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12485: LACHOUQUE, COMMANDANT HENRY - La Garde Imperiale
28814: LACOUR-GAYET, GEORGES - Napoleon: Sa Vie, Son Oeuvre, Son Temps
20492: BEARDSTOWN LADIES - Beardstown Ladies' Common-Sense Investment Guide
28791: LAERTIUS, DIOGENES - Lives of Eminent Philosophers (Volume One, Books 1-5)
14062: LAFARGE, HENRY A. - Museums of the Andes
5672: LAGEMANN, ROBERT T. - Physical Science: Origins and Principles
22970: LAGERLöF, SELMA - The General's Ring
8816: LAHAYE, TIM; JERRY B. JENKINS - Assassins
11715: LAKE, DERYN - Death at St. James's Palace
12922: LALLY, DICK - Pinstriped Summers: Memories of Yankee Seasons Past
27721: LALOR, BRIAN (ED); FRANK MCCOURT (FOREWORD) - The Encyclopedia of Ireland
16045: LAMAR, ASHTON - In the Clouds for Uncle Sam or Morey Marshall of the Signal Corps
28798: LAMB, CHARLES - The Works of Charles Lamb (Four Volumes, Complete)
21194: LAMB, BRIAN - Booknotes America's Finest Authors on Reading, Writing, and the Power of Ideas
15588: LAMB, CHARLES AND MARY - Tales from Shakespeare
27198: PLATO; W. R. M. LAMB (TRANS) - Plato III - Lysis, Symposium, Gorgias
8286: LAMB, HAROLD - Omar Khayyam: A Life
7880: LAMBERT, JANET - Miss Tippy
25528: LAMBOURNE, LIONEL - Utopian Craftsmen: The Arts and Crafts Movement from the Cotswolds to Chicago
15116: LAMBTON, ANTONY - Elizabeth and Alexandra
9045: LAMM, MAURICE - The Jewish Way in Death and Mourning
4749: THE RED LANCER - Limited Edition and Antiquarian Prints, Documents, Books and Military Collectibles Winter 1992
15436: LANCIANI, RODOLFO - The Ruins and Excavations of Ancient Rome
28275: LANCIANI, RODOLFO - The Ruins and Excavations of Ancient Rome
23497: LANDAY, JERRY M. - The House of David
7774: LANDAY, JERRY M. - The House of David
10647: LANDECK, BEATRICE - Children and Music an Informal Guide for Parents and Teachers
16567: LANDECK, BEATRICE - Songs to Grow on
27346: TOM MADAY (PHOTOS); SAM LANDERS (ED) - Great Chicago Stories: Portraits and Stories
14581: LANDESS, THOMAS H, RICHARD M. QUINN - Jesse Jackson and the Politics of Race
4341: LANDIS, ARTHUR H. (JAMES R. KEAVENY) - A World Called Camelot
14019: LANDMAN, TANYA - I Am Apache
22569: LANDON, CHARLES PAUL (ED) - Annales Du Musee Et de L'Ecole Moderne Des Beaux-Arts (16 Volumes, Only, of 21)
20961: LANDON, MARGARET - Anna and the King of Siam
6418: LANDON, MARGARET - Anna and the King of Siam
9267: LANDRETH, MARSHA - The Holiday Murders
28447: LANDSTROM, BJORN - Columbus: The Story of Don Cristobal Colon, Admiral of the Ocean, and His Four Voyages Weswtward to the Indies According to Contemporary Sources Retold and Illustrated by Bjorn Landstrom: (First Edition in Slipcase)
515: LANFREY, P. - The History of Napoleon the First (Four Volumes, Complete)
8812: LANGER, WILLIAM L. (ED) - An Encyclopedia of World History
14970: LANGLAND, WILLIAM; REV. WALTER W. SKEAT (ED) - The Vision of William Concerning Piers the Plowman, in Three Parallel Texts, Together with Richard the Redeless (Two Volumes, Complete)
28280: LANGLAND, WILLIAM; ARTHUR BURRELL (ED) - Piers Plowman: The Vision of a People's Christ
14175: LANGLEY, ADRIA LOCKE - A Lion Is in the Streets
22679: LANGRISH, BOB; NICOLA JANE SWINNEY - Spirit of the Horse
22188: LANGSNER, JULES (INTRODUCTION BY) - Man Ray 1966 an Exhibition Organized by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art
22190: LANGSNER, JULES (INTRODUCTION BY) - Man Ray 1966 an Exhibition Organized by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art
19311: LANGWORTH, RICHARD; GRAHAM ROBSON AND THE EDITORS OF CONSUMER GUIDE - Complete Book of Collectible Cars 1940-1980
17303: LANGWORTH, RICHARD, JAN P. NORBYE - Chevrolet 1911-1985 by the Auto Editors of Consumer Guide
22043: LANIER, PAMELA - Cinnamon Mornings
23462: LANSKY, AARON - Outwitting History: The Amazing Adventures of a Man Who Rescued a Million Yiddish Books
16256: LANZMANN, CLAUDE - Shoah an Oral History of the Holocaust
7168: LAPONCE, JEAN; BERNARD SAINT-JACQUES (EDS) - International Political Science Review (Vol. 18, No. 5, July 1997)
19529: LARDNER, RING/ MAXWELL GEISMAR (ED.) - The Ring Lardner Reader
24086: LARDNER, RING W. - What of It?
13518: LARKIN, OLIVER W. - Daumier: Man of His Time
16821: LARKIN, DAVID (EDITOR) - Arthur Rackham
14660: LARKIN, DAVID (ED) - Dulac
27367: LARNED, W. T. - American Indian Fairy Tales
16170: LARSEN, ERIK - Rembrandt and the Dutch School
13394: LARSEN, ERIK - Hieronymus Bosch
10272: LARSEN, EARNEST AND GALVIN, PATRICIA - Will Morality Make Sense to Your Child?
25548: LARSON, MARK HENRY; BOB BOONE - Write Through Chicago: Learn About a City by Writing About a City.
13632: LARSON, GARY - The Far Side Gallery 5
12041: LARSON, GEORGE A.; JAY PRIDMORE - Chicago Architecture and Design
15823: LARSON, ERIK - In the Garden of Beasts
13919: LARSSON, STIEG; KEELAND, REG - The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest
20808: LARSSON, STIEG - The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest
21063: LARSSON, STIEG - The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest
16058: LARSSON, STIEG - The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest
19212: LARSSON, STIEG - The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest
22579: LARSSON, STIEG - The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest
14395: LASH, JOSEPH P. - Eleanor the Years Alone
24652: LASH, JOSEPH L. - Roosevelt and Churchill 1939-1941 the Partnership That Saved the West
3007: LASH, JOSEPH P. - Eleanor and Franklin
14650: LASH, JOSEPH P. - Love, Eleanor: Eleanor Roosevelt and Her Friends
3055: LASH, JOSEPH P. - Eleanor and Franklin
2709: LASH, JOSEPH P. - Eleanor and Franklin
6202: LASH, JOSEPH P. - Dealers and Dreamers: A New Look at the New Deal
20862: LASKI, HAROLD J. - The American Presidency: An Interpretation
3068: LASKI, HAROLD J. - The American Presidency: An Interpretation
4813: LASSAIGNE, JACQUES AND GIULIO CARLO ARGAN - The Great Centuries of Painting: The Fifteenth Century: From Van Eyck to Botticelli
15855: LASSUS, JEAN - The Early Christian and Byzantine World
27417: LATHROP, RLISE - Historic Houses of Early America
21496: LATHROP, DOROTHY P. - The Colt from Moon Mountain
11098: LATHROP, ELISE - Early American Inns and Taverns
19706: LAUGHLIN, ESTELLE GLASER - Transcending Darkness: A Girl's Journey out of the Holocaust
4314: LAUMER, KEITH - End As a Hero
4429: LAURENS, MARSHALL - The Z Effect
26207: COLWIN. LAURIE - Shine on, Bright & Dangerous Object
6984: LAUTER, PAUL - Canons and Contexts
24339: LAWLER, EDMUND - Charlie Trotter's: An Inside Look at the Famed Restaurant and Its Cuisine
9001: LAWLER, RAY - Summer of the Seventeenth Doll
20556: LAWLISS, CHUCK - Hawaii for the Sophisticated Traveler
26001: LAWRENCE, D. H.; EDWARD D. MCDONALD (EDITOR) - Phoenix: The Posthumous Papers of D.H. Lawrence
28520: LAWRENCE, T. E. (LAWRENCE OF ARABIA) - Seven Pillars of Wisdom: A Triumph
2937: LAWRENCE, T. E. (LAWRENCE OF ARABIA) - Revolt in the Desert
24333: LAWRENCE, D. H. - Sea and Sardinia
23050: LAWRENCE, D. H. - Fantasia of the Unconscious
17677: LAWRENCE, T. E. (LAWRENCE OF ARABIA) - Seven Pillars of Wisdom: A Triumph
23303: LAWRENCE, D. H. - The Man Who Died
28061: LAWRENCE, D. H. - Women in Love
26039: LAWRENCE, D. H. - The Rainbow
28613: LAWRENCE, D. H. - Women in Love
28277: LAWRENCE, T. E. ("LAWRENCE OF ARABIA") - Seven Pillars of Wisdom: A Triumph
27353: LAWRENCE, D. H.; WILLIAM COLE (ED) - D.H. Lawrence Poems Selected for Young People by William Cole
9598: LAWRENCE, MARTHA C. - Murder in Scorpio a Mystery
9601: LAWRENCE, MARTHA C. - The Cold Heart of Capricorn a Mystery
9659: LAWRENCE, MARTHA C. - Ashes of Aries
9661: LAWRENCE, MARTHA C. - Pisces Rising: An Elizabeth Chase Mystery
9662: LAWRENCE, MARTHA C. - Aquarius Descending
1425: LAWRENSON, T. E. , ET AL. - Modern Miscellany Presented to Eugene Vinaver by Pupils, Colleagues and Friends
17026: LAWSON, CAPTAIN TED W. - Thirty Seconds over Tokyo
14077: LAWSON, ROBERT L - World War II U.S. Air Combat
18365: LAWTON, RICHARD - Grand Illusions
4939: LAZARSFELD, PAUL F. AND NEIL W. HENRY - Latent Structure Analysis
10766: LEA, TOM - The Wonderful Country
22739: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - My Discovery of England
28752: LEAKEY, RICHARD; ROGER LEWIN - Origins: What New Discoveries Reveal About the Emergence of Our Species and Its Possible Future
26471: LEAKEY, RICHARD; ROGER LEWIN - Origins Reconsidered: In Search of What Makes Us Human
17565: LEAMER, LAURENCE - The Kennedy Women: The Saga of an American Family
26105: LEAMING, THOMAS - A Philadelphia Lawyer in the London Courts
12190: LEAMING, BARBARA - Mrs. Kennedy: The Missing History of the Kennedy Years
28353: LEAR, EDWARD - Nonsense Stories and Alphabets
25044: LEAR, EDWARD - Nonsense Songs
24659: LEARY, EMMELINE - Pitshanger Manor: An Introduction
28339: LEAVENS, THOMAS R. - Music Law: For the General Practitioner
21189: LEAVY, JANE - The Last Boy Mickey Mantle and the End of America's Childhood
19154: LEBORGNE, DOMINIQUE - Les Champs-Elysees Et Leur Quartier Delegation a'l'Action Artisque de la Ville de Paris
25790: LEDEEN, MICHAEL A. - The War Against the Terror Masters: Why It Happened. Where We Are Now. How We'LL Win.
14237: LEE, MARSHALL (EDITOR) - Art at Work the Chase Manhattan Collection
23022: LEE, CHANG-RAE - Aloft
25126: LEE, STAN; STEVE GERBER (WRITER); ALLEN MILGROM (ARTIST); JANICE COHEN (COLORIST); IRV WATANABE (LETTERER); MARV WOLFMAN (EDITOR) - The Guardians of the Galaxy #4 (Into the Maw of Madness) - Vol. 1, No. 4, April 1976
10778: LEE, DAVID - News from Down to the Cafe
28580: LEE, HARPER - To Kill a Mockingbird
17761: LEE, DOUGLAS BENNETT; ROGER L. MEERSMAN AND DONN B. MURPHY - Stage for a Nation: The National Theater 150 Years
25125: LEE, STAN; TONY ISABELLA (WRITER); GEORGE TUSKA & BILL EVERETT (ARTISTS); FRED KIDA (INKER); I. VARTANOFF (COLORIST); I. WATANABE (LETERER); LEN WEIN (ED) - Super-Villain Team-Up #1 - Dr. Doom and Sub-Mariner - "Slayers from the Sea" (Vol. 1 No. 1, August 1975)
19719: LEECH, JOHN - John Leech's Pictures of Life and Character from the Collection of "Mr. Punch. "
10169: LEEMING, JOSEPH - Fun with Clay
2166: LEES, JIM - The Ballads of Robin Hood
26247: LEFANU, WILLIAM (EDITOR) - Betsy Sheridan's Journal: Letters from Sheridan's Sister 1784-1789 and 1788-1790
517: LEFEBVRE, GEORGES - Napoleon (Two Volumes-Complete)
17458: LEFFINGWELL, RANDY - Harley-Davidson: History & Mystique
285: LEGG, RODNEY - Romans in Britain
11716: LEHANE, DENNIS - Moonlight Mile
26375: LEHANE, BRENDAN - Dublin
12915: LEHMANN, JOHN; DEREK PARKER (EDITORS) - Edith Sitwell: Selected Letters 1919-1964
26251: LEHMANN, LILLI - My Path Through Life
27034: LEHRER, JONAH - Proust Was a Neuroscientist
10575: LEIBER, VIVIAN (PSEUDOMYN OF ARLYNN LEIBER PRESSER) - Marrying Nicky: Suddenly a Family
4458: LEIBER, FRITZ - The Big Time
10580: LEIBER, VIVIAN (PSEUDOMYN OF ARLYNN LEIBER PRESSER) - Soldier and the Society Girl (He's My Hero!)
10579: LEIBER, VIVIAN (PSEUDOMYN OF ARLYNN LEIBER PRESSER) - Marrying Nicky: Suddendly a Family
10578: LEIBER, VIVIAN (PSEUDOMYN OF ARLYNN LEIBER PRESSER) - The Marriage Merger: Loving the Boss
25336: LEIBOVITZ, ANNIE - Annie Leibovitz: Photographs 1970-1990
26536: LEIMBACH, MARTI - Daniel Isn't Talking
21768: LEISHMAN, THOMAS LINTON - The Continuity of the Bible: The Patriarchs
21767: LEISHMAN, THOMAS LINTON - The Continuity of the Bible: The Patriarchs
10473: LEJEUNE, ROBERT - Honore Daumier
28137: LELAND, CHARLES GODFREY - Etruscan Roman Remains in Popular Tradition
19052: LELLENBERG, JON; DANIEL STASHOWER & CHARLES FOLEY - Arthur Conan Doyle a Life in Letters
14777: LEMAITRE, ALAIN J. - Florence and the Renaissance: The Quattrocento
9947: LEMERCIER, ADRIEN - Conquete de Grenade
27407: LEMON, MARK (ED) - The Jest Book: The Choicest Anecdotes and Sayings
7176: LENHERR, FRED K. (ED); THOMAS W. SIMON, ET AL. - Brain Theory Newsletter (Vol. 1, No. 4, May 1976)
23726: LENIHAN, MAURICE - If You Must Gamble
22713: LENT, JEFFREY - In the Fall
5791: LENT, JEFFREY - In the Fall
5792: LENT, JEFFREY - In the Fall
19574: LEONARD, JONATHAN NORTON AND THE EDITORS OF TIME-LIFE BOOKS - The World of Gainsborough 1727-1788
22380: LEONARD, ELMORE - Glitz a Novel
11873: LEONARD, ROBERT D., JR.; OPITZ, CHARLES J. & KENNETH BRESSETT - Curious Currency: The Story of Money from the Stone Age to the Internet Age
18569: LEONARD, JONATHAN NORTON, AND THE EDITORS OF TIME-LIFE BOOKS - The World of Gainsborough (in Slipcase) 1727-1788
3603: LEONARD, OSCAR - Americans All: Jews in the Making of Glorious America
23417: LEONARD, TERRI - In the Women's Clubhouse: The Greatest Women Golfers in Their Own Words
8633: LEONARD, ELMORE - Freaky Deaky
8636: LEONARD, ELMORE - Glitz
8659: LEONARD, ELMORE - Killshot
9875: LEONARD, WILLIAM (ED) - Chicago Stagebill Yearbook 1947
20179: LERMAN, ANTONY (ED) - The Jewish Communities of the World a Contemporary Guide
16332: LERNER, MICHAEL - Jewish Renewal
20470: LESAGE, ALAIN-RENé; TOBIAS SMOLLETT (TRANS.) - The Adventure of Gil Blas of Santillane (Two Volumes, Complete)
20403: LESAGE, ALAIN-RENé; TOBIAS SMOLLETT (TRANS.) - The Adventure of Gil Blas of Santillane (Complete in Two Volumes)
24263: LESAGE, ALAIN-RENE; TOBIAS GEORGE SMOLLETT (TRANS) - The Adventures of Gil Blas of Santillane (Two Volumes, Complete)
24217: LESBERG, SANDY; NICOLAI CANETTI - The Rooftops of Paris
17886: LESIEUTRE, ALAIN - The Spirit and Splendour of Art Deco
26694: LESSING, DORIS - The Summer Before the Dark
11587: LESSING, DORIS - Memoirs of a Survivor
18932: LESSING, ERICH - The Voyage of Ulysses a Photographic Interpretation of Homer's Classic
8352: LESSING, DORIS - The Summer Before the Dark
25957: LESTER, HELEN - Listen Buddy
23040: LETHEM, JONATHAN - Dissident Gardens: A Novel
2919: LETTS, NOAH HARRIS AND BANNING, THOMAS ALLEN - Pioneers: Narratives of Noah Harris Letts and Thomas Allen Banning, 1825-1865
9083: LETTS, NOAH HARRIS; AND THOMAS ALLEN BANNING - Pioneers: Narratives of Noah Harris Letts and Thomas Allen Banning, 1825-1865
10439: LEVEQUE, WILLIAM J. - Elementary Theory of Numbers
28763: LEVER, CHARLES JAMES; PHIZ (HALBOT KNIGHT BROWNE, ILLUS) - Jack Hinton, the Guardsman: With Portrait of the Author and Numerous Illustrations on Wood and Steel by Phiz (Halbot Knight Browne)
8471: DE LEVESON, M. C.; DESAPT, M. - Emile Chretien, Ou de L'Education (Tome Premier); and Eloge de Henri le Grand, Roi de France Et de Navarre (Bound in One Volume)
15835: LEVI, PRIMO - The Drowned and the Saved
17511: LEVICK, MELBA; GARY LYONS - Desert Gardens
615: LEVICK, BARBARA - Claudius
4714: LEVIN, MAI - Eduard Viiralt
28773: LEVIN, IRA - Rosemary's Baby
20275: LEVIN, IRA - A Kiss Before Dying
26450: LEVINE, MEL - Ready or Not, Here Life Comes
8839: LEVINE, GAIL CARSON - The Wish
6271: LEVINGER, ELMA EHRLICH; RABBI LEE J. LEVINGER - Folk and Faith: The Confirmant's Guide Book
25592: LEVINSON, ROBERT S. - The Elvis and Marilyn Affair: A Neil Gulliver & Stevie Marriner Novel
14502: LEVITAS G. B. (ED) - The World of Psychoanalysis (Two Volumes, Complete in Slipcase )
26449: LEVITIN, DANIEL J. - The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload
20003: LEVRET, ANDRé - L'Art Des Accouchemens, Démontré par Des Principes de Physique Et de Méchanique; Pour Fevir D'Introduction & de Bafe à Des leçons Particulieres.
24413: LEVY, B.S. - Potside Companion Tweny-Five Bucks!
14606: LEVY, LEONARD W. - Emergence of a Free Press
4959: LEWIN, RONALD - Churchill As Warlord
9878: LEWIN, ESTHER & BIRDINA - Stewed to the Gills Fish and Wine Cookery
28482: LEWIS, C. S. - Mere Christianity: Comprising the Case for Christianity, Christian Behaviour, and Beyond Personality
14108: LEWIS, BERNARD - What Went Wrong? the Clash between Islam and Modernity in the Middle East
25629: LEWIS, DAVID LEVERING - God's Crucible: Islam and the Making of Europe, 570 to 1215
27216: LEWIS, LLOYD; HENRY JUSTIN SMITH - Chicago: The History of Its Reputation
14137: LEWIS, WILLIAM W. - The Power of Productivity: Wealth, Poverty, and the Threat to Global Stability
18225: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - Main Street
16890: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - The Man Who Knew Coolidge
16891: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - Elmer Gantry
16744: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - Main Street
15198: LEWIS, BRENDA RALPH - Hitler Youth: The Hitlerjugend in War and Peace 1933-1945
15504: LEWIS, MICHAEL - The New New Thing a Silicon Valley Story
13666: LEWIS, C. S. - The Dark Tower and Other Stories
24527: LEWIS, EDWIN HERBERT ( PH.D. 1894) - University of Chicago Poems
23537: LEWIS, R. W. B. - Dante
27217: LEWIS, LLOYD; HENRY JUSTIN SMITH - Chicago: The History of Its Reputation
1131: LEWIS, STEVEN - The Round of Her Breast: Poems by Steven Lewis
5983: LEWIS, ALLEN - The Contemporary Theatre: The Significant Playwrights of Our Time
6777: LEWIS, OSCAR - The Children of Sanchez: Autobiography of a Mexican Family
17906: LEWISOHN, LUDWIG - Mid-Channel: An American Chronicle
17902: LEWISOHN, LUDWIG - Up Stream an American Chronicle
17030: LEWISOHN, LUDWIG - Mid-Channel: An American Chronicle
22052: LEYMARIE, JEAN (TEXT BY) - Who Was Van Gogh?
18928: LI, RAYMOND - A Glossary of Chinese Snuff Bottle Rebus Re-Discovering the Hidden Internal Beauty in Snuff Bottles
7549: LIBBY, ROBERT & PATRICIA & SHORT, DANIEL G. - Financial Accounting
27858: LIBERA, LUCA DELLA (ED) - Masses by Alessandro Scarlatti and Francesco Gasparini: Music from the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome
20317: VARIOUS; THE EDITORS OF THE FRANKLIN LIBRARY - Great American Mystery Stories of the Twentieth Century
19536: LICHINE, ALEXIS AND WILLIAM FIFIELD - Alexis Lichine's New Encyclopedia of Wines & Spirits
25880: LICHINE, ALEXIS - Alexis Lichine's New Encyclopedia of Wines & Spirits
24917: LIDE, MARY - A Royal Quest
23629: LIEBERG, CAROLYN - Little Sisters: The Last But Not the Least
23721: LIEBERMAN, MYRON - The Teacher Unions
10330: LIEBERSON, GODDARD (ED.) - The Columbia Book of Musical Masterworks
14113: LILLY, ELI - De Re Medica: A Presentation of Therapeutic Suggestions in Common Diseases
1710: LILLY, JOSEPH (ED) - A Collection of Seventy-Nine Black-Letter Ballads and Broadsides Printed in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth between the Years 1559 and 1597
4529: RAFAEL VALLS LIMITED - Recent Acquisitions: 1999
4533: HENRY SOTHERAN LIMITED - Catalogue 1010: Fine Books on Continental Art and Architecture: 1990
25097: LINCOLN, JOSEPH C. - Galusha the Magnificent
25771: LIND, MICHAEL - Vietnam: The Necessary War: A Reinterpretation of America's Most Disastrous Military Conflict
24488: LINDBERG, RICH - Stuck on the Sox
6097: LINDBERGH, ANNE MORROW - North to the Orient
9456: LINDBERGH, ANNE MORROW - The Unicorn and Other Poems
26733: LINDLEY, ERNEST K. - Half Way with Roosevelt
14178: LINDSAY, NICHOLAS VACHEL - General William Booth Enters Into Heaven and Other Poems
24647: LINDSAY, VACHEL - The Golden Whales of California and Other Rhymes in the American Language
25676: LINDSEY, ROBERT - The Falcon and the Snowman: A True Story of Friendship and Espionage
23610: LINECAR, HOWARD - Coins and Coin Collecting
19075: LINENGER, JERRY M. - Off the Planet Surviving Five Perilous Months Aboard the Space Station Mir
25132: LINKLATER, ERIC - The Conquest of England
6871: LINKS, J. G. - Canaletto and His Patrons
16498: LINN, LOUIS, M.D.; LEO W. SCHWARZ - Psychiatry & Religious Experience
21411: LIPCHITZ, JACQUES; ALFRED WERNER - Amedeo Modigliani
19465: LIPPMAN, PETER - New at the Zoo
9376: LIPPMAN, LAURA - No Good Deeds a Tess Monaghan Novel
10393: LIPPMANN, WALTER - The Communist World and Ours
18943: LIPPMANN, WALTER - A Preface to Morals
139: LIPSIUS, FRANK - Alexander the Great
19685: LISOWSKI, GABRIEL - Roncalli's Magnificent Circus
11713: LISS, DAVID - A Conspiracy of Paper
21032: DE LISSER, HERBERT G. - The White Witch of Rosehall
22760: LITTLE, NINA FLETCHER - The Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Collection
13619: LITTLE, W .L. - Staffordshire Blue: Underglaze Blue Transfer-Printed Earthenware
5610: LITTLE, WILLIAM; HENRY WATSON FOWLER; JESSIE COULSON; C. T. ONIONS (EDITORS) - The Oxford Universal Dictionary on Historical Principles
24605: LITTLEJOHN, DAVID - The Fate of the English Country House
26681: LITTLEWOOD, JOAN - Baron Philippe: The Very Candid Autobiography of Baron Philippe de Rothschild
25272: DE LIVAUDAIS, UNDINE; RENE SAMSON - Mon Guide Pour Apprendre a Lite, a Ecrire Et a Parler Francais
15689: LIVERANI, GIUSEPPE - Five Centuries of Italian Majolica
740: LIVESEY, ANTHONY - Great Commanders and Their Battles
23659: LIVINGSTON, JOHN A. - Birds of the Norhtern Forest
27896: LIVINGSTONE, R. W. (ED) - The Legacy of Greece
2241: LIVY (TITUS LIVIUS) - Livy VII: History of Rome: Books 26-27
2242: LIVY (TITUS LIVIUS) - Livy VIII: History of Rome: Books XXXVIII-XXX
20104: LL - The White Peacock
21486: LLEWELLYN, ROBERT (PHOTOGRAPHER) - Washington the Capital Including Biographies of the Presidents and First Ladies Classics Edition
841: LLEWELLYN, RICHARD - How Green Was My Valley
25137: LLOYD EVANS, BARBARA; GARETH LLOYD EVANS - The Scribner Companion to the Brontes
14515: LLOYD, JOHN - The World's Veteran to Vintage Cars
20604: LLYWELYN, MORGAN - Bard: The Odyssey of the Irish
18190: LOCKE, JOHN - An Essay Concerning Human Understanding; with Thoughts on the Conduct of the Understanding Collated with Desmaizeaux's Edition, to Which Is Prefixed the Life of the Author (Three Volumes, Complete)
520: LOCKHART, JOHN GIBSON - The History of Napoleon Buonaparte
12495: LOCKHART, JOHN GIBSON - Life of Napoleon Buonaparte
14662: LOCKHART, JAMES - Wild America
17289: LOCKS, RENEE - Fields of Flowers: Women's Words
26272: LODGE, SIR RICHARD - The Close of the Middle Ages 1273-1494
14607: LODGE, HENRY CABOT; DANIEL WEBSTER - Daniel Webster; and Representative Speeches of Daniel Webster
28802: LODGE, HENRY CABOT; JOHN T. MORSE, JR. (ED) - Alexander Hamilton
15137: LOFTING, HUGH - Doctor Dolittle Tales
24935: LOFTS, NORAH - The King's Pleasure: A Biographical Novel of Katharine of Aragon
24936: LOFTS, NORAH - The Concubine: A Story of Anne Boleyn
24924: LOFTS, NORAH - A Rose for Virtue
12267: LOFTS, NORAH - Queens of England
13283: LOFTS, NORAH - Scent of Cloves
6591: LOFTS, NORAH - The Lute Player
6875: LOGAN, ANNE-MARIE - Flemish Drawings in the Age of Rubens: Selected Works from American Collections
23949: LOKE, MARGARETT; PAUL THEROUX (FOREWORD) - The World As It Was: Photographic Portrait - 1865-1921
23843: LONDON, JACK - The Sea-Wolf
26936: LONDON, JACK - Before Adam
19900: DE LONG, DAVID G. (ED) - Frank Lloyd Wright: Designs for an American Landscape 1922-1932
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11076: MICKENBERG, DAVID; LARRY SILVER; TIMOTHY RIGGS; WALTER S. MELION - Graven Images; the Rise of Professional Printmakers in Antwerp and Haarlem, 1540-1640
16413: MIDDLEBROOK, DIANE WOOD; MARILYN YALOM (EDS) - Coming to Light: American Women Poets in the Twentieth Century
10207: MIERS, EARL SCHENCK - The Trouble Bush
26369: MIKSIC, JOHN (EDITOR AND TRANSLATOR) - Art of Indonesia
26330: MILES, BARRY - William Burroughs: El Hombre Invisible
26167: MILES, W. ERNEST; BURRILL B. CROHN - Cancer of the Rectum, Together with Regional Ileitis
17547: MILES, BERNARD - Beautiful Britain
12225: DE MILFORD, LOUIS LECLERC - Milford's Memoir: Memoir, or a Cursory Glance at My Different Travels & My Sojourn in the Creek Nation
26344: MILFORD, NANCY - Zelda: A Biography
19933: MILFORD, LOUIS LECLERC DE - Milford's Memoirs: Memoir, or a Cursory Glance at My Different Travels & My Sojourn in the Creek Nation
9092: MILFORD, LOUIS LECLERC DE (JEAN-ANTOINE LE CLERC) - Memoir, or a Cursory Glance at My Different Travels & My Sojourn in the Creek Nation
20100: MILL, JOHN STUART - Principles of Political Economy with Some of Their Applications to Social Philosophy (Complete in Two Volumes).
28179: MILL, JOHN STUART - Political Writings
28117: MILL, JOHN STUART - Political Writings
7327: MILLAR, FERGUS - The Roman Near East 31 Bc - Ad 337
27387: MILLAY, EDNA ST. VINCENT - Conversation at Midnight
25246: MILLAY, EDNA ST. VINCENT - The King's Henchman, a Play in Three Acts
25247: MILLAY, EDNA ST. VINCENT - Huntsman, What Quarry?
25578: MILLAY, EDNA ST. VINCENT - Make Bright the Arrows: 1940 Notebook
27386: MILLAY, EDNA ST. VINCENT - Huntsman, What Quarry?
25507: MILLAY, EDNA ST. VINCENT - The Princess Marries the Page
27389: MILLAY, EDNA ST. VINCENT - Make Bright the Arrows: 1940 Notebook
27390: MILLAY, EDNA ST. VINCENT - Fatal Interview: Sonnets by Edna St. Vincent Millay
22089: MILLAY, EDNA ST. VINCENT - The Harp-Weaver and Other Poems
3331: MILLER, JUDITH AND MARTIN (EDS) - Miller's Antiques Checklist: Victoriana
10408: MILLER, HUGH - The Old Red Sandstone; or, New Walks in an Old Field
26499: MILLER, CHRIS - The Real Animal House: The Awesomely Depraved Saga of the Fraternity That Inspired the Movie
21913: MILLER, HENRY - Opus Pistorum
26059: MILLER, JUDITH - Judith Miller's Guide to Period-Style Curtains & Soft Furnishings
27370: MILLER, OLIVE BEAUPRE (ED) - My Book House (12 Volumes, Complete)
24939: MILLER, OLIVE BEAUPRE - From the Tower Window of My Bookhouse
24976: MILLER, OLIVE BEAUPRE - The Latch Key of My Bookhouse
24958: MILLER, OLIVE BEAUPRE - From the Tower Window of My Bookhouse
24941: MILLER, OLIVE BEAUPRE - The Latch Key of My Bookhouse
23240: MILLER, JUDITH - The Style Sourcebook
17324: MILLER, DENIS - An Illustrated History of Trucks and Buses
21907: MILLER, HENRY - Moloch or, This Gentle Wind
21236: MILLER, JUDITH & MARTIN - Period Design & Furnishing: A Sourcebook for Home Restoration and Decoration
21911: MILLER, HENRY - Crazy Cock
28835: MILLER, HENRY - Sunday After the War
26701: MILLER, ALICE - Thou Shalt Not Be Aware: Society's Betrayal of the Child
18549: MILLER, MOIRA - The Search for Spring
1234: MILLER, OLIVE BEAUPRE - Heroes of the Bible
28617: MILLER, OLIVE BEAUPRE (ED) - My Book House (13 Volumes, Complete with a Parents Guide Book)
1139: MILLER, MAY - The Clearing and Beyond
22304: MILLER, JAMES E. JR. : HERRING, PAUL D. ( EDITORS ) - The Arts & the Public
15077: MILLER, OLIVE BEAUPRE - Engines and Brass Bands
28536: MILLER, JUDITH - Classic Style
26447: MILLER, SUE - Lost in the Forest
10401: MILLER, HUGH - The Foot-Prints of the Creator: Or, the Asterolepis of Stromness
21668: MILLER, LOGAN & NOAH - Either You'Re in or You'Re in the Way: Two Brothers, Twelve Months, and One Filmaking Hell-Ride to Keep a Promise to Their Father
5250: MILLER, ERNEST R. - Harvest of Gold
23932: MILLER, JONATHAN - The Body in Question
27897: MILLER, DONALD L. - City of the Century: The Epic of Chicago and the Making of America
12757: MILLER, OLIVE BEAUPRE - Tales Told in Holland
10935: MILLER, JONATHAN - The Body in Question
26161: MILLER, FRANCIS TREVELYAN (ED) - The Photographic History of the CIVIL War (Volume 5, Forts and Artillery)(Volume 5, Only, of 10)

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