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15327: COBB, WILLIAM H - Monument to and History of the Mingo Indians
14748: COCHIN, LOUIS - The Reminsicences of Louis Cochin. O.M.I. A Veteran Missionary of the Cree Indians and a Prisoner in Poundmaker's Camp in 1885
7724: COE, ALICE ROLLIT - Lyrics of Fir and Foam
9982: COHEN, MATT - Living on Water
10225: COHEN, MATT; POLIQUIN, DANIEL (TRANS.) - Trotski : Nouvelles
10252: COHEN, RONALD I - Le Vote au Quebec
14366: COHEN, ANDREW - A Deal Undone: The Making and Breaking of the Meech Lake Accord
1449: COHEN, BARNETT - Chronicles of the Society of American Bacteriologists 1899-1950
2970: COHN, THEODORE; ANDERSON, ROBERT (EDS.) - Innovation Systems in a Global Context : The North American Experience
14883: COKE, E T - A Subaltern's Furlough: Descriptive of Scenes in Various Parts of the United States, Upper and Lower Canada, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia, during the Summer and Autumn of 1832, in Two Volumes
6755: COLEMAN, PETER - Learning About Schools: What Parents Need to Know and How They Can Find Out
7715: COLETTE - La naissance du jour
18175: MONASTERE S. COLETTE - La croix de Saint-Damien: Un chemin de conversion
7189: COLLARD, EDGAR ANDREW - First In North America, One Hundred Years In The Life of the Ordre des comptables agréés du Québec [Order of Chartered Accountants of Quebec]
2146: COLLARD, EDGAR ANDREW - The McGill You Knew : An Anthology of Memories 1920-1960
14168: COLLARD, EDGAR ALLEN - Call Back Yesterdays
18252: COLLARD, EDGAR ANDREW - Passage to the Sea: The Story of Canada Steamship Lines
18451: COLLECTIF - Les archives de folklore (4 vol.)
6779: COLLECTIF - De Rome d'or au monde
16969: COLLECTIF - Les risques du métier
17087: COLLECTIF - L'Institut de la Providence: histoire des Filles de la charité servantes des pauvres dites Soeurs de la Providence Préliminaires et fondation 1800-1844
13558: COLLECTIF - Francophonies d'Amérique 3
13559: COLLECTIF - Francophonies d'Amérique 4
18648: COLLECTIF - L'Encyclopédie du Canada (3 tomes)
17192: COLLECTIF - Le nord de l'Outaouais. Manuel-répertoire d'histoire et de géographie régionales
0891: ONTARIO AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE. - Sixty-Ninth Annual Calendar of the Ontario Agricultural College 1943 - 1944
0889: ONTARIO AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE. - Nature Study or Stories in Agriculture
17643: HAVERGAL COLLEGE - Ludemus 1906
0890: ONTARIO AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE. - Sixty-Eighth Annual Calendar of the Ontario Agricultural College 1942 - 1943
18660: COLLIER, PAUL; LAL, DEEPAK - Labour and Poverty in Kenya: 1900 - 1980
7566: COLLINS, LOUIS W - In Halifax Town
9992: COLLINS, R G (ED.) - Mosaic: A Journal for the Comparative Study of Literature and Ideas, Vol. 7, No. 3, Spring 1974
17187: COLLINS, J. E. - Life and Times of the Right Honourable Sir John A. Macdonald, Premier of the Dominion of Canada
6995: COLOMBO, JOHN ROBERT - Colombo's Book of Canada
14514: COLOMBO, JOHN ROBERT - Mysterious Encounters
17191: COLQUHOUN, A.H.U. - The Fathers of Confederation
18591: COLVILLE, JOHN - The Historie And Life Of King James The Sext: Written Towards The Latter Part Of The Sixteenth Century
15143: STERLING COMMERCE - Commerce:Catalog for Windows, User Guide
13515: NATIONAL CAPITAL COMMISSION - Bytown, a Guide to Lowertown Ottawa
0187: INTERNATIONAL JOINT COMMISSION - Report on the Souris River Investigation, Ottawa-Washington 1940
14816: NATIONAL CAPITAL COMMISSION - A Capital in the Making: Reflections of the Past, Visions of the Future
14863: MACKINAC ISLAND STATE PARK COMMISSION - Mackinac History, volume II: An Informal Series of Illustrated Vignettes
17185: QUEBEC LANDMARK COMMISSION - First Report of the Quebec Landmark Commission: The subject of this report is the preservation of the Heights and Plains of Abraham
14879: GLENGARRY HIGHLAND GAMES COMMITTEE - Glengarry Highland Games 1996 Souvenir Program
10654: NATIVE AMERICAN SOLIDARITY COMMITTEE - Spirit of the People: The National Newsletter of the Native American Solidarity Committee, vol 1, no 7 (July 1976)
12805: SCOTTISH STUDENTS SONG BOOK COMMITTEE - The Scottish Students Song Book
13195: GLENGARRY HIGHLAND GAMES COMMITTEE - Glengarry Highland Games 1997 Souvenir Program 50 Years
14684: GLENGARRY HIGHLAND GAMES COMMITTEE - Glengarry Highland Games 1990 Souvenir Program
14685: GLENGARRY HIGHLAND GAMES COMMITTEE - Glengarry Highland Games 1989 Souvenir Program
14686: GLENGARRY HIGHLAND GAMES COMMITTEE - Glengarry Highland Games 2003 Souvenir Program
14687: GLENGARRY HIGHLAND GAMES COMMITTEE - Glengarry Highland Games 1998 Souvenir Program
14688: GLENGARRY HIGHLAND GAMES COMMITTEE - Glengarry Highland Games 1994 Souvenir Program
14689: GLENGARRY HIGHLAND GAMES COMMITTEE - Glengarry Highland Games 1993 Souvenir Program
14690: GLENGARRY HIGHLAND GAMES COMMITTEE - Glengarry Highland Games 1991 Souvenir Program
13404: SAN FRANCISCO BAY EXPOSITION COMPANY - Decorative Arts: Official Catalog, Department of Fine Arts, Division of Decorative Arts. Golden Gate International Exposition San Francisco 1939
10717: HUDSON MOTOR CAR COMPANY - Essex Instruction Book: Essex Super Six
0751: ALBERS MILLING COMPANY - Horses: An Albers Research Bulletin
18192: CANADIAN STAMP COMPANY - Canadian Advertiser, v 1. No. 1
12871: SCOTSBURN CREAMERY COMPANY - Accounts of Patrons
13792: NORTHERN ELECTRIC COMPANY - These be Your Kings: Being an Abridged Record of England's Kings 1066-1937
3614: DE LAVAL SEPARATOR COMPANY - The De Laval Monthly : Pacific Coast Number October 1920
17666: LEONARD AND COMPANY - The Library of Samuel Gardner Drake, A.M. of Boston, to be offered at public sale May 2, 1876, and subsequent days.
9361: ROBERT W LYMAN (CANADA) COMPANY - Lyman's Standard Catalogue of Canada-BNA Postage Stamps (30th ed, Winter 1980
14772: WILSON PUBLISHING COMPANY - The Ladies Journal, April 1897
14773: WILSON PUBLISHING COMPANY - The Ladies Journal, July 1897
14775: THEODORE PRESSER COMPANY - The Etude, 1914 (10 issues)
18458: BELDEN & COMPANY - Illustrated Atlas of the Eastern Townships and South Western Quebec
14802: MISSIONNAIRES DE L'IMMACULÉE-CONCEPTION - Braise et encens: Mère Marie du Saint-Esprit
13452: CONDEMINE, ODETTE - Octave Crémazie
13518: A MINISTER OF THE SYNOD OF CANADA IN CONNECTION WITH THE CHURCH OF SCOTLAND - An Examination by a minister of the Synod of Canada [...] of a discourse entitled "The Faith of the Unitarian Christian explained, justified and distinguished," delivered by Ezra S. Gannett, at the dedication of the Unitarian Church, Montreal
6401: CONNETT, EUGENE (ED.) - Duck Shooting Along the Atlantic Tidewater
18074: O'CONNOR, GARY; RENE JOLY; CHARLES LEMAY - The Woodburner's Handbook
15843: CONNOR, HERBERT - Samtal med tonsättare
3502: CONRAD, JOSEPH - Notes on Life and Letters
18372: CONSTANTINE, DAVID - The Loss
12152: CONZE, EDWARD - Der Buddhismus: Wesen und Entwicklung
3258: COOK, CURTIS (EDITOR) - Constitutional Predicament : Canada after the Referendum of 1992
9412: COOK, CURTIS ; LINDAU, JUAN D. - Aboriginal Rights and Self-Government : The Canadian and Mexican Experience in North American Perspective
13905: COOK, CURTIS ; LINDAU, JUAN D. - Aboriginal Rights and Self-Government : The Canadian and Mexican Experience in North American Perspective
0806: COOK, R L. - Soil Management for Conservation and Production
17727: COOPER, BRUCE E.; CUMMING, JEFFREY M. - Diptera Types in the National Collection of Insects: Part 2 Brachycera (exclusive of Schizophora)
8469: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE - The Two Admirals: A Tale of the Sea
18378: COOPER, ANDREW F. - In Between Countries: Australia, Canada and the Search for Order in Agricultural Trade
10976: COOPER, J FENIMORE - The Jack O'lantern, (Le Feu-Follet;) or, the Privateer
7391: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE - The Headsman; or, the Abbaye des Vignerons: a Tale
13289: COOPER, FENIMORE J - The Last of the Mohicans. A Narrative of 1757
17555: COOPER, CYNTHIA; VALLIÈRES, NICOLE - 90 Treasures, 90 Stories, 90 Years: McCord Museum
15486: COPE, DAVID - New Directions in Music
6892: COPP, DAVID - Pornography and Censorship
5990: CORBEIL, SYLVIO - La Normalienne en philosopie et aux sources de la pédagogie
17116: CORBEIL, DANIELLE - Canadian Water-Colours of the 19th Century From the Collection of the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa
10578: CORNELIUS, MARTIN P - Accidental Means: A Brief on the Insuring Clause of Personal Accident Policies
7197: CORNER, HORACE C (ED.) - The Canadian Almanac and Legal and Court Directory for the Year 1945
18379: CORNPLANTER, JESSE J. - Legends of the Longhouse, told to Sah-Neh-Weh The White Sister
11567: FOLMER GRAPHIX CORPORATION - Grafix Cameras for more interesting pictures
10967: CORSON, (MISS) JULIET - Miss Corson's Practical American Cookery and Household Management
6840: COSTISELLA, JOSEPH - Le scandale des écoles séparées en Ontario
11002: COTTIN, MADAME - The Saracen, or Matilda and Malek Adhel, a Crusade Romance, from the French of Madame Cottin, with an Historical Introduction , by J Michaud, the French Editor
1036: COTTLE, BASIL - The Plight of English: Ambiguities, Cacophonies, and Other Violations of our Language
17670: COUES, ELLIOTT (ED.); HENRY, ALEXANDER; THOMPSON, DAVID - New Light on the Early History of the Greater Northwest: The Manuscript Journals of Alexander Henry, Fur Trader of the Northwest Company and of David Thompson, Official Geographer and Explorer of the Same Company, 1799-1814, Vol. 2
2496: COUGLE, R JAMES - Not by Choice : The True Story of the French-English Struggle
17857: COUGLE, R JAMES - Canadian Blood, American Soil : The Story of Canada's Contribution to the American Civil War
1311: COULANGE, BERNARD - Software Reuse
7420: COUPAL, MAXIMILIEN - Formulaire du code municipal de la province de Québec
3497: COUPER, CHARLES TENNANT - Report of the Trial of the Directors of the City of Glasgow Bank Before the High Court of Justiciary, Edinburgh, on Monday, January 20, 1879, and following days
3072: COURCHENE, THOMAS J. (EDITOR) - Room to Manoeuvre? : Globalization and Policy Convergence
3095: COURCHENE, THOMAS J. (EDITOR) - The Nation State in a Global/Information Era : Policy Challenges
4851: COURCHENE, THOMAS J. (ED.) - Room to Manoeuvre? : Globalization and Policy Convergence
13798: COURTNEY, JOHN C. - Do Conventions Matter? : Choosing National Party Leaders in Canada
17573: COURTNEY, JOHN C. - Commissioned Ridings: Designing Canada's Electoral Districts
0180: COWAN, KATHLEEN - It's Late, and all the Girls Have Gone: An Annesley Diary 1907-1910.
14972: COWARD, HAROLD; WEAVER, ANDREW J - Hard Choices : Climate Change in Canada
9988: COWASJEE, SAROS - Goodbye to Elsa
4317: COX, LEO (ED.) - The Story of the Mount Stephen Club
7702: COX, TRENCHARD - Wallace Collection Catalogues: A General Guide to the Wallace Collection
8116: COYNE, PATRICK J - Reflections of the South Nation Watershed (Histoire illustrée de la Nation Sud) : A Pictorial History of People and Natural Resources (Son peuple et ses ressources naturelles)
15705: CRAFT, ROBERT - Stravinsky: Chronicle of a Friendship, 1948-1971
1095: CRAIG, JOHN A. - Judging Live Stock
10376: CRAIG, GERALD M - Lord Durham's Report, an abridgement
3538: CRAM, G F - MAP of New Brunswick (southern part) [Canada]
3539: CRAM, G F - MAP of North-West Ontario, Manitoba and North-West Districts [Western Canada]
3540: CRAM, G F - MAP of Central Part of North-West District [Western Canada : Alberta, Saskatchewan]
3541: CRAM, G F - MAP of British Columbia [Western Canada]
3542: CRAM, G F - MAP of Northern Parts of Athabaska and British Columbia (plate 1) [Western Canada]
3543: CRAM, G F - MAP of Keewatin, Athabaska and North-West Territories (pllate 2) [Western Canada]
3544: CRAM, G F - MAP of the United States [verso: Maine]
3545: CRAM, G F - MAP of New York State [verso: New Jersey, Connecticut]
3546: CRAM, G F - MAP of Pennsylvania [verso: Virginia, Maryland, Delaware]
3547: CRAM, G F - MAP of Michigan & Wisconsin [verso: Indiana, Illinois]
3548: CRAM, G F - MAP of Dakota [verso: Minnesota, North Carolina]
3550: CRAM, G F - MAP of Montana [verso: Wyoming, Yellowstone]
3551: CRAM, G F - MAP of California [verso: Oregon, Nevada]
3553: CRAM, G F - New Driving MAP of Philadelphia [verso: Baltimore, Washington]
3554: CRAM, G F - MAP of London, England [verso: Liverpool, Brussels]
3555: CRAM, G F - MAP of Paris, France [verso: Berlin, Calcutta]
3556: CRAM, G F - MAP of South America [verso: Cuba & Bahamas, Europe]
3557: CRAM, G F - MAP of Palestine [verso: Persia, Central Asia]
3558: CRAM, G F - MAP of India [verso: South Africa, Ceylon]
3559: CRAM, G F - MAP of China [verso: Australia, Egypt]
3560: CRAM, G F - MAP of New Hampshire & Vermont [verso: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut]
3561: CRAM, G F - MAP of Ohio [verso: Kentucky, Tennessee]
3562: CRAM, G F - MAP of Iowa [verso: Missouri]
3563: CRAM, G F - MAP of Kansas [verso: Missouri]
3564: CRAM, G F - MAP of South Carolina [verso: Georgia]
3565: CRAM, G F - MAP of Florida [verso: Alabama]
3566: CRAM, G F - MAP of Louisiana [verso: Mississippi]
3568: CRAM, G F - MAP of Arizona [verso: Utah]
3569: CRAM, G F - MAP of Idaho [verso: Washington State]
3570: CRAM, G F - MAP of Toronto [verso: Montreal]
3571: CRAM, G F - MAP of Chicago [verso: St Louis]
3572: CRAM, G F - MAP of New Orleans [verso: Cincinnati]
3573: CRAM, G F - MAP of Kansas City [verso: Detroit]
3574: CRAM, G F - MAP of Atlanta [verso: Milwaukee]
3575: CRAM, G F - MAP of San Francisco [verso: Portland, Me]
3576: CRAM, G F - MAP of New Brunswick (northern part) [Canada]
1915: CRAMB, AUSLAN - Fragile Land : Scotland's Environment
0392: CRAWFORD, M D C. - The Heritage of Cotton: The Fibre of Two Worlds and Many Ages.
7522: CREIGHTON, ALAN - A New Canadian Anthology
6802: CREIGHTON, DONALD - Canada: Les débuts heroiques
2143: CREIGHTON, DONALD - John A. Macdonald, tome 1 : le haut et la bas-Canada
14172: CREIGHTON, DONALD - The Story of Canada
18403: CREIGHTON, HELEN; LABELLE, RONALD - La Fleur du Rosier : Acadian Folk Songs / Chansons folkloriques d'Acadie
8383: CROCKER, HENRY F (ED.) - The Vermont Year Book 1956
1936: CROCKETT, S R - The Raiders : Being Some Passages in the Life of John Faa, Lord and Earl of Little Egypt:
12936: CROFT, CLARY - Helen Creighton : Canada's First Lady of Folklore
18428: CROMBIE, JEAN BREAKELL ; WEBB, MARGARET ALICE - Bibliography of Canadiana
15274: CROSS, CONSTANCE - The Footfall on the Snow
17257: CROTEAU, ANDRÉ - Guide de la forêt québécoise saison par saison
2126: CROWE, WILLIAM A.; SIEMONSEN, MARK E. - Canadian Retailing Strategy : Challenges and Change
18620: CRUIKSHANK, THOMAS - The Practical Planter: containing directions for the planting of waste land, and management of wood: with a new method of rearing the oak
16537: CRUIKSHANK, E A - Documentary History of the Campaign on the Niagara Frontier in 1812-1814 (9 vol in 8)
17800: CRUIKSHANK, BRIG-GEN. ERNEST A.; WATT, GAVIN K (ED.) - The History and Master Roll of The King's Royal Regiment of New York (revised edition 2006)
4663: CRYSDALE, STEWART; KING, ALAN J.; MANDELL, NANCY - On Their Own : Making the Transition from School to Work in the Information Age
9814: CUBA - Tablas, no. 3/85
9732: CUBA - CUBA: el hombre, la revolucion
12183: CUES, NIKOLAUS VON - Der Laie über die Weisheit
7962: CUNNINGHAM, JANE - Who's Who in the Playwrights Union of Canada: Directory of Members 1995/96
17110: CUOQ, JEAN-ANDRÉ - Etudes philologiques sur quelques langues sauvages de l' Amérique
11565: CUPPAGE, EDITH M - Island Trails: Highways and Byways on Vancouver Island, BC
18643: CURNOE, GREG - Deeds/Nations
17910: CURNOE, GREG - Deeds/Nations
0784: CUSSON, FRANCIS - Cullers and Lumber Merchants' Pocket Ready Reckoner...
9153: CUTHBERTSON, D C - In Scotland Now: Highland and Lowland Byways
12397: CYSARZ, HERBERT - Das Schöpferische. Die natúrlich-geschichtliche Schaffensordnung der Dinge
15377: DADELSEN, GEORG VON; SCHERLIESS, VOLKER; KOHLHASE, THOMAS - Festschrift Georg von Dadelsen zum 60. Geburtstag
18031: DAHL, EDWARD H - Mid Forests Wild: A Study of the Concept of Wilderness in the Writings of Susanna Moodie, J.W.D. Moodie, Catherine Parr Traill and Samuel Strickland c. 1830-1855
10822: STATE HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF NORTH DAKOTA - At the Confluence: Now and Then. Papers Presented at the Symposium held in Williston, North Dakota, June 29, 2002
8978: DANDURAND, ABBÉ ALBERT - Nos Orateurs
13044: HAMICHE DANIEL - Le théâtre et la révolution
12651: DANTE - Das neue Leben - Die göttliche Komödie / La Vita Nuova - La Divina Commedia
10073: DANTE - Die Gedichte. Italienisch mit deutscher Übersetzung
9875: DAOUST, JEAN-PAUL - Black Diva: Selected Poems, 1982-1986
15065: DARBYSHIRE, S. J.; MURRAY, MARGARET; FAVREAU, MARC - Common and Scientific Names of Weeds in Canada
13592: DARLINGTON, JAMES HENRY - Verses By the Way
8169: DARROCH, JAMES L. - Canadian Banks and Global Competitiveness
15845: DART, THURSTON - Musikalisk praxis från medeltid till wienklassicism
3128: DAUB, MERVIN; BUCHAN, P BRUCE - Getting down to Business : A History of Business Education at Queen's, 1889-1999
3130: DAUB, MERVIN - Canadian Economic Forecasting in a World Where All's Unsure
10869: DAUDET, ALPHONSE; BRUCE, MARY STONE (ED.) - Récit et Contes de la Guerre de 1870
1335: DAULT, GARY MICHAEL; FLEMING, MARNIE - Jeannie Thib : Geographia
0360: DAVENPORT, JOHN - Of the American Mission
10279: DAVEY, FRANK - Canadian Literary Power (Series: The Writer as Critic - IV)
6107: DAVID, CHARLES-PHILIPPE ; LEVESQUE, JACQUES - The Future of NATO : Enlargement, Russia and European Security
8506: DAVID, CLAUDE - Geschichte der deutschen Literatur - Zwischen Romantik und Symbolismus 1820-1885
9448: DAVID, L O - Le Héros de Chateauguay
9603: DAVID, JACK (ED.) - Essays on Canadian Writing, No. 2, Spring 1975
9604: DAVID, JACK (ED.) - Essays on Canadian Writing, No. 5, Fall 19756
9605: DAVID, JACK (ED.) - Essays on Canadian Writing, No. 10, Spring 1978
0144: DAVID, SAMUEL - Mademoiselle Sylvia: Opéra-comique en un acte | Partition piano seul
15782: DAVID, JOHANN NEPOMUK - Die dreistimmigen Inventionen von Johann Sebastian Bach
0402: DAVID, L-O. - Monseigneur Alexandre-Antonin Taché, Archevêque de St-Boniface.
18092: DAVID, L O - Les Patriotes de 1837 - 1838
16286: DAVIDSON, ROLF - Notläsningslära. Gehörslära del I
15944: DAVIDSON, ROLF - Musik i närbild 1-10
15945: DAVIDSON, ROLF - Följ tonerna! Handbok för musiklyssnare sammanställd
16586: DAVIDSSON, AKE - Bibliographie der musiktheoretischen Drucke des 16. Jahrhunderts
16285: DAVIDSSON, ÅKE - Studier rörande svenskt musiktryck före år 1750
3856: DAVIES, ROBERTSON - The Lyre of Orpheus
8882: DAVIES, WILLIAM H - The Collected Poems of William H Davies
11313: DAVIES, MELISSA - Decorating Hats: Practical Ideas for Trimming and Decorating Hats
17222: DAVIES, BLODWEN - Quebec: Portrait of a Province
15995: DAVIS, DETA S. - Computer Applications in Music: A Bibliography
9216: DAVIS, J D (PRINCIPAL) - The Montreal Business College and English Training School, corner of Victoria Square and Craig Street
13402: DAVIS, ANDREW MCFARLAND - Currency and Banking in the Province of Massachusetts Bay
8625: DAVIS, STURTON MATHWIN - Health Care: Innovation, Impact and Challenge
15996: DAVIS, DETA S. - Computer Applications in Music: A Bibliography, Supplement 1
1428: DAVISON, A N. (ED.) - Biochemistry and Neurological Disease
0496: DAWES, C H. - Answering the Call: A United Church Minister in the Making During the 1920s
2347: DAWES, CHARLES HADDON SPURGEN - Just Being Around : Reminiscences of a Small Town United Church Minister
13295: DAWSON, S E - The Massacre at the Cedars
14140: DAWSON, JEAN BAKER - Fact, Faith and Fantasy: A Collection of Poems
17234: DAWSON, S E - Hand-Book for the Dominion of Canada: Prepared for the meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, at Montreal 1884
18313: DAWSON, A R - The Canadian Ayrshire Herd Book Containing Pedigrees 57501 to 61995 Volume XXVIII
17194: DAWSON, SAMUEL EDWARD - The Saint Lawrence, Its Basin & Border Lands
18616: DAY, GORDON M - Western Abenaki Dictionary : Volume 2 - English-Abenaki
13048: DEAN, WINTON - Bizet
0276: DEAS, CHRISTIE - From Border Fields: Nature Sketches and Fancies
12587: DEBON, GÜNTHER - Herbstlich helles Leuchten überm See. Chinesische Gedichte aus der Tang-Zeit
16398: DEBUSSY, CLAUDE - Clair de lune, de la Suite bergamasque pour piano
17387: DECHÊNE, LOUISE - Habitants and Merchants in Seventeenth-Century Montreal
0390: DECLE, LIONEL [1859-1907] JOURNALIST, ADVENTURER. - AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED, to a gentleman, dated Paris 24 July 1895.
15077: CANADA. NATIONAL DEFENSE - Canadian Forces Pest Management Manual
14419: DEFOE, DANIEL; ATKINSON, LOGAN - Daniel Defoe's Due Preparations for the Plague as Well as for Soul as Body
9905: DEFOE, DANIEL (ATTRIB.); BOND, WILLIAM - The History of the Life and Adventures of Mr. Duncan Campbell
9767: DEFOE, DANIEL - The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe (abridged)
15490: DEGEN, HELMUT - Handbuch der Formenlehre. Grundsätzliches zur musikalischen Formung
18107: DELAFIELD, JOSEPH (MAJOR) - The Unfortified Boundary: A Diary of the First Survey of the Canadian Boundary Line from St. Regis to the Lake of the Woods
18624: DELARC, ABBÉ O. - Saint Grégoire VII et la réforme de l'église au XI siècle (3 vol.)
11477: DELINSKY, BARBARA - La fille d'à côté
16971: DELOCHE, PASCAL; GRANJON, PHILIPPE - Micmac à Ouagadougou
16965: DELVAUX, MARTINE - Rose Amer
6658: DEMCZUK, IRENE ET AL. - Recognition of Lesbian Couples : An Inalienable Right
3469: DEMOLL, REINHARD - Die Edelpelztier-Zucht
17000: DEMPSEY, HUGH A. - Big Bear: The End of Freedom
11264: DENEAU - The Arms, Flags, and Emblems of Canada
17344: DENEAULT, ALAIN - Paul Martin & Companies
17676: DENNIS, MICHAEL - What we pass over in silence
14983: DENSMORE, FRANCES - Indian Use of Wild Plants for Crafts, Food, Medicine and Charms
14093: DENT, JOHN CHARLES - The Story of the Upper Canadian Rebellion , vol 2
7199: COPP CLARK EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT - The Canadian Almanac and Directory for 1959
15257: QUEBEC ROADS DEPARTMENT - Québec: The French-Canadian Province
14596: US WAR DEPARTMENT - Memorandum relative to the General Officers in the Armies of the United States during the Civil War 1861-1865
17674: UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA ENGLISH DEPARTMENT - Bywords: Poetry & Ottawa Literary Events. Volume 3, Number 2. Jan/Feb 1996
18650: BIBLE TRUTH DEPOT - Echoes of Grace
14782: BIBLE AND TRACT DEPOT - The Remembrancer
14783: BIBLE AND TRACT DEPOT - The Sower
7638: DEPROSE, J.G. (ED.) - Canadian Army Journal vol. 5 no. 5, June 1951
12196: DERLETH, AUGUST - Auf Cthulhus Spur. Phantastischer Roman
1245: DERTOUZOS, JAMES N - The Economic Costs & Implications of High-Technology Hardware Theft
12186: DESCARTES, RENÉ - Discours de la methode / Von der Methode
13065: DESCARTES, RENÉ - Meditationes de prima philosophia
0405: DESMARAIS, M O. - Plaidoyer de M O Desmarais dans l'Affaire du Napoleon Demers.
16968: DESROCHERS, CHANTALE - Des oiseaux comme chaos
13222: DESROSIERS, RICHARD; HÉROUX, DENIS - Le Travailleur québécois et le syndicalisme
8868: AUTOREN AUS HALLE UND DESSAU - Lebenszeichen, Literarischer Almanach
14054: O'DETTE, LEONARD A - Relics and Requiems
8572: DEUSCH, WERNER RICHARD - German Painting of the Sixteenth Century: Durer and His Contemporaries
8785: VAN DEUSEN, CONRAD [ENEMIKEESE] - The Indian Chief: an account of the labours, losses, sufferings, and oppression of Ke-zig-ko-e-ne-ne (David Sawyer), a chief of the Ojibbeway Indians in Canada West
1012: DEUTSCH, J A. - The Structural Basis of Behavior
18177: DEVINE, E J - Le fort Sainte-Marie. Résidence des missionnaires et des martyrs jésuites
13234: LE DEVOIR - Le Québec et le Lac Meech: Un dossier du Devoir
14662: DEWALD, TERRY - The Papago Indians and Their Basketry
18491: DEWDNEY, SELWYN - Wind Without Rain
7861: DEWITT, THOMAS - A Discourse Delivered in the North Reformed Dutch Church (Collegiate) in the City of New York, on the Last Sabbath in August, 1856
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9611: GRAHAM, HARRY [COL. D STREAMER] - Misrepresentative Men
11593: GRAHAM, JANET POLLOCK - From Hill and Dell: Little Nature Sketches of the Ottawa Valley
17166: GRAHAM, CONRAD ; FARZANEH, SHAHIN - Mont Royal - Ville Marie : Early Plans and Views of Montreal
17437: GRAINVILLE, PATRICK - L'orgie, la neige: Roman
15137: GRANATSTEIN, J L, ET AL. - Le Canada se souvient
13770: GRANATSTEIN, J L; STEVENS, PETER - Forum: Canadian Life and Letters, 1920-70: Selections from The Canadian Forum
15352: GRANT, RHODES C M. - The Story of Martintown: A Pioneer Village
13417: GRANT, AGNES - James McKay: A Metis Builder of Canada
12709: GRANT, MICHAEL - Klassiker der antiken Geschichtsschreibung
15386: GRANT, WILLIS - Music in Education
14762: GRANT, LOIS - Days into Decades : Grant Family Sketches
13568: GRANT, ROBERT - Unleavened Bread
7679: GRANT, GEORGE - Belief - A One-Hour Program broadcast on the CBC Television Network, March 5th, 1959
14887: GRANT, RHODES C M. - Horse and Buggy Days in Martintown 1900-1940
0981: GRASS, MILTON & ANNA. - Stocking for a Queen: The Life of the Rev William Lee, the Elizabethan Inventor
11136: GRASS, GUNTER - Hochwasser & Noch Zehn Minuten bis Buffalo
9436: GRASSER, WALTER - Munzen des Altertums
9437: GRASSER, WALTER - Munzen des Mittelalters und der Neuzeit
9987: GRAVEL, FRANCOIS - Felicity's Fool
14393: GRAY, JAMES H. - R.B. Bennett: The Calgary Years
17622: DE GRÈCE, MICHEL - Nicolas et Alexandra. L'album de famille
4503: GREEN, H GORDON - A Heritage of Canadian Handicrafts
7540: GREEN, PAUL D ; RITCHEN, RALPH - Votre Voiture: Le livre de bord de tout automobiliste (adaptation français du titre: The Car Owner's Handbook))
15249: GREEN, ROGER LANCELYN - The Book of Verse for Children, by many authors
18203: GREEN, WILLIAM - The Tourist's New Guide, containing a Description of the Lakes, Mountains, and Scenery in Cumberland, Westmorland and Lancashire, with some account of their Bordering Towns and Villages (2 vol)
6637: GREEN, GAVIN HAMILTON - The Old Log School
14126: GREENE, MARION - Down River Lies the World
11475: GREENE, GRAHAM - Travels With My Aunt
11127: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Living Room
13505: GREENHILL, PAULINE (EDITOR); TYE, DIANE (EDITOR) - Undisciplined Women : Tradition & Culture in Canada
15069: GREENHOUS, BRERETON; HARRIS, STEPHEN J - Canada and the Battle of Vimy Ridge, 9-12 April 1917
15072: GREENHOUS, BRERETON - A Rattle of Pebbles: The First World War Diaries of Two Canadian Airmen
6891: GREER, GERMAINE - Sex and Destiny: The Politics of Human Fertility
12702: GREGOROVIUS, FERDINAND - Geschichte der Stadt Rom im Mittelalter.
10277: GREIF, HANS-JURGEN (ED.) - Le Risque de lire
0482: GRENFELL, SIR WILFRED. - A Labrador Logbook
4039: GRENFELL, WILFRED T - Northern Neighbors : Stories of the Labrador People
7981: GREY, ZANE - To the Last Man
0280: GREY, LADY SYBIL (ED.) - May Court Club Magazine (Oct 1908)
4563: GRICHON, AURIEL - AMIEL "Un patriote ignoré de 37" : Roman historique de Grichon
4847: GRIFFITHS, ANN L ; NERENBERG, KARL (EDITORS) - Guide des Pays Federes 2002 : Forum des Federations
13660: GRIGNON, GISELE; SEAVER, MORLEY - The Evolution of Stormont Agriculture
9414: GRIGSBY, JOHN L - The Middle French Liber Fortunae: A Critical Edition
0217: GRIMARD, JACQUES & GAETAN VALLIÈRES - Explorations et enracinements français en Ontario, 1610-1978
12228: GRIMM, HERMAN - Das Leben Goethes
13466: GRIMSHAWE, REV. T S - A Memoir of the Rev Legh Richmand, A. M.
8485: GRINDEA, MIRON (ED.) - Adam International Review : No. 238, 1953 - Dylan Thomas Memorial Number
12256: MAREN-GRISEBACH, MANON - Methoden der Literaturwissenschaft
18657: GROSH, BARBARA - Public Enterprise in Kenya: What Works, What Doesn't, and Why
11713: GROSSE, RUDOLF - Schwabenspiegel - Kurzform. Mitteldeutsch-niederdeutsche Handschriften
10223: GROSSER, ALFRED - L'Allemagne de notre temps 1945-1970
12548: GROTH, KLAUS - Quickborn
17157: GROULX, LIONEL - The Iron Wedge - (L'appel de la race)
18443: GROULX, L'ABBÉ LIONEL - Vers l'indépendance politique. Un centenaire de liberté
3396: MARAN / MARANGRAPHICS DEVELOPMENT GROUP - Windows 95 Visual Pocket Guide
3397: MARAN / MARANGRAPHICS DEVELOPMENT GROUP - Windows 95 Visual Solutions
3987: ROLAND DIGITAL GROUP - LP-1100 Laser Printer : Operating Instructions & Service Manual [Panasonic - Raven - Roland]
9514: LITERARY PRESS GROUP - In Other Words: A Sampling of Dynamic New Fiction, Poetry, Drama and Commentary
11246: BUSINESS INFORMATION GROUP - Canadian Mines Handbook 2002-03
18271: GROVEN, EIVIND - Renstemnings-automaten
11278: GROVES, J WALTON - Champignons comestibles et veneneux du Canada
11985: GRUNDIG, HANS - Das kleine Testament des Francois Villon
12700: GRUNDMANN, HERBERT - Gebhardt Handbuch der deutschen Geshichte in 22 Bänden
14333: MANCHESTER GUARDIAN - The Trades Union Congress 1958 Bournemouth, September 1-5
18178: GUCCIONE, BOB (PUBLISHER) - FORUM [Penthouse Forum]. The International Journal of Human Relations (28 issues)
17089: GUERNSEY, BETTY - Montréal à pied
11054: GUEST, EDGAR A - Just Folks: The Friendly Way
13571: GUIGNARD, AUGUSTE - The Castle of Chillon
14462: GUILLET, EDWIN C. - Pioneer Days in Upper Canada
11646: GUITRY, SASHA - Paris Theatre: Sasha Guitry - Faisons un Rêve (No 126)
11573: GUITRY, SASHA - André Bernheim présente La Fin di Monde
10861: GUIZOT, M.; J WATTS DE PEYSTER (TRANS.) - Guizot's Meditations on the Immortality of the Soul [trad. anglais de Meditations: Sur l'immortalité de l'âme]
17476: GULLERS, K W; LINKLATER, E. - Meet Modern Sweden: Colour Slides
1090: GUNN, ANGUS M. - South Africa: A World Challenged
18550: GUNN, REV. ADAM ; MACKAY, JOHN - Sutherland and the Reay Country
11818: GÜNTER, HEINRICH - Buddha in der abendländischen Legende?
12238: GÜNTER, HEINRICH - Psychologie der Legende. Studien zu einer wissenschaftlichen Heiligen-Geschichte
12416: GÜRTTLER, KARIN R - Künec Artus der guote: Das Artusbild der höfischen Epik des 12. und 13. Jahrhunderts
3676: GUST, PHILIP - Introduction to Machine and Assembly Language Programming
14082: GUTHRIE, LORD - Robert Louis Stevenson: Some Personal Recollections
12421: GUTKNECHT, CHRISTOPH; PANTHER, KLAUS-UWE - Generative Linguistik. Ergebnisse moderner Sprachforschung
11990: HAACK, HANNS-ERICH - Über den Nachruhm
15834: HAAPANEN, TOIVO - Finlands Musikhistoria
18601: HAAS, GUENTHER H. - The Concept of Equity in Calvin's Ethics
12525: HAAS, RUDOLF DE - Das Opfer der Wagogo. Ostafrikanische Erinnerungen des Reiters Arfas
5223: LIBRAIRIE HACHETTE - Encyclopedie par l'image : Les les Francais
5135: HADDOW, RODNEY S. - Poverty Reform in Canada, 1958-1978 : State and Class Influences on Policy Making
12003: HAECKER, HANS-JOACHIM - Nicht im Hause - nicht auf der Strasse
12457: HAGEDORN, FRIEDRICH VON - Versuch in poetischen Fabeln und Erzehlungen
13058: HAGEN, VICTOR W. VON - Sonnenkönigreiche : Azteken, Maya, Inka
11868: HAHN, ULLA ET AL. - German Culture Today - Bridges Between the Avant-Garde and the Public - An Inter Nationes Forum
0265: HAIGH, A E - The Attic Theatre: A Description of the Stage and Theatre of the Athenians, and of the Dramatic Performances at Athens
8335: HAIM, VICTOR - Les Fantasmes du boucher
13545: LE HAIN, GEOFFREY M. - Historic Montreal Past and Present
17694: SOCIÉTÉ BIBLIQUE HAITIENNE - Bib la Nouvo Testaman: Dram odyo avèk efè mizik ak son, Kreyol Ayisyen
16950: SOCIÉTÉ BIBLIQUE HAITIENNE - Bibla: Pawòl Bondye an Ayisyen [Bible en créole haïtien]
3470: HALBERT - The World Book of Douglases
9712: HALE, KATHERINE - Toronto: Romance of a Great City
15145: HALE, HORATIO E - Iroquois Book of Rites, and Hale on the Iroquois
14359: HALE, KATHERINE - Legends of the Saint Lawrence
9854: HALIBURTON, T C - The Letter-Bag of The Great Western or, Life in a Steamer
7462: HALL, W W - The Guide-Board to Health, Peace and Competence; Or the Road to Happy Old Age
11309: HALL, ROGER - A Century to Celebrate : The Ontario Legislative Building
18109: HALL, REV CHARLES A. - Trees (Peeps at Nature series)
17761: HALL, ROGER; SHELTON, S.W. - The Rising Country: The Hale-Amherst Correspondence, 1799-1825
14210: HALL, J. LINCOLN; MILES, C. AUSTIN; GEIBEL, ADAM - Magnificat A Hymnal for Sunday Schools
14211: HALL, J. LINCOLN; MILES, C. AUSTIN; GEIBEL, ADAM - Jubilate Sunday School Hymnal
14485: HALL, E. - Early Canada A Collection of Historical Photographs by Officers of the Geological Survey of Canada
14205: HALL, J. LINCOLN - Gloria No. 1: A Book of Easy Anthems for Volunteer Choirs
8096: HALLAM, HENRY - Introduction to the Literature of Europe in the Fifteenth, Sixteenth, and Seventeenth Centuries, vol 1
18504: HALLAM, HENRY - The Constitutional History of England: From the Accession of Henry VII to the Death of George II
12359: HALLER, JOHANNES - Die Epochen der deutschen Geschichte
8315: HALLIDAY, F E - Shakespeare a Pictorial Biography
16064: HALM, A. - Harmonilära
18235: HALVORSON, MARK J - Sacred Beauty: Quillwork of Plains Women
11907: HALVORSON, MARK J ; PELTIER, LESLIE W - Chippewa Beadwork : A'nicina'be Manido'minesikan
12358: HAMANN, RICHARD - Theorie der bildenden Künste
14191: HAMBLETON, RONALD - Mazo de la Roche of Jalna
16294: HAMBRAEUS, AXEL - Mästare i tonernas värld. En samling musikerporträtt
15304: HAMELIN, JEAN; BEAULIEU, ANDRÉ; GALLICHAN, GILLES - Brochures québécoises. 1764-1972
9377: HAMILTON, ROBERT M - Canadian Book-Prices Current 1956-1958 Volume Two
8258: HAMLYN, MARY (ED.) - Witness. Images of the Decade
8066: HAMPSON, FEN OSLER; MOLOT, MAUREEN APPEL; RUDNER, MARTIN - Asia Pacific Face-Off : Canada Among Nations 1997
13787: HAMPSON, FEN OSLER; MAULE, CHRISTOPHER J - Canada Among Nations 1992-93: A New World Order?
16435: HÄNDEL - Concerto grosso Nr. 15 für zwei Violinen und Violincello concertino Streichorchester und Cembalo, op. 6 iv
16341: HANDEL - Sonatas for Flute and Piano
10889: O'HANDLEY, KATHRYN (ED.) - Canadian Parliamentary Guide 2001
10865: HANKAMER, PAUL - Deutsche Gegenreformation und deutsches Barock. Die deutsche Literatur im Zeitraum des 17. Jahrhunderts
6059: HANNAH, ELENA ; VETHAMANY-GLOBUS, SWANI ; PAUL, LINDA (EDITORS) - Women in the Canadian Academic Tundra : Challenging the Chill (24 COPIES)
17673: HANNAH, ROBIN - Line of Half: Poems
12276: HANSEL, JOHANNES; PASCHEK, CARL - Personalbibliographie zur deutschen Literaturgeschichte
12277: HANSEL, JOHANNES - Bücherkunde für Germanisten. Studienausgabe
0672: HANSFORD, J E. - The Business Guide; or Safe Methods of Business
16428: HÄNSSLER - Georg Philipp Telemann zum 300. Geburtstag 1681-1981 Kirchenmusik in Ausgaben des Hänssler-Verlages
15725: HÄNSSLER - Johann Sebastian Bach und die Bach-Familie in den Ausgaben des Hänssler-Verlages
14304: HARBAUGH, REV. H - Union with the Church, the Solemn Duty, and the Blessed Privilege, of All Who Would be Saved
14809: HARDENBERG, HENRIETTE - Neigungen: Gedichte
7564: HARDER, RICHARD - Eigenart der Griechen. Eine kulturphysiognomische Skizze
13183: HARDY, RENE; LODOLINI, ELOI - Les Zouaves pontificaux canadiens
12841: HARDY, JEAN-PIERRE - Un Ferblantier de campagne (1875-1950)
10013: HARE, ANNE - The Wollopors
0542: HARGRAVE, JOHN - DOCUMENT SIGNED, at St Stephan, Canterbury, Kent, England, 1646.
18079: HARMAN, ELEANOR; JEANNERET, MARSH - A Story Workbook in Canadian History [including Newfounland]
0717: HARPER, J RUSSELL. - William G R Hind 1833-1889
9851: HARPER, J M - Sacrament Sunday and Bells of Kartdale
15198: HARPER, J RUSSELL - William G R Hind 1833-1889
17156: HARPER, KENN - Some Aspects of the Grammar of the Eskimo Dialects of Cumberland Peninsula and North Baffin Island
6301: HARRELD, DONALD J. - The Case of the Compte de Virlade: An Investigation into Eighteenth Century Marine Insurance Practices
18679: HARRIS, RICHARD G - Trade, Industrial Policy, and Canadian Manufacturing (Ontario Economic Council research study)
17904: HARRISON, JANE E - Adieu pour cette année : La correspondance au Canada, 1640-1830
9494: HARRISON, KATHRYN; HOBERG, GEORGE - Risk, Science, and Politics: Regulating Toxic Substances in Canada and the United States
18362: HARTLEY, JACKIE ; JOFFE, PAUL ; PRESTON, JENNIFER - Realizing the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: Triumph, Hope, and Action
6879: HARTMANN, EDUARD VON - Ethische Studien
15152: HARTMANN, LEONARD H - Philatelic Bibliopole (7 issues)
13246: HARTMANN, L - Grammaire francaise pour toutes les classes du second degré
6941: HARTUNG, HARALD; WALTER HEISTERMANN ; PETER M. STEPHAN - Fruchtblätter: Freundesgabe für Alfred Kelletat
3671: HARVEY, GLENN F (ED.) - ISA Transducer Compendium - Part 1
10060: HASE, FRIEDRICH TRAUGOTT; BECKER, EVA D (NACHWORT) - Gustav Aldermann. Ein dramatischer Roman
13621: HASEK, JOHN - The Disarming of Canada
15799: HASSE, ELISABETH - Erinnerungen an Günther Ramin
7402: HATFIELD, MARCUS P - A Compend of Diseases of Children
17111: HATTON, ORIN T. - Power and Performance in Gros Ventre War Expedition Songs
12491: HAUFF, WILHELM - Hauffs Werke in drei Bänden
12584: HAUPTMANN, GERHART - Der Biberpelz. Eine Diebskomödie
15621: HAUS, GOFFREDO - Music Processing
12467: HAUSER, ARNOLD - Soziologie der Kunst
12437: HAUSMANN, MANFRED - Der Fischbecker Wandteppich. Ein Legendenspiel
12665: HAUSMANN, MANFRED - Salut gen Himmel
12666: HAUSMANN, MANFRED - Abel mit der Mundharmonika
12989: HAUSMANN, FRIEDRICH - Reichskanzlei und Hofkapelle unter Heinrich V. und Konrad III

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