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78244: TAYLOR, JOHN W.R.: MONDEY, DAVID: - Spies in the Sky.
80009: TAYLOR, J. E.: - Notes on Collecting and Preserving Natural-History Objects New Edition.
58483: TAYLOR, ELIZABETH RUSSELL: - Wish You Were Here. Signed copy.
58482: TAYLOR, ELIZABETH RUSSELL: - London Lifelines. Signed copy.
79908: TAYLOR, CHRISTOPHER: - Dorset. The Making of the English Landscape.
69075: TAYLOUR, LORD WILLIAM: - The Mycenaeans. Revised edition. With 151 illustrations.
58685: TEICHMANN, EMIL / TEICHMANN, OSKAR(ED): - A Journey to Alaska in the year 1868: being a diary of the late Emil Teichmann. Edited and with an introduction by his son Oskar.
68700: TEMPERLEY, HOWARD: - British Anti Slavery. 1833-1870.
71127: TEMPLEMAN, A.C. / ABBOTT, L.: - Dorchester Town Map (Added by Amendment No.3) 1960. County of Dorset Development Plan. Town and Country Planning Act 1947. Written Analysis and Written Statement.
62394: TENNENT, R.J.: - A Purbeck Parish. Church Knowle through the Ages.
79515: TENNYSON, ALFRED LORD: - Poetical Works of Alfred Lord Tennyson. Including, In Memoriam, Maud, The Princess, Idylls of the King, Enoch Arden etc.
75294: TENNYSON, A. L.; - The Works of Alfred Lord Tennyson Poet Laureat. Illustrated with Photographs.
79787: TENNYSON, ALFRED: - The Princess, A Medley. Sixth edition.
80047: TENNYSON, ALFRED: - The Works of Alfred Tennyson, Poet Laureate. In Five Volumes (Bound in Six.)
79186: TENNYSON, ALFRED: - Queen Mary. A Drama.
79699: TENNYSON, ALFRED LORD: - Idylls of the King
79797: TENNYSON, A. L.; - The Works of Alfred Lord Tennyson Poet Laureat.
79798: TENNYSON, ALFRED: - Idylls of the King. Illustrated in colour by Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale.
79567: TENNYSON, ALFRED: - Poems. With Illustrations by Millais, Stanfield, Creswick, Mulready, Horsley etc.
79726: TERANTII, P.: - Carthaginiensis Afri Comoediae Sex (Six Comedies) Interpretatione & Notis Illustravit Nicolaus Camus. Jussu Christianissimi Regis, In Usum Serenissimi Delphini. Editio Prioribus Longe Emaculator. Imprimatur, Guil. Needham.
72220: TERRAINE, JOHN: - White Heat. The New Warfare 1914-1918.
74698: THACKERAY, W.M.: - The Virginians. A Tale of the Last Century. In Two Volumes.
74699: THACKERAY, W.M.; DOYLE, RICHARD; PENDENNIS, ARTHUR; - The Newcomes. Memoirs of a most respectable Family. Edited by Arthur Pendennis, Esq.
75223: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE: - The History of Pendennis. His Fortunes and Misfortunes His Friends and His Greatest Enemy. Edited with and Introduction by George Saintbury. With 182 illustrations. Two Volumes in One.
79141: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE: - The Biographical Edition of The Works of William Makepeace Thackeray. With Biographical Introductions by his Daughter, Anne Ritchie. In Thirteen Volumes.
75452: THE SPORTING LIFE; - British Hunts and Huntsmen. In Four Volumes. Containing a short history of each fox and stag hunt in the British Isles, together with biographical records of masters past and present, and some members of each hunt. Also an introductory chapter on mediaeval hunting, and articles concerning the stag, the fox, the hound, and the horse, and all subjects allied thereto. Profusely Illustrated with Engravings and Half-Tone Illustrations.
76002: THE RELIGIOUS TRACT SOCIETY - The Christian Wreath of Prose, Poetry, and Art. Second Edition
77070: THE BOOKMAN PORTFOLIO; SPY; - A. A. Milne. Original colour Portrait print. Fromt “The Bookman Portfolio, Christmas, 1927.”
58868: THE MARQUESS OF QUEENSBERRY: - Oscar Wilde and the Black Douglas. In collaboration with Percy Colson. Foreword by H.Montgomery Hyde. Signed copy.
75193: THE GRAPHIC; - The Graphic. An Illustrated Weekly Newspaper, Saturday May 19th to November 24, 1900. With Extra Supplement “The War in South Africa.” And “Lysbeth, A Tale of The Dutch”, By H. Rider Haggard.
78630: THE “CAMERA” SERIES: - The “Camera” Series: Album of Views of The Isle of Man. (Books of local Architectural & Scenic Views).
75990: THE COOKERY AND FOOD ASSOCIATION - Centenary Banquet & Ball 1885 - 1995
62048: THE RT. HON. LORD HORDER (ED): - The British Encyclopaedia of Medical Practice. Including Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics, Gynaecology and other Special Subjects. Medical Progress. 18 volumes 1955 to 1973.
80091: THESIGER, WILFRED: - The Marsh Arabs
79803: THESIGER, WILFRED: - Arabian Sands
76169: THESIGER, WILFRED; MORTON, CHRISTOPHER; GROVER, PHILLIP (EDS.); - Wilfred Thesiger in Africa. Published to Accompany “Wilfred Thesiger in Africa: A Centenary Exhibition,” Pitt Rivers Museum.
76168: THESIGER, WILFRED: - Among the Mountains. My Kenya Days. SIGNED.
76167: THESIGER, WILFRED: - Among the Mountains. Travels Through Asia. SIGNED.
76165: THESIGER, WILFRED: - Visions of A Nomad. SIGNED by the Author.
76164: THESIGER, WILFRED: - Crossing the Sands.
76162: THESIGER, WILFRED: - The Life of My Choice. SIGNED COPY.
80043: THIERS, M. A: - The History of the French Revolution. Translated, with notes and illustrations from the most authentic sources, by Frederick Shoberl. Complete in 5 Volumes.
78539: THIRLMERE, ROLAND: - Letters from Catalonia and Other Parts of Spain. In Two Volumes.
70238: THOMAS, NICHOLAS: - Guide to Prehistoric England.
73626: THOMAS, EMORY M.: - Robert E.Lee. A Biography.
74035: THOMAS, DAVID (ED): - Pick of Punch.
78409: THOMAS, KEITH: - Religion and the Decline of Magic. Studies in Popular Beliefs in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century England. Introduced by Hilary Mantel. In Two Volumes. Cased.
78346: THOMAS, H. H.: ESSENHIGH CORKE, H.: - The Book of Hardy Flowers. A Simple and complete descriptive guide to the cultivation in gardens of the trees and shrubs... Beautifully Illustrated with 32 direct Colour photographs and 64 Half-Tone plates.
75140: THOMAS, SIR WILLIAM BEACH; - The County Books. Hertfordshire.
78444: THOMAS BANKES; EDWARD WARREN BLAKE; ALEXANDER COOK - A New Royal Authentic and Complete System of Universal Geography
59318: THOMAS, SIR WILLIAM BEACH: - Hertfordshire. The County Books.
71698: THOMAS, SIR MILES: - Out on a Wing. An Autobiography.
78018: THOMAS, EDWARD; - The Woodland Life.
79027: THOMAS, BERT: GRAVES, CHARLES: LONGHURST, HENRY: - Candid Caddies. Introduced by Bernard Darwin.
42737: THOMAS, JO / ENSOM, PAUL: - Bibliography and Index of Dorset Geology.
76614: THOMAS, HUGH; - The Spanish Civil War. With a foreword by Michael Alpert. Two volumes in Slipcase.
77618: THOMAS, T.; - A History of the Reign of Solomon King of Judaea. In Continuation of “A View of the Origin, Progress, and Diversity of Heathen Worship,” and “Of Homer’s Attachment to Its Rites.”
80124: THOMAS-STANFORD, CHARLES: - Sussex in the Great Civil War and the Interregnum 1642-1660
80138: THOMPSON, C.W: - Records of the Dorset Yeomanry (Queen's Own). 1914-1919.
79060: THOMPSON SETON, ERNEST: - The Arctic Prairies A Canoe-Journey of 2,000 Miles in Search of The Caribou; Being the account of a voyage to the region North of Aylmer Lake.
78341: THOMPSON, C. W. (CAPTAIN 7TH. DRAGOON GUARDS): - Records of the Dorset Yeomanry ("Queen's Own").
70952: THOMSON, A.A.: - The Breezy Coast. (Berwick to John O’Groats).
75084: THOMSON, HUGH; DICK, C. H.; - Highways and Byways in Galloway and Carrick. (Pocket edition).
79531: THOMSON, HUGH: DOBSON, AUSTIN: - The Story of Rosina. AND The Ballad of Beau Brocade. Illustrated by Hugh Thompson. Two Volumes.
48913: THOMSON / SPIELMANN, M.H. / JERROLD, W: - Hugh Thomson.. His Art. His Letters. His Humour and His Charm.
79736: THOMSON, JAMES: - The Seasons. To which is prefixed An Account of the Life and Writings of the Author. Together with An Ode on his Death.
79657: THOMSON, ARNOLD TODD: - The London Dispensatory: Containing, I. The Elements of Pharmacy; II. The Botanical Description..., III. The Pharmaceutical Preparations... The Whole Forming a practical synopsis of Materia Medica, Pharmacy, and Therapeutics: Illustrated with many useful tables, and wood-cuts of the apparatus. Fourth Edition.
71332: THORNTON, RON: - The River Tyne. From Sea to Source. Foreword by Robson Green.
79324: THORNTON, ROBERT JOHN: - A New Family Herbal: Or Popular Account of the Natures and Properties of the Various Plants used in Medicine, Diet, and the Arts. The Plants Drawn from Nature by Henderson and Engraved on Wood by Thomas Bewick.
79894: THORNTON, WILLIAM: - Original Antique Engraving of Views of “London Bridge, as it appeared Before the Houses were Pulled Down.” View of London Bridge in its Present State with the Water Works as Viewed from the City Shore. Originally Published in Thornton’s History of London, 1784.
63764: TICEHURST, N.F.: - The Mute Swan in England. Its History and the Ancient Custom of Swan-Keeping.
63265: TILLESLEY, RICHARD: - Animadversions upon M.Seldens History of Tythes. Animadversions upon M.Seldens History of Tythes, and his Review Thereof: Before which (in lieu of the two first Chapters purposely pretermitted) is premised a Catalogue of 72 Authors, before the year 1215. Maintaining the Ius Diuinium of Tythes, or more, to be payd to the Priesthood under the Gospell. The second Edition newly corrected and much augmented, together with an Answer to an unprinted Pamphlet divulged against the former.
76761: TILMAN, H. W.; - Mischief Goes South
75233: ( TIME LIFE FACSIMILE REPRINT ); BURTON, CAPTAIN SIR RICHARD F.; - First Footsteps in East Africa. Or, An Exploration of Harar. Memorial Edition. 2 Volumes Complete. (Classics of Exploration Series)
75172: ( TIME LIFE FACSIMILE REPRINT ); CHAILLU, PAUL B. DU; - Explorations & Adventures in Equatorial Africa. With accounts of the manners and customs of the people and of the chace of the Gorilla, Crocodile, Leopard, Elephant, Hippopotamus, and Other Animals. (Classics of Exploration Series)
75170: ( TIME LIFE FACSIMILE REPRINT ); BARRINGTON, GEORGE; - An Account of A Voyage to New South Wales. To which is prefixed a Detail of His Life, Trials, Speeches &c. (Classics of Exploration Series)
75166: ( TIME LIFE FACSIMILE REPRINT ); PEARY, ROBERT E.; - The North Pole. With an Introduction by Theodore Roosevelt. (Classics of Exploration Series)
75174: ( TIME LIFE FACSIMILE REPRINT ); LANDOR, A. HENRY SAVAGE; - In The Forbidden Land. An Account of a Journey in Tibet, Capture by the Tibetan Authorities, Imprisonment, Torture and Ultimate Release. In Two Volumes. (Classics of Exploration Series)
75175: ( TIME LIFE FACSIMILE REPRINT ); BOCK, CARL; - The Head-Hunters of Borneo: A Narrative of Travel Up the Mahakkam and Down the Barito ,also Journeyings in Sumatra. (Classics of Exploration Series)
75026: TIMMS, I. A.; - Chronological Historical and Heraldic Charts of the Royal House of England. From King Egbert to the Present Time.
80092: TINBERGEN, NIKO: - The Herring Gull's World. (The New Naturalist Monograph 9 ).
74030: TINNISWOOD, ADRIAN: - His Invention so Fertile a Life of Sir Christopher Wren.
77171: TIPLER, JOHN; - Formula 1 Decades An Illustrated History of Grand Prix Champions 1950-1996.
69102: TODD, MALCOLM: - The Northern Barbarians. 100 BC-AD 300.
70035: TODD, MALCOLM: - The Coritani. Peoples of Roman Britain.
79032: TODD, W. HOGARTH: - Tiger, Tiger! With a foreword by Ian Hay. Illustrated.
79046: TOLKIEN, J.R.R.: - The Hobbit or There and Back Again. Illustrations by The Author.
60504: TOLLEMACHE, HON. LIONEL A.: - Old and Odd Memories. Signed and dedicated. Second Impression.
58472: TOLSTOY, SERGEI: - Tolstoy Remembered. By His Son.
62209: TOLSTOY, NIKOLAI: - The Tolstoys. Twenty-Four generations of Russian History. 1353-1983.
68113: TOMALIN, CLAIRE: - Jane Austen. A Life. Signed copy.
74008: TOMALIN, CLAIRE: - Jane Austen. A Life.
75867: TOMKINS; PICOT; - Original Hand-Coloured Engraved View of Bryanston House, nr Dorchester. “Bryanston, The Seat of Henry William Portman Esq.”
80093: TOMLINSON, H. M.: - The Sea and The Jungle Being the narrative of the voyage of the tramp steamer Capella from Swansea to Santa Maria in the Brazils... Done in the Years 1909 and 1910. With Eight Woodcuts by Clare Leighton. SIGNED Limited Edition.
73026: TOMS, ELSIE: - The Story of St.Albans. With photographs, drawings and maps. Signed copy.
79824: TOOKE, ANDREW: - The Pantheon, Representing the Fabulous Histories of the Heathen Gods, and Most Illustrious Heroes; In a short, plain and familiar method by way of Dialogue. The Nineteenth Edition. Revised, corrected, amended, and illustrated with new copper cuts of the several Deities. For the Use of Schools.
58381: TOUKAN, CAPTAIN S.: - The Hashemite Kingdom of the Jordan.
74354: TOWN AND COUNTY DIRECTORIES LTD. - Dumfries Kirkcudbright and Wigtown Trades’ Directory 1940-41 With a County Supplement containing County Councillors, County Residents and Farmers, Accompanied with a Gazeteer of Scotland. Forty-Second Edition.
74136: TOWNSEND, SUE: - Adrian Mole: The Wilderness Years. Line drawings by Caroline Holden.
74124: TOWNSEND, HILARY: - Blackmore Vale Childhood. Home Remembered. Signed copy.
74135: TOWNSEND, SUE: - The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole. Line drawings by Caroline Holden.
77866: TOWNSON, THOMAS; - Discourses on the Four Gospels, Chiefly with regard to the peculiar design of each, and the order and places in which they were written. To which is added an Inquiry Concerning the Hours of St. John, of the Romans, and of some other Nations of Antiquity. The Second Edition, Corrected.
73376: TOYNBEE, PHILIP: - End of a Journey. An autobiographical Journal 1979-1981. Edited by John Bullimore.
76552: TRACEY, HERBERT; - Souvenir of the Trades Union Congress. Weymouth 1934. Dorsetshire Labourers Centenary 1934.
80134: TRASKEY, J. P: - Milton Abbey. A Dorset Monastery in the Middle Ages. SIGNED.
66386: TRAVERS, BEN: - Rookery Nook.
57486: TREASE, GEOFFREY: - The Iron Tsar.
79793: TRENCH, R. CHENEVIX (ARCHBISHOP OF DUBLIN): - On The Study of Words Twenty-First Edition, Revised by Rev. A.L. Mayhew.
66999: TREVELYAN, GEORGE MACAULAY: - The Middle Marches. With illustrations by Robert Bertram.
73875: TREWIN, J.C. (ED): - West Country Book No.1. Contributors include: Ivor Brown, Sean O’Casey, Eden Phillpotts, et al. Introduction by Waveney Girvan. Line Illustrations by R.M.Lander.
79622: TRIBE AND WHATMOOR: - Dorset Clocks and Clock-makers. With a Supplement on the Channel Islands.
79738: TROIS-ETOILES: - The Member for Paris: A Tale of The Second Empire. Copyright Edition. In Two Volumes (Bound in One.)
55862: TROLLOPE, JOANNA: - Next Of Kin. Signed first edition.
53874: TROLLOPE, JOANNA: - The Best of Friends. Signed First Edition.
76423: TROLLOPE, FRANCES ELEANOR; TROLLOPE, THOMAS ADOLPHUS: - Italy. From The Alps to Mount Etna. Illustrated with Upwards of One Hundred Full-Page and Three Hundred Smaller Engravings.
79146: TROLLOPE, REV. WILLIAM: - The Iliad of Homer with a Carefully Corrected Text With copious English Notes, illustrating the grammatical construction, the manners and customs, the mythology and antiquities of the Heroic Ages. And Preliminary Observations on points of classical interest and importance connected with Homer and his writings. Third Edition Revised and Improved.
58486: TROUNCER, MARGARET: - Charles de Foucauld. Signed copy.
58485: TROUNCER, MARGARET: - The Lady of My Delight. Signed copy.
79530: TUCKER, COLONEL JOHN MONTMORENCY: - The Life of Field-Marshall the Duke of Wellington; Compiled from His Grace’s Despatches, and other authentic sources and original documents; Embellished by Numerous Engravings, and Plans of the Battle of Vimeiro and Waterloo.
79064: TUCKER, ELIZABETH S.: - Little Grown-Ups With Numerous Full-Page Colour Plates after paintings by Maud Humphrey. With Designs, New Stories and Verses by Elizabeth S. Tucker.
79135: TULLOCH, JOHN: - Some Facts of Religion and of Life Sermons Preached Before Her Majesty the Queen in Scotland 1866-76.
78233: TUNNICLIFFE, CHARLES / ROGERSON, SIDNEY: - Both Sides of the Road. A Book about Farming. Illustrated by Charles Tunnicliffe. Publisher’s Proof Copy.
79984: TUNNICLIFFE, CHARLES / ROGERSON, SIDNEY: - Both Sides of the Road. A Book about Farming. Illustrated by Charles Tunnicliffe.
50910: (TUNNICLIFFE) NIALL,I: - Portrait of a Country Artist. Charles Tunnicliffe R.A. 1901 - 1979.
68931: (TUNNNICLIFFE) NIALL, IAN: - Portrait of a Country Artist. Charles Tunnicliffe R.A. 1901-1979.
73337: TUNNNICLIFFE, C.F./ BATES, H.E.: - O More Than Happy Countryman. Illustrated by C.F.Tunnicliffe.
78227: TUNNNICLIFFE, C. F.: - Bird Portraiture. “How To Do It” Series No. 35.
79175: TUPPER, MARTIN F.: - Proverbial Philosophy Eighteenth Edition
57146: TURBERVILLE, A.S.: - English Men and Manners in the Eighteenth Century. An Illustrated Narrative.
76977: TURGENEV, IVAN: - Virgin Soil A Novel. Translated from the Russian by Constance Garnett. In Two Volumes. The Novels of Ivan Turgenev Volumes VI & VII.
79940: TURNER, J.M.W.: COOKE, G.: - Original Hand Coloured Engraving, View of Poole, Dorset View of Poole Harbour, showing figures with horses and cart in the foreground. J.M.W. Turner R.A. Delt. G. Cooke, Sculpt. From “Picturesque Views on the Southern Coast of England.”
78728: TURNER, REV. R.: - A New and Easy Introduction to Universal Geography; In a Series of Letters to a Youth at School... Illustrated with Copper-plates, and a New Set of Maps. The Ninth Edition, Improved and Considerably Enlarged. To which is added a Large Map of the World, delineated with the Tracks of Captain Cook’s Voyages, Also a Plate of the Terrestrial Globe... and a New and Curious Geographical Clock.
79941: TURNER, J.M.W.: COOKE, W.B.: - Original Hand Coloured Engraving, Bow and Arrow Castle, Isle of Portland, Dorsetshire View of Bow and Arrow Castle, on Portland Bill, showing stone quarry figures in the foreground. J.M.W. Turner R.A. Delt. W.B. Cooke, Sculpt.
55242: TURNER, JAMES: - Stone Peninsula: Scenes from the Cornish Landscape.
55730: TUTE, WARREN: - The Tarnham Connection. A Novel.
74989: TWAIN, MARK; - The Prince and the Pauper. A Tale for Young People of All Ages. With One Hundred and Ninety Illustrations.
78456: TWAIN, MARK: - A Yankee at the Court of King Arthur. With 220 Illustrations by Dan Beard.
69958: TWAIN, MARK: - A Treasury of Mark Twain. Introduction by Roy Blount Jr. Illustrated by Rod Waters.
77032: TWAIN, MARK; - The Stolen White Elephant, etc. (Samuel L. Clemens.)
77033: TWAIN, MARK: - Life on the Mississippi. With Over 300 Illustrations.
78117: TWAIN, MARK: - Collected Stories. Three Volumes in Slipcase. Introduced by Robert McCrum. Illustrated by Roger Fereday.
80031: TWAIN, MARK: (CLEMENS, SAMUEL); - A Tramp Abroad. Illustrated by W. Fr. Brown, True Williams, B. Day and Other Artists - With also Three of Four Pictures made by the Author of this book without outside help; in all Three Hundred and Fourteen Illustrations.
80025: TWINING, STEPHEN H.: - The House of Twining 1706-1956 Two Hundred and Fifty Years of tea and Coffee.
79604: TWISS, HORACE: - The Public and Private Life of Lord Chancellor Eldon, with Selections from His Correspondence In Three Volumes.
73978: TYLER, ANNE: - Ladder of Years. A Novel.
73772: TYNDALE, WALTER / HOLLAND, CLIVE: - Wessex. Painted by Walter Tyndale, Described by Charles Holland.
61438: TYNDALE, WALTER: - Glastonbury Steeple from the Abbey Gardens. From the book, Wessex.
61440: TYNDALE, WALTER: - Near Maiden Castle Dorchester. From the book, Wessex.
61442: TYNDALE, WALTER: - Melbury Park. From the book, Wessex.
61443: TYNDALE, WALTER: - The Gateway at Cerne Abbas. From the book, Wessex.
79968: TYNDALE, WALTER: - Hardy Country Water-Colours.
79364: TYRRELL, HENRY: - The History of the War with Russia: Giving full details of the Operation of the Allied Armies. Illustrated by a Series of Steel Engravings. (Comprising Portraits, Events, Scenes, Views, Maps, Plans etc.) In Two Volumes.
80056: TYTLER, PATRICK FRASER: - Tytler’s History of Scotland in Nine Volumes.
79632: UDAL, JOHN SYMONDS / WILLIAM BARNES: - Dorsetshire Folk-Lore. With a Fore-Say by the late WILLIAM BARNES (16 pages). Issued by subscription.
73750: UGLOW, JENNY: - A Gambling Man. Charles II and the Restoration.
49918: UHLAND, LUDWIG: - Gedichte von Ludwig Uhland.
80130: ULLYETT, HENRY: - Rambles of a Naturalist Round Folkstone With occasional notes on the flora and fauna, with lists of plants, lepidoptera, birds and shells.
79637: UNDERDOWN, DAVID: - Fire From Heaven The Life of an English Town in the Seventeenth Century.
75281: UNKNOWN; - The Old York Road. And its Early Associations of History and Biography. 1670-1870.
76087: UNKNOWN; - Original Hand Coloured Engraving of Top Of Town, High West Street, Dorchester, Dorset. View from Top O’ Town Roundabout (near Hardy’s Statue and The Keep) Looking down the Main High Street with Grey’s Bridge in the distance.
79898: UNKNOWN: - Early Antique Engraved Hand-Coloured Map of "Gallia" France
69511: UPCOTT, WILLIAM: - English Topography. A Bibliographical Account of the Principal Works Relating to English Topography.
66375: UPHAM, J.W.: - Upway (sic) Church near Weymouth. Aquatint.
66374: UPHAM, J.W.: - Upway (sic) Church near Weymouth. Aquatint.
79278: UPTON, FLORENCE K.: - The Golliwogg's Air-Ship. Verses by Bertha Upton. Pictured by Florence K. Upton.
79707: URBAN, SYLVANUS: - The Gentleman's Magazine and Historical Review MDCCCLVI July to December Inclusive. Being Volume 1 of a New Series, and the Two-Hundered-and-First since the Commencement.
78854: URWICK, REV. W: - Indian Pictures. Drawn With Pen and Pencil.
80133: VALE, VIVIAN AND PATRICIA: - The Parish Book of Cerne Abbas Abbey and After.
64297: VAN DER HOOP, DR.A.THOMASSEN A THUESSINK / KROM, N.J. / KERN, R.A. (ET AL): - Geschiedenis van Nederlandsch Indie. 5 volumes. Dutch language.
61560: VAN DEN KEERE, PIETER: - Atlas of the British Isles. Introduction by Helen Wallis.
75823: VAN DEN KEERE : - AN ORIGINAL Miniature ENGRAVED MAP OF DORSETSHIRE ( Dorset ). So called “Mini Speed”.
74217: VAN RAALTE, FLORENCE & CHARLES: - Brownsea Island.
77938: VAN DEN KEERE : - AN ORIGINAL ENGRAVED MAP OF DORSETSHIRE ( Dorset ). So called “Mini Speed”.
77142: (VANITY FAIR SUPPLEMENT); SPY; C.H.; - “Raby Castle,” Lord Barnard.
55286: VANITY FAIR: A WEEKLY SHOW: - ORIGINAL LITHOGRAPH by QUIZ: THE RT. HON. SIR H.C LOPES. “An Old Fashioned Judge”. 25/3/1893. (Legal)
77141: (VANITY FAIR SUPPLEMENT); SPY; - Lord Robert Cecil, K.C., M.P. “So valuable an advocate should become a successful Parliamentarian.”
55274: VANITY FAIR: A WEEKLY SHOW: - ORIGINAL LITHOGRAPH by SPY: HENRY THOMAS FOLEY, 5th Baron Foley “a liberal peer”. 2/12/1882. (Politics)
55281: VANITY FAIR: A WEEKLY SHOW: - ORIGINAL LITHOGRAPH by SPY: MR.STEEL. “the leviathan”. 27/10/1877. (Wagerers)
55264: VANITY FAIR: A WEEKLY SHOW: - ORIGINAL LITHOGRAPH by BEERBOHM, MAX: “Four Feathers”. (A.E.W.Mason M.P.) 10/6/1908. (Author)
55268: VANITY FAIR: A WEEKLY SHOW: - ORIGINAL LITHOGRAPH by LIB: SIGNOR PIETRO MASCAGNI, “Cavalleria Rusticana.”. 24/8/1893. (Music)
57778: VANSITTART, JANE: - Lifelines. The Stacey Letters. 1836-1858.
60965: VARIOUS: - Account of the Meeting of the Descendants of Colonel Thomas White, of Maryland, Held at Sophia’s Dairy, on the Bush River, Maryland, June 7, 1877. Including Papers read on that Occasion, together with Others then referred to and since Prepared.
62384: VARIOUS: - The Sphere. George the Fifth Accession Number. May 21 1910. An illustrated newspaper for the Home.
62385: VARIOUS: - Country Life. February 6th 1937.
78792: VARIOUS: - The Book of The Martyrs of Tolpuddle 1834-1934. The Story of the Dorsetshire Labourers who were convicted and sentenced to seven years transportation for forming a Trade Union.
77455: VARIOUS; - The Children's Picture Gallery. With Illustrations by Harry Rowntree, Louis Wain, and many others.
62205: VARIOUS: - L’Illustration. Journal Universel. Hebdomadaire. French language.
67411: VARIOUS: - The Game of Golf. The Lonsdale Library volume IX. Stroke Play, by Joyce and Roger Wethered; Match and Medal Play, Practice, Middle-Aged Golf, Watching for Profit & Famous Courses, by Bernard Darwin; History & Literature, by Horace Hutchinson; Golf Architecture & Green-keeping, by T.C.Simpson. With one hundred illustrations.
62315: VARIOUS: - Who’s Afear’d of Family History. A guide to sources for family history in Dorset Record Office.
69220: VARIOUS - The Sketch June 30th 1897 No 231 Vol XVIII With Supplement; Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria
69178: VARIOUS: - Costume. Number 10 1976. The Journal of the Costume Society.
73010: VARIOUS: - Aurora Borealis Academica. Aberdeen University Appreciations 1860-1889.
74428: VARIOUS,; PERSONNEL OF CAMBRIDGE ICELAND EXPEDITIONS; - Iceland Papers. Volume 1. Scientific Results of Cambridge Expeditions to Iceland, 1932-38.
74512: VARIOUS; ABRAHAMS, WILLIAM; - American, English & Russian Short Stories Introduced by William Abrahams, Illustrated by Paul Gulla. Three (3) Volumes.
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