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15710: - Ko e Uluaki Tohi Laukonga
14938: - Ko te hitoria Paipara tawhito me te Kawenata Hou a to tatou Ariki, a Hehu Kerito
6692: J.E. & H.S. - Be of Good Cheer
15414: - New Zealand Scenic Play Ground of the Pacific
15779: - Cooks Intertate Business Directory 1947
15353: - The Story of an Undertaking : The Mersey Tunnell
14966: - The Ceremonise of the United Religious and Military Orders of the Temple and the Hospital Including the Ceremonies of the Great Priory and Drill
15193: - The Law of the Government of Tonga
15192: - Paradise of the Pacific: Hawaii's Illustrated Monthly Magazine, December 1939 Vol. 51 No. 12
15118: - Plain & Fancy : An Auckland Cook Book
15331: - Treaty of Waitangi
15492: - Memorial Registers 25-26 : 1939-1945 the War Dead of the Commonwealth the Sydney and Northern Territory Memorials
15567: - The Cambden Miscellany, Volume the First : Abbey Aberconway; Rebelllion Lincolnshire 1470; Pope Innocent VIII on Henry VII & Elizabeth of York; Seige of Rouen 1591; Battle of Lutzen & Death of Gustavus Adophus; Edward Lake Tutor of Ps Mary & Anne 1677
15350: - The Arctic world: its plants, animals and natural phenomena : with a historical sketch of Arctic discovery down to the British Polar Expedition: 1875-76
15123: - Catalogue of Trees, Shrubs & Climbers 1954-55
14964: - University of New Zealand Alphabetical Roll of Graduates 1870-1948
15392: - Berger's Superfine Colours for Coach, Carriage, and Motor Car Painting
15327: - New Zealand Book Design Exhibition in London 1953
15116: - Austin Tune-Up Manual Road Test and Report (The Australian Motor Manual) For A30, A40, A50, A70, A90.
15486: - A Maori View of the Hunn Report
14991: - Gracious is the Time Sisters of Mercy Centenary 1950 - 1950
14993: - New Zealand Centennial Exhibition 1939-40 Official Souvenir Catalogue
15153: - Te Rongo Pai (College)
15188: - The Mercantile Gazette of New Zealand. The NZ Accountant, Bankers and Insurance Journal
15586: - Records of the Auckland Museum Volume 45 2008
9271: B B - The Fisherman's Bedside Book
15325: - The "Three Castles" Book of New Zealand Birds : 2nd Volume
15450: - Hawaiian Fishes
8514: ABBEY, STATON - The Ford Eight Handbook : The Complete Guide for Owners and Prospective Purchasers (covers Models 1933 to 1948)
8971: ABEND, HALLETT - Pacific Charter
7362: ABERBACH, DAVID - Bialik
8704: ABRAHAM, ASHLEY P - Some Portraits of the Lake Poets and Their Homes
13466: ADAM, RUTH - A Woman's Place, 1910-1975
8744: ADAM, HELEN DOUGLAS - The Elfin Pedlar and Tales Told By Pixy Pool
13670: ADAMS, CLIFTON - The Grabhorn Bounty
15317: ADAMS, W[ILLIAM] H[ENRY] DAVENPROT - Egypt Past and Present : Described and Illustrated with a Narrative of Its Occupation By the British, and Recent Events in the Soudan
11573: ADCOCK, A. ST. JOHN - Famous Houses and Literary Shrines of London
14512: ADDISON, D M - A Collection of Plays based on Maori Legends
6783: ADE, GEORGE - Single Blessedness and Other Observations
7974: ADLER, JACQUES - The Jews of Paris & the Final Solution: Communal Response & Internal Conflicts, 1940-1944
15477: ADSETT, DELL - A Township Like Ours : The Story of Colyton District from the Year 1874
6695: AESCHYLUS : POTTER, ROBERT (EDITOR) - The Plays of Aeschylus
15101: AFLALO, F G (FREDERICK GEORGE) - An Idler in the Near East : Colonial Edition
15442: AGNIEL, MARGUERITE - The Art of the Body: Rhythmic Exercises for Health and Beaut
15535: AIMARD, GUSTAVE; ST. JOHN, PERCY B (ED) - Aimard's Indian Tales II; Contains the Guide of the Desert; the Insurgent Chief; the Flying Horseman; and the Misouri Outlaws
6526: AINGER, ALFRED - The Gospel and Human Life
9618: AINGER, ALFRED - Charles Lamb
14743: AINSWORTH, WILLIAM HARRISON - Rookwood : A Romance
6259: AKASOFU, SYUN-ICHI - Polar and Magnetospheric Substorms
15737: ALCOCK, PETER; BROUGHTON, WILLIAM - Three hundred years of New Zealand books: Being selected chronological listing and commentary, primarily but not solely literary, from Tasman to 1975
6451: ALDINGTON, RICHARD - Soft Answers
5576: ALDINGTON, RICHARD - The Romance of Casanova
7785: ALDINGTON, RICHARD - All Men Are Enemies
7898: ALDINGTON, RICHARD - Fifty Romance Lyric Poems
7551: ALDINGTON, RICHARD - Portrait of a Genius, But... The Life of D. H. Lawrence 1885-1930
14134: ALDISS, BRIAN W - Intangibles Inc. & Other Stories
7431: ALESHKOVSKY, YUZ - The Hand, or Confession of an Executioner
11811: ALEXANDER, W F; CURRIE, A E (COMPILERS) - A Treasury of New Zealand Verse
8491: ALEXANDER, G GLOVER - The Administration of Justice in Criminal Matters (in England and Wales)
11716: ALLAN, ANN - See Our Island
7967: ALLDAY, ELIZABETH - Stefan Zweig : A Critical Biography
8709: ALLDRITT, CHARLES - Worlds in Mind : Short Stories, Fantastic Fiction
8788: ALLEN, HUGH - The House of Goodyear
13162: C R (CHARLES RICHARD) ALLEN - The Hedge-Sparrow
8459: ALLEN, JAMES LANE - A Kentucky Cardinal
8532: ALLEN, JAMES LANE - Flute and Violin and Other Kentucky Tales
13899: ALLENDE, ISABEL - My Invented Country : A Nostalgic Journey Through Chile
13790: ALLEY, REWI - Today and Tomorrow
13788: ALLEY, REWI - Taiwan a Background Study
13789: ALLEY, REWI - 73 Man to be Poems
15662: ALLSOP, JOYCE - The Voyage of the Gale
15574: ALLSOP, FREDERICK CHARLES - Telephones : Their Construction and Fitting. A practical Treatise
5933: ALPERS, ANTONY - Legends of the South Seas
14687: ALPERS, ANTONY - Legends of the South Sea : The World of the Polynesians seen through their Myths and Legends, Poetry and Art
7395: ALTMAN, DENNIS - Coming Out in the Seventies
7291: AMALRIK, ANDREI - Involuntary Journey To Siberia
15795: AMBLER, ERIC - Passage of Arms
15366: AMERY, COLLIN - New Atlantis : The Secret of the Spinx
15802: AMIS, KINGSLEY - The James Bond Dossier
15793: AMIS, KINGSLEY - The James Bond Dossier
14825: AMORY, MARK - Lord Dunsany : A Biography
14826: AMORY, MARK - Lord Dunsany : A Biography
13774: ANDERSEN, JOHANNES C - The Tui-Cymbalist and Other Verses
14500: ANDERSEN, JOHANNES C - The Tui-Cymbalist and Other Verses
12245: ANDERSEN, HANS; DULCKEN, H W (HENRY WILLIAM) TRANSL. - Out of the Heart. Spoken to the Little Ones
15415: ANDERSEN, JOHANNES C - Old Christchurch
14291: ANDERSON, LEN - Throughout the East Coast : The Story of Williams & Kettle
13205: ANDERSON, BARBARA - Change of Heart
13203: ANDERSON, BARBARA - The House Guest
11628: ANDERSON, WILLIAM R; BLAIR, CLAY JNR - Nautilus 90 North : The Astonishing Feat of the First Atomic Submarine and Its Voyage Beneath the Polar Ice Pack
14286: ANDERSON, E ARNOTT - A Life's Roudabout WW2
8510: ANDREWS, MARY RAYMOND SHIPMAN - The Counsel Assigned
7689: ANDREYEFF, LEONID - Plays By : The Black Maskers; The Life of Man; The Sabine Women
8767: ANDREYEV, LEONID - The Seven That Were Hanged
11409: ANDRIEUX, MAURICE; CONGREVE, CAROLA (TRANS) - Daily Life in : England in the Reign of George III
11408: ANDRIEUX, MAURICE; FITTON, MARY (TRANS) - Daily Life in : Papal Rome in the Eighteeneth Century
14539: ANGAS, GEORGE FRENCH; REED, A.W. - Early Paintings of the Maori
11860: ANNETT, H E - Artificial Fertilisers for Farm and Garden
15270: ANON - Memories of New Zealand, Wellington. Twelve Photogravure Plates
14766: ANON - Tea and Coffee as Related to the Temperance Question. Health and Temperance Series No 10
13271: ANON - Fishing Tackle. Combined Angling Catalogue
14582: ANON - Souvenir Book of Cookery Recipes - with a Chapter on The Romance of the Dry-Cleaning and Dyeing Industry (Second Edition)
15621: ANON - Prohibition. Destructive of Temperance
14080: ANON - The Daily Telegraph's Roll of Honour for Northern Ireland, 1971-2000
10594: ANON - The Louvre, Paris : The Great Galleries of Europe
15716: ANON - Lives of Eminent Anglo-Saxons; illustrating the dawn of Christianity and civilization in Great Britain Parts I & II
15269: ANON - Memories of New Zealand, South Island. Twelve Photogravure Plates
14764: ANON (LADY ANNE ERSKINE) HILL, ROWLAND - The Three Bidders. An Incident from the Life of Rowland Hill : Roscommon Booklets No. 11
8110: ANONYMOUS - Rejected Addresses, Or the New Theatrum Poetarum
11901: ANONYMOUS - Book of Instrucions for Legations and Consulates 1937 (OLC; OF; ILC)
12002: ANONYMOUS - New Zealand : Land of Everything. A Pictorial Survey
12499: ANONYMOUS - Ringo Kid No. 29. Further Exploits of Ringo Kid and the Powerful Commanche Brave Dull Knife
12500: ANONYMOUS - Famous Yank Comics No. 6. Featuring Kid Eternity and Captain Easy
11617: ANONYMOUS - The Vesta Jesta
11618: ANONYMOUS - Again - The Vesta Jesta
12044: ANONYMOUS - Ethiopia and Liberia Versus South Africa : An Official account of the Contentious Proceedings on South West Africa Before the International Court of Justice at The Hague 1960-1966
9786: ANONYMOUS - The Story of the Pacific : For Use in Secondary Schools and Techical Colleges
8484: ANONYMOUS - Ancient Nineveh : A Story for the Young
9769: ANONYMOUS - Episcopal Diamond Jubilee of His Grace Archbishop Redwood S M 1874 - 1934
10063: ANONYMOUS - The Lighter Side of All Black Rugby
8006: ANONYMOUS - Stories for Happy Evenings
9568: ANONYMOUS - Dans les eaux du Pacifique : Tahiti et ses Archipels
9839: ANONYMOUS - Shaded Lights on Men and Books. Essays selected from 'Peace of Mind' and 'Serenity'
12646: ANONYMOUS - Davy Crockett No 34
8603: ANSON, HAROLD - Thinking Aloud
13711: ANSTRUTHER, IAN - I Presume: Stanley's Triumph and Disaster
6684: ANTHOLOGY - Oxford Poetry 1917-1919
14137: ANTHONY, PIERS - Omnivore
15755: ANTHONY, FRANK SHELDON - Follow the Call
10291: APJOHN, LEWIS - Richard Cobden and the Free Traders
14693: NIMROD (CHARLES JAMES APPERLEY) - Hunting Reminiscences: Comprising Memoirs of Masters of Hounds; Notes of the Crack Riders; and Characteristics of the Hunting Countries of England. Illustrated with plates after Wildrake, Henderson and Alken
14606: APPLETON, MARJORIE - They Came to New Zealand : An Account of New Zealand from the Earliest Times up to the Middle of the Nineteenth Century
12054: APPLEYARD, REV. JOHN W; FRYE, JOHN (ED) - The War of the Axe and the Xosa Bible: The Journal of the Rev J. W. Appleyard
14255: APTER, JEFF - Together Alone : The Story of the Finn Brothers
10170: APULEIUS, LUCIUS; ALDINGTON, WILLIAM (TRANS) - The Golden Ass of Lucius Apuleius
12374: ARAMILEV, IVAN; HERON, MICHAEL (TRANS) - Beyond the Ural Mountains : The Adventures of a Siberian Hunter
6463: ARBER, EDWARD (ED) - The Shakespeare Anthology 1592-1616
14771: ARBER, EDWARD (ED); MILTON, JOHN; LATIMER, HUGH; GOSSON; STEPHEN - English Reprints: Areopagitica by John Milton (1644); Sermon on the Ploughers by Master Hugh Latimer (1549); The School of Abuse by Stephen Gosson (1579)
9739: ARCHER, WILLIAM (ED) - The League of Youth; the Pillars of Society; A Doll's House : Ibsen's Prose Drama
13715: ARCHEY, GILBERT (1890 - 1974) - South Sea Folk : Handbook of Maori and Oceanic Ethnology
12674: ARDLEY, NEIL - Birds : A Kingfisher Guide
15753: VON ARHEM, ELIZABETH (MARY ANNETTE BEAUCHAMP) - The Caravaners [by the Author of Elizabeth and German Garden] : Bell's Colonial Library
6899: ARLOSOROFF, CHAJIM - Die Kolonisationsfinanzen der Jewish Agency
13588: ARMATAGE, GEORGE - Every Man His Own Cattle Doctor
15456: ARMATAGE, GEORGE - The Sheep : Its Varieties and Management of Health and Disease
14437: ARMITAGE, ALAN PSUED [I.E. ALICE ANNIE KENNY.] - Survivors From The Raider : A Story for Boys
8777: ARMITAGE, ALAN PSUED [I.E. ALICE ANNIE KENNY.] - Survivors From The Raider : A Story for Boys
6320: ARMSTRONG, RICHARD A. [JAMES MARTINEAU] - Martineau's 'Study of Religion': An Analysis and Appreciation.
14788: ARMSTRONG, ALAN - Maori Games and Hakas : Instructions, Words and Actions
8329: ARMSTRONG, GEORGE S - Essentials of Industrial Costing
15234: ARNOLD, EDWIN LESTER - On the Indian Hills, or Coffee-Planting in Southern India
9643: ARNOLD, MATTHEW; SHORTER, CLEMENT K (ED) - Alaric at Rome and Other Poems : XIXth Century Classics
8516: ARNOLD, MATTHEW - Mixed Essays
6806: ARNOLD, EDWIN - Seas and Lands
15701: B, GLYNN ARRATT - Russophobia in New Zealand, 1838-1908
7385: ASCH, SHOLEM - Children of Abraham
7931: ASCH, SHOLEM - Mary
7932: ASCH, SHOLEM - A Passage in the Night
12097: ASHBY-STERRY, J (JOSEPH) - A Tale of the Thames
13336: ASHTON-WARNER, SYLVIA - I Passed This Way
14980: ASPINALL, JERRY - Farming Under Aspiring
7808: FOR THE ENGLISH ASSOCIATION - Poems of To-Day. An Anthology.
6705: ATHERTON, GERTRUDE - Before the Gringo Came
13730: ATHERTON, GERTRUDE - The White Morning : A Novel of the Power of the German Women in Wartime
9736: ATKINSON, T - Exercise Bowler : A Play
10419: ATKISSON, ALAN - Believing Cassandra an Optimist Looks at a Pessimist's World
10456: ATTENBOROUGH, RICHARD - In Search of Gandhi
14985: S A (SISTER MARY JOSEPH AUBERT) - New and Complete Manual of Maori Conversation: Containing Phrases and Dialogues on A Variety of Useful and Interesting Topics, Together with A Few General Rules of Grammar and a Comprehensive Vocabulary
15430: AUBURN, F M; WHITTLESTONE, DR W G; NORTHEY, RICHARD; TUWHARE, HONE - French Nuclear Tests and Our Future
14144: AUCKLAND CITY ART GALLERY; SHAW, PETER; GAMBLE, BRENDA - Auckland City Art Gallery: A Centennial History
15796: AUDEN, W H - The Shield of Achilles
14545: AULT, H F - The Nelson Narrative The Story of the Church of England in the Diocese of Nelson New Zealand 1858 to 1958 with an Account of the Years 1842 to 1857
7538: AUROBINDO, SRI - The Life Devine : Plus Supplement, A Glossary of Sanskrit Terms in the Life Devine
15898: AUSTEN, JANE - Volume the First
15075: AVELING, EDWARD - Charles Darwin and Karl Marx : A Comparison
11945: AVESBURY, LORD HON. P C - The Pleasures of Life. Parts I & II in One Volume
14568: BACALL, LAUREN - Lauren Bacall by Myself
6366: BACON, FRANCIS [ED. BY F. G. SELBY] - The Advancement Of Learning : 2 Volumes
7640: BACON, MARGARET - Snow in Winter
6362: BACON, FRANCIS [LORD VERULAM] - The Works of Francis Bacon : Essays or Counsels Civil & Moral with Other Writings
10604: BADEN-POWELL, COLONEL R S S - The Matabele Campaign, 1896. Being a narrative of the campaign in suppressing the native rising in Matabeleland and Mashonaland : Colonial Library
15229: BAEDEKER, KARL - Baedeker's Egypt and the Sudan : Handbook for Travellers
15471: BAIKE, REV JAMES - The Sea-Kings of Crete
7181: BAILDON, H. BELLYSE - Robert Louis Stevenson : A Life Study in Criticism
15667: BAILEY, RAY; EARLE, MARY - Home Cooking to Takeaways : Changes in Food Consumption in New Zealand During 1880-1990
15033: BAILEY, HIRAM P - Shanghaied Out of 'Frisco in the Nineties
9100: BAIN, F W - The Descent of the Sun : A Cycle of Birth
9102: BAIN, F W - A Syrup of the Bees
8973: BAIN, F W - A Mine of Faults
13592: BAKER, H - Live Stock Cyclopedia For Farmer & Stock Owner
15225: BAKER, SILVIA - Journey to Yesterday
7835: BALCHIN, NIGEL; BENNETT, KEM; SITWELL, OSBERT; LESSING, DORIS; PARKMAN, FRANCIS - Lilliput : 4 Issues; 167, 169, 172 & 173
9268: BALL, THOMAS ISAAC - A Pastoral Bishop : A Memoir of Alexander Chinnery-Haldane, DD. Sometime Bishop of Argyll and the Isles
15925: BALLARD, J G - The Drought
6420: BALZAC, HONORE DE - Shorter Stories from Balzac: English Versions By William Wilson and the Count Stenbock
7972: BANAS, JOSEF - The Scapegoats: The Exodus of the Remnants of Polish Jewry
11664: BANISTER, HENRY C - Musical Art and Study : Papers for Musicians
7174: BANKS, ELIZABETH - The Remaking of an American
14053: BANWELL, C J - Physics of the New Zealand Thermal Area
11952: BARATZ, JOSEPH - A Village by the Jordan : The Story of Degania
14122: BARBER, LAURIE; TONKIN-COVELL, JOHN - Freyberg: Churchill's Salamander
15224: BARBER, THOMAS - Barber's Picturesque Illustrations of the Isle of Wight, Dedicated to Her Most Gracious Majesty The Queen, Engraved from Original Drawings. Accompanied by Historical and Topographical Descriptions
12444: BARBUSSE, HENRI; WRAY, FITZWATER (TRANS) - Under Fire. The Story of a Squad; & Light
8447: BARING, MAURICE - Punch and Judy, and Other Essays
15845: BARING-GOULD, SABINE - Bladys of the Stewponey
10136: BARKER, R E - Tendency to Corrupt
10653: BARKER, NICHOLAS - Stanley Morison
15059: BARLOW, CLEVE - He Pukapuka Whakataki Kupu o Te Paipera Tapu : A Concordance of the Holy Bible
10410: BARNARD, CHRISTIAAN: & PEPPER, CURTIS BILL - Christiaan Barnard: One Life
11592: BARNARD, WINIFRED E; SPRIGGS, ELSIE HELENA - Tales to Tell to Little Children
9456: BARNETT, LIONEL DAVID - The Greek Drama
9457: BARNETT, ANNIE - A Little Book of English Prose
12596: BARNETT, R D - The Correspondence of the Mahamad of the Spanish and Portuguese Congregation of London during the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century
13086: BARON, DAVID - The Ancient Scriptures and the Modern Jew
15168: BARR, JAMES - The Old Identities being Sketches and Reminiscences during the first decade of the Province of Otago
15496: BARRETT, CHARLES - Reptiles of Australia : Crocodiles, Snakes and Lizards
15822: BARRIE, J M - The Little White Bird
13148: TED BARRINGER - Sweet Success The Story of Cadbury & Hudson in New Zealand
15746: BARROWMAN, RACHEL - A popular vision: The arts and the left in New Zealand 1930-1950
15738: BARTEL, SUSAN (ED) - Working titles: Books that shaped New Zealand
15490: BARTLETT, JEAN - Takapuna People and Places
10293: BARTLETT, JOHN - Familiar Quotations : Being an Attempt to Trace to Their Source Passage and Phrases in Common Use
11266: BARTLETT, W(ILLIAM) H(ENRY) - The Pilgrim Fathers; or Founders of New England in The Reign of James the First
14123: BARTON, CHRISTINA; LAWLER-DORMER, DEBORAH (EDS) - After McCahon : Some Configurations in Recent Art
15619: BARTON, G B - A Digest of the Law and Practice of Resident Magistrates and District Courts.
15027: BASDEN, G T - Niger Ibos : A Description of the Primitive Life, Customs and Animistic Beliefs, etc, of the Ibo People of Nigeria, by One Who, for Thirty-Five Years, Enjoyed the Privilege of Their Intimate Confidence and Friendship
15706: JUDITH BASSETT - Sir Harry Atkinson, 1831-1892
15266: BATCHELOR, J (PATRICK JOSEPH BATCHELOR) - Views of Rotorua and Thermal Regions (New Zealand)
11303: BATES, H E - A Breath of French Air
12747: BATES, ARTHUR P - The Whanganui River Today. A Personal Photographic Journey
15407: BATHGATE, ALEX (ED) - Picturesque Dunedin, or Dunedin and its Neighbourhood in 1890 With a Short Historical Account of the City and its Principal Institutions
15397: BATTEN, MARIEDA - Maori Love Legends
15418: BAUKE, WILLIAM (W.B) - Where the White Man Treads : Across the Pathway of the Maori
14959: BAUKE, WILLIAM (W.B) - Where the White Man Treads : Across the Pathway of the Maori
8293: BAULIG, HENRI - Vocabulaire Franco-Anglo-Allemand de Géomorphologie
8337: BAUMANN, LUDWIG - Introduction to Ore Deposits
15664: BAYLISS, T J (CURATOR) - An Introduction to Asian Ceramics (with marks)
7694: BAYNE, F L; RYBURN, W M - Village Readers : Reader I, Reader IIA & Reader IIB
11224: BEADLE, PETER - Manapouri Seen By Peter Beadle
14720: BEAGLEHOLE, J C - The University of New Zealand : an Historical Study
6280: BEAMISH, D. W. [COLONEL] - Trout and Other Fishing in New Zealand
13599: BEAR, JOHN - Send This Jerk the Bedbug Letter: How Companies, Politicians, and the Mass Media Deal With Complaints and How to Be a More Effective Complainer
13496: BEASLEY, ANNETTE; TRLIN, ANDREW (EDS) - Breastfeeding in New Zealand : Practice, Problems and Policy
12907: BEATTIE, HERRIES - Mackenzie the Sheep Stealer. Fresh Information Considered
15164: BEATTIE, HERRIES - Early Runholding in Otago
7473: BEATTY, BILL - Tales of Old Australia
11449: BEAUCLERK, HELEN DE VERE - The Green Lacquer Pavilion
13194: BEAUFORD, TOM - Whatever Happened to Rosie Dunn?
8421: BEBBINGTON, W G (COMPILED BY) - The Grooves of Change : An Anthology of Victorian Poetry
13743: BECKE, LOUIS - Ridan the Devil: And Other Stories. Colonial Library
14408: BECKE, LOUIS - By Reef and Palm
15809: SAMUEL BECKETT - Dream of Fair to Middling Women
14733: BEDOLLIERRE, EMILE DE LA - Histoire De La Mere Michel et De Son Chat
8480: BEET, WILLIAM ERNEST - A Thousand Years Of Papal History
8523: BEGBIE, EDWARD HAROLD (PSEUD. A GENTLEMAN WITH A DUSTER) - The Mirrors of Downing Street : Some Political Reflections
13433: BEGG, RICHARD CAMPBELL; LIDDLE, PETER H. - For Five Shillings a Day : Anzacs & Allies Fighting in WWII
15930: BEHAN, BRENDAN - Borstal Boy
7419: BEHRMAN, S N - The Burning Glass
15658: BELCHER, BILL - Shipwreck on Middleton Reef
10654: BELKNAP, WALDRON PHOENIX JR. - American Colonial Painting: Materials for a History
13973: BELL, DAVID; BINNIE, JON - The Sexual Citizen: Queer Politics and Beyond
8968: BELLAMY, EDWARD - Equality
15632: BELLOC, HILAIRE - The Jews
8766: BELLOC, HILAIRE - On Everything
9583: BELLOC, HILAIRE - On Nothing and Kindred Subjects
8847: BENHAM, REV WILLIAM (ED) - Letters of William Cowper
8215: BENN, ERNEST J P - The Confessions Of A Capitalist
14094: BENNETT, E M - In Terrible Safety Poetry
6651: BENNETT, ARNOLD - The Honeymoon : A Comedy in Three Acts
15858: BENNETT, ARNOLD - The City of Pleasure : a Fantasia on Modern Themes
11656: BENNETT, ARNOLD - Mental Efficiency, and other Hints to Men and Women
8522: BENNETT, ARNOLD - Liberty: A Statement of the British Case
8991: BENNETT, ARNOLD; & KNOBLOCK, EDWARD - London Life : A Play in Three Acts and Nine Scenes
11856: BENNETT, ARCHIBALD F - Family Exaltation
12095: BENNETT, ARNOLD - The Lion's Share
15856: SEA-LION (PSEUD CAPT GEOFFREY MARTIN BENNETT) - Sink Me the Ship : A Story of the Navy
10129: BENOIS, ALEXANDRE - Reminiscences of the Russian Ballet
6800: BENSON, A C - Rambles and Reflections
13402: BENSON, JOSEPH - Life of the Rev John W De La Flechere: Compiled from the Narrative of Rev Mr Wesley; the Biographical Notes of Rev Mr Gilpin; From His Own Letters, and Other Authentic Documents
7222: BERESFORD, J(OHN) D(AVYS) - The Monkey Puzzle
7324: BERGNER, HERZ - Light and Shadow
15073: SHAW BERNARD - The Impossibilities of Anarchy : Tract No. 45
14342: BERNHARDT, JEANNE - Fast Down Turk
14341: BERNHARDT, JEANNE - Wood : Collected Stories
13348: BERRY, JOHN - Television New Zealand Country Music
15294: BERTRAM, JAMES - Return to China
12105: BERZIN, A. A.; YABLOKOV, A V (ED) - The Sperm Whale
8985: BESANT, WALTER - London
10023: BESSY, MAURICE - Imprécis d'Erotisme : Bibliothèque Internationale d'Erotologie
15047: BETHELL, CHRISTOPHER - A General View of the Doctrine of Regeneration in Baptism
13408: BEVAN, FRANCES - The Life of Richard Farel. True Stories of God's Servants Series
12762: BEZZI, MARIO - Diptera Brachycera and Athericera of the Fiji Islands. Based on Material in the British Museum (Natural History)
15455: BICKERTON, PROFESSOR A W - A New Story of the Stars; No. 1 The History and Scope of the Story; Reply to the Critics, No. 2 the General Problem of Stellar Collision; Opinions of the Press
15160: BIDWILL, JOHN CARNE - Rambles in New Zealand
8318: BIERCE, AMBROSE GWINETT; DE CASTRO, ADOLPHE DANZIGER - The Monk and the Hangman's Daughter
13172: JOAN BIGGAR - The Maiden Voyage
14132: BIGGLE, LLOYD JNR - The Still, Small Voice of Trumpets
13207: BILLING, GRAHAM - The Chambered Nautilus
13163: BILLING, GRAHAM - Forbush and the Penguins
7611: BINDER, EANDO - Lords of Creation
11613: BING, RUDOLF - A Knight at the Opera
14618: BINNEY, JUDITH; CHAPLIN, GILLIAN; WALLACE, CRAIG - Redemption Songs: A Life of Te Kooti Arikirangi Te Turuki
13046: L E ELLIOTT-BINNS - The Early Evangelicals: A Religious and Social Study
12390: BINNS, OTTWELL - An Adventure of the Bay : A Western Thriller. Sixpenny Copyright Novels
7389: BIRAM, JOHN - The Death of the World : Teknosis
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15924: BURGESS, ANTHONY - The Clockwork Testament or: Enderby's End
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15916: BURROUGHS, WILLIAM S. - Dead Fingers Talk
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15089: BURROUGHS, WILLIAM S. - Dead Fingers Talk
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12868: CANNON, JAMES P - The Revolutionary Party. Its Role in the Struggle for Socialism
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12857: CASTRO, FIDEL - Talks with Us and French Journalists. July-August, 1983
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9303: CATRAN, KEN - Hanlon : A Casebook
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10072: CECIL, HENRY - Friends at Court
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11390: CERAM, C W; WINSTON, RICHARD & CLARA (TRANS) - Narrow Pass, Black Mountain : The Discovery of the Hittite Empire
13782: CHAMBERLAIN, BRENDA - Tide-Race
12681: CHAMBERLAIN, BRENDA - Tide-Race
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15907: CHAPMAN, V J; PARKINSON, P G - Marine Algae of New Zealand: Pt. 3 Rhodophyceae, No. 3 Cryptonemiales
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15528: CHAPMAN, CLIVE - Th Blue Room : Being the Absorbing Story of the Development of Voice-to-Voice Communication in Broad Day Light with Souls Who Have Passed Into the Great Beyond
14267: CHAPMAN-TAYLOR, RAY - Pioneer Family
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9137: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY; SKEAT, PROF (ED) - The Legend of Good Women : By Goeffrey Chaucer Done Into Modern English By Professor Skeat
15252: CHEEVER, GEORGE BARRELL - Wanderings of a Pilgrim in the Shadow of Mont Blanc and the Jungfrau Alp
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10411: CHICHESTER, FRANCIS - Gipsy Moth Circles the World
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14820: DUNSANY, LORD EDWARD - Patches of Sunlight
14821: DUNSANY, LORD EDWARD - Seven Modern Comedies : Limited Edition
14806: DUNSANY, LORD EDWARD - While Sirens Slept
14871: DUNSANY, LORD EDWARD - The Tents of the Arabs
14855: DUNSANY, LORD EDWARD - While Sirens Slept
14803: DUNSANY, LORD EDWARD - Rory and Bran
14818: DUNSANY, LORD EDWARD - Tales of Three Hemisphers
13702: DUNSANY, LORD - Tales of War (WWI)
15440: DUNSANY, LORD EDWARD - Rory and Bran
14822: DUNSANY, LORD EDWARD - Tales of Wonder
14816: DUNSANY, LORD EDWARD - Plays of Near and Far (including If)
14817: DUNSANY, EDWARD (CAPTAIN) - Plays of Gods and Men
14808: DUNSANY, LORD EDWARD - Happy Far - Off Things
13269: DUNSTAN, KEITH; HOOK, JEFF - Hook, Line and Sinker Dictionary
15233: DURING, KURT - Pathways to the Tongan Present : Uuni Hala ki Tonga he Kuonga Ni
15512: DURNING, FRANCIS - Here I am a Failure! Emmet C McHardy S M Marist Missionary Priest in the Pacific
10632: DURRANI, TEHMINA; ETC. - My Feudal Lord
9833: DUTCHER, R. ADAMS; JENSEN, CLIFFORD O; ALTHOUSE, PAUL M - Introduction to Agricultural Biochemistry
6635: DUVAR, JOHN HUNTER - Annals of the Court of Oberon : Extracted from the Records
7071: DUVIGNAUD, JEAN - Change at Shebika : Report from a North African Village
8129: VAN DYKE, JOHN C - Studies in Pictures: An Introduction to the Famous Galleries
14995: EADDY, P A - Sails Beneath the Southern Cross
15533: EAGAN, EDDIE - Fighting for Fun : The Scrap Book of Eddie Eagan
11930: EAGLE, SOLOMON PSUED (I.E. SIR JACK COLLINGS SQUIRE) - Essays at Large By "Solomon Eagle"
9921: EAST, W. GORDON - An Historical Geography of Europe
14028: EASTCOTT, MICHAL J. - I the Story of the Self
6178: EASTLAKE, CHARLES L. (SIR) [ED.] - Handbook Of Painting. The Italian Schools. In Two Parts (2 Volumes)
15602: EATON, PEACHES - Probing the Nelson Creek Area : Some History of Events in the Gold Days of Nelson Creek SIGNED
11633: EATON, QUAINTANCE - Opera Caravan: Adventures of the Metropolitan on Tour, 1883-1956
8168: ECO, UMBERTO - How to Travel With a Salmon, and Other Essays
10081: EDDOWES, MICHAEL - The Man on Your Conscience : An Investigation of the Evans Murder Trial
7172: EDDY, MARY BAKER - Christian Healing : A Sermon Delivered at Boston and Other Writings
6319: EDDY, G. SHERWOOD [ED. BY BASIL YEAXLEE] - The Students of Asia
6860: EDGEWORTH, MARIA; RHYS, ERNEST (ED) - Castle Rackrent and the Absentee
14457: EDMOND, MURRAY - Walls to Kick and Hills to Sing From : A Comedy with Interruptions
6760: BURKE. EDMUND - A Vindication of Natural Society
8999: EDWARDS, ALBERT - A Man's World
7786: EGAN, LESLEY - A Dream Apart
12784: EGAN, PIERCE - Life in London, or the Day and Night Scenes of Jerry Hawthorne, Esq. And Corinthian Tom , Accompanied By Bob Logic, the Oxonian, in Their Ramblings and Sprees Through the Metropolis. A New Edition
8379: EGGEBRECHT, AXEL - Pilgrim to the Abyss
13188: ELDRED-GRIGG, STEVAN - The Siren Celia
13189: ELDRED-GRIGG, STEVAN - Oracles and Miracles
5884: ELIOT, GEORGE - Felix Holt, The Radical
9038: ELIOT, GEORGE - Novels of George Eliot : Romola
13565: ELIOVSON , SIMA - Proteas for Pleasure
9776: ELKIN, A P (ED) - Oceania. Vol XXXVIII. Numbers 1 to 4 1967-1968 : A Journal Devoted to the Study of the Native Peoples of Australia, New Guinea and the Islands of the Pacific Ocean

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