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203322: SHARMA, D.D. - Tribal languages of Himachal Pradesh. Part I.
297562: SHARMA, R.R.P. - The Sherdukens.
296439: SHARMA, K.R, A.O. - Statistical year book of Nepal - 1993.
249826: SHARP, DENNIS & C.COOKE (EDIT.). - The Modern Movement in Architecture. Selections from the DOCOMOMO registers.
224669: SHARP, D. & F.MUIR. - The comparative anatomy of themale genital tube in coleoptera.
114799: SHARP, W.WATSON. - Austrlia's native orchids.
197268: SHARP, CUTHBERT. - A history of Hartlepool.
238796: SHARPE III, JOHN L. - The Gentile Bias and other essays.
130260: SHARPE, R.BOWDLER. - A hand-book to the birds of Great Britain.
202337: SHARPE, R.BOWDLER. - A hand-book to the birds of Great Britain. Vol. I.
203721: SHARPE, MONTAGU. - Middlesex in British, Roman, and Saxon times. 2nd edition.
222542: SHARPE, FREDERICK. - The Church Bells of Berkshire. their inscriptions and founders. Arranged alphabetically by Parishes. 2nd edition.
223565: SHARRATT, FRANCE. - Écosse romane.
11303: SHARROCK, J.T.R. & E.M.SHARROCK. - Rare birds in Britain and Ireland.
216393: SHARROCK, J.T.R. - The natural history of Cape Clear Island.
51869: SHARROCK, J.T.R. - Birds new to Britain and Ireland. Original accounts from the monthly journal 'British Birds', updated by J.T.R. Sharrock & P.J. Grant.
153372: SHARROCK, J.T.R. - Scarce migrant birds in Britain and Ireland.
280598: SHATTOCK & MCKAY, 1902. - Universal Design Book containing official price lists.
294654: SHAW, J.C. - Introducing Thai ceramics also Burmese and Khmer. [3rd (?) ed.].
269212: SHAW, GEORGE. - General Zoology of systematic Natural History. Vol. VI/1: Insecta.
189283: SHAW, HENRY. - The hand book of mediaeval alphabets and devices.
192995: SHAW, TIMOTHY. - The Trireme Project. Operational Experience 1987-90. Lessons learnt.
283645: SHAW, WILLIAM & M.KAASIM HAJI ALI. - Coins of north Malaya.
1934: SHAW, VERO. - The illustrated book of the dog.
180085: SHAW, THURSTAN. - Nigeria. Its archeology and early history.
177631: SHAW, JAMES B. - Disegni veneti della collezione Lugt.
186980: SHAW, ROBERT. - Visits to High Tartary, Yarkand and Kashgar.
36960: SHAW, THURSTAN. - Excavation at Dawu. Report of an excavation in a mound at Dawu, Akuapim, Ghana.
195351: SHAW, G.BERNARD. - Fabian essays in Socialism.
195342: SHAW, HENRY. - The art of illumination, as practised during the Middle Ages with a description of the metals, pigments, and processes employed by the artists at different periods.
248017: SHAW, EVELYN S. & L.R.ARONSON. - Oral incubation in Tilapia Macrocephala. 1. Embryological Studies. 2. Experimental Studies.
102889: SHAW, J.BYAM. - Drawings by old masters at Christ Church Oxford.
281326: EL SHAZLY, YASMIN MOHAMED. - Royal ancester worship in Deir el-Medina during the New Kingdom.
182589: SHEAR, THEODORE L. - Sardis. Volume X: Terra-Cottas, Part I: Architectural Terra-Cottas.
233151: SHEAR, IONE MYLANOS. - Tales of Heroes. The Origins of the Homeric Texts.
171411: SHEENAN, TOM & MARION. - Orchid genera illustrated.
165744: SHEENAN, TOM & MARION. - Orchid genera illustrated.
143739: SHEFTON, BRIAN B. - Die Rhodischen Bronzekannen.
280893: SHEIKH, FAZAL. JOBEY, LIZ. (EDITED). - When two bulls fight, the leg of the calf is broken.
235685: EL-SHEIKH, IBRAHIM A., A.O. (EDIT.). - The Challenge of the Middle East. Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Amsterdam.
290482: SHELBY. FRIEDMAN, DAVE. - Shelby GT40. Shelby American Original Archives 1964-1967. Including GT40, Mk. II, Mk. IV, and More.
292994: SHELDON, PAUL & DUNCAN RABAGLIATI. - A Record of Grand Prix and Voiturette Racing. Volume 3: 1932-1936. 2nd ed.
292995: SHELDON, PAUL & DUNCAN RABAGLIATI. - A Record of Grand Prix and Voiturette Racing. Volume 4: 1937-1949.
292996: SHELDON, PAUL & DUNCAN RABAGLIATI. - A Record of Grand Prix and Voiturette Racing. Volume 5: 1950-1953.
293907: SHELDON, BOB. - Speedway Photos. Early Auto Racing in Chicago and the Mid-West.
292990: SHELDON, PAUL & DUNCAN RABAGLIATI. - A Record of Grand Prix and Voiturette Racing. Volume 8: 1965-1969.
281598: SHELFER, LOCHIAN. - The temple as courtroom: The confession stelai of Imperial Lydia.
179807: SHELLEY, P.B. FAURE, GEORGES. - Les éléments dy rythme poétique en anglais moderne.
278031: SHELLEY, RONALD G. - The Postal History of the International Brigades in Spain 1936 to 1939.
220747: SHELLEY, PERCY B. - Prometheus unbound. A lyrical Drama in four acts.
247917: SHELTON, KIM S. - The Late Helladic Pottery from Prosymna.
193643: SHELTON, GILBERT, A.O. - Real Free Press Illustratie. No. 4.
127260: SHELVOCKE, GEORGE. - A voyage round the world. By the way of the Great South Sea, preform'd in the years 1719-1722, in the speedwell of London...
252892: DU ZHENG-SHENG. - Le Bouddhade compassion. Images de Guanyin.
218542: SHEPARD, KATHERINA. - The fish-tailed monster in Greek and Etruscan art.
180663: SHEPHERD, J.C. & G.A.JELLICOE. - Italienische Gärten der Renaissance / Italian gardens of the Renaissance / Jardins de la renaissance en Italie.
279444: SHEPHERD, C.W. - The North-West Peninsula of Iceland being the Journal of a Tour in Iceland in the Spring and summer of 1862.
226249: SHEPHERD, TH.H. - Metropolitan Improvements or London in the Nineteenth Century: displayed in a serie of engravings of the new buildings, improvements etc.
236612: SHEPPARD, CHRISTOPHER & J.SMITH. - A collection of fine glass from the Restoration to the Regency.
263074: SHEPPARD, MICHAEL. - Social Work and Social Exclusion. The Idea of Practice.
269113: SHEPPARD, JENNIFER M. - The Buildwas Books. Book production, acquisition and use at an English Cistercian Monastry, 1165-cv.1400.
160993: SHERATON, THOMAS. BOYNTON, LINDSAY O.J. (INTROD.). - The Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer's drawing-book. In four parts.
5261: SHERATON, THOMAS. - Cabinet dictionary. With an introduction by W.P.Cole & C.F.Montgomery.
230368: SHERINGHAM, HUGH. & J.C.MOORE. (ED.) - The Book of the Fly-Rod.
26501: SHERINGHAM, GEORG & J.LAVER. - Design in the theater.
213034: SHERLOCK, D. A.O. - St. Augustine's Abbey: Report on excavations, 1960-78.
275702: SHERMAN, PENOYER L. - The Gutta Percha and Rubber of the Philippine Islands.
211657: SHERRING, M.A. - The tribes and castes of Rajasthan.
111069: SHERWOOD, MORGAN B. - Exploration of Alaska 1865-1900.
103967: SHETRONE, H.C. - The Indian in Ohio.
201192: SHEVCHENKO, TARAS. SAK, L.N. - The artist. A story by Taras Shevchenko. Illustrations, documents.
177481: SHEWELL-COOPER, W.E. - Basic book of rose growing.
267046: SHIFF, HAIM. CATALOGUE 2005. - Haim Shiff (1924-2000).
140015: SHILLING, CHARLES W. - The Baboon. An annotated bibliography.
158347: SHIMADA, IZUMI. - Pampa Grande and the Mochica culture.
241030: SHIMIZU, CHRISTINE. - Le Japon du XIXe Siecle. La redécouverte.
277998: SHINKWIN, ANNE D. - Dakah De'Nins's Village and the Dixthada Site. A contribution to northern Athapaskan Prehistory.
118586: SHINN, ALVIN F. - A revision of the Bee Genus Calliopsis and the biology and ecology of C.Andreniformis (Hymenoptera, Andrenidae).
245468: SHINNIE, P.L. & M.SHINNIE. - Debeira West. A mediaeval Nubian Town.
225206: SHIPBROKERS' REGISTER, THE. - 24th edition. 1966-67.
250889: LLOYD'S REGISTER OF SHIPPING. - 75th edition 1962.
118210: SHIRAKI, TOKUICHI. - Fruit flies of the Ryukyu Islands.
145923: SHIRAKI, TOKUICHI. - A systematic study of Trypetidae in the Japanese empire.
265919: SHIRASU, MASAKO, - Noh-Men. Photographs by Manschichi Sakamoto.
295076: SHIRENDEV, BAZARYN. ONON, TEMUJIN. - Through the ocean waves. The autobiography of Bazaryn Shirendev.
205610: SHIRIHAI, HADORAM, GABRIEL GARGALLO & ANDREAS J. HELBIG. - Sylvia Warblers. Indentification, taxonomy and phylogeny of the genus Sylvia.
221722: SHIRLEY, RODNEY W. - Early printed maps of the British Isles. A bibliography 1477-1650. V: 1637-1650.
221721: SHIRLEY, RODNEY W. - Early printed maps of the British Isles. A bibliography 1477-1650. I: 1477-1555.
285942: SHIRLEY, JOHN & W.DAVENANT. LEFKOWITZ, MURRAY. - Trois Masques à la Cour de Charles Ier d'angleterre. the Triumph of Peace. The Triumps of the Prince d'Amour. Brittania Triumphans.
281667: SHISHKOV, SERGEY S. & MUZALEVSKY M. VALENTINOVICH. - Orders and medals of the USSR 1918 - 1991. [COMPLETE SET].
281666: SHISHKOV, SERGEY S. - Awards of Russia 1698-1917. [COMPLETE SET].
203983: SHIVKOVA, LJUDMILA. - Das Grabmal von Kasanlak.
173772: SHIXIANG, WANG. - Ancient chinese lacquerware.
181298: SHIXIANG, WANG. - Klassische chinesische Möbel. Die schönsten Exemplare aus der Ming- und der frühen Qing-Zeit.
255562: WANG SHIXIANG. - Connoisseurship of Chinese Furniture. Ming and Early Dynaasties.
225305: SHMUEL HASHLISHI. KATSUMATA, NAOYA. - Hebrew style in the liturgical poetry of Shmuel HaShlishi.
276060: SHOBERL, FREDERIC. - A Historical Account, interspersed with Biographical Anecdotes, of the House of Saxony, tracing the Descent of the Present Royal and Ducal Branches an containing a Memoir of the Life of his serene highness Leopold George Christian Frederic Duke of Saxony, prince of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld.
110302: SHOE [MERITT], LUCY T. - Profiles of Greek mouldings.
91856: SHOE [MERITT], LUCY T. - Etruscan and republican Roman mouldings.
159041: SHOEMAKER, CLARENCE R - Amphipod Crustaceans collected on the presidental cruise of 1938.
264892: SHOKOOHY, MEHRDAD. - Bhadresvar. The oldest Islamic Monuments in India.
287033: SHOMETTE, DONALD G & R.D.HASLACH. - Raid on America. the Dutch Naval Campaign of 1672-1674.
286972: SHONO-SLÁDEK, MASAKO. - The splendour of Urushi. The Laquer Art Collection at the Museum of East Asian Art City of Cologne. Inventory Catalogue with Reflexions on culturalHistory.
68045: SHONO, MASAKO. - Japanisches Aritaporzellan im sogenannten Kakiemonstil als Vorbild für die Meissener Porzellanmanufaktur.
244097: SHOOK, JOHN R. - The Dictionary of Early American Philosophers. Volume 1: A-L.
295151: SHOREN, IHARA & YAMAGUCHI ZUIHO. - Tibetan Studies. Proceedings of the 5th seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies NARITA 1989. Vols. 1 & 2.
289708: SHORES, CHRISTOPHER F. - 2nd Tactical Air Force.
177364: SHOREY, H.H. - Animal communication by Pheromones.
279809: SHORT, NIGEL & JAN TIMMAN. - The Way to Linares' summit. More than 2400 selected games.
118327: SHORT, LESTER L. - Systematics and behavior of South American Flickers (Aves, Colaptes).
210251: SHORT, LESTER L. - Habits of some Asian Woodpeckers (Aves, Picidae).
211862: SHORT, J.W. & D.G.POTTER. - Shells of Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef. Marine Gastropods.
184231: SHORT, FRANK. - On the making of etchings. 3rd ed.
98337: SHORT, LESTER L. - Woodpeckers of the world.
283695: SHORTO, RUSSELL. - Amsterdam. Geschiedenis van de meest vrijzinnige stad ter wereld. 16e druk.
84063: SHORTT, ADAM. - Documents relating to Canadian currency, exchange and finance during the French period. Selected and edited with notes and intoduction.
268563: SHOTZ, ALYSON. - Alyson Shotz.
106602: SHOUKRY, ANWAR. - Die Privatgrabstatue im Alten Reich.
217659: SHOWMAN, BURRELL. LANE, MICHAEL R. - Burrell Showman's Road Locomotives. The story of Showman's type road locomotives manufactured by Charles Burrell & Sons Ltd.
212294: SHRAVA, SATYA. - The Sakas in India.
208568: SHRESHTA, PADMA PRAKASH. - Nepal Rediscovered. The Rana Court 1846-1951. Photographs from the Archives of the Nepal Kingdom Foundation.
296946: SHRESTHA, KHADGA MAN, A.O. - Results of the Nepal German project on high mountain archaeology. Part IV: Archaeological, historical and geographical reports on research activities in the Nepal-Tibetan border area of Mustang during the years 1992 and 1998.
167223: SHRIMALI, KRISHNA M. - History of Pancala.
154592: SHROPSHIRE, DENYS W.T. - The church and primitive peoples. The religious Institutions and Beliefs of the Southern Bantu and their bearing on the problems of the Christiona Missionary.
190895: SHU-P'ING, TENG. - Neolithic Jades in the collection of the National Palace Museum.
136686: SHUAIB, LINDA. - Wildflowers of Kuwait.
281617: SHUBERT, STEVEN BLAKE. - Those who (still) live on earth: A study of the ancient Egyptian appeal to the living text.
247699: SHUCUN, WANG. - Shop Signs of Imperial China.
208501: SHUCUN, WANG. - Ancient Chinese woodblock new year prints.
242565: SHUH, RANDALL T. & M.D.SCHWARTZ. - Revision of the Plant Bug genus Rhinacloa Reuter with a phylogenetic analysis (Hemiptera: Miridae).
189892: SHUHONG, CHANG (PREF.). - Underground art gallery. China's Brick Paintings 1,700 years old.
297551: SHUKLA, BRAHMA SHUKLA. - The Daflas of the Subansiri region.
268753: SHULDHAM-SHAW, PATRICK A.O. - The Greig-Duncan Folk Song Collection. Vol. 4: Song 707-928.
268754: SHULDHAM-SHAW, PATRICK A.O. - The Greig-Duncan Folk Song Collection. Vol. 8: 1516-1933.
245271: SHUMBUN, ASAHI. (EDITED). - Manchoukuo. A pictorial record. Le Mandchoukouo. Chronique illustrée.
243802: SHUNHONG, CHANG. A.O. - Le Trésor de Dunhuang. Dix siècles d'art de la Chine.
1960: SHURINOVA, R. - Coptic textiles. Collection of Coptic textiles State Pushkin Museum of fine arts Moscow.
130995: SHURTLEFF, LAWTON L. & CHR. SAVAGE. - The Woodduck and the Mandarin.
295447: SHUSTERMAN, RICHARD. - Körper-Bewusstsein. Für eine Philosophie der Somästhetik.
189865: SHUTTLEWORTH, CHARLES. - Malayan Safari. 1st edition.
163859: SI, WILLIE & WINSTON SNG. - Aroqana. A Layman's guide.
162367: SIADE, GEORGINA P.DE. - Los indígenas bilingües de México frente a la castellanización.
242837: SIAPKAS, JOHANNES. - Heterological Ethnicity. Conceptualizing identities in ancient Greece.
74029: SIBERECHTS, JAN. FOKKER, T.H. - Jan Siberechts. Peintre de la paysanne flamande.
74038: SIBERECHTS, JAN. FOKKER, T.H. - Jan Siberechts. Peintre de la paysanne flamande.
294950: SIBETH, ACHIM. - Vom Kultobjekt zur Massenware. Kulturhistorische und kunstethnologische Studie zur figürlichen Holzschnitzkunst der Batak in Nordsumatra / Indonesien.
171971: SIBLEY, CHARLES G. - Species formation in the Red-Eyed Towhees of Mexico.
228348: SIBLEY, CHARLES G. & B.L.MONROE. - Distribution and taxonomy of birds of the world.
251814: SICA, PAOLO. - Storia dell'urbanistica. III: Il Novecento.
195715: SICARD, A. - Coléoptères Coccinellides.
3178: SICARD, HARALD V. - Ngano dze Cikaranga. Karangamärchen.
133585: SICARD, HARALD V. - Ngano dze Cikaranga. Karangamärchen.
3120: SICARD, HARALD V. - Ngoma Lungundu. Eine afrikanische Bundeslade.
62957: SICCAMA, J.H., C.S. NUMAN & P.N. ARNTZENIUS (ED.). - De gekortwiekte faam. Utrechtsch akademie-blad. No. I t/m XXIII.
77482: SICHEL, FRANZ COLLECTION. CATALOGUE 1969. - Glass drinking vessels from the Franz Sichel collection.
229686: SICHELBEIN. BAYER, GÜNTHER. - Die Malerfamilie Sichelbein, 1580-1758. Lebensbilder und Werke.
271195: SICHEM, CHRISTOFFEL VAN. MEULEPAS, PIERRE. - De houtsneden van Christoffel van Sichem II in de Amssterdamse Bijbel van 1657. [Diss.].
193332: SICHERER-FRIJLINK, A.P. - Apen op je hoofd.
80902: SICHTERMANN, HELLMUT & GUNTRAM KOCH. - Griechische Mythen auf römischen Sarkophagen. Unter Verwendung neuer Aufnahmen von Gerhard Singer.
34342: SICHTERMANN, HELLMUT. - Griechische Vasen in Unteritalien aus der Sammlung Jatta in Ruvo.
48283: SICHTERMANN, HELLMUT. - Späte Endymion-Sarkophage. Methodisches zur Interpretation.
259469: ANNALI DEL BAROCCO IN SICILIA. - Siracusa Antica e Moderna. Il Val di Nota nella cultura di viaggio.
259648: ANNALI DEL BAROCCO IN SICILIA. - Pompeo Picherali architettura e città fra XVII e XVIII Secolo, Sicilia, Napoli, Malta.
259470: ANNALI DEL BAROCCO IN SICILIA. - Studi sulla ricostruzione del Val di Nota dopo il terremoto del 1693.
259471: ANNALI DEL BAROCCO IN SICILIA. - La città del Seicento tra Italia e Spagna.
259472: ANNALI DEL BAROCCO IN SICILIA. - Il restauro del Barocco della città storica.
259468: ANNALI DEL BAROCCA IN SICILIA, - Capitali europee del Barocco tra cultura del progetto e cultura del cantiere.
268909: SICILIANO, BERNARDO. CATALOGO 2013-2014. - Bernardo Siciliano. The tennis player.
259777: SICKEL, HANS. - Schablonen-Mappe. Neue wege im praktischen Dekor. Bearbeitet von Konditoreimeister Hans Sickel (unter Beifügung einiger Motive von Konditormeister Rolf Bjerke, Oslo).
169218: SICKMAN, LAURENCE & A.SOPER. - The art and architecture of China. 2nd edit.
53167: SIDENBLADH, ELIS. - Urmakare i Sverige under äldre tider.
286375: SIDERIS, IANNIS. - [To 1821 kai to theatro itoi pos gennithike i nea elliniki skini (1741-1822).] The National Revolutian of 1821 and the Theatreor the Birth of modern Greek Drama 1741-1822.
62728: SIDERIUS, K. - Onze tuin. Siertuin-moestuin-vruchtentuin. Een handleiding voor hen, die zelf hun tuin willen aanleggen en onderhouden.
60139: SIDNEY, S. - The book of the horse: (thorough-bred, half-bred, cart-bred), saddle and harness, British and foreign. [2nd edition].
164442: SIDNEY, SAMUEL. - The three colonies of Australia: New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia. Their pastures, copper mines & gold fields.
236997: SIE, MAUREEN. A.O. - Reasons of one's own.
282815: SIEBEL, J.A. - Twee eeuwen De Groote Sociëteit in Zwolle.
187473: SIEBELINK, JAN. - ''Fraude''.
187053: SIEBELINK, JAN. - Eigen Teelt.
297532: SIEBENBRODT, MICHAEL. - Bauhaus Weimar. Designs for the Future.
4881: SIEBER, ROY. - African textiles and decorative arts.
204796: SIEBER, ROY. - Hair in African art and culture.
74040: SIEBERT, MARGARETE. - Die Madonnendarstellung in der altniederländischen Kunst, von Jan Van Eyck bis zum den Manieristen.
259113: SIEBMACHER, J. - Band I: Die Wappen der Souveraine der Deutschen Bundesstaaten. [2e Auflage]
201690: SIEBOLD, PHILIPP FRANZ VON. [COLLECTION]. NARAZAKI, MUNESHIGE, A.O. (ED.). - Philipp Franz von Siebold's Ukiyo-E collection.
249593: SIEBOLD, PHILIPP FRANZ VON. - Nippon. Archiv zur Beschreibung von Japan und dessen Neben- und Schutzländern jezo mit den südlichen Kurilen, Sachalin, Korea und den Liukiu-Inseln. 2. Aufllage. Herausgegeben von seinen Söhnen [= Heinrich und Alexander von Siebold].
283503: SIEBOLD, PHILIPP FRANZ VON. OIJEN, MARTIEN J.P. & J.M.J.VAN. - Von Siebold's reis naar het hof van de Shogun in het jaar 1826. Een ontdekkingstocht door Japan.
285478: SIEBRECHT, BRÜDER. OSBORN, MAX. - Brüder Siebrecht.
280795: XXE SIÈCLE (REVUE). - No 51: Panorama. De l'art optique au cinétisme.
245069: XXE SIÈCLE (REVUE). - 1er Annee, 1938 nr 2. May-Juin.
245070: XXE SIÈCLE (REVUE). - 1er Annee, 1938, nr 1 Mars.
31493: ALMANACH SURRÉALISTE DU DEMI-SIÈCLE. - Numéro spécial de La Nef. Revue mensuelle No. 63/64 Mars/Avril.
36284: SIEDEL, FRITZ. - Gevleugelde roofridders. 2e druk.
244869: SIEDENTOPF, HEINRICH B. & WOLFGANG WOHLMAYR. - Mattbemalte Keramik der Mittleren Bronzezeit.
240248: SIEDL, SUITBERT. - Gedanken zum Tempussystem im Hebräischen und Akkadischen.
132105: SIEDLER, JOBST. - Jahrbuch der Baukunst. 1928/29.
271626: SIEFKE, AXEL. - Dorn- und Zaungrasmücke.
248091: SIEGEL, JAN. - De kinderen van Prospero. Boek 1-3.
160587: SIEGEL, GWATHMEY. - Gwathmeu Siegel. Gwathmey Siegel & Associates architects.
252422: SIEGERT, MARTIN J. A.O. - Antarctic Subglacial Aquatic Environments.
234034: SIEGL, PETER. - Theoretische Grundlagen des Lobbyismus.
276648: SIEGMUND, STEFANIE B. - The Medici State and the Ghetto of Florence. The Construction of an Early Modern Jewish Community.
47955: SIEGRIST, MARIE & M.C.GRIER. - Bibliography and index of Geology Exclusive of North America. Volume 22.
276098: SIEKEN, BERNHARD. - Herrschaft und Verfassungsstrukturen in Nordwesten des Reiches. Beitrag zum Zeitalter Karls V.
220489: SIELENS, C. - Moderne Monogrammen.
41497: SIELMANN, H. - Een jaar tussen de spechten.
272418: SIELMANN, H. - My year with the Woodpeckers.
249188: SIEMENS. SCHÄCHE, WOLFGANG (EDIT.). - 150 Jahre Architektur für Siemens. / 150 Years of Architecture for Siemens.
166644: SIEMENS, GEORG. - L'evolution de l'electrotechnique. Histoire de la maison Siemens.
280855: SIEMENS. ZÖBL, DOROTHEA. - Siemens in Berlin. Spaziergänge durch die Geschichte der Elektrifizierung
258316: SIEMENS & HALSKE A.-G. SKIRL, WERNER. - Mesures électriques.
182802: SIEMENS. WESKI, THOMAS. (ED.). - Siemens Fotoprojekt 1987 - 1992 / Siemens Photographic Project.
189367: SIEMENSMA, F.J. - De Nederlandse Zonnediertjes (Actinopoda, Heliozoa).
238377: SIEMER, LAURENTIUS M. - Wie ich den fernen Osten erlebte. Eindrücke und Erlebnisse eines Missionsvisitators den Freunden der Mission dargeboten.
63242: SIER, RICHARD. - Deutschlands Geistes-Helden. Ehren-denkmäler unserer hervorragenden Führer auf geistigem Gebiet in Wort und Bild.
139752: SIERHUIS, JAN. CATALOGUS. - Jan Sierhuis.
114558: SIERHUIS, JAN. ROTHUIZEN, WILLIAM. - Jan Sierhuis. Schilderijen / paintings.
257920: SIERHUIS, JAN. FUCHS, RUDI. - Jan Sierhuis, 65 jaar.
158072: SIERHUIS, JAN. SANDEE, BERNHARD (ED.). - Jan Sierhuis. Met verf is het altijd vechten. Werken van 1989 tot 1998. / With paint. it's always a struggle. Works from 1989 till 1998.
181274: SIERHUIS, JAN. SANDEE, BERNHARD (ED.). - Jan Sierhuis. Met verf is het altijd vechten. Werken van 1989 tot 1998. / With paint. it's always a struggle. Works from 1989 till 1998.
48102: SIERHUIS, JAN. SANDEE, BERNHARD (ED.). - Jan Sierhuis. Een doorgaande stroom / a continuous flow.
290184: SIERKSMA, KL. - Vlaggen. Symbool. Traditie. Protocol.
190128: SIERKUNST. - Jrg, II, 1912.
218981: SIESWERDA, DOUWE TJ. - Pseudo-Anastasius en Anastatius Sinaita. Een vergelijking. De Pseudo-Anastasiaanse quaestiones et responsiones in de Soterios.
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113861: SNOY, PETER. - Bagrot. Eine Dardische Talschaft im Karakorum.
169742: SNY, W.S. - Carbine & Lance. The story of old Fort Sill.
281288: SNYDER, JOHN W. - A catalogue of the Cuneiform Tablets in the Davenport Public Museum
138736: SNYDER, GEORGE S. - Oude Hemelkaarten. Hoogtepunten uit tien eeuwen cartografie.
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223346: SOANE, JOHN. - John Soane.
160899: SOBEK, WERNER. BLASER, WERNER. - Werner Sobek. Art of Engineering. Ingenieur-Kunst.
222274: SOBOTKA, BRUNO J. - Burgen, Schlösser, Gutshäuser in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
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162442: TRANSACTIONS OF THE ORIENTAL CERAMIC SOCIETY. - Vol. 37 (1967-68 / 1968-1969).
214170: WALPOLE SOCIETY. - Vol. 27, 1938 -1949.
214164: WALPOLE SOCIETY. - Vol. 38, 1960 -1962.

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