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003841: SALSI, CLAUDIO - I Ventagli Di Carta: Paper Fans
000175: SALTER, JOHN R. - Corporate Environmental Responsibility: Law and Practice
004210: SALZMAN, L. F. - England in Tudor Times: An Account of its Social Life and Industries
8064: SAMARINE, IVAN - Ivan Samarine at Jean-Luc Baroni: Russian Drawings and Watercolours
004294: SANDERS, T. W. - The Amateur's Greenhouse: A Complete Guide to the Management of Greenhouses
7356: SANDERS, PETER - The Simple Annals: The History of an Essex and East End Family
004739: SARCEY, YVONNE (DIRECTRICE-FONDATRICE) - Conferencia: Journal De L'Universite Des Annales No. XXIII 15 Novembre 1935
6242: SARSFIELD, JAMES - Insect Pests and How to Beat Them Including Notes on Plant Diseases, Soils and Manures
6714: SARTRE, JEAN-PAUL - Huis clos suivi de Les Mouches
7249: JEAN-PAUL SARTRE - Les Mains Sales
7863: SASTRY, S. M. Y. - Modern Teluga Literature and Theatre: Two Studies
7688: KRUPABAI SATTHIANADHAN - Kamala: The Story of a Hindu Child-Wife
005144: SAUNDERS, ANN - The Art and Architecture of London: An Illustrated Guide
8061: SAYAG, ALAIN - Brassai: 'No Ordinary Eyes'
003047: SCARRY, HUCK - Travels on a Barge
7892: SCHAAF, LARRY J. (TEXT) - Sun Pictures: Talbot's World A Gallery of Natural Magic
7894: SCHAAF, LARRY J. (TEXT) - Sun Pictures: The Rubel Collection
7760: SCHADLER, LINDA AND THOMAS D. TRUMMER - Susan Philipsz: Night and Fog
7297: SCHARF, AARON - Art and Photography
7127: SCHEITHAUER, WALTER - Hummingbirds: Flying Jewels
002239: SCHIMANKO, FRANZ - Bewegung Im Zwielicht
6479: E. LISA F. SCHIPPER AND IAN BURTON (EDITORS) - The Earthscan Reader on Adaptation to Climate Change
001674: SCHLAICH, JOAN AND DUPONT, BETTY (EDITORS) - Dance. The Art of Production
7912: SCHLEICHER, ROBERT H. - Dollhouses and Dioramas: Build, Finish, and Renovate the Easy Way With Kits and Ready-Made Parts
003001: SCHMIDINGER, WALTER - Angst Vor Dem Glück
003348: SCHOELLER, MONIKA - 100 Jahre Thomas Mann Bei S. Fischer
7841: SCHOLES, PERCY A. - The Great Dr. Burney: His Life, His Travels, His Works, His Family and His Friends Volumes I and II
002753: SCHOUVALOFF, ALEXANDER (COMPILER) - The Theatre Museum. Victoria and Albert Museum
004687: SCHWANTES, CARLOS A. - Radical Heritage: Labor, Socialism, and Reform in Washington and British Columbia, 1885-1917
7051: SCOT, SIR WALTER - The Prose Works of Sir Walter Scott, Bart. Vol.2. Memoirs of Jonathan Swift, D.D. Dean of St Patrick's, Dublin
003759: SCOTT, JOHN - Caught in Court: a Selection of Cases with Cricketing Connections
000619: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott, Bart. Vol V
6361: SCOTT, DUKINFIELD HENRY AND F. T. BROOKS - Flowering Plants: Part I of an Introduction to Structural Botany
004774: SCOTT, J. W. ROBERTSON (EDITOR) - The Countryman Book: A Selection of Articles and Illustrations from The Countryman
001913: SIR WALTER SCOTT - The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott
6298: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Tales of a Grandfather (History of Scotland)
7050: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Prose Works of Sir Walter Scott, Bart. Vol.3. Biographical Memoirs Vol.I.
005097: SEALY, KENNETH R. - The Geography of Air Transport
002363: SEARLE, RONALD - Back to the Slaughterhouse and Other Ugly Moments
001987: SEGALEN, MARTINE - Historical Anthropology of the Family
004854: SEGNERI, PAOLO - La Manna Dell Anima ovvero Esercizio Facile insieme, e fruttuoso Per chi desidera in qualche modo di attendere all'Orazione. Proposto Da Paulo Segneri Della Compagnia Di Gues. Per tutti i giorni dell'anno. Primo, Secondo, Terzo and Quarto Trimestres
000277: SELBY, JOHN - Stories of Famous Sieges
001262: SELLING, DAGMAR - Kalmar Castle and Kalmar County Museum
002650: SENN, C. HERMAN - Breakfast Dishes and Savouries
6323: SETON, ERNEST THOMPSON - The Biography of a Grizzly
001712: SEWELL, E. H. D. - Well Hit! Sir
004334: SEYMOUR, ROBERT - Seymour's Humorous Sketches, Comprising Ninety-two Caricature Etchings Illustrated in Prose by R. B. Peake
001709: SHAFTESBURY, EDMUND - Instantaneous Personal Magnetism. Combining an Absolutely New Method with the Best Established Teachings of the Past
6328: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Titus Andronicus In Plain and Simple English: A Modern Translation and the Original Version
002235: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Shakespeare's Twelfth Night or What You Will. With Introduction, Notes, Etc., For Students' Preparation by Stanley Wood
002691: WILLIAM SHAKSPEARE - The Merchant of Venice
002862: SHAPIRO, LIONEL - Torch for a Dark Journey
6245: SHARP, W. E. - Common Beetles of the British Lowlands
7594: SHARPLES, ALLAN - Introduction to Polymer Crystallization
004518: SHAW, BERNARD - Buoyant Billions, Farfetched Fables, & Shakes Versus Shav
002088: SHAW, BERNARD - Mrs. Warren's Profession: a Play in Four Acts
003960: SHAW, BERNARD - The Complete Plays of Bernard Shaw
003442: SHAW, BERNARD - Everybody's Political What's what?
002173: SHCHERBAKOV, D. (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Views of the USSR
5640: SHEDD, THOMAS CLARK - Structural Design in Steel
001771: SHEEAN, VINCENT - Between the Thunder and the Sun
005031: SHEED, F. J. - Theology and Sanity
6925: SHELL, SUSAN MELD - The Embodiment of Reason: Kant on Spirit, Generation, and Community
6778: SHELLEY, PERCY BYSSHE - Poems by Percy Bysshe Shelley
000219: SHERIDAN, RICHARD BRINSLEY - The Plays of Richard Brinsley Sheridan
001424: SHINDLER, COLIN - Hollywood Goes to War. Films and American Society 1939-1952
002131: SHIPMAN, DAVID - Movie Talk. Who Said What About Whom in the Movies
6834: SHIPPERLEE, J. A. - Your Book of Lino-Cutting
7384: SHUCKFORD, SAMUEL - The Sacred and Prophane History of the World Connected, From the Creation of the World to the Dissolution of the Assyrian Empire at the Death of Sardanapalus, and to the Declension of the Kingdoms of Judah and Israel, under the Reigns of Ahaz and Pekah
7893: SHULMAN, JULIUS - L.A. Obscura: The Architectural Photography of Julius Shulman
004037: SIDGWICK, FRANK (EDITOR) - Popular Ballads of the Olden Times: First Series. Ballads of Romance and Chivalry
004343: SIEGFRIED, ANDRE - Normandie
004871: SIMAK, CLIFFORD D. - Time is the Simplest Thing
003427: SIMMONITE, WILLIAM JOSEPH - Medical Botany or Herbal Guide to Health Explaining the Natural Pathology of Disease, with Hundreds of Herbal Recipes Thus Making Every Man His Own Physician
8066: SIMON, ROBIN - Public Artist, Private Passions / The World of Edward Linley Sambourne
6376: SIMPSON, EDWARD - Insect Lives as told by Themselves
002875: SIMPSON, JOHN - Quick Fruit Culture: New Methods for Gardens Great or Small
7317: SIMS, RICHARD - A Manual for the Genealogist, Topographer, Antiquary, and Legal Professor, Consisting of Descriptions of Public Records; Parochial and Other Registers; Wills; County and Family Histories; Heraldic Collections in Public Libraries, Etc. Etc.
002720: SINGER, ERIC - Graphology for Everyman
005321: SINGH, G - Thomas Hardy Poesie
7948: SISMONDI, J. C. L. SIMONDE DE - Historical View Of The Literature Of The South Of Europe: Volume Ii
004223: SITWELL, SACHEVERELL - Selected Works
003871: SITWELL, OSBERT - Tales My Father Taught Me: An Evocation of Extravagant Episodes
001344: SIWERTZ, SIGFRID - All Världens Äventyr
5697: STEFANIA SKWARCZYN´SKA - W Kre?gu Wielkich Romantyko´w Polskich
002642: SKINNER, WILLIAM (COMPILER) - The Belle Skinner Collection of Old Musical Instruments
8027: SKINNER, B. F. - Contingencies of Reinforcement: a theoretical analysis
004972: SLAUGHTER, FRANK G. - Afin Que Nul Ne Meure...
004029: SLOAT, WARREN - 1929 America Before the Crash
7116: SMILG, JOSEPH - Money, Sex and Chicken Soup or How to Enjoy Your Life
7577: F. B SMITH - Radical artisan: William James Linton, 1812-97
004715: SMITH, SYDNEY (COMPILER) - Rothmans Test Cricket Almanack
004610: SMITH, A. JAMSON - The Age of Richelieu as Described By French Contemporaries and French Historians
001692: SMITH, ANTHONY - Throw Out Two Hands
001794: SMITH, DENNIS (EDITOR) - The boys' Book of Soccer 1970
003460: SMITH, ALBERT - The Struggles and Adventures of Christopher Tadpole at Home and Abroad
003238: SMITH, R. A. - Buses Annual 1967
7134: GUTHRIE-SMITH, H. - Bird Life on Island and Shore
005162: SMITH, ADAM - An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations with a Life of the Author also, A View of the Doctrine of Smith, Compared with that of the French Economists; with a Method of Facilitating the Study of His Works; from the French of M. Garnie
000762: SMITH, SIR WILLIAM - A Smaller History of Rome from the Earliest Times to the Death of Trajan
5520: MCCALL SMITH, ALEXANDER - The Sunday Philosophy Club
001235: SMITH, JAMES - Rejected Addresses or the New Theatrum Poetarum
003854: LUCIE-SMITH, EDWARD - Furniture: A Concise History
002092: SMOLKA, H. P. - Forty Thousand Against the Arctic
000780: SMOLLETT, TOBIAS - Travels Through France and Italy
5814: SMOLLETT, TOBIAS - The Adventures of Roderick Random. In Two Volumes Vol. I
7801: SMYTH, H. D. - A General Account of the Development of Methods of Using Atomic Energy for Military Purposes Under the Auspices of the United States Government 1940-1945
004156: SMYTHE, F. S. - A Camera in the Hills
002942: SMYTHE, FRANK S. - Over Welsh Hills
8070: LORD SNOWDON (EARL OF SNOWDON) - Photographs by Snowdon: A Retrospective
8020: SOBY, JAMES THRALL - Tchelitchew: Paintings, Drawings
7976: SOKOLOVA, T. - Winter Palace: Brief historical and architectural sketch
5451: SOMERVILLE, WILLIAM - The Place of Rural Economy in a University Curriculum: An Inaugural Lecture Delivered at the Schools on February 1, 1907
7145: SOOTHILL, ERIC AND RICHARD - Wading Birds of the World
005316: SOUCHAL, FRANÇOIS - Art of the Early Middle Ages
005198: SOUTHERN, RICHARD - Proscenium and Sight - Lines: A Complete System of Scenery Planning and a Guide to the Laying Out of Stages for Scene Designers, Stage-Managers, Theatre Architects and Engineers, Theatrical History and Research Workers and those Concerned with the Planni
002398: SOUTHEY, ROBERT - The Life of Horatio Nelson
003799: SPANIER, GINETTE - And Now Its Sables
6317: SPARROW, WALTER SHAW - Angling in British Art
001691: SPAULL, HEBE - ABC of Civics. A Dictionary of Terms Used in Connection with Parliament, Local Authorities, Courts of Law, Diplomacy and the United Nations
8091: SPENCER, ISOBEL - Walter Crane
6543: SPOONER, HENRY J. - Motors and Motoring
002565: STAAL, PAUL - A Foreigner Looks at Australia
003743: STAFF, FRANK - The Valentine & Its Origins
6958: THE AUTOCAR TECHNICAL STAFF - The Autocar Handbook for the Motorist
003583: STAFF, FRANK - The Valentine & Its Origins
001349: STANEK, DR. V. J. - Secrets of Nature. The Animal World Around Us
5659: STAWELL, MRS RODOLPH - Fabre's Book of Insects: Retold from Alexander Teixeira de Mattos' Translation of Fabre's "Souvenirs Entomologiques"
5642: STEACIE, E. W. R. - Atomic and Free Radical Reactions. The Kinetics of Gas-Phase Reactions Involving Atoms and Organic Radicals
003806: STEIN, GERTRUDE - Picasso
004471: STEINER, RUDOLF - Theosophy : An Introduction to the Supersensible Knowledge of the World and the Destination of Man
004066: STEPHENS, FRANCES - Theatre World Annual (London): A Pictorial Review of West End Productions with a Record of Plays and Players. Number 2 1st June 1950 - 31st May 1951
004069: STEPHENS, FRANCES - Theatre World Annual (London): A Pictorial Review of West End Productions with a Record of Plays and Players. Number 4 1st June 1952 - 31st May 1953
004070: STEPHENS, FRANCES - Theatre World Annual (London): A Pictorial Review of West End Productions with a Record of Plays and Players. Number 3 1st June 1951 - 31st May 1952
7257: ALAN M. G. STEPHENSON - The Rise and Decline of English Modernism: The Hulsean Lectures 1979-80
001760: STERN, ANDY - Who Won the Oil Wars?
7430: STERN, H. J. - Practical Latex Work
003599: STERNE, LAURENCE - A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy
003156: STEVENS, FRANK - Stonehenge Today & Yesterday
002035: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - A Child's Garden of Verses
000781: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Familiar Studies of Men and Books
004022: STEWART, JON - Understanding Econometrics
7803: STIEREN, ADOLPHUS - Sancti Irenaei Episcopi Lugdunensis Detections et Eversionis Falso Cognominatae Agnitionis seu Contra Omnes Haereses Libri Quinque
002100: STIRLING, MONICA - The Wild Swan: The Life And Times Of Hans Christian Andersen
001059: STOCKDALE, TOM - They Died Too Young: John Lennon
7236: STOPPARD, TOM - Jumpers
8047: JACKSON STOPS, GERVASE - Petworth House Sussex
003431: STOW, JOHN - A Survay of London Contayning the Originall, Antiquity, Increase, Moderne Estate, and Description of That Citie, Written in the Year 1598
002989: STRACHE, WOLF AND OTTO STEINERT (EDITORS) - The German Photographic Annual 1963
005178: STRAPAROLA, GIOVANNI FRANCESCO - The Most Delectable Nights of Straparola of Caravaggio Vol II
002279: WINGFIELD-STRATFORD, ESME - The Victorian Aftermath 1901-1914
7558: STREET, A. G. - In His Own Country
7648: STREHL, ROLF - Die Roboter Sind Unter Uns: Ein Tatsachenbericht
005315: STRIBLING, MARY LOU - Art From Found Materials discarded and Natural
7057: STRONG - The Hill/Adamson Albums: A Selection from the early Victorian photographs acquired by The National Portrait Gallery in January 1973
004586: STUART, R. A. GALLENGA - Perugia
001891: STYS, STANISLAV AND HELESICOVA, LIBENA - Promeny Mesicni Krajiny. Changes of Moon Landscape
003240: SUDELL, RICHARD - Practical Home Gardening Illustrated. A Sound and Comprehensive Guide to Garden Planning and Maintenance
000536: SUSSMAN, AARON - The Amateur Photographer's Handbook
6746: SUTCLIFFE, F. E. - La Pensée de Paul Valéry
003428: SUTHERLAND, HALLIDAY - The Arches of the Years
6437: SUTTON, DENYS (EDITOR) - Treasures from the Collection of Frits Lugt at the Institut Néerlandais Paris
7798: SUTTON, DENYS (EDITOR) - Apollo The Magazine of the Arts November 1976 Volume CIV No.177
003821: SUTTON, DENYS - Lautrec
6467: SUTTON, DENYS - Loan Exhibition of French Painting of the XVIIth Century in aid of the Merchant Navy Comforts Service. June 20th - July 31st 1947
003978: SUYIN, HAN - A Share of Loving
004565: SWEDENBORG, EMANUEL - Angelic Wisdom Concerning the Divine Providence
6764: SWIFT, ERIC - Four For The Gospel Makers and Other Poems 1948
7897: SYKES, CHRISTOPHER SIMON - Country house camera
6435: SYKES, CHRISTOPHER SIMON - Country House Camera
5525: SYMES, CHRIS J. REVISED BY G. E. WHALLEY - Bromoil and Transfer: A Revised and Enlarged Edition of Perfection in the Pigment Processes
7791: SYNGE, PATRICK M. (EDITOR) - Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society Vol. LXXVIII Part One to Twelve 1953 plus Extracts from the Proceedings Part One and Two
003627: SZABOLCSI, BENCE - The Twilight of Ferenc Liszt
005136: TABORI, PAUL - Alexander Korda
001253: TAINE, H. - Essai Sur Tite Live
6393: TALLEY, P. FORREST (EDITOR) - Psychotherapy Research and Practice: Bridging the Gap
002829: TALMADGE, R. H. - Point of Sale Display
7327: KOESE-TAMMELING, ANNEKE - Handwerken
000577: TANNER, LAWRENCE E. - The History of the Coronation
6546: TATTERSALL, IAN - Becoming Human: Evolution And Human Uniqueness
7596: TAYLOR, F. SHERWOOD - Inorganic and Theoretical Chemistry
003974: TAYLOR, JOHN AND SUSAN YOUNG - Passenger Aircraft and Airlines
6250: TAYLOR, J. E. - Half-Hours in The Green Lanes: A Book for a Country Stroll
004748: TAYLOR, ANDREW - God's Fugitive: The Life of Charles Montagu Doughty
7761: PAUL TAYLOR - Condition: The Ageing Of Art
002107: TAYLOR, G. C. - Garden Making By Example
002885: TAYLOR, CAPTAIN L. G. AND F. H. TRIM - Cargo Work. The Care, Handling and Carriage of Cargoes
002677: TAYLOR, JACK - Black and White Photography in Practice
5526: TAZIEFF, HAROUN - Le Gouffre De La Pierre Saint-Martin
6868: TEMPESTI, FERNANDO (EDITOR) - Aspetti dell fotografia toscann dell'Ottocento.
003515: TENCH, WATKIN (EDITOR GAVIN EDWARDS) - Letters from Revolutionary France: Letters Written in France to a Friend in London, Between the Month of November 1794, and the Month of May 1795
001915: TENNYSON, ALFRED - The Holy Grail and Other Poems
7044: TERRILL, EDWARD - The Records of A Church of Christ Meeting in Broadmead, Bristol, A.D. 1640 to A.D. 1688
8062: TESTINO, MARIO - Mario Testino Portraits
001525: DE THABREW, W. V. - Lawns. A Manual of Lawn Care
7950: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE - The Newcomes: Memoirs Of A Most Respectable Family
003464: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE - The Irish Sketch Book and Critical Reviews Volume XVIII
6924: THAKER, CHRISOPHER (HON EDITOR) - Garden History: The Journal of The Garden History Society Vol. VI No. 3 Winter 1978
000123: THAYER, CHARLES W. - Russia
7593: THEISEN, VERENA - Diamanten-Fibel: Handbuch der Diamant-Graduierung
000424: THEOHARIS, ATHAN G. AND JOHN STUART COX - The Boss: J. Edgar Hoover and the Great American Inquisition
004040: THOMAS, DONALD - Swinburne: The Poet in His World
004686: THOMAS, LEWIS HERBERT - The Struggle for Responsible Government in the North-West Territories 1870-97
6990: THOMAS, ADRIAN (EDITOR) - Design at Work: An introduction to the industrial designer, with a study of his methods of working and the position he holds in British industry today
6450: THOMAS, DAVID B. - The Origins of the Motion Picture
6368: THOMAS, MERION - Plant Physiology
7129: THOMAS, D. B. - The Science Museum Photography Collection
7185: THOMPSON, EDWARD - Crusader's Coast
005239: SETON-THOMPSON, ERNEST - Lives of the Hunted, Containing a True Account of the Doings of Five Quadrupeds & Three Birds, and, in Elucidation of the Same, over 200 Drawings
002861: THOMPSON, ELIZABETH BARTLETT - Africa Past and Present
7490: THOMSON, WILLIAM A. R. - The Searching Mind in Medicine
6111: THOMSON, ALEXIS AND ALEXANDER MILES - Manual of Surgery Volume Second Regional Surgery
6110: THOMSON, ALEXIS AND ALEXANDER MILES - Manual of Surgery Volume First General Surgery
6341: THORNE, MRS JAMES WARD - American Rooms in Miniature
000490: TICHENOR, TOM - Tom Tichenor's Puppets
7376: TILLET, MATHIEU - Précis des Expériences Faites par Ordre du Roi à Trianon, sur La Cause de la Corruption des Blés, Et sur les moyens de la prévenir; à la suite duquel est une Instruction propre à guider les Laboureurs dans la manière dont ils doivent préparer le Granin avant de le semer
7093: TIMBS, JOHN - Curiosities of London Exhibiting The Most Rare and Remarkable Objects of Interest in The Metropolis with Nearly Sixty Years Personal Recollections
7393: TIMMER, B. J. (EDITOR) - Judith
001969: TIMPSON, JOHN - Today and Yesterday
004860: TINDALL, GILLIAN - The Water and the Sound
002422: TOMASEVIC, MEBOJSA BATO AND DR RAJKO DJURIC - Roma: Eine Reise in Die Verborgene Welt Der Zigeuner
002723: TOMASZEWSKI, JERZY - Epizody Powstania Warszawskiego
004237: TOMLIN, E. W. F. - Die Welt Des Charles Dickens
004624: TOMLINSON, H. M. (EDITOR) - The Sea and the Jungle: Being the narrative of the voyage of the tramp steamer Capella, from Swansea to Santa Maria de Belem do Grâo Pará in the Brazils, and thence 2,000 miles along the forests of the Amazon and Madeira Rivers to the San Antonio Falls
7860: TOMLINSON, MRS CHARLES - First Steps in General Knowledge: Part IV The Vegetable Kingdom
002358: TONG, ROSEMARIE - Feminist Thought. A Comprehensive Introduction
001804: TOURS, BERTHOLD (EDITOR) - Martha. A Comic Romantic Opera in Four Acts Composed By F. Von Flotow
005025: TOYE, FRANCIS - Italian Opera
004619: TREE, MICHAEL - Contend No More
7478: TREFFRY, TIMOTHY (EDITOR) - Horological Journal January-December 2003
7479: TREFFRY, TIMOTHY (EDITOR) - Horological Journal January-December 2004
7477: TREFFRY, TIMOTHY (EDITOR) - Horological Journal January-December 2000
005272: TRENCH, RICHARD CHENEVIX - On The Study of Words: Lectures Addressed (Originally) to The Pupils at the Diocesan Training-School, Winchester
6081: TREVELYAN, GEORGE OTTO - The Life and Letters of Lord Macaulay
004694: TREVELYAN, RALEIGH - Rome '44 : The Battle for the Eternal City
7272: TREWIN, J. C. - The Edwardian Theatre
003798: TROLL, THADDAUS - Vom Reiz der Landschaft. 117 Farbfotos aus Deutschland
004450: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The Claverings
003870: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The Two Heroines of Plumplington and Other Stories
7276: TROTTER, TORRENS (COMPILED BY) - Cowdray in the Parish of Easebourne, Near Midhurst, Sussex
6540: TROUGHT, TREVOR (EDITOR) - The Amateur Entomologist Volume 10
7642: TROUSE, MARTIN AND HAZEL - The Wizard Index 1944-1963
001958: TROWARD, T. - The Creative Process in the Individual
003266: TSERETELI, VASILY (CHAIRMAN) - New Angelarium
004320: TUGWELL, MAURICE - Airborne to Battle: A History of Airborne Warfare 1918-1971
7283: TURLE, JAMES - The England I Love Best
6113: TURNER, E.S. - Amazing Grace: The Great Days of Dukes
003253: TURNER, E. S. - Taking the Cure
7087: TURNER, JAMES - The Accident and other poems
7194: TURRILL, W. B. - British Plant Life
003677: TWAIN, MARK (SAMUEL L. CLEMENS) - The Prince and the Pauper: A Tale for Young People of All Ages
003322: TWAIN, MARK - Ein Yankee am Hofe des Königs Artus
7817: TWAIN, MARK - What is Man?
003425: TWAIN, MARK - The Innocents Abroad or the New Pilgrim's Progress. Being Some Account of the Steamship 'Quaker City's' Pleasure Excursion to Europe and the Holy Land, with Descriptions of Countries, Nations, Incidents, and Adventures as They Appeared to the Author.
7946: TWEEDSMUIR, SUSAN - The Edwardian Lady
6982: TYLDESLEY, JOYCE - Judgement of The Pharaoh: Crime and Punishment in Ancient Egypt
002110: TYLINEK, ERICH - Bernie the Baby Bear
003893: TYNAN, KENNETH - The Sound of Two Hands Clapping
6803: TYSON, R. BRYAN (EDITOR) - Cum Grano Seven
001379: UBSDELL, A. R. - An English Song and Other Poems
003319: UNRUH, ILSE - Das Kochbuch aus Hessen
7835: URQUHART, THOMAS - The Admirable Urquhart: Selected writings. Edited and introduced by Richard Boston
5630: UTTLEY, ALISON - Snug and the Chimney-Sweeper
002144: BERTARELLI L. V. (EDITED BY FINDLAY MUIRHEAD) - Northern Italy from the Alps to Rome (Rome excepted)
7061: LÉVY-VALENSI, ELIANE AMADO - Le Temps dans la Vie Psychologique
001952: MRS. VALENTINE (COMPILED AND EDITED BY) - Gems of National Poetry
7595: VALLENTIN, ANTONINA - Einstein: A Biography
005240: VALLINS, G. H. - Spelling
7873: VARIOUS - Diogène No. 76 Octobre-Décembre 1971
7630: VARIOUS - The Cornhill Magazine Vol. XII. July to December, 1865
7628: VARIOUS - Pioneers of Precision Timekeeping
6754: VARIOUS - The Twentieth Century: Spring 1962 Vol. 171 No. 1013
6698: VARIOUS - La Nouvelle Revue des Deux Mondes Janvier 1973
7505: VARIOUS - Munsey's Magazine Vol. XXXVI
001789: VARIOUS - 25 Stories from the Soviet Republics
6605: VARIOUS - National Portrait Gallery: People in Camera 1839-1914
7404: VARIOUS - The Psychologist: A Magazine of Practical Psychology
6774: VARIOUS - The Rationalist Annual for the Year 1960
7215: VAUCHER, CHARLES - Sea Birds
7787: VAUGHAN, RICHARD - Plovers
004841: VECORS (JEAN BRULLER) - For the Time Being
5582: VEINSTEIN, ANDRÉ - La Mise en Scène Théatrale et Sa Condition Esthétique
003404: VELDE, TH. H. VAN DE - Ideal Marriage: Its Physiology and Technique
004740: VENTURELLI, PROSPERO - Sontuose nozze e felice Convito, Che ha lo Sposo Celeste Con l'Anima del Christiano, Per mezzo del sacramento della Santissima Communione. Con li Eserciii dell' principali Misteri della Passione di N. S. Giesù Christo per tutti li giorni della settimana
7636: VERGER, PIERRE AND ROBERT BURNETT (FOREWORD) - South Sea Islands: 48 Photographic Studies by Pierre Verger
7682: VERHAEREN, ÉMILE - La Multiple Splendeur: Poèmes
7999: VERNE, JULES - L'Etoile du Sud (Le Pays des Diamants). L'Archipel en Feu
7855: VERNE, JULES - Les Premiers Voyageurs Célèbres - Grands Voyages et Grands Voyageurs
003299: VERNE, JULES - Cinq Semaines En Ballon
7627: VERNE, JULES - L'Ile à Hélice
6528: VERNER, MIROSLAV - Forgotten Pharaohs, Lost Pyramids. Abusir
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