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11545: SIMROD, KARL - Das Nibelungenlied
18599: SINCLAIR, JOHN - Scenes and Stories of the North of Scotland
18531: SINCLAIR, J S - The Liquor License Act of the Province of Ontario
15803: SING, BEVERLY JUNG - Geistliche Vokalkomposition zwischen Barock und Klassik
6635: SISSONS, C B - The Memoirs of C B Sissons
7873: SJOGREN, HENRIK - Stage and Society in Sweden: Aspects of Swedish Theatre Since 1945
15873: SJÖQVIST, GUNNAR - Vi lyssnar på musik. Skivkommentarer för skolor musikcirklar och självstudier
15842: SJÖSTEDT, C E - Ny kunskap. Översikt över vetenskapens senaste forskningsresultat
0329: SKOUSEN, MARK - The 1978 Insider's Banking & Credit Almanac
9385: SLATER, J HERBERT - Robert Louis Stevenson: A Bibliography of His Complete Works
12216: SLOTTY, FRIEDRICH - Einführung ins Griechische für Universitätskurse und zum Selbststudium Erwachsener
8061: SLUPIANEK, BENNO (HRSG.) - Dialog 75. Positionen und Tendenzen.
9798: SMAITH, HARRY P - Adventures in an Architectural Archipelago
18355: SMALL, ERNEST; CATLING, PAUL M. - Canadian Medicinal Crops
17307: SMALL, ERNEST; DEUTSCH, GRACE - Culinary Herbs for Short-Season Gardeners
18352: SMALL, ERNEST - Audubon: Beyond Birds: Plant Portraits and Conservation Heritage of John James Audubon
18353: SMALL, ERNEST - Top 100 Food Plants: The World’s Most Important Culinary Crops
0526: SMITH, ALEXANDER. - A Summer in Skye
3533: SMITH, I NORMAN (ED.) - The Unbelievable Land : 29 Experts Bring Us Closer to the Arctic
11293: SMITH, NIGEL - The Industrial Revolution
13593: SMITH, ERMINNIE ADELE - Myths of the Iroquois
18486: SMITH, W L - The Pioneers of Old Ontario
2481: SMITH, MARY LARRATT - Prologue to Norman : The Canadian Bethunes
13964: SMITH, JAMES G. E. - Leadership among the Southwestern Ojibwa
6709: SMITH, F CLIFFORD - A Lover in Homespun and Other Stories
13782: SMITH, JORI - Charlevoix County, 1930
17742: SMITH, WILLIAM; UPTON, L F S (ED.) - The Diary and Selected Papers of Chief Justice William Smith 1784-1793, Vol. 2
9592: SMITH, NORMAN - The Diary of Our Own Pepys: E W Harrold's Record of Canadian Life
15148: SNELL, GORDON - The Oh, Canadians Omnibus!: Hysterically Historical Rhymes
18370: SNOOK, MICHAEL - Fishing Saskatchewan: An Angler's Guide to Provincial Waters
11163: SNOW, C P - The Malcontents
11162: SNOW, C P - Corridors of Power
3380: ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF AGRICULTURAL SOCIETIES - Annual Report of Ontario Agricultural Societies 1971
18356: CANADIAN BIBLE SOCIETY - New Testament and Psalms in Eastern Arctic Inuktitut
18357: CANADIAN BIBLE SOCIETY - Atikameqw New Testament: Kice Manito Ocki Omirwatcimowin
15189: LAKE ST. LOUIS HISTORICAL SOCIETY - The Louisiana Affair from a contemporary account of 1721
15190: EPHEMERA SOCIETY - The Ephemera Society: Members List 1979
0454: ONTARIO HISTORICAL SOCIETY. - Hometown History: Highlighting Your Heritage.
2460: ONTARIO HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Constitution and By-Laws of the Ontario Historical Society
18360: CANADIAN BIBLE SOCIETY - Mohawk Book of Genesis - Tiotahsawáhkwen
18409: KINGSTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Historic Kingston No. 18: being the Transactions of the Kingston Historical Society for 1969
18526: EDINBURGH BIBLE SOCIETY - Leabhraichean an t-Seann Tiomnaidh air an Tarruing o'n cheud chanain chum Gaelic Albannaich agus air an cur a mach le h-ughdarras ard-sheanaidh Eaglais na h-Alba
1350: IEEE COMPUTER SOCIETY - Fault-Tolerant Computing Symposium, 25th Anniversary Compendium, Pasadena 1995
6480: CATHOLIC TRUTH SOCIETY - A Popular Guide to Westminster Cathedral, with two plans
7261: AMERICAN TRACT SOCIETY - Books for Young Children, vol, 2
12793: BRUCE COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Bruce County Historical Society Yearbook 1992
5188: THE ROYAL LIFE SAVING SOCIETY - Illustrated Handbook of Instruction
9146: LONDON MISSIONARY SOCIETY - The Eighty-Third [& Eighty-Fourth & Eighty-Fifth] Annual Report of the Bengal Auxiliary to the London Missionary Society including the Reports for 1901, 1902, 1903; bound up with the reports of the Murshidabad District for 1902 & 1903
9470: AMERICAN TEMPERANCE SOCIETY - Fourth Report of the American Temperance Society, May, 1831
9471: MASSACHUSETTS TEMPERANCE SOCIETY - Journal of the Proceedings of the Massachusetts Temperance Convention, begun and held at Worcester, on Wednesday, September 18, 1833
10470: INTERNATIONAL GRAPHOANALYSIS SOCIETY - Evaluated Traits of Graphoanalysis
10954: AMERICAN TRACT SOCIETY - Stepping Stones
10955: AMERICAN TRACT SOCIETY - Grandma's Happy Hour
4160: KENYON [ONTARIO] AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY - Kenyon Agricultural Society 100 Years
7371: ARC POETRY SOCIETY - ARC: Canada's National Poetry Magazine, Autumn 1999
18407: KINGSTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Historic Kingston No. 4: being the Transactions of the Kingston Historical Society for 1954-55
18649: CANADIAN BIBLE SOCIETY - Ojibwe Kihcimasina'ikan / Shorter Bible in Ojibwe - Saulteaux
13493: CANADIAN BIBLE SOCIETY - Mark Omasinahikan / L'Evangile selon Marc / Gospel of Mark
18384: CANADIAN BIBLE SOCIETY - Book of Ruth in Western Plains Cree
18385: CANADIAN BIBLE SOCIETY - Selected Psalms in Western Plains Cree / Kihci-masinahikan Nikamowina
13934: CANADIAN BIBLE SOCIETY - The Book of Ruth in Mohawk: Orihwatokenhti tsi Kahia:ton ne Ruth
13805: CANADIAN BIBLE SOCIETY - Oski Testament - New Testament in Western Cree
15191: EPHEMERA SOCIETY - The Ephemera Society: Members List 1981
14228: BEACONSFIELD HISTORICAL SOCIETY - A Tour of Beaurepaire - Beaconsfield
0902: CHRISTIAN SCIENCE PUBLISHING SOCIETY - Livret trimestriel de la Science Chrétienne: Leçons bibliques (8 exemplaires)
18388: CANADIAN BIBLE SOCIETY - Joseph Comic Book / Bible Stories in Inuktitut
15542: COLLEGE MUSIC SOCIETY - Music in the Undergraduate Curriculum: A Reassessment Report on Study Groups
18410: KINGSTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Historic Kingston No. 19: being the Transactions of the Kingston Historical Society for 1970
18408: KINGSTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Historic Kingston No. 16: being the Transactions of the Kingston Historical Society for 1967
18411: KINGSTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Historic Kingston No. 21: being the Transactions of the Kingston Historical Society for 1972
18386: CANADIAN BIBLE SOCIETY - Gospel of Mark in Western Plains Cree / Miywacimowin ka-ki-masinahahk Mark
15541: CANADIAN BIBLE SOCIETY - New Testament in Tukudh / Jisus Kreist Nyiwhe Kukwadhut Akq Nyiwhahsi vi Hlukwinadhun Kechid
18500: EDINBURGH BIBLE SOCIETY - Leabhraichean an t-Seann Tiomnaidh air an Tarruing o'n cheud chanain chum Gaelic Albannaich agus air an cur a mach le h-ughdarras ard-sheanaidh Eaglais na h-Alba
14030: CANADIAN BIBLE SOCIETY - New Testament in Moose Cree
15149: CANADIAN BIBLE SOCIETY - New Testament in James Bay Cree of Quebec, as spoken in Waswanipi, Nemaska, Waskaganish, Ojibougamau and Misstissini
14842: CANADIAN PHILATELIC SOCIETY - Canadian Philatelic Society membership list to March 31st, 1945
14843: CANADIAN PHILATELIC SOCIETY - Canadian Philatelic Society Year Book 1946-1947
14844: CANADIAN PHILATELIC SOCIETY - Canadian Philatelic Society Year Book 1947-1948
14845: CANADIAN PHILATELIC SOCIETY - Canadian Philatelic Society Bulletin Year Book 1948-1949
14846: BRITISH NORTH AMERICAN PHILATELIC SOCIETY - British North American Philatelic Society Yearbook for 1946
18182: CUNA MUTUAL INSURANCE SOCIETY - Canadian Heritage : Historical Documents of Canada / L'héritage du Canada
18033: MONTGOMERY COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Fort Johnson: A Historic Structure Report
17690: CANADIAN BIBLE SOCIETY - Holy Bible in Eastern Arctic Inuktitut
18027: KOREA STAMP SOCIETY - Korean Philately, vol 27, no 3, Aug 1978
18358: CANADIAN BIBLE SOCIETY - Atikameqw New Testament: Kice Manito Ocki Omirwatcimowin
10622: SOCINI, MARIANI IVNIORIS / MARIANUS SOCINUS JUNIORIS [ALSO SOCCINI, SOZZINI] (1482-1556) - Commentaria [Celsus Socinius Senensis]
15867: SÖDERHOLM, VALDEMAR - Arbetsbok i modulation
6004: DUCHAÎNE [SA SOEUR, RELIGIEUSE DE LA PROVIDENCE] - Une Ame de Prêtre : l'abbé Louis-Ernest Duchaîne, curé de Frenchville, Sask. (1890-1923)
16811: STERLING SOFTWARE - QuickTran / MicroTran / ProTran User Guide & Installation Guide
13030: SOLESMES - Chant grégorien
10217: SOLVERSON, HOWARD - Le Jésuite et le Dragon: la vie et l'oeuvre du père William Mackey au royaume himalayen du Bhoutan
4349: SOLWAY, DAVID - Lying about the Wolf : Essays in Culture & Education
14965: SOLWAY, DAVID - Random Walks : Essays in Elective Criticism
10583: SOLWAY, DAVID - The Turtle Hypodermic of Sickenpods : Liberal Studies in the Corporate Age
0426: SOLWAY, DR SYDNEY - The Tangled Web of Psychiatry.
17057: SOMERVILLE, MARGARET A ; SAUL, JOHN RALSTON - Do We Care? : Renewing Canada's Commitment to Health
15755: SØRENSEN, SØREN - Das Buxtehudebild im Wandel der Zeit
15367: SØRENSEN, SØREN - Diderich Buxtehudes vokale kirkemusik. Studier til den evangeliske kirkekantates udviklingshistorie
15309: SOUTHEY, ROBERT - The Remains of Henry Kirke White, of Nottingham, Late of St. John's College, Cambridge: with an Account of His Life, by Robert Southey
9182: SOUVESTRE, EMILE - The Lake Shore; or The Slave, the Serf, and the Apprentice
12676: SPÄTH, KRISTINE - Töpferei in Schlesien. Bunzlau und Umgebung
7741: SPECK, FRANK G. - Midwinter Rites of the Cayuga Long House
16551: MUSIC THEORY SPECTRUM - Music Theory Spectrum the Journal of the Society for Music Theory (Vol 11, No 1, Spring 1989)
0957: SPELMAN, HENRY M III. - Postal History Auctions (9 issues)
0974: SPENCE, F S. (ED.) - The Vanguard: A Journal of Moral Reform (Nov 1893, Vol 1, No 1)
8754: SPENCER, ELIZABETH - Une Voix dans l'ombre
0871: SPENCER, J B. - Beef Raising in Canada
13623: SPENCER, DICK - Trumpets and Drums: John Diefenbaker on the Campaign Trail
18171: SPENCER, HANNA - Hanna's Diary, 1938-1941 : Czechoslovakia to Canada
8532: SPENDER, HAROLD - A Briton in America
12080: SPIERO, HEINRICH - Geschichte des deutschen Romans
11051: SPIGELMAN, MARTIN - Wilfrid Laurier (The Canadians)
12182: SPINOZA, BARUCH - Die Ethik nach geometrischer Methode dargestellt
18036: SPITTAL, WILLIAM G - Iroquois Women: An Anthology
12659: SPOERL, HEINRICH - Wenn wir alle Engel wären
12251: SPRANGER, EDUARD - Goethe. Seine geistige Welt
9733: STACEY, ROBERT - Canadian Bookplates
14851: STAEBLER, L M - The Canadian Philatelist
9513: CANADIAN AUTHORS ASSOCIATION STAFF - Signatures Amid the Green (Northern Ontario Poetry Collection, Vol. 1)
16506: STAFSKI, HEINZ - Från gamla apotek
11937: STÄHELIN, J J - Die messianischen Weissagungen des Alten Testaments in ihrer Enstehung, Entwicklung und Ausbildung
12717: STAIGER, EMIL - Grundbegriffe der Poetik
11612: STALEY, EDGCUMBE - Fra Angelico
16377: STAMITZ - Quartetto C-dur für Altblockflöte (Querflöte, Violine), zwei Violinen und Violoncello
11766: STAMMLER, WOLFGANG - Spätlese des Mittelalters. 2. Religiöses Schrifttum
11767: STAMMLER, WOLFGANG - Spätlese des Mittelalters. 1. Weltliches Schrifttum
17189: MONTREAL STANDARD - Canada's Aid to the Allies and Peace Memorial
11757: STANNAT, WERNER - Das Leben der leben heiligen Elisabeth in drei mittelniederdeutschen Handschriften aus Wolfenbüttel und Hannover
10991: ORDER OF THE EASTERN STAR - Cook Book. Winnegance Chapter No. 119 Order of the Eastern Star
14866: STARNAMAN, GEORGE W - The Philatelic Advocate
7980: NEW YORK STATE, DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE - Fifteenth Annual Report of The Board of Control of the New York Agricultural Experiment Station, for the Year 1896, With Reports of Director and Other Officers
7558: NEW YORK. SECRETARY OF STATE - Manual for the Use Of The Legislature of the State of New York 1868
7720: CANADA. DOMINION BUREAU OF STATISTICS - Monthly Review of Business Statistics, May 1933
0193: CANADA. DOMINION BUREAU OF STATISTICS. - Canada 1949: the official handbook of present conditions and recent progress.
18318: LOWER CANADA STATUTES - A Provincial Statute of Lower Canada anno regni nono Georgii IV / Statut Provincial du Bas-Canada : An act to make a new and more convenient subdivision of the province into counties... / Acte pour faire une division nouvelle... en comptés
11531: STAUPITZ, JOHANN VON - Tübinger Predigten
12818: STEAD, ROBERT J. C. - The Homesteaders
0809: STEEL, ERNEST W. - Water Supply and Sewerage
11973: STEELE, HARWOOD - Lays on the Long, Long Trail: Selected Poems and Drawings
3532: STEFANSSON, VILHJALMUR - Northwest to Fortune: The Search of Western Man for a Commercially Practical Route to the Far East
12424: STEFFEN, HANS - Formkräfte der deutschen Dichtung vom Barock bis zur Gegenwart
11057: STEINEN, WOLFRAM VON DEN - Der Kosmos des Mittelalters. Von Karl dem Großen zu Bernhard von Clairvaux
6795: STEINER, WALTER - Europa in der Urzeit. Die Erdgeschichtliche Entwicklung unseres Kontinents von der Urzeit bis heute
14231: STEINHOUSE, HERBERT - The Time of the Juggernaut
16175: STENHAMMAR, WILHELM - Serenade für grosses Orchestser / Serenade for full orchestra op. 31
16176: STENHAMMAR, WILHELM - Stråkkvartett no. 3 op. 18 / String Quartet / Streichquartett
18567: STEPHEN, H L - State Trials Political and Social, vol 4
18589: STEPHENS, PETER JOHN - Outlaw King: The Story of Robert the Bruce
16548: STERLING, SARA HAWKS - Shake-speares Sweetheart [Shakespeare]
9274: STERNBERG, RICARDO - Bamboo Church
7849: STERNE, LAWRENCE - A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy
15287: STERNHEIM, CARL - Dramen II
15288: STERNHEIM, CARL - Dramen III
14083: STEUART, J A - Robert Louis Stevenson, Man and Writer: A Critical Biography (2 vol.)
10997: STEVENS, MAXWELL - Jack Lightfoot's Wisdom; or, Working His Own Salvation
13946: STEVENS, G R - Ogilvie in Canada, Pioneer Millers 1801-1951
13400: STEWART, W BRIAN - The Ermatingers: A 19th-Century Ojibwa-Canadian Family
15207: GEORGE STEWART AND CO. - Modern Athens : Latest Views of Edinburgh and Its Surroundings [Castle Series]
18554: STEWART, SIR JAMES - An Accompt of Scotlands Grievances by reason of the D. of Lauderdales ministrie, humbly tendred to his sacred Majesty
12688: DER ROBERT BOSCH STIFTUNG - Geteilt - vereint - gefunden. Orte deutscher Geschichte in den neuen Bundesländern
9805: STOCK, SANDRA (ED.) - The Porcupine (No. 5): A Publication of the Morin Heights Historical Association [Quebec]
5969: STOKES, JOHN ; KANAWAHIENTON ; SILVEIRA, PAULA (TRANS.) - Palavras de Agradecimento: Saudaçoes ao Mundo Natural --Thanksgiving Address: Greetings to the Natural World (em Portugues)
7185: STOKES, JOHN ; KANAWAHIENTON - Agradecimientos: Saludos al Mundo Natural [Mohawk]
7431: STOKES, JOHN ; KANAWAHIENTON - Paroles de Remerciement: Salutations au Monde Naturel [Mohawk et Français]
18055: STOKES, JOHN ; KANAWAHIENTON - Worte des Dankes: Grüsse an die Naturwelt (Deutsch und Mohawk)
15926: STOKOWSKI, LEOPOLD - Musik för oss alla
6624: STOPPARD, TOM - If You're Glad I'll Be Frank: A Play for Radio
13522: UNITED COUNTIES OF STORMONT, DUNDAS AND GLENGARRY [ONTARIO] - Minutes of Proceedings of the Municpal Council of the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry. January, June, September and a special Sessions 1869
13523: UNITED COUNTIES OF STORMONT, DUNDAS AND GLENGARRY [ONTARIO] - Minutes and Appendix of the Municpal Council of the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry. First, Second and Third Sessions 1852
13699: STORY, NORAH - The Oxford Companion to Canadian History and Literature
14311: STOUGHTON, JOHN - Spiritual Heroes; or, Sketches of the Puritans, Their Character and Times
14904: STRAATSMA, A K; BARKEY WOLF, A G - Herinnering en visioen
12737: STRACHE, WOLF - Das deutsche Lichtbild 1956
12041: STRACK, HERMANN L - Einleitung in Talmud und Midrasch
12084: STRASSBURG, GOTTFRIED VON - Tristan. Text und kritischer Aparat
18185: STRAUSS, BOTHO - Kalldewey, Farce
15912: STRAVINSKIJ, IGOR - Musikalisk poetik
16081: STRAWINSKY, IGOR - Dumbarton Oaks Concerto
15693: STRAWINSKY, IGOR (STRAVINSKY) - Igor Strawinsky: A Complete Catalogue of his Published Works / Un catalogue complet de ses oeuvres publiées / Ein vollständiges Verzeichnis seiner veröfferntlichten Werke
16099: STRAWINSKY, IGOR - Histoire du soldat / Geshichte vom Soldaten / The Soldier's Tale
16207: STRAWINSKY - Octet for Wind Instruments
16209: STRAWINSKY - Symphonie de Psaumes
16211: STRAWINSKY - Canticum sacrum
16213: STRAWINSKY - Threni. Id est, lamementationes Jeremiae Prophetae
16214: STRAWINSKY - Movements for Piano and Orchestra
10916: STRELKA, JOSEPH - Kafka, Musil, Broch und die Entwicklung des modernen Romans
11849: STRICH, FRITZ - Deutsche Klassik und Romantik oder Vollendung und Unendlichkeit
18594: STRICKLAND, AGNES - Lives of the Queens of Scotland and English princesses connected with the regal succession of Great Britain
15724: STROBEL, HEINRICH - Igor Strawinsky
8939: STRONG, ROY (ED.) - A Pageant of Canada: The European Contribution to the Iconography of Canadian History
13215: STRUBE, CORDELIA - The Barking Dog
17957: STRYCKMAN, PAUL - Les prêtres du Québec aujourd'hui, Vol. 1
8492: STUART, DONALD - No Road Back: A Grown Boy's Stories of Wales [Ontario]
18569: STUART, REV. A MOODY - Life and Letters of Elisabeth, last Duchess of Gordon.
0185: STUBBS, ROY ST GEORGE - Prairie Portraits
4332: STUCKEN, EDUARD - Im Schatten Shakespeares. Ein Roman
15733: STUCKENSCHMIDT, H H - Neue Musik
12060: STUCKERT, FRANZ - Theodor Storm, der Dichter in seinem Werk
18195: SOCIETY FOR FRENCH HISTORICAL STUDIES - French Historical Studies (52 issues)
12237: STUMPFE, ORTRUD - Die Symbolsprache der Märchen
10193: STURSBERG, PETER - Lester Pearson and the American Dilemma
15203: SUCHSLAND, PETER (HRSG.) - Deutsche Volksbücher in drei Bänden (dritter Bd.)
15202: SUCHSLAND, PETER (HRSG.) - Deutsche Volksbücher in drei Bänden (zweiter Bd.)
12522: SUDERMANN, HERMANN - Es lebe das Leben. Drama in fünf Akten
7036: SULLIVAN, SIR EDWARD - Tales From Scott
3536: SULTE, BENJAMIN - Mélanges historiques : Etudes éparses et inédites de Benjamin Sulte (tome 3)
3324: SUMMERS, HOLLIS - Sit Opposite Each Other
16257: SUNDBERG, JOHAN - Metodologiska problem vid analys av orgelklang
16025: SUNDBERG, JOHAN - Studies of Music Performance
10002: SUNDELL, NINA - The Robert + Jane Meyerhoff Collection 1958-1979
16258: SUNDIN, BERTIL - Barns musikaliska skapande
0118: ASSOCIATION OF ONTARIO LAND SURVEYORS - Manual of Instructions for the information of Ontario Land Surveyors in performing Surveys under Surveys Act, chapter 48, Ontario Statutes, 1920
0354: SUTHERLAND, ALEX. H. - The Selkirk Settlement on the Red River
8267: SUTHERLAND, RONALD - Second Image: Comparative Studies in Quebec/Canadian Literature
18566: SUTHERLAND, DUKE OF - Looking Back: The Autobiography of the Duke of Sutherland
16290: SVANFELDT, NILS - Sång- och Visbok
15894: SVENSSEN, SVEN E. - Harmonilära
15893: SVENSSEN, SVEN E. - Harmonilära
15882: SVENSSON, SVEN E. - Till frågan om intervallernas dissonansintensitet
16065: SVENSSON, SVEN E. - Musik i teori och praxis
15881: SVENSSON, SVEN E. - Till frågan om intervallernas dissonansintensitet
15915: SVENSSON, SVEN E. - Joseph Haydens stråkvartetter
16510: SVENSSON, ROLAND - Skärgårdsliv i gången tid
16251: SWEELINCK, JAN PIETERSZOON - Werken voor Orgel en Clavecimbel. Tweede Aanzienlijk Vermeerderde Druk naar de Bronnen Herzien en Opnieuw Ingeleid door Max Seiffert.
14467: SWEIG, STEFAN - Marie Antoinette. Traduit de l'allemand par Alzir Hella
1099: SWERDFEGER, ROWAT C. - The Way it Was
4306: SWETTENHAM, JOHN - The Evening of Chivalry
13799: SWIFT, JONATHAN - Voyages de Gulliver dans des contrées lointaine
11959: ROYAL ONTARIO MUSEUM; SWINTON, W E (ED.) - Canontoriana: Cartography of Early Canadian Place Names from 1508
17591: SYLVESTRE, PAUL-FRANÇOIS; MORRISSETTE, GUY - Agenda historique de l'Ontario français
11833: SYMONS, THOMAS H. B. ; HISTORIC SITES AND MONUMENTS BOARD OF CANADA - The Place of History : Commemorating Canada's Past, Proceedings of the National Symposium Held on the Occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada [1994]
17991: SYMONS, ARTHUR - Lyrics
17423: SYMONS, SCOTT - Place d'Armes
14481: SYNNBERG, MARGARET J - New Standard Harmonica Course
9921: EVEREX SYSTEMS - Evercom 24 Internal Modem Installation & Users' Guide
15453: SZABOLCSI, BENCE - Bausteine zu einer Geschichte der Melodie
10268: SZABOLCSI, BENCE - Bartok. Sa vie et son oeuvre
15478: SZABOLCSI, BENCE - Geschichte der ungarischen Musik
15479: SZABOLCSI, BENCE - Geschichte der ungarischen Musik
16021: SZONYI, ERZSEBET - Musical Reading and Writing: Pupil's Book, v 1-3
11104: SZYROCKI, MARIAN - Martin Opitz
14826: TACHÉ, J C - Les Histoires de M. Sulte. Protestation
12332: TAEGER, FRITZ - Altertum. Grundzüge der alten Geschichte
6295: TAFT, KEVIN - Shredding the Public Interest: Ralph Klein and 25 Years of One-Party Government
17877: TAGORE, RABINDRANATH - För fyra röster och Rashmanis son
10870: TAGORE, RABINDRANATH - The Post Office
18529: TAIT, P G - Lectures on some Recent Advances in Physical Science
9914: MANNESMANN TALLY - Mannesmann Tally MT230 Matrix Printer Applications Manual.
9250: MANNESMANN TALLY - Mannesmann Tally MT290 Matrix Printer Applications Manual
13462: TANGHÉ, RAYMOND - Géographie humaine de Montréal
18164: TANGUAY, CYPRIEN - Répertoire Général du Clergé Canadien par ordre chronologique depuis la fondation de la colonie jusqu'à nos jours
16777: TANQUAY, J FERNAND - Canada 125 : Its Constitutions 1763-1982
15062: TANQUAY, J FERNAND - Canada 125 : Its Constitutions 1763-1982
18302: TARASOFF, KOOZMA J.; KLYMASZ, ROBERT B. - Spirit Wrestlers: Centennial Papers in Honour of Canada's Doukhobor Heritage
14505: TASCHEREAU, ROBERT; KELLOCK, R L - The Report of the Royal Commission to Investigate the Facts Relating to and the Circumstances Surrounding the Communication by Public Officials and Other Persons in Positions of Trust of Secret Information to Agents of a Foreign Power. June 27, 1946
8374: SEONG-HI KANG; TASCHITZKI, THOMAS VON - Seong-Hi Kang: The Solo Exhibition
14245: TASSO, TORQUATO - La Gerusalemme Liberata
14244: TASSO, TORQUATO - La Gierusalemme Liberata
11585: ALDERSHOT TATTOO - Official Programme of the Searchlight Tattoo to be held at Rushmoor, Aldershot, June 1934
12607: TAUBE, OTTO VON - Ausgewählte Werke: Roman, Erzählungen, Gedichte, Essays, Erlebtes und Erwandertes
14027: TAYLOR, A J P - La guerre des plans - 1914, les dernières heures de l'ancien monde
15216: TAYLOR, BOSWELL; DANCE, KATHLEEN - Picture Reference Book of Costume
16001: TAYLOR, C A - The Physics of Musical Sounds
0961: TAZAWA, YUTAKA. - Panorama de l'Histoire culturelle du Japon
14565: CANADIAN TEACHER - Canadian Teacher. Incorporating The Educational Journal and Practical Teacher, 1906.
10544: NORSK TEATERUNION - Nordisk Teaterfestival 1984 I Oslo - Festivalprogram
1616: TECHKO, TONY AND CARL MORGAN - The Olympians Among Us : Celebrating a Century of Excellence
10847: INTERNATIONAL LIBRARY OF TECHNOLOGY - Building Superintendence, Specification Writing, Specification-Writing Memoranda, Estimating and Calculating Quantities, Contracts, Permits
15902: TEGEN, MARTIN - Svensk musikhistoria
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0628: CANADA. MINISTER OF PUBLIC WORKS - Reports of the Ottawa River Storage and Notes on a Visit to the Panama Canal, also Geodetic Levelling between St Stephens, Minn. and Winnipeg Beach, Man. and between Trenton, Lake Ontario, Orillia, and Lake Couchiching, Ont.
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16525: ZELLBELL, FERDINAND - 8 Preludier
12828: TSCHECHOSLOWAKISCHEN BUCHKULTUR ZENTRUM - Universum 2 : der tschechoslowakischen Literatur und Kunst
12829: TSCHECHOSLOWAKISCHEN BUCHKULTUR ZENTRUM - Universum 3 : der tschechoslowakischen Literatur und Kunst
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6957: ZIMMERLY, DAVID - Museocinematography : Ethnographic Film Programs of the National Museum of Man, 1913-73
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16394: MÜLLER-ZÜRICH, PAUL - Toccata III in a für Orgel, op. 50
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