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74068: - Executive Orders Relating to Indian Reservations from May 14, 1855 to July 1, 1912
74069: - Executive Orders Relating to Indian Reservations : Volume II : From July 1, 1912 to July 1, 1922
72989: - Vetus Testamentum
74438: - Baby Shoe with Amelia Earhart's Signature (and That of Three Other Aviators)
74624: - The Open Bible : New King James Version, Red Letter with 4500 Study Notes
68762: ABADIE, MAURICE (LIEUTENANT-COLONEL D'INFANTERIE COLONIALE) - Les Races Du Haut-Tonkin de Phong-Tho a Lang-Son ; the Peoples of Upper Tonkin
73113: ABBOTT, JACOB - History of Pyrrhus (Altemus' Young People's Library)(Abbott's Historical Series
71915: ABBOUD, PETER F. AND ERNEST N. MCCARUS (EDS.) - Elementary Modern Standard Arabic : Part 1, Arabic Pronunciation and Writing ; Arabic Grammar and Vocabulary, Lessons 1 -- 30 ; Part 2, Arabic Grammar and Vocabulary, Lessons 31 -- 45, Appendices
72914: ACHARYA, SRI ANANDA - Brahmadarsanam or Intuition of the Absolute Being an Introduction to the Study of Hindu Philosophy
72910: ACHARYA, SRI ANANDA - Brahmadarsanam or Intuition of the Absolute Being an Introduction to the Study of Hindu Philosophy
67809: ACKLEY, P. O. - Handbook and Catalog of P.O. Ackley, Gunmaker & Licensed Importer
56629: ADAIR, GILBERT - The Holy Innocents
74767: ADAMS, RAMON F. AND HOMER BRITZMAN - Charles M. Russell the Cowboy Artist : A Biography; (Prologue by Irvin Cobb)
73802: ADAMS, HENRY - The Education of Henry Adams (the 100 Greatest Masterpieces of American Literature)
64828: ADAMS, ANDY - Mystery of the Tibetan Caravan (a Biff Brewster Mystery Adventure)
64848: ADAMS, ANDY - African Ivory Mystery ( (a Biff Brewster Mystery Adventure)0
74500: ADAMS, GEORGE R. [EDITED BY RICHARD A. PIERCE] - Life on the Yukon 1865-1867 the Western Union Telegraph Expedition
73831: ADAMS, HENRY - Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres (the 100 Greatest Masterpieces of American Literature)
73363: ADAMS, JOHN T. - Drowned Valley : The Piscataqua River Basin
64849: ADAMS, ANDY - Mystery of the Ambush in India (a Biff Brewster Mystery Adventure)
73067: ADAMS, ANSEL AND EDWARD JOESTING - The Islands of Hawaii (Signed)
64850: ADAMS, ANDY - Egyptian Scarab Mystery (a Biff Brewster Mystery Adventure)
74955: ADAMSON, HANS CHRISTIAN ; GEORGE FRANCIS KOSCO ; J. J. CLARK (FOREWORD BY) - Halsey's Typhoons : A Firsthand Account of How Two Typhoons, More Powerful Than the Japanese, Dealt Death and Destruction to Admiral Halsey's Third Fleet . (Signed)
73505: ADDAMS, CHARLES - Drawn and Quartered
74727: ADKINS, JAN - The Craft of Making Wine
65334: AGNIHOTRI, S. N. - Sanskrit without Tears
71694: AKERS, FLOYD (L. FRANK BAUM) - The Boy Fortune Hunters in China
68220: AKHMATOVA, ANNA - The Complete Poems of Anna Akhmatova (Two Volume Set, Complete)
68182: ALBEE, EDWARD - Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? a Play
64686: ALCOCK, RUTHERFORD (SIR) - The Capital of the Tycoon: A Narrative of a Three Years Residence in Japan    (2 Volume Set)
73806: ALCOTT, LOUISA MAY - Little Women (the 100 Greatest Masterpieces of American Literature)
74775: ALDRICH, ROBERT - The French Presence in the South Pacific : 1842 - 1940
69052: ALEXANDER, RICHARD D. - Darwinism and Human Affairs
74676: ALEXANDER, ARTHUR C. - Koloa Plantation 1835 - 1935 : The History of the Oldest Hawaiian Sugar Plantation
66221: ALGER, HORATIO (JR.) - The Western Boy, or the Road to Success
66281: ALGER, HORATIO (JR.) - The Young Bank Messenger
59210: ALIBER, ROBERT Z. (EDITOR) - The Reconstruction of International Monetary Arrangements
72658: ALIGHIERI, DANTE - The Divine Comedy
74797: ALLEN, COLONEL ROBERT S. - Lucky Forward : The History of Patton's Third U.S. Army
74694: ALLEN, GWENFRED - Hawaii's War Years : 1941 - 1945 [Signed Copy]
61212: ALLEN, MARILYN R.(MISS) - Alien Minorities and Mongrelization
74361: ALLETZ, PONS AUGUSTIN - Petite Encyclopedie Ou Les Elemens Des Connoissances Humaines, Contenant Les Notions Generales de Toutes Les Sciences, de Tous Les Arts Utiles, & Des Matieres Qui Ont Rapport a la Societe (Deux Volumes, Complet)
59162: ALLWORTH, LOUISE MCKAY, BONNIE J. WALDEN - Battle Ground : In and Around; a Pictorial Drama of Early Northwest Pioneer Life
73444: ALSCHULER, ALBERT W. - Law without Values : The Life, Work, and Legacy of Justice Holmes
74927: ALTIERI, JAMES - The Spearheaders
73755: ALTMANN, BARBARA K. AND DEBORAH L. MCGRADY (ED. BY) - Christine de Pizan : A Casebook
74845: AMBROSE, STEPHEN E. - Band of Brothers : E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne from Normandy to Hitler's Eagles Nest
72622: AMERICAN MOTORS CORP - 1967 Rambler American Technical Service Manual
73781: AMES, ALICE C. - Meditations
74503: AMUNDSEN, ROALD - To the North Magnetic Pole and Through the Northwest Passage
74183: AN ENGLISHMAN, INTRODUCTION BY GEORGE P. HAMMOND - 1830: On the Ambitious Projects of Russia in Regard to North West America, with Particular Reference to New Albion and New California by an Englishman
73432: ANDERSON, MAXWELL - Key Largo : A Play in a Prologue and Two Acts
73560: ANDERSON, HANS - The Red Shoes
73916: ANDERSON, MAXWELL - You Who Have Dreams
73853: ANDERSON, ROBERT - Getting Up and Going Home (First Edition Society)
74746: ANDERSON, HANS CHRISTIAN - The Ugly Duckling : 150th Anniversary Commemorative Edition
74369: ANDERSON, CHARLES JOHN - Lake Ngami; or, Explorations and Discoveries During Four Years' Wanderings in the Wilds of Southwestern Africa; with Numerous Illustrations, Representing Sporting Adventures, Subjects of Natural History, Devices for Destroying Wild Animals, &C
72545: ANDERSON, HANS CHRISTIAN ; JIRI BEHOUNEK (ILL.) - The Nightingale : A Favourite Hans Andersen Story Retold for Young Children
74044: ANDERSON, ANDREW RUNNI - Alexander's Gate, Gog and Magog, and the Inclosed Nations
72980: ANDERSON, HANS - The Red Shoes
73823: ANDERSON, SHERWOOD - Winesburg, Ohio (the 100 Greatest Masterpieces of American Literature)
73271: ANDERSON, JAMES - Murder, She Wrote : The Murder of Sherlock Holmes
73004: ANDERSON, E.P. - Audels Millwrights & Mechanics Guide : Plant Maintainers - Builders - Riggers - Erectors - Operators - Construction Men and Engineers
71891: ANDREW SOLT & SAM EGAN - Imagine : John Lennon (in French); (in French)
74206: ANDREW, R. D. M (ED.) - Uss Lexington Cvg - 21 : Far East Deployment Cruise Book 1959
73611: ANDREWS, CHARLTON - The Resources of Mycroft Holmes : Solver of Historical Mysteries
70520: ANDREWS, J. CUTLER - The North Reports the CIVIL War / the South Reports the CIVIL War (2 Volume Set)
72418: ANNO, MITSUMASA - Anno's Journey
74024: ANONYMOUS - A Historical Description of Westminster Abbey, Its Monuments and Curiosities
73510: APTHEKER, HERBERT - Afro-American History : The Modern Era
72878: AQUINAS, THOMAS ; JOHN P. ROWAN (TRANSLATED BY) - Commentary on Aristotle's Metaphysics
74407: ARBUS, DIANE - Diane Arbus Revelations
61774: ARENSBERG, WALTER CONRAD - The Burial of Francis Bacon and His Mother in the Lichfield Chapter House : An Open Communication to the Dean and Chapter of Lichfield Concerning the Rosicrucians
73114: ARISTOTLE - Politics : The Translation of Benjamin Jowett (Franklin Library 100 Greatest Books of All Time)
71245: ARMITAGE, MERLE ; MCGEHEE, RAMIEL (ED.) - Fit for a King" : The Merle Armitage Book of Food
73687: ARMSTRONG, PAUL B. - The Challenge of Bewilderment : Understanding and Representation in James, Conrad, and Ford (Signed)
73683: ARMSTRONG, PAUL B. - The Phenomenology of Henry James
67131: ARMSTRONG, HENRY - Gloves, Glory and God: An Autobiography
73155: ARNDT, ALFRED - The Secrets of Happiness and Longevity or How to Be Happy and Live Longer, in Two Parts
74019: ARNOLD, MARY ELLICOT AND MABEL REED - In the Land of the Grasshopper Song : The Story of Two Girls in Indian Country in 1908 - 09
72691: ARTUCIO, HUGO FERNANDEZ - The Nazi Underground in South America
74116: ARTZYBASHEFF, BORIS (RETOLD AND ILLUS. BY) - Seven Simeons : A Russian Tale
73956: ASBURY, HERBERT - The Gangs of New York : An Informal History of the Underworld
74011: ASBURY, HERBERT - The Gangs of New York : An Informal History of the Underworld
74895: ASHBERY, JOHN - Houseboat Days : Poems
74671: ASHLEY, CLIFFORD W. - The Ashley Book of Knots
73640: ASTURIAS, MIGUEL ANGEL - Lo Major de Miguel Angel Asturias : Leyendas Y Poemas
73569: ATGET, EUGENE - Eugene Atget (Aperture Masters of Photography Series); with an Essay by Ben Lifson
68924: ATKINSON, RICHARD C., RICHARD J. HERRNSTEIN, GARDNER LINDZEY, AND R. DUNCAN LUCE - Stevens' Handbook of Experimental Psychology (Second Edtion): Volume 1, Perception and Motivation / Volume 2, Learning and Cognition (Two Volumes, Complete)
74280: ATLANTIC MONTHLY - The Atlantic Monthly. Volume VIII, July-December 1861. Number XLV
74391: ATTLA, GEORGE & BELLA LEVORSEN - Everything I Know About Training and Racing Sled Dogs
74470: ATWOOD, MARGARET - The Blind Assassin [Signed Copy]
61207: AUCHINCLOSS, LOUIS - The Partners (Signed)
73907: AUCHINCLOSS, LOUIS - The Winthrop Covenant (the 100 Greatest Masterpieces of American Literature)
74973: AUCHINCLOSS, LOUIS - The Rector of Justin (Signed Limited Edition)
65446: AUCHINCLOSS, LOUIS - Llego Como Un Ladron (I Come As a Thief) (Signed)
67003: AUCHINCLOSS, LOUIS - I Come As a Thief; (Signed Copy)
73804: AUDEN, W. H. - Collected Poems (the 100 Greatest Masterpieces of American Literature)
74612: AUSTEN, JANE . (TRADUCAO DE LUCIO CARDOSO) - Orgulho E Preconceito; (Pride and Prejudice)
69317: AUSTIN, MARY - The Flock
74940: AUTOMOBILE BLUE BOOKS CORPORATION - Official Automobile Blue Book 1922 'Standard Road Guide of America', Volume Two: Middle Atlantic and Southeastern
57563: AXON, JO - Sidecars
74805: AYERS, JAMES J. - Gold and Sunshine : Reminiscences of Early California
68833: BAAS, JOH. HERMANN AND H.E. HANDERSON - Outlines of the History of Medicine and the Medical Profession (Revised and Enlarged, Two Volume Set)
73651: BABBS, KEN (EDITOR) - Spit in the Ocean (Number 6 : The Cassady Issue); (Featuring Unpublished Manuscript of Neal Cassady)
64544: BACMEISTER, RHODA - Jet : The True Story of a Talking Crow
73484: BAILEY, L. H. - The Nursery-Manual : A Complete Guide to the Multiplication of Plants, (the Rural Manuals)
63705: BAILEY, ALICE A. - From Intellect to Intuition
73019: BAILEY, ALICE - Discipleship in the New Age, Volume One
71055: BAINES, F.E. - On the Track of the Mail-Coach: Being a Volume of Reminiscences Personal and Otherwise
74343: BAIRD, BIL - The Art of the Puppet (a Ridge Press Book)
70462: BAK, SAMUEL - Samuel Bak : Return to Vilna (Signed)
64080: BAKER, A. B. - An Outline of Neuropathology
72891: BALDWIN, JAMES - Nobody Knows My Name : More Notes of a Native Son
70859: BALDWIN, GORDON ; MALCOLM DANIEL ; SARAH GREENOUGH ; CONTRIBUTORS, RICHARD PARE ; PAM ROBERTS ; ROGER TAYLOR - All the Mighty World : The Photographs of Roger Fenton, 1852 -- 1860
71344: BALDWIN, T. W. - Shakspere's Love's Labor's Won : New Evidence from the Account Books of an Elizabethan Bookseller
67874: BALET, JAN - What Makes an Orchestra
72693: BALLS, LAWRENCE - The Development and Properties of Raw Cotton
72682: BALLS, W. LAWRENCE - The Cotton Plant in Egypt : Studies in Physiology and Genetics (Macmillan's Science Monographs)
73985: BAMONTE, TONY - Sheriffs 1911 -- 1989 : A History of Murders in the Wilderness of Washington's Last County
74849: BAND, WILLIAM F.X. - Warriors Who Ride the Wind [Signed Copy]
60991: BANKS, T.C. - The Dormant and Extinct Baronage of England or an Historical and Genealogical Account of the Lives, Public Employments, and Most Memorable Actions, of the English Nobility Who Have Flourished from the Norman Conquest to the Year 1806 -- Volume I Only (Complete by Itself); Deduced from Public Records, Ancient Historians, the Works of Eminent Heralds, and from Other Celebrated and Aproved Authorities
73479: BANKS, CHARLES EUGENE & OPIE READ - The History of the San Francisco Disaster and Mount Vesuvius Horror
74810: BARBUSSE, HENRI - Joseph Stalin : A New World Seen Through One Man
74469: BARGER, RALPH "SONNY - Hell's Angel : The Life and Times of Sonny Barger and the Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club [Signed Copy]
72661: BARKER-GRANVILLE, HARLEY - On Dramatic Method Being the Clark Lectures for 1930
74050: BARKER, NICOLAS AND GERARD G. AYMONIN - Botanical Prints from the Hortus Eystettensis : Selections from the Most Beautiful Botanical Book in the World
73109: BARKER, CLIVE - Coldheart Canyon (Signed)
59891: BARKLOW, IRENE LOCKE - School Days in the Wallowas : A History of the Ninety-One Schools and Communities Past and Present, of Wallowa County Oregon
74275: BARNES, JONATHAN - The Presocratic Philosophers. Volume 2: Empedocles to Democritus
73694: BARNES, J. C. - Jobs Currency a Minimum Wage
73783: BARNET, WILL - Will Barnet : 27 Master Prints
68797: BARNHART, EARL W. - Elements of an Educational Program for Laundry Salesmen; Bulletin No. 119 : Commercial Series No. 6
65333: BARNUM, P. T. - Struggles and Triumphs : Or, Forty Years' Recollections of P.T. Barnum
66567: BARRETT, JOHN PAUL - How to Make a Book: An Illustrated Guide to Making Books by Hand
62582: BARTH, FREDRIK (THOMAS FREDRIK WEYBYE) - Selected Essays of Fredrik Barth (2 Volumes); Volume I: Process and Form in Social Life; Volume II: Features of Person and Society in Swat: Collected Essays on Pathans (0710007205 and 0710006209)
74980: BARTH, JOHN - The Sot-Weed Factor (Signed Limited Edition)
72696: BARTLETT AND HALE - The Last Voyage of the Karluk : Flagship of Vilhjalmar Stefansson's Canadian Arctic Expediton of 1913 -- 16 As Related by Her Master, Robert A. Bartlett, and Here Set Down by Ralph T. Hale
69316: BASCOM, JOHN - Science, Philosophy and Religion
73875: BASKIN, WADE - The Sorcerer's Handbook
73430: BASKIN, HOSIE & LEONARD BASKIN - A Book of Dragons
74083: BASSIN, M. (EDITOR) - Antalogy : Five Hundred Years Yiddish Poetry
74330: BAST, WILLIAM - James Dean: A Biography
68759: BASTIAN, ADOLF - Reisen in Birma in Den Jahren 1861 - 1862
61132: BATTEN, M.I. AND D. SMITH - English Windmills (2 Volumes)
73744: BAUM, L. FRANK - The Emerald City of Oz
64348: BAUM, L. FRANK - The Lost Princess of Oz
71791: BAUM, L. FRANK - The Patchwork Girl of Oz
74290: BAUM, L. FRANK - Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz
72361: BAUMANN, HANS & REINHARD MICHI (KUNSTLER) - Mischa Und Sein Bruder (German Edition) (Mischa and His Brothers)
72362: BAUMANN, HANS & REINHARD MICHI (KUNSTLER) - Mischa Und Sein Bruder (German Edition) (Mischa and His Brothers)
72962: BAUSCH, RICHARD - Violence (Signed)
74838: BAYLER, WALTER L.J AND CECIL CARNES - Last Man Off Wake Island
73419: BAYLEY, BEATRICE - The French Family Heritage Book
65974: BEARD, DAN - The American Boys' Book of Bugs, Butterflies and Beetles
73158: BEAUFORT, EIGHTH DUKE OF ; ALFRED E. T. WATSON - Driving by His Grace the (Eighth) Duke of Beaufort, K.G. With Contributions by Other Authorities (the Badmitnton Library)
71045: BEAUFORT (HIS GRACE, THE DUKE OF BEAUFORT, HENRY CHARLES FITZROY SOMERSET) - The Badminton Library of Sports and Pastimes: Driving (Large Paper Edition)
64650: BEDDOES, THOMAS LOVELL (EDITED, WITH A MEMOIR BY SIR EDMUND GOSSE) - The Complete Works of Thomas Lovell Beddoes (Two Volumes, Complete)
74393: BEDFORD, JIMMY - Around the World on a Nickel (Signed by Author)
72601: BEEBE, LUCIUS AND CHARLES CLEGG - Virginia and Truckee: A Story of Virginia City and Comstock Times (Deluxe, Limited Edition)
72702: BEEBE, RUTH - Reminiscing Along the Sweetwater (Signed)
64967: BEECHER, EDWARD - History of Opinions on the Scriptural Doctrine of Retribution
70440: BEHRMAN'S JEWISH BOOK SHOP - Catalog of Jewish Books for the Jewish Home -- Gifts for Bar Mitzvah, Confirmation, Birthday, Wedding, Etc.
72874: BELL, LILIAN A. - Plant Fibers for Papermaking
73335: BELLOC, HILAIRE - The Bad Child's Book of Beasts
74321: BELLOC, HILAIRE - The Road
74467: BELLOW, SAUL - More Die of Heartbreak [Signed Copy]
73828: BELLOW, SAUL - Humboldt's Gift (the 100 Greatest Masterpieces of American Literature)
74683: BEMELMANS, LUDWIG - Madeline and the Gypsies
71790: BEMELMANS, LUDWIG - Madeline and the Bad Hat; (Limited, Signed Edition 1/885)
72832: BEMELMANS, LUDWIG - Sunshine; a Story About the City of New York
74685: BEMELMANS, LUDWIG - Madeline's Rescue
74688: BEMELMANS - Madeline
74686: BEMELMANS, LUDWIG - Madeline and the Bad Hat
74687: BEMELMANS, LUDWIG - Madeline in London
72621: BENDER, HAROLD S AND C. HENRY SMITH (EDS.) - The Mennonite Encyclopedia : A Comprehensive Reference Work on the Anabaptist - Mennonite Movement, Volume I, a - C.
74000: BENDER, ALBERT K. - Flying Saucers and the Three Men
74080: BENDER, ALBERT K. (WITH GRAY BARKER) - Flying Saucers & Three Men
72912: BENEDEK, ELEK - Palko the Piper, the Cowherd's Daughter, Salt (Granny's Storybooks) (Diglot Version)
73816: BENET, STEPHEN VINCENT - John Brown's Body (the 100 Greatest Masterpieces of American Literature)
74771: BENHAM, WILLIAM G. - The Art of Scientific Hand Reading : A Practical Treatise on the Art Commonly Called Palmistry
73724: BENNETT, DAVID - Roller Coaster : Wooden and Steel Coasters, Twisters and Corkscrews
69824: BENSON, D. J. - Representations and Cohomology, II : Cohomology of Groups and Modules
69164: BENSON, LARRY D. - Art and Tradition in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
74522: BENSON, E.F. - Scarlet and Hyssop
72929: BENTLEY PUBLISHING - Mercedes - Benz E-Class Owner's Bible 1986 - 1995 : History and Development
74195: BERGERON, ARTHUR W. LOT 74 - Guide to Louisiana Confederate Military Units 1861 - 1865
71909: BERINGER, J. ET AL. (PARTICLE DATA GROUP) - Physical Review D: Particles, Fields, Gravitation, and Cosmology Volume 86, Third Series, Number 1: Parts 1: Review of Particle Physics
52854: BERNSTEIN, CHARLES - Content's Dream: Essays 1975-1984
72502: BESANT, ANNIE - H.P. Blavatsky and the Masters of the Wisdom
72537: BESANT, ANNIE ; E. G. COOPER (COMPILED BY) - Daily Meditations on the Path and Its Qualifications
67886: BESANT, ANNIE - England, India, and Afghanistan and the Story of Afghanistan, or, Why the Tory Government Gags the Indian Press: A Plea for the Weak Against the Strong
72311: BESSAC, FRANK BAGNALL ; SUSANNE LEPPMANN BESSAC ; JOAN ORIELLE BESSAC STEELQUIST - Death on the Chang Tang Tibet, 1950 (Signed); the Education of an Anthropologist (Contributions to Anthropology Number 11)
72270: BESSAC, FRANK BAGNALL ; SUSANNE LEPPMANN BESSAC ; JOAN ORIELLE BESSAC STEELQUIST - Death on the Chang Tang Tibet, 1950 : The Education of an Anthropologist (Signed by Frank Bessac); (Contributions to Anthropology Number 11)
64931: BETTELHEIM, BRUNO - The Uses of Enchantment : The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales
68844: BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS - Better Homes and Gardens Sewing Book
68757: BEVANS, JOHN - A Brief View of the Doctrines of the Christian Religion As Professed by the Society of Friends, in the Form of Question and Answer, for the Instruction of Youth
73021: BEVANS, JOHN - A Brief View of the Doctrines of the Christian Religion As Professed by the Society of Friends, in the Form of Question and Answer, for the Instruction of Youth
65040: BEVIS, J.R. AND JNO. A. DONOVAN - The Modern Rifle Volume One: Practical Exterior Ballistics for Hunters and Marksmen
74635: BEWICK, THOMAS - A General History of Quadrupeds; the Figures Engraved in Wood by T. Bewick
72570: BHARATI, BABA PREMANAND - Sree Krishna : The Lord of Love (Parts I and II)
67991: BIDERMAN, ALBERT D., AND HERBERT ZIMMER (EDS.) - The Manipulation of Human Behavior
62744: BIDERMAN, ALBERT D., AND HERBERT ZIMMER (EDS.) - The Manipulation of Human Behavior
72833: BIESTY, STEPHEN AND PLATT, RICHARD - Stephen Biesty's Incredible Everything
74585: BINNS, ARCHIE - Peter Skene Ogden : Fur Trader
69587: BIRNBACH, LISA (ED.) - The Official Preppy Handbook : The Completely Outstanding Gift Edition
74082: BIRREN, FABER, ALBERT H. MUNSELL, AND WILHELM OSTWALD - Principles of Color; a Grammar of Color; the Color Primer (3-Volume Set)
72959: BIRREN, FABER (EDITOR) - A Grammar of Color: A Basic Treatise on the Color System of Albert H. Munsell; the Color Primer: A Basic Treatise on the Color System of Wilhelm Ostwald; Principles of Color: A Review of Past Traditions and Modern Theories of Color Harmony (3 Volume Set in Slipcase)
68793: BLACK, HUGH - Renewing a Friendship
71731: BLAEU, WILLEM (AFTER GERARD MERCATOR) - Sclavonia, Croatia, Bosnia Cum Dalmatiae Parte (Map, 1645)
73075: BLAINE, JAMES G. - Twenty Years of Congress : From Lincoln to Garfield. With a Review of the Events Which Led to the Political Revolution of 1860. Vol. II Only
74581: BLAIR, WALTER - Mark Twain's West
73377: BLAKE, QUENTIN - Beyond the Page
73376: BLAKE, QUENTIN - Beyond the Page
66186: BLANCHARD, LUCY M. - A Little Singing Bird
74781: BLANDING, DON - The Virgin of Waikiki : A Torrid Tragedy of the Tropics
74511: BLANTON, WYNDHAM B. - Medicine in Virginia in the Nineteenth Century
72422: BLAVATSKY, H.P. - Index to the Key to Theosophy
72549: BLAZEK, DOUGLAS - Skull Juices
67891: BLECH, RABBI BENJAMIN - The Secrets of Hebrew Words
72905: BLOCH, ROBERT - The Night of the Ripper
68173: BLOCH AND COMPANY - The Virginia Gazette: 1775
74699: BLOCH, CHAYIM - The Golem : Legends of the Ghetto of Prague
71530: BLOFELD, JOHN - The Chinese Art of Tea
72594: BLOMBERG, SIGMUND - How to Remember Names and Faces Facts and Figures: A Quick Way to a Better Memory
74055: BLOOMFIELD, JOHN - Know-How in the Surf (Signed)
74140: BLUMENTRITT, GUENTHER LOT 74 - Von Rundstedt : The Soldier and the Man
54041: BLY, ROBERT (WITH WILLIAM BOOTH, EDITOR) - A Little Book on the Human Shadow
74891: BLY, ROBERT - The Man in the Black Coat Turns (Signed)
73720: BLYTON, ENID - Do Look out, Noddy! (No. 15)
70517: BOGDANOVICH, PETER - Pieces of Time : Peter Bogdanovich on the Movies
72512: BOLLER, HENRY A. AND MILO MILTON QUAIFE (EDITOR) - Among the Indians: Eight Years in the Far West 1858-1866 (Lakeside Classics)
69723: BONHOEFFER, EMMI - Zeugen IM Auschwitz-Prozess ; Begegnungen Und Gedanken
66866: BONOSKY, PHILLIP - Washington's Secret War Against Afghanistan
74227: BOOTH, STEPHEN - The Book Called Holinshed's Chronicles: An Account of Its Inception, Purpose, Contributors, Contents, Publication, Revision and Influence on Wlliam Shakespeare, with a Leaf from the 1587 Edition
73949: BOOTHBY - Cocktail Bill" Boothby's World Drinks and How to MIX Them; Completely Revised and Greatly Enlarged Into an Unabridged Encyclopedia of All Popular Beverages
66518: BOOTS, GYPSY (BOOTZIN, ROBERT) - Bare Feet and Good Things to Eat (Signed)
64623: BORGESON, GRIFFITH - How to Build and Race Hot Rods
65925: BOSKOVITS, M., M. MOJZER AND A. MUCSI - Das Christliche Museum Von Esztergom (Gran)
64144: BOTEACH, SHMUEL - Wrestling with the Divine : A Jewish Response to Suffering
74081: BOUTWELL, JOHN M. (EDITOR) - The Salt Lake Region; (International Geological Congress XVI Session, Guidebook 17 -- Excursion C-1)
63701: BOWER, B.M. - Chip of the Flying U * * * Signed Copy * * *
62007: BOYD, THOMAS PARKER - The Finger of God, or Lessons in Spiritual Healing
74932: BOYLE, JOHN RICHARDS - Soldiers True; the Story of the One Hundred and Eleventh Regiment Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteers, and of Its Campaigns in the War for the Union 1861-1865
73091: BOYLE, T. CORAGHESSAN - Budding Prospects : A Pastoral (Signed)
61065: BRACKEN, PEG - The I Hate to Cook Book
73125: BRADBURY, RAY (INTRO), ROBERT C. DILLE (ED.), PHIL NOWLAN - The Collected Works of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
74192: BRADBURY, RAY LOT 74 - Fahrenheit 451 (Easton Press Collector's Edition)
74761: BRADFORD, CHARLES BARKER - The Brook Trout and the Determined Angler : A Little Pocket Volume Containing Several Descriptions of a Fly Fisher's Paradise, and a Few Practical Suggestions for the Young Angler
73969: BRALLIAR, FLOYD - Zip the Coon and Other Stories
72589: BRANDEIS, MADELINE - Little Rose of the Mesa
64275: BRASSEY , ANNIE - The Last Voyage
73872: BRASSEY, THOMAS (SIR) (FIRST EARL) - On Work and Wages
65851: BRAUN, FELIX - Laterna Magica: Ausgewahite Erzahlungen Und Legenden
74058: BRAUTIGAN, RICHARD - The Tokyo-Montana Express (Signed)
70871: BRAY, WILLIAM - Diary and Correspondence of John Evelyn, F.R. S to Which Is Subjoined the Private Correspondence between King Charles I. And Sir Edward Nicholas, and between Sir Edward Hyde, Afterwards Earl of Clarendon, and Sir Richard Browne. Edited from the Original Mss. At Wotton by William Bray. A New Edition, in Four Volumes. Corrected, Revised, and Enlarged. Complete 4 Volume Set
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70064: BREHM, A. E. - Illustrirtes Thierlebem, Volume 2
55990: BREMSER, RAY - Drive Suite; an Essay on Composition, Materials, References, Etc.
66746: BRENNAN, DAVE - 1996 Annual Precision Shooting
66526: BRENNAN, DAVE - 1997 Annual Precision Shooting
74175: BREUER, WILLIAM B. - Bloody Clash at Sadzot: Hitler's Final Strike for Antwerp. [Signed Copy]
74208: BREUER, WILLIAM B. - Bloody Clash at Sadzot. Hitler's Final Strike for Antwerp. [Signed Copy]
74692: BREWER, WILLIAM H. (AND FRANCIS P. FARQUHAR, EDITOR) - Up and Down California in 1860-1864; the Journal of William H. Brewer, Professor of Agriculture in the Sheffield Scientific School from 1864 to 1903
73573: BRICKHILL, PAUL (LT.) - The Great Escape
72729: BRIN, DAVID - The Postman (Signed Arc)
66600: BRINDZE, RUTH - Not to Be Broadcast: The Truth About the Radio
73095: BRITANNICA (A SOCIETY OF GENTLEMEN IN SCOTLAND) - Encyclopaedia Britannica (Facsimile of the 1771 First Edition, Three-Volume Set); a Dictionary of Arts and Sciences, Compiled Upon a New Plan ; in Which the Different Sciences and Arts Are Digested Into Distinct Treatises or Systems, and the Various Technical Terms, Etc. Are Explained As They Occur in the Order of the Alphabet / by a Society of Gentlemen in Scotland .". Bookseller
74531: BRITTAIN, VERA - Testament of Friendship (Signed)
61555: BRITTAIN, VERA - One of These Little Ones" : A Plea to Parents and Others for Europe's Children
73930: BRITTEN, EMMA HARDINGE (TRANS. AND ED. BY) - Ghost Land or Researches Into the Mysteries of Occultism Illustrated in a Series of Autobiographical Sketches. In Two Parts
68788: BROCKETT, L.P. (DR.) (LINUS PIERPONT) - The Camp, the Battlefield, and the Hospital; or Lights and Shadows of the Great Rebellion
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73890: BROOK, G. L. - A History of the English Language
72852: BROOK, G. L. AND R. F. LESLIE - Layamon : Brut Edited from British Museum Ms. Cotton Caligula A. IX and British Museum Ms. Cotton Otho C. XIII, Volume II Text (Lines 8021 - End) (the Early English Text Society No. 277)
73885: BROOKE, RUPERT - The Collected Poems of Rupert Brooke
74734: BROSNAN, JIM - The Long Season (Signed)
74959: BROWN, JOHN - Rab and His Friends
70235: BROWN MANUFACTURING CO - Brown" Military Gun, Ballard Sporting Rifles, Southerner Pistols, &C. Manufactured by the Brown Manufacturing Co. , Illustrated Catalogue
72533: BROWN, THOMAS KITE, W. J. PELO AND VIOLET BENDER - The Secretary's Manual : A Modern Guide to Correct English, with Approved Forms for Business Official, and Social Correspondence
55196: BROWN, MARGARET WISE - The Streamlined Pig
73393: BROWN, MARK H. AND W. R. FELTON - Before Barbed Wire
74806: BROWN, ALONZO - History of the Fourth Regiment of Minnesota Infantry Volunteers During the Great Rebellion : 1861 - 1865
56898: BROWNE, CHARLES FARRAR (ARTEMUS WARD) - Artemus Ward, His Book
57198: BROWNE, FRANCES - Granny's Wonderful Chair
68271: BROWNING, ELIZABETH BARRETT - Napoleon III in Italy: And Other Poems
74250: BROWNLOW, DONALD GREY - Panzer Baron: The Military Exploits of General Hasso Von Manteuffel
74488: BRUEMMER, FRED - The Long Hunt
73013: BRYANT, RALPH CLEMENT - Logging : The Principles and General Methods of Operation in the United States
73422: BRYANT, WILLIAM CULLEN - Picturesque America ; or, the Land We Live in. A Delineation by Pen and Pencil of the Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, Forests, Water-Falls, Shores, Canons, Valleys, Cities, and Other Picturesque Features of Our Country. With Illustrations on Steel and Wood, by Eminent American Artists, Volumes I and II
73364: BUCHAN, NORMAN (SELECTED BY) ; - 101 Scottish Songs (Scotia Booklets)
72599: BUCKLEY, ARTHUR - Principles and Deceptions
64078: BUECHNER, FREDERICK - The Entrance to Porlock
64605: BUELL, MARJORIE HENDERSON - Little Lulu : Her Train Ride to Grandma's
72615: BUFFUM, EDWARD GOULD - Six Months in the Gold Mines; from a Journal of Three Years' Residence in Upper and Lower California 1847 - 8 - 9
71484: BUKOWSKI, CHARLES - If We Take
71349: BUKOWSKI, CHARLES (ROBSON, WILLIAM J. EDITOR/PUBLISHER) - Southern California Lit Scene, Vol. I, No. 1 December 1970; an Adventure in Personal Journalism
71065: BUKOWSKI, CHARLES - The Roominghouse Madrigals : Early Selected Poems 1946-1966, (Signed with an Original Silkscreen Print); Limited Edition, Numbered, Signed, with an Original Silkscreen Print Tipped in
74076: BUKOWSKI, CHARLES - While the Music Played : Sparrow 5
74075: BUKOWSKI, CHARLES - Africa, Paris, Greece : Sparrow 30
71457: BUKOWSKI, CHARLES - Barfly : The Continuing Saga of Henry Chinaski
73662: BUKOWSKI, CHARLES - One for the Old Boy : A New Year's Greeting from Black Sparrow Press
73661: BUKOWSKI, CHARLES - One for the Old Boy : A New Year's Greeting from Black Sparrow Press
71481: BUKOWSKI, CHARLES - Barfly : Official Film Press Kit
71486: BUKOWSKI, CHARLES - A Fine Man, a Fine Book
71597: BUKOWSKI, CHARLES - The Charles Bukowski Tapes
71631: BUKOWSKI, CHARLES - Night Work (Signed); (Broadside)
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74074: BUKOWSKI, CHARLES - We'LL Take Them : Sparrow 72
74073: BUKOWSKI, CHARLES - Maybe Tomorrow : Sparrow 54
72916: BUKOWSKI, CHARLES - Dangling in the Tournefortia
73657: BUKOWSKI, CHARLES - A Love Poem : A New Year's Greeting from the Black Sparrow Press
73658: BUKOWSKI, CHARLES - The Last Generation : A New Year's Greeting from the Black Sparrow Press
73659: BUKOWSKI, CHARLES - The Last Generation : A New Year's Greeting from the Black Sparrow Press
72892: BULLEN, F. T. - Cruise of the Cachalot (the Companion Books)
73331: BUNKER, JOHN - Revolt
72544: BUNTING, EVE ; KAETHE ZEMACH (ILL.) - The Traveling Men of Ballycoo
72040: BUNYAN, JOHN (& REV.THOMAS SCOTT) - Bunyan's Whole Allegorical Works: Comprising the Pilgrim's Progress in Three Parts, with Notes, by the Rev. Thomas Scott, Rector of Aston Sandford; Also, the Holy War, the Life and Death of Master Badman, and Visions of Heaven and Hell. . ; to Which Is Added a Memoir of the Author, Embellished with a Finely Engraved Portrait, and Vignette Title Page
69924: BURGESS, THORNTON W. - Old Mother West Wind
74587: BURGNER, GOLDEN FILLERS AND MELODEY MOZELEY HAUCH - Washington County Tennessee Marriages 1780-1870
74342: BURKE, JOHN - The Beatles in a Hard Day's Night
73470: BURNETT, FRANCES HODGSON - Little Lord Fauntleroy
72281: BURNETT, FRANCES HODGSON - Little Lord Fauntleroy
74961: BURNS, ROBERT AND DOUGLAS, WILLIAM SCOTT (ED.) - The Complete Poetical Works of Robert Burns Arranged in the Order of Their Earliest Publication. Volume First, Pieces Published by the Author ; with New Annotations, Biographical Notice, Etc. Volume Second, Pieces Published Posthumously ; with New Annotations, Biographical Notices, Etc. (Kilmarnock Edition, 2 Volumes Complete)
72612: BURNS, IRMA GERNER - Maui's Mittee and the General : A Glimpse Into the Lives of Mr. And Mrs. Frank Fowler Baldwin
72961: BURROUGHS, WILLIAM (JR.) - Speed
70264: BURROWS, ADRIENNE, AND IWAN SCHUMACHER - Portraits of the Insane: The Case of Dr. Diamond
72886: BURT, CYRIL - A Psychological Study of Typography
72416: BURTON, RICHARD (ISABEL BURTON, EDITOR) - Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to Al-Madinah and Meccah (2 Vols. , Complete); the Memorial Edition of the Works of Captain Sir Richard F. Burton
72435: BURTON, ISABEL - The Life of Captain Sir Richard F. Burton (2 Vols. , Complete); with Numerous Portraits, Illustrations and Mapstylston and Edwards
74456: BURTON, CHARLES PIERCE - The Bashful Man and Others
72041: BURTON, VIRGINIA LEE - Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel
73889: BURTT, EDWIN A. - Man Seeks the Divine : A Study in the History and Comparison of Religions
61340: BUSCH, FREDERICK - Invisible Mending (Signed)
68747: BUSCHOW, K.H.J., H. UCHIDA AND H. KLEINKE - Journal of Alloys and Compounds: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Materials Science and Solid-State Chemistry and Physics: Volumes 408-412 (2006)
72514: BUSHMAN, RICHARD LYMAN AND JEB WOODWORTH - Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling: A Cultural Biography of Mormonism's Founder
74450: BUSHNELL, DAVID I. - Burials of the Algonquian, Siouan and Caddoan Tribes West of the Mississippi (Smithsonian Institution Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin 83)
74748: BUSHONG, MILLARD K. - General Turner Ashby and Stonewall's Valley Campaign
69800: BUSKIRK, MARTHA - The Contingent Object of Contemporary Art
73520: BUTLER, ELLIS PARKER - That Pup
73973: BUTLER, SAMUEL - Hudibras in Three Parts Written in the Time of the Late Wars : A New Edition Adorned with Cuts
72383: BUTTERWORTH, HEZEKIAH - The Log School-House on the Columbia : A Tale of the Pioneers of the Great Northwest
73918: BYRD, RUSSELL A. - Russ's Bus : The Adventures of an American Bus Driver (Signed)
72472: BYRD, ANN - Narratives, Pious Meditations, and Religious Exercises, of Ann Byrd, Late of the City of New York, Deceased
69987: BYRD, DEAN H., STANLEY R. CLARKE AND JANICE M. HEALY - Oregon Burial Site Guide
71856: BYRD, DEAN H., STANLEY R. CLARKE AND JANICE M. HEALY - Oregon Burial Site Guide
73459: CABEZAS, OMAR - La Montaña Es Algo Más Que Una Immensa Estepa Verde
70275: CADELL, T. AND W. DAVIES - Anecdotes of Distinguished Persons, Chiefly of the Last and Two Preceding Centuries (Volume I) Fifth Edition
71843: CAHLANDER, ADELE ; WITH SUZANNE BAIZERMAN - Double-Woven Treasures from Old Peru
69776: CAHN, IRVIN - A Defense Manual of Commando Jiu Jitsu
73527: CAHN, JULIUS - Julius Cahn's Official Theatrical Guide Containing Authenticinformation of the Theatres and Attractions in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Cuba
73472: CALABRELLA, E.C. (DE) BARONESS - Evenings at Haddon Hall, a Series of Romantic Tales of Olden Time (with Illustrations by George Cattermole)
74749: CALDERWOOD, W. L. - The Salmon Rivers and Lochs of Scotland
74972: CALDWELL, ERSKINE - God's Little Acre (Signed Limited Edition)
73722: CALKINS, EARNEST ELMO - Louder Please!" : The Autobiography of a Deaf Man
73565: CALLAHAN, HARRY - Harry Callahan (Aperture Masters of Photography Series); with an Essay by Jonathan Williams
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72387: CALVER, WILLIAM LOUIS AND REGINALD PELHAM BOLTON - History Written with Pick and Shovel : Military Buttons, Belt-Plates, Badges, and Other Relics Excavated from Colonial, Revolutionary, and War of 1812 Camp Sites by the Field Exploration Committee of the New-York Historical Society
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66230: CALVIN, JACK - Sitka
69449: CAMP, RAYMOND R. (ED.) - The Hunter's Encyclopedia
74982: CAMPBELL, ALISTAIR - An Anglo-Saxon Dictionary Based on the Manuscript Collections of Joseph Bosworth (Enlarged Addenda and Corrigenda to the Supplement by T. Northcote Toller)
71948: CAMPBELL, JOSEPH - Historical Atlas of World Mythology (Five Separate Books)
71947: CANSTEIN AND FRANCKE - Die Bibel, Oder Die Ganze Heilige Schrift Des Alten Und Neuen Testaments, Nach Der Deutschen Ubersetzung D. Martin Luthers. Neue Ausgabe Mit Der Petitschrift. Siebente Auflage. Zum Erstenmal Mit Neuen Stehenbleibenden Schriften
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71830: CAPEK, KAREL - Dashenka : The Life of a Puppy
71435: CAPON, ROBERT FARRAR - Supper of the Lamb : A Culinary Reflection (Signed)
72950: CARD, ORSON SCOTT, LARRY NIVEN, ROBERT LYNN ASPRIN ET ALIA - Ender's Game: Novelette in Analog: Science Fiction / Science Fact, August 1977
74071: CARDENAL, ERNESTO - Los Campesinos de Solentiname Pintan El Evangelio (Signed); (the People of Solentiname Paint the Gospel)
74261: CARELL, PAUL - The Foxes of the Desert. The Story of the Afrika Corps
74883: CARELL, PAUL - Invasion -- They'Re Coming! the German Account of the Allied Landings and the 80 Days' Battle for France
72942: CARLSON, KENNETH L. AND LAURENCE C. BINFORD - Birds of Western North America (Signed)
70375: CARLSON, OLIVER - Brisbane : A Candid Biography
72996: CARNAC, CAROL - A Policeman at the Door (a Crime Club Selection)
74826: CARNEGIE, DALE - How to Win Friends and Influence People
74260: CARPENTER, JOHN A. - Sword and Olive Branch : Oliver Otis Howard
63505: CARPENTER, DORR AND NORMAN POLMAR - Submarines of the Imperial Japanese Navy
71808: CARRINGTON, HENRY B. (GENERAL) - The Indian Question: An Address; the Religion of the Dakota Indians; the Official Report of the Phil Kearney Massacre; (American Reprint)
72737: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland : In Words of One Syllable
71850: CARROLL, LEWIS - The Hunting of the Snark: An Agony in Eight Fits
63054: CARRUTH, HAYDEN - Scrambled Eggs and Whiskey : Poems 1991 - 1995
74944: CARSON, RACHEL - Silent Spring
61495: CARTER, JIMMMY - Palestine : Peace Not Apartheid (Signed by Author)
74622: CARTER, BETTY WOERNER - I Can't Hear You in the Dark : How to Learn and Teach Lipreading
60487: CARTIER-BRESSON, HENRI, GERARD MACE, ERIK ORSENNA - Henri-Cartier Bresson: City and Landscapes; (Still in Shrink Wrap)
71603: CARVER, RAYMOND - Where I'm Calling from : New and Selected Stories (Signed)
67702: CASE, ROBERT ORMOND - River of the West: A Story of Opportunity in the Columbia Empire
74033: CASERTA, PEGGY, DAN KNAPP (AS TOLD TO) - Going Down with Janis
72583: CASEY, JOHN - Spartina
73652: CASSAN, STEPHEN HYDE - Lives of the Bishops of Bath and Wells from the Earliest to the Present Period
72543: CASTELLO DELL 'OVO - Ricordo Di Napoli 32 Vedute
74504: CASTNER, LIEUTENANT JOSEPH C. - Lieutenant Castner's Alaskan Exploration, 1898. A Journey of Hardship and Suffering
428: CATALOGUE STUDIES - Catalogue Studies # 5 (American Pulleys/Whitman Drills)
71111: CATTON, BRUCE - The Centennial History of the CIVIL War : The Coming Fury ; Terrible Swift Sword ; Never Call Retreat (Three Volume Set, Complete)
72923: CATTON, BRUCE ; LEWIS GANNETT (ED. BY) - This Hallowed Ground : The Story of the Union Side of the CIVIL War (Brothers' War Edition)
74974: CATTON, BRUCE, E. B. LONG (DIRECTOR OF RESEARCH) - The Coming Fury (Signed Limited Edition)
73904: CATTON, BRUCE AND WILLIAM B. CATTON - The Bold and Magnificent Dream (the First Edition Society)
72846: CAXTON, WILLIAM (TRANSLATED BY) ; N. F. BLAKE (ED. BY) - The History of Reynard the Fox (Early English Text Society No. 263)
74753: CENDRARS, BLAISE - A Night in the Forest : First Fragments of an Autobiography
63052: CENTRE D'ART SANTA MONICA - Le Demon Des Anges : 16 Artistes Chicanos Autour de Los Angeles
61994: CENTURY COMPANY - The Century Monthly Magazine: Vol. CXVII; New Series: Vol. XCV. 117 : November - April 1928-1929
69474: CHACKO, DAVID - Brick Alley
74807: CHAMBERLAYNE, HAM - Ham Chamberlayne - Virginian : Letters and Papers of an Artillery Officer in the War for Southern Independence 1861-1865; with Introduction, Notes and Index by His Son G.G. Chamberlayne
70995: CHAMBERS, E. K. - The Elizabethan Stage (4 Volume Set, Complete)
74258: CHAMBERS, LENOIR - Stonewall Jackson. [Two Volume Set in Slipcase]; Volume I: The Legend and the Man to Valley V. Volume II: Seven Days I to the Last March
70103: CHAMPLIN, J. T. - The Oration of Demosthenes on the Crown : With Notes
66074: CHAMPNEY, ELIZABETH W., AND FRERE CHAMPNEY - Romance of Old Belgium: From Caesar to Kaiser
71610: CHANDLER, RAYMOND - Farewell My Lovely; (a Black Widow Thriller)
73888: CHANG, GARMA C. C. - The Buddhist Teaching of Totality : The Philosophy of Hwa Yen Buddhism
68139: CHAPMAN, JOHN - Tell It to Sweeney: The Informal History of the New York Daily Times
70505: CHARLESWORTH, JAMES H. (ED.) - The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha, Volume 1 : Apocalyptic Literature and Testaments
62653: CHAST, ROZ - Childproof
68272: CHATTEN, L. G. - Pharmaceutical Chemistry (2 Volumes, Complete)
62478: CHAUTAUQUA TOURS, INC - The Chautauqua Way to Europe the Orient and Around the World
66259: CHAUVET, JEAN-MARIE, ELIETTE BRUNEL DESCHAMPS AND CHRISTIAN HILLAIRE - Dawn of Art: The Chauvet Cave, the Oldest Known Paintings in the World
72725: CHEATHAM, O. R. (PRES.) - Wedge, Sr
73754: CHEBEL, MALEK - Symbols of Islam
57991: CHERNYKH, P. YA - Lazyk Ulozheniia 1649 Goda; Voprosy Orfologii, Fonetik : I Morfologii V Sviazi B Istorie Ulozhennoi Knigi. The Language of the Law Code of 1649 : Questions of Orthography, Phonetics & Morphology in Connection with the History of the Law Code Book
74952: CHERRY, NIALL - Tunisian Tales : The 1st Parachute Brigade in North Africa 1942-43
73480: CHESTERFIELD, EARL OF, (LEIGH, OLIVER - INTRODUCTION AND TOPICAL HEADINGS) - Letters to His Son by the Earl of Chesterfield on the Fine Art of Becoming a Man of the World and a Gentleman, Two Volumes, Complete
74119: CHIARELLO, MICHAEL WITH JANET FLETCHER - Napa Stories : Profiles, Reflections & Recipes from the Napa Valley (Signed, Limited Edition)
74187: CHIARELLO, MICHAEL WITH JANET FLETCHER - Napa Stories : Profiles, Reflections & Recipes from the Napa Valley
73334: CHIDSEY, DONALD BARR - The Gentleman from New York : A Life of Roscoe Conkling
74577: CHINN, GEORGE M. - The Machine Gun : History, Evolution and Development of Manual, Automatic, and Airborne Repeating Weapons Volume 1 [One]
73389: CHIPPERFIELD, JOSEPH E. - Seokoo of the Black Wind
74871: CHONZ, SELINA - The Snowstorm
67670: CHRISTENSEN, STEVEN M. - Quantum Theory of Gravity: Essays in Honor of the 60th Birthday of Bryce S Dewitt
72623: CHRYSLER MOTORS CORP - 66 Dodge Dart Coronet Service Manual
69472: CHUNG-YUAN, CHANG (ED.) - Original Teachings of Ch'an Buddhism : Selected from the Transmission of the Lamp
68783: CINTRÓN, CONCHITA - Recuerdos (Signed )
73763: CLARK, WILLIAM, AND JOHN BACH MCMASTER - History of the Expedition Under the Command of Captains Lewis and Clark : Volume II; to the Sources of the Missouri, Thence Across the Rocky Mountains and Down the River Columbia to the Pacific Ocean; Performed During the Years 1804-5-6, by Order of the Government of the United States; a Complete Reprint of the Biddle Edition of 1814, to Which All the Members of the Expedition Contributed; with an Account of the Louisiana Purchase
73970: CLARK, F. LE GROS - Paley's Natural Theology. Revised to Harmonize with Modern Science
72377: CLARKE, GEORGE KUHN - History of Needham, Massachusetts 1711-1911; Including West Needham, Now the Town of Wellesley
64143: CLAXTON, WILLIAM - Jazz Seen
73729: CLEARWATER, BONNIE - Mark Rothko Works on Paper
74659: CLEMENT, CHARLES - The Toy Hunt
69221: CLEMOES, PETER (CHIEF ED.) - Anglo-Saxon England (Volumes 1 - 8)
73396: CLOUGH, A. H. - Plutarch's Lives : The Translation Called Dryden's. Corrected from the Greek and Revised, Volumes I & II
68850: CLOVER, CAROL J. AND JOHN LINDOW - Islandica, Volume XLV: Old Norse-Icelandic Literature, a Critical Guide
74213: CLYMER, D. - The Rosicrucians: Their Teachings and Mysteries According to the Manifestoes Issued at Various Times by the Fraternity Itself. Also, Some of Their Secret Teachings and the Mystery of the Order Explained
69735: COALE, ANSLEY J. AND SUSAN COTTS WATKINS (EDS.) - The Decline of Fertility in Europe : The Revised Proceedings of a Conference on the Princeton European Fertility Project
66123: COCAGNAC, A.M., WITH PICTURES BY ALAIN LE FOLL - Three Trees of the Samurai; a Here-and-There Book from Harlan Quist
60972: COCHRANE, A. L. - Background to Migraine : Third Migraine Symposium, 24th-25th April 1969
73081: COCO, EUGENE BRADLEY - The Wishing Well
73082: COCO, EUGENE BRADLEY - The Fiddler's Son
74636: COE, SUE AND HOLLY METZ - How to Commit Suicide in South Africa
73342: COFFEY, JESSE L. AND GEORGE HOEPER - Bacon and Beans from a Gold Pan
69737: COHEN, OCTAVUS ROY - Highly Colored
72730: COLACELLO, BOB - Holy Terror : Andy Warhol Close Up
74188: COLE, HUGH M. LOT 74 - The European Theater of Operations : The Ardennes : Battle of the Bulge (United States Army in World War II)
73083: COLE, GEORGE B. - A Frontier Boy and Other Wild Animals : An Autobiography
73855: COLES, ROBERT, JANE HALLOWELL COLES - Women of Crisis : Lives of Struggle and Hope (First Edition Society)
74374: COLLIER, CALVIN L. (MAJ. RET.) - The War Child's Children (Signed)
61867: COLLINS, PHILIP - Radios the Golden Age
72897: COLLINS, BILLY - Nine Horses - Poems (Inscribed/Signed)
73482: COLLISON, WILLIAM HENRY & CHARLES LILLARD (ED. BY) - In the Wake of the War Canoe : A Stirring Record of Forty Years' Successful Labour, Peril and Adventure Amongst the Savage Indian Tribes of the Pacific Coast, and the Piratical Head-Hunting Haida of the Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia
64538: COLUM, PADRAIC - The Girl Who Sat by the Ashes
73112: COLUM, PADRAIC - The Adventures of Odysseus and the Tale of Troy (the Children's Homer)
65332: COMBARIEU, J. - Histoire de la Musique Des Origines a la Mort de Beethoven
72440: COMBE, WILLIAM (THOMAS ROWLANDSON, ILLUSTRATOR) - Tour of Doctor Syntax: In Search of the Picturesque
73107: COMMAGER, HENRY STEELE AND LYND WARD - America's Robert E. Lee
62542: COMMISSIONER OF PATENTS FOR INVENTIONS - Patents for Inventions: Abridgments of Specifications Relating to Roads and Ways: A.D. 1619-1866
62932: COMMISSIONER OF PATENTS - Patents for Inventions: Abridgments of Specifications Relating to Saddlery, Harness, Stable Fittings, &C.A. D. 1625-1866
74735: CONDE, JESSE C. - Sugar Trains Pictorial [Signed Copy]
67075: CONDRY, KEN AND LARRY JONES - The Colt Commemoratives 1961-1986
71082: CONGREVE, WILLIAM - The Works of Mr. Congreve, in Two Volumes. A New Edition, Ornamented with Copper-Plates to Which Is Prefixed, a Life of the Author
72492: CONRAD, JOSEPH (EDITED BY DAVID R. SMITH) - Conrad's Manifesto: Preface to a Career. The History of the Prefact to the 'Nigger of the Narcissus,' with Facsimiles of the Manuscripts
74104: CONRAD, BARNABY - Ghost Hunting in Montana : A Search for Roots in the Old West
74444: COOK, JAMES (CAPTAIN), AND R.A. SKELTON (EDITOR) - The Journals of Captain James Cook on His Voyages of Discovery : Charts & Views Drawn by Cook and His Officers and Reproduced from the Original Manuscripts
74914: COOLING, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN - Jubal Early's Raid on Washington 1864 (Signed)
73647: COONEY, BARBARA - Chanticleer and the Fox
72308: COOPER, GALE - Billy and Paulita : A Novel
72309: COOPER, GALE - Billy the Kid's Writings, Words & Wit (Signed)
72310: COOPER, GALE - Megahoax: The Strange Plot to Exhume Billy the Kid and Become President (Signed)
73799: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE - The Last of the Mohicans : A Narrative of 1757 (the 100 Greatest Masterpieces of American Literature)
1522: COOPER, MICHAEL H. - Dues : A Novel of War and After (Signed by Author)
65951: COOVER, ROBERT - A Theological Position (Signed Copy);
65072: COPE, KENNETH L. - Stevens Pistols and Pocket Rifles
72384: CORLETT, WILLIAM THOMAS - Early Reminiscences 1860-1904
64829: CORLEY, EDWIN - Acapulco Gold
70051: CORNWELL, BERNARD - Sharpe's Gold : Richard Sharpe and the Destruction of Almeida, August 1810
72401: CORSO, GREGORY - The Vestal Lady on Brattle and Other Poems
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73066: CORTAZAR, JULIO ; ALECIO DE ANDRADE - Paris : Essence of an Image, Book II (the Master Collection)
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73957: CROCKATT, ERNEST L. - The Murder of Til Taylor a Great Western Sheriff
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74090: DAGGETT, A. S. (BRIG.-GEN ) - America in the China Relief Expedition; an Account of the Brilliant Part Taken by United States Troops in That Memorable Campaign in the Summer of 1900, for the Relief of the Beleaguered Legations in Peking, China
73512: DAHLBERG, EDWARD - Cipango's Hinder Door
73514: DAHLBERG, EDWARD - The Olive of Minerva or the Comedy of a Cuckold
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74611: DALL, WILLIAM H. - Alaska and Its Resources
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56477: DAVIDSON, B. - The Analytical Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon; Consisting of an Alphabetical Arrangement of Every Word and Inflection Contained in the Old Testament Scriptures, Precisely As They Occur in the Sacred Text, with a Grammatical Analysis of Each Word, and Lexicographical Illustration of the Meanings
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61203: DELILLO, DON - Libra
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63730: DENSMORE, FRANCES - Yuman and Yaqui Music
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73645: DEPAOLA, TOMIE - The Legend of the Poinsettia
74010: DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS, CITY AND COUNTY OF SAN FRANCISCO - Twenty-Sixth Annual Report of the Superintendent of Public Schools for the School Year Ending June 30, 1879
74373: DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR, CENSUS OFFICE - Report on Population and Resources of Alaska at the Eleventh Census : 1890
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58314: DEZELL, R. - Moike Spakes His Moind
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71935: DICKENS, CHARLES - Little Nell from the Old Curiosity-Shop of Charles Dickens
70221: DICKENS, FRANK - Albert Herbert Hawkins (the Naughtiest Boy in the World) and the Space Rocket
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74642: DICKEY, JAMES - Deliverance (Signed, Limited Edition)
72898: DICKSON, CARTER (JOHN DICKSON CARR) - The Judas Window (a Sir Henry Merrivale Mystery)
62540: DICKSON, GORDON R. - The Final Encyclopedia ****Signed****
71960: DICKSON, JOHN A. - The New Analytical Bible and Dictionary of the Bible : Authorized King James Version with the Addition in Many Instances, Within Brackets, of the More Correct Renderings of the American Standard Version (1901), Comprehensive General Index Edition
74828: DIETZ - Dietz Confederate States Catalog and Handbook 1937 Edition; Comprising the Handstamped "Paids", Postmasters' Provisionals, the General Issues, Official and Semi-Official Envelopes, Prisoners', Flag-of-Truce and Soldiers' Letters, Railroad, Ship and Express Cancellations, Postmarks in Color; and in Addition, a Chapter on Counterfeits, Fake Cancellations and Other Useful Data
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73517: DINESEN, ISAK - Winter's Tales
66363: DISNEY, WALT AND FELIX SALTEN - Walt Disney's Bambi (Extra Illustrated Plates); (Adapted from the Novel by Felix Salten)
63267: DISNEY, WALT - The Wonderful Worlds of Walt Disney (4 Volumes, Complete)
74859: DIXON, MAYNARD - Rim-Rock and Sage : The Collected Poems of Maynard Dixon
74411: DIXON, MAYNARD] BURNSIDE, WESLEY - Maynard Dixon : Artist of the West (Signed)
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74252: DOENITZ, KARL (ADMIRAL) - Memoirs: Ten Years and Twenty Days
60939: DONATH, B. - Physikalisches Spielbuch Fur Die Jugend : Zugleich Eine Leichtfassliche Anleitung Zu Selbststandigem Experimentieren Und Frolichem Nachdenken
74097: DONLEAVY, J. P. - The Destinies of Darcy Dancer, Gentleman (First Edition Society)
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66317: DONNELLY, JOHN J. - The Handloader's Manual of Cartridge Conversions
72899: DOODY, MARGARET - Aristotle Detective ("a Joan Kahn Book) (a Harper Novel of Suspense)
57031: DORE, GUSTAVE - The Dore Bible Gallery; Containing One Hundred Superb Illustrations and a Page of Explanatory Letter-Press Facing Each
72937: DORIS ULMANN AND AND ROBERT COLES - The Darkness and the Light : Photographs by Doris Ulmann
73072: DORIS ULMANN AND AND ROBERT COLES - The Darkness and the Light Photographs by Doris Ulmann
72414: DORN, EDWARD - Gunslinger Book II (Signed)
56713: DORRIEN, GARY J. - The Neoconservative Mind: Politics, Culture and the War of Ideology
61331: DORRIS, MICHAEL AND LOUISE ERDRICH - The Crown of Columbus : A Novel (Signed by Both Authors)
72611: DORRIS, MICHAEL - A Yellow Raft in Blue Water (Signed)
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72653: DOSTOEFSKY, FYODOR - The Brothers Karamazov (the 100 Greatest Books Ever Written Collector's Edition)
71911: DOUGHTY, SARAH P. - Life of Emanuel Swedenborg
73448: DOWNS, ART - Paddlewheels on the Frontier : The Story of B.C. - Yukon Sternwheel Steamers, Volume One
73747: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN )EDITED BY GEO. NEWNES) - Sherlock Holmes (in the Strand Magazine : An Illustrated Monthly, Vol. II, July to December 1891)
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71262: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN - Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (9 Volume Set)
74457: DOYLE, A. CONAN - The White Company
73532: DOZHIER, PARKER (FOREWARD BY MAJOR BODDICKER) - Death in the Desert - the Story of Claude Dallas
73346: DOZHIER, PARKER - Death in the Desert : The Story of Claude Dallas
74680: DR. SEUSS (THEODORE GEISEL) - Mcelligot's Pool
74215: DR. SEUSS (GEISEL, THEO - Green Eggs and Ham
73166: DRAKE, ALBERT - Roadsalt
73833: DREISER, THEODORE - Sister Carrie (the 100 Greatest Masterpieces of American Literature)
74331: DREISER, THEODORE - An American Tragedy, Volume Two
556: DRESSER, HORATIO W. - The Power of Silence: An Interpretation of Life in Its Relation to Health and Happiness
72917: DRUMMOND, HENRY - Greatest Thing in the World
73854: DRURY, ALLEN - Anna Hastings : The Story of a Washington Newspaper Person (First Edition Society)
72907: DRYSDALE, WILLIAM - Helps for Ambitious Boys
73814: DU BOIS, W. E. BURGHARDT - Dusk of Dawn : An Essay Toward an Autobiography of a Race Concept (the 100 Greatest Masterpieces of American Literature)
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65729: DUBY, GEORGES AND MICHELLE PERROT (GENERAL EDITORS) (INDIVIDUAL VOLUMES EDITED BY FRANCOISE THEBAUD, GENEVIEVE FRAISSE, NATALIE ZEMON DAVIS, ARLETTE FARGE, CHRISTIANE KLAPISCH-ZUBER, PAULINE SCHMITT PANTEL) - A History of Women in the West : From Ancient Goddesses to Christian Saints / Silences of the Middle Ages / Renaissance and Enlightenment Paradoxes / Emerging Feminism from Revolution to World War / Toward a Cultural Identity in the Twentieth Century (5 Vols. Complete)
65500: DUCA, J. M. LO - A History of Eroticism (Translated by Kenneth Anger)
73151: DUCKWORTH, SUSAN ; SANDY CARR, (ED.) - Susan Duckworth's Knitting
74426: DUCREST (MADAME) - Memoirs of the Empress Josephine with Anecdotes of the Courts of Navarre and Malmaison (Two Volumes, Complete); (Edition Limited to 500 Copies, and Extra-Illustrated)
74001: DUDLEY, ALBERTUS T. - A Full-Back Afloat : Being an Account of Dick Melvin's Vacation Voyage (Phillips Exeter Series)
74396: DUKE, BASIL W. - Morgan's Cavalry
74153: DUKE, GENERAL BASIL W. - Reminiscences of General Basil W. Duke, C.S. A.
74163: DUKE, GENERAL BASIL W. - Reminiscences of General Basil W. Duke, C.S. A.
59665: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - Celebrated Crimes (8 Volumes)
72647: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - The Three Musketeers (the 100 Greatest Books Ever Written Collector's Edition)
73379: DUMEZIL, GEORGES - Archaic Roman Religion with an Appendix on the Religion of the Etruscans (Volume One)
62829: DUNATHAN, ARNI T. - The American B.B. Gun: A Collector's Guide
74415: DUNCAN, ARCHIBALD - The Mariner's Chronicle : Containing Narratives of the Most Remarkable Disasters at Sea, Such As Shipwrecks, Storms, Fires, and Famines : Also, Naval Engagements, Piratical Adventures, Incidents of Discovery, and Other Extraordinary and Interesting Occurrences
74043: DUNN, ROSS E. - The Adventures of Ibn Battuta : A Muslim Traveler of the 14th Century
73110: DUNNE, DOMINICK - An Inconvenient Woman (Signed)
74841: DUPUY, COLONEL R. ERNEST - St. Vith - Lion the Way : The 106th Infantry Division in World War II
61210: DWELLEY, MARILYN J. - Trees and Shrubs of New England
64842: DYLAN, BOB AND BARNA IMRE (TRANSLATOR) - Bob Dylan : Mit Fuj a Szel / Blowin' in the Wind; (Hungarian)
74591: EAGLESON, HODGE MCILVAIN - Right Here in Squirrel Hill
73642: EASTMAN, DONALD C. - Rare and Endangered Plants of Oregon
59146: EBERLEIN, HAROLD DONALDSON; HUBBARD, CORTLANDT VAN DYKE - The Practical Book of Garden Structure and Design; with 233 Illustrations, Including Drawings by Marian Greene Barney
74788: ECKENRODE, H.J. AND BRYAN CONRAD - James Longstreet : Lee's War Horse
73372: EDDIS, CHARLES W. - Stephen Fritchman : The American Unitarians and Communism
74394: EDERER, BERNARD F. D.D.S. - Bingo, Gallant Reindeer Dog
73991: EDITORIAL STAFF - International Library of Technology 141 : A Series of Textbooks for Persons Engaged in Engineering Professions, Trades, and Vocational Occupations or for Those Who Desire Information Concerning Then. Fully Illustrated. Patternmaking Equipment and Operations, Patternmaking Materials, Pattern Requirements, Patternmaking Green-Sand Molding, Core Making; 400
73984: EDITORIAL STAFF - International Library of Technology 400 Design of Masonry ; Walls and Foundations ; Statics of Masonry ; Design of Spread Foundations ; Retaining Walls ; Foundations ; Piling
73332: EDMONDS, I. G. - Ooka" : More Tales of Solomon in Kimono
74578: EDSON, RUSSELL - The Reason Why the Closet-Man Is Never Sad
73368: EDWARDS, JAY, ROBERT KELLEY, CHARLES SENS - The Coffee House Songbook
74492: EDWARDS, WILLIAM SEYMOUR - In to the Yukon
74180: EDWARDS, PHILIIP LEGET - The Diary of Philip Leget Edwards. The Great Cattle Drive from California to Oregon in 1837
73522: EFF, DORIS - Fashion in Combs
73351: EHERNBERGER, JAMES L. AND FRANCIS G. GSCHWIND - Smoke Along the Columbia
74874: EHRLICH, BETTINA - Paolo and Panetto
71362: EIKERMAN, ALMA ; CONSTANCE L. BOWEN (GUEST CURATOR) ; THOMAS T. SOLLEY (EXHIBITION CURATOR) - Reflections : A Tribute to Alma Eikerman Master Craftsman : A Retrospective Exhibition of the Jewelry and Metalsmithing of Alma Eikerman and Forty Indiana University Alumni Metal Artists
60782: EISENACH, GEORGE J. - A History of the German Congregational Churches in the United States
73879: ELICONA, ANTHONY LOUIS - Un Colonial Sous la Revolution En France Et En Amerique : Moreau de Saint-Mery (Signed Copy)
73914: ELIOT, T. S. - Collected Poems 1909 - 1962 (the 100 Greatest Masterpieces of American Literature)
72732: ELIZABETH TAYLOR AIDS FOUNDATION - Happy Birthday Elizabeth : A Celebration of Life
72866: ELIZABETH TAYLOR AIDS FOUNDATION - Happy Birthday Elizabeth : A Celebration of Life
73756: ELLIOTT, JOHN R. - Playing God : Medieval Mysteries on the Modern Stage
554: ELLIOTT, THOMPSON COIT - The Fur Trade in the Columbia River Basin Prior to 1811 (Signed)
68496: ELLIOTT, RALPH W.V. - Runes: An Introduction
74819: ELLIOTT, S. MARIA, MAURICELE BOSQUET, AMY E. POPE - Handbook of Health and Nursing: A Complete Home Study Course Comprising Household Bacteriology, Personal Hygiene, Home Care of the Sick
62661: ELLIS, MERLE - Cutting Up in the Kitchen: The Butcher's Guide to Saving Money on Meat Signed Copy
67794: ELLIS, EDWARD SYLVESTER - The Frontier Angel: A Romance of Kentucky Rangers' Life
73811: ELLISON, RALPH - Invisible Man (the 100 Greatest Masterpieces of American Literature)
72559: ELMER, ROBERT P. (M.D) - Archery
74716: ELWOOD, LOUIE BUTLER - Queen Calafia's Land
72994: EMERSON, RALPH WALDO - Culture
74217: EMERSON, RALPH WALDO - Essays. First Series and Second Series. ; Two Volumes in One [Stated de Luxe Edition in Publishers Original Cardboard Box)]
73787: EMMERSON, IRMA LEE AND JEAN MUIR - The Woods Were Full of Men (Signed); "a Tantalyzing True Tale from the Tall Timber with One Heroine Vs. Sixty Heroes". The Author Left the Comforts of Her Sister's San Francisco Home, and Worked As a Cook in a Logging Camp in Coos Bay, Oregon, Finding Herself"the Only Woman Among Sixty Loggers.
74433: EMMONS, S.F., W. H. DALL AND F.C. SCHRADER - Map of Alaska Showing Known Gold-Bearing Rocks with Descriptive Text Contining Sketches of the Geography, Geology, and Gold Deposits and Routes to the Gold Fields
69125: ENGELS, FREDERICK - The Origin of the Family Private Property and the State
72587: ENGLANDER, NATHAN - What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank Stories
73022: ENGLISH, WILLIAM HAYDEN - Conquest of the Country Northwest of the River Ohio 1778-1783, and Life of Gen. George Rogers Clark (2 Volumes, Complete) ; with Numerous Sketches of Men Who Served Under Clark and Full List of Those Allotted Lands in Clark's Grant for Service in the Campaigns Against the British Posts, Showing Exact Land Allotted Each
72859: ERWIN, MABEL D. - Practical Dress Design : Principles of Fitting and Pattern Making
73967: ESSERT, CHARLES EARNEST - Secret Splendor
74754: ESTES, CLAUD - List of Field Officers, Regiments and Battalions in the Confederate States Army 1861-1865
73893: EVANS, W. F. - Esoteric Christianity and Mental Therapeutics
72027: EVANS, EDMUND - Illuminated Scripture Text Book with Interleaved Diary for Memoranda and a Coloured Illustration for Every Day
72084: EVES, C. W. AND O. EVES - The School Examiner, Containing Nearly 4000 Exercises on Sacred History ; Geography ; English Grammar ; the Histories of England and Rome ; Sacred Geography ; and Arithmetic
71035: EWING, JULIANA HORATIA (ILLUSTRATIONS BY RANDOLPH CALDECOTT - Lob Lie-by-the-Fire, or the Luck of Lingborough
74750: EWING, JOHN - The Royal Scots 1914 - 1919 : Complete Two Volume Set
66752: FABER, KURT - Tag Und Nachte in Urwald Und Sierra, Peru, Bolivien, Brasilien; (Days and Nights in the Jungle in Sierra, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil)
72581: FABIAN, WARNER - Unforbidden Fruit
71951: FAGEN, M.D. (EDITOR) - A History of Engineering and Science in the Bell System: The Early Years (1875-1925)
71952: FAGEN, M.D. (EDITOR) - A History of Engineering and Science in the Bell System: National Service in War and Peace (1925-1975)
71953: FAGEN, M.D. (EDITOR) - A History of Engineering and Science in the Bell System: Communications Sciences (1925-1980)
73086: FAIRBAIRN, WILLIAM EWART AND ERIC ANTHONY SYKES - Shooting to Live with the One - Hand Gun
74402: FALL, BERNARD B. - Hell in a Very Small Place : The Siege of Dien Bien Phu
67149: FALLOWS, REV. SAMUEL (INTRODUCTION) AND THE SURVIVORS AND RESCUERS, RICHARD LINTHICUM, AND TRUMBELL WHITE - Complete Story of the San Francisco Horror; Scenes of Death and Terror; and the Eruption of Mt. Vesuvius
71637: FALLOWS, SAMUEL (ED.) - The Popular and Critical Bible Encyclopaedia and Scriptural Dictionary Fully Defining and Explaining All Religious Terms Including Biographical, Geographical, Historical, Archaeological and Doctrinal Themes (3 Volume Set, Complete)
71906: FARAH, MADELAIN - Lebanese Cuisine
73355: FARINGTON, JOSEPH (EDITED BY JAMES GREIG) - The Farington Diary (5 Volumes)
72586: FARIS, NABIH AMIN AND ROBERT POTTER ELMER (TRANSLATED AND EDITED BY) - Arab Archery : An Arabic Manuscript of About A.D. 1500 "a Book on the Excellence of the Bow and Arrow" and the Description Thereof
73442: FARNHAM, WILLARD - The Medieval Heritage of Elizabethan Tragedy
56295: FARNOL, JEFFERY - John O' the Green
74596: FARRELL, JAMES T. - Young Lonigan (Signed, Limited Edition)
66529: FARRELL, ORIN J. AND BERTRAM ROSS - Solved Problems: Gamma and Beta Functions, Legendre Polynomials, Bessel Functions
63773: FATHER JOHN DOE (PFAU, RALPH) - Sobriety and Beyond
74095: FAULKNER, WILLIAM ; JOSEPH BLOTNER (ED. BY) - Selected Letters of William Faulkner (First Edition Society)
74112: FAULKNER, WILLIAM - Light in August
73398: FAULKNER, WILLIAM - The Mansion
57479: FAUST, ERNEST CARROL, PH.D. - Amebiasis
73159: FAY, THOS. J. - How to Buy an Automobile
69264: FELDENKRAIS, M. - Judo: The Art of Defense and Attack
72588: FELL, BARRY - America B.C. : Ancient Settlers in the New World
72664: FELSTEAD, SIDNEY THEODORE ; LADY MUIR (ED. BY) - Famous Criminals and Their Trials : Intimate Revelations Compiled from the Papers of Sir Richard Muir, Late Senior Counsel to the British Treasury
58315: FELT, TOM AND BOB O'GRADY (WITH TOM METCALF) - Heisey Candlesticks, Candelabra, and Lamps
71979: FENOLLOSA, ERNEST ; EZRA POUND (ED. BY) - The Chinese Written Character As a Medium for Poetry, an Ars Poetica (Ideogramic Series I. )
73685: FERGUSON, WILLIAM M. AND JOHN Q. ROYCE ; LINDA SCHELE (FOREWORD) - Maya Ruins in Central America in Color : Tikal, Copan, and Quirigua
72643: FERGUSON, MICHAEL - Little Joe Superstar: The Films of Joe Dallesandro (Signed)
72562: FEYRER, ERNEST C. - Auto-Science : A Practical Work on Applied Psychology, Mental Healing, Auto-Suggestion, Thought-Transference, Telepathy, with Special Practical Instructions in Suggestive Therapeutics, Salesmanship, Personal Magnetism, Laying on of Hands, Personal Efficiency, Illustrated with 8 Charts and Photographs
72676: FIELDING, HENRY - The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling, Mores Hominum Multorum Vidit (the 100 Greatest Books Ever Written)
64021: FIELDING, A.E. (DOROTHY FEILDING) - Murder in Suffolk
55501: FILIPOWSKY, RICHARD F. AND EUGEN I. MUEHLDORF - Space Communications Systems
69510: FINCH, HENRY LE ROY - Wittgenstein -- the Early Philosophy: An Exposition of the 'Tractatus
73426: FINE, GARY ALAN - Morel Tales : The Culture of Mushrooming
69141: FINEMAN, JOEL - Shakespeare's Perjured Eye: The Invention of Poetic Subjectivity in the Sonnets
73725: FINKELSTEIN, NAT - Andy Warhol : The Factory Years 1964 - 1967
72517: FINLAY, ROGER T. - The Wonder Island Boys: Treasures of the Islands
72275: FIREBAUGH, W.C. - The Inns of Greece and Rome : And a History of Hospitality from the Dawn of Time to the Middle Ages (Signed, Limited, Numbered Edition)
74111: FIRST CHURCH IN CHESTNUT HILL - The First Church in Chestnut Hill : Order of Service with Readings from the Psalms
72982: FISCHER, HANS - Pitschi : The Kitten Who Always Wanted to Be Something Else, a Sad Story That Ends Well
73706: FISKE, JOHN - CIVIL Government in the United States Considered with Some Reference to Its Origins XXIV
74873: FLACK, MARJORIE - The Boats on the River
74602: FLAGLER, MAJOR D.W. - A History of the Rock Island Arsenal; from Its Establishment in 1863 to December 1876; and of the Island of Rock Island, the Site of the Arsenal, from 1804 to 1863. Ordnance Memoranda Number 2o
68560: FLAPAN, SIMHA - The Birth of Israel: Myths and Realities
73460: FLAPAN, SIMHA - The Birth of Israel: Myths and Realities
73962: FLAVIN, MARTIN - Black and White from the Cape to the Congo
72534: FLAVIUS - JOSEPHUS, WILLIAM WHISTON (TRANSLATED BY) - The Complete Works of Flavius - Josephus the Celebrated Jewish Historian Comprising the History and Antiquities of the Jews, with the Destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans and Dissertations Concerning Jesus Christ, John the Baptist, James the Just, and the Sacrifice of Isaac, Togetherwith a Discourse on Hades, or Hell. With His Autobiography
67148: FLEISCHER, NAT - Nat Fleischer's All-Time Ring Record Book
70154: FLEMING, CHET - If We Can Keep a Severed Head Alive... Discorporation and U.S. Patent 4,666,425
72265: FLETCHER, J. S. - The Chestermarke Instinct
74851: FLETCHER, TONY - Moon : The Life and Death of a Rock Legend
73712: FLEXNER, STUART BERG AND LEONORE CRARY HAUCK (EDITORS) - The Random House Dictionary of the English Language - Second Edition Unabridged
74460: FLINT, AUSTIN (M.D.) - A Treatise on the Principles and Practice of Medicine ; Designed for the Use of Practitioners and Students of Medicine
63151: FOLLAS, LAWRENCE - Hypnosis and the Higher Self
74868: FOLTS, TERESSA AND DAVID MATHIESON - Warping the Loom Alone
72269: FORBES, DAVID W. - Encounters with Paradise : Views of Hawaii and Its People, 1778 --1941
74662: FORBES, ALEXANDER - Caliornia: A History of Upper and Lower California; from Their First Discovery to the Preent Time, Comprising an Account of the Climate, Soil, Natural Productions, Agriculture, Commerce, &C. A Full View of the Missionary Establishments and Condition of the Free and Domesticated Indians. With an Appendix Relating to Steam Navigation in the Pacific. Illustrated with a New Map, Plans of the Harbours, and Numerous Engravings
70486: FORD MOTOR COMPANY - 1976 Ford Truck Shop Manual (5 Volumes)
71672: FORD MOTOR COMPANY - 1968 Ford 100 Thru Ford 350 Ford Truck : Operator's Manual
58373: FORREST, ARTHUR - The Biddle Boys and Mrs. Soffel: The Great Pittsburg Tragedy and Romance, with Full Description of Their Lives and Crimes
61470: FORSTER, LOGAN - Desert Storm
74453: FORTUINE, ROBERT - Chills and Fever : Health and Disease in the Early History of Alaska
71332: FOSTER, GEORGE M. - A Summary of Yuki Culture : Anthropological Records, Vol 5, No 3
74606: FOWLER, O.D. (PROF.) - Human Science: Or Phrenology
73982: FOX, THERON - How to Make Money with Carnival Games
73547: FRANCE, HECTOR - Musk, Hashish and Blood (Numbered Limited Edition)
72739: FRANCIS, MARK AND MARGERY KING - The Warhol Look Glamour Style Fashion (the Andy Warhol Museum)
74842: FRANK, WOLFGANG - The Sea Wolves : The Story of the German U-Boats at War
69846: FRANK, PETER (ESSAY) - Judith Rothschild: Gesture and Geometry
69849: FRANK PETER - Giuseppe de Piero: An Hour Beyond Midnight
73003: FRANKE, H. W. - Computer Graphics / Computer Art
72603: FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN - Poor Richard's Almanack
73413: FRANKLIN, JERRY F. AND C. T. DYRNESS - Natural Vegetation of Oregon and Washington
63825: FRANZOSA, BOB (EDITOR) - Grateful Dead Folktales
74728: FRASER, GEORGE MACDONALD (EDITOR)1 - The World of the Public School
74437: FRASER, J.D. - The Gold Fever, or Two Years in Alaska; a True Narrative of Actual Avents As Experienced by the Author
73076: FREDET, PETER - Modern History ; from the Coming of Christ and Change of the Roman Republic Into an Empire, to the Year of Our Lord 1888. With Questions, Adapted to the Use of Schools
74494: FREDSON, JOHN [EDITED AND TRANSLATED BY JANE MCGARY] - John Fredson Edward Sapir Haa Googwandak, Stories Told by John Fredson to Edward Sapir
74618: FREEDMAN, LEW - One Second to Glory : The Alaska Adventures of Idatarod Champion Dick Mackey
71016: FREEHLING, ALISON GOODYEAR - Drift Toward Dissolution : The Virginia Slavery Debate of 1831 -- 1832
74682: FREEMAN, DOUGLAS SOUTHALL - Lee's Lieutenants : A Study in Command (Signed)
74908: FREMONT, JESSIE BENTON - A Year of American Travel : Narrative of Personal Experience
74590: FRIEDLANDER, SHEMS, AL-HAJJ SHAIKH MUZAFFEREDDIN - Ninety-Nine Names of Allah : The Beautiful Names
65488: FRIEDLANDER, ALBERT H. AND HERBERT BRONSTEIN (EDITORS) - The Five Scrolls : Hebrew Texts, English Translations, Introductions, and New Liturgies
58615: FRIEDMAN, JANET - Wood Identification by Microscopic Examination; a Guide for the Archaeologist on the Northwest Coast of North America
72854: FRIEDMAN, ALBERT AND NORMAN T. HARRINGTON - Ywain and Gawain (the Early English Text Society No. 254)
72462: FRIES, CHARLES C. - Teaching and Learning English As a Foreign Language
73909: FROST, ROBERT ; EDWARD CONNERY LATHE (ED. BY) - The Poetry of Robert Frost (the 100 Greatest Masterpieces of American Literature)
73064: FRYER, JANE EAYRE - Easy Steps in Cooking for Big and Little Girls, or, Adventures Among the Kitchen People
71733: FRYER, JANE EAYRE - Easy Steps in Sewing for Big and Little Girls (or, Mary Frances Among the Thimble People)
71768: FRYER, JANE EAYRE - Easy Steps in Cooking for Big and Little Girls, or, Adventures Among the Kitchen People
73639: FUKUOKA, MASANOBU - The Road Back to Nature : Regaining the Paradise Lost
63290: GABBARD, GEN O. - Psychodynamic Psychiatry in Clinical Practice
74869: GAGLIANO, EUGENE - C Is for Cowboy : A Wyoming Alphabet (Signed)
74971: GALBRAITH, JOHN KENNETH - The Affluent Society (Signed Limited Edition)
74039: GALEANO, EDUARDO - Memory of Fire Genesis : I. Genesis Part One of a Trilogy
73415: GALIGNANI - Galignani's New Paris Guide; Containing an Accurate Statistical and Historical Description of All the Institutions, Public Edifices, Curiosities, Etc. , of the Capital; an Abstract of the Laws Affecting Foreigners; Highly Useful Coparative Tables of French and English Weights and Measures; Money; Thermometrical Scales, Etc. ; a Table of French and English Customs Duties; Information for Travellers; a Directory of Parisian Bankers, Tradesmen, Etc. To Which Is Added a Description of the Environs. The Whole Copiled from the Best Authorities, Carefully Verified by Personal Inspection, and Arranged on an Entirely New Plan
74836: GALLAND, ADOLF - The First and the Last : The Rise and Fall of the German Fighter Forces 1933 - 1945
74413: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - A Modern Comedy
60563: GANAPATHY, V. - Steam Plant Calculations Manual
72575: GARDNER, JOHN - On Moral Fiction
73340: GARIS, HOWARD - Uncle Wiggily in Magic Land
72991: GARLAND, MICHAEL - Dinner at Magritte's
63719: GARLAND, HAMLIN - Trail-Makers of the Middle Border (Signed Copy)
65395: GARRARD, KENNER - Nolan's System for Training Cavalry Horses
63039: GARRETT, EDMUND AND E.J. EDWARDS - The Story of an African Crisis : Being the Truth About the Jameson Raid and Johannesburg Revolt of 1896 Told with the Assistance of the Leading Actors in the Drama
71704: GASKELL, JANE - The Shiny Narrow Grin
65102: GASTER, M. (PROLEGOMENON BY HAIM SCHWARZBAUM) - The Chronicles of Jerahmeel; or, the Hebrew Bible Historiale. Being a Collection of Apocryphal and Psuedo-Epigraphical Books Dealing with the History of the World from the Creation to the Death of Judas Maccabeus
73894: GATKE, ROBERT MOULTON - Chronices of Willamette : The Pioneer University of the West
68608: GAUTIER, THÉOPHILE - Choix de Poésies
74794: GAY, THERESSA - James W. Marshall the Discoverer of California Gold : A Biography (Signed, Limited Edition)
73653: GENERAL MOTORS - Operators Manual for Allison Engine Installations (Fourth Edition, Nov. 15, 1942
557: GENERAL ELECTRIC CO. LTD - G.E. C. Cookery and Instruction Book for Use with Electric Cookers
70273: GENET, JEAN - L'Atelier D'Alberto Giacometti: Les Bonnes (Suivi D'Une Lettre); L'Enfant Criminel; le Funambule
68761: GENTHE, ARNOLD - Old Chinatown: A Book of Pictures by Arnold Genthe with Text by Will Irwin
68194: GERSHENSOHN, L. - Henrietta Szold: Drawings by Litvinovsky
70618: GERSHWIN, IRA - Lyrics on Several Occasions
74722: GERSTACKER, FRIEDRICH - Scenes of Life in California
68625: GERTH, H. H. AND C. WRIGHT MILLS - From Max Weber: Essays in Sociology
72585: GESENSWAY, DEBORAH AND MINDY ROSEMAN - Beyond Words : Images from America's Concentration Camps
59567: GHELARDINI, ARMANDO - IL Mobile Italiano Del Medioevo All'Ottocento
72880: GIBBON, EDWARD ; DAVID WOMERSLEY (ED. BY) - The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, (3 Volumes, Complete)
74440: GIBBON, EDWARD (ESQ) - The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (Six Volumes, Complete)
72964: GIBSON, CHARLES DANA - The Gibson Book: A Collection of the Published Works of Charles Dana Gibson in Two Volumes
57146: GIENANDT, F.L. (FRITZ LUDWIG) - The Twentieth Century Book for the Progressive Baker, Hotel Confectioner, Ornamenter and Ice Cream Maker : The Most Up-to-Date and Practical Book of Its Kind
70684: GIESE, LOREEN L. - London Consistory Court Depositions, 1586 -- 1611 : List and Indexes (32)
74036: GIFFORD, EDWARD E. AND GWENDOLINE HARRIS BLOCK - California Indian Nights Entertainments
74876: GILES, JANET HOLT (COMPILED AND ED. BY) - The G.I. Journal of Sergeant Giles
74757: GILES, JANICE HOLT - The Damned Engineers : How One Battalion of Combat Engineers Stalled Hitler's Offensive in the Battle of the Bulge
73993: GILL, A. K. - New-Coloured Canaries : Yellow-Ground, White-Ground, Orange-Ground and Dilute Colour Varieties
74783: GILLIS, WILLIAM R. - Memories of Mark Twain and Steve Gillis [Signed Copy]
74127: GILMOR, COLONEL HARRY - Four Years in the Saddle
71878: GITTINGS, JOHN - The Glorious Art of Peace from the Iliad to Iraq
72350: GLAESER, ERNST & F. C. WEISKOPF - Der Staat Ohne Arbeitslose
74843: GLINES, CARROLL V. - Doolittle's Tokyo Raiders
74241: GLINES, CARROLL V. - Doolittle's Tokyo Raiders (Signed)
74053: GLISSMAN, A.H. - The Evolution of the Sad-Iron (Signed)
74964: GLOVER, ELLYE HOWELL - Dame Curtsey's" Book of Salads, Sandwiches, and Beverages
54477: GLUCK, LOUISE - Firstborn (Signed)
54478: GLUCK, LOUISE - Firstborn (Signed)
72590: GLÜCK, LOUISE - The Seven Ages (Signed)
74881: GLUCK, LOUISE - The House on Marshland . (the American Poetry Series, Vol. 5)
60123: GNANADASON, ARUNA - Ecumenism : Hope in Action
69376: GNIRK, ADELINE S. - The Saga of the Sully Flats
72836: GODDEN, GEOFFREY A. - The Illustrated Guide to Lowestoft Porcelain
72902: GODEY, JOHN - The Taking of Pelham One Two Three
74530: GODFRE RAY KING - Ascended Master Light. St. Germain Series Volume 7
74198: GOERLITZ, WALTER LOT 74 - Paulus and Stalingrad : A Life of Field - Marshal Friedrich Paulus with Notes, Correspondence and Documents from His Papers
56766: GOETHE - Goethes Romane Und Novellen (15 Volumes, of 16); Goethes Romane Und Novellen
74367: GOFF, AL (EDITOR) - Nobles County History
72875: GOFFIN, JOSSE - Oh!
73160: GOGOL, NICOLAI V. - Tales of Good and Evil (the Chiltern Library)
62117: GOLDEN, HARRY - Mr. Kennedy and the Negroes (Signed Copy)
74479: GOLDSMITH, DOLF - The Browning Machine Gun. Volume I : Rifle Caliber Brownings in U.S. Service . (Signed)
73979: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER (DR.) - An Abridgement of the History of England from the Invasion of Julius Caesar, to the Death of George the Second Continued to the Present Time, by Several Literary Gentlemen
70667: GOLDTHWAITE, WM M. - Life and Labors of Henry W. Grady, His Speeches, Writings, Etc. Being, in Addition to a Graphic Sketch of His Life, a Collection of His Most Remarkable Speeches and Such of His Writings As Best Illustrate His Character and Show the Wonderful Brilliancy of His Intellect. Also Such Letters, Speeches and Newspaper Articles in Connection with His Life and Death As Will Be of General Interest
70670: GOLDTHWAITE, WM M. (PUBLISHER) - Life and Labors of Henry W. Grady, His Speeches, Writings, Etc. Being, in Addition to a Graphic Sketch of His Life, a Collection of His Most Remarkable Speeches and Such of His Writings As Best Illustrate His Character and Show the Wonderful Brilliancy of His Intellect. Also Such Letters, Speeches and Newspaper Articles in Connection with His Life and Death As Will Be of General Interest
72977: GOMEZ, GERRY - There Is the World
59767: GOODIN, ROBERT E. - Utilitarianism As a Public Philosophy
73084: GOODMAN, JUDITH - Brenda the Boar and Other Big Sur Critters
73995: GOODMAN, CHARLES AND WOLF VON ECKARDT - Life for Dead Spaces : The Developement of the Lavanburg Commons
74822: GOODRICK, MICK - Almanac of Guitar Voice-Leading : Volume 1: Name That Chord
74307: GOODSPEED, BERNICE I. - Paricutin
72626: GOODWIN, H.B. (HENRY BEDINGFIELD) - Problems in Navigation and Nautical Astronomy, Parts I and II
73700: GORANIN, NAKKI - American Photobooth
71041: GORDON, ELIZABETH AND JANE PRIEST - More Really-So Stories
72960: GORDON, ELIZABETH AND JANE PRIEST - More Really-So Stories
60660: GOSWAMI, SATSVARUPA DASA - Srila Prabhupada Lilamrta, Volume One
72727: GOULD, CHESTER - The Adventures of Dick Tracy (the Big Big Book 4055)
73016: GOULD, GEORGE M. (MILBRAY, M.D.) - Concerning Lafcadio Hearn, with a Bibliography by Laura Stedman
74651: GOULD, ROBERT - Poems Chiefly Consisting of Satyrs and Satyrical Epistles
72079: GOW, ALEX M. - Good Morals and Gentle Manners for Schools and Families
74151: GOWAN, ROBERT E. AND JAMES W. LIVINGOOD - A Different Valor. The Story of General Joseph E. Johnston C.S. A. (Signed)
66527: GOWERS, W. R. - A Manual and Atlas of Medical Ophthalmoscopy
74228: [GRABHORN] - A Short Account of the Life and Work of Wynkyn de Worde with a Leaf from the Golden Legend Printed by Him at the Sign of the Sun in Fleet Street, London, the Year 1527
69848: GRAF, DIETER - Master Drawings of the Roman Baroque from the Kunstmuseum Dûsseldorf; a Selection from the Lambert Krahe Collection
73743: GRAFTON, CAROL BELANGER - Medieval Herb, Plant and Flower Illustrations (Cd-Rom & Book)
72613: GRAGERT, STEPHEN K (COMPILED AND ED. BY) - Cumulative Index : The Writings of Will Rogers
74271: GRAHAM, FRANK - The New York Giants : An Informal History of a Great Baseball Club
74929: GRAHAME, KENNETH - The Golden Age
70653: GRANT, KENNETH - Beyond the Mauve Zone
73000: GRANT, MAXWELL - The Living Shadow
61536: GRASS, GUNTER - The Tin Drum
73382: GRATTAN, J. H. G. AND G. F. SYKES - The Owl and the Nightingale
73869: GRAU, SHIRLEY ANN - Evidence of Love (First Edition Society)
74521: GRAUMANN, CARL F. AND SERGE MOSCOVICI - Changing Conceptions of Leadership
69148: GRAUMANN, CARL F. AND SERGE MOSCOVICI - Changing Conceptions of Crowd Mind and Behavior
59452: GRAVAGNUOLO, BENEDETTO - Adolf Loos : Theory and Works
70978: GRAVES, JOHN TEMPLE ; CLARK HOWELL ; WALTER WILLIAMS, (EDS.) - Eloquent Sons of the South : A Handbook of Southern Oratory, Volume I & Volume II
68941: GRAVES, ROBERT - The Greek Myths (Two Volumes in Slipcase)
52951: GRAY, WILLIAM S. AND LILLIAN GRAY - Fun with Dick and Jane: Guidebook for the Basic Primer (Teacher Edition)
72940: GRAY, EDWARD - Roughing It on the Little Deschutes River 1934 -- 1944 : A History of a Sawmill Camp and Its People
71598: GRAY, EDWARD - William "Bill" W. Brown, 1855-1941 : Legend of Oregon's High Desert (Including a History of the "Wagontire Mountain Range Feud
71599: GRAY, EDWARD - Life and Death of Oregon "Cattle King" Peter French 1849-1897
73774: GRAY, WILLIAM S., MARION MONROE, A.STERL ARTLEY, MAYHILL ARBUTHNOT - More Times and Places (the 1962 Edition)
72627: GRAY, WILLIAM S. ; MAY HILL ARBUTHNOT - The New Our New Friends : The 1946-47 Edition
72569: GRAYSON, DAVID AND THOMAS FOGARTY (ILL.) - Adventures of David Grayson Containing Adventures in Contentment, Adventures in Friendship, the Friendly Road, Great Possessions
61725: GRAYSON, RUPERT - Gunston Cotton : A Romance of Secret Service
74424: GREELY, A.W. (MAJOR-GENERAL) - True Tales of Arctic Heroism in the New World
74135: GREEN, CHARLES R. - The Part We Took in the Great Rebellion, or Some Fifty Years After by a Buckeye
74645: GREEN, JOHN - Sasquatch: The Apes Among Us
74978: GREEN, GERALD - The Last Angry Man (Signed Limited Edition)
74301: GREEN, ROBERT ; HARRISON, G. B. (ED. BY) - The Thirde & Last Part of Conny-Catching; with the New Devised Knavish Art of Foole - Taking. The Like Cosenages and Villenies Neuer Before Discouered. A Disputation Betweene a Hee Conny - Catcher and a Shee Conny - Catcher. (Elizabethan & Jacobean Quartos)
74300: GREEN, ROBERT ; HARRISON, G. B. (ED. BY) - A Notable Discovery of Coosnage, 1591. The Second Part of Conny-Catching, 1592 (Elizabethan & Jacobean Quartos)
72521: GREENBERG, LEWIS M. (EDITOR) - Kronos : A Journal of Interdiscplinary Studies (Complete Run of 44 Issues: Volumes I - XII: 1975-1988)
73439: GREENBLATT, STEPHEN J. - Sir Walter Ralegh : The Renaissance Man and His Roles; (Yale Studies in English, 183)
73851: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Human Factor (First Edition Society)
62359: GREENE, JOHN O. - The Ke Whonkus People: A Story of the North Pole; a Thrilling Story of a Voyage to the North Pole, and an Astonishing Account of the Oldest Civilization on Earth Found There
68916: GREENFIELD, STANLEY B. AND DANIEL G. CALDER - A New Critical History of Old English Literature
72992: GREENHALGH, PAUL (ED.) - Art Nouveau 1890 -- 1914
62727: GREENHOW, ROBERT - The History of Oregon and California & the Other Territories of the Northwest Coast of North America
72842: GREENSTONE, JULIUS H. - The Messiah Idea in Jewish History
68630: GREER, HOWARD - Designing Male
3333: GREGORY, ALEXIS - Nobel Prize Library (20 Volumes)
74787: GREY, ZANE - Tales of Lonely Trails
74765: GREY, ZANE - Tales of the Angler's Eldorado : New Zealand
74674: GREY, ZANE - An American Angler in Australia
74738: GREY, ROMER C. - Adventures of a Deep-Sea Angler
74860: GREY, ZANE - Tales of Fresh-Water Fishing
74946: GREY, ZANE - Tales of Fishing Virgin Seas
74764: GREY, ZANE - Tales of Swordfish and Tuna
74712: GREY, ZANE - Tales of Southern Rivers
74571: GRIERSON, E. - Bishop Patteson of the Cannibal Islands : A Record of the Life of the First Bishop of Melanesia His Heroic Work Amongst the Treacherous Islanders & His Tragic Death Told for Boys & Girls
63193: GRIERSON, FRANCIS D. - Murder in Black
63222: GRIERSON, E. - Bishop Patteson of the Cannibal Islands : A Record of the Life of the First Bishop of Melanesia His Heroic Work Amongst the Treacherous Islanders & His Tragic Death Told for Boys & Girls
72266: GRIERSON, FRANCIS D. - The Smiling Death
73861: GRIFFITHS, KEN - The Panhandle
63088: GRIFFITHS, DAVID B. - A Critical Bibliography of Writings on Judaism : Jewish Studies, Part I.
63089: GRIFFITHS, DAVID B. - A Critical Bibliography of Writings on Judaism : Jewish Studies, Part I I.
74332: GRISHAM, JOHN - The Firm (Signed)
72692: GRISWOLD, F. GRAY - Fish Facts and Fancies
66476: GROSS, ROBERT - The Coming of the Andromedans
61211: GROTZ, GEORGE - The Fun of Refinishing Furniture from a to Z (Signed); How to Fix and Refinish over 50 Pieces and Styles of Furniture
74564: GROVES, CAPTAIN J. PERCY - On and Off Duty : Episodes of Military Life
73762: GRUBL, EMILY DORIS - Studien Zu Den Angelsachsischen Elegien (Studies on the Anglo-Saxon Elegies)
59577: GRUELLE, JOHNNY - Raggedy Ann Stories
63887: GRUSHKIN, PAUL D. - The Art of Rock: Posters from Presley to Punk
74634: GUARE, JOHN AND ERIC FISCHL - Eric Fischl "the Travel of Romance
64804: GUIZOT, M. AND MADAME GUIZOT DE WITT - The History of France from the Earliest Times to 1848 (8 Volumes, Complete)
63132: GUMPRICH, WITWE JOSEPH AND P. MUNZ - Vollstandiges Praktisches Kochbuch Fur Die Judische Kuche Selbsgeprufte Und Bewahrte Rezepte Zur Bereitung Aller Speisen, Backwerke, Getranke Und Alles Eingemachten Fur Die Gewohnliche Und Die Feinere Kuche, Sowie Anleitung Uber Tischdecken Und Servieren (Mit Abiilldungen). Nebst Zwei Abhandlungen Hygiene Der Speisegesetze Und Allgemaine Diatregein Fur Gesunde Und Magenkranke; Achte, Bedeutend Vermehrte Und Verbesserte Auflage. ; (Early 20th Century Cookbook for Jewish Women)
73374: GUN, NERIN E. - The Day of the Americans
73682: GUNTHER, MAX - D.B. Cooper : What Really Happened
68890: GURR, TED ROBERT - Violence in America: Volume 1 -- the History of Crime & Volume 2 -- Protest, Rebellion, Reform (Two Volumes, Complete)
72911: GUTHERIE, A. B. - Once Upon a Pond
74092: HADAS, MOSES - The Greek Poets; a Collection of Greek Poetry from the Earliest Times to the Fifth Century A.D.
73092: HADDOCK, FRANK CHANNING - Power of Will
62587: HADDOW, J.H. - The Fulfilled Prophecy
73779: HADSELL, PAT H. - Cry, Baby, Cry (and Create a New You)
66548: HAGEDORN, PETER (TRANSLATED BY WOLFRAM STADLER) - Non-Linear Oscillations (Oxford Engineering Science Series)
74707: HAIG-BROWN, RODERICK - Fisherman's Spring
74752: HAIG-BROWN, RODERICK - Writings and Reflections : From the World of Roderick Haig-Brown [Signed Copy]
74785: HAIG-BROWN, RODERICK L. - Measure of the Year
74756: HAIG-BROWN, RODERICK - A Primer of Fly-Fishing
72865: HAIGH, JAMES (EDITOR AND TRANSLATOR) - The Dier's Assistant in the Art of Dying Wool and Woollen Goods; Extracted from the Philosophical and Chymical Works of Those Most Eminent Authors Ferguson, Dufay, Hellot, Geoffery, Colbert, and That Reputale French Dier Mons. De Julienne. Translated from the French with Additions and Practical Experiments by James Haigh, Late Silk and Muslin Dier, Leeds
74637: HAILMAN, WILLIAM N. - Education of the Indian -- Number 19 of Monographs on Education in the United States [Edited by Nicholas Murray Butler]

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