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8283: LEE, JOHN A - Roughnecks, Rolling Stones & Rouseabouts : An Anthology f Early Swagger Literature
16677: LEE, LAURIE - The Sun My Monument : New Hogarth Library XIII
10135: LEE, JOHN - The Ninth Man : A Novel
16847: LEE-JOHNSON, ERIC - No Road to Follow: Autobiography of a New Zealand Artist
10623: LEEDER, GORDON - Greece, Through the Eye of a Needle
10412: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - The Age of Adam
12465: LEEUWERIK, J G - Ik Maak Alles : Encyclopaedie voor het Huisgezin
6423: LEFEBVRE-LLABOULAYE, EDOUARD RENE [TRANS. BY MARY L. BOOTH] - Abdallah, or the Four-Leaved Shamrock
11728: LEGGAT, J G; TURNER, SIR ALEXANDER; SAVAGE, R C; BARKER, R I; DUNCAN, R H & MALLOY, AP; INGLIS, B D; PAPPS, L M (CONTRIBUTORS) - Papers to be Discussed at the New Zealand Centennial Law Conference 1969
13005: LEGGETT, JOHN R - Memories of BMW New Zealand
7800: LEHMANN, ROSAMOND - The Weather in the Streets
7804: LEHMANN, ROSAMOND - The Echoing Grove
12048: LEIBBRANDT, H C V (ED) - The Rebellion of 1815, Generally Known as Slachters Nek. A Complete Collection of Papers Connected with the Trial of the Accused; With Many Important Annexures. Cape of Good Hope Archives
15834: LEIBER, FRITZ - The Green Millenium
16909: LEIGHTON, CLARE - The Farmer's Year : a Calendar of English Husbandry
9099: LEMAITRE, JULES - Their Majesties the Kings : Lotus Library
14680: LEMON, DAPHNE VIOLET - More Taieri Buildings
16408: LENGYEL, CORNEL - The Lookout's Letter
7908: LENIN, V I - Religion
13855: LENNON, JOHN - John Lennon in His Own Write
13856: LENNON, JOHN - A Spaniard in the Works
13313: LEOV-LEALAND, CHRISTINE - Barry Brickell : A Head of Steam
16022: LERNER, ERIK (ED) - Zero Volume IV Featuring an Interview with Paul Bowles
7740: LEVI, LEO N - Memorial Volume
7714: LEVIN, MEYER - The Stronghold
7366: LEVIN, JENIFER - The Brothers
7325: LEVIN, HARRY - Jerusalem Embattled : A diary of the City Under Siege, March 25th to July 18th 1948
16755: LEVY, PRIMO - The Truce : A Survivor's Journey Home from Auschwitz
10016: LEWANDOWSKI, DR. HERBERT - Les "Enfers" Panorama De L'Erotisme Domaine Allemande : Bibliothèque Internationale d'Erotologie
14530: LEWES, GEORGE - Studies in Animal Life
16835: LEWIS, DAVID - The Ship Would Not Travel Due West
7759: LEWIS, OSCAR - The Children of Sanchez : Autobiography of a Mexican Family
15713: LEWIS, ROY HARLEY - Fine Book Binding for the Twentieth Centur
16021: LEWIS, MIN - Laugharne and Dylan Thomas
13070: LEWIS, W G - The Trades and Industrial Occupations of the Bible
13476: LEYS, THOMSON - New Zealands Wonderland. A Weird Region : New Zealand. Lakes, Terraces, Geysers, and Volcanoes, with an account of Tarawera
13955: LIDDELL, HENRY G - A History Of Rome From The Eariest Times To The Establishment Of The Empire With Chapters On The History Of Literature And Art
6919: DE LIGNOLLES, ANDRE - Selections from the Droll Stories of Honore de Balzac
12276: VAN LIMBURG BROUWER, P A S - Akbar : Een Oostersche Roman
6368: LIND, G. DALLAS - The Marvelous Story of Man.
16131: LINDSAY, NORMAN - The Magic Pudding : Being The Adventures of Bunyip Bluegum and his friends Bill Barnacle and Sam Sawnoff
16479: LINDSAY, GRAHAM - Legend of the Cool Secret
14881: LINDSAY, S - Sons of Ulster
16621: LINDSAY, GRAHAM - Public
16593: LINDSAY, GRAHAM (ED) - Morepork 1
16622: LINDSAY, GRAHAM WITH GRAPHICS BY BRYAN HAROLD - Return to Earth : Hazard Poets
16655: LINDSAY, NORMAN - Redheap
5752: LINKLATER, ERIC - The Voyage of the Challenger
15481: LINTON, RALPH; WINGERT, PAUL S - Arts of the South Seas
11113: LISTER, REV. J B - How to Succeed in Life : A Guide to the Young
12678: LISTER, R G - Where Land Meets Sea
6710: LITTLE, WILLIAM JOHN KNOX - The Broken Vow
10495: LITVINOFF, EMANUEL - Falls The Shadow
6057: LITVINOFF, BARNET - Another Time, Another Voice
6942: LITVINOFF, EMANUEL - Falls The Shadow
11502: LIVINGSTONE, DAVID; BOUCHER, MAURICE (ED) - Livingstone Letters, 1843 to 1872: David Livingstone Correspondence in the Brenthurst Library, Johannesburg
6934: LLOYD, SETON - Twin Rivers. A Brief History of Iraq from the Earliest Times to the Present Day
16944: LO, K S; TAM, C S (CURATOR) - K S Low Collection in the Flagstaff House Museaum of Tea Ware : 2 Vols Part 1 & Part 2
13055: MARCUS LOANE - Pioneers of the Reformation in England
15198: LOCKE, ELSIE - The Shepherd and the Scullery Maid, Canterbury Without Laurels 1850-1950
12718: LOCKRIDGE, RICHARD & FRANCES - The Ticking Clock
7475: LOCKWOOD, DOUGLAS - Up the Track
16078: LODGE, DAVID - Out of the Shelter
16206: LOEB, SOPHIE IRENE - Epigrams of Eve
9395: LOFTS, NORAH ROBINSON - Here was a Man : A romantic history of Sir Walter Raleigh, His Voyages, His Discoveries and His Queen
16711: LOGAN, R G A ED - Canterbury Mountaineer Vol 4 No 17 1947-48
14657: LONDON, JACK - Before Adam
15820: LONDON, JACK - The Valley of the Moon
12787: LONG, ELEANOR RICE - Wilderness to Washington: An 1811 Journey on Horseback
9619: LONG, JAMES - The Practical Side of Small Holdings
8823: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH - Longfellow's Poetical Works : 2 Volumes; Vol X Birds of Passage;Vol XI Flower-De-Luce, Masque of Pandora, The Hanging Crane, Morituri Salutamus, Keramos
9466: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH; TIREBUCK, WILLIAM (INTRO) - Longfellow's "Hyperion," "Kavanagh," and "The Trouveres"; or Longfellow's Prose Works
6224: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH - The Poetical Works of H W Longfellow
11756: LONGHURST, HENRY - Adventure in Oil: The Story of British Petroleum
14624: LONGMORE, GEORGE - The Pilgrims of Faith, in Three Cantos : With Minor Poems
11745: LONGSTREET, STEPHEN & ETHEL - Man of Montmarte : A Novel Based on the Life of Maurice Utrillo
16866: LORENZ, RICHARD (ESSAY) - Arthur Tress: Fantastic Voyage: Photographs 1956-2000
12437: LORRAINE, PAUL PSUED. (JOHN RUSSELL FEARN) - Two Worlds : Lion Science Fiction
5916: LOUGHNAN, R A (ROBERT ANDREW) - New Zealand At Home
7702: LOUVISH, SIMON - Last Trump of Avram Blok
15905: LOUYS, PIERRE; LUMLEY, CHARLES HOPE (TRANS) - The adventures of King Pausole
16093: LOUYS, PIERRE; DUVEEN, PHILLIS (TRANS) - The Twilight of the Nymphs
12916: LOVETT, WILLIAM - Life and struggles of William Lovett in his Pursuit of Bread, Knowledge, and Freedom, with some short Account of the Different Associations he Belonged to and of the Opinions he Entertained
15371: LOWE, WILLIAM WALTER - Bedrock Principles of Golf
16787: LOWE, DAVID; ELIAS, DAVID - Around Auckland : Yesterday & Today
8730: LOWE, BOB; CRUMP, BARRY (FORWARD BY) - Prayers for New Zealanders
6108: LOWELL, JAMES RUSSELL (EDITED BY RICHARD GARNETT) - My Study Windows : The Scott Library
6916: LOWELL, JAMES RUSSELL - The Biglow Papers. Newly Edited, with a Preface by the Author of "Tom Brown's School-Days." Reprinted, with the Author's Sanction, from the Fourth American Edition.
7965: LOWENSTEIN, RALPH LYNN - Bring My Sons From Far
12450: LOWNDES, ROBERT W (ED) - Dynamic Science Fiction No. 3 January 1954
15112: LOWRY, VANYA - From the Wistaria Bush SIGNED
16826: DRONSFIELD BROTHERS LTD - The Practical Covering of Leather Draft Rollers
8505: LUBBOCK, SIR JOHN - Fifty Years of Science : Being the address delivered at York to the British Association August 1881
14203: LUCAS, KATHRYN G - A New Twist : A Centennial History of Donaghys Industries Limited
11301: LUCAS, E V - Fireside And Sunshine
8943: LUCAS, E V - A Boswell of Baghdad, with Diversions
8939: LUCAS, E V - Listener's Lure : An Oblique Narration
8818: LUCAS, E V - The Same Star : A Comedy in Three Acts
8918: LUCAS, E V - Down the Sky : An Entertainment
10476: LUCAS, E V - Loiterer's Harvest
6555: LUCAS, E V (ED) - Good Company: A Rally of Men
6328: LUCAS, E. V. - Landmarks
8577: LUCAS, E V - Genevra 's Money
16529: LUCAS, HEDLEY - Collected Poems 1933 - 1953
7209: LUCY, HENRY W (SIR) - Sixty Years in the Wilderness : Some Passages by the Way
6582: LUDWIG, EMIL - HINDENBURG: And the Saga of the German Revolution
7421: LUDWIG, MYLES ERIC - Golem, A Hero For Our Time
15469: LUKE, HARRY CHARLES; KEITH-ROACH, EDWARD (EDS) - The Handbook of Palestine and Trans-Jordan
15627: LUZBETAK, LOUIS J - Middle Wahgi Phonology and Standardization of Orthographies in the New Guinea Highlands
16416: LYE, LEN - Figures of motion: Len Lye, selected writings
12839: LYNCH, A J - Individual Work and the Dalton Plan
8844: LYND, ROBERT - The Blue Lion, and Other Essays
6458: LYND, ROBERT - The Peal of Bells
16468: LYNE, CHARLES - An Old Man's Wanderings; or, an account of a tour through the manufacturing Districts
11333: LYTTELTON, HON R(OBERT) H(ENRY) - Cricket
10029: LYTTELTON, HON R(OBERT) H(ENRY) - The Last Days of Pompeii : Collin's Classics
6996: LYTTON, EDWARD BULWER - Harold : The Last King of the Saxons
16301: LYTTON, EDWARD BULWER (LORD) - Alice, or the Mysteries : Edition de Luxe
15521: LYTTON, EDWARD BULWER - Paul Clifford
13089: M'CHEYNE, REV R M - A Basket of Fragments Being the Substance of Sermons
8535: MACAULAY, THOMAS BABINGTON; INNES, ARTHUR D(ED) - Lord Clive : Pitt Press Series
8995: MACAULAY, LORD THOMAS BABINGTON - Macaulay's Lays of Ancient Rome. With selections from the Essays
10026: MACAULAY, LORD - Historical Essays : Collin's Classics
7816: MACAULEY, ROBIE - The Disguises of Love
15589: MACDONALD, WINIFRED - Auckland, Yesterday and Today : An Outline of the Development and Every-day Life of New Zealand's Largest City Since Its Foundation in 1840
11367: MACDONALD, MARSHAL; ROUSSET, CAMILLE (ED); SIMEON, STEPHEN LOUIS (TRANS) - Recollections of Marshal Macdonald, Duke of Tarentum
8377: MACDOUGALL, WILLIAM - Historical Ballads
12525: MACFADYEN, W(ILLIAM) A(RCHIBALD); KINGSBURY, A. W. G. - Geological Highlights of the West Country
16689: MACFARLANE, STUART - The Erebus papers: Edited extracts from the Erebus proceedings with commentary
13556: MACFIE, D T - Lilies for the Garden and Greenhouse
13446: MACGREGOR, MIRIAM - Petticoat Pioneers. North Island Women of the Colonial Era. Book One
14336: MACGREGOR, MIRIAM FLORENCE - Etiquette & Elbowgrease: Housekeeping in Victorian New Zealand
16546: MACILWAINE, REV W (WILLIAM); [WILDE, OSCAR] - Lyra Hibernica Sacra
13254: JOAN MACINTOSH - Never a Dull Moment (High Country Otago)
13338: K MACKAY, IAN K - Broadcasting in New Zealand
13253: MACKAY, MARGARET ELIZABETH - Customers and Green Men
15702: MACKAY, IAN - Tales of Tamati
6440: MACKAY, JESSIE - Land of the Morning
6726: MACKAY, ERIC - The Lover's Missal
8190: MACKENZIE, ROBERT - The Nineteenth Century 1801 - 1900 : A History
16018: MACKENZIE, COMPTON - The West Wind of Love : Being Book Three of the Four Winds of Love Series
8693: MACKSEY, KENNETH - Invasion : The German Invasion of England July 1940
15771: MACKY, WILLOW (KATHERINE FAITH MACKY) - Ego of Youth. Verse
6688: MACLAREN, IAN PSUED. (REV JOHN WATSON) - Afterwards And Other Stories
11771: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR - Caravan to Vaccares
13749: MACLEAN, CHARLES - St. Kilda: Island on the Edge of the World
14663: JOCK PHILLIPS AND CHRIS MACLEAN - In the Light of the Past: Stained Glass Windows in New Zealand Houses
13804: MACLEAN, RORY - Stalin's Nose: Across the Face of Europe
7509: MACLEOD, NORMAN - Reminiscences of a Highland Parish
13809: MACMILLAN, DAVID - By-ways of History and Medicine (with Special Reference to Canterbury, New Zealand)
13555: MACMILLAN, H F - Tropical Planting and Gardening
16536: MACNEICE, LOUIS - Eighty-Five Poems
16195: MACQUARRIE, HECTOR - Round the World in a Baby Austin
10429: MADDEN, ANNE (ED) - More Sail Trim
11440: MADILL, JAMES - Verses Various : The Serious and the Sunny Side of Life
16613: MAHER, JOHN - Talking to Johnno Volume 1
12259: MAILER, NORMAN - Helden Zonder Glorie
14931: MALEN, M E O - The Pearl of Levonby; & Ashfield Priory
13538: MALTBY, G M - Pip and Pepita's New Home
16156: MAMATZI, ZOE - Poems
8284: RED COLLAR MAN - Chokey
14181: MANCER, JOHN - Steve Richard's Life On the Mat
15420: MANING, FREDERICK EDWARD (A PAKEHA MAORI) - Old New Zealand : A tale of the good Old times, and, A history of the War in the North against the Chief Heke in the Year 1845, told by an Old Chief of the Ngapuhi Tribe; Also Maori Traditions. By a Pakeha Maori
14905: MANING, FREDERICK EDWARD (A PAKEHA MAORI) - Old New Zealand : A tale of the good Old times, and, A history of the War in the North against the Chief Heke in the Year 1845, told by an Old Chief of the Ngapuhi Tribe; Also Maori Traditions. By a Pakeha Maori
15699: A PAKEHA MAORI (F.E.MANING) - Korero Maori : First Lessons in Maori Conversation
15403: A PAKEHA MAORI (F.E.MANING) - Korero Maori : First Lessons in Maori Conversation
7084: MANKOWITZ, WOLF - Gioconda
8997: MANLY, JOHN MATTHEWS; RICKERT, EDITH - Contemporary British Literature. Bibliographies and study Outlines
15636: MANN, JOHN F - Notes on the Aborigines
7899: MANN, CATHERINE - One Who Bears Your Name
7707: MANN, THOMAS - Confessions of Felix Krull : Confidence Man
6524: MANN, PATRICIA - Systematics of Flowering Plants: An Introduction
6940: MANNIN, ETHEL - An American Journey
12710: MANNING, ANNE - Heroes of the Desert : The Story of the Lives and Labours of Moffat and Livingstone By the Author of Mary Powell
14148: MANNING, JONATHAN (ED) - The Propaganda of Adolf Hitler
15631: MANSFIELD, MILDRED - A Family of Decent Folk, 1200-1741. A study ... of the Lanfredini, merchant-bankers, art-patrons, and house-builders of Florence. With portraits and documents ... and a genealogical Pedigree
14288: MANSON, CECIL - A World Away WW1
15446: MARAIS, EUGENE N - My Friends the Baboons
15447: MARAIS, EUGENE N - The Soul of the White Ant
12532: MARCHANT, BESSIE (AFTERWARDS MRS J A COMFORT) - Denver Wilson's Double : A Story of New Mexico
9874: MARCHANT, SIR JAMES (ED) - Winston Spencer Churchill Servant of the Crown and Commonwealth : A Tribute By Various Hands Presented to Him on His Eightieth Birthday
8816: MARCHMONT, ARTHUR WILLIAMS - Under the Black Eagle
16345: DE LA MARE, WALTER - The Lord Fish (and Other Stories)
8243: MARGUERITTE, PAUL & VICTOR - The Disaster : Lotus Library
12274: MARIA - Flora voor Dames. Handleiding tot het bloemenmaken.
8560: MARK, HARRY THISELTON - Modern Views of Education
13699: MARKEY, RAYMOND - The Making of the Labor Party in New South Wales, 1880-1900
15790: MARKHAM, ROBERT (PSEUD KINGSLEY AMIS) - Colonel Sun : A James Bond Adventure
15964: MARKHAM, ROBERT (PSEUD KINGSLEY AMIS) - Colonel Sun : A James Bond Adventure
16232: MARKHAM, EDWIN - The Man with the Hoe, with Unpublished Letter By the Author to Howard W May
12573: MARKS, MARCUS - Memories (Mainly Merry)
13952: MARLAND, MICHAEL - The Experience of Colour: An Anthology of Prose, Verse, and Picture
16611: MARLOWE, CHRISTOPHER - Hero & Leander
11357: MARQUIS DE SADE; CROSLAND, MARGARET (TRANS) - Selected Writings of De Sade
15144: MARSDEN, REV J B, DRUMMOND, JAMES ED - Life and Work of Samuel Marsden
12092: MARSH, NGAIO - Died in the Wool : The Crime Club
16379: MARSH, NGAIO - Swing Brother Swing
11287: MARSH, NGAIO - Black Beech and Honeydew: An Autobiography
16743: MARSH, SID - Kokako Lost : The Last Days of the Great Barrier and Coromandel Crow
8431: MARSHAK, SAMUEL - At Life's Beginning
14575: MARSHALL, PATRICK - The Geography of New Zealand. Historical, Physical, Political, and Commercial
13721: MARSHALL, MAC - Weekend Warriors: Alcohol in a Micronesian Culture
15387: MARSHALL, S M; NEWTON, L; ORR, A P - A Study of Certain British Seaweeds and Their Utilisation in the Preparation of Agar
8554: MARSTON, PHILIP BOURKE; SHARP, WILLIAM - Song-Tide : Poems and Lyrics of Love's Joy and Sorrow
15578: MARTIN, W M - Native Plants of Dunedin and Its Environs
13333: MARTIN, BERYL - A Family from Barra: An Adoption Story
12894: MARTIN, WILLIAN; SKINNER, ERIC - Provincial Pride No. 7, August 1961
13429: MARTIN, DAVID - General Amin
14529: MARTIN, W C L - An Introduction to the Study of Birds; or, The Elements of Ornithology on Scientific Principles with a Particular Notice of the Birds Mentioned in Scripture
15426: MARTIN, BILL - Dunedin Gaol : a Community Prison Since 1851
9702: MARTIN, CY - Gold Rush Narrow Gauge: The Story of the White Pass and Yukon Route
15368: MARTIN, GEOFFREY - Animal and Vegetable Oils, Fats, and Waxes : Their Manufacture, Refining, and Analysis, Including the Manufacture of Candles, Margarine, and Butter
6490: MARTINEAU, HARRIET - Biographical Sketches
13321: MARTYN, FURNEAUX - Tripoli and Beyond The Story of a New zealand Artilleryman Who Went Through the Campaign in Tunisia and Was Then One of Those Fortunate Kiwis Sent Home to New Zealand with the First Furlough Draft from the Middle East
16235: MARX, ERICA - Some Poems : a Small Selection Written Between 1930 & 1953
6987: MARX, K; ENGELS, F - On Religion
11943: MARZIALS, FRANK T - Life of Victor Hugo
8955: MASEFIELD, JOHN - Chronicles of the Pilgrim Fathers
8540: MASEFIELD, JOHN - Right Royal
8212: MASEFIELD, JOHN - Dauber : A Poem
12035: MASEFIELD, JOHN - The Old Front Line, or The Beginning of the Battle of the Somme
11581: MASEFIELD, JOHN - Selected Poems
8541: MASEFIELD, JOHN - The Widow in the Bye Street
9490: MASEFIELD, JOHN & CONSTANCE (EDS) - Lyrists of the Restoration from Sir Edward Sherburne to William Congreve
9061: MASEFIELD, JOHN - Recent Prose
8954: MASON, JOHN; DODSLEY, ROBERT; MELMOTH, WILLIAM - Treatise on Self Knowledge; The Great Importance of a Religious Considered. To Which are Added Some Morning and Evening Prayers; The Economy of Human Life
10451: MASON, ALAN & MARY - Manual of Shrub and Old Roses
15565: MASON, OTIS T - The Origins of Invention: A Study of Industry Among Primitives Peoples
13779: MASON, BRUCE - Blood of the Lamb, Or, Cosi Fan Poche: A Three Part Invention in Homage to W.A. Mozart and G.B. Shaw
13456: MASON, BRUCE; DOWLING, DAVID (ED) - Every Kind of Weather : Selected Writings on the Arts, Theatre, Literature and Current Events in New Zealand 1953-81
16208: MASON, R A K - Rex Fairburn
16209: MASON, R A K - Rex Fairburn
16790: MASS, NURI - Magic Australia
14915: MASTERSON, TOM - Mountain Enginemen : Reminiscences of the Men on the Footplate
16789: MATAIRA, KATARINA - The Warrior Mountains
11307: MATHESON, GEORGE - Representative Women of the Bible
15573: MATHEW, FRANK J - Fathe Mathew His Life and Times
13881: MATSCHIE, PROFESOR PAUL - Stollwerck's Animal World Album : Comprising Pictures of the Important Birds, Beasts, Fishes, Reptiles & Insects
13696: MATTHEWS, GLENNA - Just a Housewife: The Rise and Fall of Domesticity in America
15422: MATTHEWS, M(ARMADUKE) - With a Sketch Book Through New Zealand
15651: MATTHIESSEN, PETER - The Cloud Forest : a Chronicle of the South American Wilderness
16653: MAUGHAM, SOMERSET - Ah King
11302: MAUGHAM, SOMERSET - Then and Now
7235: DE MAUPASSANT, GUY - A Woman's Soul : The Lotus Library
16558: MAUPIN, ARMISTEAD - Significant Others SIGNED
16557: MAUPIN, ARMISTEAD - Tales of the City SIGNED
15319: M M [MAURICE MAGNUS]; LWRENCE, D H (INTRO) - Memoirs of the Foreign Legion
11755: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - The Winding Stair: Francis Bacon, His Rise and Fall
8150: MAXIM, JOHN R - Platforms
7152: MAXWELL, E - Afforestation in Southern Lands : Dealing Specially with Location As to Market, System and Methods of Planting, Syvicultural Treatment and Species Most Suitable for Southern Lands
12566: MAY, KATHARINE E - Percy and Ida : A Story for Children
9610: MAY, ENNIS PSUED (I.E. MARY INNES) - Pansies, That's for Thoughts (Verses)
6900: MAYBAUM, IGNAZ - Parteibefreites Judentum : Lehrende Fuhrung Und Priesterliche Gemeinschaft
15532: MAYHEW, HENRY; MACKAY, CHARLES - The Mormons: or Latter-day Saints. With memoirs of the life and death of Joseph Smith, the American Mahomet. Illustrated with forty engravings.
12574: MAYHEW, HENRY - The Boyhood of Martin Luther : A Tale of the Early Life of the Great Reformer
11254: MAYHEW, HENRY & AUGUSTUS - The Greatest Plague of Life; or the Adventures of a lady in search of a good servant. By one who has been almost worried to death. Edited by the Brothers Mayhew. Illustrated by George Cruikshank.
11378: MAYHEW, HENRY; QUENNELL, PETER (ED) - London's Underworld : Being Selections from Those That Will Not Work, The Fourth Volume of London Labour and the London Poor
12788: MAYHILL, R. D.; BAWDEN, H. G. - New Zealand Geography
7741: MAYREDER, ROSA; SHEFFAUER, HERNAN (TRANS) - A Survey of the Woman Problem
14381: MCALLISTER, CAMPBELL - Old Taranaki and its Mountain
13773: MCALPINE, RACHEL - Fancy Dress
12129: MCCABE, JOSEPH - The Principles of Evolution : Nations Library
16935: MCCAHON, COLIN (INTRO) - Colin McCahon: Gates and Journeys
16382: MCCAHON, COLIN; CURNOW, WYSTAN (INTRO) - McCahon's "Necessary Protection" Series 1971-1976
13347: MCCALLUM, JANET - Women in the House: Members of Parliament in New Zealand
8270: MCCARTHY, MARY - Sights and Spectacles : Theatre Chronicles 1937-1958
6657: MCCARTHY, JUSTIN HUNTLY - The God of Love
6703: MCCARTHY, JUSTIN - Modern England : Vol I the Story of Nations
16735: MCCASKILL, L W - Scenic Reserves of North Auckland Book 1 North of Whangarei & Dargaville
16736: MCCASKILL, L W - Scenic Reserves of North Aucklan dBook 2 South of Whangarei & Dargaville
8852: MCCLARY, THOMAS CALVERT - Three Thousand Years
7256: MCCLURE, MARY - The Mary McClure Golden Story Book
11598: MCCOLVIN, LIONEL - The Personal Library: A Guide for the Bookbuyer
9417: MCCOLVIN, LIONEL ROY (ED) - The Librarian Subject Guide to Books. Volume I : History, Travel and Description
13994: MCCONNACHIE, JAMES - The Book of Love: The Story of the Kamasutra
14908: MCCORMICK, E H - Eric Lee-Johnson with a Biographical Introduction
16337: MCCORMICK, E H; TARLTON, JOHN ET AL - The Two Worlds of Omai
14426: MCCORMICK, E H - New Zealand Literature. A Survey
16153: MCCORMICK, E H - Eric Lee-Johnson with a Biographical Introduction
16683: MCCORMICK, ERIC H - The Inland Eye : A Sketch in Visual Autobiography
15425: MCCORMICK, ERIC H - Omai, Pacific Envoy
16375: MCCORMICK, E H - Frances Hodgkins and Her Circle
8742: MCCULLAGH, SHEILA K - The Kingdom Under the Sea : Book 5 Yellow Series
7625: MCDONALD, K C - Our Country's Story : An Illustrated History of New Zealand
16721: MCDONALD, K C - A History of Waitaki Boys High School 1883-1958 SIGNED
14607: MCDONALD, GEORGINA - The Flame Unquenched Being the History of the Presbyterian Church in Southland 1856-1956
13866: MCDOUGALL, MURDOCH - Swiftly They Struck : The Story of No. 4 Commando
11817: MCELDOWNEY, RICHARD DENNIS - The World Regained
12441: MCELDOWNEY, DENNIS - Shaking the Bee Tree
14238: MCELDOWNEY, DENNIS - Shaking the Bee Tree
14474: MCGIBBON, I. C. - Blue-Water Rationale: The Naval Defence of New Zealand 1914-1942
8888: MCGILL, DAVID (ED) - The Reed Book of New Zealand Quotations
7810: MCGINLEY, PHYLLIS - Times Three Selected Verse from Three Decades with 70 New Poems. Preface by W. H. Auden
14526: MCGREAL, MAURICE E - A History of Civil Aviation in New Zealand
15861: MCGUANE, THOMAS - Ninety-Two in the Shade
13707: MCGUIRE, PAUL - Westward the Course: The New World of Oceania
16055: MCINTOSH, ROBERT; WILLIAMS, JAMES; & MCCOMBIE, JOHN - Three Prize Essays on the Present Condition and Future Prospects of the Mineral Resources of New Zealand and the Best Means of Fostering Their Development Issues By Direction of James McGowan Minister of Mines
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10517: MURRAY, LINDLEY - The English Reader: or, Pieces in Prose and Poetry, Selected from the Best Writers. Designed to Assist Young Persons to Read with Propriety and Effect; to Improve Their Language and Sentiments Etc...
10521: MURRAY, LINDLEY - Sequel to the English Reader: or, Pieces in Prose and Poetry, Selected from the Best Writers. Designed to Assist Young Persons to Read with Propriety and Effect; to Improve Their Language and Sentiments Etc...
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15953: O'DONNELL, PETER - Modesty Blaise : I, Lucifer
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15980: O'DONNELL, PETER - Modesty Blaise
15979: O'DONNELL, PETER - Modesty Blaise : Dead Man's Handle
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14126: O'SHEA, PHILLIP P - Honours, Titles, Styles, and Precedence In New Zealand
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14315: OBEYESEKERE, GANANATH - The Apotheosis of Captain Cook: European Mythmaking in the Pacific
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11693: WAR OFFICE - Soldiers Died in the Great War,1914-19 : Parts 2 & 3. Royal Horse and Royal Field Artillery, Regulars and Territorial Force ( including Honourable Artillery Company Batteries). Royal Garrison Artillery
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14224: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - The English Patient
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16179: OSBOURNE, HARRY - Colenso : a Play
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16750: PAPA, SAM ET AL - Papa o te Aroha Marae, Tokoroa
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12535: PARKER, KEITH - The Journalist
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6631: PASCOE, CHARLES EYRE (EDITOR) - Everyday Life in Our Public Schools.
8082: PASTERNAK, BORIS - The Blind Beauty
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7360: PATCH, BLANCHE - 30 Years with G.B.S.
16900: PATON, HAROLD - Private Paton's Pictures: Behind the Lines with Kiwi Soldiers in North Africa, 1941-1943
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7206: PATTON, W. M. - A Treatise on Civil Engineering
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12388: PENDEXTER, HUGH - The Bushlopers : A Western Thriller. Wild West Club
12385: PENDEXTER, HUGH - Red Autumn : A Western Thriller. Wild West Club
12386: PENDEXTER, HUGH - Rifle Rule : A Western Thriller. Wild West Club
12387: PENDEXTER, HUGH - Over the Ridge : A Western Thriller. Wild West Club
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13197: PERKINS, EMILY - Leave Before You Go
14003: PÉRON-AUTRET, DR JEAN YVES - Buried Alive
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7220: PLATT, JAMES - Business
15887: PLATT, CHARLES - The City Dwellers
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14893: PLATTS, UNA - Lively Capital Auckland 1840-1865 SIGNED
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15604: PLAYNE, ARTHUR TWISDEN; LONG, ARTHUR LESLIE - 200th Anniversary, a History of Playne of Longfords Mill
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7013: POTOK, CHAIM - The Book of Lights
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15580: FRANCIS POUND - Frames on the land: Early landscape painting in New Zealand
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11912: MINISTRY OF FUEL AND POWER - Coal Mining : Report of the Technical Advisory Committee
9275: POWER, VINCENT - Voices of Cork
14008: POWYS, JOHN COWPER - After My Fashion
9115: PRADO, EDUARDO BARROS - The Lure of the Amazon
15344: PRATT, JOHN H - A treatise on attractions, Laplace's functions, and the figure of the Earth
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15491: PRICE, HARRY - Short-Title Vol 1 Pt 2 Cat of Works Psychical Research, Spiritualism, Magic, Psychology, Legerdemain and Other Methods of Deception, Charlatanism, Withchcraft and Technical Works for the Scientific Investigation of Alleged Abnormal Phenomena C1950-1929
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10661: PROCTOR, RICHARD A - The Great Pyramid. Observatory, Tomb and Temple
9656: PROCTOR, HENRY - The Evolution of Culture
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9843: PROTHERO-LEWIS, HELEN - The Fire Opal
9842: PROTHERO-LEWIS, HELEN - The Hill Beyond
8891: PROTHEROE, ERNEST - The Dominion of Man
10349: PROUT, GEOFFREY - Knowledge for Yacht Cruising : A handbook on Simple Coastwise Navigation for the Small Cruising Yacht
16292: BY EMERITUS (PROWER?) - Militiaman at home and abroad; being the history of a Militia regiment from its first training to its disembodiment; with sketches of the Ionian Islands, Malta, and Gibraltar By Emeritus
12983: M R H (AKA MR HOUSKEEPER ALSO A PSEUDONYM) - The Hermit of Livry : A Story of the Sixteenth Century at the Dawn of the Reformation
16125: PULE, JOHN - Bond of Time SIGNED
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6740: PUNCH, CATHARINE - Wordsworth : An Introduction to His Life and Works
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11612: PURCHAS, H(ENRY) T(HOMAS) 1860-1921 - A History of the English Church in New Zealand
16145: PURDUE, CONNIE (ED) - Women in the Labour Cause: 1925-1975 : history of the Womens Movement from the beginning with photo illus.
16051: PURNELL, CHARLES WILLIAM - The Modern Authur and Other Poems
7371: PYE, MICHAEL - The King Over the Water
7658: PYE SMITH, JOHN - Four Discourses on the Sacrifice and Priesthood of Jesus Christ, and the Atonement and Redemption; Thence Acruing with Supplementary Notes and Illustrations
15744: PYKE, VINCENT - Wild Will Enderby
16087: PYKE, LILLIAN M - The Secret of Wallaby Rock
16269: QUARLES, FRANCIS - Quarles' Emblems
13310: QUARTERMAIN, L B - New Zealand and the Antarctic
14482: QUARTERMAINE, L B - The Ross Dependency in Pictures
16289: LE QUEUX, WILLIAM - Spies of the Kaiser : Plotting the Downfall of England
8438: QUILLER-COUCH, SIR ARTHUR - English Sonnets
16505: RACTER; CHAMBERLAIN, WILLIAM - The Policeman's Beard is Half Constructed: Computer Prose and Poetry by Racter- The First Book Ever Wrritten by a Computer
6425: RADFORD, G. H. - Shylock And Others. Eight Studies
14973: RALPH, PATRICIS M; SQUIRES, DONALD F - The Extant Scleractinian Corals of New Zealand
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16521: RAMSEY, T W (THOMAS WESTON) - Antares : MacMillan's Contemporary Poets
11779: RANDALL, SIDNEY - Randall's Easy Guide to Astrology for Beginners
9551: RAPPOPORT, A S - A Primer of Philosophy
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6568: RAYMOND, E. T. - Portraits of the New Century : The First Ten Years
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8916: REASON, WILL - Poverty
13483: REDGRAVE, TESS; NUNES, BECKY - Going the Distance : Women Outdoors in New Zealand
12652: REDWARD, E Y (COMPILER) - A Compilation of Acts and Instruments Relating to the Government of the Cook and Other Islands, Together with an Appendix Containing the Former Laws of Rarotonga and Niue
7150: REDWOOD, HUGH - God in the Slums
14233: REDWOOD, MIRIAM MACGREGOR - A Dog's Life: Working Dogs In New Zealand
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12494: REED, A H - Coromandel Holiday
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14926: REICH, WILHELM - The Invasion of Compulsory Sex-Morality
8169: REICH, EMIL - Germany's Swelled Head
6844: REID, STUART J - A Sketch of the Life and Times of the Rev. Sydney Smith Rector of Combe Florey and Canon Residentiary of St. Paul's: Based on Family Documents and the Recollections of Personal Friends.
13359: REID, JOYCE - It Was Better in Winter
13121: REID, JAMES - Memoirs of the Westminster Divines
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8218: RENAN, JOSEPH ERNEST - The Life of Jesus
6498: RENAN, ERNEST - The Poetry of Celtic Races, and Other Studies. The Scott Library
8861: REPP, ED EARL - The Stellar Missiles
8862: REPP, ED EARL - The Radium Pool
16734: RERE, TAIRA - History of The Papehia Family
16106: RESTIF DE LA BRETONNE [NICOLAS-EDME RESTIF]; WALTON , ALAN HULL [TRANS] - The Corrupted Ones : Le Paysan et La Paysanne Perverti
9735: REYNOLDS, ERNEST - Modern English Drama : A Survey of the Theatre from 1900
10216: REYNOLDS, GRAHAM - John Constable. The Natural Painter
14970: RHODES, H WINSTON - War Over the Pacific : Co-Operative Pamphlet Number One
14831: RHODES, H WINSTON - Russia : The Coming Power in the Pacific
7004: RIBALOW, HAROLD U - The Tie That Binds : Conversation With Jewish Writers
15383: PETER RICE - An Engineer Imagines
16904: RICHARDS, HILDA - Bessie Bunter of Cliff House School
13656: RICHARDS, GUY - The Hunt for the Czar : The amazing quest to determine the true fate of the Imperial Family of Russia
14117: RICHARDS, MARK - Go Back Lazarus! Poems 1959-64
16100: RICHARDS, J M (SIR JAMES MAUDE RICHARDS) - The Castles on the Ground
14703: RICHARDSON, JOHN - A Account Of The Life of That Ancient Servant of jesus Christ John Richardson giving A Relation Of many Of His Trials and Exercises in his Youth and His Services In The Work Of The Ministry In England, Ireland, America
15223: RICHARDSON, JOHN HENRY - Impressions of Soviet Russia
14441: RICHDALE, L E - Notes on the Southern Robin (Miro Australis).
14439: RICHDALE, L E - The Royal Albatross : Diomedea Epomophora Sandfordi
14440: RICHDALE, L E - Photographs of the Royal Albatross
9012: RICHES, MRS E H (ANNA G) - "Concerning Himself;" or, The Witness of the Word to the Person, Offices and Names of Christ. With Devotional Thoughts, Short Prayers and Verses
14496: RICHMOND, MRS (LILLY) - Sally: A Sydney Tale, in Three Parts
13386: RICKARD, L S - Strangers in the Wilderness
14104: RIDDELL, RON - Beads Poetry
14092: RIDDELL, RON - Persephone Poems
14073: RIDDELL, RON - Love Songs for the Dead
6754: RIDGE, PETT W - The Happy Recruit
11684: RIDGWAY, ATHELSTAN (ED) - The World Revealed : The Isles of the Sea : Nelson English Series No. 77
6448: RIDGWAY, ATHELSTAN, (ED) - The World Revealed : The Isles of the Sea
13463: RIDING, KATHRYN - Under My Skin
10142: RIDLEY, ANTHONY - Living in Cities
13643: RIEHL, HEINZ;RODRIGUEZ, RITA M. - Foreign Exchange and Money Markets: Managing Foreign and Domestic Currency Operations
8692: RIESMAN, DAVID; & THOMPSON REISMAN, EVELYN - Conversations In Japan : Modernization, Politics and Culture
13971: RIFKIN, JEREMY - Age of Access : How the Shift from Ownership to Access is Transforming Capitalism
14389: RIGG, JOHN - A Few Verses: Some Flowers that Bloomed on Stony Soil, and some Weeds that Grew Apace. A Souvenir.
16295: RILLSTONE, REV THOMAS - And Behold We Live : Days of Danger in Wartime Burma
11453: RIQUETTI, HONORE-GABRIEL, COUNT DE MIRABEAU (VARIOUSLY ATTRIBUTED TO H. G. RIQUETTI, COUNT DE MIRABEAU, AND TO THE MARQUIS DE SENTILLY) - Le Rideau Levé ou l'Éducation de Laure. Edition revue sur celle originale de 1786 et ornee de six figures libres, gravees d'apres celles qu'on ajouta aux editions de 1786 et de 1790
16849: RISS, MURRAY (CURATOR) - Southern Eye Southern Mind A Photographic Inquiry
14982: RISTORI, BRIDGET - Nelson Province
13372: RITCHIE, JANE BEAGLEHOLE; RITCHIE, JAMES E. - Growing up in New Zealand
13802: RITCHIE, GORDON J N - Stonehaven of Old : Photographs and Postcards of the County Town of Kincardinshire 1880-1930
16930: RIVERS, GABRIEL - The Passion-Flower : Poems and Ballads
14400: ROBB, DOUGLAS - University Development in Auckland
12284: ROBBERS, HERMAN - De Nederlandsche Litteratuur Na 1880
15890: ROBBINS, TOM - Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas
16440: ROBERTS, NIGEL - In Casablanca for the Waters
7352: ROBERTS, CECIL - The Pilgrim Cottage Omnibus
11730: ROBERTS, J D S - Central Otago : New Zealand Holidays Guides No. 4
13621: ROBERTS, BRIAN - Ladies in the Veld
9129: ROBERTS, SIR CHARLES GEORGE DOUGLAS - The Haunters of the Silences : A Book of Animal Stories
9875: ROBERTS, CECIL - Half Way : An Autobiography
11823: ROBERTS, PETER - Victoria De Los Angeles
11563: ROBERTS, CECIL - A Man Arose
12096: ROBERTSON, JOHN MACKINNON - Christianity and Mythology
9518: ROBERTSON, ERIC S - Life of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
11646: ROBERTSON, J(OHN) G(EORGE) - Goethe and the Twentieth Century : Cambridge Manuals of Science and Literature
15303: ROBIE, DAVID - Blood on Their Banner: Nationalist Struggles in the South Pacific
14204: ROBINSON, NEIL - James Fletcher Builder SIGNED
13098: H WHEELER ROBINSON - The Life and Faith of the Baptists
14989: ROBINSON, ALISON - Hawera Main School Centennial 1875-1975 : The Story of Our School and It's District
15463: ROBINSON, M G; DENNIS, LEAH (EDS) - The Percy Letters : The Correspondence of Thomas Percy and Thomas Warton
8773: DE LA ROCHE, MAZO - Mary Wakefield
14469: ROCHE, E & A - Green Lane Saga : Green Lane Hospital, Auckland 1889-1982 and It's Development of Cardiology and Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery
14212: ROCHE, STANLEY - The Red and the Gold: An Informal Account of the Waihi Strike, 1912
16191: LA ROCHE, ALAN - Grey's Folly : A History of Howick, Pakuranga, Bucklands-Eastern Beaches, East Tamaki, Whitford, Beachlands and Maraetai
16265: RODGER, ALEXANDER; FORD, ROBERT (ED) - Poems and Songs : Humourous, Serious, and Satirical SIGNED
16405: RODGERS, W[ILLIAM] R[OBERT] - Europa and the Bull, and Other Poems
12647: RODWELL, EDWARD - Gedi the Lost City
6269: ROE, IVAN - The Breath of Corruption. An Interpretation of Dostoievsky
15349: ROE, GORDON F - Sea Painters of Britain : 1. From Van De Velde to Turner
16877: ROGER-MARX, CLAUDE; MATISSE, HENRI - Anthologie du Livre Illustre par les Peintres et Sculpteurs de L'Ecole de Paris
15476: ROGERS, LAWRENCE (ED); WILLIAMS, HENRY - The Early Journals of Henry Williams 1826-40 : Senior Missionary in New Zealand of the Church Missionary Society
8881: ROGERS, JOHN - With Elia and His Friends, In Books and Dreams
8824: ROGERS, SAMUEL - Poems By Samuel Rogers
6282: ROGERS, RUTH [TRANSL.] - Breton Songs
16397: ROKEAH, DAVID - Eyes in the Rock Selected Poems : Poetry of Europe Series
14245: ROLFE, JIM - Brothers at War 1939 - 1945
5798: ROLLE, RICHARD; ALLEN, HOPE EMILY (ED) - English Writings of Richard Rolle : Hermit of Hampole
11992: ROLLESTON, H D; KANTHACK, A A - Manual of Practical Morbid Anatomy Being a Handbook for the Post-Mortem Room : Cambridge Natural Science Manuals
15424: ROLLETT, F. CARR - Angling in New Zealand
11271: ROMEIN, DR. JAN - Het Jaar 1931 - 1932 Wereldgeschiedenis
10020: ROMI; DUCA, LO (INTRODUCTION) - Mythologie du Sein : Bibliothèque Internationale d'Erotologie
14082: ROMILLY, HUGH HASTINGS - The Western Pacific and New Guinea ; Notes on the Natives, Christian and Cannibal, with Some Accounts of the Old Labour (slave) Trade
16582: ROSE, HENRY - From West to East
14230: ROSE, ROBERT ED - New Zealand Green - About Marijuana in New Zealand
6565: ROSEBERY, LORD (BENJAMIN DISRAELI) - Pitt : Twelve English Statesmen
15066: ROSENBERG, W (WOLFGANG) - Compulsory Arbitration Barrier to Progress? Light on New Zealand No. 1
15910: ROSENBERG, CYRIL J - Furs and Furriery
10413: ROSENDAL, JORGEN; HANSEN, EILER & BURKE J F (TRANS) - The Happy Lagoons : The World of Queen Salote
7995: ROSENDORFER, HERBERT - German Suite
7391: ROSENFELD, ISAAC - Alpha and Omega
7365: ROSENFELD, SEMYON - The First Song
14485: ROSEVEAR, WATSON - Waiapu : The Story of a Diocese
11521: ROSIGNOLI, GUIDO - Air Force Badges and Insignia of World War 2
15774: ROSS, D M - Stars in the Mist Poems
14841: ROSS, J O'C - This Stern Coast : The Story of the Charting of the New Zealand Coast
16587: ROSS, JACK - Papyri : Love Poems & Fragments from Sappho and Elsewhere
11753: ROSS, RUTH - The Journal of George Fortescue Simmonds : A Primary School Bulletin
9470: ROSSETTI, DANTE GABRIEL - Early Poems of Dante Gabriel Rossetti
7713: ROTH, PHILIP - The Counterlife
9918: ROTHENSTEIN, SIR JOHN - Summer's Lease : Autobiography 1901-1938
13487: ROWBOTHAM, SHEILA - Beyond the Fragments: Feminism and the Making of Socialism
11675: ROWE, F J; WEBB, W T - Selections from Tennyson with introduction and Notes
9035: ROWE, HENRY KALLOCH - Modern Pathfinders of Christianity
16403: ROWLAND, J[OHN] R[USSELL] - Snow and other poems,
16898: ROWLING, J. K. - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
16902: ROWLING, J. K. - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
16291: ROWSE, A L - Sir Richard Grenville of the Revenge an Elizabethan Hero
16218: ROY, JULES; JOHNSON, DOUGLAS (INTRO) - The Trial of Marshal Petain
15625: VAN ROYEN, P - Manual of Forest Trees of Papua and New Guinea : Part 3 Sterculiaceae
15624: VAN ROYEN, P - Manual of Forest Trees of Papua and New Guinea : Part 2 Sapindaceae
8114: RUDMAN, ARTHUR - The Mediaeval Revival
12492: RUHEN, OLAF - The Flockmaster
10321: RUHEN, OLAF - Naked Under Capricorn : Australian Classics
7463: RUMBOLD, ALGERNON [SIR] - Watershed in India 1914-1922
16424: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - The Moor's Last Sigh SIGNED
16463: RUSKIN, JOHN - The King of the Golden River, or the Black Brothers: a legend of Stiria
9166: RUSKIN, JOHN - Master Painters : Titian. From the works of John Ruskin. [With plates.]
8794: RUSSELL, G. W. E. - A Londoner's Log-Book
7582: RUSSELL, ERIC FRANK - Dreadful Sanctuary
9908: RUSSELL, WILLIAM HOWARD; BENTLEY, NICHOLAS (ED) - Russell's Despatches from the Crimea 1854-1856
9594: RUSSELL, ALEXANDER - Lord Kelvin His Life and Work : The People's Books
6790: RUSSELL, W. CLARK - William Dampier
16513: RUTGERS, LISPENARD PSEUD (HENRY ERSKINE SMITH) - On and Off the Saddle : Characteristic Sights and Scenes from the Great Northwest to the Antilles

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