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6598: VIGNEAULT, GILLES (TRANS. BY PAUL ALLARD) - Tales Sur la Pointe Des Pieds
17526: VOURI, MICHAEL & MICHAEL P. VOURI - The Pig War Standoff at Griffin Bay
17970: WADE, AUBREY - Gunner on the Western Front
11735: WADE, FRANK E. - A Midshipman's War; a Young Man in the Mediterranean Naval War 1941
16389: WADEL, CATO - Marginal Adaptations and Modernization in Newfoundland
16778: WAGNER, GORDON - How Papa Won the War
16404: WAINWRIGHT, MILTON - Miracle Cure the Story of Penicillin and the Golden Age of Antibiotics
19758: WAITE, DONALD E. - Vancouver Exposed; a History in Photographs
15794: WALBRAN, JOHN T - British Columbia Coast Names 1592
17994: WALDRON, LAMAR & THOM HARTMANN - Ultimate Sacrifice John and Robert Kennedy, the Plan for a Coup in Cuba, and the Murder of Jfk
16922: WALKER, C. B. F. - Astronomy Before the Telescope
10015: WALKER, ELLA JACOBY - Fortress North,
18101: WALKER, SIR WALTER - The Next Domino?
19606: WALKER, SHIRLEY - From Sailing Ships to Spitfires the Life and Times of an Immigrant Family, Whose Sons Fought in the Second World War
19882: WALKER, PAMELA J. - Pulling the Devil's Kingdom Down the Salvation Army in Victorian Britain
19809: WALLER, GEORGE - Kidnap the Story of the Lindbergh Case
19603: WALLIS, MARIA & AUGUIE FLERAS - The Politics of Race in Canada Readings in Historical Perspectives, Contemporary Realities, and Future Possibilities
19860: WALTERS, MINETTE - Innocent Victims Two Novellas
19365: WANGERIN, WALTER - The Book of Sorrows
16247: WARD, ARTHUR & RICHARD INGRAM - Buying and Selling Wartime Collectables an Enthusiast's Guide to Militaria
19424: WARDROPER, JAMES H. - Bearers of the Light
15778: WARKENTIN, GERMAINE - Canadian Exploration Literature; an Anthology
15066: WARKENTIN, GERMAINE (EDITOR) - Canadian Exploration Literature
18822: WARNER, OLIVER - The Sea and the Sword the Baltic 1630
2814: WARREN, MAUDE RADFORD - Carnival Colors
18088: WARREN, ROBERT PENN - Flood a Romance of Our Time
17372: WATADA, TERRY - Bukkyo Tozen a History of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism in Canada 1905
15755: WATKINS, JACK - Tattoo : Symbols and Meanings
10436: WATSON, GEOFFREY - Black Jack
16083: WATSON, PAUL - Where War Lives
18979: WATTS, JACK - Nickels & Nightingales
18039: WAUGH, ALEC - Island in the Sun
1550: WEATHERBY, HUGH - Tales the Totems Tell
17180: WEBB, ROBERT N. - The Living Jfk an Illustrated Biography
10793: WEBSTER, FRANK V. - Cowboy Dave Or, the Round
14506: WECK, CHRISTINE DE - Voyage to Inner Mongolia and Tibet
16257: WEINBERG, FELIX - Boy 30529 a Memoir
16485: WEIR, GARY E. & WALTER J. BOYNE - Rising Tide the Untold Story of the Russian Submarines That Fought the Cold War
13867: WEISMAN, ALAN; READ BY ADAM GRUPPER - The World without Us
94: WELLS, CAROLYN - Marjorie in Command
15350: WELLWOOD, RIC - The River, the Lake and the Creek ; a History of the Catfish Creek Conservation Authority 1950
11388: WENIGER, GEORGE; LOIS LIGHT (TRANSLATOR) - The Cost of Freedom; Door of Hope
17263: WEST, BRUCE - The Firebirds How Bush Flying Won Its Wings
17441: WEST, JERRY - The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery at Missile Town
12211: WEST, SIDNEY GEORGE - The Westering Sun
16205: WESTON, SUSAN B. - Children of the Light
18253: VAN DE WETERING, JANWILLEM - Death of a Hawker
12809: WETHERELL, JOHN; C. S. FORESTER (ED.) (INTRO) - The Adventures of John Wetherell; the Authentic Diary of a 19th Century British Seaman, Impressed Into His Majesty's Service to Fight Bonaparte
17669: WETTON, CECILIA - The Promised Land the Story of the Barr Colonists
19246: WETZSTEON, ROSS - Republic of Dreams Greenwich Village: The American Bohemia, 1910
14004: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - Desperate Measures
18238: WHITAKER, HERMAN - The Planter a Novel.
7429: WHITAKER, JOSEPH - An Almanack for the Year of Our Lord 1961
9690: WHITAKER, W. DENIS AND SHELAGH WHITAKER - Rhineland; the Battle to End the War
11042: WHITE, HOWARD - Raincoast Chronicles Twelve
12941: WHITE, HOWARD; SPILSBURY, JIM - Accidental Airline; Spilsbury's Qca
18945: WHITE, HOWARD & SPILSBURY, JIM - The Accidental Airline Spilsbury's Qca
16985: WHITELEY, GEORGE - Northern Seas, Hardy Sailors
16964: WHITMAN, EDWARD W. - The Influence of the Planets
16259: WHITTAKER, JOHN A. - Early Land Surveyors of British Columbia
13197: WHYTE, JACK - The Lance Thrower
17367: WHYTE, JACK - Knights of the Black and White
15491: WHYTE, JACK - The Eagle
18555: WHYTE, JACK - The Guardian a Tale of Andrew Murray
14554: WHYTE-EDGAR, MRS. C.M. - A Wreath of Canadian Song Containing Biographical Sketches and Numerous Selections from Deceased Canadian Poets
13946: WHYTE, JACK - Standard of Honor
15556: WHYTE, JACK - The Forest Laird: A Tale of William Wallace
18651: WICKS, BEN - Dogs
18941: WIEBE, RUDY - First and Vital Candle
10080: WIEBE, RUDY - The Scorched
11863: WIEBE, RUDY HENRY - The Temptations of Big Bear
10987: WIEBE, RON - The Visionary Legacy of Ron Wiebe an Unfinished Conversation
18793: WIEBE, RUDY - Sweeter Than All the World
19905: WIEBE, VIOLA & MARILYN WIEBE DODGE - Sepia Prints Memoirs of a Missionary in India
17187: WIEBE, RUDY - Sweeter Than All the World
18034: WIEBE, RUDY HENRY - A Discovery of Strangers
709: WIGGIN, KATE DOUGLAS - Timothy's Quest: A Story for Anybody, Young Or Old, Who Wants to Read It
14530: WILCOX, L. A - Anson's Voyage
19891: WILDE, OSCAR - The Happy Prince
15850: WILKES, HELEN WALDSTEIN - Letters from the Lost a Memoir of Discovery
19415: WILKINSON-LATHAM, ROBERT & CHRISTOPHER - A Blandford Encyclopaedia in Colour - Infantry Uniforms, Including Artillery and Other Supporting Corps of Britain and the Commonwealth, 1855
16979: WILLIAMS, DAVID R. - One Hundred Years at St. Peter's Quamichan
19814: WILLIAMS, EMLYN - Emlyn; an Early Autobiography, 1927-1935; a Sequel to George, 1905
19815: WILLIAMS, EMLYN - George, an Early Autobiography.
15718: WILLIAMS, JEFFERY - Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry 1914
19640: WILLIAMS, MARTYN - The Yukon Wilderness Travellers Guide
12366: WILLIAMSON, PHILIP G. - Citadel
8117: WILLISTON, EILEEN & KELLER, BETTY - Forests, Power and Policy the Legacy of Ray Williston
19014: WILSON, BUDGE - Before Green Gables
16400: WILSON, ALISTAIR MACINTOSH - The Infinite in the Finite
14032: WILSON, ETHEL - Hetty Dorval
15406: WILSON, BUDGE - Before Green Gables
19110: WILSON, IAN - Mind out of Time? Reincarnation Claims Investigated
8934: WILSON, PETER (EDITOR) - The Past Today
15284: WILSON, ETHEL - Mrs. Golightly, and Other Stories
17901: WILSON, GRAHAM - Southeast Alaska Early Photographs of the Great Land
18468: WILSON, JOHN - Crusade
16430: WILSON, LT. COL. FRANK - Regiments at a Glance
18073: WILSON, HILL - A School of Seamen, a Pride of Ships, a Brief Illustrated, Marine History Before, During and After St. Margaret's Sea Training School Hubbards, Nova Scotia 1942
17272: WINDSOR, JOHN - Night Drop at Ede
16781: WINIK, JAY - The Great Upheaval America and the Birth of the Modern World, 1788
13632: WINSTANLEY, ANTHONY (TONY) F. - Under Eight Flags 1937
18194: WINTER, MICHAEL - The Big Why
11035: WIRT, MILDRED A - Dan Carter and the Haunted Castle
18716: WISE, TERENCE & RICHARD HOOK (ILLUSTRATOR) - Armies of the Carthaginian Wars 265
11711: WISEMAN, THOMAS - The Quick and the Dead
19875: HEINRICHS STEVE & CHERYL WOELK (EDITORS) - Intotemak: Yours, Mine and Ours Unravelling the Doctrine of Discovery
10406: WOEWODA, JAMES C. - I.R. A. ; Death By Deception
18820: WOHL, PROFESSOR ROBERT - A Passion for Wings Aviation and the Western Imagination, 1908
16513: ADOLF HUNGRY WOLF - Legends Told By the Old People
10359: WOLFERSTAN, W. H - Oil Tanker Traffic Assessing the Risks for the Southern Coast of British Columbia
17960: WOOD, STEPHEN - In the Finest Tradition Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
19750: WOOD, HERBERT FAIRLIE - Strange Battleground Official History of the Canadian Army in Korea
17539: WOODLAND, ALAN - New Westminster the Early Years 1858
19082: WOODS, J. J. - The Agassiz Harrison Valley
15894: WOODYARD, DARREL - Dakota Indian Lore
18871: WOOLLACOTT, ARTHUR P - Mackenzie and His Voyageurs By Canoe to the Arctic and the Pacific, 1789
15889: WORRALL, JAY - Sails on the Horizon a Novel of the Napoleonic Wars
15890: WORRALL, JAY - Any Approaching Enemy a Novel of the Napoleonic Wars
15831: WORSLEY, JOHN ; KENNETH GIGGAL - John Worsley's War
12284: WREN, JENNY - Yorkshire Hill
482: WREN, PERCIVAL CHRISTOPHER (P. C. ) - The Snake and the Sword
18129: WU, CHING-TZU - The Scholars
12628: WYLIE, FRANCIS JAMES - The Use of Radar at Sea
19212: YEE, PAUL - Tales from Gold Mountain Stories of the Chinese in the New World
18373: YEP, LAURENCE - Monster Makers, Inc.
14517: YERAN, E. A. - Pocket Dictionary Or Pocket Companion, English-Armenian/ Armenian
19842: YESAKI, MITSUO & SAKUYA NISHIMURA - Salmon Canning on the Fraser River in the 1890s
19514: YODER, JOELLA G. - Unrolling Time Christiaan Huygens and the Mathematization of Nature
5934: YORKE, MARGARET - A Case to Answer
16981: YOUNG, BERYL - Charlie a Home Child's Life in Canada
19873: YOUNG, PHIL & JIM BELLEW - Whitbread Book of Scouseology Merseyside Life, 1900
19872: YOUNG, PHIL & JIM BELLEW - Whitbread Book of Scouseology a to Z. Anthology of Merseyside V. 1
12844: YOUNG, GEORGE - The Short Triangle : A Story of the Sea and Men Who Go Down to It in Ships the Place - the Coasts of New England and Nova Scotia; the Time
18489: YOUNG, MARY ELIZABETH - Redskins, Ruffleshirts and Rednecks Indian Allotments in Alabama and Mississippi, 1830
15282: YOUNG, DELBERT A. - According to Hakluyt Tales of Adventure and Exploration
15832: YOUNG, DAVID ESSON - The Uchuck Years a West Coast Shipping Saga
19024: YOUNG, NEIL - Special Deluxe a Memoir of Life & Cars
19437: YUTANG, LIN - The Wisdom of China
15825: YUZYK, PAUL - The Ukrainians in Manitoba a Social History
18985: ZARN, GEORGE - Prairie Boys Afloat; By the Hired Hand at Idlewood Farm
17618: ZARN, GEORGE - Prairie Boys Afloat; By the Hired Hand at Idlewood Farm
16834: ZASLOW, MORRIS - The Opening of the Canadian North, 1870
19085: ZIEROTH, DALE - Nipika a Story of Radium Hot Springs
19531: ZINNER, E. & E. BROWN - Regiomontanus His Life and Work, Volume 1
16990: ZUK, BILL - The Avro Arrow Story the Revolutionary Airplane and It's Courageous Test Pilots
19374: ZUSAK, MARKUS - The Book Thief
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