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J70347: Sprengel,Klementine - BUNTE JUGENDBILDER [Colourful Pictures for Youth]. Zwei Erzählungen [Im Alten Eckhause oder sech wochen Ferien + Leo und Lili] für die reifere Jugend .. Mit sechs feinen Farbendruckbildern nach Aquarellen von W. Schäfer.
A51215: Sproat,Ian compiles & edits - CRICKETERS' WHO'S WHO 1988
J53869: Spurgeon,Maureen - ON THE FARM
J67388: Spurgeon,Maureen - ON THE FARM pop-up picture story
N66112: Spurgeon,Maureen - DANNY THE DIGGER
J73145: Spyri, Johanna (1827-1901) - AUS DEN SCHWEIZER BERGEN Drei Geschichten fur Kinder und auch fur Solche, welche die Kinder lieb haben.
A71960: Stafford-Clark,David - WHAT FREUD REALLY SAID
J60686: Stahl,P.-J) though no author given on titlepage - LITTLE ROSY'S VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY undertaken in company with her cousin Charley
J67771: Stebbing,Grace - THAT BOTHER OF A BOY
A72829: Stephens,Theo. A. & A.T. Johnson - MY GARDEN'S CHOICE of Rock Plants Trees and Flowering Shrubs and Herbaceous Plants
V66253: Sternhold,Thomas & John Hopkins & others - WHOLE BOOK OF PSALMS Collected into English Metre .. Conferred with the Hebrew ..
J53128: Stevens,Harry - WHO'S THAT?
N46918: Stevens,Harry - WHO'S THAT?
J74996: Stevenson, Robert Louis - A CHILD'S GARDEN OF VERSES [miniature edition]
J63617: Stewart,Alexander - COMPENDIUM OF MODERN GEOGRAPHY political, physical and mathematical ..
V75231: Stewart, Sir James (but not here named) - AN INDEX or ABRIDGEMENT OF THE ACTS OF PARLIAMENT made by K.James the I, II, III, IV, V, QUEEN MARY, Ja.VI, KING CHARLES I AND CHARLES II. Kings and Queens of Scotland. Digested into Heads, Set down after the Order of the Alphabet.
V67751: Stillingfleet, Edward (1635-1699) - ORIGINES SACRAE or a Rational Account of the Grounds of Christian Faith, as to the Truth and Divine Authority of the Scriptures, And the matters therein contained.
F59243: Stockdale,Louise - LOVERS OF THE LAND poems and illustrations foreword by Sir Arthur Bryant
V70568: Stonhouse,James (Sir James (also Rev.& M.D.) formerly of St.John's Oxford) - RELIGIOUS INSTRUCTION OF CHILDREN RECOMMENDED
J47810: Storey,Pamela (illustrator) - MY POP-UP NURSERY RHYMES Jack & Jill
J50295: Storey,Pamela (illustrator) - SNOW WHITE Pop-up Picture Story
J46917: Pamela Storey (illustrator) - MY POP-UP NURSERY RHYMES Sing a song of Sixpence
J68236: Story,Florence M. - MASTER TRAVERS
J50019: See & Say Storybooks - THREE LITTLE KITTENS
V60736: Stow,J.P. - SOUTH AUSTRALIA: its History, Productions, and Natural Resources.
V74810: Strabo (edited by Heresbach, Hopper and others) - STRABONIS DE SITU ORBIS LIBRI XVII [Title also given in Greek] Graece & latine simul iam, in eorum qui pariter & Geographiae et utriusque linguae studiosi sunt, gratiam editi: olim quidem, ut putatur a Guarino Veronensi, & Gregorio Trifernate in latinum conversi: ac deinde Conradi Heresbachij opera ad eius generis autorum fidem recogniti: nunc vero postremum .. Accessit Rerum et Verborum memorabilium locupletiss[imum] Index.
V48003: Strada, Jacobus (1507-1588) - EPITOME THESAURI ANTQUITATUM, hoc est, Impp(eratorum) Rom(anorum) Orientalium et Occidentalium Iconum, ex antiquis Numismatibus quam fidelissime deliniatarum. Ex Musaeo Iacobi de Strada Mantuani Antiquarii.
J56003: Strang,Herbert edits - GREAT BOOK OF SHIPS
A51340: Stratford,Esme Wingfield- - HISTORY OF BRITISH CIVILIZATION
J74709: Strickland, Agnes - TALES AND STORIES FROM HISTORY in two volumes.
V75194: Strype,John - THE LIFE AND ACTS OF MATTHEW PARKER First Archbishop of Canterbury in the Reign of QUEEN ELIZABETH Under Whose Primacy and Influence the Reformation of Religion Was Happily Effected; and the Church of England, Restored, and Established.
J72250: Stuart,Marie (retold by) - ALADDIN - ALI BABA A Ladybird Special
A74843: Stuart, Gene S. - SECRETS FROM THE PAST
V61454: Stumpff, Johannes (otherwise Stumpf, 1500-1577) - KEYSER HEINRYCHS DES VIERDTEN, Hertzogen zuo Francken und am Rhyn &c, fuenfftzigjaerige HISTORIA (50-year History) ... durch Johann Stumpffen auss den alten waarhafften latinischen Gschichtschreybern fleyssig zuosamen in teutsche Spraach gezogen, mit schoenen Figuren beziert ...
B61298: Suanders,Howard revised by William Eagle Clarke - MANUAL OF BRITISH BIRDS
J73517: Sunbeam, Susie [Mrs. Henry MacKarness] - THE CHILD'S BOOK OF GAMES. By Susie Sunbeam.
V73582: Suter, J[acob] (1805-1874) - COSTUMES SUISSES Dessine´s d'après Nature
A51568: Sutherland,C.H.V. - GOLD its Beauty, Power and Allure
F72084: Sutton,Margaret - THE MOST NOBLE ORDER
A74833: Svendsen, Dr. Elisabeth D. - DONKEY TALES
F67739: Swain,Charles - THE MIND and other poems by Charles Swain
J75073: V.M.Swamy - SWAN'S NEST
A59165: Swanton,E.W. - SWANTON IN AUSTRALIA with MCC 1946-1975
A67717: Swinnerton,Frank - A GALAXY OF FATHERS
J73105: Swinson, Cyril (edits) Peter Shaw Baker, K.F. Baker and others - TWENTY MORE ANIMAL STORIES
V72229: Sydenham,Thomas translated from the Latin by John Pechey M.D. - THE WHOLE WORKS OF THAT EXCELLENT PRACTICAL PHYSICIAN DR. THOMAS SYDENHAM: Wherein Not only the History and Cures of Acute Diseases are treated of .. But also the Shortest and Safest Way of Curing most Chronical Diseases. The Seventh Edition: Corrected from the Original Latin, By John Pechey M.D. Of the College of Physicians in London.
C48557: Symonds,John Addington - Cellini) LIFE OF BENVENUTO CELLINI newly translated into English
V74759: By the author of "Doctor Syntax" [William Combe 1742-1823] - THE ENGLISH DANCE OF DEATH, from the designs of Thomas ROWLANDSON, with metrical illustrations, by the author of "Doctor Syntax." Vol.I + Vol.II.
J71677: Tabor,Eliza afterwards Stephenson] author of "When I was a Little Girl," "St. Olaves" etc. - NINE YEARS OLD .. illustrated by L. Frölich
A63539: Tacitus (edited Joh. August Ernest, Jac. Oberlin) - C. CORNELII TACITI OPERA
J73510: Tainsh, E.C. (Edward Campbell Tainsh) - MR. JOHNSTON'S SCHOOL; or, The New Master.
C51578: Tait,Hugh - PORCELAIN
A73110: Talbot, Godfrey (contributing editor) - H.M. QUEEN ELIZABETH II A Celebration of Forty Years
V67911: Talbot,B. - COMPLEAT ART OF LAND-MEASURING; or, A guide to practical surveying: teaching an exact method of measuring and mapping of lands, woods, waters, etc. by the catoptric sextant, and of casting up the same by the pen ... To which is added an appendix, containing a new theory of the catoptric sectant and its use ... also, instructions for measuring of standing timber with several plain and useful tables.
A72407: Tangye,Derek - COTTAGE ON A CLIFF
A74048: Tangye, Derek - A CORNISH SUMMER
A74050: Tangye, Derek - A GULL ON THE ROOF The beginning of the idyllic Minarck legend.
A74045: Tangye, Derek - A DONKEY IN THE MEADOW
A74046: Tangye, Derek - A DRAKE AT THE DOOR
A74047: Tangye, Derek - LAMA The latest enchanting bestseller by the author of A Cat in the Window
L47802: Tann,William - MIDLANDERS WHO MAKE HISTORY Vol.2
J47853: Tanner,Suzy-Jane - COLOURS
B52530: Tartak,Laura - COCKATIELS
F56037: Tatum.J.W - VIEW OF THE TOWN, A
E69415: Taylor, Jefferys - AESOP IN RHYME with some Originals
J47136: Taylor, David - NATURE'S CREATURES OF THE DARK A Pop-up Exploration
J58353: Taylor, the Rev. Isaac - SCENES IN ENGLAND. For the Amusement and Instruction of little Tarry-at-home Travellers.
J72027: Taylor, Ann (1782-1866) [later Mrs. Gilbert] - MY MOTHER
J69211: Taylor, Issac - SCENES OF BRITISH WEALTH in Produce, Manufactures, and Commerce for the Amusement & Instruction of Little Tarry-at-home travellers.
K50924: Taylor, David - ALCOHOL reducing the Harm
J70778: Taylor, Jessie Louise - IRISH TWINS fold-a-way dolls from LADIES HOME JOURNAL
E69476: Taylor, John Edward - MOUSE AND HER FRIENDS with other stories
J61512: Taylor, I[saac] - BEGININGS OF EUROPEAN BIOGRAPHY Middle Ages
V56266: Taylor, John (Cruikshank illustrated) - MONSIEUR TONSON
A73689: Taylor, Meadows - A STUDENT'S MANUAL OF THE HISTORY OF INDIA. From the Earliest Period to the Present. Third Edition.
A53756: Taylor, Desmond Shawe- - COVENT GARDEN
J60902: Temple,Nigel - SEEN & NOT HEARD
J67306: Temple,Crona (ie Clara Corfield) - WAVIE the foundling of Glenderg
F72531: Temple,Crona [pseudonym of Clara Corfield] - GRIFFINHOOF
F51606: Tennyson, Alfred Lord (1809-1892) edited by Charles Tennyson his grandson - THE DEVIL AND THE LADY Edited by Charles Tennyson his grandson
J67617: Terrell,Dorothy A. Beckett - SISTER-IN-CHIEF (the £250 Prize Story for Girls)
J70455: By the author of "Ellen Terry" - ANN SCOTT, a Village School Girl
J65481: Editor of The School and Family Testament - WISDOM IN MINIATURE; or, the young Gentleman's and Lady's Pleasing Instructor: being a Collection of Sentences, Divine Moral, and Historical; selected from .. learned Authors, both antient and modern .. a Pocket Companion for Youth of both Sexes.
J47832: Author of Six Months in the 4th. - AUSTIN PRIZE
F71551: Thackeray,William Makepeace (1811-1863) - THE WORKS OF WILLIAM MAKEPEACE THACKERAY in 26 volumes Vol. XXI BALLADS and THE ROSE AND THE RING
V64496: Thackeray,W.M.) Pendennis (Richard Doyle illustrator) - NEWCOMES, The Memoires of a most respectable Family edited by Arthur Pendennis
F54497: Thackeray, W.M.] (title reads by Mr. M.A. Titmarsh) - MRS. PERKINS'S BALL by Mr. M.A. Titmarsh
F54494: Thackeray,W.M.) (title reads by Mr. M.A. Titmarsh) - OUR STREET
V47111: Thatcher's - ALBUM OF BRISTOL & CLIFTON
J75064: Thekla - IN THE DAYS OF THE GIRONDE A Story for Girls ..qirh coloured illustrations by W.E.Wigfull
V74272: Theodoret, Bishop of Cyrus edited by Henricus Valesius - HISTORIA ECCLESIASTICA [Title also in Greek] item excerpta ex historiis Philostorgii et Theodori Lectoris. Henricus Valesius Graeca ex MSS. Codicibus emendavit, Latine vertit, & Annotationibus illustravit.
V48004: Theognis and other Greek poets, compiled by Friedrich Sylberg - THEOGNIDIS, PHOCYLIDIS, PYTHAGORAE, SOLONIS & aliorum POEMATA GNOMICA. Graecis ex adverso Latina interpretatio apposita .. Opera Frederici Sylbergeii [preceded by Title in Greek].
J72427: Thieret,H. illustrator - LE PETIT POUCET
V68639: Thomas,Robert B. - OLD FARMER'S ALMANACK calculated on a new and improved plan,for the year of our Lord 1873 (No.81)
V73273: Thomas a Becket, Saint (1118?-1170) - EPISTOLAE ET VITA DIVI THOMAE MARTYRIS et Archi-Episcopi Cantuariensis. Nec non epistolae Alexandri III Pontificis, Galliae Regis Ludovici Septimi, Angliae Regis Henrici II, aliarumque .. Concernentes Sacerdotii et Imperii Concordiam. In lucem productae ex MS. Vaticano: Opera & studio F. Christiani Lupi, Iprensis ..
A67313: Thompson,John Cloudsley-Thompson & Eric Duffey - DESERTS AND GRASSLANDS
J62263: Thompson,Kay - ELOISE
F50976: Thomson,A.A. & Falkland L. Cary - MURDER AT THE MINISTRY
J60444: Thorna - THE OLD LOVE illustrated by L. Hocknell
J74989: Thorne, Eglanton - PHIL'S MOTHER
V75291: Thornton,Col Thomas (1751-1823). - SPORTING TOUR THROUGH FRANCE ..2 volumes
V74394: Thorpe, Rosa Hartwick (1850-1939) - CURFEW MUST NOT RING TO-NIGHT
A71905: Thorpe,William Veale & H.Geoffrey Bray & Sybil P.James - BIOCHEMISTRY FOR MEDICAL STUDENTS
A73059: Thorpe,Rosa Hartwick - CURFEW MUST NOT RING TO-NIGHT Illustrated
F59557: Catter Thun (pseudonym of Hugh Mackenzie Campbell) - EDINBURGH SKETCHES DURING ASSEMBLY TIME
V53003: Tickell, John (d. 1694) - THE HISTORY OF THE TOWN AND COUNTY OF KINGSTON Upon HULL, From its Foundation in the Reign of Edward the First To the present Time, with a description of Part of the adjacent Country, Embellished With engraved Views of Public Buildings an Ancient and Modern Plan of the Town And several Antiquities, By Revd. John Tickell.
A46807: Tickler,Tom editor - WORLD OF RACING
V75055: Tillotson,John - BEAUTIES OF ENGLISH SCENERY With Thirty-Five Engravings on Steel
V75118: Tindal, N[icholas] (1687-1774) (Joseph Spence 1699-1768) - A GUIDE TO CLASSICAL LEARNING; or Polymetis abridged.
J74449: Titmarsh, Mr. M.A. [William Makepiece Thackeray] - DOCTOR BIRCH and his Young Friends by Mr. M. A. Titmarsh.
J75074: Todd, Rev.John (1800-1873) - LECTURES TO CHILDREN familiarly illustrating important Truth SECOND SERIES.
A53809: Todd,Colin editor - ALL STARS FOOTBALL BOOK 1975
V70798: Tomasini, Giacomo Filippo (1595-1655) - PETRARCHA REDIVIVUS, integram poetae celeberrimi vitam iconibus aere celatis exhibens. Accessit nobilissimae foeminae,Laurae Brevis Historia.
J62295: Toudouze,Georges Gustave- - SOUS-MARINS FANTOMES
A59111: Toulouse-Lautrec,Henri de (edit. Lucien Goldschmidt & Herbert Schimmel) - UNPUBLISHED CORRESPONDENCE OF HENRI DE TOULOUSE-LAUTREC 273 letters by and about ..
V72165: Continental Tourist - BELGIUM AND NASSAU; or The Continental Tourist. Commencing at Antwerp, and proceeding .. to Frankfort on the Main. Illustrated with Numerous Steel Engravings and Maps of Cities.
V72166: Continental Tourist - BELGIUM AND NASSAU; or The Continental Tourist. Commencing at Antwerp, and proceeding .. to Frankfort on the Main. Illustrated with Numerous Steel Engravings and Maps of Cities.
J58589: Tourtel, Mary (1897-1940) - RUPERT AND THE WONDERFUL BOOTS by Mary Tourtel
F52930: Townley,Pamela - STONE MAIDEN
E74355: Aesop translated Samuel Croxall edited by Rev. Geo. Fyler Townsend - THE FABLES OF AESOP Translated into English by Samuel Croxall, D.D. With New Applications, Morals, &c. by the Rev. Geo. Fyler Townsend, Editor of "The Arabian Nights' Entertainments" .. With Eighty Original Illustrations.
J72287: Valentine's book toys (die cut shape books) - BABY BUNTING
V71067: S.P.C.K. Tracts by Thomas Broughton (1712-1777 former Secretary to the Society), Richard Lucas, Josiah Woodward and others - RELIGIOUS TRACTS, Dispersed by the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. In Twelve Volumes [1800-1804] Vol. X. [only of 12].
F70485: Tranter,Nigel - THE GILDED FLEECE a Novel
J47457: Travers, P.L. (1899-1996) - HAPPY EVER AFTER Illustrations by Mary Shepard
A74090: Trickett, Thomas - FOOTBALL CROSSWORDS 1st Season
V72051: Trollope,Anthony (1815-1882) - THE WEST INDIES AND THE SPANISH MAIN.
F73248: Trollope, Joanna - THE RECTOR'S WIFE
F72791: Trollope,Anthony (1815-1882) - THE WARDEN with an introduction by Anthony Cockshut
J63126: Trumble,Mike based on a story by Alfred Bestall - RUPERT AND THE HAZELNUT
J63127: Trumble,Mike based on a story by Alfred Bestall - RUPERT AND THE DRAGON SWEETS
J72363: Tucker,Annie - THROUGH THE GATES
A73883: Tuckwell, Rev. W. - HORACE (Bell's Miniature Series of Great Writers)
A71809: Tuormaa,Tuula E - AN ALTERNATIVE TO PSYCHIATRY forward Prof. D. Bryce-Smith
J74398: Turner, R., Jun. LL.D. (1753-1788) of Magdalen College, Oxford - AN EASY INTRODUCTION TO THE ARTS AND SCIENCES being a short but comprehensive system of useful and polite learning, divided into Lessons. Illustated [sic] with cuts, and adapted to the use of schools and academies.
A74612: Turner, Helen - HENRY WELLCOME The Man, his Collection and his Legacy.
A72827: Turner,L.G. - ROSES An Ilford Colour Book of Flower Identification
A60164: Turner,W.J. - ENGLISH MUSIC
V72000: Tusser,Thomas (1524?-1580) - FIVE HUNDRED POINTS OF HUSBANDRY: directing What Corn, Grass, &c. is proper to be sown; what Trees to be planted; how Land is to be improved: With whatever is fit to be done for the Benefit of the FARMER in every Month of the YEAR. By Thomas Tusser, Esq; To which are added, Notes and Observations explaining many obsolete Terms used & what is agreeable to the present Practice in several Counties of this Kingdom. A Work very necessary & useful for Gentlemen, as well as Occupiers of Land, whether Wood-Ground or Tillage and Pasture.
J68280: Tweedie, W.K.] (but only initals WKT given at end of Preface) - DAILY DUTY, A Book for Girls
V74755: Tyas, Robert (1811-1879) - FLOWERS FROM FOREIGN LANDS; Their History and Botany, with concise descriptions of their native regions .. with twelve coloured groups of flowers, designed and coloured by James Andrews.
F49573: Tyler, J.E.A. & edited by S.A. Tyler (Kevin Reilly illustrator) - TOLKIEN COMPANION
V66527: Tytler, Sarah (illustrated by Sir Joshua Reynolds) - CHILDHOOD a hundred years ago .. With six Chromos after paintings by Sir Joshua Reynolds.
J67793: Tytler,Sarah pseudo of Henrietta Keddie - GIRL NEIGHBOURS or the Old Fashion and the New
C62824: Uhde,W. - VAN GOGH
J72380: Umphelby,Fanny] (titlepage only lists as "by a Lady") - CHILD'S GUIDE TO KNOWLEDGE Being a Collection of Useful & Familiar Questions & Answers on Every-day Subjects. Adapted for Young Persons and arranged in the most simple and easy language.
N68792: Kubasta Panascopic pop-up - RICKY THE RABBIT
V72330: Urban, Sylvanus [pseudonym] - THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, For July, 1800.
V72346: Urban,Sylvanus [pseudonym of Edward Cave] - THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, and Historical Chronicle. Volume XVI. For the Year M.DCC.XLVI [1746 with Titlepage & Preface + 6 monthly issues complete + Supplement + 4 monthly issues complete from] Volume XVII 1747.
V74007: Urban, Sylvanus [pseudonym of publisher David Henry] - THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, and Historical Chronicle. Volume XXII. For the YEAR M.DCC.LII [1752]
V72350: Urban,Sylvanus [pseudonym of publisher David Henry] - THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, and Historical Chronicle. Volume XLIV. For the YEAR M.DCCLXXIV [1774]. Part I January-June 1774 and Part II July-December 1774.
J56834: Urquhart,Jennifer C - CREATURES OF THE DESERT WORLD a National Geographic action book
V66872: Ursin,Johann Heinrich) Joh. Henrici Ursini - HOSEAS, commentario Literali ex optimis Interpretibus concinnato, per Analysin & Exegesin Textus ita enucleatus, Ut simul usus Doctrinae Propheticae, in Thesi & Antithesi infinuetur breviter & perspicue. Opus Postumum
J57868: Usher,Nora C. - ELSIE'S SACRIFICE
J55883: Usherwood,Hazel - TALLY GOES JOY-RIDING
J74440: Vaizey, George de Horne, Mrs. (b. 1857) - BIG GAME A Story For Girls
J68931: Valentine,L. - LIFE OF VICTORIA our Queen and Empress simply told for chidlren
J71218: Valentine,Mrs.] - STORY OF KING DAVID [in series] Aunt Louisa's Sunday Books
V73745: Vallemont, Pierre le Lorrain, abbe´ de] (1649-1721) but not named - CURIOSITIES OF NATURE AND ART IN HUSBANDRY AND GARDENING. Containing several new experiments in the Improvement of Land, Trees, Fruits, &c. And also nice and useful Observations relating to the Vegetation and Propagation of Plants; with choice Secrets to make Plants, Flowers and Fruits larger, more beautiful, and to ripen earlier than usual.
V71074: Vegetius Renatus, Flavius] called only Vegece on titlepage (French translation by C.G. Bourdon de Sigrais) - INSTITUTIONS MILITAIRES DE VEGECE
V71384: Verne,Jules (1828-1905) - ETOILE DU SUD Le Pays des Diamants
J71613: VESEY,Mrs. Francis Gerald] - GULLS' CRAG [GULL'S CRAG on cover] [A story .. In words of one, two, and three syllables]
A72063: Vevers,Gwynne - THE UNDERWATER WORLD By Gwynne Vevers Curator of the Aquarium and Assistant Director of Science at the Zoological Society of London. With Line Drawings by Lesley Marshall
V48028: Vignola, Giacomo Barozzi da (1507-1573) - LI CINQUE ORDINI DI ARCHITTETURA et agiuntade lopere del eccmo. M. Giacomo Barocio da Vignola; con un ragionamento alli architeti di mo. Ottaviano Ridolfi .. con la nova agiunta di Michiel Angielo Bona Rotta Fiorentino.
V68418: Vincent of Lerins, Saint (died circa 435) & Augustine, Saint (Bishop of Hippo) - Vincentii Lirinensis ADVERSUS PROFANAS omnium novitates haereticorum commonitorium. Cum notis V.C. Stephani Baluzii. Adjicitur S. Augustini LIBER DE HAERESIBUS.
J68917: Vinger,Truus - TUFTY OPENS A REST-HOME
J68918: Vinger,Truus - TUFTY GETS A MOTOR-CAR
V68014: Vinnius,Arnold - In quatuor libros INSTITUTIONUM IMPERIALIUM COMMENTARIUS Editio tertia / Ab auctore recognita, novaque & largiore cum florum, tum rerum forensium aspersione exornata atque adaucta.
V71140: Vitringa,Campegius (1659-1722) edited by Hermann Venema (1697-1787) - COMMENTARIUS AD CANTICUM MOSIS Deut. XXXII .. Opus posthumum edente Hermanno Venema .. [Bound with] COMMENTARII AD LIBRUM PROPHETIARUM ZACHARIAE [same author & editor].
J74941: Volkhovsky, Felix (1856-1914) - A CHINA CUP and other stories for children .. illustrated by Malischeff
J60305: Waddell,Martin - CAN'T YOU SLEEP, LITTLE BEAR?
J72505: Waddell,Martin (and others) - THE WALKER BOOK OF ANIMAL TALES
X58083: Waggerl,Karl Heinrich - WIESEN-BUCH
J72366: Waiblinger,Anneliese - IN'S MARCHENLAND!
A53684: Wais,Gustav - SCHILLER-STADT STUTTGART eine Darstellung der Schiller-Staetten in Stuttgart
A52986: Waite,Terry - TAKEN ON TRUST
V69952: Walford,Edward - GREATER LONDON
A75198: Walker,George Edward Hailstone, editor - THE COSTUME OF YORKSHIRE
N60062: Wallace, Candy - BIRTHDAY BEAR
F70173: Wallace,Lew - BEN-HUR: a tale of the Christ.
V61942: Waller,Edmund Waller - WORKS of EDMUND WALLER IN VERSE AND PROSE
A72755: Wallis, M. with S.L. Howell & K.W. Taylor - THE BIOCHEMISTRY OF THE POLYPEPTIDE HORMONES
V74910: Walmsley, Edward (named in dedication to George IV) - PHYSIOGNOMICAL PORTRAITS. One Hundred Distinguished Characters. From undoubted Originals. Engraved in the Line Manner, by the most Eminent British Artists. VOLUME FIRST.
V74911: Walmsley, Edward (signs introductory Address) - PHYSIOGNOMICAL PORTRAITS. One Hundred Distinguished Characters, From undoubted Originals, Engraved in the Line Manner, by the most eminent British Artists VOLUME I + VOLUME II.
A73569: Walmsley, Leo - SO MANY LOVES
V57133: Walpole, Horace (1717-1797) - HISTORIC DOUBTS ON THE LIFE AND REIGN OF KING RICHARD the Third. By Mr. Horace Walpole.
A59810: Walpole,Hugh - ANTHONY TROLLOPE
F73092: Walpole, Hugh - MARADICK AT FORTY A Transition
V51614: Walpole,Horace - CATALOGUE OF THE ROYAL AND NOBLE AUTHORS OF ENGLAND With Lists of their Works in Two Volumes
J56913: Walton, Ellis - "TUCK-UP" SONGS
J57878: Walton, C.A. acc. to British Library) but no author given on title - NY LITTLE CORNER a book for cottage homes
V71501: Walton,Izaak (1593-1638) - THE LIVES OF DR. JOHN DONNE, SIR HENRY WOTTON, MR. RICHARD HOOKER, MR. GEORGE HERBERT, AND DR. ROBERT SANDERSON. To which are added, the autographs of those eminent men, now first collected; an index, and illustrative notes.
A67319: Ward,Barbara - INDIA AND THE WEST
V62943: Ward, Artemus [Charles Farrar Browne 1834-1867] - ARTEMUS WARD, HIS BOOK. Being the Confessions & Experiences of a Showman.
A62645: Warner,P.F. - BOOK OF CRICKET
B56788: Warren,C. Henry - MILES FROM ANYWHERE
J60380: Star Wars - STAR WARS EPISODE 1 Great Big Flap Book
V74814: Warton, Thomas [Ed.] - THE OXFORD SAUSAGE, or Select Poetical Pieces, Written by the most Celebrated Wits of the University of Oxford. Adorned with Cuts, Engraved in a New Taste, and Designed by the Best Masters.
A71863: Waters,Lesley - FIFTEEN-MINUTE FEASTS
A73886: Sophocles translated by E.F. Watling - THE THEBAN PLAYS King Oedipus, Oedipus at Colonus, Antigone
J56697: Watson,John - SHH! IT'S THE SECRET CLUB!
A75246: Watson, James - THE DOG BOOK a popular History of the dog
J74847: Watson, Helen H. - THE KING'S SWORD
V50635: Watson,Alfred E.T. (John Sturgess illustrator) - RACECOURSE AND COVERT SIDE
V56250: Wauch,Mansie (Cruikshank illustrator) - LIFE OF MANSIE WAUCH tailor in Dalkeith
A62572: Wayre,Philip - THE RIVER PEOPLE
J69422: Weatherly, F.E. (introduction by) - WHAT THE CHILDREN LIKE
J73614: Weatherly, F.E. (introduction by) - WHAT THE CHILDREN LIKE
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J71244: Weatherly,F.E. (Frederic E. 1848-1929) - SIXES AND SEVENS Written by F.E. Weatherly Illustrated by Jane M. Dealey.
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C63802: Webber,Joan - HOW OLD IS YOUR HOUSE? A guide to research
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A73119: Wedgwood, C.V. - THE TRIAL OF CHARLES I
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J57250: Wehr,Julian) - SNOW WHITE Animated by Julian Wehr
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J61148: Wehr,Julian - WIZARD OF OZ
N66334: Wehr, Julian illustrator - WIZARD OF OZ
J70665: Welch, Mary Scott - CHILDREN'S FAVORITE PETS and how to make them happy -Three dimensional pop-up inside
J70666: Welch,Mary Scott - WAKE UP IN PARIS three dimensional pop-up inside
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F54463: Wessel,John - THIS FAR, NO FURTHER
A71806: West,Peter - BIORHYTHMS Your daily guide to Achieving Peak Potential
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J63494: Westcott,Nadine Bernard - HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT (POP-UP, PULL-TAB, PLAYTIME)
A74498: Westell, W. Percival - HISTORIC HERTFORDSHIRE foreword by Right Hon the Viscunt Hampden illustrated with Maps, Plans, Photos and Sketches
B62930: Westell, Percival & Henry E. Turner (editors) - STREAM I KNOW, The
A74624: Wheeler, J. Talboys - AN ANALYSIS AND SUMMARY OF HERODOTUS With a Synchronistical Table of Principal Events; Tables of Weights, Measures, Money and Distances; An Outline of the History and Geography; and the Dates Completed from Gaisford, Baehr, Etc. Second Edition, Revised with Explanatory Notes.
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A58448: Wicks,Ben - WELCOME HOME True Stories of Soldiers Returning from World War II
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V74327: Wiegleb, Johann Christian (1732-1800) & Johann N. Martius - DIE NATURLICHE MAGIE [Natural Magic], aus allerhand belustigenden und nuetzlichen Kunststuecken bestehend .. [2nd Title:] Johann Nikolaus Martius UNTERRICHT IN DER NATURLICHEN MAGIE .. voellig umgearbeitet von Johann Christian Wiegleb. Zweyter Band. Mit Kupfern.
V75254: Wieland, C.M. (1733-1813) [Christoph Martin Wieland] - HORAZENS BRIEFE aus dem Lateinischen übersetzt und mit historischer Einleitung und andern nöthigen Erläuterungen versehen. Erster Theil. Der neuen, verbesserten, mit dem Originale begleiteten Ausgabe. Zweyte Aufl.
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F50217: Wilder,Robert - FRUIT OF THE POPPY
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V74892: Wilson, John (1626-1696) [not on title but signs dedication] - A DISCOURSE OF MONARCHY, More particularly, of the Imperial Crowns of England, Scotland, and Ireland, According to the Ancient, Common, and Statute-Laws of the same. With a Close from the whole, As it relates to the Succession of his Royal Highness James Duke of York.
V63277: Wilson,Thomas) (Thomas, Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man on TP) - KNOWLEDGE AND PRACITCE OF CHRISTIANITY .. or an Essay towards and Instruction for the Indians .. in twenty dialogues .. together with Directions and Prayers for The Heathen World
B56030: Wilson,Andrew - ELEMENTS OF ZOOLOGY for the use of schools and science classes
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A66438: Witchell,Nicholas - LOCH NESS STORY
J55573: Withrow,W.H. - LIFE IN A PARSONAGE; or lights and shadows of the Itinerancy
V70980: Wits,Herman (1637-1708) [also known under his latinized name Witzius or Witsius] - MISCELLANEORUM SACRORUM Libri IV .. de prophetis & prophetia, de tabernaculi Levitici mysteriis, de collatione sacerdotii Aaronis & Christi, de synedriis Hebraeorum, de IV bestiis Danielis, de cultu Molochi .. TOMUS ALTER XXIII Excercitationes .. accesserunt ANIMADVERSIONES IRENICAE ad Controversias quasdam Anglicanas ut et ORATIONES QUINQUE.
V75212: Wodarch, Charles edited by J.Mawe (1764-1829) - WODARCH'S INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY OF CONCHOLOGY Describing The Orders, Genera, and Species Of Shells : With Observations On The Nature And Properties Of The Animals ; And Directions For Collecting, Preserving, And Cleaning Shells.
J64814: Woeflein,Luise - DESERT ANIMALS Wild Animal Pop-Ups
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J59333: Wood,Eric - Brothers of the Wild
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J68924: Wood,Lawson - PREHISTORIC PROVERBS a series of 12 colour drawings by Lawson Wood
J71154: Wood,David (illustrated/engineered by Tony Fowler) - UNDER THE BED!
J75113: Wood,Kate - LORY BELL a story about Trust in God.
F71687: Wood,Mrs.Henry (1814-1887) Author of "East Lynne" etc. - THE SHADOW OF ASHLYDYAT
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J71974: Wray,Samuel (the Rev. Samuel Wray) - 'NUNKS'; or, Aunt Mary, the Nursemaid.
J51235: Wright,Walter P. (Paul Hardy illustrator) - OCEAN ADVENTURER or, The Cruise of the ORB
A71779: Wright,Billy in collaboration with Bryon Butler - ONE HUNDRED CAPS AND ALL THAT
A62242: Wright, Peter (1916- ) with Paul Greengrass - SPYCATCHER
F73673: Wright, Patricia - ILENA She fled from Victorian England to Tsarist Russia - into Adventure, Awareness and Romance ..
F73754: Wrightson, Peggy - THE SMALL WORLD
C49526: Wyeth,Paul and Tom Horabin - HOW TO PAINT IN OILS
E69841: Wynne,J.H.] (Illustrations attributed to Bewick) - CHOICE EMBLEMS, Natural Historical, Fabulous .. For the Improvement & Pastime of Youth ..
J68927: Wyss) (but name not mentioned on Titlepage) - SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON, or adventures of a Father & Mother and four Sons in a Desert Island
J54942: Yonge, Charlotte Mary] Author of "The Heir of Redclyffe," etc. - THE SEA SPLEENWORT, and other stories. Containing The Sea Spleenwort. The Mice at Play. The strayed Falcon. Illustrated.
J55474: Yonge,Charlotte Mary) Author of Heir of Recliffe &c - DOVE IN THE EAGLE'S NEST
F69545: Yorke,Margaret - ALMOST THE TRUTH
J64072: Young,Jay (text Chris Oxlade) - BEYOND AMAZING Six Spectacular SCIENCE Pop-ups
A74552: Young, J.Z. - THE LIFE OF MAMMALS
V68452: Young,Arthur) but no editor given - GLEANINGS FROM BOOKS ON AGRICULTURE AND GARDENING.
J67269: Yoxall,Ailsa - NEW GUIDE HISTORY READERS Intermediate Book
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A73069: Zahar,Marcel - RENOIR
A64150: Zahn,Peter Von - FARBIGES DEUTSCHLAND: Die Bundesrepublik Von Der Kuste Zu Den Alpen
J55005: Ziefert,Harriet (Arnold Lobel illustrator) - BEAR GOES SHOPPING A quessing-game Story
V61253: Zschokke, Heinrich - SCHWEITZ [Schweiz] in ihren Classischen Stellen and Hauptorten
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