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BOOKS085275I: MCCORMICK, PATRICIA - The Plot to Kill Hitler: Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Spy, Unlikely Hero
BOOKS046453I: MCCORMICK, THOMAS - Color Line Equations: The Art of Jack Roth (1927-2004)
BOOKS064866I: MCCORMICK, JOHN S. - The Gathering Place: An Illustrated History of Salt Lake City
BOOKS055552I: MCCOURT, MALACHY - Danny Boy: The Beloved Irish Ballad
BOOKS077140I: MCCOURT, JAMES - Queer Street: Rise and Fall of an American Culture, 1947-1985 - Excursions in the Mind of the Life
BOOKS044773I: MCCOURT, ALPHIE - A Long Stone's Throw
BOOKS081456I: MCCOURT, MALACHY (EDITOR) - Voices of Ireland: Classic Writings of a Rich and Rare Land
BOOKS022165I: MCCOY, TERRY (ED.) - Cuba on the Verge: an Island in Transition
BOOKS024884I: MCCRACKEN, HAROLD - The Frank Tenney Johnson Book: A Master Painter of the Old West
BOOKS029550I: MCCRACKEN, HAROLD (INTRO) - The West of Buffalo Bill: Frontier Art, Indian Crafts, Memorabilia From the Buffalo Bill Historical Center
BOOKS085825I: MCCRACKEN, HAROLD - The Charles M. Russell Book: The Life and Work of the Cowboy Artist
BOOKS089808I: MCCRACKEN, HAROLD - The Charles M. Russell Book: The Life and Work of the Cowboy Artist
BOOKS062531I: MCCRACKEN, ELIZABETH - Niagara Falls All over Again
BOOKS029161I: MCCRAKEN, KAREN HARDEN - Connie Hagar: The Life History of a Texas Birdwatcher
BOOKS081414I: MCCRAW, THOMAS K. - The Founders and Finance: How Hamilton, Gallatin, and Other Immigrants Forged a New Economy
BOOKS070836I: MCCREA, GAVIN - Mrs. Engels
BOOKS036037I: MCCRONE, JOHN - The Ape That Spoke: Language and the Evolution of the Human Mind
BOOKS032354I: MCCRONE, JOHN - Going Inside: Tour Around a Single Moment of Consciousness
BOOKS044198I: MCCULLAGH, SUZANNE FOLDS & MARK KRISCO - Graphic Modernism: Selections from the Francey and Dr. Martin L. Gecht Collection at the Art Institute of Chicago
BOOKS034723I: MCCULLEN, DAN - Lest We Forget: A POW Memoir of World War II
BOOKS077825I: MCCULLERS, CARSON - The Ballad of the Sad Cafe and Other Stories / The Heart is a Lonely Hunter / The Member of the Wedding
BOOKS074566I: MCCULLERS, CARSON - Collected Stories, Including The Member of the Wedding and The Ballad of the Sad Cafe
BOOKS050083I: MCCULLERS, CARSON - Reflections in a Golden Eye
BOOKS072944I: MCCULLERS, CARSON - Collected Short Stories and the Novel The Ballad of the Sad Cafe
BOOKS036553I: MCCULLOH, DOUGLAS & JACQUES GARNIER - On The Beach: Chance Portraits From Two Shores
BOOKS038837I: MCCULLOUGH, DAVID WILLIS - The Unending Mystery: A Journey Through Labyrinths and Mazes
BOOKS073837I: MCCULLOUGH, DAVID WILLIS (EDITOR) - Wars of the Irish Kings: A Thousand Years of Struggle from the Age of Myth through the Reign of Queen Elizabeth I
BOOKS092310I: MCCULLOUGH, DAVID - The Wright Brothers
BOOKS076861I: MCCULLOUGH, DAVID - The Wright Brothers
BOOKS076693I: MCCULLOUGH, DAVID - The Path Between the Seas: The Creation of the Panama Canal, 1870-1914
BOOKS036526I: MCCULLOUGH, FRANCES & BARBARA WITT - Great Feasts Without Fuss (Professional Secrets for Creating Carefree Dinner Parties)
BOOKS064682I: MCCULLOUGH, DAVID - The Great Bridge (The Epic Story of the Building of the Brooklyn Bridge)
BOOKS067538I: MCCULLOUGH, DAVID - The Wright Brothers
BOOKS081457I: MCCULLOUGH, BOB - My Greatest Day in Golf: The Legends of Golf Recount Their Greatest Moments
BOOKS061650I: MCCURDY, MICHAEL - Hannah's Farm: The Seasons on an Early American Homestead
BOOKS061829I: MCCURDY, MICHAEL - Toward The Light: Wood Engravings
BOOKS061648I: MCCURDY, MICHAEL - The Illustrated Harvard: Harvard University in Wood Engravings and Words
BOOKS071161I: MCCUTCHEON, MARC - Descriptionary: A Thematic Dictionary (Second Edition)
BOOKS089851I: MCDERMOTT, KEVIN - Elephant House or, The Home of Edward Gorey
BOOKS022582I: MCDERMOTT, CATHERINE - Made in Britain: Tradition and Style in Contemporary British Fashion
BOOKS018882I: MCDERMOTT, CATHERINE - Design Museum Book of 20th Century Design
BOOKS065994I: MCDERMOTT, THOMAS J. - Manual of Sailboat Racing: An Encyclopedic Treatise for Small-Boat Sailors
BOOKS063874I: MCDERMOTT, EDWARD - The Merrie Days of England, Sketches of the Olden Time
BOOKS023651I: MCDERMOTT, JOHN FRANCIS (ED.) - Before Mark Twain: a Sampler of Old, Old Times on the Mississippi
BOOKS056035I: MCDERMOTT, TERRY - 101 Theory Drive: A Neuroscientist's Quest for Memory
BOOKS052218I: MCDONAGH, EILEEN & LAURA PAPPANO - Playing With the Boys: Why Separate is Not Equal in Sports
BOOKS088663I: MCDONALD, KATHLEEN - How to Meditate: A Practical Guide (Second Edition)
BOOKS053786I: MCDONALD, RUSS - The Bedford Companion to Shakespeare: An Introduction With Documents
BOOKS010340I: MCDONALD, WALTER - The Digs in Escondido Canyon
BOOKS016299I: MCDONALD, EDWARD D. - A Bibliography of the Writings of D.H. Lawrence & the Writings of D.H. Lawrence 1925-1930: A Bibliographical Supplement (2 Vols)
BOOKS062197I: MCDONALD, JOAN C. - Tom Merton: A Personal Biography
BOOKS088834I: MCDONALD, DEBORAH & JEREMY DRONFIELD - A Very Dangerous Woman: The Lives, Loves and Lies of Russia's Most Seductive Spy
BOOKS077117I: MCDONALD, FORREST - The American Presidency: An Intellectual History
BOOKS041729I: MCDONALD, WALT - All Occasions
BOOKS044224I: MCDONALD, BRIAN - Indian Summer: The Forgotten Story of Louis Sockalexis, the First Native American in Major League Baseball
BOOKS075899I: MCDONALD, ELVIN - The Color Garden (Blue): Single Color Plantings for Dramatic Landscapes
BOOKS075900I: MCDONALD, ELVIN - The Color Garden (Red): Single Color Plantings for Dramatic Landscapes
BOOKS075901I: MCDONALD, ELVIN - The Color Garden (White): Single Color Plantings for Dramatic Landscapes
BOOKS075902I: MCDONALD, ELVIN - The Color Garden (Yellow): Single Color Plantings for Dramatic Landscapes
BOOKS034139I: MCDONNELL, MICHAEL - Great Moments in Sports: Golf
BOOKS092364I: MCDONOUGH, JAMES LEE - Stones River - Bloody Winter in Tennessee
BOOKS009580I: MCDONOUGH, PETER - Men Astutely Trained: A History of the Jesuits in the American Century
BOOKS088839I: MCDONOUGH, JAMES LEE & THOMAS L. CONNELLY - Five Tragic Hours: The Battle of Franklin
BOOKS063009I: MCDONOUGH, TOM - Light Years: Confessions of a Cinematographer
BOOKS047461I: MCDONOUGH, JIMMY - Tammy Wynette: Tragic Country Queen
BOOKS090910I: MCDONOUGH, JAMES LEE - Chattanooga: A Death Grip on the Confederacy
BOOKS068475I: MCDOUGALL, WALTER A. - Freedom Just Around the Corner: A New American History, 1585-1828
BOOKS062731I: MCDOUGALL, LEN - The Complete Tracker: The Tracks, Signs, and Habits of North American Wildlife
BOOKS069064I: MCDOUGALL, WALTER A. - Freedom Just Around the Corner: A New American History, 1585-1828
BOOKS006484I: MCDOWELL, COLIN - Galliano
BOOKS002585I: MCDOWELL, COLIN - Shoes: Fashion and Fantasy
BOOKS010878I: MCELFRESH, EARL B. - Maps and Mapmakers of the Civil War
BOOKS019601I: MCELHENY, VICTOR K. - Watson and DNA: Making a Scientific Revolution
BOOKS084549I: MCELHENY, VICTOR K. - Drawing the Map of Life: Inside the Human Genome Project
BOOKS033526I: MCELHENY, VICTOR K. - Watson and DNA: Making a Scientific Revolution
BOOKS020690I: MCELNEY, BRIAN SHANE - The Museum of East Asian Art Inaugural Exhibition: Volume 2 - Chinese Metalwares and Decorative Arts,
BOOKS020689I: MCELNEY, BRIAN SHANE - The Museum of East Asian Art Inaugural Exhibition: Volume 1 - Chinese Ceramics
BOOKS002692I: MCELROY, COLLEEN - Bone Flames
BOOKS061439I: MCELROY, JOHN HARMON - American Beliefs: What Keeps a Big Country and a Diverse People United
BOOKS046081I: MCENANY, JACK - Brush Cat: On Trees, the Wood Economy, and the Most Dangerous Job in America
BOOKS083684I: MCENERY, JIM WITH BILL SLOAN - Hell in the Pacific: A Marine Rifleman's Journey from Guadalcanal to Peleliu
BOOKS083553I: MCEVEDY, ALLEGRA - Coloring the Seasons: A Cook's Guide
BOOKS033231I: MCEVER, BRUCE - Full Horizon
BOOKS042054I: MCEVILLEY, THOMAS; DONALD KUSPIT & ROBERTA SMITH - Lucas Samaras: Objects and Subjects, 1969-1986
BOOKS089278I: MCEVOY, RUTH M. - History of the City of Batavia
BOOKS084533I: MCEVOY, JOHN - Great Horse Racing Mysteries: True Tales from the Track
BOOKS071507I: MCEWAN, IAN - Black Dogs
BOOKS089276I: MCEWAN, IAN - Solar
BOOKS037173I: MCEWAN, IAN - On Chesil Beach
BOOKS061450I: MCEWAN, IAN - Sweet Tooth
BOOKS089821I: MCEWEN, JOHN - Paula Rego
BOOKS086785I: MCFADDEN, CHRISTINE (INTRO) - Cooking School Indian
BOOKS060818I: MCFADDEN, CHRISTINE & CHRISTINE FRANCE - The Cook's Guide to Chocolate
BOOKS074979I: MCFAGUE, SALLIE - Models of God: Theology for an Ecological, Nuclear Age
BOOKS083572I: MCFARLAND, BEN & TOM SANDHAM - The Thinking Drinker's Guide to Alcohol: A Cocktail of Amusing Anecdotes and Opinion on the Art of Imbibing
BOOKS085510I: MCFARLAND, DAVID - Guilty Robots, Happy Dogs: The Question of Alien Minds
BOOKS041058I: MCFARLAND, PHILIP - Loves of Harriet Beecher Stowe
BOOKS007787I: MCFARLANE, BRIAN - Australian Cinema
BOOKS091038I: MCFEE, WILLIAM - Casuals of the Sea
BOOKS026867I: MCFEE, WILLIAM - Casuals of the Sea: the Voyage of a Soul
BOOKS003849I: MCFEELY, WILLIAM S. - Frederick Douglass
BOOKS054936I: MCFEELY, WILLIAM S. - Frederick Douglass
BOOKS052295I: MCFEELY, WILLIAM S. - Portrait: The Life of Thomas Eakins
BOOKS027255I: MCGAHERN, JOHN - High Ground
BOOKS074237I: MCGEE, HAROLD - Keys to Good Cooking: A Guide to Making the Best of Foods and Recipes
BOOKS075344I: MCGEE, TOM - Betty Grable: The Girl with the Million Dollar Legs
BOOKS076564I: MCGEE, ALAN - Creation Stories: Riots, Raves and Running a Label
BOOKS033487I: MCGETRICK, MIKE WITH TOM FERRELL - The Scrambler's Dozen: the 12 Shots Every Golfer Needs to Score Like the Pros
BOOKS034908I: MCGILL, FREDERICK T., JR. & VIRGINIA F. MCGILL - Something Like a Star: A Rather Personal View of the Star Island Conference Center
BOOKS046980I: MCGILL, FORREST, & M.L. PATTARATORN CHIRAPRAVATI (EDS.) - The Kingdom of Siam: The Art of Central Thailand, 1350-1800
BOOKS020727I: MCGINN, COLIN - The Making of a Philosopher: My Journey Through Twentieth Century Philosophy
BOOKS025375I: MCGINN, BERNARD - The Calabrian Abbot: Joachim of Fiore in the History of Western Thought
BOOKS017664I: MCGINN, BERNARD - Anti-Christ: Two Thousand Years of the Human Fascination with Evil
BOOKS076781I: MCGINTY, BRIAN - Lincoln's Greatest Case: The River, the Bridge, and the Making of America
BOOKS028765I: MCGLONE, JOHN (ED.) - Journal of Confederate History VI; Jefferson Davis, President Confederate States of America, 1861-1865
BOOKS075838I: MCGOOGAN, KEN - Ancient Mariner: The Amazing Adventures of Samuel Hearne, the Sailor Who Walked to the Arctic Ocean
BOOKS088939I: MCGOOGAN, KEN - Race to the Polar Sea: The Heroic Adventures and Romantic Obsessions of Elisha Kent Kane
BOOKS015282I: MCGOVERN, ROBERT & STEPHEN HAVEN (EDS.) - Scarecrow Poetry: The Muse in Post-Middle Age
BOOKS015356I: MCGOVERN, ROBERT & STEPHEN HAVEN (EDS.) - And What Rough Beast: Poems at the End of the Century
BOOKS015361I: MCGOVERN, ROBERT - Fool: Selected Poems
BOOKS037514I: MCGOVERN, JOHN P. & CHESTER R. BURNS (EDITORS) - Humanism in Medicine
BOOKS067630I: MCGOVERN, GEORGE - Abraham Lincoln
BOOKS070434I: MCGOVERN, ROBERT & STEPHEN HAVEN (EDITORS) - And What Rough Beast: Poems at the End of the Century
BOOKS090102I: MCGOWAN, CHRIS - Diatoms to Dinosaurs: The Size and Scale of Living Things
BOOKS087569I: MCGOWAN, KEVIN J. & KIMBERLEY CORWIN (EDITORS) - The Second Atlas of Breeding Birds in New York State
BOOKS072007I: MCGOWAN, CHRISTOPER - The Dragon Seekers: How an Extraordinary Circle of Fossilists Discovered the Dinosaurs and Paved the Way for Darwin
BOOKS026035I: MCGRATH, CHARLES AND THE STAFF OF THE BOOK REVIEW - Books of the Century: A Hundred Years of Authors, Ideas and Literature from the New York Times
BOOKS021277I: MCGRATH, ALISTER - Glimpsing the Face of God: The Search for Meaning in the Universe
BOOKS063803I: MCGRATH, ALISTER - C.S. Lewis: A Life - Eccentric Genius, Reluctant Prophet
BOOKS071242I: MCGRAYNE, SHARON BERTSCH - Nobel Prize Women in Science: Their Lives, Struggles and Momentous Discoveries
BOOKS063612I: MCGRAYNE, SHARON BERTSCH - Nobel Prize Women in Science: Their Lives, Struggles and Momentous Discoveries
BOOKS038775I: MCGREAL, IAN P. (EDITOR) - Great Thinkers of the Eastern World
BOOKS067937I: MCGREGOR, JAMES H.S. - Venice from the Ground Up
BOOKS069854I: MCGREGOR, JAMES H.S. - Venice from the Ground Up
BOOKS089810I: MCGREW, R. BROWNELL - R. Brownell McGrew
BOOKS070519I: MCGREW, PATRICK - Landmarks of San Francisco
BOOKS079429I: MCGUANE, THOMAS - Some Horses: Essays
BOOKS077851I: MCGUANE, THOMAS - The Sporting Club
BOOKS074041I: MCGUIGAN, JOHN F., JR. & MARY K. MCGUIGAN - James E. Freeman, 1808-1884: An American Painter In Italy
BOOKS012290I: MCGUIRE, MARYANN CALE - Milton's Puritan Masque
BOOKS046564I: MCGUIRE, DIANE KOSTAL (ED.) - American Garden Design: An Anthology Of Ideas That Shaped Our Landscape
BOOKS081250I: MCGUIRE, JOHN - Basketry: The Shaker Tradition - History, Techniques, Projects
BOOKS083003I: MCGUIRE, JOHN - Basketry: The Shaker Tradition - History, Techniques, Projects
BOOKS071746I: MCHENRY, ROBERT (EDITOR) - Webster's American Military Biographies
BOOKS034072I: MCHOY, PETER - The Complete Guide to Gardening
BOOKS044478I: MCHOY, PETER - The Complete Guide to Gardening
BOOKS034067I: MCHUGH, HEATHER - Hinge & Sign: Poems, 1968-1993
BOOKS059705I: MCHUGH, PATRICIA - Toronto Architecture: A City Guide (Second Edition)
BOOKS062327I: MCINERNEY, JAY - The Last of the Savages
BOOKS062427I: MCINERNEY, JAY - Story of My Life
BOOKS071127I: MCINERNY, RALPH - The Grass Widow: A Father Dowling Mystery
BOOKS024440I: MCINERNY, RALPH - Bishop as Pawn: a Father Dowling Mystery
BOOKS035489I: MCINERNY, RALPH - Leave of Absence
BOOKS046969I: MCINERNY, RALPH (ED.) - Modernity and Religion
BOOKS062964I: MCINNES, MARY DRACH & WAYNE HIGBY - SkyWell Falls: Wayne Higby
BOOKS078814I: MCINTOSH, W.H. - History of Ontario Co., New York, with Illustrations Descriptive of its Scenery, Palatial Residences, Public Buildings, ...
BOOKS048039I: MCIVOR, JAMES - God Rest Ye Merry, Soldiers: A True Civil War Christmas Story
BOOKS088487I: MCKALE, DONALD M. - Hitler's Shadow War: The Holocaust and World War II
BOOKS049172I: MCKANE, WILLIAM - Proverbs: A New Approach
BOOKS023204I: MCKAY, MARYLIN J. - A National Soul: Canadian Mural Painting, 1860s - 1930s
BOOKS079169I: MCKAY, KEITH - Robert De Niro: The Hero Behind the Masks
BOOKS049798I: MCKEAN, HUGH - The "Lost" Treasures of Louis Comfort Tiffany
BOOKS034838I: MCKEAN, ERIN (ED.) - Weird and Wonderful Words
BOOKS006026I: MCKEARIN, HELEN & GEORGE S. MCKEARIN - Two Hundred Years of American Blown Glass
BOOKS057286I: MCKEE, ALEXANDER - King Henry VIII's Mary Rose
BOOKS018611I: MCKEE, FRANCIS - Kathy Prendergast: The End and the Beginning
BOOKS067604I: MCKEE, JEFFREY K. - The Riddled Chain: Chance, Coincidence, and Chaos in Human Evolution
BOOKS085471I: MCKELVEY, BLAKE - Rochester: An Emerging Metropolis, 1925-1961
BOOKS007469I: MCKELVEY, BLAKE - Rochester: An Emerging Metropolis, 1925-1961
BOOKS082079I: MCKELVEY, BLAKE (EDITOR) - Part I: Foreign Travelers' Notes on Rochester & Genesee Country Before 1840, Part II: Nurseries, Farm Papers & Rochester Episode
BOOKS001885I: MCKELVEY, BLAKE - Snow in the Cities: A History of America's Urban Response
BOOKS007467I: MCKELVEY, BLAKE - Rochester: The Flower City 1855-1890
BOOKS092191I: MCKELVEY, BLAKE (EDITOR) - The Rochester Historical Society Publications XVIII: Part I - Foreign Traveler's Notes, Part II Nurseries, Farm Papers . . .
BOOKS061635I: MCKELVEY, BLAKE - Early Rochester Illustrated
BOOKS070131I: MCKELVEY, BLAKE - Rochester History: The Voice of the City Historian
BOOKS087911I: MCKELVEY, BLAKE - A Growing Legacy: An Illustrated History of Rochester's Parks
BOOKS004712I: MCKELVEY, BLAKE - Rochester on the Genesee: The Growth of a City
BOOKS080884I: MCKELVEY, BLAKE & LESLIE A. WHITE (EDITORS) - The Rochester Historical Society Publications XVI: Part I - History of Rochester Libraries; Part II - Morgan's European Journal
BOOKS080885I: MCKELVEY, BLAKE & LESLIE A. WHITE (EDITORS) - The Rochester Historical Society Publications XVI: Part I - History of Rochester Libraries; Part II - Morgan's European Journal
BOOKS078560I: MCKELVEY, BLAKE - Rochester: An Emerging Metropolis, 1925-1961
BOOKS057134I: MCKELVEY, BLAKE (EDITOR) - A Bibliographical Guide to the Genesee Country and Neighboring Areas of Western New York
BOOKS061633I: MCKELVEY, BLAKE - Rochester on the Genesee: The Growth of a City (Second Edition)
BOOKS035741I: MCKENDRICK, SCOT & KATHLEEN DOYLE - Bible Manuscripts: 1400 Years of Scribes and Scripture
BOOKS009876I: MCKENNA, GEORGE L. - Prints 1460-1995: The Collections of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
BOOKS057793I: MCKENNA, ANTONY - De Pascal a Voltaire: Le Role des Pensees de Pascal dans l Histoire des Idees Entre 1670 et 1734 (Two Volumes)
BOOKS033541I: MCKENZIE, CAROLE (ED.) - Quotable Sex
BOOKS034801I: MCKENZIE, JOHN D. - Uncertain Glory: Lee's Generalship Re-Examined
BOOKS049557I: MCKENZIE, STEVEN L. - King David: A Biography
BOOKS079224I: MCKEON, BELINDA (EDITOR) - A Kind of Compass: Stories on Distance
BOOKS027073I: MCKEON, RICHARD - The Philosophic Bases of Art and Criticism
BOOKS086471I: MCKEON, MICHAEL - The Origins of the English Novel, 1600-1740
BOOKS066026I: MCKIBBEN, BILL - Wandering Home: A Long Walk Across America's Most Hopeful Landscape - Vermont's Champlain Valley and New York's Adirondacks
BOOKS032754I: MCKIBBEN, BILL - The Age of Missing Information
BOOKS047064I: MCKIBBEN, BILL - Hope, Human and Wild: True Stories of Living Lightly on the Earth
BOOKS072841I: MCKIBBEN, BILL - Hope, Human and Wild: True Stories of Living Lightly on the Earth
BOOKS082990I: MCKIBBEN, BILL - Enough: Staying Human in an Engineered Age
BOOKS035707I: MCKIBBEN, BILL - Wandering Home: A Long Walk Across America's Most Hopeful Landscape - Vermont's Champlain Valley and New York's Adirondacks
BOOKS028069I: MCKIE, DOUGLAS - Antoine Lavoisier: Scientist, Economist, Social Reformer
BOOKS084177I: MCKILLIP, PATRICIA A. - The Riddle-Master of Hed
BOOKS048470I: MCKILLOP, A.B. - The Spinster and the Prophet: H.G. Wells, Florence Deeks, and the Case of the Plagiarized Text
BOOKS088888I: MCKINNEY, SAM - Bligh: A True Account of Mutiny Aboard His Majesty's Ship Bounty
BOOKS053745I: MCKINNEY, DEVIN - The Man Who Saw a Ghost: The Life and Work of Henry Fonda
BOOKS009712I: MCKNIGHT, DAVID - Lardil: Keepers of the Dreamtime
BOOKS083642I: MCKNIGHT, SCOT - Fasting
BOOKS048618I: MCLACHLAN, IAN - Final Flights: Dramatic Wartime Incidents Revealed by Aviation Archaeology
BOOKS086086I: MCLANATHAN, RICHARD - Gilbert Stuart
BOOKS068043I: MCLANE, MAUREEN N. - This Blue
BOOKS032997I: MCLANE, MAUREEN N. - Same Life
BOOKS039586I: MCLAREN, BRIAN D. - The Secret Message of Jesus: Uncovering the Truth that Could Change Everything
BOOKS083648I: MCLAREN, BRIAN - Finding Our Way Again: The Return Of The Ancient Practices
BOOKS090442I: MCLAREN, ANGUS - A History of Contraception: From Antiquity to the Present Day
BOOKS081466I: MCLAREN, ALFRED S. - Unknown Waters: A First-Hand Account of Historic Under-Ice Survey of the Siberian Continental Shelf by USS Queenfish (SSN-651)
BOOKS047337I: MCLARTY, RON - The Memory of Running
BOOKS079185I: MCLAUGHLIN, R. EMMET - Caspar Schwenckfeld, Reluctant Radical: His Life to 1540
BOOKS081745I: MCLAUGHLIN, MICHAEL - The Mushroom Book: Recipes for Earthly Delights
BOOKS007753I: MCLEAN, RUARI - George Cruikshank: His Life and Work as a Book Illustrator
BOOKS029936I: MCLEAVE, HUGH - A Man and His Mountain: The Life of Paul Cezanne
BOOKS014677I: MCLEISH, JOHN - Number: 12345678910
BOOKS091848I: MCLEISH, BETH; MATT BERKOWITZ & PETER JOSEPH (EDITORS) - The Zeitgeist Movement Defined: Realizing a New Train of Thought
BOOKS066009I: MCLEISH, KENNETH - The Theatre of Aristophanes
BOOKS082936I: MCLEMORE, RICHARD AUBREY (EDITOR) - A History of Mississippi (TwoVolumes)
BOOKS050716I: MCLEOD, KIRSTY - Drums and Trumpets: The House of Stuart
BOOKS057238I: MCLEOD, GROVER S. - Drake, Captain of the South Seas
BOOKS077425I: MCLEOD, ENID - Charles of Orleans: Prince & Poet
BOOKS061560I: MCLEOD, DON (EDITOR) - DA / The Devil's Artisan: A Journal of the Printing Arts, Number 51 (Fall/Winter, 2002).
BOOKS067448I: MCLUCAS, SUZANNE - A Provencal Kitchen in America
BOOKS000374I: MCLUHAN, T.C. - The Way of the Earth: Encounters with Nature in Ancient and Contemporary Thought
BOOKS073688I: MCLYNN, FRANK - Richard and John: Kings at War
BOOKS080207I: MCLYNN, FRANK - The Burma Campaign: Disaster into Triumph, 1942-45
BOOKS071956I: MCLYNN, FRANK - Stanley: Sorcerer's Apprentice
BOOKS091530I: MCLYNN, FRANK - Napoleon: A Biography
BOOKS055383I: MCMAHON, DARRIN M. - Divine Fury: A History of Genius
BOOKS010431I: MCMAHON, LYNNE - The House of Entertaining Science
BOOKS067422I: MCMANIS, J. ALLEN WITH MARY G MCMANIS - "Flesh of My Brother''; or, ''Kia Kia'' (Flesh Eaters)
BOOKS071895I: MCMANUS, JOHN C. - September Hope: The American Side of a Bridge Too Far
BOOKS057667I: MCMANUS, JAMES - Cowboys Full: The Story of Poker
BOOKS025995I: MCMANUS, JAMES - Positively Fifth Street: Murderers, Cheetahs and Binion's World Series of Poker
BOOKS092833I: MCMANUS, JOHN C. - September Hope: The American Side of a Bridge Too Far
BOOKS071079I: MCMANUS, JAMES - Great America
BOOKS081677I: MCMANUS, CHRIS - Right Hand, Left Hand: The Origins of Asymmetry in Brains, Bodies, Atoms and Cultures
BOOKS069790I: MCMARTIN, BARBARA - The Great Forest of the Adirondacks
BOOKS091993I: MCMARTIN, BARBARA & W. ALEC REID - The Glove Cities: How a People and Their Craft Built Two Cities
BOOKS077878I: MCMASTER, H.R. - Dereliction of Duty: Lyndon Johnson, Robert McNamara, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Lies that Led to Vietnam
BOOKS089712I: MCMASTER, GERARLD & CLIFFORD E. TRAFZER (EDITORS) - Native Universe: Voices of Indian America
BOOKS081213I: MCMASTER, JULIET - Dickens the Designer
BOOKS056773I: MCMEEKIN, SEAN - The Berlin-Baghdad Express: The Ottoman Empire and Germany's Bid for World Power
BOOKS052403I: MCMENAMIN, MARK & DIANNA L. SCHULTE MCMENAMIN - The Emergence of Animals: The Cambrain Breakthrough
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BOOKS076834I: MCPHEE, JOHN - Table of Contents
BOOKS055004I: MCPHEE, JOHN - Silk Parachute
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BOOKS018915I: MCPHERSON, SANDRA - The Year of Our Birth
BOOKS022783I: MCPHERSON, SANDRA - The Year of Our Birth
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BOOKS088026I: MCQUADE, MOLLY (EDITOR) - By Herself: Women Reclaim Poetry
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BOOKS030775I: MCQUILKIN, RENNIE - North Northeast
BOOKS058684I: MCRAY, PAUL - As Though Travelling Backwards Were Natural
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BOOKS074317I: MCWILLIAMS, BILL - On Hallowed Ground: The Last Battle for Pork Chop Hill
BOOKS051864I: MCWILLIAMS, JAMES E. - A Revolution In Eating: How the Quest for Food Shaped America
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BOOKS083157I: MEAD, COREY - The Lost Pilots: The Spectacular Rise and Scandalous Fall of Aviation's Golden Couple
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BOOKS065607I: MEAD, MARGARET - Growing Up in New Guinea: A Comparative Study of Primitive Education
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BOOKS080390I: MEADMORE, CLEMENT - Clement Meadmore
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BOOKS034564I: MECH, L. DAVID - The Arctic Wolf: Living With the Pack
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BOOKS054391I: MEDINA, JOHN J. - The Clock of Ages: Why We Age, How We Age, Winding Back the Clock
BOOKS061424I: MEDRANO, MICHAEL LUIS - Born in the Cavity of Sunsets
BOOKS065615I: MEDSGER, OLIVER PERRY - Edible Wild Plants
BOOKS066825I: MEDWICK, CATHLEEN - Teresa of Avila: The Progress of a Soul
BOOKS060616I: MEDWICK, CATHLEEN - Teresa of Avila: The Progress of a Soul
BOOKS065157I: MEDWICK, CATHLEEN - Teresa of Avila: The Progress of a Soul
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BOOKS019088I: MEE, CHARLES L., JR. - The End of Order: Versailles 1919
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BOOKS092643I: MEEHAN, PATRICK J. (INTRO) - Frank Lloyd Wright: Domestic Architecture and Objects
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BOOKS073225I: MEHTA, VED - Sound-Shadows of the New World
BOOKS013257I: MEHTA, VED - Remembering Mr. Shawn's New Yorker: The Invisible Art of Editing
BOOKS084741I: MEHTA, VED - Up at Oxford: Continents of Exile
BOOKS080772I: MEIER, ANDREW - The Lost Spy: An American in Stalin's Secret Service
BOOKS072412I: MEIER, RICHARD - Building the Getty
BOOKS052956I: MEIER, AUGUST - Negro Thought in America, 1880-1915: Racial Ideologies in the Age of Booker T. Washington
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BOOKS041736I: MEINKE, PETER - Zinc Fingers: Poems A to Z
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BOOKS060594I: MEINKOTH, NORMAN A. - National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Seashore Creatures
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BOOKS027200I: MEISEL, LOUIS K. - Richard Estes: The Complete Paintings, 1966-1985
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BOOKS036204I: MEKAS, JONAS (ED.) - Film Culture, no. 38 (Fall 1965) - Slavko Vorpapich issue
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BOOKS072845I: MELE, FRANK - Polpetto: A Novel About Italian Americans
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BOOKS091620I: MELLON, JAMES (EDITOR) - The Face of Lincoln
BOOKS008613I: MELLOW, JAMES R. - Walker Evans
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BOOKS067724I: MELONE, HARRY R. - A Sesqui-Centennial Souvenir Describing One Hundred and Fifty Year of Progress
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BOOKS071530I: MELOY, MAILE - Liars and Saints
BOOKS090073I: MELROSE, A.R. - The Pooh Dictionary: A Complete Guide to the Words of Pooh & All the Animals in the Forest
BOOKS068339I: MELROSE, A.R. - The Pooh Dictionary: A Complete Guide to the Words of Pooh & All the Animals in the Forest
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BOOKS079408I: MELTZER, MILTON - Dorothea Lange: A Photographer's Life
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BOOKS090200I: MELVILLE, HERMAN - Pierre, or The Ambiguities
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BOOKS091130I: MELVILLE, HERMAN - Selected Writings of Herman Melville: Complete Short Stories; Typee; Billy Budd, Foretopman
BOOKS091440I: MELVILLE, PAULINE - The Ventriloquist's Tale
BOOKS046240I: MELVILLE, HERMAN - Moby Dick; or, The Whale
BOOKS083563I: MELVIN, LELAND - Chasing Space: An Astronaut's Story of Grit, Grace, and Second Chances
BOOKS092212I: MELVIN, LELAND - Chasing Space: An Astronaut's Story of Grit, Grace, and Second Chances
BOOKS055778I: MEMMER, PHILIP - The Storehouses of the Snow: Psalms, Parables, and Dreams
BOOKS080324I: MENAKER, DANIEL - A Good Talk: The Story and Skill of Conversation
BOOKS081993I: MENAND, LOUIS - The Marketplace of Ideas (Reform and Resistance in the American University)
BOOKS064326I: MENAND, LOUIS - The Metaphysical Club: A Story of Ideas in America
BOOKS088473I: MENAND, LOUIS - American Studies
BOOKS011152I: MENARD, H.W. - Islands
BOOKS030275I: MENARD, RENE - Interpretive Essays on Two Poems by Rene Char: To a Tensed Serenity & Lettera Amorosa
BOOKS074622I: MENCHÚ, RIGOBERTA - I, Rigoberta Menchu: An Indian Woman in Guatemala
BOOKS073907I: MENCKEN, H.L. - A Choice of Days: Essays From Happy Days, Newspaper Days and Heathen Days
BOOKS027276I: MENCKEN, H.L. - A Choice of Days: Essays From Happy Days, Newspaper Days and Heathen Days
BOOKS039863I: MENCL, VACLAV - Czech Architecture of the Luxemburg Period
BOOKS058916I: MENDEL, ARTHUR P. - Vision and Violence
BOOKS085949I: MENDELS, DORON - The Rise and Fall of Jewish Nationalism: Jewish and Christian Ethnicity in Ancient Palestine
BOOKS003734I: MENDELSOHN, JANE - I Was Amelia Earhart
BOOKS004107I: MENDELSOHN, JANE - I Was Amelia Earhart
BOOKS005398I: MENDELSOHN, ROY - How Can Talking Help? an Introduction to the Technique of Analytic Therapy
BOOKS052496I: MENDELSOHN, ROY M. - The Manifest Dream and Its Use in Therapy
BOOKS055154I: MENDELSOHN, DANIEL - The Lost: A Search for Six of Six Million
BOOKS090052I: MENDELSON, ANNE - Stand Facing the Stove: The Story of the Women Who Gave America The Joy of Cooking
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BOOKS044303I: MENDELSSOHN, KURT - The Riddle of the Pyramids
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BOOKS070526I: MENEN, AUBREY - Upon This Rock
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BOOKS007376I: MENETRA, JACQUES-LOUIS - Journal of My Life
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BOOKS059021I: MENZHAUSEN, JOACHIM ET AL. - The Splendor of Dresden: Five Centuries of Art Collecting
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BOOKS072396I: MENZIES, GAVIN - 1434: The Year a Magnificent Chinese Fleet Sailed to Italy and Ignited the Renaissance
BOOKS082016I: MEOLA, ERIC - Last Places on Earth
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BOOKS007994I: MILES, BARRY - William Burroughs: El Hombre Invisible
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BOOKS088229I: MILES, WYNDHAM D. - A History of the National Library of Medicine: The Nation's Treasury of Medical Knowledge
BOOKS052647I: MILES, BEBE - The Wonderful World of Bulbs
BOOKS085739I: MILES, CHARLES & PIERRE BOVIS - American Indian and Eskimo Basketry: A Key to Identification
BOOKS071300I: MILES, EDWIN J. - Byeways in the Southern Alps: Sketches of Spring and Summer Resorts in Italy and Switzerland
BOOKS040007I: MILES, HUGH & MIKE SALISBURY - Kingdom of the Ice Bear: A Portrait of the Arctic
BOOKS040252I: MILES, JOHN - The Night Hunters
BOOKS062477I: MILES, MARGARET R. - Carnal Knowing: Female Nakedness and Religious Meaning in the Christian West
BOOKS041138I: MILGROM, MELISSA - Still Life: Adventures in Taxidermy
BOOKS080609I: MILHEIRO, ANA VAZ ET AL. - Brazil: A Celebration of Contemporary Brazilian Culture
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BOOKS072508I: MILKOWSKI, BILL - Rockers, Jazzbos & Visionaries
BOOKS069692I: MILL, JOHN STUART - The Logic of the Moral Sciences
BOOKS079921I: MILL, JOHN STUART - The Basic Writings of John Stuart Mill: On Liberty, The Subjection of Women and Utilitarianism
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BOOKS073616I: MILL, JOHN STUART - Utilitarianism, Liberty, Representative Government, Selections from Auguste Comte and Positivism
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BOOKS081268I: MILLARD, CANDICE - Hero of the Empire: The Boer War, a Daring Escape, and the Making of Winston Churchill
BOOKS056595I: MILLARD, ANDRE - Edison and the Business of Innovation
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BOOKS091265I: MILLAY, EDNA ST. VINCENT - Collected Lyrics
BOOKS072548I: MILLAY, EDNA ST. VINCENT - Selected Poems
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BOOKS086967I: MILLER, JAMES - The Passion of Michel Foucault
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BOOKS016771I: MILLER, JONATHAN - The Body in Question
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BOOKS059042I: MILLER, ARTHUR - The Price: A Play
BOOKS034187I: MILLER, HENRY - Tropic of Capricorn
BOOKS092662I: MILLER, JUDITH - A Closer Look at Antiques
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BOOKS062763I: MILLER, ARTHUR - Echoes Down the Corridor: Collected Essays, 1944-2000
BOOKS082438I: MILLER, G. WAYNE - Car Crazy: The Battle for Supremacy between Ford and Olds and the Dawn of the Automobile Age
BOOKS044516I: MILLER, SUE & KATRINA KENISON (EDITORS) - The Best American Short Stories 2002
BOOKS077735I: MILLER, CHAR - Gifford Pinchot and the Making of Modern Environmentalism
BOOKS017657I: MILLER, FRANCIS TREVELYAN & ROBERT S. LANIER (EDS.) - The Photographic History of the Civil War in Ten Volumes (10 Volumes)
BOOKS060115I: MILLER, WILLIAM H. - The Last Blue Water Liners
BOOKS042531I: MILLER, JUDITH - Country Color: Perfect Palettes for Every Room
BOOKS042533I: MILLER, JUDITH - Influential Styles: From Baroque to Bauhaus - Inspiration for Today's Interiors
BOOKS065367I: MILLER, SARA CEDAR - Seeing Central Park: The Official Guide to the World's Greatest Urban Park
BOOKS066489I: MILLER, REBECCA - Jacob's Folly
BOOKS090030I: MILLER, POLLY & LEON GORDON MILLER - Lost Heritage of Alaska: The Adventure and Art of the Alaskan Coastal Indians
BOOKS058878I: MILLER, GEORGE A. - The Science of Words
BOOKS033539I: MILLER, JAMES B. & KENNETH E. MCCALL (EDS.) - The Church and Contemporary Cosmology: Proceedings of a Consultation of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
BOOKS090311I: MILLER, JAMES - Examined Lives: From Socrates to Nietzsche
BOOKS083350I: MILLER, FRANCIS TREVELYAN - The Photographic History of the Civil War (Five Volumes)
BOOKS034553I: MILLER, POLLY & LEON GORDON MILLER - Lost Heritage of Alaska: The Adventure and Art of the Alaskan Coastal Indians
BOOKS072572I: MILLER, A.E. HASWELL AND N.P. DAWNAY - Military Drawings and Paintings in the Collection of Her Majesty the Queen (Two Volumes)
BOOKS044884I: MILLER, ARTHUR - The Portable Arthur Miller
BOOKS054168I: MILLER, NATHAN - Broadsides: The Age of Fighting Sail, 1775-1815
BOOKS075565I: MILLER, FREDRIC M. & HOWARD GILLETTE, JR. - Washington Seen: A Photographic History, 1875-1965
BOOKS061075I: MILLER, AUDREY LIGHTKEP & CAROL MILLER REED - Commitment to Community: Celebrating the Heritage and Legacy of Frank Ritter Shumway & Hettie Beaman Lakin Shumway
BOOKS019756I: MILLER, FRANCIS TREVELYAN - Thomas A. Edison: Benefactor of Mankind: The Romantic Life Story of the World's Greatest Inventor
BOOKS057512I: MILLER, ARTHUR; GERLAD WEALES (ED.) - Death of a Salesman: Text and Criticism
BOOKS089736I: MILLER, HELEN HILL - Greece Through the Ages: As Seen by Travellers from Herodotus to Byron
BOOKS061695I: MILLER, JONATHAN - States of Mind: Conversations with Psychological Investigators
BOOKS045575I: MILLER, JOHNNY WITH GUY YOCOM - I Call the Shots: Straight Talk About the Game of Golf Today
BOOKS069684I: MILLER, JOHN (EDITOR) - Voices against Tyranny: Writing of the Spanish Civil War
BOOKS032443I: MILLER, CALVIN - A Requiem for Love
BOOKS063702I: MILLER, C. RUTH - Virginia Woolf: The Frames of Art and Life
BOOKS062866I: MILLER, ALICE - Paths of Life: Seven Scenarios
BOOKS030467I: MILLER, HELEN HILL - Sicily and the Western Colonies of Greece
BOOKS037274I: MILLER, JENNIFER - Inheriting the Holy Land: An American's Search For Hope In The Middle East
BOOKS080506I: MILLER, STEPHEN - Conversation: A History of a Declining Art
BOOKS054915I: MILLER, CHARLES H. - Admiral Number One: Some Incidents in the Life of Esk Hopkins, 1718-1802, First Admiral of the Continental Navy
BOOKS085604I: MILLER, BARBARA STOLER (TRANSLATOR) - The Bhagavad-Gita: Krishna's Counsel in Time of War
BOOKS061049I: MILLER, JAMES A. - Harlem: The Vision of Morgan and Marvin Smith
BOOKS082968I: MILLER, RICHARD LAWRENCE - Lincoln and His World: The Early Years - Birth to Illinois Legislature
BOOKS074544I: MILLER, LILLIAN B.; FREDERICK VOSS & JEANNETTE M. HUSSEY - The Lazzaroni: Science & Scientists in Mid-Nineteenth Century America
BOOKS090672I: MILLER, RICHARD L. - Under the Cloud: The Decades of Nuclear Testing
BOOKS061074I: MILLER, AUDREY LIGHTKEP & CAROL MILLER REED - Commitment to Community: Celebrating the Heritage and Legacy of Frank Ritter Shumway & Hettie Beaman Lakin Shumway
BOOKS089351I: MILLER, MILTON L. - Nostalgia: A Psychoanalytic Study of Marcel Proust
BOOKS072410I: MILLER, SANDRO & IGNACIO GUTIERREZ - Imagine Cuba, 1999-2007
BOOKS091142I: MILLER, J. WILLIAM - Helen of Troy: A Play in Blank Verse
BOOKS088328I: MILLER, STUART - Hot Springs: The True Adventures of the First New York Jewish Literary Intellectual in the Human-Potential Movement
BOOKS047770I: MILLER, WILLIAM LEE - Two Americans : Truman, Eisenhower, and a Dangerous World
BOOKS036735I: MILLER, TIMOTHY S. - The Birth of the Hospital in the Byzantine Empire
BOOKS082735I: MILLER, JOHN & TIM SMITH (EDITORS) - San Francisco Thrillers: True Crimes and Dark Mysteries from the City by the Bay
BOOKS000371I: MILLER, JOHN - Bourbon and Stuart: Kings and Kingship in France and England in the Seventeenth Century
BOOKS089173I: MILLER, KEN - Dangerous Guests: Enemy Captives and Revolutionary Communities during the War for Independence
BOOKS082737I: MILLER, TERRY - Greenwich Village and How It Got That Way
BOOKS053592I: MILLER, LISA - Heaven: Our Enduring Fascination with the Afterlife
BOOKS076574I: MILLER, JOHN & AARON KENEDI (EDITORS) - Gods Breath: Sacred Scriptures of the World
BOOKS045851I: MILLER, JERRY H. - From Hinrichsen to Krag: The Experimental and Early Machine Postmarks of Germany
BOOKS045852I: MILLER, JERRY H. - From Hinrichsen to Krag: The Experimental and Early Machine Postmarks of Germany (1866 until 1906)
BOOKS075648I: MILLER, MELVIN E. & ALAN N. WEST (EDITORS) - Spirituality, Ethics, and Relationship in Adulthood: Clinical and Theoretical Explorations
BOOKS040752I: MILLER, ARTHUR - Plain Girl: A Life
BOOKS092432I: MILLER, STEPHEN - Walking New York: Reflections of American Writers from Walt Whitman to Teju Cole
BOOKS067881I: MILLER, JOHN & GENEVIEVE ANDERSON (EDITORS) - New Orleans Stories: Great Writers on the City
BOOKS066082I: MILLER, MARK - The National Geographic Traveler: New Orleans
BOOKS023256I: MILLER, HENRY - My Life and Times
BOOKS088753I: MILLER, ARTHUR - Death of a Salesman: Certain Private Conversations in Two Acts and a Requiem
BOOKS072256I: MILLER, CATHERINE - The Sexual Life of Catherine M.
BOOKS078884I: MILLER, ALICE - Breaking Down the Wall of Silence: The Liberating Experience of Facing Painful Truth
BOOKS062385I: MILLER, MARK - Red Sage: Contemporary Western Cuisine
BOOKS066334I: MILLER, KENNETH R. - Only a Theory: Evolution and the Battle for America's Soul
BOOKS044223I: MILLER, KEITH D. - Voice of Deliverance: The Language of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Its Sources
BOOKS061073I: MILLER, AUDREY LIGHTKEP & CAROL MILLER REED - Commitment to Community: Celebrating the Heritage and Legacy of Frank Ritter Shumway & Hettie Beaman Lakin Shumway
BOOKS057141I: MILLER, REX - All the Blues Gone: Music and Life in Mississippi
BOOKS057142I: MILLER, THOMAS H. & BRUCE BACHMAN - "Seeking Substance ... Hitherto I Work": The Art of Carl William Peters (1897-1980)
BOOKS048704I: MILLER, JANE - American Odalisque
BOOKS055847I: MILLER, MICHAEL M. - Therapeutic Hypnosis
BOOKS079847I: MILLER, JOHN - Judi Dench: With A Crack in Her Voice
BOOKS006615I: MILLER, LEE (EDITOR) - From the Heart: Voices of the American Indian
BOOKS082213I: MILLER, JOHN & GENEVIEVE ANDERSON (EDITORS) - New Orleans Stories: Great Writers on the City
BOOKS081438I: MILLER, JOHN & AARON KENEDI (EDITORS) - God's Breath: Sacred Scriptures of the World
BOOKS087929I: MILLET, LAURENCE - The Little Book of Matisse
BOOKS090839I: MILLETT, LARRY - Sherlock Holmes and the Red Demon by John H. Watson, M.D.
BOOKS090828I: MILLETT, LARRY - Sherlock Holmes and the Ice Palace Murders: From the American Chronicles of John H. Watson
BOOKS077438I: MILLGATE, MICHAEL - Thomas Hardy: His Career as a Novelist
BOOKS059904I: MILLGRAM, ABRAHAM E. - Jerusalem Curiosities
BOOKS059777I: MILLHAUSER, STEVEN - From the Realm of Morpheus
BOOKS081069I: MILLHAUSER, STEVEN - The King in the Tree: Three Novellas
BOOKS023403I: MILLHAUSER, STEVEN - The Barnum Museum: Stories
BOOKS048387I: MILLHAUSER, STEVEN - Dangerous Laughter: Thirteen Stories
BOOKS038574I: MILLHAUSER, STEVEN - Dangerous Laughter: Thirteen Stories
BOOKS075080I: MILLIGAN, SPIKE - The Essential Spike Milligan
BOOKS051803I: MILLMAN, JOEL - The Other Americans: How Immigrants Renew Our Country, Our Economy, and Our Values
BOOKS071303I: MILLON, MARC & KIM MILLON - The Wine Roads of Italy
BOOKS082694I: MILLON, HENRY A. & CRAIG HUGH SMYTH; MICHAEL HIRST; JANE ROBERTS - Michelangelo Architect / Michelangelo Draftsman / A Dictionary of Michelangelo's Watermarks (Three Volumes)
BOOKS076753I: MILLS, RALPH J., JR. - Living With Distance
BOOKS079601I: MILLS, ENOS - Radiant Days: Writings by Enos Mills
BOOKS078752I: MILLS, JENNY - I Buried My Dolls in the Garden: The Life and Works of Elizabeth Blair Barber
BOOKS022476I: MILLS, STEPHANIE - Epicurean Simplicity
BOOKS077112I: MILLS, STEPHANIE - In Service of the Wild: Restoring and Reinhabiting Damaged Land
BOOKS036471I: MILLS, MAGNUS - The Scheme for Full Employment
BOOKS038516I: MILLS, LAURA K. - American Allegorical Prints: Constructing an Identity
BOOKS065116I: MILLS, MARJA - The Mockingbird Next Door: Life with Harper Lee
BOOKS059643I: MILLS, ANSON - My Story
BOOKS053684I: MILLUM, TREVOR - Images of Woman: Advertising in Women's Magazines
BOOKS079329I: MILNE, HAMISH - Bartok: His Life and Times
BOOKS017721I: MILNE, A. A. - Once a Week
BOOKS035641I: MILNE, A. A. - The Sunny Side: Short Stories and Poems for Proper Grown-Ups
BOOKS028064I: MILNE, E.A. - Sir James Jeans: A Biography
BOOKS032966I: MILNE, GORDON - The American Political Novel
BOOKS062171I: MILNE, A.A. - Winnie-the-Pooh
BOOKS090417I: MILNE, A.A. - The Complete Tales and Poems of Winnie-the-Pooh
BOOKS086293I: MILNE, LORUS & MARGERY MILNE - The Crab That Crawled Out of the Past
BOOKS066204I: MILNE, JOHN (EDITOR) - Crosscurrents of Change: Concord, N.H. in the 20th Century
BOOKS012001I: MILNE, CHRISTOPHER - Beyond the World of Pooh: Selections from the Memoirs of Christopher Milne
BOOKS054699I: MILNER, CLYDE A. II; CAROL A. O'CONNOR & MARTHA A. SANDWEISS (EDITORS) - The Oxford History of the American West
BOOKS090833I: MILOS, ANDRE - Sherlock Holmes & Doctor Watson Annual (1979)
BOOKS062152I: DE L. MILOSZ, O.V. - Amorous Initiation: A Novel of Sacred and Profane Love: An Excerpt from the Memoirs of the Chevalier Waldemar De L --
BOOKS091193I: MILOSZ, CZESLAW - Bells In Winter
BOOKS059927I: MILOSZ, CZESLAW - A Year of the Hunter
BOOKS059222I: MILOSZ, CZESLAW - Unattainable Earth
BOOKS003154I: MILOSZ, CZESLAW - Beginning with My Streets: Baltic Reflections
BOOKS081296I: MILOSZ, CZESLAW - Selected Poems, 1931-2004
BOOKS081010I: MILOSZ, O. V. DE L. - Amorous Initiation: A Novel of Sacred and Profane Love - An Excerpt from the Memoirs of the Chevalier Waldemar De L --
BOOKS086654I: MILTON, JOHN - Complete Poetry and Selected Prose of John Milton
BOOKS085856I: MILTON, JOHN & HENRY LAWES - The Masque of Comus: The Poem by John Milton & The Airs by Henry Lawes
BOOKS090014I: MILTON, JOHN P. - Nameless Valleys, Shining Mountains: The Record of an Expedition into the Vanishing Wilderness of Alaska's Brooks Range
BOOKS053363I: MILTON, JOYCE - The Yellow Kids: Foreign Correspondents in the Heyday of Yellow Journalism
BOOKS051059I: MILTON, JOHN - The Poetical Works of John Milton (Three Volumes)
BOOKS030587I: MILTON, JOYCE - Loss of Eden: a Biography of Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh
BOOKS006336I: MILTON, JOYCE - Tramp: The Life of Charlie Chaplin
BOOKS092494I: MILTON, JOHN - L'Allegro & Il Penseroso
BOOKS041984I: MILTON, THOMAS - The Seats and Demesnes of the Nobility and Gentry of Ireland in a Collection of the Most Interesting and Picturesque Views
BOOKS061874I: MILTON, JOHN - L'Allegro & Il Penseroso
BOOKS083346I: MIN, ANCHEE - The Cooked Seed: A Memoir
BOOKS047635I: MINARIK, ELSE HOLMELUND - A Kiss for Little Bear
BOOKS055879I: MINASIAN, STANLEY M.; KENNETH C. BALCOMB III & LARRY FOSTER - The World's Whales: The Complete Illustrated Guide
BOOKS010211I: MINCZESKI, JOHN (ED.) - Concert at Chopin's House: A Collection of Polish-American Writing
BOOKS091487I: MINCZESKI, JOHN (EDITOR) - Concert at Chopin's House: A Collection of Polish-American Writing
BOOKS061454I: MINDEN, ELIZA GAYNOR - The Ballet Companion: A Dancer's Guide to the Technique, Traditions and Joys of Ballet
BOOKS069090I: MINDIASHVILI, GIORGI (EDITOR) - Studies in Caucasian Archaeology I
BOOKS069091I: MINDIASHVILI, GIORGI (EDITOR) - Studies in Caucasian Archaeology II
BOOKS075022I: MINER, DOROTHY E.; VICTOR I. CARLSON & P. WILLIAM FILBY - 2000 Years of Calligraphy: A Three Part Exhibition - A Comprehensive Catalogue
BOOKS000008I: MINER, ROBERT G. ET AL. (EDS.) - Early Homes of Massachusetts
BOOKS032761I: MING-LE, YAO - The Conspiracy and the Murder of Mao's Heir
BOOKS052819I: MINGAZZINI, PAOLINO - Greek Pottery Painting
BOOKS024283I: MINKIN, JACOB S - The Romance of Hassidism
BOOKS074074I: MINKOFF, HARVEY (EDITOR) - pproaches to the Bible: The Best of Bible Review, Volume 1: A Multitude of Perspectives
BOOKS011293I: MINNEY, R.J. - The Edwardian Age
BOOKS031863I: MINNEY, R.J. - The Bogus Image of Bernard Shaw
BOOKS079461I: MINNICK, RAY - Canyon Light: The Seasons of Letchworth State Park
BOOKS003501I: MINOR, WENDELL - Wendell Minor: Art for the Written Word. Twenty-Five Years of Book Cover Art
BOOKS085641I: MINOR, VERNON HYDE - Art History's History
BOOKS072532I: MINOR, WENDELL - Wendell Minor's America: 25 Years of Children's Book Art
BOOKS019567I: MINOT, SUSAN - Poems 4 A.M.
BOOKS040136I: MINOW-PINKNEY, MAKIKO - Virginia Woolf & the Problem of the Subject
BOOKS085337I: MINTER, DAVID - William Faulkner: His Life and Work
BOOKS010412I: MINTY, JUDITH - In the Presence of Mothers
BOOKS082664I: SAKYONG MIPHAM - Turning the Mind Into an Ally
BOOKS088571I: SAKYONG MIPHAM - Turning the Mind Into an Ally
BOOKS092069I: SAKYONG MIPHAM - Ruling Your World: Ancient Strategies For Modern Life
BOOKS046782I: MIRALDI, ROBERT - The Pen is Mightier: The Muckraking Life of Charles Edward Russell
BOOKS069993I: MIRES, CHARLENE - Independence Hall in American Memory
BOOKS079303I: MIRGELER, ARTHUR - Mutations of Western Christianity
BOOKS044156I: MIRISCH, WALTER - I Thought We Were Making Movies, Not History
BOOKS092811I: MIRO, JOAN - Joan Miro: Selected Writings and Interviews
BOOKS060441I: MIRSKY, JEANETTE - Houses of God
BOOKS025666I: MISAKI, GISEN (ED.) - Sanju Sanjendo (Sanjusanjen-Do)
BOOKS074086I: MISCHEL, WALTER - The Marshmallow Test: Mastering Self-Control
BOOKS029867I: MISEREZ-SCHIRA, GEORGES - The Art of Painting on Porcelain
BOOKS090124I: MISHIMA, YUKIO - Thirst for Love
BOOKS046103I: MISHKIN, ANDREW - Sojourner: An Insider's View of the Mars Pathfinder Mission
BOOKS007937I: MISIANO, WIKTOR & ERIC A. PESCHLER - Die Zeitgenossische Photographie in der Sowjetunion
BOOKS027048I: MISRACH, RICHARD - Golden Gate
BOOKS068989I: MISTRAL, FREDERIC - The Memoirs of Frederic Mistral
BOOKS045024I: MISTRY, ROHINTON - Family Matters
BOOKS073977I: MITCHAM, SAMUEL W., JR. - Why Hitler?: The Genesis of the Nazi Reich
BOOKS070641I: MITCHAM, SAMUEL W., JR. - Blitzkrieg No Longer: The German Wehrmacht in Battle, 1943
BOOKS087885I: MITCHAM JR., SAMUEL W. - Why Hitler?: The Genesis of the Nazi Reich
BOOKS074456I: MITCHAM, SAMUEL W., JR. & FRIEDRICH VON STAUFFENBERG - The Battle of Sicily: How the Allies Lost Their Chance for Total Victory
BOOKS086339I: MITCHELL, JACK W. - Listener Supported: The Culture and History of Public Radio
BOOKS084275I: MITCHELL, JOSEPH - The Bottom of the Harbor
BOOKS006618I: MITCHELL, DONALD W. & JAMES WISEMAN (EDITORS) - The Gethsemani Encounter: A Dialogue on the Spiritual Life by Buddhist and Christian Monastics
BOOKS008374I: MITCHELL, REID - A Man Under Authority
BOOKS010757I: MITCHELL, CLAUDINE (ED.) - On the Brink?: Women Sculptors in Yorkshire, 1992
BOOKS064830I: MITCHELL, TED (EDITOR) - Thomas Wolfe: A Documentary Volume
BOOKS015186I: MITCHELL, JOHN - On the Window Licks the Night: A Nivola
BOOKS020232I: MITCHELL, JULIAN - The Undiscovered Country
BOOKS032381I: MITCHELL, STEPHEN - Meetings with the Archangel: A Comedy of the Spirit
BOOKS025196I: MITCHELL, WILLIAM J. - Imagining MIT: Designing a Campus for the Twenty-First Century
BOOKS089233I: MITCHELL, STEPHEN (EDITOR) - The Enlightened Heart: An Anthology of Sacred Poetry
BOOKS090856I: MITCHELL, GLADYS - Watson's Choice
BOOKS026868I: MITCHELL, S. WEIR - Little Stories

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