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532: MACATEE, W.L. - The Ring-Necked Pheasant and its managements in North America.
192175: MACAU, M.JACQUES. - L'Inde danoise. La première Compagnie (1616-1670) & La deuzième Compagnie (1670-1732).
259526: MACAULAY, JAMES. - The classical country house in Scotland 1660-1800.
222717: MACAULAY, DONALD. (ED.) - The Celtic languages.
110011: MACCARONE, M. A.O. - Nouove ricerche sulla cattedra Lignea di S. Pietro in Vaticano.
34323: MACCARONE, M. A.O. - La Cattedra lignea di S. Pietro in Vaticano. Quattro studi... con dieci appendici...
248315: MACCHIAIOLI. DURBÉ, DARIO. - I Macchiaioli maîtres de la peinture en Toscane au XIXème siècle.
227638: MACCHIAIOLI, THE. BROUDE, NORMA. - The Macchiaioli. Italian painters of the Nineteenth Century.
42245: MACCLINTOCK, DORCAS. - Squirrels of North America.
87189: MACCURDY, GEORGE GRANT. - A study of Chiriquian antiquities.
282769: MACDONALD, WILLIAM L. - The architecture of the Roman Empire I: An introductory study. Revised edition.
255130: MACDONALD, MARÉCHAL. - Souvenirs du Maréchal Macdonald Duc de Tarente. Avec une introduction par M.Camille Rousset.
67542: MACDONALD, J.D. - Birds of Australia. A summary of information.
183076: MACDONALD, WILLIAM L. - The architecture of the Roman Empire I: An introductory study.
244888: MACDONALD, JOHN. MACKENZIE, ANNIE M. - Orain Iain Luim. Songs of John MacDonald, Bard of Keppoch.
279710: MACDONALD, NEIL & A.HARLEY. - Mastering the French.
256470: MACDONALD, COLIN F. A.O. - The Minoans in the central, eastern and northern Aegean - new evidence. Acts of a Minoan Seminar, 22-23 January Athens.
168560: MACDONALD, BURTON. - The Southern Ghors and Northeast 'Arabah archaeological survey.
266988: MACDONALD, JOHN. BERESFORD, JOHN. (INTROD.). - Memoirs of an eighteenth century footman. John Macdonald travels 1745-1779.
239688: MACDONALD, COLIN F. & C.KNAPPETT. - Knossos protopalatial deposits in early magazine A and the South-West Houses.
226986: MACDONALD, ALEXANDER W. - Essays on the ethnology of Nepal and South Asia.
251602: MACDONALD, JAMES & J.YOUNG. - An account of the Roman Stones in the Hunterian Museum
254723: MACDONALD, DAVID. - Collins European Mammals. Evolution and behaviour.
215209: MACDONALD, WILLIAM L. - Hadrian's Villa and Its Legacy.
227005: MACDONALD, A.W. & A.V.STAHL. - Newar Art. Nepalese art during the Malla Period.
259963: MACDONELL, ARTHUR A. - A practical Sanskrit dictionary with transliteration, accentuation, and etymological analysis throughout.
231646: MACDOUGAL, JOHN M. - Revision of Passiflora Subgenus Decaloba section Pseudodysosmia (Passifloraceae).
153251: MACDOUGALL, ELISABETH B. & W.F.JASHEMSKI. - Ancient Roman gardens.
263154: MACE, ARTHUR C. & H.E.WINLOCK. - The tomb of Senebtisi at Lisht.
186175: MACEOIN, DENIS - The sources for early Babi Doctrine and history.
172457: MACFADYEN, L.M.I. - Alcyonaria. (Stolonifera, Alcyonacea, Telestaceae and Gorgonacea).
187494: MACFARLAND, FRANK M. - Studies of Ophistobranchiate Mollusks of the Pacific Coast of North America.
147653: MACFARLANE, MALCUM. - South African Poultry keeping. 5th edit.
62075: MACGILLIVRAY, ALEX.D. - The Coccidae. Tables for the identification of the subfamilies and some of the more important genera and species together with discussions of their anatomy and life history.
81792: MACGOWAN, KENNETH. - The theatre of tomorrow.
52035: MACGOWN, PEARL K. - The lore and lure of hooked rugs.
241453: MACGREGOR, JOHN M. - The discovery of the art of the insane. Vol. I & II.
215481: MACGREGOR, GEORGE. - The history of Glasgow from the earliest period to the present time.
250452: MACGREGOR, C.R. - Journey of the expedition under Colonel Woodthorpe, R.E., from Upper Assam to the Irawadi, and return over the Patkoi Range.
159823: MACH, ERNST. - Erkenntnis und Irrtum. Skizzen zur Psychologie der Forschung. 1. Aufl.
184759: MACH, ERNST. - Die Principien der Wärmelehre. Historisch-kritisch entwickelt.
269182: MACH, DAVUID. KATALOG 1987. - David Mach. Natural Causes.
234736: MACH, ERNST. - Grundlinien der lehre von den Bewegungsempfindungen. 1. Aufl.
118872: MACHADO, A.DE BARROS. - Révision systématique des Glossines du groupe palpalis (Diptera).
183085: MACHATCHEK, ALOIS. - Die Nekropolen und Grabmäler im Gebiet von Elaiussa Sebaste und Korykos im rauhen Kilikien.
270331: MACHEREL, CLAUDE & R.ZEEBROEK. - Une vie de Pain. Faire, penser et dire le Pain en Europe.
269891: MACHIAVELLI, NICCOLO. GARVER, EUGENE. - Machiavelli and the History of Prudence.
269900: MACHIAVELLI, NICCOLO. KAHN, VICTORIA. - Machiavellian Rhetoric. From the Counter-Reformation to Milton.
258657: MACHIAVELLI, NICCOLO. UNGER, MILES J. - Machiavelli. Een biografie.
199281: MACINNES, C.M. - England and slavery.
135472: MACINNES, C.M. - A gateway of empire.
216493: MACINTYRE, DONALD. - Hindu-Koh. Wanderings and wild sport on and beyond the Himalayas.
258363: MACIOCE, STEFANIA. - Undique splendent. Aspetti della pittura sacra nelle Roma di Clemente VIII Aldobrandini (1592-1605).
115032: MACIVER, D.RANDALL & C.L.WOOLLEY. - Areika.
275703: MACK, ANDREW L., A.O. - A Biological Assessment of the Wapoga River Area of Northwestern Irian Jaya, Indonesia.
192082: MACKAUER, MANFRED. - Die Aphidiiden (Hymenoptera) Finnlands.
210238: MACKAY, ERNEST. - Report on the excavation of the A cemetery at Kish, Mesopotamia & A Sumerian Palace and the A Cemetery at Kish, Mesopotamia.
212817: MACKAY, A. - Bijdrage tot de geschiedenis van het radicalisme en communisme. Uit het hoogduitsch. Met een voorwoord van Mr. A. Mackay.
113871: MACKAY, JAMES. - Nursery antiques.
185394: MACKAY, E.ANNE. - Signs of Orality. The oral tradition and its influence in the Greek and Roman world.
247084: MACKAY, AENEAS. - Iets over Nijmegen's Herstelling in 1814.
247645: MACKAY [FAMILY]. MACKAY, DANIËL. - Geschiedenis van het geslacht Mackay. Facetten van de politieke, militaire en sociale geschiedenis van de Schotse Hooglanden en de Nederlanden.
253350: MACKE, AUGUST. HEIDERICH, URSULA. - August Macke. Zeichnungen. Werkverzeichnis.
248595: MACKE, AUGUST. HEIDERICH, URSULA. - August Macke. Die Skizzenbücher.
226951: MACKE, AUGUST. VRIESEN, GUSTAV. - August Macke. 2nd enl. edit.
271373: MACKE, AUGUST. CATALOGUE 2013. - August Macke und die Schweiz. / August Macke and Switzerland.
272761: MACKENSEN, EBERHARD VON. - Vom Bug zum Kaukasus. Das III. Panzerkorps im Feldzug gegen Sowjetrussland 1941/42.
224758: MACKENSEN, LUDOLF VON. - Die erste Sternwarte Europas mit ihren Instrumenten und Uhren. 400 Jahre Jost Bürgi in Kassel.
267780: MACKENSEN, MICHAEL. - Die Spätantiken Sigillata- und Lampentöpfereien von el Mahrine (Nordtunesien). Studien zur nordafrikanischen Feinkeramik des 4. bis 7. Jahrhunders.
235494: MACKENZIE-KENNEDY, C. - The Atlantic Blue Riband. Evolution of the Express Liner.
110448: MACKENZIE, DUNCAN. - Excavations at Ain Shems (Beth-Shemesh).
160671: MACKENZIE, DAVID S. - Perenial ground covers.
166883: MACKENZIE, DONALD A. - Indian myth and legend. 1st ed.
189123: MACKENZIE, JOHN. DOUGLAS, W. - John Mackenzie. South African Missionary and Statesman.
94627: MACKENZIE-GRIEVE, AVERIL. - The last years of the English slave trade Liverpool 1750-1807.
91324: MACKENZIE, COMPTON. - Sublime tobacco.
143060: MACKENZIE, J.S.F. - British orchids. How to tell one from another.
73573: MACKERPRANG, M. - Jydske granitportaler.
61904: MACKERPRANG, M. - Jydske granitportaler.
154644: MACKEURTAN, GRAHAM. - The cradle of Natal. (1497-1845).
256808: MACKIE, J.D. - The Earlier Tudors 1485-1558.
153554: MACKINNON, K. - Indonesië. Natuur en natuurbehoud.
205493: MACKINTOSCH, CHARLES RENNIE. HOWARTH, THOMAS. - Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the modern movement.
232426: MACKINTOSH, CHARLES RENNIE. COOPER, JACKIE. - Mackintosch. Architecture. The complete buildings and selected projects. 2nd enl. ed.
241102: MACKINTOSH, CHARLES RENNIE. ROBERTSON, PAMELA. - The Chronycle. The Letters of Charles Rennie Mackintosh to Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh 1927.
263648: MACKINTOSH, CHARLES RENNIE. STEELE, JAMES. - Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Synthesis in Form.
264067: MÄCKLER, CHRISTOPH. OECHSLIN, WERNER & H.WEFING. - Christoph Mäckler. Die Rematerialisierung der Moderne. / The Rematerialisation of Modern Architecture.
24325: MACKOWSKY, WALTER. - Das niederdeutsche Bürgerhaus.
244418: MACKWORTH-PRAED, C.W. & C.H.B.GRANT. - Birds of eastern and north eastern Africa. 1st ed.
17794: MACKWORTH-PRAED, C.W. & C.H.B.GRANT. - Birds of the southern third of Africa.
204620: MACKWORTH-PRAED, C.W. & C.H.B.GRANT. - African handbook of birds. I: Birds of eastern and north eastern Africa. II: Birds of the southern third of Africa. III: Birds of west central and western Africa.
153313: MACKWORTH-PRAED, C.W. & C.H.B.GRANT. - Birds of the southern third of Africa. 1st ed.
215483: MACLAGGAN, MARJORIE E. - A study of the genus Masonaphis Hille Ris Lambers, 1939 (Homoptera, Aphididae).
239828: MACLAREN, NEIL. - The Dutch school. 1600-1900.
66602: MACLEAN, GORDEN LINDSAY. - Roberts' birds of Southern Africa. 5th ed.
36203: MACLEAN, MARY ANNE. - Mary Anne's garden.
92737: MACLEAN, J.S. - The locomotives of the North Eastern Railway 1854-1905. Introduced by a sketch of the formation of the Company, and an account of some of the early famous locomotives on the lines now merged in its system.
146764: MACLEAN, MAGNUS. - Modern electrical engineering.
167150: MACLEOD, ROY & PH.F.REHBOCK. - Evolutionary theory and natural history in the Pacific. Darwin's Laboratory.
237063: MACLEOD, DUNCAN. - The Island Beautiful. The Story of Fifty Years in North Formosa.
238844: MACLER, FRÉDERIC. - Trois Conférences sur l'Arménie faites à la fondation Carol I à Bucarest (Roumanie).
176408: MACLOT, JEAN CHARLES. - Précis sur le globe terrestre, ou explication de la mappemonde; Ornée de détails Historiques & de Particularités recueillies de différentes Relations de Voyage, touchant divers Peuples de la Terre; avec des Notions raisonnées pour servir d'introduction à la partie d'Astronomie qui se combine, avec la Géographie.
47543: MACLURE, WILLIAM. - The European journals of William Maclure. Edited, with notes and introduction by John S.Doskey.
216644: MACMAHON, BILL. - The architecture of East Australia. An architectural history in 432 individual presentations.
279134: MACMILLAN, DONALD B. - Etah and beyond or Life within Twelve Degrees of the Pole.
279094: MACMILLAN, DONALD B. - Four years in the white North.
279049: MACMILLAN, DONALD B. - Kah'- da. Life of a North Greenland Eskimo Boy.
187258: MACMUNN, GEORGE. - The underworld of India.
262599: MACMUNN, G.F. & A.C.LOVETT. - The Armies of India.
154610: MACNEIL, JOHN. MCEACHRAN, D.S. - John MacNeil. Late evangelist in Australia. A memoir by his wife.
222684: MACOVEI, G. & I.ATANASIU. - L'évolution géologique de la Roumanie. Crétacé.
100490: MACPHERSON, J.HOPE. - Marine Molluscs of Victoria.
261850: MACPHERSON, H.B. - The Home-life of a Golden Eagle. 3rd. rev. edition.
171581: MACQUOID, PERCY. - A history of English furniture.
211083: MACRAE, JOHN. - Account of the Kookies, or Lunctas.
262277: MACROBE. BORNECQUE, HENRI. - Les Saturnales. Livres I-VII.
269579: MACROPEDIUS. BLOEMENDAL, JAN. - Macropedius 1558-2008. Macropedius in Europese context. Teksten van de voordrachten gehouden op 3 oktober 2008.
185339: MACURA, P. - Elsevier's Russian-English Dictionary.
149858: MADALSKI, JÓZEF. - Atlas flory poldkirj i ziem osciennych. Vol. III/1: Cyperaceae - Scirpoidea - Rhynchosporoideae.
149859: MADALSKI, JÓZEF. - Atlas flory poldkirj i ziem osciennych. Vol. III/3: Cyperaceae - Carcoideae (2).
148663: MADALSKI, JÓZEF. - Atlas flory Polskiej i ziem osciennych. (Florae Polonicae terrarumque adiacentium iconographia). Tom II- Zeszyt 2: Juncaceae.
148659: MADALSKI, JÓZEF. - Atlas flory Polskiej i ziem osciennych. (Florae Polonicae terrarumque adiacentium iconographia). Tom II- Zeszyt I: Alismataceae, Butomaceae, Hydrocharitaceae, Jungcaginaceae, Zannichelliaceae, Potamogetonaceae, Najadaceae.
148658: MADALSKI, JÓZEF. - Atlas flory Polskiej i ziem osciennych. (Florae Polonicae terrarumque adiacentium iconographia). Tom V - Zeszyt I & II: Orchidaceae (Pars 1 & 2).
149860: MADALSKI, JÓZEF. - Atlas flory poldkirj i ziem osciennych. Vol. III/4: Cyperaceae - Carcoideae (3).
116762: MADAN LAL, SHARMA. - Contribution à l'étude de Longiunguis Donacis (Pass) (Aphididae-Homomptera) et des fluctuations des ses populations en provence maritime. (Diss.)
268496: MADAUS, GERHARD. - Lehrbuch der biologischen Heilmittel.
252555: MADDEN, FREDERICK & D.FIELDHOUSE. - The Classical Period of the First British Empire, 1689-1783. The Foundations of a Colonial System of Government.
251108: MADDEN, FREDERIC W. - Jewish numismatics; being a supplement to the History of Jewish Coinage and Money in the Old and New Testaments, published in 1864.
118262: MADDOCKS, ROSALIE F. - Revision of recent Bairdiidae(Ostracoda).
276632: MADER, FELIX, A.O. - Die Kunstdenkmäler der Oberpfalz XXII: Stadt Regensburg.
99020: MADER, HEINRICH. - Bau- und Kunstgeschichte der Plassenburg.
150099: MADER, FRIEDERICH W. - Am Kilimandjaro. Abenteuer und Kämpfe in Deutsch-Ostafrika. 4. Aufl.
12021: MADER, E. - Mambre. Die Ergebnisse der Ausgrabungen im heiligen Bezirk Râmet el-Halîl in Südpalästina 1926-1928.
101051: MADER, FELIX - Bezirksamt Hilpoltstein. (Die Kunstdenkmäler von Mittelfranken III)..
8342: MADER, FELIX - Stadt Eichstätt. Mit Einschluss der Gemeinden Marienstein, Wasserzell und Wintershof. Die Kunstdenkmäler von Mittelfranken I.
87035: MADER, FELIX - Stadt Landshut mit Einschluss der Trausnitz. Die Kunstdenkmäler von Niederbayern.
101067: MADER, FELIX & K.GRÖBER. - Stadt und Bezirksambt Weissenburg i.B. (Die Kunstdenkmäler von Mittelfranken V).
101031: MADER, FELIX. - Stadt und Bezirksamt Landau. (Kunstdenkmäler der Pflaz, II).
101041: MADER, FELIX & ALOIS MITTERWIESER. - Die Kunstdenkmäler von Mittelfranken IV: Stadt Dinkelsbühl..
24299: MADERNO, CARLO. DONATO, UGO. - Carlo Maderno architetto Ticinese a Roma.
15185: MADERNO, CARLO. HIBBARD, HOWARD. - Carlo Maderno and Roman Architecture, 1580-1630.
50721: MADERNO, CARLO. CAFLISCH, NINA. - Carlo Maderno. Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der römischen Barockarchitektur.
159245: MADERNO, CARLO. CAFLISCH, NINA. - Carlo Maderno. Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der römischen Barockarchitektur.
148847: MADIGAN, BRIAN C. & FREDERICK A. COOPER. - The temple of Apollo Bassitas. Vol. II: The sculpture.
156795: MÄDLER, INKEN. - Kirche und bildende Kunst der Moderne. Ein an F.D.E.Schleirmacher orientierter Beitrag zur theologischen Urteilsbildung.
259492: MADONNA, MARIA L. & L.TRIGILIA. - Barocco mediterraneo. Sicilia, Lecce, Sardegna, Spagna.
35963: MADOU, J.-B. CATALOGUS 1977. - J.-B.Madou. Lithograaf. Tentoonstellingscatalogus door N.Walch.
209895: MADOU, MIREILLE. - De Heilige Gertrudis van Nijvel.
182036: MADOX, RICHARD. DONNO, ELIZABETH S. (ED.). - An Elizabethan in 1582. The diary of Richard Madox, Fellow of All Souls.
261478: MADROLLE, CLAUDIUS. - En Guinée.
24388: MADRUZZA, GIOVANNI & G.MELZI D'ERRIL. - Isola San Giullio e Sacro Monte d'Orta.
155451: MADSEN, VICTOR, A.O. - Eem-Zonerne. Studier over Cyprinaleret og andre Eem-Aflejringer i Danmark, Nord Tyskland og Holland.
65631: MADSEN, STEPHAN T. - Sources of Art Nouveau.
221769: MADSEN AARHUS, JACOB. - Jacob Madsen Aarhus. De literis libri duo. Herausgeben von Christien Moll und Peter Skautrup.
263787: MADSEN, JESPER. A.O. - Goose Populations of the Western Palearctic.
275711: MADULID, DOMINGO A. - A Pictorial Guide to the Noteworthy Plants of Palawan.
243942: MAEDA, SHINZO. - Ambling in the nature. Photographed by Sinzo Maeda.
161693: MAEDEL, K.E. - Das Lied der Dampflok. Ein Archiv in Wort, Bild und Ton.
254934: MAEGHT. - Peintres-Illustrateurs du XXe siècle. Aimé maeght bibliophile: 200 éditions originales. 1986.
273478: MAEK-GÉRARD, MICHAEL. - Italien, Frankreich und Niederlande 1380-1530/40.
188584: MAELE, SYMPHORIEN VAN DE & JOHN M.FOSSEY. (EDS). - Fortificationes antiquae (Including the papers of a conference held at Ottawa University. October 1988. / Incluant les communications lues à un colloque tenu à l'Université d'Ottawa. Octobre 1988).
213870: MAELEN, PH.VANDER. - Dictionnaire géographique du Limbourg.
209185: MAELEN, PH.VANDER. - Dictionnaire géographique de la Province de Liège.
33527: MAERCKER, KARL-JOACHIM. - Die Mittelalteriche Glasmalerei im Stendaler Dom.
107058: MAERE, J.DE & M.WABBES. - Illustrated dictionary of 17th century Flemish painters.
182793: MAERLANT, JACOB VAN. OOSTROM, FRITSVAN. - Maerlants wereld.
168954: MAERLANT, JACOB VAN. TIDEMAN, J. - Boec van den Houte. Uitg. door J. Tideman
227157: MAERLANT, JACOB VAN. FRANCK, JOH. & J.VERDAM. - Jacob van Maerlant's strophische gedichten. Nieuwe uitgave.
273336: MAERLANT, JACOB VAN. UTENBROEKE, PHILIP & LODEWIJC VAN VELTHEM. - Jacob van Maerlant's Spiegel historiael met de fragmenten der later toegevoegde gedeelten. Bewerkt door Philip Utenbroeke en Lodewijc van Velthem.
253592: MAERTELAERE, ROGER DE. - Daagsen Jours Tagerennen.
281141: MAERTENS DE NOORDHOUT, HENRY. - Porcelaines chinoises décorées d'Armoiries belges.
281140: MAERTENS DE NOORDHOUT, HENRY. - Porcelaines chinoises Compagnie des Indes décorées d'armoiries belges.
276862: MAES, NICOLAES. KREMPEL, LEÓN. - Studien zu den datierten Gemälden des Nicolaes Maes (1634-1693).
159376: MAES, J. - Les Allume-Feu du Congo Belge.
150409: MAES, J. - Les appuis-tête du Congo Belge.
174510: MAES, J. - Les appuis-tête du Congo Belge.
8808: MAES, J. - Les trépieds et appuis-dos du Congo Belge.
150106: MAES, J. - Les Allume-Feu du Congo Belge.
159368: MAES, J. - Les appuis-tête du Congo Belge.
150404: MAES, J. - Les Allume-Feu du Congo Belge.
164406: MAES, LOUIS TH. - Vijf eeuwen stedelijk strafrecht. Bijdrage tot de rechts- en cultuurgeschiedenis der Nederlanden.
271125: MAES, DIRK & H.VAN DYCK. - Een gedocumenteerde Rode Lijst van de dagvlinders van Vlaanderen.
174511: MAES, J. - Kabila- en grafbeelden uit Kongo / Kabila- en grafbeelden uit Kongo Addenda & Moedereerebeelden uit Kongo.
228077: MAES, J. - Kabila- en grafbeelden uit Kongo. [- AND:] [Part] 1) Kabila- en grafbeelden uit Kongo. Addenda + [Part 2) Moedereerebeelden uit Kongo.
282225: MAES, EDWIN. - Soestbergen. Utrechts aardse paradijstuin.
185440: MAES, J. - Les trépieds et appuis-dos du Congo Belge.
167117: MAES, J. - Les trépieds et appuis-dos du Congo Belge.
253801: MAES, SYLVERE. - Ma route au Maillot jaune.
278636: MAES, JOSEPH. - Guide Ethnographique du Musée du Congo Belge. Partie I: L'Alimentation indigène.
6281: PAPETERIE ROYALE HOLLANDAISE S.A. MAESTRICHT. - 1850-1950 un siècle de papeterie.
254906: MAESTRONE, MARK C. & J.R.BLEAKLEY. - Olympians on stamps. 1896-1994.
56475: MAETERLINCK, L. - Le genre satirique dans la peinture Flamande. 2nd edition.
57176: MAETERLINCK, L. - Le genre satirique dans la peinture Flamande. 2nd edition.
61908: MAETERLINCK, L. - Le genre satirique, fantastique et licencieux dans la sculpture Flamande et Wallonne. Les miséricordes de stalles (art et folklore).
30200: MAEYER, R.DE. - De overblijfselen der Romeinsche villa's in België. De archeologische inventaris. Deel 1.
248248: MAEYER, MARCEL DE. - Albrecht en Isabella en de schilderkunst. Bijdrage tot de geschiedenis van de XVIIe eeuwsche schilderkunst in de zuidelijke Nederlanden.
260587: MAFFIOLI, C.S. & L.C.PALM. - Italian Scientists in the Low Countries in the XVIIth and XVIIIth Centuries. Invited Papers from the Congress held in Utrecht on 25-27 May 1988 to commemorate the 350th anniversary of the publication og Galileo Galilei's Discorsi e dimostrazioni matematiche intorno a due nuove scienze. (Leyden, 1638).
177441: MAGAGNATO, LICISCO. - Arte e civilta del Medioevo Veronese.
160776: EISENBAHN MAGAZIN. - Modelbahn.
160774: EISENBAHN MAGAZIN. - Modelbahn.
160775: EISENBAHN MAGAZIN. - Modelbahn.
271030: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE. - Articles on Birds taken from National Geographic Magazine between 1924 and 1954.
201342: SEA BREEZES. THE P.S.N.C. MAGAZINE. - Vol. 15 (1932), nos 146-157.
228454: MAGDELIJNS, J.R.M. A.O. - Het kapittel van Lebuinus in Deventer. Nalatenschap van een immuniteit in bodem, bebouwing en beschrijving.
281488: MAGELLAN. CASTRO, XAVIER DE. - Le Voyage de Magellan (1519-1522). La relation d'Antonio Pigafetta & autres témoignages.
1463: MAGELLAN. KOELLIKER, OSCAR. - Die erste Umseglung der Erde durch Fernando de Maggallanes und Juan Sebastian del Cano, 1519-1552.
66893: MAGELLAN. TEIXEIRA DA MOTA, A. - A Viagem de Fernao de Magalhaes e a Questao das Molucas. Actas do II Coloquio Luso-Espanhol de Historia Ultramarina.
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278644: MARKHAM, ALBERT HASTINGS. - The Great Frozen Sea. A personal Narrative of the Voyage of the Alert During the arctic expedition of 1875-6. [5th edition.]
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278417: MARLE, RAIMOND VAN - Iconographie de l'art profane au Moyen-age et à la Renaissance et la décoration des demeures. I: La vie quotidienne. II: Allégories et symboles.
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235067: MARLÈS, JEAN LACROIX DE. - Histoire générale de l'Inde ancienne et moderne, depuis l'an 2000 avant J.C. jusqu'à nos jours : précédée d'une notice géographique et de traités spéciaux sur la chronologie, la religion, la philosophie, la légisation, la littérature, les sciences, les arts et le commerce des hindous.
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197187: MARREY, BERNARD & J.P.MONNET. - Le grand histoire des Serres & des Jardines d'Hiver. France 1780-1900.
203047: MARRIOTT, LEO. - Type 42.
200586: MARROU, HENRI-IRÉNÉE. - Christiana Tempora. Mélanges d'histoire d'archéologie, d'épigraphie et de patristique.
225941: MARROW, JAMES H. - As Horas de Margarida de Cleves. / The hours of Margaret of Cleves.
82763: MARROW, JAMES H. - Passion Iconography in Northern European Art of the Late Middle Ages and Early Renaissance. A Study of the Transformation of Sacred Metaphor into Descriptive Narrative.
154225: MARROW, JAMES H. - Die goldene Zeit der holländischen Buchmalerei.
279070: MARRYAT, CAPTAIN. - The Settlers in Canada. Written for young people. A new edition.
248843: MARS (= PSEUD. OF MAURICE CHARLES MATHIEU BONVOISIN). - Aux rives d'or. Le littoral méditerranéen de Marseille à Gênes. 2nd ed.
269072: MARS, K.H.M. - Harderwijk in oude prenten.
235916: MARS, PAUL. - Recherches sur quelques Étangs du Littoral Méditerranéen Francais et sur leurs Faunes Malacologiques.
211760: MARS. - Plages de Bretagne & Jersey.
250312: MARS, FRANS. KUYPER, HANS. - Frans Mars. Een leven in de Zaansche molen.
249889: MARS (= PSEUD. OF MAURICE CHARLES MATHIEU BONVOISIN). - Sable & Galet. Plages normandes et plages du nord de Cherbourg a Rosendael-Dunkerque.
241854: MARS, KAREL. - De Parochiekerken van Harderwijk.
152883: MARS, FRANS (ED.). - Van lompen en hout tot papier.
232079: MARS, S. - Der Schiffskompass und der Schiffsmagnetismus. Nachschlagebuch für Schiffsführer und Schiffsoffiziere.
155044: MARSBERG, FREIH. - Der Mittelalterliche Turnierzug zur 500 jährigen Jubelfeier des erlauchten Hauses Wttin.
103318: MARSCHALL, WOLFGANG. - Der grosse Archipel. Schweizer ethnologische Forschungen in Indonesien. Le Grand Archipel.
243000: MARSCHALL, ISABELLE VON, A.O. - Von den Ursprüngen des europäischen Porzellans bis zum Art Déco.
56280: MARSCHIK, CHR. - Technik und Wirtschaft des Webereibetriebes. Nach den Grundsätzen der wissenschaftlichen Betriebsführung.
282576: MARSDEN, E.W. - Greek and Roman Artillery. Historical Development.
172627: MARSDEN, C. & H.S.JACKSON. - Rebutia including Aylostera and Sulcorebutia.
217554: MARSDEN, COLIN J. & G.B.FENN. - British Rail Main Line Diesel Locomotives.
38735: MARSDEN, WILLIAM. - The history of Sumatra. A reprint of the third edition. Introduced by John Bastin.
72125: MARSDEN-JONES, E.M. & W.B.TURRILL. - The Bladder Campions. (Silene maritima and S. vulgaris).
98942: MARSDEN-JONES, E.M. & W.B.TURRILL. - British knapweeds. A study in synthetic taxonomy.
283521: MARSDEN, W. - Maleische Spraakkunst in 1812 te London gedrukt. Grammaire de la langue Malaie publiée à Londres en 1812.
248573: MARSH, G. & G.CALLINGHAM., ED. - East Coasting. The Cover Art of New York's Prestige, Riverside and Atlantic Records.
279405: MARSH, RICHARD, A.O. - Good design is your business.
109062: MARSHALL, NORMAN B. - Leven in de oceaan.
28313: MARSHALL, J. - The Buddhist Art of Gandhara. The Story of the Early School, Its Birth, Growth and Decline.
62760: MARSHALL, J.F. - The british mosquitoes.
166518: MARSHALL, F.H. - Catalogue of the Jewellery, Greek, Etruscan, and Roman, in the departments of antiquities, British Museum.
79848: MARSHALL, N.L. - Mosses and Lichen. A popular guide to the identification and study of our common mosses and lichens, their uses, and methods of preserving.
172458: MARSHALL, SHEINA M. & T.A.STEPHENSON. - The breeding of reef animals
120607: MARSHALL, W.TAYLOR & T.METHVEN BOCK. - Cactaceae. With illustrated keys of all tribes, sub-tribes and genera.
168336: MARSHALL, W.TAYLOR & T.METHVEN BOCK. - Cactaceae. With illustrated keys of all tribes, sub-tribes and genera.
122757: MARSHALL, W.TAYLOT & R.S.WOODS. - Glossary of succulent plant terms. A glossary of botanical terms and pronouncing vocabulary of generic and specific names use in connection with xerophytic plants.
253852: MARSHALL, EDWIN. - Ontstaan en ontwikkeling van het Surinaams nationalisme. Natievorming als opgave. / Origin and Development of Surinamese Nationalism. Nationbuilding as a Challenge. (With a Summary in English and Sranantongo).
213091: MARSHALL, JOE T. - Birds of Pine-Oak Woodland in southern Arizona and adjacent Mexico.
176162: MARSHALL, JULIE G. - Britain and Tibet 1765-1947. The Background to the India-China Border Dispute. A Select Annotated Bibliography of Printed Material in European Languages.
182742: MARSHALL, A.J. - The Black Musketeers. The work and adventures of a scientist on a South Sea Island at war and in peace.
122146: MARSHALL, A.K. - New Cossoninae from the Belgian Congo.
33917: MARSHALL, JOHN, A.O. - The Bagh caves in the Gwalior State.
156145: MARSHALL, N.B. - Aspects of deep sea biology.
230056: MARSHALL, JOHN. - Taxila. An illustrated account of archaeological excavations carried out at Taxila under the orders of the government of India between 1913 and 1934. Vol. II: Monor Antiquities.
229263: MARSHALL, JOHN, A.O. - The Bagh Caves.
118100: MARSHALL, F.H. - Catalogue of the Finger Rings, Greek, Etruscan, and Roman in the departments of antiquities, British Museum.
241568: MARSHALL, GEORG J. - Angels. An Indexed and Partially Annotated Bibliography of Over 4300 Scholarly Books and Articles Since the 7th Century B.C.
26106: MARSHALL, F.H. - Catalogue of the Jewellery, Greek, Etruscan, and Roman, in the departments of antiquities, British Museum.
177489: MARSILJE, J.W. , E.A. - Uit Leidse bron geleverd. Studies over Leiden en de Leidenaren in het verleden.
185096: MARSMAN, HENNIE J. - Women in Ugarit and Israel. Their social and religious position in the context of the ancient Near East. (Diss.).
131557: MARSMAN, H. - De anatomische les.
273226: MARSMAN, M. - Stupa verbeeld of afgebeeld? [Diss.].
261402: MARSMAN, EDDIE, A.O. - Traces & Omens. Noorderlicht.
269156: KALENDER. SPRUIJT MART B.V. - De Kalender 1985 / 1986.
269193: KALENDER. SPRUIJT MART B.V. - De Kalender 1981 / 1982.
269164: KALENDER. SPRUIJT MART B.V. - De Kalender 1982 / 1983.

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