
19669: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - Die Benzinstation; Roman
23248: LEWIS, HENRY CLAY - Odd Leaves from the Life of a Louisiana Swamp Doctor
079231: LEWIS, WYNDHAM - America and Cosmic Man
26991: LEWIS, ELISHA J. - The American Sportsman
28161: LEWIS, ALFRED ALLAN - The Mountain Artisan's Quilting Book
31619: LEWIS, DAVID ALLEN - Prophecy 2000; Rushing to Armageddon; Expanded Edition
573: LEWIS, STEPHEN. - Monkey Rope.
34585: LEWIS, HUNTER - A Question of Values
65645: LEWIS, JEAN - Joe Camp's Benji the Detective
073792: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - Selected Short Stories
068782: LEWIS, D. B. WYNDHAM - Francois Villon; a Documented Survey
43996: LEWIS, BERNARD - From Babel to Dragomans; Interpreting the Middle East
078800: LEWIS, ELIZABETH BARZDITIS - Granny Eloped; a Novelette
58525: LEWIS, ANNE GILLESPIE - The Minnesota Guide
49217: LEWIS, BERNARD - What Went Wrong? Western Impact and Middle Eastern Response
078959: LEWIS, OSCAR - Silver Kings; the Lives and Times of Mackay, Fair, Flood, and O'Brien, Lords of the Nevada Comstock Lode
52246: LEWIS, BILL, ARRANGER; VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Early 60's; 1960 to 1964 Rock & Roll Greats; Easy Guitar
53412: LEWIS, HUNTER - Are the Rich Necessary? Great Economic Arguments and How They Reflect Our Personal Values
080603: LEWIS, PAUL H. - Wildflowers and Other Colorful Inhabitants of the North Woods
073967: LEWIS, SAM. M.; HESS, CLIFF; YOUNG, JOE - Huckleberry Finn
56100: LEWIS, NORMA - Grand Rapids Furniture City
075652: LEWIS, DAVID - Philosophical Papers; Volume 1
074331: HERMAN, LEWIS & MARGUERITE SHALETT - Foreign Dialects; a Manual for Actors, Directors and Writers
46375: LEWISOHN, LUDWIG, EDITOR - A Modern Book of Criticism
35207: PHILO; LEWY, HANS, EDITOR - Philosophical Writings; Philo
52129: LEYDET, FRANCOIS - The Coyote; Defiant Songdog of the West
078368: LEYLA, LIZA - Sora
24030: LEYNER, MARK - Tooth Imprints on a Corn Dog
24002: LEYNER, MARK - My Cousin My Gastroenterologist
16141: LEYTON, PATRICK - By Foul Means
57158: LHUNDRUB, NGORCHEN KONCHOG - Three Visions; Fundamental Teachings of the Sakya Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism
58726: LI, HUI-LIN - The Origin and Cultivation of Shade and Ornamental Trees
62831: HUDSON, LIAM & JACOT, BERNADINE - The Way Men Think; Intellect, Intimacy and the Erotic Imagination
081006: MCDONALD, T. LIAM; ET AL - Sea-Cursed; Thirty Terrifying Tales of the Deep
077072: LIBBY, RUSSELL - What You Should Know; a Field Guide to Three Sisters Farm
36493: LIBIN, LAURENCE - Our Tuneful Heritage; American Musical Instruments from the Metropolitan Museum of Art
60941: I.C.S. REFERENCE LIBRARY - Valve Gears Mechanics of the Steam Engine Steam-Engine Governors . Boiler Fittings and Accessories . Etc
61656: ADOBE IMAGE LIBRARY - Eyewire Images 2; Resource Book
15949: I.C.S. REFERENCE LIBRARY - Machine Design Dynamos and Motors
29737: VARIOUS AUTHORS; I.C.S. REFERENCE LIBRARY - Air-Brake Pumps; Triple Valves and Brake Valves; Air-Brake Troubles; Operating and Testing Trains; Etc Etc
43534: I.C.S. REFERENCE LIBRARY - Spelling Penmanship Vertical Penmanship Shorthand Typewriting
15932: I.C.S. REFERENCE LIBRARY - Drainage Sewerage Streets and Highways Paving Electric Railways
081022: AMES FREE LIBRARY - Catalogue of the Ames Free Library North Easton Massachusetts
073378: LICATA, VINCENT - Comfrey and Chlorophyll
23825: LICHET, RAYMOND - Ecrire a Tout le Monde
25179: LICHT, GREG; MICHIGAN TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY - 1968 Winter Carnival Pictorial; February, 1968
12391: LICHTBLAU, MYRON I. - Manuel Galvez
21301: LICHTENSTEIN, ALICE - The Genius of the World
66257: LICKEY, ARTHUR E. - Highways to Truth; God Speaks to Modern Man
50304: LIDDICK, DONALD R. - Eco-Terrorism; Radical Environmental and Animal Liberation Movements
069992: LIE, JONAS - The Barque Future; or, Life in the Far North
66288: LIEBER, LARRY; ATLAS - Kid Cody Gunfughter; Volume 1, Number 1; February, 1975
38461: LIEBERKIND, INGVALD - Dyrenes Verden En Populaer Videnskabelig Fremstilling Af Dyrenes LIV; Pattedyr I, II, III; Lavere Dyr; 2 Volumes
38462: LIEBERKIND, INGVALD - Dyrenes Verden En Populaer Videnskabelig Fremstilling Af Dyrenes LIV; Fugle I & II & III; Padder Og Krybdyr; 4 Volumes in 2
080550: LIEBERMAN, WILLIAM S. - Max Ernst
067443: LIENHARD, JOHN H. - Inventing Modern; Growing Up with X-Rays, Skyscrapers, and Tailfins
076744: LIENHARD, JOHN H. - Inventing Modern; Growing Up with X-Rays, Skyscrapers, and Tailfins
764: EDITORS OF TIME-LIFE. - The Way of the Warrior.
792: EDITORS OF TIME-LIFE. - War for the Plains.
793: EDITORS OF TIME-LIFE. - The First Americans.
942: EDITORS OF TIME-LIFE. - The Spirit World.
5495: EDITORS OF LIFE - The Life Book of Christmas; 3 Volumes
14648: OUTDOOR LIFE, EDITORS - The Story of American Hunting and Firearms
14666: OUTDOOR LIFE - The Story of American Hunting and Firearms
17799: LIFE, EDITORS - America's Arts and Skills
31514: LIFSHIN, LYN, EDITOR - Ariadne's Thread; a Collection of Contmporary Women's Journals
074583: LIFSON, BEN - Samaras; the Photographs of Lucas Samaras
072531: LIFTON, ROBERT JAY - The Nazi Doctors; Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide
20868: LIFTON, WALTER M. - Working with Groups
068482: LIGHTFOOT, CLAUDE M. - Ghetto Rebellion to Black Liberation
073868: LIGHTFOOT, R. H. - The Gospel Message of St. Mark
9178: LAWRENCE-LIGHTFOOT, SARA - I'Ve Known Rivers; Lives of Loss and Liberation
12031: LIGHTFOOT, BERYL H. - Jolly Jack Horner
41977: LIGHTFOOT, SARA LAWRENCE - Balm in Gilead; Journey of a Healer
066778: LIGHTNER, SAM, JR. - All Elevations Unknown; an Adventure in the Heart of Borneo
067822: LIGHTNER, ROBERT P. - Meditation That Transcends
5350: LIISBERG, H.C. BERING - Napoleon
60034: LIKELL, KARL EMIL - Kristus Se Hywa Paimen
081201: LILIUS, ALEKO - Turbulent Tangier
57583: LILIUS, J. W., FOREWORD; VARIOUS AUTHORS - Rauhankokous Ja Paapiirteita Amerikan Suomalaisten Raittiustyon Historiasta
068053: LILLEHEI, L. - Arbeidere I Vingaarden
080053: LILLEY, AUNE ESTHER - Play It Like Eve with Adams
38859: LILLEY, AUNE ESTHER - My Big Man Joey
068401: LILLEY, AUNE ESTHER - A Man in His Wilderness
46785: LILY - Lily's Album of Crocheted Designs; Book 1200
27200: LIME, DAVID W., EDITOR - Managing America's Enduring Wilderness Resource
8672: BEAK CONSULTANTS LIMITED - Lake Superior Power Proposed Cogeneration Project at Sault Ste. Marie; Environmental Report
8772: LIMOUZE, ARTHUR H. - Homeland Harvest
8773: LIMOUZE, ARTHUR H. - Homeland Harvest
50394: KUNG-LIN, LI; BARNHART, RICHARD - LI Kung-Lin's Classic of Filial Piety
079976: LINCOLN, ROBERT PAGE - Black Bass Fishing Theory & Practice
080454: LINCOLN, JOSEPH C. - Storm Signals
9664: LINCOLN, ABRAHAM; ANGLE, PAUL M., EDITOR - The Lincoln Reader
254: LINCOLN, ELLEN TERRY - Through the Grecourt Gates; Distinguished Visitors to Smith College 1875-1975
071058: LINCOLN, FREDERICK C. - Migration of Birds
42840: LINCOLN, HENRY - The Holy Place; Sauniere and the Decoding of the Mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau
076356: LINCOLN, JOSEPH COLVILLE - The Windows of Trinity Cathedral
078077: LINCOLN, WILLIAM ALEXANDER - The Art and Practice of Marquetry
26234: LINCOLN, ABRAHAM; VARIOUS AUTHORS - This Hallowed Ground; the High Water Mark Walking Tour; the Gettysberg Address
30611: LINCOLN, C. ERIC - The Black Muslims in America
43564: LINCOLN, C. ERIC - The Black Muslims in America
45849: LINCOLN, EDWARD J. - Troubled Times; U.S. -Japan Trade Relations in the 1990's
53391: LINCOLN, LOUISE - Assemblage of Spirits; Idea and Image in New Ireland
067205: PEAVY, LINDA & SMITH, URSULA - Pioneer Women; the Lives of Women on the Frontier
077790: LINDBERG, CAROLUS; HAUTALA, JOUKO - Aunuksen Asunnoilla; Ita-Karjalan Kansanomaista Rakennuskulttuuria
25437: LINDBERG, VALTER - Statistical Yearbook of Finland; New Series; 56th; Year 1960
44969: LINDBERGH, STANLEY, EDITOR; VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Georgia Review; Spring 1993; Volume XLVII, Number 1; Focus on Nature Writing
39416: LINDBLOM, STEVEN - Fly the Hot Ones
078389: LINDE, HANS-MARTIN - Kleine Anleitung Zum Verzieren Alter Musik
081184: LINDELOF, TORBJORN E. T. - Cobra; the Computer-Designed Bidding System
5871: LINDEMANN, KELVIN - The Red Umbrellas
58294: LINDEMANN, ERIKA, EDITOR - CCCC Bibliography of Composition and Rhetoric 1988
59909: LINDEQUIST, K. O. - Isonvihan Aika Suomessa
59934: LINDEQUIST, K. O. - Vanhan Ajan; Historian Oppikirja
59368: LINDEWALL, ARVO - Rosalia
067086: LINDEWALL, ARVO - Rosalia
42958: VARIOUS AUTHORS; LINDGREN, DR. E. I., PRESIDENT - Koti Home; Educational Monthly for the Finnish People in America; Vol. 1 No. 1; March, 1922 Thru Vol. 1 No. 11 & 12; January February, 1923
48817: NO AUTHOR; LINDGREN, ROY - Yooper Calendar 1992 Official and Original
078820: LINDHORST, WILL L. - Tricks and Magic; a New Bag of Tricks
61793: LINDIG, WOLFGANG - Indianische Realitat Nordamerikanische Indianer in Der Gegenwart
40753: LINDORM, PER-ERIK - Anglosaxisk Humor I Text Och Bild
66267: LINDQUIST, ORVILLE - Untruths About Animals
29739: LINDSAY, DAVID - Mayflower Bastard
37101: LINDSAY, MAUD - Mother Stories
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070494: HAY, MALCOLM & ROBERTS, PHILIP - Bond a Study of His Plays
073794: WALKER-MALCOSKEY, EDNA - Not Now, My Love; Love Songs Ans Lyrics and Other Poems
63767: MALHERBE, ABRAHAM J. - Moral Exhortation, a Greco-Roman Sourcebook
074016: MALIE, TOMMIE; NEWMAN, CHARLIE; VERGES, JOE - Our Bungalow of Dreams; Song with Ukle. Arrangement
53405: MALLABY, SEBASTIAN - The World's Banker; a Story of Failed States, Financial Crises, .
070634: MALLET, FRANCOISE - The Illusionist
078191: O'MALLEY, HENRY - Bulletin of the United States Bureau of Fisheries; Vol. XLV 1929
20324: MALLON, THOMAS - Dewey Defeats Truman
50219: MALLON, THOMAS - Rockets and Rodeos and Other American Spectacles
65055: MALLORY, P. R. - Engineering Data; Resistance Welding, Theory and Practice; Hard, High Conductivity Alloy Applications
12338: MALM, WILLIAM P - Music Cultures of the Pacific, the Near East, and Asia
12346: MALM, WILLIAM P. - Music Cultures of the Pacific, the Near East, and Asia
21238: MALM, WILLIAM P. - Japanese Music and Musical Instruments
46968: MALMBERG, CARL, EDITOR - Health and Hygiene; September, 1937; Volume 6, Number 3
073425: MALO, JOHN W. - Malo's Complete Guide to Canoeing and Canoe-Camping; Revised and Updated
070902: MALONE, DUMAS - Jefferson and His Time; Jefferson the Virginian; Volume One
070636: MALONE, DUMAS - Jefferson and His Time; Jefferson the Virginian; Volume One
078514: MALONE, MICHAEL P. - Montana Century; 100 Years in Pictures and Words
35340: MALONE, LAWRENCE ADAMS - From Eden; an Evolving World
069460: MALORY, SIR THOMAS; BAINES, KEITH - Le Morte D'Arthur
070504: MALOTTE, ALBERT HAY - The Lord's Prayer; Voice and Piano
58730: MALOY, KATE - A Stone Bridge North; Reflections in a New Life
40297: MALPAS, JAMES - Realism; Movements in Modern Art
48808: MALRAUX, ANDRE - Man's Fate
071688: MALTBY, RALPH D. - Golf Club Design, Fitting, Alteration and Repair; the Principles and Procedures
071756: MALTBY, RALPH D. - Golf Club Design, Fitting, Alteration and Repair; the Principles and Procedures; 2nd Edition
24155: MALZAC, JACQUES - On En Parle Aujourd'Hui Extraits de la Revue Passe-Partout
45955: MALZBERG, BARRY N. - The Men Inside
31891: MAMET, DAVID - The Chinaman; Poems
3844: MAMONOVA, TATYANA, ED. - Woman and Russia; Feminist Writings from the Soviet Union
077298: COMMITTEE ON THE SCIENTIFIC BASES OF COLORADO RIVER BASIN WATER MANAGEMENT - Colorado River Basin Water Management; Evaluating and Adjusting to Hydroclimatic Variability
067223: MANCHESTER, CAROLE - Tea in the East
068178: MANCINELLI, DOMENICO - 12 Classical Duets from "24 Duettos in an Easy, Pleasing Style"; for Alto Saxophones
13079: MANCINI, ANTHONY - Menage
20339: MANCINI, ANTHONY - The Yellow Gardenia
074761: MANDEL, GARBRIELE - Japanese Alphabet; the 48 Essential Characters
079759: MANDELL, DANIEL R. - Behind the Frontier; Indians in Eighteenth-Century Eastern Massachusetts
074640: MANDELL, RICHARD - The Bats
43672: BACHMAN, MANFRED & HANSMANN, CLAUS - Dolls the Wide World over
26772: MANGA, JANOS - Herdsmen's Art in Hungary
080916: MANGAN, TERRY WM. - Colorado on Glass; Colorado's First Half Century As Seen by the Camera
081205: MANGELSDORF, PAUL C. - Corn; Its Origin, Evolution, and Improvement
53260: MANGUEL, ALBERTO, EDITOR - By the Light of the Glow-Worm Lamp; Three Centuries of Reflections on Nature
17199: MANICKAM, T. M. - Dharma According to Manu and Moses
25206: MANIKAM, RAJAH B., EDITOR - Christianity and the Asian Revolution
075454: MANKILLER, WILMA; WALLIS, MICHAEL - Mankiller; a Chief and Her People
075934: MANKILLER, WILMA - Every Day Is a Good Day; Reflections by Contemporary Indigenous Women
15446: MANKOWITZ, WOLF - Dickens of London
39220: MANLEY, JOHN - Atlas of Prehistoric Britain
55172: MANLY, HAROLD P. - Starting and Lighting Troubles, Remedies and Repairs
072120: MANN, THOMAS - Death in Venice, Tonio Kroger, and Other Writings
33952: MANN, WILLIAM - James Galway's Music in Time
079731: MANN, THOMAS - The Magic Mountain; Two Volumes in One
080999: MANN, THOMAS - The Magic Mountain
075280: MANNERHEIM, G. - Muistelmat; 2 Volumes
44204: MANNERING, DOUGLAS - The Art of Matisse
47728: MANNES, MARYA - Subverse; Rhymes for Our Times
076262: MANNESTO, JEAN - Wolf Tracks and Moose Scat; a Visit to Isle Royale
38916: MANNHEIMER, E., EDITOR - Morbus Caeruleus; an Analysis of 114 Cases of Congenital Heart Disease with Cyanosis
068012: MANNIKKO, NANCE FARM, EDITOR - Memories and More; an Informal History of Herman, Michigan; 1901-2001
078648: MANNIKKO, NANCY FARM, EDITOR - Memories and More; an Informal History of Herman, Michigan 1901-2001
40214: MANNIKO, JANET - Fort Wilkins Watering Place 1855-1861 Dr. J.S. Livermore, Prop.
42744: MANNIKO, JANET - Fort Wilkins Watering Place 1855-1861 Dr. J.S. Livermore, Prop.
57599: MANNINEN, O. (OTTO) - Sakeita
078735: MANNINEN, O. (OTTO) - Volgan Ja Perman Kannel; Heimokannel III
067817: MANNINEN, PIRJO - Antonia Ja Irlantilainen Kevat
076112: MANNING, JO - My Lady Scandalous; the Amazing Life & Outrageous Times of Grace Dalrymple Elliott, Royal Courtesan
60436: MANNING, FREDERIC; PRIVATE #19022 - Her Privates We
079182: MANNING, STEPHEN - Wisdom and Number; Toward a Critical Appraisal of the Middle English Religious Lyric
37933: MANNING, BETTY, EDITOR - The Mountaineer; March 15, 1964
47567: MANNING, PHILLIP - Orange Blossom Trails
50072: MANNING, RICHARD - Inside Passage; a Journey Beyond Borders
53628: MANNING, RICHARD - Last Stand; Logging, Journalism, and the Case for Humility
068842: MANNING, HARVEY - Backpacking One Step at a Time
58638: MANNINGHAM, MARY - A Mary Mixture
58752: MANNINGHAM, MARY - Christmas Through the Years
58593: MANNINGHAM, MARY - A Mary Mixture
067508: MANNULA, ANTTI - Uusia Ja Wanhoja Armon Lasten Lauluja
43375: MANSELL, JOHN R., EDITOR - This Is London Ontario, Canada; Visitor's Guide November, 1961
071523: MANSER, MARTIN H. - Concise English-Chinese Chinese-English Dictionary (New Edition)
65068: MANSFIELD, JANET, EDITOR - Ceramics; Art and Perception; Issue 29, 1997
12207: MAILER) MANSO, PETER - Mailer. His Life and Times
54631: MANTELL, CHARLES L., EDITOR - Engineering Materials Handbook; First Edition
60088: MANTLE, BURNS - The Best Plays of 1936-37 and the Year Book of the Drama in America
60072: MANTLE, BURNS - The Best Plays of 1933-34 and the Year Book of the Drama in America
60073: MANTLE, BURNS; CHAPMAN, JOHN, EDITOR - The Burns Mantle Best Plays of 1947-48 and the Year Book of the Drama in America
077488: MANTYLA, HERMAN - Kahden Tulen Valissa
13449: MANUCY, ALBERT - Artillery Through the Ages; a Short Illustrated History of Cannon, Emphasizing Types Used
48522: MANUEL, JOHN - The Canoeist a Memoir
11828: MANVELL, ROGER - Sarah Siddons; Portrait of an Actress
64750: MANWARING, MAX G. - Ambassador Stephen Krasner's Orienting Principle for Foreign Policy (and Military Management) - Responsible Sovereignty
64531: MANWARING, MAX G. - The Strategic Logic of the Contemporary Security Dilemma
64312: MANY, JOYCE E., EDITOR - Handbook of Instructional Practices for Literacy Teacher-Educators
60268: MARBOE, ERNST - The Book of Austria
62246: MARBOE, ERNST - The Book of Austria
14173: MAURICE, MARC & DELOMENIE, DOMINIQUE - Mode de Vie Et Espaces Sociaux
23481: BLANCHARD, JEAN-MARC & GAVRONSKY, SERGE - Le Moyen Age; la Litterature Francaise; le Milieu Et le Moment
14079: REINHARD, MARCEL & DUFOURCQ, NORBERT - Histoire de France; Volume 1 Only
20967: MARCH, W. EUGENE - Interpreting the Word; Basic Bible Study; Revised
46025: MARCH, FRANCIS A. - History of the World War; Complete Edition; Volume IV (of X)
62118: MARCHAL, LUCIE - The Mesh
52104: MARCHAND, PETER J. - Autumn; a Season of Change
64905: MARCHMONT, A. W. - The Greatest Gift
40472: MARCHMONT, ARTHUR W. - A Courier of Fortune
1668: MULLER, MARCIA & PRONZINI, BILL, EDS. - Chapter and Hearse; Suspense Stories About the World of Books.
64585: CALIARO, MARCO & FRANCESCONI, MARIO - John Baptist Scalabrini Apostle to Emigrants
46993: MARCOS - How to Play Harmonica Instantly
31343: MARCOZZI, RUDY T. - Strategies and Patterns for Aural Training; Revised and Expanded Edition
57669: MARCUS, ADRIANNE - The Chocolate Bible

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