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20908: MACKIE, EUAN WALLACE - Science and Society in Prehistoric Britain
16771: MACKIE, RICHARD & GRAEME WYNN - Home Truths Highlights from Bc History
15025: MACKINNON (EDITOR) - Reading Book for the Use of Students of the Gaelic Class in the University of Edinburgh Part 1
20224: MACKSEY, KENNETH - A History of the Royal Armoured Corps and Its Predecessors, 1914
16682: MACKSEY, KENNETH - Tank Force Allied Armour in the Second World War
15549: MACLAREN, ROY - Canadians Behind Enemy Lines 1939
15724: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR / SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE / DAVID NIVEN - Call to Arms Classic War Stories
16874: MACLEAN, HOPE - Indians, Inuit, and Métis of Canada
20629: MACLEAN, HUGH AS TOLD TO BY EMMA B. SMYTHE - Yukon Lady a Tale of Loyalty and Courage
20936: MACLEOD, ALAN LIVINGSTONE - From Rinks to Regiments Hockey Hall-of
15215: MACMECHAN, ARCHIBALD; JOHN BELL (EDITOR) - At the Harbour Mouth
20577: MACMILLAN, MARGARET - The War That Ended Peace the Road to 1914
17143: MACNEIL, ROBERT - The Way We Were 1963, the Year Kennedy Was Shot
16891: MACNUTT, W. STEWART - The Atlantic Provinces the Emergence of Colonial Society, 1712
16084: MACOMBER, ROBERT N - At the Edge of Honor a Novel of the Naval CIVIL War
20726: MACPHEE, ROSS D. E. - Race to the End Amundsen, Scott, and the Attainment of the South Pole
11993: MACPHERSON, IAN - The Co-Operative Movement on the Prairies, 1900
14886: MACPHERSON, KEN; COM.JAMES PLOMER (FOREWORD) - The River Class Destroyers of the Royal Canadian Navy
14232: MACSWEENEY, TOM - Seascapes
6583: MADLEY, LEWIS G. - James Bay Athletic Association: The First 100 Years, 1886
16444: MADSEN, CHRIS - Another Kind of Justice Canadian Military Law from Confederation to Somalia
14759: MAHMOOD, SAFDAR - Pakistan Political Roots and Development 1947
16673: MAIER, CHARLES S. - The Unmasterable Past History, Holocaust, and German National Identity, with a New Preface
18748: MAILER, NORMAN - Oswald's Tale an American Mystery
15887: MAILLARD, KEITH - Two Strand River
15634: MAIMBOURG, PERE LOUIS - Sermons Pour le Caresme, Où Toutes Les Parties de Chaque Evangile Sont Comprises & Rapportées à Un Point Principal. (Par le Pere Louis Maimbourg, de la Compagnie de Jesus. Seconde Partie. Seconde édition Avec Privilege de Sa Majesté)
18127: MAIN, J. R. K. - Voyageurs of the Air a History of CIVIL Aviation in Canada, 1858
20513: MAINO, JEANNETTE G. - Left Hand Turn a Story of the Donner Party Women
16629: MAINZER, KLAUS - Thinking in Complexity the Complex Dynamics of Matter, Mind, and Mankind
18787: MAIR, RAFE - The Last Cast Fishing Reminiscences
15784: MAJOR, KEVIN - No Man's Land
18601: STEP'AN K. MNATS'AKANIAN & RAINER K. LAMPINEN & K. H. MAKSOUDIAN - Aghtamar. The Church of the Holy Cross, 915
17665: MALAMUD, BERNARD - The Magic Barrel; Idiots First
20772: MALANCHUK, TERRY - Blakeburn B.C. ' S Forgotten Ghost Town
20517: MALCOMSON, ROBERT - Lords of the Lake the Naval War on Lake Ontario, 1812
17170: MALCOMSON, ROBERT - Warships of the Great Lakes 1754
16865: MALHOTRA, INDER - Dynasties of India and Beyond Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh
19779: MALLINSON, ALLAN - A Regimental Affair
20731: MALLINSON, ALLAN - The Sabre's Edge
20929: MALONE, COL. DICK, O.B.E. - Missing from the Record
19995: MALORY, THOMAS & SIDNEY LANIER - The Boy's King Arthur Sir Thomas Malory's History of King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table
20636: MALORY, SIR THOMAS - The Romance of King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table
9820: MANDELMAN, AVNER - Talking to the Enemy
19519: MANDOLESI, N. & N. VITTORIO - The Cosmic Microwave Background: 25 Years Later Proceedings of a Meeting on ‘the Cosmic Microwave Background: 25 Years Later’, Held in L’Aquila, . . . 1989
18109: MANN, JESSICA - Out of Harm's Way the Wartime Evacuation of Children from Britain
16034: MANN, THOMAS - Stories
17771: MANN, A.K. & D.B. CLINE - Discovery of Weak Neutral Currents the Weak Interaction Before and After: Proceedings of the Conference Held in Santa Monica, Ca, February 1993
19323: MANN, WILLIAM E. - Sect, Cult & Church in Alberta
13602: MANSBRIDGE, FRANCIS - Launching History the Saga of the Burrard Dry Dock
13982: MANSBRIDGE, FRANCIS - Launching History the Saga of the Burrard Dry Dock
17730: MANSFIELD, ELIZABETH LOUISE - A Practical Guide to the Invariant Calculus
16830: MANUEL, JUAN & RICHARD P. KINKADE (TRANSLATOR) - *Ordenamjentos Dados a la Villa de Peñafiel, 10 de Abril de 1345 a Reconstruction of the Manuscript Text
18811: MAR, ALEX - Witches of America
17652: MARACLE, BRIAN - Crazywater Native Voices on Addiction and Recovery
15791: MARC, JACQUES F - Historic Shipwrecks of Northeastern Vancouver Island
17410: MARCHAK, M. PATRICIA - Logging the Globe
10558: MARCHANT, BESSIE (ELIZABETH MARCHANT COMFORT) & CYRUS CUNEO - Countess from Canada; a Story of a Life in the Backwoods
19333: MARCHANT, CATHERINE - The Slow Awakening
10844: MARE, WALTER DE LA & W. HEATH ROBINSON - Peacock Pie ~ a Book of Rhymes
15934: MARGARET, LAURENCE; - Jason's Quest
16924: MARGOLIN, VICTOR & GEORGE RICHARD BUCHANAN - The Idea of Design a Design Issues Reader
18761: MARGOLIS, LEO & CORNELIS GROOT & WILLIAM C. CLARK - *Physiological Ecology of Pacific Salmon
12105: MARGOLIS, ERIC S. - The War at the Top of the World
17382: MARIKA, WANDJUK & JENNIFER ISAACS - Wandjuk Marika Life Story
15320: MARK, JAN (EDITOR) - The Oxford Book of Children's Stories
59: MARKS, STUART - Cybertank Engineer's Handbook Omega Neural Cybertank Design and Simulation
19253: MARLANTES, KARL - Matterhorn a Novel of the Vietnam War
19867: MARQUIS, T. G. - Canada's Sons on Kopje and Veldt; a Historical Account of the Canadian Contingents
19145: MARSH, WINIFRED PETCHEY - People of the Willow Padlimiut Tribe of the Caribou Eskimo
20310: MARSH, JOHN - A History of Glacier House and Nakimu Caves Glacier National Park British Columbia
2740: MARSH, LEONARD - A Regional College for Vancouver Island
18885: MARSHALL, JAMES STIRRAT & CARRIE MARSHALL - Adventure in Two Hemispheres Including Captain Vancouver's Voyage to the Pacific Coast and Hawaiian Islands
19700: MARSHALL, DENIS - Photographic Memory Salmon Arm's Past in Essays and Pictures
17481: MARSHALL, J. S. & ALAN JESSUP - D.A. Mcgregor and His Writings
8949: MARSHALL D. LITT., REV. ALFRED - New Testament Greek Primer
12463: MARSTON, EDWARD - Soldier of Fortune
19357: MARTEINSON, JOHN K. - We Stand on Guard an Illustrated History of the Canadian Army
13263: MARTIN, DOLORES MOYANO & P. SUE MUNDELL - Handbook of Latin American Studies; a Selective Guide to Recent Publications in Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Government and Politics, International Relations, Sociology and Electronic Resources
19619: MARTIN, GEORGE R. R. - The Lands of Ice and Fire Maps from King's Landing to Across the Narrow Sea (a Song of Ice and Fire)
20298: MARTIN, J. WALLIS - The Long Close Call
20800: MARTIN, VIRGIL EMERSON - The Early History of Jakobstettel an Account of the People and the Land in and Around St. Jacobs, Ontario-
19656: GEORGE R. R. MARTIN - A Feast for Crows
19324: MARTIN, GILBERT - Holocaust Journey Travelling in Search of the Past
13018: MARTIN, PAUL - European Military Uniforms a Short History
20674: MARTIN, CHARLES CROMWELL - Battle Diary from D
20594: MARTIN, GEORGE R. R. - Dreamsongs Volume II
20327: MARTINSEN, ELLA LUNG - Black Sand and Gold a True Story of the Alaska
18225: MARTYN, LUCY BOOTH - The Face of Early Toronto an Archival Record, 1797
18619: MARX, ROBERT F. - In the Wake of Galleons
11750: MASON, GEORGE H. - Life with the Zulus of Natal, South Africa
10040: MASON, OTIS TUFTON - Woman's Share in Primitive Culture
3071: MASON, A. E. W. (ALFRED EDWARD WOODLEY MASON) - The Witness for the Defence
17262: MASSEY, VINCENT - What's Past Is Prologue the Memoirs of Vincent Massey
20924: MASSIE, SUZANNE - Land of the Firebird the Beauty of Old Russia
20739: MASSIE, ROBERT K. - Catherine the Great Portrait of a Woman
18019: PADDY BAXTER & JOHN MASTERS - Fusilier Geordie; Anecdotes, Stories & Reminiscences of the Fifth, Royal Northumberland Fusiliers
14166: MASTERTON, GRAHAM - The Chosen Child
17581: MATAS, DAVID - Aftershock Anti-Zionism & Anti
17956: MATCHES, ALEX - It Began with a Ronald: A Pictorial History of Vancouver's Firefighting Equipment
19675: MATHER, KEN - Buckaroos and Mud Pups the Early Days of Ranching in B.C.
19674: MATHER, KEN - Buckaroos and Mud Pups the Early Days of Ranching in B.C.
17950: MATHER, KEN - Frontier Cowboys and the Great Divide Early Ranching in Bc and Alberta
20193: MATHESON, GEORGE - Cactus in Your Shorts
20949: MATHIESON, WILLIAM D. - My Grandfather's War Canadians Remember the First World War 1914
16758: MATOSSIAN, MARY ALLERTON KILBOURNE - Shaping World History Breakthroughs in Ecology, Technology, Science, and Politics
20081: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET & JOHN WHITEHEAD (EDITOR) - A Traveller in Romance Uncollected Writings 1901
20140: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - Of Human Bondage
14147: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - 65 Short Stories
16047: DE MAUPASSANT, GUY - Stories
17659: MAXWELL, JAMES CLERK & ELIZABETH GABBER & STEPHEN G. BRUSH - Maxwell on Heat and Statistical Mechanics on "Avoiding All Personal Enquiries" of Molecules
12992: MAXWELL, WILLIAM - With the "Ophir" Round the Empire; an Account of the Tour of the Prince and Princess of Wales, 1901,
1049: MAXWELL, SIR HERBERT - Memories of the Months 5 Volumes
19157: MAY, ELIZABETH - Who We Are Reflections on My Life and Canada
17377: LE MAY, G.H.L. - British Supremacy in South Africa 1899
19233: MAY, ELIZABETH - Who We Are Reflections on My Life and Canada
18576: LE MAY, G.H.L. - Black and White in South Africa the Politics of Survival
19271: MAYER, ROBERT - I, J.F. K.
20139: MAYERS, ADAM - Dixie & the Dominion Canada, the Confederacy, and the War for the Union
19925: MAZURENKO, BEATRICE M. - Ryder Lake the Place the People
20651: MC CORMACK, W. J. - Enigmas of Sacrifice a Critique of Joseph M. Plunkett and the Dublin Insurrection of 1916
14022: MCALPINE, MARY - The Other Side of Silence a Life of Ethel Wilson
12866: MCARTHUR, PETER - Sir Wilfrid Laurier
20668: MCBRIDE, ANGUS - The Zulu War
18219: MCCABE, KEVIN & ALEXANDRA HEILBRON - Lucy Maud Montgomery Album
18492: MCCABE, DAVID - A Year in the Life of Andy Warhol
15601: MCCAFFERY, DAN - Battlefields in the Air Canadians in the Allied Bomber Command
9672: MCCAFFERY, DAN - Billy Bishop Canadian Hero
20149: MCCAFFREY, ANNE - All the Weyrs of Pern Dragonriders of Pern, Vol. 11
8554: MCCALLA, ROBERT J. - The Maritime Provinces Atlas
10182: MCCAUGHREN, TOM & TERRY MYLER - The Legend of the Golden Key
17425: MCCLAREN, DUNCAN; GILLIE, E. A.; GOING, L. V.; LYALL, C. H. - The Sword of the Carews and Other Stories
16698: MCCLUNG, NELLIE L. - The Stream Runs Fast; My Own Story
20603: MCCLUNG, NELLIE L. - The Stream Runs Fast; My Own Story
20309: MCCLUNG, NELLIE - The Second Chance
18257: MCCLUNG, NELLIE - Clearing in the West My Own Story
19920: MCCLUNG, NELLIE - The Black Creek Stopping
15392: MCCLURE, A(LEXANDER) K. - Three Thousand Miles Through the Rocky Mountains
14567: MCCOLL, PAMELA - British Columbian Salmon a Celebration of Paintings and Cookery
20482: MCCONNELL, R. G. & R.W. BROCK - Report on the Great Landslide at Frank, Alta. , 1903
8770: MCCONNELL, WILLIAM C. - Raise No Memorial Selected Short Stories
20602: MCCOURT, EDWARD A. - The Canadian West in Fiction.
5335: MCCRUMB, SHARYN - Zombies of the Gene Pool
20010: MCCULLOUGH, DAVID - The Path between the Seas the Creation of the Panama Canal 1870
15550: MCCUTCHAN, PHILIP - Cameron's Commitment
15459: MCCUTCHAN, PHILIP - Convoy North
18949: MCCUTCHEON, GEORGE BARR - Black Is White
15977: MCDERMID, VAL - The Vanishing Point
13049: MCDERMID, VAL - A Place of Execution
7125: MCDERMID, VAL - The Last Temptation
20858: MCDERMID, VAL - The Wire in the Blood
15782: MCDERMID, VAL - Killing the Shadows
20272: MCDONALD, PENELOPE J. - Mahony a Canadian Hero
20919: MCDONALD, PAT & CREATIVE OFFICE - Where the River Brought Them 200 Years at Rocky Mountain House and Area
17569: MCDONNELL, LESLIE - Insignia of World War II
20706: MCDONOUGH, JAMES LEE - Chattanooga a Death Grip on the Confederacy
20493: MCDOUGALL, J. LORNE - Canadian Pacific a Brief History
1078: MCEVOY, BERNARD - Elvira and Fernando
15005: MCFARLANE, LESLIE - The Last of the Great Picnics
2427: MCGILL, ANGUS - Yea Yea Yea
19065: MCGIVERN, J.S. - The Royal Engineers in British Columbia
20032: MCGLASHAN, KENNETH BUTTERWORTH & OWEN ZUPP - Down to Earth a Fighter Pilot's Experiences of Surviving Dunkirk, the Battle of Britain, Dieppe and D
18448: MCGOOGAN, KEN - Celtic Lightning How the Scots and the Irish Created a Canadian Nation
19048: MCGOOGAN, KEN - Ancient Mariner the Amazing Adventures of Samuel Hearne the Sailor Who Walked to the Arctic Ocean
20424: MCGOOGAN, KEN - Dead Reckoning the Untold Story of the Northwest Passage
18593: MCGRATH, JUDY (ED. ) - On the Goose the Story of Goose Bay
20899: MCGREGOR, CHARLES D. - In Peace Prepared (in Pace Paratus) the Queen's Own Rifles of Canada from 1950 to the 21st Century
20583: MCGUIRE, NORMA G. - The Adventure of Johnny & Mr. Fredericks the Stories of H.C. "Mickey" Mcguire
18149: MCGURK, FRANK C. J - Race Differences
14804: MCHAFFIE, NAT - C
14450: MCKAY, BERNARD; WENDY LIDDLE, ILLUS. - Crooked River Rats the Adventures of Pioneer Rivermen
16988: MCKAY, HERBERT C. - Movie Making for the Beginner
20022: MCKEE, ALEXANDER - King Henry VIII's Mary Rose
11901: MCKELVIE, B. A. - Fort Langley; Outpost of Empire
1564: MCKELVIE, B. A. - Pageant of B.C.
12726: MCKENNA, STEPHEN - Due Reckoning: Being the Third and Last Part of the Realists
13683: MCKERVILL, HUGH W - The Salmon People; the Story of Canada's West Coast Fishing Industry
19264: MCKIE, RONALD CECIL HAMLYN - Echoes from Forgotten Wars
14373: MCKNIGHT, GERALD - The Mind of the Terrorist
20760: MCLAUGHLIN, DENNIS; MCLAUGHLIN, LESLIE - Fighting for Canada Chinese and Japanese Canadians in Military Service
15342: MCLAUGHLIN, LORRIE - West to the Cariboo
15840: MCLAUGHLIN, DENNIS - For My Country Black Canadians on the Field of Honour/ Pur Mon Pays: Les Noirs Canadiens Sur le Champ D'honneur
18139: MCLEAN, BRUCE - "a Union Amongst Government Employees" a History of the B.C. Government Employees' Union 1919
18196: MCLYNN, FRANK - Stanley
16963: MCMEEKAN, JOCK - Jock Mcmeekan's Yellowknife Blade
3807: MCNEAL, ROBERT H. - The Russian Revolution, Why Did the Bolsheviks Win?
13122: MCTAVISH, NEWTON - The Fine Arts in Canada
17465: MEADE, EDWARD F. - The Biography of Dr. Samuel Campbell, R.N. Including the Naming and Early History of Campbell River
8086: MEADE, DON - Three Boys in a Boat
18729: MEE, ARTHUR - They Never Came Back
3395: MEE, ARTHUR - Arthur Mee's Book of the Flag
19865: MEILI, DIANNE - Those Who Know Profile of Alberta's Native Elders
20721: MELNYK-TOMYN, GEORGINA - Early Days Remembered
16033: MELVILLE, HERMAN - Billy Budd, Sailor and the Piazza Tales
6572: MELVILLE, SIR HARRY AND GOWENLOCK, B. G. - Experimental Methods in Gas Reactions
19751: WRITTEN AND DESIGNED BY ECHO MEMOIRS - St. Paul's Hospital a Proud Tradition of Compassionate Care
16738: MENDELSOHN, EVERETT & P. WEINGART & R.D. WHITELY - The Social Production of Scientific Knowledge Yearbook 1977
15781: MENDOZA, GEORGE - The Good Luck Spider, and Other Bad Luck Stories
18548: MENGLONG, FENG & TED WANG AND CHEN CHEN (TRANSLATORS) - The Oil Vendor and the Courtesan Tales from the Ming Dynasty
20645: MENNINGER, BONAR - Mortal Error the Shot That Killed Jfk, a Ballistics Expert's Astonishing Discovery of the Fatal Bullet That Oswald Did Not Fire
17191: MENZIES, GAVIN - 1434 the Year a Magnificent Chinese Fleet Sailed to Italy and Ignited the Renaissance
11298: MERCIER VEGA, LUIS - Guerillas in Latin America; the Technique of the Counter
14735: MERRIFIELD, RALPH - The Roman City of London
18231: METALIOUS, GRACE - Peyton Place
17124: MEYER, DEON - Trackers
15289: MEYER, DEON; K.L. SEEGERS (TRANSLATOR) - Thirteen Hours
17184: MEYERS, EDWARD C. - Thunder in the Morning Calm the Royal Canadian Navy in Korea, 1950
2870: MEYNELL, LAURENCE - The Affair at Barwold; a Hooky Hefferman Story
16454: MEYSTRE, PIERRE & MURRAY SARGENT - Elements of Quantum Optics
16816: MEZERIK, A. G. (EDITOR) - *Cuba and the United States (2 Volumes) Vol 1. Record of Revolution, Ussr-China, Un and Oas Action; Vol 2. Bay of Pigs, October Crisis, Kruschev
19276: MIALL, ANTONY - The Victorian Nursery Book
19556: MICHELSON, A. A. - Studies in Optics
20910: MIDKIFF, FRANK - Ancient Hawaiian Civilization
11792: MIKA, NICK & HELMA MIKA - Mosaic of Canada on Postage Stamps a Pictorial Glimpse at Canada's History
20775: MIKI, ROY & CASSANDRA KOBAYASHI - Justice in Our Time the Japanese Canadian Redress Settlement
18353: MILBERRY, LARRY - Sixty Years the Rcaf and Cf Air Command 1924
15587: MILBERRY, LARRY (ED.) - Sixty Years - the Rcaf and Cf Air Command 1924
17400: MILBERRY, LARRY - The Canadair Sabre
18530: MILBERRY, LARRY - Aircom Canada's Air Force
20616: MILBERRY, LARRY - Austin Airways Canada's Oldest Airline
19735: MILLAR, MARK - Hit-Girl Kick
20364: MILLAR, GEORGE REID - Road to Resistance an Autobiography
20692: MILLARD, CANDICE - Hero of the Empire the Boer War, a Daring Escape, and the Making of Winston Churchill
19932: MILLAY, EDNA ST. VINCENT - Wine from These Grapes
18134: MILLER, J. R - Canada and the Aboriginal Peoples, 1867
17951: MILLER, BILL - Wires in the Wilderness the Story of the Yukon Telegraph
17519: MILLER, ARTHUR - Death of a Salesman; Certain Private Conversations in Two Acts and a Requiem
18057: MILLER, J. R. - Skyscrapers Hide the Heavens History of Indian
18092: MILLS, STEVEN E. & PHILLIPS, JAMES W. - Sourdough Sky a Pictorial History of Flights and Flyers in the Bush Country
17487: MILMAN, HENRY HART - History of Latin Christianity: Including That of the Popes to the Pontificate of Nicolas V, Vols I & II (in One Volume)
19289: MILNE, R. H. - Shawnigan and the War
9106: MILNE, CHRISTOPHER - The Windfall a Fable
15946: MILNER, MARC - Incident at North Point
9676: MILNER, MARC - Canada's Navy the First Century
12747: MINA, DENISE - Garnethill
15246: MINA, DENISE - The Dead Hour
19482: MINA, DENISE - The Last Breath
14547: MING-LE, YAO - The Conspiracy and Death of Lin Biao
20458: MINTER, ROY - The White Pass Gateway to the Klondike
18337: MINTZ, G. A. (BUD) - A Northwest Coast Indian Colouring Book Vol. 1, Prints
20418: MINUTAGLIO, BILL & STEVEN L. DAVIS - Dallas 1963
16062: MITCHELL, MICHAEL - Ducimus the Regiments of the Canadian Infantry
19986: MITCHELL, BROADUS - Alexander Hamilton a Concise Biography
17642: MITCHELL, DAVID - The Bone Clocks a Novel
17842: MITCHELL, ALLAN C. G. & MARK W. ZEMANSKY - Resonance Radiation and Excited Atoms
19520: MLADJENOVIC, M. - The Defining Years in Nuclear Physics, 1932
19534: MLADJENOVIC, MILORAD - The History of Early Nuclear Physics, 1896
11262: MO, TIMOTHY - The Redundancy of Courage
13840: MOLDEA, DAN E. - The Killing of Robert F. Kennedy; an Investigation of Motive, Means, and Opportunity
15414: MOLE, RICH - Season's Greetings from British Columbia's Past Christmas As Celebrated in British Columbia from the 1880s to the 1930s
16123: MOLEFE, MICHAEL - Umsebenzi
17014: MOLSON, KAREN - Hartland de Montarville Molson Man of Honour
15902: MONK, F.V. AND H.T. WINTER. - Adventure Above the Clouds
19273: MONTAGUE, CHARLOTTE - John F. Kennedy the Life and Death of a Us President
935: MONTEITH, JAMES - Easy Lessons in Popular Science and Hand
19381: MONTGOMERY, L. M.; MARY RUBIO & ELIZABETH WATERSTON (EDITORS) - The Selected Journals of L.M. Montgomery Vol. 1, 1889
15903: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - Anne of the Island
15374: MONTPETIT, CHARLES - Moi Ou la Planète
18251: MOOGK, EDWARD M. - Roll Back the Years - History of Canadian Recorded Sound and Its Legacy
18890: MOON, ELIZABETH - Trading in Danger
20415: MOORE, LESLIE S. G. - 30 Days -
13113: MOORE, BRIAN - The Luck of Ginger Coffey
18648: MOORE, DORIS LANGLEY - Lord Byron Accounts Rendered
19015: MOORE, BOB & MAXINE MOORE - Ntc's Dictionary of Latin and Greek Origins
18573: MOORHOUSE, GEOFFREY - Apples in the Snow Journey to Samarkand
18506: MORDAL, JACQUES - Dieppe the Dawn of Decision
10370: MORDAN BARNES, JONATHAN - Grantham Town Football Club the History
15343: MORGAN, DAVID P. - Canadian Steam!
17278: MORGAN, JOAN E. - Castle of Quebec
17971: MORICE, A.G. (ADRIAN GABRIEL) - The History of the Northern Interior of British Columbia
19956: MORISON, S.E. (EDITOR) - Sources and Documents Illustrating the American Revolution 1764
20422: MORRIS, ROB - Coasters; Uchuck III, Lady Rose, Frances Barkley, Tyee Princess
17923: MORRISON, MARGARET - Unifying Scientific Theories Physical Concepts and Mathematical Structures
16099: MORROW, ROBERT D. - The Senator Must Die the Murder of Robert F Kennedy
16016: MORROW, ROBERT D - Betrayal a Reconstruction of Certain Clandestine Events from the Bay of Pigs to the Assassination of John F. Kennedy
20941: MORSE, ERIC W. - Fur Trade Canoe Routes of Canada/Then and Now
17936: MORTIMER (EDITOR), JAMES - Chess Player's Pocket
11099: MORTON, DESMOND & J. L. GRANATSTEIN - Victory 1945 Canadians from War to Peace
14494: MORTON, DESMOND (INTRODUCTION); CANADA. REGINA COURT. 1885. - The Queen V Louis Riel: [Regina Courtroom, 20th July
20519: MOSIER, JOHN - Verdun the Lost History of the Most Important Battle of World War I, 1914
17015: MOSLEY, NICHOLAS - Time at War a Memoir
17244: MOSSE, KATE - Sepulchre
19785: MOTHERWELL, JOHN L - Gold Rush Steamboats Francis Rattenbury's Yukon Adventure
18146: MOUNTEVANS, ADMIRAL LORD - South with Scott
18944: MOWAT, FARLEY - The Polar Passion
19931: MOWAT, FARLEY - The Boat Who Wouldn't Float
18852: MOWAT, FARLEY - Westviking the Ancient Norse in Greenland and North America
20024: MOWAT, FARLEY - The New Founde Land
19416: MOWAT, FARLEY - And No Birds Sang
19704: MOWAT, FARLEY - My Father's Son
15830: MOWAT, CLAIRE - The French Isles
16654: MOWATT, BARRIE - The World's Open Air Museum; Vancouver Biennale 2009
16080: MUELLER, KURT - Canadian Gold
18477: MUIR, GLADYS - Yûn-Nan, South of the Clouds My Life in Southwest China from 1939
12901: MULHOLLAND, ROSA - Four Little Mischiefs
19542: MULLER, JOHANNES - Regiomontanus on Triangles: De Triangulis Omnimodis
15929: MULLER, HAIKE AND STERLING, SHIRLEY (EDITORS) - My Family, My Strength a Collection of Illustrated Stories By First Nations Children Across British Columbia
20917: MUNRO, ROSS - Gauntlet to Overlord the Story of the Canadian Army
13889: MUNRO, ANNE CATHERINE - A Second Book of Poems
19861: MUNRO, VERA GAULEY - The September Years
20918: MUNRO, ROSS - Gauntlet to Overlord the Story of the Canadian Army
20290: MUNSON, KENNETH - Aircraft of World War I
17072: MURALT, DARRYL E. - The Victoria and Sidney Railway 1892
19834: MURDOCH, IRIS - Acastos Two Platonic Dialogues
13962: MURDOCH, IRIS - Henry and Cato
17076: MURPHY, JIM - Truce the Day the Soldiers Stopped Fighting
18783: MURPHY, CHARLES - 1825 - D'arcy Mcgee
18471: MURPHY, CHRISTOPHER - Jericho Rumble
20264: MURRAY, STUART - The Complete Handbook of the Virgin Islands
15079: MURRAY, C.S.; LYLETON VICTORY CLUB - World War II 1939
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11302: STUBBS, ROY ST. GEORGE - Four Recorders of Rupert's Land; a Brief Survey of the Hudson's Bay Company Courts of Rupert's Land
17447: STUCK, HUDSON - Ten Thousand Miles with a Dog Sled Narrative of Winter Travel in Interior Alaska
12376: STUCKERT, LIC. C. (PFARRER IN SCHAFFHAUSEN) - Die Propheten Israels Für Die Jugend Dargestellt
17269: STURSBERG, PETER - Lester Pearson and the Dream of Unity
13805: STUTZMAN, LINFORD - Sailing Acts: Following an Ancient Voyage
19076: STYRON, WILLIAM - Sophie's Choice
19168: SUMNER, LEN W. - Raw Prairie to Grain Elevators the Chronicles of a Pioneer Community Duff, Saskatchewan
12842: SUPREE, BURTON AND ANN ROSS - Bear's Heart Scenes from the Life of a Cheyenne Artist of One Hundred Years Ago with Pictures By Himself
19650: SURTEES, URSULA - Sunshine and Butterflies a Short History of Early Fruit Ranching in Kelowna
10895: GORDON SUSSEX - Mail Boat
20027: SUTHERLAND, ALICE GIBSON - Canada's Aviation Pioneers 50 Years of Mckee Trophy Winners
5103: SUTHERLAND, JOAN - Adrian Grey
18642: SUTHERLAND, ALICE GIBSON - Canada's Aviation Pioneers 50 Years of Mckee Trophy Winners
10020: SUTHREN, VICTOR - In Perilous Seas
19971: SUTTON, JEFF - Apollo at Go
14251: SVENDSEN, LINDA - Marine Life
20818: SWAIN, G.B. - Bound By Silence

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