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BOOKS026648I: KAVANAUGH, PETER - The Story of the Abbey Theatre: From Its Origins in 1899 to the Present
BOOKS067427I: KAVASCH, BARRIE - Native Harvests: Recipes & Botanicals of the American Indian
BOOKS089620I: KAVENEY, ROZ (EDITOR) - Tales From the Forbidden Planet (Fourteen Tales of Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy)
BOOKS087568I: KAVENNA, JOANNA - The Ice Museum: In Search of the Lost Land of Thule
BOOKS073081I: KAWABATA, YASUNARI - Thousand Cranes
BOOKS091411I: KAWABATA, YASUNARI - The Old Capital
BOOKS079965I: KAWABATA, YASUNARI - Palm-of-the-Hand Stories
BOOKS090088I: KAWABATA, YASUNARI - Palm-of-the-Hand Stories
BOOKS082550I: KAWAHARA, TOSHIAKI - Hirohito and His Times: A Japanese Perspective
BOOKS038524I: KAWAR, WIDAD ET AL. - Pracht und Geheimis: Kleidung und Schmuck aus Paslastina und Jordanien
BOOKS070170I: CHUJI KAWASHIMA - Japan's Folk Architecture: Traditional Thatched Farmhouses
BOOKS041210I: CHUJI KAWASHIMA - Minka: Traditional Houses of Rural Japan
BOOKS043683I: KAY, TERRY - After Eli
BOOKS084172I: KAY, GUY GAVRIEL - The Darkest Road: The Fionavar Tapestry, Book Three
BOOKS084174I: KAY, GUY GAVRIEL - The Summer Tree: The Fionavar Tapestry, Book One
BOOKS084399I: KAY, GUY GAVRIEL - A Song for Arbonne
BOOKS068011I: KAY, TERRY - The Valley of Light
BOOKS081422I: DE KAY, JAMES TERTIUS - A Rage for Glory: The Life of Commodore Stephen Decatur, USN
BOOKS025262I: KAYE, MYRNA - There's a Bed in the Piano: The Inside Story of the American Home
BOOKS087311I: KAYE, MARVIN (EDITOR) - The Confidential Casebook of Sherlock Holmes
BOOKS087312I: KAYE, MARVIN (EDITOR) - The Resurrected Holmes: New Cases from the Notes of John H. Watson, M.D.
BOOKS079345I: KAYE, MARVIN (EDITOR) - The Dragon Quintet (Five short novels by Orson Scott Card, Mercedes Lackey, Tanith Lee, Elizabeth Moon & Michael Swanwick)
BOOKS004512I: KAYE, MARVIN (EDITOR) - The Game Is Afoot: Parodies, Pastiches and Ponderings of Sherlock Holmes
BOOKS069971I: KAYE, HARVEY J. - Thomas Paine and the Promise of America
BOOKS044552I: KAYE, LINCOLN - Cousin Felix Meets the Buddha: And Other Encounters in China and Tibet
BOOKS014020I: KAYSEN, SUSANNA - Girl, Interrupted
BOOKS074697I: KAZANJIAN, HOWARD & CHTIS ENSS - The Young Duke: The Early Life of John Wayne
BOOKS088592I: KAZANJIAN, HOWARD & CHRIS ENSS - The Young Duke: The Early Life of John Wayne
BOOKS066815I: KAZANTZAKIS, NIKOS - The Last Temptation of Christ
BOOKS006422I: KAZIN, ALFRED - A Lifetime Burning in Every Moment: From the Journals of Alfred Kazin
BOOKS070095I: KAZIN, ALFRED - A Writer's America: Landscape in Literature
BOOKS006627I: KAZIN, ALFRED - God and the American Writer
BOOKS036318I: KAZIN, ALFRED - God and the American Writer
BOOKS068862I: KEALY, SEAMUS & ROD MENGHAM - Ilya & Emilia Kabakov: Angelology
BOOKS037353I: KEANE-WHITE, DOROTHY - Dorothy Dehner: Sculpture and Works on Paper
BOOKS045068I: KEANE, PHILIP S. - Christian Ethics and Imagination: A Theological Inquiry
BOOKS092360I: KEANE, MARC P. - Japanese Garden Design
BOOKS081318I: KEARNEY, MEG; DONALD HALL (FOREWORD) - An Unkindness of Ravens
BOOKS014322I: KEARNEY, LESLIE (EDITOR) - Tchaikovsky and His World
BOOKS088708I: KEARNEY, MEG - Home by Now
BOOKS087492I: KEARNEY, MEG; DONALD HALL (FOREWORD) - An Unkindness of Ravens
BOOKS081371I: KEARNS, CALEDONIA (EDITOR) - Motherland: Writings by Irish American Women About Mothers and Daughters
BOOKS008811I: KEARTON, NICOLA (ED.) - The Ideal Place
BOOKS008813I: KEARTON, NICOLA (ED.) - Art & the City: A Dream of Urbanity
BOOKS008814I: KEARTON, NICOLA (ED.) - Art & Cultural Difference: Hybrids and Clusters
BOOKS008816I: KEARTON, NICOLA (ED.) - Painting in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
BOOKS008817I: KEARTON, NICOLA (ED.) - British Art: Defining the 90s
BOOKS082141I: KEATES, JONATHAN & ANGELO HORNAK - Canterbury Cathedral
BOOKS037304I: KEATES, JONATHAN & ANGELO HORNAK - Canterbury Cathedral
BOOKS013567I: KEATING, KEVIN & MICHAEL KOLLETH - The Negro Leagues Autograph Guide
BOOKS091719I: KEATING, THOMAS - Journey To The Center: A Lenten Passage
BOOKS036905I: KEATING, BERN - Chopper!: The Illustrated Story of Helicopters in Action
BOOKS091712I: KEATING, THOMAS - The Kingdom of God Is Like . . .
BOOKS071169I: KEATON, DIANE - Lets Just Say It Wasnt Pretty
BOOKS047571I: KEATON, DIANE - Then Again
BOOKS067762I: KEATS, JOHN - Of Time and an Island
BOOKS056898I: KEATS, JOHN - The Poetical Works and Other Writings of John Keats (Eight Volumes)
BOOKS086167I: KEATS, JOHN - You Might As Well Live: The Life and Times of Dorothy Parker
BOOKS075173I: KEATS, JOHN - The Love Poems of John Keats: In Praise of Beauty
BOOKS070841I: KEATS, JOHN - Of Time and an Island
BOOKS065080I: KEATS, JOHN - The Poetical Works of John Keats
BOOKS087260I: KEATS, JOHN - Complete Poems
BOOKS086872I: KEATS, JOHN - Poetical Works
BOOKS087527I: KEATS, JOHN - The Poems and Verses of John Keats
BOOKS086037I: KEAY, JOHN - Empires End: A History of the Far East from High Colonialism to Hong Kong
BOOKS081048I: KEBABIAN, PAUL B. & DUDLEY WITNEY - American Woodworking Tools
BOOKS087342I: KECK, L. ROBERT - Healing as a Sacred Path: A Story of Personal, Medical & Spiritual Transformation
BOOKS046548I: KECKEMET, DUSKO - Ivan Mestrovic
BOOKS019571I: KECKLER, W.B. - Sanskrit of the Body
BOOKS009164I: KEE, ROBERT - The World We Left Behind: A Chronicle of the Year 1939
BOOKS079976I: KEE, ROBERT (INTRO) - We'll Meet Again: Photographs of Daily Life in Britain During World War Two
BOOKS087940I: KEEFE, PATRICK RADDEN - Chatter: Dispatches from the Secret World of Global Eavesdropping
BOOKS092367I: O'KEEFE, ROSE - Frederick & Anna Douglass in Rochester, New York: Their Home Was Open to All
BOOKS070645I: KEEFER, JANICE KULYK - Traveling Ladies: Stories
BOOKS017994I: O'KEEFFE, GEORGIA - Georgia O'Keeffe
BOOKS050112I: O'KEEFFE, GEORGIA; MARGARET MORRIS (INTRO) - Georgia O'Keeffe: Selected Paintings and Works on Paper
BOOKS070027I: KEEGAN, JOHN - The American Civil War: A Military History
BOOKS005627I: KEEGAN, JOHN - Fields of Battle: The Wars for North America
BOOKS072675I: KEEGAN, JOHN - Winston Churchill
BOOKS072747I: KEEGAN, TERRY - The Heavy Horse: Its Harness and Harness Decoration
BOOKS048473I: KEEGAN, JOHN & RICHARD HOLMES - Soldiers: A History of Men in Battle
BOOKS082119I: KEEGAN, JOHN - The Second World War
BOOKS014618I: KEELER, HARRIET L. - Our Northern Shrubs and How to Identify Them: A Handbook for the Nature-Lover
BOOKS080109I: KEELER, O.B. & GRANTLAND RICE - The Bobby Jones Story
BOOKS027101I: KEELING, WILLIAM - Liturgiae Britannicae, Or the Several Editions of the Book of Common Prayer of the Church of England, ...
BOOKS016840I: KEEN, SAM - Hymns to an Unknown God: Awakening the Spirit in Everyday Life
BOOKS042114I: KEEN, MARY - The Glory of the English Garden
BOOKS064690I: KEENAN, PHILIP E. - Wild Orchids Across North America: A Botanical Travelogue
BOOKS004653I: KEENAN, HUGH T. (ED.) - Dearest Chums and Partners: Joel Chandler Harris's Letters to His Children. a Domestic Biography
BOOKS065100I: KEENE, RAYMOND - Winning With the Nimzo-Indian
BOOKS062877I: KEENE, RAYMOND - Chess: An Illustrated Hostory
BOOKS091896I: KEENE, RAYMOND D. & DAVID N. L. LEVY - How to Play the Opening in Chess
BOOKS085073I: KEENEY, L. DOUGLAS - The Pointblank Directive: The Untold Story of the Daring Plan that Saved D-Day
BOOKS026145I: KEES, WELDON - Fall Quarter
BOOKS077902I: KEGLEY, CHARLES W. (EDITOR) - The Theology of Paul Tillich (A Revised and Updated Classic)
BOOKS002596I: KEILLOR, GARRISON - Don: The True Story of a Young Person
BOOKS084794I: KEILLOR, GARRISON - Lake Wobegon Days
BOOKS026643I: KEILLOR, GARRISON - Lake Wobegon Summer 1956
BOOKS080358I: KEILLOR, GARRISON - Life Among the Lutherans
BOOKS065563I: KEILLOR, GARRISON (EDITOR) - Good Poems for Hard Times
BOOKS033711I: KEILLOR, GARRISON - Pontoon: A Lake Wobegon Novel
BOOKS072850I: KEILLOR, GARRISON (EDITOR) - Good Poems: American Places
BOOKS073708I: KEINER, MARION & URSULA ZELLER - Edvard Munch und seine Modelle
BOOKS018952I: KEITH-SMITH, BRIAN - Johannes Bobrowski
BOOKS022337I: KEITH, MARSHALL C. - An Indian Odyssey: the Story of Chief Washakie, the Upright Aborigine
BOOKS086887I: KEITHLEY, GEORGE - The Donner Party
BOOKS035565I: KEIZER, GARRET - The Unwanted Sound of Everything We Want: A Book About Noise
BOOKS038821I: KEIZER, GARRET - The Enigma of Anger: Essays on a Sometimes Deadly Sin
BOOKS037568I: KEIZER, GARRET - Help: The Original Human Dilemma
BOOKS048032I: KELLER, JULIA - Mr. Gatling's Terrible Marvel: The Gun That Changed Everything and the Misunderstood Genius Who Invented It
BOOKS034211I: KELLER, EVELYN FOX - The Century of the Gene
BOOKS068383I: KELLER, HELEN - The Story of My Life
BOOKS032144I: KELLER, ALLAN - Life Along the Hudson
BOOKS043422I: KELLER, HORST - The Great Book of French Impressionism
BOOKS069570I: KELLER, EVELYN FOX - A Feeling for the Organism: The Life and Work of Barbara McClintock
BOOKS085027I: KELLER, HERMANN - Phrasierung und Artikulation. Ein Beitrag zu einer Sprachlehre der Musik
BOOKS084206I: KELLER, ROSEMARY SKINNER & ROSEMARY RADFORD RUETHER (EDITORS) - In Our Own Voices: Four Centuries of American Women's Religious Writing
BOOKS078160I: KELLER, EVELYN FOX - Making Sense of Life: Explaining Biological Development with Models, Metaphors, and Machines
BOOKS089471I: KELLER, ALLAN - Scandalous Lady: The Life and Times of Madame Restell, New York's Most Notorious Abortionist
BOOKS069409I: KELLER, IANUS - For Inspiration Only: Designer Interaction with Informal Collections of Visual Material
BOOKS073312I: KELLER, ALLAN - Life Along the Hudson
BOOKS044152I: KELLER, BETTY - Black Wolf: The Life of Ernest Thompson Seton
BOOKS046922I: KELLEY, ROXIE & FRIENDS - With Heart & Soul: Recipes Created and Designed to be Shared Among Friends
BOOKS046871I: KELLEY, HELEN - Helen Kelley's Joy of Quilting: More Wit and Wisdom from America's Most Popular Quilting Columnist
BOOKS030317I: KELLEY, ELIZABETH BURROUGHS - John Burroughs: Naturalist - the Story of His Work and Family By His Granddaughter
BOOKS039456I: KELLEY, PATRICK A. - Sleightly Murder (A Harry Colderwood Mystery)
BOOKS092355I: KELLEY, CHARLOTTE - Living in the Arts and Crafts Style: A Home Decorating Workbook
BOOKS072890I: KELLMAN, STEVEN G. - Redemption: The Life of Henry Roth
BOOKS064155I: KELLOW, BRIAN - Pauline Kael: A Life in the Dark
BOOKS083569I: KELLY, SCOTT - Endurance: A Year in Space, A Lifetime of Discovery
BOOKS088127I: KELLY, FRANKLIN & GERALD L. CARR - The Early Landscapes of Frederic Edwin Church, 1845-1854
BOOKS003306I: KELLY, MARY PAT - Martin Scorsese: A Journey
BOOKS008642I: KELLY, ORR & MARY DAVIES KELLY - Dream's End: Two Iowa Brothers in the Civil War
BOOKS066913I: KELLY, MARY PAT - Martin Scorsese: A Journey
BOOKS022860I: KELLY, DAVE - Great Lakes Cycle
BOOKS085410I: KELLY, WILLIAM & NORA KELLY - The Horses of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police: A Pictorial History
BOOKS062003I: KELLY, JERRY; RIVA CASTLEMAN & ANNE H. HOY - The Best of Both Worlds: Finely Printed Livres d'Artistes, 1910–2010
BOOKS065560I: KELLY, RICHARD T. - Sean Penn: His Life and Times
BOOKS090316I: KELLY, ROBERT L. - The Fifth Beginning: What Six Million Years of Human History Can Tell Us about Our Future
BOOKS088510I: KELLY, JACK - Heaven's Ditch: God, Gold, and Murder on the Erie Canal
BOOKS067535I: KELLY, FRANKLIN - Frederic Edwin Church and the National Landscape
BOOKS080258I: KELLY, THOMAS FORREST - First Nights at the Opera
BOOKS075026I: KELLY, WILLIAM (INTRO) - Heritage of Australian Art: Reflections of the History of Australian Painters and Paintings
BOOKS072954I: KELLY, ROBERT - A Transparent Tree: Fictions
BOOKS079672I: KELLY-GANGI, CAROL (EDITOR) - The Saints: Quotable Wisdom
BOOKS080831I: KELLY, ROBERT - Doctor of Silence
BOOKS038972I: KELLY, AMY - Eleanor of Aquitaine and the Four Kings
BOOKS067665I: KELLY, BLANCHE MARY - The Well of English
BOOKS062478I: KELLY, JOSEPH F. - The Problem of Evil in the Western Tradition: From the Book of Job to Modern Genetics
BOOKS018627I: KELLY, JERRY & ALICE KOETH (CURATORS) - Artist & Alphabet: Twentieth Century Calligraphy and Letter Art in America
BOOKS087877I: KELLY, AMY - Eleanor of Aquitaine and the Four Kings
BOOKS070539I: KELSALL, KEITH - Glass in 18th Century England: The Footed Salver
BOOKS085620I: KELSEY, ROBIN & BLAKE STIMSON (EDITORS) - The Meaning of Photography
BOOKS042483I: KEMBLE, CELERIE WITH KAREN KELLY - Celerie Kemble To Your Taste: Creating Modern Rooms with a Traditional Twist
BOOKS040533I: KEMBLE, EDWARD C. - A History of California Newspapers, 1846-1858
BOOKS042998I: KEMM, JAMES O. - Rupert Hughes: A Hollywood Legend
BOOKS056805I: KEMMLER, KARL OTTO - Kodak Retina: Ein Kapital deutscher Kamerageschichte mit vollstandigem Katalogteil fur Sammler
BOOKS057421I: KEMNER, GERHARD - Stereoskopie: Technik, Wissenschaft, Kunst und Hobby
BOOKS009831I: KEMP, SANDRA ET AL. - Edwardian Fiction: An Oxford Companion
BOOKS048288I: KEMP, WOLFGANG - The Desire of My Eyes: The Life and Work of John Ruskin
BOOKS037015I: KEMP, JIM - American Vernacular: Regional Influences in Architecture and Interior Design
BOOKS037733I: KEMP, PETER - The Campaign of the Spanish Armada
BOOKS079668I: KEMP, LEATRICE M. & VICTORIA SANDWICK SCHMITT - Images: "Afro-rochester", 1910-1935 from the Albert Stone Negative Collection
BOOKS091996I: KEMP, PETER (EDITOR) - The Oxford Dictionary of Literary Quotations
BOOKS076243I: KEMPE, MARGERY - The Book of Margery Kempe: The Autobiography of the Madwoman of God
BOOKS061197I: KEMPE, FREDERICK - Berlin 1961: Kennedy, Khrushchev, and the Most Dangerous Place on Earth
BOOKS088208I: KEMPERS, BRAM - Painting, Power and Patronage: The Rise of the Professional Artist in Renaissance Italy
BOOKS088694I: KEMPTON, ARTHUR - Boogaloo: The Quintessence of American Popular Music
BOOKS010456I: KENAN, RANDALL - Walking on Water: Black American Lives at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century
BOOKS056288I: KENDALL, ELIZABETH - The Runaway Bride: Hollywood Romantic Comedy of the 1930s
BOOKS081308I: KENDALL, JOSHUA - The Forgotten Founding Father: Noah Webster's Obsession and the Creation of an American Culture
BOOKS032076I: KENDALL, LYLE H., JR. - A Descriptive Catalogue of the W. L. Lewis Collection, Part One: Manuscripts, Inscriptions, Art
BOOKS078017I: KENDALL, MARTHA E. - Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815-1902): A Biography of the Founder of the Women's Rights Movement in America
BOOKS075106I: KENDALL, MARTHA E. - Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815-1902): A Biography of the Founder of the Women's Rights Movement in America
BOOKS092224I: KENDALL, RICHARD & JILL DEVONYAR - Degas and the Ballet: Picturing Movement
BOOKS064805I: KENDALL, GRANT - More Animals in My Life: Stories of a Country Vet
BOOKS092800I: KENDI, IBRAM X. - Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America
BOOKS089378I: KENDI, IBRAM X. - Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America
BOOKS057081I: KENDIG, M. (ED.) - Papers from the Second American Congress On General Semantics: Non-Aristotelian Methodology (Applied) for Sanity in Our Time
BOOKS087318I: KENDRICK, STEPHEN - Night Watch: A Long Lost Adventure In Which Sherlock Holmes Meets Father Brown
BOOKS049814I: KENDRICK, STEPHEN - Holy Clues: Investigating Life's Mysteries With Sherlock Holmes
BOOKS048019I: KENEALLY, THOMAS - Woman of the Inner Sea
BOOKS054798I: KENEALLY, THOMAS - Schindlers Liste
BOOKS090660I: KENEALLY, THOMAS - Bettany's Book
BOOKS026547I: KENEALLY, THOMAS - The Great Shame: and the Triumph of the Irish in the English-Speaking World
BOOKS047794I: KENEALLY, THOMAS - A Commonwealth of Thieves: The Improbable Birth of Australia
BOOKS065419I: KENEALLY, THOMAS - The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith
BOOKS088525I: KENEALLY, THOMAS - Searching for Schindler: A Memoir
BOOKS029845I: KENEALLY, THOMAS - American Scoundrel: The Life of the Notorious Civil War General Dan Sickles
BOOKS063264I: KENEALLY, THOMAS - Abraham Lincoln
BOOKS044238I: KENEALLY, THOMAS - Three Famines: Starvation and Politics
BOOKS025030I: KENIN, RICHARD & JUSTIN WINTLE (EDS.) - The Dictionary of Biographical Quotation of British and American Subjects
BOOKS037704I: KENIN, RICHARD - Return to Albion: Americans in England, 1760-1940
BOOKS080579I: KENISON, KATRINA & KATHLEEN HIRSCH (EDITORS) - Mothers: Twenty Stories of Contemporary Motherhood
BOOKS045004I: KENNA, MICHAEL; PETER C. BUNNELL (INTRO) - Michael Kenna: A Twenty Year Retrospective
BOOKS087514I: KENNARD, LADY (DOROTHY) - A Roumanian Diary: 1915, 1916, 1917
BOOKS081674I: KENNEALLY, CHRISTINE - The Invisible History of the Human Race: How DNA and History Shape Our Identities and Our Futures
BOOKS038247I: KENNEDY, A.L. - So I Am Glad
BOOKS018749I: KENNEDY, ROGER G. - Mr. Jefferson's Lost Cause: Land, Farmers, Slavery and the Louisiana Purchase
BOOKS047748I: KENNEDY, MOORHEAD - The Ayatollah in the Cathedral: Reflections of a Hostage
BOOKS000471I: KENNEDY, ROGER G. - Rediscovering America
BOOKS072364I: KENNEDY, PATRICIA SCILEPPI & GLORIA HARTMAN O'SHIELDS (EDITORS) - We Shall Be Heard: Women Speakers in America, 1828-Present
BOOKS084521I: KENNEDY, JOHN F. - Profiles in Courage (Decisive Moments in the Lives of Celebrated Americans)
BOOKS026218I: KENNEDY, ROGER G. - Architecture, Men, Women and Money in America, 1600-1860
BOOKS026258I: KENNEDY, ROGER G. - Mr. Jefferson's Lost Cause: Land, Farmers, Slavery and the Louisiana Purchase
BOOKS027014I: KENNEDY, J.M. - The Quintessence of Nietzsche
BOOKS011295I: KENNEDY, JOHN F. - The Quotable Kennedy
BOOKS074668I: KENNEDY, A.L. ET AL. - Doctor Who: Time Trips
BOOKS079819I: KENNEDY, EUGENE - The Trouble Book
BOOKS073378I: KENNEDY, MIMI - Taken to the Stage: The Education of an Actress
BOOKS056010I: KENNEDY, JOHN F. - Listening In: The Secret White House Recordings of John F. Kennedy (with 2 CDs)
BOOKS052777I: KENNEDY, J. GERALD - The Astonished Traveler: William Darby, Frontier Geographer and Man of Letters
BOOKS083156I: KENNEDY, JOHN F. - The Inaugural Address
BOOKS046134I: KENNEDY, KOSTYA - 56: Joe DiMaggio and the Last Magic Number in Sports
BOOKS088730I: KENNEDY, ROGER G. - Mission: The History and Architecture of the Missions of North America
BOOKS063834I: KENNEDY, CAROLINE (EDITOR) - A Patriot's Handbook: Songs, Poems, Stories, and Speeches Celebrating the Land We Love
BOOKS047400I: KENNEDY, FRANCES H. (EDITOR) - The Civil War Battlefield Guide
BOOKS030424I: KENNEDY, ROBERT - To Seek a Newer World
BOOKS059132I: KENNEDY, X.J. (ED.) - Tygers of Wrath: Poems of Hate, Anger, and Invective
BOOKS032607I: KENNEDY, ROGER G. - American Churches
BOOKS064300I: KENNEDY, JOHN F. - The Letters of John F. Kennedy
BOOKS091873I: KENNEDY, JOHN F. - Let the Word Go Forth: The Speeches, Statements, and Writings of John F. Kennedy
BOOKS004251I: KENNEDY, WILLIAM - An Excerpt from Riding the Yellow Trolley Car: Selected Nonfiction
BOOKS079822I: KENNEDY, JOHN - The Strategy of Peace
BOOKS080723I: KENNEDY, JOHN FITZGERALD - The Uncommon Wisdom of JFK: A Portrait in His Own Words (with DVD)
BOOKS059129I: KENNEDY, X.J. - The Beasts of Bethlehem
BOOKS050321I: KENNEDY, JOHN F.; TED WIDMER (ED.) - Listening In: The Secret White House Recordings of John F. Kennedy (with CDs)
BOOKS056217I: KENNEDY, PHILIPPA - Jodie Foster: A Life on Screen
BOOKS089769I: KENNEDY, ELIZABETH (EDITOR) - The Eight and American Modernisms
BOOKS061141I: KENNEDY, WILLIAM - The Ink Truck
BOOKS051383I: KENNEDY, JOHN F.; ROBERT KALLEK & TERRY GOLWAY (EDS.) - Let Every Nation Know: John F. Kennedy in His Own Words (with CD)
BOOKS079743I: KENNEDY, ROBERT F. - Robert Kennedy in His Own Words: The Unpublished Recollections of the Kennedy Years
BOOKS060750I: KENNEDY, CAROLINE - A Family of Poems: My Favorite Poetry for Children
BOOKS079816I: KENNEDY, EUGENE C. - The Return to Man (Man and Religion in the Space Age)
BOOKS079818I: KENNEDY, EUGENE - Free to be Human
BOOKS074836I: KENNEDY, MICHAEL - The Oxford Dictionary of Music (Revised Edition)
BOOKS086702I: KENNEDY, RICHARD - Collected Stories
BOOKS059870I: KENNEDY, WILLIAM - Quinn's Book
BOOKS090440I: KENNEDY, DAVID M. - Birth Control in America: The Career of Margaret Sanger
BOOKS079815I: KENNEDY, EUGENE C. - Believing (The Nature of Belief and Its Role in Our Lives)
BOOKS079817I: KENNEDY, EUGENE C. - In the Spirit, in the Flesh
BOOKS087504I: KENNEDY, CHRISTOPHER - Clues from the Animal Kingdom
BOOKS073724I: KENNER, HUGH - Mazes: Essays
BOOKS085030I: KENNESON, CLAUDE - Szekely and Bartok: The Story of a Friendship
BOOKS073412I: KENNESON, CLAUDE - A Cellist's Guide to the New Approach
BOOKS088139I: KENNETT, LEE - Sherman: A Soldier's Life
BOOKS003158I: KENNEY, RICHARD - The Invention of the Zero
BOOKS052237I: KENNEY, RICHARD - The One-Strand River: Poems, 1994-2007
BOOKS060784I: KENNEY, MATTHEW & SAM GUGINO - Matthew Kenney's Mediterranean Cooking: Great Flavors for the American Kitchen
BOOKS063390I: KENNEY, MATTHEW & SAM GUGINO - Matthew Kenney's Mediterranean Cooking: Great Flavors for the American Kitchen
BOOKS017299I: KENNY, JOHN B. - Ceramic Sculpture
BOOKS091947I: KENNY, HERBERT A. - Cape Ann: Cape America
BOOKS064069I: KENNY, MAURICE - Between Two Rivers: Selected Poems, 1956-1984
BOOKS041046I: KENNY, ROBERT W. - Town and Gown in Wartime: A Brief Account of the College of Rhode Island, Now Brown University, and the Providence Community ...
BOOKS077329I: KENRICK, DOUGLAS T. - Sex, Murder & the Meaning of Life: A Psychologist Investigates How Evolution, Cognition &Complexity are Revolutionizing ...
BOOKS024482I: KENT, ROCKWELL - Salamina
BOOKS025442I: KENT, CHARLES FOSTER - Biblical Geography and History
BOOKS061721I: KENT, ROCKWELL - A Northern Christmas
BOOKS062654I: KENT, ROCKWELL - Wilderness: A Journal of Quiet Adventure in Alaska, Including Extensive Hitherto Unpublished Passages from the Original Journal
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BOOKS061647I: KOLTER, JANE BENTLEY - Forget Me Not : A Gallery of Friendship and Album Quilts
BOOKS078444I: KOLTUN, LILY (EDITOR) - Private Realms of Light: Amateur Photography in Canada, 1839-1940
BOOKS066016I: KOLTUV, BARBARA BLACK - Weaving Woman: Essays in Feminine Psychology from the Notebooks of a Jungian Analyst
BOOKS036466I: KOMAR, ARTHUR - Music and Human Experience
BOOKS057714I: KOMROFF, MANUEL (EDITOR) - The Travels of Marco Polo [The Venetian]
BOOKS092082I: KOMUNYAKAA, YUSEF - Neon Vernacular: New and Selected Poems
BOOKS090096I: KOMUNYAKAA, YUSEF - Talking Dirty to the Gods
BOOKS087079I: KOMUNYAKAA, YUSEF - Talking Dirty to the Gods
BOOKS076801I: KONAR, AFFINITY - Mischling
BOOKS081470I: KONGTRUL, DZIGAR - It's Up to You: The Practice of Self-Reflection on the Buddhist Path
BOOKS053187I: KONIGSBERG, RUTH DAVIS - The Truth About Grief: The Myth of Its Five Stages and the New Science of Loss
BOOKS033731I: KONNER, MELVIN - Why the Reckless Survive ... and Other Secrets of Human Nature
BOOKS031251I: KONNER, MELVIN - Childhood
BOOKS034650I: KONODY, PAUL G. & MAURICE W. BLACKWELL - The Louvre: Fifty Plates in Colour
BOOKS082998I: KONRAD, GEORGE - Stonedial
BOOKS052145I: KONSTAM, ANGUS - Scourge of the Seas: Buccaneers, Pirates and Privateers
BOOKS055033I: KONSTANTINIDES, SOFI LAZARIDES WITH HELEN NEWTON HARTUNG - Sofi's Aegean Kitchen: A Light Approach to Traditional Greek Home Cooking
BOOKS049233I: KONVITZ, MILTON R. - Torah and Constitution: Essays in American Jewish Thought
BOOKS091005I: DE KOONING, WILLEM - Collected Writings
BOOKS040024I: KOOSER, TED - Delights & Shadows
BOOKS075494I: KOOSER, TED - Weather Central
BOOKS080365I: KOOSER, TED - Flying at Night: Poems, 1965-1985
BOOKS054728I: KOOSER, TED - Local Wonders: Seasons in the Bohemian Alps
BOOKS090216I: KOPF, GERHARD - There Is No Borges
BOOKS079649I: KOPLOS, JANET & DAVIRA S. TARAGIN - Albert Paley: Age of Steel
BOOKS067263I: KOPP, SHELDON - Back to One: A Practical Guide for Psychotherapists
BOOKS065808I: KOPPEL, LILY - The Astronaut Wives Club: A True Story
BOOKS057106I: KOPPER, PHILIP - The Wild Edge: Life and Lore of the Great Atlantic Beaches
BOOKS089167I: KOPPER, PHILIP - A Christmas Testament
BOOKS003815I: KOPPER, PHILIP - Colonial Williamsburg
BOOKS078025I: KOPPER, PHILIP - The Wild Edge: Life and Lore of the Great Atlantic Beaches
BOOKS080330I: KOPPER, PHILIP (EDITOR) - A Christmas Testament
BOOKS070282I: KOPPERUD, GUNNAR - The Time of Light
BOOKS073262I: KORD, SUSANNE - Little Detours: The Letters and Plays of Luise Gottsched (1713-1762)
BOOKS074519I: KORDEMSKY, BORIS A. - The Moscow Puzzles: 359 Mathematical Recreations
BOOKS067274I: KOREN, LEONARD & R. WIPPO MECKLER - Graphic Design Cookbook: Mix & Match Recipes for Faster, Better Layouts
BOOKS069857I: KORG, JACOB - Browning and Italy
BOOKS072946I: KORNBLUM, WILLIAM - At Sea in the City: New York from the Water's Edge
BOOKS043787I: KORNETCHUK, ELENA - The Quest for Self-Expression: Painting in Moscow and Leningrad, 1965-1990
BOOKS021059I: KORNFELD, EBERHARD; JUTTA BOHNKE & GUNTHER THIEM - Kathe-Kollwitz-Sammlung der Kreissparkasse Koln: Katalog der Handzeichnungen
BOOKS079074I: KORNFIELD, JACK (EDITOR) - The Buddha Is Still Teaching: Contemporary Buddhist Wisdom
BOOKS034849I: KORNFIELD, JACK - A Path With Heart: A Guide Through the Perils and Promises of Spiritual Life
BOOKS089890I: KORSMEYER, CAROLYN (EDITOR) - The Taste Culture Reader: Experiencing Food and Drink
BOOKS036987I: KORTUM, SARAH - The Hatless Man: An Anthology of Odd and Forgotten Manners
BOOKS092351I: KOSHALEK, RICHARD ET AL. - Symphony: Frank Gehry's Walt Disney Concert Hall
BOOKS086349I: KOSHKIN-YOURITZIN, VICTOR & STEPHEN RUBIN - American Watercolors from the Metropolitan Museum of Art
BOOKS056832I: KOSHOFER, GERT - Farb Fotografie (Three Volumes)
BOOKS035330I: KOSKO, BART - The Fuzzy Future: From Society and Science to Heaven in a Chip
BOOKS085101I: KOSKOFF, ELLEN - Music in Lubavitcher Life
BOOKS032848I: KOSLOW, ARNOLD (ED.) - The Changeless Order: the Physics of Space, Time and Motion
BOOKS092066I: KOSLOW, TONY - The Silent Deep: The Discovery, Ecology, and Conservation of the Deep Sea
BOOKS089575I: KOSSOFF, DAVID - The Voices of Masada
BOOKS086892I: KOSTELANETZ, RICHARD - Wordworks: Poems Selected and New
BOOKS091783I: KOSTENOVICH, ALBERT - French Art Treasures at the Hermitage: Splendid Masterpieces, New Discoveries
BOOKS068540I: KOSTIOUKOVITCH, ELENA - Why Italians Love to Talk About Food
BOOKS089537I: KOSTOF, SPIRO - America by Design
BOOKS010220I: KOSTRZEWA, ROBERT (ED.) - Between East and West: Writings from Kultura
BOOKS044498I: KOSTYAL, K.M. - Hats
BOOKS055820I: KOTALIK, JIRI; JANA BRABCOVA, JIRI MUCHA, VLASTA CIHAKOVA & NORIO SHIMADA - Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939): The Spirit of Art Nouveau
BOOKS064011I: KOTELIANSKY, S.S. & PHILIP TOMLINSON (EDITORS & TRANSLATORS) - The Life and Letters of Anton Tchekhov
BOOKS035332I: KOTIN, JOEL - Getting Started: An Introduction To Dynamic Psychotherapy
BOOKS089264I: KOTKIN, JOEL - The City: A Global History
BOOKS050739I: KOTKIN, JOEL - The City: A Global History
BOOKS066497I: KOTLIKOFF, LAURENCE J. - Jimmy Stewart Is Dead: Ending the World's Ongoing Financial Plague with Limited Purpose Banking
BOOKS041619I: KOTRE, JOHN - White Gloves: How We Create Ourselves Through Memory
BOOKS070977I: KOTTLER, JEFFREY A. - Compassionate Therapy: Working with Difficult Clients
BOOKS035202I: KOTZWINKLE, WILLIAM - E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial
BOOKS030334I: KOTZWINKLE, WILLIAM - Trouble in Bugland: A Collection of Inspector Mantis Mysteries
BOOKS076768I: OUT EL KOULOUB - Three Tales of Love and Death
BOOKS092129I: KOVALEV, ANDREI A. - Russia's Dead End: An Insider's Testimony from Gorbachev to Putin
BOOKS013298I: KOVEL, RALPH AND TERRY - The Kovels' Collectors' Source Book
BOOKS067451I: KOWAL, DONNA (EDITOR) - Zen Bow: Technology & Practice, Volume XXXI, Number 1, 2008
BOOKS067458I: KOWAL, DONNA & BRENDA REEB (EDITORS) - Zen Bow: Chapin Mill: A Celebration, Volume XXXIV, Numbers 1&2, 2011
BOOKS067453I: KOWAL, DONNA (EDITOR) - Zen Bow: Grief, Volume XXXI, Number 2, 2008
BOOKS067452I: KOWAL, DONNA (EDITOR) - Zen Bow: Vegetarianism & The First Cardinal Precept, Volume XXX, Numbers 3&4, 2007-08
BOOKS067461I: KOWAL, DONNA & BRENDA REEB (EDITORS) - Zen Bow: Unexpected, Volume XXXIV, Number 3, 2011
BOOKS067462I: KOWAL, DONNA & BRENDA REEB (EDITORS) - Zen Bow: Sesshin, Volume XXXIV, Number 4, 2011-12
BOOKS067464I: KOWAL, DONNA & BRENDA REEB (EDITORS) - Zen Bow: Illness & Practice, Volume XXXV, Numbers 2&3, 2012
BOOKS067465I: KOWAL, DONNA & BRENDA REEB (EDITORS) - Zen Bow: Coming Out as a Buddhist, Volume XXXV, Number 4, 2012-13
BOOKS067466I: KOWAL, DONNA & BRENDA REEB (EDITORS) - Zen Bow: Training & Practice, Volume XXXVI, Numbers 1&2, 2013
BOOKS067467I: KOWAL, DONNA & BRENDA REEB (EDITORS) - Zen Bow: Seeing Through Racism, Volume XXXVI, Number 3, 2013-14
BOOKS067468I: KOWAL, DONNA & BRENDA REEB (EDITORS) - Zen Bow: Practice Where You Are, Volume XXXVII, Numbers 2&3, 2014-15
BOOKS067463I: KOWAL, DONNA & BRENDA REEB (EDITORS) - Zen Bow: Eating, Volume XXXV, Number 1, 2012
BOOKS067460I: KOWAL, DONNA & BRENDA REEB (EDITORS) - Zen Bow: Fear, Volume XXXIII, Number 4, 2010-11
BOOKS067459I: KOWAL, DONNA & BRENDA REEB (EDITORS) - Zen Bow: Pilgrimage, Volume XXXIII, Number 3, 2010-11
BOOKS067456I: KOWAL, DONNA & BRENDA REEB (EDITORS) - Zen Bow: The Great Turning, Volume XXXIII, Number 1, 2010
BOOKS067454I: KOWAL, DONNA (EDITOR) - Zen Bow: Coming to Practice, Volume XXXI, Numbers 3&4, 2008
BOOKS067455I: KOWAL, DONNA (EDITOR) - Zen Bow: Money, Volume XXXII, Numbers 2&3, 2009
BOOKS067457I: KOWAL, DONNA & BRENDA REEB (EDITORS) - Zen Bow: Teaching & Practice, Volume XXXIII, Number 2, 2010
BOOKS089900I: KOWALSKI, KATHE & CHARLOTTE WELLMAN - Full Exposure: The Uncompromising Life and Lens of Kathe Kowalski
BOOKS026072I: KOYAMA, ORI - Inspired Shapes: Contemporary Designs for Japan's Ancient Crafts
BOOKS047067I: KOZAK, WARREN - The Rabbi of 84th Street: The Extraordinary Life of Haskel Besser
BOOKS080694I: KOZLOFF, MAX - Lone Visions, Crowded Frames: Essays on Photography
BOOKS055032I: KOZLOSKI, LILLIAN D. - U.S. Space Gear: Outfitting the Astronaut
BOOKS080065I: KOZOL, JONATHAN - Letters to a Young Teacher
BOOKS030170I: KOZOL, JONATHAN - Savage Inequalities: Children in America's Schools
BOOKS042050I: KRAAN, AD & YVES MICHAUD - Sam Francis
BOOKS007642I: KRAEFT, JUNE KYSILKO & NORMAN KRAEFT - Armin Landeck: The Catalogue Raisonne of His Prints
BOOKS079509I: KRAEMER, ROSS S. (EDITOR) - Maenads, Martyrs, Matrons, Monastics: A Sourcebook on Women's Religions in the Greco-Roman World
BOOKS081624I: KRAFT, KENNETH (EDITOR) - Inner Peace, World Peace: Essays on Buddhism and Nonviolence
BOOKS048250I: KRAFT, ERIC - At Home With the Glynns: The Personal History, Adventures, Experiences & Observations of Peter Leroy (Continued)
BOOKS060800I: KRAFT, ELIZABETH (EDITOR) - Robert A. M. Stern: Buildings and Projects, 1987-1992
BOOKS060799I: KRAFT, ELIZABETH (EDITOR) - Robert A. M. Stern: Buildings and Projects, 1987-1992
BOOKS080181I: KRAKEL, DEAN - Adventures In Western Art
BOOKS072738I: KRAKEL, DEAN II - Downriver: A Yellowstone Journey
BOOKS086893I: KRAMER, AARON - Roll the Forbidden Drums!
BOOKS061428I: KRAMER, JANE - Allen Ginsberg in America
BOOKS029062I: KRAMER, JACK - Women of Flowers: A Tribute to Victorian Women Illustrators
BOOKS089938I: KRAMER, JACK - Natural Dyes: Plants and Processes
BOOKS033498I: KRAMER, JACK - Gardens without Soil: House Plants, Vegetables and Flowers
BOOKS030910I: KRAMER, JACK - Orchids: Flowers of Romance and Mystery
BOOKS091312I: KRAMER, JANE - Allen Ginsberg in America
BOOKS067752I: KRAMER, FRAN - Simply Shaker: Groveland and the New York Communities
BOOKS076425I: KRAMPF, THOMAS - Selected Poems: And the Essay Perfecting the Art of Falling
BOOKS084787I: KRÄNSEL, NINA - Gustav Klimt
BOOKS034327I: KRANTZ, LES - American Art Galleries: The Illustrated Guide to Their Art and Artists
BOOKS083483I: KRÁSA, JOSEF - Rukopisy Vaclava IV
BOOKS092070I: KRASNER, DEBORAH - The Flavors of Olive Oil: A Tasting Guide and Cookbook
BOOKS057432I: KRAUEL, JACOBO - Wood Houses & Cabins
BOOKS024396I: KRAUS, BERTRAM S. - The Basis of Human Evolution
BOOKS069062I: KRAUS, HENRY - Gold Was the Mortar: The Economics of Cathedral Building
BOOKS057328I: KRAUSE, DAVID - The Profane Book of Irish Comedy
BOOKS091888I: KRAUSE, ELIZABETH L. - Unraveled: A Weaver's Tale of Life Gone Modern
BOOKS081519I: KRAUSE, DOROTHY SIMPSON - Book + Art: Handcrafting Artists' Books
BOOKS052444I: KRAUSS, LAWRENCE M. - Beyond Star Trek: Physics from Alien Invasions to the End of Time
BOOKS089927I: KRAUSS, ROSALIND E. - Perpetual Inventory
BOOKS066439I: KRAUSS, LAWRENCE M. - Fear of Physics: A Guide for the Perplexed
BOOKS010036I: KRAUSS, LAWRENCE - Quintessence: The Mystery of Missing Mass in the Universe
BOOKS080660I: KRAUSS, NICOLE - Forest Dark
BOOKS067380I: KRAUTHEIMER, RICHARD - Lorenzo Ghiberti
BOOKS059606I: KRAUZE, ENRIQUE - Mexico: Biography of Power - A History of Modern Mexico, 1810-1996
BOOKS044277I: KRAVITZ, DAVID - Who's Who in Greek and Roman Mythology
BOOKS054542I: KRAWCZYK, CHARLES CASIMER - Remembrance: As Long as We Live
BOOKS079773I: KRAYBILL, DONALD B. & JAMES P. HURD - Horse-and-Buggy Mennonites: Hoofbeats of Humility in a Postmodern World
BOOKS079877I: KREAMER, CHRISTINE MULLEN - Art of Sub-Saharan Africa: The Fred and Rita Richman Collection
BOOKS025783I: KREIGER, BARBARA - Living Waters: Myth, History, and Politics of the Dead Sea
BOOKS080485I: KREIGER, AMO - Sesquicentennial Souvenir Program and Hstory, 150th Anniversary Celebration, Town of Mendon
BOOKS092728I: KREIMEIER, KLAUS - The Ufa Story: A History of Germany's Greatest Film Company, 1918-1945
BOOKS068122I: KREIPKE, ROBERT, C. - The Model T: A Pictorial Chronology of the Most Famous Car in the World
BOOKS090302I: KREMEZI, AGLAIA - The Foods of Greece
BOOKS068213I: KREMEZI, AGLAIA - The Foods of the Greek Islands: Cooking and Culture at the Crossroads of the Mediterranean
BOOKS092455I: KREMMER, CHRISTOPHER - The Carpet Wars From Kabul to Baghdad: A Ten-Year Journey Along Ancient Trade Routes
BOOKS088414I: KRENOV, JAMES - The Fine Art of Cabinetmaking
BOOKS088413I: KRENOV, JAMES - The Joys of Cabinetmaking
BOOKS092318I: KRENS, THOMAS ET AL. - The Art of the Motorcycle
BOOKS089631I: KRESS, NANCY - Trinity and Other Stories
BOOKS080082I: KRESS, NANCY - Nano Comes to Clifford Falls and Other Stories
BOOKS065692I: KRESS, NANCY - Oaths and Miracles
BOOKS084209I: KRESS, NANCY - An Alien Light
BOOKS090581I: KRESS, STEPHEN W. & DERRICK Z. JACKSON - Project Puffin: The Improbable Quest to Bring a Beloved Seabird Back to Egg Rock
BOOKS045157I: KRESS, STEPHEN W. - The Bird Garden
BOOKS079522I: KRESS, NANCY - Fountain of Age: Stories
BOOKS062090I: DE KRETSER, MICHELLE - The Hamilton Case
BOOKS086395I: KREYLING, MICHAEL - Figures of the Hero in Southern Narrative
BOOKS083888I: KREYLING, MICHAEL - Figures of the Hero in Southern Narrative
BOOKS004997I: KREYTENBERG, GERT - Orcagna's Tabernacle in Orsanmichele, Florence
BOOKS087633I: KRICH, JOHN - Music in Every Room: Around the World in a Bad Mood
BOOKS083625I: KRICHER, JOHN - A Neotropical Companion: An Introduction to the Animals, Plants and Ecosystems of the New World Tropics
BOOKS083609I: KRIDL, MANFRED (EDITOR) - Adam Mickiewicz, Poet of Poland: A Symposium
BOOKS055691I: KRIEGER, ELLIE - The Food You Crave: Luscious Recipes for a Healthy Life
BOOKS051329I: KRIEGER, MICHAEL - Conversations With the Cannibals: The End of the Old South Pacific
BOOKS061813I: KRIEGESKORTE, WERNER - Giuseppe Arcimboldo
BOOKS081068I: KRIER, THERESA M. - Birth Passages: Maternity and Nostalgia, Antiquity to Shakespeare
BOOKS038667I: KRIMS, LES - Fictcryptokrimsographs: A Book-Work
BOOKS086406I: KRISHNAMURTI, J. - The Awakening of Intelligence
BOOKS065872I: KRISSOFF, LIANA - Hot Drinks for Cold Nights: Great Hot Chocolates, Tasty Teas & Cozy Coffee Drinks
BOOKS008494I: KRIST, GARY - Bone by Bone
BOOKS067591I: KRIST, GARY - Empire of Sin: A Story of Sex, Jazz, Murder, and the Battle for Modern New Orleans
BOOKS086453I: KRISTEL, DRU - Breath Was the First Drummer: A Treatise on Drums, Drumming and Drummers
BOOKS047106I: KRISTEVA, JULIA - This Incredible Need to Believe
BOOKS082553I: KRISTEVA, JULIA - Murder in Byzantium
BOOKS091339I: KRISTOL, IRVING; MARTIN DIAMOND & G. WARREN NUTTER - The American Revolution: Three Views
BOOKS068095I: KRIZKOVA, MARIE RUT; KURT JIRI KOTOUC & ZDENEK ORNEST (EDITORS) - We Are Children Just the Same: Vedem, the Secret Magazine by the Boys of Terezin
BOOKS052108I: KROEBER, KARL & WILLIAM WALLING (EDS.) - Images of Romanticism: Verbal and Visual Affinities
BOOKS092858I: KROEBER, THEODORA & ROBERT F. HEIZER - Almost Ancestors: The First Californians
BOOKS052330I: KROEGER, BROOKE - Fannie: The Talent for Success of Writer Fannie Hurst
BOOKS070484I: KROG, OLE VILLUMSEN (EDITOR) - Royal Glass / Kongelige Glas: An Exhibition of 4 Centuries of Table Glass, Glass Services & Goblets
BOOKS049532I: KROHN, PAYSACH J. - The Maggid Speaks: Favorite Stories and Parables of Rabbi Sholom Schwadron, Shlita, Maggid of Jerusalem
BOOKS069705I: KRONDL, MICHAEL - Around the American Table (Treasured Recipes and Food Traditions from the American Cookery Collections of the NYPL)
BOOKS055857I: KRONENBERGER, LOUIS - The Thread of Laughter: Chapters on English Stage Comedy from Jonson to Maugham
BOOKS031817I: KRONENBERGER, LOUIS - The Cutting Edge
BOOKS039750I: KROSNEY, HERBERT - The Lost Gospel: The Quest for the Gospel of Judas Iscariot
BOOKS037484I: KROTZ, JOANNA L. - Metropolitan Home Renovation Style
BOOKS071085I: KRUCHKOW, DIANE & CURT JOHNSON (EDITORS) - Green Isle in the Sea: An Informal History of the Alternative Press, 1960-85
BOOKS092229I: KRÜCKMANN, PETER O. (EDITOR) - Tiepolo in Würzburg: Der Himmel auf Erden, Volume I
BOOKS075905I: KRUEGER, KURT R. - Meet Me in St. Louie: The Exonumia of the 1904 World's Fair
BOOKS003192I: KRUGER, MICHAEL - The End of the Novel
BOOKS031168I: KRUGER, LORENZ ET AL. (EDS.) - The Probabalistic Revolution - 1: Ideas in History; 2: Ideas in the Sciences (Two Volumes)
BOOKS032166I: KRUGMAN, PAUL - The Great Unraveling: Losing Our Way in the New Century
BOOKS010112I: KRUGMAN, PAUL - The Accidental Theorist and Other Dispatches from the Dismal Science
BOOKS080547I: KRUGMAN, PAUL - Peddling Prosperity: Economic Sense and Nonsense in the Age of Diminished Expectations
BOOKS086743I: KRUPAT, ARNOLD & BRIAN SWANN (EDITORS) - Here First: Autobiographical Essays by Native American Writers
BOOKS082785I: KRUPP, E.C. - Echoes of the Ancient Skies: The Astronomy of Lost Civilizations
BOOKS022661I: KRUTCH, JOSEPH WOOD - The Colloid and the Crystal

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