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BOOKS001018I: CHEYT, STANLEY F. (ED.) - Lives and Voices: A Collection of American Jewish Memoirs
BOOKS039181I: OI LING CHIANG - A Muse on the Poetic Beauty of the Floral Tradition: Stone Engravings And Embroidery
BOOKS054367I: CHIAPPE, LUIS M. & LOWELL DINGUS - Walking on Eggs: The Astonishing Discovery of Thousands of Dinosaur Eggs in the Badlands of Patagonia
BOOKS029861I: CHIARELLA, TOM - Thursday's Game: Notes From a Golfer With Far to Go
BOOKS062663I: CHIARELLI, RENZO & LICISCO MAGAGNATO - I Tesori: Castelvecchio e le Arche Scaligere
BOOKS010931I: CHIARELLI, RENZO ET AL. - European Painting in the 15th Century
BOOKS066139I: CHIARELLO, MICHAEL WITH PENELOPE WISNER - Flavored Oils: 50 Recipes for Cooking with Infused Oils
BOOKS066138I: CHIARELLO, MICHAEL WITH PENELOPE WISNER - Flavored Vinegars: 50 Recipes for Cooking with Infused Vinegars
BOOKS079691I: CHIARELLO, MICHAEL WITH ANN KRUEGER SPIVACK & CLAUDIA SANSONE - Michael Chiarello's Bottega: Bold Italian Flavors from the Heart of California's Wine Country
BOOKS063349I: CHIARELLO, MICHAEL WITH PENELOPE WISNER - The Tra Vigne Cookbook: Seasons in the California Wine Country
BOOKS077101I: CHIARELLO, MICHAEL WITH ANN KRUEGER SPIVACK & FRANKIE FRANKENY - Michael Chiarello's Live Fire: 125 Recipes for Cooking Outdoors
BOOKS002842I: CHIARENZA, CARL - Chiarenza: Landscapes of the Mind
BOOKS032643I: CHIARENZA, CARL - Evocations
BOOKS076688I: CHIASSON, DAN - Where's the Moon, There's the Moon
BOOKS078053I: REIKO CHIBA (INTRO) - Sesshu's Long Scroll: A Zen Landscape Journey
BOOKS007531I: CHICAGO, JUDY - Beyond the Flower: The Autobiography of a Feminist Artist
BOOKS030921I: CHICKERING, CAROL ROGERS - Flowers of Guatemala
BOOKS074257I: CHIEN, DAVID - About 85 Years Ago: Photo Postcards from America (Circa 1907 to 1920)
BOOKS068221I: CHIEN, PHILIP - Columbia: Final Voyage - The Last Flight of NASA's First Space Shuttle
BOOKS002773I: CHIERICO, OSIRIS - Torrallardona: Dibujos
BOOKS020070I: CHIERICO, OSIRIS - Matilde Grant: Obras
BOOKS010916I: CHIHULY, DALE - Dale Chihuly: Venetians
BOOKS076520I: CHIHULY, DALE - Chihuly in the Hotshop (book & DVD)
BOOKS085994I: CHIHULY, DALE - Dale Chihuly: Venetians
BOOKS087495I: CHIHULY, DALE - Chihuly Jerusalem 2000
BOOKS013409I: CHILD, HEATHER; HEATHER COLLINS, ANN HECHLE & DONALD JACKSON. - More Than Fine Writing: The Life and Calligraphy of Irene Wellington
BOOKS071990I: CHILD, JULIA WITH NANCY VERDE BARR - In Julia's Kitchen with Master Chefs
BOOKS063955I: CHILD, JULIA & AVIS DEVOTO; JOAN REARDON (ED.) - As Always, Julia: The Letters of Julia Child and Avis DeVoto - Food, Friendship, and the Making of a Masterpiece
BOOKS039030I: CHILD, JULIA WITH E.S. YNTEMA - Julia Child & Company
BOOKS080758I: CHILD, JULIA - The Way to Cook
BOOKS057226I: CHILD, JULIA & JACQUES PEPIN - Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home
BOOKS087687I: CHILD, JULIA & SIMONE BECK - Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Volume Two
BOOKS069380I: CHILDERS, ERSKINE - The Riddle of the Sands: A Record of Secret Service
BOOKS064525I: CHILDERS, CAROLINE (EDITOR) - Prestigious Jewelry
BOOKS071010I: CHILDERS, THOMAS - Soldier from the War Returning: The Greatest Generation's Troubled Homecoming from World War II
BOOKS064599I: CHILDERS, ERSKINE - Riddle of the Sands
BOOKS015855I: CHILDS, HENRY CLAY - Gardens and Graveyards of the Southeastern Seaboard: A Photographic Journey
BOOKS078252I: CHILDS, GEOFF - Tibetan Diary: From Birth to Death and Beyond in a Himalayan Valley of Nepal
BOOKS090069I: CHILDS, CRAIG - The Animal Dialogues; Uncommon Encounters in the Wild
BOOKS071706I: CHILDS, JOY - A History of Derbyshire
BOOKS084502I: CHILDS, HERBERT - An American Genius: The Life of Ernest Orlando Lawrence
BOOKS083295I: CHILDS, HENRY CLAY - Gardens and Graveyards of the Southeastern Seaboard: A Photographic Journey
BOOKS006223I: CHILTON, JOHN - Who's Who in Jazz: Storyville to Swing Street
BOOKS047894I: CHILTON, MERDEDITH & OLIVE KOYAMA. (EDS.) - American Ceramic Circle Journal, Volume VII
BOOKS048033I: CHILTON, BRUCE - Rabbi Jesus: An Intimate Biography
BOOKS053479I: CHILTON, BRUCE - Mary Magdalene: A Biography
BOOKS080461I: CHILTON, MEREDITH - Harlequin Unmasked: The Commedia dell'Arte and Porcelain Sculpture
BOOKS045052I: CHIMOWITZ, ELDRED - Between the Menorah and the Fever Tree
BOOKS015357I: CHIN, MARILYN - The Phoenix Gone, the Terrace Empty
BOOKS011529I: CHIPP, HERSCHEL B. - Theories of Modern Art: A Source Book by Artists and Critics
BOOKS005775I: CHIPPERFIELD, JIMMY - My Wild Life: An Autobiography
BOOKS073734I: CHIPPINDALE, CHRISTOPHER - Stonehenge Complete
BOOKS064253I: CHITTENDEN, VARICK A. & HERBERT W. HEMPHILL, JR. - Found in New York's North Country: The Folk Art of a Region
BOOKS045150I: CHITTENDEN, VARICK A. - Veronica Terrillion and Her 'Woman-Made' House and Garden
BOOKS069203I: CHITTISTER, JOAN; SAADI SHAKUR CRISHTI & RABBI ARTHUR WASKOW - The Tent of Abraham: Stories of Hope and Peace for Jews, Christians, and Muslims
BOOKS026522I: CHITTY, SUSAN - The Beast and the Monk: A Life of Charles Kingsley
BOOKS058251I: CHITTY, SUSAN - Charles Kingley's Landscape
BOOKS023269I: SHU-CHIUNG (MRS. WU LIEN-TEH) - The Most Famous Beauty of China: Yang Kuei-Fei
BOOKS048974I: CHOATE, JERRY R.; J. KNOX JONES, JR. & CLYDE JONES - Handbook of Mammals of the South-Central States
BOOKS060780I: CHOATE, RUFUS - The Political Writings of Rufus Choate
BOOKS090922I: CHOAY, FRANCOISE - The Modern City: Planning in the 19th Century
BOOKS047972I: THUBTEN CHODRON - Taming the Mind
BOOKS086340I: THE DALAI LAMA & THUBTEN CHODRON - Buddhism: One Teacher, Many Traditions
BOOKS064891I: CHODRON, PEMA - The Places that Scare You: A Guide to Fearlessness in Difficult Times
BOOKS032283I: CHOMSKY, NOAM - Spindrift (Volume Two) [with] the Oak Lane Owl (3 Issues)
BOOKS053370I: CHOMSKY, NOAM ET AL. - The Cold War and the University: Toward an Intellectual History of the Postwar Years
BOOKS088299I: CHOMSKY, NOAM - Rethinking Camelot: JFK, the Vietnam War, and U.S. Political Culture
BOOKS035050I: CHOMSKY, NOAM - Middle East Illusions: Including Peace in the Middle East? Reflections on Justice and Nationhood
BOOKS070480I: CHOMSKY, NOAM - Fateful Triangle: The United States, Israel, and the Palestinians (Updated Edition)
BOOKS083535I: CHOMSKY, NOAM - Rules and Representations
BOOKS029452I: CHONG, DENISE - The Girl in the Picture: The Story of Kim Phuc, the Photographer and the Vietnam War
BOOKS025643I: CHOPRA, DEEPAK - Soulmate
BOOKS046610I: CHOPRA, DEEPAK - Peace Is the Way: Bringing War and Violence to an End
BOOKS032028I: CHOPRA, DEEPAK - The Third Jesus: The Christ We Cannot Ignore
BOOKS052105I: CHOPRA, DEEPAK - Jesus: A Story of Enlightenment
BOOKS065155I: CHOPRA, DEEPAK - Buddha: A Story of Enlightenment
BOOKS045483I: CHOPRA, DEEPAK - Why Is God Laughing?: The Path to Joy and Spiritual Optimism
BOOKS025085I: CHOPRA, DEEPAK - How to Know God: The Soul's Journey Into the Mystery of Mysteries
BOOKS060239I: CHOPRA, DEEPAK & LEONARD MLODINOV - War of the Worldviews: Science vs. Spirituality
BOOKS038913I: CHOPRA, DEEPAK - The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire: Harnessing the Infinite Power of Coincidence
BOOKS033717I: CHOPRA, DEEPAK - Golf for Enlightenment: The Seven Lessons for the Game of Life
BOOKS044456I: CHOPRA, DEEPAK - Jesus: A Story of Enlightenment
BOOKS090381I: CHORLEY, E. CLOWES - The Centennial History of Saint Bartholomew's Church in the City of New York, 1835-1935
BOOKS058707I: CHORLTON, DAVID - The Village Painters
BOOKS062130I: CHOROST, MICHAEL - World Wide Mind: The Coming Integration of Humanity, Machines, and the Internet
BOOKS048906I: CHOROST, MICHAEL - Rebuilt: How Becoming Part Computer Made Me More Human
BOOKS007518I: CHOTNER, DEBORAH; PETERS, LISA N. & KATHLEEN A. PYNE - John Twachtman: Connecticut Landscapes
BOOKS041480I: CHOULANT, LUDWIG - History and Bibliography of Anatomic Illustration
BOOKS042762I: CHOW, KIT & IONE KRAMER - All the Tea in China
BOOKS049792I: CHOY, SAM WITH U'I & STEVEN GOLDSBERRY - Sam Choy's Polynesian Kitchen: More Than 150 Authentic Dishes from One of the World's Most Delicious and Overlooked Cuisines
BOOKS028866I: HONG ZHU AN; IOLA LENZI & W.Y. CHOY - Hong Zhu An [Field of Virtue]
BOOKS020814I: CHRAMOSTA, WALTER M. - Helmut Richter: Bauten und Projekte / Buildings and Projects
BOOKS055363I: CHRISMAN, ARTHUR BOWIE - Shen of the Sea: Chinese Stories for Children
BOOKS089524I: CHRISMAN, HARRY E. - The 1,001 Most-Asked Questions About the American West
BOOKS051373I: CHRIST-JANER, ALBERT - Eliel Saarinen: Finnish-American Architect and Educator
BOOKS081866I: CHRIST, CAROL P. - Odyssey With the Goddess: A Spiritual Quest in Crete
BOOKS086430I: CHRISTENSEN, JEROME - Romanticism at the End of History
BOOKS075284I: CHRISTENSEN, JEROME - Practicing Enlightenment: Hume and the Formation of a Literary Career
BOOKS077284I: CHRISTENSEN, LISA - A Hiker's Guide to Art of the Canadian Rockies
BOOKS069401I: CHRISTENSEN, KATE - Blue Plate Special: An Autobiography of My Appetites
BOOKS068724I: CHRISTIAN, BRIAN - The Most Human Human: What Talking with Computers Teaches Us About What It Means to Be Alive
BOOKS086820I: CHRISTIANSEN, RICHARD - A Theater of Our Own : A History and a Memoir of 1,001 Nights in Chicago
BOOKS069226I: CHRISTIANSEN, LARRY; JOHN FEDOROWICZ & ILYA GUREVICH - On Top of the Chess World: The 1995 World Chess Championship Match
BOOKS068289I: CHRISTIANSEN, RUPERT - The Victorian Visitors: Culture Shock in Nineteenth-Century Britain
BOOKS027390I: CHRISTIANSEN, KEITH; LAURENCE B. KANTER & CARL BRANDON STREHLKE - Painting in Renaissance Siena, 1420-1500
BOOKS064218I: CHRISTIANSON, SCOTT - The Last Gasp: The Rise and Fall of the American Gas Chamber
BOOKS006108I: CHRISTIANSON, GALE E. - Edwin Hubble: Mariner of the Nebulae
BOOKS078143I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The Secret Adversary
BOOKS044910I: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The Body in the Library: A Miss Marple Mystery
BOOKS043113I: CHRISTIE'S - Christie's (London) - Photographs - May 21, 2003 (sale no. 6717)
BOOKS089170I: CHRISTIE, ALIX - Gutenberg's Apprentice
BOOKS074437I: CHRISTMAN, MARGARET C.S. - 1846: Portrait of the Nation
BOOKS061811I: CHRISTMAN, MARGARET C.S. - Portraits by George Bellows
BOOKS004739I: CHRISTOPHER, NICHOLAS - Desperate Characters: A Novella in Verse and Other Poems
BOOKS006815I: CHRISTOPHER, NICHOLAS - In the Year of the Comet
BOOKS023038I: CHRISTOPHER, NICHOLAS - A Short History of the Island of Butterflies
BOOKS007620I: CHRISTOPHER, NICHOLAS - The Creation of the Night Sky
BOOKS088820I: CHRISTOPHER, NICHOLAS - A Trip to the Stars
BOOKS065143I: CHRISTOPHER, MILBOURNE - Houdini: A Pictorial Life
BOOKS045838I: CHU, H.F. - How to Know the Immature Insects : An Illustrated Key for Identifying the Orders and Families of Many of the Immature Insects...
BOOKS040002I: CHUDACOFF, HOWARD P. - Children at Play: An American History
BOOKS013097I: CHUMBLEY, ANN & IAN WARRELL - Turner and the Human Figure: Studies of Contemporary Life
BOOKS087078I: CHUMLEY, NORRIS J. - Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer: Experiencing the Presence of God and a Pilgrimage to the Heart of an Ancient Spirituality
BOOKS057901I: CHURCH, R.W. - Saint Anselm
BOOKS014872I: CHURCH, RICHARD - The Voyage Home
BOOKS017763I: CHURCH, RICHARD (ED.) - Essays by Divers Hands, Being the Transactions of the Royal Society of Literature. New Series. Volume XXXIII
BOOKS066907I: CHURCH, FORREST - Life Lines: Holding on (and Letting Go)
BOOKS062324I: CHURCH, FORREST - Love & Death: My Journey Through the Valley of the Shadow
BOOKS041549I: CHURCHER, AL - Italian Rock: Selected Rock-Climbs in Northern Italy
BOOKS005817I: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - The Island Race
BOOKS050760I: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - My African Journey
BOOKS069807I: CHURCHILL, KENNETH - Italy and English literature, 1764-1930
BOOKS051065I: CHURCHILL, CHARLES - The Poetical Works of Charles Churchill (Two Volumes)
BOOKS050341I: CHURCHILL, ALLEN (ED.) - The Liberty Years, 1924-1950: An Anthology
BOOKS074948I: CHURCHILL, WINSTON & DWIGHT EISENHOWER; PETER G. BOYLE (EDITOR) - The Churchill-Eisenhower Coresspondence, 1953-1955
BOOKS030438I: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S - The Dawn of Liberation: War Speeches By the Right Hon. Winston S. Churchill C.H., M.P.
BOOKS045925I: CHURCHILL, WINSTON; DOMINIQUE ENRIGHT (ED.) - The Wicked Wit of Winston Churchill
BOOKS059615I: CHURCHILL, WINSTON - The Boer War: London to Ladysmith via Pretoria / Ian Hamilton's March
BOOKS084519I: CHURCHILL, WINSTON - The Great Republic: A History of America
BOOKS007079I: CHURCHLAND, PAUL M. - The Engine of Reason, the Seat of the Soul: A Philosophical Journey Into the Brain
BOOKS073810I: CHURCHLAND, PATRICIA S. - Braintrust: What Neuroscience Tells Us About Morality
BOOKS072425I: CHURCHLAND, PATRICIA SMITH - Brain-Wise: Studies in Neurophilosophy
BOOKS070255I: CHURCHWELL, SARAH - Careless People: Murder, Mayhem, and the Invention of The Great Gatsby
BOOKS085754I: CHURTON, TOBIAS - Jerusalem!: The Real Life of William Blake
BOOKS068740I: CHUTE, CAROLYN - Letourneau's Used Auto Parts
BOOKS031622I: CHYZ, MARTHA - Woman and Child in the Modern System of Slavery - USSR
BOOKS071765I: CIARDI, JOHN - The Selected Letters of John Ciardi
BOOKS057586I: CIARDI, JOHN - A Browser's Dictionary and Native's Guide to the Unknown American Language
BOOKS071197I: CIARDI, JOHN - In the Stoneworks
BOOKS073135I: CIARDI, JOHN - This Strangest Everything
BOOKS052740I: CIARDI, JOHN - A Browser's Dictionary and Native's Guide to the Unknown American Language
BOOKS035488I: CIARDI, JOHN - A Browser's Dictionary and Native's Guide to the Unknown American Language
BOOKS071203I: CIARDI, JOHN - For Instance
BOOKS044856I: CICCONE, F. RICHARD - Royko: A Life in Print
BOOKS028490I: CICELYN, EDUARDO; MARIO CODOGNATO & MIRTA D'ARGENZIO (EDS.) - Damien Hirst: Il Tormento E L'Estasi - Mostra Antologia, 1989-2004
BOOKS078172I: CICOLINI, ALICE - The New English Dandy
BOOKS070735I: CIGLIANO, JAN & SARAH BRADFORD LANDAU (EDITORS) - The Grand American Avenue, 1850-1920
BOOKS070387I: CIGLIANO, JAN & SARAH BRADFORD LANDAU (EDITORS) - The Grand American Avenue, 1850-1920
BOOKS025203I: CIKOVSKY, NICOLAI JR. - Winslow Homer
BOOKS074839I: CIKOVSKY, NICOLAI JR. - Winslow Homer
BOOKS040165I: CIKOVSKY, NICOLAI (ED.) - New Mexico Studies in the Fine Arts (Volume II, 1977): History of Photography Issue
BOOKS069875I: CIMA, OTTO - Milano Vecchia
BOOKS046531I: DI CINTIO, MARCELLO - Poets & Pahlevans: A Journey into the Heart of Iran
BOOKS049118I: CIOCHON, RUSSELL; JOHN OLSEN & JAMIE JAMES - Other Origins: The Search for the Giant Ape in Human Prehistory
BOOKS082186I: CIPOLLA, GAETANO (EDITOR) - Arba Sicula: Rivista di Folklori e Litteratur Siciliani / Journal of Sicilian Folklore and Literature, XX: 1-2
BOOKS082187I: CIPOLLA, GAETANO (EDITOR) - Arba Sicula: Rivista di Folklori e Litteratur Siciliani / Journal of Sicilian Folklore and Literature, XXIII: 1-2
BOOKS075658I: CIPRAINI, ARRIGO - The Harry's Bar Cookbook
BOOKS073228I: CIRILLO, DEXTER - Southwestern Indian Jewelry
BOOKS054273I: CIRKER, HAYWARD; BLANCHE CIRKER & STAFF DOVER PUBLICATIONS (EDS.) - Dictionary of American Portraits: 4045 Pictures of Important Americans From Earliest Times to the Beginning of the 20th Century
BOOKS023901I: CIRLOT, JUAN EDUARDO - Romanesque Art: the Art Museum of Catalonia
BOOKS044096I: CIRLOT, JUAN EDUARDO - Gaudi: An Introduction to His Architecture
BOOKS065198I: CIRLOT, JUAN-EDUARDO - Gaudi: An Introduction to His Architecture
BOOKS039140I: CIRLOT, J.E. - A Dictionary of Symbols (Second Edition)
BOOKS051258I: CITRON, STEPHEN - Noel and Cole: The Sophisticates
BOOKS054286I: CIURARU, CARMELA (EDITOR) - First Loves: Poets Introduce the Essential Poems That Captivated and Inspired Them
BOOKS084098I: CIXOUS, HELENE - Portrait of Jacques Derrida as a Young Jewish Saint
BOOKS078764I: CLABOUGH, CASEY - The Art of the Magic Striptease: The Literary Layers of George Garrett
BOOKS052387I: CLACK, JENNIFER A. - Gaining Ground: The Origin and Evolution of Tetrapods
BOOKS056785I: CLAGHORN, CHARLES EUGENE - Biographical Dictionary of Jazz
BOOKS051837I: CLAIBORNE, CRAIG & JOAN WHITMAN (COMPILER) - Craig Claiborne's New York Times Food Encyclopedia
BOOKS015231I: CLAIBORNE, ROBERT - The Roots of English: A Reader's Companion to Word Origins
BOOKS022215I: CLAIR, JEAN (ED.) - The Great Parade: Portrait of the Artist as Clown
BOOKS025623I: CLAIR, RENE - Four Screenplays: Le Silence Est D'Or, La Beaut Du Diable, Les Belles-De- Nuit, Les Grandes Manoeuvres
BOOKS042385I: CLAIS, ANNE-MARIE - Van Cleef & Arpels
BOOKS072459I: CLAMPETT, BOBBY & ANDY BRUMER - The Impact Zone: Mastering Golf's Moment of Truth
BOOKS086601I: CLAMPITT, AMY - Westward
BOOKS086624I: CLAMPITT, AMY - What the Light Was Like
BOOKS056537I: CLAMPITT, AMY - A Silence Opens
BOOKS072855I: CLAMPITT, AMY - Westward
BOOKS070329I: CLAMPITT, AMY - Archaic Figure
BOOKS056687I: CLAMPITT, AMY - The Kingfisher
BOOKS060684I: CLANCY, WILLIAM D. WITH AUDREE COKE KENTON - Woody Herman: Chronicles of the Herds
BOOKS039713I: CLANCY, FLORA S. ET AL. - Maya: Treasures of an Ancient Civilization
BOOKS065236I: CLAPHAM, JOHN - A Concise Economic History of Britain from the Earliest Times to 1750
BOOKS007735I: CLAPP, NICHOLAS - The Road to Ubar: Finding the Atlantis of the Sands
BOOKS034629I: CLAPTON, ERIC - Clapton: The Autobiography
BOOKS013094I: CLARE, CHARLES - J.M.W.Turner: His Life and Work
BOOKS019208I: CLAREMON, NEIL - East by Southwest
BOOKS088792I: CLARESON, THOMAS D. - Understanding Contemporary American Science Fiction: The Formative Period (1926-1970)
BOOKS046559I: CLARIDGE, LAURA - Emily Post: Daughter of the Gilded Age, Mistress of American Manners
BOOKS013837I: CLARIDGE, LAURA - Norman Rockwell: A Life
BOOKS076969I: CLARK, ROBERT - Dark Water: Flood and Redemption in the City of Masterpieces
BOOKS052770I: CLARK, W. E. LE GROS - The Antecedents of Man: An Introduction to the Evolution of Primates
BOOKS033163I: CLARK, MARYJANE - An Illustrated Glossary of Decorated Antiques From the Late 17th Century to the Early 20th Century
BOOKS083312I: CLARK, CLARE - The Nature of Monsters
BOOKS008899I: CLARK, JEANNE E. - Ohio Blue Tips
BOOKS011297I: CLARK, LEONARD - Sark Discovered: The Prospect for an Island
BOOKS015255I: CLARK, WILLIAM R. & MICHAEL GRUNSTEIN - Are We Hardwired? the Role of Genes in Human Behavior
BOOKS049402I: CLARK, DAVID H. & MATTHEW D.H. CLARK - Measuring the Cosmos: How Scientists Discovered the Dimensions of the Universe
BOOKS021275I: CLARK, TOM - Edward Dorn: A World of Difference
BOOKS035221I: CLARK, FAY M. - Beyond the Light
BOOKS023993I: CLARK, JOSEPH G. - Lights and Shadows of Sailor Life, as Exemplified in Fifteen Years' Experience, Including the More Thrilling Events ...
BOOKS058644I: CLARK, GARTH - The Eccentric Teapot: Four Hundred Years of Invention
BOOKS045419I: CLARK, JUNE VENDALL - Starlings Laughing: A Memoir of Africa
BOOKS033812I: CLARK, RONALD W. - Works of Man (A History of Invention and Engineering From the Pyramids to the Space Shuttle)
BOOKS056933I: CLARK, WILLIAM W. (EDITOR) - Gesta, Volume XXVIII/1, 1989
BOOKS089081I: CLARK, HARRISON - All Cloudless Glory: The Life of George Washington From Youth to Yorktown
BOOKS056987I: CLARK, SAM - The Real Goods Independent Builder: Designing & Building a House Your Own Way
BOOKS090698I: CLARK, KENNETH - The Nude: A Study in Ideal Form
BOOKS029599I: CLARK, W.E. LE GROS - History of the Primates: an Introduction to the Study of Fossil Man
BOOKS090242I: CLARK, LOUIS M. JR. - Early Canandaigua Architecture, 1790-1850
BOOKS083391I: CLARK, MARY JANE - An Illustrated Glossary of Decorated Antiques from the Late 17th Century to the Early 20th Century
BOOKS086605I: CLARK, TOM - Junkets on a Sad Planet: Scenes from the Life of John Keats
BOOKS070702I: CLARK, ANDY - Natural-Born Cyborgs: Minds, Technologies, and the Future of Human Intelligence
BOOKS086146I: CLARK, KENNETH - Henry Moore Drawings
BOOKS031804I: CLARK, THOMAS L. - Western Lore and Language: a Dictionary for Enthusiasts of the American West
BOOKS044858I: CLARK, NANCY - The Hills at Home
BOOKS074128I: CLARK, ALAN - Mrs. Thatcher's Minister: The Private Diaries of Alan Clark
BOOKS079350I: CLARK, RONALD W. - The Life of Bertrand Russell
BOOKS060558I: CLARK, RONALD W. - Benjamin Franklin: A Biography
BOOKS056978I: CLARK, WILLIAM W. (EDITOR) - Gesta, Volume XXVIII/2, 1989
BOOKS062899I: CLARK, KENNETH - The Potter's Manual (Complete, Practical-Essential Reference for All Potters)
BOOKS065861I: CLARK, ROBERT C. (PHOTOS); STEPHEN H. BENNETT & THOMAS M. POLAND (TEXT) - South Carolina: The Natural Heritage
BOOKS071119I: CLARK, LLOYD - Crossing the Rhine: Breaking into Nazi Germany 1944 and 1945 - The Greatest Airborne Battles in History
BOOKS080364I: CLARK, SANDRA - A Dictionary of Who, What, and Where in Shakespeare: A Comprehensive Guide to Shakespeare's Plays, Characters and Contemporaries
BOOKS081958I: CLARK, CHARLES E. - The Eastern Frontier: The Settlement of Northern New England, 1610-1763
BOOKS086124I: CLARK, PATRICIA - My Father on a Bicycle
BOOKS034220I: CLARK, ANNE - Beasts and Bawdy
BOOKS050346I: CLARK, WILLIAM R. - A Means to an End: The Biological Basis of Aging and Death
BOOKS032656I: CLARK-LANGAGER, SARAH - Order and Enigma: American Art Between the Two Wars
BOOKS089625I: CLARK, H. JACKSON - The Owl in Monument Canyon and Other Stories from Indian Country
BOOKS089082I: CLARK, HARRISON - All Cloudless Glory, Volume II: The Life of George Washington: Making a Nation
BOOKS026190I: CLARK, RONALD W. - The Survival of Charles Darwin: A Biography of a Man and an Idea
BOOKS031117I: CLARK, RONALD W. - Edison: The Man Who Made the Future
BOOKS090728I: CLARK, G. KITSON - The Making of Victorian England, Being the Ford Lectures Delivered before the University of Oxford
BOOKS057856I: CLARK, ELEANOR - Tamrart: 13 Days in the Sahara
BOOKS016470I: CLARK, RONALD W. - Einstein: The Life and Times
BOOKS088956I: CLARK, VICTORIA - Holy Fire: The Battle for Christ's Tomb
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BOOKS088945I: CONNELLY, THOMAS L. - The Marble Man: Robert E. Lee and His Image in American Society
BOOKS091347I: CONNER, SUSAN & SANDRA LEFF - Daniel Chester French: An American Sculptor / Public Sculpture in Detroit: 1870-1940
BOOKS038828I: CONNER, FLOYD - Pretty Poison: The Tuesday Weld Story
BOOKS041243I: CONNER, PATRICK - Oriental Architecture in the West
BOOKS072629I: CONNERS, PETER - Emily Ate the Wind
BOOKS077182I: CONNIFF, RICHARD - Every Creeping Thing: True Tales of Faintly Repulsive Wildlife
BOOKS009568I: CONNOLLY, JOSEPH - P.G. Wodehouse
BOOKS088588I: CONNOLLY, RAY - Being Elvis: A Lonely Life
BOOKS060658I: CONNOLLY, CRESSIDA - The Rare and the Beautiful: The Art, Loves, and Lives of the Garman Sisters
BOOKS003484I: O'CONNOR, GARRY - The Mahabharata: Peter Brook's Epic in the Making
BOOKS034453I: O'CONNOR, SANDRA DAY & H. ALAN DAY - Lazy B: Growing Up on a Cattle Ranch in the American Southwest
BOOKS004241I: CONNOR, D. RUSSELL & WARREN W. HICKS - Bg on the Record: A Bio-Discography of Benny Goodman
BOOKS078084I: O'CONNOR, FLANNERY - The Complete Stories
BOOKS023446I: O'CONNOR, RICHARD - High Jinks on the Klondike
BOOKS086753I: CONNOR, ALAN - The Crossword Century: 100 Years of Witty Wordplay, Ingenious Puzzles, and Linguistic Mischief
BOOKS057324I: O'CONNOR, IAN - Arnie & Jack: Palmer, Nicklaus, and Golf's Greatest Rivalry
BOOKS053635I: O'CONNOR, FLANNERY - A Prayer Journal
BOOKS083207I: CONNOR, JEAN L. - A Cartography of Peace
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BOOKS072194I: O'CONNOR, FLANNERY - Everything That Rises Must Converge
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BOOKS086561I: O'CONNOR, JACQUELINE - Documentary Trial Plays in Contemporary American Theater
BOOKS057964I: CONNOR, TONY - The Empty Air: New Poems, 2006-2012
BOOKS053643I: O'CONNOR, FLANNERY - The Complete Stories
BOOKS072257I: O'CONNOR, SANDRA DAY - Out of Order: Stories from the History of the Supreme Court
BOOKS073347I: O'CONNOR, PATRICK - Don't Look Back: A Memoir
BOOKS055192I: O'CONNOR, THOMAS H. - The Boston Irish: A Political History
BOOKS086510I: O'CONNOR, ANNE-MARIE - The Lady in Gold: The Extraordinary Tale of Gustav Klimt's Masterpiece, Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer
BOOKS018297I: O'CONNOR, FRANCIS V. - Jackson Pollock
BOOKS068698I: O'CONNOR, PATRICK JAMES - The Last Will and Testament of Lemuel Higgins
BOOKS069717I: CONNOR, JAMES A. - Kepler's Witch: An Astronomer's Discovery of Cosmic Order Amid Religious War, Political Intrigue & Heresy Trial of His Mother
BOOKS083949I: O'CONNOR, PHILIP F. - Old Morals, Small Continents, Darker Times
BOOKS069732I: O'CONNOR, THOMAS H. - Civil War Boston: Home Front and Battlefield
BOOKS050610I: O'CONNOR, LOIS - A Finger Lakes Odyssey
BOOKS079542I: O'CONNOR, DAVID - Ancient Nubia: Egypt's Rival in Africa
BOOKS081465I: O'CONNOR, SANDRA DAY - Out of Order: Stories from the History of the Supreme Court
BOOKS015849I: CONOT, ROBERT - A Streak of Luck (The Life & Legend of Thomas Alva Edison)
BOOKS057215I: CONOVER, TED - The Routes of Man: How Roads Are Changing the World and the Way We Live Today
BOOKS044879I: CONRAD, PETER - Modern Times, Modern Places (How Life and Art Were Transformed in a Century of Revolution, Innovation and Radical Change)
BOOKS091054I: CONRAD, JOSEPH - Victory
BOOKS057858I: CONRAD, PHILIP - Action, Didn't It: Seven Variations on a Synthesis
BOOKS018760I: CONRAD, PETER - The Hitchcock Murders
BOOKS076989I: CONRAD, BARNABY III - Les Chiens De Paris (Dogs in Paris)
BOOKS074620I: CONRAD, JOSEPH; ROSS C. MURFIN (EDITOR) - Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness: A Case Study in Contemporary Criticism
BOOKS085370I: CONRAD, JOSEPH - Heart of Darkness
BOOKS082681I: CONRAD, JOSEPH - Heart of Darkness: An Authoritative Text, Backgrounds and Sources, Criticism (Third Edition)
BOOKS043866I: CONRAD, JOSEPH - The Rover
BOOKS044033I: CONRAD, JOSEPH - Typhoon
BOOKS091040I: CONRAD, JOSEPH - Nostromo
BOOKS067526I: CONRADS, MARGARET C. - American Paintings and Sculpture at the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute
BOOKS043038I: CONRAN, TERENCE & PETER PRESCOTT - Eat London: All About Food
BOOKS073303I: CONRAN, TERENCE & MAX FRASER - Designers on Design
BOOKS037507I: CONRAN, TERENCE - Terence Conran's Home Furnishings
BOOKS006652I: CONROY, FRANK - Midair
BOOKS062760I: CONROY, PAT - The Death of Santini: The Story of a Father and His Son
BOOKS048478I: CONROY, PAT - My Reading Life
BOOKS037640I: CONROY, RICHARD TIMOTHY - Our Man in Vienna: A Memoir
BOOKS083366I: CONROY, JOHN - Unspeakable Acts, Ordinary People: The Dynamics of Torture
BOOKS006932I: CONSTABLE, W.G. - Canaletto: Giovanni Antonio Canal 1697-1768
BOOKS008446I: CONSTANTINE, K.C. - Family Values: A Mario Balzic Novel
BOOKS088889I: CONSTANTINE, ALBERT JR. - Know Your Woods: Their Identification, Properties, and Uses from the Standpoint of Craftsmen, Cabinetmakers, Carpenters, . . .
BOOKS044261I: CONSTANTINE, MILDRED - Tina Modotti: A Fragile Life
BOOKS022124I: CONTET, F. - Documents de Ferronnerie Ancienne: Epoques Louis XV et Louis XVI & du XII au XVIII Siecle (5 volumes)
BOOKS090122I: CONVERSE, HARRIET MAXWELL (YA-IE-WA-NOH} - Myths and Legends of the New York State Iroquois
BOOKS027680I: CONWAY, HARRY - The Germans: When Lies We Decreed as Truth ... and a Nation Allowed Itself to Be Decieved!
BOOKS085387I: CONWAY, ED - The Summit: Bretton Woods, 1944 - J. M. Keynes and the Reshaping of the Global Economy
BOOKS019625I: CONWILL, KINSHASHA ET AL. - Testimony: Vernacular Art of the African-American South. the Ronald and June Shelp Collection
BOOKS071817I: COOGAN, TIM PAT - Wherever Green Is Worn: The Story of the Irish Diaspora
BOOKS084090I: COOK, PETER & ROSIE LLEWELLYN-JONES - New Spirit in Architecture
BOOKS008837I: COOK, JEFFREY - Anasazi Places: The Photographic Vision of William Current
BOOKS011591I: COOK, BRUCE - Brecht in Exile
BOOKS020899I: COOK, R.M. - Greek Art: Its Development, Character and Influence
BOOKS057911I: COOK, HELEN & BILL COOK - Khaki Parish: Our War - Our Love, 1940-1946
BOOKS027127I: COOK, ROGER F. - By the Rivers of Babylon: Heinrich Heine's Late Songs & Reflections
BOOKS066243I: COOK, WENDY E. - So Farewell Then: The Untold Life of Peter Cook
BOOKS047054I: COOK, JIM & MIKE LEWINGTON (EDS.) - Images of Alcoholism
BOOKS033471I: COOK, FERRIS (ILLUS. & ED.) - Garden Dreams
BOOKS039261I: COOK, MICHAEL L. - Dime Novel Roundup: Annotated Index, 1931-1981
BOOKS079466I: COOK, CHRISTOPHER D. - Diet for a Dead Planet: How the Food Industry is Killing Us
BOOKS086383I: COOK, CYNTHIA WAYE - inuit sculpture in the collection of the art gallery of york university
BOOKS058372I: EDITORS OF COOK’S ILLUSTRATED - Soups, Stews & Chilis: A Best Recipe Classic
BOOKS040572I: EDITORS OF COOK'S ILLUSTRATED - The Cook's Illustrated Complete Book of Poultry
BOOKS046112I: COOKE, ALISTAIR - Golf: The Marvelous Mania
BOOKS015102I: COOKE, MERVYN - The Chronicle of Jazz
BOOKS073624I: COOKE, DERYCK; HEINZ BECKER, JOHN CHAPHAM & ERIC SAMS - Late Romantic Masters: Bruckner, Brahms, Dvorak, Wolf
BOOKS028162I: COOKE, RUTH H. & JACOB NEEDLEMAN - The Uses of Life: a Conversation With Ruth H. Cooke and Jacob Needleman
BOOKS068815I: COOKE, JOHN BYRNE - On the Road with Janis Joplin
BOOKS077524I: COOKE, ALISTAIR - A Generation on Trial: U.S.A. v. Alger Hiss
BOOKS089250I: COOKE, LUCY - The Truth About Animals: Stoned Sloths, Lovelorn Hippos, and Other Tales from the Wild Side of Wildlife
BOOKS032934I: COOKE, THOMAS D. (ED.) - The Present State of Scholarship in Fourteenth Century Literature
BOOKS077368I: COOKE, BOB (EDITOR) - Wake Up the Echoes: From the Sports Pages of the New York Herald Tribune
BOOKS066145I: COOKE, RACHEL - Her Brilliant Career: Ten Extraordinary Women of the Fifties
BOOKS036227I: COOKE, BERNARD J. - Christian Sacraments and Christian Personalilty
BOOKS074429I: COOKE, JAMES FRANCIS - Great Pianists on Piano Playing: Study Talks with Foremost Virtuosos
BOOKS088472I: COOKE, STEPHANIE - In Mortal Hands: A Cautionary History of the Nuclear Age
BOOKS048848I: COOKE, ALISTAIR - The Patient Has the Floor
BOOKS069448I: COOKESY, SUSAN - Africa Interweave: Textile Diasporas
BOOKS086542I: COOKMAN, SCOTT - Ice Blink: The Tragic Fate of Sir John Franklin's Lost Polar Expedition
BOOKS045980I: COOKRIDGE, E.H. - Orient Express: The Life and Times of the World's Most Famous Train
BOOKS032752I: COOLEY, MARTHA - The Archivist
BOOKS022781I: COOLEY, NICOLE - Resurrection
BOOKS025765I: COOLEY, ARNOLD J. - A Cyclopaedia of Practical Receipts & Collaterial Information in the Arts, Manufactures, Professions & Trades ... (3 Volumes)
BOOKS067356I: COOLEY, JOHN (EDITOR) - Mark Twain's Aquarium: The Samuel Clemens Angelfish Correspondence, 1905-1910
BOOKS077918I: COOLIDGE, OLIVIA - Greek Myths
BOOKS071019I: COOLING, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN III - Symbol, Sword, and Shield: Defending Washington During the Civil War
BOOKS083167I: COOMBE, JACK D. - Thunder Along the Mississippi: The River Battles That Split the Confederacy
BOOKS082709I: COOMBES, ALLEN J. - Trees (The visual guide to more than 500 species of trees from around the world)
BOOKS066349I: COON, ANNE C. - Via del Paradiso
BOOKS066348I: COON, ANNE C. - Daedalus' Daughter
BOOKS080483I: COONEY, HELEN D. - An Outline of the Development of Honeoye Falls
BOOKS011444I: COONTZ, STEPHANIE - The Way We Really Are: Coming to Terms with America's Changing Families
BOOKS055051I: COONTZ, STEPHANIE - A Strange Stirring: The Feminine Mystique and American Women at the Dawn of the 1960s
BOOKS087194I: COONTZ, STEPHANIE - Marriage, a History: From Obedience to Intimacy, or How Love Conquered Marriage
BOOKS037257I: COOPER, JEREMY - Victorian and Edwardian Decor: From the Gothic Revival to Art Nouveau
BOOKS064850I: COOPER, J. CALIFORNIA - The Future Has a Past: Stories
BOOKS005735I: COOPER, DOUGLAS - Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
BOOKS072694I: COOPER, SUZANNE FAGENCE - Effie: The Passionate Lives of Effie Gray, John Ruskin and John Everett Millais
BOOKS014131I: COOPER, JANE - Flashboat: Poems Collected and Reclaimed
BOOKS017906I: COOPER, JILLY & TOM HARTMAN - Violets and Vinegar: Beyond Bartlett, Quotations by and About Women
BOOKS023355I: COOPER, BERNARD - Guess Again: Short Stories
BOOKS028193I: COOPER, JOAN - Guided Meditation and the Teaching of Jesus
BOOKS006571I: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE - The Leatherstocking Tales, Volume II: The Pathfinder / The Deerslayer
BOOKS073604I: COOPER, WYN - Chaos Is the New Calm
BOOKS085853I: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE - The Spy: A Tale of the Neutral Ground
BOOKS090810I: COOPER-POSEY, TRACY - Chronicles of the Lost Years: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery
BOOKS074025I: COOPER, B.K. - Modern Railway Working
BOOKS057349I: COOPER, BERNARD - Guess Again: Short Stories
BOOKS029900I: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE - Chapters From the Writing of James Fenimore Cooper
BOOKS081984I: COOPER, HELEN A. - Winslow Homer Watercolors
BOOKS072893I: COOPER, DAVID A. - God Is a Verb: Kabbalah and the Practice of Mystical Judaism
BOOKS082757I: COOPER, BARRY; ANNE-LOUISE COLDICOTT; NICHOLAS MARSTON & WILLIAM DRABKIN - The Beethoven Compendium: A Guide to Beethoven's Life and Music
BOOKS081520I: COOPER, JEREMY - Growing Up: The Young British Artists at 50
BOOKS046946I: COOPER, WYN - Postcards from the Interior
BOOKS090427I: COOPER, PAGE - The Bellevue story
BOOKS006713I: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE - Sea Tales: The Pilot, The Red Rover
BOOKS072509I: COOPER, WILLIAM J. - We Have the War Upon Us: The Onset of the Civil War, November 1860 - April 1861
BOOKS078285I: COOPER, ANN - "A Woman's Place Is in the Kitchen": The Evolution of Women Chefs
BOOKS038254I: COOPER, I.S. - The Vital Probe: My Life as a Brain Surgeon
BOOKS006712I: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE - The Leatherstocking Tales, Volume I: The Pioneers / The Last of the Mohicans / The Prairie
BOOKS091053I: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE - The Pathfinder or, The Inland Sea
BOOKS091126I: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE - The Leatherstocking Saga
BOOKS090739I: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE - Sea Tales: The Pilot, The Red Rover
BOOKS036774I: COOPER, ANN & LISA HOLMES - In Mother's Kitchen: Celebrated Women Chefs Share Beloved Family Recipes
BOOKS059735I: COOPER, DAVID D. - Thomas Merton's Art of Denial: The Evolution of a Radical Humanist
BOOKS067110I: COOPER, PAUL FENIMORE (TRANSLATOR) - Tricks of Women & Other Albanian Tales
BOOKS048073I: COOPER, MICHAEL L. - Playing America's Game: The Story of Negro League Baseball
BOOKS085124I: COOPER, THOMAS C. - Odd Lots: Seasonal Notes from a City Gardener
BOOKS081238I: COOPER, CONSTANCE J. (EDITOR) - 350 Years of New Castle, Delaware: Chapters in a Town's History
BOOKS045226I: COOPER, EMMANUEL & DEREK ROYLE - Glazes for the Potter
BOOKS027965I: COOPER, GORDON WITH BRUCE HENDERSON - Leap of Faith: An Astronaut's Journey Into the Unknown
BOOKS085112I: COOPER, MARTIN - Beethoven: The Last Decade, 1817-1827
BOOKS072947I: COOTE, STEPHEN - Samuel Pepys: A Life
BOOKS055029I: COOTE, STEPHEN - Napoleon and the Hundred Days
BOOKS008747I: COOVER, ROBERT - Briar Rose
BOOKS023622I: COOVER, ROBERT - After Lazarus: A Filmscript
BOOKS027804I: COOVER, ROBERT - Ghost Town
BOOKS006789I: COOVER, ROBERT - John's Wife
BOOKS066046I: COOVER, ROBERT - Ghost Town
BOOKS086648I: COPE, DAVID - Fragments from the Stars
BOOKS086647I: COPE, DAVID - Quiet Lives
BOOKS026572I: COPELAND, CHARLES TOWNSEND - Copeland's Treasury for Booklovers (5 Volumes)
BOOKS088504I: COPELAND, ROGER - Merce Cunningham: The Modernizing of Modern Dance
BOOKS082634I: COPELAND, LAWRENCE L. - Diamonds . . . Famous, Notable and Unique
BOOKS028119I: COPLAND, AARON; ELIZABETH B. CRIST & WAYNE SHIRLEY (EDITORS) - The Selected Correspondence of Aaron Copland
BOOKS070184I: COPLAND, AARON & VIVIAN PERLIS - Copland: Since 1943
BOOKS080480I: COPLAND, AARON - Copland on Music
BOOKS085868I: COPPER, BASIL - The Exploits of Solar Pons
BOOKS066484I: COPPOLA, ELEANOR - Notes on a Life

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