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85618: A National Man (Raynor, Kenneth) - The Life and Times of Andrew Johnson, Seventeenth President of the United States: Written from a National Stand-Point, by a National Man
86139: A Gypsy Queen - Zingara Fortune Teller : A Complete Treatise on the Art of Predicting Future Events
85580: A'Beckett, Gilbert Abbott - The Comic History of England (Two Volumes)
68762: Abadie, Maurice (Lieutenant-Colonel d'infanterie coloniale) - Les Races Du Haut-Tonkin de Phong-Tho a Lang-Son ; the Peoples of Upper Tonkin
86309: Abbey, Edward - The Monkey Wrench Gang
86324: Abbey, Edward - Desert Solitaire
86312: Abbey, Edward - The Fool's Progress : An Honest Novel (Signed)
85374: Ackerman, Phyllis - Wallpaper: Its History, Design and Use
85560: Adalbert, Prince of Prussia - Travels in the South of Europe and in Brazil: With a Voyage Up the Amazon and Its Tributary the Xingu', Now First Explored by His Royal Highness Prince Adalbert of Prussia (Two Volumes, Complete); Translated by Sir R.H. Schomburgk and J.E. Taylor, with an Introduction by Baron Von Humboldt
85535: Adam and Charles Black - Black's Guide to Dublin and County Wicklow, with Plan of Dublin
80121: Adams, John Quincy - An Oration Addressed to the Citizens of the Town of Quincy, on the Fourth of July 1831, the 55th Anniversary of the Independence of the United States of America
76004: Adams, Franklin Manning, J.H. Bolton and Carl C. Irwin - The Drygoodsman's Handy Dictionary (Subscription Edition); a Book of Reference Containing Definitions and Explanations of Upwards of 2200 Words, Terms and Expressions Used in Dry Goods and General Store Work and Connected Industries, to Which Is Appended Many Useful Tables and a Defined List of Shoe and Leather Trade Terms. Intended for Ready Reference and . Constant Use at Counter and Desk
85630: Adams, C. L. - The Ancient Castles of Ireland, Some Fortress Histories and Legends
84926: Adams, Ansel (Foreword by Wallace Stegner) - Ansel Adams : Images 1923-1974 (Signed); 115 Extended Range Photolithographic Reproductions
85296: Adams, Samuel (or) James Bowdoin and/or George Canning, Sr - Letters to the Right Honourable the Earl of Hillsborough on the Present Situation of Affairs in America Bound with an Appendix in Answer to a Pamphlet Intituled the Constitutional Right of Great-Britain to Tax the Colonies
85297: Adams, Samuel (or) James Bowdoin and/or George Canning, Sr - Letters to the Right Honourable the Earl of Hillsborough on the Present Situation of Affairs in America Bound with an Appendix in Answer to a Pamphlet Intituled the Constitutional Right of Great-Britain to Tax the Colonies
75927: Adams, Franklin Manning, J.H. Bolton and Carl C. Irwin - The Drygoodsman's Handy Dictionary; a Book of Reference Containing Definitions and Explanations of Upwards of 2200 Words, Terms and Expressions Used in Dry Goods and General Store Work and Connected Industries, to Which Is Appended Many Useful Tables and a Defined List of Shoe and Leather Trade Terms. Intended for Ready Reference and . Constant Use at Counter and Desk
86179: Adams, Ansel - Yosemite and the Range of Light
86122: (Addison, Joseph) - Days with Sir Roger de Coverley : A Reprint from "the Spectator"; Illustrated by Hugh Thomson
85328: Adler, Liebman - Sabbath Hours : Thoughts
85365: Agle, William C. - In the Footsteps of Pizarro: Or a Yankee's Five Years Experience in the Klondike of South America
85277: Agnew, Frances - Motion Picture Acting: How to Prepare for Photoplaying What Qualifications Are Necessary; How to Secure an Engagement; Salaries Paid to Photoplayers: (Illustrated Edition)
74775: Aldrich, Robert - The French Presence in the South Pacific : 1842 - 1940
80149: Alexander, William - The Conduct of Major Gen. Shirley, Late General and Commander in Chief of His Majesty's Forces in North America. Briefly Stated
66281: Alger, Horatio (Jr.) - The Young Bank Messenger
73353: Alleg, Henri, Jacques de Bonis, Henri J. Douzon, Jean Freire, Pierre Haudiquet (Editors) - La Guerre D' Algerie : Trois Volumes (Signé)
84952: Allen, Willis Boyd - Around the Yule Log
86356: Allen, Grant - Falling in Love, with Other Essays on More Exact Branches of Science
86220: Allen, Albert Cooper - Meeko (Signed)
74438: Amelia Earhart - Baby Shoe with Amelia Earhart's Signature
80165: Amicis, Edmondo (de) - Morocco: Its People and Places; Morocco: Its People and Places. Translated by T. Rollin-Tilton. [Illustrations by C. Barberis]
85901: An Old Maid (compiler) and A.F. Willmarth (illust.) - Bachelor Bigotries: Compiled by an Old Maid and Approved by a Young Bachelor. Illustrated by an Ex-Bachelor. Published by a Young Married Man
86114: (An Englishman). Goldring, Douglas - A Stranger in Ireland, by an Englishman
84989: AN AMERICAN (Hawks, Francis Lister) - Journey of a Voyage Up the Nile Made between the Months of November, 1848, and April, 1849
85268: An Eye-Witness - Narrative of the Proceedings of the Contested Election for the County of Down in the Year 1830; with the Squibs, Placards, Songs, &C. & C. Also with the Publications of the Down Elector, and Notes and Illustrations by the Same
76764: Anderson, George William [Cook, Captain James] - A Genuine and Complete History of the Whole of Capt. Cook's Voyages, Undertaken and Performed by Royal Authority
80166: Anderson, Aeneas - A Narrative of the British Embassy to China, in the Years 1792, 1793, and 1794; Containing the Various Circumstances of the Embassy; with Accounts of the Customs and Manners of the Chinese; and a Description of the Country, Towns, Cities, &C &C. ; a Narrative of the British Embassy to China, in the Years 1792, 1793, and 1794; Containing the Various Circumstances of the Embassy, with Accounts of Customs and Manners of the Chinese; and a Description of the Country, Towns, Cities Etc. Etc
85699: Anderson, J.R.L. - High Mountains and Cold Seas, a Biography of H.W. Tilman
85896: Anderson, Christopher - Historical Sketches of the Native Irish and Their Descendants; Illustrative of Their Past and Present State with Regard to Literature, Education, and Oral Instruction
85637: Andree, S.A., Nils Strindberg, and K Fraenkel - Andree's Story: The Complete Record of His Polar Flight, 1897, from the Diaries and Journals of S.A. Andree, Nils Strindberg, and K. Fraenkel, Found on White Island in the Summer of 1930
86010: Andrews, E.C. - Color Secrets
85255: Anonymous (Whitty, Michael James) - Tales of Irish Life, Illustrative of the Manners, Customs, and Condition of the People. With Designs by George Cruikshank (Two Vols. , Complete)
83814: Anonymous - Essay on Political Lying, &C
85038: Anonymous (An Officer of The Alexander - (Fisher, Alexander) - Journal of a Voyage of Discovery to the Arctic Regions, Performed between the 4th of April and the 18th of November, 1818, in His Majesty's Ship Alexander, Wm. Edw. Parry, Esq. Lieut. And Commander; Octavo. 8 1/4 in. By 5 1/4 in. Recent Protective Rebinding in Marbled Paper-over-Card with Simple Typewritten Title Paste on to Front Covers. Frontis Fold-out: "a Chart of the Route of His Majesty's Hired, Armed Vessel the Alexander. On a Voyage of Discovery to the Arctic Regions. Performed Inthe Year 1818". )10 in. X 8 1/4 in. . VIII, 104 Pp. Folding Map, 3 Plates Illustrating "a Series of Experiments on Board the Alexanderfor the Purpose of Finding the Deviation Ofthe Magnetic Needle. A 14-Pp Series of Eight (VIII) Appendices, Contains, in Turn, a List of Officers' Names and Men Employed on the Two Expeditions to the Arctic Regions: 1) the North-West, or Baffin's Bay Expedition, Aboard the Isabella and the Alexander; and Then 2) the Spitsbergen,or Polar Expedition, Aboard the Dorothea and the Trent; 3) the Paper Laying out Parry's Course in Five Languages: English, French, Spanish, Danish/Swedish and Dutch. (in the Printed Papers, This Notice Was Likewise Inserted Into the Russian Languages, But Left out of the Ms Versions Due to Challenges with Correctly Using the Cyrillic Alphabet. The Note Basically Read: "Whosoever Finds This Paper Is Requested to Forward It to Thesecretary of the Admiralty, London, with a Note of the Time and Place at Which It Was Found. ";3) a Letter or Journal from Mr. William Baffin, Essentially Outlining the Passage of the Ship Along This Journey; 4) Orders Issued by Captain Ross Relative to Objects of Natural History/ Appendices 5.6. 7. All Described Weather, Courses and Winds;and Finally Appendix 8 Described the Birds and Animals Observed and Usually Killed (Including Two Swimming Polar Bear)
80597: Anonymous (Burnet, Gilbert) (James Fall) - News from France: In a Letter Giving the Relation of the Present State of the Difference between the French King and the Court of Rome. To Which Is Added, the Popes Brief to the Assembly of the Clergy, and the Protestation Made by Them in Latin, Together with an English Translation of Them
85465: Anonymous - Journal of a Tour in Ireland &C. &C. Performed in August 1804 with Remarks on the Character, Manners, and Customs, of the Inhabitants
84166: Anonymous (Young, Arthur) - The Farmer's Letters to the People of England, Containing the Sentiments of a Practical Husbandman, on Various Subjects of Great Importance... To Which Are Added Sylvae: Or Occasional Tracts on Husbandry and Rural Oeconomics
79906: Anonymous (Gribius, Johann) - The Netherland-Historian, Containing a True and Exact Relation of What Hath Passed in the Late Warrs between the King of Great Britain, and the French King with Their Allyes, Against the States Generall of the United Provinces; from the Beginning Thereof Anno 1671 to the Conclusion of Peace between His Aforesaid Majesty of Britain, and the Said States; with the Continuation of What Hath Since Happened between France and His Allyes, Against the Said States, and Their Confederates, to the End of the Year 1674 (VIII) 560 Pp. Bound with a Treaty Marine between the Most Serene and Mighty Prince Charles II. By the Grace of God King of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, &C. And the High and Mighty Lords the States General of the United Netherlands, to Be Observed Throughout and Every the Countreys and Parts of the World by Sea and Land, Concluded at London the First Day of Dec. 1674. S.V. Published by His Majesties Command (Pp. 16)
83808: Anonymous - Short Reflections Upon the Present State of Affairs in England: More Especially with Relation to the Taxes and Contributions Now Necessary for Carrying on the Present War
85017: Anonymous (John Stevens) - Monasticon Hibernicum or, the Monastical History of Ireland; I. Containing All the Abbies, Priories, Nunneries,and Other Regular Communities Which Were in That Kingdom; II. The Time When, and the Titles Under Which, They Were Founded; III. The Name and Quality of Their Founders; IV. The Provinces, Counties, Cities or Towns in Which They Were Seated; V. The Several Regular Orders to Which They Belong'd, and the Most Remarkable Circumstances Relating to Their Foundation and Suppression. VI. Historical and Critical Observations, and Draughts of Their Several Habits, with a Map of Ireland
80762: Anonymous (Checkley, John) - A Discourse Shewing Who Is a True Pastor of the Church of Christ
85858: Anonymous - Sights and Scenes in Ireland; (with Nearly One Hundred Copyright Illustrations)
81126: Anonymous (John Douglas, Bishop of Salisbury) - A Letter Addressed to Two Great Men, on the Prospect of Peace; and the Terms Necessary to Be Insisted Upon in the Negotiation; (Letter to William Pitt and the Duke of Newcastle)
84623: Anonymous - A Reply to Lieutenant General Burgoyne's Letter to His Constituents
82386: Anonymous (Lowell, John) - Peace without Dishonour -- War without Hope. Being a Calm and Dispassionate Enquiry Into the Question of the Chesapeake, and the Necessity and Expediency of War. By a Yankee Farmer
83093: Anonymous (Taylor, Randal) - A True and Perfect Journal of the Affairs in Ireland Since His Majesties Arrival in That Kingdom
85807: Anonymous (William Berry Lord) - The Freaks of Fashion. With Illustrations of the Changes in the Corset and Crinoline, from Remote Periods to the Present Time
74941: Anonymous (after Palmer Cox) - The Brownie's Ball
85149: Apollinaire, Guillaume and trans. by Samuel Beckett - Zone (Signed by the Translator, Samuel Beckett)
84462: Applegate, Rex - Kill or Get Killed : Riot Control, Techniques of Manhandling, and Close Combat, for Police and the Military. (Signed)
86294: Appleton, Honor C. - The Bad Mrs. Ginger (the Dumpy Books for Children)
85946: Appleton, Victor - The Moving Picture Boys in the West or Taking Scenes Among the Cowboys and Indians
80191: Appleton, Nathaniel - The Crown of Eternal Life, the Sure Reward of the Faithful; Exhibited in Two Discourses, on June 11. 1769. Being the Lord's-Day After the Funeral of the Reverend Mr. Edward Holyoke, the Late Worthy and Faithful President of Harvard-College: Who Deceased June 1. 1769, in the 80th Year of His Age and in the 32d Year of His Presidentship. ; Half-Title: Mr. Appleton's Discourses Occasioned by the Decease of the Rev. President Holyoke
85187: Apuleius, Lucius - The Golden Asse of Lucius Apuleius; (Translated out of Latin by William Adlington with an Instroduction by E.B. Osborn and Illustrated in Colour and Black and White by Jean de Bosschere)
85283: Armstrong, John - The History of the Island of Minorca
85423: Arnothy, Christine - I'm Fifteen and I Don't Want to Die
85291: Artzybasheff, Boris - Seven Simeons: A Russian Tale; (Retold and Illustrated by Boris Artzybasheff)
73640: Asturias, Miguel Angel - Lo Major de Miguel Angel Asturias : Leyendas Y Poemas
85972: Atkinson, A. - Ireland Exhibited to England, in a Political and Moral Survey of Her Population, and in a Statistical and Scenographic Tour of Certain Districts;Comprehending Specimans of Her Colonisation, Natural History and Antiquities, Arts, Sciences, and Commerce, Customs, Character, and Manners, Seat, Scenes and Sea Views. Violent Inequities in Her Political and Social System, the True Source of Her Disorders. Plan for Softening Down Those Inequalities, and for Uniting All Classes of the People in One CIVIL Association for the Improvement of Their Country. With a Letter to the Members of His Majesty's Government on the State of Ireland. (Two Volumes)
76862: Avril, Philippe (Father) - Travels Into Divers Parts of Europe and Asia, Undertaken by the French King's Order to Discover a New Way by Land Into China. Containing Many Curious Remarks in Natural Philosophy, Geography, Hydrography, and History Together with a Description of Great Tartary, and of the Different People Who Inhabit There; to Which Is Added a Supplement Extracted from Hakluyt and Purchas; Giving an Account of Several Journeys over Land from Russia, Persia, and the Moguls Country to China. Together with the Roads and Distances of the Places
80223: Bacon, Francis, [Francisci Baconis de Verulam] - De Augmentis Scientiarum : Liber IX;
79307: Bacon, Francis - Sylva Sylvarum: Or a Naturall Historie in Ten Centuries; Published After the Authors Death. By William Rawley
79475: Bacon, Francis - The Historie of the Reigne of King Henry the Seventh. Written by the Right Hon: Francis Lord Verulam, Viscount S. Alban. Whereunto Is Now Added a Very Usefull and Necessary Table
80225: Bacon, Sir Francis, (Revised by S.W. Singer) - The Essays, or Counsels, CIVIL and Moral with the Wisdom of the Ancients
71055: Baines, F.E. - On the Track of the Mail-Coach: Being a Volume of Reminiscences Personal and Otherwise
85428: Baird, D. Georgii - Disputatio Medica Inauguralis, Quaedam de Pneumonia Complectens; Quam Annuente Summo Numine, Ex Authoritate Reverendi Admodem Viri, D. Georgii Baird, Ss. T.P. Academiae Edinburgenae Praefecti; Necnon Amplissimi Senatus Academici Consensu, Et Nobilissimae Facultatis Medicae Decreto; Pro Gradu Doctoris, Summisque in Medicina Honorius Ac Privilegiis Rite Et Legitime Consequendis; Eruditorum Examini Subjicit J.G. Gregg, Hibernus
85381: Balch, F.H. - The Bridge of the Gods, a Romance of Indian Oregon with Eight Full-Page Illustrations by L. Maynard Dixon
85981: Bancroft, Hubert Howe - The Works of Hubert Howe Bancroft (Complete and Gorgeous: 39 Leather Volumes with Marbled Edges)
85759: Band, George - Everest, 50 Years on Top of the World (Signed)
85650: Banister, Manly - The Old Man, the Biography of a Pacific Northwest Logger, Charles Edwin Bannister: Born Oct. 5 1876; Died Jan. 8, 1970
85991: Banks, Charles Eugene & Opie Read - The History of the San Francisco Disaster and Mount Vesuvius Horror - Salesman Sample (Signed)
86248: Banks, Iain M. - Consider Phlebas
85338: Bannerman, Helen. (Traduit de l'Anglais par Madeleine Bleriot Johnson) - Histoire Du Petit Negre Sambo; (Little Black Sambo)
85052: Bannerman, Helen (and Robert Moore, Illustrator) - Little Black Sambo
59891: Barklow, Irene Locke - School Days in the Wallowas : A History of the Ninety-One Schools and Communities Past and Present, of Wallowa County Oregon
80268: Barnard, Thomas - A Sermon Delivered on the Day of Annual Thanksgiving December 15, 1796. By Thomas Barnard, D.D. Pastor of the North Church in Salem. Published at the Request of the Hearers and Others
75176: Barrett. Edwin S. - What I Saw at Bull Run: An Address by Edwin S. Barrett, Delivered in the Town Hall, Concord, Mass. , July 21st, 1886, on the 25th Anniversary of the Battle of Bull Run, at the Re-Union of the Veterans of Co. G (Concord Artillery), Fifth Regiment, M.V. M. Capt. George L. Prescott
86037: Barrie, James Matthew (Illustrated by Hugh Thomson) - The Admirable Crichton, Illustrated by Hugh Thomson (in Original Sales Box); (with Printed Broadside Laid in)
85867: Barrie, James Matthew - Quality Street : A Comedy in Four Acts, Illustrated by Hugh Thomson (Signed)
80278: Barrington, John Shute, Viscount Barrington - An Account of the Late Proceedings of the Dissenting Ministers at Salters Hall Occasioned by the Differences Amongst Their Brethren in the Country: With Some Thoughts Concerning the Imposition of Humane Forms for Articles of Faith. In a Letter to the Revd. Dr. Gale
85851: Barrow, John - A Tour Round Ireland, Through the Sea-Coast Counties, in the Autumn of 1835
80289: Barthelemy, Abbe Jean Jacques - Travels of Anacharsis the Younger in Greece, During the Middle of the Fourth Century Before the Christian Era, Translated from the French in Four Volumes with a Fifth Containing Maps, Plans, Views, and Coins. (Five Volumes Complete)
75548: Bartisch, Georg - Opthalmodouleia, Das Is Augendinst [Facsimile]
86177: Bartlett, Thomas - Macartney in Ireland 1768-72 : A Calendar of the Chief Secretaryship Papers of Sir George Macartney
85584: Bartlett, Thomas (Ed.) and Keith Jeffrey - A Military History of Ireland
86205: Bartram, William - Travels Through North and South Carolina, Georgia, East and West Florida, the Cherokee Country, the Extensive Territory of the Muscogulges or Creek Confederacy, and the Country of the Chactaws, Containing an Account of the Soil and Natural Productions of Those Regions; Together with Observations on the Manners of the Indians. ; Containing an Account of the Soil and Natural Productions of Those Regions; Together with Observations on the Manners of the Indians
68759: Bastian, Adolf - Reisen in Birma in Den Jahren 1861 - 1862
85499: Baum, L. Frank - Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz
85978: Baum, L. Frank - The Scarecrow of Oz
85493: Baum, L. Frank - The Tin Woodman of Oz... An Original Oz Story by L. Frank Baum, Illustrations by Dale Ulrey Adapted from Drawings by John R. Neill
85496: Baum, L. Frank - The Land of Oz, a Sequel to the Wizard of Oz
85495: Baum, L. Frank - The Emerald City of Oz
85764: Baum, L. Frank - The Sea Fairies
86059: Beard, John W. - Saddles East : Over the Oregon Trail (Signed)
84992: Beckford, Peter (Esq.) - Thoughts Upon Hunting: In a Series of Familiar Letters to a Friend
75891: Beckman, Nellie Sims - Beckie's Book of Bastings
75040: Beckman, Nellie Sims - Beckie's Book of Bastings
64650: Beddoes, Thomas Lovell (edited, with a memoir by Sir Edmund Gosse) - The Complete Works of Thomas Lovell Beddoes (Two Volumes, Complete)
74393: Bedford, Jimmy - Around the World on a Nickel (Signed by Author)
85773: Behrendt, John C. - Innocents on the Ice, a Memoir of Antarctic Exploration, 1957 (Signed)
85570: Belfast City and District Water Commissioners - Sketch of the Rise and Progress of the Water Supply to Belfast, with Some Extracts Relative to the Origin of the Charitable Society
85488: Bell, Currer (Charlotte Bronte) - Villette
85284: Bellini, Laurentii (Lorenzo) and Francisco Redi - De Urinis Et Pulsibus, de Missione Sanguinis, de Febribus, de Morbis Capitis, Et Pectoris
74683: Bemelmans, Ludwig - Madeline and the Gypsies
86030: Benson, C. Irving - The Eight Points of the Oxford Club
86028: Bernadac, Christian - The 186 Steps : Mauthausen
85186: Bernard, Nicholas (Dean of Ardah); George Walker (Reverend Mr., Rector at Donoghmoore, late Governor of Derry in Ireland) - The Whole Proceedings of the Siege of Drogheda in Ireland. With a Thankful Remembrance for Its Wonderful Delivery; a True Account of the Siege of London-Derry
86226: Bernard, Raymond - The Hollow Earth
85661: Berry, Don - To Build a Ship
84942: Berzelius, J.J. (Jons Jacob) - Essai Sur la Theorie Des Proportions Chimiques Et Sur L'Influence Chimique de L'Electricite
86250: Bester, Alfred - The Demolished Man; Introduction by Kurt Vonnegut. Illustrations by Vincent Difate
84810: Beverley, Robert - Histoire de la Virginie
80378: Beverley, Robert - Histoire de la Virginie : Contenant, I. L'Histoire Du Premier Etablissement Dans la Virginie, & de Son Gouvernement Jusques à Présent, II. Les Productions Naturelles & Les Commoditez Du Païs, Avant Que Es Anglois Y Negociassent, & L'Améliorassent, III. La Religion, Les Loix, & Les Coutumes Des Indiens Naturels, Tant Dans la Guerre, Que Dans la Paix, IV. L'Etat Présent Du Païs, Tant à L'égard de la Police, Que de L'Amelioration Du Païs. ; Histoire de la Virginie. Translated from the English
84806: Bewick,Thomas and Robert John Thornton - A New Family Herbal or Popular Account of the Natures and Properties of the Various Plants Used in Medicine, Diet, and the Arts; (the Plants Drawn from Nature by Henderson; and Engraved on Wood by Thomas Bewick)
74635: Bewick, Thomas - A General History of Quadrupeds; the Figures Engraved in Wood by T. Bewick
84828: BIBLE SHEPPARD, SHEPPERD, TERRILL, STRETCH FAMILY 1834 - The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments, Translated from the Original Tongues, and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised; with Canne's Marginal Notes and References. To Which Are Added an Index: An Alphabetical Table of All the Names in the Old and New Testaments with Their Significations, Table of Scripture Weights, Measures, and Coins, &C
84930: Bimba, Anthony - The Molly Maguires
85578: Binns, Archie and Edward A. Wilson (Illustrator) - Backwater Voyage; Drawings by Edward A. Wilson, Introduction by Lincoln Colcorda Novel in Miniature from Lightship
85183: Bird, Isabella L. - Unbeaten Tracks in Japan: An Account of Travels on Horseback in the Interior Including Visits to the Aborigines of Yezo and the Shrines of Nikko and Isé. (Two Volumes, Complete); (with Map and Illustrations)
86223: Birney, Hoffman - Grim Journey (Signed)
85934: Blakely, Joe R. - The Drain Black Sox of Oregon Vs the Alpine Cowboys of Texas (the Glory Days of Semi-Pro Baseball: 1930-1960) (Signed)
86288: Blanchard, Rufus - Abraham Lincoln the Type of American Genius: An Historical Romance
74511: Blanton, Wyndham B. - Medicine in Virginia in the Nineteenth Century
86227: Bloch, Marie Halun, Translator (originally collected by Ivan Rudchenko and Maria Lukiyanenko - Ukrainian Folk Tales
56502: Blood, Kida Hitchcock (and Wm.Meyer) - The Cosmetiste: A Handbook on Cosmetology with Special Reference to the Employment of Electrcity in the Care of the Hair, Scalp and Face
85218: Boate, Gerard; Thomas Molyneux and Others - A Natural History of Ireland, in Three Parts
85387: Boate, Gerard, and Thomas Molyneux, and Others - A Natural History of Ireland, in Three Parts; Part I: Being a True and Ample Description of Its Situation, Greatness, Shape, and Nature : Of Its Hills, Woods, Heaths, Bogs; of Its Fruitful Parts and Profitable Grounds, with the Several Ways of Manuring and Improving the Same; with Its Heads and Promontories, Harbours, Roads and Bays; of Its Springs and Fountains, Brooks, Rivers, Loughs; of Its Metals, Minerals, Freestone, Marble, Sea-Coal, Turf, and Other Things That Are Taken out of the Ground. And Lastly, of the Nature and Temperature of Its Air and Season, and What Diseases It Is Free from, and Subject Unto. Conducing to the Advancement of Navigation, Husbandry, and Other Profitable Arts and Professions. Written by Gerard Boate, Late Doctor of Physick to the State of Ireland. Part II: A Collection of Such Papers As Were Communicated to the Royal Society, Referring to Some Curiosities in Ireland. Part III: A Discourse Concerning the Danish Mounts, Forts and Towers in Ireland; Never Before Published. By Thomas Malyneux, M.D. F.R. S. In England
85272: Boate, Gerard; Thomas Molyneux and others - A Natural History of Ireland, in Three Parts
85916: Bockstruck, Lloyd DeWitt - Virginia's Colonial Soldiers
85755: Bonington, Chris, and Martin Boysen, Alan Hankison, Dougal Haston, Balwant Sandhu, and Doug Scott - Changabang (Signed)
85568: Borohme, Brian - Ireland, As a Kingdom and a Colony; or a Historical, Political, and Military Sketch of Its State, Previous to, and Since the Invasion Under Henry the Second
78920: Boswell, James - The Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides with Samuel Johnson, LL. D. ; Containing Some Poetical Pieces by Dr. Johnson, Relative to the Tour, and Never Before Published; a Series of His Conversation, Literary Anecdotes, and Opinions of Men and Books: With an Authentick Account of the Distresses and Escape of the Grandson of King James II, in the Year 1746
86303: Bourbon, Fabio - The Lost Cities of the Mayas : The Life, Art, and Discoveries of Frederick Catherwood
86165: Bourke, Austin - 'the Visitation of God'? the Potato and the Great Irish Famine; Edited for Irish Historical Studies by Jacqueline Hill and Cormac O Grada
86159: Bowden, Joan Chase - Why the Tides Ebb and Flow (Signed with Drawing by Marc Brown); Illustrated by Marc Brown
80476: Bowdoin, James and Joseph Warren and Samuel Pemberton - A Short Narrative of the Horrid Massacre in Boston, Perpetrated in the Evening of the Fifth Day of March 1770, by Soldiers of the Xxixth Regiment, Which with the Xivth Regiment Were Then Quartered There: With Some Observations on the State of Things Prior to That Catastrophe. ; with Appendix Containing the Several Depositions Referred to in the Preceding Narrative; and Also Other Depositions Relative to the Subject of It
86151: Bowen, Desmond - Souperism: Myth or Reality : A Study in Souperism; (a Study of Catholics and Protestants During the Great Famine)
85339: Boyer, Josephine and Katherine Cowdin - Hay Dieting Menus and Receipts for All Occasions
74932: Boyle, John Richards - Soldiers True; the Story of the One Hundred and Eleventh Regiment Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteers, and of Its Campaigns in the War for the Union 1861-1865
63720: BRACKEN, PEG - The I Hate to Cook Book
86302: Brennan, Martin - The Stars and the Stones : Ancient Art and Astronomy in Ireland
74175: Breuer, William B. - Bloody Clash at Sadzot: Hitler's Final Strike for Antwerp. [Signed Copy]
68788: Brockett, L.P. (Dr.) (Linus Pierpont) - The Camp, the Battlefield, and the Hospital; or Lights and Shadows of the Great Rebellion
84895: Brooklyn Daily Eagle - The Brooklyn Daily Eagle Almanac 1900 : Guide to New York; a Book of Information, General of the World, and Special of New York City and Long Island
84893: Brooklyn Daily Eagle - The Brooklyn Daily Eagle Almanac 1898: A Book of Information, General of the World, and Special of New York City and Long Island (with Maps)); (with Color Street Maps and Foldout Map)
84804: Brown, Florence Warren and Neva L. Boyd - Old English and American Games for School and Playground
86043: Brown, Mark H. - The Flight of the Nez Perce : A History of the Nez Perce War
85490: Brown, John (Rev.) - Brown's Self-Interpreting Family Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments; to Which Are Annexed Marginal References and Illustrations; an Exact Summary of the Several Books; a Paraphrase on the Most Obscure or Important Parts; Explanatory Notes; Evangelical Reflections, &C. , &C
85659: Brown, William Wells - Clotelle: Or, the Colored Heroine: A Tale of the Southern States
85285: Brown, Sterling (Editor) - Negro Poetry and Drama
86064: Brown, Fredric - Martians and Madness : The Complete Sf Novels of Fedric Brown and from These Ashes : The Complete Short Sf of Fredric Brown (Two Volumes); Edited by Ben Yalow
75550: Browne, John - Myographia Nova : Or, a Graphical Description of All the Muscles in Humane Body, As They Arise in Dissection (Facsimile); Full Leather
76711: Browning, Elizabeth Barrett [With a Prefatory Note by William A. Sim] - Casa Guidi Windows [ Florentine Illustrated Edition ]
85388: Browning, Elizabeth Barrett (H. Buxton Forman, Editor) - Aurora Leigh
85758: Bryan, Rorke - Ordeal by Ice, Ships of the Antarctic (Signed)
85850: Buchanan, Robert - The Piper of Hamelin : A Fantastic Opera in Two Acts; with Illustrations by Hugh Thomson
64078: Buechner, Frederick - The Entrance to Porlock
64605: Buell, Marjorie Henderson - Little Lulu : Her Train Ride to Grandma's
71484: Bukowski, Charles - If We Take (Signed by Bukowski, with Original Envelope)
71481: Bukowski, Charles - Barfly : Official Film Press Kit
71597: Bukowski, Charles - The Charles Bukowski Tapes
79193: Bunn, Matthew - Narrative of the Life and Adventures of Matthew Bunn in an Expedition Against the Northwestern Indians in 1791-1791, 2, 3, 4, & 5
80576: Bunsen, Robert - Gasometrische Methoden
85651: Bunyan, John - The Pilgrim's Progress from This World to That Which Is to Come; Delivered Under the Similitude of a Dream; Wherein Is Discovered the Manner of His Setting out, His Dangerous Journey, and Safe Arrival at the Desired Country. Containing Also the Pilgrimage of His Wife and Children, and Their Safe Arrival. In Three Parts, with Explanatory Notes, Evangelical Reflections, and an Original Life of the Author, Bound with, the Holy War, Made by King Shaddai Upon Diabolus. To Which Are Added Hearts Ease, the Heavenly Footman, &C. &C
79504: Burke, Edmund - Speech of Edmund Burke, Esq. On American Taxation, April 19, 1774
85553: Burnham, Robert, Jr. - Burnam's Celestial Handbook: An Observer's Guide to the Universe Beyond the Solar System (Three Volumes)
80617: Burton, Richard - The Lake Regions of Central Africa : A Picture of Exploration (2 Volumes, Complete)
86164: Buryn, Ed - Vagabonding in Europe and North Africa (Signed)
85422: Bush, John - Hibernia Curiosa, a Letter from a Gentleman in Dublin, to His Friend at Dover in Kent. Giving a General View of the Manners, Customs, Dispositions, &C. Of the Inhabitants of Ireland. With Occasional Observations on the State of Trade and Agriculture in That Kingdom. And Including an Account of Some of Its Remarkable Natural Curiosities, Such As Salmon-Leaps, Water-Falls, Cascades, Glynns, Lakes &C. With a More Particular Description of the Giant's Causeway in the North; and the Celebrated Lake of Kilarny in the South of Ireland; Taken from an Attentive Survey and Examination of the Originals. Collected in a Tour Through the Kingdom in the Year 1764 : And Ornamented with Plans of the Principal Originals, Engraved from Drawings Taken on the Spot
86105: Bush, Elmer E., And Florence Reid Bush (Ed.) - Industrial and Applied Art Books, Volumes 1-5, 7
73973: Butler, Samuel - Hudibras in Three Parts Written in the Time of the Late Wars : A New Edition Adorned with Cuts
80883: [By A Virginian] Cooke, John Eston - The Life of Stonewall Jackson. From Official Papers, Contemporary Narratives, and Personal Acquaintance
85191: By an Officer of the U.S. Navy (Reverend Walter Colton) - Ship and Shore: Or Leaves from the Journal of a Cruise to the Levant by an Officer of the United States Navy
85789: Byrd, Richard E. - Alone
86342: Byron, Lord - The Poetical Works of Lord Byron, Complete in One Volume
85445: Cain, James M. - Serenade
75739: Californian Publishing - Traffic in White Girls" (in the Californian Illustrated Magazine, Vol. 2. No. 6. November 1892); "Traffic in White Girls
74947: Calthrop, Dion Clayton - English Costume, Vol. I. Early English ; Vol. II. Middle Ages ; Vol. III. Tudor and Stuart ; Vol. IV. Georgian (4 Vol. Complete)
85361: Campbell, Thomas - A Philosophical Survey of the South of Ireland, in a Series of Letters to John Watkinson, M.D.
86117: Campbell, John W. - The Atomic Story
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85628: [Campbell, Thomas] - A Philosophical Survey of the South of Ireland, in a Series of Letters to John Watkinson, M.D.
85240: Campbell, WIlfred - Canada: Painted by T. Mower Martin, R.C. A. / Described by Wilfred Campbell, LL. D.
85426: Campbell, Thomas - Strictures on the Ecclesiastical and Literary History of Ireland: From the Most Ancient Times Till the Introduction of the Roman Ritual, and the Establishment of Papal Supremacy, by Henry II, King of England. Also, an Historical Sketch of the Constitution and Government of Ireland from the Most Early Authenticated Period Down to the Year 1783
86146: Campbell, R.T. (Ruthven Campbell Todd) - The Death Cap : A Detective Story; Introduced by Peter Main; Annotated by Forbes Gibb
86145: Campbell, R.T. (Ruthven Campbell Todd) - Take Thee a Sharp Knife : A Detective Story; Introduced by Peter Main and Christopher Todd; Annotated by Forbes Gibb
86140: Campbell, R.T. (Ruthven Campbell Todd) - Take Thee a Sharp Knife
85963: Campbell, Eleanor (Artist) - Dick, and Jane Teaching Placards (Two Sets); (and Mother, Father, Sally, Spot and Puff, Too!)
86041: Cannon, Howard W. (Chairman) - Agreement Governing the Activities of States on the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies (Two Volumes: Parts 1 and 2, Part 3)
85925: Cannon, Howard W. (Chairman) - National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958, As Amended, and Related Legislation : Prepared at the Request of Hon. Howard W. Cannon, Chairman : Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation
86209: Capek, Karel - Meteor; Translated by M. And R. Weatherall
86212: Capek, Karel - Money and Other Stories; with a Foreword by John Galsworthy
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76750: Carey, Matthew - The Olive Branch: Or, Faults on Both Sides, Federal and Democratic. A Serious Appeal on the Necessity of Mutual Forgiveness and Harmony
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85865: Carpenter, Andrew (editor) and Liam Miller (designer) - Miscellanies in Prose, Vol I of Irish Writings from the Age of Swift
85623: Carr, John - The Stranger in Ireland; or, a Tour in the Southern and Western Parts of That Country, in the Year 1805
75733: Carson, Pirie Scott & Co - Carson Pirie Scott & Co: Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Silverware, Cut Glass (1912)
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75061: Carter, N.H. (Nathaniel Hazeltine) - Letters from Europe : Comprising the Journal of a Tour Through Ireland, England, Scotland, France, Italy, Switzerland in the Years 1825, '26, and '27. (Two Volumes)
73652: Cassan, Stephen Hyde - Lives of the Bishops of Bath and Wells from the Earliest to the Present Period
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84914: Catlin, George - Letters and Notes on the Manners, Customs and Condition of the North American Indians (2 Volumes, Complete); Written During Eight Years' Travel Amongst the Wildest Tribes of Indians in North America in 1832, 33, 34,35, 36, 37, 38, and 39
74258: Chambers, Lenoir - Stonewall Jackson. [Two Volume Set in Slipcase]; Volume I: The Legend and the Man to Valley V. Volume II: Seven Days I to the Last March
76059: Chandler, Raymond - The Little Sister
85312: Chandler, Raymond - The Finger Man and Other Stories (in Murder Mystery Monthly # 43)
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85644: Charcot, Jean-Baptiste - The Voyage of the 'Pourquoi-Pas?', the Journal of the Second French South Polar Expedition 1908-1910; with a New Foreword by Paul-Emile Victor
80746: Chardin, John (Sir) - The Travels of Sir John Chardin Into Persia and the East Indies. The First Volume, Containing the Author's Voyage from Paris to Ispahan : To Which Is Added the Coronation of This Present King of Persia, Solyman the Third
84610: Charron, Pierre - Of Wisdome: Three Bookes Written in French
80767: Chetwynd, George (Sir) - Racing Reminiscences and Experiences of the Turf [Two Volumes, Complete]
84712: Children's Art Theatre of the China Welfare Institute - All Red Hearts Are Turned to the Party : Suite of the Rural Young Pioneers. (33 1/3 Rpms, 7 in, Ep Record)
84852: Christensen, S.T. - Christy Trades School (Cts) Chicago, Illinois: Practical Electricity and Appliance Repair: 26 Service Lesson Booklets in Binder
86348: Christopher, John R. - School of Natural Healing (Volume I); (Secrets of a Master Herbalist; the Reference Volume on Natural Herbs for the Teacher, Student or Herbal Practitioner)
85444: Church of England - Occasional Offices from the Book of Common Prayer, Viz. Publick and Private Baptism, a Catechism, Matrimony, Visitation of the Sick, with Some Occasional Prayers Collected from the Most Eminent Divines, Communion of the Sick, Burial of the Dead, Churching of Women, and Visitation of Prisoners
85691: Chute, B.J. (Beatrice Joy) - The Blue Cup and Other Stories
80789: Cibber, Colley - An Apology for the Life of Colley Cibber, Comedian, and Late Patentee of the Theatre-Royal with an Historical View of the Stage During His Own Time (Written by Himself)
85935: City of San Francisco - San Francisco: Her Great Manufacturing, Commercial and Financial Institutions Are Famed the World over. 1904-1905
85397: Clanricarde, Ulick de Burgh, Marquess - Memoirs of the Right Honourable the Marquis of Clanricarde, Lord Deputy General of Ireland Containing Several Original Papers and Letters of King Charles II, Queen Mother, the Duke of York, the Duke of Lorrain, the Marquis of Ormond, Archbishop of Tuam, Lord Viscount Taaffe, &C. Relating to the Treaty between the Duke of Lorrain and the Irish Commissioners, from February 1650, to August 1653. Publish'd from His Lordship's Original Mss
79197: Clap - Memoirs of Captain Roger Clap. Relating Some of God's Remarkable Providences to Him, in Bringing Him Into New England; and Some of the Straits and Afflictions, the Good People Met with Here in Their Beginnings. And Instructing, Counselling, Directing, and Commanding His Children and Childrens' Children, and Household, to Serve the Lord in Their Generations to the Latest Posterity. [One Line of Scripture]
73763: Clark, William, and John Bach McMaster - History of the Expedition Under the Command of Captains Lewis and Clark : Volume II; to the Sources of the Missouri, Thence Across the Rocky Mountains and Down the River Columbia to the Pacific Ocean; Performed During the Years 1804-5-6, by Order of the Government of the United States; a Complete Reprint of the Biddle Edition of 1814, to Which All the Members of the Expedition Contributed; with an Account of the Louisiana Purchase
84593: Clarke, S.A. - Pioneer Days of Oregon History (Two Volumes, Complete)
72377: Clarke, George Kuhn - History of Needham, Massachusetts 1711-1911; Including West Needham, Now the Town of Wellesley
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84513: Colby, Charles - The Diamond Atlas (Hand-Colored Maps) with Descriptions of All Countries : Exhibiting Their Actual and Comparative Extent and Their Present Political Divisions, Founded on the Most Recent Discoveries and Rectifications: The Western Hemisphere
85271: Collier, John - No Traveller Returns (Signed)
85055: Colombo, Fernando - Historie Del Signor D. Fernando Colombo. Nelle Quali S' Ha Particolare, & Vera Relatione Della Vita E de' Fatti Dell' Ammiraglio D. Christoforo Colombo Suo Padre. E Dello Scoprimento, Ch'Egli Fece Dell'Indie Occidentali, Dette Mondo Nuovo, Hora Poss Nuovedute Dal Serenissimo Re Catolico. Nuovamente Di Lingua Spagnuola Tradotte Nell'Italiana Dal Sign. Alfonso Ulloa
85295: Colt, Katherine Gideon - The Letters of Peter Wilson: Soldier, Explorer and Indian Agent West of the Mississippi River; (with an Introduction by Usher L. Burdick)
85815: Colum, Padraic - A Half-Day's Ride, or Estates in Corsica (Signed)
85656: Colum, Padraic - The Forge in the Forest with Pictures by Boris Artzybasheff (Signed by Artzybasheff)
62932: Commissioner of Patents - Patents for Inventions: Abridgments of Specifications Relating to Saddlery, Harness, Stable Fittings, &C.A. D. 1625-1866
75910: Commissioners, Board of - Minnesota in the CIVIL and Indian Wars 1861-1865 : Two Volumes, Complete
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81496: Cotton, Charles [Translated by] - The History of the Life of the Duke of Espernon, the Great Favorite of France. Englished by Charles Cotton, Esq. In Three Parts, Containing Twelve Books. Wherein the History of France Is Continued from the Year 1598, Where D'Avila Leaves Off, Down to Our Own Times, 1642
84719: Cotton, Leo [compiled and edited by] - Old Mr. Boston de Luxe Official Bartender's Guide
86085: Cotton, Leo [compiled and edited by] - Old Mr. Boston de Luxe Official Bartender's Guide
85379: Coues, Elliott - History of the Expedition Under the Command of Lewis and Clark to the Sources of the Missouri River, Thence Across the Rocky Mountains and Down the Columbia River to the Pacific Ocean, Performed During the Years 1804-5-6, by Order of the Government of the United States (Volume I Only)
80912: Courtin, De - Traite de la Jalousie Moyens D'Entretenir la Paix Dans le Mariage
86036: Cousins, James H. - Ben Madighan and Other Poems (Signed); Introduction by John Vinycomb
86035: Cousins, James H. - Etain the Beloved and Other Poems
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85385: Cox, Thomas ("Collected and composed by an impartial Hand") - The History and Antiquities of the County of Oxfordshire. Wherein, to the Topographical Account Given by Mr. Cambden, and the Late Editors of His Britannia, Is Added a More Large History, Not Only of the Cities, Boroughs, Towns, and Parishes Mentioned by Them, But Also of Many Other Places of Note, and Antiquities Since Discovered. Together with the Chronology of the Most Remarkable Actions of the Britains, Romans, Saxons, Danes, and Normans. And the Pedigrees of Our Noble Families and Gentry, Both Antient and Modern, According to the Best Relations Extant
86002: Cox, Palmer - The Brownies Around the World
86176: Cox, Richard - Hibernia Anglicana: Or, the History of Ireland from the Conquest Thereof by the English, to This Present Time. With an Introductory Discourse Touching the Ancient State of That Kingdom
79199: Coxe, Tench - An Important Statement of Facts, Relative to the Invalidity of the Pretensions Formerly Made Upon the Pennsylvania Lands, by the Unincorporated Companies of Connecticut Claimants; in a Letter from the Secretary of the Land-Office, to the Pennsylvania Commissioners, Intended to Evince the Liberality of the Government and Landholders of Pennsylvania, in the Act of the 4th of April, 1799, and the Releases of 120 to 180,000 Acres Under the Same. Land Office of Pennsylvania, May 25, 1801
84524: Cresswell, Mary Ann [editor] - Thoughts on the Kentucky Rifle in Its Golden Age
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85674: Croker, T. Crofton - Researches in the South of Ireland, Illustrative of the Scenery, Architectural Remains, and the Manners and Superstitions of the Peasantry. With an Appendix Containing a Private Narrative of the Rebellion of 1798
86129: Croker, T. Crofton and T.Wright (Editor) - Fairy Legends and Traditions of the South of Ireland; New and Complete Edition: Edited by T. Wright, with a Memoir of the Author by His Son, T.F. Dillon Croker
85833: Cross, David - I Drink for a Reason (Signed)
71057: Cross, Thomas - Autobiography of a Stage-Coachman (3 Volumes, Complete) Signed by His Grace the Duke of Beaufort
85606: Crowe, Cameron and Billy Wilder - Conversations with Wilder
85655: Crozier, John A. - The Life of the Rev. Henry Montgomery, LL. D. , Dunmurry, Belfast: With Selections from His Speeches and Writings, by His Son-in-Law
80934: Cruikshank, I.R. - Lessons of Thrift, Published for General Benefit by a Member of the Save-All Club (with Dual Doheny Bookplates); Lessons of Thrift, Published for General Benefit by a Member of the Save-All Club
85805: Cumming, John - Abridgment of the History of Ireland, from the Earliest Accounts to the Present Time, on the Plan of Dr. Goldsmith's History of England, for the Use of Schools and Private Education, with Exercises at the End of Each Chapter, and Recapitulations at the End of Each Book. With a Chronological Table
85980: Curia Romana - Formularium Instrumentorum Ad Usum Curiae Romanae (1484)
73117: Curmer, Henri Leon (Chromolithographs Editor) and Ecclesia Catholica L'Abbe Delaunay (Text Editor) - Les Evangiles Des Dimanches Et Fetes de L'Annee Three Volumes (Signed Royal Presentation Copy); Presentation Copy Inscribed and Signed by Queen Margherita of Savoy, Queen-Consort of Umberto I, of the Kingdom of Italy, Dated 1884
85816: Curry, John - An Historical and Critical Review of the CIVIL Wars in Ireland, from the Reign of Queen Elizabeth to the Settlement Under King William. With the State of the Irish Catholics, from That Settlement to the Relaxation of the Popery Laws, in the Year 1778. Extracted from Parliamentary Records, State Acts, and Other Authentic Materials
75729: Dahlberg, Edward - Do These Bones Live (Signed)
86183: Dalton, Frank Eugen and Louis C. Dalton - Swimming Scientifically Taught : A Practical Manual for Young and Old
79567: Dampier, William - A New Voyage Round the World (Two Volumes) Describing Particularly, the Isthmus of America, Several Coasts and Islands in the West Indies, the Isles of Cape Verd, the Passage by Terra Del Fuego, the South Sea Coasts of Chili, Peru, and Mexico; the Isle of Guam One of the Ladrones, Mindanao, and Other Philippine and East India Islands, Near Cambodia, China, Formosa, Luconia, Celebes, &C. New Holland, Sumatra, Nicobar Isles; the Cape of Good Hope, and Santa Hellena. Their Soil, Rivers, Harbours, Plants, Fruits, Animals, and Inhabitants. Their Customs, Religion, Government, Trade,&C. (Vol. I: 1699) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Voyages and Descriptions in Three Parts, Viz. 1) a Supplement of the Voyage Round the World, Describing the Countreys of Tonquin, Achin, Malacca, &C. Their Product, Inhabitants, Manners, Trade, Policy, &C. 2) Two Voyages to Campechy; with a Description of the Coasts, Product, Inhabitants, Logwood Cutting, Trade, &C of Yucatan, Campeachy, New-Spain, &C. 3) a Discourse of Trade-Winds, Breezes, Storms, Seasons of the Year, Tides and Currents of the Torrid Zone Throughout the World : With an Account of Natal in Africk, Its Product, Negro's, &C. (Vol. II: (1700); Illustrated with Particular Maps and Draughts, to Which Is Added a General Index to Both Volumes
84969: Dana, Richard Henry (Jr.) - Two Years Before the Mast : A Personal Narrative of Life at Sea
75476: Dana, Daniel - A Discourse Delivered in the First Presbyterian Church in Newburyport on Tuesday, Nov. 19, 1844, It Being the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Author's Ordination. (Inscribed by Author); Dr. Dana's Half-Century Sermon, Delivered November 19, 1844
85572: Daniell, Edward - Portraits of the Parliamentary Officers of the Great CIVIL War; Being Fascimiles of a Rare Series Published in 1647; with New Brief Biographical Notices of Their Lives and Actions
85434: Darwin, Charles - The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex, with Illustrations, New Edition, Revised and Augmented. Complete in One Volume
74614: Darwin, Charles [Edited by Francis Darwin] - The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin, Including an Autobiograpical Chapter : (Three Volumes Complete)
86236: Dasent, George Webbe - The Story of Burnt Njal : From the Icelandic of the Njals Saga; with a Prefatory Note by E.V. Lucas, and the Introduction, Abridged, from the Original Edition of 1861
85725: Daumal, Rene - Mount Analogue; Translated from the French and Introduced by Roger Shattuck, with a Postface by Vera Daumal
86152: Davies, John - Historical Tracts; Consisting of 1. A Discovery of the True Cause Why Ireland Was Never Brought Under Obedience of the Crown in England. / 2. A Letter to the Earl of Salisbury on the State of Ireland, in 1607. / 3. A Letter to the Earl of Salisbury, in 1610; Giving an Account of the Plantation in Ulster. / 4. A Speech to the Lord Deputy in 1613, Tracing the Ancient Constitution of Ireland. To Which Is Prefixed a New Life of the Author, from Authentic Documents
85771: Davis, J.K. (John King) - High Latitude (Signed)
85768: Davis, John King and Louise Crossley (Editor) - Trial by Ice : The Antarctic Journals of John King Davis
81005: Davy, Humphrey (Sir) - Consolations in Travel, or the Last Days of a Philosopher, with a Sketch of the Author's Life, and Notes by Jacob Green
85830: Dawkins, Richard - The Greatest Show on Earth : The Evidence for Evolution
75188: Day, Jeremiah - An Introduction to Algebra; Being the First Part of a Course on Mathematics, Adapted to the Method of Instruction in the American Colleges
85414: De Garis, Frederic for H.S.K. Yamaguchi, Managing Director of Publisher - We Japanese, Volumes 1 and 2 (Both Signed*) ; Volume 1: Being Descriptions of Many of the Customs, Manners, Ceremonies, Festivals, Arts and Crafts of the Japanese Besides Numerous Other Subjects Volume 2: Being Descriptions of Many of the Characteristics, History, Legendry, Tradition, Drama, Image Shrines, Temples, Customs Manners Besides Numerous Other Subjects
85647: de la Croix, Robert - Conquerors of the Antarctica; Translated from the French by Edward Fitzgerald
76842: de Perefixe, Paul Philippe Hardouin de Beaumont - Histoire Du Roy Henry le Grand
85953: de Carle, Donald - Practical Watch Repairing
83827: Declaration of Independence - Annual Register or a View of the History, Politics and Literature for the Year 1776; Annual Register or a View of the History, Politics and Literature for the Year 1776
73742: Dekker, Thomas (Edited by Edward Francis Rimbault, Esq.) - A Knight's Conjuring : Done in Earnest, Discovered in Jest (No. Xx1); (from the Original Tract Printed in 1607)
72399: Delesalle, Georges - Dictionnaire Argot-Francais & Francais-Argot
81041: Dellon, Charles Gabriel - Relation de L'Inquisition de Goa
85761: DeLong, George W. - The Voyage of the Jeannette. The Ship and Ice Journals of George W. Delong, Lieutenant-Commander U.S. N. , and Commander of the Polar Expedition of 1879-1881 (Two Volumes Complete); Edited by His Wife, Emma Delong
79005: Denham,Dixon (Major), and and Hugh Clapperton (Captain) - Narratives of Travels and Discoveries in Northern and Central Africa in the Years 1822, 1823, and 1824 by Major Denham, Captain Clapperton, and the Late Doctor Oudney, Extending Across the Great Desert to the Tenth Degree of Northern Latitude, and from Kouka in Bornou, to Sackatoo, the Capital of the Fellatah Empire. Bound with Journal of an Excursion, Etc. Etc. ; with an Appendix Published by Authority of the Right Honourable Earl Bathurst, One of His Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, and Dedicated by Permission to His Lordship by Major Dixon Denham, of His Majesty's 17th Regiment of Foot, and Captain Hugh Clapperton, of the Royal Navy, the Survivors of the Expedition
74232: Dentzel, Carl Schaefer - The Drawings of John Woodhouse Audubon, Illustrating His Adventures Through Mexico and California 1849-1850 with an Introduction by Carl Schaefer Dentzel
85915: Deshell Laboratories - Habit Time: A Neglected Fundamental in the Study of the Physiology of the Bowel
79584: Digby, Kenelme - Two Treatises: In the One of Which, the Nature of Bodies; in the Other,the Nature of Mans Soul, Is Looked Into: In Way of Discovery of the Immortality of Reasonable Souls. The First Treatise Declaring the Nature and Operation of Bodies. The Second Treatise: Declaring the Nature and Operation of Man's Soul; out of Which the Immortality of Reasonable Souls, Is Convinced
74411: Dixon, Maynard] Burnside, Wesley - Maynard Dixon : Artist of the West (Limited, Numbered)
86167: Dobson, Austin - The Ballad of Beau Brocade and Other Poems of the Xviiith Century; with 55 Illustrations by Hugh Thomson
86121: Dobson, Austin - The Story of Rosina and Other Verses; Illustrated by Hugh Thomson
86211: Doig, Ivan - Sea Runners (Signed)
84988: Dolmen Press (Liam Miller, Editor) - The Dolmen Chapbook: A Miscellany in Twelve Parts (Complete Set)
85793: Dolnick, Edward - Down the Great Unknown : John Wesley Powell's 1869 Journey of Discovery and Tragedy Through the Grand Canyon (Signed)
85794: Dolnick, Edward - Down the Great Unknown : John Wesley Powell's 1869 Journey of Discovery and Tragedy Through the Grand Canyon (Signed)
85472: Donovan, David - Once a Warrior King, Memories of an Officer in Vietnam (Signed)
81122: Doolittle, Thomas - A Treatise Concerning the Lord's Supper: With Three Dialogues for the More Full Information of the Weak, in the Nature and Use of This Sacrament
85604: Dorpat, Theodore L. (MD) - Gaslighting, the Double Whammy, Interrogation, and Other Methods of Covert Control in Psychotherapy and Analysis
86175: Douglas, George (ed.), George Walker, John Dalrymple, John McKenzie - Derriana: A Collection of Papers Relative to the Siege of Derry, and Illustrative of the Revolution of M. Dc. LXXXVIII
85279: Douglas, William O. (Justice) - Of Men and Mountains (Signed)
86137: Douglas, Norman - London Street Games
85320: Douglass, Frederick - The Life and Times of Frederick Douglass, Written by Himself. His Early Life As a Slave, His Escape from Bondage, and His Complete History to the Present Time; Including His Connection with the Anti-Slavery Movement; His Labors in Great Britain As Well As in His Own Country; His Experiences in the Conduct of an Influential Newspaper; His Connection with the Underground Railroad; His Relations with John Brown and the Harper's Ferry Raid; His Recruiting the 54th and 55th Mass. Colored Regiments; His Interviews with Presidents Lincoln and Johnson; His Appointment by Gen. Grant to Accompany the Santo Domingo Commission -- Also to a Seat in the Council of the District of Columbia; His Appointment As United States Marshal by President R.B. Hayes; Also His Appointment to Be Recorder of Deeds in Washington by President J.A. Garfield; with Many Other Interesting and Important Events of His Most Eventful Life; with an Introduction by Mr. Geoirge L. Ruffin, of Boston
84239: Dow, Alexander - The History of Hindostan. (Three Volumes); Translated from the Persian
85913: Downes, Alfred M. - Fire Fighters and Their Pets; with Many Illustrations Reproduced from Photographs
81129: Doyle, James E. and Edmund Evans (engraver) - A Chronicle of England
84980: Dr. Seuss (Theodore Geisel) - Green Eggs and Ham
84817: DR. SEUSS - On Beyond Zebra!
85986: Dressler, Albert - Emperor Norton: Life and Experiences of a Notable Character in San Francisco 1849-1880
72907: Drysdale, William - Helps for Ambitious Boys
75702: Du Maurier, George - Trilby (3 Volumes, Complete)
86069: Dubourdieu, John - Statistical Survey of the County of Antrim with Observations of the Means of Improvement; Drawn Up for the Consideration, and by Direction of the Dublin Society (Part 1 and Part II Bound Together)
74426: Ducrest (Madame) - Memoirs of the Empress Josephine with Anecdotes of the Courts of Navarre and Malmaison (Two Volumes, Complete); (Edition Limited to 500 Copies, and Extra-Illustrated)
86127: Dufferin, (The Rt. Hon. Lord, K.P.) - Irish Emigration and the Tenure of Land in Ireland
71045: DUKE OF BEAUFORT (Henry Charles Fitzroy Somerset) - The Badminton Library of Sports and Pastimes: Driving (Limited, Large Paper Edition)
85344: Duke, General Basil W. - Reminiscences of General Basil W. Duke, C.S. A.
86039: Dula, Art - Free Enterprise and the Proposed Moon Treaty
81189: Dumouriez, Charles Francois (General) - The Life of General Dumouriez [Three Volumes, Complete]
84707: Dumouriez, Charles Francois (General) - The Life of General Dumouriez [Three Volumes, Complete]
86049: Dunn, Katherine - One Ring Circus : Dispatches from the World of Boxing (Signed)
86251: Dunn, Katherine - 3 Day Fox : A Tattoo (Signed); Illlustrations by Alaina Lara
86247: Dunsany, Lord - The Chronicles of Rodriguez (Signed by Both Author and Artist)
85936: Dunshee, Kenneth Holcomb - Enjine!-Enjine! a Story of Fire Protection
85587: Durden, Charles - No Bugles No Drums (Signed)
85453: Durrell, Lawrence - Justine (Signed); an Investigation of Modern Love
74591: Eagleson, Hodge McIlvain - Right Here in Squirrel Hill
59146: Eberlein, Harold Donaldson; Hubbard, Cortlandt van Dyke - The Practical Book of Garden Structure and Design; with 233 Illustrations, Including Drawings by Marian Greene Barney
84829: Edes, Peter (Compiler) - Orations Delivered at the Request of the Inhabitants of the Town of Boston to Commemorate the Evening of the Fifth of March 1770; When a Number of Citizens Were Killed by a Party of British Troops, Quartered Among Them, in a Time of Peace
85907: Edgeworth, Maria - Popular Tales
85726: Edgeworth, Richard Lovell and Maria Edgeworth - Essay on Irish Bulls
86095: Edgeworth, Richard Lovell, and Maria Edgeworth - Memoirs of Richard Lovell Edgeworth, Esq. Begun by Himself and Concluded by His Daughter, Maria Edgeworth (Two Volumes)
76563: Edgren, Gretchen - The Playboy Book : Forty Years (Signed Association Copy)
85429: Edmundson, William - A Journal of the Life, Travels, Sufferings, and Labor of Love in the Work of the Ministry, of That Worthy Elder and Faithful Servant of Jesus Christ, William Edmundson, Who Departed This Life, the Thirty-First of the Sixth Month, 1712
85912: Edmundson, William and John Stoddart - A Journal and the Life, Travels, Sufferings and Labour of Love in the Work of the Ministry, of That Worthy Elder and Faithful Servant of Jesus Christ, William Edmundson, Who Departed This Life, the Thirty First of the Sixth Month 1712
79013: Edwards, Amelia B. - Pharaohs, Fellahs and Explorers
86065: Edwards, Martin (Editor) - Howdunit! : A Masterclass in Crime Writing by Members of the Detection Club
81250: Edwards, Jonathan - A Careful and Strict Inquiry Into the Modern Prevailing Notions of the Freedom of Will Which Is Supposed to Be Essential to Moral Agency, Virtue and Vice, Reward and Punishment, Praise and Blame
85477: Edwards, Margaret Watt (Editor) - Land of the Multnomahs, Sketches and Stories of Early Oregon by Creative Writers of the Association of University Women, Illustrated by Roger W. Cooke
81249: Edwards, Jonathan - Some Thoughts Concerning the Present Revival of Religion in New-England, and the Way in Which It Ought to Be Acknowledged and Promoted; Humbly Offer'd to the Publick in a Treatise on That Subject, in Five Parts; Part I. Shewing That the Work That Has of Late Been Going on in That Land, Is a Glorious Work of God; Part II: Shewing the Obligations That All Are Under, to Acknowledge, Rejoice in and Prmote This Work; and the Great Danger of the Contrary; Part III: Shewing, in Many Instances, Wherein the Subjects, or Zealous Promoters, of This Work Have Been Injuriously Blamed; Part IV: Shewing What Things Are to Be Corrected or Avoided in Promooting This Work, or in Our Behaviour. Under It; Part V: Shewing Positively What Ought to Be Done to Promote This Work
86346: Edwards, Jonathan (& W. Ellerby editor) - The Treatise on Religious Affections by the Late Rev. Jonathan Edwards, A.M. (Somewhat Abridged)
85930: Egan, John (Editor) - Space Commerce, Vol. 1, No. 1
86234: Egan, Peter - Leanings : The Best of Peter Egan from Cycle World Magazine (Signed)
85557: Eliot, George - Works (Eight Volume Set)
81262: Ellesby, James - The Great Danger and Uncertainty of a Death-Bed Repentance, As It Was Deliver'd in a Funeral Sermon Preach'd Lately in the Parish-Church of Chiswick, in Middlesex. Published Chiefly for the Sake of the Ordinary Sort of Inhabitants of That Parish
86208: Ellin, Stanley - Mystery Stories (Signed); Foreward by Ellery Queen
81274: Emerson, Nathaniel - Unwritten Literature of Hawaii: The Sacred Songs of the Hula Collected and Translated, with Notes and an Account of the Hula
85197: Empson, Patience - The Wood Engravings of Robert Gibbings with Some Recollections by the Artist
85486: Erasmus, Georg Caspar - Seulen-Buch Oder: Grûndlicher Bericht Von Den Fûnff Ordnungen Der Architectur-Kunst,; Wie Solche Von Marco Vitruvio, Jacobo Barrozzio, Hans Blumen [Et]C. Und Andern Vornehmen Berûhmten Bau-Meistern Seynd Zusammen Getragen Und in Gewisse Abtheilungen Verabfasset Worden: Wie Auch Die So Genannten Darzu Gehôrigen Fûnff Termes, Wie Nemlich Dieselben Nach Rechter Proportion Und Symmeterey Sollen Aufgerissen Und Nachgemacht Werden. Mit Neben Beygefûgten Schônen Capitälen, AußZûgen, Unterhängen Und Nebenflûgeln, Vermehret, AußGezieret, Und in Drey Theil Ordentlich Eingerichtet. Allen Liebhabern, So Sich deß Circkuls, Linials Und Richtscheids Bedienen, Als Bildhauer, Mahler, Schreiner, Stein-Metzen, Zimmerleut, [Et]C. Und Dergleichen, Zu Lieb Und Nutzen, in Diesen Geschmeidigen Format Gebracht
76545: Esberg, A.I. - Forty-Nine Opinions on Our Japanese Problem
81290: Evans, John (Reverend) - A Tour Through Part of North Wales, in the Year 1798, and at Other Times; Principally Undertaken with a View to Botanical Researches in That Alpine Country; Interspersed with Observations on Its Scenery, Agriculture, Manufactures, Customs, History, and Antiquities
84717: Evans-Korstand - Eugene and Lane County Directory 1940 Vol. IX
85278: Farina, Richard - Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me
86240: Farmer, Philip Jose (Edited by Paul Spiteri) - Pearls from Peoria; Edited by Paul Spiteri
86241: Farmer, Philip Jose - River of Eternity
85841: Farmer, Philip Jose - Riverworld War : The Suppressed Fiction of Philip Jose Farmer (Signed)
85653: Fast, Howard - Place in the City
84929: Feller, Bob - Strikeout Story [Signed Copy]
86268: Fellow, Charles - A Selection of Dishes and the Chef's Reminder : A High-Class Culinary Text Book
84838: Fenner, Marguerite - Easy-Do Parties -- Electrically : 15 Party Ideas... Menus... Recipes
86088: Fenner, Marie - Map: "Historic Beaufort, Gem of the South Carolina Sea Islands
64021: Fielding, A.E. (Dorothy Feilding) - Murder in Suffolk
84580: Fields, W.C. - I Never Met a Kid I Liked
86229: Filkins, Dexter - The Forever War (Signed)
72275: Firebaugh, W.C. - The Inns of Greece and Rome : And a History of Hospitality from the Dawn of Time to the Middle Ages (Signed, Limited, Numbered Edition)
81127: Firishtah, Muh ammad Q sim Hind Sh h Astar b d. - The History of Hindostan, [from the Death of Akbar, to the Complete Settlement of the Empire Under Aurungzebe. (Three Volumes, Complete); to Which Are Prefixed, I. A Dissertation on the Origin and Nature of Despotism in Hindostan. II. An Enquiry Into the State of Bengal; with a Plan for Restoring That Kingdom to Its Former Prosperity and Splendor
81346: Fischer, Frederick Augustus - Travels in Spain in 1797 and 1798, with an Appendix on Method of Travelling in That Country
81356: Fletcher, James C. and D.P. Kidder - Brazil and the Brazilians Portrayed in Historical and Descriptive Sketches. By Rev. James C. Fletcher and Rev. D.P. Kidder, D.D. Illustrated by One Hundred and Fifrty Engravings
72269: Forbes, David W. - Encounters with Paradise : Views of Hawaii and Its People, 1778 --1941
84993: Forbes, Alexander (& John Henry Nash, Printer) - California: A History of Upper and Lower California (Signed); from Their First Discovery to the Present Time, Comprising an Account of the Climate, Soil, Natural Productions, Agriculture, Commerce, &C. A Full View of the Missionary Establishments and Condition of the Free and Domesticated Indians. With an Appendix Relating to Steam Navigation in the Pacific. Illustrated with a New Map, Plans of the Harbours, and Numerous Engravings
81369: Forde, Emanuel - The Most Famous, Delectable and Pleasant History of Parismus, the Most Renowned Prince of Bohemia. The First Part Containing the Adventurous Travels and Noble Chivalry of Parismenos, the Knight of Fame (Bound Together with ) the Most Famous, Delectable, and Pleasant History of Parismus, the Most Renowned Prince of Bohemia, Containing the Adventurous Travels, and Noble Chivalry of Parismenos, the Knight of Fame: With His Love to the Beautiful and Fair Princess Angelica, the Lady of the Golden Tower
81385: Fox, George - The Secret Workes of a Cruel People Made Manifest; Whose Little Finger Is Become Heavier Then Their Persecutors the Bishops Loyns, Who Have Set Up an Image Amongst Them in New-England, Which All That Will Not Bow Down Unto, and Worship, Must Undergo All Such Sufferings As Can Be Invented and Induced by the Hearts and Hands of Such Men Whose Tender Mercies Are Cruel. Which May Be Seen in This Short Relation of Their Cruelty, Which Was Presented to the Parliament, and Now Recommended to the Consideration of All Sober People, That They May See How These Professors of New-England Have Lost Their Former Tenderness, Who Fled from Persecution, and Now Are Become the Chiefest of Persecutors. Whereunto Is Annexed a Copy of a Letter Which Came from One Who Hath Been a Magistrate Among Them, to a Friend of His in London, Wherein He Gives an Account of Some of the Cruel Sufferings of the People of God in Those Parts Under the Rulers of New-England, and Their Unrighteous Laws
85519: Fox, C. Milligan - Four Irish Songs; Words by Edith Wheeler and Alice Milligan. The Connacht Caoine (in Irish) by Tadhg O Donnchadha, Illustrated by Seaghan Maccathmhaiol
85507: Foyle, Kathleen - The Little Good People, Folk Tales of Ireland
85224: Fremont, J.C. (Brevet-Col.) - The Exploring Expedition to the Rocky Mountains, Oregon and California, to Which Is Added a Description of the Physical Geography of California. With Recent Notices of the Gold Region from the Latest and Most Authentic Sources
79018: French, Jonathan - A Practical Discourse Against Extortion, from Ezekiel XII, 12. Delivered at a Lecture in the South Parish at Andover, January 1, 1777 (Inscribed by Mr. French); by Jonathan French, A.M. ,, Pastor of Said Parish. Published at the Desire of the Hearers
86318: FRENCH, GILES - Cattle Country of Peter French
76066: Friedman, Stanton T. MSc - Flying Saucers and Science : A Scientist Investigates the Mysteries of Ufos: Interstellar Space Travel, Crashes, and Government Cover-Ups
86317: Frith, Henry and Ed. Heron Allen - The Language of the Hand; Being a Concise Exposition of the Principles and Practice of the Art of Reading the Hand by Which the Past, the Present, and the Future May Be Explained and the Future May Be Explained and Foretold
85766: Fuchs, Vivian and Edmund Hillary - The Crossing of Antarctica, the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition, 1955-58
81429: Fuller, Thomas (Bachelour of Divinitie, prebendary of Sarum. late of Sidney Colledge in Cambridge) - The Holy State (Together with) the Profane State; the Holy State. (and the Profane State). The Second Edition Enlarged
81435: Fuller, Thomas - A Pisgah-Sight of Palestine and the Confines Thereof, with the History of the Old and New Testament Aced Thereon
85692: Furlong, Charles Wellington - Let 'Er Buck : A Story of the Passing of the Old West (Signed, with Original Drawing); with Fifty Illustrations Taken from Life by the Author and Others
85355: Furlong, Charles Wellington - Let 'Er Buck : A Story of the Passing of the Old West; (with Fifty Illustrations Taken from Life by the Author and Others)
85501: Furnivall, Frederick James (editedby Edith Rickert) - The Babees' Book : Medieval Manners for the Young; a Little Report of How Young People Should Behave
85068: Gaige, Crosby - The Standard Cocktail Guide : A Manual of Mixed Drinks Written for the American Host
85178: Gaige, Crosby - Crosby Gaige's Macaroni Manual with 200 Main Dish, Soup, Salad, and Dessert Recipes, and 50 Sauces
85832: Gaiman, Neil and Dave McKean - The Tragical Comedy or Comical Tragedy of Dr. Punch : A Romance (Signed)
85825: Gaiman, Neil - The Sandman : Dream Country; Introduced by Steve Erickson
85826: Gaiman, Neil - The Sandman : A Game of You (Signed); Introduced by Samuel Delaney
81443: Galloway, Joseph - Letters to a Nobleman, on the Conduct of the War in the Middle Colonies
81445: Galloway, Joseph - The Claim of the American Loyalists Reviewed and Maintained Upon Incontrovertible Principles of Law and Justice
86109: Gamble, J. - A View of Society and Manners in the North of Ireland in the Summer and Autumn of 1812
85315: Gamble, John - Views of Society and Manners in the North of Ireland in a Series of Letters Written in the Year 1818
76760: Garcilaso de la Vega (El Inca) - La Florida Del Inca. Historia Del Adelantado, Hernando de Soto, Governador, Y Capitan General Del Reino de la Florida. Y de Otros Heroicos Cabelleros, Espanoles, E Indios; Escrita Por El Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, Capitan de Su Magestad, Natural Da la Gran Ciudad . Del Cozco, Cabeca de Los Reinos, Y Provincias . Del Peru. Dirigida a la Reina Nuestra Senora. Van Enmendadas En Esta Impresion, Muchas Erratas de . La Primera : Y Afiadida Copiosa Tabla de Las Cosas Notables. Y El Ensaio Cronologico, Que Contiene, Las Sucedidas, Hasta En El Ano de 1722
63039: Garrett, Edmund and E.J. Edwards - The Story of an African Crisis : Being the Truth About the Jameson Raid and Johannesburg Revolt of 1896 Told with the Assistance of the Leading Actors in the Drama
85413: Gaskell, Jane - The Shiny Narrow Grin
86331: Gaston, Joseph - The Centennial History of Oregon 1811-1912 (4 Volumes, Complete); (with Notice of Antecedent Explorations)
68608: Gautier, Théophile - Choix de Poésies
75310: Gautier, Theophile - Mademoiselle de Maupin (17th Century Swordswoman, Opera Singer, and Cross-Dresser))
84955: Gessner, David - All the Wild That Remains: Edward Abbey, Wallace Stegner, and the American West (Signed)
85478: Gilbert, E.W. - The Exploration of Western America, 1800-1850, an Historical Geography
79277: Gillett, James B. - Six Years with the Texas Rangers : 1875-1881
85299: Gilpin, William - Mission of the North American People, Geographical, Social, and Political ; Illustrated by Six Charts Delineating the Physical Architecutre and Thermal Laws of All the Continents
81494: Giraffi Alexander (Translated by James Howell) - An Exact Historie of the Late Revolutions in Naples; and of Their Successes, Not to Be Parallel'd by Any Ancient or Modern History James Howell Translator
85039: Girodias, Maurice (Editor) - The Olympia Reader; Selections from the Traveller's Companion Series
85714: Giudici, Davide - The Tragedy of the Italia, with the Rescuers to the Red Tent
84625: Glaisher, J., Camille Flammarion, W. De Fonvielle et Gaston Tissandier - Voyages Aeriens
85527: Glassie, Henry (Editor) - Irish Folk Tales
85180: Gluck, Louise - Firstborn (Review Copy, Signed)
81518: Godwyn, Thomas - Moses and Aaron. CIVIL and Ecclesiastical Rites Used by the Ancient Hebrewes; Observed and at Large Opened, for the Clearing of Many Obscure Texts Thorowout the Whole Scripture. [Bound with] Romanae Historiae Anthologica Recognita. An English Exposition of the Romane Antiquities, Wherein Many Romane and English Offices Are Parelleld, and Divers Obscure Phrases Explained. For the Use of Abingdon Schoole. Revised and Enlarged by the Author. [Bound with] Archaeologie Atticae Libri Septem. Seaven Books of the Attick Antiquities
85020: Gold, Herbert - The Man Who Was Not with It (Signed)
84954: Golden Press - Ufo Encounters
86026: Goldsmith, Oliver - A History of the Earth and Animated Nature (Six Parts in Two Volumes); Wth an Introductory View of the Animal Kingdom, Translated from the French of Baron Cuvier, and Copious Notes Embracing Accounts of New Discoveries in Natural History; a Life of the Author, by Washington Irving; and Carefully Prepared Index to the Whole Work
86125: Goldsmith, Oliver - The Vicar of Wakefield; Illustrated by Hugh Thomson, Preface by Austin Dobson
75376: Goldsmith, Oliver - Citizen of the World : Or, Letters from a Chinese Philosopher Residing in London to His Friends to the East [Two Volumes]
86325: Gordon, Martha H. - Cookery for Working Men's Wives, As Taught by Martha H. Gordon in the Domestoc Economy Classes Instituted at Govan, Scotland, by Mrs. John Elder; with Useful Hints on Washing and Sanitation, and on What to Do Until the Doctoer Comes. ; Introduction by Dr. James Russell, and Remarks by Surgeon-General Maclean
84833: Gordon, William (D.D,) and Thomas Jefferson - The History of the Rise, Progress, and Establishment, of the Independence of the United States of America: Including an Account of the Late War; and of the Thirteen Colonies, from Their Origin to That Period (Volume I Only)
84836: Gordon, William (D.D,) and Thomas Jefferson - The History of the Rise, Progress, and Establishment, of the Independence of the United States of America: Including an Account of the Late War; and of the Thirteen Colonies, from Their Origin to That Period (Volume 3 Only)
86101: Gould, Elizabeth Lincoln - The 'Little Men' Play : A Two-Act, Forty-Five-Minute Play; Adapted by Elizabeth Lincoln Gould from Louisa May Alcott's Famous Story "Little Men. " with Pictures by Reginald B. Birch
74651: Gould, Robert - Poems Chiefly Consisting of Satyrs and Satyrical Epistles
85979: Goulder, W.A. - Reminiscences: Incidents in the Life of a Pioneer in Oregon and Idaho
85598: Grabbe, Paul, and Paul Nordoff - Minute Stories of the Opera; Drawings by Richard Jones
86071: Granã, César and Marigay Granã (editors) - On Bohemia : The Code of the Self-Exiled
85026: Grann, David - The White Darkness (Signed)
86361: GRANT, Ulysses S. (Edited by Mark Twain) - Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant ( in Deluxe Black Full Morocco Two Volumes, Complete)
85545: GRANT, U.S. (Edited by Mark Twain) - Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant (Leatherbound, Two Volumes, Complete)
70978: Graves, John Temple ; Clark Howell ; Walter Williams, (Eds.) - Eloquent Sons of the South : A Handbook of Southern Oratory, Volume I & Volume II
85563: Graves, Alfred Perceval. (Editor) - The Irish Fairy Book; with Illustrations by George Denham
85004: Graves, Richard (Rev.) - The Spiritual Quixote or the Summer's Ramble of Mr. Geoffry Wildgoose : A Comic Romance (3 Volumes, Complete)
85975: Greenaway, Kate - Under the Window : Pictures & Rhymes for Children; As Originally Engraved & Printed by Edmund. Evans
85193: Greendrake, Gregory and Geoffrey Greydrake - The Angling Excursions of Gregory Greendrake, Esq. In the Counties of Wicklow, Meath, Westmeath, Longford and Cavan
85997: Greene, George G. (Arranged by) - Workshop Note-Book: Woodworking
84868: Greenwood, James - Curiosities of Savage Life: First Series
86060: Grey, Zane - Code of the West
85952: Gribi, Theo - The Motion and the Balance and Balance Spring in Watches and Chronometers, and Application of the Principles Deduced Therefrom in the Correction of Variations of Rate Arising from Want of Isochronism, Change of Position, and Variation of Temperature
86337: Grose, Francis - The Antiquities of Ireland (Two Volumes)
84922: Gruelle, Johnny - Raggedy Andy Stories; Introducing the Little Rag Brother of Raggedy Ann
84511: Gruelle, Johnny - Friendly Fairies (in Original Publisher's Matching Box)
85475: Gulick, Bill - Chief Joseph Country, Land of the Nez Perce
76850: Gwalther, Rudolf - An Hundred, Threescore and Fiftene Homelyes or Sermons, Uppon the Actes of the Apostles, Written by Saint Luke: Made by Radulpe Gualthere Tigurine and Translated out of Latine Into Our Tongue, for the Commoditie of the Englishe Reader. Seene and Allowed According to the Queenes Majesties Injunctions
86034: Hadfield, Andrew and John McVeagh (Editors) - Strangers to That Land : British Perceptions of Ireland from the Reformation to the Famine (Ulster Editions & Monographs 5)
85690: Hagedorn, Hermann - Combat at Midnight, a Book of Poems
75848: Haig-Brown, Roderick - Bright Waters, Bright Fish: An Examination of Angling in Canada
72865: Haigh, James (Editor and Translator) - The Dier's Assistant in the Art of Dying Wool and Woollen Goods; Extracted from the Philosophical and Chymical Works of Those Most Eminent Authors Ferguson, Dufay, Hellot, Geoffery, Colbert, and That Reputale French Dier Mons. De Julienne. Translated from the French with Additions and Practical Experiments by James Haigh, Late Silk and Muslin Dier, Leeds
75340: Hale, Everett Hale - The Man without a Country
85705: Hall, Anna Gertrude and Boris Artzybasheff (Illustrator) - Nansen
85034: Hall, Eva Holmes (Mrs.) - Genevieve: A Story of Southern Life Before the War of the States
85518: Hall, Anna Maria Fielding - Stories of the Irish Peasantry
86173: Hall, Mrs. S.C. - A Week at Killarney
86163: Hall, Mrs. S.C. - Lights and Shadows of Irish Life (Three Volumes)
86057: Halstead, Murat - Pictorial History of the Louisiana Purchase and World's Fair at St. Louis : Containing Descriptions of Magnificant Buildings at the World-Renowned Exposition; Gardens and Cascades; Colossal Structures and Marvelous Exhibits, Such As Works of Art, Scientific and Industrial Achievements, the Latest Inventions, Discoveries, Etc. , Etc. , Including an Account of All the World's Fair for a Century
84428: Hamel, Marie-Pierre. (after Bedos De Celles, (Dom) Francois) - Nouveau Manuel Complet Du Facteur D'Orgues: Atlas
84179: Hamilton, Emma (Dame) - Memoirs of Lady Hamilton with Illustrative Anecdotes of Many of Her Most Particular Friends and Distinguished Contemporaries
85415: Hamilton, William - The Exemplary Life and Character of James Bonnell, Esq; Late Accomptant General of Ireland, to Which Is Added a Sermon Preached at the Funeral of James Bonnell Esq. By Edward Lord Bishop of Killmore and Ardagh
86134: Hamilton, W.H. - Waifs of Conversation
86322: Hamilton, Andrew - The Actions of the Enniskillen-Men; from Their First Taking Up with Arms in 1688 in Defence of the Protestant Religion, Their Lives and Liberties, to the Landing of Duke Schomberg in Ireland
74160: Hamlin, Percy Gatling - Old Bald Head" (General R.S. Ewell) the Portrait of a Soldier
85492: Hannay, James - A Souvenir of Saint John and Surroundings; Showing the Beauties of New Brunswick (Canada) with Scenic Views of Fredericton, Hampton, Sussex, Rothesay
60220: Haradinaj, Ramush (with Bardh Hamzaj) - A Narrative About War and Freedom (Signed by Ramush Haradinaj); (Signed by Commander and Former President Ramush Haradinaj)
85599: Harbison, Peter - Our Treasure of Antiquities: Beranger and Bigari's Antiquarian Sketching Tour of Connacht in 1779; with Photographs by Josephine Shields
81684: Hare, Francis, Bishop of Chichester - The Difficulties and Discouragements Which Attend the Study of the Scriptures in the Way of Private Judgement. In Order to Show, That, Since Such a Study of the Scriptures Is Mens Indispensable Duty, It Concerns All Christian Societies to Remove (As Much As Possible) Those Discouragements. In a Letter to a Young Clergyman. By a Presbyter of the Church of England. The Second Edition
85712: Harrer, Heinrich - Seven Years in Tibet; Translated by Richard Graves
84968: Harrer, Heinrich (Translated by Hugh Merrick) - The White Spider; the Story of the North Face of the Eiger
85924: Hart, George L. - Official Report of the Proceedings of the Twentieth Republican National Convention Held in Chicago, Illinois June 14, 15 and 16, 1932 Resulting in the Nomination of Herbert Hoover, of California, for President and the Renomination of Charles Curtis, of Kansas, for Vice-President
84530: Harvard Students - (1807 Harvard College Food Fight!) Statement of Facts Relative to the Late Proceedings in Harvard College, Cambridge; Harvard Student Revolt 1807
75458: Hatley, George B. (Photographs by Jim and Anne Mischel) - Riding the Nez Perce War Trail Twice 1965-1990 (Signed)
85556: Haule, John R. - Divine Madness, Archetypes of Romantic Love
65075: Haven, Charles T. and Frank A. Belden - A History of the Colt Revolver and the Other Arms Made by Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company from 1836 to 1940
85474: Hawgood, John A. - The American West
85437: Hayes, Billy and William Hoffer - Midnight Express
74762: Haynie, J. Henry, editor - The Nineteenth Illinois : A Memoir of a Regiment of Volunteer Infantry Famous in the CIVIL War of Fifty Years Ago for Its Drill, Bravery, and Distinguished Service
85512: Hayward, H. Richard and Abram Rish - The Jew's Fiddle, a Play in One Act
84424: Hazlitt, W. Carew. (editor) - A Select Collection of Old English Plays. (15 Volumes, Complete); "Dodsley's Old English Plays
65026: Heilner, Van Campen - A Book on Duck Shooting
76829: Heim, Roger & R. Gordon Wasson, R. Cailleux, P. Thevenard - Les Champignons Hallucinogenes Du Mexique : Etudes Ethnologiques, Taxinomiques, Biologiques, Physiologiques Et Chimiques; (with) Nouvelles Investigations Sur Les Champignons Hallucinogenes. (2 Volumes); (Archives Du Museum National D'Histoire Naturelle (Septieme Serie): Tome VI and Tome IX
85890: Heindel, Max - Rosicrucian Christianity Series: Issued by the Rosicrucian Fellowship: Series No. 18: The Lord's Prayer
85871: Heindel, Max - Rosicrucian Christianity: The Rosicrucian Fellowship: Lecture No. 1: The Riddle of Life and Death
85873: Heindel, Max - Rosicrucian Christianity Series: Issued by the Rosicrucian Fellowship: Series No. 2: Where Are the Dead
85874: Heindel, Max - Rosicrucian Interpretation of Christianity: The Rosicrucian Fellowship: Series No. 3: Spiritual Sight and the Spiritual World
85875: Heindel, Max - Rosicrucian Christianity Series: Issued by the Rosicrucian Fellowship: Series No. 4: Hypnotism and Mediumship
85876: Heindel, Max - Rosicrucian Interpretation of Christianity: The Rosicrucian Fellowship: Series No. 6: Life and Activity in Heaven
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85887: Heindel, Max - Rosicrucian Christianity Series: Issued by the Rosicrucian Fellowship: Series No. 14: Lucifer; Tempter or Benefactor
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85880: Heindel, Max - Rosicrucian Christianity Series: Issued by the Rosicrucian Fellowship: Series No. 9: The Astronomical Allegories of the Bible
85497: Heinlein, Robert A. - Stranger in a Strange Land
76178: Hendrickson, Sandra Foss - Foss Family : 150 Years in America 1853 - 2003
81755: Henley, David (defendant) - Proceedings of a Court Martial, Held at Cambridge, by Order of Major General Heath, Commanding the American Troops for the Northern District, for the Trial of Colonel David Henley, Accused by General Burgoyne, of the ILL Treatment of the British Soldiers, &C. Taken in Short Hand by an Officer, Who Was Present
86246: Hennessey, William M. (Editor, Translator) - Annala Uladh: Annals of Ulster. Otherwise Annala Senait, Annals of Senat; a Chronicle of Irish Affairs from A.D. 431, to A.D. 1540 (Four Volume Set)
64482: Henry, James and Karel J. Hora - Henry and Hora's Modern Electricity : A Practical Working Encyclopedia - a Manual of Theories, Principles and Applications
86040: Hensel, Howards M. - The U.S. S.R. And Outer Space : Soviet Media Images of Superpower Space Policy
81762: Herbert, Edward Lord (ed. Horace Walpole) - The Life of Edward Lord Herbert of Cherbury. Written by Himself
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81769: Herbert, S. - The First Principles of Heredity
86313: Herbert, Frank - Dune; Illustrated by John Schoenherr
85745: Herbert, Wally - A World of Men, Exploration in Antarctica (Signed)
86304: Herter, George Leonard and Berthe E. Herter - Bull Cook and Authentic Historical Recipes and Practices, Volume III
85057: Hickey-Freeman Co - The Story of Cloth: Compiled As a Practical Handbook for Men Who Sell Men's Clothing
81790: Higginson, Stephen (Anonymous) - The Writings of Laco, As Published in the Massachusetts Centinel, in the Months of February and March, 1789--with the Addition of No. VII, Which Was Omitted. The Liberty of the Press Is Essential to the Security of Freedom in a State, It Ought Not, Therefore, to Be Restrained in This Commonwealth. Massachusetts Bill of Rights
85566: Hill, George (Rev.) - The Stewarts of Ballintoy; with Notices of Other Families in the Seventeenth Century
85077: Hill, John (Sir, M.D.) - The Family Herbal or an Account of All Those English Plants, Which Are Remarkable for Their Virtues, and of the Drugs Which Are Produced by Vegetables of Other Countries; with Their Descriptions and Their Uses, As Proved by Experience; Also Directions for the Gathering and Preserving Roots, Herbs, Flowers, and Seeds; the Various Methods of Preserving These Simples for Present Use; Receipts for Making Distilled Waters, Conserves, Syrups, Electuaries, Juleps, Draughts, &C. &C. With Necessary Cautions in Giving Them: Intended for the Use of Families
85358: Hill, Richard Taylor and William Edward Anthony - Confederate Longarms and Pistols: A Pictorial Study. (Signed)
85067: Hill, Janet McKenzie - The Whys of Cooking
85859: Hill, Vernon (Edited by R.P. Chope) - Ballads Weird and Wonderful with 25 Drawings by Vernon Hill
85298: Hill, Janet McKenzie - The Whys of Cooking
86171: Hill, George (Rev.) - Plantation Papers: Containing a Summary Sketch of the Great Ulster Plantation in the Year: 1610
86093: Hilliard, John Northern - Greater Magic : A Practical Treatise on Modern Magic
84967: Hitchcock, George - The Wounded Alphabet : Collected Poems
85053: Hjortsberg, William - Manana : A Novel (Signed)
86141: Hjortsberg, William - Toro! Toro! Toro! (Signed)
85054: Hjortsberg, William - Odd Corners (Bound Galley, Signed Association Copy)
85458: Hjortsberg, William - Falling Angel and Angel's Inferno (Boxed Set, with Artwork by Ricardo Martinez) (Signed by Artists)
85466: Hoare, Richard Colt - Journal of a Tour in Ireland, A.D. 1806
85917: Hochman, Brian - The Listeners : A History of Wiretapping in the United States
86336: Hokusai - Hokusai: The Man Mad-on-Drawing with an Introduction by Joe Hloucha and 48 Coloured Woodcuts Reproduced from Photographs by W. Forman
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85626: Holmes, John - On Target
85670: Holt, Joseph, T. Crofton Croker (Editor) - Memoirs of Joseph Holt, General of the Irish Rebels, in 1798, Edited from the Original Manuscript in the Possession of Sir Wiliam Betham, Ulster King-at-Arms of All Ireland, Keeper of the Records of Ireland, Etc. (Two Volumes, Complete)
86344: HOLY BIBLE - The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments, Translated out of the Original Tongue; and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised; (Holbrook and Fessenden's Stereotype Edition)
81830: Holyoke, Edward - The Duty of Ministers of the Gospel to Guard Against the Pharisaism and Sadducism, of the Present Day. Shewed in a Sermon Preach'd to the Convention of Ministers of the Province of the Massachusetts-Bay, N.E. At Boston, on Thursday, May 28. 1741. [Nine Lines of Scripture Texts. ]
81837: Hooker, Richard - The Works of That Learned and Judicious Divine, Mr. Richard Hooker, in Eight Books of Ecclesiastical Polity, Compleated out of His Own Manuscripts, with Several Other Treaties by the Same Author, and an Account of His Life and Death; of Lawes of Ecclesiastical Politie
85949: Hope, Laura Lee - The Moving Picture Girls in War Plays, or the Sham Battles at Oak Farm
76727: Hopkinson, Joseph - An Address to the Freemen of Pennsylvania, from the Committee of Correspondence for the City of Philadelphia, Appointed, by the Friends of James Ross, to Correspond with Their Fellow Citizens on the Subject of the Election of a Governor
86293: Horne, Dom Ethelbert - Primitive Sun Dials or Scratch Dials; Containing a List of Those in Somerset
81843: Horry, P. (Brigadier General of Marion's Brigade) and M.L. Weems - The Life of Gen. Francis Marion, a Celebrated Partisan Officer in the Revolutionary War, Against the British and Tories in South Carolina and Georgia
76153: HORSFORD, EBEN NORTON - The Defences of Norumbega and a Review of the Reconnaissances of Col. T.W. Higginson, Professor Henry W. Haynes, Dr. Justin Winsor, Dr. Francis Parkman, and Rev. Dr. Edmund F. Slater [and] a Letter to Judge Daly
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86329: Household, Geoffrey - Rogue Male
85411: Housman, Laurence - Stories from the Arabian Knights Retold by Lawrence Housman, Wth Drawings by Edmund Dulac
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79670: Huc, M. - A Journey Through the Chinese Empire (Two Volumes, Complete)
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81910: Hutchinson, Thomas - History of the Province of Massachusetts Bay from 1749 to 1774, Comprising a Detailed Narrative of the Origin and Early Stages of the American Revolution (Volume 3); History of the Province of Massachusetts Bay from 1749 to 1774, Comprising a Detailed Narrative of the Origin and Early Stages of the American Revolution
81909: Hutchinson, Thomas - History of Massachusetts from the First Settlement Thereof in 1628, Until the Year 1750 (2 Volumes)
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86287: Huxley, Aldous - Two or Three Graces and Other Stories (Signed)
84522: Hyde, Dayton O. - Don Coyote : The Good Times and the Bad Times of a Maligned American Original [Signed Copy]
84874: Ignotus (Revised by A. Hunter) - Culina Famulatrix Medicinae: Or Receipts in Modern Cookery; with a Medical Commentary
84959: Ingham, Samuel D. - Letter Samuel D. Ingham to Johnathan Ingham, Dec 13, 1848; (Ref: Eaton Affair)
86238: Ingoldsby, Thomas and Arthur Rackham - The Ingoldsby Legends or Mirth and Marvels, Illustrated by Arthur Rackham
86174: Irish Times - Sinn-Fein Rebellion Handbook. : Easter 1916
84761: Irish, William (Cornell Woolrich pseudonym) - The Dancing Detective
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81130: J.D. - The Picture of a Favourite: Or Secret Memoirs of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, Prime Minister and Favourite of Queen Elizabeth, and Stadtholder of Holland; Containing an Instructive Account of His Rise and Fall; Excessive Power and Wealth; His Cruel Oppressions; the Exorbitant Grants Made to Him; His Ambitious Aim at the Crown; His Lusts, Hypocrisie, and Irreligion; Also His Secret Combination with the Papists and Fanaticks, to Undermine the Church of England, and Exclude the Royal Family. Written During His Life, and Now Publish'd from an Old Manuscript: With a Preface by James Drake, Fellow of the Royal Society and College of Physicians
84727: Jackson, Frederick G. - A Thousand Days in the Arctic; (with Preface by Admiral Sir F. Leopold Mcclintock)
85378: Jacobs, Joseph (Editor) and J.D. Batten (Illustrator) - The Book of Wonder Voyages
86360: Jacobson-Tepfer, Esther, and James E. Meacham - Archaeology and Landscape in the Mongolian Altai: An Atlas (Signed by Authors and Photographer); Photography by Gary Tepfer
85253: Jacquemart, Albert and Edmond Le Blant - Histoire Artistique, Industrielle Et Commerciale de la Porcelaine : ; Accompagnee de Recherches Sur Les Sujets & Emblemes Qui la Decorent, Les Marques & Inscriptions Qui Font Reconnaitre Les Fabriques D'Ou Elle Fort, Les Variations de Prix Qu'Ont Abtenus Les Principaux Objets Connus & Les Collections Ou Ils Font Conserves Aujourd'Hui
84673: JAMES I, King of England - Triplici Nodo, Triplex Cuneus or an Apologie for the Oath of Allegiance Against the Two Breves of Pope Paulus Quintus, and the Late Letter of Cardinall Bellarmine to G. Blackwell the Arch-Priest; (Bound with) to the Most Sacred and Invincible Prince, Rodolphe the II, by Gods Clemencie Elect Emperour of the Romanes; King of Germanie, Hungarie, Boheme, Dalmatie, Croatie, Sclavonie, &CC. Arch-Duke of Austria, Duke of Burgundie, Stiria, Carinthia, Carniola and Wirtemberg, &CC. Earle of Tyrolis, &CC. And to All Other Right High and Mightie Kings; and Right Excellent Free Princes and States of Christendome: Our Loving Brethren, Cosins, Allies, Confederates and Friends: James, by the Grace of God, King of Great Britaine, France and Ireland; Professor, Maintainer and Defender of the True, Christian, Catholique and Apostolique Faith, Protected by the Ancient and Primitive Church, and Sealed with the Blood of So Many Holy Bishops and Other Faithfull Crowned with the Glory of Martyrdom; Wisheth Everlasting Felicitie in Christ Our Saviour. (135pp. ) (Bound with) a Catalogue of the Lyes of Tortus, Together with a Briefe Confutation of Them. (12 Pp. )
86231: James, Will - My First Horse
85363: James, George Wharton - Indian Basketry and How to Make Baskets
85318: Jeffries, Richard - The Amateur Poacher; (by the Author of "the Gamekeeper at Home' and "Wild Life in a Southern County")
85694: Jenks, Ward B. - The Purpose of Man (Signed)
73674: Jirasek, Alois - Z Ryzhych Dob (Svazky 1 a 2) / Stories and Sketches from Different Times; (Collected Writings: Stories and Pictures)
85621: John, Earl of Orrery - Remarks on the Life and Writings of Dr. Jonathan Swift, Dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin; in a Series of Letters from John Earl of Orrery to His Son, the Honorable Hamilton Boyle
75704: Johnson, John - The Unbloody Sacrifice, and Altar, Unvail'd and Supported, in Which the Nature of the Eucharist Is Explain'd According to the Sentinents of the Christian Church in the Four First Centuries, Proving, That the Eucharist Is a Proper Material Sacrifice, That It Is Both Eucharistick, and Propitiatory, That It Is to Offer'd by Proper Officers, That the Oblation Is to Be Made on a Proper Altar, That It Is Properly Consum'd by Manducation... ; to Which Is Added, a Proof, That What Our Saviour Speaks Concerning Eating His Flesh, and Drinking His Blood, in the Vith Chapter of St. John's Gospel, Is Principally Meant of the Eucharist. With a Prefatory Epistle to the Lord Bishop of Norwich. Adimadversions on the Reverend Dr. Wise's Book, Which He Calls the Christian Euchariust Rightly Stated: And Some Reflections Oin a Stitch'd Book, Entituled, an Answer to the Exceptions Made Against the Lord Bishop of Oxford's Charge. By John Johnson, M.A. Proctor for the Clergy of the Diocese of Canterbury
78916: Johnson, Robert Underwood and Clarence Clough Buel (Editorial Staff, Century Magazine) - Battles and Leaders of the CIVIL War (4 Volumes, Leatherbound,Complete)
85959: Johnson, Myrtle and Harry James Snook - Seashore Animals of the Pacific Coast (Signed)
85939: Johnson, Charles - The Magic in Our Hands: Books, Libraries & the Triumph of Human Freedom. (Signed)
83831: Johnson, R.M. - Report of the Committee of Claims on the Petition of Arthur St. Clair, February 23rd, 1810. Read and Referred to a Committee of the Whole House on Friday Next
86162: Johnson, Spencer - The Value of Patience : The Story of the Wright Brothers (Signed)
86094: Johnston, Jill - Lesbian Nation : The Feminist Solution (Signed)
85536: Johnstone, Robert J. - Handbook and Guide to Belfast and North-East Ireland
75726: Johonnot, James - Country School-Houses Containing Elevations, Plans, and Specifications, with Estimates, Directions to Builders, Suggestions As to School Grounds, Furniture, Apparatus, Etc. , and a Treatise on School-House Architecture; with Numerous Designs by S.E. Hewes
82012: Joinville, Prince de - The Army of the Potomac: Its Organization, Its Commander, and Its Campaign. Translated from the French, with Notes by William Henry Hurlbert
85530: Jolas, Eugene and Robert Sage - Transition Stories; Twenty-Three Stories from "Transition" Selected and Edited by Eugene Jolas and Robert Sage
85489: Jones, Elizabeth Orton - Maminka's Children
74209: Jones, Virgil Carrington - Ranger Mosby (Original Letter and Envelope, Tipped-in, Each Signed by John Mosby)
62574: Jones, Anson - Memoranda and Official Correspondence Relating to the Republic of Texas, Its History and Annexation
85812: Jones, Jessie Orton and Elizabeth Orton Jones (Compiler, and Illustrator) - A Little Child: The Christmas Miracle Told in Bible Verses
84425: Joutel, Henri - Journal Historique Du Dernier Voyage Que Fue M. De la Sale Fit Dans le Golfe de Mexique, Pour Trouver L'Embouchure, & le Cours de la Riviere de Missicipi, Nomee a Prefent la Riviere de Saint Louis, Qui Traverse la Louisiane. ; Ou L'on Voit L'Histoire Tragizue de la Mort, & Plusieurs Choses Curieuses Du Nouveau Monde. Part Monsieur Joutel, Lun Des Compagnons de le Voyage, Redige & Mis En Ordre Par Monsieur de Michel
86334: Joyce, James - Ulysses
86333: Joyce, James (Hans Walter Gabler, Wolfhard Steppe and Claus Melchior) - Ulysses : The Corrected Text; Edited by Hans Walter Gabler with Wolfhard Steppe and Claus Melchior
84976: Juglar, Clement - A Brief History of Panics and Their Periodical Occurrence in the United States
85389: Julliard Co - Juilliard Log Book of Worsteds and Woolens for Spring 1951 - "Fine Fabrics Are the Foundation of Fashion
85552: Jung, C. G. - Dreams; Translation by R.F. C. Hull
75480: Justus, May and Carrie Dudley (Illustrator) - At the Foot of Windy Low
85256: Keane, Edward, and Liz Dauber and Dan Gormley (Illustrators) - Howdy Doody's Circus (Signed)
85430: Kearsley, George - Kearsley's Traveller's Entertaining Guide Through Great Britain; or, a Description of the Great Roads and Principal Cross-Roads; Marking the Distances of Places to and from London, and from Each Other : To Which Are Added, a Description of the Principal Great Roads of Ireland; Different Routes to Paris; and a Table of the Times of High Water at New and Full Moon; with a Concise Topographical History of the Cities, Towns, Watering-Places, Chief Villages, Antiquities Seats, &C. &C. The Whole Forming a General Tour Through Great Britain and Ireland
82060: Keate, George - An Account of the Pelew Islands, Situated in the Western Part of the Pacific Ocean. Composed from the Journals. And Communications of Captain Henry Wilson, and Some of His Officers, Who, in August 1783, Were There Shipwrecked in the Antelope, a Packet Belonging to the Honourable East India Company; an Account of the Pelew Islands, Situated in the Western Part of the Pacific Ocean. . Captain Henry Wilson. . in August 1783 Were There Shipwreckedin the Anelope. .
86217: Keaton, Diane - Clown Paintings (Signed)
84459: Keeler, Charles - The Simple Home
72946: Keigwin, Charles - Cases in Equity Jurisprudence
85452: Keillor, Garrison - We Are Still Married (Signed)
82066: Keller, Franz - The Amazon and Madeira Rivers : Sketches and Descriptions from the Note-Book of an Explorer
86102: Kellogg, Charles - The Nature Singer : His Book (Signed)
85354: Kelly, Myra - Little Citizens : The Humors of School Life
82070: Kemble, Frances Anne - Poems; Ticknor and Fields
76744: Ker, John - Memoirs of John Ker, of Kersland in North Britain Esq; Containing His Secret Transactions and Negotiations in Scotland, England, the Courts of Vienna, Hanover, and Other Foreign Parts. With an Account of the Rise and Progress of the Austrian Netherlands
76043: Kerouac, Jack - Visions of Gerard
86087: Kesey, Ken - Sailor Song (Signed)
84800: Kesey, Ken - Kesey's Jail Journal: Three Version Set Consisting of the First Edition, Uncorrected Proof and the "Blad" (Signed by Ed Mclanahan)
85747: King, Clarence - Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada; Edited and with a Preface by Francis P. Farquhar
85778: King, H.G.R. (Ed.) - The Wicked Mate, the Antarctic Diary of Victor Campbell : An Account of the Northern Party on Captain Scott's Last Expedition from the Original Manuscript in the Queen Elizabeth II Library, Memorial University of Newfoundland; Foreword by Lord Shackleton
86110: King, William - The State of the Protestants of Ireland Under the Late King James's Government; in Which Their Carriage Towards Him Is Justified, and the Absolute Necessity of Their Endeavouring to Be Freed from His Government, and the Submitting to Their Present Majesties Is Demonstrated
86024: Kingsley, Charles - The Water-Babies : A Fairy Tale for a Land-Baby; with Illustrations in Colour by Warwick Goble
85356: Kinkaid, Mary Holland - The Man of Yesterday : A Romance of a Vanishing Race
85090: Kinsella, Thomas - Another September (Signed); (Association Copy: Liam Miller's Personal Copy, Signed)
84996: Kinsella, Thomas - The Tain; (Táin Bó Cúailnge)
85082: Kinsella, Thomas - Wormwood (Signed)
86172: Kirkpatrick, James (Anonymous) - An Historical Essay Upon the Loyalty of Presbyterians in Great-Britain and Ireland from the Reformation to This Present Year 1713;... Wherein the Steady Adherence to the Protestant Interest, Our Happy CIVIL Constitution, the Succession of Protestant Princes, the Just Prerogatives of the Crown, and the Liberties of the People Is Demonstrated from Public Records, the Best Approv'd Histories, the Confession of Their Adversaries, and Divers Valuable Original Papers Well Attested, and Never Before Published. And an Answer Given to the Calumnies of Their Accusers, and Particularly to Two Late Pamphlets Viz. I. A Sample of True Blue Presbyterian Loyalty &C.2. The Conduct of the Dissenters in Ireland &C. In Three Parts with a Prefatory Address to All Her Majesty's Protestant Subjects, of All Persuasions, in Great-Britain and Ireland, Against the Pretender, on Behalf of the Protestant Religion, the Queen, and House of Hanover, and Our Lberties
86052: Kirshenbaum, Sandra (Editor and Publisher) - Fine Print: The Review for the Arts of the Book (59 out of 64 Issues Published : 1975-1990); (Almost Complete Run -
85931: Kitchen, V.C. - I Was a Pagan
72561: Knowlton, Dwight - The Little Red Racing Car (Signed)
85908: Knox, Alexander - The Irish Watering Places, Their Climate, Scenery, and Accommodations; Including Analysis of the Principal Mineral Springs, by Dr. R. Kane, and Remarks on the Various Forms of Disease to Which They Are Adapted; Together with Directions for the Regimen of Invalids, and Observations on Indigestion, Gout, Pulmonary Consumption, and Other Diseases of the Chest, Stomach, and Nervous System
86108: Kohl, J.G. - Ireland : Dublin, the Shannon, Limerick, Cork and the Kilkenny Races, the Round Towers, the Lakes of Killarney, the County of Wicklow, O'Connell and the Repeal Association; Belfast, and the Giant's Causeway
78927: Kotzebue, Augustus (Von) - Travels Through Italy, in the Years 1804 and 1805 : Four Volumes
63628: Krafft-Ebing, R. v. and Ernst Remak - Progressive Allgemeine Paralyse / Neuritis Und Polyneuritis
86118: Kropotkin, Pyotr Alexeyevich - Fields, Factories & Workshops, or Industry Combined with Agriculture and Brain Work with Manual Work
74736: Kurutz, Gary F. - The California Gold Rush : A Descriptive Bibliography of Books and Pamphlets Covering the Years 1848-1852
85325: L'Engle, Madeleine - The Small Rain
86068: Lacroix, Paul - XVII Siècle Institutions Usages Et Costumes, France 1590-1700, Ouvrage Illustré de 16 Chromolithographies Et de 300 Gravures Sur Bois (Dont 20 Tirées Hors Texte) D'Après Les Monuments de L'Art de L'Epoque
86067: Lacroix, Paul - XVIII Siècle: Institutions, Usages Et Costumes, France 1700-1789. Ouvrage Illustré de 21 Chromolithographies Et de 350 Gravures Sur Bois D'Aprés Watteau, Vanloo, Rigaud, Boucher, Lancret, J. Vernet, Chardin, Jeaurat, Bouchardon, Saint-Aubin, Eisen, Gravelot, Moreau, Cochin, Wille, Debucourt, Etc.
82142: Lacroix, Paul - Moeurs, Usages Et Costumes Au Moyen Age Et a L'Epoque de la Renaissance; Moeurs, Usages Et Costumes Au Moyen Age Et a L'Epoque de la Renaissance
82152: Lactantius, Lucius Caecilius Firmianus (Translation and Preface by Gilbert Burnet) - A Relation of the Death of the Primitive Persecutors. Written Originally in Latin by L.C. F. Lactangtius. Englished by Gilbert Burnet, D.D. To Which He Hath Made a Large Preface Concerning Persecution
75561: Lamb, Charles - The Essays of Elia : Two Volume Set
85348: Lambert, May - Growing Up with Summerland
71602: Lamming, George - In the Castle of My Skin (Signed)
85276: Lander, Richard and John Lander - Journal of an Expedition to Explore the Course and Termination of the Niger with a Narrative of a Journey Down That River to Its Termination. (3 Vols. , Complete)
79052: Lander, Richard and John (ed. A.B. Becher) - Journal of an Expedition to Explore the Course and Termination of the Niger; with a Narrative of a Voyage Down That River to Its Termination. By Richard and John Lander. In Three Volumes. Illustrated with Engravings and Maps. ; Journal of an Expedition to Explore the Course and Termination of the Niger : With a Narrative of a Voyage Down That River to Its Termination
84634: Landor, A. Henry Savage - Across Widest Africa : An Account of the Country and People of Eastern, Central and Western Africa As Seen During a Twelve Months' Journey from Djibuti to Cape Verde [ Two Volumes, Complete; (with Two Author-Signed Letters)
82175: Landor, A. Henry Savage - The Gems of the East: Sixteen Thousand Miles of Resarch Travel Among Wild and Tame Tribes of Enchanting Islands
84763: Larned, Trowbridge (adapted from the French of La Fontaine) & Illustrated by John Rae - Reynard the Fox and Other Fables (in Original Box)
84865: Lathrop, Dorothy P. - Animals of the Bible: A Picture Book; (Very First Caldecott Award Winner)
85677: Lathrop, Dorothy P. with text by Helen Dean Fish - Animals of the Bible, a Picture Book
85294: Laura Blackburn Poetry Prize - The Laura Blackburn 1921 Prize Lyrics
82214: Lavoisier, Antoine Laurent - Elements of Chemistry, in a New Systematic Order Containing All the Modern Discoveries. Illustrated with Thirteen Copperplates. Translated by Robert Kerr
85629: Lawlor, H. C. - The Monastery at Saint Mochaoi of Nendrum; with a Forward by Professor B.A. S. Macalister
85941: Lawson, Andrew C. - The California Earthquake of April 18, 1906 : Report of the State Earthquake Investigation Commission in Two Volumes and Atlas Plus Atlas of Maps and Seismograms Accompanying the Report of the State Earthquake Investigation Commission Upon the California Earhquake of April 18, 1906
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86180: LeGrand (Henderson) - When the Mississippi Was Wild
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86249: Leiber, Fritz - Gather, Darkness
86169: Leibovitz, Annie - Photographs (Signed); Introduction by Tom Wolfe
85750: Leigh, M.A. - Leigh's New Pocket Road-Book of England and Wales, Containing an Account of All the Direct and Cross Roads; Together with a Description of Every Remarkable Place, Its Curiosities, Manufactures, Commerce, Population, and Principal Inns;to Which Are Added Pleasure Tours to the Most Picturesque Parts of the Country. The Whole Forming a Complete Guide to Every Object Worthy the Attention of Travellers
76755: Lempriere, William - A Tour from Gibraltar to Tangier, Sallee, Mogodore, Santa Cruz, Tarudant; and Thence, over Mount Atlas, to Morocco: Including a Particular Account of the Royal Harem, Etc.
86119: Lennon, J. Robert - Mailman (Signed)
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68802: Lesson, P. (René Primavère) - Compléments de Buffon : Races Humaines Et Mammiferes; Tome II: Des Oiseaux
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85846: Lethem, Jonathan - Motherless Brooklyn (Signed)
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74204: Lexington (Aircraft carrier : 1943 - 1991) : CVA - 16) ; United States Navy. Air Group 21 ; Andrew, R. D. M (Ed.) LOT 74 - Uss Lexington (Cva - 16) : West Pac Cruise Book 1958 (Far Eastern Cruise, Carrier Air Group Twenty-One)
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75414: Livingtone, David - Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa; Including a Sketch of Sixteen Years' Residence in the Interior of . Africa and a Journey from the Cape of Good Hope to Loanda on the West Coast, Thence Across the Continent, Down the River Zambesi, to the Eastern Ocean
85289: Lobel, Arnold - Grasshopper on the Road (Proof Copy)
82363: Long, John. [Traduits de l'Anglois, avec des Notes & Additions Interessantes par J. B. L. J. Billecocq] - Voyages Chez Differentes Nations Sauvages de L'Amerique Septentrionale
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86254: Longley, Michael - Broken Dishes (Signed)
82368: Longstreet, Gen. James - From Manassas to Appomattox
85642: Lopez, Barry - Arctic Dreams, Imagination and Desire in a Northern Landscape (Signed)
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76620: Loti, Pierre (Lafcadio Hearn,Translator) - Stories from Pierre Loti
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82395: Ludolphus, Job, translated by J.P. (Gent) - A New History of Ethiopia : Being a Full and Accurate Description of the Kingdom of Abessina, Vulgarly, Though Erroneously Called the Kingdom of Prester John: In Four Books
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86339: Lust, Benedict - The Fountain of Youth, or Curing by Water; How You May Quickly Overcome Acute and Chronic Illness by the Use of the Biological Blood-Washing Bath
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85999: Macbride, A.S. - Speculative Masonry Its Mission Its Evolution and Its Landmarks; Being a Series of Lectures Delivered at the Lodge of Instruction in Connection with Lodge Progress, Glasgow, No. 873
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75931: Macdonald, Betty Harrington - Mispillion-Built Sailing Vessels 1761 - 1917 (Signed)
85996: MacDonald, Betty - The Egg and I (Signed)
85590: MacGreevy, Thomas - Jack B. Yeats, an Appreciation and an Interpretation , Signed, and with an Original Drawing by Jack B. Yeats
75852: Mackail, J.W. and John Henry Nash - William Morris an Address Delivered the Xith November Mdcccc at Kelmscott House Hammersmith Before the Hammersmith Socialist Society
82416: Mackenzie, Colin - Five Thousand Receipts in All the Useful and Domestic Arts : Constituting a Complete and Universal Practical Library, and Operative Encyclopedia
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86203: Madden, R.R. - The United Irishmen, Their Lives and Times (Two Volumes)
86084: Madison, James - All Impressments Unlawful and Inadmissable; an Important and Luminous Communication on the Subject of the Impressment of American and Foreign Seamen and Other Persons
82425: Madison, James - Message of the President of the United States Transmitting Letters from the Late and Present Plenipotentiaries of France to the Department of State. November 8th, 1811. Read, and Ordered to Lie on the Table
84934: Malamud, Bernard - The Tenants (Signed)
71052: Malet, Captain (XVIII Hussars) - Annals of the Road or Notes on Mail and Stage Coaching in Great Britain to Which Are Added Essays on the Road, by Nimrod
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82479: Markham, Gervase - Cheape and Good Husbandry for the Well-Ordering of All Beasts, and Fowles, and for the Generall Cure of Their Diseases. Conta Yning the Natures, Breeding, Choice, Use, Feeding, and Curing of the Diseases of All Manner of Cattell, As Horse, Oxe, Sheepe, Goates, Swine and Tame Conies, Shewing Further, the Whole Art of Riding Great-Horses, with the Breaking and Ordering of Them: And the Dieting of the Running, Hunting, and Ambling Horse, and the Manner How to Use Them in Their Travaile. Also, Approved Rules, for the Cramming and Fatting of All Sorts of Poultry and Fowles, Both Tame and Wilde, &C. And Divers Good and Well-Approved Medicines for the Cure of All the Diseases in Hawkes, of What Kind Soever. Together with the Use and Profit of Bees, the Making of Fishponds, and the Taking of All Sorts of Fish. Gathered Together for the Generall Good and Profit of This Whole Realme, by Exact and Assured Experience from English Practices, Both Certaine, Easie, and Cheape, Differing from All Former and Forraine Experiments, Which Either Agreed Not with Our Clime, or Were to Hard to Come by, or over-Costly, and to Little Purpose: All Which Herein Are Avoyded. Newly Corrected and Inlarged with Many Excellent Additions, As May Appeare by This Marke [Pointing Hand]
76740: Marmontel, Jean-Francois - Memoirs of Marmontel, Written by Himself : Containing His Literary and Political Life, and Anecdotes of the Principal Characters of the Eighteenth Century. [Complete Four Volume Set]
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86355: Marshall, Mrs. A. B. - Mrs. A.B. Marshall's Cookery Book
82501: Martin, Samuel, of Antigua - A Plan for Establishing and Disciplining a National Militia in Great Britain, Ireland, and in All the British Dominions of America. To Which Is Added, an Appendix, Containing Proposals for Improving the Maritime Power of Great-Britain
85575: Martin, Annie - Home Life on an Ostrich Farm
85678: Martin, Russell - A Story That Stands Like a Dam, Glen Canyon and the Struggle for the Soul of the West
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75183: Masaoka, Naoichi (Editor) - Japan's Message to America: A Symposium by Representative Japanese on Japan and American-Japanese Relations
75171: Mason, Dexter - The Art of Drinking or What to Make with What You Have, Together with Divers Succulent Canapes Suitable to Each Occasion
75705: Mason, Richard and J.S. Skinner - The Gentleman's New Pocket Farrier: Comprising a General Description of the Noble and Useful Animal, the Horse; with Modes of Management in All Cases, and Treatment in Disease / [&] Supplement to Mason and Hind's Popular System of Farriery
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86235: Matheson - I Am Legend
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84617: Maugham, W. Somerset - The Selected Novels of W. Somerset Maugham (3 Volumes, Complete)
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84943: Maund, Alfred - The Big Boxcar
84840: Maundrell, Henry - A Journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem at Easter, A.D. 1697 (Second Edition); "the Second Edition, in Which the Corrections and Additions, Which Were Sent by the Author After the Book Was Printed Off, Are Inserted in the Body of the Book in Their Proper Places.
68804: Mavity, Nancy Barr - A Dinner of Herbs (Signed)
86216: Max, Peter; (Victor Zurbel, Ed.) - Peter Max Paints America
75817: Maxwell, Herbert (Sir) - Salmon and Sea Trout : How to Propagate, Preserve, and Catch Them in British Waters
86022: Maxwell, W.H. - History of the Irish Rebellion in 1798; with Memoirs of the Union, and Emmett's Insurrection in 1803
74760: McBride, John R. - History of the Thirty-Third Indiana Veteran Volunteer Infantry During the Four Years of CIVIL War from Sept. 16, 1861, to July 21, 1865 and Incidentally of Col. John Coburn's Second Brigade Third Division, Twentieth Army Corps Including Incidents of the Great Rebellion
85436: McDonnell, Hector (Illustrator) - The Night Before Larry Was Stretched (Signed); with an Introduction by Terence de Vere White
86100: McGill, Ormand - Secrets of Dr. Zomb : An Autobiography of Ormand Mcgill
86232: McKeown, Martha Ferguson - Linda's Indian Home
86365: McLure, Lilla and J. Ed Howe - History of Shreveport and Shreveport Builders (Signed)
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85900: McManus, Blanche (illust.) - Bachelor Ballads: Being Certain of the Masterpieces of Verse; Wherein Is Set Forth the Sentiment of Good-Fellowship: Set to Pictures by Blanche Mcmanus
85064: McMurtrie, W. - Department of Agriculture Report Upon an Examination of Wools and Other Animal Fibers; Made Under the Direction of the Commissioner of Agriculture
85421: McPhee, John - Annals of the Former World, Volumes 1 - 2 (Signed); Book 1: Basin and Range Book 2: In Suspect Terrain
86045: McWhorter, Lucullus Virgil - Yellow Wolf: His Own Story
84981: Mead, Margaret - The Mountain Arapesh: III. Socio-Economic Life IV. Diary of Events in Alitoa
85352: Meier, Gary and Gloria - Knights of the Whip : Stagecoach Days in Oregon
79736: Merk, Conrad - Excavations at the Kesslerloch Near Thayngen, Switzerland. A Cave of the Reindeer Period (Signed); Excavations at the Kesslerloch Near Thayngen, Switzerland. A Cave of the Reindeer Period
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85787: Messner, Reinhold - The Seventh Grade : More Extreme Climbing
75479: Methodist Episcopal Church - Archie and His Sisters : A Narrative of Events Which Hapened to Some Little Lasses and Their Brother at Rye Farm
82593: Michaux, Francois A. - Travels to the West of the Alleghany Mountains, in the States of Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessea, and Back to Charleston by the Upper Carolines; Comprising the Most Interesting Details on the Present State of Agriculture, and the Natural Produce of Those Countries: Together with Particulars Relative to the Commerce That Exists between the Above-Mentioned States, and Those Situated East of the Mountains and Low Louisiana, Undertaken, in the Year 1802, Under the Auspices of His Excellency M. Chaptal, Minister of the Interior
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85511: Millais, John Guille - The Life and Letters of Sir John Everett Millais (2 Volumes, Complete); President of the Royal Academy
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86364: Miller, Julia - Books Will Speak Plain : A Handbook for Identifying and Describing Historical Bindings
85631: Miller, Kerby A. - Emigrants and Exiles, Ireland and the Irish Exodus to North America
82605: Miller, Hugh - The Old Red Sandstone; or New Walks in an Old Field. To Which Is Appended a Series of Geological Papers Read Before the Royal Physical Society of Edinburgh
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72518: Milner, Thomas (Rev.) - The Gallery of Nature : A Pictorial and Descriptive Tour Through Creation, Illustrative of the Wonders of Astronomy, Physical Geography and Geology
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85451: Milton, John - Paradise Regained, Samson Agonistes, Comus, and Arcades
63990: Minor, Thomas C. - Athothis : A Satire on Modern Medicine
85813: Minot, George Richards - Continuation of the History of the Province of Massachusetts Bay from the Year 1748 with an Introductory Sketch of Events from Its Original Settlement -- Volume I Only
82631: Minot, George Richards - The History of the Insurrections in Massachusetts in the Year Seventeen Hundred and Eighty Six and the Rebellion Consequent Thereon
85581: Minty, Judith - Yellow Dog Journal (Signed)
85624: Mitchel, John - Jail Journal; with an Introductory Narrative of Transactions in Ireland
82638: Mitchell, James - A Tour Through Belgium, Holland, Along the Rhine, and Through the North of France in the Summer of 1816. In Which Is Given an Account of the CIVIL and Ecclesiastical Polity, and of the System of Education of the Kingdom of the Netherlands; with Remarks on the Fine Arts, Commerce, and Manufactures
85366: Montagu, Lady Mary Wortley, (edited John Dunlop) - Original Letters from the Right Honourable Lady Mary Wortley Montague, to Sir James & Lady Frances Steuart; Also, Memoirs and Anecdotes of Those Distinguished Persons
85146: Montague, John - The Rough Field (Signed)
85827: Moorcock, Michael - Tales from the Texas Woods (Signed)
85418: Moore, Thomas - Irish Melodies, with an Appendix Containing the Original Advertisements, and the Prefatory Letter of Music
85664: Moore, Ellen J. - Fossil Shells from Western Oregon. A Guide to Identification
82674: Moore, Francis - Travels Into the Inland Parts of Africa: Containing a Description of the Several Nations for the Space of Six Hundred Miles Up the River Gambia ; Their Trade, Habits, Customs, Languages, Manners, Religion and Government ; the Power, Disposition and Characters of Some Negro Princes ; with a Particular Account of Job Ben Solomon, a Pholey, Who Was in England in the Year 1733, and Known by the Name of the African. To Which Is Added, Capt. Stibb's Voyage Up the Gambia in the Year 1723, to Make Discoveries ; with an Accurate Map of That River Taken on the Spot : And Many Other Copper Plates. Also Extracts from the Nubian's Geography, Leo the African, and Other Authors Antient and Modern, Concerning the Niger Nile, or Gambia, and Observations Thereon. ; Travels Into the Inland Parts of Africa
85803: Moore, George - The History of the British Revolution of 1688-9; Recording All the Events Connected with That Transaction, in England, Scotland, and Ireland, Down to the Capitulation of Limerick, in 1691, in the Last of These Kingdoms, Inclusive
75947: Morinaga, Jun - River, Its Shadows of Shadows; Kawa - Ruiei
85303: Morley, Christopher - Parnassus on Wheels (Signed by Author)
85410: Morris, Ivan (Editor) - Modern Japanese Stories: An Anthology
84592: Morris, Gouverneur - An Oration on the Death of General George Washington, Delivered at the Request of the Corporation of the City of New-York, on the 31st Day of December 1799 and Published at Their Request
84949: Morrison, Diana - A Glossary of Sanskrit from the Spiritual Tradition of India
85476: Morrison, May Whitney - Songs and Rhymes for Little Ones
85843: Morrow, James - This Is the Way the World Ends (Signed)
85835: Morrow, James - The Philosopher's Apprentice
84970: Mosconi, Willie - Willie Mosconi on Pocket Billiards
85675: Mosher, Paul W. and Jeffrey Berman - Confidentiality and Its Discontents: Dilemmas of Privacy in Psychotherapy
85658: Mossman, Isaac Van Dorsey - A Pony Expressman's Recollections; with an Introduction and Notes by J. Heine Christ
84961: Mrs. David Hirschler (Compiler) - The Council Cookbook (Council of Jewish Women: San Francisco); *Numerous Recipes and Clippings Pasted in
85069: Mrs. Bliss - The Practical Cook Book; Containing Upwards of One Thousand Receipts: Consisting of Directions for Selecting, Preparing and Cooking All Kinds of Meats, Fish, Poultry and Game, Soups, Broths, Vegetables, and Salads. ; Also for Making All Kinds of Plain and Fancy Breads, Pastries, Puddings, Cakes, Creams, Ices, Jellies, Preserves, Marmalades, Etc. Etc. , Etc. , Together with Various Miscellaneous Receipts, and Numerous Preparations for Invalids
85958: Muir, John - Our National Parks
85665: Mulitiple Authors - Holiday and Travel Magazine, Volume 57, July Through December, 1931
85456: Murdoch, Iris - The Book of the Brotherhood (Signed)
85091: Murphy, Richard - The Woman of the House
85288: Murphy, Virginia Reed (Foreword by George R. Stewart) - Across the Plains in the Donner Party
82735: Muybridge, Eadweard - The Human Figure in Motion : An Electro-Photographic Investigation of Consecutive Phases of Muscular Actions
86222: Naipaul, V.S. - The Mystic Masseur
85774: Nansen, Fridtjof - Farthest North, Being a Record of a Voyage of Exploration of the Ship "Fram" 1893-96 and of a Fifteen Months' Sleigh Journey by Dr. Nansen and Lieut. Johanson (Two Volumes); Appendix by Otto Sverdrup, Captain of the Fram
84898: Nathaniel ("Nat") Fleischer, Editor - The Ring" : World's Foremost Boxing Magazine -- British Priced Edition - 1950s. (Twelve Issues)
84913: National Button Society - Button Collecting Bulletins, Publications - 1940s
82755: Naville, Edouard and Griffith, F. Ll - Mound of the Jew and the City of Onias: Belbeis, Samanood, Abusir, Tukh El Karmus (Bound with) the Antiquities of Tell El Yahudiyeh and Miscellaneous Work in Lower Egypt During Theyears 1887-1888. By F. LL. Griffith. ; Mound of the Jews and the City of Onias. With the Antiquities of Tell El Yahudiyeh by F. Griffith
82759: Necker, Jacques - State of the Finances of France, Laid Before the King, by Mr. Necker, Director-General of the Finances, in the Month of January, 1781. Translated from the Paris Edition. Printed by Order of His Most Christian Majesty
86233: Neihardt, John G. (Flaming Rainbow) - Black Elk Speaks : Being the Life Story of a Holy Man of the Ogalala Sioux
73361: Neruda, Pablo - 20 Poemas de Amor Y Una Cancion Desesperada
84897: New York Observer - The New York Observer Year Book and Almanack 1871
86020: Newenham, Thomas - A View of the Natural, Political, and Commercial Circumstances of Ireland
86113: Newenham, Robert O'Callaghan and James D. Harding (Engraver) - Picturesque Views of the Antiquities of Ireland Drawn on Stone by James D. Harding, from the Sketches of Robert O'Callaghan Newenham, Esq. Vol. I.
86149: Nicholson, Asenath - The Bible in Ireland ('Ireland's Welcome to the Stranger or Excursions Through Ireland in 1844 and 1845 for the Purpose of Personally Investigating the Condition of the Poor'); Edited and with an Introduction by Alfred Tresidder Sheppard
86330: Niven, Larry - Ringworld
86315: Niven, Larry and Jerry Pournelle - The Mote in God's Eye; Introduction by Charles Sheffield. Artwork by Bob Eggleton
86328: Noel, Baptist Wriothesley - Notes of a Short Tour Through the Midland Counties of Ireland in the Summer of 1836, with Observations on the Condition of the Peasantry
86225: Norcross, C.A. - Agricultural Nevada
86147: Nordan, Lewis - Welcome to the Arrow-Catcher Fair
86187: Nordhoff, Charles - The Communistic Societies of the United States; from Personal Visit and Observation: Including Detailed Accounts of the Economists, Zoarites, Shakers, the Amana, Oneida, Bethel, Aurora, Icarian, and Other Existing Societies, Their Religious Creeds, Social Practices, Numbers, Industries, and Present Condition
86091: Norris, Frank - The Octopus : A Story of California; the Epic of the Wheat
82794: North, Roger - The Life of the Honourable Sir Dudley North, Knt. Commissioner of the Customs, and Afterwards of the Treasury to His Majesty King Charles the Second, and of the Honourable and Reverend Dr. John North, Master of Trinity College in Cambridge, and Greek Professor, Prebend of Westminster, and Sometime Clerk of the Closet to the Same King Charles the Second
85772: Noyce, Wilfrid - South Col, One Man's Adventure on the Ascent of Everest 1953 (Signed by Four Members of the 1953 First Ascent of Mt. Everest Expedition); Foreward by Sir John Hunt
85583: Nunis Jr., Doyce B. (Ed.) - The Golden Frontier, the Recollections of Herman Francis Reinhart, 1851 - 1869; Foreward by Nora B. Cunningham
75747: O' Day, Edward F. and John Henry Nash - Claude Garamond and His Place in the Renaissance (Limited, Signed)
86153: O'Kelly, Charles - Macariae Excidium, or the Destruction of Cyprus; Being a Secret History of the War of the Revolution in Ireland; Edited from Four English Copies, and a Latin Ms. In the Royal Irish Academy, with Notes, Illustrations,and a Memoir of the Author and His Descendants by John Cornelius O'Callaghan
86168: O'Halloran, Sylvester - An Introduction to the Study of the History and Antiquities of Ireland: In Which the Assertions of Mr. Hume, and Other Writers Are Occasionally Considered. Ilustrated with Copper-Plates. Also Two Appendixes: Containing 1. Animadversions on an Introduction to the History of G. Britain and Ireland, by J. Macpherson, Esq. 2. Observations on the Memoirs of Great-Britain and Ireland, by Sir John Dalrymple
86154: O'Brien, W.P. - The Great Famine in Ireland and a Retrospect of the Fifty Years 1845-95 with a Sketch of the Present Condition and Future Prospects of the Congested Districts
85471: O'Leary, Peter - Travels and Experiences in Canada, the Red River Territory, and the United States
85392: O'Flaherty, Liam - The Fairy Goose and Two Other Stories (Signed by Author)
86027: O'Conor, C. - Dissertations on the History of Ireland. In Which an Account Is Given of the Origin, Government, Letters, Sciences, Religion, Manners and Customs, of the Ancient Inhabitants. To Which Are Added, a Dissertation on the Irish Colonies Established in Britain, with Some Remarks on Mr. Mac Pherson's Translation of Fingal and Temora
85792: O'Flaherty, Roderic - A Chorographical Description of West or H-Iar Connaught, Written A.D. 1684; Edited, from a Ms. In the Library of Trinity College, Dublin, with Notes and Illustrations by James Hardiman
85964: O. Henry - Heart of the West
85525: O'Conor, Norrreys Jephson - Battles and Enchantments, Retold from Early Gaelic Literature
75306: O'Meara, B. (Dr.) - Memoirs of the Military and Political Life of Napoleon Bonaparte, from His Origin, to His Death on the Rock of St. Helena
76734: Oates, Titus - A True Narrative of the Horrid Plot and Conspiracy of the Popish Party Against the Life of His Sacred Majesty, the Government, and the Protestant Religion (a Sammelband of Nine Separate Pamphlets Bound As One) with a List of Such Noblemen, Gentlemen, and Others, As Were the Conspirators: And the Head-Officers Both CIVIL and Military, That Were to Effect It. ; Nine Separate Pamphlets Bound Together. In Addition to the First (Title) Piece, 66 Pp. In Length: 2) the Narrative of Robert Jenison, of Grays-Inn, Esquire (I. A Further Discovery and Confirmation of the Late Horrid and Treasonable Popish Plot, Against His Majestie's Person, Government, and the Protestant Religion;; II: The Names of the Four Ruffians, Designed to Have Murthered the King; III. The Reasons Why This Discovery Hath Been So Long Deferred, by the Said Robert Jenison; IV. An Order of His Majesty in Council Touching the Same. Together Withother Material Passages, Letters, and Observations, Thereupon. Together with a Preface Introductory to the Said Narrative. London. Printed for F. Smith, T. Basset, J. Wright, R. Chiswel and S. Heyrick. 1679. 51 Pp. 3) the Information of Stephen Dugdale, Gent. Delivered at the Bar of the House of Commons, Monday the First Day of November, in the Year of Our Lord 1680. Perused and Signed to Be Printed, According to the Order of the House of Commons, by Me William Williams, Speaker. London. Printed by the Assigns of John Bill, Thomas Newcomb, and Henry Hills, Printers to the Kings Most Excellent Majesty 1680. 11 Pp. 4) the Further Information of Stephen Dugdale, Gent. Delivered at the Bar of the House of Commons. Pursuant to an Order of the Said. House, on the 30tn of October, 1680 Novemb. The 24th. 1680. By Vertue of an Order of the Honourable House of Commons, I Appoint Tho. Parkhurst, and Tho. Simmons, and No Ohters, to Print My Informations, Given at the Bar of That Honourable House. London. Printed for Thomas Parkhurst, at the Bible and Three Crowns in Cheapside; and Thomas Simmons at the Princes Arms in Ludgate-Street. 1680. 21 Pp. 5) the Information of Thomas Dangerfield, Gent. Delivered at the Bar of the House of Commons, Tuesday the Twentieth Day of October, in the Year of Our Lord 1680. Perused and Signed to Be Printed According to the Order of the House of Commons, by Me William Williams, Speaker. London, Printed by the Assigns of John Bill, Thomas Newcomb, and Henry Hills, Printers to the Kings Most Excellent Majesty 1680. 15 Pp. 6) the Information of Francisco de Faria, Delivered at the Bar of the House of Commons, Monday the First Day of November, in the Year of Our Lord 1680. Perused and Signed to Be Printed, According to the Order of the House of Commons, by Me William Williams, Speaker. London. Printed by the Assigns of John Bill, Thomas Newcomb, and Henry Hills, Printers to the Kings Most Excellent Majesty 1680. 12 Pp. 7) the Information of Edward Turbervill of Skerr in the County of Glamorgan, Gent. Delivered at the Bar of the House of Commons, Tuesday the Ninth Day of October, in the Year of Our Lord 1680. Perused and Signed to Be Printed According to the Order of the House of Commons, by Me William Williams, Speaker. London, Printed by the Assigns of John Bill, Thomas Newcomb, and Henry Hills, Printers to the Kings Most Excellent Majesty 1680. 12 Pp. 8) the Examination of Captain William Bedlow Deceased, Relating to the Popish Plot, Taken in His Late Sickness by Sir Francis North, Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas. Together with the Narrative of Sir Francis North, at the Council Board : And the Letter of Sir Francis North, to Mr. Secretary Jenkins, Relating to This Examination) Perused and Signed to Be Printed According to the Order of the House of Commons, by Me William Williams, Speaker. London, Printed by the Assigns of John Bill, Thomas Newcomb, and Henry Hills, Printers to the Kings Most Excellent Majesty 1680. 16 Pp. 9) a Narrative of the Irish Popish Plot, for the Betraying That Kingdom Into the Hands of the French, Massacring All English Protestants There, and Utter Subversion of the Government and Protestant - Religion; As the Same Was Successively Carryed on from the Year 1662. By David Fitz Gerald Esq;: London. Printed for Tho. Cockerill, at the Three-Legs in the Poultrey over-Against the Stocks-Market, 1680. 35 Pp
85649: Obie, Ann - My Life and 40 Years in Montana; Foreward by Mary Obie Montana
85027: OIsen, Jack - The Climb Up to Hell (Signed Copy)
82812: Oldham, John - Satyrs Upon the Jesuits: Written in the. Year 1679, and Some Other Pieces by the Same Hand [Bound with] Some New Pieces Never Before Publisht; [Bound with]: Poems and Translations; [Bound with} Remains of Mr. John Oldham in Verse and Prose; [Bound with] to the Memory of Mr. Charles Morwent. A Pindarique; [Bound with] Character of a Certain Ugly Old P_______; (Six Separate Works in One Binding)
82816: Oliphant, Laurence - The Russian Shores of the Black Sea: In the Autumn of 1852 with a Voyage Down the Volga, and a Tour Through the Country of the Don Cossacks
86056: Oliphant, J. Orin - On the Cattle Ranges of the Oregon Country
82821: Orme, Robert - A History of the Military Transactions of the British Nation in Indostan from the Year Mdccxlv to Which Is Prefixed a Dissertation on the Establishments Made by Mahomedan Conquerors in Indostan (2 Volumes); Corrected with Alterations, Additions and an Index by the Author
82822: Orme, Robert - Historical Fragments of the Mogul Empire of the Morattoes and the English Concerns in Indostan from the Year Mdclix
74732: Orton, Richard H. (Brig.-Gen.) (Revised and Compiled by) - Records of California Men in the War of the Rebellion, 1861 to 1867
85479: Orwell, George - Nineteen Eighty-Four, the Facsimile of the Extant Manuscript, Edited by Peter Davison
82827: Osgood, David - A Solemn Protest Against the Late Declaration of War, in a Discourse, Delivered on the Next Lord's Day After the Tidings of It Were Received
85049: Oswalt, Wendell H. - Historic Settlements Along the Kuskokwim River Alaska; Alaska State Library Historical Monograph No. 7
85035: Otis, Harrison Gray - Otis' Letters in Defence of the Hartford Convention and the People of Massachusetts
76796: Owen, John (Seymour Dunbar, and Paul C. Phillips - The Journals and Letters of Major John Owen, Pioneer of the Northwest, 1850-1971 [Two Volumes]; Embracing His Purchase of St. Mary's Mission; the Building of Fort Owen; His Travels; His Relation with the Indians; His Work for the Government; and His Activities As a Western Empire Builder for Twenty Years
86078: Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company - San Francisco Classified Business Telephone Directory
86079: Pacific Novelty Company - Souvenir Views of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition San Francisco, California; Opened by President Wilson February 20th Closes December 4th 1915
82841: Paine, Thomas - Dissertation on First Principles of Government and Speech of Thomas Paine, As Delivered in the Convention, July 7, 1795. Wherein He Alludes to the Preceding Work
74233: Palou, Francsco [text by David Mcgree] - An Original Leaf Fom Francisco Palou's Life of the Venerable Father Juniper Serra. 1787. A Keepsake Presented by the Roxburghe Club of San Francisco on the Occasion of Their Visit to the Zamorano Club of Los Angeles, September 20-21, 1958
85468: Parkman, Francis - The Discovery of the Great West: An Historical Narrative
82887: Parrot, Friedrich. (Dr.) - Journey to Ararat
76729: Parry, William Edward - Journal of a Second Voyage for the Discovery of a North-West Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific; Performed in the Years 1821-22-23 in His Majesty's Ships Fury and Hecla, Under the Orders of Captain William Edward Parry, R.N. , F.R. S. , and Commander of the Expedition
79769: Parry, Capt. William E. - Journal of a Voyage for the Discovery of a North-West Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific Performed in the Years 1819-20, in His Majesty's Ships Hecla and Griper, Under the Orders of William Edward Parry, R.N. , F.R. S. , and Commander of the Expedition; with an Appendix, Containing the Scientific and Other Observations
84891: Patchen, Kenneth - The Love Poems of Kenneth Patchen (Pocket Poets Series No. 13); (with Original Pen and Ink Sketches by Previous Owner)
62545: Paterson, Daniel - A New and Accurate Description of All the Direct and Principal Cross Roads in England and Wales ; Containing: I. An Alphabetical List of All the Cities, Towns and Remarkable Villages; with Their Market-Days, and the Counties in Which They Are Situated. II. The Direct Roads from London to All the Cities, Borough, Market, and Sea-Port, Towns; Shewing the Distance from Each City, Town, or Village, to the Next on the Same Road; with Their Distance from London, and an Account of the Remarkable Seats That Are Near the Road. III. The Cross Roads of England and Wales. IV. The Circuits of the Judges in England. V. An Index to the Country Seats. VI. A Post-Table, in French and English, Showing Instantly, without the Trouble of Calculating, the Expence of Travelling Any Stage, with Post-Chaises and Saddle-Horses. The Whole on a Plan Entirely New, and Far Preferable to Any Work of the Kind Extant
64419: Paterson, Daniel - Paterson's Roads: A New and Accurate Description of All the Direct and Principal Cross Roads in England and Wales. (Bound with) a Traveling Dictionary ; Bound with a Travelling Dictionary, or, Alphabetical Tables of the Distance of All the Principal Cities, Borough, Market and Sea-Port Towns in Great Britain, from Each Other
85013: Paul, Howard and George Gebbie (Editors) - The Stage and Its Stars Past a Present: A Gallery of Dramatic Illustration and Critical Biographies of Distinguished English and American Actors from the Time of Shakespeare Till to-Day (Two Volumes, Complete)
85547: Payne, Robert (Pierre Stephen) - The Blue Nigger and Other Stories
86239: Peake, Mervyn - The Gormenghast Trilogy: Titus Groan (Vol I), Gormenghast (Vol 2), Titus Alone (Vol 3)
86136: Pearce, Donn - Cool Hand Luke
86150: Peard, W. - A Year of Liberty; or, Salmon Angling in Ireland from February 1 to November 1
75743: Pease, Richard H. - Map of French & English Grants on Lake Champlain
75390: Pease, Richard H. - Map of French and English Grants on Lake Champlain
84889: Pedersen, Dagny and Neva L. Boyd - Folk Games and Gymnastic Plays for Kindergarten Primary and Playground
73978: Penn, William and Hannah Flagg Gould - The Death-Bed of a Young Quaker
82940: Perry, John (Captain) - The State of Russia Under the Present Czar; "... In Relation to the Several Great and Remarkable Things He Has Done, As to His Naval Preparations, the Regulating His Army, the Reforming His People, and Improvement of His Countrey : Particularly Those Works on Which the Author Was Employ'd, with the Reasons of His Quitting the Czar's Service, After Having Been Fourteen Years in That Countrey. Aalso an Account of Those Tartars, and Other People Who Border on the Eastern and Extreme Northern Parts of the Czar's Dominions, Their Religion and Manner of Life. With Many Other Observations. To Which Is Annex'd, a More Accurate Map of the Czar's Dominions, Than Has Hitherto Been Extant.
86156: Petersham, Maud and Miska - Miki
86363: Peterson, Emil R. and Alfred Powers - A Century of Coos and Curry : History of Southwest Oregon (Signed)
86341: Philips, Charles, John Philpot Curran, Henry Grattan, and Robert Emmett - Irish Eloquence. The Speeches of the Celebrated Irish Orators Philips, Curran and Grattan to Which Is Added the Powerful Appeal of Robert Emmett at the Close of His Trial for High Treason
84991: Phillipps-Woolley, Clive - Sport in the Crimea and Caucasus
84778: Phillips, A. Lyman (Editor) and Will Jenkins (Illustrator) - A Bachelor's Cupboard: Containing Crumbs Culled from the Cupboards of the Great Unwedded
76697: Phocion [Translated by Gabriel Bonnot de Mably] [L'Abbey Mably] - Entretiens de Phocion, Sur le Rapport de la Morale Avec la Politique; Traduits Du Grec de Nicoles, Avec Des Remarques Par M. L'Abbe Mably; 1763
85406: Phoenix, John (George H. Derby) - Phoenixiana: Or, Sketches and Burlesques
82977: Pickering, Timothy - A Letter from the Hon. Timothy Pickering, a Senator of the United States from the State of Massachusetts, Exhibiting to His. Constituents a View of the Imminent Danger of an Unnecessary and Ruinous War; (Addressed to His Excellency James Sullivan, Governor of the Said State)
79149: Pickering. Timothy - Mr. Pickering's Speech in the Senate of the United States on the Resolution Offered by Mr. Hillhouse to Repeat the Several Acts Laying an Embargo. November 30, 1808
83648: Pickering, Timothy and James Sullivan - Interesting Correspondence between His Excellency Governour Sullivan and Col. Pickering; in Which the Latter Vindicates Himself Against the Groundless Charges and Insinuations Made by the Governour and Others
74370: PIKE, WARBURTON - Through the Subarctic Forest : A Record of a Canoe Journey from Fort Wrangel to the Pelly Lakes and Down the Yukon River to the Behring Sea
82988: Pilkington, Matthew, Jonathan Swift, William Dunkin - Poems on Several Occasions. Containing the Progress of Music in Ireland, the Poet's Well, an Essay Towards a Translation of Anacreon, an Ode to His Majesty's Birth-Day. To Which Is Added the Plague of Wealth Occasion'd by the Author's Receiving Fifty Pounds from His Excellency, the Lord Carteret, for the Foremention'd Ode. With Several Poems Not in the Dublin Editin, Revised by the Reverend Dr. Swift; Poems on Several Occasions. Contining... To Which Is Added the Plague of Wealth Occasion'd by the Author's Receiving Fifty Pounds from His Excellency, the Lord Carteret. . Revised by the Reverend Dr. Swift
86182: Pim, Paul - Telling Tommy About Mother Nature's Curious Children; Telling Tommy About Days We Celebrate; Telling Tommy About Our Good Neighbors (Three Books)
82995: Pinto, Serpa, Alexandre Alberto da Rocha (de) (1846-1900) - How I Crossed Africa. From the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean Through Unknown Countries; Discovery of the Great Zambesi Affluents, &C. (2 Volumes, Complete)
85746: Piozzi, Hester Lynch - Observations and Reflections Made in the Course of a Journey Through France, Italy, and Germany
82999: Pitt, William, Earl of Chatham - Genuine Abstracts from Two Speeches of the Late Earl of Chatham: And His Reply to the Earl of Suffolk. With Some Introductory Observations and Notes
83000: Planck, Max - Treatise on Thermodynamics
76196: Pline Second [Pliny the Younger] - Panegyrique de Traian [de la Traduction de Monsieur L'Abbe Esprit]
76623: Plotts, William - Isogeotherm Hypothesis of Mineral Occurrence and Origin: Origin of Petroleum, Coal, and Other Carmonaceous Products; Showing How These Products Occur in Orderly, Definite, Limited Horizons, Independently of the Plane of Stratification
84740: Plumer, Herbert (Lieut-Col.) - An Irregular Corps in Matabeleland
86195: Plutarch - Plutarch's Lives, from the Original Greek, with Notes, Critical, Historical, and Chronological. And a New Life of Plutarch. (Three Volumes); Translated by John Langhorne and William Langhorne
86340: Poe, Edgar Allen - The Gold Bug
85595: Poe, Edgar Allen - Tales of Mystery and Imagination, with Illustrations by Harry Clarke
62922: Polack, W.G. - The Handbook to the Lutheran Hymnal
84589: Polk - Polk's Salem City and Marion County Directory, Vol, VIII, 1909-10
84716: Polk, R.L. - Polk's Eugene City and Lane County Directory Vol. VI. 1912 : Containing an Alphabetically Arranged List of Business Firms and Private Citizens of Eugene, Cottage Grove, Coburg, Florence, Glenada, Junction City, Mapleton, Marcola, Springfield and Wendling
84590: Polk - Polk's Salem City and Marion County Directory, Vol, XI, 1915
86190: Pollard, Edward A. - The Lost Cause; a New Southern History of the War of the Confederates Containing a Full and Authnentic Account of the Rise and Progress of the Late Southern Confderacy - the Campaigns, Battles, Incidents, and Adventures of the Most Gigantic Struggle of the World's History. Drawn from Official Sources, and Approved by the Most Distinguished Confederate Leaders
86206: Polley, Louis E. , Sue Bailey (assisted by) - A History of the Mohawk Valley and Early Lumbering (Signed)
74708: Porter, John W. H. - A Record of Events in Norfolk County, Virginia, from April 19th, 1861, to May 10th, 1862, with a History of the Soldiers and Sailors of Norfolk Couny, Norfolk City and Portsmouth Who Served in the Confederate States Army or Navy
85399: Pospishil, Victor J. (Translation & Commentary) - Code of Oriental Canon Law: The Law on Marriage: Interritual Marriage Law Problems
84904: Powell, James Lawrence - Dead Pool: Lake Powell, Global Warming, and the Future of Water in the West (Signed)
85834: Powers, Tim - Night Moves and Other Stories
85848: Powers, Tim, and James P. Blaylock - The Way Down the Hill (by Tim Powers) ; the Pink of Fading Neon (by James P. Blaylock) (Signed)
85838: Powers, Tim - Declare (Signed)
86321: Pratt-Chadwick, Mara L. - Little People's Sound Primer (Action, Imitation and Fun Series)
74631: Preston, Caroline E. - Psychological Testing with Northwest Coast Alaskan Eskimos
79789: Price, Richard - Observations on the Nature of CIVIL Liberty, the Principles of Government, and the Justice and Policy of the War with America. To Which Is Added an Appendix and Postscript, Containing a State of the National Debt, an Estimate of the Money Drawn from the Public by the Taxes, and an Account of the National Income and Expenditure Since the Last War
76861: Priest, Josiah - American Antiquities, and Discoveries in the West : Being an Exhibition of the Evidence That an Ancient Population of Partially Civilized Nations, Differing Entirely from Those of the Present Indians, Peopled America, Many Centuries Before Its Discovery by Columbus. And Inquiries Into Their Origin, with a Copious Description of Many of Their Stupendous Works, Now in Ruins. With Conjectures Concerning What May Have Become of Them. Compiled from Travels Authentic Sources, and the Researches of Antiquarian Societies
83066: Priestley, Joseph - The Present State of Europe Compared with Antient Prophecies; a Sermon, Preached at the Gravel Pit Meeting in Hackney, February 28, 1794, Being the Day Appointed for a General Fast. By Joseph Priestley, LL. D.F. R.S. &C. With a Preface Containing the Reasons for the Author's Leaving England. [Seven Lines Quoting Virgil]
83064: Priestley, Joseph, LLD, FRS etc. etc. - Delivered in the Church of the Universalists, at Philadelphia, 1796. And Published at the Request of Many of the Hearers; Discourses Relating the Evidences of Revealed Religion
83069: Prince, Thomas - A Sermon Deliver'd at the South-Church in Boston, New-England, August 14, 1746. Being the Day of General Thanksgiving for the Great Deliverance of the British Nations, by the Glorious and Happy Victory Near Culloden. Obtained by His Royal Highness Prince William Duke of Cumberland, April 16, in the Same Year. Wherein the Greatness of the Publick Danger and Deliverance Is in Part Set Forth, to Excite Their Most Grateful Praises to the God of Their Salvation
83071: Prior, Matthew, 1664-1721 - The History of His Own Time, Compiled from the Original Manuscripts of His Late Excellency, Matthew Prior, Esq; Revised and Signed by Himself, and Copied Fair for the Press by Mr. Adrian Drift, His Executor
73105: Prisoner 4382 (VanTiffin) - Prison Tours and Poems: A Sketch of the Oregon State Penitentiary
76732: Procopius (Translated by Nicolas Alemannus) - Procopius Caesariensis V.I. Anekdota Arcana Historia, Qui Est Liber Nonus Historiarum. Ex Bibliotheca Vaticana ; the Secret History
84724: Professor Miller - Tricks and Diversions with Cards : A Popular Explanation of All the Deceptive Tricks Ever Performed by the Most Celebrated Conjurers, Magicians, and Prestidigitators; Simplified and Arranged for Home Amusement and Special Entertainments, to Which Is Added an Exposure of the Card Tricks Made Use of by Professional Card Players, Blacklegs and Gamblers
83685: Publius Terentius Afer (and George Colman, Translator) - The Comedies of Terence; Translated Into Familiar Blank Verse
86008: Pukui, Mary Kawena, E.W. Haertig, and Catherine A. Lee - Nana I Ke Kumu (Look to the Source) (Volume I Only)
86009: Pukui, Mary Kawena, E.W. Haertig, and Catherine A. Lee - Nana I Ke Kumu (Look to the Source) (Volume 2 Only)
85441: Purchas, Samuel - Purchas His Pilgrimage. Or Relations of the World and the Religions Observed in All Ages and Places Discovered, from the Creation Unto This Present. In Foure Parts. This First Containeth a Theologicall and Geographical Historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the Islands Adiacent. Declaring the Ancient Religions Before the Flovd, the Heathnish, Jewish, and Saracenicall in All Ages Since, in Those Parts Professed, with Their Seuerall Opinions, Idols, Oracles, Temples, Priests, Fasts, Feasts, Sacrifices, and Rites Religious: Their Beginnings, Proceedings, Alterations, Sects, Orders and Successions. With Briefe Descriptions of the Countries, Nations, States, Discoueries; Private and Publike Customes, and the Most Remarkable Rarities of Nature, or Humane Industrie, in the Same
76735: Purvis, J.B. - Through Uganda to Mount Elgon
85380: Radford, William A. (Company) - Farm Buildings; a Compilation of the Plans for General Farm Barns, Cattle Barns, Dairy Barns, Horse Barns, Sheep Folds, Swine Pens, Poultry Houses, Silos, Feeding Racks, Sheds, Farm Gates, Portable Fences, Etc... . All Representing Construction in Actual Use
85657: Rand McNally and Company - San Francisco, Oakland, and Other Bay Cities: A Visitor's Guide
74121: Rawle, William (committee head and copyright holder) - History of the Third Pennsylvania Cavalry, Sixtieth Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers in the American CIVIL War 1861-1865
85918: Read, Joan R. - The Norfolk Terrier (Signed); Nat R. Lamar, Editor
75919: Reed, Ivy Kellerman - A Practical Grammar of the International Language [Esperanto]
85070: Reeve, Lovell - Initiamenta Conchologica or Elements of Conchology, Comprising the Physiological History of Shells and Their Molluscous Inhabitants, Their Structure, Geographical Distribution, Habits, Characters, Affinities, Arrangement, and Enumeration of Species
86092: Reichard, Gladys A. - Navajo Shepherd and Weaver
85668: Reichenbach, H. (Heinrich) G. (Gottlieb) - Icones Florae Germanicae Et Helveticae Simul Pedemontanae, Volume XXII; on Spine: Botanical Hand-Colored Plates, 19th Century
86132: Reid, Thomas - Travels in Ireland in the Year 1822 Exhibiting Brief Sketches of the Moral, Physical, and Political State of the Country; with Reflections on the Best Means of Improving Its Conditions
86080: Reid, Robert A. Pacific International Exposition Company - The Exposition: An Elegant Illustrated Souvenir View Book of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition at San Francisco : Official Publication (in Original Photograph-Embellished Mailing Envelope, with Postmarked Postage Stamps)
85229: Reliable Poultry Journal - Reliable Poultry Journal Vol XXXIV No. 3. May 1927
85228: Reliable Poultry Journal - Reliable Poultry Journal Vol XXXIV No. 1. March 1927
85021: Renshaw, Patrick - The Wobblies: The Story of Syndicalism in the United States
84439: Republican National Convention Committee - Official Order of Business of the Republican National Convention, June 16, 1908, Chicago
83159: Reresby, John - The Memoirs of the Honourable Sir John Reresby, Bart. And Last Governor of York. Containing Several Private and Remarkable Transactions, from the Restorationto the Revolution Inclusively. To Which Is Added a Copius Index (Extra-Illustrated Copy)
84563: Reznikoff, Charles - Five Groups of Verse [Signed Copy]
85654: Rhind, WIlliam - The History of the Vegetable Kingdom, Embracing Comprehensive Descriptions of the Plants Most Interesting from Their Uses to Man and the Lower Animals; Their Application in the Arts, Manufactures, Medicine, and Domestic Economy; and from Their Beauty or Peculiarities; Together with the Physiology, Geographical Distribution, and Classification of Plants; Illustrated with Several Hundred Figures, Many of Them Coloured
85894: Rich, Annett C. - Christ or Buddha: The Rosicrucian Fellowship
86005: Richards, L.J. (Publ.) - Memorial Atlas of Ireland Showing Provinces, Counties, Baronies, Parishes, Etc. In Thirty-Three Double-Page Maps
86089: Richards, Robert H. - Ore Dressing (Four Volumes)
85382: Riddle, Jeff C. - The Indian History of the Modoc War and the Causes That Led to It
85760: Ridgeway, Rick - The Last Step, the American Ascent of K2 (Signed); Introduction by Senator Edward Kennedy, Prelude by Jim Whittaker
85708: Riffenburgh, Beau - Aurora: Douglas Mawson and the Australasian Antarctic Expedition 1911-14 (Signed)
86367: Riley, Sam G. - Gr8 Pl8s : The Best of America's Vanity Plates (Signed)
83190: Riley, James - An Authentic Narrative of the Loss of the American Brig Commerce, Wrecked on the Coast of Africa, in the Month of August 1815, with an Account of the Sufferings of the Surviving Officers and Crew, Who Were Enslaved by the Wandering Arabs, on the African Desart, or Zahahrah; and Observations Historical, Geographical, &C. Made During the Travels of the Author,While a Slave to the Arabs, and in the Empire of Morocco. ; Preceded by a Brief Sketch of the Author's Life; and Containing a Description of the Famous City Tombuctoo, and of Another Larger City, Far South of It, on the Same River, Called Wassanah; Narrated to the Author at Mogadore by Sidi Hamet, the Arabian Merchant
69355: Rius, D. Leopoldo - Bibliografia Critica de Las Obras de Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra (3 Volumes)
85955: Rives, Amelie - The Quick or the Dead? a Study
70660: Robelo, Cecilio A. - Nociones Del Idioma Nahuatl (in Boletin Del Museo Nacional de Arqueologia, Historia Y Etnologia (15 of 18 Issues Present); (Nahautl Language Concepts)
85033: Roberts, David - The Last of His Kind: The Life and Adventures of Bradford Washburn, America's Boldest Mountaineer (Signed)
85439: Roberts, David - Great Exploration Hoaxes (Signed); Spanning 450 Years of Exploration History, from Cabot to Crowhurst, the Stories of Ten Men Who Pursued Glory at Any Cost - Even the Truth
85586: Roberts, David - The Lost World of the Old Ones, Discoveries in the Ancient Southwest (Signed)
85697: Roberts, David - Escape from Lucania, an Epic Story of Survival (Signed by Author and Bradley Washburn)
85700: Roberts, David - The Mountain of My Fear (Signed)
85688: Roberts, David - On the Ridge between Life and Death: A Climbing Life Reexamined (Signed)
85425: Robertson, Joseph - The Traveller's Guide Through Ireland; or, a Topographical Description of That Kingdom : Containing an Account of the Extent of Each County; of Its Mountains, Rivers, Vales, and General Aspect; of Its Minerals, Fossils, Woods, and Animals; of Its Rural Industry and Manner; of Its Towns, Manufactures and Trade; of Its Antiquities, Elegant Mansion-Houses, Pleasure Grounds, &C. , Accompanied by an Elegant Map
83208: Robertson, William - The History of America [Three Volumes]
86073: Robinson, Samuel - A Course of Fifteen Lectures, on Medical Botany, Denominated Thomson's New Theory of Medical Practice; in Which the Various Theories That Have Preceded It Are Reviewed and Compared
85977: Roche, Denis, and Tenisheva,, Mariia Klavdievna (Princesse) Curator/Compiler and Denis Roche - Broderies Des Paysannes de Smolensk (Russian Traditional Textiles, Ca. 1910) Portfolio of 57 (out of 60) Textile Photos
73453: Rodale, J.I. - Stone Mulching in the Garden
84903: Roethke, Theodore - The Lost Son and Other Poems (Signed)
71043: Rogers, Fairman - A Manual of Coaching
75807: Rohmer, Sax - Moon of Madness
85018: Roosevelt, Theodore - California Addresses by President Roosevelt
85721: Roskelley, John - Nanda Devi, the Tragic Expedition (Signed)
86166: Ross, Martin and E. OE. Somerville - Beggars on Horseback : A Riding Tour in North Wales; with Numerous Illustrations by E. Oe. Somerville
84909: Rousseau, J.J. (and Thomas Martyn, Translator) - Letters on the Elements of Botany, Addressed to a Lady; (Translated Into English, with Notes, and Twenty-Four Additional Letters, Fully Explaining the System of Linnaeus by Thomas Martyn)
83246: Rowlands, Henry (Vicar of Llanidan, in the Isle of Anglesey). Edited by Henry Owen - Mona Antiqua Restaurata: An Archaeological Discourse on the Antiquities, Natural and Historical, of the Isle of Anglesey, the Ancient Seat of the British Druids. In Two Essays. With an Appendix, Containing a Comparative Table of Primitive Words, and the Derivatives of Them in Several of the Tongues of Europe; with Remarks Upon Them. Together with Some Letters, and Three Catalogues. Bound with a History of the Island of Anglesey. To Which Are Added, Memoirs of Owen Glendowr (1775), and a Genealogical Account of Owen Glendowr; Copied out of a Book on Pedigrees, Collected by Mr. Thomas Ellis, B.D. And Fellow of Jesus College, Oxford
86244: Rowling, J.K. - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
72135: Rudow, Martin, Gary Bannister and Dave Burngasser - Weekends of Glory: The History of Northwest Sports Car Racing: Volume Two: 1962 Through 1970
86319: Rugg, Henry W., (D.D.) - The Presidents of the United States : Sketches (Illustrated by Twenty-Two Portraits)
75311: Russel, Robert - Seven Sermons on Important Subjects (the Sixty-Second Edition)
85756: Russell, Scott - Mountain Prospect; Foreward by Geoffrey Winthrop Young
85520: Russell, George (A. E.) - Collected Poems (Signed, and with an Original Drawing to Title Page); Aa
85957: Ruth, George Herman (BABE) - Babe Ruth's Own Book of Baseball
85342: Ryan, Dennis and Joseph Shine - Southern Pacific Passenger Trains Vollume I: Night Trains of the Coast Route
85904: Ryland, R. H. (The Rev.) - The History, Topography and Antiquities of the County and City of Waterford; with an Account of the Present State of the Peasantry of That Part of the South of Ireland
86130: Ryland, R.H. - The History, Topography, and Antiquities of the County and City of Waterford, with an Account of the Present State of the Peasantry of That Part of the South of Ireland
85921: Sale, Charles and William Kermode (Illust.) - The Specialist
85776: Salkeld, Audrey and Rosie Smith (Ed.) - One Step in the Clouds, an Omnibus of Mountaineering Novels and Short Stories (Signed)
86349: Salmi, Mario, Luisa Becherucci, Alessandro Marabottini, Anna Forlani Tempesti, and six others - The Complete Work of Raphael; an Artabras Book

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