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14633: TAYLOR, WILLIAM - The Military Roads in Scotland
17243: TAYLOR, TIMOTHY - The Blue Light Project
17761: TAYLOR, PETER O. - Observing the Sun
18409: TAYLOR, FRED - The Kinder Garden
10912: TEFFT, B. F - Webster and His Master
17026: TEIWES, HELGA - Hopi Basket Weaving Artistry in Natural Fibers
18200: TEMPLETON, R.J. - The Future Is Ours. . . Not Hitler's
15996: TERRY, MICHAEL - War of the Warramullas
15356: TEWINKEL, WIM - Forest Life British Columbia Woodlots
15888: THACKRAY, WILLIAM S. - The Kirk That Faith Built St. Andrew's on Douglas Street, 1890
18007: THADEN, EDWARD C. - Russia Since 1801 the Making of a New Society
5730: THAYER, TIFFANY - The Old Goat, Simple Picture of Home Life in America
16705: THEROUX, PAUL - The Last Train to Zona Verde My Ultimate African Safari
18546: THEROUX, PAUL - The Collected Stories
13852: THINGBOONTHAM, WIT - A New English - Thai Thai
17223: THIRKELL, FRED & BOB SCULLION - Philip Timms' Vancouver 1900
14043: THIRKELL, ANGELA - Close Quarters
16151: THIVIERGE, FRANCOIS-GUY - Reaching the Summits
14143: THOM, IAN M. - Challenging Traditions Contemporary First Nations Art of the Northwest Coast
18579: THOM, JAMES ALEXANDER - The Children of First Man
9451: THOMAS, ARNOLD W. (EDITOR) - The Concise Ready Reckoner and Interest Tables
11998: THOMAS, LEWIS H - North West Territories 1870 1905; Canadian Historical Association Booklet #26
15223: THOMAS, DAVID HOWELL - The Right Kind of Boy a Portrait of the British Sea Apprentice, 1830
14667: THOMAS, LEWIS H. (EDITOR) - The Making of a Socialist; the Recollections of T.C. Douglas
16546: THOMAS, ALAN G. - Great Books and Book Collectors
15877: THOMPSON, SYDNEY - The Sailor
14358: THOMPSON, E.V. - Singing Spears; a Retallick Novel
4256: THOMPSON, SYLVIA - The Battle of the Horizons
13283: THOMPSON, E.V. - Lewin's Mead
9358: THOMPSON, DOROTHY BURR (EDITOR) - Swans and Amber Some Early Greek Lyrics
12996: THOMPSON, E.V. - The Tolpuddle Woman
18659: THOMSON, RUPERT - Death of a Murderer
18774: THOMSON, A. A. & DOROTHY MIDDLETON - Lugard in Africa
18320: THORNTON, MILDRED VALLEY - Potlatch People Indian Lives & Legends of British Columbia
17679: THURSTON, HUGH - Early Astronomy
15137: THURSTON, KATHERINE CECIL - The Masquerader
18621: THWAITE, M. F. - From Primer to Pleasure an Introduction to the History of Children's Books in England from the Invention of Printing to 1900
13682: TIBBITS, ETHEL BURNETT - On to the Sunset
18628: TIESSEN, GAIL & CHARITY SCHELLENBERG & LAURA STOURENBURG - The Peace Seekers the Story of the Canadian Mennonites from the Reformation to the Present
18500: TIMOLEON - King's Cross to Waverley a Discursive Diary Telling of Persons and Policies, Opinions and Occurrences in Days of War
16639: TINDALL, GILLIAN - The Journey of Martin Nadaud; a Life and Turbulent Times
18710: TINGLEY, KENNETH W. - For King and Country Alberta in the Second World War
17095: TINGLEY, KENNETH - Steel and Steam Aspects of Breaking Land
14023: TIPPETT, MARIA - Breaking the Cycle and Other Stories from a Gulf Island
14945: TITUS, MURRAY T - Indian Islam a Religious History of Islam in India
14544: TODD, JACK - The Taste of Metal a Deserter's Story
18943: TODD, VICTOR H. - Protective Relays Their Theory, Design and Practical Operation
14366: TOEWS, MIRIAM - The Flying Troutmans
13703: TOEWS, MIRIAM - The Flying Troutmans a Novel
18465: TOEWS, JOHN B. - Lost Fatherland the Story of the Mennonite Emigration from Soviet Russia, 1921
18652: TOLKIEN, J. R. R. - The Adventures of Tom Bombadil
154: UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO - Applied Science Vol. II; Incorp. With Transactions of the University of Toronto Engineering Society Nov. 8 to Apr. 9
17551: TOSTE (EDITOR), F. DEAN - Gold Catalysis for Organic Synthesis II
16661: BC MINISTRY OF TOURISM - The Gold Rush Trail Guide
14094: TOWN, FLORIDA ANN - The Lively Ghost of Howe Sound
16166: TOWNEND, P.N. - East Coast Pacifics at Work
4097: TOWNSEND, ARTHUR H. - Adventures of the Meadow Place Gang
13056: TRANTER, NIGEL - The Riven Realm
15739: TRANTER, NIGEL G. - A Rage of Regents
11028: TRANTER, NIGEL G. - Mail Royal
7562: TRANTER, NIGEL - James, By the Grace of God
15256: TRANTER, NIGEL G. - Flowers of Chivalry
15272: TRANTER, NIGEL - Drug on the Market
18563: TRAQUAIR, RAMSAY. - The Old Silver of Quebec
17110: TREGASKIS, RICHARD - John F. Kennedy War Hero
10073: TREHERNE R.C.N. (RETD.), COMMANDER (S) T.C. - Always a "Pusser"; a History of the Paymaster and Supply Functions of the Royal Canadian Navy
12560: TRELEAVEN, G. FERN GILES - The Surrey Story
15835: TRELEAVEN, G. FERN GILES - Rivers Roads and Railways ; 100 Years of Transportation in Surrey
16614: TREMBLAY, YVES - Canadian Military History Since the 17th Century; Proceedings of the Canadian Military History Conference
11137: TREW, ANTONY - The Antonov Project
16021: TRIPP, F. R. - Canada's Army in World War II Badges and Histories of the Corps and Regiments
13784: TROPER, HAROLD & MORTON WEINFELD - Old Wounds; Jews, Ukrainians and the Hunt for Nazi War Criminals in Canada
15582: TROTTER, BEECHAM; ARTHUR HAWKES - A Horseman and the West
16662: TRUDEAU, G. B. - A Tad Overweight, But Violet Eyes to Die for
16663: TRUDEAU, GARY B. - And That's My Final Offer!
12061: TRUKHANOVSKY, V. - British Foreign Policy During World War II
18496: TRUSCOTT, STEVEN AND BILL TRENT - The Steven Truscott Story
337: TSCHIZEWSKI, DMITRIJ - Orbis Scriptus
17314: TSE-TUNG, MAO. - Mao Tse
11492: TSEU, YIH-ZAN - Chinese Tales
16557: TSOURAS, PETER G. - Rising Sun Victorious the Alternate History of How the Japanese Won the Pacific War
16492: TSUBOI, CHUJI - Gravity
16434: TSVELIK, ALEXEI M. - Quantum Field Theory in Condensed Matter Physics
18867: TUCHMAN, BARBARA W. - August 1914
18899: TUER, CINDY B. - Good Planets Are Hard to Find Prescriptions for Everyday Environmental Action
8657: TUGWELL, MAURICE - Herzl Street
15011: TULCHINSKY, KAREN X. - The Five Books of Moses Lapinsky
16356: TULLBERG, AINA - Teaching "the Mole" a Phenomenographic Inquiry Into the Didactics of Chemistry
16914: TURNBULL, ELSIE G. - Ghost Towns and Drowned Towns of West Kootenay
16350: TURNBULL, H. W - The Great Mathematicians
17089: TURNER, ROBERT D - Steam on the Kettle Valley a Railway Heritage Remembered
18808: TURNER, JOHN PETER - The North-West Mounted Police 1873-1893 Inclusive of the Great Transition Period in the Canadian West, When Law and Order Was Introduced and Established - Vol II Only 1883
13622: TURNER, ROBERT D. - Pacific Empresses: An Illustrated History of Canadian Pacific Railway's Empress Liners on the Pacific Ocean
18342: TURNER, HINCKLE & - Deadly Secrets the Cia
18166: TURNER, ROBERT D - The Pacific Princesses an Illustrated History of Canadian Pacific Railway's Princess Fleet on the Northwest Coast
17848: TURTON, RICHARD - The Quantum Dot a Journey Into the Future of Microelectronics
12000: TUSCHAR, HANS M - Karawanken Brucke Und Bollwerk
18866: TWEEDSMUIR, LORD - Hudson's Bay Trader
16676: TWIGG, ALAN - Thompson's Highway; British Columbia's Fur Trade, 1800
18821: TYLER, ANNE - Tin Can Tree
3585: TYLOR, CAROLLYNE - Against the Tides
11002: TYNAN, KATHARINE - My Love's But a Lassie
17575: GOSCINNY & UDERZO - Le Cadeau de César (French Edition)
16844: UENODA, SETSUO - Japan, Yesterday and Today; Sketches and Essasy [Sic] on Japanese City Life
15958: ULANOV, BARRY & GEORGE SIMON, EDS - Jazz 1954 the Metronome Yearbook
16791: UNDERHILL, HAROLD - Jamaica White the Story of the Witch of Rose Hall
17380: UNITED STATES. MCAULIFFE, MARY SPERLING, - Cia Documents on the Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962
18466: UNRUH, A.H. - Die Geschichte Der Mennoniten-Bruedergemeinde 1860
18744: URBAN, MARK - Rifles Six Years with Wellington's Legendary Sharpshooters
16074: URBAN, MARK - Wellington's Rifles Six Years to Waterloo with England's Legendary Sharpshooters
18862: URE, JOHN - A Bird on the Wing Bonnie Prince Charlie's Flight from Culloden Retraced
10732: VACHELL, HORACE ANNESLEY - Fishpingle a Romance of the Countryside,
11647: VAINSTEIN, ROSE HAGLER, RONALD, ; PUBLIC LIBRARIES RESEARCH STUDY, BRITISH COLUMBIA. - Public Libraries in British Columbia a Survey with Recommendations
17061: VALLANCE, J. D. - Untrodden Ways Dedicated to the Pioneers of British Columbia
4483: VANCE, ELEANOR GRAHAM - Jonathan
18408: VANCE, JONATHAN FRANKLIN WILLIA - Death So Noble Memory, Meaning, and the First World War
15980: VANCE, JONATHAN FRANKLIN WILLIAM - Unlikely Soldiers How Two Canadians Fought the Secret War Against Nazi Occupation
18860: VANCE, JONATHAN FRANKLIN WILLIAM - Death So Noble Memory, Meaning, and the First World War
15387: VANDERHAEGHE, GUY - The Englishman's Boy
17777: VANIER, GEORGES & DEBORAH COWLEY - Georges Vanier Soldier: The Wartime Letters and Diaries, 1915
15745: VANIER, GEORGES & DEBORAH COWLEY (EDITOR) - Georges Vanier Soldier: The Wartime Letters and Diaries, 1915
14401: VANOC (VANCOUVER ORGANIZING COMMITTEE FOR THE 2010 OLYMPIC AND PARALYMPIC GAMES) - O Siyam Aboriginal Art Inspired By the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games/O Siyam: L'art Autochtone Inspiré Par Les Jeux Olympiques Et Paralympiques D'hiver de 2010
17668: VARIOUS - History and Legends of the Chilcotin
3873: VARIOUS - The Totem 1936 Annual
5798: VARIOUS - A Visit to Ancient Rome
13797: VARIOUS - Alkitab (Thumb Indexed)
8391: VARIOUS - Schoolboys' Bumper Book
16419: VARIOUS - A Mathematical Spectrum Miscellany Selections from Mathematical Spectrum, 1967
17421: VARIOUS - The Boy's Own Annual
16285: VARIOUS - Ontogeny of Acquired Immunity
2810: VARIOUS - Arctic Volume 2, Issues 1, 2 & 3, 1949
17433: VARIOUS - The First Hundred Years United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, Local 452, Vancouver B.C.
18526: VARIOUS - 416 Squadron History
17313: VARIOUS - Nisga'a Final Agreement
10545: VARIOUS - Mcdougall's Alexandra Readers; the Elementary Reader
10743: VARIOUS - Who's Who of Canadian Women, 1986
18164: VARIOUS - Tales from the Queen Charlotte Islands Book 2
17492: VARIOUS - The Hymnary - for Use in Baptist Churches (with Music)
15310: VARIOUS, - Dark Horse Presents #4 Fiona Staples Cover
9399: VARIOUS - Raincoast Chronicles Vol 1 No. 2
18252: VARIOUS - Totem 1953
15700: VARIOUS - The Canadian Girl's Annual
18913: VARIOUS - The Charlottes a Journal of the Queen Charlotte Islands, the Land of the People
17743: VARIOUS - Marks on the Forest Floor; a Story of Houston British Columbia
10704: VARIOUS - About Lenin
17490: VARIOUS - Calendar of the University of British Columbia; First Session Through Fifth Session 1915-1920, 1920-1925 and 1925
18163: VARIOUS - Tales from the Queen Charlotte Islands
18293: VARIOUS - North Irish Horse: Battle Report North Africa and Italy 1943
16577: VARIOUS - Consumer's Co
17935: VARIOUS - This Is Compassion Young People's Stories, Poetry, Art & Photography
17045: VARIOUS - Hmcs Tecumseh 75 with Pride a Tribute to Calgary's Naval Community
17027: VASSANJI, M G - Amriika
13702: VASSANJI, M.G. - The Assassin's Song
12169: VASSANJI, M.G. - The Assassin's Song
14250: VASSANJI, M. G. - The Book of Secrets a Novel
18515: VASSANJI, M.G. - And Home Was Kariakoo a Memoir of East Africa
12730: VAUGHAN, THOMAS; A. A. ST. C. M. MURRAY-OLIVER - Captain Cook R.N. The Resolute Mariner; an International Record of Oceanic Discovery
18358: VEEMES, MAI - Mackenzie B.C. Turns Twenty
17837: VERHULST, FERDINAND - Nonlinear Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems
15012: VERNE, JULES; L. BENNET (ILLUSTRATOR) & ZDENEK HOBZIK (TRANSLATOR) - Matyás Sandorf Nový Hrabê Monte Christo 2 Vols
14746: VERNÈDE, R.V. - The Collector's Bag Travellers' Tales from India and Elsewhere
14765: VERNÈDE, R.V. - The Collector's Bag Travellers' Tales from India and Elsewhere
8258: VEVERS, MAUD - Lettice Temple
2292: VEXLER, ROBERT I.; WILLIAM F. SWINDLER - Chronology and Documentary Handbook of the State of Washington
8009: VICENS, FRANCESC - Cathedral of Tarragona
16823: VICKERS, ROY HENRY & BRIAN PAYTON & BOB HERGER (PHOTOGRAPHER) - Spirit Transformed a Journey from Tree to Totem
8604: VIGILANTES (K. ZILLIACUS) - Why We Are Losing the Peace the National Government's Foreign Policy: Its Causes, Consequences and Cure
6598: VIGNEAULT, GILLES (TRANS. BY PAUL ALLARD) - Tales Sur la Pointe Des Pieds
13042: VIRGIN, VICTOR E. - History of North and South Saanich Pioneers and District
16203: VISWANATHAN, PADMA - The Toss of a Lemon
16335: VISWANATHAN, PADMA - The Ever After of Ashwin Rao
16993: VODDEN, CHRISTY - No Stone Unturned the First 150 Years of the Geological Survey of Canada
15433: VOGEL, AYNSLEY & DANA WYSE - Vancouver a History in Photographs
17526: VOURI, MICHAEL & MICHAEL P. VOURI - The Pig War Standoff at Griffin Bay
12725: WADDELL (ED.), JANE - Hiking Trails I Victoria and Vicinity
3439: WADDINGTON, R. F. G. - Israel and Orthodoxy
17970: WADE, AUBREY - Gunner on the Western Front
11735: WADE, FRANK E. - A Midshipman's War; a Young Man in the Mediterranean Naval War 1941
18720: WADE, MASON - The French Canadians 1760
16389: WADEL, CATO - Marginal Adaptations and Modernization in Newfoundland
16778: WAGNER, GORDON - How Papa Won the War
16404: WAINWRIGHT, MILTON - Miracle Cure the Story of Penicillin and the Golden Age of Antibiotics
17229: WAISER, BILL - Park Prisoners the Untold Story of Western Canada's National Parks, 1915
18483: WAISER, BILL - Loyal Till Death Indians and the North
9917: WAITE, PETER B - The Charlottetown Conference
18918: WAITE, DON - Tales of the Golden Ears Illustrated
16183: WAITE, PETER B - Canada 1874
15794: WALBRAN, JOHN T - British Columbia Coast Names 1592
17994: WALDRON, LAMAR & THOM HARTMANN - Ultimate Sacrifice John and Robert Kennedy, the Plan for a Coup in Cuba, and the Murder of Jfk
10015: WALKER, ELLA JACOBY - Fortress North,
18101: WALKER, SIR WALTER - The Next Domino?
16922: WALKER, C. B. F. - Astronomy Before the Telescope
17445: WALSH, MAURICE - Sons of the Swordmaker
9538: WALSH, MAURICE - Nine Strings to Your Bow
14930: WALSH, MAURICE - While Rivers Run
14670: WANNAN, BILL - The Heather in the South a Scottish
11555: WAP, DR. (JAN J. F.). - De Stad Utrecht Album. Bevattende Afbeeldingen Harer Voornaamste Gebouwen En Gezightspunten Met Historishe Bijschriften Door Dr. Wap.
16247: WARD, ARTHUR & RICHARD INGRAM - Buying and Selling Wartime Collectables an Enthusiast's Guide to Militaria
12412: WARD, JAMES EDWARD - The Master on the Mount
16806: WARD, ROBIN - Robin Ward's Vancouver
16864: WARKENTIN, GERMAINE - Canadian Exploration Literature; an Anthology
15778: WARKENTIN, GERMAINE - Canadian Exploration Literature; an Anthology
15066: WARKENTIN, GERMAINE (EDITOR) - Canadian Exploration Literature
18741: WARNER, DENIS & WARNER, PEGGY - The Tide at Sunrise a History of the Russo-Japanese War 1904
17510: WARNER, OLIVER - The Glorious First of June
18822: WARNER, OLIVER - The Sea and the Sword the Baltic 1630
2814: WARREN, MAUDE RADFORD - Carnival Colors
9045: WARREN, J. COLLINS AND A. PEARCE GOULD (EDITORS) - The International Text-Book of Surgery By American and British Authors - Volume 1
18088: WARREN, ROBERT PENN - Flood a Romance of Our Time
17372: WATADA, TERRY - Bukkyo Tozen a History of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism in Canada 1905
15290: WATANABE, HITOSHI - The Ainu Ecosystem Environment and Group Structure
15755: WATKINS, JACK - Tattoo : Symbols and Meanings
18954: WATSON, PAUL - Ice Ghosts the Epic Hunt for the Lost Franklin Expedition
10436: WATSON, GEOFFREY - Black Jack
16083: WATSON, PAUL - Where War Lives
17125: WATT, K. JANE; DAIRY INDUSTRY HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA - Milk Stories a History of the Dairy Industry in British Columbia, 1827
18039: WAUGH, ALEC - Island in the Sun
1550: WEATHERBY, HUGH - Tales the Totems Tell
15315: WEAVER, SAMUEL P. - Autobiography of a Pennsylvania Dutchman
17180: WEBB, ROBERT N. - The Living Jfk an Illustrated Biography
11003: WEBB, MRS J. B - Naomi Or the Last Days of Jerusalem
10793: WEBSTER, FRANK V. - Cowboy Dave Or, the Round
14506: WECK, CHRISTINE DE - Voyage to Inner Mongolia and Tibet
4482: WEIL, LISL; HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN - Foolish King: Based on Hans Christian Andersen's "the Emperor's New Clothes
16257: WEINBERG, FELIX - Boy 30529 a Memoir
16485: WEIR, GARY E. & WALTER J. BOYNE - Rising Tide the Untold Story of the Russian Submarines That Fought the Cold War
13867: WEISMAN, ALAN; READ BY ADAM GRUPPER - The World without Us
14806: WEISSKOPF, KURT - The Agony of Czechoslovakia '38/'68
11788: WELLS, CAROLYN - The Come
94: WELLS, CAROLYN - Marjorie in Command
15350: WELLWOOD, RIC - The River, the Lake and the Creek ; a History of the Catfish Creek Conservation Authority 1950
11388: WENIGER, GEORGE; LOIS LIGHT (TRANSLATOR) - The Cost of Freedom; Door of Hope
17017: WENTWORTH, PATRICIA - Watersplash
18578: WERSTEIN, IRVING - The Long Escape
12211: WEST, SIDNEY GEORGE - The Westering Sun
17263: WEST, BRUCE - The Firebirds How Bush Flying Won Its Wings
17441: WEST, JERRY - The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery at Missile Town
17412: WEST, NAOMI & CATHERINE WILSON - The Jackie Handbook
630: WESTCOTT, EDWARD NOYES - David Harum a Story of American Life
16205: WESTON, SUSAN B. - Children of the Light
11265: WESTRUP (MRS. W. SYDNEY STACEY), MARGARET - Elizabeth in Retreat
18253: VAN DE WETERING, JANWILLEM - Death of a Hawker
12809: WETHERELL, JOHN; C. S. FORESTER (ED.) (INTRO) - The Adventures of John Wetherell; the Authentic Diary of a 19th Century British Seaman, Impressed Into His Majesty's Service to Fight Bonaparte
18809: WETHERELL, DONALD G. - Wildlife, Land, and People a Century of Change in Prairie Canada
17669: WETTON, CECILIA - The Promised Land the Story of the Barr Colonists
14004: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - Desperate Measures
13065: WHEELER, WILLIAM - Skippers of the Sky the Early Years of Bush Flying
12692: WHEELER F.R.G.S., A(RTHUR) O. - The Selkirk Range Vol. 1
18184: WHEELER, MARILYN J - The Robson Valley Story
12063: WHITAKER, J - Whitaker's Almanack 1936
9690: WHITAKER, W. DENIS AND SHELAGH WHITAKER - Rhineland; the Battle to End the War
18238: WHITAKER, HERMAN - The Planter a Novel.
7429: WHITAKER, JOSEPH - An Almanack for the Year of Our Lord 1961
15715: WHITE, JOHN E.R. - Driving the Kettle Valley Railway
11042: WHITE, HOWARD - Raincoast Chronicles Twelve
13577: WHITE, GILLIAN - Unhallowed Ground
13815: WHITE, HOWARD & JIM SPILSBURY - Spilsburys Coast: Pioneer Years in the Wet West
13839: WHITE, HOWARD; JIM SPILSBURY - Spilsburys Coast: Pioneer Years in the Wet West
12941: WHITE, HOWARD; SPILSBURY, JIM - Accidental Airline; Spilsbury's Qca
9400: WHITE, HOWARD - Raincoast Chronicles Vol. 1 No. 8
18945: WHITE, HOWARD & SPILSBURY, JIM - The Accidental Airline Spilsbury's Qca
18430: WHITEHEAD, ERIC - Hathstauwk the Story of Capilano Golf and Country Club
16169: WHITEHOUSE, P. B. - The Lms in the West Midlands
16985: WHITELEY, GEORGE - Northern Seas, Hardy Sailors
10746: WHITER, WALTER - A Specimen of a Commentary on Shakspeare
16964: WHITMAN, EDWARD W. - The Influence of the Planets
12495: WHITNEY, WILLIAM DWIGHT; BENJAMIN E SMITH (SUPERVISOR OF REVISED EDITION) - The Century Dictionary: An Encyclopedic Lexicon of the English Language
15379: HERODIAN & C.R. WHITTAKER - Herodian in Two Volumes with an English Translation By C.R. Whittaker. Vol. I. Books I
16259: WHITTAKER, JOHN A. - Early Land Surveyors of British Columbia
13197: WHYTE, JACK - The Lance Thrower
17367: WHYTE, JACK - Knights of the Black and White
13946: WHYTE, JACK - Standard of Honor
18555: WHYTE, JACK - The Guardian a Tale of Andrew Murray
14554: WHYTE-EDGAR, MRS. C.M. - A Wreath of Canadian Song Containing Biographical Sketches and Numerous Selections from Deceased Canadian Poets
15491: WHYTE, JACK - The Eagle
15556: WHYTE, JACK - The Forest Laird: A Tale of William Wallace
17220: THE STAFF OF THE NEW YORK TIMES & ROBERT B. SEMPLE & TOM WICKER - Four Days in November the Original Coverage of the John F. Kennedy Assassination
18651: WICKS, BEN - Dogs
12173: WICKS, WALTER - Memories of the Skeena
18793: WIEBE, RUDY - Sweeter Than All the World
10080: WIEBE, RUDY - The Scorched
10987: WIEBE, RON - The Visionary Legacy of Ron Wiebe an Unfinished Conversation
11863: WIEBE, RUDY HENRY - The Temptations of Big Bear
17187: WIEBE, RUDY - Sweeter Than All the World
18941: WIEBE, RUDY - First and Vital Candle
18034: WIEBE, RUDY HENRY - A Discovery of Strangers
709: WIGGIN, KATE DOUGLAS - Timothy's Quest: A Story for Anybody, Young Or Old, Who Wants to Read It
15260: WIGGINS, MELANIE - Fatal Ascent Hms Seal, 1940
14530: WILCOX, L. A - Anson's Voyage
10564: WILDER, LAURA INGALLS - Farmer Boy
6822: WILHELM, KATE - Juniper Time
15850: WILKES, HELEN WALDSTEIN - Letters from the Lost a Memoir of Discovery
16232: WILKINS, W. H. - Our King and Queen the Story of Their Life
17952: WILKINS, THURMAN - Cherokee Tragedy the Story of the Ridge Family and the Decimation of a People
14101: WILKINSON, NEVILE RODWELL - Yvette in Italy and Titania's Palace
17894: WILKS, CLAIRE WEISSMAN - The Magic Box the Eccentric Genius of Hannah Maynard
16739: WILLIAMS, JEFFERY - Byng of Vimy General and Governor General
3348: WILLIAMS, FRED C. - The Fifth Horseman
12976: WILLIAMS, TAD - Otherland (Signed)
16979: WILLIAMS, DAVID R. - One Hundred Years at St. Peter's Quamichan
15718: WILLIAMS, JEFFERY - Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry 1914
16921: WILLIAMS, J. E. D. - From Sails to Satellites the Origin and Development of Navigational Science
12366: WILLIAMSON, PHILIP G. - Citadel
8117: WILLISTON, EILEEN & KELLER, BETTY - Forests, Power and Policy the Legacy of Ray Williston
12001: WILLMOTT, H.P. - The Second World War in the East
14032: WILSON, ETHEL - Hetty Dorval
18319: WILSON, FORBES - The Conquest of Copper Mountain a Vivid, Personal Account of the Discovery and Development of a Spectacular Outcrop of Ore in the Remote Peaks of Irian Jaya, Indonesia
15406: WILSON, BUDGE - Before Green Gables
14237: WILSON, ERIC - The Lost Treasure of Casa Loma
8934: WILSON, PETER (EDITOR) - The Past Today
18073: WILSON, HILL - A School of Seamen, a Pride of Ships, a Brief Illustrated, Marine History Before, During and After St. Margaret's Sea Training School Hubbards, Nova Scotia 1942
16430: WILSON, LT. COL. FRANK - Regiments at a Glance
16549: WILSON, GRAHAM - The Last Great Gold Rush a Klondike Reader
15284: WILSON, ETHEL - Mrs. Golightly, and Other Stories
17901: WILSON, GRAHAM - Southeast Alaska Early Photographs of the Great Land
18468: WILSON, JOHN - Crusade
16553: WILSON, A. N. - God's Funeral the Decline of Faith in Western Civilization
16400: WILSON, ALISTAIR MACINTOSH - The Infinite in the Finite
15640: WIND, JAMES P.; JAMES W. LEWIS (EDITORS) - American Congregations, Volume 1 Portraits of Twelve Religious Communities
17272: WINDSOR, JOHN - Night Drop at Ede
16781: WINIK, JAY - The Great Upheaval America and the Birth of the Modern World, 1788
13632: WINSTANLEY, ANTHONY (TONY) F. - Under Eight Flags 1937
18194: WINTER, MICHAEL - The Big Why
16011: WIRSIG, K.H. & ENRICO RENZ - Gleebs of Wizagon
11035: WIRT, MILDRED A - Dan Carter and the Haunted Castle
18161: WISE, S.F. - Canadian Airmen and the First World War
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