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9359: Pilgrim, G.E., 1931.: - Catalogue of the Pontian Carnivora of Europe in the Department of Geology.
17516: Pilgrim, G.E., 1932.: - The fossil Carnivora of India. [Mem. Geol. Syrv. India / Palaeont. Indica, N.S., XVIII.]
7463: PILKINGTON, John: - An adventure on the Old Silk Road. From Venice to the Yellow Sea.
7526: PILLERI, Giorgio: - Camillo Golgi 1843-1926. Santiago Ramön Y Cajal 1852-1926. Adelchi Negri 1876-1912. Biographical sketches published for the 50th Anniversary of the Bern University Brain Anatomy Institute.
6344: Pilleri, G., & Tagliavini, F. (editors): - Brain pathology. Volume I. Cerebral aging and degenerative dementias.
6304: Pilleri, G., Peikun, C., & Zuohua, S.: - Concise macroscopical atlas of the brain of the common dolphin (Delphinus delphis Linnaeus, 1758).
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6303: Pilleri, G., & Gihr, M., 1977.: - Radical extermination of the South American sea lion Otaria byronia (Pinnipedia,. Otariidae) from Isla Verde, Uruguay.
5867: Pilleri, G., & Gihr, M., 1981.: - The brain (endocranial cast) of Schizodelphis sulcatus and the cephalization of Eoplatanista italica (Cetacea): palaeoneurological and palaeoecological considerations.
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3656: Pilleri, G., 1974.: - Side-swimming, vision, and sense of touch in Platanista indi (Cetacea, Platanisoidra).
3657: Pilleri, G., 1985.: - Some observations on mammals, birds, and reptiles in the lower valley of the Indus and upper valley of the Brahmaputra.
3654: Pilleri, G., & Gihr, M., 1977.: - Observations on the Bolivian (Inia boliviensis d'Orbigny 1834) and the Amazonean Bufeo (Inia geoffrensis de Blainville 1817), with description of a new subspecies (Inia geoffrensis humboldtiana).
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3648: Pilleri, G. & Gihr, M., 1975.: - Contribution to the knowledge of the Cetaceans of Southwest and Monsoon Asia (Persian Gulf, Indus Delta, Malabar, Andaman Sea and Gulf of Siam).
3647: Pilleri, G.: - Cetologische Expedition zum Indus uns Persischen Golf und Forschungsreise nach Goa und Thailand im Jahre 1973.
3544: Pilleri, G., 1972.: - Zoologisch-cetologische Expedition nach Westpakistan und Reise nach Indien im Jahre 1971.
3543: Pilleri, G., 1970.: - Wissenschaftliche Expedition des Berner Hirnanatomischen Institutes nach Westpakistan und Assam im Jahre 1969 zur Erforschung des Gangesdelphins (Platanista gangetica).
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1745: Pilleri, G., 1986.: - The Cetacea of the Western Paratethys (Upper Marine Molasse of Baltringen).
1743: Pilleri, G., 1987.: - The Sirenia of the Swiss Molasse. With a descriptive catalogue of the fossil Sirenia preserved in Swiss collections.
1744: Pilleri, G., 1986.: - Beobachtungen an den fossilen Cetaceen des Kaukasus.
1741: Pilleri, G., Biosca, J., & Via, L., 1989.: - The Tertiary Sirenia of Catalonia.
1742: Pilleri, G., Gihr, M., & Kraus, C., 1988.: - The organ of hearing in Cetacea. II. Paleobiological evolution.
1740: Pilleri, G., 1990.: - Miocene cetacean remains from Mediterranean Spain.
17263: Pilleri, G., 1984.: - Prof. Giorgio Pilleri. List of publications / Liste der Publikationen 1948-1984.
1530: Pilleri, G., editor, 1989-1990.: - Beiträge zur Paläontologie der Cetaceen Perus. / Beiträge zur Paläontologie der Cetaceen und Pinnpedier der Pisco Formation Perus II.
1521: Pilleri, G., 1988-1989.: - Contributions to the paleontology of some Tethyan Ceteacea and Sirenia (Mammalia). [I] & II.
14097: Pilleri, Giorgio (*1925-).: - List of publications / Liste der Publikationen. 1948-1984.
14096: Pilleri, G., 1980.: - Forschungsreise nach China zum Studium der Delphine des Chang JHiang (Yang Tze Kiang).
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13313: PILLERI, Giorgio.: - Recent Sirenia in Swiss collections. With special reference to osteology and comparative neurology.
13312: PILLERI, Giorgio.: - Auf Baffinland zur Erforschung des Narwals (Monodon monocerus). Forschubngsbericht.
11330: Pilleri, G. (editor).: - Maria Teresia e le Indie Orientali. La spedizione alle Isole Nicobare della nave "Joseph und Theresia" e il diario del chirurgo di bordo Nikolaus Fontana.
1105: Pilleri, G., 1986.: - The Miocene Cetacea of the Pietra Leccese. With special reference to the Cosimo De Giorgi collection.
1104: Pilleri, G., 1986.: - The Oligo-Miocene Cetacea of the Italian waters, with a bibliography of the fossil Cetacea of Italy (1670-1986).
1103: Pilleri, G., & Pilleri, O., 1982.: - Catalogue of the fossil Odontocetes (Cetacea) in the Bologna Capellini Museum of Palaeontology, with description of a new species of Hoplocetus (Physeteridae(.
1081: Pilleri, Giorgio, 1987.: - The Cetacea of the Italian Pliocene with a descriptive catalogue of the specimens in the Florence Museum of Paleontology.
10665: PILLERI, Giorgio, 1959-1961.: - Beiträge zur vergleichenden Morphologie des Nagetiergehirns. 1. Beitrag [bis einschl.] 10. Beitrag. [Acta Anat.. Suppl., 38, 40 & 42.]
10661: PILLERI, Giorgio (editor).: - Giuseppe Müller (1880-1964) attraverso gli anettoti. Reccolti da suoi allievi di Trieste B. Millo, T. De Monte. G. Pilleri.
7701: PILLET, Louis (1819-1894): - Cartes géologiques. (Extrait du VIIIe volume des Mémoires de l'Académie impériale du Savoie.)
2300: PILLING, James Constantin.: - Bibliography of the Algonquian languages.
8727: Pilloud, Cl., 1991.: - Structures de déformation alpines dans le synclinal de Permo-Carbonifère de Salvan-Dorénaz (massif des Aiguilles Rouges, Vaiais). [Mém. Géol., 9.]
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16382: PINCUS, Gregory, & WHITE, Priscilla.: - On the inheritance of diabetes mellitus.
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2600: PINKNEY, Lieutenant-Colonel [William] (1764-1822).: - Travels through the South of France, and the Interior of the Provinces of Provence and Languedoc, in the Years 1807 and 1808 [...]. Second edition.
4420: Pinna, G., 1968.: - Gli Erionidei della nuova fauna Sinemuriana a crostacei decapodi di Osteno in Lombardia.
17432: Pinna, ,G., 1972: - La "Seconda Sala di Paleontologia" del Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Milano.
17592: PINO, ,Giuseppe.: - Sax! [Second edition.]
12961: PINTNER, Theodor.: - Studien über Tetrarhynchen nebst Beobachtungen an anderen Bandwürmern. (III. Mittheilung.) Zwei eigentümliche Drüsensysteme bei Rhynchobothrius adenoplusis [...],
12820: Pinto, T.D., & Sanguinetti, Y.T., 1962.: - A complete revision of the genera Bisulcocypris and Theriosynoecum (Ostracoda) with the world geographical and stratigraphical distribution (including Metacypris, Elpidium, Gomphocythere and Cytherdellda.) [Publ. Espec. Esc. Geol. Porto Alegre, 4.]
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5895: Piot, Charles.: - Inventaires divers. [Inventaire des Archives de la Belgique publiés par ordre du Gouvernement sous la direction de M. Gachard.]
9461: Piper, K.J., Fitzgerald, E.M.G., & Rich, Th.H., 2006.: - Mesozoic to Early Quaternary mammal faunas of Victoria, South-East Australia.
11417: PIPPING, Knut Theodor (1826-1885).: - Om ichroit. Akademisk Afhandling [...] under inseende af D:r Adolf Edvard Arpe, Professor i Kemien, til offentlig granskning utgifven [...]
494: Pira, A., 1926.: - On bone deposits in the cave "Stora Förvar" on the isle of Stora Karlsö, Sweden. A contribution to the knowledge of prehistoric domestic animals.
8361: PIRANDELLO, Luigi: - Novelle per un anno. Prefazione di Corrado Alvaro. (Opere di Luigi Pirandello, I-II.) [I Classici Contemporanei Italiani.]
10163: PIRANDELLO, Luigi.: - Maschere nude. [Opere di Luigi Pirandello. Volume 4. / I Classici Contemporanei Italiani.]
6883: PIROVINE, Eugenio: - Napoli e i suoi castelli tra storia e leggende.
3722: Pitcher, Wallace S.: - The nature and origin of granite.
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9737: PLANAH, Luis.: - Posessão e exorcismo am Moçambique.
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229: Planktonic Conference, Geneva, 1967.: - Abstracts of papers.
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17446: PLATO (ca. 428-ca.348 v.Chr.): - Platoon verzameld werk.
14694: PLATTEL-BERBEN, Cissie.: - Bevrijdingsbloesem. De Betuwe 1940-1946. Oorlog, evacuatietijd, bevrijding en terugkeer. Betuwnaren vertellen hun verhaal.
14267: PLATTER, Erica (editor).: - John Platter. South African Wines. 1998. Cellars - Vineyards - Winemakers - Wine Country Restaurants.
8639: PLEIJTE, Willem (1836-1903).: - Carte archéologique de la Néerlande. Oudheidkundige kaart van Nederland. "Dr. W. Pleijte, del. Steendr. v. Mulder Leiden."
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11909: PLOWMAN, John.: - Gips. Ornameten gieten en beschilderen. [Vertaling: Marjan Faddegon-Doets. Fotografie: Paul Forester, Laura Wickenden.]
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