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61098: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Cortland County Chronicles, Vol 1 Being Papers from the Collection of the Cortland County Historical Society
46012: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Minutes of the United Daughters of the Confederacy of West Virginia Held in Martinsburg, West Virginia October 2, 1901
60288: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Cemetery Inscriptions Cave Township, Franklin County, Illinois
59468: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Combat Aircraft, Vol 1 No 2, July 1997
57253: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Managing a Resource: The Public's Investment in the Preservation and Development of Virginia's Historic Landmarks
62785: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Tm 9-1275 War Department Technical Manual, and M1d (Sniper's) )
48455: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Records of the Congregational Church in Canterbury Connecticut 1711-1844
47985: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Back to Baker 1990 Heritage Book Volume Ii
60347: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Miscellaneous Records from Oregon & the Oregon Territory
53481: NO AUTHOR LISTED - War Monthly, Issue 7
2829: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Bulletin of Friends Historical Association, Vol 35, Spring 1946
62313: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Premiere Firearms Collection Book Two Rock Island Auction Company May 3,4,5, 2008
62793: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Operator's Manual, 7. 62 Mm, M14,W/E. Rifle, 7. 62-Mm, M14a1, W/E, Bipod, Rifle, M2, Rifle Technical Manual Tm 9-1005-223-10
60316: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Ohio County, Kentucky 1810-1840 Censuses
1316: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Bibellasningar for Familjekresten Swedish Bible Readings
62789: NO AUTHOR LISTED - [Constitution, By-Laws and Membership of the] Confederate Veteran Association of Kentucky
48234: LISTED, NO AUTHOR - Practical Steam Engineering Arranged for Correspondence Study Assignment 11
48235: LISTED, NO AUTHOR - Practical Steam Engineering Arranged for Correspondence Study Assignment 12
48233: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Practical Steam Engineering Arranged for Correspondence Study Assignment 6
48232: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Practical Steam Engineering Arranged for Correspondence Study Assignment 3
706: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society Vol. 42 No. 138 January 1944
711: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society Vol. 43 No. 145 October 1945
48554: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Time Election Extra-November 4, 1964
58281: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Handbook of the Vickers Machine Gun, Model of 1915
58133: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Commonwealth of Virginia: Map of Culpeper County Showing the Primary and Secondary Highway Systems
45710: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Dr. Gregory's History of the Christian Church from the Earliest Periods to the Present
48184: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Welcome Home to Baker County Homecoming Program for 1990 Baker County, Florida
62782: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Sks, Aks, Ak-47 Owner's Manual
57086: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Commerce and Conflict the English in Virginia, 1625
53467: NO AUTHOR LISTED - War Monthly, Issue 21, December 1975
45628: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Friend's Library Comprising Journals, Doctrinal Treatises, and Other Writings
55538: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Fianna of Ireland
55745: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Notes from Theatres of War, No 20 Italy, 1943/1944
62303: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Leisure Hour Library Low Life in New York, a Series of Vivid Pictures, Showing the Dark Side of Life in the Great City
48045: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Niles Centennial History 1899-1999
61030: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Handbook for Scoutmasters, Vol 2, a Manual of Leadership
55991: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Transactions of the Leicestershire Archaeological Society, Volume Xiii, Part 1
58452: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Bluff Springs Church and Cemetery, Howard County, Arkansas
53464: NO AUTHOR LISTED - War Monthly, Issue 25, April 1976
53465: NO AUTHOR LISTED - War Monthly, Issue 24, March 1976
53466: NO AUTHOR LISTED - War Monthly, Issue 23, February 1976
53468: NO AUTHOR LISTED - War Monthly, Issue 20
53469: NO AUTHOR LISTED - War Monthly, Issue 19
53471: NO AUTHOR LISTED - War Monthly, Issue 17, August 1975
53474: NO AUTHOR LISTED - War Monthly, Issue 14, May 1975
60459: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Supermarine Spitfire Mk. 1 (Famous Airplanes of the World, 3)
41240: NO AUTHOR LISTED - A Message to War Veterans Pensions and Party Policies
58415: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Sketches and Incidents; Or, a Budget from the Saddle-Bags of a Superannuateditinerant, Vol 1
45361: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Fourth Season of the Lakeside Assembly, Findley's Lake, N.Y.
58283: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Handbook of the Colt Automatic Machine Gun, Caliber. 30
43003: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Minutes of Severel Conversations between the Methodist Ministers at Their 101st Annual Conference, Begun in Birmingham, on Wednesday, July 31, 1844
43004: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Methodist Magazine, Vol Xxxix
59639: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Standard Songs of Evangelism
60291: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Ursuline Manual Or a Collection of Prayers, Spiritual Exercises & C. & C. Interspersed with the Various Instructions Necessary for Forming Youth to the Practice of Solid Piety, Arranged for the Young Ladies Educated at the Ursuline Convent, Cork.
62754: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Operator's Manual for Rifle, 7. 62-Mm, M14, W/E (1005-589-1271); Rifle, 7. 62-Mm, M14a1, W/E (1005-072-5011); Bipod, Rifle, M2 (1005-711-6202)
47963: NO AUTHOR LISTED - State Papers and Publick Documents of the United States from the Accession of George Washington to the Presidency, Exhibiting a Complete View of Our Foreign Relations Since That Time
47964: LISTED, NO AUTHOR - State Papers and Publick Documents of the United States from the Accession of George Washington to the Presidency, Exhibiting a Complete View of Our Foreign Relations Since That Time
61383: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Proceedings General Association General Baptists 1922 52st Annual Session, Rosiclare, Il
45753: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Nazarene Pulpit a Collection of Sermons from Well Known Preachers
62786: NO AUTHOR LISTED - U.S. Army M14, A1 7. 62 Mm Rifle Maintenance Manual Tm 9-1005-223-20
50188: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Catalogue of the Books Belonging to the Library Company of Philadelphia; to Which Is Prefixed, a Short Account of the Institution, with the Charter, Laws, and Regulations. (Vol 1 and 2, 1835, Vol 3 1856)
47959: LISTED, NO AUTHOR - State Papers and Publick Documents of the United States from the Accession of George Washington to the Presidency, Exhibiting a Complete View of Our Foreign Relations Since That Time
47961: LISTED, NO AUTHOR - State Papers and Publick Documents of the United States from the Accession of George Washington to the Presidency, Exhibiting a Complete View of Our Foreign Relations Since That Time
47962: LISTED, NO AUTHOR - State Papers and Publick Documents of the United States from the Accession of George Washington to the Presidency, Exhibiting a Complete View of Our Foreign Relations Since That Time
40132: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Signal Flag By the Author of Ruthie's Venture, Floy Lindsley, Etc.
40369: NO AUTHOR LISTED - West Virginia Coal Mining Institute, 1971 Proceedings Spring Meeting April 23 & 24, Blue Field, W. Va.
41092: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Berks County: Its History and Government
41957: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Moffit North Dakota- 75 Years 1905-1980
43001: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Minutes of Several Conversations between the Rev. John Wesley and the Preachers in Connection with Him. Containing, the Form of Discipline. . . And People in the Methodist Societies
43044: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Meditation Among the Tombs in a Letter to a Lady
43119: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Packets Steamboat Photo Company
43128: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Story of a Slave Slavery's Social Evil
43255: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Munsey's Magazine March 1896, Xiv
43630: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Faces & Places: Warren County Bicentennial Edition
44174: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Manual of the First Pentecostal Church of Lynn, Massachusetts
44401: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Methodism in the State of New York, As Represented in State Convention, Held in Syracuse, N.Y.
44605: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Proceedings of the Celebration of the First Centennial of the Organization of the County of Venango, Pennsylvania for Judical Purposes
44661: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Report of the Virginia 350th Anniversary Commission. Jamestown Festival, 1607-1957.
44898: NO AUTHOR LISTED - This Is Palmyra, 1760-1960 200th Anniversary Palmyra, Pennsylvania
45300: NO AUTHOR LISTED - History of Sunday Schools
45729: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Proceedings, Sermons, and Addresses of the Centennial Methodist Conference
45830: NO AUTHOR LISTED - What Shall the End Be of Them That Obey Not the Gospel of God?
45842: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Beauty of Holiness and Maxims of the Holy Life
46310: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Marriage and Parenthood
46322: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Discipline of the Wesleyan Methodist Connection of America 1907
46446: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Mildmay Conference, 1882 Report of the Addresses. Corrected By the Speakers.
46770: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Good Night Or Last Words
46909: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Biographical Directory Tennessee General Assembly 1796-1969 (Preliminary, No. 23) Henry County
46942: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Hebrew Passover and Its Meaning
46962: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Welch-Schreiner Debate
46973: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Sin and Its Consequences
47007: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Young Envelope Makers
47064: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Pennsylvania Manual
47088: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Uplook, the Harvest 1953 Volume 20 #6
47118: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Be Filled with the Holy Spirit
47915: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Transactions of the Illinois State Historical Society for the Year 1902 Third Annual Meeting, Jacksonville January 23 and 24,1902
47958: LISTED, NO AUTHOR - State Papers and Publick Documents of the United States from the Accession of George Washington to the Presidency, Exhibiting a Complete View of Our Foreign Relations Since That Time
47966: LISTED, NO AUTHOR - State Papers and Publick Documents of the United States from the Accession of George Washington to the Presidency, Exhibiting a Complete View of Our Foreign Relations Since That Time
48072: LISTED, NO AUTHOR - The Georgia Historical Quarterly Summer 1991, Volume 75 No. 2
48180: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Radio Receivers How to Operate How to Make
48183: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Baker County in Review Baker County-Wide Homecoming April 16-19, 1987
48231: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Sketch Book of Boston
48434: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Vital Records of Pembroke Massachusetts to the Year 1850
48440: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society at the Semi-Annual Meeting Held in Boston April 19, 1961 Volume 71 Part 1
48443: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Vital Records of Abington Massachusetts to the Year 1850
48484: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Vital Records of West Bridgewater Massachusetts to the Year 1850
485: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Proceedings of the 34th Annual Meeting of the Virginia State Bar Association Held at Natural Bridge, Va July 2,3,and 4, 1923.
48501: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Vital Records of Rochester Massachusetts to the Year 1850
48612: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Resting Place of Aimee Semple Mcpherson, Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, Ca
48788: NO AUTHOR LISTED - A Tale of Three Cities Dolton, Marion, and Monroe, South Dakota
48855: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Gold Colored Pencil
48958: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Catalogue of Holiness Books
49014: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Our Church 1889-1989 the First Presbyterian Church Dade City, Florida
49260: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Book of Morman Taken from the Plates of Nephi
49379: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Needed Truth, Volume Lvii a Journal for the Teaching of the Word of God.
49382: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Book of Church Order of the Presbyterian Church in the United States
49601: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Venite Adoremus I
49636: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Quiet Talks on Power
49986: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Manual of the Mother Church, the First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston Massachusetts
50238: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Spiritual Reconstruction "By the Author of Christ in You"
50240: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Leaves from the Log of the State Street Trust Company
50242: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Peep of Day, Or a Series of the Earliest Religious Instruction the Infant Mind Is Capable of Receiving; with Verses Illustrative of the Subjects.
50335: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Armstrong County, Pennsylvania
50950: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Nevada Portfolio of Paintings, the First Hundred Years
51097: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Anzio Beachhead 22 January--25 May 1944
51160: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Roof over Britain the Official Story of Britain's Anti-Aircraft Defences, 1939-1942
51215: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Notes on the Book of Deuteronomy - Volume 1
51222: NO AUTHOR LISTED - From the Volturno to the Winter Line
51241: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Destruction of an Army the First Campaign in Libya: Sept. 1940-Feb. 1941.
51538: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Germany Surrenders Unconditionally Facsimiles of the Documents
51613: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Icare, Revue de L'aviation Francaise
52201: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Washington Missouri Sesquicentennial 1839-1989
52223: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Washington Missouri 150 Years 1839-1989, Supplement (Paperback)
52345: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Doctrines and Discipline of the Methodist Episcopal Church 1892 with Appendix
52558: NO AUTHOR LISTED - U.S. Department of Agriculture Office of Irrigation Inquiry Map Illustrating the Progress of Irrigation Within the Arid and Simi-Arid Region of the Us West of the 97th Degree of Longitude West from Greenwidh
52698: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Gamut, Looks at Cleveland
52816: LISTED, NO AUTHOR - Massachusetts Society of the Sons of the American Revolution Register for 1901 with Lists of Soldiers, Sailors and Patriots
52997: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Commonwealth of Virginia: Map of Fauquier County Showing the Primary and Secondary Highway Systems Includes a Second "Supplement a" Map
53050: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Early Dawn; Or, Sketches of Christian Life in England in the Olden Time
53429: NO AUTHOR LISTED - War Monthly Issue 54
53432: NO AUTHOR LISTED - War Monthly Issue 51
53461: NO AUTHOR LISTED - War Monthly, Issue 28
53473: NO AUTHOR LISTED - War Monthly, Issue 15, June 1975
53693: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Rookwood a Price Guide
53738: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Mother Goose Abc and Other Jingles
53802: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Messages for Men
54165: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Dept. Of the Army Technical Manual Tm9-1010-221-10, Operator's Manual 40-Mm Grenade Launcher M203
54188: LISTED, NO AUTHOR - Firearms, U.S. Patents 1855
54590: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The American Reivew of Reviews, Vol Lxii, July December 1920
55281: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Grier's Almanac 1942 for the States of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas
56366: NO AUTHOR LISTED - World War 2 Remembered 1939-1945 from the Pages of the St. Petersburg Times
56698: NO AUTHOR LISTED - As You Were! a Cavalcade of Events with the Australian Services from 1788 to 1946
57046: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Calendar of Transcripts Including the Annual Report of the Department of Archives and History (Virginia)
57069: NO AUTHOR LISTED - First Resorts a Visit to Virginia's Springs - an Exhibition
57091: NO AUTHOR LISTED - A Young Colonel from Virginia
57096: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society Journal, Volume Iii
57402: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Scenic Resources of the Tennesse Valley a Descriptive and Pictorial Inventory
57437: NO AUTHOR LISTED - World's Masonic Register
57621: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Experience, and Ministerial Labours of Several Methodist Preachers, Who Laboured in Connection with the Late Rev. John Wesley
58132: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Commonwealth of Virginia: Map of Orangecounty Showing the Primary and Secondary Highway Systems
58305: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Story of Joseph and Other Stories
58658: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Methodist Magazine for February, 1816
58789: LISTED, NO AUTHOR - Schwenckfeldiana
58953: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Handbook of Magnetic Compass Adjustment Fourth Edition Pub. No. 226
59216: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Telephone Directory, St. Petersburg, Florida Also Listings of Tampa, Clearwater, Dunedin, Largo, Safety Harbor and Tarpon Spings
59289: NO AUTHOR LISTED - German Railroad Guns in Action. Armor #15.
59679: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Life and Labors of Elder Zelotes Grenell for Sixty Four Years an Eminently Successful Baptist Minister 1818-1882
60457: NO AUTHOR LISTED - P-47
60910: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Wurlitzer Automatic Phonograph Service Manual for Models 750, 750-E, 780, 780-E, 700, 800, 500, 500-a, 600, 600-a, 600 Keyboard, 600-a Keyboard
61109: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Annual Report of the Directors and Superintendent of the West Virginia Hospital for the Insane for the Year Ending September 30, 1874
61128: LISTED, NO AUTHOR - The State of Connecticut Register and Manual 1949 Prepared Pursuant to Section 173 Revision of 1949
61750: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Discipline of the Methodist Episcopal Church 1912
912: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Here Is Lake County Ohio
42868: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Lectures Delivered Before the Young Men's Christian Association, in Exeter Hall, from November 1855, to February 1856
42933: NO AUTHOR LISTED - American Panorama West of the Mississippi
60823: NO AUTHOR LISTED - U.S. Rifle Caliber. 30 M1 Fm 23-5 - Department of the Army Field Manual
46313: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Healing a Wholistic Approach
46650: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Victorious Experiences Through Obedience
46661: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Gambling
46768: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Victorious Experiences Through Obedience
46907: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Can a Christian Be a Mason? By Alpha and Omega
46974: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Tarry Ye. . . Go Ye. . . General Convention Addresses, June 13-15, 1940, Oklahoma City, Ok
47086: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Uplook
47090: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Uplook, September - October 1952 Volume 19 #5
47091: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Uplook, January - February 1949 Volume 16 #1
48641: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Simple Simon Had a Penny
49380: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Needed Truth, Volume Lix a Journal for the Teaching of the Word of God.
50835: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Witnesses to the Doctrine of Holiness
52365: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Little Willie
52694: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Official Proceeding Third Annual Assembly Pentecostal Church of the Nazarene Indiana District 1928
53934: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Ministry of Angels
61730: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Kernersville North Carolina
57497: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Christ Prays for You
57670: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Daily Texts for Little Folks
58158: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Widow's Son the Watchmaker and His Family and 'tis All for the Best
58659: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Methodist Magazine for March, 1816
58660: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Methodist Magazine for April, 1816
58661: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Methodist Magazine for May, 1816
58662: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Methodist Magazine for June, 1816
58663: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Methodist Magazine for July, 1816
58664: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Methodist Magazine for August, 1816
58665: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Methodist Magazine for October, 1816
58666: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Methodist Magazine for November, 1816
58667: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Methodist Magazine for December, 1816
58668: NO AUTHOR LISTED - An Appendix to the the Methodist Magazine for 1816
58709: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Memoir of Rev. William Gurley, Late of Milan, Ohio, a Local Minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church Including a Sketch of the Irish Insurrection and Martyrs of 1798
60352: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Magicians' Magic Movements and Ceremonies According to the Latest Formulas 1925
60353: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Livro Da Missa E Da Confissao Com Os Officios Dos Domingos E Principaes Restas Do Anno
62797: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Glock, Instructions for Use 17,17l,19. 20,21,22,23
61380: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Centennial Convention Report One Hundredth Anniversary of the Disciples of Christ Pittsburg, October 11-19, 1909
62129: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The United States and Latin America. Background Papers and the Final Report of the Sixteenth American Assembly, Arden House, Harriman Campus of Columbia University, Harriman, New York, October 15-18,
61614: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Addresses Delivered at the Centennial Celebration of the Diocesan Missionary Society of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Virginia
42091: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Arms and the Men By the Editors of Fortune
61647: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Book of Common Prayer, and Administration of the Sacraments and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, According to the Use of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America, Together with the Psalter, Psalm of David
61650: NO AUTHOR LISTED - The Second Prayerbook of King Edward Vi, 1552
48524: LITTLE, RICHARD HENRY - The Linebook, 1924 Revised Edition
48525: LITTLE, RICHARD HENRY - The Linebook, 1925
61957: LITTLE, RICHARD HENRY - Better Angels
62368: LIU, PIN-HSIUNG - Murngin, a Mathematical Solution.
61244: LLOYD, JOHN URI - Our Willie
61253: LLOYD, JOHN URI - Warwick of the Knobs, a Story of Stringtown County, Kenturcky
61247: LLOYD, JOHN URI - Felix Moses; the Beloved Jew of Stringtown on the Pike
61240: LLOYD, JOHN URI - Red-Head
62452: LOCKE, JOHN - A Treatise on the Conduct of the Understanding. By J. Locke to Which Is Now Added, a Sketch of His Life
41965: LOCKE, WALTER - John Halcyon's Father
53866: LOEWE, H - Judaism & Christianity Volume 2 the Contact of Pharisaism with Other Cultures
53876: LOEWE, H - Judaism & Christianity Volume 1 the Age of Transition
44955: LONG, DAVID - The Jewel of Liberty Abraham Lincoln's Re-Election and the End of Slavery
58748: LONG, MAURICE W. - Radar Reflectivity of Land and Sea
62280: LONGKING, JOSEPH - Questions on the Gospels; the Lessons in Historical and Chronological Order, According to the Arrangement of Townsend's Chronological New Testament Volume Ii
62281: LONGKING, JOSEPH - Questions on the Gospels; the Lessons in Historical and Chronological Order, According to the Arrangement of Townsend's Chronological New Testament Volume Iv
52353: LOOKER, EARLE - Colonel Roosevelt, Private Citizen, (Author Signed)
61047: LOOMIS, CHARLES BATTELL - Just Irish, with Many Illustrations from Photographs By the Author
59990: LOORITS, OSKAR - Eestluse Elujoud
56651: DALY, LORAINE & PAT REUMERT - The Padre Island Story
56227: LORANT, STEFAN - Pittsburg the Story of an American City (Author Signed)
61862: LORD, WALTER - Lonely Vigil Coastwatchers of the Solomons
60483: DRENDEL, LOU & CAPT. DON CARSON - F-15 Eagle in Action - Aircraft No. 24
56232: LOVE, ROBERT ALONZO - Biographical Happenings "on the Trail" from a Pioneer Boyhood Into the Setting Sun
46735: LOW, ETHEL S. - A Study of the Tabernacle
54959: LOWBER, JAMES WILLIAM - Macrocosmus
58585: LOWE, ROBERT WILLIAM - Thomas Betterton,
61267: LOWE, BERENICE BRYANT - Tales of Battle Creek
44338: LOWELL, JAMES RUSSELL - Among My Books Two Vol Set
45651: LOWELL, CHARLES - Sermon Preached in the West Church in Boston, January 2, 1831
48467: LOWELL, D. O. S. - A Musey- Hopkins Genealogy
61563: LOWNDES, ARTHUR - Vindication of Anglican Orders
48592: LOWREY, REV. ASBURY, D.D. - Possibilities of Grace
44649: LOWRIE, WALTER - Gaudium Crucis a Meditation for Good Friday Upon the Seven Words from the Cross
43543: LUCKOCK, H. MORTIMER - Eucharistic Sacrifice and Intercession for the Departed Both Consistent with the Teaching of the Book of Common Prayer
59154: HALEVY, LUDOVIC & MADELAINE LEMAIRE - The Abbe Constantin
61526: LUEBKE, FREDERICK C - European Immigrants in the American West Community Histories
62376: LUMMIS, CHARLES F. - A New Mexico David and Other Stories and Sketches of the Southwest
53825: LURTING, THOMAS - The Fighting Sailor Turned Peaceable Chirstian: Manifested in the Convincement and Conversion of Thomas Lurting with a Short Relation of Many Great Dangers, and Wonderful Deliverances, He Met
51568: LUVAAS, JAY; NELSON, HAROLD W. - The U.S. Army War College Guide to the Battles of Chancellorsville and Fredericksburg
52013: LYALL:, EDNA - The Autobiography of a Slander.
62670: LYLE, KATIE LETCHER - Scalded to Death By the Steam Authentic Stories of Railroad Disasters and the Ballads That Were Written About Them
56766: FRANKLIN, LYNN & MAURY GREEN - The Beverly Hills Cop Story (Author Signed)
43091: LYONS, CYNTHIA DUFF - Sarasota Key Recipes a Tumble-Pot of Favorites
52976: CULLEY, J. M. & YES - H.R. M. T-a and Jackie
60497: DENHAM, JAMES M. & WILLIAM WARREN ROGERS - Florida Sheriffs a History 1821-1945
58601: ALCOTT, LOUISA M. & EUNICE STEPHENSON - Under the Lilacs, the Children's Bookshelf Edition
46918: GODBEY A.M., REV. W.B. - Sanctification
53407: MACARTHUR, DOUGLAS - Reminiscences, General of the Army
44540: MACARTNEY, CLARENCE EDWARD NOBLE - The Way of a Man with a Maid
55573: MACBRIDE, STUART - Cold Granite (Author Signed)
57537: MACCAULEY, CLAY - The Faith of the Incarnation --Historic and Ideal;: Glimpses of Beginnings, Development and Metamorphoses of Christianity
44702: MACCHERONE, CHRISTINA - Greater Roanoke Region Your Open Door to Technology, Education & Scenic Beauty
61049: MACDILL - The Mac Dill Darrel Dime Joker!
2022: MACDONALD, W - Scriptural Way of Holiness
60239: BRUCE C. MACGUNNIGLE, COMPILER - Rhode Island Freemen, 1747-1755. A Census of Registered Voters
57899: MACHART - Machart"S British to American Parts Interchange Handbook for Owners of Mg 1952
62970: MACHIAVELLI, NICCOLO - Mandragola
49987: MACHINES), (SINGER SEWING - Instructions for Using Singer Electric Sewing Machine No. 15-90 Reversible Feed Lock Stitch for Family Use
61001: MACK, ROBERT C - The Londonderry Celebration Exercises on the 150th Anniversary of the Settlement of Old Nutfield, Comprising the Towns of Londonderry, Derry, . . . Hudson and Salem, N.H. , June 10, 1869
46646: MACKAY, HAROLD - Speaking in Tongues a Scriptural Study
48212: MACKAY, ERIC - A Song of the Sea, My Lady of Dreams and Other Poems
45704: MACKINTOSH, C. H. - Notes on the Book of Genesis
48520: MACKINTOSH, CHARLES HENRY - Notes on the Book of Numbers
53209: MACKINTOSH, CHARLES HENRY - Notes on the Book of Exodus
54765: MACKINTOSH, C. H. - The Great Commission
59085: MACLEAN, PAUL - History of Carroll County, Iowa, a Record of Settlement, Organization, Progress and Achievement
58615: MACMILLAN, NORMAN - The Royal Air Force in the World War 1919- Volume 1-1940
61897: MACMILLAN, HAROLD - The Blast of War 1939 - 1945
44779: MACMILLAN, MARGARET BURNHAM - The Methodist Church in Michigan: The Nineteenth Century
51462: MACNEIL, DUNCAN (PSEUD. PHILIP MCCUTCHEON) - Sadhu on the Mountain Peak an 'ogilvie" Novel
57524: MACNEIL, JOHN - The Spirit Filled Life
44342: MACOMBER, ROBERT N. - Point of Honor the Continuing Exploits of Lt. Peter Wake United States Navy
46068: MACPHERSON, REV. JOHN, M.A. - Presbyterianism
60263: MADISON, JAMES H. (EDITOR) - Indiana Magazine of History, March 1982 Volume Lxxviii, No1
60264: MADISON, JAMES H. (EDITOR) - Indiana Magazine of History, September 1982 Volume Lxxviii, No 3
60262: MADISON, JAMES H. - Indiana Magazine of History, June 1982 Volume Lxxviii, No 2
60261: MADISON, JAMES H. (EDITOR) - Indiana Magazine of History, December 1982 Volume Lxxviii, No 4
59958: MAETERLINCK, MAURICE - Tarkus Ja Saatus (Wisdom and Destiny) Prantsuse Keelest Tolkinud A. Aspel
46271: MAHAJAN, VIDYA DHAR - Muslim Rule in India
51203: MAINE, RENÉ - Trafalgar; Napoleon's Naval Waterloo
52189: MAJDALANY, FRED - Cassino Portrait of a Battle
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62998: MASE, CATHARINE, LEONARD MAYS - Mace, Maize, Mase, Mays, Maze Family History (Photocopy Only. No Pages Missing)
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57698: MUNNELL, REV. W. H. - Glimpses of Heaven
55020: MUNNERLYN, TOM - Texas Local History a Source Book for Available Town and County Histories, Local Memoirs and Genealogical Records
60038: MUNOZ, ANTONIO - Forgotten Legions Obscure Combat Formations of the Waffen-Ss
62657: MUNSILL, HARVEY - The Early History of Bristol, Vermont: Formerly Known As Pocock
62659: MUNSILL, HARVEY - The Early History of Bristol, Vermont: Formerly Known As Pocock
54155: MURDOCK, CECIL - Bryant, No. 1, Highlights of College Footballs's Winningest Coach
44034: MURPHREE, JON TAL - Giant of a Century Trail the Life and Labors of John Lakin Brasher-Great Southern Orator
54491: MURPHY, THOMAS - Major Words from Minor Prophets
46318: MUSGRAVE, WALTER EMMETT - Modernism, the Child of Freemasonry
41141: MYERS, DR. RICHMOND E. - Lehigh Valley the Unsuspected (Author Signed)
55125: MYERS, FT. - Fort Myers Cook Book
60561: MYHAL, MICHAEL - Corps Badges of the Union Army
62661: JOHN MYLOD - Biography of a River: The People and Legends of the Hudson Valley
56836: MYLOD, JOHN - Biography of a River the People and Legends of the Hudson Valley
62072: FRIGGENS, MYRIAM & GENE COULTER - Tales, Trails and Tommyknockers Stories from Colorado's Past
61221: LUSSIER, ROBERT N. & JOHN R. HENDON - Human Resource Management Functions, Applications, and Skill Development
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52790: NANCE, ELLWOOD C. - Singing Warriors a Chaplain's Anthology of Poetry on War and Peace
43192: TURNER, NANCY & LABAN G. LIVELY - A Guide to the Windows of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church
57613: DA NAPOLI, SIMONE - Horologio Della Passione Di Giesu Christo: Secondo le 24 Hore, Nelie Quali la Pati Distinto in Discorsi Historici, Discorsi Riflessivi & Affetti Meditativi: Per Eccitare Ne Cuori de" Fedeli Gratitudine, Amor, & Imitatione/ (the Book of Hours)
60666: NATALI, ALAN - Brown's Town 20 Famous Browns Talk Amongst Themselves
61491: BABEL, NATHALIE & ANDREW R. MACANDREW - Isaac Babel the Lonely Years 1925-1939 Unpublished Stories and Correspondence
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56786: NEAL, DANIEL AM - The History of the Puritans, Or Protestant Nonconformists; from the Reformation I 1517, to the Revolution in 1688; Comprising an Account of Their Principles, V Ii
46944: NEE, WATCHMAN - Spiritual Reality Or Obsession
57516: NEEDHAM, ELIZABETH ANNABLE - The Antichrist
55590: O'NEILL, TOM - Shark Tank a Novel (Author Signed)
1119: O'NEILL, EUGENE - Days without End
60197: NEILSON, CHARLES - Original, Compiled and Corrected Account of Burgoyne's Campaign, and the Memorable Battles of Bemis's Heights, Sept. 19, and Oct. 7, 1777
60997: NELSON, BRUCE L. - Hunting Big Whitetails Tactics Guaranteed to Make You a More Successful Whitetail Hunter
62549: ELEANOR NELSON - Favorite Recipes from Lutheran Brotherhood
52328: NELSON - Edinburgh and Its Neighbourhood
61451: NETHERTON, MEYER - Fairfax Virginia a City Traveling Through Time
62656: NEUMAN, FRED G. - The Story of Paducah (Kentucky) Revised Printing
58361: NEWMAN, E. M. - Ireland Today April, 1921 (Vol. 9 #3)
41561: BUREAU, FLORIDA NEWS & PHOTOS - Florida a Picture Tour
45370: NEWSOME, ALBERT RAY - Records of Emigrants from England and Scotland to North Carolina, 1774-1775
51558: BATEMAN, NEWTON AND PAUL SELBY (EDITORS) - Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and Knox County
54925: NEWTON, BENJAMIN WILLS - Notes Expository of the Greek of the First Chapter of the Romans; with Remark. . .
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62833: NICHOLSON, MEREDITH - The Port of Missing Men By Meredith Nicholson 1907
62157: NICHOLSON, MEREDITH - The Little Brown Jug at Kildare
62853: NICHOLSON, MEREDITH - The Madness of May
51921: NIEBELL, ELEANOR SMALLWOOD - Centennial Plus One. The Centennial History of the National Society of the Children of the American Revolution. 1895 - 1996 (Author Signed)
56759: NIELSON, NORM - Tales of Nevada (Author Signed)
62903: NIGHTINGALE, MARIE - Out of Old Nova Scotia Kitchens - a Collection of Traditional Recipes of Nova Scotia and the Story of the People Who Cooked Them
62181: NIJBOER, DONALD - Gunner an Illustrated History of World War Ii Aircraft Turrets and Gun Positions
60981: NIXON, LINDA M. - The Ellison Tribe and Related Lines Starts with James Ellison, B. 1783 in Virginia (Now West Virginia). Other Lines Covered Are Conaway, Maxwell, Gilet, Vanderpol, de Hooges, Jarrett, Milburn, See, Huffman.
51114: NOCK, O. S. - Railways at the Zenith of Steam 1920-40, Railways of the World in Color
51112: NOCK, O S - Railways at the Turn of the Century, 1895-1905
49928: NOE, KENNETH - Southwest Virginia's Railroad Modernization and the Sectional Crisis in the Civil War Era
61727: CAPON, NOEL & JOHN FARLEY & JAMES HULBERT - Corporate Strategic Planning
61706: NOLAND, REV. S. - Will Makes Way; Or Autobiography of Rev. S. Noland, of the Kentucky Conference, M.E. Church, South
61887: NOLI, JEAN - The Admiral's Wolf Pack
44315: NORDYKE, LEWIS - Great Roundup: The Story of Texas and Southwestern Cowmen
61911: NORMAN, AARON - The Great Air War. The Men, the Planes, the Saga of Military Aviation: 1914-1918
57279: NORRIS, GEOFFREY - Aircraft Profile No. 84, the Short Empire Boats
51117: NORTH, RENE - Military Uniforms, 1686-1918 a Grosset All Color Guide
62088: NORTHWOOD, SALLY - Lake Manyara National Park- a Guide
2229: NUTING, WALLACE - Massachusetts Beautiful
62975: NUTTING, ANTHONY - I Saw for Myself. The Aftermath of Suez
53192: NYE, REV. H.R. - Universalism; a Brief Statement of the Universalist Belief
52953: OBENREDER, JULIE J. - My Pioneer Days in West Pasco from the Diary of a Nurse-Midwife
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52322: OGG, FREDERIC AUSTIN - The Old Northwest; a Chronicle of the Ohio Valley and Beyond, Vol 19
47084: OGLEVEE, LOUISE M. - Mother
55962: OHIO - Cincinnati, a Guide to the Queen City and Its Neighbors (Signed By Mayor James Garfield Stewart)
49210: OHIO - Fifteenth Annual Report of the Ohio Society of Surveyors and Civl Engineers Being the Transactions of the Society at Its Fifteenth Annual Meeting Held in Cleveland Ohio, January 16, 17, 18, and 19, 1894.
62319: OHLY, JOHN H. - Industrialists in Olive Drab the Emergency Operations of Private Industries During World War Ii
60097: OIANAS, FELIX J. - Kalevipoeg Kutkeis Ja Muid Esseid Rarvaluulest, Mutoloogiast Ja Kirjandusest ( Kalevipoeg in Fetters and Other Essays on Folklore, Mythology and Literature
40994: OLIVER, FRANK - Texas! Discovering the Lone Star State with Frank Oliver (Vol 1 & 2 in One)
61816: SANTOS Y OLIVERA, BALBINO. - Guía Ilustrada de la Catedral de Sevilla.
57288: OPIE - A Rebel Cavalryman with Lee
62712: OPPENHEIMER, ANDRES - Castro's Final Hour the Secret Story Behind the Coming Downfall of Communist Cuba
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54774: OREGON - Corvallis Oregon a Description of the City Government and Public School Administration
58059: ORR, CHARLES EBERT - Christian Conduct Or, the Way to Heaven
47312: ORR, WILLIAM W. - The Key to Success in the Christian Life!
46388: OSKISON, JOHN M. - A Texas Titan the Story of Sam Houston
44737: OUDARD, GEORGES - Four Cents an Acre; the Story of Louisiana Under the French, from "Notre Louisiane",
61875: OUGHTON, FREDERICK - The Aces
57540: OVERHOLT, JAMES (EDITOR) - These Are Our Voices the Story of Oak Ridge, 1942-1970
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57473: OWEN, BRYN - History of the Welsh Militia and Volunteer Corps, Vol. 1 Anglesey & Caernarforshire
60568: O'NEILL, THOMAS P. & WILLIAM NOVAK - Man of the House the Life and Political Memoirs of Speaker Tip O'neill (Author Signed)
46157: RAUD, G. P. AND DAVID LAURIE - Signs of Approaching Judgment on America and the Picture of a Christian
61554: PACE, DICK - Golden Gulch the Story of Montana'a Fabulous Alder Gulch
57752: PACE, A.C. - Your Passport to the Other Side
54299: PACHECO, FERDIE - Pacheco's Art of Ybor City
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62865: PAGE, THOMAS NELSON - Washington and It's Romance
56789: PAGE, THOMAS NELSON - Mount Vernon and Its Preservation 1858-1910 the Acquisition, Restoration, and Care of the Home of Washington By the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association of the Union of over Half a Century
61285: PAGE, THOMAS NELSON - The Shepherd Who Watched By Night
54432: PAGE, I. E - Fullness of Grace the Believer's Heritage
59775: PAGE - The Sunshine of Religion
63001: PAGET, EDWARD CLARENCE D. D. - A Memoir of the Honourable Sir Charles Paget, G.C. H. 1778-1830 Vice-Admiral of the White and Commander-in-Chief of the North American and West Indian Station
56211: PAISLEY, CLIFTON - The Red Hills of Florida, 1528-1865
60553: PALMER, EDGAR A. (EDITOR) - G.I. Songs Written, Composed and / Or Collected By the Men in the Service
55113: PALMER, A. B - Pedlar Palmer of Tobruk an Autobiography
55539: PALMER, WALTER BUTLER - Heart Throbs and Hoof Beats; Poems of Track, Stable and Fireside
60391: PANCHADASI, SWAMI - The Human Aura Astral Colors and Thought Forms
1032: PAPER - Know Clinton (Tennessee)
60485: PARKER, VAN R. - Dear Folks
42863: PARKER, JOSEPH - Adam, Noah, & Abraham Expository Readings on the Book of Genesis
56394: PARKER, RICHARD GREEN - The National Fifth Reader Containing a Treatise on Elocution, Exercises in Reading and Declamation, with Biographical Sketches, and Copious Notes : . . . And American Literature
52414: PARKINSON, C. NORTHCOTE - The Life and Times of Horatio Hornblower
56437: PARKINSON, CYRIL NORTHCOTE - The Life and Times of Horatio Hornblower.
2150: PARKMAN, FRANCIS - The Oregon Trail
44485: PARKMAN, FANCIS - The Oregon Trail
50078: PARKS, WILLIAM - Five Sermons on the Five Points, Preached During Lent, 1856.
60821: PARLEY, PETER - The Second Book of History, Including the Modern History of Europe, Africa, and Asia
58685: PARRISH, CAROLYN DAVIS - Davis Cousins and Related Families
57581: PARROTT, LESLIE - What Is Sanctification?
62842: PARRY, ALBERT - Full Steam Ahead! the True Story of Peter Demens, the Brave Russian Nobleman Who Built the Orange Belt Railway and Founded America's Unique St. Pete
60246: PARSONS, WILLIAM T. - The Outhouse Revisited
50523: PARTINGTON, FREDERICK E - The Story of Mohonk
47236: PASCHAL, HOWARD - The American Home Wrecked By the Devil and Divorce Evil
57527: PATERSON, ALAN STUART - The Bull Pen (Author Signed)
47358: VAN PATTEN, JOAN F. - The Collector's Encyclopedia of Nippon Porcelain
51299: PATTERSON, CLYDE A - Old Brooklyn a Historic Narrative and Projection for the 1980's
61211: BAUER, PAUL & MARK DAWIDZIAK & KEN BURNS - Jim Tully American Writer, Irish Rover, Hollywood Brawler
46656: PAUL, JOHN - The Next Awakening a Group of Essays on the Principles of an Expected World Revival, Or, Christ in a Changing World
60294: PAULAS, MONA FORKNER - The Forkner Clan Address Directory (Photocopy)
56938: PAWLETT, NATHANIEL MASON - A Guide to the Preparation of County Road Histories
56937: PAWLETT, NATHANIEL MASON - A Guide to the Preparation of County Road Histories
56936: PAWLETT, NATHANIEL MASON - The Route of the Three Notch'd Road a Preliminary Report
61290: PAYSON, ALBERT PAYSON & FRANK PARKER - Caleb Conover Railroader
61605: PEACOCK, MARGARET - Southern Feather's Story
48523: PEACOCK, B. H - Their Yesterdays Being the Adventures and Experiences of the Members of the Carl Barnes Post No. 69, American Legion, of Ranger, Texas
41273: PEARSON, HENRY GREENLEAF - Son of New England James Jackson Storrow, 1864-1926
53426: PEARSON - Pierson-Pearson Family
58176: PEARSON, RIDLEY - Killer Summer (Author Signed)
56788: PEARSON, MARGARET CRAWFORD - Peace Perfect Peace an Earnest Appeal to Christians to So Live That They May Enjoy Fully the Rich Blessings of God
62478: PECK, ROBERT NEWTON - My Vermont I
42682: PECK, REV. GEORGE - The Scriptural Doctrine of Christian Perfection Stated and Defended: With a Critical and Historical Examination of the Controversy, Both Ancient and Modern.
52894: PEDLEY, A. J. - The Manuscript Collections of the Maryland Historical Society
55560: PELECANOS, GEORGE - Shame the Devil
46677: PENNELL, ORRIN HENRY - Religious Views of Abraham Lincoln
928: PENNELL, ORRIN HENRY - Religious Views of Abraham Lincoln
49102: PENNINGTON, CAMPBELL W. - The Pima Bajo of Central Sonora, Mexico, Vol. 2 Vocabulario En la Lengua Nevome
62707: VIRGINIA PERKINS - His Hand Was on My Shoulder: Portrait of a Physican, Dr. W.C. Thomas, Sr.
54198: PERRY, JAMES GLENN - Kinfolk a History of the Families of John Thomas Perry and Agatha Victoria Maddox Perry
61189: PERRYMAN, MICHAEL - Strange Defeat - the Fall of France Nm
57252: PERSICO, JOSEPH E. - My Enemy, My Brother Men and Days of Gettysburg
48607: PETER, DOCTOR ROBERT - The History of the Medical Department of Transylvania University
56801: HILGARTNER, PETER & SAM GINDER - Highpocket's War Stories, and Other Tall Tales. Travel? Adventure? Answer Join the Marines! (Signed By All Authors)
60743: RIPPE, PETER & P. BUCKLEY MOSS - P. Buckley Moss Painting the Joy of the Soul
62497: PETERSEN, WILLIAM JOHN - Steamboating on the Upper Mississippi,
49229: PETERSEN, WILLIAM J. - Steamboating on the Upper Mississippi the Water Way to Iowa
58212: PETIGRU, JAMES L - Simi-Centennial Celebration of the South-Carolina College: Consisting of the Baccalureate Address, By the President of the College, the Simi-Centennial Oration By the Hon. Jas. L. Petigru, and Answers to Letters of Inviation.
62266: PEUGEOT - Peugeot Workshop Manual Diesel Engine Xd-Xdp
61499: PHELAN, REGINA V. - The Gold Chain a California Family Saga
49564: PHELPS, RICHARD H - Newgate of Connecticut; Its Origin and Early History. Being a Full Description of the Famous and Wonderful Simsbury Mines and Caverns, and the Prison. . . Of the State Prison at Wethersfield
51552: PHILIP, GEORGE - Signpost to the Stars with Philips' Planisphere Wheel
62888: WEIDLING, PHILIP & AUGUST BURGHARD - Checkered Sunshine the Story of Fort Lauderdale 1793-1955
45740: PHILLIPPI, J. M. - Shakerism the Romance of a Religion
50585: PHILLIPS, NANCY O. (COMPILER) - Town Records of Derby, Connecticut,
54222: PHILLIPS, HAZEL SPENCER - Richard the Shaker
56548: PHILLIPS, BLUEBELL S - The Blade and the Beast; Poems About Man and Ideas, Love and Nature
62278: BROOKS, PHILLIPS & CANON FARRAR - Addresses By the Right Reverend Phillips Brooks, Late Bishop of Massachusetts
62862: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - Daniel Sweetland German's Daylight Store, Special Edition
50491: PICKEN, MARY BROOKS - Women's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences Laces, Silks, Linens
57650: PICKENS, F. W - Oration Delivered Before the Euphradian and Clariosophic Societies, on the Influence of Government Upon the Nature and Destiny of Man,
48610: PICKETT, THOMAS E., M.D. - The Quest for a Lost Race Alphabetical Series of Norse, Norman and Anglo-Norman Or Non-Saxon, Surnames
46731: PICKETT, L. L. (EDITOR) - Bible Truth Library
60132: PIEKALKIEWICZ, JANUSZ - Krieg Der Panzer 1939-1945
54330: PIERCE, CHARLES W. - Pioneer Life in Southeast Florida
62544: PIERCY, CAROLINE BEHLEN - The Valley of God's Pleasure: A Saga of the North Union Shaker Community
53981: PIERCY, CAROLINE B - The Valley of God's Pleasure a Saga of the North Union Shaker Community
52350: PIN, EMILE - Apostolic Religious Institutes and Socio-Cultural Change Translated from Nouvelle Revue Theologique
60720: PIPER, ROBERT M. COL. - The United States Army Marksmanship Training Unit, Accurized National Match, M-14 Rifle
57937: PISTOLE, LARRY M - Pictorial History of the Flying Tigers (Author Signed)
61464: PITTENGER, WILLIAM - Daring and Suffering a History of the Great Railroad Adventure
44563: PLANK, WILL - Banners and Bugles; a Record of Ulster County, New York and the Mid-Hudson Region in the Civil War
51554: PLAYER - The Coronation of H.M. King George Vi and H.M. Queen Elizabeth, 1937
54984: VANDER PLOEG, CHARLES - Eternal Security Refuted By the Book of Hebrews
58797: THOMPSON, RUTH PLUMLY & L. FRANK BAUM; NEILL, JOHN R. - The Giant Horse of Oz. . . Continuing the Famous Oz Stories By L. Frank Baum
47989: POE, BETTY (EDITOR) - History of Coal County, Oklahoma
46706: POMEROY, B. - Shocks from the Battery Or, Sermons and Sayings
61201: POOLE, THOMAS J. - 49th Alaska Statehood Celebration of Auburn, New York
62401: LANE-POOLE, STANLEY - Saladin and the Fall of the Kingdom of Jerusalem
46943: POOLE, MILTON E - As Your Strength Is
59332: POOLMAN, KENNETH - Escort Carrier Hms Vindex at War
61427: POPE, ERNEST R. - Munich Playground
61534: PORTER, JANE MISS - The Scottish Chiefs a Romance
61462: PORTER, HORACE - Campaigning with Grant
61458: PORTER, HORACE - Campaigning with Grant Collector's Library of the Civil War
40169: PORTER, LORLE - Roscoe: Generations- Regeneration
42862: PORTER, REV. JAMES. - Compendium of Methodism Embracing the History and Present Condition of Its Various Branches in All Countries
46391: POST, ERIC G - Communicating with the Beyond; a Practical Handbook of Spiritualism
62435: POSTMA, MINNIE - Tales from the Basotho
52762: POUND, JEROME B. - Memoirs of Jerome B. Pound
57995: POURADE, RICHARD F. - The History of San Diego the Glory Years
62374: POWEL, HARFORD - Walter Camp, the Father of American Football
62577: POWELL, ESTHER WEYGANDT - Tombstone Inscriptions and Other Records of Delaware County, Ohio; Including Portions of Marrow and Marion Counties
58056: POWELL, IVOR - Ivor Powell's Prophetic Charts
45947: POWELL, COLIN, WITH JOSEPH E. PERSICO - My American Journey
60604: POWER, JOHN - The Ursuline Manual, Or a Collection of Prayers, Spiritual Exercises &C. &C. Interspersed with the Various Instructions Necessary for Forming Youth to the Practice of Solid Piety, Arranged for the Young Ladies Educated at the Ursuline Convent, Cork
61931: PRAT, ANGEL VALBUENA - Historia de la Literatura Espanola. Tomo I & Ii, Segunda Edicion
54748: PREBBLE, JOHN - Disaster at Dundee
42869: DE PRESSENSE, E. - The Mystery of Suffering and Other Discourses
62324: PRESTON, ANTONY - Cruisers an Illustrated History 1880-1980
57649: PRESTON, JOHN S - Annual Address Before the Euphradian and Clariosophic Societies of the South Carolina College December 1853
62762: PRICE, EUGENIA - Don Juan Mcqueen
1235: PRICHARD, ARTHUR C. - An Appalachian Legacy, Mannington Life and Spirit (Author Signed)
61906: PRIEST, ALAN - Japanese Prints. From the Henry L. Phillips Collection.
53742: PRIESTLEY, ANNA M. - Upon a Rock
51545: PRITCHETT, V. S. - Build the Ships
52775: PROPER, DAVID R. - History of the First Congregational Church Keene, New Hampshire
53827: PROUD, ROBERT - The History of Pennsylvania in North America from the Original Institution and Settlement of the Province. . . Volume I
50540: PUBLISHING, INTERNATIONAL RAILWAY - All-Round Route and Panoramic Guide of the St. Lawrence, Embracing Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Thousand Islands and River St. Lawrence, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, the Lower St. Lawrence, Halifax, St. John, Portland and Saguenay River, the White Mounta
62294: PULLEN, JOHN J - The Twentieth Maine a Volunteer Regiment in the Civil War
46648: PURKISER, W. T - Spiritual Gifts, Healing and Tongues an Analysis of the Charismatic Revival
62486: PURSER, STUART R - Applehead
61959: PUTNAM, NINA WILCOX, AND NORMAN JACOBSEN - Esmeralda Or Every Little Bit Helps
47243: PUTNAM, CHARLES ELSWORTH - Christian Science and Its Real Author,
3103: PYNE, FREDERICK WALLACE - The John Pyne Family in America, the Comprehensive Genealogical Record of Descendants of John Pyne 1766-1813 of Charleston, South Carolina
45136: QUAIFE, MILO M. - The Attainment of Statehood
53790: QUEEN, ELLERY. - Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, June, 1951 Vo. 21, #115
62910: QUIMBY, MYRON J - Scratch Ankle, U.S. A. American Place Names and Their Derivation,
55651: QUINLAN, PATRICK - Smoked (Author Signed)
41284: QUINN, FRENCH - A Short, Short Story of Adams County, Indiana
62701: QUIRK, ROBERT E. - Fidel Castro the Full Story of His Rise to Power, His Regime, His Allies, and His Adversaries
57235: GOODALL, CECILE R. & KYLE MCCORMICK - West Virginia History a Quarterly Magazine Vol Xxii, January 1961, No 3
51298: STAUFFER, CLINTON R. & GEORGE D. HUBBARD & J.A. BOWNOCKER - Geology of the Columbus Quadrangle
61225: HARDING, A. R. & A. R. HARDING FUR COMPANY - Deadfalls & Snares
61435: CAMPBELL, GEORGE R & MOLLY E. BROWN - The Nature of Things on Sanibel a Discussion of the Animal & Plant Life of Sanibel Island
60273: RADEMACHER, FRANK - 1860 United States Census of Franklin County, Illinois
60157: RADEMACHER, FRANK - 1850 Census, Franklin County Illinois with Annotations
60217: RADEMACHER, FRANK - Hamilton County, Illinois, 1840 Census
60329: RADEMACHER, FRANK - 1870 United States Census of Franklin County, Illinois
60312: RADEMACHER, FRANK - 1870 United States Census of Hamilton County, Illinois
41283: RAGAN, HENRY - Sixty Years of Tall Tales
43203: RAGAN, HENRY - Sixty Years of Tall Tales Old Sayings Conglomerations and Imaginations
44711: RAITT, JOHN E. - Ruts in the Road (Vol 1-4)
2682: RAMSEY, WILLIAM - Church Debts; Their Origin, Evils, and Cure
61006: RANCK, GEORGE W. - The Travelling Church an Account of the Baptist Exodus from Virginia to Kentucky in 1781 Under the Leadership of Rev. Lewis Craig and Capt. William Ellis, with Historical Notes
55959: RANCK, GEORGE WASHINGTON - "the Travelling Church"; an Account of the Baptist Exodus from Virginia to Kentucky in 1781 Under the Leadership of Rev. Lewis Craig and Capt. William Ellis. With Historical Notes
49543: RANDALL, JO - Washington, Georgia After 200 Years
41261: RANDLE, GRETCHEN R - Index of Publications for the Newcomen Society
50703: RANDOLPH, PERCILLA LAWYER - Light on the Path; Or, Emmanuel,
53178: RANSON, NANCY RICHEY - Texas Wild Flower Legends
40187: RASKOB, JOHN JAKOB - Raskob-Green Record Book
54023: RATTERMANN, H. A.; TOLZMANN, DON HEINRICH - A German Regiment Among the French Auxiliary Troops of the American Revolutionary War H.A. Rattermann's History
55891: RAVENSTEIN, CHARLES A. - Air Force Combat Wings Lineage and Honors Histories, 1927-1977
62804: RAWLINGS, MARJORIE K. - Cross Creek
48473: RAWLINGS, MARJORIE K. - Cross Creek (First Edition/First Printing)
42667: RAY, ANNA CHAPIN - Teddy En Fort Aelling for Smaapiker
60837: LINDSEY USA RE, LTC FRED S. - Secret Green Beret Commandos in Cambodia a Memorial History of Macvsog's Command and Control Detachment South and Its Air Partners, Republic of Vietnam, 19671972
62272: REA, JOHN P. (COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF - Services for the Use of the Grand Army of the Republic
60570: REAGAN, NANCY - My Turn the Memoirs of Nancy Reagan (Author Signed)
50669: REAGAN, MICHAEL - The City on a Hill Fulfilling Ronald Reagan's Vision for America
62067: REED, ROWENA - Combined Operations in the Civil War
62558: REED, CARLEY, DUBOIS, HALVERSON - The Magic City of the Plains Cheyenne 1867-1967
2653: REED, JOHN A - History of the 101st Regiment, Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteer Infantry 1861-1865,
61219: REED, TALBOT BAINES - Roger Ingleton, Minor, Etc. A Tale
47191: REED, WILLIAM STANDISH, M.D. - Surgery of the Soul
46734: REED, R. C. - What Is the Kingdom of God?
61490: REEDS, CHESTER A. (EDITOR) - University Umpire, Oct 1904- May 1905 a Simi-Monthly Magazine Published By the Students of the University (of Oklahoma)
62059: REES, GARETH - Early Railway Prints British Railways from 1825 to 1850
46059: REES, PAUL STROMBERG - You Choose the Road. . . A Call to Youth
56721: REES, DAVID MORGAN - Mines, Mills and Furnaces an Introduction to Industrial Archaeology in Wales,
56815: REES, DOROTHY, MARIAN TAYLOR, ESTELLE THOMASON - Center Point Methodism a Brief History of Dedicated People and Their Contribution to Faith and Humanity
46060: REES, PAUL STROMBERG - You Choose the Road. . . A Call to Youth
52665: REESE, R. C.; CONCRETE REINFORCING STEEL INSTITUTE - Floor Systems By Ultimate Strength Design
60800: REEVE, B - The Gunpowder Plot
2697: REEVES, R. AMBROSE - A Quiet Room
58456: REEVES, EVELYN CLARK - A Clark Family in America Facts, Fancies, Foibles
46155: REID, JOHN CALVIN - Thanksgiving in the Face of Atomic Bombs
52226: REID, CHARLES SLOAN - Persons, Places and Happenings in Old Walhalla
53562: REID, BERTHA WESTBROOK - Wallace Reid His Life Story
57078: REINERS, PERCEVAL - The Springs of Virginia Life, Love, and Death at the Waters 1775 - 1900
43771: REITER, HARRIET G. - The Story of Lincoln
49503: REMINGTON, CAROLYN LYON - The Straight & Narrow Path (Author Signed)
57978: REMMEL, WILLIAM; BENDER, PH.D. ROBERT PATRICK - Like Grass Before the Scythe the Life and Death of Sgt William Remmel 121st Ny Infantry
57132: REPS, JOHN WILLIAM - Tidewater Towns City Planning in Colonial Virginia and Maryland,
55592: REULAND, ROBERT - Semiautomatic a Novel
55629: REULAND, ROBERT - Hollowpoint a Novel (Author Signed)
62229: REUSSILLE, LEON - Steam Vessels Built in Old Monmouth, 1841-1894 the Contribution of Keyport, New Jersey and the Keyport Shipyards of Benjamin C. Terry
41093: UNKNOWN) DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION & B/W PHOTOGRAPHS - Fort Duquesne and Fort Pitt Early Names of Pittsburgh Streets
60341: DAR : DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION - The 1982 Supplement to the Dar Patriot Index
54448: REYNOLDS, ELIZABETH TALBOT - The Memories of Susan,
61151: RHODES, EUGENE MANLOVE - Copper Streak Trail
529: RHODES, MARYLOU - Landmarks of Richmond
62336: RICE, F. PHILIP - Gun Data Book Rifles, Shotguns, Handguns, Shooting, Ammunition, Ballistics
56369: RICE, JOHN H - Memoir of James Brainerd Taylor
57679: RICE, JOHN R. - We Can Have Revival Now! Annual Lectures on Revival at Bob Jones University
57798: RICE, OTIS K. - Frontier Kentucky (Author Signed)
46323: RICE, JOHN R. - Evolution Or the Bible- Which?
47264: RICE, JOHN R. - Crossing the Deadline!
60908: YANCEY, RICHARD & RICK YANCEY - The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp (Author Signed)
59658: RICHARDS, CARA E. - The Oneida People
52173: RICHARDS, FRANK - Old Soldiers Never Die
55361: RICHARDS, W. WILEY - Telling the Story of Jesus the Golden Anniversary of Florida Baptist Theological College, 1943-1993
57290: RICHEY, HOMER (EDITOR) - Memorial History of the John Bowie Strange Camp, United Confederate Veterans Including Some Account of Others Who Served in the Confederate Army from Albemarle County Together with Brief Sketches of the Albemarle Chapter of the United Daughters of the Con
61062: RICHEY, ISH B. S. - Kentucky Literature 1784-1963
62858: RICHMOND, GRACE S - Under the Christmas Stars
62859: RICHMOND, GRACE S - Under the Christmas Stars
62860: GRACE S. RICHMOND - On Christmas Day in the Evening Richmond with Dust Jacket Gift Idea Rare
2482: RICHTER, CONRAD - The Free Man
54416: BRITTON, RICK & CHARLOTTE CRYSTAL & MARY JANE GORE; SWINSON, HILARY - Albemarle Archives Famous, Infamous and Unforgettable People and Events That Shaped Central Virginia, Volume 1
57940: RIDDICK, HARRY H. - The Memoirs of a Seagoing Soldier in World War Ii
56756: RIDEN, PHILIP - Gazetteer of Charcoal-Fired Blast Furnaces in Great Britain in Use Since 1660
55005: RIDER, KATE - Vail Valley a Special Edition
62966: RIGG, J. LINTON - The Alluring Antilles: A Cruising Guide to the West Indies
52865: RIKER, BEN - Pony Wagon Town Along U.S. 1890
58368: RILEY, CALVIN T - Legalized Murder "Thou Shalt Not Kill" [By] C.T. Riley. . . And "Crime and Its Punishment"
512: RIPLEY, WILLIAM ZEBINA - The Financial History of Virginia, 1609-1776
60794: RITCHIE, TOM - Floral City the Story of a Small Town in Citrus County and Its Place Within the History of Florida
62986: RIX, GUY S - History and Genealogy of the Ricks Family of America; Containing Biographical Sketches and Genealogies of Both Males and Females
57168: HEWITT, ROB & GEORGE GRATTAN - Where the River Flows Finding Faith in Rockingham County, Virginia 1726-1876 (Author Signed)
46042: ROBBERS, HERMAN JOHAN - Het Ontstaan Van Een Roman
60934: JAY, ROBERT & MEGHAN S. CHRISTIAN & LAUREN IRELAND - Montooth and the Canfield Witch
45801: ROBERTS, T. K - Shut in, But Not Excused,
2333: ROBERTS, CECIL - Gone Sunwards
57047: ROBERTS, JOSEPH K - Annotated Geological Bibliography of Virginia
58369: ROBERTS, JOHN EMERSON - The Saw-Dust-Trail
62815: ROBERTS, HARRY H. - Field Guidebook to the Reefs and Geology of Grand Cayman Island, B.W. I.
41288: ROBERTS, LEONARD - I Bought Me a Dog, and Other Folk Tales from the Southern Mountains
62907: ROBERTSON, LINDA (ED.) - Wabash County History Bicentennial Edition 1976 Wabash, Indiana
44989: ROBERTSON, CONSTANCE NOYES - Oneida Community, the Breakup, 1876-1881
45041: ROBERTSON, JIM - Televisionaries (Author Signed)
59688: ROBERTSON, FREDERICK W. - Christian Progress By Oblivion of the Past, and Other Sermons
51180: ROBINS, FRED C. - Overseas Diary India and Burma, World War Ii
60725: ROBINSON, ERNEST L - History of Hillsborough County Florida. Narrative and Biographical
62596: ROBINSON, WILL H. - Witchery of Rita and Waiting for Tonti a Story of San Xavier Mission
61961: WILLIAM J ROBINSON, M.D. - Medical and Sex Dictionary,
61215: ROBINSON, ROXANA - Glimpse of Scarlet, a
55854: ROBINSON, DORMAN J - The Nightingale Genealogy, 1814-1976 with Allied Families
57043: ROBINSON, MORGAN POITIAUX - Bulletin of the Virginia State Library, Vol 9, Jan, Apr, July Nos 1,2,3 Virginia Counties: Those Resulting from Virginia Legislation
57125: ROBINSON, MORGAN POITIAUX - Bulletin of the Virginia State Library Virginia Counties: Those Resulting from Virginia Legislation
58062: ROBINSON, BUD - The King's Gold Mine
61521: ROBINSON, MAUDE - Lest We Forget Quaker Memories 1914-1918
53912: ROBINSON, "UNCLE" BUD - Nuggets of Gold
62320: ROBLES, PHILIP K. - United States Military Medals & Ribbons
61995: ROCHE, T. W. E. - The Golden Hind
50651: ROCHE, JOSEPH THOMAS - The Ought to Be's.
59464: FORD, ROGER & PETER DARMAN - The Tiger Tank
60699: ROGERS, ROY - Company K, 7th Florida Infantry Volunteers
54611: ROLLINS, JOHN R - Records of Families of the Name Rawlins Or Rollins, in the United States in Two Parts
58833: ROMAINE, LAWRENCE B - The Weathercock Crows,
62806: HUBBARB L. RON - L. Ron Hubbard Classic Fiction Series: Guns of Mark Jardine
57003: JAMRO, RON & GERALD L. LANTERMAN & DONALD B. ZUMFELDE - The Founding of Naples
48998: JAGER, RONALD AND GRACE - Portrait of a Hill Town a History of Washington, N.H. 1876-1976
46654: ROOD, PAUL WILLIAM - The Heavenly Home
48864: ROOME, DORIS HARDINGER - The Secret Friend and the Blue-Eyed Bunny; Two Stories for Children
51909: ROSE, LOIS ESTHER HAMMOND - Descendants of George Tavenner
44611: ROSE, WILLIAM G - History of Knoxville Scottish Rite Bodies
52862: ROSE, WILLIAM GANSON - Cleveland, the Making of a City (Author Signed)
62992: ROSENBERG, MARVIN, COLE WILLIAM - The Best Cartoons from Punch, Collected for Americans from England's Famous Humorous Weekly
57904: ROSS, MALCOLM (EDITOR) - The Carrell, Journal of the Friends of the University of Miami Library, Vol 5, No 1, June 1964
57905: ROSS, MALCOLM (EDITOR) - The Carrell, Journal of the Friends of the University of Miami Library, Vol 5, No 1, June 1964
57804: ROSS, MALCOLM (EDITOR) - The Carrell, Journal of the Friends of the University of Miami Library, Vol 5, No 1, June 1964
60966: ROSS, AL - The Destroyer Campbeltown
57906: ROSS, MALCOLM (EDITOR) - The Carrell, Journal of the Friends of the University of Miami Library, Vol 5, No 1, June 1964
60967: ROSS, AL - The Destroyer Escort England
50825: J. ELLIOT ROSS - What Is Love?
62026: ROTH, ALFRED C - Small Gas Engines 2 Cycle and 4 Cycle Engines, Fundamentals, Service, Troubleshooting, Repairs
40822: ROTHERY, AGNES - Virginia the New Dominion
61983: ROURKE, THOMAS. - Gomez Tyrant of the Andes
53845: ROWSELL, MARY C. - The Green Men of Norwell and Other Stories
57472: ROYSTER, CHARLES - The Fabulous History of the Dismal Swamp Company a Story of George Washington's Times
50721: RUGE, FRIEDRICH - Der Seekrieg; the German Navy's Story, 1939-1945
62186: RUGER - Instructions and Parts List for Ruger Model 10/22 Carbine
58187: RUNYAN, HENRY - Genealogy of the Osborn Family from 1755 to 1891 (Photocopy Only)
51425: RUNYON, DAMON - Runyon a la Carte
47266: RUSHE, REV. J. P. - A Second Thebaid
62592: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Brantwood Diary of John Ruskin, Together with Selected Related Letters and Sketches of Persons Mentioned
44483: RUSSELL, JAMES EARL - The Grace H. Dodge Lectures: Founding Teachers College Reminiscences of the Dean Emeritus
61442: RUSSELL, LELAND - In Memory of Leland W. Russell, Jan 27, 1898-Mar 23, 1978 the U.S. Navy World War 1
50786: RUSSELL, BEN - My Gal Don't Love Me Anymore a Funny Fox Trot Song, with Ukulele Accompaniment
3062: RUSSELL, GLADYS TRENTHAM - Call Me Hillbilly a Personal Account of Growing Up in the Smokies Near Gatlinburg
44041: RUSSELL, ALBERT JONATHAN - Life and Labors; a Collection of Writings Showing Some of His Efforts in Behalf of His Fellow-Man
62392: RUSSELL, JOHN SCOTT - The Fleet of the Future Iron Or Wood?
51332: RUTLEDGE, ARCHIBALD HAMILTON - The Beauty of the Night,
62808: RYAN, R. MARK - Mammals of Deep Canyon Colorado Desert, California
61793: MARINE CORPS, U.S. & TRUMAN R. STROBRIDGE - A Brief History of the 9th Marines
45755: HUBERT, THOMAS S & JNO J. TIGERT - Revivals of Religion
57767: RAY, MRS. FRANK S. AND MRS. B. HARRISON LINGO - Children of the American Revolution Magazine June 1941, Sept 1941, Nov. 1941, Jan 1942
61616: MCLAREN, DR. ALFRED S. & WILLIAM R. ANDERSON - Unknown Waters a First-Hand Account of the Historic Under-Ice Survey of the Siberian Continental Shelf By Uss Queenfish
52761: FRY, GEORGE S. AND EDW. ALEX. FRY - Abstracts of Wiltshire Inquisitiones Post Mortem. Returned Into the Court of Chancery in the Reign of King Charles the First. Vol 2 Includes Henry Iii, Edward 1 and Edward Ii.
47224: C. S. - What Was the Sabbath? What Is the First Day of the Week
47240: G. A. V S. - Meditations on the Book of Exodus
57318: SANCHEZ-SAAVEDRA;, E. M. - A Description of the Country Virginia's Cartographers and Their Maps 1607-1881
62738: SAILLARD, LOUIS R - Delta Route: A History of the Columbus & Greenville Railway
59726: SALLIS, JAMES - Death Will Have Your Eyes a Novel About Spies
55934: SALLIS, JAMES - Eye of the Cricket (Author Signed)
62422: SALOMON, LARS - Fältflora ôver Signalarter I Skog - Lavar, Mossor, Kärlväxter
60884: SAMBITO, WILLIAM J. - A History of Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 232
60885: SAMBITO, WILLIAM J. - A History of Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 312
50110: SAMMONS, WILEY W - Identity of the True Baptist Church; Doctrine, Precept & Practice from 1701-1971 in West Tennessee, North Carolina and Alabama,
58542: SANCHEZ, THOMAS. - Mile Zero.
58786: SANDERS, SCOTT - Antioch an Episodic History
56924: SANDFORD, JOHN - Mortal Prey (Author Signed)
51268: SANFORD, JAMES K. - Richmond Her Triumphs Tragedies & Growth
61797: SANTELLI, JAMES. - Brief History of the 8th Marines.
60130: SAPP, FRANZ - Gefangen in Stalingrad 1943-1946
50851: SAR, OUSMANE THIANE - Au Service Du Peuple, Ousmane Thiane Sar, 30 Novembre 1919-12 Novembre 1953
51252: SARGENT, GEORGE E. - Alice Barlow's Trust Or, Principle in Everything
56426: SAROYAN, WILLIAM - My Name Is Aram
61953: SATTA, SALVATORE, PATRICK CREAGH - The Day of Judgment By Salvatore Satta
55587: SATTERTHWAIT, WALTER - Perfection (Author Signed) a Thriller
62935: SAUL, DAVID L. - Vestal Press Technical Series #3 How to Rebuild the Model a Ampico
58309: SCHABAS, EZRA - Jan Rubes a Man of Many Talents
44505: SCHAPPAUGH, GEORGE (COMPILER) - From Schoppach to Schappaugh 1580-1985
47670: SCHAPPAUGH, GEORGE (COMPILER) - From Schoppach to Schappaugh 1580-1985
61370: SCHAUT, SCHOO - Historic Mansfield, a Bicentennial History
59294: SCHEIBERT, HORST - The Panther Family

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