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3304: DOUGLAS, MARJORY STONEMAN - Voice of the River (Author Signed)
40358: DOUGLAS, MARJORY STONEMAN - Florida: The Long Frontier (Author Signed)
50976: DOUGLAS, MARJORY STONEMAN - Florida the Long Frontier
51876: DOUGLAS, MARJORY STONEMAN - Florida the Long Frontier (Author Signed)
823: DOW, LORENZO - Travels and Labors of Lorenzo Dow, in Europe and America Abrief Account of His Early Life and Christian Experiences, As Contained in His Journal
44980: DOWNES, RANDOLPH C - History of Lake Shore Ohio
44777: DOWNEY, DAVID G. (EDITOR) - The Doctrines and Discipline of the Methodist Episcopal Church (1916)
53366: DRAIN, JOHN - The Coal Miner's Son
41208: DRAKE, SAMUEL ADAMS - Old Landmarks and Historic Personages of Boston
60436: DRENDEL, LOU - A-10 Warthog in Action - Aircraft No. 49
60475: DRENDEL, LOU - F-16 Fighting Falcon in Action - Aircraft No. 53
59267: DRENDEL, LOU - F-104 Starfighter in Action - Aircraft No. 27
59249: DRENDEL, LOU - F-5 Talon / Freedom Fighter in Action - Aircraft No. 38
59250: DRENDEL, LOU - F-111 in Action - Aircraft No. 35
42107: DREYER, EILEEN - Brain Dead (Author Signed)
40287: DRINKER, SOPHIE HUTCHINSON - Hannah Penn and the Proprietorship of Pennsylvania (Author Signed)
55540: S. DE WITT DROWN - Peoria Directory for 1844 Containing an Account of the Early Discovery of the Country, with a History of the Town. . .
58192: DRUMMOND, JOSIAH H - Genealogy of Isaac Dean of Grafton, N. H (Photocopy Only) Fourth in Descent from John Dean of Taunton
58898: DRUMMOND, MARY - The Legends of Springfield
41398: DRYFOOS, SUSAN W. - From Iphigene, the Memoirs of Iphigene Ochs Sulzberger
59361: KASULKA, DUANE & DON GREER - Usn Aircraft Carrier Air Units, Volume 2 1957-1963 - Specials Series
61071: DUFOUR, CHARLES L - Ten Flags in the Wind; the Story of Louisiana,
52095: DUKE, MAURICE; JORDAN, DANIEL P. - A Richmond Reader, 1733-1983
53982: DUNBAR, WILLIS FREDERICK - Kalamazoo and How It Grew. . . And Grew
59038: DUNCAN, MATTIE B. - There's Only One Frostproof, Including Frostproof Family Histories
61092: DUNN, HAMPTON - Back Home a History of Citrus County, Florida
40123: DUNNING, JOHN - The Bookman's Wake a Mystery with Cliff Janeway (Author Signed)
55611: DUNNING, JOHN - The Bookman's Wake a Mystery with Cliff Janeway (Author Signed)
55610: DUNNING, JOHN - Booked to Die a Mystery Introducing Cliff Janeway (Author Signed)
51301: DUNNING, JOHN - Two O'clock, Eastern Wartime a Novel (Author Signed)
60861: DUNSTAN, SIMON - The Chieftain
61466: DUPUY, TREVOR NEVITT, COL., RETIRED - The Military History of World War Ii, Volume 1-11 and 14-18
60101: DURRELL, GERALD - Minu Pere Ja Muud Loomad (My Family and Other Animals)
60894: DUSTIN, DORTHY DEVEREUX - Omaha and Douglas County. A Panoramic History
60460: DUVAL, GEOFF - Republic P-47 Thunderbolt Described, Part 1, Series 1, No. 8
2531: DWIGHT - History of Dwight, Illinois, 1853-1894
61031: VAN DYKE, HENRY - Fisherman's Luck, and Some Other Uncertain Things,
53788: VAN DYKE, HENRY - The Story of the Other Wise Man
59358: DOLL, THOMAS E. & BERKLEY R. JACKSON & WILLIAM A. RILEY & DON GREER & KEVIN WORNKEY - Navy Air Colors, United States Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Aircraft Camouflage and Markings, Vol. 2, 1945-1985 - Specials Series
41849: MILLS, RALPH E. AND KATIE - History of the Simon Mills Family Through His Son John Mills and Grandson Joseph Mills of Simsbury, Conn. (Signed By All Authors)
45029: SHERMAN, JAMES E. & BARBARA H. SHERMAN - Ghost Towns of Arizona
59172: E, SCHMITT B - The Origins of the First World War
44501: WAGNER, A. E & F.E. BALTHASER & D. K. HOCH - The Story of Berks County
53524: EAGON, I.G. - After the War, Or the Consummation of God's Purpose
51296: EALER, JUANITA MARIE LYNN - Some Notes on the Family of John and Catherine Wasser Lynn of Lower Saucon, Northhampton County, Pennsylvania
59647: EALER, FREDERICK S. - People a History of the Ealer Family
2499: EARLY, R. H - By-Ways of Virginia History; a Jamestown Memorial, Embracing a Sketch of Pocahontas,
61007: EASON, REV. JAMES HENRY - Sanctification Or Fanaticism a Sketch of the Life and Labors of Rev. James Henry Eason
46966: EASTEP, D. B. (EDITOR) - The Uplook, March - April 1953 #2
46967: EASTEP, D. B. (EDITOR) - The Outlook, May - June 1953 #3
51267: EASTMAN, E. R - Journey to Day Before Yesterday
40184: EATON, ARTHUR WENTWORTH HAMILTON - Acadian Ballads and de Soto's Last Dream,
61075: EBEYER, PIERRE PAUL - Gems of the Vieux Carre the Story of Four Historical Romances of the French Quarter of Old New Orleans, Depicting Living Conditions and Home Life. . . And Their Slaves in Pre-Civil War Days
61074: EBEYER, PIERRE PAUL - Paramours of the Creoles; a Story of New Orleans and the Method of Promiscuous Mating between White Creole Men and Negro and Colored Slaves and Freewomen,
57148: EBY, CECIL - A Virginia Yankee in the Civil War the Diaries of David Hunter Strother
50469: EDDY, MARY BAKER - A Complete Concordance to Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures Together with an Index to the Marginal Headings and a List of the Scriptural Quotations. . . That Book As Finally Revised By Its Author
47022: EDERSHEIM, ALFRED, M.A. OXON., D.D., PH.D. - Prophecy and History in Relation to the Messiah the Barburton Lectures for 1880-1884
50988: EDES, ROBERT T - Parson Gay's Three Sermons, Or, Saint Sacrement
48113: EDGAR, JAMES - James Boys; Deeds of Daring. . . A Complete Record of Their Lives and Deaths, Narrating Many of Their Stirring Adventures, Which Have Only Recently. . . Compiled in Their Home State -- Missouri
48937: EDGECOMB, RODNEY STENNING - Vision and Style in Patrick White a Study of Five Novels
55631: EDGERTON, CLYDE - Raney (Author Signed)
44007: MEREDITH, ROY (EDITED AND ARRANGED BY) - Mr. Lincoln's General U.S. Grant an Illustrated Autobiography
48445: F. APTHORP FOSTER (EDITOR) - Vital Records of Hanson Massachusetts to the Year 1850
58814: EDITORS - Photomicrography Fourteenth Edition
57440: EDMONDS, WALTER D. - The South African Quirt (Author Signed)
368: EDWARDS, GEORGIE HORTENSE - Historic Sketches of the Edwards and Todd Families and Their Descendants, 1523-1895 (Photocopy Only)
58462: EDWARDS, LAURA BELLE - The Frederick Weathington Family of Gadsden County, Florida 1830-1984
48347: EDWARDS, AGNES - Cape Cod New and Old
61235: EDWARDS, GEORGE THORNTON - The Youthful Haunts of Longfellow
61428: PURJE, EERIK AND HELDUR PODERSOO - Igavesti Noored Malestusi Ja Meenutusi Teisest Maailmasojast Tanapaevani
61287: EGERTON, CASTLE. - The Light of Scarthey
50708: EISENHOWER, JULIE NIXON - Pat Nixon the Untold Story
60392: EISENHOWER, JULIE NIXON - Pat Nixon the Untold Story
43741: EISNER, LOTTE H. - The Haunted Screen Expressionism in the German Cinema and the Influence of Max Reinhardt
2844: ELEAZER, J. M. - A Dutch Fork Farm Boy (Author Signed)
61375: ELGAR, ED. FRANK - Mir
59667: ELGART, J. M. - More over Sexteen Sequel
57770: ELIOT, T. S. - Four Quartets
44641: BRENNAN, ELLA & DICK - The Commander's Palace New Orleans Cookbook
45432: ELLIOTT, MINNIE H. - Soul Winning
61591: ELLIOTT, SAM DAVIS - Doctor Quintard, Chaplain C.S. A. And Second Bishop of Tennessee the Memoir and Civil War Diary of Charles Todd Quintard
45588: ELLIS, ALEXANDER CASWELL - The University of Texas Community Song Book
61248: ELLIS, ALICE V. - The Story of Stockton Springs, Maine
57255: ELLIS, GARRISON (EDITOR) - Virginia Country's Civil War, Vol. 1 Premier Issue
60076: ENGLE, ELOISE & LAURI PAANANEN - Winter War, the Soviet Attack on Finland, 1939-1940
61261: ELVIN, JOSEPH B. - The Fishes in Vineyard Waters the Dukes County Intelligencer
48567: ELWELL, FRANK W. - The Evolution of the Future
54883: ELY, RICHARD T. - The Strength and Weakness of Socialism
44272: CHARLES WHITLEY EMERSON, III - Avocation of Compassion the Mississippi Physician and Creative Writing
52320: HOUGH, EMERSON & COLORED FRONTIS - The Passing of the Frontier a Chronicle of the Old West
58945: EMMONS, CATHERINE M. *AUTHOR SIGNED!* - Through the Years in Medham Borough
60105: EMMONS, DELLA GOULD SIGNED - Sacajawea of the Shoshones "Far Horizons"
55650: ENGER, LEIF - Peace Like a River (Author Signed)
52691: EPPERSON, F. C. (EDITOR) - Minutes Sixth Annual Assembly of the Southern California District Pentecostal Church of the Nazarene
47316: ERB, PAUL - Old Testament Studies the Prophets
44161: ERDMANN, H. A - The Carnal Mind and the Cure for It
59286: GROVE, ERIC & CHRISTOPHER CHANT & DAVID LYON & HUGH LYON - The Military Hardware of World War Ii
60940: SCHOFIELD, ERNEST & ROY CONYERS NESBIT - The Arctic Airmen Royal Air Force in Spitsbergen and North Russia in 1942
52766: ESPY, WILLARD; THOLLANDER, EARL - Oysterville Roads to Grandpa's Village
60469: ETHELL, JEFFREY L. - Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress - Warbirds Illustrated No. 41
57110: EVANS, CLEMENT A. - Organization of Camps in the United Confederate Veterans, June, 1909 Prepared Expressly for the Use of Delegates
60640: EVANS, STEPHEN H. - United States Coast Guard 1790-1915 a Definitive History
53990: EVANS, CHARLES - Friends in the Seventeenth Century
61316: EVANS, JOE M. - The Cow About All I Know I Learned from a Cow.
57194: EVANS, EMORY - Thomas Nelson of Yorktown Revolutionary Virginian
58000: BROWN-WALKER-EVANS - History Department of Alabama Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States 50th Aniversary 1899-1949 Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States
53087: SPENCER, EVELENE & COBB, JOHN N - Fish Cookery Six Hundred Recipes of the Preparation of Fish, Shellfish & Other Aquatic Animals. . . .
57557: EVEREST, QUINTON J - Man, Death and Destiny
2177: RITCHIE, J. EWING & LEIGHTON BROS. - The Pictorial Edition of the Life & Discoveries of David Livingstone
56554: EXLEY, FREDERICK - Pages from a Cold Island
59043: TOLIVER, COLONEL RAYMOND F. & TREVOR J. CONSTABLE - Fighter Aces of the Luftwaffe
59020: COLLINS, ROBERT F. & BETTY B. ELLISON - A History of the Daniel Boone National Forest, 1770-1970
58946: FAHNESTOCK, MURRAY - Know Your Model a Ford Incorporating Know the Ford,: A Complete Analysis of Engineering and Leading Features of the Model a, and Questions and. . . In Repair, Including Exact Measurements
61010: FAIRBANKS, CHARLES - Archeology of the Funeral Mound Ocmulgee National Monument, Georgia
59638: FAIRBANKS, CHARLES H. - The Florida Seminole People
57219: FARISH, HUNTER DICKINSON - Journal and Letters of Philip Vicker Fithian, 1773-1774
60269: FARLEY, ARCHBISHOP OF NEW YORK HIS EMINENCE JOHN CARDINAL - The Holy Bible Translated from the Latin Vulgate Diligently Compared with the Hebrew, Greek, and Other Editions in Divers Languages
42384: FARMER, FANNIE MERRITT - The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book
54343: FARRINGTON, JR., S. KIP - Railroading from the Rear End
44750: FAUGHT, ALBERT SMITH - History of Grace Presbyterian Church in the Borough of Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, 1965
61097: FELT, JOSEPH B. - History of Ipswich, Essex, and Hamilton By Joseph B. Felt (2015-09-27)
61627: FENNER, GOODRICH R. - The Episcopal Church in Town and Country
56278: FERGUSON, DEBY JO - Whispers Among the Laurels a Vanishing Culture
61181: FERGUSON, T. REED - The John Couper Family at Cannon's Point
52408: FERGUSSON, BERNARD - Watery Maze the Story of Combined Operations France, North Africa, and Mediterranean
47217: FERNANDEZ, JOSE A. - I Was Blind Now I See the Story of My Conversion
53285: SOR, FERNANDO & ANDRES SEGOVIA - Twenty Studies for the Guitar, Revised
60585: FERRARO, GERALDINE - Ferraro My Story
60906: FERRIS, MARY WALTON ( COMPILED BY) - Dawes Gates Ancestral Lines Memorial Volume Containing the American Ancestry of Mary Beman Gates Dawes Volume 2 Gates and Allied Families
61446: FFIRTH, JOHN - Experience and Gospel Labours of the Rev. Benjamin Abbott a Narrative of His Life and Death
58539: FICKER, MARY DODGE - Old Greenwich in the 1890's and 1900's Oral History Interview with Mary Dodge Ficker
56084: FIEBEGER, G. J - Army Organization
53822: FIELD, DAVID D - The Genealogy of the Brainerd Family in the United States, with Numerous Sketches of Individuals
51556: FIELD, RICHARD, DOCTOUR OF DIVINITY - The Fifth Booke of the Church Together with an Appendix, Containing a Defense of Such Partes and Passages of the Former Bookes. . .
43448: FIELD, THOMAS W. - An Essay Towards an Indian Bibliography. Being a Catalogue of Books, Relating to the History, Antiques, Languages, Customs, Religion, Wars, Literature, and Origin of the American Indians, in the Library of Thomas W. Field
49534: FIELDS, JAMES THOMAS - Yesterdays with Authors
60793: FILBIG, JOSEF - Amberg Stadte Der Bayerischen Ostmark Amberg Die Alte Stadt Im Neuen Reich
61185: FINCH, MARY ROBERTS - Stars and Dust a Collection of Poems, Paintings and Photographs Covering 30 Years of Work and Thoughts
52266: FINE, DAVID MARTIN - The City, the Immigrant and American Fiction, 1880-1920
58567: FINGER, CHARLES J. - Cape Horn Snorter a Story of the War of 1812, and of Gallant Days with Captian Porter of the U.S. Frigate, Essex
55283: FINK, F.A. - Whose Friends Are They- America's Or Russia's?, Read and See
52673: FINK, DANIEL A. - Barns of the Genesee Country 1790-1915 Including a Account of Settlement and Changes in Agriculture Practices
49641: FINKELSTEIN, LOUIS (EDITOR) - The Jews Their History, Culture, and Religion
1726: FINLEY, JAMES B - Sketches of Western Methodism Biographical, Historical, and Miscellaneous. Illustrative of Pioneer Life
49315: FINLEY, MARTHA - Elsie's New Relations What They Did and How They Fared at Ion a Sequel to Grandmother Elsie
49313: FINLEY, MARTHA - Elsie's Motherhood a Sequel to Elsie's Womanhood
52557: FINLEY, MARTHA - Elsie's Dinsmoree
49309: FINLEY, MARTHA (MARTHA FARQUHARSON) - Grandmother Elsie a Sequel to Elsie's Widowhood
49310: FINLEY, MARTHA (MARTHA FARQUHARSON) - Elsie's Widowhood a Sequel to Elsie's Children
47245: FINLEY, JAMES B. - Autobiography of Rev. James B. Finley Or, Pioneer Life in the West.
44513: FINLEY, MARTHA - Holidays at Roselands
418: FINLEY, MARTHA - Holidays at Roselands
60774: FIPPIN, ELMER OTTERBEIN - Industrial Virginia a Brief Industrial Sketch and Fact Sheet
57535: FISH, TALLU BRINSON JONES - Once Upon an Island; the Story of Fabulous Jekyll, Historical, Pictorial, Legends, Anecdotes
61166: FISHER, HARRISON - The Nightengale
61164: FISHER, HARRISON - Lucinda
61165: FISHER, HARRISON - The Dual
61162: FISHER, HARRISON - The Devil's Due
61167: FISHER, HARRISON - The Last Waltz
61163: FISHER, HARRISON - Serene Thoughts
61161: FISHER, HARRISON - The Nun's Vow
56687: FISHWICK, MARSHALL - Springlore in Virginia
50291: FITCH, HOWARD (EDITOR) - Bulletin of the Musical Box Society International, Spring 1974
50292: FITCH, HOWARD (EDITOR) - Bulletin of the Musical Box Society International, Reminder 1974
50287: FITCH, HOWARD (EDITOR) - Bulletin of the Musical Box Society International, Christmas 1973
50286: FITCH, HOWARD (EDITOR) - Bulletin of the Musical Box Society International, Christmas 1973
50283: FITCH, HOWARD (EDITOR) - Bulletin of the Musical Box Society International, Summer 1973
50284: FITCH, HOWARD (EDITOR) - Bulletin of the Musical Box Society International, Autumn 1973
50285: FITCH, HOWARD (EDITOR) - Bulletin of the Musical Box Society International, Winter 1973
50305: FITCH, HOWARD (EDITOR) - Bulletin of the Musical Box Society International, Autumn 1971
50306: FITCH, HOWARD (EDITOR) - Bulletin of the Musical Box Society International, Christmas1971
50307: FITCH, HOWARD (EDITOR) - Bulletin of the Musical Box Society International, Spring 1972
50308: FITCH, HOWARD (EDITOR) - Bulletin of the Musical Box Society International, Summer 1972
50296: FITCH, HOWARD (EDITOR) - Bulletin of the Musical Box Society International, Spring & Summer 1976
50288: FITCH, HOWARD (EDITOR) - Bulletin of the Musical Box Society International, Directory Supplement 1973
50293: FITCH, HOWARD (EDITOR) - Bulletin of the Musical Box Society International, Spring & Summer 1975
50309: FITCH, HOWARD (EDITOR) - Bulletin of the Musical Box Society International, Reminder 1972
50299: FITCH, HOWARD (EDITOR) - The Musical Box Society International Constitution and By-Laws
50289: FITCH, HOWARD (EDITOR) - Bulletin of the Musical Box Society International, Summer 1974
50278: FITCH, HOWARD (EDITOR) - Bulletin of the Musical Box Society International, Spring 1971
50279: FITCH, HOWARD (EDITOR) - Bulletin of the Musical Box Society International, Winter 1971
50280: FITCH, HOWARD (EDITOR) - Bulletin of the Musical Box Society International, Reminder Issue 1971
50281: FITCH, HOWARD (EDITOR) - Bulletin of the Musical Box Society International, Autumn 1972
50294: FITCH, HOWARD (EDITOR) - Bulletin of the Musical Box Society International, Autumn 1975
50290: FITCH, HOWARD (EDITOR) - Bulletin of the Musical Box Society International, Spring 1974
50297: FITCH, HOWARD (EDITOR) - Bulletin of the Musical Box Society International, Winter 1976
50298: FITCH, HOWARD (EDITOR) - Bulletin of the Musical Box Society International, Winter 1976
50300: FITCH, HOWARD (EDITOR) - The Musical Box Society International Directory of Members and Constitution and By-Laws
50304: FITCH, HOWARD (EDITOR) - Bulletin of the Musical Box Society International, Christmas 1970
50282: FITCH, HOWARD (EDITOR) - Bulletin of the Musical Box Society International, Spring 1973
50295: FITCH, HOWARD (EDITOR) - Bulletin of the Musical Box Society International, Autumn 1975
61443: FITCH, THEODORE - The Beauty and Majesty of Jesus During the Old Testament Period, Jesus Appeared As Lord 43 Times
61183: FITZPATRICK, VINCENT - H.L. Mencken
44718: FITZSIMONS, BERNARD - 150 Years of North American Railroads
49386: FLATBUSH, ADDA M - Methods and Results of Rescue Work,
57495: FLETCHER, JOHN - The New Birth
60537: FLETCHER, HARVEY D. - Visions of Nam, Vol 1,2,3
45186: FLETCHER, LARRY ELTON - Moniteau County Schools History 1810-1984
50985: FLETCHERE, J. - An Appeal to Matter of Fact and Common Sense; Or, a Rational Demonstration of Man's Corrupt and Lost Estate
1014: FLOURNOY, H.W. - Calendar of Virginia State Papers and Other Manuscripts from January 1, 1836 to April 15, 1869 Volume Xi.
53008: FLOURNOY, H. W. - Calendar of Virginia State Papers and Other Manuscripts from January 1, 1799 to Dec 31, 1807. Vol. Ix
60498: FLOWERS, GENNIFER - Gennifer Flowers Passion and Betrayal
40399: FLYNN, CLARENCE E. - The Indianapolis Area of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 1924-1928 a Record and History
58584: FLYNN, DORRIS - Costumes of India
59101: FONERDEN, WILLIAM HENRY DR. - The Institutes of Thomsonism
61666: FORBES, A. P - An Explanation of the Thirty-Nine Articles with an Epistle Dedicatory to the Rev. E.B. Pusey
46542: FORBES, HAROLD M. - West Virginia a Bibliography and Guide to Research
55956: FORCE, M. F - Special Report on the Subject of Pensions at the Ohio Soldiers' and Sailors Home
44441: MEMBERS OF THE ARMED FORCES - The Army Play By Play
57763: FORD, J - In the Steps of John Wesley the Church of the Nazarene in Britain
56379: FORD, JACK - What the Holiness People Believe a Mid-Century Review of Holiness Teaching Among the Holiness Groups of Britain J D Drysdale Memorial Lecture 1954
46986: FORD, W. HERSCHEL - Simple Sermons on the Seven Churches of Revelation
60555: FORD, GERALD R. - A Time to Heal the Autobiography of Gerald R. Ford (Author Signed)
47205: FORDHAM, E. - Little Meg's Children
50129: FORSTER, ADA L - A History of the Christian Church and Church of Christ in Minnesota
45764: FORTUNE, ALONZO WILLARD - The Disciples in Kentucky,
59307: FORTY, GEORGE - German Tanks of World War Two in Action
47214: FOSTER, EUGENE C. - Better Than a Fortune
48512: FOSTER, F. ARTHORP - Vital Records of Carver, Massachusetts to the Year 1850
58802: FOSTER, STEPHEN, ROOT, DEANE - The Swanee River and a Biography of Stephen C. Foster
58385: FOSTER, BUCK T. - Sherman's Mississippi Campaign
47895: FOSTER, STEPHEN - A Treasury of Stephen Foster
58147: FOULKE, JOSEPH - Friends' Almanac for the Year 1862 Being the Second After Bissextile Qr Leap Year
61132: FOWLER, WALLY - Gospel and Spiritual Song Book of Nation Wide Hit Songs
54163: FOX, DENNIS BRYAN - So Long, Doc! (Author Signed)
61280: FOX, JOHN JR. - Hell Fer Sartain
51039: FOX, DONALD W. - Bridges to the Past a Pictorial History of Lawrence County
49470: FOX, EMMET - The Sermon on the Mount
61669: FOX, SELINA FITZHERBERT - Chain of Prayer Across the Ages, Fourty Centuries of Prayer, 2000 B.C. -A.D. 1912
44880: FRAELICH, REE ADAMSON - Adamson-Duvall and Related Families
57672: [STRIKER, FRAN] & HAL ARBO - The Lone Ranger and His Horse Silver Based on the Famous Radio Program
60471: FRANCILLON, RENE J. - Usaaf Medium Bomber Units Eto and Mto, 1942-45
60466: FRANCILLON, RENE J. - Usaaf Figher Units, Europe 1942-45, Aircam/Airwar 8
59392: FRANCILLON, RENE J. - Mcdonnell Douglas Aircraft Since 1920: Vol 1
57615: FRANCIS & JENNIE - Mi Tu Mau Sau Atsi Catechism and Hymn Book
56655: FRANCIS, DICK - 10-Lb Penalty (Author Signed)
56507: FRANCIS, DICK - Straight (Author Signed)
56509: FRANCIS, DICK - 10-Lb. Penalty (Author Signed)
56506: FRANCIS, DICK - Wild Horses (Author Signed)
42888: FRANCKLIN, THOMAS, REV. - The Tragedies of Sophocles, from the Greek with a Disseration on Antient Tragedy.
61184: CRAVEN, WESLEY FRANK & JAMES LEA CATE - The Army Air Forces in World War Ii - Volume Three
61193: CRAVEN, WESLEY FRANK & JAMES LEA CATE - Army Air Forces in World War Ii, Vol. 4 the Pacific: Guadalcanal to Saipan, August 1942 to July 1944
60221: RADEMACHER, FRANK AND CARROL - 1840 United States Census of Franklin County, Illinois
60214: RADEMACHER, FRANK AND CAROL - Marriages of Franklin County, Illinois 1849-1856 and 1857-1865
60213: RADEMACHER, FRANK AND CAROL - Marriages of Franklin County, Illinois First Book
61197: CRAVEN, WESLEY FRANK; & JAMES LEA CATE - The Army Air Forces in World War Ii Volume 2, Europe: Torch to Pointblank, August 1942 to December 1943
55527: BRITAIN), ROYAL SOCIETY (GREAT; EVANS, EDWARD FRANK & J. P. WILSON - Psychophysics and Physiology of Hearing an International Symposium
61196: CRAVEN, WESLEY FRANK; & JAMES LEA CATE - The Army Air Forces in World War Ii, Volume 1 Plans and Early Operations, January 1939 to August 1942
60715: FRANKE, NORMAN HENRY - Pharmaceutical Conditions and Drug Supply in the Confederacy
45748: FRANKENBERG, THEODORE THOMAS - Spectacular Career of Rev. Billy Sunday
45086: FRANKLIN, JULIAN - Brasses
59853: FRANKLIN, JERROLD - Classical Electromagnetism
61141: FRANKS, NORMAN - Search Find and Kill Coastal Commands U Boat Success
48905: FRASER, KATHLEEN - Translating the Unspeakable Poetry and the Innovative Necessity
51586: FRASER, GEORGE MACDONALD - Flashman and the Dragon from the Flashman Papers, 1860
51153: FRASER, GEORGE MACDONALD - Flashman and the Angel of the Lord
51639: FRAZIER, ELIZABETH SWANK - Patrick Shockney and His Descendents
58403: FREDRICH, RAYMOND - Nail Pullers
41594: FREEDMAN, C. MAX - The Razzberry Statement (Author Signed)
59366: FREEMAN, ROGER A. - Combat Profile, B-17g Flying Fortress in World War 2
60467: FREEMAN, ROGER. - Republic Thunderbolt.
51421: FREEMAN, R. AUSTIN - Dr. Thorndyke's Crime File; a Selection of His Most Celebrated Cases Containing, Also, Hitherto Uppublished Maerial About the Famous Detective and His Methods
61328: FREEMAN, ROGER - B-17 Fortress at War
61348: FREEMAN, DAVID (EDITOR) - New York Yankees Magazine, June 20, 1982, Volume 3, Issue 5
61349: FREEMAN, DAVID (EDITOR) - New York Yankees Magazine, June 6, 1982, Volume 3, Issue 4
53485: FREEMAN, ROGER A; ROGERS, COL. H. C. B.; STRAWSON, JOHN - War Monthly, Issue 4
54718: FRENCH, VERN; LEE, RANDALL B. - Model Railroading's Guide to the Norfolk & Western Railway Williamson Terminal - 1953
54329: FRIEDMAN, KINKY - The Love Song of J Edgar Hoover
49680: FRIEDRICH, ORVAL - The Great Ice Sheet & Early Vikings in Mid-America
49678: FRIEDRICH, ORVAL - Dates Designated for Certain Evidences Presented in: The Great Ice Sheet & Early Vikings, Eary Vikings in a New World, Vikings Ho!, Vikings Far & Wide
49683: FRIEDRICH, ORVAL - Vikings Far & Wide
49681: FRIEDRICH, ORVAL - Early Vikings in a New World
45151: FRIENDS, SOCIETY OF - Rules of Discipline of Indiana Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends
60365: FRISBIE, LOUISE - Peace River Pioneers
59036: FRISBIE, LOUISE - Peace River Pioneers
59041: FRISBIE, LOUISE - Peace River Pioneers (Author Signed)
56853: FRITZE, HATTIE BLOSSOM - Fragments
52337: FROLOV, WANDA L.; STAHLHUT, HENRY J. - Katish, Our Russian Cook, a Gourmet Book
59080: FROST, ROBERT - A Witness Tree (Author Signed)
56678: FROST, JOHN E - Colonial Village
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57608: HAWKEYE, HARRY - Tracy the Outlaw King of Bandits
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49667: INDIANA - Biographical History of Indiana Vol 2.
50083: INGALLS, FAY - The Valley Road the Story of Virginia Hot Springs
61274: INGALLS, FAY - The Valley Road, the Story of Virginia Hot Springs (Author Signed)
59150: INGRAHAM, J. H - The Pillar of Fire Or, Israel in Bondage
41079: INSKIP, JOHN S. - Holiness Miscellany Essays By Adam Clarke, Richard Watson, Bishop Foster, Geo. Peck, Alfred Cookman, J.A. Wood, E.M. Levy, D. Steele
58135: INSLEE, FRANCES ARCHBOLD, KALTENECKER, AVLEDEAN FREED - Mr. Parker Bought a Town, the Story of Parkersburg, West Virginia
57550: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR & BUREAU OF INDIAN AFFAIRS - Indians of the Gulf Coast States
52115: INTERVISUAL, - Dinosaurs and Their Relatives in Action
56726: ALEXANDER SPOTSWOOD | LESTER J. CAPPON (INTRODUCTION) - Iron Works at Tuball Terms and Conditions for Their Lease As Stated By Alexander Spotswood on the Twentieth Day of July 1739
58137: IRELAND, IMOGENE B. - Song-Book for the Girl Reserves of the Young Women's Christian Associations
56097: AMERICAN IRON AND STEEL INSTITUTE - Light Gage Cold-Formed Steel Design Manual
54394: IRONSIDE, H. A - Daniel Lectures on Daniel the Prophet
61412: IRONSIDE, H. A - Addresses on the Gospel of John
50146: IRONSIDE, GEORGE - Vickers Machine Gun (Model of 1915) |Mark Iv Tripod, Handbook
59549: IRONSIDE, H.A. - Notes on Philippians (New Ed. , Revised)
53914: IRONSIDE, H. A - Addresses on the Gospel of Luke
54436: IRONSIDE, H. A. - The Lamp of Prophesy
54393: IRONSIDE, HENRY A. - Addresses on the Epistles of John and an Exposition on the Epistle of Jude
59096: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Voyages and Discoveries of the Companions of Columbus
57093: IRWIN, GEORGE JUNKIN - War Letters, 1917-'19, of Professor George Junkin Irwin
61315: IRWIN, STEPHEN - The Providers, Hunting and Fishing Methods of the North American Natives
1851: ISAAC, D (DANIEL) - The Doctrine of Universal Restoration Examined and Refuted; and the Objections to That of Endless Punishment Considered and Answered: Being a Reply. . . Messrs. Winchester, Vidler, Wright and Weaver
52287: ISAACS, SUSAN - Shining Through (Author Signed)
41263: MCDONALD, MICHAEL J. & WILLIAM BRUCE WHEELER - Knoxville, Tennessee Continuity and Change in an Appalachian City
57139: CAPPON, LESTER J. & IRA V. BROWN (EDITORS). - New Market, Virginia, Imprints, 1806-1876 a Check-List.
58604: JONES, U. J. AND FLOYD G. HOENSTINE - History of the Early Settlement of the Juniata Valley. Embracing an Account of the Early Pioneers, and the Trials and Privations Incident to the Settlement of the Valley, Predatory Incursions, Massacres, and Abductions By the Indians During the French and
44621: BRIGGS, WILLIAM J. & HENRY CAUTHEN - The Cotton Man
56712: LUCAS, JACK & D. K. DRUM - Indestructible the Unforgettable Story of a Marine Hero at the Battle of Iwo Jima
61564: JACKSON, GEORGE A. - The Apostolic Fathers; and, the Fathers of the Third Century
58484: JACKSON, RONALD VERN - First Census of the United States, 1790, New York
58485: JACKSON, RONALD VERN - South Carolina 1800 Census
58486: JACKSON, RONALD VERN - South Carolina 1850 Census Index
58489: JACKSON, RONALD VERN - South Carolina 1820 Census Index
58478: JACKSON, RONALD VERN - Florida 1830 Census Index
58472: JACKSON, RONALD VERN - South Carolina 1860 Census Index
58473: JACKSON, RONALD VERN - Alabama 1820 Census Index
58475: JACKSON, RONALD VERN - Alabama 1850 Census Index
51387: JACKSON, CORTES - Life of David, Son of Jesse the Book of Psalms Translated out of the Original Hebrew and with Former Translations Compared and Revised, with Eleven Hundred Prophetic References
61103: JACKSON, FRANCIS - Account Book of Francis Jackson, Treasurer the Vigilance Committee of Boston
57793: JACOB, JOHN J - A Biographical Sketch of the Life of the Late Captain Michael Cresap with an Introduction By Otis K. Rice
56817: JACOBS, WALTER (EDITOR) - M. Carcassi's Method for the Guitar
60836: JAKEWAY, DON - Paratroopers Do Or Die!!
61149: CARVILLE, JAMES & MARY MATALIN - Love & War Twenty Years, Three Presidents, Two Daughters and One Louisiana Home
1278: JAMES, EDGAR - James Boys, the Missouri Bandits: The Notorious James Brothers
48508: JAMES, MARQUIS - The Cherokee Strip, a Tale of an Oklahoma Boyhood (Author Signed)
43607: CAWLEY, JAMES & MARGARET - Exploring the Little Rivers of New Jersey
212: BALDWIN, JAMES AND IDA BENDER - Reading with Expression Fourth Reader
56686: ABERCROMBY, JAMES & JOHN C. VAN HORNE & GEORGE REESE - The Letter Book of James Abercromby Colonial Agent, 1751-1773 (Author Signed)
58656: JAMESON, MRS. - Visits and Sketches at Home and Abroad with Tales and Miscellanies Now First Collected (Vol 1)
57260: CURTIS, WILL & JANE AND FRANK LIEBERMAN - Times Gone By Woodstock, Views of an Early Vermont Village (Author Signed)
3552: WOOD, ROBERT E; BALAVAGE, JANE & JANE BALAVAGE - The Mouse Who Wanted to Stay in the Trap
52820: JAY, W. M. L. - Shiloh; Or, without and Within
61268: WALZ, JAY AND AUDREY - The Undiscovered Country,
58271: DIXON, JEANE & RENE NOORBERGEN - Jeane Dixon My Life and Prophecies
59792: REYNOLDS, JEANNE AND BESSIE DECOSSE (COMPILERS AND EDITORS) - Two Towns; Two Centuries. Compiled and Edited for the Clifton-Fine Bicentennial Committee By Jeanne Reynolds and Bessie Decosse. Illustrations By Kenneth H. Campbell.
57083: JEFFERS, JACK - Appalachian Byways
58569: ETHELL, JEFFREY & ALFRED PRICE - One Day in a Long War May 10, 1972 Air War, North Vietnam
49376: JENKINS, BURRIS - American Religion As I See It Lived
59106: JENKINS, WILLIAM M. JR - And I'll Throw in the Socks the Memoirs of a Kentucky Storekeeper
52707: JENSEN, VERYL M - Early Days on the Upper Willamette,
51144: JENYNS, SOAME (TRANSLATOR) - Selections from the Three Hundred Poems of the T'ang Dynasty
51145: JENYNS, SOAME. - A Further Selection from the Three Hundred Poems of the T'ang Dynasty.
58591: JERRERS, ROBINSON - Medea Freely Adapted Fromt the Medea of Euripides By Robinson Jeffers
59275: SCUTTS, JERRY & TOM TULLIS & DON GREER - Mosquito in Action Part 1 - Aircraft No. 127
61182: DEMINT, JIM & BEN CARSON - Falling in Love with America Again
59353: MESKO, JIM & DON GREER - Armor in Vietnam, a Pictorial History - Specials Series
58261: JIRASEK, FRANZ JOS (JOSF) - Volks- Und Heimatkunde Des Politischen Bezirkes Hohenelbe Und Der Deutschen Gemeinden Der Im Westen Angrenzenden Gerichtsbezirke Neupakau Und Starkenbach. Unter Mitwirkung Von Mitgliedern Des Arnauer Und Des Hohenelber Lehr
47271: JIVIDEN, JIMMY - Tongue Speaking from God Or Man?
61187: JLO - 1967 Jlo Engines Typ L 292 Spare Parts Manual
45114: BREEBAART, JOERI AND PEIT - When I Die, Will I Get Better?
60969: LAMBERT, JOHN & DAVID HILL - The Submarine Alliance
41432: SPARGO, JOHN & ILLUSTRATED - Covered Wooden Bridges of Bennington County-Historical and Descriptive Account
58791: TRIBBEKO, JOHN & GEORGE RUPERTI - Lists of Germans from the Palatinate Who Came to England in 1709
61508: HARE, WM JOHN & PRISCILLA T. HARE - Tasha Tudor, the Direction of Her Dreams a Bio-Bibliography
58160: BUNYAN, JOHN & FREDERICK BARNARD - Bunyan's Pilgrims Progress
60587: GLENN, JOHN & NICK TAYLOR - John Glenn a Memoir
52007: GRUELLE, JOHNNY & JOHNNY GRUELLE I - Raggedy Ann in the Deep Deep Woods
60803: JOHNSEN, FREDERICK A. - Thundering Peacemaker. The B-36 in Words & Pictures
60361: JOHNSON, RAYMOND W - Postmark Mekong Delta
55929: JOHNSON, SARAH - The Very Telling Conversations with American Writers
44463: JOHNSON, BILL (EDITOR) - Oakland Centennial a Century to Be Proud of a Future Unlimited
59747: JOHNSON, J.GLOVER - Highroads of the Universe
40662: JOHNSON, ROY LEE - The Baptists of Tierra Blanca, a History of Tierra Blanca Baptist Association of Texas from 1905 to 1945, Including a Story of the Churches of the Association
61233: JOHNSON, MALCOLM B - Red, White, and Bluebloods in Frontier Florida
52887: JOHNSON, WALTER H. - Bicentennial History of Gorham, Maine 1736-1936
53526: JOHNSON, JAMES WELDON - God's Trombones Seven Negro Sermons in Verse
45763: JOHNSON, DR. - The Poetical Works of Alexander Pope, Esq, Including His Translation of Homer, to Which Is Prefixed the Life of the Author
56747: JOHNSON, STANLEY S - Magnetic and Gravity Surveys of Albemarle and Fluvanna Counties, Virginia
60708: JOHNSON, OLIVER - A Home in the Woods; Oliver Johnson's Reminiscences of Early Marion County,
61099: JOHNSON, ARTA F - The Origins, Development, & Meanings of German Names
59694: JOHNSON, ELIZABETH, E.R. CONNER III, MARY H. FERGUSON - History in a Horseshoe Curve the Story of Sudley Methodist Church and Its Community
46160: JOHNSTON, DR. ROE H. - Assassination's Aftermath
44032: JOHNSTON, GEORGE BURKE - Thomas Chalmers Mccorvey Teacher, Poet, Historian
53375: JOHNSTON, HERMAN FLOYD - A Cloud of Witnesses
44736: JOHNSTON, MARY GRACE - Paper Sculpture Revised and Enlarged
61369: JOINER, EDWARD EARL - A History of Florida Baptists
44846: JOINER, EDWARD EARL - A History of Florida Baptists
61018: JONES, THELMA - Piety Hill Wayzata 1850
61422: JONES, LAURENCE C. - Piney Woods and Its Story (Author Signed)
60807: JONES, AUGUSTINE - Moses Brown a Sketch
61353: JONES, LENA BOMAN - Some Descendants of Shore, Rominger, Holder, Butner, Boman, Jones
57468: JONES, ROBERT A. - Confederate Corsair the Life of Lt. Charles W. "Savez" Read
52145: JONES, H. G. (ED.). - North Carolina History an Annotated Bibliography.
44832: JONES, ROMAINE ATEN - Early Jackson
56112: JONES, T.P. - Jackson (Author Signed)
51178: JONES, PAUL JOHN - The Irish Brigade
50388: JONES, JOHN PRICE - The German Secret Service in America,
46838: JONES, JOSEPH H. D. D. (1797-1868) - The Brazen Serpent, Or Faith in Christ Illustrated
42865: JONES, REV. J. CYNDDYLAN (EDITOR) - The Welsh Pulpit of to-Day: Sermons By Welsh Ministers
58916: JONES, SAM P. - Sermons and Sayings. First Series
58844: JONES, PAULINE PARKER - This Is Gardendale the Story of the Founding and Growth of Our City Gardendale, Alabama
61319: JONES, BILLY M. - Health-Seekers in the Southwest, 1817-1900
59974: JOOSEP, ELMAR (EDITIOR) - Parnu Uhisgumnaasium, Alguseste Aastani 1952
59104: JORDAN, ELAINE BLOHM - Tales of Pine Island
46084: JOSEPHUS, FLAVIUS - The Genuine Works of Flavius Josephus, the Jewish Historian Containing Twenty Books of the Jewish Antiquities, Seven Books of the Jewish War, Two . . . Of the Maccebbees, and the Life of Josephus,
60621: NOVAK, JOSIP & DAVID SPENCER - Hrvatski Orlovi Paratroopers of the Independent State of Croatia, 1942-1945
61126: JOYCE, JOHN A - A Checkered Life
57254: POWELL, LEWIS F. JR. & CARLISLE H. HUMELSINE - New Vistas to the Past
59246: BEAMAN, JOHN R. JR. & JERRY L. CAMPBELL & DON GREER - Messerschmitt Bf 109 in Action, Part 1 - Aircraft No. 44
67: JUDY, IDA M. - John Champe, the Soldier and the Man
51694: GRANBERRY, JULIAN & GARY VESCELIUS - Languages of the Pre-Columbian Antilles
59781: JULICH, LOUISE MILAM - Roster of Revolutionary Soldiers and Patriots in Alabama
60798: HALDEMAN-JULIUS, E - An Agnostic Looks at Life Challenges of a Militant Pen
59971: JURJO, INDREK - Pagulus Ja Noukogude Eesti Vaateid Kgb, Ekp Ja Veska Arhivvidokumentide Pohjal
58128: JUVENALIS - D. Junii Juvenalis, Et Avli Persii Flacci Satyrae in Usum Schola Westmonasteriensis,and Aul I, Persii Flacci Satyrae, in Usum Schola Westmonasteriensis,
61087: WHITCOMB, ESTHER K. ET AL EDITORS - History of Bolton 1738-1938
59970: KAASIK, ULO - Matemaatika Leksikon
44986: KAIN, ROBERT C. - In the Valley of the Little Big Horn June 25-26, 1876
59742: KALAFATAS, MICHAEL N. - The Bellstone the Greek Sponge Divers of the Aegean, One American's Journey Home (Author Signed)
60147: LEX KAMPHUIS, BOOK LOAN LIBRARIAN - Book Loan Catalog for the New England Historic Genealogical Society Two Volumes
57947: KANAREV, PHILIPP M. - The Analytical Theory of Spectroscopy
58290: KANE, HARNETT THOMAS, - Spies for the Blue and Gray. (Author Signed)
61593: KANNIK, PREBEN - Military Uniforms in Color,
49573: KAPPELER, MAX - The Science of the Oneness of Being in the Christian Sciience Textbook
49582: KAPPELER, MAX - Epitomes for the Spiritually Structured Interpretation of the Christian Science Textbook
54577: KARSLAKE, BASIL - 1940-the Last Act the Story of the British Forces in France After Dunkirk
61159: KARUKS, URVE - Savi
42264: KAUFELT, DAVID A. - The Fat Boy Murders (Author Signed)
57593: KEEN, S. A - Pentecostal Sanctification and Other Topics
60137: KEITH, ROBERT C - Baltimore Harbor a Picture History
40379: KEITH, CHARLES P. - Chronicles of Pennsylvania from the English Revolution to the Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle 1688-1748
41268: KEITH, DON - The Forever Season (Author Signed)
41269: KEITH, DON - The Forever Season (Author Signed)
60099: KELDER, JAAN - Keda Me Valisime? Who We Chose
50906: KELLER, DAVID HENRY - 101 Real Life Sex Questions and Answers in Words and Pictures
46915: KELLOGG, SAMUEL H - The Past a Prophecy of the Future, and Other Sermons
61142: KELLY, TOM - Around the Edges 2

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